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tv   Planning Commission 12816  SFGTV  February 2, 2016 4:00am-6:01am PST

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new alliance between the don't build anything in our neighborhood and the 100 percent we need to take a diagram you'll get non-none we need to think about what is best for everybody i support this this is the biggest failure it didn't apply inform rh1 and rh2 and put affordable housing in those areas and build a true city thank you. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is jerald a resident of the mission district and lived in san francisco for almost thirty years i want to focus on one point not touched by the program proposal to a great stent nor
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the the people or media the concern around the legacy enterprises the city we see mentioning the sheet handed out by the planning department staff that will not apply to the square and constitute the resource we don't see the who will make the decision and the criteria and how to go about insuring what resources are protected in the professional point of view must have detailed information providing the requirement that anyone putting forward a proposal to demolish a building must fund a independent survey not enough for people to look for the hectic contract statement without the historic century and to say that small
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businesses and nonprofit that have been the city for a longer period of time constitute so much of the community spirit and voters demonstrate prauments prauments so under the housing bonus program where this will constitute a legacy business and a historian i'm concerned heritage sites and enterprises embodying the diversity in san francisco be protected we saw the devastation the 1950s and 60s that swept away sites one telling the stories the program to add affordable housing are density the city must measure that sites are protected thank you very much.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners my name is a anastasia as a long time san franciscan living in noah valley i was one of about 35 people who attended the presentation by planning department employees regarding this housing plan although they're in the process of crafting it for two years number one they failed it make sufficient outreach to the community regarding the meeting number 2 the meeting should have been called two years ago when they first came up with the idea of density bonus program for our input i saw maps of parcels of land targeted as building sites i ask you is this the best use
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of those parcels? case in the noah valley residents got together to make a town square which would have been a soft target leading to an 8 story building on mid block 24th street and instead we'll have a green space with features to enhance the neighborhood and contribute to the neighborhood vitality and keep the farmer's market intact when disturbs me the local merchants can be evicted and the business as well as their life hooldz wiped out will that create housing units for teachers that have been priced out of the city and the corporate bus driver has to
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commute beatings will they be able to afford or buy >> thank you, ma'am, your time is up. >> diane from supervisor tang's office and others. >> good evening, commissioners rob pool into the action housing coalition speaking for the three hundred business individual members i have before me nine hundred plus signatures some of the people that wrote the e-mails are here some are not they're at work we want to say this is the one tool we'll have to build middle-income housing
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that enables neighborhoods to build some and take advantage of the under utilized controllers over the past two months one of the most confusing things surprisingly the disconnection between what i've heard from the tremendous he outreach from the mayor's office of housing and community development go over the proposal thoroughly and in the comments i've heard the past month they don't connect the concerns have been addressed thoroughly today i've heard we need to booishd that's not prosecutes not moving forward to address the housing crisis look where we are the most extensive city in the country and slowing down is not building nor
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affordable homes we can get 16 thousand home out of the program some will use it and some won't some low income and over the course of 20 or 25 years if this program is in place we'll have anymore homes for service workers if we don't those people will get squeezed out this is a good program please support it. >> hello commissioners. i'm jay changing thank you for your time i recently too many a leap and moved back into san francisco after two years of being displaced to the city of richmond and i'm from the city i will and work hereafter a while it got too expensive too expensive i wanted to expand my
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family we moved to the city of richmond i'm believing the city this is my home i live in the portal now in a small in-law unit i took a risk the other day and murder my rental one and 40 scoot i pay by and sleep upright with my surfboards this is important for our city's future this is a generation of us that grew up her that want to live her that will want to stay here and would last week to build futures and families and affordable housing bonus program is the first real viable solution we've seen to do that i upstairs whether there is doubts about huge developments with magnificent numbers of units and the low inclusionary
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who can afford that when we talk about moderately sized knows with thirty percent affordable housing with built in middle-income housing that is housing that we see a future in and regardless of the spin and the amount of confusion that come the presentations to the commissioner lee community there's been in the principles of this program are sound we need nor housing we need more affordable housing we need nor middle-income housing we don't need to booushd we need to find a way to get me other out of my one and 40 square feet closet. >> hi i saw is a sign on to post about this that's why i'm
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here my main concern the conditional use permit that i believe will not be needed for this and i heard london breeds say she's interested in building housing the - i've noticed wherever we use this it didn't serve the people it is supposed to serve if we're going to put. >> house or apartments as she says next to the african-american cultural center that will undermine the art center to make sure that the conditional use permits are still made a.d. may want in any of the decisions made to build any housing the city and also i know that san francisco needs to be more creative we don't care about homelessness people or
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people of low income affordable housing is not what we can afford what we consider middle-income maybe the candle stick a place where we could have built housing for homeless and protecting howsoever maybe people worked together to help each other and give to people of there maybe not able to work we should learn to give servitude towing to all pole not just people that have money it would be nice to make sure that anything that is done in san francisco is done with a really good overview of the circumstances not just there are no something into a neighborhood because people have money and making sure that the least end of the money frame peep can afford thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon my name is irving the immediate past president of the and i a i a and a practicing architect over thirty years i'd like to vote any support in favor of passing the affordable housing bonus program mainly because the concept of affordable housing in its definition has expand to be beyond low income residents and now includes worker housing as well as the marching and maichlt and live with the community which they and previous generations the legislation is thoughtfully crafted to protect rent-controlled units and not allow displacement and finally addresses the 2/3rd's of the
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city to bring solely needed additional housing while preserving the characterization and have proper implementation i urge to support this thank you. >> good evening, commissioners i'm director heinecke on a legislative aide to with commissioner sanchez office i'm here to address a lot of the concerns we have been hearing the district regarding the legislation we've been condominium to hearing those concerns to addressing it along with the planning department that does outreach as requested to all the district and really supported that effort we are have worked on many amendments and discussed amendments with the commissioner white's citywide and more to come we appreciate that outreach and discussion that has been going on so we do support of
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recommendation for continue those discussions and do further outreach the planning department staff has gone above and beyond it is complicated we wanted to get this right we have a state mandate and make sure that san francisco picks the best program for all the residents to support both sides we support the continuance and to continue that outreach the discussion thank you for taking the time to address this on or about. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello my name is patricia i've been a resident of san francisco since 1970 i've been in my current place for thirty years and see a lot of the changes happening the city for decades i oppose this program one anything or thing the term
