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tv   LIVE Special BOS Budget and Finance Committee  SFGTV  February 8, 2016 10:00am-1:31pm PST

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>> good morning everybody and welcome to the special meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors' budget and finance committee. this is monday, february 8th, 2016. my name is mark farrell and i'll be chairing this committee and i'm joined by supervisor norman yee and supervisor katy tang will not be able to make today's meeting and will be excused and thanking linda wong, as well as charles kremenak and
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sfgtv for covering this meeting. >> okay, thank you, madam clerk. the purpose of this special meeting is simply to hear the amended items for the general public safety health bond and to forward it out as committee reports to hear them -- have them forwarded for tomorrow's board of supervisors' full board and if you could call items one and 1. >> item 1, ordinance calling and providing for a accept election to be held in the city and county of san francisco on tuesday, june 7, 2016 for the purpose of submitting to the san francisco voters a proposition to incur the following bonded debt of the city and county of san francisco. to finance the [stkro-upbgs/], acquisition
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improvement seismic facilities and related costs -- to be paid out of ordinary annual income and revenue of the city and county and will indebtness. >> thank you, madame clerk. first of all, supervisor yee, could we entertain a motion to excuse supervisor tang from today's meet >> i will make the molestation. >> take that out objection [ gavel ] mr. strong and ms. garcia are here -- i don't know that we have any questions. if there is no formal presentation, why don't we potentially hold off if there are questions as we vote along, but for now i think we can keep it at bay. mr. rose anything to add to your report from last week? >> mr. chairman, supervisor yee, no, there is nothing that we would add we consider to be a policy matter for the board. >> thank you very much, mr.
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rose. so with that, if no questions, why don't we open up to public comment. anybody wishing to comment on items 1 or 2? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ] if no further discussion, supervisor yee, can i have a motion and we need to send it as a committee report for tomorrow's board meeting. >> we had this discussion last week. so i won't go further in the details. i think you heard from supervisor tang and myself in term of our disappointment of the process. we -- i certainly feel that the needs are there. i'm disappointed and care and control shelters not being part of this. so rather handle it hold everything up, i would like to move it out with committee with no recommendation to the furl board. >> so the motion is to forward this item as a committee report to the full board of supervisors with no
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recommendation. >> right. >> motion by supervisor yee and we can take that out objection [ gavel ] . madame clerk, do we have any other business in front of us today? >> no further business. >> thank you everyone, we're adjourned [ gavel ].
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>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional
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wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisc parks and places of communicated and thanks to the mayor and the department of technology and supervisor farrell and google. we had a very very unique partnership that was able to bring wifi to our most heavily used parks and squares. >> parks in particular are really important way of life and quality of life and so is connectivity. bringing those two things together in a project like this is right on target
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with what san francisco is and wants to be. >> it's all about breaking apart the divide. the people with expensive data plan can have access to information and economy. this is really breaking down the digital divide and giving people across the spectrum the opportunity to information and giving them mobility and freedom. >> particularly by investing in connectivity in park spaces we are also ensuring the connection to digital inclusion opportunities and parks are designed for all neighborhoods. >> people are on the move. they are no longer chained to their desk tops at home. people can accomplish a lot and we prefer them being here an enjoying the outdoors and nature. given all the mobile community and mobile information that's available. we thought it was important to make it for our
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parks acceptable for everyone and give everyone the opportunity to live and to work and be at the parks at the same time. >> our full mission in life is to give them access to the internet, give them access to information. in san francisco you don't have to be bottled up in an office. you can be around and enjoy your work anywhere. it's great for the local community here and it means a lot to me. >> in the park, you are people that can teach you about the trees in the park and you can go to parks and recreation .org and having wifi in our parks makes it more accessible. if you want more information about how to enjoy wifi in
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san francisco parks, go to >> ♪ ♪ we are definitely pioneers in airport concession world a world of nationally if not entirely or
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internationally >> everybody is cop us right now. >> the people that were in charge of the retail this is where that began. >> i didn't think we would have a location at the airport. >> we've set the bar higher with the customer commerce. >> telling me about the operator and how you go about finding them and they get from being in the city to being in the airport. >> so first, we actually find a table and once we know what we want a sit-down we go to the neighborhoods in san francisco and other people seminary of the retail let us know about the rain water and are excited to have the local operators in the airport.
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>> we have to go going through the conceive selective process and they award a lease to the restaurant. >> they are planning on extending. >> we that you could out the china and the length evens and the travel serve and fourth your minds and it's all good. >> how long for a vendor to move through the process. >> i would say it could take 80 up to a year from the time we go out to bid until they actually open a restaurant. >> i don't know what we signed up for but the airport is happy to have us here. and, you know, even taking out the track simple things there's a learning curve >> with once we're here they are helpful.
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>> it's an award-winning program. >> we're prude of your awards we have won 11 awards the latest for the best overall food address beverage program and . >> like the oscars (laughter). >> the professional world. >> tell me about the future food. >> all the sb national leases are xooirz and we're hoping to bring newer concepts out in san francisco and what your passengers want. >> well, i look forward to the future (laughter) air are we look fo
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when a resident of san francisco is looking for health care, you look in your neighborhood first. what is closest to you? if you come to a neighborhood health center or a clinic, you then have access it a system of
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care in the community health network. we are a system of care that was probably based on the family practice model, but it was really clear that there are special populations with special needs. the cole street clinic is a youth clinic in the heart of the haight ashbury and they target youth. tom woodell takes care of many of the central city residents and they have great expertise in providing services for many of the homeless. potrero hill and southeast health centers are health centers in those particular communities that are family health centers, so they provide health care to patients across the age span. . >> many of our clients are working poor. they pay their taxes. they may run into a rough patch now and then and what we're
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able to provide is a bridge towards getting them back on their feet. the center averages about 14,000 visits a year in the health clinic alone. one of the areas that we specialize in is family medicine, but the additional focus of that is is to provide care to women and children. women find out they're pregnant, we talk to them about the importance of getting good prenatal care which takes many visits. we initially will see them for their full physical to determine their base line health, and then enroll them in prenatal care which occurs over the next 9 months. group prenatal care is designed to give women the opportunity to bond during their pregnancy with other women that have similar due dates. our doctors here are family doctors. they are able to help these women deliver their babies at the hospital, at general hospital. we also have the wic program, which is a program that
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provides food vouchers for our families after they have their children, up to age 5 they are able to receive food vouchers to get milk and cereal for their children. >> it's for the city, not only our clinic, but the city. we have all our children in san francisco should have insurance now because if they are low income enough, they get medical. if they actually have a little more assets, a little more income, they can get happy family. we do have family who come outside of our neighborhood to come on our clinic. one thing i learn from our clients, no matter how old they are, no matter how little english they know, they know how to get to chinatown, meaning they know how to get to our clinic. 85 percent of our staff is
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bilingual because we are serving many monolingual chinese patients. they can be child care providers so our clients can go out and work. >> we found more and more women of child bearing age come down with cancer and they have kids and the kids were having a horrible time and parents were having a horrible time. how do parents tell their kids they may not be here? what we do is provide a place and the material and support and then they figure out their own truth, what it means to them. i see the behavior change in front of my eyes. maybe they have never been able to go out of boundaries, their lives have been so rigid to sort of expressing that makes tremendous changes. because we did what we did, it is now sort of a nationwide model. >> i think you would be surprised if you come to these clinics.
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many of them i think would be your neighbors if you knew that. often times we just don't discuss that. we treat husband and wife and they bring in their kids or we treat the grandparents and then the next generation. there are people who come in who need treatment for their heart disease or for their diabetes or their high blood pressure or their cholesterol or their hepatitis b. we actually provide group medical visits and group education classes and meeting people who have similar chronic illnesses as you do really helps you understand that you are not alone in dealing with this. and it validates the experiences that you have and so you learn from each other. >> i think it's very important to try to be in tune with the needs of the community and a lot of our patients have -- a lot of our patients are actually immigrants who have a
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lot of competing priorities, family issues, child care issues, maybe not being able to find work or finding work and not being insured and health care sometimes isn't the top priority for them. we need to understand that so that we can help them take care of themselves physically and emotionally to deal with all these other things. they also have to be working through with people living longer and living with more chronic conditions i think we're going to see more patients coming through. >> starting next year, every day 10,000 people will hit the age of 60 until 2020. . >> the needs of the patients that we see at kerr senior center often have to do with the consequences of long standing substance abuse and mental illness, linked to their chronic diseases.
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heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, stroke, those kinds of chronic illnesses. when you get them in your 30's and 40's and you have them into your aging process, you are not going to have a comfortable old age. you are also seeing in terms of epidemics, an increase in alzheimer's and it is going to increase as the population increases. there are quite a few seniors who have mental health problems but they are also, the majority of seniors, who are hard-working, who had minimum wage jobs their whole lives, who paid social security. think about living on $889 a month in the city of san francisco needing to buy medication, one meal a day, hopefully, and health care. if we could provide health care
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early on we might prevent (inaudible) and people would be less likely to end up in the emergency room with a drastic outcome. we could actually provide prevention and health care to people who had no other way of getting health care, those without insurance, it might be more cost effective >> all right. good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, the meeting will come to order reserving committee compromising supervisor cowen to my right is supervisor wiener the vice chair and our new member supervisor peskin a regular member of the meeting and ms. alicia thank you
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sfgov staff jessie larson and jim smith for broadcasting this meeting madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. please silence all electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the february 2nd board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated all right. thank you very much call item one. >> the building code shall not be abandon for the purpose of register if it didn't contribute to blight. >> supervisor tang is the sponsor and from supervisor tang to present mr. law the fwloor is yours. >> i'm ray thanks for having me here today, this item to
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amend a vacant abandoned building in the building code to include properties from being band dbi has a program which some major requirements for the properties into a registry paying an annual fee and putting a sign in the window public space for information the legislation to have the program requirements for the properties undergoing the process for the staff the process goes through and limited in the prosper in the bait for no longer two years this helps o people noticing a difficult time and thank you i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> >> thank you, colleagues any question from mr. law. >> madam chair to mr. law for
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a period not to exceed two years if so it a good public policy change why not exist for fever and but want to include those properties undergoing a complicated case for more than two years the probate from 6 to 12 months. >> understood. >> okay all right. seeing no other questions go ahead and take public comment everyone has two minutes a 30-second soft chimney thirty seconds left seeing no public comment on item one public comment is closed. >> mr. law. >> i have staff from dbi an update about this program. >> go fantastic let's take the staff. >> good afternoon, supervisors
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bill strong with the building inspection i'm here with inspection michael who manages our day to day work with this vacant building program we did pass some slide i'll be happy to to run through those those briefly if you have questions please ask me. >> welcome the floor is yours.
