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tv   Documentary  RT  May 11, 2021 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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what is a perilous situation absolutely it's a it's a very rapidly developing situation since it took place 2 hours ago and as you said of course parents understandably highly concerned for their children wanting to get more information we do have information coming from multiple sources including some just now coming in from the process as of last chance president who arrived at the scene around 40 minutes or so ago according to the press from there the situation in the school has now been dealt with this is duration as we said this is information from the service of the president that means either the 2nd attacker has been arrested or killed by security services we just don't know at this stage we do understand from that others say the security of the situation in the school has now been stabilized on the final figure for now at least is 7 children and one teacher that have been killed with 20 taken to hospital many
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of them in critical conditions those are the figures coming in as a same you'll still an ongoing situation in terms of the casualties police no doubt are searching for any other devices that might have been in the school and we will bring you images eyewitness accounts and official confirmation of those figures as they come in ok thank you very much dan we'll be speaking to you again i'm sure ok we're going to be staying with our coverage of this this tragedy in can take a very very short break and we'll be back with more scene just a moment. the world is driven by a dream shaped by those. who
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should but they say you could be when you get out of the scott. peterson your she could just consume but it's possible she has a mistress. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on off and spearing dramatic developments only closely engaged loses i don't see how. that's right it will be successful very critical time to sit down.
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you're watching r.t. international let's get straight to our breaking news story coming out of russia this hour at least 8 people including 7 children have reportedly been killed and 20 other people injured in a mass shooting at a secondary school. and this is the scene right now just outside the perimeter of that school where this tragedy has unfolded the latest information says you have already claimed to have this now completely under control and the incident is over other has been a lot of conflicting information coming out over the last couple of hours let's go to a guest now because philip is the former head of the u.k. national counterterrorism office and joins us now thanks chris obviously information is unconfirmed and very contradictory coming in over what has been what
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seems to have been about 3 hours since we 1st heard about this incident the authorities appear to have got this thing under control or is coming to a conclusion let's put it that way in terms of timescale how normal is that out of a few hours from something starting to finish in. well it serve very normal indeed . you will always serve fine complete chaos whenever a terrorist attack or an incident like this happens and it's just then a matter of trying the do authorities trying to gain some control you mentioned earlier about social media and the impact that has of course many years ago you'd never have that problem but now what we have is is more people coming to the scene because they've been told by their sons and daughters that this is going on to protect children and of course that just aids adds to the confusion does that actually benefit the assailants in a not scenario because a they're going to get more attention being they're getting more people coming to the same i mean how is that actually something they would prefer. you will it's
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great for them i mean if they're setting out to kill people then the more people are coming in the more chaos it's caused and the more people they can kill and you know that social media has a number of great benefits but some when you've got an ongoing crisis like this what you want people to do is clear out the way and get our way as possible not to answer the confusion and of course become more targets and more people to interfere with the policing operation. with the reports that we were getting were that one assailant had been apprehended and that it was believed there was a 2nd who may have had school children hostage on one of the upper floors of the building in that situation i know this is a very complicated question but what on earth is going through the heads of the security forces and the police in terms of trying to end this incident as quickly as possible to save lives but also not putting at risk the lives of a possible captives. well it's very very different now than it was in previous
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years because of the nature of the attackers previously you're trying to contain a situation and talk people out but but what we find now is that going on near offensive is the only way to deal with these sort of situations so so what the authorities will be trying to do is to locate the suspects clearly and then to either kill them or arrest them but of course that's never an easy thing and with all the movement with all the people movement of course that also gives the terrorists an opportunity to move away. and escape sometimes if they are so inclined but schools are continuously being targeted now just a couple of days ago in kabul a school full of young girls were were were were alone just girls in a school in kabul were killed in a terrorist attack so schools really need to make sure that they have plans in place as well. for the authority to call them off or it is i mean at this point who would you normally have dealing with a situation like this and initially the police will respond then who was called in
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as the specialist for something like this where yes you would have the where you you'd hope that some security guard situation within and around the school to begin with the initial response then of course you've got the local police turning up and then you've got the specialists the weather the military over the place however they do it in russia it's it's freshly it's trained and and very experienced in these kind of situations occasionally chris they having to make a decision based purely on unique situations are they assessing ok what are we dealing with here is this like a teenager as it was initially reported here a school shooter with who knows what their motivation is is it terrorist are they reacting and responding differently depending on the information they're getting is it a judgement call. what no you do have to act only information and that's where people contacting the police and telling them what's going on is really important but of course you will get a flood of information so the police will really be going the police or military
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will be going in looking for specific targets but not really knowing whether the booby traps have been left with that these people have got bombs on them and whether or not there's more than one attack maybe $56.00 attack is maybe there's going to be an attack somewhere else. so many things that the reason to concentrate on before they can deal with that also dealing with the situation and of course it's changing on the 2nd as well so very difficult situation for instance christan you in the studio in moscow here at the correspondent here we are getting reports from security services that the shooter owned a shotgun he had a license for that shotgun he attended a local rifle club and bought around 150 yards $150.00 rounds apologized legally at a gun shop before the attack so clearly this was premeditated and planned now obviously mass shooting as you would normally associate with russia gun laws are pretty strict here. in the u.k.