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avenue, i really wish you would put quotes around the word affordable none i know what is considered affordable housing and the mayor's office of affordable housing i've signed up with them every notice i get of something that is affordable is not affordable me i'm senior a retired on a fixed income people that are retired you have to remember worked at much lower wages than those working today so we're not - we don't have the liberation nonetheless you have a good job with a union you don't have pensions to supplement our social security this is throwing workers out of the city and i'm
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not talking about tech workers or bankers or a lot of the people can't afford to live here anyway it is really important that you just throw this out and start again and maybe put correlates around the words affordable thanquotes thank you >> i live in a rent-controlled unit apartment fortunately one thing about this affordable housing bonus program we've heard a lot of outreach going on i live in the mission district i'll well up to date on what is happening and involved in different communities and organizations when i can be i have never heard about this i
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heard about it by accident through a posting on facebook and that was about a month and a half ago we've seen e.r. heard they did a outreach in the my neighborhood usually we know what is going on they put posters up and see in different spots and letters the mail sometimes when twlar important issues so singles i don't know anything about it i know my neighbors don't know was going to say well, you've get to program and think about it for two years and the mayors but what about the people the neighborhood we were not consulted what might happen to us not talking about the tech
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workers they have the money to live where they want to live but the people living in the neighborhood for 20 or 30 or 40 years or longer not heard and we don't know so therefore let's say very, very cautious i urge the commission to reject this at this time because we depending upon what's going on thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm teresa if north beach i'm representing the senior disabled action today and asking you to please first make sure one independence what is affordable housing that language is really important when i look at the senior citizens who and those who people that have disability are living on $889.49 credence a
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month having an annual income of less than 11 thousand the national average of social security is about a little bit more than 12 thousand 4 hundred annually so those are people who have retire those are people that have built this city kwhoes ancestors built it so the generation that made this the warm attractive city we've leaving them out when number one not dpind what is affordable housing and who he gets to live in affordable housing units i'm asking you to please be very, very careful and protect this group of people 50i7 i've grown older i want it to remain i want more buildings to be done at
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sites that are appropriate to house the people that first built this city and then those who come afterwards thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is librarian petty a senior live the western edition a lifelong san francisco voter we need to build some more affordable housing but this plan nonresponsive you i feel should be totally done away with advertise it will slow down the process to have neighborhood input on each project so have environmental impact reports and existing zoning rules i believe that the kwhoel plan this is at way to go the whole plan should be thrown out and
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replaced with blank sheets of paper now those blank sheets the planning department staff 0 and the mayor's office will take to the neighborhood targeted by this density proposal and hold a series of town halls so the people of the community fill in the blank sheets make no mistake not a recipe for chaos we want to promote affordable housing this is to me is the way to do that what this is the affordable vera did care plan developed by more 5 hundred residents and better to be safe than sorry best people that the developers are targeting a prime example that can be done efficiently by the community telling the city
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what kind of future the neighborhood wants i recommend that the mayor, the commissioners, planners and supervisors and neighborhood residents take a good look at this plan it is the way to go and showing should say it social justice are partner not opposite. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm tony rob less represent the senior and disability action they have been a lot of plans that came before this commission saying that you know it is going to benefit the community, however, this density bonus plan ain't it i would like to just remind the commission that what one person's affordable it unobtainable for in the affordable housing or the
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affordable goals are very, very high no where the city or country dependence 40 percent of ami as affordable it breaks any heart to see all the tents on division street have you driven down division street please take a ride get down this and check it out i was there this morning is sucks it stinks someone is mentioned the de facto of zoning this is a good way it incentivizes none it pulling the wool every anyone's uses it undermines the long term zoning a one-size-fits-all approach to this issue there was a guy earlier saying he hopes he didn't have to move to east
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please don't we don't need you (laughter). >> thank you. i'll call more names (calling names) please line up where the television monitors are. >> good afternoon slash evening i'm scott weaver from the san francisco tenants union and the community mission we've heard a lot of a.m. guts today about you know - this will exempt from the density bonus the process this commission will have what role that will be do you have the right to
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conditional use do you not we've had concerns of affordable housing and what is legacy businesses and buildings of architectural significance and it seems the process i don't think that is just planning that is responsible has been bundled at the very beginning this is a citywide concern and it is should be no surprise if that you have neighborhoods and tenants organization, you have nonprofits, and you had neighborhood organization and businesses merchant associations opposed to this they especially\have any buy in no buy ♪ framing this and that was the problem of the process i think we need to go back to the beginning and get that process started and even that maybe premature i learned
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recently, there is currently a new bill before the state legislative soon amending the current density law this may be obsolete soon or other option this commission may have not yielded now under the current proposal >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi i'm jim i've been here a number of times and sometimes i'm talk from the precipitate of the neighborhood association and sometimes, the historic preservation if the victory ran alliance i think i'm do both when i come here always talking about he we welcome the dense
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gentrification surrendered by the well expected umbrella of the market octavia that plan took 10 years to do correctly encourages mixed income, ms. casco b low income and onsite affordable and widely regarded as successful he understand we should have those things but what i'm here today is we have a process that didn't have adequate outreach everything neither of my organizations were contacted and we need to be doing something you able or agree with the major corridors schizophrenia compliment the capacities and smart greekt that goes with it the widespread
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approach is not that when you look at the map where a touch couple of things the wide corridors thirty thousand sites being targeted and only 2 thousand are effected in those corridors maybe daushgd and focus on those that are realistic and good and follow the vs. did care program and don't scare people with the affordable housing bonus program thanks. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm kathy may we have the overhead please the first, the proposed general plan is overly broad and should be rejected on page 4 lines 4 to
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7 refers to a tackle i 58 of the housing elements the general willed by zoning district and proposes to add language it encourage greater levels of affordability and onsite the city may adapted it to create higher decencies than shown here table i 58 includes the numerical arrests for rh1 and rh2 of 33 units not as opposed to be effected by those proposals so the commission should delete this amendment that refers to the table with density limits for rh1 and rh2 e.r. at the minimum it didn't apply to the rh1 and rh2 and so forth in that table and not adopt the overly broad language as higher
