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tv   BOS Replay Full Board of Supervisors 121515  SFGTV  January 1, 2016 6:00am-11:01am PST

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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> > (speaking spanish.)
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> > (speaking foreign language.) >> (speaking foreign language.) >>(speaking foreign language.) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you, everyone and welcome to the sfvrz meeting of
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tuesday, december 15, 2015, madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed commissioner campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim not presents supervisor mar supervisor president wesson sin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee madam president we have quorum. >> ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance
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and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all thank you very much madam clerk any communication. >> there are no communication to report madam president. >> colleagues, any changes to the regular meeting mini i minutes of november 3rd seeing none, motion to approve by supervisor mar seconded by commissioner campos colleagues we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. those meeting minutes passes unanimously after. madam clerk read the consent agenda items 1 through 7 of the board pursuant individual board members, no one is required to comment on your matter. seeing no names on the roster madam clerk supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar
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supervisor president wesson sin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed commissioner campos there are 11izing. >> those items are final passed and adopted unanimously next item. >> oh, madam clerk yes call item 8 item 8 all the times 9 administrative code to establish a fund for city services 80 and accomplishes an advisory committee for the eyes of monies from the fund for 9 mission bay transportation improvement fund. >> supervisor peskin now the judicial matters have been adjudicated by the board i can vote on those items. >> thank you, supervisor peskin for that clarification
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and madam clerk on item 8 call roll. >> commissioner hayon supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos no supervisor breed. >> commissioner campos there are 10 i's one no with supervisor avalos in the decedent. >> the ordinance is finally passed madam clerk reads items 9 and 10 total. >> to designate to the director of the public works the authority to accept the required improvements and authorizes the director of real estate for about easements and grants deeds to the improvements for 9 golden
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state warriors center at mission bay and the summer vacation for the sanctuary sewer and san francisco entertainment commission purposes two offers of dedication for the quick claims with the interest in 9 authorization of general manager did public works and the director of properties to execute the quick claim deeds for the licenses that are a retroactive extension for the public use of temporary terry boulevard connector road. >> roll call. >> supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener
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supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed. >> commissioner campos there are 11 i's. >> those ordinances are finally passed unanimously madam clerk call item 11. >> item 11 resolution to approve a mills act property contract on montgomery and the city pursuant to the administrative code chapter 71 and authorizing the execution of this contract. >> seeing none, no names on the roster colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 12. >> ordinance to amend the administrative code to provide the city permanent support to be reasonable to enroll the public to provide an annual report.
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>> supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor president london breed the item before you it some city services auto report for the supports of housing portfolio to serve the homeless in san francisco they partner with h s a for the housing i'd like the degree obvious u how those changes over 7, 8, 9 the report noted they had a difficult time of getting the data for the supportive of housing folks from the data they were able to get the report noted approximately 200 and 50 adults didn't use the in home services and anymore family buildings can apply for cal workers on behalf of their children across your country helps to help the population that provides a serious of income support services that help people get connected and
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find employment and secure food how to get health care and in home supported services they help to stretch your dollars to get the people the needs so the ordinance the item before you provides new requirements in h s a for the xrorments of public benefits for their clients it requires the providers report back to the city within 3 months on the public benls illusion to insure quick public benefits when people are housed it requires an annual report it will require for thorough outreach in case management from the provider by having them document the times and for hsa it mandates a share for the providers that lists the requirements for the public
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benefits they also share it on their website just like the eviction transparency legislation i introduced this board amazing support this law the first in the city will help to collect the cat data to understand what portfolio and something that the city wants to encourage they provide some of the basic needs and i hope we get behind today, i want to thank supervisor mar and supervisor tang for supporting this and hsa for working on this specifically trent and noel and joyce crumble and my staff and all the housing providers in this and colleagues, i ask for your support. >> thank you supervisor farrell seeing no other names on the roster colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance is passed on the first reading
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unanimously item 13 please. item to amend the ordinance to authors the san francisco public utilities commission to enter into one or more for the insult all the time and aggregate not to exceed $1.7 billion to finance several other projects the cost of the west side water project pursuant that is enacted by the voters and to reiterate indicate the previous connections taken. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the item passes unanimously on the first reading item 14. >> an ordinance to retroactively authorize the office of economic workforce development to accept and expend the grant 239 united states
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department of labor for september 2030 and amending the salary ordinance to provide the creation of one, 9874 community specialist position in the office of economic and workforce development colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance passes amount on the first reading. >> item 15. >> item 15 a resolution to approve a lease with the u.s. government for occupancy and operation of the replacement air traffic control center totally $20 over the 20-year term. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously madam clerk call item 16 and thirty together >> item 16 a resolution to retroactively authorize the rec and park department to accept
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and expend 5 hundred plus urban green for community grant from the california national resources for the innovating town square through 2016 and to authorize the director to file an understanding of the terms for the agreement and item thirty is a resolution to retroactively authorize the rec and park department to accept and expend a $450,000 grant from 9 parks alliance of improvements to the noah valley town square. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolutions are adopted unanimously madam clerk can you call the next item. >> item 17 a resolution retroactively approving the fixed modifications for the airport terminal 3 encroachment project for the construction
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between p-3 the joint venture and to authorize the director to execute further modifications not to exceed approximately $12 million in a term no more than february ri7d. >> same house, same call? we're on track the resolution is adopted unanimously madam clerk call 18 through 22 together. >> these are 5 resolution for contracts for the department of public health, item 8 to approve amendment 2 to the behavorial contract with a better way ink extending the contract through 2017 for a total initiative $14 million and item 14 for the behavioral health services 360s with an increase total not to
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exceed 27 million and 20 resolution to the public health behavorial health services with the youth services for the new total not to exceed $11.8 million item 21 a resolution to approve the amendment to the behavorial health services contract with the oaks children center to extend through 2027 or 2017 with a total not to exceed $16.3 million and item 22 an amendment to the contract with the reject of san francisco for the infant parents program with a co-responding not to exceed 12 that is >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. these recessess are adopted unanimously item 23. >> item if a resolution pursuant to the san francisco
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administrative code chapter 29 that the proposed airport shoreline at the intrlt airport is responsible. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 24 >> item 24 retroactively authorize the public utilities commission to execute the first amendment for the power scheduling and corporation with the services with ap x inc. increasing the not to exceed of one and $5 million with no change for the 5 year agreement duration and allowing for the payment of the california independent system operator power transmission charges. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously next item, please. >> >> the authorization of the public utilities commission to negotiate and execute a hetch hetchy water and power for the
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planning and design services for mountain tunnel improvements for not to exceed $21 million for a duration not to exceed 13 years with option pursuant to the chapter. >> same house, same call? we're on track the resolution is adopted unanimously item 26. >> to authorize the filing of an application for funding assigned to the metropolitan transportation commission to complete the project and authorize public works to accept and expend approximately $2 million in states improvement grant fund. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president a small comment but so far as i'm coming back with a fresh set of ice i noticed those items to indicate with the funds are spent for and i think we have an obligation to members of the
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public to actually let them know so it would be i intend to vote for it and observing for curve extensions on lombard street in the second supervisorial district i don't know if so this a comment to the clerk or the department that ordinary this but i think we should insist on saying what the item is for . >> through the president thank you, supervisor peskin we'll see to that. >> thank you, supervisor peskin colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 27. >> item 27 is a resolution to approve an amendment to the fiscal year 2015-2016 budget the office of community economic development operating as the in the course of the trial agency to the agency by increasing the proceeds by one and $35 million for expenditures not to exceed
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one and $35 million and approving the principle amount not to exceed one and $35 million to finance the obligations in the mission bay south project area. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 28 >> item 28 resolution to retroactively authorize of filing of an application tattoos metropolitan transportation concussion matching funds to complete the projects and authorizing public works to expend money in the transportation grant fund. >> supervisor peskin. >> madam clerk i have the same point as to the title for the lombard dispose project in the second supervisorial district. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously
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item 29. >> a resolution to roosevelt authorize of district attorney's office to accept and expend a 200 and 91 thousand from the california department of safety for the prosecution program for 2016. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously madam clerk can you please call item 31 and item 31 a resolution to authorize 3 separate transactions the first, the execution and specification for the property on 80 listen with an ordinance amount of one and 35 thousand and a sale agreement between 9 city and hudson for the real property located added 555 selby for $6.3 million and the thirsted the execution and acceptance of a purchase and sale between the city and w y l
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services inc. for the real property on dead on arrival vice avenue for $5 million i had a few issues i know there is gone through committee and john updyke will be here to speak to some of the concerns specifically with the lack of appraisal for one of the properties in my understanding you have new information to present to the board in order to support the boards decision to purchase without an appraisal director john updyke. >> john updyke director of real estate you're correct in the hearing before the budget & finance the members expressed skefrndz about the back up support particular for the acquisition of goggling vest and since that time we secured an independent analysis of values in the area providing
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by cv r real estate and that information has been priority to the budget analyst so perhaps they'll comment but it provides a number of compatible sales a total of 7 we're located 5 are data points on behalf of or more steven than the purchase price for the cal vest prompted 2 ploy we believe strongly adjusts within the fair market range that was based on the report but updated data confirm that i'll be happy to to go into that. >> i wonder if many rose or his members have a change to valley harvey rose not seen it
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not evaluated that data. >> ongoing mr. updyke when did you present this to those the budget analyst. >> immediately upon receipt thursday of last week. >> supervisor peskin. >> ma'am, and colleagues and understand that acquisition of this site is quite necessary for a project that has long been in the making relative to where the sewer digestser i'm troubled by not only the issues that you and the budget analyst raised that mr. updyke respond to i'm troubled by the fact no uniform policy in our city how we go about acquiring real property other cities and other governments actually have rules
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as to and i prevails being required for the acquisition of properties or properties above a certain level in any cities and states and disposing requirement how the appraisals are reviewed compatible sales are interesting but absent an analysis is not the kind of subject matter rear that the budget analyst is familiar or trained in 245s up to someone that is a member of the appraisal institute so i'm going to vote for this another item on the calendar that gets to policy but i think we/should have a collective policy discussion about perhaps amanda the administrative code to set those policy perimeters in place so the future we actually have an appraisal prepared that is
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been reviewed as to the adequacy having said that, this is important and that sale data is before us whether it is analyzed by the budget analyst and all vote but let's clean up this. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you very much madam president i will be voting to support 24 but supports any even consistentness i feel not like the manner in which this was really brought to us i feel lie or like it was rushed leave behind the scenes and conversations that had to happen between the department heads and myself and ultimately mr. john updyke to get to the point to recognize the portions ever importance of this property i don't want to ultimately interfere with the timeline the timeline will be very, very
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costly for price payers, however, i'm in agreement with what supervisor peskin mentions for more a a thorough constructive conversation and evaluation of property too much money on that piece but nfl few opposite i'm going to hold my nose and vote for that. >> thank you supervisor cowen, supervisor avalos. >> thank you supervisor president breed i'd like to occur or concur with the comments of supervisor peskin we don't have a clear status how we had an appraisal is different standard for how we treat the properties by the city ver's th citizens want to use for instance, i have a resident that has been negotiating to pretty much land that the city will
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never use and gotten the highest appraisal and decided after years of negotiation not purchasing the property it didn't do anyone any good to make the improvements on the land is a huge benefit for the neighborhood by in this case we're going an appraisal that is not the best deal so i think in terms of how we set standards but how we treat the residents and the benefits and advantages we give ourselves. >> thank you supervisor avalos seeing no other a names on the rufrt madam clerk call the roll. >> supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> supervisor tang
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supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed commissioner campos there are 11 i's. >> the resolution is adopted unanimously item 32 please. item 32 a resolution inform approve a coach agreement with the state of california for the construction and support of van ness transit improvement and to make ceqa finding. >> supervisor peskin. >> madam president i promise not to comment on every item. >> you promise. >> i promise after recently returning i have been informed that as part of the van ness transit improvement project all of the historic old street lights on the link of haven is slated to be removed i think there is got to be a way to
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retain those beginning feature until the departments figure out i will be consistently voting no until the municipal transportation agency and dpw figure out that out. >> thank you, supervisor peskin seeing no other names on the roster madam clerk the roll. >> supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> no. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos. >> supervisor breed commissioner campos there are 10 i's one no with supervisor peskin in the seis dent. >> the resolution is adopted.
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>> 33 to contract to procure december sale with the new flier to purchase one and 52 and one and 13 articulated low hybrid buses for an additional amount of $44 million plus not to exceed 4 hundred and 12 he millions with no change for the term of the contract and the notice to proceed consistent on the data. >> supervisor wiener. >> i norman wouldn't speak to approve the mta it is important to remind ourselves and the public there is some good things happening with the transportation in san francisco with all our struggles around congestion mta is systematically
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replacing the fleet and xandz we have more vehicles and service and better reliability and this contract is part of that process so i want to remind everyone and know we're making process thank you. >> thank you, supervisor wiener madam clerk on this item please call roll. >> supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim. >> supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener. >> supervisor yee. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed. >> commissioner campos there are 11 i's. >> the resolution is adopted unanimously item 34. >> an ordinance to adapt and implement amendment to the 2007
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to 2018 memorandum of understanding between san francisco and the firefighters local 98 one by implementing the terms and conditions of employment for fiscal years 2013 to 2018. >> same house, same call? the ordinance is passed anonymous on the first reading. >> item 35. >> motion to respond to the 2014, 2015 civic grrmg for the update it on the relevant represents in the 2014-2015 office of the civic grand jury report. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor president london breed colleagues at our reheard this item at the geocommittee meeting two weeks ago i wanted to clarify the motion approved i have distributed an amendment that clarifies the committees tennis and it is highlighted on
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page 2 lines 5 through 9 which should read the sears as completing the staffs analysis and will forward it to the board of supervisors once it is completed so it is just a hang in the wording. >> so that's a motion supervisor yee? >> yes. >> is there a second. >> seconded by supervisor mar colleagues we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. the amendment passes and on the item as amended same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the item is approved as amended up unanimously. >> it past 2:30 we have 5 accommodations and i want to start with commissioner campos who has 2. >> thank you, very much.
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madam president the first item is an item to recognize two honorees and i'd like to ask them to please come up and ask the representative of the investments as well as spy come back to please come up to the podium they're being heartened from their participation in the san francisco good samaritan program that provides housing opportunities to victims of fires in this city in the mission neighborhood that i represent we have had a number of fires over the past couple of years and the last a few weeks ago i want to thank all the individuals that made a point to reach out to property owns jan from the department of
6:35 am
organization and bow and others that make that happen you're involvement in this program has been crucial for the victims of the most recent fire the november 16th fire it happened at shot well in the mission street the majority of victims we're talking about are low income latino families the city's good samaritan law allows the lymph glands to rent for a blovrt to to years without being billions rotunda or bound by reasonable person rent control that only works that the left side are willing to participate and to the people from the investment have come out ceo and his team justin mike, robert, and dave as well as dana they've helped to house 2 families from
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the 16 shot well fire and come up with too young children aged 2 and 6 and it is very challenging but especially around the high schools to remove the housing stock for children to have a place to live in san francisco to spike that's been involved in san francisco and the mission neighborhood for quite sometime spike is well common human rights activist in the mission she's also a landlord that in this case has house a family with 30 children and a baby that is on the way, spike moved to the missions in 1984 an activity member of the community her voice is an important voice in promoting ethical conduct by
6:37 am
lymph glands in san francisco you know, i think it is important to recognize people when they do good things we may not agree the landlords community but the fact you have lymph glands that are making a point of helping those families is some go that should be acknowledged with the hope that more lawyers will participate in the good samaritan program water department i'm ucsf's to each of you. >> thank you commissioner campos appreciate that on behalf of the employees at our company i want to thank you allergies guys for the certificate since founded in 2007 we're extremity strived to enhance the community and delighted to have the opportunity to do so whether it is the recent opportunity with commissioner campos on 16th street or the mayor's office or
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supervisor kim on the fire 411 on o'farrell we're creating was to make sure we take care of the families that live in the housing so thank you very much . >> (clapping.). >> thank you also all the supervisors for this honor i wanted to stress how easy it was to work with the city and all the support that the city give me to do this i them like i don't deserve this credit it was painless but the merchants organizations or successors and cultural action members and the factory members pitched in and got the people some by these and linens and a christmas tree and lights and i was amazed how much community support that made sure that family had a place to live
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for christmas so thank you very much and be ethical lymph glands it's not that hard. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, thank you very much and i know that there is another special recognition involving a resident in district 9 i'll speak to that when supervisor mar brings that but supervisor wiener. >> thank you through the chair commissioner campos and i also want to thank you for taking in those tenants it was actually in 2011 when we had a number of fires in the castro and adapted tenants we needed a good samaritan ordinance i remember reaching out to ted of the tenants ice union and the small business owners and was surprised when everyone agreed that the good samaritan ordinance was a good idea we
6:40 am
passed it anonymously with commissioner campos was rights it only works in the lymph glands are willing to step forward and enter into ass one to two year contract with the temporarily demands tenants with no more than 10 percent above what they're paying before it is great when lsd step forward we need more and more people to do that on this board there are more fires in san francisco than a lot of people royals realize and people get displaced so thank you .
