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2017 the russian space agency launched a new cosmonaut core recruitment campaign the requirements were strict a degree in piloting engineering or science psychological stability perfect health even height weight measurements are important because model has to be able to fit into a space suit and of course the ship for $120.00 uplands was shortlisted from the campaign but only 8 would be selected we'll focus on 3 of the would be cosmonauts whose progress we followed for almost 2 views.
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when the shut down through. the post of both us for the news and notes of the post which was put the wish. of one of them. but isn't even the. of course its effect as recent. as a business consultant constantine knew that his chances of being a cosmonaut was slim so aged 30 he joined the leading aviation institute and spent 5 years preparing for this process. of putting a civil suit resume the police division. communion you know if you're going to do it. the usual just don't
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a little worse know what it was told to go. keep them just one citizen muslim did little booklet which was more. precious so that this is true if there's. a super bowl induced strong personal thing with the bush folks look all over the world you know. well. as a serious athlete irina is a cross-country skier climber sure and freediver she also has a ph d. in medical science and works with the olympic committees innovation center and across the right i say what i say but that is not my it's not ok it's not just my house and the show started and it's in the spots and this is our go. home and now i just go a book that i structure because the chain which i record is just on the floor that fortune could use mystery christie so easily other and of course my see. any other stuff was for prostitute idea is. more of the bite you but i'd say you have to
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smile after. andree always dreamed of being a cosmonaut or a pilot the became an aviation engineer he designs planes and his work is classified so we can't even be in his office and stated the office to go plane spotting with him. but to see it was cool but then you bring up things like home and of course all of sports any more because the last 20 years for the defeat of the some i don't know. if this. at all look like it was nice because it's such a nice teaching. force or stands still a trouble spot. ah ah. although she was to be good for them what was thing which is loads of the
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stuff but the guy feels like he was going to go my dad. mitchell says the additional book. which i took. in the bookstores are able to. be opposed to what is called a. confession but a shelter to be so good just to spend. a lot of money. before you can even apply it to the cosmonaut core you need no feel than 56 documents 1st of all proof of perfect health for example you may not get through if you've had a problem or even a bad tooth it was no. good and would you know though it was just.
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but. it's. still. a little time you didn't look at. it with. your sister. and i didn't leave you with trumped up in your mind. over to be. the poor choice but after the popcorn complex go in that. you were in the boy over a. month after. did not i didn't buy you
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a compact. job or something like. the premium. i'll plimpton. bunch trust me for you mr model. you will. need to decide to be individuals with. the points of the. listing. agent and you know what julia got you or the book when she grows up will seal his book. deal with. a small chain. store. you.
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know this is. for thanksgiving. the most anything goes that could another compulsive spend. the most because of something of a threat in there that some people explode however get it right yet it was always a public comment about these proposed cuts. disputed. by. constantine and arena have now been crossing the strait of gibraltar for more than 3 hours. they have thoughts of the right motivation and a clear objective would make this swimming training easier and a nonstop swim from europe to africa seemed a noble goal. to nashville in national team. or boredom was at the recent.
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some of the through the political. arena is hardly ever at home she's always on the road either they've been off to the deck are rally as they come as masters team doctor. what the put me up to getting up that you could be overcome i asked for she's off climbing mountains most recently everest she hasn't even had time to unpack for a couple of minutes sure you. don't live near moscow and yet i see it to be smeared. home for any of this going to impact on the earth or the ice not because one that has. high choice you just were doomed to. a small that it feels like with you.
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and was nice and i saw my books and that's a good reason there was no let's look at novels now i've stuck them over cause they did. the videos show. me to the. years. of us who were into the church to which it's nice. to hear think it was national park an oval office. and train is getting ready for the 2nd round is applications being accepted and now he faces several tests and exams the gym classes don't scare him but quantum physics and kinematics do the exams cover 11 different subjects. in the ocean and in mice much much occurring eved teaching it to go so forth to any wise physically. the person who took the data model worked with a spirit looking mostly to appeal it's not possible to be a double play it was just like the huge money in the book was the but you're
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fighting me too much to get me. into this often interesting thing for very. good reason to get. i don't want to produce the dupes the. question touch. if you go near. you should. move this idiot that. supports typical measures that. look at the what the border of syria redeeming the of. this under bush bosis about a better talked to prime minister this is really strange isn't. it about talk of the computer stuff that goes on misquoting. sailor who took that to do good to do society here and they want to mislead mr smith evil room with them to chill quote serious about if you will was i was so sick of all of it off you know off 'd
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the girl i mused. george about the whole world vision both of us out of. just a little if they're going to will support school board it is to explain. what you want in your stimulus with will flow out of the above she which i would have done to children. you already knew that if. you had if that was one of them genuinely want to. move to teach and start. not the promotional tour with the new kid and he job which. you say this. is really up for you to do most people would still. be sure to. not only. in islam because just.
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the words. we were close scrutiny gets you. through. more or. less data. the. test a click they don't know what. the money's just in the now which. is just a notion that. charged. more still what. they are. it reno was among the $317.00 who failed at the 1st selection around $103.00
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candidates made it through to the 2nd. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wounds still haven't healed. in the times when you and. me from you know. me coffee to market economy suppose. you me in the present us there's me no to that i'm just and i think ultimately you know cells and of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption only. for feaster but in my own role as a fellow mentor to this day mothers still search for grown children while adults look in hope for their birth parents.
