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he's a. new man on the board. you know. hollywood is the place and an idea to got the movie studios television he's got the music industry sometimes as we know it's also a place where there's a lot of propaganda. to whatever part of the the u.s. government is committed to you can be sure that hollywood will be following it we're headed 12 months. out what i did on hollywood is they call it a tree manufacturer which are things true. but i think equally it's a propaganda factor.
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long after i 1st heard about it in the news i still couldn't believe this was this really how the united states sees the history of the word too but there it was the official white house page on a social network and it clearly stated that it was american great britain that defeated the nazis during the 2nd world war without even a word about the soviet union and the version on the official carrigan website it looks even more discouraging there it turns out that world war 2 was started by germany and the soviet union it wasn't russia but france that took the brunt of it and in fact the u.s.s.r. didn't liberate the europe from hitler but occupied it it feels like the author either knows nothing about history or he does and wants to rewrite it all that makes those old how would movies that were made during the war seem even more remarkable american audience was presented with a totally different picture of the world and the soviet union back then in the next
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30 minutes we'll learn how history has been written and rewritten through american cinema. in 1903 at the height to for world war 2 the united states released mission to moscow a film about a visit to the u.s.s.r. by american ambassador joseph davis who were displayed by actor walter houston. we don't get many of your excellency now welcome you to the soviet union in the name of my government thank you major the u.s. ambassador arrives in the u.s. sorry harboring a degree of skepticism but on the whole what he sees the erin what millions of american movie goers saw along with them writes all the stereotypes about the soviet government of those times we keep experimenting to find ways to increase our efficiency but what kind of a tractor is not that much different than the rest yesterday even if the reason is that. it can usually be converted. the american film
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might even make the u.s.s.r. look better than soviet propaganda pictures we see modern army work in factories and friendly people who speak fluent english. oh how proud i would be if i could do that well it's russian perhaps someday we shall all speak the same language if that would produce or even florida with the idea of making a film like this they'd probably be branded as crazy but it was still possible back in the 940 s. this is one of my favorite parts and aide tells of the american ambassador mr davis we need to check your office and this is why the higher rank an american diplomat tells us and stop gossiping and stop listening to it we're here in a sense as guests of the soviet government not going to believe that they trust the united states to find until a prove otherwise and mazing. in fact the film a semi documentary it was based on a book written by a master davis himself so we're not talking about a fictional diplomat here but
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a very real one who was so impressed with the soviet government that it seems he was ready to forgive a lot. of water source i q do. you wish to figure. out of time to throw. to new york thank you. thank you. stalin some of the. c.e.o. who do plenty of those who were there i believe said that history will record you as a great builder for the benefit of mankind it is not my mr davies out of 5 plans were conceived and carried out by the people themselves again this is how you would this isn't soviet propaganda the movie itself. is the purge trials that were taking place in the soviet union it's really apology for the stalinist government but that was acceptable in 1943 you could do that another hollywood film from the
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time the north star depicts liason a soviet collective farm on the eve of the war the american audience doesn't hear a word about collectivization or the dispossession of independent formers. the soviet presence look well fat and are so happy they sing at the end of their work day. was the filmmakers even went to the trouble of translating the lyrics of a famous salvias song why it is my motherland and made american children learned by heart and. i. was. the north star it was produced by samuel goldwyn co-founder of one of hollywood's most successful film companies metro goldwyn mayer. but dinner stanway famous
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american producer shot such a blatantly propagandistic picture we need to go to the archives of the library of congress where a document from the so-called office of for information of the united states is still stored. and more information was established in 1942 by the roosevelt administration was basically a propaganda effort. to listen many times to good news the legal residents and yes that's in it they let me ask you split it into. franklin roosevelt knew that if he wanted to actually turn american public opinion into supporting the war and even more so in supporting our soviet allies during the war he was going to need to use that would. lead a lot of what has got to davis cup one of the classes. for family always.
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a little door they need to. do is cheat is well north and you feel it. and. i think. sometimes the officer for information commission how they would musical comedies like this is the army which were intended to increase the prestige of military service and raise the morale of soldiers fighting overseas one of the roles in that film was played by a young actor named ronald reagan the future president of the united states. i've missed you too plenty. something i'd like to explain.
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that there were other orders that weren't so benevolent in 1942 after pearl harbor president roosevelt ordered the forced relocation of 120000 japanese people from the west coast of the united states is hard to believe but in those years japanese americans were simply put in buses and sent to specially created internment camps in the us territory the officer for information was staffed with providing media to support this monstrous initiative. japanese fishermen had every opportunity to watch the movement of our ships. japanese farmers were living close to. the propaganda that the japanese really are going to be act on behalf of the japanese government has sabotaged the war effort and put arsenic in american food and blow up the defense so that it was none of that but the office of war information produced various documentaries defending this practice.