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second the city will act at its own reflex amendment because and the program because it relies both relies primary on this i cannotcy the environmental impact report for the 2009 housing element and the legal sufficiency is now asked her by the court of appeals and the recreation of the amendment but continue the item as proposed the amended calendar keep it on so the public can address both matters in april the amendment is a bad policy it will effect the policy. >> thank you, ma'am, your time
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is up. >> i'll call for names (calling names). >> good evening. i'm barbara speaking on behalf of the cf f m the coalition for land use commission i'm it is really impressive how hard planning department staff has worked to keep up with all the changes to the original ah bp legislation promoted in september it is only 3 and a half months since the public has had a chance to review this legislation and planning has received so much overwhelm community input but extensive planning and changes is now beyond repair there are quickly be assembled piecemeal approach without full consideration for
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avoidable mistakes and serious unintended circumstances the case in the the merge of the amended legislation elements the marked lot to one and 25 footage open any street sounds like a good idea; right? but unfortunately, it explicit take into account the variance mcds if 200 and 40 feet in carville to seven hundred stro to one thousand square feet in west portal so unless the proposal is changed to have a percentage from 15 terrace which is what it would, to 42 percent we'll have are adjacent to the mcds that
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will be rh1 and rh2 and effected this is one indication one small indication. >> thank you thank you, ma'am, your time is up. >> hello commissioners last night's last name i was here i had concerns about the legislation can hold people who live here and make sure that people get those apartments and concerns about the height well the impact that those buildings will have been neighborhoods and other concerns here i'm showing
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you here is a narrow street in san francisco that has 30 foot street and 15 feet sidewalks often the left the maximum would be for one of these buildings so as you can see on the right you're seeing a two-story building two to four you know the 40 x neighborhoods now as you can see what will happen if both blocks have that same kind of zoning and if they oppose each other here a widen tunnel and lots of shadows now the rear yard this is what happens with the same block and zoned the is that you from the
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whole block is done this you have 40 feet maximum between those two buildings. >> this is what it looks like when the neighborhoods that allison park basing this on sorry so here you have - you have a neighborhood. >> unfortunately sir, your time is up. >> sir what is your name matthew rogers. >> thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening and my name is georgia i'm with the richmond association also with the c s f n we have
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many concerns about this if he were on downtown he would on donald trump show he would say your fired in essence this diminishes our role greatly now do anything you want yes or no or modify once this program is approved your role is diminished now the important thing is that when those projects go the planning department a special review team saying approve the project but once it gets here you don't have input except to say yes and the public we don't have any input we come here and scream all we want you can't change anything i don't always agree but your role is very
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vitally in this situation let me gumming an example i was involved the chinatown ambulance and it had a senior planner that plan was approved he submitted the plan every two years that will demolish the japantown center that would have decimated japantown the commissioners heard that you ordered the plan sent back to have it so it would be approved that's a good example how the planning commission that vitally we fled our protection and this plan does not allow that please reject this plan in its present form and always the real estate is the location, location, location these affordable housing is the location. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm jim a 44 years
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residents and 40 year merchant on this it city this does nothing to help the working poor they make 14 to $17 an hour nobody it is people to get them into productive lives i don't here any word about infrastructure two years ago from now will i get the tax burden we have to redo the tax sewers and right now the busses are way overcrowded there should be development fees wait 5 minutes for a bus and there is one there i'm against any further development the city unless it the working-class
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housing we wrote the plan i hope you read this is that a way to look at the increasing the city i'm willing to work if it gives benefits to the people this plan makes 50 percent of the man's available and it puts restricts on the developers makes them pay for a infrastructure the developers needs to be paying for homes i hope this is rejected thank you. >> i'll call more names (calling names). >> please. excuse me.
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>> my name is lauren i'm a 40 year residents of san francisco 25 the inner sunset one of any neighborhoods that target it's back this plan has too many underlying problems i'll name a few a demolition program and demolition causes displacement we shouldn't make displacement a center piece one-size-fits-all impacts the neighborhood character we claim to value as part of environment the - the moderate incomes cater to the higher incomes and diminish the role of the commission and the state program doesn't alternate the current procedures tasht the small businesses is the opposite of what we need to do it undoes the restrictions thought there a process those will be avoided to
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suggest that a 40 percent requirement for two bedroom will produce more housing with no minimum square footage is a mistake go open space is treated wrongly as a inconsequential issue a broad brush stroke that might be modify can't be fixed to encompass 50 o thirty thousand pharmacies this is much more on a few amendments let's do density and affordability right thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello my name is fred i'm from human rights committee this was a pretty scary map i mean it is a little bit hard to
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hear the planning commission and merging after meeting the rent-controlled unit is not on the map why make a map that is rent-controlled unit it is hard to trust but community process that they come to us after they make a widespread horrible community plan and say it is fyi one tiny part but more i'm here let's talk about talking occult u taking out the rent-controlled unit i'm worried about the fellows that will will be dispatched in unknown rent-controlled unit with no protection for them and in plenty of them have been there a long time in a city spot but suddenly when everything is going up the land will be worth
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a lot more let's talk about the rent-controlled unit folks that live the neighborhood in our office every time you build a luxury tower he mean we don't call is that not really 70 percent or 60 percent or 80 percent higher income half a million dollars condo they have so announce they're building it and the tenants are saying the landlords will call ice they stop being called in the middle of the night the landlord turns off their water really we need really rent control this protects all units whether or not people move not seeing any, we need to change the state law but in the meantime through this out and
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have a real community process. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm listing why with the human rights committee i seconded everything that fred's said this demolition of over thirty thousand units this is promoting demolition of those units planning said only benefits 200 and 40 soft sites but thereer matches of thirty thoughts what happens to those the hotel demolitions won't marsh the 50s and 60s they're relying on the global industries more than profit how well has that played out sf has less kids per capital their redefining
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luxury housing you have to earn with an and 40 percent that's over one thousand dollars not people that lose their housing can do that we need housing for lower wage earners and asking for the bmr units are hoping to win the lottery you're asking for a temporary lottery ticket so ultimately this will push out low income and working-class. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> excuse me. she has 30 seconds and i'm sorry, i apologize ma'am, my apologies you have - i was reading i'm new at that i