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likewise i believe the last mass school shooting again probably hungerford many many years ago how important are you know gun laws and gun control to preventing tragedies like this from taking place. well that they couldn't be more important and the more guns you have in a society the more like you are to have these kind of incidents in the usa you mentioned earlier they have a lot of the up of incidents and that's because a lot of people have got guns and guns are a chicken's wham coward's way out. because they have they can do it at a distance and of course we've got an awful lot of people with mental illness of one form or another or they have extreme views and if you give these people guns you've got to expect at some stage these are going to go wrong so the less guns in society the safer we all are in my in my stories. people are speaking about the law such incident in russia which was that the cats massacre in crimea back in 201820
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shooting was killed 60 injured by this shooter. how often are these incidents copycat attacks you know we're speaking about you know terrible tragedy in columbine in curt's in crimea or other school shootings how likely is it this could be a copycat attack or somebody acting entirely out of possible grievance mental health problems extremism we just don't know until we have leave the of the official information but do you think a copycat motive could be one the police will be looking at here. well you hit the nail on the head there were is the intention what is the process of the person that's doing it is it because he's radicalized others islam or not that's radicalization that's taking place all or is it simply someone with mental health issues that decided to go on a killing spree and become famous and of course they will watch what's happening in the world and then what happens in the u.s. and other countries is now spread across the world so there's no secret that these things happen it's no secret that you go on the internet you can find out what to
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do and how to do it and this is a this is a problem for all societies and that's why i say before the less guns you have the less likelihoods that these sort of incidents are going to rice because of course we have an awful lot of people a with mental illness but also a lot of radicals as well who might want to go out and what they see is a blaze of glory do you think police will be concerned about are the power attacks perhaps happening across across calls here we're less than extra measures of and brought in security services are a lot for reports of further such attacks although we have to stress reports that attacks have taken place across tatarstan have been proven false alosi been supporting them are already being dealt with bought by security services do you think that's going to be a concern for police officers and military whoever's dealing with this that are other incidents could take place and hence security need to be raised. you know you would be if they can it depends
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a little bit on the motivations of these people so if it is if it is that radicalized individual is this then you know there is big issues across the world with that so without problems if it's an individual it's just a strain of what moon got up and decided to kill people then of course yes you could have other people as you call it copycat seem so policing have to deal with this but i think what should come from this really is to schools colleges universities understand that they have a you know they have things to do to make sure that their pupils are safe from the sack and chris mentioned earlier about you know sadly it's something we see commonly in the united states they've got a lot of time to think about this problem of shootings in schools and how best to deal with it and i mean you'll know much better than i but when it when i look on t.v. i see scenes of police officers actually frisking children sometimes going into places of education what is the current situation they have there now and has it proved effective. one of course if you give half the population 3 quarters of population
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guns and you've got a very large number in society that mental health issues you're going to continue to have problems yes you can you can bring in security you can you can conduct searches you can do all these things but universities schools and campuses are meant to be open meant to be inviting people so it's an almost impossible situation it protects and of course then you've got other sites as well that are just as easily you know soaps so this is a real difficult problem and in my opinion the only way to deal with that is trying to reduce the number of guns but in the meantime people need to have an understanding on how they should react it's just something like this happens and the run heights out run lights pieces that the you can the u.s. produced are good good starting points for schools understanding that they need to have people if something like this happens chris we'll leave it there thanks so
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much for your time sorry we always have to speak into such unfortunate circumstances or thanks so much for your expertise chris phillips is my guess is the former head of the national counterterrorism officer in the u.k. thanks so much chris. ok let's just recap for you for just joining us here on r.t. our breaking news story coming out of russia this hour late information a least 8 people including 7 children and one teacher have being killed and 20 others injured in a mass shooting at a school in cars and that's according to the press service of the tatarstan republic of course the capital that our stan republic the city itself is located around 800 kilometers away from the russian capital one of the perpetrators is reported to have been captured while another has been killed by police. we are just getting some news coming in we'll speaking off one captured one killed that security forces. are confirming there was only one attacker at this stage that the
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latest information coming in literally 34 minutes ago initially reports of 2 attackers possibly entering the school one explosion followed by shooting. and the suspect now acted alone old suspect arrested we can't obviously release his name until we get more official confirmation but he did act alone to the latest figures coming from medical emergency services at the scene 21 people have been taken to hospital 6 children in critical condition over understand. some of those children suffered injuries not only as a result of the shooting possibly of the explosion they suffer those injuries jumping from the windows as they tried to avoid the attack and these are live pictures we're showing you know again from the scene from tatarstan obviously we can't get much closer than this ring of security forces around the school although we do understand the situation. been taken under control of the sole attacker has
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been captured obviously. people are being allowed much closer. we do have some photos of the aftermath of that attack and these images let's just want to resolve distressing please. do take care these are some of the 1st images that came through after the attack of children lying on the ground getting 1st aid we don't understand if these are some of the children or the shot from the floors of that 3 or 4 story building that suffered gunshot wounds we just don't know but it's just testament to the horror of the panic of the situation as people raced to to do what they could to help you and just at the back of what you said i mean people who just tuned in in the last hour we were talking about reports of 2 assailants now it appears the authorities are claiming what i mean even the authorities themselves are adapting the information that they're giving to the to the news organizations by the hour they themselves shows how how little they are
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informed on what is going on they're reacting and it shows the confusion that can reign supreme in an in a tragedy like this the people close to the scene saying i saw one a tiger i saw a 2nd attack the attacker that of course then feels the way that the authorities respond who are unsure who they're dealing with it appears now maybe it was one assailant certainly several confirmed fatalities and dozens of people are being taken for medical treatment we're going to take a very short break and we'll be back with more coverage of this story stay with r.t. . by the pandemic no 6 you know borders and just by 2 nationalities. as americans we don't come with the we don't look like seeing the whole world to.