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but the office issued very different instructions concerning the u.s.s.r. the soviet union was to be portrayed as a friend of them. eric in distress. in the north star in the soviet presence peaceful life is interrupted by the not seen beijing. after the germans captured a village they begin taking the children's blood for transfusions for their wounded soldiers. the north star was nominated for 6 academy awards and 944 according to declassified
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documents the office so for information commanded its contribution to building a positive image of russia. in this presentation of the suffering and courage of the russians will shown that the strength of russia lies in its people who are willing to give them the highest to keep their countrymen from fascist slavery and to ensure a free world football man. nonetheless the office did ask hollywood to make a few edits to the script 1st to emphasize that the ideologies of the u.s.s.r. and germany were completely different and this is why the conflict broke out and secondly show through the young characteristics young that the u.s. and russia can work together when peace comes. it was not an accurate portrayal. of the imagination however they did follow the days of washington and. propaganda of the propaganda film including the major hollywood of the time.
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another pro soviet film released by hollywood during the worry years cold days of glory tells the story of a detachment of soviet partisans the group's leader was played by biting hollywood actor gregory peck. gregory pack was the brad pitt of the 19 fifties and sixties he starred alongside audrey aberdonian roman holidays in 153 and in 1962 pack won an oscar for his performance as atticus finch in the adaptation of the cult american novel ought to kill a mockingbird but the sex symbol and alias star was still an unknown actor back in the $940.00 s. he's debut role in hollywood was as a solvent partisan later named lattimer or a surrogate you.
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thank you now some problems. of gold if that i mean i won't and leave then it would be less and that's l.a. syria. but also it's you've got to you know. you're more your partner. we had a change of american thinking about the soviets and we did so successfully it wasn't only hollywood that participated in the campaign to improve the soviet union image leading newspapers and magazines were also involved here for example is what the american media wrote about lattimer lenin in those years well you know doesn't buy chortle to the greatest level of more than a time. somebody merely lists year one spot still sort of made on a few g. a book tiny in you can be of any loss to sit but instead it will go been there. 70 millo. new york times and that was the sentiment during the war that the soviets were brave her roic of resisting the nazis and so it downplayed the crimes of
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stalin and the repressive aspects in all of american writing or propaganda during the war including in the hollywood films that's going to change of course after the war once the cold war begins with the onset of the cold war the task became more difficult now they needed to find a way to explain to americans that our soviet friends were friends no more and in fact they were now animists they also have to imply that some of the things that have been shown about them previously were not entirely true. the world is driven by shaped by.
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no dares thinks. we dare to ask. what's this if. you just want to open your eyes to just install a couple of 100 little. choice you just would want to. see if there was national guard coming off. the top. of the w. . it's a local switcher from the films. made up little support scoop what are these products on up to the political. cause between. the shooting and the wife the
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dismay of. all of us to. follow someone into bulimia as an obstacle if you please if you. do not mean. order. entry control of ski was the 1st soviet filmmaker to leave for hollywood before the
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collapse of the u.s.s.r. . in 989 he directed an action comedy starring sylvester stallone and kurt russell called tango and cash by that time he'd already realized that hollywood wasn't the place he'd originally imagined. more. bridges ignition. system where. ledger could drop in. for new years in america because your home. your former produce officials go for doing research.
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despite making a serious of successful films in the us including tango and cash runaway train and maria's lovers and reconsider lofty decided to return to russia in the early nineties as he'd already become entirely disenchanted with the american film industry. who were stronger would you. more good started. hollywood was. all in portraying the union in a positive light during world war 2 that they need us president harry truman began to quickly regret it after the surrender. of the quintile is still
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a. little bit didn't. know should it be able to lead the city of. the world in a 1000000 users you. need to realize that is the closest good. america. to the refused the british even those little. in the 19th thirties the communist party in the united states was pretty strong. and i say that is a good thing they were critical in fighting early fighters for civil rights in the united states hollywood has attracted all these creative artists writers directors producers actors and actresses and intellectuals were the ones who were most attracted to the communist ideal and they wanted to see the soviet union is representing something better than the sword and materialism of american capitalism
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so 947 the house un-american activities committee or down on the hollywood it was this committee that introduced this so-called how the would blacklist which included people should be excluded from working in the u.s. film industry due to their alleged political convictions. the u.s. government had to affirmatively go after leftists in hollywood and destroy their careers and make them testify in congress put people in jail drive people in don employment sometimes into suicide so many. c.d.'s hollywood back on board on the anti soviet train. among those given testimony to the house un-american activities committee or to put it simply ratting out their colleagues was an actor named ronald reagan the future u.s.
