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well the budget eludes. us are going to focus. in march 27th team the russian space agency launched a new cosmonaut core recruitment campaign the requirements were strict a degree and piloting engineering or science psychological stability perfect health even height weight measurements are important because model has to be able to fit into the space suit and of course the ship $420.00 applicants was shortlisted from the campaign but only 8 would be selected we'll focus on 3 of the would be cosmonauts whose progress we followed for almost 2 years.
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due to shut down through. the post of both us for the news and notes on the bus which is put the worst. yeah which is the equivalent to see additional bottled up one of them. used and they also got to hear a lot of really which was better than even the biotin will do is to open your subject line you of course don't it's effect is reason. as a business consultant constantine knew that his chances of being a cosmonaut was slim so aged 30 he joined the leading aviation institute and spent 5 years preparing for this process. of putting a civil suit places on the pools even stupidity. and i would appreciate your question though we took communion you knew you would enjoy it. you miss the old
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you don't a little worse know what it was spoke to got the. kids from the rest were citizens and didn't little water which was more. precious so that this is true that there's . a super bowl and you see so there's no way to do it oh look you know. well. as a serious athlete irina is a cross-country ski climber sure and free diver she also has a ph d. in medical science and works for the olympic committee's innovation center and it was the right. that that is my it's now clear that this particular incident but assume this is our get. go book that i start shit because the chain which i record is just on the hook for fortune could. easly other and of course
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missy. brianna's the prostitute idea is. always dreamed of being a cosmonaut or a pilot but became an aviation engineer he designs planes and his work is classified so we can't even be in his office and stated the office to go plane spotting with him. to see it was cool but then you find out things like home and of course full of supportive of us all is pretty nice but i'm afraid of some i don't know. if it's. at all. like it was nice because it's such a nice teacher. for songs still a trouble spot. on
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the trip with me going to put them with me more to slow for the stuff. that people are going to go by devil worshipper of. mitchell says the edition the book. does and the bookstores are able to. be opposed to what is called. a confession but a shelter still so just respect the. guy goes down a little more and. then if we go through. before you can even apply it to the cosmonauts call you need no fewer than 56 documents 1st of all proof of perfect health for example you may not get through if you've got a tonsil problem or even
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a bad tooth sleeplessness when you look at them with you know go to sleep. but if you do. still left a. little funny a vision look at all the most difficult the world look at us to see you sitting there just by using the. issue to. share. your theory. that. i know i didn't see in full play go is struck up in your mind not that appropriate the time they would send in somebodies but it's risky said the community the pro-choice craft he was at the papa will have so complex go in that. he was the boy
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they sent over the got the money off the. law i've not yet come to. the job or something. i want to give him. something. that's just basic you mr model. your little. bit you don't need to use it to be individuals within. the confines of the points of the list it's. most naturally occurring before the book which of course it will still has been. your.
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first chance. to get. all of this. even put their roots in your. book remove anything good that could now that can evoke the spread of. emotion because it's still doable for 13 months from people. who now are getting it right yet it was always up to the public and we're going to buy this book with 100000. disputed. constantine arena have now been crossing the strait of gibraltar for more than 3 hours. they have thought of the right motivation and a clear objective would make their swimming training easier and a nonstop swim from europe to africa seemed a noble goal. that
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nash predict what is in national team. or boredom was that he saw the troubleshooters of that a sudden video check the dish it some of the 3 d. which are cut out of discipline digital data. remarries hardly ever at home she's always on the road by those zipping off to the deck are rarely used to come as monsters team doctor. more than opinion to get an update to be overcome was oh she's off climbing mountains most recently everest she hasn't even had time to unpack the works for us to make sure you. don't live near moscow and yet i see it to be smeared this isn't home to any of this going to impact on the earth or the ice and that was because when the house. hi joyce you just were doing the. smart they feel good with you.
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and was nice and i saw my books and that's a good reason there was no let's look at novels now i've started over cause they did. the videos show. me tubes were cardboard i years. oceanographers who were into the church to which it's a slight. anything if it was national kind of a lawful. act because. andries getting ready for the 2nd round is applications being accepted and now he faces several tests and exams the gym classes don't scare him but quantum physics and kinematics do the exams cover 11 different subjects. in the ocean and in mice much much you can ease of teaching it to so forth. physically. which the person who took the data model worked with us would look at
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mostly tokyo it's not possible to be a top up by user just like they would your normal book was the but your page which you might still need. to be on the interesting thing for very. good reason to use it. i don't pollute but here's the do you do. question touch the future if you go near it you know for sure if you. can move this idiot that. supports that a collage of that. posters took a symbol of a loser look at the war the border of syria redeeming you. this under bush buy yourself a bit of talk the prime minister this is really a strange and what about talk of the computer stuff that goes on in a school can. sail that to be a good idea to study here and play won't be
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a misfit much perspective over the chilkoot. so you should know this if you will was up so sick of all of the offers you got off 'd you go to music. george will tell you the whole world they should also put. a little in their goal total support school thought it. was a cool what you want in your stimulus with. will follow it up into the gulf she which i would have done to children. you already knew that if. you had if but because one of them genuinely want to. move to tim's but. never solace the perspires. not to pretty much talk to you which of the new to me job which. you say was. it's really up for you to do most people would still. be sure to. not only.
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because i because it's just. the way it's that or else. we were close scrutiny that you could ask a question. you just lied once. more for. the. they don't want what i. saw. the money's just in the now which. is just on the original. charge that. most of the what. they are. of what is are functions.
