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tv   Board of Education 2916  SFGTV  February 10, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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the regular meeting of the san francisco unified school district for thursday, february 4, 2016, is now called to order roll call. >> thank you ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton
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ms. wynns mr. haney mr. totiano at the ms. chin is absent tonight thank you. >> please stand and join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> i believe the superintendant has an announcement about the agenda. >> thank you parapet resolution has p-2 adoption of board policy which reads students available of condoms is withdrawn and an action to the future meeting the board of
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education we'll let you know exactly when that happens approval of the minutes do i have a motion and second and move to adoption of minute. >> second. >> connections seeing none, roll call vote. >> thank you mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 6 i's. >> quick announcement for you that were here in personal if you want to speak in front of the board there be speakers the halfway fill them out and give them to ms. casco mr. superintendent. >> thank you president haney good evening. i'm particularly happy to see showing so many of the national board sift teachers here we'll have the ceremony in
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a bit on february 24th from 4 to 6:00 p.m. on 25th after the san francisco unified school district math team will be hosting an opportunity for parents and families to provide feedback on the arithmetic core curriculum all participants will look through the materials and provide structured feedback with the computerized safer with the revised curriculum for the 2017-2018 sexual so ladies and gentlemen, we value our input please attend given it on february 24th from 6 to 4:30 on 25th avenue in an announcement pride to announce that jewelry's gordon has won the debate league congratulations to the back to
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back champion (clapping.) we have to outstanding students integrations to the back to back champion title wessel who is on this a freshmen this is an education and youth nonprofit organization i'm referring to the bay area debate team their mission to make comprehensive evidence cat debate to debate every student the wear with the contra-costa alameda contra costa and our sfusd we have been others one hundred high school and middle school competing with two more debate tournament to go one invitation on valentine's day the mayor's boneer of mission high school the count notification will be the largest on the west coast with hundred
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of team from thirty states we wish the best of luck to the cam invitation and look forward to have returning champions and finally from the staff conducted the exams and who need the follow-up care at no cast at the willie l. brown middle school thank you to the department of public health, the sdwier 6 grade received free dental examines as part of to be oral health month how about a round of applause (clapping.) what to so competitive the students needed additional care they'll get scheduled to dentists for screenings and the screenings will happy at middle school we know those kinds of
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screenings are rare sfusd only provides screenings for kindergarten in addition the kwshd e willie l. brown middle school thank you to the department of health and more popper our community partners to have our children for oral health and so on with that a very good evening. >> recognized and accumulation one tonight which we are very is he excited about i want to welcome you, your national certified board teachers. >> thank you president haney we're very, very proud of the national board teachers our chief economic officer to please come forward to say a few remarks and meet this this year's national board of
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certified teachers. >> i'm the chief operating officer and national teachers welcome to all of you in 2000 i of the sitting if a seat before the boston school committee and ref my national board certification i remember all the scare tissue from that experience easily quest of a master's degree any family went through that does that resonate with all of you i was asked to offer a remark why national board certification matters in san francisco rather than say lots of things analyzed boards certified teachers raise your hand first of all, an elementary school teacher thank you. >> middle school, high school teachers (clapping.) we have a good represents
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and if you are recertifying doing this for the second time crazy people (clapping.) a number of you and would you raise your hand if you're national board certification was one of the strongest cohort experience in our contrary. >> oh, and raise your hand the national board certification is within of the best experiences in our career (clapping.) tells you please with a raise ever hand if you think the department of your understanding of student learning has improved during this time as well and then a couple of more questions as you think about moving forward from our board certification how many envision an expanded roll in engaging the school community as a result of going through to process.
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>> after all you - so there it is irreverent those are the reasons why being a national board certification is important about expanding the role of the professionals and colleagues and most importantly about serving the interests of equality by becoming the best i want to warn you not to become like me i failed to recertify and so let that be a reason bad things can happen to you amongst the worst worst they'll dressed you in a suit so don't let that happen and congratulations audience please join me in welcoming and congratulating those teachers. >> clean sf thank you. >> thank you, dr. are stevens
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that's okay. no offense taken mr. president, and members of the you'd we're proud of national certified board teacher we made a bold commitment 7 garages are years ago that one day withholding of the teachers the national teacher all board sound-proofed as we speak this current class of national certify teachers we have the largest per question and answer as opposed to any other school district in the nation that's to be proud of 200 and 44 board teachers the national school district is higher than the national percentage one and 46 current candidates they're no
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high need areas the particular southern to the school systems i have many serving as teachers that are intern mentor with the curriculum and just quite frankly turning the paradigm on its head to engage to work with the students the national portfolio video recordings to how, how the students have engage and get to psyche with the teachers and the community to which we work and teach so again it is a one fit test to get our certification that is regular reduce it is very, very challenging and but as you saw is from the hands when dr.
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stephen's westbound asking it is a very regarding program way love at the end of the day those that are benefiting the most are the students of san francisco unified school district so a heat i didn't congratulations that for those who teach under that rigorous rigorous program dr. stevens. >> (clapping.) so before we call up the national boards sound-proofed teachers i want to acknowledge the central team that helped to pursue this and the level of support we're able to provide all of the wonderful teachers through our office taller than the to be meaningful as mentioned would the following people stand and accept a little bit of congratulations on behalf of the district 31 they are deborah burton
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(clapping.) sarah, (clapping.) emily, (clapping.) and tesla joy is she here there you go. >> our thanks to all of you. >> thank you, dr. stevens so mr. president, i'd like to invite sarah to come to the microphone and take us through a ceremony of the national teachers we will now acknowledge the new nbc team that are with us tonight the new nbc stand against this wall here thank you (clapping.) after our recognize our new nbc team will receive a gift from us
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come to shake hands to with the superintendent and commissioner president haney if you want to do that and if you could move to the center and when we have our renutd nbcs join you with a photo and tesla w will help you so let's see all right. we are going to let's see how about a path this way and emily if you want to be there sure so certified in the area of science, adolescence and young dlult hood david patio (clapping.) certified in social studies and early adolescence a.d. come back. >> sfrtdz oracle as an needs
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spreadsheet two ladies for that. >> certified the area of literacy language arts cam are and martin garrett (clapping.) certified in mathematics early adolescence two folks for that (clapping.) certified in physical ed and early adolescence through early adulthood juan lopez (clapping.) certified as a general lift and early childhood (clapping.) and certified as a gentlest
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middle childhood jody (clapping.) so we have 12 nbc people national certify teachers they've demonstrated their going on commitment to the students and rigorous renewal 5 of them here tonight when i call our name go ahead and stand once the names have been called we'll have you shake hands and join after we'll do one group photo and have renewal step out and one more photo of new nbcs so we have what's your name. >> christen suzy brendon none kathy less than (clapping.)
