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tv   News  RT  April 20, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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medicines adding up to something wonderful very. it up to something terrible. i just think i was and i was just scared i mean i was a scared little girl of 24 and like. the didn't have to be so complicated. a jury finds in minneapolis a police officer sheldon guilty on all charges in the killing of george lloyd last year the case has been closely watched with years earlier of unrest in case of an acquittal. and medical intern commit suicide every 18 days in france as the pandemic pushes trainee doctors to the breaking point. and british doctors and nurses are also buckling under the strain of the pandemic with one health worker describing staff as having father.
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broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us now former and minneapolis police officer derek children has been convicted of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd a black man he rested last year he was immediately taken into custody and right now you're looking at live pictures of people gathered in minneapolis to show support for the verdict faces a sentence of up to 40 years in prison president biden has made a statement calling systemic racism a stain on the whole nation's soul and vice president has urged lawmakers to pass the george floyd bill aimed at reforming policing in the u.s. with more details on the case here. our correspondent. whole country and many
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people around the world were watching as that verdict came in this was the police officer who is seen on tape taking the life of george floyd and that video recorded incident sparked a huge episode of unrest all throughout the united states the country seems to almost go up in flames as amid the pandemic people saw that video and were just filled with outrage let's review what happened in reaction to the ceiling now which has been declared a murder george floyd. so
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now the officer on film taking george floyd's life his he is now a convicted murderer the jury came back and on all 3 counts you know he was convicted of the. trial we had the defense arguing that it was actually it was
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a drug related death it wasn't actually the officers fault the jury just did not buy it a lot of testimony a lot of evidence was shown and the jury has convicted officer derek chauvet now it's important to note that joe biden the president of the united states and congresswoman maxine waters both made comments in the lead up to today's trial verdict about what they wanted the verdict to be printed the verdict. i would say. the jury sequestered it will be very. soon we'll know. that. you've got it right. now it's important to note that an appeal is expected at this point many have looked into the situation surrounding the trial and said that if the if the defense does not appeal this verdict it would be highly unlikely there won't be an appeal
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now sentencing is set to take place within 8 weeks and she was not granted bail was not released he was remanded taken into custody meaning they do expect that he could be a possible flight with this guy and so you will be awaiting sentencing behind bars now under minnesota's sentencing guidelines children would sceptically received roughly 12 years in prison with a conviction like this however prosecutors could argue at the sentencing hearing for a longer sentence based on the aggravated nature of the crime and the severity of it so the fact however that does not have any previous convictions i would normally result in getting the 12 year sentence in the state of minnesota following the guidelines but at the moment there is a feeling of you bill a shot on the streets outside the outside the courtroom the protesters feel this is a victory for the black lives matter movements that they feel. that something that
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has in many cases not happened as an officer facing punishment is being convicted for the killing of an african-american man has been achieved many of them say this is a direct result of the fact that people poured into the streets that pressure was placed on the u.s. justice system on elected officials in order to carry out this prosecution and conviction so quite quite a big day here in the united states however there are mixed reactions coming from different parts of the country but at this point much country those who are part of the black lives matter movement and protests those to the streets it's the killing most especially last summer where things got very intense those folks are celebrating. around the time the verdict in the trial was being announced an african-american teen was fatally shot by police in columbus ohio the officers were initially responding to reports of an attempted stabbing the city's mayor has called on residents to remain calm and allow for the investigation into the
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incident. the french union has sounded the alarm at shocking suicide rates among hospital trainees with thousands of interns working around the clock during the pandemic the head of the union says that the pressure is taking a catastrophic toll on some people who were in a terrible situation now since the start of john you were there has been one suicides among men to go into every 18 days. well surely devinsky has more on the crisis facing frontline medics in france. just to give you a sense most interns are supposed to be working a 48 hour week that's more than most people would generally in a week but we know they were more than not sometimes around 60 hours in a normal week but that union told r.t. that during the covert 900 pandemic things are so bad that some interns are working up to 100 hours every week. this is got worse during the pandemic but it
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was already a serious before out of also sides among medics 25 percent were interns in the monger attempted suicides it was 70 percent 4 percent of trainees had attempted suicide and that was before the current crisis before internet worked a 58 hour week much of that in surgery and that's got worse during the pandemic it rose to 60 hours than 70 hours than 80 and in paris up to 100 hours so weak so it's exhausting now that union has told r.t. that they need to be immediate action to alleviate the situation and the pressure for the interns now they've met with the health minister here in france in the last few days and he has said that they will be measures put in place to once the end of the summer to trying to find a solution to that but the union said that's not soon enough well as the couvade crisis continues to bite taylor in france it looks as if there is no rest bite