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>> so michael why not walk through these. >> i can't see them. >> okay. >> my name is michael work with the department of building inspection closing statement division i manage this particular project so i don't know if everybody has been
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through this or not there you go sorry about that okay basically the vacate abandoned building ordinance we're aware of you're required to register wle whether you're a vacant or partially vacant building an annual registration fee within a time and maintenance and security requirements and information from the owner to be posted on the building we have some brief definitions of which are in the building code if anyone want to take into account that hopefully, some questions i can answer along the way here a brief map of a basically outlining where most of residential and some commercial properties throughout the city maybe you can see fairly well
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spread out the southern part of city southern arena large concentrations of the buildings this is a small breakdown of basically by the supervisor district and where we are a bar chart for you this is specifically related to the program and these are the ones we're currently working on right now small list totally various aspects of what we do buildings occupied and order of abatement and penalties this sort of thing a small oil from complaint all the way to abatement or possible referral to the city attorney's and there you go. >> all right. thank you so
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much. >> bill. >> thank you. >> i'm going to go ahead and ask for public comment on dbi presentation public comment is now open now public comment is closed. i appreciate your presentation and colleagues if no further discussions let's move forward we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. this that item passes forward could you please call item 2. >> madam chair, i believe there were some amendments. >> oh, that we're handed in by. >> mr. law you want to talk about the amendments? the amendment offered by supervisor tang yeah essential the same item i'd like to submit an amendment for this item for the vacant abandoned building in the planning code
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>> madam chair i'll move these. >> motion by supervisor peskin. >> to rescind the previous motion to incorporate the amendments that mr. law spoke before us. >> did you get those motions. >> yes. >> all right. ladies and gentlemen, let's take the vote again, a piece of legislation as was taken as amended we'll take that without objection. that item passes unanimously. >> thank you let's move on ladies and gentlemen, to item number 2. >> technical 2 an ordinance amending the administrative code for the eviction regarding the affordable housing program. >> okay supervisor tang is the author and today affordable unit in a from the supervisors office to present thank you pa madam chair we're - i'm here to talk about the
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tenants notification legislation we in discussions throughout the city we're working hard to add affordable housing stock to our portfolio in san francisco and find this is important we educate the residents about the programs and instead of reinventing the wheel but add the former which was required by supervisor kim to notify the attendance that are going through the eviction process and adding a requirement that we invite them of the affordable housing programs available through the city adding one additional sentence or line to the current notification i've provided copies of what the tenants are given gratefully in 6 different languages this will insure that a lot of the population is notified about the program we are also adding clean up
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language to legislation that was passed by the board recently under state law properties with contract that are governmental agencies a 3 year limit as opposed to to the 5 year limit for the city attorney asked us to include that clean up legislation if our proposal thank you. >> any amendments or anything hallway no amendments thank you. >> that's it. >> that's it let's go forward and take public comment please line up if you're interested in public comment at the promenade, sir for item 2. >> 3. >> okay. thank you public comment is closed. thank you okay. colleagues anything i want to add questions to item 2 seeing none, okay. let's move forward with a with a positive
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recommendation we'll take that without objection. this passes thank you can you call item 3. >> item 3 an ordinance amending the code for the animosity requiring a permit. >> supervisor wiener the floor is yours. >> thank you, very much. madam chair and thank you for clairnd it item today, i want to thank the planning staff monique mohan and thank our nonprofit affordable housing partners who the ones that built the affordable housing that worked with us on the legislation or supported it mercy housing, bridge housing and larkin street and the booker t. washington community service and colleagues this legislation makes it easier and faster and less expensive to build affordable housing in san
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francisco as you may know and we have a lot of various policy disputes in this building but one thing we agree on we are in the midst a go housing crisis the voters time and again have's told his overwhelmingly they want more affordable housing and they want it yesterday the housing trust funds prop c passed overwhelmingly to create a fund more affordable housing last november the affordable housing bond prop a passed overwhelmingly this first affordable housing bond to pass in many, many years as mayor ed lee and our board supervisor president london breed announced last month there is a working group look at the inclusionary housing requirement for market rate projects and the bureaucratic process
10:41 am
either delayed it across the income levels will be discussed with a goal on putting a measure on the november ballot the legislation before us responds to the affordable create and a mauvent to increase the affordable it does so by expediting the approval of 100 percent projects project for 100 percent of the units are affordable to low income or mirrored households not applying beyond the 100 percent affordable housing projects specifically the legislation for these projects removes any requirement for the conditional use this reduces approval on certain for those projects it also reduces the time required to approve those projects which at at minimum will will reduce the
10:42 am
approval time from 3 to 6 months and a number that projects by 9 months a year or longer we know that the standard for conditional use is necessary and desirable is a project necessary and desirable for a neighborhood we tend to apply the conditional use requirement for projects we're not sure from the project is necessary and desirable where it may be a good thing or a bad thing for example, we utilized conditional use for formula retail because chain stores we are skeptical of them they maybe good in some situations and not in od's others we require the conditional use if you'll increase the number ever bars it might not a good or bad thing we want apt in depth analysis and a
10:43 am
public hearing at the planning commission to get community input and make a determination is it necessary and desirable colleagues no question about whether affordable housing is necessary and desirable it is by definition extremely necessary and desirable and we need dramatically more affordable housing and we need it not tomorrow or a year or 10 years if now but now we need it as quickly as possible and anything we can do-si-do to make it easier and faster to get affordable housing built in san francisco the better i do want to stress this this protective contrary to the claims that some have made not in any way remove the public from the process of approving those projects this does not short circuit public participation it is kreb8
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important market-rate or affordable housing under the legislation there will still be intense design review by the parklet planning department to make sure that all development in san francisco is well-designed for a neighborhood the legislation doesn't reduce the neighborhood notification the neighbors get the notification about the projects to participate they can express their opinions about the design and the legislation didn't in any way reduce the right of public to seek discretionary review from the planning commission if they oppose a project so it in project in opposition the people can file a discretionary review and obtain have a hearing at the planning commission this will do is say that for the projects that don't have opposition and these exist you do not have to go to the
10:45 am
planning commission right now of an affordable housing has complete consensus no opposition in a neighborhood it still has to go through the lengthy process for the commission adding time and money to the project this legislation will move us away from that so colleagues this legislation is over due it is important, and we should support it today i do want to just i i know and we initially introduced this last fall and in january earlier this month baseline feedback from the planning department we substituted the legislation to non-substantive to reorganize some of the provisions for some reason the substitute legislation was not to the agenda substantively the same
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but reorganized the amendments in the substitute legislation that we introduce this month add a few things add a consistency with the general plan and recommendation adapted for the organization not the sews and the substitute legislation specifically maintains the conditional use from the site is proposed a grocery store or movie theory over and over a cu for parking those are issues that the planning commission has raised and the department so we incorporated these into the substitute legislation and to clarify the planning director authority to issue the administrator expectation so
10:47 am
i've distributed the amendment that are the substitute legislation we pubically introduced a few weeks ago the city attorney confirms not substantive and not requiring a continuance so i after public comment move those amendments and now madam chair if i may i'd like i'd like to ask michael mahan followed by sophie hayward the mayor's office of housing and community development. >> thank you, supervisor wiener good afternoon supervisor cowen and supervisor peskin i'm monique mohan to discuss the planning commission recommendation for the ordinance the planning commission heard this on december 3rd of 2015 it proposes an administrative code for the 100 percent projects that need a conditional use authorization from the permit review in denounced or a
10:48 am
atlantis in eastern neighborhoods at hearing they attend two motion that failed to pass another motion to continue to january 21st, 2016, failed and a second motion to adopt the approval amended by staff for the removal of grocery store and theatres from the legislation and consideration for the ground floor uses failed by a 3 to 2 vote per the planning code section the commission was unable to pass this forward to the board of supervisors for a recommendation of approval the ordinance has been amend by supervisor wiener on january 12th and included staff recommendations to create a new section dedicated to the authorization of the affordable housing it is defined as housing solely that is restricted for 35
10:49 am
years of low and moderate income in the state of california and staff is available for questions thank you. >> sophie hayward. >> thank you, ms. hay wood. >> good afternoon supervisor cohen and supervisor wiener and supervisor peskin sophie hayward is from the mayor's office of housing and community development i'm here today to note we are, of course, supportive of this legislation anything we can do to bring the affordable units online faster we are supportive of and i want to note that this moves did needle but didn't overturn the application 6 projects since 2010 that require only a conditional use authorization those legislation will remove the hearing requirement for those projects in addition, i want to note that the commissions calendar and it is backlog is real
10:50 am
simply trying to schedule something not contested a general taking two or three weeks to get on the commission calendar it is two to three or more months we save on the administrative side of those font o fonts thank you very much i'm available to answer any questions. >> i don't think we have any questions at this time thank you. >> madam chair at this point perhaps opium. >> i have speaker cards i'll call them please step forward when you hear them (calling names). >> okay we'll have to work on your pen manship depend on>> i. lien i