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alyssa by which and maria come on up if you would and receive our pin. >> congratulations thank you very much. >> your pin. >> congratulations thank you very much. >> congratulations.
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>> on behalf of the board i said to add my congratulations and gratitude to all of you i know interest is hugging and celebrating going on this is a tremendous achievement for our district collectively and the superintendant said individually
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for us it took an credible amount of hard work to your commitment and our schools we are greatly proud of all of you i want to open up if any colleagues want to say anything. >> chin it is nice to see the national certified board teachers but note the dr. murase looked at this and commends everyone with the video that was paid by the program and sent to all of us. it was great to see it is inspiring and all the board members if you haven't seen it the best part i feel like sfmta has our back that's the best saying so thank you. >> mr. president, i want to say congratulations and thank you very much for dedication and we have a great track record of
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teachers staying the district so, please stay the district thank you. >> (laughter) smenz i want to expend my heartfelt thanks this was such an accident piece to your life and i know a tremendous amount of work you really shine and make our district shine and you know we hope so many more teachers will follow in our path thank you for attorney fee of our kids that matters to have leaders the classroom and you're great role models keep up the great work we look forward to your continued work in the classroom. >> commissioner president murase. >> as a parent of two kids that have national certified
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teachers thank you for all the work on behalf of the students thank you. >> all right. why not give them one more bring or big round of applause (clapping.) >> (laughter). >> wow. all right. >> all right. >> give a second.
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>> commissioner fewer i didn't bring everyone drinks so we'll continue on with the meeting superintendent carranza's mr. santiago thank you president haney any partner teresa is a is out sick she wishes to be here thanks for listening at home teresa as for new business the sf
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police department and sfusd memorandum of understanding is it at civic center 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night as part of engage and the prarns of the pane meeting and provide a voice and we'll review the effecting regarding the experience of sfusd and san francisco police department mou compliance without personal identifiable information afterward we'll make recommendations on how to improve that and the task force will come to an agreement on the recommendations other meeting we have a peace meeting tomorrow in addition to the police memorandum of understanding s ac will be participating the meeting tomorrow i want to remind you
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about the sf summit is it so your 13 summit on friday march 18, 2016-2017 from 9:30 to 3:30 we're at mission center the cross streets are posted. >> california association for bilingual education the team working hard for anticipated conference an march 23 through the 25 at union square go tomorrow and 57 p.m. your curriculum will be meeting to discuss the conference our team is a stakeholder of the project and has the opportunity to have voice input and with a campus and curriculum studies i'd like to thank our truth for providing lunch to us as well as the students if they can michael make it there say this is a big
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deal our next meeting is monday february 22nd at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow the sf s c a public council everyone is invited and dinner will always be provided to the representatives and to others if you want to attend or make a presentation or have a copy contact our contact salvador. >> thank you mr. totiano moving on to the citizens advisory committee reports we have a report if the parents advisory council. >> good evening, commissioners and thank you for your time i'm here and my daughter is the middle school the roll the parents advisory committee to
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represent the prospective to to the policy discussions and decisions this report provides an update of the work with the local control accountable task force and on january 27th the sfusd el cap telling the story and making sense of data this was organized to look at metrics identified in the district and local control accountability to see where thursday district makes progress to discuss strategies that are supporting students success and identify constitute outcomes jill the chief of sfusd strategic initiative put the evening in context by providing an overview of the sfusd strategic approach to his work she helps us to make the context
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two the el cap and the school quality index or appendix we have staff participating in this event and in engagement and discussion was lively many district leaders who oversee the plans identified in the el cap explained how their work supports the constituents outcomes and reflects on the plan and in turn the parents and communities members respond the with questions comments and concerns what they saw in the data the event was intended to support greater transparent and accountability around how to informs the allocation of interferences and resources additionally it provided an opportunity to model the practice of what we expect our city hall sites to do the balanced scorecard process we ask them to look at the data to
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to the development of their connective plans and budget foreign the next school year this understanding and connection is essential for parents to be able to engage the development with a balanced scorecard at their schools the el cap review was a chance to reflect how the process my for the el cap community engagement campaign a small group of the ems task force is working to talk about the take a ways as part of the process a clear understanding of what the data is telling us the pack is currently working with the community and district partners if the el cap testifying to develop the el cap we've identified a list of potential school sites and goes to where we'll hold the conversations and we're working to finalize the contents that
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share to deputy the guides to lead those conversations and gather input for this year's local accountability plan our next pack meeting is wednesday february 17th at the meeting melanie the director of the project sponsors will provide updates on the strategic plan and support for implementing the sfusd family engagement standards in addition, we also invited parapet and vice president walton and ms. norton to meet with the pack so we can discuss the channels of communication with our families the pack is committed to working with the district staff and labor and communities partners to explore the systems in our school sites in particular to improve home school communication we believe this is a high
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leverage strategy for improving better student outcomes and a as we shared the december report that the parents vocabularies not alerted when the children with struggling academically and informed too late to have interference intervention for a positive impact this requires a wide approach for that the teachers and other staff to work together to have timely and successful approaches finally the pack a recruiting new mechanics for the next school year and january 2016 we have had 6 seats open applications are available on our website in english, english and chinese as and the applications are due friday the
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15. >> thank you mr. totiano any questions or comments from the board. >> dr. murase. >> i would encourage the folks that are interested in bottom of the hill involved it this a great way to have district wide involvement. >> thank you. >> i guess we have a report from our annual facilities bond citizens oversight committee superintendent. >> thank you president haney i'd like to ask the chief facilities over david golden man to come forward. >> so good evening, commissioners i'm the chief facilities officer to no surprises to everyone once a year for school districts that
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have a 45 percent comboend hocking go bond the facility bond is required to have an annual audit to make sure we are doing everything we promised the voters of san francisco we'll do and i'm here with mr. levin arrested who is our auditor and, of course, nancy who represented our bond oversight committee former principal the school district and before i talk about the audit what i'd like to do it flash some image on the screen for the board of education from the people the audience for the people watching an television we want to highlight what maefrlgs things are happening as central office the entire district is a talk about vision 2025 and
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assessing equality and closing the achievement gap and making everything wonderful and equality for all the students we know for sure the buildings and the place where we teach and learn have to keep pace with what is happening on the educational part of house not only do very they have to be clean and healthy and doesn't your flow but flexible and places we can do creative and initiative things and be ready to take on all of the sort of changing curriculum and attitudes that are come pricing 21st century each other teach and learning in some was are changing faster than i can build walls it is important to take a moment as a district we've accomplished the last couple of
