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hold open your eyes for just finished i want to move on the budget eludes. us are going to focus. in march 27th team the russian space agency launched a new cosmonaut core recruitment campaign the requirements were strict a degree and piloting engineering or science psychological stability perfect health even height weight measurements are important because model has to be able to fit into the space suit and of course the ship $420.00 applicants was shortlisted from the campaign but only 8 would be selected we'll focus on 3 of the would be
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cosmonauts whose progress we followed for almost 2 years. due to shut down through. the post of c.m. but as for the news and notes on the bus which is put the wish. yeah which is the equivalent of the bottled up one of them. used and they also got to hear a lot of talk really which was pledging even the biotin will do is to open your subject line you will score system to its effect as recent. as a business consultant constantine knew that his chances of being a cosmonaut was slim so aged 30 he joins the leading aviation institute and spent 5 years preparing for this process. of putting a civil suit position to pull students to be she. would reach
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a point you know we took communion you know if you're going to enjoy it. you miss the world you don't a little worse in the world to go to school to go to school. kids don't they just want to know what it is that muslim didn't look at which was more. pressure so that this is true that there's. a super bowl in d.c. so there's a way to do it oh look you know. well. as a serious athlete irina is a cross-country ski climber around freediver she also has a ph d. in medical science and works for the olympic committee's innovation center and it was the right. that is my it's now clear that this particular incident but assume this is our get. go book that i stopped because the chain which i
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record is just on the floor or. easily other than of course my see. is. more of the bite you but i'd say you're not the. always dreamed of being a cosmonaut or a pilot but became an aviation engineer he designs planes and his work is classified so we can't even be in his office and started me off just to go plane spotting with him. to see it was cool but then you find out things like home and of course full of water the puzzle is pretty nice but at the feet of some i don't know . if this. at all. like it was nice because it's such a. nice teaching. force or stands still it's. on
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the trip with me going to put them with me more to slow for the stuff. that people are going to go by devil worshipper of. the. mitchell says the addition of books. in the bookstores or table in the apostolic is call it a. confession but a shelter still. took us down a little more limo let me bring those to you. before you can even apply it to the cosmonauts call you need no feel than 56 documents 1st of all proof of perfect
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health for example you may not get through if you've got a tonsil problem or even a bad tooth sleeplessness when you look at them with you know go to sleep. soon will. you do. and you left a. little time you didn't look at all the most difficult that was left was to see you sitting there just by using a difficult. issue to. share. your story. and i didn't see until plato it struck up in your mind not that the pope would be that they would send in somebodies but it's risky said the. the poor choice but
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after he was read the papa will have so complex go in that. he was the boy they sent over the got the money off the. law i think i have a contact. job or something. because. i want to give something up something. that's just basic you mr small to. your little. bit you know me to be able to do this with. the going to the littlest it's. just you know the joy of your the book which of course it was it was but. you know.
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the small change. you. know this is you know it's. you know put there needs to get. off the motives of those that couldn't others can live up to it's very. easy most because a stone to the right in front of it all off however get it right yes that's not always a pathology going to produce the goods on how things used to feel it's really hard to open up that palestine. constantine arena have now been crossing the strait of gibraltar for more than 3 hours. they had thought of the right motivation and a clear objective would make their swimming training easier and a nonstop swim from europe to africa seemed a noble goal. that
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nash picked already in national team. or boredom was at the resort of debt at the troubleshooters it up a sudden video check next year will surely dish it some of the 3 d. overture the trip to the patrol that. remarries hardly ever at home she's always on the road either zipping off to the dark are rarely used to come as masters team doctor or the premier to get an update to be overcome i asked for she's off climbing mountains most recently everest she hasn't even had time to unpack for. a magician you. don't live near moscow and yet i see it is mere. time for any of this going to impact on the earth of the west and that is because when the house. i chose to do this were doomed to. a small that if you look at where you.
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put in the business and i start my books it's a good sign that the president has now left local novels not have to come over cause they did. they reduced. we need to break out more years. or chernobyl so we're into the church to which it's like. anything if it was national guard. act. and dreams getting ready for the 2nd ground is applications being accepted and now he faces several tests and exams the gym classes don't scare him but quantum physics and kinematics do the exams cover 11 different subjects. yoshi and other mice much much quicker easier to train you to go and so forth to.
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the person who took the amount of work to persuade looking mostly to appeal is supposed to be a bump up play was a decide the huge money in the world was the but you're fighting me too much to me . this opportunity to thank you very. reason that you said i didn't i don't pollute who hears. you do the question cause you can we just because you go near you. movies or. support to the local news or that. there's just a. look at the what the board of say redeeming. this under bush post says about it it's hard to pin it on the reasoning is for usually more to talk of the could be just as good as gloves only in school. and saying things are cooked up
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to do good and to do good society here and they want to miss you too much to. them to chill. so yes most of you well as i feel sick of all of the oath you go to mused. joe little to the whole world vision goggles. it's totally their goal total support order is to explain. what you want in your stimulus with. full force a lot of it revolves she which i would have done to children. you already knew that if. you had if that was one of them genuinely want to. move to teaching start. never salis the post. not the promotional tour which of the new he job which. you say was. zoomed up with the most we don't want to. be sure.
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little. things like because it's just. the words for us. we were close to it negates you. you just lied to us. more for. the. just a click they don't want what i. saw. my niece just in the now which. is just on the original. charge to. my store what.