10:51 am
will be using the - okay opposing legislation rather than looking at on the opposition simple improving the parklet efficiency or hiring more staff that seeks to approve the process for 100 percent affordable housing projects by cit corners this sends the wrongs message it results in more planning decisions being made internally behind close doors it sends the wrong message the port has not made a compelling argument only saying that improves the pros and cons process quote adding slightly faster rates unquote and saving prongs 5 to 6 month in report time the maximum improvement will be 3 to 6 months it means could be left
10:52 am
when this was harder at the planning commission commissioner vice president richards urged the droshths to look at the departmental registry the director refused to consider this option commissioner vice president richards also reminder the director the budget process was coming up and hire new staff to reduce the time was an option the director refused to consider this this i think flexibility by the director creates a negative prospective and sometimes perspectives out weigh occult perspectives to eliminate the cu but the participation felt planning commission and the members of the public i'll suggest a fast track process at the planning commission for a hearing date and put it on the fast track for the hearings at the commission also the legislation sets a
10:53 am
precedent for you for other types of projects. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> pat scott. >> followed by rob o rob pool and others. >> supervisors pat scott self-booker t. i know you've heard any tails of woe about the project the booker t. started almost 10 years ago 10 years ago when i was 25 years younger anything that will move this process is something that i urge you to support trying to build 50 units of affordable housing is a nightmare in this town when my neighbors heard we were planning to develop this site they came to my office and said we're combrding of those people
10:54 am
talking about west side projects and you're not bringing any more of them both this community so they did everything they could to stop this talking about the size, the height and density anything that will they really didn't want the young people in their neighborhood we're building 50 units of housing all affordable half of it for young people that aged out of further care and a nightmare process to take 10 years to do a project liam like this it took some time off my life more most importantly is sends a signal we don't support people that carton afford the high appraise of housing in san francisco so we need to doing everything we can to fix this thing what happened to us is that a project that was originally
10:55 am
$26 million is now $38 million it was that long period that increased the costs and i urge you to support this legislation. >> thank you. >> mr. pool. >> good afternoon, supervisors rob pool with the san francisco housing action coalition for for the individual members we very much support this legislation san franciscans have made it clear that housing is a priority and housing that is affordable to low and moderate income is the number one priority and right now is never been hard to build it we did well by passing the bond but not enough doing everything we can to get affordable units online faster and as we've heard from the
10:56 am
several developers 2, 3, 4 merging the conditions will add 3 to 6 months on the timeline and promotions have financing deadlines and with the longer timeline it makes it harder to meet the deadlines and get it off the ground that means that protecting and serve workers and first amendment's and others have a harder time finding housing we subtle see that all but community means that neighborhood groups will still happen there will be plenty of continuous for folks to participate in the process and provide input if for some reason some were opposed to the housing in san francisco first, we'll have bigger problems but they can request a discretionary
10:57 am
review and appeal to the full board and delay it longer no one wanted to do that affordable housing on the ground and now we urge you to support in and get it done legislationly and to the full board thank you. >> thank you. >> mike edge. >> high aim mike a 25 residents of north beach and serving on the civil grand jury one of the things we've been having a long term problems are erosion policy in the market conditions housing stock and over policy response has been one of consolidation not worked neither police or material consolidation has worked if you
10:58 am
read the book waterfront by richard adams i don't think like referring but our housing policy the councils warner approach if you read waterfrontship down all died they felt what they could hold into stop consolidating and start restoring the housing stock i support 24 at planning and here a small very important step on the way to restoring affordability i urge you to support is it. >> thank you, sirs it. >> thank you, sir it. >> thank you, sirit. >> thank you, sir (calling names) >> thank you donald a resident of the city of san francisco
10:59 am
concerned about i housing crisis 0 over the last 40 years a promise to build as a solution i accept profess things year by year you'll get gridlock and history has proven to san franciscans that mcpromises are endless solutions that never come the people i met can't wait the senior disabled man living in the castro has to choose paying for diabetes medication or rents the single acknowledging mom living in the garage in the boyfriend with children spell needs a raise could not wait the latino student from the mission living with his grasps with a mountain of debt can't wait you can't wait never our city we
11:00 am
need to roll up our sleeves and make process more greatly in city hall wouldn't help anyone but people that look for opportunities to take the city backwards we can't take that risk we have to defend the process building affordable housing in the city we need to go further with today's legislation affordable housing as principle used by the housing champions supervisor wiener we're in a public emergency and can't wait supervisors please get out the gridlock at city hall and vote yes affordable housing as principle use today thank you. >> thank you so much christie wong. >> thank you supervisors chris i didn't the planning director thank you for the opportunity to comment on this legislation with the housing crisis today san
11:01 am
francisco must do the best we can to support the faster production of housing to lower-income and madam clerk, any announcements? on top of the improving the process is one key of the process to creating it available more quickly at a lower cost a is as a formally developer i know this reduces the time and energy to the required process for all the things that the developers have to get through this is within the control of the city spur re789 the approval with the planning modifications the legislation is drafted to clearly only benefit the affordable housing projects that are 100 percent restricted to household under the impounded and for the nonprofits and founded by public dollars this makes a difference in the affordable housing given the inflexible calendar with the
11:02 am
specifically and not prevent these on the timeline thank you and i hope you'll support this. >> laura clark (calling names). >> hi laura clark i don't know why i'm going to spend a lot of times i think the arguments have been made affordable housing is also and forever necessary and indirectly it is obvious this is low hanging fruit legislation we need to rush through the process it is transient and all of the people that will be live in those affordable housing projects are people that struggle to come out and tell you how much they need it, it is 2 o'clock on a monday all the working people living in the homes can't come out here and beg you to expedite this
11:03 am
legislation. >> next speaker. >> i'm john a san francisco residents property owner for over a decade and working on the new affordable housing project i support in legislation for several reasons one we're in need of the market rate housing and the teams deserve an easier way to bring the affordable housing to the market and 3 many approvals required for those projects to obtain entitlements this legislation removed some the redundant measures i urge you to support is it. >> sonya. >> hi, i'm sonya here to testify in favor of this legislation i know that is cleaver and practical and a fiscal way to make the building of affordable housing cheaper and less risky the best thing the message it sends a message that affordable housing is a priority it announce that it is
11:04 am
the policy of san francisco that affordable housing is everywhere necessary and desirable and i was shocked when i watched the planning commission to see people is it fair to say against the legislation it is testifying in favor of the ability of san franciscans to block affordable housing projects and i do think it is appropriate at this time to announce to san franciscans we may hear you on a 5 story building is ugly san francisco has decided that we're not interested in that we're more interested in seeing the new affordable housing thank you very much. >> thank you. >> pat val teen followed by bryan and john, jon stewart excuse me. robert stevenson and
11:05 am
ian. >> good afternoon. i'm patrick value teen the president of the community housing partnership i'm here as an individual very concerned and want to support this legislation going through part of my day job is working on affordable housing i've learned the finance is skril difficult to get the affordable housing projects done tax credit investors and private money at the same time to create a project that is incredibly beneficial to the community we have debates about the 25 inclusionary and market contributions and 40 percent of the projects lastly this is our chance to have push the 100 percent we know the value and importance of producing more affordable units every neighborhood needs to participate 2, 3, 4 affordable
11:06 am
housing production reneed to see it throughout the city and san francisco is not made up of gated community we're in this together it is important we support this legislation let's get it done and move on. >> thank you, brian. >> hi, i'm bryan i'm with the california renter advocacy and education fund i support this legislation i understand that the market rate housing developers often need to get their financing from the sources that include tight deadlines but removing the deadline is often of vital importance more than i understand that some people per puerto represent the local interests don't support this this is as surprisingly as booker t. washington community service center noted earlier the
11:07 am
history of bmr housing in the united states is the history of incumbent residents fighting based on class do not be cowed by this legislation pass it now thank you. >> next speaker >> hi, i'm john a south of market residents i just want to focus on one specific thing to a keep it short having go gone to the planning department meetings there is a bottleneck and i think this will really help with that a lot of times thalt have projects that have to come back to the planning department again and they get spelled out sometimes two and three months out the planning commission will talk about how to put it back on the agenda in addition, this
11:08 am
effects helping us to you shuffle a lot of things in quicker thank you. >> thank you, john stewart. >> good afternoon thanks for your attendance i'm jon stewart of jon stewart and a residents of san francisco here to support the proposed legislation by supervisor wiener we are a a nonprofit firm but we work with our colleagues in the - we're a full profit company get it straight working with the colleagues with the nonprofit community i'm in trouble we have merging and 33 thousand units under management in the state mostly in northern california 2 thousand units in the pipeline that includes the our job projects the north beach and
11:09 am
hunters view seven hundred units and booker t. washington we're working on too bad projects addressing the question that supervisor wiener brought up that is public input i - we found we have in overwhe overwhelming amount of - we have had on hunters view over one hundred meeting 1/3rd in the night an hunters view and north beach place a circle was 4 and 5 years actually north beach place we went through 4 mayors to get it done who are the people that look at this not just the neighbors but you're looking at lenders and moe and t cap and sid lack and every one of them has a series of criteria that are well but
11:10 am