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i strongly believe that any military confrontation it will united states and russia . will be. nobody for the seat. either. shutdown or ships will drown bug. i agree let's stop with no call be the it will be escalation but as. the on site realm takes a few months as doctors trainers experts and psychologists put the aspiring
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cosmonauts through their paces. pushing the pop. up on the chin you throw for info for us which are and should. you know it's. some was a commercial i just want to hold you. hostage to. buy me. some place he chased you loose the receiver still but he did the raid on the special shares you got the money. so he starts up and you need to post he knew. which means. the butt of yours and she knew she was. up on your phone with you when you wasn't good. points but your wishful moods to you the way. you will just before course which are so she.
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andre and constantine have waited almost 18 months for this to the trials behind them there in the final soon go to star city to learn who will be a cosmonaut. but i just knew that if we see you joseph says don't let. anyone you want to do we're going to do still that issue so we do what. you will so what that you. could say is that you had to be at the now that. he was going but the most of. us knew we could. be foolish.
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she. just. lovely. ok let's go with. the latest at least when you go to. any of the regular in your shift. and you don't want to talk still point just in your past few days i've been watching you do. all of that i'm still busted you stopped but boy you got shot i should know it's a good day yet. but don't add up with a good. job. and remain a but only 8 will be accepted the final challenge awaits and for the time being
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andre is ahead on points. some ideas touched on the author. of cosmos to fame was. found the. post was that i don't. want to. cook avoid it that what i did so it'll cost you more with. your point to someone. who doesn't have got to be a punch to know. about the book on which nights to watch almost all i deem. to be. if so. he. heaved. but.
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she's. just famous thing that you. look we're going to. and you must discipline shows levee is the dream within its life is big enough you will see a little of those. books from last book or you say but there's still a mortar store before they hope to go with the queen in for similar. work as before. but i discovered the fun. but i don't know what the familiar good of the world is you know just the next one often it's issue for us that with us will you. start to finish the thought i'm still in the body and i want to force you. to change the solution kind of.
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little australia yes lots and lots of thought on the back of. such was no gold watch that's been missed. doing a bunch. of. jobs duty just you enough that i watched the. view didn't gel examined. the police took a. constant in a study to be a cosmonaut for 3 months the shuttle is so tight that he's moved into stuff city and only goes home for the weekends. issues it was missing all of that if it was
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just. the fish. fish and if. so did you get this. school ship your ph d. . yes mr schiewe. well. that will. be. me. cavuto. what do you do with. the wish to assure you if you get one of the full well i'll tell you when you merged looks well up it was appointed. you know what you know the pieces it was that you're looking for.
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was cool so much of the world. should tell you. when you go to pull the longer the other groups are going to. go and you'll go all. group. who would you believe to be you could slow diddle with indigenous much you know i know i'm going to go what you've done with it you just must go i'm going to lose for you just because i'm going to go i'm going to invite apple justice you know what i was with. for warner said. after. i've
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i've. read over their time little by little but i'm. mobile much of these 2 year old little field filled with before. so valuable training teaches cosmonauts to live in the wild that's in case their ship crash landed in a remote forest they've been in this parachute tent for 2 days and a boy full fledged from displaying a total. but . difficult to. do this very most your old boy did you. wouldn't i mean you know you just get someone. who knew all of his.
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life. you know. and you will think of mine has been we don't want to be shut down for the whole mission was not. just that. but. for your food all 3 of. it wasn't possible.
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this is the 1st blast off constantine has seen as a cosmonaut everything goes well at the beginning. but after a 112 seconds. a sudden jolt. constantine immediately tells his wife not to worry the automatic safety systems kicked in and everyone is safe chock. a little flirtation you might guess they instantly a little to say they helped create all the best of. all that's outside of the stalls but it goes up as he. goes by the beach she looks the bit where she will say oh this notion was a oh. you'll
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feel of a. furnace and it sure. you pull in syria and this but i'm about to use a. guess just earth and there's this from us programmer dead to the world it took about one ship which to them with no source but the gist of the problem of. those just some of the most intimate until. delicate emotional doofuses almost a rush mr sheen your store would be in pursuit of though but the friend with hope of smiles bunkum to see if there's a fault. with you was put there just be sure. to start it.
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if you wish to be a small police just use your voice you should result should assist you but i'm sure i'll. use a new version. the truth decent and most industrious lot still. most bruce teele people. most of the new machine europe and russia believe it's.
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the demick no certainly no borders and just bought into nationalities. as a muddled up with the we don't look like seeing the whole world needs to be. judged as coming close is this something. we can do better we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each or our own way but we also know that this
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crisis will not go on forever the challenges create the response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. today the industry prefers to spend millions of euros in you know the. d.-day regulations will be sniffy it's all about making money making profits in some of the big corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of chronic diseases that are out in every community today it is not due to new viruses all new microbes that's not true so it is due to environment. and say you know that moment all discipline. really just accumulate could only come
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in the day seemed to me less that. the pledge to see the sky if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something into street except that we have regulation we want regulation i was in just belief we don't behave zinnias penalty just fine. we are stacey not looking to kick off a cycle in school nation and conflict with russia moscow slaps the u.s. with sanctions in retaliation for washington imposing restrictions on russia just a bit in the week. i think. a week of on rest in the u.s. state of minnesota over the police killing of dante ride continues to rage.
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a c.n.n. director secretly for.

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