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that's going to come at least in the next few weeks even months for doctors nurses and of course those into really it seems that despite the fact that france is now in this lockdown the needs and demands on medical staff from doctors right the way down to those interns is as much as it ever was. we spoke to a woman whose daughter worked in a clinic and took her own life in 2911 before the pandemic began. the mother has now set up an organization representing the families of interns who have committed suicide during the code crisis she says working conditions have been unacceptable for years. but my daughter died of professional burnout because of the conditions you worked and studied as because of the complete absence of measures to prevent psychosocial risks in the hospital where she works in every situation every death is unique in the context it's always different specialties places of work that
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ellis cases are clearly related to working conditions they were overwhelmed at work there were also cases of harassment and study pressure but what they all have in common is that working conditions made them more psychologically vulnerable they weren't like that in the 1st place if we wait till summer how many more will die is this acceptable to hear from the health minister that it will wait and accept the fact that by summer we'll lose another 5 or 6 people until we finally have time to solve the problem no their loss we should follow them full stop. and it is not just france one senior health worker in the u.k. has described their role as cannon fodder stuff have been treated like cannon fodder if i didn't need the money i would have resigned which is soul destroying because they used to love my job but now it feels more with dread and permanent exhausted. the latest polls show the extreme pressure u.k. health workers are under more than 90 percent want a significant pay rise with the government's one percent offer described as
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insulting and 2 in 3 have considered quitting in the past year but the government claims that many n.h.s. staff are getting more much more than one percent raise over $1000000.00 n.h.s. staff continue to benefit from multi-year pay deals agreed with trade unions which have delivered a pay rise of over 12 percent for newly qualified nurses and will increase junior doctors pay scales by 8.2 percent he spoke to dr john pontus co-chair of keep our n.h.s. public who says workers are worn out. well i think this is a real wake up call the government has to do something i mean n.h.s. managers are not know they could be vocal in their criticisms of government but this is a survey which shows they are extremely worried about how the service will be able to continue i think they feel absolutely worn out so well at one point there were 50000 staff off sick with crew so not saying you were people
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covering for those but they were then coverage for a huge amounts of safety and the strain means that all the stops being pulled out and that many people who also had to step up instead was it doing work that would normally be above state grade if you like but nurses standing in and doing work there would be no i don't see true self with so they've taken on that issue your response to this is so i think there really is a feeling of exhaustion and i think the one percent pay off for live governments is really insulting particularly when a 2 percent rise it already being busted for and this is left start feeling very sick moralized on cared for and worse than us frankly we are the indian capital new delhi has imposed a week long lockdown after a deadly surge in cove a day since fatalities hit
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a daily record on tuesday bringing the nationwide total to more than $180000.00 hospitals across the nation are severely overcrowded meaning new coma patients are simply being turned away they are widespread reports of ambulances loaded with bodies dropping them off and criminal and it is feared in the official death toll could mask the true scale of the crisis public health expert on monk told us the situation is dire. the indian situation right now is very grim grim and doesn't really you know continue to go up it will be very difficult for them to sort of look to you know really explore i think the current situation for an environment is will be to really ensure that they have enough supply for the domestic population but to your question about exports i think that is something which will now have to be the it says the bigger issue is the lack of diagnosis because there are cases
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where people are not able to take the 19 through the regular testing and to go for a different mccann ism and also i think the other challenge which is emerging is that it's hitting the population of a younger age which was not the case in the in that we won. on monday in the average 427-3000 covered infections with numbers remaining close to record highs but while the caseload soars the vaccine rollout is failing to keep up only a small fraction of the population has been inoculated this is despite india being the world's largest vaccine producer manufacturing many of the shots used in the west has also signed up to produce 200000000 doses for up to 92 countries as part of the w h o's kovacs program although those supplies are now on hold the government has moved to restrict vaccine exports to make up for the domestic shortfall dr beer from the delhi medical association told us india can no longer afford to send its
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shots abroad. he. didn't or. so many. have the impact on the herd immunity and on the coverage. it will be good to go forward in the. they didn't do their share obligation in the future and what countries will be wrong for their countries. depending on india that would be. better on their own discloses. after allegations of sexual misconduct and mismanaging the pandemic the governor of new york has yet another scandal on his hands and cuomo is now being investigated for using state funds to write his new book it is called american crisis leadership lessons from the covert 900 pandemic
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and much of the work in compiling the memoir was done by cuomo staffers while receiving state salaries almost team denies any wrongdoing they did there was criminality involved speaking clips certain its face in this just the furthering of a political pile on any state official who volunteered to assist on this project did so on his own time and without the use of state resources. earlier this year andrew cuomo was accused of downplaying the true death toll in new york state care homes cuomo has accepted some blame but denied a deliberate cover up tracey of vino assistant director of voices for seniors which represents the rights of care home patients thinks the book was poorly timed he dove under cuomo. we're in the middle of a pandemic people are dying and you had time to write a book that was my 1st thought it was adding insult to injury of felt like i got hunched in the gut all of the families felt the same way he he dares to write