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>> (clapping.). >> thank you and congratulations thank you can i say one more thing i want to see the fire commission starting to investigate those fires going on in the mission. >> (clapping.) >> >> commissioner campos do you have any more accommodations that's it okay. so supervisor mar. >> thank you. i see a lot of fair short abandons in the audience today. >> (clapping.) >> >> colleagues along with commissioner campos i want to honor one of the san francisco's great leaders with some sadness in my heart as well as other i stand to honor with commissioner campos the executive director of the human right committee can sarah come forward thank you
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sarah. >> (clapping.) >> and it looks like minnie as well. sarah short is at the forefront to stem the tides of gentrification going through the 90s she's led the charge on countless efforts to stable our communities through stabbing rent control and through the student negotiations and to the ballot polar vortex boksz a fixture at city hall working with the forces a powerful voice for tenants and a sharper policy one thing on housing policy i want to say i appreciated her creativity and her inspiration for some many other within the movement she leads little action to provide the services and running an amazing empowering organization the human rights committee and thanks for tenants
6:43 am
in the responding district and throughout the city as we establish the human rights committee in the richmond but thanks to sarah and i'm going to turn it over to commissioner campos >> commissioner campos. >> thank you madam president very bittersweet moment it is with a great honor to recognize sarah short when you been the housing crisis that san francisco has been facing for the last few years ago to my mind there are two names that come up in terms of the people who have done the most to deal with this crisis the lastly ted and sarah short. >> (clapping.) >> and it is only fitting that south co-sponsorship is here i'll tell you that one the reject i have as an elected official and a residents of san
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francisco is that i don't think i fully expressed to ted what he was alive how grateful and thankful i was for everything he did i think in honoring sarah today, we're honoring ted in his legacy and memory because i think that sarah just picked up where he left off on top of everything that sarah was doing it is hard to imagine the mission without sarah short and i as the district supervisor as her supervisor for this agency you worked for its been a pleasure to work with you i can't imagine san francisco without you so i think this horn or honor in hope that stowaway we'll have you back at some
6:45 am
point. >> when the rents come down (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> but i just want to read briefly the certificate of how often over the past 11 years we've figure out tireless for decedent and habitable housing with expansion of housing opportunities for san franciscans as the executive director of human rights committee you have been a phenomenal leader in our human right movement thank you for thank you for all your hard work for being a wonderful person to work with we will miss you dearly and wish you all the best in our endeavors thank you sarah short. >> (clapping.) >> sarah before you speak we
6:46 am
also have other members of the board that want to make comments. >> supervisor avalos. >> oh, god it is so hard you know last week, we have good friends that did amazing work their leaving the city and this is like a second wave i've experiences what we had in 1999 and 2000 a lot of amazing leaders left the city at the present time, but we talked about last week is bittersweet you've done tremendous work in this room battling on the issues and the heroin in this place you
6:47 am
pissed off us on the board of supervisors you never pissed me off it was i think a test wanted to how important you have been to the city i've really enjoyed you as a person and had you been a funny and smart and outrageous person you're anger has been a gallon vince force in san francisco and i think that is an example what we need to aspire to have the guts and fight to make the city a better place and stop it from moving in the direction it is going so i want to say thank you for all that and i just remembered today, i was signing our conformation we over laptop for a few months for justifies for janitor in 2003 it was really great i knew you before working there we had a had an to
6:48 am
work together it was a lot of fun just thank you for being who you are i wish you all the best i know you're going for a lot of down in los angeles and can't think of a better reason to leave this city to have another place to go to sing you're rootsz and wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you when you come back. >> thank you, thank you supervisor avalos. >> (clapping.) >> >> supervisor kim. >> this is really hard sarah it is really sad to say farewell to you today i'm not sure i ask add much more i will say there aren't very many individuals like you in the world and the work you do both help relentless and paxil and every single minute of our job and day it
6:49 am
criminally i've no further seen you off without ocean and care about what this means for the city and what it means to you you're love i think it is the 0 more exemplar in terms of our leadership i will say i think over the last couple of years you've had an opportunity to say good by to a number of individuals that is different you'll come back to san francisco commissioner campos go bought up ted that passing i don't think any of us have gotten over the loss and his absence his leadership and had a right but also eric and jessie collin and other we'll be recognizing today i just want to thank you and one last thing i know you're recently honored in the woman
6:50 am
empowerment 7 by 7 that was great to see all women after a or around we're often one of the few women in the room and sarah you earned that space and hold people accountability to make sure our voices are harder thank you and please come back. >> (clapping.) >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you sarah i'm sorry it is my. >> did they say supervisor peskin. >> exactly. >> (clapping.) >> i'm sorry only my second board meeting you're leaving having been on that see of the rail for the last seven years since i was last on the board thank you for making it fun as a
6:51 am
surfer advocate and as important as the issues you did that with humor and made that a lot of tun fun it is important to have fun, i have you're cell phone nun number you can rest assured as we're continuing our march to properly address short-term rentals i'll be calling you. >> thank you supervisor cowen's. >> thank you sarah i i have to tell you it is a pleasure to work with you in the hill and it is been fun that you have been spitting mad i've sat in ed peskin's seat and received the spit so can attest to the sarah spitfire it is a perfect adjective i'm happy you're going to la not because you're leaving her but for the right reason to have the ballot it is important to get engrossed
6:52 am
if our personal life i commend you for recognizing the importance of having a balanced life to put the energy into our personal life so center a we've experience and i wish you the best thank you . >> (clapping.). okay. >> supervisor avalos. >> if you can stand please join me in giving a standing no vacation to sarah as she leaves. >> (clapping.) >> novation to sarah as she le. >> (clapping.) >> what did we want stop the evictions. >> (clapping.) >>
6:53 am
(laughter). >> i am standing up. >> (laughter). yeah >> (clapping.) >> pardon me. >> thanks for letting me say something although i expected for chanting so i just want to be just to be clear those of you who know me know i'm moving to los angeles for love and i cannot building the amazing support for any espouse for my departure look at that
6:54 am
bow tie but so i want to be just to be clear i still deeply love this city san francisco is an amazing city both historically and now and yet i've been making my decision, you know, in recent most to leave this city i've been doing a lot of thinking how much my heart has been being broken slowly over time particularly in the last few years by the city i love my heart breaks every time a senior on fixed income is thrown out of her home onto streets because of corporate guarantees my heart has broken has we're extremity witnessed shooting of alex and mario woods my hearts
6:55 am
breaks that private buses are given the right away over people that want to get to work on time. >> (clapping.) >> any heart breaks the homeless are washed off the streets as big tech moves into the neighborhood where they once would it's taken it's town hall on me and other in this room the hope we have, however, i want to leave you all with hope for the city and my hope the hope we have is that we can all be part of mitigating the corporate taxi over the city and insuring that more seniors are
6:56 am
not losing their homes that this is still a welcoming city to immigrants to people who are seeking refugee from violence due to the conditions in their country or violence in their home they're a young queer that came out that we can be that kind of city with all of us continuing to do the type of work i've been doing i take you have hope in leaving because i hope that i've done age a little something to affiliate the hastings aspects i've mentioned with my work i've helped fewer people from being displaced than could have been
6:57 am
>> (clapping.) >> and so with that, i have some words to share with you all i think will continue to make the city a hopeful place i imwlor not only my colleagues but the public to doing everything we can to strengthen, expand and preserve rent control in san francisco >> (clapping.) >> without rent control in this city we likely would be an incredibly different place a dark place where we would not even have the artists who are still here that creates trblts to the beauty of our city not
6:58 am
have the teachers who are educating our children with such passion we would not have is the immigrants coming in and escaping violence and poverties and being able to make those home here in this city and country we all, all of us including the board and including my colleagues and the general public comment need to be having any lengths about not just preserving and strengthening, expanding but also keeping an eye on on the potential loss of rent-controlled units it is happening in in any way, shape, or form and it is i think acids so as i leave you're all all of you have to take up the mantel in small or large ways tommy you
6:59 am
can too insure and watch like a hawk like. >> hawk that the very precious little remaining air force resources in the form of rent control are not lost out the backdoor if you read the housing balance if the planning commission we're nfl having a net gain of affordable units we're losing so many through the loss of reversals so watch on all sides of the spectrum how to keep people in this city i want to take a moment to just say that those of you who are talking about my potential ever me coming and wanting me to
7:00 am
return if this is the hope please talk to my girlfriend and a few other things teresa for the nice bow tie i want to thank mini the live legacy of towed who is gotten me through the hard times this last year and i want to thank my parents who nfl missed their connecting flight e flight couldn't be here but i know this would have made them proud and happen a shout out to them and the amazing folks i've had the pleasure to work with and done so much for the city who have cement me going in the
7:01 am
trenches and empowered and produced something that was meaningful legislation so give that a shout out folks welcome back aaron and really most of all i want to welcome my staff if you guys can come up nfl a lot of people are working at the office hard. >> (clapping.) >> fl a lot of people are working at the office hard. >> (clapping.) >>l a lot of people are working at the office hard. >> (clapping.) >> a lot of people are working at the office hard. >> (clapping.) >>a lot of people are working at the office hard. >> (clapping.) >> i get a lot of credit for being the face of this o and you know leading do efforts of what human rights committee does but certainly not just me there are so many hard working volunteers and staff that helps to make our efforts sketch of successive i want to take the
7:02 am
opportunity to commend them thank you it was heartwarming to have so many in the audience i love you guys just love you to death. >> (clapping.) >> our city. >> (repeated.) >> thank you and congratulations next up i don't know if you can complete with that supervisor kim but you're next. >> thank you supervisor president breed i hope folks will stay i'm recognizing two other amazing individuals in san francisco jim medicare could and beven duffey . >> (clapping.). i wanted to
7:03 am
start with jim this is quite a couple of months to corporate i know we're extremity been collecting his things and also his life accomplishment and well disney today's certificate of honor through the memories of his friends and neighbors he is best understood i'm glad to see the friends and a family are here today jim was born if st. paul, minnesota mini and survived by his husband roy and they have been together 35 years they married october 2013 and survived by his sister that lives in st. paul, minnesota and attended the university of the
7:04 am
minnesota majoring in communication in 1977 he moved to san francisco and eventually got a printing business with his partner in the south of market an area that is the focus of his activityism in urban planning they've eefrnd a 5 star and continues to operate jim a primary a community artist and a sdriern he served as a mentor to many his deep knowledge officers him a unique prospective at the planning department and his organize skills iowa's were a help to the plans and being a more balanced and complete neighborhood we are able to pass two years ago the plan approved by the board was a key components of jim's
7:05 am
lasting legacy in san francisco he's been admired for his commitment to community but specific for it's tarnishing and sense of justice i have to say that people explicit agree with jim and in fact, i have many aspires stories of very loud and maybe even raising our voice conversations in my office but jim always knew how to come back and many instances with a plan acknowledging our continued work to make that a better place city hall knows him and the bureaucratic establishment knows him but jim was on the front line with the activists someone who concerned about every single block in the south of market and in the stalwart his participation in the community
7:06 am
was expensive but name a few he was a member of the south of market residents associations housing act coalition and addison democratic club and harvey milk lgbtq and the live task force and the western soma task force and nope to take a leadership roll in other organizations as a foushd the south of market council he was institutional in the citywide organization for responsible for the vibrancy of the city's entertainment and night time jim will be known as the only person to attend every single meeting for the western soma and this is quite difficult for anything i the president to end with a quote from anyone who poke at his america barbara i felt it
7:07 am
talked about who he was she said being a neighborhood activist is tough and exhaust and unusually thank also tarnish to be with the long haul rather than one issue jim had the 10 city and the staying power people didn't always agree with him and lord knows the board of education establishment if agree but jim was on the front line it is energy and personal political capita that most people will not make he was commented committed and never gave up he loved the south of market and shaping the future he ruffled features that is the nature of being an
7:08 am
attachment i'll miss tim tremendously i wanted to bring up his partner and any members of the community that want to come up to accept this accommodations on his behalf. >> can i say something. >> hi i'll speak for both roy and his sister i'll chris schaffer jim medicare could see roommate in college he met gym and learned so much from him about, about the city planning process that was significant the name of the task force was the western soma citizens planning task force he believed deeply in having the voice off people being part of that process and jim would say distancing i'm bringing everybody to the table there were 22 people elected to an on that task force and spent
7:09 am
8 years creating something block by block and building by building with a whole fabric in other parts of his words were the whole neighborhood fabric to gym bringing many people together and the other to consider whom were his friends like jack write colleen and i'm sorry the point is he brought together people that themselves loved that neighborhood and were all part of that planning so i on the lesson from will jim's life the voices of people to be respected to be heard and he was the vehicle by which we all come together under that tent so thank you very much to the board of supervisors . >> (clapping.). >> i can say this having
7:10 am
worked with in the officer with jimmy know how hard and how much time he spent on this to make the community a better place. >> (clapping.) >> (laughter). >> one more o, one more hand e
7:11 am
more. >> now for the nucleus accommodations i want to bring up something that doesn't need any introduction supervisor
7:12 am
beven duffey. >> (clapping.) >> >> oh, my goodness went saying farewell to a lot of people. >> i have a bunch of 9-year-old you can make it short. >> it's not going to, short if you did less i'll barely sculpture the topic but sending off beven duffey after 21 years to the people and the city and county of san francisco with a tremendous amount of gratitude and love bench has led an extraordinary life with being raised in harlem by a close member billy holiday was beven duffey's god moth and, in fact, a rare jazz reporting a young
7:13 am
beven making jokes about that i need to find that as a grown up beven was a senior assistant for the office of negotiate representative shirley and later with the legislative life with the philanthropy referring to himself a gay leader a i was exactly 10 years ago in 2005 an ordinance as beven was the vote everyone in the room saying ami to personally e-mail beven he respond to his e-mail and not on the board of supervisors i know that was an steroid task even those that didn't agree with beven appreciated how hard he worked and communicated with all the communities when i become supervisor i wanted to emulate
7:14 am
beven's model he's the gold standard part of our jobs to build and gain the trust we can communicate and trust we're investing our take dollars if schools or affordable housing or streets i certainly have fallen short of beven duffey standard but i think you're crafty and relentless to fyi the pothole down the street to launching innovation we're extremity been touched by your jeopardy reiterate and endless witness and humor i worked with bench to make sure he was commented then to making the committee sorry for the joke relevant on the
7:15 am
board of supervisors and actually developed a theme to tackle on two or three issues to prioritize collaboration and resolve over the loose 3 years i working closely and after the mayor appoint the housing engagement almost everyday someone walks into the office that didn't have a home and tell how their survivor in san francisco they come landmarking for resources, support and, in fact, hope and also call the beven duffey and rushed up from the basement preparing to bring this individual to help them get connected to services or housing in the winter of 2013 a cough came to both our offices with their 3 year-old daughter and 18 month-old baby they won a
7:16 am
lottery and that was two blocks a saltwater pool and free joking classes marry they spent 6 years in and out of homeless shelter not enough to make the rent in the city when they won the lottery they were 29 points short if the minimum score to qualify they notified the family they were speed limit to pick up the keys they were going to give the unit to someone else befsh got on the horn and called multiple paternity excluding our office we called the mayor's office of housing and we call all called north america in a to work on the credit score he worked with them to raise the credit score and worked with the
7:17 am
family center to fund-raise to guarantee their first year of the are we talking about after all the work neiman denied the credit application we are that all at wit's end we have all at wit's end we some of us were prairie crying and beven said without a word run to the neiman office and perching signed the lease on behalf of the ramos family to move in that week that the testament to beven's tenancy we know him for the initiative an exam of pilots the city has not taken on and worked on the bureaucracy and if say this is a list of things we've done and this is how we do it and continue to do it beven
7:18 am