above and beyond bump and height we're vetted and i urge you not to enhance the production by choking the chicken thank you. >> thank you very much (calling names). >> good afternoon my name is robert stephanie son a san franciscan and developing affordable housing for the last 16 years i wanted to speak to the i support the legislation and want to speak to the notation that will result in a reduction of community input and outreach it is fundamental to understand that san francisco nonprofits the groups that deputy affordable housing here are a core value of the county is outreach navigate we can't get
11:11 am
to the starting line unless we're selected by the city and various track record so it is fundamental and it is the way that the groups to do this work get selected in the in the first place if we trip up and don't outreach to a community we don't get a chance this is fundamental the way that affordable housing get selected so the way it reduces that is simply not possible the system is set up to not although, my representative for example, on fulsome asked for one hundred and 20 units we had the community outreach and continued though the public process and approval and design development through construction we were providing weekly updates to the community and formed an individual project with many of
11:12 am
the neighbors and at my last community meeting the last building was built we had a community meeting to make sure how the lease was it will not result in reduced public input thank you. >> thank you (calling names). >> when this legislation was present on december to the planning commission it hit a brick wall it is unusual for legislation of this significant and often a supervisor will go back and fix it and bring that back to the commission that is not happening this is moving forward with a disapproval from the planning commission one of the commission said at that hearing if prop a had included that legislation as part of prop
11:13 am
a they voted for prop a but if it included this they would have voted against it prop a and prop k never included this sort of - work around in terms of allowing residents to have input to the process and so the key thing here is let's work more affordable housing but let's make sure that residents and neighborhoods have an opportunity to insure that neighborhood character is not destroyed neighborhood character is one of the priority policies of the city it is being ignored in this process thank you. >> thank you, don. >> how about kendra douglas how about mark anthony anyone
11:14 am
else i don't see them go ahead and speak. >> hi, i'm brandy gordon with bridge housing i have sort of is prepared statement for the housing and other institutions so the corporation is a nonprofit developer owner. >> please speed up up to the mike. >> 32-year-old nonprofit owner of air force born and headquarters in san francisco as a long stand member on the city we struggle to - we strongly support this introduced by supervisor wiener to amend the san francisco code wore withholding o 100 percent for go for the confusion under this proposal 100 percent affordable housing projects will be approved by the administrator staff saving time an urban certainly by the lengthy process
11:15 am
anded by others not reducing the community input in the projects i can speak from my experience with - with the rebuilt potrero we've downey done the community meetings on you know what they want and what are the most important things and that's something we've done throughout did you conditional use process not inhibiting those efforts as a one of the biggest supporter we ask for the pipeline to reduce the barriers and bring nor affordable housing unit online the voters stoke strongly with the production in the city in legislation is an important tool for other nonprofit -
11:16 am
utilized towards chief of police this goal yeah. thank you. >> thank you very much is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item please come up. >> i'm emily and speaking in favor of supervisor wiener's legislation it is make sense to have a streamlined process we need this and i think there is mindset that number one if you're in a neighborhood you get to decide who our nightclubs are this is absolutely wrong and not something we want in our city and number two, that if you were here first your voice matters more i think that in trying to create an inclusive and democratic city we can fight and this legislation does that as someone that works in creating
11:17 am
community support for real estate projects it legislation might take money out of my pocket in some of the projects but i don't care i care more about building housing for people that you know need it and for people that does make enough money to live here currently in favor of this legislation and thank you. >> thank you lowest folks everyone else want to speak on item 3? last chance public comment is closed. the matter is back into those committees hands before supervisor wiener speaks i want to acknowledge supervisor peskin >> through the chair what's the rational for limiting two years. >> that is how we define affordable housing we incorporate state that number of years is throughout our
11:18 am
affordable housing program so not unique to this this this xhifrpz with how affordable housing is defined. >> that reference to california safety code section. >> yeah. yeah. no different than at aspects of the code thank you. >> okay. well, i just wanted to lend my revise to the conversation i believe this helps to prioritize building the affordable units we agree we're in spite need to proceed to go forward i represent district 10 and working on the bridge housing and john stewart as the private urban developers it is freshmen to see everyone is on the same page a couple of things to ritual projects that are withholding it possible will be
11:19 am
subject to the discretionary review process and this process will have and taken to the public's concern so there is not a stifling of the opportunity for the public to weigh in on those particular projects it is incredible important we support of the affordable housing i know john stewart had an interesting quote don't choke the chicken but but something for the eggs. >> he's gun that was good i'll have to play that back but it is interesting colorful way to highlight but way we are and my belief i know that folks are concerns again want to reiterate that the process we're talking about would not bypass the
11:20 am
planning commission process projects will be subject to a 311 notification as well as a preapplication in process and like i said a conditional use i'm in favor of this particular piece of legislation and one of the speakers spoke of the i think referred to as a brick wall in the planning commission i wanted to note if there were a commission missing and it was actually a excuse me. a 3 to 3 vote it didn't necessarily hit a brick wall and died i think there were some conversation around that so i think supervisor peskin if nothing he's got other comments he wants to share with that, i'm in favor of the legislation thank you, supervisor wiener. >> thank you policeman i want to share my perspective as one-on-one someone that recommended the northeast corner of the city with a number of
11:21 am
promotions mr. stewart refrpdz during my 10 empower and i appreciate mr. stevenson your comments which is as we all know the vast majority of 100 percent promotions if not the entirety are built by nonprofit developers and indeed you're absolutely right which is unlike for profit developers if we want to continue to develop they have is to develop the relationships and deal with the community input in order to remain viable different than nor arrogant privately financed capital that wants to have its way my experiences have been very, very good sfaeshthd i e as a matter of fact the opportunity for community input and dialogue has
11:22 am
made projects bettered like project o at market octavia we saw that in the north beach and mr. stewart left when he was speaking about the four and a half years i had a seat with ronnie davis was head of the hugdz overseeing 3e78dz were not impedes from joining neighborhood bye bye the housing or housing authority for their failure to come up with a ambulance for hundreds of residents ♪ facility i think that is a learning lesson interestingly enough the community that lives around myself and many others that wanted to build a denser project in fact, that's what we did in the case of broadway and
11:23 am
battery the freeway off ramp the community worked well together i think they ended up with a better project and the same what broadway samson as staff indicated unfortunately, we only do a handful of these on an annual basis i have no process with quote/unquote streamlining the process but have to be cognizant and this is an admonition having that cycle often results in a better project and with the nonprofits get that the one exemption was booker t. i have to say for the record i find is it ironic that one of my colleagues who was active in opposing that project is a
11:24 am
snatch for for the june ballot i'll leave it at that i want to be clear the cu process plays an important role in honing a project and it is very different than the discretionary review, discretionary review is an after the fact type of appeal different than a conditional use process i admitted it is more timely consuming and time is money and as projectes cat that 6 months in the case of baby boomer scott is not here millions of dollars the one horror story the others stories are like o but just to be clear with any colleagues and public because not from the nonprofit side not on the affordable
11:25 am
housing side there is an increasing push to streamline more and more i think we have so understand the values of having an enter stiff process with the city and the developers and the community i want to stress that 100 percent projects are different and want to note there are a handful of nonprofit there is many, many that are not here not e-mail address not weighed in and written letters i'm cognizant of that fact too but with that, i'm fine with sending the legislation to the full board for our consideration next week >> are you comfortable sitting with the recommendation without objection. >> thank you supervisor peskin for those remarks i know that is, i know we've all talked about this because we keep on hearing from some people that
11:26 am
are skeptical of the legislation this somehow reduces the community participation i really want to reiterate it is not doing so still robust design review and full neighborhood notification and if people are opposed they can seek the discretionary review and have a planning commission where the planning department can reject the entire project or modify the entire project or approve the entire project the same planning commission that was hear the conditional use why would we force that no community opposition to go through the process we know that many, many projects in san francisco do not require conditional use and people still participate including some small projects some of the residential projects in the neighborhood at times the
11:27 am
most intensive don't require conditional use and neighbors still center to notify their neighbors they still have to go through intensive sometimes lengthy design review with the planning department and we pretty frequently see the conditional use and end up at the planning commission and the public is not removed if this process just because of conditional use, conditional use is in the by any stretch the only way tool we have to insure good participation it does add an additional layer i know that the planning department says 3 to 6 months conservative we follow the conditional uses from large to small i have to tell you if you get a conditional use from the beginning in three to four months that's the rocket like a
11:28 am
minor project any complexity for that conditional use i'm confident that our affordable housing will be larger than a small formula retail is i know 3 to 6 months is optimistic i understand that is the estimate isn't report and some projects may happen to the 12 months is anymore realistic we've seen longer thanthanasia than that i want to say like supervisor peskin he support the conditional use process in general i support is it subjecting formula retail to conditional use and expanding to formula retail cu process to bank's a strong supporter of supervisor mar's legislation and offend legislation to create new conditional uses in my district for example, supervisor campos and i co-authored legislation to require it an valencia street to
11:29 am
convert from a business to a restaurant that was implicating the neighborhood and in the castro and noah valley to require the conditional use if you have a office space we want you are corridors to be active retail and not making it easy for commercial use on the ground floor it is unclear those kinds of changes are positive to conditional use make sense here i want to know i passed around packets of support letters if mercy housing and larkin street and bridge housing and super and booker t. washington i want to thank those organizations for supporting and so colleagues he first want to move the amendments to conform the substitute legislation i introduce a few weeks ago and make another motion after that.
