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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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of policy. >> and how does this compare to the other jurisdictions? >> i think that this varies, and i do not think anyone does this every year. with what you do regularly. this is somewhat of a judgment call. in the context of the grants, we made the comment that we do not have a lot of -- the director to it -- took it upon her group to create the record, and the grant for the equipment, the federal regulations were on a two-year cycle.
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we will have to grant funding equipment. and we will comply with the inventory. >> we get the feeling that the board is on top of this that has been identified. thank you for coming in giving us that presentation. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> is there any other department that is here to address anything else that we have left out? >> we have ktmg that needs to go over the findings and the airport and the mass transit authority are here. >> good afternoon. i am the partner responsible for
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the work with the city and county of san francisco. we did complete the audit with the standard, unqualified opinions. there were no significant difficulties. i do want to comment on the deficiencies noted in a couple of the reports that were provided. on the financial statement, there was one statement of cash flows. this was not a huge concern. this is the first year doing the single audit, and we have three comments included. one of them had to do with cash management. there were amounts repaid from the contractors, with oversight in the cash-management area. under reporting, we look at the
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quarterly recovery act funds, and there were mistakes made in the way that these were filled out. it should be relatively easy to correct, and another comment that you heard earlier, this has to do with the opinion of the weekly payroll in a timely manner. this is a little bit, but also easy to address. this is related to the federal funds office, and the demand -- mass transit authority, we were also looking at the federal funds. there were a couple of comments relate to the financial statements reporting, and the first had to do with the inventory account process. i raise this as a matter in this report because there were similar comments in the previous few years. this would not have been a
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comment, but there were comments on this in the last few years to highlight this. the second thing had to do with the state auditor that actually found under-payment, and the share of the equipment had violations. there was an adjustment for those at the end of the report, and the current-year financials. i can try to answer any questions that you may have. >> going back on the inventory, you have any concerns about the fact that this is a recurring issue? >> i think that this has gained a lot of attention. the overall structure and the attention to training has been given the tension and this has been proven. we not do a comprehensive number -- just to kick the tires and
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keep up on things, stumbling across these issues. >> can we hear briefly from the airport? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am the comptroller from the business and finance division. we have three findings in this audit, and also, another one which is related -- and so, the first one was the oversight, and this has been fixed. the second and third and fourth, i will go through these one by one. the second is the retaining of the airport improvement grant
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programs. we have already corrected and implemented new policies and procedures, taking the corrective actions as recommended in december 2010. regarding this section -- and the guidelines -- we have noted the errors that we made in the first few quarters, and we took action in march 2010. for the last one, relating to the payroll of march 2011, we have implemented a new policy and procedures, with the submission of the certified payroll. basically, we have taken all productive actions as recommended.
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>> and are there any questions? is the mass transit authority here? >> we have a couple of management comments, the internal procedures for the inventors have been updated. modified to address these issues. the procedures will be included in the upcoming trading inventory. the second item -- we have reports to identify the retro- calculations, for fiscal year 2011.
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and we are poised to have this be correct and timely, starting in march. >> thank you very much. and is there anything else from the staff? >> i think that is everything, unless you wanted to speak with the mayor's office. >> please come forward. >> good afternoon. thank you. the mayor's office of housing has grant programs and a couple of those were identified in the single audit. the bloc program received a finding other than the supervisors signature on
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several time sheets. the mayor's office of housing has restated their policy procedures to all of the employees and their supervisors, with an internal review of those policies and procedures, with additional measures to ensure that the oversight will happen in the future. on the smaller program, the housing control program, as you may see in the comments, housing and urban development did visit to our office, and raised those issues with the findings in their review. since that time, the mayor's office of housing has implemented time and activity reports for the personnel, because this is a small grant. they did not give 100% to the grant. the costs are charged directly to the grant instead of a budget projection of the costs.
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this is the expectation when they return next year, they will be able to see the corrective actions. we received a cash advance with the stimulus grant for the program, a large volume of units. we were not able to draw down the $300,000 advance, and so -- we began gathering interest, with the computer oversight in accounting in the system, the accounting staff did not realize we were accruing $100 of interest. we have returned this interest, and we have reviewed the cash advance procedures. this will not happen in the future. >> this is great, thank you for your work.
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>> mr. chairman, supervisor. overall, we are concerned about the appropriate qualified management personnel in the finance area and we continue to work with everyone in the department with their own financial statements, and those working with us across the city. we continue to do training and we are looking at this issue. we do have a couple of staff that are able to work individually with these departments when the time comes. as the standards continue to change, we have to keep ourselves trained and well- versed on all of the regulations on behalf of the city. >> and on that note, i will briefly -- the staff you have working on this, they do amazing work. but there are also limitations in terms of how much a small number of people can do.