actually launches some crazy ideas with his charisma and penalty and tenancy not only moved a board group of stakeholders that are skeptical of officials he is able to get philanthropists and others to help fund some of his crazy ideas the city may not be able to pilot i want to recognize the mayor for appointing beven it takes courage and let him loss homeless is an issue we're extremity struggled with over thirty years and need new ideas and see what we can work and one of the things i've learned actually hearsay is policy you hire is policy more important than any legislation you pass i want to recognize the mayor for taking you on this in role
7:19 am
you're leaving big shoes to fill but investigated the time to groom other statistical warmth in features in this room we went so much and i just want to say at this point, a tremendous amount of you're leadership and character we wish you well in the next chapter of life you'll continue to be a superstar dad coaching your son's successor and basketball team and i would like to welcome and recognize the 8 members of the fourth grader that have come out to see their favorite coach honored today. >> (clapping.) >> 6thank you, beven before i embarrass you several of my colleagues want to say a few
7:20 am
words. >> before i recognize any other supervisor i've quota emigrate to be the first befb you're an amazing hubby remembered when up started city hall act out of college you hired me as an intern you didn't pay me anything but i learned a lot more i remembered how people used to come to the door of the mayor's office of services a lot of problems you'd come out there i couldn't handle it and work with people with a smile on your face as if nothing was wrong and they were the only person that important you cared about people cared about making a difference and giving folks mike like me rough around the edges an opportunity i will always be grateful i watched you over the
7:21 am
years continue to just grow and you know, i know you're a lot of older me (laughter) you continue to grow and continue to nurture young people and continue to give me give people an opportunity and bring folks into city government and support and encourage and help them you're just an amazing person and i'm just really sad to see you go the only reason why i put up a fight when you told me you wanted to do some personal things and you wanted to extend more time with sidney i couldn't fight against that you've dedicated you're life spending hours with folks all over san francisco like supervisor kim point holes or returning around at night to try to support homelessness people on the
7:22 am
streets and figuring out what we do to you know help that person that person at that time, you've always been there to roll up you're sleeves and do the work because you care about people generously you're a rare breed and person overwhelm to miss you, you know you'll be around and can't help be available when someone calls you for help you're knowledgeable about the city and knowledgeable about everything and people continue to learn if you but we are effective because we learned from the best and you were absolutely an incredible teacher even though i didn't listen half the time i'm what grateful and a whole host of folks that are doing well, because of you're support and everything you've done to change san francisco and make that a
7:23 am
better place for all of us who live there beven i'm grateful fewer service. >> thank you so much for being an amazing person with that. >> (clapping.) >> i want to recognize commissioner campos. >> thank you supervisor president london breed supervisor president london breed think you're a rare breed that's quite a environment i don't want to belabor the point the thing about beacon hill thank goodness you're not going anywhere the only thing i'll say in retrospect our time together as colleagues, i wasn't sure what to expect but i want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you for our class, for your compassionate for taking the time to help a new
7:24 am
supervisor learn the ropes and what i think is remarkable about what you do besides all the knowledge about the city and the great things you've done is the humanity you bring to everything you do i don't think that people fully understand that i appreciated that as a member of the board of supervisors we worked together on many issues it wasn't issues involving only the community the gay community i appreciated the fact that you understood that being different to being gay you have to have an open heart to other people in other communities i appreciated that and then watching you work on the issue of homelessness the creative way in which you've tackled that the most initiative
7:25 am
way in homeless the navigation center happened i was proud probation officer work with you but i appreciated and continue to appreciate the way in which you interact with the homelessness people and the humanity and dignity that you accord them this is something often missing in government and i learned a lot in watching you so i know we have we've got a lot more work to do but tuff so much i love you and proud of you. >> supervisor cowen's. >> thank you it feels surreal to stand on this side of chamber and honor form supervisor beven duffey you're not leaving the city i suspect you'll go into retirement but retain around and
7:26 am
assembly want to speak to how much i've pefrnl learned from you and personally come to know beven when he was the director and i too had an intern experience i was introduced to the homebound program that the city offers to folks that are homeless somehow if came across any desk what a great policy for the city to have it was compassionate and semi sid excuse me. >> rooftop mom is talking. >> i can hear the whispers but beven you've been such an amazing friend and mentor for many young people i'm very excited about you're future it is not if here in the city personally but you do know that
7:27 am
beven has spent more time in the kitchen it's been left public meetings coaching i don't get that coaching i don't know what that is like i see a thumbs-up from the teammates. >> i play a good social game. >> you're the right personality to team the teammates how to be a full member we want to leave you i believe you're the standard when it comes to be the public servants in my office we try to respond to e-mails and phenomenon messages within twenty-four hours that is the benching duffey standard and some days we meet the mark and other days strive you've done a tremendous job one of the things
7:28 am
i admire you're working cross the olsen lee's to bring people who are nationality enemies to work for the greater good of humanity and in supervisor president london breed's terms a rare breed the item before you to give you respect you're an incredible hubby love you and a pleasure to serve san francisco with you. >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor farrell. >> thank you sxhoepd beven it is very surreal to be here with you you know as people were talking we didn't get a chance to serve bench gave me my first job and hooked up, up in los angeles who i worked foreclose to a year and the memories of that when you first gave me
7:29 am
their phone number to give me a call to hire this guy from san francisco i remember knocking on doors and where my wife lives to our first victory parties when i exited stage left when you said you were the biggest queen in san francisco something along that line (laughter) to really over the past few years working with you and you know how i feel i love you you've done an amazing, amazing job for the city of san francisco it is an honor to work with you in a professional capacity i never expected that opportunity and been an amazing and with heart and soul and all the comments are true you're an
7:30 am
amazing individual and sidney it looks like may have gone out of the room you need to know you have an amazing dad, i want you to know everybody inside of city hall knows him thinks the world of him i want to let you know what an amazing person you're father is and can't wait to see what an amazing coach but sidney you i want to make sure you heard that, please know how special your dad is and take care of him at home. >> thank you supervisor farrell's supervisor mar. >> i want to echo something that supervisor farrell said i have seen beven as a legislator but as a dad, i think brought out his humanity and as a dad but supervisor farrell's said to
7:31 am
sidney and her teammates decades before you appreciate how much your dad has done for the city for you and for the communities i want to say that beven has laid ground work for our approaches to homeless in the city i know that sam doma will follow if in big footprint but appreciative you're approached hems with sympathy. >> thank you for mernts me on the importance of relationships and the respect 6 people we dealt with in the communities but back to the billy holiday reference there is a lot of phone number i didn't baloney fakeness throughout the building when i dealt with you as mentors small business that asked for advice you've been so real and speak from you're heart and try
7:32 am
to embrace other people that i appreciate and working with you but thank you thank you for all you do. >> thank you supervisor mar supervisor tang. >> congratulations beven but you win the records for the number of people that said i love you so i think a lot has been said about you i will always remember you for the person you carries around the kittie i'll show you so you was the only supervisor that shared the same love for hallowed kitty. >> i make me smile but supervisor mar's comments i will say there are people you know to they're a little bit nicer when our a supervisor but you were kind and down to earth in this matter the status before i of
7:33 am
the supervisor you were kind and i want to thank you and, of course, i wanted to acknowledge boo who's here maybe you one of our best hires when you were a supervisor i want to acknowledge bow i wish you all the best in our retirement. >> right? and supervisor avalos and i'll be brief i wanted to not repeat what everyone else said i agree but a few moments to highlight and seeing when i was a legislative aide to or a supervisor you are ingratiation speech in 2006 when the city kept grabbing the microphone and your managing to let the city do whatever it wanted to do i
7:34 am
thought it was great a liberty you allow people around you you're vote on avenue, i think in 2006 multiple times the 8 vote and it was a huge significance push to get that that has been programmed and provided housing for people under the human rights and very, very strong on that a number of occasions i appreciate that as well as you're vote for local hiring you were the 8 vote there you always proclaim i was the 8 vote 8 vote yes, thank you for being the 8 vote without you that wouldn't have happened i appreciate that and lastly, thank you for letting me use you're car one time (laughter). >> i'm sorry, i didn't put in gas if in it i didn't have any cash at the time but it was
7:35 am
very, very helpful. >> it was my version of the car and cash something different. >> (laughter) >> so just the work you've done rent controls you're work on homelessness has stood out i heard you occupy the radio and who is that guy you have such a breath of living and heart that is a weird thing for people that work for government so it is sad to see you're expertise will go i appreciative what you're presence has brought to san francisco. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i'll keep it short first of all, i'm really upset i never got hired by you as. >> intern you didn't mentor me (laughter) but i want to say a few things i
7:36 am
love you love that you love billy holiday and the fact you were a baby talking to me about public schools and eventually did go interest, you know, people talk about that and i love the fact you were in our public schools and love the facts you were going to retire from our position i walked through it you were busy but showed up here you're team and you walk through to educate the beat officer about the services that we can give to the homeless people rather than the on thing that they might think is one alternative so thank you very much thank you, supervisor ash last but not least. >> aaron peskin. >> everything has been said
7:37 am
but not by everybody i was landmarking to serving with bench a decade later i promise to be good but you left. >> he may come back. >> don't be surprised if we serve with beven duffey again one of those days. >> thank you madam president. >> thank you. >> supervisors thank you so very much i will be brief i want to knowledge you're city treasurer jose cisneros and he's one of my closet friends and incredible proud of the service he's prototyped with kindergarten so college and it san francisco i do want to acknowledge the folks that have worked with me bow was cited by legislative aide to at the board of supervisors and amanda freed is here and, in fact, this is awesome and i'd like to acknowledge any colleagues at
7:38 am
hope and as people said sam dodge will be doing angle outstanding job alongside two incredible colleagues the colleagues at any life at city hall has done amazing work he wouldn't mind standing and be recognized for helping people in public housing and sarah the one thing that was not said she figured out to make public housing bhertd better in san francisco and christen who was an intern working with me and came back and is working in the hope office and doing simple an outstanding job public service is about hoping people he learned from shirley chris i am
7:39 am
and like the father i never had han to help susan brainstorm a member of the board of supervisors had an incredible job and work with former mayor willie brown was an unbelievable experience we recognized in our younger days we didn't, quite what it was element that a mayor would allow me to give auto thirty, 10 appoints and following the saturday those individuals would sit and tell them what i have they are need that the mayor was committing to handle that and there was so many connections to the people i think are not recognized by folks and the prisoner of working with mia's the director of hope and offered abbas an apology to the mayor it is a pain in the tail to have an
7:40 am
elected official so i appreciated how warm and gracious in working with his administration i believe there are things like the navigation center and it is a foundational city commitment expensive to mitigate the impact of people living on the streets to help them and to see the stories i've read this week about public housing in chicago and realizing that services the focuses is on poor people and the least focused on i'm grateful it so many of you here and truly the braid was my happy place and thank you to supervisor wiener for psyching me in being a hardworking individual and successful in representing district 8 and take at a moment to visit raven here i don't know if you guys are willing to share
7:41 am
your names if you're in ms. 134 west. >> hi, i'm sid i'm beven's kid i'm in mr. otherers class as i'm in ms. 134 west class as hi my name is rosy. >> and you guys know my parents i love megan trainer. >> i'm in the fourth grade class. >> hi 2011 a ann jay in - i'm sophie in ms. woods class. >> i'm in mr. rs class. >> i want to acknowledge that andrea is the student body president can we give a raise and cheer for the supervisors someone want to do.
7:42 am
>> it all establishment off at the in the course of the trial game when the coach said belching do our thing go-go beven go ravens go, go, go, go ravens go. >> thank you guys thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> i know you're here or here for serious things i want to appreciate the passion for justice i appreciate you're being parish i'm sorry for the delay but justice will not be denied but detailed. >> 6thank you, beven. >> (clapping.) >> >> so i the president to invite all of beneficiaries form staffers to come forward for the photo and take an exception
7:43 am
because i think the entire board wanted to take a photo so you'll offer for the folks to take this photo with beven. >> hold on a second. >> (laughter) we're checking with the clerk. >> we'll take a two all right. we're back from recess we'll resume with the boards business madam clerk call 36 through 42. >> the ordinances that pertain to the recommendation service project and 36 for the execution and delivery of the not to exceed $20,015,000,000 for the construction and install installation of certain alleges for a rehabilitation facility for general authority to the
7:44 am
city officials to take the action with the certificates and item 37 to appropriate 200 and $15 million for the construction of rehabilitation detention facility and the associated cost of 2015-2016 and it place those funds on controllers reserved item 38 to authorize the tracks for the shoings of real property on braivent street for 4, 56 and 76 street for the lend trusts respecting and not to exceed $14.5 million and item 39 norsz is execution of tax exception and commercial paper notes in an aggregate amount of $11.3 million for the constructions of rehabilitation
7:45 am
detention facility to replace the koirnl couldn't jails three and four. >> next to. >> (speaking foreign language.) h accept and expend the revenue bond for the public works for the construction of the rehabilitation and retention to replace the council jails and 41 to appropriate one $.5 million for the rerenovation of the san francisco board of appeals for the pushing in 2015-2016 and item 42 to amend the 10 year capital plan for fiscal years 2016 through 2025 for the corrections and recognize the scope and to advance the projects within the justice facility improvement program financed in the general fund debt program. >> thank you, madam clerk okay ladies and gentlemen, now
7:46 am
we're extremity gotten the in his itself it is time to get down to work i want to recognize supervisor breed who is first if the? cue. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> bear with me colleagues he have a lot to say about this particular project as a supervisor i've been working on this issue for over a year my staff and i have invited each the 6 jails at least one my office is in constant communications with miscellaneous and anti jail advocates and earlier 24 hour revised the plan if 5 hundred and 12 bystanders to three hundred and 84 supervisor kim and i held the hearings on the proposed jail and alternatives to incarceration had the board voted to prefor or apply for state funding i made a motion to
7:47 am
specifically say the board of supervisors shall retain authority to approve or disapprove the jail facility this is an issue i take seriously but honestly it is person to me i've seen way too many people from my communities friends and family members end up on the wrong side of the bars my brot spent years there this was not an issue to take lightly you notice when you walk through county jail it is older the plumbing is bad and the offices are delipidated but the gnats are in large sells down large hauls like an old alcatraz and many of the inmates are sleeping in their bunks nothing he will
7:48 am
for them to do not ref educational programs they're not being exposed to the kinds of opportunities that will help them stay out of jail and the folks with mental health and substance issues not ref the kind of see treatment that will view them as patients instead of prisoners 850 brilliant needs to come down but we need to tear down the map of incarceration it represents (clapping.) nfl and joe jackson morgan is the third center the plan before us in its senate reiteration is the era that san francisco is trying to leave behind we need to focus more resources on humane effective mental
7:49 am
health and on a system it xaeshths the crime and recidivism i'm certainly not opted to a new facility next to 850 bryant but strongly opposed to this jail it is too big it is too expensive, and it is good focused on incarcerating people which we know disprovrpt means category people of color. >> (clapping.) >> i'm not going to support another stand alone jail to lock up african-american and latinos in the city. >> (clapping.) >> i'm not going to support continuing it lock up people with millennials and need treatment not imprisonment and
7:50 am
not lock that up people that have subsidies problems i want to see a greater than investment for those who survive under the systemic i can repeat incarceration but be combined with other city needs at the site like the b.a. in the court but most of all a greater entertainment for mental illness my brother had a drug problem needs treatment not to be locked up. >> (clapping.) >> this is an un realistic 8 years the city spent $50 million on the juvenile detention facility that is consistently less than half full a bad
7:51 am
financial investment but it's low occupancy is how our support promissory notes programs have been let's learn skip the bat development and moderate with the support program i want to thank bryan with the capital improvement plan committee and the naomi kelly and everyone on the city staff they've put a lot of hours into working on this i also want to thank the advocates and my unstoppable guide and for pushing the city to do better i know that speak folks think we need a new jail on 8 percent 50 brilliant and fiscally eir are not only but we need to involve in health treatment and not a jail i support that.