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apologize. >> good evening my name is case management a longer time tenants i'm a tenant who lived in san francisco for 25 years tenants and others say no way to those developers descended plan deep distrust this was written without input from sentences if day one when a neighbor puts a deck on her home there is signs one thousand feet or whatever of that deck and in this case a major zoning district zoning was planned no serious effort to notify the neighborhoods amnesty mrabd their own meeting the planning department september 11th sit down up a district 8 meeting the same night and about the lack of transparency or communication i
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will say that the planning department has brought any homeowners tons of tenants and others together with their ill con south side of plans deep of this plan if you start better to work with the grassroots in a serious way one last word the city's housing element reveals 24/72005 and 2016 only two low income units were built and over 16 thousand luxury units built this is urgent this be corrected and whatever plan that certainly isn't the one before us what we have in ah bp is unaffordable u.n. quotenaffordabl
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unaffordable. >> i'll call nor names and (calling names). >> i'm dense i'm representing the inner sunset neighborhood association and we support affordable housing but not through a massive demolition across the city. >> the city's economic i thought changes if 2012 to 2014 revealed that 60 thousand residents left every year and more moved in but reportedly those who moved out had low income and the city produced one and 9 percent the goals for market-rate while produced about 9 percent of moderate in case housing apparently the market-rate failed to trickle down for those who were forced
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out i want to talk about the flaws in the legislation let's start with the contradiction between the 200 and 40 soft sites make sense which have not yielded been walked by identified on the computer and the up zoning of thirty thousand parcels for possible demolition and that drama decided the correction it appears to be that ah bp is a major demolition program regards of the filters on the screen i don't think this can be fixed with amendments par ah bp promotes 70 percent market rate housing and others 8 percent of quote affordable units for folks earning maybe up to one and one and $14,000 a total of 88 percent of the units that landmarks and automatic
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mechanics and others secretaries cab drivers and hotels and hospital and many teachers can't afford they target the commercial districts and have a right to the demolition what you, you doing and to the staff finally i'm surprised that despite the rumors of the breed amendment you were not handled the actual anti i mean the protection for the rent-controlled units i find that surprisingly i'll urge you to reject this and start with the community-based plan you'll have a better plan with the community involved thank you. >> i'll call more speakers
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(calling names). >> i'm mr. clark under city of and russian hill the local plan is ill conceived speaking that more are rewards for profit developers particularly the low dense rh3 and rh1s basically given the fact only having to build two affordable units not determined in size to get a 6 story building which is given that the cost of construction is basically the same for a very desirable residential neighborhood as it is for say mixed or are commercial or other
4:52 am
use this is a fantastic give away to developers with the smaller units it is reels profits them gridlock and results in two unions with tremendous neighborhood impact amongst the other units and we video no idea how many actual rh3 unions are eligible give the fact they've taken rent control which means older units off the table this needs to be reworked particularly for low developed neighborhoods thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you commissioners i'm adele a thirty year renters in district 5 we all love san
4:53 am
francisco and calvin welch said people think of putting nor housing on the soft site, however, the affordable housing bonus program is distrusted many political miss steps that causes suspension why weren't rent-controlled units exempted including them will - somebody wanted to replace them why doesn't planning have statutes around other than the soft sites rh1 and rh2 zoning is the least dense areas why has this not think addressed addressed the fillmore development the cutters displacements of our latino neighborhoods and what is left of the black community high-rise communities
4:54 am
i don't see any controllers in the affordable housing bonus plan to prevent one development next to another replacing whole blocks and punt inputs is not important an architecture or architect in 2008, expending to gshlg that what have disgraced the shopping mall the great depression put this back to a food store most importantly why is san francisco addressing affordability and isolation the entire bay area is jermaine from overexpansion while silicon valley city refused to add housing there why harassed the planning commission and abag made this a high priority
4:55 am
meeting we must initiate the planning stop the offer planning and put controls in plaza so identities appropriate community appropriate sites for development demand much better after the accident and improve the conjectures with the people and stop using housing as a political football thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi tommy from the human rights committee i think this program should be escaped and redondo with the participation of the community from the start i been a housing activist since the 90s none wants affordable housing but this program whether not provides subsequent amount of people from zero to sro percent of ami how many units to seniors and fixed incomes and nonprofit
4:56 am
workers everyday i pass hundreds of encampments from my way to and from work, work how many folks will get housing if they don't get units how can you call this an affordable housing program nobody needs housing more than the homeless i appreciate supervisor president london breed wants to introduce this i would feel better if you guys had a copy of the amendment to read the language i met with i i or just to be clear i had has nothing to do with with the drafting but i met with supervisor president london breed and expressed my myself i this rent-controlled unit i'm concerned about the effects of putting 70 percent luxury housing into neighborhood
4:57 am
and to one and thirty percent of market rate housing the neighborhood how is that the gentrification of displacements let's scrape that program and come up with a program that starts with the affordable housing for those who needs it the most and i know who i'm talking about thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is u general a longer residents the neighborhood in the richmond area and for more than thirty years i conducted a professional practice that employed dozens of people i'm here to put support for the ah bp an excellent idea that proposes a partial solution to t
4:58 am
the serious market-rate, however, however, it focuses on quantity to the inclusion of qualify inform too long namely housing for middle-income i'll cite a shameful quote that he bottom of the major u.s. cities in the proportion of families amongst the population this appalling lack of available affordable housing for fathers and mothers has serious consequences for the stability par civility and diversity, and viability of the city as a community and as a place of business i call attention to the studio one and two housing is
4:59 am
not studied u suited for families and the failure to produce three and four bedroom housing will competently peel them from the city larger units will necessarily cost more but initiative ways to make them and i've explored i'll urge to include stipulation that increases the family oriented housing in future development that par take the bonus program in closing thank you for the opportunity to speak. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello commissioners my name is janet's an architect with an mba with the specific planning training and 38 years of housing planning commercial and real estate development i came to address the issues behind the
5:00 am
temporary and noticeably e toirnl created demands from corps that are treating this city as a bedroom community and not contributing to the huge tax base to over haul the infrastructure that are already building campuses in other states for the employees to flee to not pass any legislation regarding housing this city until this city refocuses on the root causes for the presents instability and the driving out of the middle-income and the businesses if you don't one 7 to 8 years san francisco will under go and a a down turn why do you say that one san francisco lacks a stable base the four sectors of the committee that neatest to be addressed if the state is hell
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benefits on striking all without the understanding of the great stable and two already long proven in other words, to stabilize a community housing can't go up over 4 stories without sacrificing safety resulting in criminal activities with an studies that was used and you'll see that okay i'll put it here it was proven by the need to blow up housing towers straight up louis like 15 years later this is because of the crime. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi you know i've heard this