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and are there any thoughts of expanding all of this? >> carmen lafrac -- lafrac and her staff --la franc and staff have been working as we look to bring additional expertise. we have a couple of accounting positions, and these would be funded from the other departments, to give assistance to the various departments, with the financial process in order to beef up this section. >> the reason that i say this is because, having to have these late-night meetings to talk about the audits, this was the only time the staff had
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available, in addition to doing their work. i do not know -- if this is necessarily fair to the employees, having to put in this balance. >> to some extent, in this environment, we have to take the reduction. >> the fact is that they do great work, but there is only so much that you can ask of an individual. >> we are well aware and trying to make this easier. and ultimately, to bring in the steps that will be included. >> we will openness to public comment. any member of the public who wishes to speak? mr. decosta? >> i am francisco decosta. i have been coming here since 2001. what we have here is a very
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general report. i would suggest putting the name of the company, and how much money was paid. having said this, we have a group of people with the documentation and the freedom of information act, the privacy act, and the other means given to us. what we have seen over the years, this cost the city millions of dollars. we had 100,000 -- going into the watershed. we have millions of dollars, nothing was mentioned. millions of dollars, wasted by the san francisco redevelopment agency, and we know all of the
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corruption. this is on treasure island development -- nothing is given in detail. the san francisco general hospital, which is over their budget, much of this is not set. you have other types of -- what happened in wall street and on the national level. you have the algorithms, so far and so forth. we are very astute people. we have the board of supervisors -- we cannot afford to push under the rug certain things that the constituents of said francisco have yet to hear
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about. we have to do is stop attending meetings like this. we have the documentation, we have the documentation -- and thank you very much for hearing my comments. i want to thank those with the freedom of information act for doing a wonderful job. thank you. >> to the next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i have lived here for 59 years. lately, speaker mentioned that they did have jurisdiction under laguna at the general hospital. in her later comments, i did not hear about any other organization being mentioned. i am a little confused about
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these organizations -- or the other possibilities that there was anything studied at either of those organizations. and if this can be clarified. and if this is the case that both of them were examined, recently, then i would urge that they be examined by the external auditors, in regard to the everyday operations. the organizations used so much general funding, and the hospital -- they haven't received noticeable, negative publicity lately. this does justify having more study put into this. and because the doctor is no
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longer here in san francisco, it is only fair to all of the user's to clarify the exact status of the operation of the department of public health, especially the general hospital. as i have said earlier, every dollar is so important to the users, so that if one or both was well-run, we would have no problem saying that these were well-run. if they are not, we owe this to everyone to examine this closely. and they will see, whether or not this is well-run. >> the next speaker? >> ♪ government anudit and oversight make the budget turn
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out right. tonight, tonight. i'd like the audiot oversight. and they'd turn out late and bring the budget out right bring it back today here comes the budget night and i want it brought back oversight. here comes the budget knight again ♪ >> thank you, mr. paulson. does anyone else wish to speak? public comment is closed. i want to thank the comptroller's office. i want to thank the outside auditors for their work, and i also want to thank the department's staff, who came to
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present to this committee, and you cannot have clean and open government without a robust oversight function. we take this very seriously. it is important for us to be very open about the areas where there is the need for improvement. it is important for us to hear back from the department, about the steps that they are taking to discuss these efficiencies. with this or any other report. hun-- we can file this item without objection? i want to thank every member of the public for being here. is there any other business. >> no further business. >> meeting adjourned. thank you.
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>> welcome to "culture wire." today we're headed to smpling f. camera works, a premiere venue for artists working in photographer, video, and digital media. the latest exhibition lists clearness as a set of political alliances and possibilities that it is behind the sphere of dominant gay and lesbian culture.
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the curator fills us in on the process of creating this thoughtful exhibition. and what she would like you to take away from it. >> i co-cureated with danny, a chicago-based writer and curator. the conceptual framework is what it means to be clear and radical for our generation. clearness as a set of political alliances and possibilities, not necessarily related to institutions of gender and swam formativity. danny and i wanted the show to feel funky and to have a really tangible quality to it. so part of that was incorporated handmade objects and installations and beautifully printed photographs and videos.
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there is also a lot of opportunities to participate and to take postcards or to get the photo taken or sit within a tent made out of afghan blankets to watch videos. the exhibition is organized in three distinct galleries. in gallery one, which is the gallery designated to clear activism, there is an installation by the oakland-based collaboration and it's called "unleashed power." it's all focused on one protest that happened in chicago in 1991 with the activist organization act up, which was protesting the inadequate health care for people living in aids, and specifically it focuses on an act of police violence that occurred at that protest. the thing that is really interesting for me about that piece is that it brings us back 20 years to what clear activism
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looked like at the height of the aids crisis. gallery two features work that is related to intentionally communities that exist both within cities, also in rural spaces, and transient communities as well. the return features a no madic clear tribe, the people who join this tribe are often in various states of transition themselves, whether it's leaving behind previous gender assignments or corporate jobs or a life within cities. a lot of the work featured in the exhibition and a lot of the installations are handmade objects. there is a lot of do-it-yourself aesthetic and that handmade do-it-yourself feeling is something that mimics the idea and the reality of the alternative world making that we're trying to represent
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here as far as the self-sufficient community goes. gallery three features work that relates to the ideas of self-determinenism, alternative world making and utopia. visits can still participate in this -- visitors can still participate in this project. during the opening, we invite visitors to come in and try on these costumes, pose in front of the backdrop. he was really inspired by comic books that he read as growing up and thinks of this space as a post-apocalyptic monster portrait gallery where people can remain genderless once they put on the costumes. we think it's important that this be happening in san
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francisco, which is considered an ekpe center of the queer actual cure. the majority of the queer cultural events happen in june which has been designated as the pride month. which to me translates as the period of time in which people can be in clear arts and culture. in september, it's hashingening back to that and proving that this is something that is scon significantly happening all the time. what danny and i hope visitors take away from this exhibition is to observe the diversity within the designation of queer in terms of race, in terms of gender presentation and intergenerational perspective of what it means to be queer as well as what it means to exist and be active and work in


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