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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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availability of tap water in cafeterias. the building grounds committee gave us a positive recommendation. >> would you like the full therefore be it resolved? it provides access for fresh drinking water during meal times, including areas under the national school lunch and breakfast program by july 1, 2011. be it resolved they will have
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tap water available with existing water fountains as well as schools receiving water as part of the global tap initiatives and other private sources. they will limit the ability to provide additional top water for other areas in the remaining schools, and they will work for providing permanent access to tap water by the 2016 school year. >> thank you. i do not have any public speakers sign up at this time. >> tonight we are being asked to approve of bottled water contract on the order of $80,000. go i am hoping by making have water available we will be able to reduce the amount of saltwater wheat contract for.
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i understand sometimes bob goldwater is the only option. i am hoping this will help cut costs elsewhere. >> i heard you say and $800,000 contract, so i am glad to hear it is and $80,000 contract. any other comments? >> no. this is for tap water, so why would we need awful water? -- awful water -- bottled water? >> there are a small amount of schools but have water now because of some plumbing issues. >> i go to places where they have those things let look like
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they've got it but is -- things get look like they bought it, but it is filled with tap water, because i think our water in san francisco is great, so i do not know why we need to buy bottled water. you can use the same fountain. you can fill the bottled water with have water and put it in. >> there may be a particular issue with plumbing in a few schools that we are addressing as they are modernized, and once that happens we will be able to use the tap water, because the plumbing will have been modernized. that is a small number. i think we all enjoy it, so we will do our best to make sure that is what we are drinking a curator >> -- we are drinking.
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>> are there some schools but would need some modifications that are not in our bond measure? >> as we go through the process, and we are looking for a way to be able to include that and in the schools that would be on the 2011 bond, each individual school outside of the group will have to be assessed to see if there is a water fountain already in the cafeteria. in some schools there may already, and it may be a matter of making short is -- making sure it is suitable size is. -- as is. we will not know until we have a full assessment. >> any other questions?
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>> the bottled water mentioned, does that include a bottle water sold at cafeterias, or is there another system? >> i believe the bottled water is in place of water fountains at places that have plumbing issues. it is different from any other bottled water that would be solved. >> the students would get the bottled water for free? >> no, it would be like a water cooler. >> the requirement is that free water heater in the tab for of lockerbie in -- or bottled water be available. they do not have plumbing for
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it, so that is the issue. they have water coolers, but i have a question i wanted to ask about this, and it has more to do with something that is a little out zero left-field near a good -- left field. the issue of of the washing hands is related to a healthy gain the issue of washing hands is related to healthy eating, but it has gone to the wayside. we are either taking not for making them functional, and i would like somebody to tell us about that. it is related to when we are
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going to talk about screen cleaning products. there are a lot of hand cleansers' people use that are not the best environmentally, so sometimes we have to get to that. >> thank you. any other comments? [calling codevotes] >> thank you superior -- thank you. the next item was moved and seconded on june 14 as well. a report from the budget committee. goo>> they gave it a positive recommendation.
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>> the resolution in? >> i am trying to figure out how long it is. i am just saying there are health concerns related to this. not only environmentally concerns, but issues about that and impacts of cleaning, and they refer to the task force and the work of has been done in sand francisco unified, and be it resolved it is the policy of the board of education of the board will approve only those approved for use in a education
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and classroom cleaning as soon as possible. they will do everything to make sure unapproved products are kept out of classrooms and they will transfer to the bleached- free chemicals. they will receive standardized training, and be a further resolved they will establish a green cleaning oversight committee with representation for facilities and maintenance, student nutrition, early education, special education, and others to help develop a comprehensive implementation plan by january of 2012, with a target of full transition by may
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of 2013. by january of 2012, a plan for a comprehensive education campaign and implementation schedule. we, provide a report annually to provide an update on status and recommendations and to ensure that appropriate staff for custodian and special education and nutritional services include news staff as they are highered and the programs will transition to 100% of green cleaning products and unapproved products will be terminated by may of 2013. >> to you need to add anything to that? i have no one signed in for
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public comments on this. >> i do not know if some of the background should be explained. >> we have all heard it. if there is no other comments, and roll call please. [calling votes] >> five ayes. >> thank you very yo. >> thank you for allowing us to move those up. let's move back to the budget peaciece. public comments, i imagine that
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is going to take a little bit. public comment, those that need to be heard by a certain time? is it 7:13? i only have one speaker signed up. you want to speak now, or do you want to wait? everybody else is speaking on the budget. we can move fast forward -- move that forward. >> you are the only public speaker. you want to do that now? this is regarding a general matters during your -- this is
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regarding general matters. >> the reason i came before you is the coast -- is because i am trying to process everything that has happened. i sat through the presentation that is very amazing, because it shows those that are able to see how they are far below taser -- low basic until they get to high school and they are not able to pass into ninth grade. i monitor a lot of what you do
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your a good and we did what you do, and i want to keep calling your attention to two teams that keep running through my head. i hope the poem really resonated with what i am seeing. you are disorganized. you are not coordinated in the fashion that is going to achieve the goals you set out to achieve, and if somebody is not going to stop this vote from moving down the same road, you are not going to achieve access. you are not going to get close to achieving social justice. you have a lot of initiatives, and i think the thing we keep saying over and over again
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islam why are they not talking -- is why are they not talking. they are going to pass a budget and not understand how these pieces are going to be coordinated to get to this simple gold -- educate all students and being able to raise children that come back to the system capable of having a good life, so i am going to keep pushing you, and i was not able to talk on item l. you are out of compliance. you are not telling us where the funding is going to, and that is a violation of state law, so i'm going to keep telling you this, because you need to be able to respond to these things. >> thank you. now it is public comment.