7:52 am
>> (clapping.) >> and as president of the board of supervisors i'm optimistic that we can reach a consensus we can invest without sacrificing the state funding there will be much discussion and don't want to preexempt it but offer any suggests thank superviso who was independently work on the approach i'll describe and happy to join with her and another colleagues first, it becomes the new city attorney's office a mental health facility arrest a courthouse we should jump at the opportunity to buy the land 850 about come down we need a replacement facility and most everyone in san francisco know paving well land is not getting cheaper is even in the unlikely
7:53 am
event we don't use those parcels they will be a good investment and second introducing a receives urging the director of public housing to plan for the closure of couldn't jails three and four and current retroactives that better serve at risk individuals the working group will include mlk providers and the city attorney's office public defender's office the police department, e and did you want and pretrial diversion and the controller's office and the dpw and the prisoner vacancies advocates and contemplates inmates that benefited from
7:54 am
substance abuse my hope that the chair will report back to the board with a plan that offers effect and humane have felt in public health and maintain over eligibility for state funding to build overseeing facilities i'll reiterate not a new jail i want to thank supervisor kim, supervisor wiener came back commissioner campos and supervisor farrell for co-sponsors that resolution with me in order to accomplish the prospect pretty much and time to be global for the estate finding i'm asking my claelgz colleagues to join me in giving the verbal direction to begin to have the characterization collision of the 3 properties i move we roach item 38 to be amend to roach references to previously promoted jail and $200 million in certificate of participation
7:55 am
just to be clear removing the money that comments us to the jail and money to potentially purchase the property that comes before the board of supervisors so i'd like to propose we change the stated use for the property because under the cotter legislative we're specifically the property is used for the jail we need to use this property for any other use the board will have the opportunity to accept or regret the purchase again supervisor jane kim amendments 36 to issue the certificates of participation just for the cost of the property i'm introducing amendments to item 37 to appropriate overseeing for the cost of the property and pass those amendments around and colleagues ask for your support i'll move we table item 39 the
7:56 am
$11.3 million for the intern funds for the constructions of jail just to be clear to everyone we're rejecting the planned jail my final motion. >> (clapping.) >> would be to send item 36 and 37 as amended back to committee with 38 and table 40 the acceptance of state fund and item 41 and 42 to 9 did not find public health so we'll hear them in the conclude of the yuch i don't want to cramp the discussion but people have to know where we stand a majority of this board opposed spend $300 million over and over on a design to imbritain people of color this board want to see
7:57 am
greater investment in mental health treatment for those especially those living on our streets i think we have an obligation to the taxpayers we represent not simply reject state funding by try to reflect our volumes keeping those states funds free up the capital improvement and help to provide for more mental health job train and all the things that keep people out of jail and in a real home we can create a safer and humane city colleagues he hope you'll take my comments and my comments and my amendments take into consideration this is was a really, really challenging issue i know for many of us but i know that is clear that many of the members of the board and many
7:58 am
folks in the city and county of san francisco don't want to see us waste money on a new stand alone jury trial facility it is exactly what i will not do thank you. >> (clapping.) >> ladies and gentlemen, i just want to brought to your attention a few housekeeping rules i hate to be the bear of bad news we prohibit the showings of support by applause as a alternative an opportunity to use your fingers if you hear something you like or disagreeable instead of that a thumbs down a powerful visual message we'll receive and want to remind we have a no signs in the chamber as well next person is supervisor kim followed by commissioner campos and supervisor yee and supervisor
7:59 am
farrell supervisor kim. >> thank you supervisor cowen i just the want to say i'm proud to be standing with supervisor breed that is an incredible difficult issue and i can't say i know of very many jurisdictions that talk about turning down $8 million to rebuild a job that is a courageous step we don't want the easy answer not the easy solution it is easy to sweep those that have the at least off the streets their homeless and because they're sick because they if graduate from high school or addicted to drugs jail is the easy answer this board want to say address that issue and make that a healthy hvkt and stronger system we have the only
8:00 am
county in the state of california that has built a jail since 2000 this is of concern for two reasons one nationally and in the state of california elected officials democrats and republicans and daze are stopping the massive categorization 25 years later we're learning those policies are incredible expensive and burdensome but not achieving other goals weed hope for and san francisco a vietnam veteran with post traffic was charged with arson of fire for a rome exchange he spent three hundred days in jail before the jury found him not guilty of arson he
8:01 am
got the xnl as a form of theefrp for his post traumatic stress his jail cost us four to five thousand a day and the mental health for a year would have cost on $20,000 plus and h at $56 a day a father of a 6 year-old reduced to plead guilty and jailed for 3 months 3we6789 he was and i quilted he lost custody of his daughter and car and cost 13 thousand in public funds we know that nearly three-quarters of women in state prison suffer or suffer from drugs on the local advocacy world talk about how jails with
8:02 am
a refugee because we have a progressive sheriff's department and aggressive district attorney and public defender's office, in fact, when i worked added lawyer of community for civil rights we talked about how it was finally in jail people can assess shelter and bed and 3 meals a day and health care and rehab services and access to the ged programs and more a form inmate told me he saw the prison swell people attempted to create a crime to get a temporary sentence to get regional refuge from the cold one person in 4 spent time in jail and mental health issues and so we have to ask users
8:03 am
can't there is another way to assess those serves not in jail jails are expensive to build we end up pagan for new jails for decades the city will be building proechd to build a facility for through issuing koupgsz that costs the citizens of san francisco over 3 homicide million dollars in construction alone san francisco voters have not yielded approved the construction of jails construction costs are 10 percent of total cost of a jail over a lifetime according to the association we know that we're extremity been talking about reducing jail beds but i think at the time the state granted application we didn't have in the alternatives nofrd to make a fair decision today i think there is so much we can
8:04 am
do in san francisco two factors that determine the jail population the number of people booked into jail and the length of their stay the average length between booking and release has fallen by 13 percent since. (off the record.) we're implementing many of the practices that left to right itself and states across the country are finally calling for over the last 5 years our average jail population declined by 8 percent a faster rate in the previous years in 2014 has been the lowest since 1982 corresponding to the controller's office report 2014 was the lowest and based on the impact of proposition 47 the strategy use of the methods of incarceration like electronic monitoring and the continuing
8:05 am
advances by the supervision practices the decrease in the number of beds is not a surety if san francisco a filing 50 percent of the jail beds today why do we need another jail we're leadership in san francisco that is reducing our jail population by half yet our city is incurring the is only capital opposite instead of closing we need to close the jail at 850 bryant not safe for the inmates and not for the men and women that serve in our sheriff's department to be working there as well we definitely need to close that facility and actually, i think we can do that now >> and as we continue incur what a new criminal justice system and reimagine our
8:06 am
criminal justice system there are important questions first who are we holding in our jails who percentage are heels and surviving u suffering from mlk and how many in jail they can't afford bail if we discover that thirtyers of our jail population are homeless let's build a different shelter like permanent affordable housing if we know that a percentage is impacted by mlk let's build a medical industry or center where it is possess appropriate to address what we see in the city in fact i get overwhelms we invest their taxpayers into mlk services there is an assumption they exist for the dangerous criminals this assumptions is supported by data and information about the population
8:07 am
but this is what we know we know the negative impacts of yale human beings a short stay if jail can untie the lives of those who are did not on - we know individuals that have been evicted because there were not available to make the impact - income to pay rent of later their cases are dropped parents losses custody of their children and one case leading to a death of a common cold in chesterfield when the defendant was not affording the bail and his babies not if this how to take care of him the u.s. leads the world in pretrial and an estimate half a million people
8:08 am
are in the jails on any given day can't make bail we there is still a lot more work to do we know that those calls of action are happening throughout the country i hope we are a model for how to make our communities safer i want to recognize supervisor breed for doing a tremendous amount of work and thank you to you and your staff and i have i didn't has been working on this issue over a year and the tremendous advocates percentage provides the issues i've that idle but most importantly recognize laura thrombins and others that provided a ton of policy support we really rethink what it means to build a better city here in
8:09 am
san francisco i'm proud of today. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> commissioner campos. >> thank you, madam chair i like to ask the members of the public to say a no to a new jail to stand if you're able? >> thank you, thank you. >> i ask that was i think that the fact that most people in this room are standing tells us where san francisco really is on this issue and i think that a clear message couldn't have been sent thank you very much you may sit if you like but i want to ask that because i want that i am going to stick with us as we move forward you you know time after time a number of us question whether or not a new jail is needed and staff to consider the option we held a meeting that
8:10 am
supervisor kim chaired we asked about the alternatives and no alternatives that was seriously considered so from the request from the board to consider alternative of alternatives was not headed maybe the fact that most people in the room standing against the new jail about get through to our staff they'll consider going into a different direction and to the folks that are here he wanted to know there is a lot of procedural questions and maneuver that is happening the key question what we're doing on item 40 40 specifically allows the sheriff it authorizes the sheriff's department to accept and expend $80 million for the purpose of rehabilitating and
8:11 am
building a detention facility by tabling that item today along the lines of what supervisor president london breed and supervisor kim hsa have outlined we're sending a clear message that any effort to build a new jail in san francisco will not be moving forward out that this body and whether it hemispheres today or down in a month or year i don't see it board of supervisors in any way approving anything that allows with the expenditure of money to build would a new jail in the sfoivenlths is it is not what san francisco wants that simple with that, i also want to leave us with this it is not enough that we do this
8:12 am
today we need to not only rededicate ourselves thirty to this effort what roma and other have been fooiktd forgive coming up with alternatives but focus on sacramento parts of the problem is the misguided misappropriated priorities of santa monica the only thing that sacramento gives jurisdiction for san francisco is for jails and by saying no, thank you governor jerry brown only thank you but, yes we need money for other things we need money for housing, we need money for education, we need money inform 40 for so many
8:13 am
things our families in san francisco are struggling to stay here and so not enough to shoot this down we need a to recommit ourselves to going to sacramento so the money is given to city's like san francisco so address the niece of people of this city i hope that happens we know by voting to table not only am i voting to say no to a new jail but, yes to invest in the future of of our families thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you commissioner campos next will be supervisor yee. >> thank you very much this has been a difficult discussion and i think was last week, we had the hearing that was shedding a lot of light and on any thinking and it's been difficult discussion because it
8:14 am
is like how do we turn a negative discussion into a positive how do we sit down and figure out what we really can do for people that are in situations where they might be incarcerated i think i want to say i appreciate supervisor breed and supervisor kim and everyone that is working on this to look at it how to have a positive discussion and the amendments that you've asks for and to start that dialogue with the working group is really the way to look at this as a positive discussion i think we should have this i'm glad you brought this up and to get us in that direction and by having this working group and investigating some time to have
8:15 am
a discussion people get together but provides an opportunity for our system to try out they're new itself program to use the national assessment to actually reduce the number of people that are incarcerated into put them into alternative programs yeah you know $80 million really is we should be keep the $80 million and put it if preschool i mean it if you want to talk about prevention we know that works and don't know why the state didn't support that i want to support the amendments that are going to be made and so forth i have one question and which i hope someone can answer he want 80 us to go ahead and
8:16 am
try to purchase that property but why are we using certificate of participation but it will cost us several millions in terms of interest or whatever it is why can't say we find $15 million in the budget and pay for it we don't losses million dollars this is a question i want to know i want to pose it. >> supervisors ben controllers certainly large items we do like many governments that finance but cash could be used for is that cash will come from the general fund likely but an option indians this is going back to the committee and part of ad hoc committee.
8:17 am
>> i want to stressed if we could find funding in the qyq this means we will have several million dollars that could go into services. >> is that it supervisor yee. >> next supervisor farrell. >> thank you, madam chair i want to extend supervisor president breed it is a tough issue and the person choice is relevant and jermaine and coming from the right place i'm in full support and the other week if committee he simply want to say i hope we march down this road in a consecutive manner you know if we close the current hall of justice we know and we're extremity talked about in deplorable position for the
8:18 am
prisoners and the deputy sheriffs we'll be in an overcrowding situation and as much of a supporter and hope the built as the board at the state level to plug more into those efforts and certainly commend the efforaround mental health b more than anything thank you to supervisor breed for her efforts here. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you. i want to first acknowledge deputy chief friedman in the back deputy chief and other for really show me the treble conditions within the hall of justice and bryan strong important i think trying to do his best with the difficult situation i'm sorry to be on the side of the thirty
8:19 am
nonprofit and social justice organizations and did many members in the audience that are have been a growing coalition against the building of the new jail i want to say and commissioner campos asked people to stand this is not the first time we're extremity seen the multi racial justice you've been here for budget committee mergers that supervisor katie tang and supervisor farrell eye and i and the gao and your strengths is growing he want to say as black lives matter and critical resistance it is a racial justice issue and c.j. has hieltdz the number the burns institute to that 49 percent of jail is filled with african-americans and a huge percentage of latinos and chicanos and other of color as well 7.3 times the arresting
8:20 am
rates for african-americans then the general population and growing the industrial complex as the folks have said needs to be stopped would be principles and building up racial multiply so it is not about the board of supervisors but the movements out there that are challenging the growing collection i wanted to say i'm here in solidarity with this coalition and young people for the young impedes e women's investments have been out more and more and give proposes to the young people not investing in the jails i also wanted to acknowledge that san francisco as other have said california do much better in investing in alternatives and people and mental illness extort
8:21 am
systems and up to 40 percent of our in custody as the healthy rofrtd in the budget conceptually committee are people that suffer from mental illness they need treat i'm glad our department of mlk is looking that road but supervisor president breed and supervisor jane kim one way or another we're extremity shift not building new jails i wanted to say we don't need to continue to criminal ccii criminal lists the powerful over ero often the coalition of homeless that stood up we need to continue to decrime scene the efforts and not mental illness but giving people real opts without a doubt a just jails a more beds in the system we have now, one thousand
8:22 am
plus inmates that is three hundred and 50 in the hall of justice and marks the 33 year low for our system down from the 2 thousand three hundred inmates in the mid 90s i think that was about 10 years ago that new jail emerged that population was at that level but because the coalition and other gradual and rapid decreases in the population i believe with bail reform as the gao and the mental health services we're moving forward towards the community-based alternatives so i stands with the coalition and am proud of board for taking this bold and strong action along with the coalition. >> thank you supervisor mar and supervisor peskin.
8:23 am
>> schoolz. >> thank you supervisor avalos all. >> thank you it is actually important to go out commissioner mark farrell it supervisor eric mar if it was 15 years ago we got andrew's protesting prop 21 that kartsz more people giving the da daze as charging people as adults we took over the oakland planning commission i met a lot of people during that time the i critical resistance was around and starting and i feel like it is i'm excited to see how much the organize has done on for years and the voice of people have come to this board through several meetings
8:24 am
we're extremity had and openly and rooektd $80 million from the state government to build a new jail and not a lot of victories they have not been i roll call in alameda county in 2000 and 2001 that went forward it is hard to finds overseeing victories and say now no to the complex and i think here we work at city hall and accept things we kind of sleepwalk in you're jobs and resolve those problems capable city workers to make sure our facilities as a gay good as they can be but start to build a new jail and make it smaller the current jails three and four and doing our part to prevent the incarceration of
8:25 am
people because we have few jail beds but stacking the step to continue the prison and industrial complex the way our facilities lock up and keep people down especially brown and black they're clearly other ways to go i actually find themselves of myself thinking main that's the way things are you read angela davidson and with that in my ahead this is a way to go that was a couple years ago and it took people and roma meet me and san francisco state university and turned my head around what are you thinking what have you been part of vance and going to be a facility that is part of keeping people downturn their lives negatively
8:26 am
forever we have this before us and i'm excited a second time to be voting against this effort to build a new jail in san francisco i want to thank my colleagues for their strong and bryan strong that works on the capital improvement plan committee and the controller's office and even in the sheriff's department that is important we fellow what supervisor president london breed has talked about in terms of looking at alternatives to building a new jail and what we put if place has nothing to do with with the people behind bars but people with a substance we need to make our lives better and making sure we have love treatment and places to live we can have access to mlk services and keeping our community whole and families those are the things that make a difference
8:27 am
and as supervisor yee talked about childcare makes the biggest difference so in terms of investments for young people below the age of 5 will be with them the rest of their lives that's the greatest investment for love we all know is what is mavericking human beings complete i'm happy to vote against this this is a small step that is taking this out of the valuation of being part of what is sleepwalk way of vetting the industrial complex much more to do i'm looking forward to being part that have. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. >> thank you acting president i'm so proud to be on this board today it is as a on and on son of two mental health
8:28 am
professionals that is exactly what i was raised on i want to thank everyone in the community rothman ma and other thomas for making this vote with the leadership of supervisor president london breed and supervisor kim subpoena an easy vote to take as i've reemerged myself in the week i've been here for bad players i ever remarkably combrosz combrelsz on the ones the liable sheriff mike advocating our outgoing sheriff a thinking has evolved our in coming sheriff kevin about the inmate population the tour i received yesterday, i think they want to have the facilities where they have the ability to
8:29 am
have mental health services that topnotch and really in large part going to be in sheriff's bailey to work with this board and the advocates in other words, to achieve what we must achieve the closer of c.j. four i look forward and expend to the sheriff's department very sincerely the desire to work to achieve that and make that dream come true with the complexes of clagz and complexes of san bruno and c.j. one and two and work with the states to hang on the $80 million where san francisco is the progressive leaders in criminal justice system under the leadership of sheriff hennessy and will be as we move forward. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> thank you make madam chair
8:30 am
thank you supervisor president london breed we're extremity had a number of confections over the most about this proposal and also about the drastic needs for more mental health services in san francisco more beds and ability to take people that are in crisis and destable and get them healthy i think we all agree that massive incarceration is a huge problem in the country one of the greatest challenges as self-i think inflicted wound in san francisco and in addition to the telephone to 13 hundred daily number of people in our jail system on a given day balanced by 50 percent in the last decades we're extremity bucked the national trends and significantly reducing our jail population and in fact, we have
8:31 am
almost as many people now on some type of diversion in our county jail system so i do think this is important we talk about massive incarceration on a national level to really acknowledge san francisco we have not yielded just rallied against massive incarceration but walked the walked under reducing the number of people in our jail facilities and moving more and more people into alternative of jail incarceration that's a positive thing i'm happy to support what we are doing today, i think to say stent we get people in a safeway into different alternatives be is miscellaneous or substance abuse program they're not carted it is good for the taxpayer and good for the communities
8:32 am
i want to note that we need to get this right this can't be just talk about how important to have more mlk facilities or alternatives we have a crime problem here in san francisco i know that our violent crime levels in san francisco have gone down but in a number of areas at the scene of the crime is significant up in the city not a blip you sitting down up in our neighborhoods everyday and it is a very real thing we need to make sure if we're don't go to be sixth reducing our number of jail beds as will happen when this jail is torn down and not replaced we have those real alternatives if we don't have those real alternatives we're going to have a real problem on our hands i've seen strategies including in the
8:33 am
examiner how we have our jails at 50 percent empty or one thousand empty jail beds i've landmarked the numbers and talked to a lot of people that is not true we'll be when this jail is torn down our jail population will be one or one and 50 above our capacity and we're going to have to work through that so as we're doing it all i'm saying doing it is eyes wide open and not opinionated our jails are half by but have to make hard choices and not pretend we don't have to make those alternatives a reality the miscellaneous system in this state as your honor, raffled we in san francisco and other local jurisdictions pay
8:34 am
the price for that everyday and we as local jurisdictions local communities have to react to that and we have to do do that we're not getting the help if 9 sulfate and federal government we'll looking forward to getting that done. >> thank you, supervisor wiener it supervisor tang. >> i think a lot has been said i agree with on this topic i do want to thank supervisor president london breed for the decision or the kind of x-chromesomes that have proposed so i know that sheriff is leaving his position but want to thank him one of the first things we do was take me on the tour of all the jails so i feel like this conversation had a better understanding how some of the inmates are going through and the issues we have a quorum i do want to second the motion you've made i don't know if you
8:35 am
want to have me restate so just to be clear. >> go ahead. >> amending items 36 and 37 and accept and expend that back to the finance committee and supervisor yee in budget committee we'll work with the controller's office and mayor's office and foulth the best source of funding i believe you said to also send back item 38 the reference to the jail and tabling item 39 and 40. >> and also sending items 41 and 42 the mental health pies back to committee. >> supervisor tang. >> and supervisor cowen. >> thank you. i just want to take a moment to recognize an can i believe educator in our community roma a woman.