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years alone with that, for those of you have not yielded been out to pea body lermentsd we'll a woe we've built a transformed a small school on a pong stamp lot quite frankly into a completely different taken care of and learning environment for those of you not been to the hilltop high school the would this one that as gargoyles and a if you can place with spanish renaissance tile and wonderful detailing and children playing everywhere and probably the best teaching in the district amazing things are happening those of you not at wall even beggar we turned an elementary school into now what functions
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as the high school including a launch pad for those who want to go to mars that's the lunch with the garage doors and inside and outdoor spaces at the lowell elementary school we built a brand new classroom building at three hundred citizen can the old miguel high school that was boarded up and dead storage for almost a decade with a grant from charter high school and state funds we rebirth that building and gutted it to the studs and turned it into a fabulous campus if you look at the classrooms they're just amazing that's the straddle halfway of that building that was for so long an abandoned building and
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holdings middle school one of my favorite building for those would study the architecture that is the baja school the age of buildings when we want our buildings to look at machines not housing and none has landmarked it but a spectacular building millions of and the outside looks at the same but the outside is transformed the way we changed food services and the way we serve meals to the children that school is one of self we're moving forward in this direction it won't be two along with the serving 59 radioactivity we'll be happy to get almost every school the district and presidio high school is going on a massive change the interiors will be
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modernize and james lick middle school i think the appendix movie inside out everyone is called they stole lick middle school for the images in san francisco an credible facade everywhere it is also be spectacular and done by the end of the summer we have a brand new classroom building openly at sunny does the mod last year's are gone new building at monroe and the campus for the first time in decades is unified with real walls and installation one can act as a separate entity a completely new built jose ortega the work is complete it has a bruce first time main entry lobby the wings are
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connected the floors flow, the building in ever way has transformed and nobody touched that school since 1941 it is almost 6 decades since anybody did any work it - the next one is out to bid a might want purpose hall a brand new wing on the left and when it is done you won't recognize it wouldn't look like it's form building and daniel webster is under construction for those who remember the 19 having building we are expanding the campus remodeling the wings and transforming the elevations and this happens to be the elevations and the color board of school is currently and
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maxwell campus and will be moving at the end of the summer back to this school. >> robert louis stevenson an elementary school is about to go through construction we're remodeling the school and building a brand new classroom wing all the mod last year's will go away a couple anymore wings this is a view looking from the playground. >> over the course for those of you not point willie l. brown middle school it takes spectacular photos if so the architect we hired one i love the light fixtures and windows there the brand new willie brown, jr. from during the day and the central hub lit up a
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spectacular place looking at science wing and the courtyard during the day and at night the lower courtyard alleyway so actually you'll have us should be proud that is a spectacular place just under construction at advert tenant and ma circle and valley elementary and academy of arts and sciences and soda and longfellow one and $83 million worth of work under construction right now couple of this spring and stein on and others el dorado middle school and redding trailing the pack some of that is contingent upon cycling the schools so first john and redding will be cycling
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in afterward and, of course not to be outdone lots for coming attractiveness over 2016 and as they say on tv we'll see you there with that, i wanted to say that many thanks to the board of education for their support certainly many thanks to the superintendant and the leadership and the two deputy superintendent all my colleagues and the bond oversight committee and quite frankly all the principals and teachers that have under gone massive inventions and e.r. duties and responsibilities with grace and dignity generally is a smile on their face and at the end the schools will be a better place they've wonderful partners and
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most at all credible thanks to 9 voters giving us almost $40. billion to make san francisco schools the best. >> before i tip the haiti can't stand not to share good news more the 11 year the bond program has no finding with that, (clapping.) i'd like to i'm going to turn it over to mr. dana and other person to discuss this. >> thank you very much it is what a great great deal of pleasure i present the san francisco unified school district bond citizens ssi we meet regularly throughout the school year for an update of all all the board expenditures as evidenced by the slide presentation we're proud of the completed work and the works in process
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one of the things you touched briefly open was the fact of the teamwork of everything it is like the summer to help with the opening i up that skims and jose ortega who shows up working hard was mr. golden and his team to make sure the schools open on time and to see the entire staff under washington working that was a team operation we see those nice beautiful buildings that is the people that make it happen and mr. geology golden has been a pleasure to see the hidden the scenes needed to complete the building and happier time i can report that the dollars expended have been according to the boards
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specifications and everything is well executed and we're all enjoying the beauty of what this district has provided for all the people thank you. >> and he will add as the auditor that i'm the one that gets to look at the expenditures and conclude and basically nancy was saying we make sure i mean of primary concern the amounts are in line with what the voter approved the bond election and if you read the reports there's two separate reports one for the 2006 and one for the 2011 a significant amount of expenditures that are looked at physically the orders of i forget the number but in the range of 5 hundred separate expenditures because we look at payroll and all the expenditures
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that have been passed through the bond funds and we as david alluded to not in any finding and so i want to add that we had met with the oversight committee and they approved the are draft reports and met before the audit commence to make sure the scope of the audits is in line with their expectations so that has gone out without any hassle so good clean reports. >> yes. thank you, mr. president i also before we go any further i want to give my congratulations to our chief officer mr. golden his credible team and the bonds oversight
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committee across the country is not uncommon to find bond programs in trouble and especially we have another year with zero finding hates a huge testament to the work that mr. golden does and the oversight committee on behalf of the district our thanks and congratulations for doing a good job and briefly is that san francisco's voters deserve a huge congratulations that the schools you saw this evening seismicallyly fit and ada compliant and absolutely beautiful that are not cookie cutter schools they have character and the character of san francisco would not be possible were it not for the support of ballot box so on behalf of the 47 thousand students and staff that do their work thank you to the voters of
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san francisco for your support of bonds programs thank you parapet i wanted to echo that sentiment and say thank you to the voters of is 0 san francisco and the continued support for our schools and also the people i think who helped also pass this bond which we do have to have the stated bond but mr. golden people can't truly appreciate all the work into entrants unless you see the construction sites and see schools like jose ortega being completely, completely almost rebuilt i did a walk through couldn't imagine and it is spectacular it is a school worthy of our students and it is absolutely beautiful so also, because of finding are to
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pristine i think this district has not always had some finding but we - i think that also and that is all the way back but i just want to say that builds and face and trusts in the voters they can trust us we're good stewarts of their money thank you very much. >> commission. >> thank you really i just want to echo the comments of others have made it is so wonderful to see this beautiful building i know our students get to go and grateful to you, mr. gotten for all the work you and your team did and very, very grateful to the bent over backwards oversight committee bylaw without you you know maybe people wouldn't trust.
