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tv   [untitled]    July 1, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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and in a few more days we will have about 100. and this may destroy human beings. therefore, i want for you to get behind me. i thank you again for inviting me, and taking your time and i will never forget this. thank you very much. and in a few more days i will be a young man. and you can be present when i become a young man again.
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>> congratulations, commander. we look forward to celebrating or 45th birthday, next year. -- your 45th birthday, next year. i understand that the department of public works has resolved the issues they have been available to finish at this time. i would like to ask the representatives to return to finish this off. >> we're working with the property owners on some of the outstanding issues, we are excluding the properties, and i
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asked that we proceed with excepting for the -- accepting for these fefees and we will wok to resolve any outstanding issues. >> unless there is anything else, this hearing was in closed. and our staffer has a revised report of the assessment costs. unless there are any questions, first of all, if we can adopt the amendments to report without objection? this is without objection. the last item having been unanimous, we will adopt the resolution. without objection, the
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resolution -- now we will go back to the other 3:00 special order about lombard street. is there any other member of the public who wishes to speak on this item? we have the measure in front of us. please step up to the microphone. >> this remained after the boom years because of it. -- a regular shape and remained a parking lot for the same reason in the 1980's. in the 1980's, the property owner, -- the city was surprised
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in 1999 when they attempted to contact the owner to find out that the property had been sold. the permits for building were filed at that site. and there are 30,000 people within a half mile of joe dimaggio playground. we have urban areas that are as dense as 76,000 people for square miles -- for each square mile. there was ever a situation for the need of many over one, this is the place. preventing the destruction of the library will not give him back his property. and this will not restore the money that the city has built -- has spent on this property so far, but it will affect the quality of life in this
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neighborhood. the needs of the neighborhood are clear. and i hope that the board will support this project and get us closer to a new library. thank you. >> i am mark, a north beach parent and property owner. the last time i came here, i was disappointed that this continued to this day, because when this conversation started, my daughter was in preschool, and now she is a junior at lowell high school. at a certain time, this is just kind of done. maybe you don't shake hands, but this is just done. let's get this project going. >> if there are members of the public who wish to speak on this item, please line up.
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>> good afternoon, fellow supervisors. i thought of writing a letter on friday. i am the presence of russian hill neighbors. i was thinking of writing a letter on saturday, on behalf of the organization, but at least nine letters have been written in support of moving forward with the library, and we have a board of 27. and the land-use attorney architect, people in the know. i am an artist, and a jewelry designer, but i hear this from the heart. i was going to bring in my tap shoes and all kinds of games,
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things that could be used with a larger part. but then i thought my best thing is the perception. i have started a new line of antique jewelry this morning. this shows how long that the library has been fought over. these bonds have been around -- we're down to paper. this shows the time and place, and i feel like reading is the key to knowledge, and kids and adults need a community outside.
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we don't have backyards. meeting to please move forward, and do the right thing. thank you. >> i entertain 40 kids. i don't know about the library project. were the main library. i have an awful lot of trouble with a lot of things. i have a lot of trouble with this anyway. with regard to the open space -- my friends have been involved with the grass-roots organizations, and these have
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been phenomenal. there are some opportunities to participate. we have to take away the rights of the individual. a week ago monday, i sell on the sidewalk because i was left stranded by a bus driver who decided that hate crimes are appropriate. because of my damaged vehicle, i was sent away. yes, we need the open space and the garden. where does this come from? do we do this correctly? let's ask these questions. these policies -- the police
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wanted to tell me that would be taken away and i cannot make a citizen's arrest. where does this stop? is this the institutions or the responsibility of the government to say -- thank you very much. >> man have the overhead? sfc tv? thank you. in 2003 and 2004, i first became involved with trying to lott, when the neighbors started the discussion about a seizure with eminent domain, of the private property owners, or open space.
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the issue was very controversial. and we see this with groups and individuals who were split on this issue. i was very torn between individual property rights, and the need for open space. but like many of my neighbors, and many of your predecessors on the board, this particular site was appealing not only because of the need for open space but because of the crossroads location and the spectacular view that was offered by this one location with a very significant landmark assemble that marked north beach as one of the great neighborhoods of the world. with much hesitation and out, i
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also supported eminent domain seizure, and i follow the hearing, listening to the general managers and the library general manager as the talk about the need for open space, that this would be a good fit for the renovation. and three ballot measures of the library -- >> thank you very much. >> the next speaker? once i live in north beach, and
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i have lived here for 46 years, continuously. i have written to use several times about the legal aspects of eminent domain, and all of the situations -- with the purpose of taking a lot for open space. eminent domain is a serious matter. i have not spoken about this before. they were talking about how much that they would pay him and his partner. i have 17 pages of this, and this is california law. i offer this to you if you wanted. i am waiting for what was promised in 2004.