8:36 am
>> roma can you stand up please. there we go . >> (clapping.). this is agency woman that is a try educator through every thing in ear entire being from here head to her toes taken time to educate people on the issue and offend person stories and given and bought books certainly a reading assignment i want to take a moment to appreciate the portions of an educator and respect roma and the leadership of laura thomas that i spent less time but through overwhelms and messages we want to acknowledge i've received all of them and recognize supervisor kim and also supervisor president london breed for their leadership and helping you guess
8:37 am
look at this issue through a different lens and also want to recognize the mainstream that work every single day in the building not only those we spends time talking about those who help but the office space in the building there or people that are noirmz to the advocates that make the realms to educate and rally and show supports in creating an summit we owe a debt of advocacy and work i don't know what the outcome is today but i want to speak to the advocates in the social justice movement and remind them an incredible amount of work may be one jail we have an incredible system that is in place for many, many years that has dpe humanized and
8:38 am
tore did you observe people for generations and work to do to provide support for you for you're fellow people in the communities and want to recognize there were thoughtful people that works on the proposal although the proposal is not the right direction want to recognize the hard work of the city employees that have put their time and effort and in putting together this will proposal i look forward to a more thoughtful decision port commission an incredible state we live in and posed to be a leader in the social justice movement and continue to have thoughtful conversations around alternatives thank you. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> so with that, just a final few comments before we move to
8:39 am
the vote, of course, my co-sponsors to the resolution for the working groups supervisor kim, supervisor wiener supervisor farrell supervisor cowen supervisor campos and, yes that's all i had and again supervisor peskin and want to also recognize roma for taking my phone calls and answering the questions being a fight for this cause and making sure that you know we as a city we continue to do better and continue to do better to serve the people that need us probation officer make the good policy decisions and like to thank my aid conner johnson for working hard to prepare those amendments and prepare a lot of the information here today we were able to discuss and i appreciate his harrods and the aids in my office a very, very difficult subject matter as i said it is
8:40 am
personal to me for so many reasons i'm grateful to any colleagues who also really care about making a good sounds policy decision when it comes to something that involves people that need us to do better with that, we're amending items 36 and 37 as circulated and we are sending those back to committee we are sending items 38, 41 and 42 to committee and tabling items 39 and 40 i'll start with each item to be clear first on the amendment to item number 36 it was moved by me and it was seconded by supervisor tang, supervisor kim colleagues we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. the amendment passes amazing and colleagues on item 37 can we take moved by me and seconded by
8:41 am
supervisor tang colleagues that amendment without objection we'll take that without objection. the amendment passes unanimously and the motion to send items 36, 37 and 38 and 41 and 42 back to committee we'll take that without objection. it passes and amazing tabled the items we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. item 39 and 40 are tabled paw you can claaw you cy >> (clapping.) >> (chanting)
8:42 am
(chanting) (chanting) >> we'll 5 men recess. >> all right. folks we're back to conduct the business of the board of supervisors ambassador m go to our next item. >> >> item 43 an ordinance to amend the planning code for the childcare for office and hotel projects to impose a
8:43 am
childcare fee for residential projects to provide oust and a conform the second and other finding. >> supervisor yee thank you supervisor president london breed as i just mentioned in our last discussion one of the things we all know that works in prevention and saying a lot of funding from society is to invest early on in early education and so what this a lot of aspects of a the early education childcare one of them the bolt to have facilities to house those programs so after many months of discussion i'm excited to be here before you to present
8:44 am
a again, after through committee the legislation that will address those hectic under funding and under redemption go childcare facility the impact fee was the first that san francisco access on development that was create over three years ago and san francisco was the first city to create inclusionary housing program we're once again creating the first program to question of give the developers to dictate units to chiropractor this will be the first of its kind in the nation, we currently are 3 thousand 5 hundred children in the eligibility list waiting for childcare over of our o, however, only had 2 percent for
8:45 am
the working parents coupled with the fact we have recreations within the next 15 years san francisco population will grow by another one and sfgov highway meaning more children by the need to do something to start looking ahead and being creative how we'll increase violate for childcare for over families that expands the impact fees to include the residential and the developments citywide and increase the fees to those determined in the 2014 citywide nexus study those additional fees could result in wurpdz of $5 million for the chiropractor funds for the next 5 to seven years this sounds like a drop in the bucket but doubling what we're getting when you look at
8:46 am
the demands for creating and expanding and so forth of childcare space and being able to fund 1/5th to one-tenth of the demand it is socializing need our costs of 4 hundred to 5 hundred thousand to build out not talking about building a building but a small childcare building in san francisco this is important affordable options one of the best way to license home-based childcare that legislation will create an option for the developers to devote one to 8 children at any given time theer register project has that up to 3 units
8:47 am
to be dedicated to licensed family childcare to allow them to get a decreasing amount for the impact fee we believe that will lead to the creation of dozens of units that will have the potential of substance abuse to hundreds of families this legislation is gone through a number of revisions we continue to work tireless to address the comments we're extremity received and value each other of them i want to thank the planning commission, the planning department staff that worked diligently with us to craft this legislation monique and other staff at the mayor's office of housing with sophie hayward and maria benjamin i want to thank the many, many childcare providers and participants that came out and supported that legislation i
8:48 am
especially want to thank my staff who has worked for over a year to craft this piece of legislation 0 it is acceptable and will move forward and i also want to thank my colleagues supervisor kim and supervisor avalos for co-sponsors this legislation so i have dedicated my whole life to making san francisco a family-friendly city and shlgdz to accomplish that and raised my family i believe that is an important step in the right direction so colleagues he hope he have you're support. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> on item 43 madam clerk call the roll oh, excuse me. supervisor avalos oh, never mind. >> i want to thank supervisor yee for working on this legislation i live that a part of san francisco police commission tfa san francisco large population of children
8:49 am
under the age of 5 and losing our family daycare paradise because of evictions and also we're have a lack of facilities for childcare we're losing those to evictions this is really critical we're actually blofrt the funds to cover the childcare needs and facilities in san francisco family da's office providers provide much more valuable than the family based car consider and having that available for more families makes that possible for families to stay in san francisco and we can address the affordability crisis so i have my full support on this legislation. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> i want to recognize supervisor yee and his office for the leadership around childcare and early childcare
8:50 am
acres or issues we not had a leader in the board of supervisors and it is great to have someone that brings this to the land use policy and we create more jobs we have to make sure that the city is live work by providing increased childcare center and only by dedicating the space i'm excited to be a co-sponsor along with commissioner avalos but thank you to supervisor yee more than a statement hoping to invest into our framework and supervisor avalos. >> can i be added to the co-sponsor. >> seeing no other names on the roster madam clerk and supervisor cowen supervisor mark farrell
8:51 am
supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos schooed. >> commissioner campos there are 11 i's and the ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading item 44 are ordinance to amend the administrative code to establish the right-of-way policy to promote safety and tolerance and ham new among overseeing who use the streets for bicycle who fail to stop at stop signs the lowest proprietor. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you supervisor president london breed first of all, i want to thank my co-sponsors for this measures which i admit is controversial sxhoepd commissioner campos,
8:52 am
supervisor kim supervisor mar and supervisor wiener thank you for your co-sponsorship and also thing jeremy my legislative aide to for working on this a big cyclist cyclist in the city that is very, very person i'm a lifelong cyclist since the age of 10 learned at 7 year-old and got any real bike at 10 years old i'm mostly beacon to commute i'm multiply mobile not on the bike as much the one thing that biking gave me a sense of this city a have a tap graph map of san francisco i know where all the hills and how to avoid them and whoonz i want to tackle and know what the practice of crystal i've been krooif under the xhoifr from city hall for 10
8:53 am
years it is a 5 million commute i circled circled circled i used a guitar to protect myself if cars recycling can be a dangerous opportunity but it makes it a low low save and part of raurns or awareness to make sure we're looking at out for people and cars and pedestrians and other vehicles that use you're streets and it is something that legislation is really about and i'm one of one person there are thousands of people that have the experience ever what the o.j. what it is like in the city how to protect themselves and other people and make sure their looking at for pedestrians and a roof cyclists is don't circle and put people's lives at
8:54 am
fear they're not the main body of cyclists but the minority and we don't have like a pr add that promotes cycling in the is i e country that leads to a lot of miss exemptions about cycling in to we see everywhere in san francisco we're extremity seen the rapid increase of people riding bikes and led to a conflict of bicyclists and drivers new consensus the commuters that are riding doubled between 2006 we can minimize if we yield you're streets work best when we treat
8:55 am
other like we want to be treated like cyclists and autopsies automobile we're wondering what cyclists and automobiles will be doing the california vehicle code requires the bikes to follow the rules as cars but bikes are different it generates one hundred was the of power like hours power cars a uc berkley physics professor found a cyclist is rolls through a stop use 25 percentlessly energy than the cyclists excuse me. that fully stops we've leaders that traffic flows better when we give bicyclists considerations like bike lanes and as parts of vision zero the san francisco police department focus on the 5 the dangerous
8:56 am
most dangerous traffic violations there is running red lights and stop signs violating pedestrian right-of-way, exempting turning violations and speeding, however, district enforcement is current productive for several reasons it takes away scarce enforcements and counter inner tuff to how people navigate the intersections and discourages people from bicycling common sense enforcement of law makes you are streets more predictable i've heard a lot about this ordinance people building that it gives special accommodations to bike riders this is not true it is about setting the priorities for the san francisco police department that reflect our policies and conforming those policies with the
8:57 am
practices of kind of like in san francisco the san francisco police department claims the enforcement of bicyclist violations is a low priority but we're extremity seen data that contradicts they dictated office hours i repeat one hundred and 14 officer hours on 5 and 6th street for ticketing people on the wilting that is for most dangerous intersections they're not on the wiggle there are no records of enforcements at market street and octavia the city's most dangerous system that is based on the injuries as reported boy this department of public health this two day crack counsel 2 had had and 4
8:58 am
citations with the vast majority going to bicyclists the san francisco police department cites bicyclists through stop signs on october 1, '12 san francisco police department cruiser we are seen stacking occult the intrfshgs waller and steiner and ticketing bicyclists between manipulated that was recorded to me directly and reports of talk the walk bicyclists on the wiggle the chronicle recorded a young woman for rolling to a stop sign at less than 5 miles per hour she said the stop took 15 minutes for the ticketing to be made you having could focus on much more dangerous activities on a street the ticketing for biking is 2 this defendant dollars within is
8:59 am
making the project rent to get more clarity i'm submitting a letter of inquiry to the police department for the number of citation for bicycle riders to phil to yield this didn't condone the biologists who don't slow down to 6 miles per hour arrest 6 feet to pedestrians this ordinance will not discourage the police department from talk the walk unsafe behavior we can't allow the sfpd to prioritize ticking of behaviors by bicyclists instead of focusing on the city's dangerous intersection jeering first of all, it requires cyclists so year-old and that
9:00 am
yielding can mean stopping and making sure the pedestrians have the right-of-way it also says if bikes are not to a complete stop but negotiating the inspectors at 6 mile-per-hour and i think outside the box as i said it also specified the distance the exists must have between themselves and pedestrians at any rate of feet this ordinance also has a language that encourages can't require the mta but can you remember the mta to have an education campaign educating the cyclists and how the education works this thing past year $400,500,000 for the vision zero program and we also have money that is available from the transportation authority to pay for added education efforts around cyclist in the city in many legislation
9:01 am
will urge the mta to carry out this education colleagues this is common sense legislation and for a city that is working to get people out of their cars and to use less of a cartoonish i am brilliant that incentives our climate goals and bicyclists help to meet our overhead needs i encourage our support. >> thank you supervisor avalos supervisor cowen. >> over a year ago we as a city commit to the vision zero policy which is a policy that is committed that commits our city to 2020 and facilities by the year of 2024 a good policy i
9:02 am
stand behind and a dozens of high injury kortsdz we distinct to see and make improvements to as part of vision zero commitment approximately 7 thousand intersection in san francisco and i think we have a collective responsibility to make sure they're safe to the best of of our built to everyone that enters into the intersections whether residents or not are safe, i think we need to been holistically about cyclists and pedestrians and people that are disabled whether their sight impaired or in a wheelchair they'll be using overseeing corridors an if this ordinance passes it will porsche put in nourment we're extremity heard testimony from the
9:03 am
disability advocates advocating their concerns around that policy i'd like to the also take a moment to recognize that just yesterday a bicyclists was tragically killed on the southeast part of the city in the neighborhood we don't know all the details an investigation is under a way those are the kinds of incidents and situations that i'm really concerned about i have a real concern that ordinance will confuse the issue and future create a miss understanding between drivers and pedestrians and have a few concerns when it comes down to improvement particularly with the novrn english speaking community not only enforcement if in the monthly lingual community but enforcement i've yet to see that
9:04 am
happen to the question i received from passionate go san franciscans phone calls and overwhelms on both sides of the issues raised real concerns that are boycott e legitimate i'm e i'm not trying to demolish those from the cycling community but 90 but the passage of that will come to a harvard challenge for those seniors and not able to support this legislation as it is today thank you. >> thank you. i see a long list on the roster at&t park we talkative today supervisor farrell. >> thank you, supervisor breed first thank you to supervisor avalos and supervisor breed and supervisor wiener that put that worked on this measure as well as the other co-sponsors i understand this policy was long
9:05 am
in the making and a direct response to some of the acts link the wiggle and take the opportunity to supervisor president london breed i understand where she is coming from having said that, die building that changing the rules of road a appropriate response for me first of all, you're students her in san francisco are more commend until we have serious suggestions about a subway city that supervisor wiener started to talk about it is on this boo going to get worse and worse and people move to san francisco we doing doing everything we can to promote our transit first policies but recognize the status of roads and any up to this point in time as someone that group i grew up riding muni pea my bike by
9:06 am
myself through the streets of san francisco before i was a teenager and when i turned 16 and started to throw a car into the mix still drive a car and ride a bike with my kids and walk as much as possible our roads are the crazy itself due to more people or construction it is what is haven everyday in san francisco i see drivers driving for aggressive than ever before and bicyclists blowing through stop signs and rltsz every single day to work and pedestrians walk with their heads down with their iphones from my perspectives everything here everybody that every mode of transportation is added fault in many ways and everyone in san francisco needs to take ownership we need to take accountant for all
9:07 am
residents we rightfully contempt a ton of resources to vision zero i support and a number of unfortunate accident on the other hand, these in district 2 i don't see how this legislation furthers that goal people talked about this legislation in the context off pedestrians versus bicyclists frankly pitting that against each other drives me this is from my prospective everyone needs to be more vigilantes on the streets that means everyone bicyclists and pedestrians and car drivers and changing the rules of roads in san francisco to allow one mode of transportation to have a legally different set of rules on the roads doesn't make sense and a lot has been made about this works else were
9:08 am
i understand major cities no europe we talk about idaho and to states the obvious we're a different setting idaho, i do as i looked it up earlier today has about 20 people per skwierp we have over 17 thousand people per square mile it is simply different we need to acknowledge the reality and lastly there is comments about well, that is a small resolution you know it can't say be implemented that is against state law it didn't really does much except contradict san francisco police department is don't say more than that it sends a preliminary hearing to everyone in san francisco that one mode of transportation in the city has a
9:09 am
different set of rules than anyone else i'm a huge property of more bike lanes we did it on my street with my kids and my wife and i will and in district 2 and making that more attractive for bicyclists to be in san francisco we need to increase liability and attractiveness for transit first but changing the rules of the road for not only bicyclists but other people that use the road to me is the wrong medications i appreciate the intent of the resolution i understand where supervisor president london breed is coming from i do believe a ton of public safety issues that dictates sfpd is looking at crime with that said, i doolittle doable this make sense i'll not are supporting
9:10 am
that. >> thank you supervisor farrell supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i want to say i think the understand the intent that supervisor avalos is trying to bring to the table and after all he was like supervisor jane kim and myself co-authorize of dissolutions which rules do we follow i'm thinking whether i'm a pedestrian or something that is biking or a driver what we don't want to do is create more situations where we're second-guessing where a biker ever or are anyone else will be doing some anticipation, of course, careful makes sure regardless if you're walking or biking are driving a vehicle but