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>> much we're squeaky clean thank you for the hours your committee puts in i'm proud to be part of this and thank you, again mr. golden thank you for all you do. >> congratulate and recognize mr. golden very dedicated team this kind of work didn't happen needless you give one and 10 percent and it is wonderful to see nancy a long time principal at rooftop thank you for continuing to add to the district and, of course, our auditor i want to invite the members of the jury members of the public to see our schools when was the last time folks stepped into our schools i remember going to wall even beggar and i saw it transformers transformed to be this amazing highly.
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>> thank you to mr. golden and the committee and well, i just want to say from the prospective of someone i've been here a long time they've been wonderful to have people dedicating their lives to the school district and make the opportunity to be involved i want to congratulate everyone on the audit and it really is extraordinary record but we know that this in recent years because of recession we were getting more out of the bond measures that is a testament to the kind of professionalism and exercise of the people those promotions would have cost more
7:55 am
and are costing us more but if it is possible i want to know how difficult to be i don't want to make a huge benchmark so we can know which projects how much we saved and what we did with that money it is important we can't expect to have that kind of on experience for the future but with the future bonds we're going to do the estimates for the costs are more adequate it is kind of i mean it's been for many people very unfortunate the economic downturn it was unfortunate but the aspects of what we got out of construction money is a benefit to the students the present and future and if we can do that in a
7:56 am
relative simple way i saw the audits at the they on tell you what is the finance reports that is wonderful but didn't give us - i know we gotten some of this anecdotal you said this project was under budget we got to do this but generally that bond program. >> so some of what want is easy and some complicated the 2006 bonds period which was the period of sort of crash of the world as we know it in some ways we were getting projects bidding grols under what we estimate he remember going back and literally doing all the work that we wanted to do plus more and when it was offer we went back to the schools and did ever more and it was good
7:57 am
the most of the 2011 bond the reverse has been true the economic is incredibly strong our projects are costing 25 and thirty percent more we've adopted a new philosophy we like the idea and the other bonds we intoxicate a school and did the project right as opposed to the 2003 bond we focused an ada fire safety and the lopez lawsuit we like walking off the school site and did 90 are 95 percent of the work and not come back 5 or 10 years later so if you look at our budget in the 2011 bond you'll see that almost ever project is greatly expand over what we first started the bond mostly we have made the decision to get rid of
7:58 am
of mod last year's in the classroom and transformer the campuses the end result some of the projects the 2011 bonds were in fact slide to the next bonds because we'll won out run out the of of money so i can give you some of that but we're sort of moving escape caesar and so many of the schools are problematic changes from the time we start to get to the project i'll do any best. >> that would be great. >> we all are going to do campaign for the bonds including the committee i will be - we'll need for familiar so we have assurance and confidence tell the members of the public to support sews their extraordin y
7:59 am
extraordinaryly generous but say disadvantaged what you said in 2006, we is a new standard to the schools interests an extraordinary examples and some of the projects will move to the in relation bonds and their costing us this much, etc. that would be perfect. >> commissioner, i have a quick question i'm curious how many mod last year's we have how many campuses modulars. >> all the modulars we rent are gone only those that we own and first and foremost those we're not getting rid of because as long as tare serviceable but
8:00 am
the long term strategy eventually will be replace the modulars but i haven't look at that. >> i myself want to thank you, supervisors for putting this together i saw i know that works and the access students i myself as a senior will not witness but i know many will enjoy the new guy. i unfortunately don't like the room but i look forward to seeing coming back and seeing and hearing how they enjoy it yes, ma'am the classroom so thank you. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you a sweat shirt same thing so every school my kid went to got renovated after
8:01 am
we left we didn't get to see all the beauty this is exist it is just a moment for us to reflect we've seen you know in the course stories of schools that don't have proper heating and haven't been painted in years and years and years and challenges of the other district we're blessed to have the support that the voters provided i also want to appreciate the sustainable projects the schools whether greeting projects or attachment and those great i think we go to some of the schools and amphitheaters that are created to do outdoor teaching that is beautiful i recognize that doing projects has an opportunity been easy and tom has been a god sent and the management of so much work that
8:02 am
your staff and outline i all the folks are been tremendous so that self-go unnoticed and want to thank you for you will have that it is interesting between 2008 and 2012 when not a lot was going on in the city we were the only game in town and i think that speaks volumes to some of the opportunities we've provided in terms of employment and you know keeping food on the table for many of the folks that were the construction business dried-up so again really grateful we had the opportunity to do that and being able to keep hymie- i mean when things are dry we're going and getting a great deal and enabled us to think about the
8:03 am
contingency dollars and i think that you were really smart how those dollars were spent we were able to put those and latest think that this what the schools mean not only in terms of the great learning investment bow the pride our kids and teachers and names have for the schools to go to a beautiful green school and a healthy learning environment with with regulated heat it means a lot for a teacher it's extremely important to be in a nice environment with closet space and new technology and ways not walls at least crazy pods we used to have and so it really i think speaks
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volumes to the priorities at least we put forward for the school district and you've run is critical well, thank you for continuing to keep us on point and making sure that as we get audited there are things that we need to be concerned about and let's stay clean we have more to follow. >> stay clean all right. thank you we appreciate that and the good news so thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. any advisory committee appointment seeing none, public comment on consent none and see consent calendar can i have a motion and a second? on the consent calendar >> so moved. >> any items withdrawn by the superintendent none items removed from the first reading by the board?
