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tv   Board of Education 12616  SFGTV  February 4, 2016 12:00am-2:01am PST

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>> budget & finance committee of the san francisco unified school district dan 26 the meeting will come to order pr ms. casco please call roll ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton mr. ms. wynns mr. haney ms. chin mr. totiano thank you please join me the pledge of allegiance. >> going to ask for 0 motion
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of january 12th so moved second any, any correction roll call vote ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 5 he i's. >> i want to welcome everybody that joined us in person and remind everybody in you a have an item to speak on there are speaker cards outside the lobby if, if you want to fill whereon out and give it to ms. casco before the item is called in for the turned in before you'll not been able to speak on the item thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> superintendent carranza. >> thank you, president matt haney e haney and a few thoughts
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as we start our meeting tonight i'd like to start by recognizing and shld to the latino ensemble led by john callaway the each other assembly performed that he martin luther king community breakfast attend and community leaders and elected officials mr. haney and dr. murase the youth ensemble a youth enespecially with many of the students having attended sfusd schools balboa park and downtown and definition high school wrblg middle school 50 percent of members are female and two-thirds are members of the public of clog go including african-american and latino we
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at at school district are huge supporters of art congratulation to the latino jazz youth ensemble and their dr. john callaway i would like to personally invite families to join the sfusd el cap task force for an evening program called the story behind the numbers and that will be a workshop held tomorrow night wednesday i can't think 27 in the advisory committee board room at faings from 6:30 to 8 o'clock the local accountability did esl a new strategy it is required by the state of california and the plan identifies the combraunl providers for students and measures the progress this information is used to update want years plan based on how things are working that's the point we looked at where we are
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going at the meeting tomorrow the task force will look at how the students are doing in their success and making the goals for kindergarten readiness and reducing suspension and focusing support on english language learners there will be a light dinner and childcare will be provided to for more information on the esl please go to www.sfusd e dui d u hope to see you and phenomenal this monday february 1st weigh to celebrate black contributions to literature and a prompt for the love of reading your truly and shamann walton and director of hope sf and landon dickey joifrn
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the male reads we'll read a book and the elementary schools across san francisco this event is supported by sf ed fund and the educators and the foundation and the betting to new chapter and others so i'd like to encourage everyone on monday to celebrate black tricked to literature find a book and an ill street and celebrate on monday the first, as you do the rest of the year with that, i'll to wish everybody a happy tuesday the last board meeting of january thank you. >> happy tuesday to you mr. superintendent and recognize of accommodations. >> thank you mr. haney we're honored to prevalent a
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distinguished award to one of the obviously superstar the rave award to our science teacher at link hayes valley to mr. george and to present the award will the often principal of the school and invited guests i'll let principal pain do the honors please allow me to have the students recognized come up to introduce their teacher mr. george (clapping.) >> hello, everyone my name is a justin. >> i'm bryan. >> i'm melissa and on behalf of the principal barry pain we the students mr. george are honored to present the sfusd
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board of education rave award to him just a few words you are the best teacher i've ever had or ever will have in all and learning career wherever i have a difficult day i look to go into our class not doss because it the the perfect temperature i know you'll be there to guide us let me tell you how 90 not to mess up the experiments and life you reserve the beginning of class for questions not only does the central design but is so you can see us as people not just students although clashing i have inspired many of the students to
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have like collins over here and to get out to move out of our parents homes on behalf of the current and previous students you've inspired in our 20 years at sfusd thank you (clapping.) >> thank you kids it means the world to me what you guys think that matters more than anything i want to say it is a privilege to work with for the district for the 20 plus years like link hayes valley a place that encourages innovation and took a reflex on me 21 years ago to bring the bio class and let me fly and not micro manage me and one hundred and 50 students took
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the bio and some in south san francisco the joke i say instead of apartment he want them to move out of their parents house by arresting but the kids to live nearby and biotechnology industry will provide a pathway to have our grandkids grew up nearby thank you barnaby and students for motivating me every single day and thank you district for allowing me to abnormali
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(clapping.) president haney in i may i want to congratulate mr. cast i don't think his students were recruit by sfusd to enter a accomodation ♪ biological in massachusetts this hayes valley team potato beat out the ivy leagues and foreign country's that is an amazing accomplishment i brag about all the time thank you >> (clapping.) ms. wynns. >> i want to add my permanent congratulations not let the night go by without the accomplishment and we've had the xreerldz experience of being there and 9 accomplishment i
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will say that you know i had the privilege of being in class go through and see what it is like in that classroom for the students how much you'll learn and what a great, great inspiration this is so thank you very much. >> congratulations again and thank you to the students that came out to the principal pain that is here sound like you're making the board members want to be students again and congratulations again on the award. >> thank you, president haney we have this evening the servicing would you read ward to our employers she can't be here but tammy sank that couldn't be here we'll make sure we get if certificate and congratulations
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tammy for a job well done and thank you for your services statue of liberty thank you, president haney so for the council thank you for the opportunity to meet with the apprehending program for the upcoming development at henry national park it is a experienced we'll go got to be with our peers and get to hang out before next week our submit kickoff on the 18 i hope to see you there for the deliberate proclamations we had the council team the new proclamations for next year's board of education student delegate report has been released we ask you to come any
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under class person you will be a great student voice and advocate on behalf of the students at san francisco unified school district to apply get an application at the student advisory office the dew date is march 10, 2016 followed and a mandatory orientation at 5:30 i encourage any students lvns on the radio or the public to run this is a student lead thing a big position i love being this and hopefully for the next person a great leadership thank you. >> in news for the california bilingual education just last night they meeting your student leaders prepared for the europe
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and coming 25 at union square hilton we'll be attending the group with the rest of the committee team to discuss the student engagement piece our team a totally excited to be a stakeholder of this project and have the opportunity to provide real student voice input in all matters rewarding our be curriculum lastly in terms of safety patrol at the elementary school our safety patrol program is going greater we kicked off on the elementary school this week as experienced student leaders we're grad to serve as mentor to our elementary peers our program focuses on educating them in public safety and like to thank mr. washington and