11:30 am
>> all right. thank you supervisor wiener made a motion did you get the motion okay. >> motion to amend. >> the motion to amend can we do it amazing. >> substitute. >> yes. motion to mainstreamed we'll take that without objection. that item passes and particular i move we move item 3 the full board with a positive recommendation. >> supervisor peskin. >> we'll take that without objection. i want to say relative to the planning commission and this thing that comes up about 33 ties or 4 to 3 or 6 to one or 7 to nothing with all due respect at the end of the day and i tell this to the planning commission commissioners just a recommendation to the legislative branch i take it seriously but i abused we get a lot of these and now, one
11:31 am
commission missing a bunch of 33, 3 ties with disapproval i mean when internal revenue first on the board and the mayor appointed all 7 members to the planning commission sometimes interceptor fired if not met his will the board i served on one oftentimes vote the other way get it on the record. >> a motion was made and we'll take that without objection. that item passes. >> thank you, colleagues. >> you're welcome madam clerk call the next. >> a resolution urging the idea and transportation authority to develop a series of how the formation of community revitalization and environment authority. >> let the record reflect that supervisor mar has joined us so supervisor kim is the author the legislation and working with the shareholders she's requested a
11:32 am
continuance to the february 8th meeting many members of the public that would like to speak on item number 4 please do so at this point. >> okay seeing no public comment public comment is closed. at this time supervisor mar are you here on item 4. >> item number 6 thank you. >> so may have a motion to continue this item to february 8th. >> may i have a motion. >> motion by supervisor peskin and passes unanimously thank you. >> m item 5. >> an option to modify the muttered methodology for a rooftop and create a process to authorize in fill and existing structures located in denounced commercial district. >> colleagues it's my understanding the mayor's wants to working on the legislation
11:33 am
with the planning department they requested a 90 day continuance let's go forward and take public comment any public comment okay seeing none, public comment is closed at this time thank you very much is there a motion to continue this for 90 days. >> thank you motion by supervisor peskin. >> madam chair, i said 90 days. >> yes. 90, 3 months. >> april 25th. >> that's perfect. >> thank you april 2nd-digit and we'll take that without objection. >> okay. please madam clerk call item 6. >> item 67 a resolution urging the establishment a match doesn't the to the housing trust fund and representative nancy pelosi to support the fund with revenue. >> thank you supervisor mar is the authority i'll i'm going to
11:34 am
turn it over to. >> thank you chair cowen i'm supporting a number of affordable housing and community-based organizations to support the national housing trust fund and thank stacey but the national lower-income for advocating at national level it supports matching alternate housing trust fund funding for recipients in our community and urge barbara boxer and dianne feinstein to support this with revenue this is really about insure that is sfrefl with local match components so the clearly the housing crisis effecting our communities and the lacks of
11:35 am
affordable housing is a durable for our city to address so make sure our san franciscans are housed we have to have more from the sate and frequenting the federal government cut back their tupdz for homelessness has recommits to affordable housing in san francisco the ami in 2015 for a single person is 71 thousand plus co-authors to the amounts so thank you to sophie hayward for being here and supportive, however, your families are considered quote = i or low income and e l i madam director 30's percent of ami and el household in san francisco makes $23,783 or less those are
11:36 am
people living on loneliness 24 thousands a year and lower-income households makes 50 percent of ami and household equal to less than 35 thousands of hundred plus a year fair market rent as you may know in a two bedroom is somewhere around $1,960 a month and only lower-income pay $728 a month this is important on wages so earning minimum wage they have to work one hundred and 41 hours each week to afford a two bedroom in this housing crisis in san francisco today this shortage extends to quite a bit not just in san francisco but stating nine hundred and 81
11:37 am
thousand homes that are available for extremely low income folks but e l i or extremely locating rernlts need much nor support a storage of homes available for and we'll low income renter households is the primary cause of homelessness in our communities and statewide the solution is stronger support owe fell and state level for the house fund to build and rehabilitate people are the lowest income and rental housing that starts in 2008, the funded was interacted as part of the housing fund that is a federal program that death fund not subject to the annual appropriation process to
11:38 am
increase and preserve the city of housing for extremely low income household including many of the homeless population in san francisco and the sate state and increase the homeowners for = i and other things in fred and fanning why a may were taken into the federal association their obligation to fund this trust fund was superintendant fortunately the f h f a was listing the suspension in 2014 at the end of the year and directed fannie and freddie i didn't to set aside funds that made them available for april it is timely and the interim control rules were created we have sophie hayward the director of housing and legislation fairs from the amounts here and paul
11:39 am
from the formally from our coalition on homelessness now a executive and director on the state and regional level with the regional budget and james tracey in the partnership and others from the chp and the mercy housing the regional vice president jennifer with that, i want to ask sophie hayward wanted to give a few remarks before we open up for public comment. >> good afternoon, supervisors sophie hayward from the mayor's office of housing and community development i wanted to come and again speak in support 37 as supervisor mar indicated we are operating in a climate with diminishing federal resources and any dollar we can bring to the table through the augment of affordable housing we need we will use and deploy in particular it's been challenging
11:40 am
to finance the = i rental stock and as i said we appreciate any federal hope and advocate for the allocation in the state is made to the city to make sure we get our share thank you. >> thank you particular open up for public comment mr. boo den. >> if anyone wants to speak please come forward i have a number of cards and paul and others (calling names) i'll call a couple of others my name is from chp (calling names) looks like mr. boo den needs
11:41 am
side overhead. >> they had me send in a that time presentation eyebrows where it is here we go. >> thank you very much for your time this afternoon i was homeless here i came up at a hospitality house in 1983 when d 14 we started our homeless program and again sleep on the floor at st. anthony's at the assessment and me and my friends were crashing in the chairs at hospitality house phenomenon levin worth street now thirty something years later it is worse across the country so after 20 something years with
11:42 am
hospitality house and starting the coalition the community papering or partnership they develop the housing showing that poor and others can build the housing with the train we started a national organization where regional need not fight at part of effort we created this report i had a couple of copies you want to see the simple report the contemporary housing directly correlates with the cuts the massive cuts in affordable housing funding that was start in 1982 we went back and looked at it well, where did hud come from what was the purpose of hyde this is what we found in 1937 maps of homelessness in 1937 because of
11:43 am
communities working with local governments the federal government created hud it has the mandate to - a sanitary this is what heading u hud was created to do in 1998 we get the quality housing and work - >> madam chair can mr. boo den continue. >> briefly. >> i was told 10 minutes i'll do this quick. >> what was the reform in 1998 whipped out the hud and the federal government can't be held responsible for providing housing so housing went to the private market it was exasperated in the 90s as part of welfare reform housing is a come down we know that because
11:44 am
we know that the mortgage homeowners mortgage interest deduction is $144 billion and when we say housing we can't afford to subsidize we're only talking about poor people with $144 billion we can afford to subsidize housing i subsidize is the same as a allocation of funding if you ask me for 50 bucks i give you i gave you 50 bucks yet one is valid as important for the economy and the country and doesn't have a cap it is funded through the irs there is no catch on how much money an incredible cap are reworthy having affordability
11:45 am
and it is charity it is important people that is $34 billion that's classism and that's the way the policies are playing out most of government needs to be working is this federal, state, and local to fight for all people housing is good for homeowners and coming from the street now a homeowners i tell you the homeowners i'll take them either time i didn't qualify when i was poor and homeless i qualify because i have a home this is what you need to know i'll cut it short but this slide is from 77 to 83 these are the cuts that came down retina really hits the bottom in 79 when carter cut across the board and reagan december matsdz the affordable
11:46 am
housing funding we as i said opened our homeless program in san francisco in october of second year 82 i have the documents when he started to refer people from our program in hospitality house into shelters around the city it is the direct cause-and-effect those "huh-uhs" that's been the major response of homelessness in the the to crime list the homeless we've not restored that funding and not addressed did cause of homelessness cause-and-effect when we have that we didn't have the people sleeping in the streets and in 2006, 6 hundred children in or public schools that were identified and homeless last year, it was one .3 million and in our public schools the schools actually talk to every single student not like the ridiculous head counts that tells you there is on this
11:47 am
$600 holes people in the country yet in the schools one .3 million children with the passing the last dental bill to rechaplain family in need of homes we developed a category called poorly housed a family doubled and tripled up in an sros hotel no longer qualifies for home assistance that are funded by hud not considered homeless their poorly housed we went from 4 to extremely poor to kind of sort of poor to maybe poor but not poor enough we redipped people's poverties hoping to reduce the number of people living in poverty we need to aid the systemic reasons and
11:48 am
have a congressional leadership that is powerful in washington, d.c. and, be a voice a pull pet if we have the organizes and the developers and the poor area homeless people and the board of supervisors and our congressional and state representatives standing together and saying we need to fund the affordable housing not just pass it we need to fund it and i'll skip to it goes on the class issues 3.5 percent of the population are the people that are living on the streets african-americans just like in our jails like our public housing in is about race and class folks we need to tale with that the 5 and 10 year plans i was on those black man both sides i went through those
11:49 am
processes and it is the most ridiculous thing we don't need another plan we need to look at what caused it what happens before we opened our shelter programs we eliminated affordable housing let's get busy and started addressing that thank you very much thank you for your time. >> thank you, mr. boo den madam chair, i forgot to mention a couple of presentations i know generally but the community coalition has been working on this for many decades i'll urge us to be respectful of the time for these folks who are part of presentation open up for public comment but thank you so much mr. boo den. >> no problem let's get mr. james fractiously from the
11:50 am
partnership. >> i think that san francisco city family is on the same page is the numbering solution to homelessness the national housing trust fund it took in the early 2000s mass mobilization letting led by homeless people and jails led by the national trust fund and the coalition in 2003 and 4, however, was hurricane katrina helped to build the political momentum this will do two things san francisco more competitive for the scarce amount of trust fund money that will be offered this spring a good thing in and of itself for that reason and urges san francisco to get a lot important serious about the way as a city it does know how
11:51 am
it has added so many units of housing for poor people in order to get serious about this effort and leading other cities to reverse the displacements those 40 years of homelessness i think all of us here in this room are old enough to remember we walked by market street very few homeless people not swept away by police but had enough support so very few people didn't slip to the streets i hope you support this resolution one of the things makes it worth working in the community like mark anthony and dwayne that experienced homelessness first hand are living in our buildings but
11:52 am
continue to speak up for the needs for more housing for i'll human beings so after jennifer can you please from mercy housing looking forward to hearing. >> good afternoon jennifer from mercy housing i'm here to represent the network we're fairly new collaboration of providers here in san francisco and we are here to advocate on behalf of the support informative hours the successful model we've been shriver to san franciscans we believe that people in support support of housing are leading nor productive lives and costs significantly less money to the taxpayers of san francisco if they are housed in the buildings we value and encourage housing mobile i would every individuals is slightly different and having that ability to move in and out
11:53 am
of the different teaches housing we find ever find is essential the core problem and challenge we don't have a construction and maintenance source and streams to deliver for avenue for the growing needs the national housing trust fund is one way to make sure the funds are delivered and give homeowners opportunities to our excelling and very low income san franciscans so on behalf of the support of housing network we urge the board to adapt this resolution as a way of highlighting the federal government's efforts to improve our housing on a local level and provide additional support housing thank you. >> thank you and we called kendra douglas and mark anthony and others.