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concept called a bait-and-switch wow. it is really wild it is like you gets promises and two minutes later it didn't happen it is baits and switch i heard in the fillmore around where i was born a bait-and-switch happening in san francisco and people are not given i can't believe that would ever happen i'm not going to say this will happen i heard mar, i heard that people that are the pocket of developers and mary have you heard so i'm really you know i don't think that is happening in san francisco but it is crazy and then you know in a couple of days it is eir birthday so there
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will be a big celebration with the planners and sf behalf star child i hope star child is there and all the planners thanks (laughter). >> hi my name is marie i don't hope to follow that. >> i'm part the quatro and this plan he hope it didn't go through and effects the interim controls in the mission the other thing i have wondered is they talk about this plan two years the making they haven't met with anyone the mission so i don't understand this plan because if it is supposed to be this great new plan for a
5:04 am
building how come none of us heard about it there's the planning will meet on the 13 or the 14 of february to tell us about the plan they rolled out today so i don't understand why we're not we haven't gotten new say at all and as far as i am concerned this is another city they know off we'll do this and meet with i to get our feedback but this is the plan we see that all the time with mta, with san francisco general with everything else in the city where they come to us and tells you what they're going to do yet they want our feedback i'm sorry this is a giants steamroller you need to reject that. >> i'll call more names
5:05 am
(calling names) and rent the unit as temporary hours people without money seniors people with low income working-class folks people that don't have the money to play the game in housing market that's why they have expanded in richmond to respond to the realty that people are displaced in the west side of city this
5:06 am
matter the affordable housing bonus program puts parallels that are on the map that will already inhas believed it increases - the affordable housing bonus is for the stated developers will be looking at this land development can happen without displacement we need development done right on the existing communities for for the richmond's this means going on open engaging the low income people and immigrants and russian immigrants people that don't have a seat at the table that's though the about shadows or is character of the neighborhoods although this is for this is about the displacement and stand with the working-class people by rejecting this program. >> thank you. >> jennifer tenants union so i
5:07 am
went to a planning meeting and only invited because tommy brought me along not the planning department it has was created this is the first time they reached we brought up the threat of displacements of tenants their lame response some kind of right of action for only rent-controlled units now rent control is of the table thanks to public push back but this oversight shows how flawed the process p is and no plan for rent-controlled units or small businesses that will appear the planning department feels the bmr is aspire to rent control i'd like to have a debate rather than take in their word if you're making one hundred thousand dollars their option in our release to counseling
5:08 am
suppressed folks that are making less than $75,000 a year and nearly half make less than 50 thousand please define maichlt of middle-income - rent control is the largest there are one and 70 thousand units that drafters the program - rather than giving up on this we could make the condo moratorium permanent and pass prop g and crack down on the 9 though illegal short-term rentals and thousands of fake move in and planning can stop having the demolition of in-law units i'm asking you to vote
5:09 am
down this gentrification to start from scratch. >> okay next item, please. >> (calling names). >> hi katherine housing itch in the overflow room people left etch we've heard comments been the planning process that created this plan community groups and local residents were left out of the planning process when the plan was presented to the public here it is at one meeting the public was told not included the meetings it was basically two complex for them to understand you can imagine
5:10 am
this didn't go over well, i've tenant all the community outreach at the mergers the majority of attendants expressed concern about this plan you can see from viewings meetings online we the videos to google the youtube affordable housing or going to the c s www.c s f m and people are worried i'd like to is that most of the meetings had people attend because they had fires and went it out to out to the neighborhood and asked people to attend we need a robust outreach we need a new plan that includes not only the favored groups but also tenants and consultant groups and, yes the general public comment we need you to vote down this plan
5:11 am
and have those groups get together and meet and come up with something really good >> good evening commissioners peter cohen with the community i council of the housing organization we have a handful here we've spent a lot of time looking at this program and have this document we have a number of issues of concern and unfortunately, they not been suv resolved what changed in early nova we don't have a formal position then we do now we don't port support this and advise you disapprove that question have a lot of ideas but at this point after spending several months with the community meetings and the feedback and concern
5:12 am
including our analysis that is better to start other than try to deal with something flailed you heard the mayor's office presentation talking about a gap a gap for middle-income for reasons that escape us defined as one to 20 to one and 50 of the middle-income we heard fathers and mothers are presumed to be only families in one and 20 to one and 50 percent of middle-income i want to stowaway show you if you can have the overhead this is the your pipeline report every quarter and it show us according to the housing element how you're doing the top line housing over one and 20 percent of ami which according is one and 16 percent of medium the mediums or middle whatever you want to call it
5:13 am
into to one 20 is the gap it is blow one 20 lastly i'll show you this your own mayor's office of housing and community development from one hundred to 20 why pick and choose. >> sir, your time is up. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good evening, commissioners i'm dee dee workman about the chamber of commerce chamber of commerce is very supportive of the affordable housing bonus program and i'd like to say that i'm one
5:14 am
of those you know, i represent a family that is really struggling to stay in san francisco my son was born and went to psychological here and my house is a school teacher my son is a self-interest in high school i hope you he can come back to san francisco we're not sure he can afford it we're impacted by those issues personally i'm thrilled the planning department staff has come up with a creative idea that is extremely difficult in what kinds of issues never mind of avenue, i appreciate the planning department good faith efforts to come up with creative solution that will provide affordable housing for everybody for low income people and middle-income people the affordable housing
5:15 am
bonus program projects that occasion rent-controlled unit or hectic resources that shadow paperwork or create they don't qualify those projects that do will be the transit corridor we think this will create now avenue, i support if personally and the as a san francisco and the chamber support that as well thank you. >> hi my name is diane i'm here representing tom came this evening the two things i want to focus on the misleading facts the planning department did to today to two main points that justifies the reason this program exists they say that
5:16 am
there will be a possibility of up to 5 thousand units to be developed under this program which is much large than allowed the planning code this same number 5 thousand units was stated in their november 5, 2015, memo that means that of the rent-controlled unit that are supposedly off the table are not fooshld into what they're talking about they should alter the amount of hours if that's the number they'll throw out they should look at this they said their presentation reflected the memo by sxhoepdz but it matches the number in november that can't be the case the second thing is can peter cotton has stated there is no
5:17 am
gop gap above one and 20 percent ami you're over producing the gaps exists exists at lower than one and 20 percent ami it is less than that what is currently states and also a lot of concern about the displacement of businesses through this program currently programs by the city take basically you know the mom and pop and ask them to participate their pretty sure working 24/7 and can't take the time to participate any kind of program to help the store owner isn't going to be helpful thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening supervisors i'm with the council of community housing organizations first of all, thank planning for the tremendous amount of work on
5:18 am