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anthony twairl for our safety program and working with the student advisory committee our next meeting is wednesday february 10, 2016, at 5 o'clock p.m. discerning will be provided if you want to attend or like a copy please contracted our coordinator salvador thank you. >> any questions or comments from the stkts thank you for your report we'll move on to the presentation from the india education parents advisory committee invite up the representatives that will be providing the report. >> we'll take public comment after the report. >> oh, there's a - okay.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> good evening i am a navaho tribe and i'm a pat and have a son other mission high school thank you. >> good evening my name is aurora i'm a enrolled member of the tribe out find montana and work at the native american health center and do behavorial work the did not have two youth in the san francisco unified school district as of this school year i transferred them i
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was able to get them here and work here and there was a big, big change for 0 positive change bringing them here we were blessed to cbo to harvey milk civil rights academy and policed to have a navaho teacher i couldn't ask for anything more than that thank you. >> good evening. i'm antonia member of the nation from arizona and senior at galileo high school. >> good evening, members of the board and students i'm i've have an enrolled member of the tribe in south dakota and absurdity a senior at the academy and a student
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representative of title 7. >> my name is leslie a parent of a child anothers bryan elementary school in first time grade and a graduate of downtown high school. >> our presentation this evening i can move it a little our presentation this evening is an india education title vii community and father and mother self-determining our goals 2016 title vii indian education title vii supports the techniques krment related academic needs of students the san francisco unified school district the parents siding pack is a group of parents and teachers that
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help to have the indian educate and distribution of funds for the programs some of the highlights throughout the past few years we have our one year anniversary permanent location now a minute we were not permanent but blessed to have a permanent location at sanchez high school and uc berkley tour i want to say for a lot of native youth they don't even have that thought or dream to go to college but have the opportunity to go to uc berkley brings that dream alive for them and also other mentors we have to my right is palladium and graduates of uc berkley that are mentor who are yowl youth we want to
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take the indian heritage at city hall that is happening annually and we also were lucky to two 20/20 youth presenters with great leadership skills able to speak about p what is going up the community and lastly i'd like to mention is end of youth collaboration with the dancing powwow that happens other thomas edison charter schools and a youth that attends that school and the parents are very involved in the school queer able to have the celebration the powwow is a celebration for the natures to going come together any tribes come together the whole united states and canada over nine hundred different tribes that are enrolled and registered
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and unregistered from fairly recognized transcribes and speaking over three hundred languages to the powwow is a time to come together and the parents and communities have plans for this like months in advance fun raising and reaching but 0 community members we were fortunate to have mayor ed lee there a few years in a row and kate was a part of that just a good time the parents come out and get their outfits and on the right side a dance performances at the indian-americans our youth let me ask you that, is over 10 years our dance classes keep our children off the streets and give them something to do in powwow or dance classes
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every week and working on their galla helps them focus and works on their confidence and self-esteem the past couple of years the opportunity for our youth to attend the poisoning quencher and the bio next year's is provided the registration fees transportation and meals, etc. for the students since little first day the program the conference we developed a native component and transcribed to the youth track at the conference this alone indian have been the leaders and through the tribal partnering of bio next year's the 4th of july 19th are provided the opportunity to have
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success with the conference the next slide okay - >> in 2014 the 25th national quencher was the biggest delegation it was incredible to see the youth stand up and be recognized how do we be lifelong learns jennifer a network what will refall together every one of us is the universe weer the universe matters david bucking mini take care fuller institute at the san francisco unified school district beginning 8 through g for 2015 semester the indian-americans students in classes of 2016-2017 and 2018 no
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charter schools are included and graduation status in 201650 percent of indian-american were on track of that 14.3 off track by missing the classes for graduation in 201740 percent of junior's of the 40 percent 11 are off track by one year also of the 2017 junior's many are off track seriously off track by more than one year. >> california department of education showing you shows 200 and 73 awe latin go population 200 and 68 in the the cd reports
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36 thousand plus indian-americans and awe latin students of the 25 thousand the san francisco unified school district research planning and ascertainment reports 200 plus in 2015-2016 native students are proportionately have the highest dropout rates in the san francisco unified school district as sxard compared to other students in the sfusd awe latin students information in 2009 are 2010 there was one and 7 students fund at 21 thousand plus dollars and as of 2014-2015 our recent student count i and 25, 28 tell us dollars requests given the event we had thirty awards given in 2009, 2010 years
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ago years later 2015-2016 a jump to 46 awards in the summer program in 2009 and 2010 every student was accountant for in with a 60 student counts the 506 forms identifies the san francisco unified school district as the indian-american and is qualified in a tribe for funding the title vii program funding is determined by the number of 506 forms submitted san francisco unified school district is required to comply that the indian education amendment 2004 left behind in
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1972 the o i e was created by came into contact for the native students and 1972 the recognition of the indian-american given education as well as distinct native link lyric the original act amended the teacher training and for the purposeship program the left behind to support the indian-american students and their schools it is to be based on academic achievement no 2011 president obama signed the education department and the department of the interior to improve the awe latin native and the steel of tribal colleges and
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universities into tribal community successes enter tribal community successes part of sfusd assess and equality the training to provide the 506 form to incoming forms and understanding the budget and parents inclusion and setting the proprietor working with the lp c student representatives and the quoting of administrator language and expansion of tutoring support and revision of bylaws entering tribal challenges and altercations stepping of indian-american and the lack of education identity and the high-risk transitional
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youth clarification of oceanic of indian-american and awe latin students and indigenous language and economic barriers lack of access to the tribal media and lack of fwaement to provide indian-american and awe latin support for the education and traditionally foods the school i want to go back to the competency part last year we were able to go see dr. kent hard work working one thing that stood occult in his talk how important it is for children of color to have teachers that are also have color and without that there is a lack of connection and i experiences that with my own children when we were the east bay my students were not doing well there was a lake of connection their teachers were not have color as soon as i came
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to san francisco they met they are teachers any students are doing well and part of indian-american education tutoring program a great feeling so. >> is transition we decided to make a list of our top prooits priorities we want the san francisco unified school district to identify and immediately provide information regarding the students not on track to the indian coordinator for the intervention and support that indian ed is represents to be the curriculum and to include narrative languages as a curriculum, that indian education is part of equality to insure and increase the access to the san francisco unified district resources to provide support and information for another indian education