9:11 am
there's sometimes assume if there is a stop sign they're going to stop and if we're really don't know what someone about do is scarey i'd to be on the save side we have rules let's follow it you know what i mean, i'll be doing it will be safer so i'll not be supporting the legislation today. >> thank you schoe supervisor wiener. >> okay. i'm going to support supervisor avalos a few option comments in a row i support that this legislation and happy to sign on early as a co-author i think a lot of expressions of both support and option but in terms of the opposition i received almost every single
9:12 am
communication i've received in opposition e-mails or otherwise talks about cyclists that run red lights or blow through stop signs or violate a right-of-way and almost hit a pedestrian i almost we're 11 for 11 wanting the cyclists to get ticketed their reckless behavior but not what this legislation is about this legislation i won't repeat with supervisor avalos said doesn't in any way exonerate people that are engaging in reckless behavior people traiflg of miller or less critically slow speeds and people that accusationly enter an intersection only if no one else is interest not violating anyone else's right-of-way we're not
9:13 am
talking about someone that blows through stop signs this didn't apply to someone who is doing that not talking about running a red light this legislation didn't apply we're not talking about a krieflts speeding or riding on sidewalks i know we have a boarder discussion around the way that people act on the road cyclists and muni drivers and ridership drivers a intentional discussion how we should be sgrak with people in the city this is legislation is about a specific type of cycling not creating danger for anyone and this legislation is about making sure that people can actually bike in the city i agree completely with supervisor farrell we're getting be a more and more cross-out
9:14 am
city we see is it on the streets every single day with the congestion of every mode of transportation and only going to get more congested as you're population is growing by other one and 50 thousand people by the quarters of a century but do the best we can to make that as easy as possible for people to assess forms of transportation other than driving their own car investing in the transportation system and vice chair a great car sharing and making that as easy as possible for people to ride bikes having a bike system that reflects the reality how people ride bikes the fact is a stop sign at every intersection on streets little or no traffic
9:15 am
little risk of anything happening with the bikes entering the intersection slowly and cautiously some people will not stop at every single intersection port commission in every city i've ever seen and fancy for us to think they're going to do so so cyclists continue to get tickets someone in any districts sent me a citation under 57 mile-per-hour but got a ticket i don't think that is how we should be using our law enforcement resources people that are are being hit and dying on the streets we have far better used for our a scarce law enforcement so i'll be supporting this legislation. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you very much i know that there been comments and concerns about safety in
9:16 am
relation i'll not repeat those one of the top concerns is again how we are telling me the police department that something should be the lowest enforcement priority for them that's where i fundamental have the issue what will stop us in the future police department we'll tell you what you're priorities that should be worked or worked out with community members, in fact, when i go to the police captain their priorities change they want the police to focus on something and next month something else i hear about cyclists not riding safely and it's okay. as along their caution i i don't like the
9:17 am
police enforcement that one, the fundamental concerns the other thing is that as we know that state law governs the rules of road i appreciate we're trying to adopt a san francisco right-of-way policy that is a policy so i wanted to make sure that whether you're a residents or a visitor coming from out of state i understand what 9 rules of road are owe not something that san franciscans know about the yielding and be a personal level i don't have a problem that accident yielding again, if you're. >> broadcast bicyclists and experiencing caution and not coming to a complete stop i don't believe that that police should be spending their time endorsing those kinds of situations but that legislation came being because of some i think ousted arraigns behavior from one police captain and not
9:18 am
adapt this because of one type of behalf we work better with the practical captain to make sure we addresses our values and the safety priorities what we could do a better job and should do more work in terms of enforcements on distracked driving and distransacted bike and those all those things making sure we are paying attention so i want to dots best to support the biking communities they've done amazing things to take the cars oath the road and like supervisor farrell i grew up bike before it was cool in san francisco so and he also when i was in college had on this a bike and if you're talking about e grerg behavior the police were hiding behind bushes on campus ticketing
9:19 am
students we need to be careful no matter what we are doing i'd like us to focus on some other things to make the roads safer for everyone no matter of mode of tracking transportation but not address the police activities. >> supervisor mar. >> let me be succinct so many has been building inside on this issue for me i'll say i'm appreciative that supervisor avalos has brought that forward and i think best of my knowledge lash or the scope getting of bicyclists for the problems cause a culture speeding and cars is really the issue before us i think when there is an anti bicycle bias between the police department cult not just one or two police officers that is much broader than that if the safety
9:20 am
committee to others issues we're extremity dolt day and night with that is ridiculous to say that the counter to vision zero vision zero and the focus on 5 to identify in a dedicated approach the danger is and again, the high injury corridors with the cars bicyclists unsafe bicycling is an issue about the cultural of cars and killing of people on discredits is night and day a lot of dialogue but want to binge that back supervisor avalos action a 10-year-old he was riding i had a green stingray two speedy learned how to ride safely and good efforts that he the bicycle coalition and other lead so we're trying to reach 20 percent by 2020 of bicyclists i think that kind of push back really important type of policy is
9:21 am
counter to our policy as supervisor avalos mentioned to a healthier city reducing the carbon footprint and want to say i think the bias of the ticketing of bicyclists on the widen and other places is something that helps to address by sclaifr what the policies are when we all rode on the bike to work day many of us probable be cautiously slowed and blow through some stop signs i'll be speed up we know that happens often i'll say whether it is idaho, colorado or other city's it is the right thing to do for san francisco and we should be pufsh back on the ticketing of $200 for bicyclists that are not endaring anyone our times of the boards politics my colleagues
9:22 am
join supervisor avalos and the other co-sponsors and anti bicyclists bias within the police department and the cultural and to stop scapegoating bicyclists for riding safely and trying to make the city a better place as well that's my $0.02. >> thank you supervisor mar. >> supervisor kim. >> i want to recognize supervisor avalos and his office and leadership for bringing this policy before us this is something we're extremity talked about for quite a number ever years in our confusion how we can make that a safer city for all the mode shares but how we can reduce the congestion on the streets if you, we want to get anymore individuals out of their cars out of the crowded muni and the congested streets into they're bikes this was on the ordinances that will help to insure that if you're a muni bus
9:23 am
and the streets is two cross-out it is for you about save behavior we don't tolerant batting bad behave this ordinances are help to move the bicyclists through the intersection and across the street bikers know they don't want to tackle with cars their lose the fight with the vehicle that is thousands of pounds so cyclists is simply not going to engage in danger behavior they can't say endanger the pedestrians when we talk about a better transportation city, of course, we need to talk about anymore muni service and increase the muni services we need to talk about shivering that bicyclists feel safe and create a sets of
9:24 am
laws that are going to encourage people to bike and do so safely hesitate what this ordinance is and many of the points are made why we should support i'm happy to be a co-sponsors with supervisor avalos as a beginning cyclists on the streets i see how this encourages me to bike more if there are not cars and not pedestrians on the street a slow role through can help to insure that i can safely there are no goat get through the city this is a good policy moving forward i think this can work in san francisco as well. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor avalos i don't want to repeat but jeer this legislation is not so much but changing rules i don't think that is about changing rules but
9:25 am
really about how we can have make people that yield at stop signs the lowest priority for law enforcement it is really about making sure we're putting our resources where they really need to go cyclists who are approaching stop signs at slow speeds looking at for pedestrians are not causing harm and to stand the appreciate resources and such behavior an intersections that are actually not critical intersections to the vision zero efforts is making enforcement recycle we're doing the enforcement but police department to have discretion and when we legislate one of the lowest detroit's priorities we give the police department
9:26 am
discretion we need that kind of enforcement if we look at market octavia intersection national getting any kind of enforcement and we believe because of bias against cyclists then we're not doing we we need to do with the vision zero program far people that run stop signs and violate the pedestrian right-of-way and competing complete turning violations and speeding but actually allowing the cyclists do come to a yield at stop signs we're not endorsing stop signs but enforcing studying speeding a cyclist is blogging through the intersection the police can go after them they've violated speeding and avoid and stop sign by blogging introduce it in a dangers way to just to be clear we want our police department to
9:27 am
do effective enforcement not to waste their times think 15 minute $200 fixture or intelligent for people not causing danger on our streets colleagues, i have a number ever small amendments i don't believe i have two of i passed out a sheet of paper the first i'll read into the record is on page 3 lines three and four it is vision zero language clean up the 70 sfldz or san francisco police department is focused on the behaviors most likely to result in someone seriously injured some seriously injured the next one on page 5 line 3 adding the words always that bicyclists yield in accordance
9:28 am
with the ordinance the words always is new an page 7 line 7 fixing a typo a small change 2015 to be 2016 and page 5 lines 11 to telephone we're adding the words maintain a distance of 6 feet from any pedestrians we're actually setting the distance with an pedestrian and i'd like to have a motion to accept those amendments and last week to motion that we duplicate the file that is amended the amended files and send that back to committee but like to or have a vote for the second reading for the january when we have a meeting just to be clear the duplicated file to amend that. >> the duplicated family. >> to create after the amendment. >> exactly. >> so supervisor avalos has
9:29 am
made a motion to amend so marked by supervisor avalos colleagues we'll take that without objection. the amendments pass and you want to duplicate the file and are you making a motion to send the duplicated file as amended back to commissioner lee. >> you're reading my mind madam president yes. >> okay so supervisor avalos as made a motion to send the duplicated file back to committee seconded by supervisor avalos colleagues we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. that passes and madam clerk on the current item as amended seeing no other names on the roster please call roll. >> supervisor cowen no i heard i first supervisor.
9:30 am
>> my apologies no. >> supervisor farrell no supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> no supervisor tang no supervisor wiener supervisor yee no supervisor avalos supervisor breed commissioner campos. >> there are 6 i's and 45 nos with supervisor cowen, peskin and supervisor yee in the december sent that this ordinance is passed on the first responder as amended madam clerk go to item number 45 an ordinance to amend the all hands on deck for the permitted signs under the subsection did of the sugary drink beverages warning to signs permitted other
9:31 am
than october 2014. >> roll call vote. >> oh, sorry supervisor wiener and colleagues that is clean up to close a loophole in the health warner sign we're extremity passed earlier this year i'll appreciate you're support. >> okay supervisor wiener seeing no other names on the roster mr. clerk madam clerk. >> supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed commissioner campos there are 11 i's.
9:32 am
>> this ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading all right. go to committee reports. >> item 4 of was considered by the land use and transportation meeting on mondays and was forwarded as a committee reports item 46 a resolution to expend for an additional of interim controls in the castro street to require a conditional use authorization for a promoted use that has been determined to be formula retail use and to affirm the ceqa determination. >> colleagues colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 47. >> was considered by the public safety at a special meeting on friday and was not forwarded to the boards as committee report. >> okay commissioner campos. >> thank you madam president
9:33 am
and thank you to scomplair and supervisor yee nothing i'd like to have this item vote on today unfortunately, we have to go through the meeting imperative with the our labor partners from who represent employees and various agencies wear under the applied that have process and because of that i need to ask you to continue this item to our meeting of january 26, 2016, which will give us enough time to. >> through the wanting to commissioner campos that was not forwarded to the board not currently before the board. >> okay nelson mandela. >> we'll be skipping over that item and not having a discussion since that was michael added to the agendas madam clerk and the
9:34 am
agenda is created before the item is considered by the committee. >> thank you for your clarity sorry so we will basically be skipping over this item and commissioner campos is for clarity a corona that item. >> thank you supervisor breed on think everything else never mind. >> supervisor. >> a co-sponsor. >> item 48 and 49 with your considered by the public safety and neighborhood committee at adds specialize joint trial meeting with the lafco commission on friday december 11th were forwarded and 48 was recommend with a new title to urge the california public utilities commission to reject pacific gas & electric promoted increase fees for solar customers to support net metering so the customers
9:35 am
receive a fair price for access electrical. madam chair rosales >> first of all, i'd like to thank my colleagues everyone for kovrz those resolutions item 48 i didn't get our co-sponsorship because you co-sponsored i hope you support and this is has been an historic moment in our climatic change world and our world is impacted by climatic change and conference in paris and while we didn't get binding change that binds the government's to take action there was an agreement we would actually instead of using the two degree selling us but the maximum afternoon temperature
9:36 am
rise since preindustrial times it is significant for a lot of people the volunteery efforts you're do not have is engaged is very, very problematic and put burns think cities around the world to do their part and san francisco is no extensive the compliment action goals to effect the climatic change to implement our cleanpowersf and we're poised to do that third year or start next year but this entire year setting the stage of cleanpowersf so to camp coming as a abilities of a challenge we're getting ready to launch that pg&e the monopoly we buy our electricity it spying with the california public utilities commission two proposals that will limit our ability to implement cleanpowersf one is a
9:37 am
change to the neat brerg metering is how residents that have solar or facilities that generate electrical can use their electrical but sell the access into the grid and pg&e is changing the rules that will make that more difficult and cost more for facility and people that own the electrical generation like solar to be able to make it cost fiscal and sorrowfully impact our cleanpowersf program the other prop that pg&e has filled the power adjustment rate it is a rate they'll charge the expertise that or existing pg&e's electrical generation system and goobtsdz to the cleanpowersf this is not effect only cleanpowersf but other communities choice like marin
9:38 am
and other electrical places around california and limits our ability to make to launch our clean power and to create our own facilities in our effort to make the rates competitive with pencil we'll have less money about $8.4 million variable norway for our goals it is virtually important we send a strong message by sending the communication to the california public utilities commission to reject those two proposals from pg&e so we can actually see our clean power program start and our goals for compliment action take effect next year colleagues he urge tour support. >> madam clerk call item 49 a resolution for the california public utilities commission to reject the pg&e companies promoted increase to the power
9:39 am
charge emancipation proclamation difference the p cdc cia in the application and support alternatives that will mitigate the impact on the cca customers and prospective cca and respect for the reexamination how the pcia is calculated and applied to pg&e consumers and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolutions are adopted anonymously madam clerk item 50 please. was considered by the rules committee at a rescheduled meeting open december 10th and forwarded as a committee report and recommended with a new title to appoint the following 11 members to the cannabis task force terms enld august 31st jessie eric
9:40 am
micro sarah john barbara tom ambassador laura terrance and daascy. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president colleagues today before us is a major step in making sure that san francisco is prepared when as i'm hoping will happen to legalize the adult cannabis use next november as you recall this year we unanimously passed protective to creates a cannabis state task force so we don't have a fire drill after latelytion occurs in terms of addressing the land use and health and safety and other issues we're going to have to grapple when this happens as this creates a task force of 14
9:41 am
members price the go school district and the boards of equalization to extend the next year grasping with those and coming up with a recommendation to the board of supervisors we can consider last week the rules committee heard from qualified candidates that remind me why i never served on the rules committee it is awful we made hard which i see and 11 candidates we continued the labor seat because of a switch under one candidate for another and the two business communities seats i understand the rules committee will take those appointments up in january but 11 solid candidates and colleagues he ask for your
9:42 am
support in appointing them to the tveng. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> supervisor avalos. >> to par even though we have a thorough process and those are very, very quality candidates i'm happy with the diversities we have for the task force we then people representing different communities and perspectives i felt we had a thorough vetting process and it was pretty thoughtful about our approaching the people for the task force i urge our support for those candidates and we'll be finalizing the 3 members in the new year. >> thank you supervisor mar yeah, he wanted to thank supervisor wiener for the forward thinking to set up this task force what a great group of people i'm looking forward to the remaining seats and round of people 55 for seats i'm pleased
9:43 am
our city as great expertise and exist of voices that will be making our policies as this move forward. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> thank you misrepresenting i did just want to thank a few people first easter allen and spearheading the outreach that people knew to apply and also want to thank jeff in any office that did a lot of great work and meeting with the candidates and supervisor avalos office as well. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the motion is approved unanimously all right madam clerk let's go to roll call for introduction. >> supervisor cowen is first up to introduce new business.