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i understand that because of improper notice on this lot, no decision has been very inadequate. these are on polls and that the library, and only four of them have dates on them, and this is not really a notice at all. two of them talk about april 23, two of them talk about june 7. that is everything, when it comes to the public. most of the north beach public does not know that mason street is being closed, and the businesses are very against the closing. they have not been properly notified. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i have lived one block from the library for 46 years. the last time the group address you, we were asking you not to build a two-story library in the open space. and this clearly fell on deaf ears. in fact, one supervisor said he was happy that the long battle was over, and now the>> imagineg
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to save the city-owned open space and a library that just means expansion, updating, and renovation. having to keep coming back to study a that is a big mistake you are making by ignoring the great alterative to that destructive master plan appear in if the well-designed alternative was adopted, to have a new small car and a renewed library sooner, for less community disruption and considerably less cost. we persevere and not to win, but rather, not to lose open space, and glorious trees, and opportunity for a new small part, a famous softball playground, news of our icons,
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and confidence in our elected officials. who doe>> this is the third pare seen us lose. the third part has less open space than any other district in the city as far as i know. when i was the organizer, we have an open space funds committed for the proposition at the time. and the city delayed buying it until it went up and out it is a condo. there is a place dedicated on top of the broadway tunnel.
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that we supported. and one day, the supervisors saw it is said that it could be housing. housing could be built anywhere. this was a really important civic space, dislike triangle park. we lost that, too. i was down to a meeting where some people were saying that it should be condos. we cannot afford to lose this. it is an important part of the streetscape, that everybody is passing. everybody who drives by there will see it. it is a little triangle across from washington spare -- square park. this is really important that we save this as open space and as part of the important streetscape. the library can be built and different way.
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i am not particularly attached to that building, but i don't see the reason to do something to landfills, i am sure you know on seventh avenue. most of all, i am concerned about the open space. president chiu: any other members of the public that wish to speak on this item? >> i live at north beach. i have been delegated to speak on behalf of some other friends of the library project. [reading names] on the seventh, we talked about
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nonsense and stopping the nonsense. all of the objections the you have heard in the last few minutes, again, every one of those has come up and we knocked it down. once again, supervisors, stop the nonsense. we need one more unanimous approval of this resolution and you can get the ribbon cutting you have been looking for. president chiu: any other members of the public that wish to speak on this item? the hearing has been held at the close. i would like to have a supervisor -- ask supervisor campos to take the gavel. so i can say a few words.
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i want to thank all of you for your patience, both supporters and opponents for having come to numerous hearings. and allowing us at the board to make sure the the previous owners did receive proper notice that they could receive a hearing today. i also want to thank the patience of city staff. we have had numerous staff from the record department. and from the city attorney's office that has worked extremely well to move this forward. i do want to thank both sides of this discussion. because of the template we have received, this project is greatly and vastly improved. i want to thank all of the neighborhood advocates that have been working for the better part of the decade that have been
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attending hundreds of meetings in addressing thousands of questions about this project. i want to address the fact that we are not losing an open space with what we are doing today. because of the fact that we are going to be gaining space, we are putting a library on the trial, but we will be getting far more open space than we have today in the northeast part of the city. i also want to thank the patients of the hundreds of families that have been waiting for years for this library to be built. and the kids that have grown up during the years we have been waiting. and colleagues, i would like for us to move forward with this item today so that we can get on with the work that we need to do and to make sure that as the
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earlier suggested, we need to take care of our families. this is exactly the right project to do that. supervisor campos: colleagues, this requires eight votes. can we have roll-call? [roll call vote] >> there are 11 aye's. supervisor campos: the resolution is adopted. [applause] president chiu: thank you. at this time, do we have any in
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memoriams for today? >> it will be adjourned for the following individuals. the late miss jane harris. for the late mr. eric swanson and robert pender. the late mr. freddy roberto. president chiu: is there any more business in front of this board? at this time, we are adjourned.
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>> the san francisco cons tri of flowers in golden gate park is now showing a new exhibit that changes the way we see the plants around us. amy stewart's best-selling book, "wicked plants" is the inspiration behind the new exhibit that takes us to the dark side of the plant world. >> i am amy stewart. i am the arthur of "wicked plants," the weeds that killed lincoln's mother and other botanical atrocities. with the screens fly trap, that
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is kind of where everybody went initially, you mean like that? i kind of thought, well, all it does is eat up bugs. that is not very wicked. so what? by wicked, what i mean is that they are poisonous, dangerous, deadly or immoral or maybe illegal or offensive or awful in some way. i am in the profession of going around and interviewing botanists, horticulturalists and plant scientists. they all seem to have some little plant tucked away in the corner of a greenhouse that maybe they weren't supposed to have. i got interested in this idea that maybe there was a dark side to plants. >> the white snake root. people who consumed milk or meat from a cow that fed on white snake root faced severe pain. milk sickness, as it was culled, resulted in vomiting,
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tremors, delirium and death. one of the most famous victims of milk sickness was nancy hangs lincoln. she died at the age of 34, leaving behind 9-year-old abraham lincoln. he helped build his mother's casket by carving the woodallen petition douche the wooden petition himself. >> we transformed the gallery to and eerie victorian garden. my name is lowe hodges, and i am the director of operations and exhibitions at the conls tore of -- cons tore of flowers. we decided it needed context. so we needed a house or a
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building. the story behind the couple in the window, you can see his wife has just served him a glass of wine, and he is slumped over the table as the poison takes affect. a neat little factold dominion about that house is actually built out of three panels from old james bond movie. we wanted people to feel like i am not supposed to be in this room. this is the one that is supposed to be barred off and locked up. >> the ole andersonner -- oleander. this popular shrub is popular in warm climates. it has been implicated in a surprising number of murders and accidental deaths. children are at risk because it takes only a few leaves to kill them. a southern california woman tried to collect on her husband's life insurance by putting the leaves in his food