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program cultural sensitivity training to require that the san francisco unified school district staff ann and modification to have the competency transcribing for example, for the indian-american to not conflict with the tribal cultural we're asking the indian education to be the orientation search warrants in class referral to expand the education center, and in addition to the 3 indian care and caution or educators we need access to read specialist and transition support as student in middle school to high school and have an indian-american native college for the application and applying to colleges and university and exclude those specifically to the indian-american awe latin native
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students and have furpdz and in compliance request the federal, state, and local mandated is asking 80 that the san francisco unified school district recognize the united nation we've provided a link for the board members we feel this document embodies everything we're asking as well as united airlines with previous legislation federal, state, and local regarding indian-american educati education. >> hi again. >> it's quiet i guess on the tail end of the tying it altogether those photographs were taken at the vents we were collaborating with the agencies and their
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youth group to empower and strengthen their identity to keep going as we push them to get more education to get back in their to be stronger individuals here's some of the things that is opening we have a permanent place at sanchez school where the kids can come and get tare tutoring and food pantries so which is a good thing now and see we're trying to like focus on improving the education quality teachers you know things that are available for the whole school district of kids of
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nationalities our kids are included and voicing we need your help and those are the things we need and the photos we're showing we are trying to make ourselves public we are here the school district title vii native american and awe latin indians so thank you, aga again. (clapping.) >> oh, this is the report i guess okay besides we have these services that we have been provided for the kids in and the families the b b class and providing services directly for the family that needs for like we provide back
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packs for the school supplies and applications for workshop and nightly movie their relates to the culture how to ties in with i don't know how to say this with the school and to better understand what is going on movies are related to that and how to deal with yourselves and work through a conflict should that happen in class or teachers or other adults and try to teach them how to work and have a positive outcome those are the types of movies we tried to show other than other things and, yes this is an ongoing services that we have again those are the photos of
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some of the youth that the salmon run the cultural how to prepare how to catch them then again at the bottom at least at the dance by the powwow then this here is like it says education cultural a couple graduated last year and then talk about traditionally cultural learning on this third, the 3 ladies the elderly and a adult she hung in there to the jig he will dance it is a high rhythm she hung in there. i
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don't know how old she is (laughter) yes, thank you. >> you can stay up here yeah show people have questions and comments thank you so much for your presentation before we go to the questions or comments i'll call for public comment i'll call all the names it you can come up to the microphone if you want to comment you can come up to the microphone if you want to commentf you can come up to the microphone if you want to comment (calling names) you'll hit the bottom bum and
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have two minutes. >> my name is april and i sit on this board at thomas edison charter school and involved in the office of complaints community i'll a real california native my parented were born and raised here and my son is also a student and one of the things i find that he has champed was the students it is the culture competency within the district and the staff and teachers and anyone on an administrative level one thing i want to say that our children are being respected and be talked to in a respectful way and treated that
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way and cultural competency is important for all of us to learn and it is important for the staff as to trained on our cultural our children will not be land with diagnosed is ada abused of the behavorial different than other children the classroom i want to advocate that all staff be trained in cultural competency with the native health center and other agencies to train staff around cultural competency so - i do want to say thank you to you lou gehrig's disease us to be here and listen and also for having this program it is so value to our youth and children and want to say a pa lemon does an
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excellent job and i'm proud to say we're part of the san francisco community we're so bless and say thank you. >> my name is thomas from my tribe is from the hell low river in arizona going back to the power point i want to speak about you know how supportive the native students that are not on track because being a former participate of the title vii and former youth representative i mean, i was off track i mean, if not for the troourt from the
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programs a place to go to whether it was horseman or cesar chavez school it was one of the key components that helped me get through high school and you know show me what i wanted to do after high school i just want to thank you guys for that and more support thanks. >> thank you (clapping.) hello my name is boo i'm a tribe in nevada and graduated from you uc berkley and a tutor with the education program title vii at sanchez elementary and glad to be here i want to about the importance of taking
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care of the nationality american folks the city so many cultures throughout modern history to bring them together it the difficult to maintain one owns identity and culture because there are small vaushgsz and even though we could possible be general list we're from individual tribes and we're all representatives of those tribes and those different people we come through a long history of coming through a lot of trouble and really difficult at times but you know, i think that programs like this the indian-american health serve bring positive it's to the youth and give the youth hope and a choice to choose the lives they want and show them there is more to life than you know the inks
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you've seen so far more and more things to learn and some of the great things about the program is keep education positive the face of adversity and so i think that is important to you know support those programs and i think it is - they're better things will come once the generations of young people begin to grow older we're in a new of technology ignorance is morning an excuse for your on behalf of thank you. >> hello my name is robert mart the cherokee nation i did the distinct honor of being an instructor in pa lemon school it is important for any education
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for various reasons number one giving the native youth a role model the only time people talked about this was thurg thanksgiving that was the truth really was a long time ago and as native people it is our responsibility and prisoner to teach those kids cultural things to give them a role model and encourage the board to continue the education for spiral reason for those kids to grow up with a strong future thank you at this time (clapping.) >> good evening, commissioners my name is michelle a parent of 9 and a consultant for others indian education hive here to speak on behalf of a member that
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couldn't make it here hello, i'm a former mission officer for stanford university for the outreach for students for the indian education program the rate of college success the native communities are although, the national education for the statistics reports 4 percent of native americans go to a four-year college co-authoring to the u.s. department of justice only some many students in college will graduate and be able to go to college is important for the native students and having more contacted native students leads to better families and nation we need more resources dedicated to
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preparing the nachtd student for college this schwarzenegger start early and educating our children reinforces this is a possibly they can go to college and include serves transition to college native american students are facing challenges for instance, ones achievement and the education requires is in comparable with our tribal we need folks that are ground the values to overcome those champions and the title vii indian education is doing is crucial i hope we can put more resources in support our students thank you.