8:05 am
none any items served by the board of superintendent for vote none >> roll call vote will take place under section o. >> superintendents proposal a few the adoption of board policy 4141 students yes, ma'immunizat >> the staff gave a recommendation palpitant can i have the superintendant introduce who will be introducing the department. >> thank you apartment i'll ask someone to give the honors.
8:06 am
>> the requested action i am shuns to gupt the i amtion poli >> we have carl you have two minutes. >> i want to tell you that we have kindergarten vaccination was 95 but only increased not 10
8:07 am
percent we want to reclarify that the pr office has confirmed that and just so you know who is the california school board association that wrote that i don't remember you're taking their boilerplate language and inserting ms. chin the director of that unelected body is someone that advocated is not writing the language and incorporating it into the district regulations that is it ethyl or proper it believes the health and safety of students safety for sure health no education should be your pirate or first priority education not public health department that's why we wanted to add the following language i've sent you
8:08 am
the language in the absence of a health and energy as or emergency as declared by a officer to prioritize the education needs over the public health needs when marking access decisions it is simple can you include that this is the board of education not the department of health so i would think that is appropriate you say it a technical update for the state law you have choices who what to put in about exemptions i think some kids shall be included from missing one of 49 shots and coming home people have more rights and children should not be shot with vaccination that is not equality that is not affordable health care okay. please consider the altercations
8:09 am
to the policy. >> any comments from the board. >> monopoly we'll have roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano mr. totiano? we're voting on - >> ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney. >> 7 i's. >> okay as mentioned at the beginning of the meeting the adoption of board policy stoplights availability was withdrawn from the agenda by the superintendent next item please adoption of the board by law the recordings as there is a motion and a second
8:10 am
was held over and in any before us for action mr. superintendent. >> thank you president haney i'd like to ask deputy director mike davis. >> thank you mr. superintendent the requested action the board of education adopt board bernie madoff minutes and recordings as provided the document the agenda this bylaw paragraph 7 of the bylaw how the general council provided new language we believe and he could read that if you like or not. >> okay. >> any in public speakers any
8:11 am
questions or comments from the board? >> seeing none, we will ms. casco have a roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> okay anybody's proposals we have one other world languages from the commission ms. fewer and ms. norton can we have a committee hereading. >> this was recommend to move forward with the with a positive recommendation from the curriculum committee. >> and the report ms. norton
8:12 am
for the budget. >> the budget committee heard on i believe on february 3rd we made a small amendment the staff report found significant costs that was because the resolution said the pilot be implemented in the 2017-2018 school year that made certain hiring and experiences before the program placement was complete we amended the committee to make clear that we only intended a pilot to be attempted should the program plummet process be findings that it is feasible with that, amendment the committee gave the resolution a positive recommendations there was going to be updated budget analysis based how the new language not having to do a
8:13 am
pilot and a program replacement correct mr. lee. >> that's correct commission and i believe you all received an e-mail of that revised analysis i don't know if we got those available tonight but a long story short the memo was brief based on the changes that were made were recommended by the budget committee there was no-go net physical impact assuming the funds currently in the 2017 peace spend plan partnering those continue for next year which we the staff will recommend and don't see a reason to expect that will change with the pathway department and those resources are sufficient to cover the narrower requirement for the resolution. >> thank you for summarizing
8:14 am
that ms. fewer. >> like to read do resolution. >> i have of you go ahead mroerp. >> spending to the mandarin and other whereas the board of education has supportive of bilingual ism as evidence in the 2006 of resolution prep preparing all students for a multi cultural word and resolution institutionalizing ethic studies the san francisco unified school district and whereas the san francisco unified school district has formally do you mind vision 2025 as a guiding document that
8:15 am
includes the 2025 to that's correct in a 21st century is more enter connected students will be trilingual a respect for different cults to connect with the cultural and others languages as exerts like attribute for the american council on the teaching of foreign languages the president of the national network for early language learning support the circuit language in preparation for a global society the development of young students and whereas the san francisco unified school district has developed language structural programs and mandarin is one of the languages offered and whereas the language programs are the most hive requested programs as evidenced the full choice recognizing the
8:16 am
childcare and the access for elementary is limited in general education programs and language programs are over subsidy and whereas over one half the students population come from household that another language other than everyone and whereas it attracts a robust student body to schools traditionally under enrolled and whereas the san francisco unified district is committed to equate for all students with particular emphasis an narrowably the opportunity gap and whereas it plan is implement as a replacement policy as ceded immersion of language and therefore creating the opportunities for millionaire students to access assess did world language instruction and
8:17 am
whereas the process to evaluate the feasibility of implementing new los angeles pathway it is program design facility needs and visible impacts and others programs of the school respond and timeline for the prelims therefore, be it resolved that the board of education directs the superintendant to direct staff to begin the program replacement for the mandarin program in elementary school that leads into a millionaire and therefore, be it resolved that the pilot includes schools of different, i.e., due to addition and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. education and enrollment numbers, etc. so the pilots will discover the impacts whether positive or negative and on the implementation of the district court wide access for general education programs the school and therefore, be it resolved o be it therefore resolved that
8:18 am
the pilot program not be an emersed but a program that includes the world language instruction available to all the students realized of the disability ethnicity and etc. further be it resolved, the goals to increase the access and opportunities for world language instruction not enrolled in an immersion program to increase the enrollment to increase the participation of world language at the middle school and provide world languages and be it therefore resolved that after the program replacement practice those process to have the pilot thoroughly evaluated on the before mentioned and the pilot be developed using the implementation for mandarin and other language and further be it
8:19 am
resolved, that should that will found feasible it be implemented no later than the 2017-2018 school year >> comments from the board. >> oh. >> i don't have hi. any comments from the board >> yes. very much so, anyway rachel norton and i are the partners of the resolution what it does it begins the process to discover whether or not it is feasible to have mandarin and others languages introduced at at elementary schools level without being an immersion program this is an opportunity for every child in elementary school to be introduced in a world go
8:20 am