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a book when we're suffering and people are dying a just it's unconscionable to me he's in that the deaths of over 15000 innocent senior citizens wasn't the nail in the coffin so to speak for governor cuomo as a governor share if that that's the most egregious kremlin the sextet that bad the book deal that's bad too but there's nothing in what our agree just in the mass deaths of over 15000 innocent senior citizens if that didn't get him out of office what will get him out of all it's. by the administration has apologized for what it called ald trumps renegade approach to the climate crisis of his jaclyn vulgar comments now and asks if this could unleash a flood of overdue confessions from the white house. we are very sorry for
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the last 4 years with a president who didn't care about science fair enough right from pulling out of the paris agreement kashyap waves around the world and one of the 1st things biden did after bumping trump out of the white house was to rejoin it i'm all we're at it maybe there's some other things from the past 4 years you guys want to apologize for on behalf of trump there's plenty to choose from though that could take a while and dems are pretty vocal about condemning all that stuff at the time so maybe that's a given so what about apologizing for biden's controversial past stance as he's had a long political career after all and then there's the whole inappropriate touching thing i'm sorry this happened but but i'm not sorry in the sense that i think i did anything that was intentionally designed to do anything wrong or be inappropriate ok not quite taking responsibility there maybe it's only about apologizing for past administrations so if anyone searching for ideas on where to start look no further let's start with the biggie the 1st and only use of atomic bombs in
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a war it's been over 75 years since hiroshima and nagasaki were devastated by the actions of the us but not even obama was willing to make apologies for that in the midst of war leaders make all kinds of decisions it's the job of historians to. ask questions and examine them ok how about another war where dangerous weapons were used agent orange in vietnam for example and let's not forget about that forever war that biden has just promised to actually end after 20 years of bloodshed we cannot continue the cycle of the extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions for the drone and expect you to different result that withdrawal speech on surprisingly didn't come with a sorry for overstaying our welcome section but if those examples are too controversal want to start a little smaller. and apologize for the treatment and persecution of julian assange
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perhaps even drop the charges against him since this case threatens the very idea of journalistic freedoms but now what was i thinking how dare a whistleblower expose misconduct by the us government point is if apologies are going to be handed out there are plenty of people waiting in the wings to hear them but something tells me that isn't going to happen i'll never apologize for the united states of america ever i don't care what the facts are at all bush sr telling it like it is. you zealand is having 2nd thoughts over its role in the us led 5 eyes intelligence alliance the country's foreign minister expressed her alarm over the groupings anti china stance it's a matter that we have raised with 5 eyes partners that we are uncomfortable with expanding their remit or the 5 eyes relationship that we would much rather prefer looking for multilateral opportunities to express how we interests on a number of issues the 5 eyes alliance involves the us britain australia canada and
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new zealand and there has been a traditional focus on defense intelligence with agencies sharing data ranging from satellite images to surveillance and they have only recently ventured into openly political statements the main target of that has been china which is new zealand's the largest trading partner last spring the 5 eyes minus to new zealand publicly accused of violating the rights of the weaker minority and hong kong protesters back then beijing responded with his stern warning. no matter if they had 5 eyes that is. china's sober insist security and development interests where is being proved and blind former british military intelligence officer philip ingram thinks the political statements coming from the 5 have no real impact on intelligence activities. it's a it's purely a political discussion that's going on and relationships in the southern hemisphere between australia new zealand china and
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a lot of the other major players over there are going to be different to those that are northern hemisphere best with the us canada and the u.k. and it's not unusual that you're going to get different differences in foreign policy from an intelligence perspective the stance isn't changing the comments from the new zealand foreign minister were all to do with trade and trade relationships new zealand are in a perfect perfect lot as a sovereign country to make the room foreign policy decisions the 5 eyes community and we'll discuss it and suggest areas that may be of mutual interest but there's no compulsion and there's no international agreements to work with i'm there for you to be nothing more than further discussions going on between diplomats the appropriate level. the search for germany's next leader is turning into an unpopularity contest after the country's most popular politician pulled out in favor of one of its least light lash it is now the front runner to replace
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chancellor merkel after september's elections peter oliver has the story. well it's put to bed what had been weeks months certainly a very tense last few hours of debate and discussion over exactly who would be standing for the chancellorship from the concert of union here in germany that's made up of the christian democratic union party and the christian social union party they're very an outfit we do know now it will be our main lash it is the 60 year old leader of the state of north rhine-westphalia has been put forward by the party and agreed on by the party as their next counterfeit and angela merkel has just given him her blessing in september's election it comes after markets who's the leader of the state of bavaria gave a concession speech on tuesday lunchtime that followed on from they a vote which the top brass of the party gave their backing to unlatch it.
