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tv   LIVE Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  February 2, 2016 2:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of every second 2016. mdm. clerk, please call the local >> supervisor avalos, present president breed hur present campos, present. cohen, present. farrell, present. kim , not present mar, present.,
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present., present. tang, present. wiener, present. , present. and president you have a quorum >> thank you. please join us in the pledge of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance] >> all right madam clerk are there any communications? >> none to report today >> can you please read the consent agenda >> items one through 12 comprise the consent agenda.
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these items are considered routine the member object item may be removed and considered separately. >> see no names on the roster item clerk please call parole >> supervisor mark. >> cameras were to pull item 11? >> okay on the remaining items excluding item number 11 madam clerk please call the roll >> supervisor mar aye, peskin aye, supervisor tank aye supervisor wiener aye yee aye, avalos, aye, breed, aye, campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim aye. there are 11 aye >> these are finally passed on the first reading and adopted unanimously >>[gavel] betake please read item number 11. >> item 1111 is urging to establishing a local match commitment to the national housing trust fund. to further
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support the national housing trust fund with expanded sources of revenue. >> supervisor mar >> i'm urging you to support this resolution that would help us fund and increase funding and preservation of this housing for low income housing. including homeless people and will also increase homelessness for these very vulnerable households. i want to thank the community housing partnership international coalition is working to match all national housing self funding awarded to the projects in our community. really important to urge our senators and representatives to further support, not only national level support for the national housing trust fund, but also expanded at the local level at as well. as many of you know afford housing in our city is crucial. maybe the most crucial issue that we are
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addressing in order to ensure all residents can be housed. the federal government has sincerely cut back on its funding for affordable housing and the federal response to homelessness need to include serious recommitment to funding affordable housing. for example, in san francisco our area median income last year for single person was $71,000 for year according to the mayor's office of housing however many of our residents and families are considered by federal definition extremely low income or very low income. that's a household that makes 30% or less of the area median income. iolani household for example in san francisco makes $23,000 or less. a very low income household makes 50% of the area median income or less. these households making equal to or less than $36,000 a year and guess the fair market rent for a two-bedroom apartment in san francisco is about $2000 per month walks in the low
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income renter households can only afford to pay about $720 per month. so, this is really helps the national housing trust fund is a permanent federal program with dedicated sources of funding not subject to annual appropriations and this resolution puts us on the record in support, but also a commitment to local matching funds for this. i strongly urge your support. thank you to paul gordon, james tracy, and the community housing partnership and the coalition is pushing for the good i urge your support. t >> thank you. can we take this item, same house can we take that without objection? without objection it's adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> can you call items 13 and 14 >> item 13 an ordinance to prove the requirements for the project delivery agreement for oryx developed for the design and construction proposed improvement to future city-owned real estate at 555 shelby st. 1975 and 450 told st. to great new facilities for the relocation of the cities central fleet maintenance shop from 1800 gerald st. the total anticipated project of 50 m $5
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million in san francisco public utilities commission wastewater enterprise fund and accepting the project from the contacting requirement by waiving certain sections of the minute a chapter 6 and approving of the project architect in the general contractor without competitive bidding. item 14, and ordinance to appropriate a $62.2 million transfer from the public utilities commission wastewater enterprise fund to the city administrator to implement central shops relocation project in fiscal year 2050-16, 2016-2017 and placing $.5 million on budget and financing committee reserve >> thank you. supervisor cohen >> thank you. this is an important item to me and not just to me personally but also to the bayview community because it said key component on the critical path for the rebuild of the wastewater treatment plant. as many of you know, a percent of our city waste is processed at this
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particular facility. the facility is currently operating based on 1950s technology, and has having an adverse effect on the neighborhood every day. particularly, with terrible odors and other environmental injustices that are occurring on a daily basis here. the bayview community has been waiting for approximately 20 years for a new facility to be built. while i don't typically like cold source contacted many of you have voiced her concerns about this in the previous budget committee meeting, and i actually join you in your concerns about sole-source contract, i want to ask that you weigh and consider that we do need to ensure the community does not face any more delays in receiving the much-needed upgrade to this plant,, and i'm asking you to consider, make a special consideration, that,
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this be a special priority and we move forward to get the new location percent. would allow the facility to stay in the bayview hunters point community, which is a better option for the one previously considered, which would have moved the facility to brisbane california. additionally, going out to bid way the project a minimum of three years and the cost ratepayers of $3 million a month as a result of the escalation. so, all other requirements and obligations are being met. obligations for the contractors that would still be in place, including local hire and our own cities goals. the only exception being asked for today is the sole source. this project is long overdue and colleagues, i do hope you will join me today in supporting
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this item. thank you. >> thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor peskin >> thank you. i have a number of questions for puc staff if they are here >> we have the director ilan crowley. mr. kelly we please come for to answer questions? >> thank you mdm. pres. first of all i want to say is a member who worked with then district representative supervisor sophie maxwell, i've been committed to having our sewage treatment plant reach the dawn of the 21st-century for 15 of those 20 years. what is inexplicable to me is that given the long history that all of a sudden this has become a game of hurry up where i think everybody, as you said should be and we are troubled by the sole-source nature. the fact that chapter 29 of the administrative code is not being applied, the fiscal
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feasibility section of the code, i think is equally troubling. quite frankly, on behalf of the ratepayers, i have concerns that the qc is paying twice for a piece of property that was arguably paid for by the ratepayers through their sewage charges. so, either series of concerted honestly, we want to see this project move forward, but i like to ask mr. kelly, sorry, sorry-mr. toad, first of all, do you own does the puc own or central shop in possession of all the property that it needs these projects, central relocation and obviously you would have all the land you need for the sewage treatment plant can do have all the land we would need for central
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shops? can we take that without objection? without objection to make sure i understand the question, >> sorry mr. kelly could you identify yourself, please >> hi lynn valley general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission. to answer your question, the actual property that the shop presently is occupying was bought by wastewater bonds, but when the puc, or when wastewater was transferred to the puc, that acid was not transferred to the puc. it is was under the dpw or city administrator. that was a decision that we got from the city attorney's office. the second thing is that we realize that site will be the ideal spot for our digesters. so, we look at other pieces of property to put our digesters, but we wanted our digesters can
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be furthest away from the community, because as of right now, the digesters are right adjacent to the community and these are floating tops digesters that release gas. so, we've been having emergency contacts to repair that. so, it's really in the best interest of the puc and the community to move the digesters. as far as the location is concerned, we previously passed the resolution to allow us to acquire the property amount which is in a nearby location and also assume a lease. that will be the site in which we will build the new facility for the center shop facility at that location. so, for us, it's a race against time. we would like to build those facilities and take possession of a site so that we can move quickly to rebuild the digesters that the
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community has been desperately needing. >> mdm. pres. if you would indulge the supervisor for a few more questions. >> sure supervisor peskin. >> wasn't central shops going to move to spain recently? with this of all been happening in some orderly fashion? but i don't understand here is how all of the sudden 15-20 years later there's this emergency call this process when this has been a subject of planning for the better part of two decades. how can it all of the sudden be so pressing, and i think the answer is, for some reason, the puc abandoned the idea of relocating central shops to the property that mr. updike was negotiated for him brisbane. i don't understand that but i think from what i can drive, which led to this sole-source contract, chapter 29 and all the rest of it.
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>> so, again one of the i can go back as part of the hetch hetchy ballot measure, it was contemplated at the time to include the wastewater portion but at that time they felt that wouldn't be the appropriate vehicle, so that's where we actually dropped answer to do the water system improvement program. since proposition e asked that we look at we need to focus on the wastewater site. so, we had this wastewater or biosolids has forced with the community because at that time the community felt if you're not quick to fix it, move it. so we've been looking at what the cost would be and how would you build with moving the facility. we finally got the community to understand that if we were to rebuild it, it would be $2 million in the community and we
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will move the digesters and come up with a latest technology. in doing that, we then realized that where is the best place to put the digesters. that, we identified the center shop property is a possibility because, under ceqa, you can predetermine. you have to come up with some alternatives. that was the preferred alternative. so, we were looking scouring the whole area to look at what property we can purchase. there was another piece of property, and i can have john talk about it, that we were actually placing a bid in and we got outdated. so we started looking around for a property and the one in brisbane became available. but that had some challenges because that had contaminated soil. so, it became really a project that actually was going to be delayed and the puc we
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started getting nervous. also, it was some question by the mayor's office and board of supervisors to move our facility in brisbane. the police and the fire department was concerned because of the deadhead time of going to brisbane and back was another problem. then, all of a sudden, this land became available. it became on the market and that's when we jumped in rudely moved quickly to get this piece is a property and piece them together to actually solve the problem. so, that's why we were moving quickly. the other thing i want to mention is that our project is really-this is a critical part of the project now because we have been moving as quickly as possible since we've identified the source system program and identify the alternative. that is actually costing us $3 million a month in escalation if we don't move quickly. so, that is white when we talk about we need more
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studies, it's costing our ratepayers a lot of money. so, i do feel the current location is probably the best location because it keeps all of those jobs and all the facility in that area.. that is why it's urgent that we move as quickly as possible. >> then, you indicated mr. kelly, that the central shops purchase was originally purchased with sewer bonds. i assume that those bonds were repaid with sewer fees. is that correct >> i believe so. >> so, if that is the case how is it that a non-enterprise agency is invested with this property that is really been paid for by the rate payers and not by the taxpayers? >> i would defer to the city
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attorney actually on that finding because it was part of their finding. but, i would say that the delay of this actually would cost the ratepayers more money because, if you look at the price of the property, which is $11 million, and if we were to stall and wait for months, i just lost $12 million in escalation. so, that's why, for me, it's so important to move this project i had and if there's accounting issue we can deal on the backside i would rather deal with that on the backside. >> well let me ask you this. how long ago did this site with central shops become the preferred alternative? >> the location of the center shops it became about how long ago? the actual location of
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the digesters at central shops? not the property? i think about two years, when we went through a process to look at what the preferred location of the digesters, which would be by center shops. >> colleagues, it seems to me two years advance notice, i just personally have deep concerns about waving our competitive bid requirements. i have deep concerns about-and i hear general manager kelly's argument with regard to even if were charging the ratepayers twice, it's justified because of cost escalation, but i'm going to have a lot of trouble voting for this. i always able to get this project done. i am happy and this is not, obviously, my area of expertise to try to make constructive suggestions. i think at 5.3 acres central shops could
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possibly be as other cities have shown, much more efficient size-wise. perhaps there are ways to keep central to move to the galvez site. but, i just can't justify waiving competitive bid in this instance. i am speaking for one supervisor. i do have one question i asked initially and maybe mr. updike is best suited to answer it and that is whether or not the city now has site control of all of the properties that it needs on both sides of the steel? >> john updike dir. of properties. supervisor, yes. since the approval to pursue the two acquisitions in the one most recent in december we close the escrow for 555 selby and of possession of that site as a tenant. that tendency will be terminating that's printed
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1975 galvez purchase and sale agreement is fully executed entering escrow. they're doing an exchange that will be in an escrow through the end of the month end close and then the lease for 450: has been fully executed. we position of that site and first mates rental payment. >> thank you, mr. updike. >> supervisor spot spats peskin is that it? >> yes thank you >> supervisor avalos >> thank you madame president can i do question for the qc as well. that is how this contractor was selected for this sole-source contract. like, what i can usually we put out this to bed and i want there to be delays but i also don't want to cut corners. i'm wondering how this contractor was selected to get the munificence of a sole-source contract? >> supervisor avalos, john
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updike. so, we briefly review the timeline with respect to this current assemblage of three properties. the timing for when we went out to find a developer that could execute the project. so, in july we had finished the luminary project assessment and deliver that to planning. it actually included the selby and galvez property the contemplated a different beast site than we actually one chose. those negotiations failed to produce a lease at a good price. as of july we thought we had a sense of the project. we were just beginning design. less than 20% design. at that point, given the mandate to move this project along at a very swift pace, we look at alternative means of delivering the project and we had a broker team engaged. who assisted us in getting out in the marketplace and seeking someone who, their outlook, had
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the bandwidth to be able to handle the project in a very hot market. take yourself back to july. there clearly was the peak of our market. things decelerated over right now but in july everyone was buying for project. then, for a fairly unique parts. on two different sites to move it for. and the ability to understand the city's walls and regulations and follow the public works code to my and so in doing so, the broker team put us in touch with the current group in front of you now, or ask development and we began discussing with them this concept of a project with no promises, whether that would be delivery of a project to them from a full disclosure. this would be subject to the board's approval because this would be at total variance to our normal delivery of a public
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works project. engage them to begin to look at pricing and schedule to confirm our assumptions that this was a more efficient delivery of the project on behalf of the puc and that led us to this point today. we do not get ceqa clearance until october 28. so we are moving as swiftly as we can as we get each milestone required to take that next step. be difficult to enter into a design project until we have ceqa nail down. so you begin to see how those series of maoist owns were compressed to get us to today. >> who were the broker? >> cushman wakefield. >> so the brokers >> because they have the knowledge of the development community, they're keyed indirectly with him. we asked them to go out into the marketplace and see had who have the availability. they made some suggestions to us and
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those suggested >> how quickly did the brokers by christian wakefield are the ones who give ideas for the city on who to go into contact with? >> this is unique. there's no question about it. this is not the preferred one normal path of delivering a public project. so, i don't know i can say this is what we always do because this is not we normally do. but, who would return to who has the only standing in the development community and was busy on certain projects and who is not endless skill sets that we have have identified and who doesn't, the brokers community is a natural party to turn to. >> right. i just want to figure out, like what process in consideration did the puc or real estate go through before the broker stepped in and said,
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this is a good thing to do, rather than go through the typical process. because, you mentioned that everyone was maxed out. other contractors have expertise were maxed out but how did you assess that? what process did the city go through for that? >> quite frankly of the top 50 developers in the bay area visually only about six that have the capacity to pull off this price. we know those six. we did make contact both before our decision to move forward with this particular team was presented in after to cross check that the agreement we had negotiated and particularly the development fee, was reasonable or better than reasonable as the client, to cross check that with those who do mixed-use or industrial projects. the majority of the large bay area firms, either specialize in