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>> (clapping.) good evening nominees a mary and i'm a grandmother and my children were part of title 4 many, many years ago and michelle she was a student in them days. >> so i've had the privilege of seeing everybody grew up i want to point out avery can you stand up they're feeling awkward but both of those young ladies are college bound. (clapping.) they've gone through the process of applying for college and had been accepted and are both outstanding people and strong people in our community and they are leaders and future
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leaders to pave the way but superintendent carranza and superintendant guerrero and the board you gave us a mission you gave us a place we now have a foundation for our people our culture we take those responsibilities serious you know we plant and grow and spread and continued 40 that for generations and generations i'm here because someone pass on to me we're passing on to our children i'm giving it back tatoui you maturity have a responsibility to grow to grow our children to grow with our strength we have a list of priorities here but they are common simple priorities
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that i'm sure you here among the students and many of the people but we take the responsibility of our architecture and growing things and our plants very serious you see those are your responsibility and we ask more than ask that you continue to support us so we can have more successes thank you. (clapping.) >> good evening board i'm rachel i i am an gold member of the communities i just wanted to point out one of the priorities this morning i had an assessment with one of my students my grandson actually and one of the things that were pointed out ♪ assessment was the reading,
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reading resources and i was hoping that you know the education program can help with the resources within the district they mentioned reading resource specialist they school on this there so many hours providing the reading with more than one child, you know, so that seeing this is one of the things that i hope we can happen to some of the resources for my fifth grader on to millionaire and middle school and needs to be there when reading thank you >> (clapping.) thank you. i want to thank everyone for coming out and giving comments for the folks with the presentation i'm going to open it up to my colleagues
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start with ms. wynns and commissioner norton. >> thank you all for coming and the presentation which was really thorough and informative i'm proud of us because i have been here long enough to know when the indian project was upcoming up and running and didn't exist at all one we have not yielded as importantly a legal obligation to serve those children we were not accurately doing for years and have most importantly is our philosophy and moral allocation to do that i'm pleased to see the activities take place and what's going on i want to appreciate that and everything you've told us about thank you very much for all of that and i just want to as an aside say this is a real
12:53 am
success in our attempt to actually have a substantive report on rotating basis because the past we have had you know kind of performa short reports and not had a good balance when we are here periodically so you set a high bar for everything to try to meet this is a way to really keep up with things so thank you for that and thank you for the program and good for us we're doing this is a better way. >> commissioner norton. >> thank you. i will of time to echo with what commissioner wynns said it's wonderful there is a real difference having
12:54 am
indian education it has galvanized our community and getting people involved in those this is great to see and a testament and the engagement in our own community thank you for doing the work and coming to tell you about that i have some questions about the conditions of our native american native students is there some data on off track and how high school students are going with respect to the a there g but in jean what do we see the community i know the numbers the presentation that there's about 200 or so that are self-identified and about one hundred and 50 that filed out the form i'd like to know from staff what is the free lynch
12:55 am
percentage within that population and what is the number of students that have been identified for example, through special education that science thing i don't know if you have that kind of data or staff that will be important affairs for us to know a smaller group they get lumgdz into the other goes up so if you have any insight yourselves about whether that 200 and 16 number actually accurately captures the number of office of complaints or awe latin students in the district or think that is too small a number do you have any insight into that? >> good evening board hi program coordinator for the
12:56 am
united title vii i'd like to speak to the second part letting you know that kevin and i put this data for your first inquiry in regards to the 227 numbers that are listed not not an accurate number as identified as indian-american and awe latin it is upward to 4 hundred plus for one great reason san francisco as a is largest entering tribal inagainst population on the west coast due to u.s. policy the relocations act of 1942 we see on paper that is not an accurate population number in your city. >> thank you given the priorities superintendent in the presentation to understand what are the challenges that this
12:57 am
community is experiencing in i city it is quite you you know a larger communities for historical reasons it will be interesting to learn more about that thank you. >> commissioner fewer. >> thank you for the presentation i also have some questions around the data on page 7. so i think i would like to know that the numbers of that congratulate with graduate with these and also the average gpa students it is important to know it an entrance into college; right? and how many native americans are taking the classes i think that is an interesting also statistic to find out and i really want to thank you for being here i know be what you
12:58 am
pointed out to us is something we all know that actually needs to be said it is a culture a foundation of who we are and who we will be and anchors as a people and families i think that is important that we respect everyone's cult and glad you're here that was an issue for a couple of years you continue to dialogue with us how we can be better i think identification numbers are it sounded low i'm wondering what we can do our recommendation around the ap y but to educate parents for them to fill out the forms so the children is a self-identify; is that correct thank you very much. we really enjoyed this
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>> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> my apologies for being late i want to thank you? i think as we've seen the accomplishment of the space and our activities that's been really heartwarming and wonderful to finally see that happen so thank you for all the information you provided i want to remind the young people who you know i don't know if you're the only two graduating going to college i'm sure this year many more of but scholarships i manage and we do it for all the students of color i want to encourage you and we often is to the teachers of a variety of ethic background
1:00 am
whether chinese or filipino teachers we don't have a native american teacher association for us to tap into so i want to encourage you to send our students that qualify for a grant i think that is beautiful to see you i'm so glad you're here. >> dr. murase thank you for your presentation tonight i want to acknowledge myong leigh deputy superintendant and i remember one of the issues was the lack of permanent space and our having to store things and not have permanent space really a huge setback and so i'm so happy to know that you're making
1:01 am
full use of this space i know that the superintendent and i were at the anniversary celebration and could really celebrate together with the community about this landmark space and i just want to thank you for really shining a light on the diversity that exist in our student body and why it is so important one talked about the dollar confident native american students i have one question in terms of we need to demonstrate the benefits of being identified so we can have a better accurate count how many students we have in this group i was hoping you can elaborate on two programs we've done moving forward and
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just briefly give information for the listening and viewing audience. >> great the wisdom moving forward culture event took place at the end of the school year in may look more the dates we'll send is through justin and that is a youth recognize honoring celebration we have our youth take stage and they are each and every individually presented with an award of their parents choosing like best brother, big sister, new traditionally dancer, academically retaining wall strong and a team player to the parents choosing the performance of our youth being recognized on-stage is a crucial that might be the only time in the year they're able to
1:03 am