9:44 am
>> thank you very much madam president and madam clerk colleagues, i have first, the resolution expressing the board of supervisors supports for the safety for all initiative which is proposed for that the 2016 statewide ballot by 11th hour gavin newsom we're extremity as a city been leaders in insuring that has some of the strongest gun regulations so i'll let supervisor farrell and i did work and commissioner campos you've been supportive of this legislation locally we're extremity band the position of any magazines we have required local gun dealers to better interact and recorded to the law enforcement officials and required report on ammunition and the record of gun always
9:45 am
sales and lethal types of ammunition and prohibit minors from entering fire rages without a parents but the progressive stance we still is limits on what we do to regulate the ammunition and gun sales to imperative to have state and other legislation to have strict regulations this promoted inch will be among this among other things require the point of sale background schekz and remove the ability for a third party possession and anti allowing law the magazines stating and out of state purchase of ammunition only delivered to licensed purposes
9:46 am
san francisco and california and as well as the country a severe public safety issues when it comes to gun today in the city 49 homicides that involve guns we need to support this one that builds upon the strong stance we had here in san francisco so the rest the state may follow the second item the result of an issue that has u religion as the president rear deck our final dimension is outdated and didn't accurately fit several of our current members particularly this old definition explicit include or be able members of the judge retirement to include the years of compensation under the current system this is simple and clean
9:47 am
update the older definitions to make sure that the judge are contemplated for that in their years of service keep in mind the judges are unusual folks that have spent time as public defender's so the third yes, ma'am is a hearing request on the status of oversized vehicle restriction back under go 2013 i worked with sfmta and supervisor chiu to you launch a program to launch the issue of the parking of oversized vehicles that is many part of city but keying into potrero hill and dog patch neighborhood their proves to be successful and since then my
9:48 am
constituents have requested it be expanded into neighborhood that many have seen unsafe oversight sized vehicle practices a recent exploration of an oversized vehicle in the district center if ten my understanding sfmta has put a holds on the restriction raerlg due to a desire do study the issue so i'm going to request this hearing i'd like a better understanding the current status of parking restriction program and the city's effort if addressing the parking of oversized vehicles the rest i submit thank you supervisor farrell and colleagues one ordinance today when the voters a number of years ago passed the city cash to provide benefits to keep people stabilized in our city if
9:49 am
it was one the go biggest initiatives for homelessness and people founds housing assaults, however, in work with the housing providers and hsa a potentially minor 200 flaw i believe that would prudence to amend important individuals being evicted that cause our decide for resources and continued to, housed currently an, an individual was in undermines hsa notified that individual before the benefit can be discontinued we were able to get that individual on the cash for stabilization but the third compliance have no source of income to pay rents and have their housing security threatened san francisco of them
9:50 am
face eviction so today, i'm introducing a common sense or more to our cutters cash housing that concretes a 3 year for the cash partners and codifies a sanction for the carrying on cash to help people secure in their housing and lower the risk of eviction the intent to significantly reduce the risk those those holmes individuals got on the streets this is that year pilot program for people that are are casing for cash that decide in supports of housing and combaenldz in 3 acts of inflicts internal revenue their ineligible to receive any wednesday but this pilot program makes the up to that time directing to the housing provide
9:51 am
hsa collects the numbers of individual that receives assistants and will submit an annual report to the board of supervisors describing the implementation effectiveness and room for improvement individuals won't be able to qualify under the program if the discontinues is due to fraud with the program requirements and ultimately homelessness is a huge problem in the city we continue to be at the top of list for everybody it is the rights solution and the most cost and humane solution and the idea of this proposal and pilot program to keep the formally homelessness houses and off the streets to continue to have better lives and not cycle through the resolve doors of homelessness it continues to
9:52 am
have our people housed i want to thank a number of individuals and organizations like from my office and the general advocacy for approach my office and the tenderloin housing clinic to the director of hsa and noah valley and the fine tuning and colleagues its third reading. >> thank you supervisor farrell supervisor kim. >> over the last several months we're extremity seen private investment deals seeing higher and higher vooblt i've asked to reach 40 percent on the lot 337 and the 5m project in the south of market we will soon be announcing another tale with the 40 with ocii at fulsome and those projects are negotiated is on a
9:53 am
case by case basis but demonstrated the 12 percent is not enough and the developers build much more 9 policy change is for the low income and middle-income families new powell information as of last week confirms the housing affordability is on the tops of everyone's minds 70 percent of voters poodles support to double the consideration to 25 percent voters wanted to see that and prepared to vote in a june primary to increase those o this percentage you're office feels this is the time to visit the inclusionary housing set in the fire hydrant in 2012 a different schap it is clear we need to revisit the percentage that are located and the percentages
9:54 am
don't not belong in the charter and revert back at that time, sclks requirement with an additional 10 percent of units affordable for middle-income and enabling in a city where it is no longer just the poor we need to house but the middle-income like teachers and nurses are having a hard time staying in san francisco the public is worried about the long term residents lou gehrig's disease their homes and the rents are at record level and home prices are out of reach for the majority of san franciscans we can't wait until november 2016 so that's why i'm introducing the circulatory amendment to begin this to rove it from our charter and landmarking the ways to examine the affordable housing and recognize supervisor peskin
9:55 am
and look forward to the discussion in terms of f of what we'll be bringing to the voters i look forward to work with the mayor's office to increase side affordable housing production with that, i'll submit. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you colleagues i'm introducing a hearing on senior home career qualities focused on the fall out of home care for seniors and people with disabilities i'll be working with the dos also the budget and legislative analysis office and other co-sponsored council to make reports largely because of the senior dignity coalition for the dignity fund coalition the care council and what we call i think 5 years the care for the generations and senior and disability action our city supported the senior populations to age in place with dignity and
9:56 am
to continue to stay in their homes and communities as long as possible for example, we're extremity nrtdz funding for the senior centers and the programs for home clifrdz meal services for seniors in an effort to end hunger we 2020 last week he occupied an coincidence into meals on wheels but one the leaders if the securities task force and brought. >> number of michael celis meals seniors slltdz one amazing woman at the age of one and 8 tylenol's my age i should reveal alters one and 8 living in here home an hsa working but i'm amazed she's so sharp and living
9:57 am
in her community because of meals an wheels she can do that many, many other seniors out there a can't say afford health care but earlier this year i directed the offices to conduct an analysis in san francisco keep pace with the raising high cost of home care invading successfully fighting for increased was this for the home care providers we need to make sure that all seniors have access to quality care a few pieces of life expectancy has increased from 1950 to increases in 2009 also since 1990 the number of seniors ages 60 to 44 has grown by 39 percent because of first, i have of the baby
9:58 am
boomer bathrooms was we look at the bay area and san francisco our population of seniors will grow double in the state to somewhere near informing percent the seniors by 20050 and i how many seniors have a need for care but current cannot afford that home care the report will also been that report will be rolled shortly and the controller's office is working on a report for the long term corresponding council for focus groups conducted what the senior groups call the upper core seniors like in home or hsa but in need and can't afford care of their own as a baby boornl like
9:59 am
me the seniors of the next year's developing strategies to keep seniors to stay in their home auto the institutions and in our communities i look forward to hearing from dos and is controller's office on their findings and work with the long term care corresponding council in our coalition ever senior advocates firefighting for dignity in an angling friendly city and i'm proud when we were honors sarah shorted moms ago i'm proud that san francisco will be opening a satellite it is opening on january 11, 2016, we're extremity organized tells you but people if the richmond district it is an amazing tenant organization we're extremity heard that offers free
10:00 am
counseling for all types of housing including rent-controlled housing and section 8 and been fighting forgive the rights of tenants for over 3 of years in 1979 not long after the fall of i localities at chinese-americans came together to talk about the can condos that are department of water & power the elderly the human right committee has bloomed where they help over 5 thousand tenants advising them on their rights as tenants and two people have been hired in the center the richmond is generously offenders space at their site and opening on january 11th in the richmond and r m.d. c an 32 avenue in the
10:01 am
communities music center space there hours are mondays through wednesday, thursday and friday 9 to noon and reached at their phone call gets underscore information and hr c services are mandarin and cantonese and we're going looking for russian and vietnam and other staff as well its third reading. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam clerk colleagues i've intend at my first meeting many months i think we have an imperative to begin a conversation about spending that rent control beyond buildings that are built prior to 1979 observing that has
10:02 am
preimpediment by the costa-hawkins act and i hope in the new year to work with all of you at least to express our sentiment to the states legislator that certainly parts of costa-hawkins should be revisits i think we all know the power of the california boards of realtors and the local board of realtors in sacramento while it is important to begin that conversation it occurred maybe things we can do locally as with supervisor kim's charter amendment that she introduced and i'm delighted to co-sponsor we need to stop doing things on a case by case basis we have regulated in the ace of park merced i served with the trinity proptz and supervisor wiener lead the way and my predecessor
10:03 am
supervisor christensen showed you to subject now units to reversal so that got that he thinking we should stop this on a case by case basis in instances the sister is conferring a benefit through up john or other changes like at adu is something we can institute rent control i'm asking the city attorney draft it and look forward to working with folks from the landlords community in the tenants community and in the development community to make sure that we get it right and that we talk to all the stakeholders. >> i was not here in 2012 when prop c was crafted but you can see as something who was on the boards for 8 years legislation like inclusionary housing go
10:04 am
belong in the cost of construction change those numbers change and maybe some days we'll get to a formula it changes autumn bans the sale of construction but getting that 12 percent out of the chart and back to the branch of government is long overdue a way to address the incredible housing crisis that hsa as supervisor jane kim said is acknowledged as the most important issue by over 70 percent of san francisco residents i'm honored to co-sponsor that and mentioning trinity properties i had the pleasure ever many years ago of negotiating with the owner of trinity properties we were handing outlining outburst that deal at 18th street and market through in the wrong direction and voluntary agreement got a rent control like scheme only
10:05 am
fitting that today, we adjourn the board meeting in the memory of angelo and i'm delighted that supervisor wiener is co-sponsoring that immemoriam and the gentleman was the last of san francisco major postwar believes and passed away on december 8th at the age of 91 uncommon referred to as the godfather of for the italian american communities the gentleman served on the board thought boys and girls for 40 years and dependent upon funds to rebuild the club that opened this year a huge philanthropist and a door to the this sisters of the poor for the eshldz on
10:06 am
lake street that he was born and raised in lump surrounded and supervisor mar's district to newly emigrated parents and went to washington high before work his way to college and serving in the navy in world war ii and returning to the united states not blessed with his father's talents of carpenter reideas as a small firm and honed it's skills and prepared the contracts for his alien speaking father and sold newspapers door to door angelo over achieved in property purposes and sales and set a course for a future if real estate development in 1956 he married his wife and
10:07 am
prompting started a family having 7 children the 59 yvonne served as a council and one that angelo troubled his success in family and in business while he was known as a tough negotiator but possessing i extensions a great sense ever humors that was sometimes he would smile and tell people he flungdz kindergarten he wasn't that smart i knew bettered survived by his wife and 7 children and 13 grandchildren i'd like to adjourn in memory of the gentleman. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam clerk i have alisa miller very sad in memoriam today for a member of
10:08 am
staff member of our planning department staff in the position mary brown that passed away last week she joined the planning department in 2008, and before that worked with the san francisco bike coalition for a decade for the membership decoration and its bic net ♪ role rear ends withholding best practices for bicycle policies for the engineering and strategies for circling transportation and presented a countless community meetings but it was her return to congratulate school that led her to receiving her masters in geography at san francisco state university and workings with the department for example for the bar and marcus book store and my
10:09 am
office on the deboss landmark the historic on a decade extremely contentious in the neighborhood very difficulties did the and mary handlerself a thoughtful and warm person embodying the best of a public servants and greatly missed survived by her parents that live in san diego and her ordinarily brother jim and journeying kenny ask we adjourn in mary's memory >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> supervisor yee. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you madam clerk colleagues last week i mentioned an introduction that i was windows at the baftsd look at
10:10 am
how the city is preparing for the super bowl 50 events and i got a motion requesting the bouflts do this award that could about last week in land use chair cowen and supervisor kim and i put in a presentation to get readies for the super bowl that was alarming to see that there was not clear presentation about what the costs would be to the city and what kind of resources would be moved around of a the police department there was a considerable amount of general or general fund spent for the staging muni around the events especially the plazas but no understanding of the what it costs it looks like it appears many hidden costs not discuses
10:11 am
it is important that our authorities is experienced so far there has been no authorities the city the board of supervisors has had over city expenditures and mobilization of resources for the super bowl 50 events so this request while that is maids will be formal we'll be voting on january 12th we want to thank co-sponsors for this supervisor cowen supervisor kim and peskin for wanting to get to the become of what is happening for the city resources for the super bowl event i also mentions i'm requesting data on the traffic bicyclist embarrassment from the police department a letter of inquiry oil be submitting today as well and i have a charter amendments i'm reintroducing something we vote on last year as well as in the year 2012 one
10:12 am
version looking at how we conduct our run offices for mayoral elections and in recent years we're extremity been using the rights choice voting system for mayoral this charter election will have an actual run off 20 twfrn the two top for the mayor's race it is important for a city when we actually see a real definition point of view for how we move what direction perhaps two candidates running against each other that gives the voters what they are voting for mr. the rank choice 15 candidates in 2011 it is very, very difficult for residents to discern the candidates for anywhere that year indicating having the runoff establishes the voter engagement and understanding what is at stake for the city when they see the
10:13 am
election that a runoff provides the other parts of charter amendment is actually reestablishing the elections to fill the vacancies on the board of supervisors and the mrairs this mayor's office let's elect our elected officials this process is something that actually limited our tilt to be strong and effective legislators we don't have the definition that elections provide we're not accountable to the voter we limit our ability to legislate effectively this how to have a strong effort of having our bold independent and checks and balances between the mayor's office and the election branch is rather than having a charts mainstreamed that the mayor is a
10:14 am
voting plea bargain of the board of supervisors we operate the board of supervisors from the mayor's office last year, we saw a very water shed momentums for san francisco in the election for the district 3rd race it come down to the voters wanted to see independence and practice i welcome supervisor peskin as a result but how the city was so challenges by the politics and the mayor spent so much times not only caption k constraining for his election it shows that should go something is amiss we need to be loyal to our voters so that is what democracy is about this is a charter amendment and draft charter amendment that fully as i understand by the
10:15 am
city attorney by but i want to process we'll take a part in crafting it operation of powers that is vitality important the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you, colleagues today, i'm introducing all the times to mayor ed lee and supervisor tang's creating the air force bonus program or the ah bp a meeting with tommy he mentioned his concerns the apb p couldn't get people to dear down existing residential units so iconicly a concern my staff and i have been working we joined with supervisor tang and the mayor ed lee and the planning department to make sure there are mr. chairs or protections in the bonus legislation for residential units not just tommy
10:16 am
this concern top e came up about the legislation as well they've been doing a number of community meetings to discuss that is would be that many of the members of the communities are concerned and everyone shared the goal of protecting the rental units is my amendments prohibit the use of a bonus project for a project that distinguished rent-controlled units and instruct the parklet to have a comprehensive policy and is bonus program that will insure there are no incentives to depiction rent-controlled units and all current tenants are protected this prohibition whether remain in place for one year or until the board adopts a comprehensive policy whichever comes later the majority of board cannot agree on a approach
10:17 am
one for one replacement restriction, etc. the prosecution will remain in place thank you to the supervisors and owe a big thank you to the deputy city attorney susan cleveland-knowles i know the affordable housing bonus program is extracted legislation many people including myself are studying it and it's impacts let's evaluate it will in no way encourage or cause the depiction of our rent-controlled unit housing this legislation is pending before the commission i'll send my pamphlet and request the official packet for the legislation then the commission can consider is amendments and i'll be happy to to offer them when the full legislation returns to the board of supervisors i'm proud to move
10:18 am
forward to protect our precious rent-controlled housing and ask for your support the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor president breed. >> seeing no other names that concludes the roll call. >> please read public comment. >> as a whole and not to matter. speakers using translation services get up to twice the time. and if you need to put up a document on the overhead advise sfgovtv, and take it down when you are finished. you thank you first speaker
10:19 am
please. >> our full supervisor san francisco city mayor ed lee california govern governor jerry brown i in favor change my name today is december 15th and today going to be the last day for full meeting in this year i like to tell to everyone merry christmas and happy new year our god to protect each and overview of you i'm glad to see our former supervisor mr. allen peskin returned back to us congratulation peskin our
10:20 am
supervisor jane kim i'm one the people that live in you're district last week one of our old residents committed accidently fire in our building that problem cost our company building d and d.c. about 75 thousand maybe more 70 urns you need to congressman that when the people get housing for housing and they have carbon like that they don't need to something about at all supervisor i give my coverage to work with every single one of you because that can be worth
10:21 am
and can be committed in overview of you're homes supervisor look to me i have the flier. >> thank you very much. >> thank you i'm sorry your time is up. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors what i'm about to read is only a rough draft the following issues will be presented to governor jerry brown and mayor ed lee and all supervisors and commissions and more in regards to sfpd and the fire department i will be asking for eyes wide open for the sensitivity train for all police as to why is many men being hired as police
10:22 am
officer with red flags by their names and why is one officer making so many arrests police are making two critical mistakes and cypress k escaping prosecution what are the majority of people being shot or arrested when it comes to blacks and whites whites get a chance to live but blacks could go do the correspondence office i ask all 9 m m being removed from the plod if they don't know how to control that firearm what's the point. >> it has been shown in a large percentage of san francisco police can't handle the 9 millimeter not a myriad ever choices police don't hate
10:23 am
crime they don't hate criminals they don't hate people they hate life thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening board of supervisors i'm alicia here to represent the local rendered presenters and to sfrieft of invite you to the show that is coming to town from to 10 and has a mission to rise the cultural in china over one million audience has seen the shows that is educational and surprising you can have strong connection that's why to come to talk you, you performance arts has a academy called the academy of arts they've troishgd a lot
10:24 am
of the local students in san francisco and other schools in san francisco ear have invited the teachers to teach there that includes the chinese-american international school in supervisor breed district the a.d. school in supervisor wiener's district and 3 schools in supervisor peskin's they're the mrerm and john elementary school and jean parker elementary and 3 schools in supervisor commissioner campos district albert taylor and willie l. brown middle school and al vest and the eddie taylor has invited the teachers for chinese dance show thank you very much and i'll recommend to the supervisors to consider an operation application as in the
10:25 am
past two years. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i supervisor i'm trying to play the video of the performing arts. >> cultural has returned be inspired, discover and experience the devin culture coming to santa fe, san francisco and sacramento january 1st through 15. >> i've been coming to the
10:26 am
theatres a arts i'm not familiar with. >> overwhelmed i did quality of dancing i am extremely impressed. >> they sing with they're hearts and a person on the stage that played a really, really weird choice. >> a blessing to see what a gift god gives especially to the chinese culture that is devin those bring the chinese civilization back to life.