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residential or office. there are very few who do this kind of a project delivery. furthermore, with respect to the general contractor, we obviously with our colleagues at the department of public works and puc are well aware of those who have the capacity to block a fairly large project of this nature. were very comfortable with the selection who has done several projects for the city very successfully in the past and demonstrated commitment as well. can we take that without objection? without objection so, what happened with particular context therefore the broker stepped in and suggested- >> brokers had that discussion. i was not engaged directly in that discussion. we had a discussion with this particular team to see if indeed there was a fix their. and took that for. we did not identify in the marketplace anyone else who had this set of skills and
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availability that this team presented. >> bus we are here today with a sole-source request. that was verified when we checked back into the marketplace after the holidays once we knew the specific physical metrics of this transaction.. it got the same response. in terms of availability or desire to work on this kind of a project on behalf of the city. those who had that capacity did not have the interest. >> thank you. colleagues, this is typically what we face in terms of false choices or over and over again, either you approve a sole-source contract that didn't go through the competitive bid process, that could potentially give us some cost savings on what the cost of the project is or delaying and costing more money. i don't
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necessarily think that we have to accept such a false choice. i will be voting against the sole-source contract. >> thank you supervisor avalos good supervisor campos >> thank you. if i made to the chair i would ask our president and legislative analysts mr. rose, i know you and your team reviewed this transaction. from what supervisor peskin asked our general manager, it seems like, maybe i misunderstood, they sort of started focusing on this property released saw this property as a possible option about two years ago. i'm trying to understand why they have not been able to do a competitive bid good i'm wondering what your review of
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the facts. i mean, what is your sense why there's no competitive bid here? >> budget analyst tony rose. supervisor campos, members of the board, we specifically asked that question of supervisor peskin has brought up in on page 24 of our report if i can quote, the proposed ordinance and that his file 15-1226 the competitive bidding were promised in the city's administrative code approved a selection of oryx developer llc and architecture and is seen as project architect as gen. con. the ordinance states due to time constraints coupled with the current extraordinarily competitive real estate market for industrial lands, the director of property in formally approach entities
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capable of executing the posed project and identified one team reasonably available and being capable of carrying out the proposed project within the time frame required and in the budget developed. this was one of the reasons, supervisor campos, we need approval of this legislation is a policy matter because, while it is true that a delay of the project can result in escalation cost, that can be said for any major city project. so, therefore, our thinking was that you could say dish not be competitive bidding for any major project because there could be a delay in the competitive bidding and therefore resulting in increasing escalation cost. >> thank you. did either couple more points but i wanted the general manager to add his two cents. >>-kelly general manager of the beef and public utility commission. i want to make sure it's clear the site at which we identified to put the digesters
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that was two years ago. the property that we've identified, we've identified six months ago. so, i want to make sure it's clear that six months ago and it's not like two years we had two years to plan for the site. that site became available six months ago when we were still working on the brisbane and that's why we jumped on it because i'm a right now we are being delayed the other thing is, for me, it's not all about the money at the puc. we have environmental justice policy and i feel we owe the people in the community to really deal with her treatment plant and the orders that impact the people in the community. >> if i may, given it was xmas ago i might ask mr. updike, why couldn't you do a competitive bid six months ago when he first became aware of this? >> john updike director a real
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spirit to answer that question, you have to go back to with a sequence of delivery project is. while we had six months ago began the discussions for acquisition of two sites and leasing one another but again do not have board authority secured until the summer to actually affect those transactions. parallel to that, we had to do some level of initial design for the project and secure some level of ceqa approval for the project before we could legitimately engage in a bidding process for the project. so, that, as i mentioned, was not concluded until october 28 when the ceqa determination was provided. at that point, the design was optimistically characterized at 15%. we did engage in the department of public works to assist us. they provided the initial design. so we began on a traditional path but
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recognized that we were going to run out of runway to meet the schedule provided to us if we continue down that path. >> how long would it take for you to do a competitive bid process? >> so, first of all, we recommended that you do a design build because you can start to construction as soon as possible and in doing that, you can sign a construction contract when the ceqa is done. to actually do a traditional, we would have to hire a designer and then once the designed we would have to hire a contractor. that could be maybe eight months or nine months until we get to this point. so, we felt we wanted to move as quickly as possible, and that is assuming everything
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goes accordingly to schedule but when you go out with-you know you may have a addendum sent questions. so it could take longer. we felt that this method of design build is the fastest way especially getting the contractor on board because i'm a as the designer is designing, they can start construction on the foundation work and all the stuff while they identify the finishes and stuff required for the building so we can get this project going as soon as possible. >> if i make a final point i want to ask question. mr. updike, thank you. mr. updike, how many times has your department wave the competitive bid requirements in the last year? >> so, supervisor, john updike director of real estate. this is a waiver under chapter 6 is the real statement the woman
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has limited authority in chapter 6. authority is really white safety systems, curtis circulation, elevators things of that nature. in that capacity, we have waived competitive bidding on very rare but emergency exigent circumstances. the other waivers under chapter 6, more akin to this project would have been executed through the department of public works to the board of supervisors >> if i may, i want to just ask the budget and legislative analyst, not asked but to point, i think it would be nice to know how often competitive bidding is being waived either by the department of real estate or to the department of public realistic it so be submitting a motion asking the budget website of analyst to look at that issue. it appears to me that this has become a
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more common occurrence by the department of real estate and i think getting to the facts around that is really important. i have to say, i came in here notwithstanding the fact that i have consistently raised the issue of competitive bidding am glad to see other people interested in it, i came in your thinking i was going to support this because i know the importance of this project. i actually feel bad for the residence that your bad for the puc as well to the extent that i feel like this could have and should have handled that handled better. what really bothered me is the way in which mr. update, you have talked about how you approach this. the whole point of competitive bidding is to get away from a scenario where there's two close a relationship between an industry and government, and
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the idea that you automatically when you look at project no six developers and you know and make a decision as to whether ability to do a project that bothers me because that's how contract are supposed to work. the reason why you have a formal process so that, as a government agency, you don't make assumptions about who is able or not able to make bid for a project. quite likely, it's because of those assumptions are being made on a number of cases that a lot of companies are left out of these processes. i don't think that subcontracting should work. i don't think it should be based on your understanding of where the market is and the explanation given to the budget
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and legislative analyst to me, is buried problematic. if the current extraordinarily competitive real estate market for industrial land. what does that mean? according to? whose judgment? so, i really feel given the number of times this department has come to us with something unusual and out of the ordinary, that we need to step back and beyond this transaction, really look back and see what's going on here. it really bothers me. it really troubles me. especially when we're seeing questions about contracting and whatnot. this is the time that we want to have as much transparency and when we follow the rules, not because they're convenient, not because they are-it's easy but because they are there. so, i really, the more i hear about it in the more for mike here the department of real estate,
2:44 pm
i'm, okay, i thought i was going to support it but i can't support it right now. it's too bad because i think that the work needs to be done and i would hope whatever happens, that going forward, that we don't take these shortcuts is the shortcuts end up actually costing more time and in the end they actually hurt the people you're trying to help. >> thank you. supervisor kim >> i have a couple follow-up question. supervisor peskin asked about the appropriate needs of the source of funds between the ratepayers fund versus the general fund. being that we are actually rehabilitating a site that would be used for general fund purposes. the were using ratepayer funds to use them for the purposes of the puc to rebuild on that site. so, if u could clarify the response to that? >> well, hyland kelly general
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manager of the puc. i can just say that there has been situations where we do and eminent domain >> is that what we are doing in this case? it is hard for government to do eminent domain. but the same principles apply that they are in a location and normally we go to a process of relocating through eminent domain and actually of like facility. so, that is something that we are providing for several shops. right now, there we are doing what asking them to relocate to a location and so we are actually paying for them to relocate like we would do if it was a business, that they are occupying the lands. that is from the city attorney owned by central shops.
2:46 pm
>> so, if it was a different business was a city department or city public function, we would have a lease with this entity on the pc site? >> actually, you're talking about the existing site or the new site? >> what i'm saying is that let's say it wasn't a city department would say it wasn't central shops but we were listening to a private business and we had to move them in the midst of their lease and of course we would pay to move them and potentially even negotiate paying for their tenant group and to the other site was appropriate. in this case, was there a lease that central shops had with the puc on the site? >> well, it was determined that central shops actually owned the property. >> that was really confusing. it was a lot of >> i lost that battle. >> i was finally determined.
2:47 pm
this is the jurisdictional transfer in exchange for wooing to a different site in purchasing the land and using problem. okay. then, my second question. i'm trying to find the page i looked at before. before you mention look at all the companies in the bay area that can do this work. if i were a member correctly, oryx is a company that's based in nevada. is that correct? >> john updike director of real estate supervisor. the show llc for the specifically this project, which is typical in the real estate industry to address liability concerns was a nevada corporation, but these
2:48 pm
are individuals who are in san francisco, working in san francisco, delivering san francisco project. there simply made a business decision to incorporate this particular llc out of nevada. they are here, if you like to address the question to them but i do want to speak for the business decision on their behalf if you would like >> the company is open about the fact that it's up a shell company in another state to flout some of our existing local laws? is a business decision? i mean that's like a buddy set up a shell in another state because they want to avoid either taxes or regulations that they don't like in the state of california. the city and county of san francisco. >> my name is juan carlos wallace with the works. we are at san francisco company. we were formed in san francisco two years ago. as mr. updike has mentioned, it's a common practice performed entity specific to project in real
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estate and many of them are formed in delaware. many of them are formed in nevada and other states. we had pay taxes in san francisco and make it a little bit of background about ourselves because sometimes i feel that developers are this unknown entity in the backroom. i have lived in san francisco for 20 years. i formed this company two years ago my partner john-in the audience took it he lives in san francisco for 20 years. we created a team with many years of background in real estate are so good we got back on development in investing in san francisco for many years. that is-the team was creative i care deeply about our community and i actually have reason to believe that we should be putting a lot of attention to the bayview community that is being affected by this. i personally think it's a very important decision. in addition, the company itself from although it's a separate llc, is employing people in the bay area. i have over a dozen
2:50 pm
projects in san francisco many of which you know. several of them done for the span of san francisco as a city entity we have three projects in san francisco. probably about a quarter of 1 billions of dollars in value. the architect were employing has a number of projects in san francisco. so, i don't want to be lost that we are san francisco company and we are employing people both internally within oryx and with our team members in san francisco proper. >> could you explain why we list you as a nevada company? >> the llc that was formed is in in nevada llc >> why is that? >> income tax purposes is a pass-through llc but we pay, any incomes that comes from the llc would come to me as a person. i reside in san francisco and paid san francisco taxi. my portion of
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that elsie which is 50% would pass-through to me >> why would you need to set up a llc in nevada if you're paying all your taxes in san francisco? i'm sorry i'm not a business owner. excuse my- >> i may have to consult my tax accountant >> of you nice on a our tax legislation was used up your llc in nevada? >> is primarily for federal tax purposes. >> so you're dating federal taxes not our local >> my name is john i'm also a partner in oryx and the reason for doing a nevada llc versus a california there really is it's our additional tax benefits for nevada versus california. whatsoever because a pass-through entity was to bring our taxes in california. it would only be nevada has very slightly and i can actually enumerate them for the better liability protection than a california entity would.
2:52 pm
it's actually insignificant and would have to go back to attorney as to why they chose nevada versus california. >> okay. so, mr. wallace,, i appreciate-your main very active here in san francisco and even politics as i understand. >> welcome i'm involved in local politics yes. you're involved in several different organizations and groups here in the city, to >> correct >> you take position on a number of different issues? my final question is for actually back to the puc or actually not sure who this question is for. this actually came up in my meeting yesterday about the headways or, between brisbane and the bayview. in my experience brisbane is not that much further from san francisco. so, if you could talk a little bit about why
2:53 pm
this was such an important factor in determining that the central shop at debate in the bayview versus brisbane, and why that matters? if we are fixing buses and trucks what is the urgency and the additional 20 min. and may take? is our bringing muni buses in and route them right back out onto the street. there are probably in for fairly major maintenance repairs. it's not the expectation that i go straight back out onto a route to say 20 min. what was the reason behind that? >> several reasons. first of all, to have a city central shop that is core to the vehicles that operate in the city, emergency vehicles, that is currently residing in san francisco & i were going to brisbane that is one issue. the second issue is when you look at time that it takes to actually bring a fire truck
2:54 pm
that needs to be repaired and bring it all the way to brisbane, and then when it's. hugo awfully to brisbane and bring it back, when it was right off the freeway that you have access to get your facilities, also central shops has a gas where you can fuel your vehicle as were. have multiple purposes. which led to in any way has multiple purposes. so, the other factor i would say, the brisbane site has contaminated soil and actually, that option is actually will take longer, a lot longer, to resolve. that's why, when we found the property that is adjacent to the current property, we felt that the with the union issues because the unions were also concerns about taking their vehicles to brisbane and not right by a freeway that has a fueling facility that you can use for
2:55 pm
all the city vehicles. so that was some of the reasons why this site became a more appealing site for everyone involved. we say that soil is contaminated, with a consideration of the cost to clean up soil before we moved the central shops over there? >> john updike. when you're talking about the contamination of the soil you're referencing the brisbane >> brisbane, yes >> the issue is this a mitigation plan that is still not yet approved by the appropriate state revelatory authority. that delay was causing increasing concern by the city as a potential tenant of the property. to this day, i
2:56 pm
don't believe that is still yet resolved. we do have a mitigation plan. the cost of the litigation were included in a pro forma. so we knew going in what it would likely cost two of the soils contamination mitigated and put a vapor extraction system in as well. provide adequate protection to our employees. so, we certainly went through that batting prospect we could not get to a point where the regulatory authority said okay, you may go forward with that project. so, we would installed as prospective tenants. we had to wait for that and could not wait any longer. i also want to mention one other concern. it is the limited access to the brisbane site. it was either be a bayshore or the 101 so, in a large size seismic event that was a concern that we would not have a route in and out of there to get back to the city, whereas the selected site is a little more centralized. granted it still southeast but still has multiple access routes and we felt in her emergency situation the better opportunity to serve our feet.