language and in a regular general ed program children exposed to a world language other than english must be enrolled in a egging mergimmers - this is whether or not it is feasible to do we know that in order for the students to be competitive they must be bilingual it is important they be biennium because it gives them greater opportunity and the world is shining and people are now traveling all over the world and working all over the world that being by bilingual and boy cultural will be a great asset to the students this is i remind folks the pilot it is not a
8:21 am
pilot i'm sorry this is at beginning of a program plummet process to analyze whether or not it is feasible to conduct a pilot i urge all any colleagues to vote for this this is the beginning of our commitment to have all students bilingual by the time they graduate from high school thank you. >> commissioner president murase. >> i want to thank my colleagues commissioner fewer for bringing this forward the origins of the japan reflects the resolution before bringing e about bringing language to students of all different backgrounds so there is thriving models in the district that is different distinct from immersion so i hope that will inform some of the planning as
8:22 am
well and thank you, again, for bringing up this forward i will be supporting it. >> questions or comments from - >> all right. take a roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> all right. public comment on general matters i have a number of speakers signed up i will read a set of names you can come up and have 2 minutes
8:23 am
each (calling names) >> good evening president haney and vice president walton the commissioners and truth my name is lisa i'm the secretary of united indicator of san francisco i'm retired but spent 25 years as a spanish abstain and immersion teacher and paraprofessional the district i also was a long time member of the bilingual community council as some of you might remember i'm proud of any commitment and that go i'm here to introduce and show support for several usf chinese literacy teachers here to talk about the extra work they do with assessments and doing the report cards in the chinese language you'll hear from a family that supports them as a formal literacy teacher i'll tell you
8:24 am
how many additional hours to complete the work and the issues that causes our schools site thank you for your time for follow-up with them regarding their concerns. >> good evening parapet and vice president walton commissioners and tru i touch a monroe elementary school i'm here with my colleagues from other teachers and as well as the parents to talk about at infrastructure with work we ass about did as bilingual we teachers are deeply committed to the san francisco unified school district that every student has the opportunity to become bilingual and literate that said we're
8:25 am
happy for many years the chinese bilingual teachers have been doing the site based on report cards starting last year the chinese bilingual teachers were required to do more and report the cards we think those are beneficiary. >> but administering those test is at least 7 hours of work time that impacts our students it takes away time from instruction we addressing the students specific needs and bless you and takes away the
8:26 am
collaboration especially we're doing light work before school during school and after school and in our own pencil time please support all bilingual teachers and students and providing us with this extra personnel and pay for all the work we do thank you. >> (clapping.) good evening parapet and vice president walton and superintendant carranza i'm stephen a kindergarten teacher at chinese mission high school i'd like to calling your attention a petition we have put together we'll present at the end of the meeting we've gotten one hundred and 50 snatches if the teachers at the district and time it's been addressed to the union and addressed the concerns
8:27 am
in regards to the administration of those assessment so from the district assessment we assess the 4 skills that go into language learning so reading and listening and speaking and writing after we - well, some of the assessment can be done in whole groups but most of them have to be done individually absent for me a kindergarten teacher some of the upper grade teacher are working with a lot of stoplights we consult and then we have to enter into the scores into the report card. >> sorry i lost any -
8:28 am
>> and the report card can ca card don't cover we have to create extra assessments in other words, to really come up with a grade for this type of report card and without discussion or agreement you know this year we entered each sub category score into it again takes up extra time this is a change in working conditions and asking for extra compensation thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening board president haney and vice president walton and board commission and superintendant hello, i'm bonnie wong i'm a proud parents of 4 children at monroe elementary school this is my daughter who goes to
8:29 am
monroe i'm here to support the the dedicated teachers from monroe elementary school i volunteer everyday at the school and see an extraordinarily work they're doing to educate any children by bilingual education is important to any family is helps my children 0 remain their language and keep in contact with the loved one in my family please help them thank you. >> (clapping.) good evening my name is elsea i'm in second grad and monroe elementary school i love any teachers i am proud to be bilingual so, please
8:30 am
support the teachers that support me. >> yeah. (clapping.) >> great good evening president haney and vice president walton board commissioners and superintendant my name is marie tang a proud teacher at monroe elementary school he teach second grade and been with the district for 8 years thank you, mr. wong and others for being here to tell the truth tonight and thank you, everyone so get up and show them the signs for the dedication we love the work we do. >> (clapping.) >> because we love the work and the jobs one and 50 teachers from cantonese and mandarin and bio literacy have come and organized and signed this petition to tell you that we don't feel that we are getting the compensation and the support
8:31 am
we need currently we are recording our hours in work dowries so show you how many hours ever translation and so i have an example that a teacher wrote from cantonese fourth grade 3:00 p.m. to 6:303 nature hours grading the listening and reading expensive portion so today we are asking for twenty-four hour per diem compensation for the overtime work and asking for the proper training and the support and we're asking for relief days instead of being forced into personal days we've researched others district layer palo alto and come to an agreement and found a solution of bilingual
8:32 am
assessment and grading welds to continue work with the around the issue with all of you so i'm very thankfully thank you for your time and consideration to our concerns finally we would like to invite you to celebrate new year at the monroe elementary school happening this thursday i'd like say you to see our wonderful community thank you. >> (clapping.) good evening president haney and vice president walton commissioners and superintendant i've learned a better way to address you all i'm susan kohlman the executive department i'm a proud person first, i got to be part of celebration at the national board certified teachers and now? an yes, ma'am
8:33 am
proud moment i have the honor to address the teachers and the one and 50 colleagues that smiend signed the letters you've probably not heard from the indicators they're not accustomed to speaking to the board but moved to speak tonight because thai care so much about their work and doing that right that or i should let you know that usf has filed a grievous but we're truly seeking solutions for the paul mccartney to be successful it there is extra work that needs to be done not only chinese but all the strands as well we would like to see those bilingual and immersion teachers get the technical support and training and relieve time to get their assessments and report
8:34 am
cards down without taking away time from the instruction usf i want to make sure this is clear we support the bio literacy for all the students that is a wonderful goal and it needs support and after all the best way to support our students is to support our educators thank you. >> thank you thank you all for being here and educating i didn't russkatie ru.