10:27 am
>> thank you thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> we have new supervisors some left the new supervisor how you came to the united states from soviet to say god kill americans you usually say god bless america i say god kill america that is only a fascist country who can they evacuee a war survivor because somebody said something that is like case
10:28 am
in french put in jail for life or even wanted to kill french jewish officer but united states who has millions it is interesting only one country's and the world that has to many homeless million people that are living on the street and eating from the garbage cans and sleep on the floor never seeing doctors and dying what you care about the city all the people god punish america because this was what they did to kill 8 million indians to the black people and all elderly people to kill them on the streets
10:29 am
fascist country. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you supervisor president london breed and other members of the can ball i'm chris i live at 6 and housing 14 sea lastly spots the reason the compliment conference in paris led me to the brink of despair it is agreement inadequate in any potential results and entirely without compliance or admin mechanisms to limit the climatic change and rise of this amount will not kill us all our civilization will not collapse inspirational but will only
10:30 am
degrade the lives and only kill some of us i stood before you and offered a simple plan to deal with the humanities entire carbon upload this to use free energy do irrigate new trees it doesn't seek to assign guilty or cost for events of the past more solve our carbon overload problem from the past i belief entirely to mother nature to deal with that plan offers no plan and accepts no excuses and can and should be implemented tomorrow because we have no time this plan just fixes the problem please remember from the energy and fresh water and new trees and no blame no excuses no time
10:31 am
thank you sxhoepd thank you. >> going forward i have graphics and sxhoepd and supervisors welcome back supervisor peskin you're dad and mom's with our ticket out i think that is where you were at and that same old place you left will the some of the names have been changed since. >> come around but those dreams are remained and you turned around and who thought they thought to lead you back here where we need you well, he season a lot of because we're extremity got him on the spot week back welcome back, welcome back good luck and keep
10:32 am
on the right track allen president wesson cane well, all the old acquaintance be forgot and drink a cup of kindness yet for a city sure do shine a city older than mine back. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> how am i populated to follow that i'm the founder of save the palace about the current developments for the rec and park department for the palace of fine arts exhibit haul san franciscans are not happy
10:33 am
about the direction and the view the 3 plans before them especially the one in the localities on the site as radical and acceptable used for that space to dates many folks are signed the proposal select by the commission and for the exhibit haul one dedicated to the arts we believe that the commission process was indenturing flawed from the beginning only the deepest pocket can have the long-term lease we want the pass us of arts to live up to its name and expires the future generations the san franciscans working with the board to address this in the future thank you for your time. >> thank you.
10:34 am
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm magic also for safe the palace you can look up from our cell phones for a minute that it would fine we could make that an answer the san francisco has led the world in moving us to this new times it is the time or time to make it a place to make that for working groups for the destruction for the place imagine classrooms. all the methods that exist we have the tools we need to change all we need to do is break the strangle hold and add the arts center it celebrates the idea and inspire the work we need you attended the meanwhile the rec and park and percentage commission is trying to up super the action of the trader joe's advertised outrageous within in
10:35 am
their methodology they don't follow their due diligence and public input for the public good and nothing in those documents would be in any way con stroutd that the restaurant is the desired open on to used that this is a sly way to eliminate the proposals i've the first responsibility to stop in process now over 20 thousand people are signed the petition people are in shock please do you, you can for the power for the people
10:36 am
thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> if you were on the front an article with that appeared in the oakland post the second panel is a review that appeared
10:37 am
in the forum the publication of the california criminal justice system in the september 14, 2014, issue and it talks about this full scandal unless someone thinks this is a hoax the last two pages are evidentiary documents that should be in our hands they're a comprehension confession the orders. >> sir. >> excuse me. you hear me better. >> if you read the document you'll noticed it comes out in april of 2000 under the issuance statement it talks about the fact they've bill has required the voters have is notice on their face regarding.
10:38 am
>> thank you very much thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> there i'm richard warner in district 2 for years earlier this evening a dozens of members if the neighborhood garjtd to ask for your support of our most long effort to landmark the times cook located on the proposed we're extremity met the criteria set forth when i the university and now ask that you listen to our community civic fofrlts and consider move forward with the nomination process thank you for your time. >> thank you.
10:39 am
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is rec he live two houses down if cook pine whifsz 5 years old i started kindergarten and my folks walked and stopped to look at the views i saw the pines i like that it making made me feel safe and taught that trees help the bigger the trees the more they help will one of you landmark a perfectly good prey tree that helps us breath. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> in april our loan mount neighborhood began the process of landmarking the majestic -
10:40 am
cook pine other historic property the one on the left the san francisco port commission sports the tree the council reviewed the trees and cultural and historical value and sent the decision for the potential landmarking to the full board of supervisors for a review the facts a decision to allow the laborers process to move forward for it historic important tree is in the boards hands upon review of our case you're see a lot of interesting facts that we're extremity gathered about the tree and see hundreds of signatures from the community in support of landmarking this tree today, we have several members of the neighborhood that had to leave for work and asking a supervisor come to the aid of this magnificent tree ask that
10:41 am
his or her if one p will help to landmark this tree please raise your right hand i'll go to the office and brief that person on the case thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> we don't advocate for landmark femurs we make
10:42 am
expectations the ordinance in the left hand mount or mountain neighbors is tied to the form cemeteries in the beginning in the 1850s the retained and trees at cook street has historical significance because of the director of one of the big four cemeteries while the residents is one of the eater structures and one of the last surviving cottages on the west side the tree on the lot is old and not worthy for the connection to smith and the landscape styles in the new removed cemeteries we don't purport to use what the city use for a landmark status but respect the west side of san francisco and to us the cook street cottage are important for
10:43 am
recognize and thank you for you're help ♪ matter >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> now the birth of jesus christ let me read this now the biggest of jesus christ was on this wise you know before i begin let me say i don't know who the greater terry irate you're talking about gun control or the muslims that load us up i don't know who is the worse is it feinstein that says turn in our guns mr. and mrs. america it is nancy pelosi that says we need to stop the moment of silence until we get rid of the analysty republicans or the muslims i don't know now the biggest of jesus christ
10:44 am
was on this wise when his mother mother mary was espoused she waser she was found with child of holy ghost and joseph not willing to make her a public exhibition to or example to put here away but the angle of the lord said joseph do not fear for that was conceived is of the holly ghost and she shall bring forth a son and call his name jesus they'll save their people from the as i understand that might be fulfilled behold an environmental review begin shall call his name manuel is god with us and then joseph being raised
10:45 am
from sleep did as the angle of the lord and knew here not until she brought for the her first son and called his name jesus. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> with united for the budget i know a lot of you have seen me a lot lastly and appreciate i think you guys did. >> madam president that item was considered by the board and in the morning available to speak on that. >> may speak on the working group around the mental health each time. >> generally speaking yes.
10:46 am
>> i appreciate that consideration of alternatives and i'd like to encourage that we make sure that people that are formally incarcerated and impacted by the jail system and the prison system radio considered for to have leadership in that committee. >> i'm end it there thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi i'm jesus i didn't i live and work in district 5 and wanted to say thank you to the board of supervisors appointing the task force that is wonderful i'm grateful for the opportunity to serve and finn finally wants to say the working group for the sheriff and department of health to consider the jail rae billed is a great opportunities it are to the city to consider
10:47 am
this is wonderful for up the oversight thank . >> tom accidents happen rain liked. >> terse aura wheelchair blocked by my i hands wagging uncontrollable plastic are curb cuts enhances that feature even more a bicyclist coming down the street on rain sliektd roads didn't know that accidents will happen how about a film that high schools kids can watch about bicycle riding first time
10:48 am
in chamber 2008 mr. peskin was the supervisor i remember the first impressed in 2008, attending the land use eastern neighborhoods plan jerad and maxine off-street parking i didn't and aaron peskin noise noise noise noise please and it was like the whole 9 yard and aaron said why not catch noise source that is like dba kchz fifth orchestra and tom, i think we lost in that section of the bill we can change that at any time the other thing every game shows
10:49 am
that they got it about conventions the police department around this country have getting yet to show they got it they need to get it a major change in the values of this city thank you and merry christmas >> thank you finally any other members members of the public that want to provide comments at this time seeing none, public comment is closed madam clerk call the induction without reference to committee items. >> 534 through 49 a single roll call may enact those a member may object and be considered separately. >> doesn't anyone want to sever any immediate names seeing
10:50 am
no other names on the roster, madam clerk call the roll. >> on item 53 through 59 supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos there are 11 i's those items about adopted unanimously madam clerk call you read of in memoriams yes. today's meeting it adjourned in the following beloved on behalf of supervisor wiener for the late mary brown and supervisor peskin and supervisor campos for the late mr. angelo. >> colleagues this brings us
10:51 am
to the end of the junked madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> that concludes our business for the legislative convention we'll see ulcer you all in 2016 thank you and happy holidays we're >> welcome to "culturewire."
10:52 am
today we are at recology. they are celebrate 20 years of one of the most incredibly unique artist residency programs. we are here to learn more from one of the resident artists. welcome to the show, deborah. tell us how this program began 20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago. our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids. they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95
10:53 am
professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours. over the years, we tried to include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, access to the materials. we also give them a lot of support. when they start, it is an empty studio. they go out to the public area and -- we call it the big store. they go out shopping, take the
10:54 am
materials that, and get to work. it is kind of like a reprieve, so they can really focus on their body of work. >> when you are talking about recology, do you have the only sculpture garden at the top? >> it is based on work that was done many years ago in new york. it is the only kind of structured, artist program. weit is beautiful. a lot of the plants you see were pulled out of the garbage, and we use our compost to transplant them. the pathway is lined with rubble from the earthquake from the freeways we tour about 5000 people a year to our facility, adults and children. we talk about recycling and conservation.
10:55 am
they can meet the artists. >> fantastic. let's go meet some of your current artists. here we are with lauren. can you tell us how long have been here so far and what you're working on? >> we started our residency on june 1, so we came into the studio then and spent most of the first couple weeks just digging around in the trash. i am continuing my body of work, kind of making these hand- embroidered objects from our day-to-day life. >> can you describe some of the things you have been making here? this is amazing. >> i think i started a lot of my work about the qualities of light is in the weight. i have been thinking a lot about things floating through the air. it is also very windy down here. there is a piece of sheet music up there that i have embroidered third. there is a pamphlet about
10:56 am
hearing dea -- nearing death. this is a dead rabbit. this is what i am working on now. this is a greeting card that i found, making it embroidered. it is for a very special friend. >> while we were looking at this, i glanced down and this is amazing, and it is on top of a book, it is ridiculous and amazing. >> i am interested in the serendipity of these still life compositions. when he got to the garbage and to see the arrangement of objects that is completely spontaneous. it is probably one of the least thought of compositions. people are getting rid of this stuff. it holds no real value to them, because they're disposing of it. >> we're here in another recology studio with abel. what attracted you to apply for
10:57 am
this special program? >> who would not want to come to the dump? but is the first question. for me, being in a situation that you're not comfortable in has always been the best. >> what materials were you immediately attracted to when you started and so what was available here? >> there are a lot of books. that is one of the thing that hits me the most. books are good for understanding, language, and art in general. also being a graphic designer, going straight to the magazines and seeing all this printed material being discarded has also been part of my work. of course, always wood or any kind of plastic form or anything like that. >> job mr. some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. -- taught me through some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. >> the first thing that attracted me to this was the printed surface. it was actually a poster. it was a silk screen watercolor, about 8 feet long.
10:58 am
in terms of the flatwork, i work with a lot of cloddish. so being able to cut into it come at into it, removed parts, it is part of the process of negotiating the final form. >> how do you jump from the two dimensional work that you create to the three-dimensional? maybe going back from the 3f to 2d. >> everything is in the process of becoming. things are never said or settled. the sculptures are being made while i am doing the collages, and vice versa. it becomes a part of something else. there's always this figuring out of where things belong or where they could parapets something else. at the end goal is to possibly see one of these collage plans be built out and create a structure that reflects back
10:59 am
into the flat work. >> thank you so much for allowing "culturewire" to visit this amazing facility and to learn more about the artists in residence program. is there anything you like our viewers to know? >> we have art exhibitions every four months, and a win by the public to come out. everybody is welcome to come out. we have food. sometimes we have gains and bands. it is great time. from june to september, we accept applications from bay area artists. we encouraged artists from all mediums to apply. we want as many artists from the bay area out here so they can have the same experience. >> how many artists to do your host here? >> 6 artist a year, and we receive about 108 applications. very competitive. >> but everyone should be encouraged to apply. thank you again for hosting us. >> thank you for including us in "culturewire." ♪
11:00 am
please call the roll. >> just a pew quick reminders could we ask you turn up any sound producing devices that will go off during the meeting. we also asked the please take any secondary conversations outside so that the meeting can run efficiently. you'll have commissioners, 3 min.-3 min. to make public comment on each item


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