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judge. coming close is this time to. do better we should. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenge is great the response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. tyson nations will communicate. are you going the right way or are you being
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led. by. what is true watch his face. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallows. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. the balls get to shape out just to become agitated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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watching r.t. international though will keep updating on our breaking news story coming out of khazan story about a school shooting but for now let's move on to some of the days of the stories the church of england has announced monuments in churches and cathedrals that contain historical links to slavery and colonialism are to be reviewed across the country in guidance that is expected to be released this week the church of england 12 a half 1000 parishes of $42.00 cathedrals have to check all the buildings and grounds for evidence of contested heritage decisions will be made at the local level as to what action needs to be taken it includes potential removal relocation or the addition of can textual information the move comes after the archbishop of canterbury called for a full review following last summer's black lives matter of protest and the
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toppling of a statue of the slave trader edward colston in bristol that statue was replaced with a surge of power sculpture but that itself was soon removed as well meanwhile the church recently removed 2 greystones of singers who died in the 60s following a court ruling that their inscriptions in turning words were deeply offensive anglican priest father frank galley believes that we still can't delete the past. if we have a statue or someone better darkstar a new stage slowly it gives us a chance to reflect but if you are dark side and to be critical if you saw if you can't sleep you don't have any more chance of being critical we have to be sensitive to the walls feelings however we cannot hounslow past the past cannot be and wished away and we have to remember that human being and
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a mixture of lijun darkness so even some wonderful freedom to. combine elements which are actually negative so we must look i think to do so. we are talking about more political. issues about you know political value or the legal implications of work a lot of people. if you restrict churches in parliament square because it will be controversial but then again it's only discussed you cannot cancel parts. ok you will know if you've been watching that we're covering a breaking news story coming out of russia this hour let's recap the latest information for you as it stands we believe that at least 8 people including 7 children and one teacher have been killed and 20 other people injured in a mass shooting at
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a school link please be aware we're bringing you some footage now from that school in tatarstan there may be some images you find disturbing 'd here. according to the press service of the town stan republic because on is the capital the tarzan republic looking at 8 victims at the school in the city which is 800 kilometers away from the russian capital moscow it's reported that the perpetrator has been arrested. unconfirmed information saying that this is a 19 year old who according to officials had a gun registered in his name reports claim police say they have captured the mastermind of the attack but is that there is no yet reported motive initially it was believed that there were 2 assailants but we now according to official reports believe there was only the one attacker and this may be the moment that they were arrested you'll see somebody lying on the ground and when the the the video gets in a deal closer to appears that they are actually handcuffed and taken away by the or
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thora these. children were evacuated away from that site but there were some very sad images being distributed on social media of children jumping from windows on higher floors to try and escape the the threat that they were facing the authorities say that the situation is now under control that they have arrested the one the cell and as they say so this is the latest information we have coming from the secondary school in in the russian republic of tartar stan we are going to keep our coverage rolling on this story as more information comes in we will be sending our correspondent to the scene at some point in the afternoon we'll hope to get a report live from the school from that we're going to take a short break on this story we will be back staying with us here on r.t. . the world is driven by a dream shaped by our own personal those. who
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. her if you will work when you can put up with the chores. to do got the idea for a major overhaul but she's lost just a kid into it so all her. push 93 days that i didn't know was reasonable because i thought my think if you get. to fish now go for it it's the people who build them water should that it is the kids of the sea to the shore small but the
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worst of us was simply she beautiful. would scold wants this issue will. go on for just really this without the story could be it and if we do it all by itself much of what you mean you just. saw mama as they should but they could be when you get out of the scott. peterson or she comes through it's it's awful what you mention it's just. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led. by. what is true to spray. in a world corrupted you need to descend. or join us in the death. aura maybe mashallah us.
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americans love buying homes. and this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hoe and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. and be really interesting to dial it back and think about the longer deeper history housings men in the united states not just back old question and the american dream but the bigger question if you dream is and for.
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me. breaking news this hour it all seems of national at least 7 children and just being killed in them by shooting at a school in the russian city of because that's according to the local authorities police 16 other people have been injured all the shooter has been captured by police. fear off that many. people running away 2 minutes it's kind of in a city a flare up you can find it in the worst tension seen in years between israel and palestine dozens are killed and schools injured after.


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