2:57 pm
>> this is my final question mr. updike. really, i think we only ask these questions again because this is a sole source contract. again it's a compelling. out of think we would lay as much scrutiny over the selection. and a number of other things. when he said there's only six companies back into a design and build and construct, which we would like to do because of the haste and speed by which we want to fix the sewage treatment plant, just think we all agree has to be done, but said there are roughly 6 companies. so, do we have letters from the five other companies that they were unable to take on this work? so we here on the board know that this is, in fact, the case. no other company would
2:58 pm
have been able to effectively bid on this contract if we had gone out for a rfp? >> first, to clarify, my point was identified six available companies to be able to have the capacity to do this out of the largest in the bay area. so that was of the top 50, by volume, in terms of roast revenues could we saw six that had the capacity to pull this off. no, we do not have written responses. conversations with them both before the project was scoped and brought before you and after two that the numbers was done in a confidential basis from those companies. frankly they were more open and honest with me with that proviso at their request. i'm happy to off-line have a discussion with those companies are, although one could then a figure that out. the top six would be but nonetheless, we got much more
2:59 pm
in depth information from the firms. the jiggly, relative to fee structures on the agreements. it was helpful friendly in our negotiations. >> so, you did get estimates from the six companies and then, based on what you had seen yourself that you have made the best selection in reaching out for a sole source contract? >> yes, relative to the developer fee which is really the big variable here none the other project was asking the department of public works were waiting to carry out a traditional project. we did have that scoped. that's for the time d mr. kelly has been speaking to came from. with the traditional path. what is the time? we also asked the traditional cost than for design build project with no exceptions competitively build, and that number was approximately $40 million over
3:00 pm
the number provided to you for the delivery of this project. so there's a considerable savings. that's not the be all and all we did want to do that cross checking exercise to be sure were being competitive is many line items as possible. >> i just want to clarify again because i did think i misunderstand either yesterday or today. it's not that there is roughly 6 companies that can do this work. there is roughly 6 companies that were available to do this work and of those six, we had reached out and asked for estimates of what the cost to the city would be? >> no. i'm suggesting we believe there were six companies with a capacity, the financial capacity to do this work. not available over the capacity and therefore that's who we reached out to. >> so, of those with the capacity to do this work, how many did you believe were available to do this work? >> none. none? this is the
3:01 pm
only one. so then i will ask my question again, is there a letter from these six companies that say they are not available to do this work? >> there is not. again, it was a confidential process. >> thank you. >> supervisor kim, is that all? supervisor yee >> thank you mdm. pres. i wasn't going to pursue this line of questioning and i'm not so sure i see other speakers whether not they want to continue this line of questioning. so, i would like to ask supervisor peskin and supervisor campos and cohen if you want to continue this in pursuit of questioning? if not, i'll make my statements. >> the floor is yours. >> that is fine supervisor yee. >> let me say i appreciate my colleagues one of questioning.
3:02 pm
it's pretty similar to some of the questions that i propose that the budget committee in particular it would be the sole source was disturbing to me. then, there was some discussion well it's going to cost the project i forget how much 1.5 million were something like that. $3 million every month or something. so, in listening to the arguments and in listening, there's a little bit of me wondering whether or not how far can i push and say is this really the actual case or not. but, at the end of the day, for me i'm still uneasy with the sole sourcing good as i said at the budget committee, where do we stop because every project
3:03 pm
is almost the same think it is going to cost us more if we delay the project. at least in this climate. i think what tilted the balance for me was the issue of environmental justice and that probably was the determining factor for me to pass it out with a positive recommendation. that's why i want to talk to supervisor cohen about this. in looking at the map, it surely seems like an environmental justice issue for me. so, i'm not hearing anything from the arguments that would change me from that position. so i will be supporting this project going forward. >> thank you. supervisor peskin >> thank you mdm. pres. supervisor yee i'm glad you have a little bit of open mind on this. i mean, here is my fundamental concern the concerns actually been
3:04 pm
exacerbated during this discussion. i believe i heard, maybe mr. updike you can adjust that, rather than the city pursuing the contractor and architect actually, it's her party on non-city party, the broker was put in that position we have a department of public works that contracts for all kinds of contracts. as a matter fact, the qc uses dpw to buildings. we have a airport that is incredible product project management since when did this municipal corporation start using real estate brokers to hire design build out. that just is-unique is an understatement. i'm also getting increasingly concerned in my seventh week in office am a after i turned all blind i stood up at this board and spoke to the fact that it was
3:05 pm
without precedent that we were authorized in our department of real estate to purchase real property without the benefit of an appraisal. that and the previous meeting on december 8 we were asked to approve the sale of a piece of real property that had been, that this board had approved for sale at $87 million amount which the department received a offer at $91 million. yet, this board was being asked to solve for $89. i'm seeing this now in a larger context. finally, what i just heard from the gentleman, mr. wallace, who stood up is that this is a two-year-old company. since when are we doing $55 million deals with two-year-old companies? i don't know what their relationship is with
3:06 pm
cushman wakefield, but i'm interested not in hearing from them but in hearing from city staff whether it's our general manager of the qc warhead of our department of real estate, what experience that you know this company in its two-year history has in design build projects of $55 million. through the chair to supervisor yee, i pray that if this board approves this deal that in a year or two years, we are not doing management audits, performance audits, and supplemental appropriations because were doing with a brand-new two-year-old company that somehow got a sole-source contracts three third-party real estate broker. this thing doesn't smell right to this supervisor. which one of you gentlemen would like to answer that question with regard to the experience of this new firm relative to design build contracts? >> john updike director of real estate. i'm not sure exactly what the questioning has been posed bulimic just to address the issues you raise.
3:07 pm
with respect to who we are hiring, and how we went out to the marketplace, the question of seeking a developer is not something the department of public works would do. because the department of public works is essentially the developer for the city. so, when we are looking at a project or looking at a different model of delivering the project, that was my charge-look at figuring out how to deliver this project in the timeline and price that is not consistent with the current public works chapter 6 process. the expediter necessary is the developer entity. therefore, it is appropriate to turn to the community that knows developers and that's the brokerage community, and ask them for their expertise. that's what we pay them for. in this case, we do not pay them for that service with the understanding,
3:08 pm
through the development. when we reach out to them they help us and vice verse. we're an excellent working relationship with the development community. we felt it was appropriate to turn to them to assist us with the developer. with respect to the developers obligations, as mr. wallace noted, he and his partners are long-standing san franciscans and a project delivery expense in san francisco four years. yes, they are two-year-old company under the current umbrella of warwick's but were hiring just like you make any other hiring decision on the totality of their experience and that's decades of experience. more importantly, the developer is the facilitator and expediter. the crucial, who is the general contractor and who is the architect. do they have the skill sets and the capacity to carry out the project. we are very pleased in that the family that we are bringing forward works as the developer, pankow as the general contractor and fme with a very unique
3:09 pm
experience that all stack up against any architectural firm, that combination we were very pleased to secure. we have been working with the department of public works on this project from the beginning. so they are partners on this bench. just because i'm here does not mean i'm an advocate for the post. i'm simply the spokesperson for the project i would make that clear. this is simply charge we were given to deliver a project in a unique fashion. that's what i wanted. what i'm doing out of necessity. we try to do our best to ensure that the taxpayers are protected in that the development agreement is as tight and financially smart as it can possibly be. we have that confidence the development fee of 3.5% in the line items included in a guaranteed maximum price delivery that's before you now. >> i am pleased to know the
3:10 pm
development of 3.5% is a percent have less than the bowman fee at the goodwill site another project that's neither here nor there. my specific question, which i didn't hear you are an answer to-i heard that the principles in oryx which is a two-year-old company have decades of experience but this is a question i had, which is whether oryx or as you answer the question, these individuals with her decades of experience have any demonstrated his ein bild experience of this magnitude of $55 million projects. that was the question i do not hear an answer to. >> john updike. director of real estate. supervisor, i think the question has to be asked in the context of the
3:11 pm
entire team. between the general contractor and the architect in oryx, yes, without question, they have delivered on similar design build ventures. before the city and for others within the city. and throughout the bay area. with respect to oryx, yes, those individuals involved in oryx or the key project managers if you look at the project delivery agreement there is no ability to swap out project manager. we're really hiring individuals here to deliver this project. and the change requires consent which is our sole and absolute discretion. so were hiring that expertise of individuals of the firm should they also have as mr.-mentioned a quarter of $1 billion worth of projects now. they have a pipeline we have reviewed that similar or greater in scope than what we are proposing here. >> not to point to put a finer point on it on looking at their website, which includes a 120 unit residential product, 44 unit multiunit residential
3:12 pm
project and a 250 256 residential price. none of these are the kind of design build projects i'm talking about . can you just give me an example of one project that one of these individuals has worked on that is a designed-build project of this or similar type typology but that's my simple question. it's a yes or no question. i realize there are other-i'm asking at least in relation to oryx? >> rather than me speaking on behalf of the firm i'd appreciate if you run the courtesy of having them answer >> so, specifically >> can you identify yourself >> my name is juan carlos-the principles of oryx. specifically in the san francisco our team has completed three different projects. $20 million historical retrofits here in san francisco. interior
3:13 pm
retrofit. $35 million project at transbay. my prior work we worked on 181 fremont. my colleague who be the project corridor of nader's work on projects both in the city and outside of the city for pete's coffee, delivering projects of the san francisco business sense. and here in san francisco were currently welding the projects you mention which about $250 million of development projects. in addition, i think very importantly, we've expense working together with panko are general contractor. fme is an architect we've used for light industrial project. in the south bay. they work together on a number of projects within the city and outside of the city. so, i'm happy to give you this list of projects. we have two dozen here. so we have a lot of experience collectively both within oryx and with our
3:14 pm
team. so, i do feel that the city is being very well served with the expertise our team brings. i understand that maybe the board of supervisors would have preferred to go through a competitive bid process. we would've been happy to participate in something like that as well. i think in the context of the schedule and budget the city is trying to meet, the city is also well served by entering into a phase 1 contract essentially with a firm like ours to advance the design advance the project to get it to the point where you can decide you want to move forward with phase 2 delivery of the actual construction of the product. that has been the intent of our structure negotiated structure, with the city. i will add, we have three kinds. we're working with the department of public works. the puc. then, were very much partnering with all three and the central shops is the end user. the role of the developer is enhanced in many ways by
3:15 pm
managing the different user groups in the city and by user i mean end-user as well as the money that's coming through the puc and the client at the dpw side that we are partners hand-in-hand in managing the project day-to-day. as well as the contractor and architect. in addition delivering within a tight timeframe and two location. so we feel very comfortable delivering this. i'm happy to sit down with you separately and provide more background on us as a firm as well as our interest. i would say that yuki on two years of experience of the firm. as a firm that is true. my partners and i have been 15 years in the desert get we all have a couple decades of experience in real estate. if you were very well-equipped. if anything i think this is opportunity relatively new san francisco-based company with a lot of experience that the team provides to deliver a project that i think is important for the community. >> if you want to fair and square from the rfp bug that
3:16 pm
didn't >> thank you supervisor peskin. supervisor campos >> if i may, want to follow up on a couple points. if i may, through the chair, to budget legislative analyst, i understand this is understand the point that supervisor yee made earlier i know when looking at a competitor process the different options that the department has. you have the option of pursuing a longer, more in-depth process, competitor process that would take a few months but there are also other options that allow you to do a competitor process that doesn't take as long. some wondering if the budget and legislative analyst can talk about that in terms of what the options are for these departments in terms of looking at that through the chair
3:17 pm
>> harvey rose budget analyst. supervisor, i think you're referring to-there is a what we call an rfq posted request for qualifications process, and that is where you look at the firm's qualifications to perform the type of object that is needed and that rfq process as opposed to a complete extensive competitive bid process certainly is less formal. is less time-consuming and less extensive than a full competitive bid process. so, it is possible that an rfp process could've been used a couple of years ago, but i would defer to the apartment. i think you should ask that question to the department as to whether or not
3:18 pm
they consider that if that was a viable option. >> if i made to the chair in the past mr. update about that. i know you decided not to do a competitive bid request for proposal, but one i do a request for qualification that allows you to do a competitive process not as extensive that would take less time, and if the general manager said this property was identified or came up about six months ago as a possible site, i asked one of to an rfq? b > white a request for qualifications processes available to us for a number of projects there is no form within the context of chapter 6 which is why this item is before you now. it's a deviation from chapter 6 public hiring process. we would still be back before this body with the results of that and it
3:19 pm
would have taken quite some time to develop a request for qualifications, because it would have to be a one off process specific to this site. specific to our needs. because we don't do rfq's for this type of work. we did not see a great value and actually saw, perhaps, some risk in having if we rushed it, potential for challenges in that selection process as well. we did not have a lot of winning paths available to us to be quite frank. so, we do not see that as a very viable option because it isn't an established route for securing these types of services. so it would've required quite a bit of work by the city attorney's office and department of public works to assisted about that >> might want to expand on that as well if you'd give him the courtesy >> yes, please >> so, from my understanding
3:20 pm
when you go to an rfq basket for qualifications. but from the qualification, you don't enter into a contract. normally we do an rfq to identify who is qualified then we go to another process to select the actual person or the entity. that's why we do typically an rfp process because you have a proposal. so, i don't know, if hardy knows, i'm trying to understand the rfq process because i know in rfq basically based on qualifications and that's how we get the pool of bidders, and then we go through an rfp process to the folks we deemed qualified. i don't know. i think that the things in chapter 6, all the tools in chapter 6 and i don't know-i haven't they been amended a couple times but i'm not understanding if there's an rfq process that you identify and
3:21 pm
you can make a selection on an rfq process. >> my understanding is that where an rfq comes in is that it may not be the ideal approach that actually having rfp is probably the most conference of way of ascertaining that someone is providing you the best deal, but to choose between no competitor process at all and an rfq that actually the rfq provides the benefit of at least knowing that you had at least an assessment what the expertise and in the industry is. so that's the benefit. the other thing i was going to say-and i will tell you, i mean, it's kind of sad. the more we hear from the department of real estate the more questions arise. if you don't have an rfq process in place, then you should really figure out how you pursue that