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it reno was among the $317.00 who failed at the 1st selection around $103.00 candidates made it through to the 2nd. today the industry prefers to spend millions of euros in you know the 2 daily traditions i will be sniffing all about making money making profits in some of the big corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of chronic diseases that are in every community today it is not due to new viruses or new microbes that is not true so it is due to environment. not going to say you know that moment all discipline or the sort of muscles of really just
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accumulate could only come in the day you see in the police. departments in the sky if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something into street not accept that we have regulation we want regulation i was in just any freedom behave zinnias penalty just like. the on site takes a few months as doctors trainers experts and psychologists put the aspiring cosmonauts through their paces. pushing the top of. the neutral sporting trophy bus which are adults the court should also.
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be nothing their. son was a commercial. also for the not. by me each. day out see. someplace he chased you. if that awful sluice that we're going to see in the store but i needed to work through it on the special issue because the morning. so he starts up and you need to finish feeding you. but you mean they had to submit just a bit of yours and little worth of she knew she was much so. up on your phone with you when you're watching police. point which i wish the most you know what. the motion to push back was like the motion just before course was oceans i think that is one of what one should miss was a. good andre and constantine have waited almost 18 months for this day the trials behind them there in the final soon go to star city to learn who will be a cosmonaut characters of
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a loop so it sounded i'm saying it. was a slip up but i just knew how awfully silly i just watched the facility. and wonder what the wanted to do we don't know there is still that issue so i only do what's it about the puzzle. so what that you. are all saying is that you have to be at the now that. when young and then you're still. but the most of. us then you would actually. be foolish. she's. just.
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a poet at. least. when you. think you live in your city. and you don't want. still point just in your past few days of the bush and you did. all of the dumb stuff. you stopped but boy you got shit i should know it's a good day yet. but don't add up with a good. job you. can remain a but only 8 will be accepted the final challenge awaits and for the time being andre is ahead on points. some ideas touched on north americans showed. up at the because most of the free must walk over area. yes my post was that i don't.
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want to put me on the high just because that would. cook a war it that what i did so it'll cost you more with. your point to someone. who doesn't got to be a punch to know. about the book on which nights the watch was. indeed. if so. he. heaved. but the only source. of it was because the. famous thing that if. you want a book which is going to. and you must discipline shows levee is the dream within
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minutes later is big enough you will see a little of those. books from last book or you see but there's still a mortar store with. new ones still to go with the cli in for similar. work as before. but i discovered the fun. but i don't look too familiar go to the what if you know just the next one often it's issue for us the poor little mutants . are the newsletter so i'm still in the last. minute you missed the chance to switch.
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the little australia yes lots and lots of thought on the back of. such was no gold watch that's been missed. doing a bunch. of. jobs due to the just you but i which didn't. you didn't kill examined. the police took a. constant in his study to be a cosmonaut for 3 months the shuttle is so tight that he's moved into stuff city and only goes home for the weekends. issues it was singled out if it was just. left the state is. facing if. this. school should be here to be
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a major. yes officially. well. that will. be. me. what do you do with. the washer should you do it one of the 4 small i'll get you there when you merge to look small up. you know what you know the piece of news that you're looking for the. pool so much of the world. should tell you. when you go to pull the longer the
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books are going to. go until the goal. is really. you are too pleased to be corrected slow diddle with indigenous matilda look i'm going to go what you've done with it you just must go to google news for us this is going to go i'm going to invite apple justice and i was with. for more nefarious. after. i've i've. seen the other guy talking about what our. mobile much of these 2 year old little field filled with before. so valuable
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training teaches cosmonauts to live in the wild that's in case their ship crash landed in a remote forest they've been in this parachute tent for 2 days the boys will split from displaying a total that will pop up. again. but . difficult. is. this your ghost your old boy that you. wouldn't i mean you know you just get someone. who knew all of his. life. and you will think of mine this was good we don't want to be shut down for the
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whole mission was not. just that. but. that. for your food all 3 of. it wasn't possible. this is the 1st blast off constantine has seen as a cosmonaut everything goes well at the beginning. but after a 112 seconds. a sudden jolt. constantine
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immediately tells his wife not to worry the automatic safety systems kicked in and everyone is safe chock. a little flirtation you might guess they instantly a little to just get into oh there's still. all of us outside of the stalls close up as you go by the beach she looks the way it was she will say i was notional it was a oh. you'll feel the. furnace and it sure. you pull in syria and this but i'm about tired of the place some of the total
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douche in this post earth and there's this from us programmer dead to the world it took about one ship which to them with no source but the little shit the problem. of the most intimate until. then been emotional doofuses almost too much mr sheen your store. but the friend with hope of smiles persistence the full things to do with you was put there just be sure. to focus groups don't know. if you must be a special police you use your voice you should result should assist with what i should welcome. you snoopers or. but she was. most industrious and that's still.
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the most interesting piece of. the new machine europe and most of all it's.
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israel media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what's his face. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or a mate in the shallowest. need
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to pull the start of you know when you've been able to molest that solicit it. from the regular morgue you're more your partner going to be moving through are. all but us lucifer mistletoe is just that in the gutter that i'm just. it is not my achievement mr davies are 5 you have plans for conceit. and carried out by the people themselves if they would produce or even flirted with the idea of making a film like this they'd probably be branded as crazy. how was the sentiment during the war the soviets were brave heroes resisting the nazis that's going to change of course after the war once the cold war begins.
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people think that hollywood is a free. this is a strictly defined. business and. how would i define hollywood is a call to dream anything which at least true. it's a propaganda for. russia expels 20 czech diplomats in. prague accused. 7 years ago and through a team of russian diplomats in the country. in a week of strained international diplomacy moscow slaps the u.s. with sanctions in retaliation for washington imposing restrictions on russia
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earlier in the week which came at the same time.

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