this i think we began meeting in middle 2014 they asked for feedback and we said talk to the community that was mid 2014 i believe we said can we see a map the number of e-mails with the planning department can you show us a map as what the values added is in different parts of city we have yet to see an actual map that shows you the value converted by this proposal the one thing you as the planning commission do to change zoning you'll have about before you a project on vera ders thanks to a change. >> no zoning you passed zoning from a 37 to no density at all that's what the proposal does
5:19 am
plus two floors that prestige went from overflow room a 9 unit project the planning department reviewed you know what zoning allows you to do 16 units came back could be we want to maximum the developer came back with a 16 unit project above and beyond the zoning changes it is now before you a 60 unit project a 5 hundred and 24 percent bonus if you add two more floors that is a 84 units building this is the scale of the what we're potentially giving to developers and yet to see a map that shows you why exactly that happens that is why we're recommending you, you through this in the trash bin and start over neighborhood by neighborhoods and looking >> thank you, sir, your time
5:20 am
is up. >> commissioners joseph human rights committee i want to ask one question which is why are we incentivizing with this more market rate housing and they stopped producing the peter cohen referred to its been a long time since we've seen one as a peter mentioned we're over producing market rate housing and far under producing our affordable housing and low income housing and also the balanced report that was produced towards the end of last year shows that we're losing unstabilized housing at an alarming rate overwhelming effort whether bmr or nonprofit built affordable housing and so the essential question
5:21 am
then is what is the problem we're trying to absolve from the problem is creating nor affordable housing then didn't it make sense we should preserve the rent-controlled unit because there is what we're showing as coming up out of balance and prioritize creating the bonus incentives and resources to create new affordable housing men and women 100 percent affordable housing to bring us to the balance that the voters have mandated and weave set as a polo the city what are the policies and first is to look at market rate housing and not see that as the solution to the market rate housing but holdings do market rate housing developers to do their part it get as much in terms of fees and units and on the affordable side looking at the small lands and
5:22 am
the parking lots that there are a number anyway. >> good evening. i'm susan mash with everyone tile to see the actual language i'll willing to take her aids recommendation for supervisor katie tang's recommendation off the table i at face value not here to call everyone a anyone a liar but this is not it truly matters not why? because it's been said before it bears repeating the addition of all of this market
5:23 am
rate housings that this plan has leashed on us in some neighborhoods basically we are authorized 80 or 90 projects from 80 neglectful 80 or 90 percent market rate housing that will encourage and incentivizes the landlords where rent-controlled unit or not due to the increased inland value and the desirability of the neighborhood to the potential for marketing and, yes through the influx of more attractive businesses that will take up the new commercial spaces that will be more attracted this is a disaster for tenants i ask you to send it back to the drawing board and come up with a plan for more affordability.
5:24 am
>> good evening commissioners tim cohen on behalf of the coalition first commends the planning department for the exemplar communities outreach we're stunned by the history take care and misinformation surroundings a might have program we recognize the difficult position given the enormous observations my observation if you don't like the ah bp kill it and if you don't think that is generous enough rays is that doesn't solve the problem the existing law explicit don't think on what you think about that or don't think what the supervisors think about or the mayor it is a state law it is the east bay and the legal fairmont is becoming a established it is not hard to imagine at
5:25 am
some point a modifies project will insist on getting it here's the legal opinion about the bonus this is an unsolved issue some inclusionary housing this is resolved bonuses must be provided if requested for inclusionary housing and prior san francisco legally restricted the state bonus for decades phenomenal wore for suds but napping says we can't do that so the more restrictions and exemptions the more attractive it is and the problem it is not nearly as generous to people of san francisco as the ah bp the ah bp establishes more
5:26 am
housing and a itch higher proportion affordable thank you. >> (calling names). >> hello commissioners. i'm app in a i'm a resident of the inner be richard or richmond i just have to say it is confusing to see what is happening just the rents and development and the disregard for design and the evictions of course i know so many of my friends don't have the medium income well under
5:27 am
even the 50 thousand income you'll find a lot of residents are not, in fact, the san francisco business times the march 2015 article tech employers hired employees and quote no signs the hiring frenzy is a slowing down i heard from a housing advocate there were 35 hundred units built in the san francisco the last two years this is the largest development that is occurring since the development of the 60s and 70s so my question to everyone is instead of looking at the symptoms before us the low stock housing by the driving force
5:28 am
which is the widespread hiring of the employees and involve the tech industries and others industries hiring 50 folks to be part of table discussions and involve them in possible paying taxes or contributing to the city funds and building and the infrastructure that is not considered here so affordable housing task force involving the community members and the tech and other industries hiring i'll recommend thank you. >> my name is bryan i live in subsidized housing subsidize housing is not effected hopefully by this plan that would though me on the streets i've spent 10 years since in quality housing in oakland i moved to the bay area in 1993 it
5:29 am
is a nicer place those days, i see the people super rich people when they, tune out people and not carrying cash but innovating that's not the issue many of the people that people are bug pushed out i want to - it is now impossible to for anyone on an sisters sisters income resembling market rate housing that have to get into subsidize housing and qualify housing ami i've been on a waiting list for 10 years and now on the top 10 people in contra-costa alameda but because of the state housing crisis i could not get a subsidy for the security deposit this
5:30 am
plan does nothing to get people on low income into qualify housing, in fact, it is makes it harder for them i'd like to see a program for quality housing for people that receive less than a thousand a month in income come and at a rate that is they don't have to dig in their pocket 40 percent maximizing of their pocket the maximize waiting for only one year that's not the plan scrape the plan. >> good evening, commissioners members of the public star child again for the libertarian party and the bayer renters i've been a renter you know it is a very eir iconic gentrification is the status quo
5:31 am
i know we know that poor people artists, marginalized communities are driven out of san francisco and this is happening under a system in which there has been a systematic under production of hours for years and years i forgot but 4 hundred and 80 thousands jobs and only 80 housing we we have a serious housing shortage and the home prices are going up there was a study in the early 2000 that xardz the similar parcels in cities one is developable and the defense was small a few thousand dollars but in san francisco hundreds of thousands of dollars between the parcels you could develop and one that couldn't this reflect the amount of regulation and the planning
5:32 am
process and all the hoops the builders that jump through that dives up housing twlars lots of people why are not pun or peninsula building their housing it is many of them it is really no different than when donald trump is advocating for people the country not wanting people to come here loves to operate the united states in the seniority i'm here this people that care about the poor areeding with the donald trump kind of approach. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> to follow up other than our
5:33 am
previous speaker like tee remind you he will eliminate this commission as part of his process i'd like to say two things one thing about affordability 9 production issue from one and 20 percent e-mail was a market-rate notice created on top of middle-income and make one hundred thousand dollars a year the last thing i'd like to say is that i believe there is something like 70 thousand illegal units and this plan will provide 20 thousand thank you. >> hello, i'm from the sunset district first of all, i oppose this platoon and will not be voting for donald trump this whole
5:34 am
thing about the amendment for the rent control is nonsense is said the mayor and supervisor katie tang support the amendment they don't need to have anybody change it they can change it this afternoon with substitute legislation and make that clear none of this amendment talk you don't need it i don't know why they're talking about it so this plan would allow and encourage 12 story buildings between 19th street and it 2 avenue on irving it is absolutely absorb and mclaren park i don't understand 6 stories it is absolutely absorb now you know unusual when you have a working group e.r.