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we are going to go to the approval of the proposed flexible use for educational purposes, items seven through nine of the agenda. i need a reading of items. i need a motion and a second. thank you. then a reading. >> good evening. the approval of the proposed use of state three categorical funding, whereas the inactive state budget and subsequently enacted new bill authorizes school districts, charter schools, to use funding received
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for any of the tier 3 categorical programs enumerated for any educational purpose under federal law. whereas the funding for any educational purposes is authorized for five years from fiscal year 2009 until 2013 conclusive, and finding that may be used for educational purposes and as a condition for the general fund, the governing board are counting on education as appropriate and shall take testimony from the public to discuss, approve, or disapprove
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of funding, and make explicit the purpose for which funds will be used, and whereas the governing board for san francisco county education, the regular schedule a public hearing on june 14, 2011, and whereas the attached schedules reflect the proposed use of your three -- of your three programs -- tier 3 programs. therefore they approve the programs for fiscal year 2011 until 2012 was permitted by section 326 05, and therefore be it resolved the board of education's those approved the proposed funding to attach the categorical funding and has made
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explicit the categories for which the funds will be used. on page 8 it basically was the initial categorical programs -- it basically with the initial categorical programs. we keep these in the same sequence as the original programs that were restricted, and we have shown the projected revenue is $58 million. we are also showing the expenditure budget is $42 million being used in a similar method of a worth -- that they were being used prior to being flexible, and in the last column you see they reflect the $60 million is part of the budget
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and basically is to offset the general fund, which includes across -- the cost of the formula and other items. if it was not for that, we would have to cut more money for other areas of our budget. the next one excluding the amount of it goes into the general fund. >> >> indicating how this money would be spent? >> you are talking about a
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particular amount of money it came from the programs. it is currently being put in some accounts. we are spending $32 million in a similar method as before. the amount that is left over is from each of those categories and is being used by the funds to offset the increases that go in the formula, the other areas in the expenses, that if we did not have this money we would be making those cuts. >> there is still a general area of this money is going into? >> yes. >> so as far as making it explicit, we are not doing 5
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emma -- doing that? >> the other $16 million is not specifically in the formula. it is in the general fund. >> that is going to be sufficient reporting? >> we feel so. we did not talk to the department as it relates to this. >> is there any reason in the resolution i see a reference to the general fund, but is there any reason we cannot see more specific? why would we not say this money is going into the program? whenever we wanted to say.
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i understand we put it in the general fund, but that is the reason. i do not know what the potential cuts might bee, but i think we understand that, and i think we have said that to people, and i agree. i have been the one who has been thinking that rather than do what we have done, which is to take a percentage of this than to ask him to decide which cuts to make, it seems to me we still have money on our minds as categorically restricted money, whereas some districts have taken all of their money and
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said this is unrestricted money a merged with other sources and how do we want to spend that money? that is another way of looking at it and getting out of the categorical frame of mind. we are keeping most of the money in the targeted improvement finund, which is used to close lohan -- close the gap your your -- close the gap. i think people would be appreciative of knowing, especially at the schools, what we are doing to keep the school budget was low as possible. >> -- and budget as low as possible. >> i want to start with page
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nine, which gives of breakdown for the expenditure budget, so if you look bethpage state, it gives the details for the expenditure -- if you look at item eight, it gives the details, and that is the information i want to know, which is how are we using the flex money? i am fine with the expenditure of money. these are things we need to do, but i would like more information. if it is all going to this formula, i can support that, but i need a better explanation of where those monies are going. >> thank you. when we gave our presentation, we did try to describe the context statewide and in our
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district about a statewide program, and i will say some of what we said last week, which is that the main purpose which was born of of this fiscal crisis of the state has put the thousand plus school districts in, and they made as drastic policy change that took previously restricted funds and allowed the possibility to pretty much a tree various programs as -- pretty much treat various programs as unrestricted funds, so what most districts have done is take the amount, and in most cases it has been a much higher percentage of the programs than we are proposing, and basically
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offset the unrestricted general fund balance, and that is what we are proposing to do, so we have not identified explicitly places to move the expenditures to our ways that we are increasing expenditures. we are basically saying this is $16 million we can contribute to maintain our required reserves. if in the future it would be helpful for us to indicate -- to detect certain expenditure cuts that are being avoided with the use of these transfers, we can do that, but we have not taken this approach, and i think that is quite consistent with what other districts have done, it's just for reference.
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>> before i call on the other commissioners, we are still doing a clarifying, correct? let me just move this along quickly, so i do not have anyone for public comment on this? vice president yee and commissioner norton? >> president mendoza started off where i wanted to make a statement, which basically, i felt like i understood where the money is going, but it is true it is not well-articulated, and i think it would be helpful, no.
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2 on the bottom, is that a wrong figure? if you put another thing down there the says the flex money would be allocated to a weighted formula, i think but i would be sufficient in terms of where i see the money flowing tunio to e up for the drugs we have received -- of the cuts we have received. writing about is what it is used for. -- i think that is what it is used for. the question is wis that is adequate. that i