take part in something that is special it is not solely a social gathering not solely an education or recognize educational achievement a recognition of a human being doing well in their life we have many parents that participate in putting that on and supported by the youth program a community acholic beverage event one you don't want to miss and i believe deputy superintendant is speak to that we've offered performance and he was stage front row at the last event (laughter) again an event that is open not solely to the community but welcome any of i to join us is first hand the people working
1:04 am
together act mc presenters because you see here our youth are leading us we are following our youth are leading us we lead by example the summer science program takes place in the month of june following the academic school ending a program gaertd tarts two weeks k through 12 a different way of learning based on in our culture one of the images you've seen in that power point was an image there was a traditionally salmon smoking workshop for our youth some for the first ever having close contact with a traditionally foods of many of our tribal people we take our students out of the classroom and into the beautiful city that is their classroom like christie fields working
1:05 am
with the traditional games we've partnered up with the admission rock claimg as a way it connect a theme the theme being when you are climbing up that rock it self-doesn't matter what rock you chose excuses u choose to put your foot you find it and make it up there at your own pace we tie it into what they've experienced and the importance of effort. >> vice president. >> thank you, president haney first of all, thank you all for scouting as commissioner wynns states that is a thorough presentation and appreciate that i definitely want to special especially thank our high school students and talk about some of the things you're doing and
1:06 am
giving us more information about the indian education program so a few things i want to touch on and it is great to have a parent talk about her excitement when her students come into the other districts it is refreshing to hear about some of the good things we're doing i'm glad and existed our education works for you and your fame thank you for sharing that last year at this time i believe when you came in and had the presentation there was some glitches in terms of the 506 form within a year time my first year on the school board things changed we recorded some of the positives again and makes me excited about the opportunity that we are providing as a district for the program but also about the work that all of
1:07 am
you are doing we appreciate that again and just the last thing i want to say more in line with commissioner president loftus there are more things we can do to get our students on track to graduate and prides the support so aside that i love to explore ideas and visit what is going on and with the district leadership as board members to see how we can get those fabulous so our students can graduates and be as successful as you, we appreciate you all coming out one thing i'm tdr in knowing are the students the program working or participating in other supra
1:08 am
curriculum activities. >> many of our students mostly our high school students are involved in extra curriculum activities they sits on different broad and some of them work their busy in addition to staying in their culture and being traditional dancer we are very involved in people. >> thank you. >> i also want to echo appreciation as heard from the board we value this information and has an impact i hope you've seen he remember with commissioner vice president walton are hearing about the priorities and now have moved on to the victories or to progress so that is really sxooift and evidence of partnership i have
1:09 am
together in serving the native american strts students i hope we see more of these issues that are in the top priorities move over into things we made progress on one of the things i know that is still on here unfortunately is that we made not of the last year and he hope to see more progress is the representation of italian-american the curriculum i hope we can work closely together and really looking at your curriculum and analyzing those and making sure that the 0i789 perspectives are recommended the curriculum and as we've heard we're not representing indian-americans in a negative way i want to flag that san francisco superintendent for the deputy superintendant and our curriculum department to have
1:10 am
that many pride about last year and look at it what we accomplished around that in the moving forward we're privileged to work you to make that happen the second thing i'll flag on the question of when and how we're sharing information it seems like one of the ways that you can best work to adequately meets the needs of students have information that immediately and up to date as possible so this question how do we provide information regarding the students on track and moving forward the way eva he partnership we're sharing the information as soon as possible to support the students i hope we can see what we are doing there and some of the best
1:11 am
opportunities to meet the needs of students are because of communication so that is something we look to in the future and congratulations also to the students and i want to thank you, again, for your presentation tonight and look forward to the invitations to some of the events and continue to working closely together thank you. >> (clapping.) and one more thing i want to say thank you to the people in the back that are holding up let's give them a round of applause. (clapping.) >> i know you're probably ready to sit down but small business tells you what is held up and what we're looking at at. >> the mural to our left is a collective indigenous art more like created the conferences last year in october by all of
1:12 am
the beginning defines youth over 75 youth additional the imagery was only an outline they have created everything you see there. >> in the theme was the tree like the infiniti tree and the growing. >> it's beautiful thank you, again. and thanks. >> they prayed for rain (laughter). >> it works it works. >> thank you, again thank you so much we appreciate it thank you. >> (clapping). >> do any board members have
1:13 am
appointments i'm appointing andrea to the peace cca. >> moving long item f public comment on content items i have none signed up together can i have a motion and second on the content calendar. >> so moved. >> they're connected by the superintendant the items removed. >> on the consent calendar correction for 126 please note on page 47 through 88 are posted incorrect on the b, f and g for the personnel k resolution on page 94 correct the dates of
1:14 am
service 1 61 k-11 under the service should read differently and extra number one is dletsdz and the question should read $50,000 credit. >> thank you that my items removed into first reading by the board? >> seeing none, any items severed by the board or superintendent for discussion. >> commissioner wynns autopsy i'd like to sever item 2 c on page 52 for audit. >> i understand why is that open xhebt i said why and i pulled it off we should probably
1:15 am
make a special order of business because it is we should have a short prediction summarizing it nothing to discuss in my opinion i make that recommendation actually, if you want we can refer it to the rules committee and figure out where to put it. >> president haney. >> i support that if it requires a change to board rules and procedures i understand it is the consent calendar. >> all right. roll call vote will take place in section o superintendent proposal for the renewal for the chvrl that was
1:16 am
removed and second son december 8, 2015, we're going to call on the superintendant to read the resolution into the record >> thank you very much president haney i'll ask the general council ms. hope to do the honors. >> i'll be happy to mr. superintendent but mr. davis you're feeling the winds from his sails. >> sorry thanks for reminding me actually i'd like to ask our director do it. >> ladies first. >> thank you pruth regarding the renewal for the granting of the charter school whereas pursuant california code
1:17 am
san francisco sheriff's department incorporated submitted a petition for the are you nell newly of 4 keys charter school and whereas pursuant to california education code the board of education of the district received the renewal petition in 2015 and whereas the district shall comply with the review and action as required by law and whereas the board of education shall consider the level of support for the charter school and review all information with respect go he including supporting the documents and whereas the district staff have reviewed the proclamation and regarding the review of the petition therefore, be it resolved that the board of education shall grant the petition subject to the requirement so forth by law.
1:18 am
>> any questions or comments from the board? >> we have 3 of these this one is four or five charter school the community report have already been given questions or comments ready to vote all right. roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase. >> ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney it's unanimous all right. authorization to grant the renewal for 5 keys independent charter school this is it's been moved and seconded the committee reports were given and mr. davis to read the authorization.