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they are. of what is i find. it reno was among the $317.00 who failed at the 1st selection around only $103.00 candidates made it through to the 2nd. they strongly believe that in milton the information grill united states of russia . being controlled the escalation this is collision nobody lol so for this week they're. either. sold by bleeds world show. warships well drawn but ok i agree let's start with that will be the it will be
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a solution to global the best. psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients rather they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work the problem is in the long term and mostly disastrous suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines ending up to something wonderful very often there are 4 fix it up to something terrible can kill solve all ills are always trying to medicate life itself i just think i was in like i was just scared me i was a scared little girl i was 24 and like. i didn't have to be so complicated.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. one. it will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being that. direct. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallowness.
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the on site realm takes a few months as doctors trainers experts and psychologists put the aspiring cosmonauts through their paces. fortunately pop up to. continue through a sporting switch or adopts the course she. doesn't know it's moved enough to know it's. some with a. hole get. pushed to the phones i don't know. i'm each. sub place he chased. the $100.00 but i needed the wood on the special because the more. it's up and you need to go stealing yes. but i mean they want us to put of us little boy she knew she was. upon your phone with you when you're watching police.
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point which i wish the most you know what. the motion to the motion just before course was oceans wasn't as much as one of the. andre and constantine have waited almost 18 months for this to the trials behind them. they're in the final soon to go to star city to learn who will be a cosmonaut characters of a loop so it's found a way i'm saying you're. just looking at it but i just knew hopefully sealy i just wish to put a silly. anyone don't want the concept to do we don't know there is still that issue oh so we don't sit there with the bus and go. so what the. ball state is that you have to be at the know that. when young and then yes because all of. them way more. but the most of.
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you we've actually. just. boarded. to go with. the latest at least when you. think you live in your. book and you don't want to talk still pointing your post has been pushing you to. our top story you want us to stop it but boy you've got so much all in sync with a point. to make you know it but don't know what the good. dope
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you. can remain about only 8 will be accepted the final challenge awaits and for the time being andre is ahead on points. some ideas touched upon the author. couple but of course martha for you must go into school found. yes my post was that i don't post opinion reasonable absorptive you just wait i. want to put me on knickers to hide just because that would. cook avoid it that what i did so it will cost you more with. their point to someone. who doesn't god to be a punch to know. about the book on which nights to watch
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just all i do you avoid. with me for me to. show you show here. sunday which was posted by well it's a quote but the only source. was bitten. just which was famous thing that if. you want to look we're going to put the slip. you must discipline shows let's use the criminal within minutes later is not you we see a little bit the. most the most vocal you say but there's still a mortar store. you don't wish to go with the queen in for similar. work as the 1st. but i discovered the fun. but i don't look too familiar good of the world if you do just the next one often it's issue for us that was awful
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nuisance to. start the newsletter so i'm still in the uk and i want to make you mr jenson which kind. of develop a luxury yes lots and lots of thought on the back of. such was no gold watch that's been missed. doing a bunch. of. jobs due to the steel the enough that i watched didn't. didn't gel examined showed up a lot of police took a. constant in his study to be
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a cosmonaut for 3 months the shuttle is so tight that he's moved into stuff city and only goes home for the weekends. issues it was the single that if it was just. off the street is. very iffy. this. school should be here to be a major. yes officially. that will. be. me. cavuto. what do you do with. the washer should you do
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it one of the 4 small i'll get you there when you merge to look small up. you know what you know the recent movies that you're looking for. cool so much of the world. should wish to go to. the window to pull the longer the books are going to. go until the goal. is really for. you to do the sure that you're pleased to be you've got to slow diddle with it you know it's meant to go i know i'm going to i don't. know what you've done with that you just must go to google movie yes this is going to go i'm going to invite apple justice and i was with. for more nefarious.
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after. i'd. read over their time little hope of. mobile much of these 2 year old little cures filled with before. so valuable training teaches cosmonauts to live in the wild that's in case their ship crash landed in a remote forest they've been in this parachute tent for 2 days the boys full fledged from displaying a total of. 5 . disability. this goes to your old boy and you.
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wouldn't i mean you know you just get on the phone depressed because you thought you knew all of his. life. and you will think of mine has been we don't want to be shut down for the whole mission was not. good. for your food all 3 of. it wasn't possible.
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this is the 1st blast off constantine has seen as a cosmonaut everything goes well at the beginning. but after a 112 seconds. a sudden jolt. constantine immediately tells his wife not to worry the automatic safety systems kicked in and everyone is safe chock. a little flirtation you might guess they instantly but it was this is where they had to create all the 1st of. all that's outside of the cells close up as he. goes by the beach she looks the bit where she will say oh this notion was
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a oh. you'll feel of a. furnace and it sure. will do. you pull in syria and this but i'm about tires of. some of the total douche in this post and most are going to dead to. the world it took about one ship which to them with no source but the gist of the problem. something most intimate until. develop an emotional day if you so mr rush mr sheen
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your store. but the books which you print with hope of smiles persistence are fulfilled with you was put there just be sure. to focus group and started. if you wish to be a small police. use your voice you should result should assist with what i'm sure. you snoopers are. which is decent and most industrious still. the most interesting the future. mr senior bush in europe and most of all it's.
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the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person and those with.
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no dairy thinks. we dare to ask. states is not looking to kick off a cycle. in conflict with russia. in retaliation for washington imposing restrictions on russia earlier in the week. or the week of unrest in the u.s. state of minnesota over the police killing of. secretly filmed admitting his channel spread propaganda.

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