5:35 am
task force we'll have minutes we'll told no minutes for all those 18 months that they worked with the developers none so i would ask that i ask that the mayor and all the supervisors and the planning department put on online all the records related to this process that they went through to create this legislation that didn't involve the residents thank you. >> good evening chair and commissioners i'll hear representing bridge housing a nonprofit based on in san francisco in our thirty year history we own over thirty apples and oranges from middle-income restricted ownership units in the city as a
5:36 am
long-standing member of the community and a developer on the front line for housing unit bridge strongly supports this is eloquent and can make a difference several benefits you've heard about most of them but first and foremost is allows 100 percent i'll see a unit growth from to over one very powerful to add more units quickly that are so desperately needs and see a substantial there in affordable units in other admitting communities and the proposal will will you income difference projects to be delivered in neighborhoods all over the town some parts of the city are not carrying their load
5:37 am
it will increase the affordability of middle-income families unions that nobody is able to deliver we think that is important and finally bring the city in compliance request the law i've used this law it is quite effective and adds additional benefits units that are going through the pipeline so again, i'd like urge your support this can make a difference quickly and well-thought-out and i think a lot of the objections we've heard revolve around areas but a lot of. >> actually unfortunately your time is up. >> thank >> thank you. next speaker, please and then
5:38 am
(calling names). >> my name is david a renter in a non-rent control this is disingenuously named proposal yeah. i pillow oppose it i want to talk about a couple of arguments about the philosophies of the group called vomit oh, sorry it has a name that reflects their comments for the libertarian two worse flint michigan that is what happens when you let a business run a city under girard the arguments anyone who has an understanding and that's not listen trans understand that saying that
5:39 am
every market can be brought down like saying electrical it electricity happens when you plug something for the call is supply and demand is one small part so supply and demands the housing of san francisco it is absorb because of speculation because of the airbnb units which they won't thrills how many because of capital from other places and this country and other country's and buying property as a way to park money that is driving up the price this is not simply well, there is go 15 oranges and there being bet on by millionaires so supply and demand through this out the window bring the community from the word go and don't drop it on us like it is last minute thank
5:40 am
you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening eric brooks representing green party and the coordinator for the our city san francisco san francisco green parties voted to strongly oppose this program you've heard a picketery of comments talking about sharing why this is so bad i want to talk about the obscuring the hail mary this is supposed to have the rent-controlled protection that supervisor president london breed may or may not finalize the deal with rent control you don't protect rent control just by protecting the physical building from demolition the problem we have with this legislation and with the policy that has been running the city for decades it doesn't matter from the unit is rent-controlled
5:41 am
unit whoever when someone is forced out or choose to leave it hits manifesting that is not that situation will not stop as long as the dynamic so allow to 90 percent market-rate and luxury housing to be built in a tiny amount of affordable housing to be built which is what 24 will do as long as that's the case so much of on atmosphere and environment of luxury and market rate housing that it is incredibly desirable to raise the rents in the rent-controlled unit through the roof as soon as you get the tenant out or the tenant leaves as often happens in san francisco even this amendment will not that section of this this whole - and that expresses for all the people that don't have rent control how it is even
5:42 am
worse and on small businesses we're losing small businesses in droves so, please reject this turkey of a proposal. >> hi lauren clark grow sf i wanted to step back and say what do we talk about whistle blower we talk about housing what kind of of a city we want to be and wharf what kind of a community and who we'll blame for those causes and things that are extremely important to us and what kind of city we want to live in and it gets hot, of course, we want every proposal to solve the entire problem at once and every time that happens we carton solve it so we'll kill the entire thing everybody knows
5:43 am
we need nor affordable housing ♪ city every person has come up and demand nor affordable housing in this city and that is not what this proposal is about this proposal is about increasing middle-income housing and making it so more homes available for all the people that. of want to live the city we also needs nor affordable housing and maybe we need to extend referencing and maybe we need to increase housing all the down the bay area i work on those we need those things south bay has not kept up their end of the bargain and not producing the jobs but right now we need to think about the middle-income people that don't have middle-income don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good this will add to the amount of
5:44 am
people living in the city worker people can't be out here asking you to pass this they're working and >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi my name is andy live in the bayview hunters point and i came tonight to speak in favor i counted nor fortune 10 empty lots on third street and the camtc on third this was a dlaktd one and not enough small businesses rely on the traffic like the supermarket to assure theirs survival without this program there is no less than market-rate that complies with the neighborhood and some incentives bayview will be
5:45 am
mostly market-rate but sort of expedite the gentrification that is taking place and so i hope you'll vote in favor i went to two sessions and thank you to the planning commission planning department they remember polite and even though not necessarily forecasters the same curtesy themselves thank you very much. >> any my name is sonya i port the affordable housing bonus program i don't buy this that renderings is added reflex as many of you may know tearing down the rent controls so anyone on the board is worried about passing this because of the rent-controlled unit being torn down your 100 percent in control every time that happens people have to come to you to ask most
5:46 am
of speakers are not concerned with losing this rent-controlled unit the proposed new buildings will replace the parking lots adding new residents will change the neighborhood and every home built will reduce the displacements this is san francisco's opportunities to show that is anti displacement not anti density i started the reigning because the alliance between the tenants union and the activists for example, coalition for san francisco neighborhoods has a 40 year run we tried it out and the results are in san francisco is anymore urban quotes and the at least accountable the blocks the 70s would have been the 40-year-old housing for today's middle-income 89 obstruction of homeowners are asking you to double down not enough they want
5:47 am
you to create a shortage for the next generation shortage is a rental issue and tenants rights don't side any good having enough will not solve all the problems we have a storage or shortage we can't solve any of our problems thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening commissioners cal huey cal congratulate commissioner vice president richards to the vice president of the planning department eats planning staff for all the are working i'm here to support it i know people have gone to the benefits ever it instead i want to talk about a few issues rent-controlled units as things are happening supervisor