3:22 pm
going forward because i would rather have you follow an imperfect process than having no process where you simply do a sole source contract. that's one thing. the second point is it is really troubling to me that you had a company here talk about how they became a nevada company for purposes of liability. i imagine that for purposes of liability means to minimize their own liability.. so, it's a two-way street. if nevada being a nevada corporation makes it so you're protected more,, i'm not sure if an issue liability for the city it makes sense to enter into into a contract with the company that is headquartered in nevada if that means their liability is minimized. i mean that's kind of scary. i hope
3:23 pm
the city attorney, i'm sure they're looking at that. again, the more that is said, the more questions arise. i would say-i don't know where people are, but i would hope enough questions have been raised that we reject this. let folks do a competitive bid. we can do it quickly. i don't know if it's an rfp. it is a different process. if it's a short expedited process, but i think that the point here is that we have to strike a balance between moving this forward quickly, but to do it in a way reinsurer this is done in a way that is a good deal for the city and that we are following the rules of fairness that were intended to be in place for a reason. >> thank you. supervisor cohen
3:24 pm
>> colleagues, i appreciate the spirited conversation. i think one thing we can all agree on is that the apartment of real estate has been put on notice and should be aware that they should not ever bring anything half-baked to us and expect an approval process. every question that's been raised-not everyone the majority of the questions have been valid. this been a few that were not. specifically, not specifically but two supervisors begins question moving several shops out of san francisco to brisbane brisbane is her neighbor to our self but i did receive many authorizations and e-mails largely from labor we would be exporting a number of jobs out of the city and into another circuit as you can imagine, the concern the natural concern around that. two supervisors yee i just stop by your office as he was earlier this week were late last week just to share with you some candid conversation about my perspective. i want to be very
3:25 pm
honest with you, colleagues, i am resentful for the position that had been placed in largely from this proposal. i don't know who to blame either real estate or the puc. i don't know but it is certainly an uncomfortable feeling to be placed here and then have colleagues looked to me and asked me what my opinion is that i would opine and give it direction it so i am asking you to support this. this is important. nonetheless, it's been 20 years. we try to build a wastewater treatment plant twice since 2002 and we've been unsuccessful. i'm extremely uncomfortable with the process that real estate has brought to us from even more comfortable going back to my constituents insane, was in on a technicality were going after delayed rebuild of this wastewater treatment plant. i understand what i'm asking you is something that may make made
3:26 pm
you feel ve uncomfortable and rest assured, i'm just about sitive that will never bring a half-baked idea that the puc will not-will go over and above and beyond doing their due diligence from this moment forward. i surely appreciate supervisor peskin, your expertise in peeling back the layers is absolutely critical and i'm grateful for that voice that you bring to this conversation because i think that it will clean out our process to where it's clean and transparent. i think, in this age of government secrecy, racism, and sexism and all these different things that are circulating in our world, not just inner-city, is absolutely important we do conduct ourselves to the highest
3:27 pm
standard possible. we have-i believe the message has been sent and received it i appreciate the conversation from the-thank you very much for your expertise as much as you could opine on this particular matter. so, i will wrap up by remarks again ask that you join me in building this wastewater treatment plant and let's move on. >> thanks. supervisor tang >> i know we spent time talking about this not only in budget committee where i could also bring up the issue about the sole source conversation along with supervisors yee as well as even prior to budget committee. i know there were a lot of questions asked about why did we arrive at the decision the way it is not in my opinion i think a couple things drive this. one really being the marketplace and really trying to secure the land is the best possible for not just what's going on in supervisor cohen's district but
3:28 pm
also what will have happened to several shops. bernie, that was crucial as well as the fact that in the last three years, it's minor staining the puc to spend about $60 million in commendation of emergency contacts and maintenance contracts because of the deteriorating conditions of the digesters currently. then, on top of that a personal tidbits to the area. i had the pleasure just visiting those people who live across the street every single day who have to endure what is coming out of that facility. so, with that said i think that, again, supervisor cohen made it clear this is not a preference for how we would like to see things through coming through so quickly but i do think there's a very legitimate need behind this project and i can given the market conditions. so, i will stick with my position at budget committee and support this item. >> thank you. supervisor wiener
3:29 pm
>> i don't want to repeat a lot of what the last two colleagues have said. i appreciated the conversation and listen to the points made by my colleagues at any and all be supporting this item. i think it supervisor tang articulated in supervisor cohen before, this is critically important to our southeastern neighborhood and to the people impacted by the current unacceptable situation everyday. so at the time sensitivity. i also want to say, the arguments about this being an out-of-state registered company, colleagues, if we will want to start applying that standard, then boy, were there a lot of scrutiny to do in terms of developers who are working on a variety of topics. out that if we came up with a list of developers who we've entered
3:30 pm
into agreements with on to medically larger projects than this, were not registered in the state of california, i think we would put this in context and realize that's a complete red herring and really frankly irrelevant to the debate today. with that, i'll be supporting this item >> thank you. supervisor kim >> i just want to appreciate the comments that supervisor cohen made. i haven't anyone in this chamber does not understand the importance of the sewage treatment plant and i think that's any of our colleagues would say it's not because they don't want to see this project happen by june of 2017 or because they don't think this is important to the community at having everyone knows is incredibly important but so the question about the process that the city undertook to bring this before the board today and is very uncomfortable position because we all know that this has to get done. that
3:31 pm
it's urgent. we have about a year and five months to make this happen. i really would just say, we can have things come this way especially when we don't for years that this was going to be in place. to say it's an emergency today, when we've known for years that this has to happen, i just think is disingenuous. finally, because i was a person that brought up the basis of the llc, the reason why i bring that up is because this is where awful, a sole source contract. it cannot go out today. i would not normally bring up the particular of the business that come before us and why certain things are the way they are good so, let's separate that from all the other major development deals the city puts together. also, second, it was a big point made about how this is a bay area company that's been in san
3:32 pm
francisco for many years. it's employees living. they're going into local hire in its llc based in another state. i would not have brought up the point was made over and over again if this was a san francisco company. it's not. if you do make that as part of your point why we should support the sole source contract that i think it should be accurate. i think whatever the reasons are underlined the decision, which was not articulated today, then you should not use that as a basis for supporting this sole-source bit. >> thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, but please call the roll >> item 13 and 14, supervisor mar aye, peskin nay tang aye wiener aye yee aye avalos nay campos ngo nay cohen aye farrell aye kim aye there are
3:33 pm
eight aye and three ngo >> those ordinance pass on the first reading >>[gavel] >> is go to our 2:30 pm commendations. i'd like to at this time recognize supervisor john avalos >> thank you mdm. pres. other to call up to the podium diamond dave whitaker who i am very pleased to be honoring today we also have an item on imperative agenda to declare today if every second 26 and diamond dave whitaker figured is not quite your birthday. you're going to have to wait your turn though mr. diamond dave. thank you very much. diamond dave whitaker, before us today left minnesota for san
3:34 pm
francisco in 1957 at age 19 seeking a mythical land of all my parties and free love. diamond dave whitaker is a san francisco legend. maestro of spoken word and revolutionary rabble-rouser uses language to engage and connect. mr. whitaker has been described as beat before the work be next, get before there were hippies, punk before punk even happens. diamond dave whitaker is cast wide net in life from entering a young dylan in minnesota, what think you turned onto bound for glory, woody guthrie's book and tournament to woody guthrie which is a huge thing for bob dylan fans. to pushing boundaries with the nixon hippies in san francisco to inspiring modern punk and hip-hop musicians. he is on the common thread between many generations of alternative
3:35 pm
american culture. diamond dave whitaker has been a decades long supporter of activist movement for social justice. he is a pacifist good has always stood by our veterans whether from the vietnam war or any of our subsequent wars because he understands that a mandatory draft of that time in the poverty draft which supplanted it become ices the poor and working class of our society. diamond dave whitaker has written spoken word, organize protested in taking direct action in support of the innocent, the downtrodden, the disabled, and all who have suffered the unfairness of our social system, which is in dire need of change. there's more. diamond dave whitaker promotes engagement through poetry month which he celebrates to the common thread radio show on
3:36 pm
mutiny rado and by hosting the annual homes under the dome-we collaborate on that-open mic poetry event here in city hall. commemorating national poetry month in our rotunda. as diamond dave whitaker is fond of quoting himself, i think that's true you're fond of quoting yourself-about spreading his message about community engagement and empowerment as embodied in a statement, strangers become friends, friends become family. family becomes community and community on the move becomes movement. diamond dave whitaker serves several terms as senator on the city college of san francisco associated student counsel and he has organized student opposition to the commission attempt to revoke city colleges accreditation.
3:37 pm
you actually invited me out to- diamond dave whitaker is his role as an elder in the committee to assess providing context, lineage, and history of the to treat each other with greater respect, compassion, and kinship. so, today will be voting to make every second 2016 diamond dave whitaker date. now is your chance to regale us at the podium >> all my goodness. >>[applause] >>: say something written by committed it sounds it was written by committee but let's put together. hey fellow human beings also off, fellow human beings members of the board, brothers and sisters, here i be. a long strange trip it's been. first time i ever stepped
3:38 pm
in here 1957 bike messenger by day. the neck by day and night. it was 1957 and i was in seventh heaven. the nonlinear.on the checkerboard. i first brought to the james. kaiser member and i thought about last night because the primary was going on in the state of iowa and who one. it was the senator from texas. in my right? remind me of the guy i finished a congressman from texas who came up and took over this board of supervisors chamber. it was john j parnell thomas. anybody heard of him? with the chairman of the american activities committee. they came in the primary right to come and take over this chamber and some of our great intellectuals some of our great fellow human beings and said have you ever been-i was sitting right there in 1957-the
3:39 pm
next year they came again and suddenly people came and said this is not that happen once again. the house un-american activities committee. later to go to the penitentiary. the but the fire hoses out. how many have heard about that? i was 1958. i was on at the bits on israel. but 57) those days they had the benches were different. everybody spoke in those days and had ashtrays. everybody was smoking up a storm. did you guys know that? was a board of supervisors-pretty funny, and i was here in this happens to be super bowl week and so i feel an irony. curated. the dialogue in a time of [inaudible] no time-the irony of having it
3:40 pm
happen to you guys to straighten it out. all my goodness. but it is true. it's been a long strange trip. i've been at it and i'm still added. mutiny radio on fm and podcast. i think about something times i've been here. supported supervisors. the first community congress was the early 60s. also i used to sit) lisa broadcast live on mondays. is anyone remember that? the board of supervisors way back then. that was a different board. that was before district election. mendelson. pelosi. jack morrison now gone. so many people sat here and district
3:41 pm
elections. all of this is running through my head like a great stream of happenings. so, thanks for bringing that up. and this would be some kind of recognition that the library at 4:30 pm all these years. others irony. so i'm glad to be here. thanks supervisor avalos for giving me this recommendation it so good to talk to you. north beach and the beach i could go on forever but i don't. you got enough going on forever today. i'll just draw a close and say peace love and understand. but cast a wide net. what life lotions they don't panic just keep it organic. what came to me just before i turned 78. i'm an old man. learn to love love to learn, this never ends. tanks a lot,
3:42 pm
people. it's good to be here. >>[applause] >> thank you and comprises dominick. there is to san francisco treasure. and happy
3:43 pm
birthday. i'm clerk, is get back to business. item number 15 item 15 resolution to retroactively authorize the san francisco fire department to accept and expend a grant in the amount of approximately $780,000 of the federal emergency management agency to purchase five ambulances through august 6, 2015 >> rollcall vote >> supervisor mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye wiener aye, aye avalos aye breed aye campos aye, cohen aye farrell aye kim aye. there are 11 aye. this resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> item number 16 >> item 16 authorizing the san francisco fire to burn to except a gift of a was built and pumped fire engine from the
3:44 pm
fire friends insurance company and alliance global risk us insurance company valued at $123 per use by the san francisco fire department museum >> colleagues, deck beside him same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item >> item 17 resolution to actively approve the third memo to the apartment of public health project for behavioral health services and additional research and treatment to extend the contract by three years from july 1, 2010 through june 30, 2018 and that to exceed approximate amount of $51.3 million >> same house, same call without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously beguiled >> next item >> item making resolution to authorize the director of public works to execute an amendment to the agreement the city to furnish architectural and engineering design and related other consulting services the traffic company and forensic services division
3:45 pm
under the earthquake and emergency response bond program and crazy not to exceed amount from approximate 11 $29 >> same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection resolution is adopted unanimously >> beguiled >> please call item 19 and 20 together >> item 19 resolution to receive approve annual repo from the castrol upper market community benefit district purposefully or 2013-14 and item 14, city oceans avenue community benefit district for fiscal year 2011-2014 submitted as required by the property and business improvement district law of 1994. >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> regarding item 19 the castrol-upper market committee benefit district: take this opportunity to thank our cbd for the terrific work that it does in the castrol upper market area around some the
3:46 pm
difference needs a long clean the neighborhood, providing outreach services to homeless people, enhancing security, bringing live music into jean warner plaza. working on so many open issues in the neighborhood and working collaboratively both with residents and merchants as well as property owners at the cbd that fund the cbd and i think the castrol upper market cbd is a great example why cities improve neighborhoods. so i just want to publicly thank our committee benefit district >> thank you. colleagues, could take those items same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the resolutions adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> i'm clerk please call item 21 >> item 21, ordinance to amend the planning code to provide administrative review of affordable housing permitting it as a principal use and not
3:47 pm
requiring a planning commission hearing with certain exceptions. to affirm the ceqa determination make other ob/gyn >> supervisor wiener >> colleagues, before us today is legislation that will help us to deliver more affordable housing work quickly i think we all are in agreement that during the housing crisis we need more affordable housing for low income and moderate income people and we need it yesterday. we need to make sure that we are delivering this housing in an efficient manner. this legislation provides for 1% affordable housing for low income or moderate income. in other words 0-120% of area median income that conditional use will no longer be required. right now, for the housing projects really treated exactly the same as market-rate projects . that if you trigger a square footage threshold it will
3:48 pm