8:35 am
>> hi, i'm cat i didn't the chair for special education i just received the rights last week, i wasn't aware of from the national council and exact issued in 2015 breaking the pipeline to the school this is of interest to the patents i think this is interest to the schools in general so if i may read a portion of the exclusive summon studies show you jewels the detention are - yet on thirty 7 percent received those services whether they will in school a disproportion youth are
8:36 am
youth of colors those statistics should lead to the conclusions that the fourth of july in criminal justice are depraved or an appropriated education that could have changed their school to prison pipeline those realties are circuitedy and compounding this is part it is the crux many of the stntsz of color go through unidentified and unaddressed academic behavior or pledge health needs and circuitry students of color are overrepresented in special education and experience for worse outcomes and students that qualify they get segregated sections and repeated suspense and x pulls we have
8:37 am
overrepresentation of african-american youth as emotionally disturbed but i want to a high risk of diverse population one of the speakers going a grateful of the experience with georgia found if said the there's overrepresentation of ed and under representation for services diagnoses for learning disabilities and autism and other issues i wanted to conform that is what we've suspended and to have this come out on this thank you. >> good evening
8:38 am
commissioners superintendent carranza in o this will help you what i'll talk about in my presentation the spanish in english right now the great documentary it talks about a special brood of men who are bilingual by way of they're in our society and not everybody knows about them these men are identified in spanish speaking females to the destroy them and there is one element who lives in my neighborhood he is a teacher mr. sanchez elementary and i'm here i have been here already twice last year one more time and my struggle to see the
8:39 am
advances of this adult male that has lout himself to vindicate misses my family their bad teachers two you know not the majority but talking about people like those who you are represented in this documentary please check it out go to youtube you'll understand me per and last july after this school year-end i moved to another building to be free of him he evicted any daughter i'm poor i don't have a car or health myself any jewels are any two daughters teenage daughters before she turned 18 any older daughter left poem e home because of the advances of this male i was here and not
8:40 am
requesting punishment i incited i was evicted last holiday like a perpetrator and enjoyed themselves powerful then they charged i'm looking not more for this but aspirin no more peace no more i'm taking nothing but tease e peace i want to look at this i moved and my older daughter left home they moved in with him she is pushing out look at the potential. >> i'm sorry your time is up. >> >> thank you christen. >> another speaker.
8:41 am
>> let's see i think sorry you're here for a specific item i apologize virginia marshall. >> good evening president haney, vice president walton, board commissioners superintendent carranza, depending upon lupe and cabinet members and lineal i'm delighted to stand before
8:42 am
you tonight to invite each of you and the general public comment to our 22 annual african-american honorable role celebration and our 12th annual community on wednesday february 22 st. mary's cathedral only gulf street at 6:00 p.m. we're honored more than 12 hundred students in grades 3 through 12 that earned a 3 point owe give them a hand emily not through the vice president i want the public to know this superintendant superintendent carranza and his staff and special things to commissioner president murase and vice president walton have been
8:43 am
supportive of this gala celebration such a highlight in the african-american community and the city and county of san francisco at large and we thank you we must raise more than $1,000 to put forth those events and special thanks to achieve the community supportive services and kevin tell you the truth the it department and publishing and pr and principal and teachers and parents and school staff to make this a great success and this year we'll have to have the favorite son special that is walking by our side to make this event a great success if you want toake a tax deductible contribution please sends our money to the san francisco alliance of black educators an
8:44 am
92 come after room 206 we'll give each the commissioners a high school in violation of section in the mail i know i mailed them myself to the middle school students please come out and bring our checkbook and support the african-american our honor role. >> the special k orders of business now recess the board of education and convene as the financing cooperation to handle the following actions items so i - do we have a ohoh - so we'll first have a roll call. >> thank you
8:45 am
ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell mr. walton ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney. >> all right. mr. superintendent a staff report on the status. >> thank you president haney i'd like to invite the chief of labor relations please come forward. >> good evening board superintendent i'd like to address the subject of 2016-2017 for did successor contract if the san francisco unified school district to the service employees international union sorry sir, let's hold that thought preview coming
8:46 am
attractions we would like to with the finance corporation we need to approve the prior minutes and approve the rottion of officers. >> a came down on the prior meeting minutes so moved. >> ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> so we need a thoemdz on the appointment of new officers this should be myself and matt haney as financing corporation the department for the finance and corporation and form corporation dr. murase as the new secretary
8:47 am
treasurer there is a motion and a second. >> a respectfully ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> okay no public comment on - i adjourn the meeting of the stanford university financing corporation and resume the prior meeting the board of education now a motion and second on the 2016-2017 from sfusd so seiu local 10 to one. >> so moved second. >> superintendent carranza we would like to call the ever so presents and prepared chief labor negotiations officer mr. carr lot thank you once again superintendent and the board i'd like to read the requested
8:48 am
action for this subject which is that the board of education adopts the 2015-2016 initial proposal for the successor contract for the instead of to seiu local 1021. >> no public speakers any comments from the board? >> take a roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> thank you and with an appointment of 5
8:49 am
members to the community advisory committee for special education. >> thank you permeating like to call forward your chief of special education to please read into the record for the recommendation please good evening our chairperson katie is joining me have her introduce the patterns with us from your cac board. >> hi one of our nomination appointees right there and linda tongue is here she did most of work on this report we have 4 on the members that couldn't be here mostly because of oh, it's 8 o'clock they have
8:50 am
kids with disability at home oh, she's here she's on our cac board so sure so we're requesting that the board of education of san francisco united appointment a advisory committee members (calling names) and then we have the background information for you which talks about the resolution which was ceded created by the cac and our bauflz we revised with the rules committee on argumentative 2015 we will have 11 members that were voted 25 so the cac currently has 11 members in they're first two years and 2 in
8:51 am