5:48 am
president london breed offered a friendly amendment that prevents that people say they can't reads here stiff on the website if you go interest the first link the people have told us over and over we have enough market rate housing if you accept the validity you know that balances the housing and job creation and they're correct we put down a number in 2005 how many market rate housing we put down a number of jobs we thought we'd have in 2016-20172015 we have the number of jobs like in 2030 so to balance those two things they're clearly out of balance people said no outreach in the mission a number of mooeshgz the mission is not effected not an area of the plan a number of
5:49 am
people caught up from the district one not in the plan people said offering take our time legal scholars agree san francisco we have to follow the laws that sacramento pass and the existing housing as affordable the low density the existing neighborhoods a affordable you look at the gentrification you you know that that's true housing in bretsz housed to be worth one thousand dollars a square feet and trespassing go 50 thousand a square feet it is. >> sir, your time is up. >> thank you. >> i'm torrey fish i've oven heard the i will in the reality
5:50 am
in oakland and so far for those who might not be petitioning it part of the san francisco bay area so what happens in san francisco impacts the entire bay area a number of my family and friends lived here but because of gentrification it forces people out of oakland and the bay area that is a crucial part of the bay area and if this explicit pass it forces money out of the bay area the city of san francisco is dying slowly but surely a year ago thousands of organizations within san francisco itself now you can probably count ii hundred last year a number much my friends had their rents increased the - from 14 thousand to $27,000 overnight if we don't
5:51 am
let this past there will not be any affordable housing the area no matter can your income. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm daniel i am a i'm a resident i want you to urge to support this program i want to talk about a stranger solution as people are staying saying building nor housing no silicon valley that's why where the jobs are and according to this from 2010 tia to 2013 san francisco has job growth of 27 and san mateo was 14 percent you'll not here complaints under productions in for housing is criminal but, say that about san francisco we need to build labor
5:52 am
more hours and this is not going to do anything to get more housing proud in silicon valley going to 0 the peninsula they're showing up to support if and i'm supporting this not passing in proposal will has nothing to do with with that and i want to echo something i've heard speaks say if we pass that or not the state bonus applies a lower threshold than affordability so all the things of the displacement businesses those are happen and apply of we don't pass this only a lower affordability requirement i urge you to support this this give us a higher amount of affordability thank you. >> good evening commissioners
5:53 am
ami i'd like to focus on one aspect of the proposed legislation the likely impacts of administrative resources the city the packet in the presentation today reshudders the commission that no historic buildings will be demolished to allow for projects increase in program in our view, however, the program is very narrow definition of the hectic resource leaving the vast majority of resources eligible for this program and vulnerable to demolition after years of studies the planning department is nearing completion of a commercial storefront in san francisco that will identify at least 10 eligible historic district and potentially thousands of eligible historic buildings this proposal, of course, simultaneously will
5:54 am
automatically increase the development pressure o on those developments only the facades of these buildings will likely be protected as a result we fear the result of the proposal is widespread façadism and the guidelines if our packet bears this out the facade of a hectic automobile garage paint in front of a new construction project behind it the historic preservation commission has recently taken up the issue of facade ism in december and continue the analysis this spring we urge this proposal present to the hpc to have their recommendations regarding the impacts of the legislation lastly we are also very concerned about the liberal impacts think legacy businesses in buildings and parcels targeted for redevelopment and we believe that businesses lists
5:55 am
in the legacy registry should be exempt from this program thank you very much. >> good evening, commissioners i live and rent in the city and i wanted to talk about kind of my jurisdiction in a grandparent live in san francisco and their children live here i'm the oldest of 10 cousins we live the bay area we are coming of the age to find housing there is no where for middle-income families it to live the city and most of bay area e bayview the shortage is real my friends and colleagues and cousins and brothers live in converted garages and is a studio with someone else and hanging on with
5:56 am
rent control but time to move it is impossible i'll probably have to leave the region some of my workers' compensation or coworkers live in brand new condolences for $5,000 their some of the people lives in them pay the whole represent but the two bedrooms have shopped up into 4 bedrooms and 4 or 5 people live there and one bedroom all over the city cabin converted i want to say this shortage is real to renters and people that can't afford to buy a home and there is an opportunity here to doing everything we can to make it easier for people to weather the
5:57 am
shortage to move in that direction the housing shortage is real no matter what people have told you thank you. >> good evening, commissioners you should reject this plan completely it starts with the first lie affordable the plan is not affordable the words is a banned and misused all the time it has no definition that most people understand the last gentleman thoughts that would help the affordable housing crisis this plan will not help the affordable housing crisis that will not help the thousands of people that are annually the accident happened who are we kidding this is a gentrification plan it guts housing that is affordable to thousands of us being displaced
5:58 am
this at least within attorney has truldz the city is in compliance with the bonus law i don't why people repeat it didn't there is prom as part of planning code 101 section 101. which mandates that you respect the current character of the neighborhoods and sound housing this plan will demolish assigned housing you have no authority to do that and why were you want to cut yourselves out of progress this is within of the few bodies the public has an opportunity to participate in decision making about planning in the city don't cut ourselves yourselves out of the process we need communities consultation on all the
5:59 am
development that happens the city thank you >> is there any additional public comment? >> edward mason i think we need to look at had from a regional bay area plan san francisco agreed fine abag and mtc i was shocked they - if your car is towed you have to go to daily city where do you go growth is not funding growth for the infrastructure the transit sustainability fee only kicks in other 21 units no
6:00 am
few minutes for the bottom of iceberg and the cumulative effect of in file we'll be experiencing exercising we need leadership in the area of sharing the sxherl text between where the employees work and where they reside at night i think there is someplace in minneapolis a hard look to look at that as a funding source that is a real predicate we need to look at the regional level and continue on from there thanks. >>


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