typically require conditional use, which if you are lucky at 3-6 months to the approval process, and will often add more, 9-12 months or even longer. this increase is not just time to deliver a affordable housing project but makes it more expensive. we want to be as efficient as possible with our affordable housing very scarce affordable housing dollars. to be clear, about this legislation, it maintains in place very strong neighborhood protections. there was to be full and put notification for a photo housing projects to neighbor participation, full design review by a planning department to make sure we have well designed projects. in addition, if neighbors or anyone is opposed to an affordable housing project, they can still see discretionary review and have a hearing and decision at the planning commission. what the legislation will allow us to do in particularly for
3:49 pm
projects that do not have opposition, they will not automatically have to go through lengthy detail review and then have an automatic hearing at the commission. we know that the definition or the standard for conditional use is whether a project is necessary and desirable we apply conditional use for projects where we have skepticism whether it's chain source or some other use what might be a good idea or might be a bad idea. we know that a formal housing by definition is necessary and desirable. we don't need conditional use to make that determination. i want to thank, first of all on this power in my office for his amazing work ring together this legislation and collaboration with the planning department and the city attorney as well as the supporters of the legislation, mercy housing, bridge housing, youth services,
3:50 pm
washington community service center, our nonprofit, affordable housing partners who are actually creating this critical housing. so, colleagues, i ask for your support and thank you very much. >> thank you. supervisor >> i want to address while not be able to support this legislation today. there's no denial our city is in desperate need for affordable housing. i'm in full support of increasing housing projects dedicated to our low and moderate income residents. especially families with children. i have historically voted in favor of those. however, i cannot support taking away controls to ensure an neighborhood process when it comes to building in the city. this legislation could lead us down a slippery slope, especially for other projects
3:51 pm
that want to bypass neighborhood review. i'm happy-i'm also deeply concerned about before the housing density bonus program in its current form, which also limits the community input to discretionary review. discretionary review places the onus on the grids while having a conditional use process places that responsibility on the developer to be a good neighbor and partner. from the get-go. as much as i agree that with supervisor wiener's statement that affordable housing is needed and desirable, the argument for me here is not the affordable piece of it but really what kind of design are we talking about. that one may not agree with. community support for a project is vital we have actually seen projects come out stronger and better
3:52 pm
the neighborhood input. i understand we want to streamline housing of san francisco in san francisco, but we should not do that at the expense of community engagement. if it takes a few months longer to address concerns to naturally enhance a project that will serve the greater community that is not necessarily time wasted. in my time here at the board, i've always been in support of more community review and engagement. for example, we are having discussions around the reservoir project. it was going through pretty rapidly, the process and i realize that the community didn't feel like they were getting their say so. that's why i asked to form a community advisory committee to be part of the process so that
3:53 pm
residents would have a little more input. to me, we can just fast track projects. i just think this legislation is the wrong answer to addressing the housing crisis. thank you. >> thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, i'm clerk please call the roll >> item 21, supervisor mar aye peskin aye tang aye, wiener aye yee no, avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye cohen aye farrell aye, kim aye. there are 10 aye with one no and supervisor emac in defense >> the one which is passed on the first reading >>[gavel] >> item 22, please >> item 22 and ordinance to amend the building code to provide a building in probate
3:54 pm
should not be considered vacant or abandoned for purposes of the annual registration requirement for a permit that would seat two years if it complies with all codes and does not injury to blight in affirming the ceqa determination >> rollcall vote >> item 22 mar aye, peskin, aye tang aye wiener aye yee aye avalos aye breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye there are 11 aye >> the works passes unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> item 23 >> item 23 ordinance to amend the ministry of code provide notice to tenant facing of action regarding eligibility for city affordable housing programs and modify vacancy control requirements applicable to certain agreements with government agencies >> supervisor tang
3:55 pm
>> very quickly, colleagues this item is a very simple request that when tenants who are facing eviction they will often get notices from our board and so we want to tag onto this notice to tenants receive that they'll actually get information, which is also available in different languages about our city's affordable housing program. we felt this will very simple way to let more people know what resources are payable to the. the second piece of this is a minor change that i know has caused some questions, but there's a change regarding seeking root having to do with governmental agencies and this was a amendment requested by our city attorney to make sure we are in conformity with state law. so, colleagues, i urge your approval of this >> so, supervisor tang is that a motion to amend >> no. sorry contained in the legislation know some people i questions about one particular
3:56 pm
amendment i was in >> thank you. see no other names on the roster, colleagues can we take this item same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes in and within the first reading >>[gavel] >> next item >> item 24 eight ordinance to amend the please code to prevent a person from placing storing or leaving a farm in unattended mode vehicle unless in a lockbox locked trunk of a motor vehicle >> supervisor campos can we take that without objection? without objection i wanted to thank >> i want to thank hillary ronan in this very important matter. we have a proliferation of guns being in the wrong hands. between 2005-2010 1.4 million guns were reported stolen in the us and that's-that we know of-it's pretty scary when you think about the fact that in this
3:57 pm
country there somewhere between 270 and 39 30 million firearms. that's enough firearms for every man woman and child in this country. here in the bay area we have seen examples where guns have ended up in the wrong hands meeting to very tragic tragic outcomes. as we know, the case that received a lot of attention, we had a bureau of land management agent was visiting san francisco in late june. left his weapon in the backpack inside his car. it was in plain sight and unknown person stole it in four days later that weapon was used in the shooting that occurred in peer 14 where they had the tragic death of a woman. shortly after that, the gun was stolen from the backseat of the
3:58 pm
berkeley chief of police's vehicle and only five days later, a hayward police officer had his gun stolen from his car that was parked near a starbucks at oaklands neighborhood. we must do better. here in san francisco i passing this law, we are sending the very clear message that if you come into the jurisdiction of the city and county of san francisco and you happen to have a weapon that you choose to leave in your vehicle, that there are certain things that you have to do to ensure the safety of that weapon. to make sure that weapon does not end up in the wrong hands. since the introduction of this legislation, we've taken the time to meet with different members of our labor organizations including the police officers association, the sheriffs union and others to make sure that we met and confirmed so that the passage
3:59 pm
of this law was done in a manner consistent with the rights and interests of our labor partners. i want to thank those labor partners for supporting this legislation and for finding a mutually agreeable resolution that allows us to move forward with the legislation with the understanding that coverage of this legislation does not apply in instances where departments already have policies in place that regulate the conduct of the police officers among others. i want to thank my cosponsors to this legislation supervisor mar, yee, breed farrell, cohen, and supervisor avalos. i believe this is a step in the right direction. we
4:00 pm
know the state of california now is considering actually adding this piece of legislation from passing a similar piece of legislation for the entire state of california. i'm proud here in san francisco once again on this very important issue of guns we continue to lead the way. thank you very much and i respectfully ask for your support >> thank you. supervisor tang >> i want to recognize supervisor campos and his leadership. this is a ordinance barrister artie been on our books. i'm glad were finally putting it on. there should never be a gun is not secure, left and any vehicle in san francisco. of course, we had the tragic incident that took place over the summer it would not have happened if the gun had been secured in the vehicle. so, i just want to ask the added as a cosponsor, and again went to recognize supervisor campos and his office for the leadership and also expanding this ordinance to all vehicles because there's
4:01 pm
no reason why should limit it to just possession and ownership. thank you. can we take that without objection? without objection >> thank you, can we take this item same house, same call without objection the one which is passed unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> item 25, please >> item 25 is a ordinance amend administrative code to revise reporting deadlines regarding reporting equal pay advisory board by nine months to july 2, 2010 >> same house, same call about objection the ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> next item, please >> item 26 resolution transfer of a type xxi also general license from 245 street to talk will serve the public convenience and to recommend the california department of alcoholic beverage control impose conditions on the issuance of a license >> same house, same call without objection resolution was adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item
4:02 pm
>> believe he will call for introduction for new business >> great >> supervisor mar new business >> thank you i've a few items new madam clerk. today i'm introducing legislation that will extend our program that supported local squall schools by excepting by parent groups from being taxed by the city and 25% rate. i began about four years ago after many pdas were hosting fundraisers for the outside when concert in august with a bluegrass festival in october and able to raise money for books, pe teachers, supplies, arts, graduation expenses, regarding programs and computer purchases. i worked with a view supervisor avalos, cohen farrell mar, and
4:03 pm
to craft a program that works are parent-teacher association, ptas and ptos as well and hold the candidates on their local school parking lots raising needed funds for schools. currently san francisco business and tax revelation code requires that these events pay tax rate of 25%. it creates a huge burden on many of these parent volunteer organizations. so exempting them was equitable and gives the money, up to, believe $30,000 over the past couple years in the pockets of schools. the ptas and the treasurer's office in the mayor's office worked with me to craft a system that goes to our second district pta. that's our san francisco body. i want to thank michelle parker. four years ago for helping us craft this, but also currently, the president kathy meyer are
4:04 pm
really raising awareness among many schools. lafayette is the champion of schools raising about $25,000, i believe it was last year, but also reno middle school in many other schools ticketed. jefferson on the sunset side in many other schools and taking advantage. i also want to say we are doing our best of good accounting so the pta keep good records and thanks so much over the leadership of the various ptas. i want to give a shout out to treas. josé cisneros but especially the hard work of deputy attorney for crafting a system that works, and this is really extending this important program. thanks much to the parents from schools not only lafayette jefferson elementary, oregon elementary, and presidio middle school. now washington high school grading system that can help schools throughout the whole system. i urge your
4:05 pm
support. thank you. can we take that without objection? without objection thank you supervisor >> i've a number of other untoward overthink supervisor campos for introducing the school and educator induction protector but is made in 2010 i worked with the tenant thanks much to the late housing rights committee we call this a family protection act in 2010. we saw a lot of objections going on. i want to say that many others were a key part of our work with parents to prevent children from being and families from being evicted during the school year. so, i think the process that supervisors because has worked with ubs has worked with others and put it in 2010 former director of the department of health reported was devastating negative impacts evictions have on families especially kids who tend to feel the impact of eviction even more than their parents. he stated innovation
4:06 pm
can increase anxiety and depression among families for children innovation can mean change of location changed schools disconnection from your whole community and your familiarity of san francisco to ensure a child stability would not be shattered by having to leave their school in the middle of the school year. it seems to me what supervisor campos because has drafted in a sports will really help the displacement of educators and teachers, bonus points after and many others from this similar devastating impact. i know many teachers in the richmond district susan getchell, many others that are facing eviction or happen in that it gets those beloved educators custodians that school support personnel, many that really are part of that community that makes up a school. i think were doing everything we can preserve the affordability of san francisco and the fabric of our community that the timely measure there
4:07 pm
really is were strongly supporting and looking at other efforts to also-i know there was another item. give me one second. i think i'll stop there and submit. i think the other item is coming up later in the agenda >> thank you. supervisor peskin >> thank you madam clerk. i rise today to adjourn the meeting in the memory of two great speed san franciscans. first, my neighbor and san francisco icon and legendary musician paul cantor who died last week generate 28th after suffering a heart attack. i had the pleasure of seeing paul almost every morning at the
4:08 pm
local café in north beach. he was a founding member of the jefferson airplane, where the defendant san francisco psychedelic rock 'n roll groups of the 1960s and the guiding spirit of its successor, the jefferson starship. mr. cantor died just weeks after it was announced that the jefferson airplane receive a lifetime achievement grammy award later this month. he was a prolific songwriter, teaming up with money down some of the group's best-known songs including today, young girl, sunday blues, and volunteers. he learned to play guitar in his teens and learn and show from an instructional book written by pete seeger after attending santa clara university in san jose state mr. cantor plunged into his san francisco's focusing. mr. cantor wrote four songs for jefferson airplane takes off the group's first
4:09 pm
album. that album also included two of their only top 10 singles somebody love and white rabbit. both of which featured his onetime partner, grace slick it there were inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame in 1996.. he was a friend to the north beach community, and icon in the city, and county of san francisco and our regrets to his daughter, china eissler and his two sons gareth and how sander and four grandchildren. he was a cool guy. i would also, together with supervisor wiener, like to adjourn today meeting for another legendary san franciscan beloved public servant, a journalist who
4:10 pm
closed to newspapers. the news and the call bulletin. worked on the campaigns of lyndon johnson, and state sen. alan cranston, was the confidential secretary to mayor joel alioto, deputy mayor under diane feinstein, chief of staff for mayor frank jordan, as well as a deputy mayor for mayor arts agnes. he was a fire commissioner. he loved this city. i think we should give our regrets to the entire city but particularly, his son mckim. he will be so missed >> to like to do that on behalf of the board >> i would >> without objection college can we do this on behalf of the entire board? without objection, thank you >>[gavel] >> thank you supervisor. i do believe you mentioned heavily ross name >> i didn't mention haply?
4:11 pm
yes, heavily ross. absolutely >> the rest i will submit >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> supervisor speedy supervisor avalos >> for the agenda dating today diamond dave whitaker today >> thank you. supervisor campos >> i've a couple of items. the first item is an introduction. supervisor mar reference this item. actually a piece of legislation that builds upon the work that supervisor mar did a number of years ago starting in 2009 and leading to the passage of the family protection of 2010. i'm introducing legislation today will help families and school workers maimed in their homes
4:12 pm
during the school year here in san francisco. i want to thank the cosponsors of this legislation supervisor kim, avalos and mar. this actually is legislation that came to us at the suggestion from someone who has been working in the field of for quite some time and that is dean preston who came to us to us of actually protecting educators were having a tough time staying in san francisco. by legislation expands, as i noted on the law that was passed by supervisor mar. that law allowed landlords to evict families for owner evictions with children under 18 only during the summer, preventing evictions during the school year as a way of preventing the disruption that could happen when there is an eviction in a classroom. the
4:13 pm
legislation that's before that we are doing two things. first, we've expanded supervisor mar's previous legislation to include not just owner evictions but to apply to all no-fault evictions. so that families with kids under 18 cannot be evicted during the school year for evictions related to condo conversion removal of a rental unit, capital improvement, and substantial rehabilitation. the second thing this legislation does is that we will include coverage to educators. educators are individuals we defined as people who work at san francisco schools directly with students and preschools, diggers, and k-12 schools in both public and private schools.