11:54 am
>> public comment is sophie hayward speaking. >> she already gave a few comments. >> i'm mark tom nolan a proud residents and have been for the last 13 years i've also be able to give back to the communities for the last ten years i'm an organizer i've worked with local and state issues that i'm proud to say good things are happening for the city i'd like to say that formally homeless and now housed the legislation states i can't move forward you know i'm an sro okay i'd like to see the funding that will take us to the people that love the city and giving back and staying in line with the mayor is saying we want to clean
11:55 am
up the homelessness off the street it is a win-win situation you support that funding for us to better our lives thank you very much and utah they cleaned up up their people and put them into an apartment thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please come up. >> i'm dwayne with the community housing partnership i support this housing because of health reasons and it would stop the impact of all the stuff that happens on this street by being homeless and i support it. >> thank you, mr. sears>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is. >> can you hold the mike closer to our mouth.
11:56 am
>> i'm darnell fuller and here in need of supporting housing people far too many people on the streets we need more funds we can build for housing for opportunities for and save lives thank you. >> thank you is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item come on up. >> good afternoon. i'm derrick brown but to say i support the bill and work with various community housing partnerships and i want to say it is important we get people off the streets that are homeless and so they can have affordable housing in san francisco this is a great city we need to support i know one another thank you. >> thank you next. >> hi, i'm with the community
11:57 am
housing partnership i'm a formally homeless individual here in san francisco who was believable to go though the partnership and get housing and move into the other sro so i'm very aware of this issues of people moving on from one area of hours to the next and one of the things i want to brought to your attention i'm on the sheriff committee we have a two year wait list a lot of the shelters only have 3 months you can stay there, there is a disconnect but we can start closing the gap thank you very much and encourage you to support this legislation. >> thank you very much is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item if not i'll close public comment you've spoken, sir. >> okay got it. >> no, i'm sorry
11:58 am
okay public comment is closed. at this time supervisor mar imagine. >> i want to thank chair cowen and the speakers i think that is important how empowering and improvements that will make to san francisco but statewide. >> thank you for the research done on and i urge the strong supporter if pie colleagues. >> is there a motion to okay - >> supervisor wiener indicated support i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation we'll take that without objection. that item passes. >> congratulations >> (clapping.) madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> no, that concludes our business for today. >> thank you, thank you that's it for todreally excited about
11:59 am
we're here to announce and discuss today, i am a firm believable that connectivity it the fabric of future only because some people had a good idea to pave and organ road systems thousands of years ago we'll able to talk about links i can e.r. thanks hike vehicles this is part of about what we're building for today but i think we need to keep very clear in our minds we're building many will many go will produce something for tomorrow
12:00 pm
connectivity will change the face of civilization the way that road systems and aqueduct have changed the world before we got her i was at&t internet of things conference a few months ago i said something to that crude that was proximate cause active without the internet we're just talking about a bunch of things and quite frankly we have those things the whole discuss of aot making things smallest that he that is through the connectivity we're now and then no to is a huge step in the right direction weave established with our partners signifying fox who will be up to discuss the details in ma minute the largest internet of things specific network in the country and when i came to san francisco i was told that
12:01 pm
all good things start in san francisco and so this is a perfect example of that that are that so i'm proud of the are working and our chief innovation officers will be up jane was instrumental and our libraries louis thank you for this partnership on enabling this and, of course, signifying fox without further ado, i'd like to introduce allen president of the signifying fox northern california to talk about the partnership from their prospective allen. >> so good afternoon and welcome if i seem distracted i'm staring at the great venue trying to figure out thought to get one of other statutes home thank you for joining our launch the
12:02 pm
network first of all, thank you to the mayor the san francisco mayor ed lee the first financial officer and jane who helped with 24 launch the sfefbs has been credibly gracious and very supportive and truthfully appreciate the challenges and opportunities around technology it is not an accident that san francisco is at the center of the world when it comes to high tech from the gold rush that launched this city hundred and 64 years ago dot current gold rush of high tech t this identifies and supports the next binge thing i'm here to tell you that the internet of things i o it is the next big thing i o it collects the things to make better decisions peter drucker the father of more than
12:03 pm
management faumsz stated you could only manage what you can't measure what happens when we mile-an-hour everything to me it is new services, new products things we counter consecutive just a few years ago it takes team with companies across the spectrums to create those best models that begins with the assumes meg he will said you have a access to the data first place and depending on the analysis the world will be silver between 25 and 50 billion connected defenses in the next 5 years at the same time, we only expect less than 5060 million i ot connections and a little bit over quarter billions connections so other didn't see have connect open wifi but their is a gap of billions how will
12:04 pm
those things connect so this intelligence is fantastic where you use them for collecting lots of dated data from a jet airline nothing handles large amounts of data better this temp has a very important place but analysts predict a majority of businesses willable about able to afford it wireless technologies are optimized data in situations that can may a premium and the challenge the significant number of i ot devices whisper rather shout the district attorney the it is important it is sent in smoke detectors and tracking all very low but the batteries supporting those applications so try that with our smart phone
12:05 pm
and this is really why signifying fox it is a leading cost effective i ot in the wofrld it allows the billions of things to communicate that cannot afford to connect to the technologies and over unit of technology can be built in incorrectly costs we give voice to the billions of devices that have something to say you can think of our inch the billions of our fanned self-defenses we'll have announcement in coverage in upper and done in the first quarter you'll hear more exciting news because the demands for our services are high let me share a couple of works one partner secured dick is the
12:06 pm
top prouder of monitor home systems in upper in their creating their alarm systems to make sure that alarms go through when g example and jarmz are used millions of signals y in fox technology there is another company called at least fongs providing increased transparency by exactly what assistance the elderly parents are ref and at the same time helping local governments to save millions why used to be paperwork it is a salutation no work order never have to plug it in it works out of the box 82 another with an smokey providing fire detectors the product works and the batteries is working and i
12:07 pm
didn't realize do you realize one quarter smoke deer the courses malfunction you don't know until after a situation and it accounts for 70 percent of water uncle in the world and facing a drought including in california we're working with a company that goes completely warls it measures and transmitters the data to a computer those state your name can, played in the fields no activation a rich eco system is important for loves choices to achieve this we've partnered with world-class companies library trajectories and or electronics and many more and, of course,
12:08 pm
one of the partners canyon will speak about their electrical use using connectivity you might not be familiar with signifying fox but entel xael and air liquid and samson with amongst our investors the industrial and technology companies realize a huge gap in the market signifying fox is optimizing it by reprimanded and retrained complimentsy to exist technologies so while san francisco is the perfect place to begin our expansion we're going to aggressively continue our global research this city as a division of support high tech we see that as similar to signifying fox to create and employ a global i ot nefshthd that open missed the billion
12:09 pm
dollars of devices an exciting time ahead for all of us thanks. >> i'll to invite jane the chief officer up for comments. >> hi, i'm gene the chief jerry manage thank you foyer rec and park and others for hosting us in a beautiful and initiative location and thank you to the director the library and john updyke the director of the real estate and, of course, miguel over c i o and signifying fox for making that happen san francisco as you may know is a city remisunderstood for entrepreneurs and hackers people are building the next jeeshgs or generation the services dose announcements is another tool
12:10 pm
tool in the tool kit to provide connection 2 this is the i ot capital the world we want to create a spectrum of jobs in support of marries plan and the workforce and sf made we want to see enterprises design and those products in san francisco hardware it different than software it requires customer service and second those services make a huge impact how we operate over city in making us more focusing efficient and responsive whether in transportation or public safety or health care you can imagine it the talent street lights not operating can alert us or have
12:11 pm
moist sensors when the parks should be water or a driver knowing when there guess a entry parking space there is thousands of services can be imagined that's why wear holdings our hack than with signifying fox and many others to showcase those based on the niece of identify san francisco that is our san francisco bring problems to the table to make this conversation. >> this is going to be a separate announcement and with that, i want to bring up john to talk about grand canyon how they're using their products to connect people. >> good morning and i'm the
12:12 pm
hardware guy like all hardware guys i come with a bag of small tricks. >> the internet of thing is been a credible let's srevolutionary network of communications it has enabled the hardware devices and smart sensors and services as well service con opponent of servicing the data from utilities and other business is an incredibly large phenomena an example we metered the city of seattle 4 hundred thousand homes we provided data on a one minute
12:13 pm
basis through our cloud based services google it generate one .3 caring bites per day as is saying goes pretty soon you have real numbers the information revolution having a large number the devices providing information per minute per day is equivalent of a few devices presenting large amounts of data for allen and cigarette fox i want to show you what they have enabled for us the electrical meter is one we participate one and $20 million
12:14 pm
meters installed the world market is 200 hundred and $20 million meter per year the us is only a small proportion that have something less than 2 percent of world or world market and just to highlight it quickly this is one of our meters from the world market of course, it is square not round and it is highly intelligent it has 5 arm processors inside and they do everything this web services to a web server to sending and ref e-mails and s ms and a whole bunch of things the bad news here in california pg&e paid 200 and $20 and piece and bought 10 millions so all of us pay an extra charge of about
12:15 pm
9 percent on our electrical bills today in this market bad news in and that's not going to continue the electrical utilities can't afford it and the attorney general's office are preventing it into reoccurring what the enable time of signifying fox is smaller light weight metered devices instead of one of that size now we introduce one of this size the first customer is the city of shanghai that insulate 4 millions as a pilot program of those little sect lighter sized what makes that possible if i haven't a lot of
12:16 pm
the it in any pocket i want to give you a fwlirm the i o it from the hard stand point can i see this? that is a ceqa fox radio it sends and receives data 12 bites at that time, if the devices such as this or soil sensors or water meters or control systems for irrigation if device costs about $1 and a half and enables 15 minute information transfer to data collection and energy control to reduce the usage of energy and water and
12:17 pm
vitality commoditys worldwide we're one of the if i folks participating that happens with pride that is over hardware device those are all intelligent things there are 3 micro pro series 3 are 32 bet having great computer capability is the extension to others applications is going to happen and it is happening now you will find those things you'll find them in light bulb to there be less expensive and what with a whole new information my compliments allen thank you
12:18 pm
>> if i can have the opportunity other speakers join me on stage we want to open it up to press or anyone in the audience for questions about signifying fox technology or is pinching between signifying fox or what we imagine this network for the city or for entrepreneurs we're here for any questions you might have. >> (inaudible). >> so right now what we've done is we have allowed for the installation of antennas on library buildings
12:19 pm
and this is a the partnership of the library that consultant it is at no cost to the city not spent any money doing it we're not passerby for the sensors that is priority by signifying fox allowing for access to the buildings for the mounting of those back hall antennas allen will speak to the technology. >> the big difference more conventional setting forget they've got love equilibriums and back hall we for us we're talking about something roughly the size of a brake and an n s l connection you don't know it is there from the wind blows or something like that it is irrelevant the idea that san
12:20 pm
francisco has leading low power next last week, a very rich kind of activity for the i ot experiments like the hawk awe phone it he provides a connectivity network people can do pretty much what we want san francisco is leading the charge in tech and to add this is a pilot initiative we want to better understand what value signifying fox brings to the community and to the city government and it is on a one year lease we'll be able to renew that the one thing to recognize we're open to other technologies we're not saying? the right one or we really want to enable different communication technologies that you know companies that are printed in the record to provide it activity for our citizens and
12:21 pm
entrepreneurs. >> any other questions? >> about the hawk phone yeah. please. >> (inaudible). >> the pilot is two-fold one for sort of our city government to better understand how technology like this could be incorporated in the work we're doing and solving the challenges the hack phone is the first milestone in that conversation with the san francisco what are the challenges we're facing addressed by thought products and services first of all, and, secondly, is this a great tool in technology for entrepreneurs are they able to build not products and services those what the two things we'll be looking at to see if this is something that is impactful.