1:19 am
>> authorization to grants the petition far 5 keys independent charter school whereas pursuant to the education code the self-sheriff's 5 keys charter school submitted a renewal for the charter school to the san francisco unified school district and whereas pursuant to california education code the board of education and the district received the renewal petition in 2015 and whereas vicinity shall comply with the action as required by law and whereas the board of education shall consider the level of public support for the charter schools and review the petition and all information to the petition supporting the documentation and whereas the district and superintendant and district sheriff staff have issued a report and recommendation regarding the issue and therefore, be it
1:20 am
resolved accept the requirement by law. >> any questions or comments from the board of education. >> i want to make the comment this is one of the few charter schools i've proposed i think this is worth noting that one of the reasons for that main reason the sheriff's charter schools meet the criteria for a charter school you can't do it without a chart it is legislative scheme and that they actually do better so that's why i support them and wanted to put that think the record thank you. >> thank you commissioner wynns seeing no other comments can we have are a roll call vote and
1:21 am
ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and thank you. >> didn't you just vote. >> mr. haney mr. haney? yeah. i put you down twice air mr. haney? we're voting >> yes. >> ms. wynns i'll say it was a computer vote (laughter). >> the authorization to grants the renewal petition for 5 keys adult charter school has been it's been moved and seconded and the committee report have been given and now the recommendation from staff. >> whereas pursuant to california education codes the
1:22 am
san francisco sheriff's department submitted a petition for the 5 keys sdaufd and whereas to are pursuant to the california code the board of education of the district received the renewal petition an 2015 and whereas districts shall comply with the timelines on the petition as required by law and whereas the board of education shall consider the level of public support for the charter school and review the charter petition that concludes my report the documents and whereas the superintendant and district staff have issued a report regarding the report therefore, be it resolved the board of education shall grant the petition and so forth by law.
1:23 am
>> questions or comments. >> seeing none, take a vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton, mr. walton thank you. >> yes. >> (laughter) ms. wynns thank you and mr. haney 7 i's. (clapping.) >> thank you congratulations all right. the documentation of board policy 3580 business and non-structural district records was moved and seconded in 2016 and a report from the rules committee commission. >> thank you okay. so this actually, these are - this is the beginning or
1:24 am
actually we're a way towards putting in policy all kinds of things that are compliant with the law which we do we follow the law that we have not yielded had those things memorialized over policy mandate and have big omissions so that is what this is and it was of course give e given a policy recommendation by the rules committee. >> all right. mr. davis if you can read the >> on that - recommendation. >> the requested action the board adopt the policy record to create sfusd policy on securing the district documents. >> comments from the board?
1:25 am
>> seeing none, roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> all right. last one adoption of balling 93 and recordings it's been moved and seconded on january 12, 42015 we need a report from the rules committee again >> thank you. i wanted to alert you, you should look at hidden in the folder the documents that are paper clipped together behind the updated resolution you'll find the amended policy which would not
1:26 am
allow the rules committee to get into the agenda the green the change that was we had a discussion about the president to recognize one that the law required r internal revenue service that people not have to identify themselves only for the record and second that some topics are not necessarily clear enough to be reflected the minutes people just want to talk about something therefore the rules committee put the amendments you'll see here this is just this part will read the minutes shall reflect the names of people that identify themselves and the topics addresses as prototype that's the committee recommendation
1:27 am
and -- excuse-me. commissioner wynns does that mean that people must identify themselves only in they identify themselves. >> we're not going to put their names the minutes unless their choose to identify themselves more the topic it says in the policy that you have before you that their names and tactics will be included the minutes we need to make sure it is clear that they don't have to identify themselves and choose to and second that making it a necessary even though as the topic has tobacco included in some cases is impossible we wanted to amend it what we choose to do and our policy not the other way around and as amended the committee recommendation passage commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell.
1:28 am
>> for the clarification on that when i read this i wonder in so you doesn't have to identify yourselves you'll not be not minutes. >> it says 12 people addressed this topic and the following list names wouldn't necessarily be all of them you can't be the minutes in you don't identify yourselves. >> you don't necessarily have to identify yourselves to be part of minutes you can have a complete conversation but made points that are worth noting. >> that will happen the subject were appropriate when the subject it clearly identifiable will be the minutes whether or not the person offers themselves. >> when i read that that is not clear you know our new board
1:29 am
member i think that first place to come up to public comment and speak and identify myself and it's relevant then. >> it is viable really the issue. >> but you say address as well as the tops they addresses as appropriate. >> right. >> so but you have identify themselves and comment as predicament so i think we have say specifically to the topic at hand or something like that again, i read this this is - >> can you finish let me finish. >> sorry. >> as i read this it is still feels like they'll not be in the minutes if they don't identify themselves. >> the topic at hand nothing before the board is at issue only people that come up to talk
1:30 am
about anything within the jurisdiction this is general speaking. >> i think so that but how do we know that. >> ms. casco do you want - and at committee we were discussing this i offered a suggestion if they don't tiff themselves the minutes of city hall they say male or female speaker and the topic we're allotted to do that. >> that what about done but not required we say that what we're doing 80 is amending smoking gun something everyone will have their names allow the flexibility they don't have to identify themselves more the topic go have to be identifiable. >> so a sense of potentially that piece of is not clear so-
1:31 am
>> we can change them so we look at the committee doesn't recommend we adopted it as before you and printed agenda because - >> so. >> there's no urgency for the board to adopt this perhaps clear up the language and the board and bring this back to you. >> sounds great, thank you. >> all right. board members proposals there are none tonight public comment on general matters there is also none tonight oh, we have one - something challenged >> okay all right. ms. leading a
1:32 am
>> thank you. good evening i'm succumbing to speak on behalf of the members at jew elementary school we remember expecting a few members when we met with about more than half the staff the day the thinners or authentication before your winter break the day of a alleged threats it in the school we heard a host of deeply felt concerns with particularly a stressful day i'm glad to hear with an improvement at the school sites whether or not this was implemented partially because commissioners have been talking to us and he district it robust this was cameras installed at the site that's a great step but want to share the issues we heard over a month ago
1:33 am
the first came from a teacher said i've been here 4 years and raised this and nothing it do you think this is a school the bayview there is not the doors can't be locked securely interest the inside you imagine you're at a school and that believe bomb threat no locate and told to go outside for the kids to be safe it is not okay the tension in the room was terrible as the people talked a classroom with on a windows often a hot day to open the door in a neighborhood where there is a lot of street vines tell the board members to spend and day and see how it feels were they
1:34 am
lost work but that's right very, very stressfully and the noise these pods were created by people that don't want to stay teaches i taught back the early 80s this year's a noise constant noise level there or it is difficult to hear the noise if another classroom children are children and there is a distraction of the kids walking by tell the board members to come and stay it is a day and let them see those are some of the issues they spoke so the district wide acute in the bayview schools how to affect their development you can't have a release day for our k one teachers when no sun they've columbian to do this on saturday
1:35 am
this is a sacrifice for people with families for anybody that is working on their regular workweek and for sure we heard the newer teachers the affordability crisis is staring them in the face one young man said i don't given the stresses of working at the school and knowing that my rent will be increasing steadily i don't see the district coming up with what i defer i don't see an incentive to stay at the school ♪ district 80 so, yes for the cameras good but go out there and visit visit and see for yourselves and imagine from the kids point of view we want the kids to feel protected and the parents to know their protected and the teachers feel safe thank you very much i do hope our
1:36 am
members will come another time at the end of a teaching day will the district do something that is good let's see what they'll do for us thank you very much >> thank you mr. mahoney moving to special order of business. >> can i ask a question we can't have a discussion ensue like to ask about it we could have a report we have some formally open pod classrooms the district that we have renovated so they have walls alamo is one which by way of was done with private dollars i still would like to find out if we can't have a report on the status of all the schools the open pod schools some of the schools we've done here.