4:14 pm
this would include a teacher, a classroom aide, paraprofessional, administrator, counselor, social worker, psychologist and a security guard, a tenant reason, cafeteria worker, custodian or school nurse. san francisco is facing an affordability crisis. we are also facing a teacher shortage crisis. discrimination has proved very disastrous for our city. what we are doing is a commonsense emergency effort, essentially to stop the bleeding. we know there are things we are doing, the mayor to proposition that offer that we all supported as funding to allow teachers and paraprofessionals to become first-time buyers of homes in san francisco. that's a good thing. but we need to do something to make sure that these educators and school workers are not pushed out from san francisco. the fact is, for an educator with her teacher or paraprofessional, getting an eviction notice means are going to have to leave san francisco. right now, a fully credentialed teacher makes less than $3400
4:15 pm
a month. that is, by the way a lot less than about $200 less, then the median rental price of a one-bedroom in san francisco which is now $3600. if you look at a paraprofessional, the situation is even more died. it paraprofessional makes about $2083 a month. if they are evicted, they're simply not going to be able to compete in this housing market. we have a responsibility to not only provide housing him up to make sure we also provide education. in this case, housing is directly connected to the issue of education. we do not have a world-class city unless we have a world-class school system. we do not have it world-class school system without
4:16 pm
educators. now teachers, paraprofessionals and all the school workers that maintain the stability of the schools in this city. we have, in the past, talk about the imports of educating our kids and this is an opportunity for us to actually do something to keep educators from having to leave san francisco. at the end of the school year last year, we had 500 openings at the san francisco unified school district. 500 openings that we cannot fill. related to this we also had a sip insufficient numbers of substitute teachers, recently i called for a hearing on the fact that one out of 10 classrooms is facing a lack of substitute teachers. which is impacting the education of our children. children sometimes must double up with customs causing overcrowding, making learning difficult in our classrooms. this ordinance will mitigate the effect of
4:17 pm
displacement and educators and family with children and will help minimize the harm that evictions and disbursement can have on children under school communities. again i want to thank dean preston director of for bringing this to the force. also i think the rerunning as well as the united educators the teachers union which is actually done a lot of work to have a better understanding of their members. they did a survey that outline the importance of this efforts among not only for teachers but also paraprofessionals. again, i look forward to a robust discussion on this item. my hope is that this is the kind of legislation that not only can be passed by the board that can be passed unanimously. at least that is my hope. the second and last item is very sad item and i want to thank
4:18 pm
the community of the portal out. san francisco including folks like-for helping us put together this in memoriam in memoriam for very special person get irene crèche out, who died on january 26 of this year. irene was the consummate-. she was born in the portola in the house that her grandfather built an in house that she lived for her 80+ years of life. that house and the portola were her sense of pride and belonging. irene attended school at er taylor for elementary education two steps away from her front door and went on to attend portola junior high school, which is now martin luther king jr. academic academy. he further track from home half a block away where she lived. she
4:19 pm
graduated from high school from commerce high school, which is now the board of education building, which is located here at van ness avenue and market street. irene crèche oh studied art and drawing and made her career at pacific bell where she worked for more than 38 years. she often told stories of sliding down the hills of the portola before it was developed and watched the church being built. she attended movies at the avenue theater and world history cards up and down stan bertino advocate stories are shopping on san bruno as one could buy anything from groceries to formal dress to shoes to match on that commercial corridor. her impact came after irene retired. after the 1989
4:20 pm
earthquake, the portal was threatened with the prospect of being cut off from the city and its highways when the solar avenue entrance exit ramp was destroyed. she, typical of her, joined a group of neighbors and local elected officials to ensure that did not happen. they work together successfully lobbied to the rams rebuilt and reopened. hoping to revitalize san bruno ave., irene worked with the san francisco organizing project to help underground utility lines on san bruno ave. and work with the department of public works to plant street trees along that commercial corridor. she served for many years as a board member of the portal neighborhood association and served on the newly created organization that succeeded it.
4:21 pm
she also served on the friends of the san francisco library capital committee to fund any fixtures and furniture of the new portable branch library, which opened across the street from irene's home in february of 2009. irene also served on the scholarship committee of the portal of garden district court from 2007 until recently 2014. she touched most if not all of the public projects in the portable neighborhood by helping to select the design from what playground equipment we had when it reopened in 2014 to mural designs on san bruno ave. irene is said to have been the inspiration for the other many islands and proven project . our money and san bruno ave. and that's just one of many many projects that irene made possible. irene worked as a citizen volunteer in the office
4:22 pm
of former supervisor sophie maxwell, as well and was known to many city departments. when you think of the portola you think of irene and it's really hard to imagine, impossible, really too much in the portola without irene. irene is survived by her two nieces, koreans falter of bayview city. christine gabriella of pacifica. she is also survived by cousins carol perez of san francisco great niece and nephew know, lifelong friends and neighbors. irene, will be missed in lieu of flowers donations can be made to the portal neighborhood association 94134 donations can also be made to the sisters of the good shepherds at 1310 at 1310 vacant st., san francisco. so, on behalf of the portola and
4:23 pm
supervisor for this district, it is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of irene crèche out and respect we ask we adjourn the board meeting in her honor today. the rest i submit >> thank you. mdm. pres. >> thank you get colic; item today. this is a landmark occasion for our region and san francisco they we all cherish and depend upon. today, along with supervisor wiener proud to introduce resolution calling for a special election in june for the clean and healthy bay valid measure. proposed by the san francisco they restoration authority as a regional special district, this ballot measure will levy a modest $12 parcel tax in all nine bay area counties. over 20 years, the measure is estimated to bring in more,, bring in at least
4:24 pm
$500 million for clinical bay restoration projects. once the region takes this first major funding step, we will be able to leverage even more federal and state funding for the bay. the funds will go towards a variety of bait restoration projects throughout the region, including flood protection, public access improvements, tidal marsh restoration, water quality improvements, and protection from the potentially devastating impacts of climate change. san francisco has 10 projects that event specifically identified as eligible for this funding, including completion of restoration and parking permits at candlestick point, wetlands enhancement at pier 94, design and construction of new shoreline and park areas appear
4:25 pm
70, including shoreline restoration, habitat creation they fill removal and public access restoration that tennessee hollow and governmental education programs for students at the quincy field center. the san francisco they is the heart of our region. it ties of our nine counties together. it is economic and shipping backbone. it is a source of recreation and wonder for all who live and visit the bay area. if we want our children and our grandchildren to inherit a clean and healthy bay one that will be part of their lives wait is part of ours, we need to act now to clean it up and restore it. according to an ecosystem after goals report written at the turn of the millennium by more than 100 bay area scientists debate once featured nearly 200 acres of
4:26 pm
tidal marshes, but after more than 150 years of development taking and filling, only 40,000 acres remain. the bay needs 100,000 acres of re-establish tidal marsh to be healthy and sustainable. fortunately, more than 30,000 shoreline acres have already been publicly acquired and are awaiting restoration. the only missing ingredient is the funding to do the work. that's where this pressure comes in. by restoring wetlands that filter trash and toxins from the water and expand wildlife habitat to clean and healthy ballots measure will protect honorable species and improve the quality of a water. it will also help us prepare for climate change. tidal marsh around the bay is critical for improving our resources, regions, change and
4:27 pm
resilience. marshes protect shoreline communities, businesses, roads and other vital infrastructure from flooding and sea level rise. this measure will safeguard our community and our economy region wide but we must act now before sea level rise, swans many of the restorable acres entirely and makes many more too expensive to restore. worked that we once thought we had it years to complete, we now must do within 20 years. that is why a ballot measure is oh ports. it's why this issue is so urgent. the plan is for all nine bay area counties to vote on this measure in june with hope it's approved by two thirds of the speed votes cast. all the funds will stay local and independent audit an annual public reports will ensure proper spending. by leveraging state and federal funds to $500 million relays what was reach
4:28 pm
the nearly $2 billion that is needed to keep a healthy and protect shoreline communities for generations to come. i want to thank the san francisco restoration authority, nonprofit save the bay, and it's climate change policy campaign manager becky's ear who's been in sorrento ending this measure for. the bay area council and other regional stakeholders, thank you also to the somewhere member phil theme for your bill ap-7467463 key statutory changes that allowed this pressure to proceed. thank you to my colleagues supervisor scott wiener who is a brand-new appointee to the restoration authority governing board voted on january 13 two approved placing this measure on the ballot and thank you too many colleagues who supported this effort over the years. especially those who have served on the bay conservation and development commission. the
4:29 pm
clean and healthy bay delta measure is supported by more than 60 groups and regional leaders from businesses, environmental groups, labor and local communities, including the mayors of this specific region mayor lee of san francisco, mayor sam mcardle of san jose mayor with the chapel of oakland as well as some of my colleagues on the board. rational leaders including representative jackie speer gerrit hussman and former rep. george miller. save the bay, audubon california, ducks unlimited, trust for public land. the natural conservatory and other environmental groups and many unions throughout the region. bill graham once said that they is so beautiful. i hesitate to preach about heaven while i'm here. we the people are lucky enough to live here.
4:30 pm
we didn't create that beauty. we merely have the opportunity to enjoy it and an obligation to protect it. with this ballot measure, we will do just that. thank you and the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor cohen >> colleagues, today i'm introducing a hearing on the state of the city's response to homelessness in 2016. last year and recent months i perceived an unprecedented number of calls and e-mails from constituents hailing from all parts of the city about the status of homelessness intercity with the city is doing to respond to the homeless crisis. now, while you know homelessness exists across the entire city, most of you are probably aware of the escalating number of homeless impairments growing in district 10 as well as in district 6. through this hearing i like to know what our city specific plan is in addressing this crisis in the following areas to lay out for you. first, the
4:31 pm
mayors office has announced that it will be establishing a department on homeless services. i would like to review the progress update on establishment of this department including the projected milestones, timelines and staffing as well's budget. second point, i'm interested in hearing from the city increasing resources from homeless outreach team, also known as the half king, a dbh by $3 million and increasing a staff of 25-62/60, has a human service agency has made any adjustments in their shelter bed system? to accommodate anticipated increase of a hot teen placement? what is the status-here's another question what is the status of the department public health plan perjuring those referred for
4:32 pm
5150s are directed to case management and outpatient services to address homeless and mental health needs? fourth question: what is the status and progress of the city family homeless initiative without san francisco invite school district to direct services and resources to ensure elementary school families have shelter? there have been a dramatic reduction in the number of individuals on general assistance over the past 10 years. yet, there more people living visibly on the street in poverty and in inhumane conditions. i would like to review data on the numbers of individuals on government assistance and get a better understanding of why so many people on the street have such difficulty accessing this benefit,, which is critical people to stabilize their housing condition and to exit homelessness. i want to
4:33 pm
recommend some of the work people have-on his body, work people have done. i want to call out supervisor farrell have some brief discussion because he will be hosting a hearing on this issue later on this month. in addition to the topic he will be covering in the hearing, i'm also interested in learning of any additional information that the existing revocation system including its progress, success, failures, and discussion impossible new location for additional navigation center. there a lot of rumors out there particularly around navigation center expanding. as many you have read, supervisor wiener recently drafted a letter to police, fire hsa, to the apartment of hope, department of public health as well as department of public works requesting information on the city's effort to address tends
4:34 pm
in open spaces as well as the band of the enforcement of the tenants on public space. i want to also, at this time in my closing remarks, acknowledge and thank the colleagues who sponsored this hearing. as it is, citywide issue. not just a district specific wanted it has impact on all of us. sure we all receive feedback and questions and concerns about its. i want to go to supervisor kim joining me in this request as well as breed and campos and any other members of this body to be interested in supporting this endeavor. i think we need to roll up our sleeves and get real serious and get down to business and figure out what the heck is going on and why. >> thank you. supervisor farrell is not present in the jabber >> i'm sorry. one more thing.
4:35 pm
>> supervisor cohen >> in the same thing i like to make a request for the budget legislative analyst to take a look at the cost of managing and mitigating the impact of people living on the street the purses pussy nativism permanent or supportive housing. there are many unseen costs of homelessness from the city's perspective. where utilizing shelters emergency rooms, courts, jails, public works and police department but we manage and mitigate the impact of people living on the street. please, don't misconstrue my words. i'm not advocating placing homeless folks in jail. as we make efforts to place homeless individuals in permanent housing, but would like to better understand how much it's costing us to manage the currently existing situation with that, i like to request the board website of analysts
4:36 pm
provide information from wealth of departments to assess the cost comparison between managing someone on the street and placing them in permanent housing for one year's time. the rest estimate >> thank you. supervisor kim >> i do want to acknowledge and thank supervisor cohen are calling for this hearing. i'll be cosponsoring the hearing as well. i'm very interested in a conference or presentation from the city on this new department of homeless services and the city's plan of action to address the state of critical homelessness citywide. i also want to organize supervisor farrell was gone for hearing on the navigation center specifically which will be this wednesday at budget and finance. a be attending that hearing and with a great deal of interest in its outcomes. and how does gone that far. but, i agree with my colleagues on the board calling for a holistic view of this issue. from that part of public health to public works to the human services agency. we also need
4:37 pm
to note real and accurate numbers regarding what the city is ready to address homelessness. how much for families who are homeless versus currently homeless single individuals and homeless veterans versus formerly homeless veterans. i think that is impart important to rely on the numbers that get any round in the public interest how much your to criticize our work was not broken apart. in fact, a lot of that big number that people stress with dismay insane the city has been named but not addressing the pump is actually going towards housing. people currently. i think we should be able to articulate what those dollars are doing and how they actually have been ineffective in addressing homelessness. of course, does not mean we have solved the issue. we have much more work to do and that is why these discussions of the board are incredibly important. finally, colleagues, today must in the
4:38 pm
city attorney to draft legislation to ensure future mega-events held in san francisco similar to the super bowl lii not be taxpayers holding the bill.. we should never have been put in a position where taxpayers are subsidizing an event hosted by some of the wealthiest companies in the world. in fact, the one where hosting today has been projected to earn $9.2 billion and that was its revenue three years ago. in comparison to the city and county's budget last year of 8.9 billion. i was not the only one who shocked to learn taxpayers are picking up the tab for costs related to a multibillion-dollar event. i've received hundreds of e-mails and communication in person even snail mail and over the phone to manning san francisco be reimbursed and i know i'm not the only member of this board that has been hearing this type of communication. i was also dismayed to find out during the two hearings to be
4:39 pm
held on this event we had no uniform policy on how we we permitting fees nor how we define what a civic celebration is. the legislation of the introducing over the next few weeks will require the city enter formal agreements with any entity hosting event lasting more than 24 hours and requires any kind of fee to attend. i also want to make sure there are provisions to ensure if fiscal feasibility analysis be done emergency resolution that was introduced for any agreement to determine potential costs versus benefits to the city. and this agreement should be submitted to the board of supervisors for me. neither of these steps were undertaken for the super bowl mega-event is taking place currently. finally, the word works will also require a liability waiver with any agreement so that taxpayers are not some are rarely exposed to liability for unforeseen accidents that potentially occur at privately run civic events as we realize. when he
4:40 pm
protections in place now so that hard-working taxpayers in our city will never be left holding the bill for billion dollar company. the rest i submit. >> thank you. the present that concludes the introduction of new business >> thank you. madam clerk please read public comment >> at this time the public may now does the entire board of supervisors brought to 2 min. on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the items without reference to community calendar items 29-34. public comment will not be allod where items have previously been subject to public comment a board committee. as in the case through 1-26 generated pursuant to the boards will director mark to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors were the audit. speakers using interpretation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. would like to display a document on the overhead
4:41 pm
projector please state such to sfgtv and remove the document when you would like it to return to live coverage. thank you. for speaker, please >> >> thank you for speaker please >> my name is joseph cohn and i've been a san franciscan. i'm now living in oakland but i'm tied to our dear sue. i have new public part on telegraph hill. this property is 115 telegraph hill blvd. many of you previously voted to allow development at this site. you have the power to reverse this decision. the park would feature an aerobics platform, aqua pontic gardens and led lighting as designed by-and would highlight the many
4:42 pm
lombard street. very many. this lombard park is for walking and sitting. with donor benches to admire the city by twilight. visitors would take ecological ideas back to their communities fostering our reputation for innovation, ecological consciousness and consideration for citizens in the open spaces that we provide. i would be honored to return to you at some point in the near future with a pulmonary rendering to show you how this would look. i have communicated with police -just one more second document arrived supervisor peskin party was look at to help you get in touch with me if you wish to forward the idea of this rendering to show this board. thank you very much >> next speaker, please.