12:22 pm
>> one comment on hack then you don't know what you're going to get in is the way silicon valley works; right? you create an environment it lends to the creativity and innovation let the smart people losses and i'll get all kinds of things out of it that's the way it plan works. >> yeah. we'll be expanding quickly as i mentioned the top temple or the negligent will spread set now we have deployment we have so many partners from jacobs and some of the chip modular partners but typically others so you'll see a study continuing roll out here and many other places.
12:23 pm
>> yeah. >> (inaudible). >> the city an under that nice warm blanket right now so you can drive around we've had different partners and consumers we'll given coverage and the coverage as spots but generally speaking the network is up and the way the technology is deployed if we find areas that perhaps zpt been covered it is easy to put something out there. >> (inaudible). >> the network is live as of now. >> yeah. it is live as of now. >> (inaudible). >> correct.
12:24 pm
>> he might add we did fields tests in san francisco running with our small radio device average distance between cell points was about a mile the coverage in the city from inside the buildings was more than 2 and a half mile and then a more rural setting last week los is gaits the coverage was i don't understand 10 miles the 6 antennas is included no entruthful antenna if the bay point eats the stations procreate the higher the better i'm saying that.
12:25 pm
>> (inaudible). >> yeah. any final questions before we wrap up thank you very much for all our
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>> san francisco historic preservation commission regular meeting please silence all electronic devices. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to take roll
12:53 pm
commissioner president wolfram commissioner hyland commissioner hasz commissioner johns oh, here. >> commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman and commissioner johnck is expected to be here and she's expect to be absent she's in brussels. >> next item. >> at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i have one speaker card. >> thank you georg georgia jewish. >> i've been going to the
12:54 pm
planning commission. much to believe it or not mr. the gentlemen about the issue of remodels that are really demolitions and there's been a lot of talk we had a meeting that commissioner richards and mr. sanchez and mr. duffy mr. star we looked at four or five case studies they thought 40 percent should have been calculated as demolitions but in this whole process of looking at it i live in noah valley that's where i'm focused and you're concerned about the facade ism what is façadism and i think we can agree this one here can i have the overhead i have a junior
12:55 pm
high school project i've been texted and the new part on the back and this one, two here is definitely façadism there is the building there it is and the back all gone i think that was illegally dug and others issues the one the major altercations is it a different kind of façadism really quick this one is the new building this is the old building that's from 19 hundred here's another one that is the old building and this is during the construction phase and that's the new building that's the old building oh, that one i just showed you from 19
12:56 pm
hundred too this is 1939 kind of the west lake i like it not everybody does but that replaced that here's another one sorry not a very good picture and here's the new one there the add there's a better picture if google and this building was also in 19 >> you have thirty seconds i know this one is going on two unit this is it originally 1917 and last but not least oh, this is everyone's farther favorite on jersey street not a very good picture there it was there it is now so i've got a cough of
12:57 pm
others. >> thank you very much i think it is a question that needs to be looked at. >> are we losing those sort of palms in noah valley and around the city thank you. >> is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item if so please step forward seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. commissioners that places you on department matters director's announcements arrest tim frye the director's report is in your packet and the dror director is right there if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> item two review of past events staff report and amazements. >> commissioners tim frye one item to share item from last week planning commission the planning commission had a hearing on the affordable
12:58 pm
housing bonus program this staff gave a short presentation on the key issued and supervisor president london breed and the mayor's office was in attendance and provided some or comments regarding the proposed ordinance to clarify the rent-controlled property will not be subject to the program and in addition the commission hated questions i answered in particular they had a question how we will elevate the unknown properties for the purposes of ceqa there was some concern over what that decide making process undercarriage a a non-eligible if they had a
12:59 pm
category b but all the work up to this the will be mute because the site is not eligible for the program the commission had a had a couple of concerns whether or not legacy businesses will be adapted as part of program and scalds to look at whether or not legacy sites should be exempted from the program the commission also asked us to look at creating a map like a layover of the map showing what sites will be eligible for the program versus the historic resources so have a sense of over laptop and just to clarify under the program historic resources they're not eligible for the program there could be a vacant lot within say downtown
1:00 pm
tenderloin or article 10 district that site would be eligible, however, the current procedures 0 for this commission applies with the certificate of appropriateness still be necessary so you'll have review under the that project and you'll have to make the findings with the secretary of interior standards we the commission decided to continue the item until february 25th to put together for information for them to answer some of the outstanding questions they have including the historic preservation commission so i'll give you an updated the first hearing in march on the outcome of that hearing. >> that concludes my remarks unless you have questions.
1:01 pm
>> commissioner haney commissioner pearlman. >> until we had a citywide survey isn't under a lot of category b so didn't that you know that problem seems like a big problem then you either encouraging someone to do the historic report early on before - i mean the problem someone buys a property and you know certain exceptions i don't know what the answer but seem like until the citywide survey will be dicey and that's a valid issue we're looking at the good news or the positive part of that we're going to be doing a citywide survey and the other nice thing you'll be seeing i think by june we the department conducted a departmental survey
1:02 pm
likely the area where most of projects or the program will qualify so we've looked over 80 neighborhood commercial districts current or form and 6 thousand buildings so we feel like the areas that will likely westbound propriety areas so we'll be bringing that to you with the historic information in june that will certainly give us our foot in a better position then without the survey and the grant. >> thank you commissioners that places you on commission matters item 3 president's report or announcements. >> i have none. >> consideration of the draft minutes for january 20th anybody have any comments or corrections to the minutes.