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president was already actively participating in civic life even in those days. the north star a film about soviet collective farmers that was hailed by the academy just a couple of years earlier was now deemed anime propaganda and it screenplay writer lillian hellman was accused of being a communist sympathizer and damning label in those years suddenly all of those. film the propaganda films that were made during world war 2 were brought into question and hollywood got scared. the north star was eventually released under the name armored attack in the new version the title comrade was removed and narration comparing the nazis to the soviet soldiers who suppressed the hungaroring uprising in 1956 was at it i. how what is considered to be an independent private sector of economy
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a group of private companies and yet it seems like the government finds ways to influence the movie make an industry and i just can wrap my head around how they actually pulled this off by these publicity trials as show trials stalin understood how to do that hitler understood how to do that well the united states under truman and eisenhower also understood added to that. untrained and intimidating hollywood begins to promote an entirely different image of the soviet union let's be honest have we anything like it in russia now can you imagine what the brits would be a little like that. a film that pokes fun at the behavior of soviet very cross abroad was shot in 1939 but it turned out to be most useful with the onset of the cold war. oh my god.
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what the new national committee made it ok actually just because a lot notice that all the little government. somebody really does a little bit so that a little time is what was. most. the americans actually distributed and promoted new units kind post where you're especially in italy where the communist party's position was strong there was never stated in the film that communism in the u.s.s.r. back it went without saying. religion and those that know it's going to say it's got the most. serious good record of camillus it when you post so you just look at what illicit them to be it's a limited doug syrup shipment but just chill a recent. local is just going out and. we have the high ideals
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but have the climate. the hollywood began producing state. anti communist films during this time oh it's the same propaganda images nobody ever is idealistic about anything the women were ugly or they were beautiful if they were beautiful they were nymphomaniacs now my students find them laughable but are the time they were taken seriously movies like i was a communist for the ya i married a communist i've read moscow how guilty of treason the red menace this was a terrible time in america in 1954 the united states and great britain released an animated film called animal farm just based on a novel of the same name by george orwell its production was sponsored by the cia which was very interested in the anti soviet subtext of the story which is about a farm and the big 3 seized power there i manage i am. actually am how
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many. traders among us. led by the sixty's and seventy's relations between the us and the us ceasar had already reached the point of detachment and this was immediately reflected in the hollywood pictures the soviet union was really not presented as a friend of the united states but he was presented as an enemy so it was more like the united states than the soviet union could cooperate against the bad guy look at the jane bomb movie that left a classic although the drama with it would always be a russian agent who would be able to bond and the cia people would be 'd wary of a new vision of him but they could always cooperate and again the real enemy. the relations between the countries began to deteriorate again in the eighty's after
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ronald reagan who had been actively anti communist even when he was a hollywood actor became president of the. united states even legendary movie boxer rocky billboard played by sylvester stallone entered the fray by taking on the daunting doped up soviet fighter ivan drago and they. follow the capital of capital mobility that are both of them that. someone with a boy who sort of from a from a collector on the 2nd beagle said it's to say this because there's been no good. not because there was still to come there's the mysterious. you put your parents in the border was widely followed the policies of the state department the pentagon well they get a lot of money from the state department and the pentagon the best they found the pentagon to have a lot of say in in works of all it would. go somewheres risk or
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change in order. i mean years ago are you. going for go in with your desired should you. should direction. from sort of here's very emotional issues you're not bored you. meet the parents was still funny movie love it right. so you find out that deniro was a cia operative at one point ben stiller goes into his layer in the basement and he sees photos of deniro with clinton with what looks like maybe a bent a lot in type figure originally stiller found a cia torture me and he on deniro suggests this cia itself reviewed the script and
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said then and then. you're not going to bring up cia torture do they watch every single movie that is about to be produced in our wood in any film that has any military hardware in it an obvious example top gun you got it asked for permission you don't just walk on to the air force base and start flying jets around. so if you get their permission. they get the right. to look at what you're saying about. the officer for information which was responsible for propaganda during world war 2 was officially closed 1945 but the relationship that developed between al the wood and the us government in those years seems to have grown only stronger a since staff at different times american rulers have needed different myths including some the directly contradicted earlier ones as in the case of russia 'd
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but no matter how difficult the order this factory has always do to flit delivered . hollywood had always been afraid of government censorship so what they did was that they censored themselves. even the fiction. you know what is the worst this. was not a conspiracy. it wasn't created for propaganda purposes but hollywood certainly is now a real propaganda force in the world probably the greatest propaganda force that's ever existed.
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the industry prefers to spend millions of euros in you know the. d.-day regulations seems all about making money making profits in some of the corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of chronic diseases that are in every family then it is not due to new viruses all new microbes that's not true so it is due to. the momentum discipline of the sort of muscles i really just accumulate could only come in the day you seen them to be in the list that. they'd like to see the sky if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why you shouldn't also fight for the
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interest something into street products that that we have regulation we want regulation i was in the belief we don't behave as in the us penalties just like. the russian foreign ministry has someone that check embassador not soft or prague accused moscow of being validated huge explosion up and. 7 years ago i don't know it's the expulsion of 18 russians. in a week of strained international diplomacy moscow slops the us put sanctions in retaliation for washington imposing restrictions on russia earlier in the week which came at the same time as calls from president biden for deescalation we look into them.


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