4:43 pm
>> good afternoon. my name is william frostburg resident of district 7. meter to support bayview station san francisco police department be awake marty howard and chief sir. i wholeheartedly disagree the last week's action to honor a violent criminal. besides the obvious, there are hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens that have never been given. it was a fiscally irresponsible action. i knew stan where his mother is coming from because a mother's love is a mother's love and is a constant and her skin with the words are coming from. i don't understand where you guys come from. that lawyer is going to submit that resolution when they go to court that's going to add zeros to that settlement. i'm asking that you direct the city attorney to not settle on
4:44 pm
this case. i didn't-i was a san franciscan police officer for 30 way. i served on the critical response team which response out to people involved in the shooting. i've sat in the rooms with the people that have been drawn to a situation where they had to use deadly force. i can tell you there are three things they wish. number one, that the guy had done what they ordered him to do. number two, that they wished they had never come to work that day. number three, that there's anything they could have done other than what they had to do. people said they should've got out of the way. let this guy pass. if they had done that and it hurt one of my families, one of my friends, with that knife he had, that the condos officers cowards. but today i stand before you to let you know those officers are heroes
4:45 pm
and they are the ones that deserve the resolution, not by violent criminal. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. can we take that without objection? without objection hello. >> i had a career as a taxi driver in san francisco. but recently you guys sold our careers awake to the tech industry. basically, a lot of taxi drivers feel like you guys are not doing anything to regulate these people. i'll put up this photo here. this is a photo of drivers in paris. this is how they feel is taxi driver. this is their career gone away. decades of work, decades of history, gone the way to a few tech entrepreneurs were no different than the taxis of today. what do they do differently that's different from the taxis in the city? how do you dispatch a rideshare
4:46 pm
from a taxi? you pick up a some say we pick up a taxi. yet, they're giving over dalliance. they don't have to buy winter $50,000 midautumn. the drivers get away with committing insurance because you don't regulate them. they're lowering the rates, which is lowering the rate. who is there to say, hey, the rates are going well. i'm not going to pay my commercial rates today. who is going to check me on that? are not going to get shut because they're not regulated. they just got a $7 million fine from the-. us divers, some daughters are saying the city should pay for taxi drivers to mental health services because this is what's happening. this is what's happening around the world. i'll put up another phone. this a photo a police officer turning over cars. if this is jew wanting your city? you're
4:47 pm
not doing anything to help us that you're sitting around. like i said, i had a tree. i had a career. now make minimum wage, a little over minimum wage. what's going to change? when is it going to change? yellow is going out of business did >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is rodney hampton. i come here today on behalf of the resident host communicate this point social club and we help our people our neighborhood-based organization in hunter's view. we are-i am here today to say thank you because of supervisor cohen and other city department leaders, commissioners, of east c-span san francisco unified school district board president mendoza, school superintendent mr. bowden, department of parks
4:48 pm
and recreation department of public works and many others have come together to help bring back life within hunters point. it park better than blighted over a decade. 200 middle point was road underscoring community park. it has been a blessing to many like myself, brought families together, brought kids too many areas so they can explore. crime was down 20 years ago. because of that part. bringing those families together from harbour road. from hunters view from north ridge. now since that part has been blighted, over many years, we've been having a lot of devastation. importance of open space and parks are very critical. thanks to supervisor cohen at least apartments the park is now in
4:49 pm
revitalized. resources have been found. so the buildings can be demolished the habitat and hazardous waste can be removed and people can actually live in a green free safety committee. thank you supervisor cohen >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening mdm. pres. and board of supervisor did my name is nicole brought. i'm with a walk san francisco. i'm here today to support item 31 on automated speed enforcement encourage all to do the same thing supervisor mar and yee for sponsoring the legislation and invite you all to cosponsor the legislation as well. i know many of you have experienced or met people experienced traffic violence or been victims and you know firsthand the devastation the results from
4:50 pm
dangerous road design, dangerous streets and traffic injuries. so, we know that speed is at the core of these traffic injuries and fatalities. over 20% of all injuries and fatalities result from speed. we have a tool that works in over 140 communities across the united states, right now that tool automated speed enforcement is not allowed in the state of california. so we are urging our state delegation to sponsor this legislation so that we can be allowed to use automated speed enforcement here in san francisco. it is been extremely effective in washington dc, in just 10 years over 70% of fatalities were traffic fatalities dropped by 70%. that would help us get to our vision zero goal here in san francisco. so, finally, i want to say that you would be
4:51 pm
joining today, hopefully, many community groups party signed on to support automated speed enforcement as well as triple c and the mta has done a fantastic see job of ensuring this policy and the legislation in captures everyone's feedback and concerns around privacy were accuracy or cost so, looking forward to your- >> >> next speaker, please. >> i'd like to put this up on the tv. if i have time i like to sing. now, i was at the mayor's office of few minutes ago trying to instruct him and teach guide and show them that when he promoted black lives matter that george soros is a known nazi collaborator. he was funding it to have the cops
4:52 pm
kill to overthrow the united states of america and he shamelessly says is a nasty collaborative. he killed jews in himself is jewish. i think one good step against terrorism is to put info.wars that would help educate people. the answer is jesus. i love to preach i'm going to spend most my time preaching. now, jesus said i tell you, if these should hold their peace the stones would immediately cry out. have a context of that statement was palm sunday when a road triumphantly into jerusalem on the donkey. he said in zachariah nine, through the prophet, rejoice greatly old daughter of zion. shout of daughter of jerusalem. working comes to the is just having salvation and riding upon an asked". the full oven asked. asked. he wept over jerusalem after that incident he said if
4:53 pm
you had known, even you in this day the things that belong unto your pace and he was weeping when he said that. he was emphasizing on going to tell you something. it's an irrefutable proof. is an undeniable fact that jesus alone referred to processes within down about him. nobody in all history did that. i'll be numbered the transgressive bit the same innocence we'd isaiah 53. roman soldiers had no idea when they roll dice for his purple robe they were fulfilling the prophecy david said >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>,, resident of the committee housing partnership. with me here almost 25 years. i have eight copy of my lease. they have not given the refrigerator in all that time. they are currently rehabbing the
4:54 pm
building a second time because of broken pipes and let us us us us us us us remediation. asbestos remediation. they seem to be moving people out with all the belongings to 1188 mission st. however, they told me i could only bring two small boxes. the sink, they removed -there placed the faucet in my room and a working faucet with one that leaks under the floor. the windows, replaced in the last rehab about eight years ago i think they screwed the window so to fix about 150 pounds of pressure to open or close. it's very difficult to
4:55 pm
do that. i measured the amount of force to open and close the windows. also, this building and a lot of other hotels have their light was covered in cedar. with a plastic cover so there's no circulation. so, basically, i'm trying-on the refrigerator, i first went to the rent board and they told me they were not was in there jurisdiction because public housing. i went to hud and they told me the same thing. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
4:56 pm
>> my name is sylvia johnson. the reason why i'm homeless [inaudible]. the person i was opposed to give me never gave me . in 21 it's the same thing. here in san francisco, there is a policy that they will not help the special-or nothing. this is the reason why our state has become a greater disaster. this proposition 54 organization, 7.9, 67.8, 28 20
4:57 pm
8b 57.8 v, which [inaudible]. where is the person really start on this? [inaudible]. every person i see always got bears. you put it down as a number thing. that there is no way. the policies i have started that has a lot to do with some of these things that hasn't been started. i think we need the statue of liberty.
4:58 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is-jennifer the hebrew cultural community which means empower my people the main one revolution in memory of my son was was murdered january 9 which is still unsolved. i am here in regards to the reward that was proposed. i was told, in october, basically at the introduction by way of the government audit and oversight committee. as of now, as of january, is still actually nothing happened. we seen a lot of changes with the issue we
4:59 pm
see happening in san francisco, but nothing has been done once again concerning these unsolved homicides, which shows that it's truly there put at the back of the barn cardboard think about what does a mother or a family member supposed to do when they see that actually this board is not making it a priority? neither is san francisco making it a priority. it needs to be a balance san franciscans need to understand the problems of 350,000 that of a murdered in the past 35 years an increasing could we say black lives matter. here it is for boys have been murdered, black voice command with your colors, and when i'm making an effort to get these murderers off the streets, which is showing me that this is being allowed in a form of genocide against the african-american people. my responsibility now
5:00 pm
that dr. espinal has passed on, and i wonder why. i guess uca would have to discipline to severe from 2-60 am the goddess and take a stand for our people because someone needs to care. i'm asking you, please get this voted in the reward memory in memory of bobby's homicides. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>[singing] the city by the bay. this is what i've got to say. i've got to say, obama, we've got a problem. the city by the bay. president obama, we've got
5:01 pm
some drama by the city by the bay. one more time. president obama were going to have some trauma by the city by the bay. super bowl. the story is got to be told. the super bowl. we've got to wipe it clean. right here in 2016. city by the bay. here the mothers crying. their babies are dying. do you know what i'm saying? lord,
5:02 pm
have mercy on me. ed lee, he knows me. it's no mystery the us mayor about me is no conspiracy. what's going down in this town. the black population is going down. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i mentioned this would be the last time i'm going to go
5:03 pm
to this one. hopefully i'll get it. i mentioned in 1970 by grandfather got pinched for pilfering of food off of pushcart because the irish cop on the beat was walking. he was integrally involved in the commit. in 1921 american socialism, public school. he watched fdr's social security unemployment conversation. he watched good laws being passed. he was part of an army organization that won world war ii. 49 he was in public housing. in 55 he owned his own home because of the g.i. bill. american socialism at it's best. the time is stuck onto mr. evocative finished it. he was part of a trusting-still stuck
5:04 pm
onto minutes-anyway he was part of a trusting generation that was lost in 1965. because of vietnam golf of tonkin rights antiwar demonstration question authority hell no we won't go, 68 the chicago demonstration, was a police riot. in 1970, kent state for dead. ohio. this was huge antiwar, anti-government and we still have not gotten it right. we don't need 1971 police levels. i know we have more people but the basically coders. they're not criminals. what we need in a police is a championship team. who could look at what we saw
5:05 pm
on television and root for that? you would have to be a bigot. we need to melt this blue coat. the police need to be part of the trust, the truth, the justice of our community and now we are asking them to be mental health guardians also. on the radio today the chief of police was saying in scotland only 5% where guns. maybe in our two-man teams one is gun free. maybe in the back of the truck we can throw a fishing net. major fire extinguishers the co2 can make a person same. we need intelligent, a championship team in this city. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is otto duffie.