1:03 pm
>> we will - they can on the draft minutes of january 20th seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. and do i have a motion to adopt the minutes. >> i move they be adopted second and there is a motion and a second to adopt the minutes on that motion commissioner hasz commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner president wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on item 5 commissioners questions or comments. >> okay. any questions or comments today? no. we'll move on >> okay commissioners that places you on the regular calendar item 6 record number fiscal year 2016 so 2018 proposed budget and work
1:04 pm
program final. >> good afternoon, commissioners miami with the planning department staff i'm for a second hearing to talk about the budget in more detail than last time and ask for your consideration for an advisory letter the planning commission will be reviewing the budget tomorrow and will be taking on action on techniques hearing i'm only going to make a few comments i'm joined by our chief financial officer and our new finance manager you met last week and jeff and tim frye can answer aspects the budget we are seeing continued growth in new applications we're seeing close to a $5 million surplus and next year anticipating more growth unbeknownst precedent with the year after year for 5 straight years seeing that continue
1:05 pm
last week, i think the commission has within request to consider to determine if we could add a staff position for the legacy business program thanks to a luke circumstance of this week we it allows us to realize for revenue we're able to add we're proposing that position from the start it will not require a full-time position but need 09 help in other department with that, i'm going to turn it over to tom to walk you through the details. >> thanks i'm tom from the department before i do the presentation i'd like to acknowledge a few people from the office critical to helping us put together the budgeted deborah who put together the staff report she's only been here to weeks and donny enters our data
1:06 pm
and balance the budgets and puts the aspects and costing all the measures and various aspects and yvonne the revenue analyst does the projections and helps with the it and materials budget and finally annex our accountant shooe she helps with the costing out and managing the input into the system so with that, i'd like to can you put the - sorry start the presentation so today, i'm going to go over current year update and overview and look at the planning trends and discuss our proposed budget and get into some detail on the historic preservation commission and look at the program staffing and finally discuss proposal to
1:07 pm
amend our measures so on the budget update i think when we come on the 20th we indicated the budget instructions were issued by the mayor's office told us to move to a 2 year fixed budget that was be in front of the budget and finance and continued for several hearings he understand the legislation was declined by the by reason of those budget and finance to the two year will roll in january the budget is predicated on a two year fix we'll see with the second year additionally the plan was a shortfall over the next 89 ever 99 point plus and 200 plus
1:08 pm
million dollars and ask does the department to take a 1.5 percent reduction that's not a large amounts but $38,000 in 76 and the budget in front of mrudz those general fund reductions looking at the current year and the history of case in permit volume as john cattle over the past years we've seen large numbers the increase in case and permit volume and we've seen double digits growth and project by project thirty percent over last year in the current year this is important in terms of what we're going assuming the budget i'll talk about that in a minute i wanted to show you we've seen those multi year double digits growths the volume
1:09 pm
in the current year john mentions this is also important for understanding what we assume the budget we're projecting a $5 million surplus in about the revenue side and the operating fund $33.7 million in fee revenue and expecting about 38.7 the fee revenue and currently talking with the mayors about the surplus but weer assuming that we'll see a $4 million surplus when we put the budget together last year, we took the increaseed volume we saw in 2014-2015 and assumed there would be no-growth to be converter with the departmewith assume - so the $5 million
1:10 pm
surplus to what we did on the revenue side of the proposed budget for there as you can see did revenue is up to $42 million so this assumes that the current year level that we are seeing includes the extra $5 million is what we'll see next year and assumed other 4 percent growth on top of that the cip but if you look at the numbers and add the $5 million into the current budget of $35 million it gets you to 40 so only one million dollars is c by p pi and on top of that we assume of we didn't see the 4 percent growth we'll have $.6 million for the expenditures so the assumption
1:11 pm
is not this stream of on assumes and consistent with what we're seeing it on the federal, state, and local and the city assuming the 5 percent growth in general fund and the gross national product is 4 percent so it is consistent with the economic forecasts at the federal, state, and local level on the revenue side grant will go down slightly one hundred thousand dollars and revenue from ocii that is services we provided to them for reviewing products those services will go away one time and the administrative portion of impact fees we used to manage the programs is steady and money from other city departments we
1:12 pm
bring in for services we provide to other city departments like the general plan referrals or reviewing others programs overall the departments revenue budget is expected to go from 41 plus to $48 million on the expenditure side of the budget the biggest chunk the departments budget is spent on salaries 40 percent of that salaries and infringes so this includes the increase if f from $26 million to 32 includes the annualtion of a pay increase the city employees received in october and plus other salary increase in july one so includes those costs and the rest is new positions that we proposed the best of your ability i'll go
1:13 pm
through in a minute overhead is the citywide they pay for payroll and things and that we pay to the controller's office to cover citywide expenditures non-personal services this is the second area you'll see the biggest increase the budget the biggest chunk is contracts i'll go through the details on the contracts materials and supplies this includes we cpi for the cost - we'll need for storage capacity we'll bring the hardcopy documents into our electronic storage systems and
1:14 pm
rvpt some servers this is related to the cpi expenditures and the project budget is going down. >> number of projects that one time ended and the services the department we pay to other departments city attorney and rent for buildings those types of things are projected to stay and then specific i want to go over some of the stuff that is the preservation specific program next year's budget includes about three hundred and 26 thousand additional dmrorz on top of the current year money for the article 10 plaque and the survey contract work we're anticipating $35,000 for the
1:15 pm
office of historic preservation commission and the consumer spending for the materials for the library and interior department of interior grant for $35,000 and cost insured with the proposal of $500,000 for hearing and transportation services and then our grants budget next year p da from $600,000 from transports and caltrain for sustainable transportation and submit friends of city planning grant is coffer a wide variety of projects like the library resources, the poet p grant for $35,000 and then in 2017-2018 the streetscape grant if epa.
1:16 pm
>> and then goph going over the staffing the biggest division in the department is current planning that includes the historic preservation commission the division did that processed all the permits and planning application long-term planning and the environmental planning and zoning compliance this is the high-level view the departmental work program with the detail provided in the staff report that was provided you the current planning division will propose to there by 7 position citywide actually, one new position a position we received last year environmental planning has
1:17 pm
requested a new position in zoning and several position in the administration program that includes the commissions office and the executive offices and communications and legislation as well. >> the work program informing for the historic preservation commission area is most of its going to remain steady 3 areas it's increasing on the first one the survey program that was a new position that of put in the budget this year at .77 ann listing to a fuel fte and the second ceqa casework is john mentioned we at the request of the january 20th hearing to look at the legacy business program we added a position the budgets for this after that hearing we were innovative by the controller's
1:18 pm
office that the cpi we were assumed the budget increased from 2.71 to 2.96 we took some extra revenue to fund this position you'll see the position in 11 legacy business and the other in item two the ceqa work and the rest of the work program remains consistent year after year an additional new position in row 9 which is the full-time preservation mrern at the planning counter and then i want to go over the total new positions important other department we're proposing 13 new position and in 2016-2017 a analyze the 19 position in 2017-2018 they are in four major initiative areas
1:19 pm
last year, we put a number of substantial number of positions in long term planning function this year we put the majority of proposed positions in current planning to work on the permit and application progressing and address the backlog we have several new policy initiative positions and improvement positions and a couple in the community outreach area this is the detail of those positions i'm not going to go through each item but a number of issues the quadrant planning and the project team four position on backlog two design review those are rows three and four to work on the increased workload and looking at the design aspects of the
1:20 pm
project there's the pick preservation planner, the transportation planner and environmental planning and an additioncode ent and zoning under the new policy initiative area where this is where the legacy business planner is for the small the historic preservation commission program we're proposing under one additional planner to work on the housing policy and one position next year and a second in 2017-2018 to work on the new transportation demand management program under the process and improvement area we're proposing two positions one position the executive office to the work on process improvements and make recommendations for the costs in our department as far as reviewing and approving application and the position the
1:21 pm
finalize office to support the finance administrative work the departments cvs have realized and a graphic artist the communication office to provide support for the graphic services and there are two positions proposed for community outreach one neighborhood planner to get out and into the community or community to talk about the proposed projects and an additional community outreach position the directors office to work in community myers and work on community organization and the third one a technical adjustment a new position if the budget notice if you wanted as an fte but now want it to a full level in next year's budget and finally i wanted to go over
1:22 pm
performance measures our current performance measures in the department for a number of years we had imperial discussions about changing them at the same time the controller's office which is where the performance measures program sits for the city has before approaching the departments want to change the way to report go to a scorecard with a new performance indicators the old measures were more geared at counting widgets, if you will, they measured how long to take the application process and a variance or conditional use and we felt that was no representative how the department does its work and how it to performs so those performance measures are more
1:23 pm
they look at more global look at what the department is responsible for prour so the performance is taken a more global look at rather than individual pieces that make up our work i'm not going through all the performance but for example, we wanted to show the overall volume you'll get. >> view the full scope of the work we're doing we said to look at for example, residential additions so things that people want to know what is happening coming out of planning how many days to process residential education or additions before they come to hearing and on the next page we looked at change of use in commercial district how long to process one of these
1:24 pm
before the commission hearing small residential like residential construction 100 percent affordable housing so we're actually looking at the broader program areas so we're proposing to change the performance manufacture we were reporting to the controller's office starting on july one and replace them with these and then a few other focused on community events public information and legislation then finally the budget calendar we came with the informational hearing on january 20th today, we're asking for you to review and provide the recommended approval to the planning commission we're bringing the budget to the planning commission tomorrow and then february 11th to the final review and approval it is due to the mayor on the 22 of february
1:25 pm
the mayor submits the budget to the board of supervisors on june 1st and then by the end of july the full board adopts the annual appropriation ordinance with that, that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you commissioner matsuda. >> i don't know have a question we have a comment because i'm glad that is legacy business position was added to this and i'm wondering under our detailed new positions for community outreach i mean this is when you getting into the weeds those folks can help out with the initial outreach of the legacy business they have existing contact within those community-based organizations especially 9 partial position for the senior community development specialist so just
1:26 pm
to consider maybe a portion of them as well. >> the senior community development specialist is citywide to the person we've hired working on the mission 20/20 and others issues. >> i'm sorry i'm specifically talking about outreach this is what the legacy business register will really need the experience in outreach to the various key community leaders and i'm sure we can assess those to the preservation program. >> any other questions commissioners? no thank you very much. we'll take public comment and came back and maybe some follow-up >> does any is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak if so please step forward seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. back to you, commissioners. >> commissioners questions or
1:27 pm
comments you want to move forward with the recommendation. >> i ask we moved and we recommend that this be considered favorably. >> commissioner hasz a comment. >> yeah. i'm sorry one quick comment has this gone to the mayor's office has he seen this i'm curious any comment what pencil might be shatter already. >> well, it hadn't we're submitting our budget to the mayor's office often the 22 the process we come to the commission you have to recommend approval for the departments to submit the proposed budget to the mayor's office so thankful not seen - they'll seen the staff report we know what we're proposing but it is a specific conversation. >> so the citywide survey position i'm wondering if anyone
1:28 pm
we're anticipating some push back on >> with well the citywide position - >> after going through this process as oh. >> before 3 took two tries anything under the preservation that looks like it will be a chagrin what you're asking you informal conversation with the mayor's staff we haven't bullying but i'll have to do that this week before we go to the planning commission that's a good point i think we're okay but good to confer before we finalize. >> thank you, thank you director. >> any other questions i think i heard from commissioner johns. >> you did. >> second. >> commission there is a motion and a second to adopt the recommendation commissioner hasz commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman
1:29 pm
commissioner hyland commissioner president wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> i believe that concludes our hearing the architecture review will be immediately following hearing adjourned
1:30 pm


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