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had said that he would respect whatever the result of the vote was and he's done just not even if this if i do is cast in last it will be the c.d.u. c.s.u. candidate for chancellor my word which i have given stands i told him that we as the c.s.u. accept it we offered him our full support the christian democratic union top brass may have given their backing to our men lash it but that doesn't mean that senior conservatives across the board are in favor of the man from north rhine-westphalia and in fact we've heard from marcus billionaire who's the secretary general of the christian social union this was speed him speaking on monday saying he wanted markets voted for the job and he wasn't the only one it's been a week of deliberation no the days of decision come are over for is marcus is inspires the union and people across the country we are experiencing a great response from marcus is now it's time for the city you. very much seen as
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the continuity candidate when it comes to christian democratic. union policy market zada would have represented certainly a bit of a change there's never been a chancellor from the christian social union in fact the union of the 2 parties only have a put forward a c.s.u. chancellor 2 times before neither of course were successful in that final ballot when you look at a poll that came out on tuesday morning it's quite clear that world record into this poll by the german broadcast r.t.l. the public really quite fun seed markets as the next chancellor to do a bit more context when the public were asked if they would vote for an unnamed celebrity from outside of politics 6 percent said they would do that a lot of eyes will be looking on the how the vaccination program across germany develops during the 2nd quarter of 2021 a lot of hope was packed behind in the 2nd quarter would be when germany's
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very slow and sluggish vaccination program got back on track what we are looking at and where the smart money is going at the moment if you were to bet on these type of things would be on a coalition between the conservative union and the green party now the greens announce their chancellor candidates on monday that will be. bach she's the 1st chancellor counted at the green party of put forward the greens currently all around 21 percent of opinion polls they'll be hoping they can try and get more than that because they see themselves potentially leading the next government that would be a big shakeup in german politics but there is a long time to go yet between now and that election on the 24th of september we heard from peter bison a bundestag member from the alternative for germany party he thinks i'm in last night's nomination could prove
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a fatal blow for german conservatives in the long run. is this quite normal and this pontiff today don't care what the people want america even don't care what the what they own members who are on the party that isn't reaching this off the system because even now we have a chancellor who has a not to make jory deal people behind her you know angle america was elected just with some 5 to 6 percent and the riad going to have again the chancellor who will have just some 30 percent then he has. he must look for a top notch and now it's going to be most probably a coalition between. the conservative party and the greens and of course of course it is this is on a long distance that ford to c.d.u. c.s.u. because they used to be conservative but with this politics they are not conservative anymore. 32 and
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a half minutes i'll be back with your headlines you're watching arch international stay with us. the world is driven by shaped by one person. who dares thinks. we dare to ask. russia u.s. relations are in tatters at this point there is no reason to believe they will improve anytime soon it appears that washington is determined to force moscow to
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take the me this is delusional this will never happen we live in the most dangerous of time. eleanor hall the man's. a said he was suicidal taken to the hospital in a mall and there i mean if he really wanted to commit suicide there's nothing i could do about it but i was going to make it easy this all started off with a bad relationship and some tests and stress in grad school and now i am
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a horribly dysfunctional highly suicidal individual and the only thing that's happened between then and now is i've been exposed to a series of very strong psychiatric medications right there medicines are given like a basis for seeing doctors for 5 minutes and they're given the pill it's my belief that the many of the medications that doctors a good thing to patients today are more harmful than helpful to those patients they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly and most of these medications will actually do that very well in the short term in the short term they really work the problem is in the long term and mostly disastrous i'm not saying there's nothing wrong with me this is just damage to my nervous system costs from a properly taken prescribed drug that a doctor told me was safe there's nothing safe.


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