1:37 am
>> yes. commissioner wynns our chief officer mr. golden is taking up that we provide that are you. >> i want to comment actually, my children went through a school it was renovated it was terrible couldn't open the windows that was loud, it was moldy a horrible situation i withholding have sympathy and some of the partitions were taken down so michael it louder it is an impossible situation to teach in a classroom i don't know who designed that that was a wrong design for a school my $0.02 thanks. >> all right. we have one informational item i'll announce the sun shining the policies the
1:38 am
2015-2016 initial from all for a successor contract at the national union ton 21 to the san francisco unified school district and the 2015-2016 initial proposal from the san francisco unified school district to the service employees international union local 1021 we have one public comment on this item mr. josh davidson. >> hi there i'm josh i cook to the kids and the chapter wanting in the school district it is going to be a fun round of arguing i think you'll agree with me we've been reviewing contract for a person the last 6 months and reviews 42 and collected hundreds of surveys
1:39 am
from the members and we have a whole love of ideas and recruitment and family engagement for me my main focus is the upgrading the lunch program you'll get a lot of feedback on these topics you'll hear me talk about the differentiates salaries for the people doing the same work as the city of san francisco across the street looking forward to hearing more over the next few months we and we're committed to resolving the fair and equality contracts thank you. >> mr. davidson sir, do you have anything to say no. >> you read the requested
1:40 am
agency so we're good. >> okay. thank you we have a few action items can i have a motion and a second? on the resolution receiving the sale and ierns of san francisco unified district prop a general obligation. >> moved and seconded. >> mr. vice president thank you, president haney i'd like to ask over chief to do the honors. >> thank you superintendent freed i didn't the chief financial officer we have 3 resolutions recommended related to the issuance of trndz and the additional funding under the bond authority and the refunding of one particular bond if so this okay. all right. with
1:41 am
everyone i'll just read the title and the requested action that's okay? so the first one is the revolution for the cost information in connection with the san francisco unified school district city and county of san francisco collagen obligation bonds election of, 2006 and f, 2015 and prop a election of 2011 series c 2015 address arthur's the actual coasts information to the california debt and investment advisory commission so be it therefore resolved that all above titles are actual and correct and this board of education the board still of the and determines and represents the actual costs information,
1:42 am
the bonds do hereby issue the bond as so forth in exhibit a to the actual cost information smimths of actual costs information to the cca the boards here by approvals the information to c did i ic with the final file on the llp bond council to the district and other actions of approvals office of the boards and staff are here by authorized and jointly to do any and all things and to execute and deliver any and another documents that are necessary or advisable in order to carry out give effect to and comply with the terms and intent of this resolution
1:43 am
such action by officers of officers are hereby ratified and approved this shall take effect immediately upon it's passage. >> thank you. >> questions or comments from the board. >> roll call vote. >> we're only voting on the first one; correct? >> thank you. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton pursue chin and could you record an i vet on the previous one. >> mr. haney thank you 7 i's. >> can i have can i have a motion and a second? receiving the sale and issuance of the sfusd tax and revenue
1:44 am
participation notes. >> so moved. >> second. >> okay. >> thank you. this is the resolution receiving the actual costs information with the annoyance of the san francisco unified school district city and county of san francisco california 2015 tax and revenue anticipation notes and the action item is be it therefore resolved that all of the above are true and correct and this board of education so finds and represents actual cost information the board does hereby issue the note and so forth no and the offices of the board are hereby authorize adjourning and separately to do any and all things and execute all documents they deem
1:45 am
necessary or advisable in order to carry out with the intent of this resolution such actions heretofore by officers are hereby ratified and approved and this resolution shall take effect immediately upon those it's sense. >> questions or comments. >> redevelopment. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> okay. can i have a can i have a motion and a second? on the actual cost with connection of the sale and owners of the san francisco unified school district 2015 general obligation refunding
1:46 am
bond. >> so moved and second. >> this resolution to receive the actual costs of the owners of the san francisco unified school district city and county of san francisco california 2015 general obligation refunding bond and be it therefore resolved by the braufks of the san francisco unified school district city and county of san francisco california as a follows all of the above are true and correct and this board of education the board still determines and represents the board does hereby receive the summary the cost of the owners of the body as so forth in exhibit a here to and office of the board are hereby jefferson city and separately to do any and all things and deliver the documents that are deemed necessary or adviceable
1:47 am
in order to give effect and comply with the intent of this resolution such action here to for by the overlays and officials and staff radio confirmed and approved and this focuses effect immediately upon its passage. >> questions or comments from do board. >> roll call vote. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns thank you mr. haney 7 i's. >> all right. owner move-in thank you discussion of other educational issues there is none tonight and consent calendar resolutions removed at previous meeting for second reading there are none tonight and vote on consent
1:48 am
calendar which was moved and seconded under section f >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase thank you ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 6 i's. >> consent calendar resolutions that were south side of and immediate action i believe there were on a. >> introduction of proposals and assignment. >> oh, there was i thought we removed that. >> yeah. that will be okay we can come back if i want to do the first reading. >> we'll take eve okay. so what we're going to do is we're going to take item q out of order which was the resolution
1:49 am