5:06 pm
neighborhood activist in area around city hall. i welcome also to people want to look into the homelessness problem and try to get to the root of it. i certainly have been studying this issue for long enough time. i would say, the one thing i would say i've learned in this is a product of her experience with care, not cash you can close the shelters them. they're part of the system. it's a matter of the balance. actually help out housing. there are people who don't neatly fit into husband after shows. everything is the g a system is not the only way to get into housing either or should not be. it doesn't fit every single client. really, what people don't have housing need is affordable housing. there are whole group of demographic reasons why the housing by the homelessness
5:07 pm
occurred. reagan close down the hospitals. lack of investment in low income housing overview. you've got a republican congress. there's a whole series of them. good luck with it. >> thank you. i'm sorry you party had an opportunity to speak so unfortunately, i will not be able to recognize you. apologize. we will try to get someone to help you after the meeting. is there any other members of the public would like to give public comment at this time? seeing none, >>[closed session] public comment is closed madam clerk, can we go to the adoption without reference to committee items? >> items 29-34 are being considered for adoption without committee reference. a single vote on these items a member may object to sever an item haven't considered separately >> supervisor mar >> sever item 31
5:08 pm
>> supervisor kim >> >> on 34? on the remaining items, madam clerk please call the roll >> items 29, 30, and 33, supervisor mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye avalos aye breed aye, campos aye cohen aye, farrell, aye, kim aye. there are 11 aye >> those items are adopted and approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> and where please call item 31 >> item 31 at resolution to
5:09 pm
urge california state legislature and governor to pass legislation authorizing the use of automated speed enforcement technology in the city. >> thank you. supervisor mar >> nicole ferrero mentioned a little bit about this but i want to thank katie at knotty sitting in the back from the for champion any different efforts at the state level along with my cosponsor supervisor yee i strongly urge the support of this resolution. the state legislature and governor need to hear our voice and san francisco and then to hear san jose many other jurisdictions as well. to pass legislation in san francisco that would change us as tom acquired from our global streets division from a culture of speeding to a culture of safety. howard is a automated speed enforcement technology or short-term speed cameras, as we know about red light cameras will do, will help us reduce
5:10 pm
our collisions and deaths and reach our vision zero goals. as nicole ferrero from walk sf engine, we have a strong and growing vision zero coalition in our city whereby not only walk sf by many organizations on the ground with victims and families in the lead as well. that was one thing that is amazing than a call and walk sf has built. a base of victims and families in the lead requesting, demanding, change at the state level and also building strong coalitions at the local level as well. san francisco officials have a strong commitment to vision zero but it's because of a grassroots effort led by our vision zero coalition. i also want is a nickel mentioned 140 other cities and jurisdictions including dc, but there's a lot to build off of in our state and city. last december, sitting as the transportation authority we passed a resolution already unanimously. what is it is a federate 19th deadline for state bills that
5:11 pm
i think is a critical time to send a strong message from san francisco. i also want to know to the budget and website banner. as for doing reports for the 11 supervisors and others but fred russo and other to the great report on the culture of speeding in san francisco with good models that they look at. i think the report from last year showed that speeding is number one cause of fatal and severe injuries in san francisco in its 10 times-it kills 10 times more people than drunk driving does. so, it's really an issue we can impact, and as we combat this culture of speeding i think i moved as tom acquired to a culture of safety, i think it is also about a culture of health and the global neighborhoods as well. having speed cameras encourage drivers to slow down like red light cameras have as well. they will help us ensure safer streets for seniors, people with disabilities, children, bicyclists and all of us. thank you so much to the mta in transportation authority and abroad vision zero coalition. i
5:12 pm
urge your support. >> thank you. supervisor kim >> gornick supervisor mar for bring this for. i like to add my name as a cosponsor. i want to reiterate what is artie been said. we know that slowing down speed is the number one way to achieve vision zero in san francisco but in any city did in fact, when we got here from the chief strategist in sweden on how they were able to implement vision zero, he said without any doubt in his mind automated speed enforcement cameras was the number one way to get to vision zero. in fact, i'm struck by the statistic that is often referred to, which is if the pedestrian is hit by a vehicle traveling at 40 mi./h if 10 pedestrians are hit, one out of 10 pedestrian survives. at 30 mi./h 5/10
5:13 pm
pedestrians survive. but if you're driving at 20 most out, just a 20 mile or our production, you're still moving along in your car which are not to get to your destination as quickly as you'd like to, 9/10 pedestrians survive. i think that statistic is stunning and stock. slowing down is certainly, i think the best way that an effective way we can hit vision to get on by this resolution is before us and am happy to support its >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> i don't repeat the important points artie been made good i also support this resolution and think supervisor mar and yee for bringing it forward. i think we need to try new innovative approaches to having slower speed on our street and better enforcement in a lot of different forms a part of that. i note this is a very very issue the state
5:14 pm
legislature for a wide variety of reasons and stock on it easily move for but i think it makes a lot of sense for local jurisdictions that are doing strong work around making our streets safer just to go on record and try to build the grassroots for change can we take that without objection? without objection thank you. >> thank you. see no other names colleagues can we take item 31 same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection resolution was adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> and clerk call item 34 >> item 34 motion to schedule the board of supervisors to sit as a committee as a whole unsavory 23rd 2016 at 3 pm. to hold a public hearing authorizing the board of supervisors to update inclusionary or affordable housing obligation for housing development projects setting forth increased interim requirements to be proposed to
5:15 pm
the voters at the june 7, 2016 election. >> thank you. supervisor kim >> i do have to make a motion to amend. i believe we've distributed or artistry getting copies of a amend mix of all. this is due invoke rule 3.372 call the charter of minutes out of committee to the committee as a whole. >> supervisor kim could you repeat that? >> by making a motion to amend this motion. it is a amendment of a whole which are currently just riveting right now. it is basically to invoke or or rule 3.372 call the charter amendment out of committee to the committee of the whole. this is based on advice from our city attorney. >> the amendment was made and was seconded-i just want to understand where it is in the context of the resolution. >> players sitting in my
5:16 pm
conversation with the city attorney is that this helps to clarify under which port will we are invoking to call the charter amendment out of committee to the committee of the whole so it is in many ways clarifying the motion. this motion to amend, though, does forces motion to set another week so if we do, if i do have the votes for the and networks of all this motion will sit for another week and will vote on a motion next week. >> okay. so, to our deputy city attorney, i guess what i'm not seeing is the difference in where you put it in the resolution compared to where it is currently. so i think i'm just a little confused. i don't feel comfortable necessarily voting to support the amend looks exactly near its placement within your resolution
5:17 pm
>> ice deputy city attorney can respond that is clearer than the y i had explained it. >> deputy city attorney john given her. the motion that supervisor kim initially introduced would've scheduled the committee as a whole for fabric 23rd two charter amendments and waved the board will usually requires charter amendment to be sent to committee. because that motion on its face waved a board rule requires a vote for passage. the amendment invokes a different board rule which allows six members of the board to pull in item out of committee by majority vote supervisor kim is amended or proposing to amend the motion so that if it passes, the charter amendment be pulled out of committee and hurt by the full board by the committee on the whole unsavory 20.
5:18 pm
>> so, are you saying that if we approve this without the amendment that we would not be able to sit as a committee as a whole to.? >> either the original version or the version that supervisor kim's proposed amendment, the motion passes, >> as is >> if the motion passes as is with supervisor kim's amendment the charter amendment would be pulled out of committee and come to the full board for committee as a whole on february 23. the duper difference in supervisor kim's amendment the board was using bulk import is item out of committee. the motion as is the original motion requires eight votes per passage. with the amendment if the amendment passes, it will require six votes for passage. >> okay. i think i understand.
5:19 pm
before we vote on the amendment supervisor tang on the amendment >> i was going to reiterate what our city attorney has said. i think as someone who sits on was committee i would've preferred to have heard this item in rules committee. so i understand we have a amendment before us today but that would be my preference. >> thank you. supervisor cohen okay. supervisor peskin. okay. any other members on the roster? okay. so i'm sorry i got to go back to a clarifying point here because i think what i'm missing here through our deputy city attorney, when we usually make changes to anything, it is clear with the changes made in the resolution. so, i don't see
5:20 pm
the difference between the direct amendment within the existing legislation and i just need that physically pointed out to me so that i understand exactly what the amendment is and what i'm voting on with the amendment. >> so sue to our city the city attorney >> this is not a private this guy was passed out to me has not been amended. it's exactly how it was before. >> no. when the board makes amendment the website or process to motion, resolution that changes are not shown in a special font. unlike when you amend a ordinance, which is sometimes
5:21 pm
>> that's why need to be pointed out specifically to me in terms of what were adding. thank you supervisor peskin. >> for the benefit of everyone, i can say that the document that supervisor kim has passed out the bottom paragraph, the further moved that the board shall convene as a committee as all on february 23, that's the same as within the original. the first paragraph same moved under rule 3.37 but the board is going this item out of committee, that is new in supervisor kim's >> thank you. that's exactly what i was looking for. okay. i
5:22 pm
have to run a meeting so i don't always have time to look at all of these changes and i want to make sure i understand what i'm voting on before i do so. so, the item in supervisor peskin,, supervisor kim. you have a common? >> can answer the question but it's been answered >> thank you. with that, the amendment has been moved and seconded by barclays global >> supervisor mar aye, peskin aye, tang cate wiener nay nay avalos aye breed aye nay campos aye cohen nay farrell nay kim aye there are five aye and six nay with supervisor tang wiener-i have supervisors tang wiener see breed cohen farrell in
5:23 pm
that assigned. i apologize. i thought i heard no. the matter present the vote is sick aye and six speed nnay >> so the amendment passes >>[gavel] >> this item will be on our agenda on at the next board meeting. >> supervisors became 81 by making a motion to continue the item. >> i make a motion to continue this item one week >> there's been a motion has been moved to continue one week. it's been seconded by supervisor peskin. just for clarity to our deputy city attorney, just for clarity for this particular item, we can't vote on this item today as amended.
5:24 pm
>> that is record the board rule that the motion to invoke requires the clerk to pull the item out to be heard at the next board meeting and if you pass it today you have to come up with every night board meeting but the municipal elections code prohibits you from considering the charter man looks on february 9. so you have to >> let me also ask another question. so it is necessary for it to be continued through the process of making a motion to continue it? >> that's right. you cannot pass this item today. >> i understand that but we have to continue it? >> you could table it. you could amend the effort that you could take any number of other options. you can pass it today >> okay and we can't vote it down today? >> there's a motion moved in second >> excuse me if not then
5:25 pm
recognize supervisor peskin. soon can't pass it today we cannot vote it down today because i would defer to the clerk that can effectively vote the item down today. but i believe you could, the board could adopt the motion to table the item. if you wanted to get you can't just pass the item because of the time >> thank you. so there's been supervisor wiener >> is there a motion on the table? >> is a motion on the table to continue this item one week by supervisor kim has been second buys a second by supervisor peskin >> what a motion to table take precedence over motion to continue? >> yes >> i moved to table this item. i want to just explain. the site should be heard in committee. there is absently no reason to pull this to the full board for committee of the whole. i think we all have a responsibility as legislators, especially at times when
5:26 pm
legislation has to be rushed for various reasons. when you talk about something that significant as this, when were all wanting to increase inclusionary percentage and the mayor and president breed are in the working group to do it, there's no reason why we have to brush something through that can't even be amended anymore no matter what happens at the hearing from what i understand because this is introduced so late. so, this should be heard in committee they should be vetted in committee. we should be working together and making sure this charter amendment is a good as it can be and to try to muscle this through the board in this way, i just don't think is the right way to proceed. so, i moved to table >> supervisor wiener moved to table. second by supervisor cohen. supervisor peskin >> i rise to the spectrally suggest to this body and the
5:27 pm
members of the rules committee that the issue of this import actually should be heard by this entire body. i believe we all the skills and the ability to deal with it yes, we have a committee system we also have a system that provides for committees of the whole. the time frames are tight. i believe that if you know about the policy of this matter were dealing with procedural issues today but if you know about the policy that set forth in this charter amendment, ultimately, it will be up to this body to adopt and ordinance once the charter amendment gets on the ballot. that is really where we need to be coming together rather than having these procedural arguments, which to me are arguments about who wants to raise the percentage of affordable housing to what rates, which i can quite frankly say as the newest comer to this board have been
5:28 pm
unfortunately much lower than they should have been doing one of the largest building booms before the housing crisis this city has seen since the gold rush. that may sound like hyperbole, but it's actually true. so, let's not get involved in the politics of the late. let's bring this to this board on february 9. let's have a committee of the whole on february 23. but a send this to the ballot. but the voters decide on june 7. >> thank you. supervisor campos >> i know we want to get out of here good book, bottom line, this is important. what matters of said importance come up decided to certain matters heard by the entirety of the board, not just one committee and this happens to be one of those could commission
5:29 pm
moratorium was another example of that. but this also beyond. numbers of the public or watching these proceedings, we have a committee structure that right now has the key committee has been told by more conservative members of the board that will make it difficult for certain things to come out of committee, and so the new majority of the board of supervisors will have to resort to bringing items to the entire board so that certain things can be voted on. that's what's happening here. it's something that everyone has done in the past and it just the reality of where we are. we are simply trying to move an agenda for any side is to do what they can to keep that from happening or to make that happen. that's just the way things go. >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> i always find it interesting in san francisco political debate when people
5:30 pm
who would be considered lefty and much in the universe are referred to as somehow conservative in san francisco. i think it's ridiculous but it's actually in some ways is one the reasons i love the city because we are all so progressive and left robbie's tiny gradients. but i do think were mere rhetoric at the board of supervisors is an interesting conversation. but i will say is if this goes to committee through the regular course it can still go onto the ballot in june if that is the right thing to do. right now, on february 11, as i understand, rules committee there will already be heard the two about ordinance placed on about. one by supervisor kim and peskin and a few others and one by the mayor. in fact somebody ordinance that supervisor kim and peskin have placed on the ballot relate
5:31 pm
directly to this charter amendments. because the charter amendment sets a baseline allows the board to make adjustments to it in the future where is the ordinance as i understand it constrains the board's ability to do that. so, to have one of those heard in a committee and then have the other one heard at the full board, i just don't think that is the best way to proceed again for this nothing about february 11 at the rules committee (this from going onto the ballot in june. so, i think we all agree that we need to increase the inclusionary percentage, but we also i think need to have good process in making these important decisions. >> see no other names on the roster adam clark on the motion to table please call the roll >> matter present on request numbers use the microphone so
5:32 pm
maple to your. thank you. supervisor mar nay peskin nay tang aye, wiener aye, yee nay i'm a avalos nay, breed, aye, campos nay cohen aye farrell aye kim, nay. there are five aye and six nay with six supervisors in that her son. >> the motion to table fails. >>[gavel] >> so, do we take on this next motion to continue the adam? sounds like. >> that would be in order. see no other names on the roster, i'm clerk on the motion to continue to the meeting of february 9 avenue please call the roll >> supervisor mar aye, peskin
5:33 pm
aye, tang aye, wiener aye yee aye avalos aye, breed aye, avalos aye, cohen aye farrell aye, kim aye there are 11 aye >> the item number 34 as amended has been convened continue to the meeting of the item number 34 as amended has been convened continue to the meeting of february 9, 2016 >>[gavel] >> next madam clerk >> there is an imperative item. which i handed my copy to the sgt. at arms. an imperative item offered by supervisor avalos a resolution commending diamond
5:34 pm
dave whitaker for a contribution to the arts culture social well-being and peace declaring february 2, 2016 the diamond dave whitaker date in the city and county of san francisco. >> supervisor avalos >> yes, i pretty much read the content of the resolution. it's a mix of fact and legend. i urge you voting on it >> thank you. would you like to make a motion to move the specific finding before we take public public comment >> yesterday but to move the motion on the finance >> that is purely commended tory and the need for action came after the attention of the board after the agenda was posed. >> i appreciate your commencing >> second by supervisor carlos
5:35 pm
colligan we take this without objection. without objection the fines passed unanimously >>[gavel] >> now, at this time on the imperative item is there any numbers the public would like to comment on the imperative item only? >> ms. johnson is about diamond dave and the city and county san francisco. >>, talk about diamond dave. [inaudible]. >> any other members of the public would like to give
5:36 pm
public comment on the specific imperative item regarding diamond dave day and san francisco? seeing none, public comment is closed >>[gavel] >> collects, on the item as amended, can we take-i mean, on the imperative item can we take this item same house, same call? without objection the imperative item passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, please call the in the morning >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individuals on behalf of supervisor peskin, the late mr. paul kanner and on behalf of supervisor peskin and wiener at the request of the entire board of supervisors the late mr. hadley ross. on behalf of supervisor campos, billy ms. irene eshoo >> this brings us to the end of our agenda for." is there any other business the fourth?
5:37 pm
>> that concludes our business for today. seeing none, we are adjourned. colleagues, have a good day. >>[gavel]
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