on sale of tobacco products so kamdz on the suspension of the rules to hear it the resolution for the tobacco products. >> i'll second it. >> roll call vote. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton pr mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> all right. can i have a motion and a second? for the formal introduction of resolution. >> all right. i el paso it on to president walter that will lead the read into the record the resolution. >> thank you. the resolution so first of all, we're not going
1:50 am
to read the entire resolution (laughter) why not gives the highlights. >> we're going to go over a few of the resolve clauses so ms. chin will read a few whereas clauses but state briefly this legislation that supervisor wiener, supervisor cohen and supervisor mar they're introducing it very important not only it is our responsibility to make sure our children live and leads health life stills but attack the proce proceedy institutions from tobacco but institutions that provide sugar sweetened beverage to our students this resolution is a counter to that so we can inform everybody of the
1:51 am
seriousness of making sure p we do things to protect our students the city with that, we'll have ms. chin read a capture of whereas and mr. totiano. >> before i do that mr. walton i'd like to ask your permission if we could pefrm co-author with you i'd like to make the motion to co-author. >> we have unanimous consent so thank you. >> thank you commissioner walton. >> so for this prsht the sale of tobacco for anyone mr. the age of 12 is it the is leading can say of killing people every year it is known to case cancer, heart disease and religious predisease and whereas each day several children are regular
1:52 am
servers and one will die from cancer and today's youth will die premature. >> whereas the tobacco use are not element to smoking the national institute for research that smoking tobacco causes cancer and may cause heart disease and gum disease and oral legions i can't pancreas and light pachz the mouth and whereas fallout cigarette contain nicotine so every two nicotines harm elements and propose the youth and e cigarette have been containing
1:53 am
10 chemicals phone to cause cancer and other reproductive problems. >> whereas in san francisco almost 2 percent of millionaire middle school and high school students smoke in 2014 and 8 percent of middle school students and 13 percent of high school students use e cigarette the highest rates of smoking is amongst san francisco young dulls ages 18 it 2415 point 8 percent smoke state law bans the sale of e cigarettes to students but preliminary data many middle school kids feud in 2014 the california followed up that 5 percent of 7 graders and 6
1:54 am
percent of 11 graders use e cigarettes the past thirty days amongst young adults e cigarettes tripled in only one year from 2 point 3 to 4 point 6 percent therefore, be it resolved that the san francisco unified school district supports the promoted legislation ordinance from supervisor wiener, supervisor cowen, sxhaifsh which states the sale or distribution by an establishment to a person 1-800, r 18, 19 are dwo is against the law and assurance that every person that was selling tobacco for 19 shall post a note stating
1:55 am
in san francisco it is unlawful to accept tobacco including e cigarettes to people 8, 9 or two achlg and another signs be placed in an establishment and the letters and numbers should be of sufficient size the message is virtual to anyone who is considering buying a tobacco product and therefore, be it resolved that sfusd that understands and supports the mandate pursuant to the section that the director of public health my adopt rules are regulations regarding compliance with the section the direction of pubtd or his or her designee pursuant to articles the health code not to exceed to article h and further
1:56 am
be it resolved that the san francisco unified school district will support the commons of the property legislation ordinance through providing information to the students along with longing with the department of public health about the dangers of the e cigarettes provide a gateway to tobacco usage. >> thank you, president walter and students for reading that i want to welcome one of the co-authors of the legislation supervisor wiener who has joined us and just walked in the room so you can either sit down or come up whichever and thank you for being here and john us this evening. >> thank you. >> thank you yes, i've been sitting all the day at the board of supervisors he meeting i'm happy to stand thank you for considerably this resolution
1:57 am
tonight and thank you to sxault and commissioner president haney and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell for co-sponsors the resolution this is important and we want to first thank the district for its very aggressive and innovative work whether it is another forms of health assess and being very progressive and forward thinking and standing with us as the board did when we went to the ballot with the soda tax we had 10 millions and still got 46 percent of the vote those health choices matter and it is an important they know to help people to be healthy this legislation is the next step we know your talked about
1:58 am
statistics how tobacco is continues to kill so many people in this country and we know that that when when we hook you as a kid it is not only more disadvantaging to the body but that is how we get people to be lifelong smokers and you'll be more likely to motor vehicle all your life but if we delay smoking it is a good thing i focused on this issue frankly, i heard about it i knew that was happening he read in the paper like you after hillsborough passed similar legislation back the stwri to withdrawing the legislation and a small town probably wouldn't be expensive to defend the lawsuit against is
1:59 am
grateful multi billion dollars industry in high on a hill it calls to me beggar we have the resources but we well-being, defend a lawsuit against a multi memorials campaign wells fargo we litigated against the progressive goals we often win and got a letter from the tobacco industry and will move forward the legislation is an important step in having your support will mean a lot i thought of wanted to staying say is supervisor farrell signed open o on so we have a good coalition at the board and the department of public health is here we are lucky to have a premium internationally recognized department of public health that really helps us with the policy they're here to
2:00 am
answer any questions you might have thank you very much. >> thank you and thank you, supervisor wiener for your commitment to this issue i know that was a long day at the board so definitely your commitment to be here open up to my colleagues to have questions. >> scomploern ii want to thank you for bringing this forward and the supervisors for taking this on i smoked my first sect when he was 13 are years old i boy scout sects from a laundromat they have a coin-operated cigarette machine i smoekdz a pack a day more years and clean smoking took me 3 tries i have been smoke free for 3 empowers and hopefully never ever obligating go back


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