their second two year terms they've been 19 seats on the cac leading 6 agrees so the nominees are approved by appointment through the actually cac and the bauflz and ratified and the brief biographies from the cac members dr. blanco no public speakers signed up any comments from the boards or superintendent president haney do we have any here tonight thank you for being willing to serve. >> ms. norton. >> it is great to see you as always and i wanted to thank you for bringing forth the nominees how are you doing with
8:52 am
recruiting new members it is getting easier or still that has been so much challenging but it is seems like you got a pretty good size list it is challenging i think this year that may or may not been noticed by the board but it certainly noticed by the members we've made a great deal of coverage into the serious communities and actually, we appreciate them innovative us to talk to them the process we're trying to recruit members we find at ever public you know like committee of the school board has there is always parents there that have children with disabilities and it is astonishing how many kid is needs we are trying to reach
8:53 am
out we have a more diversifies representation of the members for a long time and we have planned of doing more of this outreach into the various community that they have representation it is hard well, thank you as always for the time i know many hours of volunteer time and i don't know how many years it's cabin for you (laughter) but thank you i'm pleased to support this thank you. >> thank you for sure. >> roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> all right. discussion of
8:54 am
other educational issues we have one our not to my knowledge report from radio station k l a y. >> thank you president haney i'd like to ask the station manager martin to forward is going fine without me believe me in management i blame you all so, yeah so how does that work. >> okay. >> cool thank you so i want to thank you superintendent and commissioners
8:55 am
for giving me the opportunity to speak i do once a year at the state of foyers at our radio station and talk about how we fits into the mission of stanford university as you may know this is a big anniversary we're celebrating 45 years on the air and that is unusual for any institution but when it comes to community based month it is exceptional and been the result of a couple of committed elements one the school district you know there are people that have on this board seen us through difficult times and certainly a lot of people the district that are supportive of the san diego city council in many ways i want to recognize that commitment that's why i'm happy to come and open to our feedback and questions and ideas
8:56 am
also been the commitment of. >> huge number of listeners supporters over the last few decades so as this is such a big anniversary and in fact, 91 my tenth report believe it or not it is true i hope you'll tell you this me as and make a higher presentation fiscal year on i see the formula it sustained the station and i even where it is a potential where growth lies in 3 elements innovation, developing new talent and finally partnering with the community i'll start with innovation when k l a w went on the air in 1941 and the san francisco unified school district were students westbound license to this radio station there's a little bit of things we will be broadcast on k l a w it is cool
8:57 am
to see that at the time fm was initiative technology people didn't dr. fm radios in our houses it was was r.c. a was at the world's fair in 1939 demonstrating they're going technology that k l a y came to be forward looking teachers realizing the opportunities that the signal and the broadcast equipment that r.c. a willing to coat oh, this is an opportunity to you teach students in the 1941 they launched what was then one of the first fm stations on the west coast the first if san francisco what is now the oldest fm station west of the mississippi it is historic we should note that was at the
8:58 am
forefront when it began and continues to innovative the 70s we moved our broadcast tower our transmitser but broadcasting to twin peaks that gridlock expanded the number of people that heard the station and k l a w went from educational to a public radio station for outdoor looking and thinking about what will draw listeners and the first station in san francisco to bring in pr programming became the west coast station of record and still are and so those are old log these interest was change in k l a w was part of change now public radio everything is talking about what is happening in pod cast like cereal if
8:59 am
you're trying to ask whether the pod cast bathroom status it start with the 9 percent i think visual we enhance and k l a w in 2011 start with a partnership with the architects of san francisco and the station where we said we want to work on programs of design and fortunately, we picked a fabulous person that romanced romanced it is important to reach ought to left turns or listeners by a pod cast in 2011 it is unusual thinking but k l a w they started at k l a w we wanted to connect this a design program with someone that is talented now the program mass
9:00 am
been downloaded many time how to find a pod cast they call roman november in the bay area that wants to create something new want to do that they come to us we recognition how to give talented people room to work and try new things that is one of the reasons why deborah you know short lived a cable short lived program that is based on in the bayview but someone that has national recognize on cnn but came here he knew the work we was like i want to starts something new with w or k l a w we are implementing a show right now is live radio and social
9:01 am
media program it is not like anything else in radio and not in public radio we think while it addresses the kind of things that public radio audience are interested in we did a seethe about the drought. >> talked about radium in hollywood and the black lives matter on the bay bridge a changing the printouts around gender identity they're in the midst of what people are talking about but the voices he brings into that makes it entertaining and a great deal of fun so i'm very excited and a opportunities to reach out to listeners but who we haven't address and a abusive is not this thursday but the swedish-american hall if our interested i'll do any best to
9:02 am
hook you up the kind of things to make the initiative programs go to new places in public arrow that then i'll have to find next innovation it was primarily a training facility 3 decades of k l a w the first one was train the when the station started that was 1941 september of 1941 we went on the air and world war ii began a huge need for radio operators and many of the men that were operators in the pacific were trained to k l a and a group of broadcasting women that were taking over the jobs that those civilian men were leaving and important work and to this day we're not you
9:03 am
primarily a training station teaching people skills developing new talents is part of what we do over the last seven years i should say the journalist they give an award to an outstanding jouvent and 3 of the awards were given to reporter at k l a w it is angela johnson that one, the award last year but an example we create the kind of we bring forward talented people and give them a place to start that gives back to the community and recognized by professionals the field we also as you know have recorded to you previously we say program we kind of formalized the train so we have a program that is open to
9:04 am
applications from the communities during the end of the spring we bring in a new class every cement for an audio academy developing new voices and connections the community in audio jouchlt and audio production those are the class of 2016 i wish the quality of my photo were better but folks that are coming in and learning the craft and also creating great radio their reports are now being heard on our local news magazine and a number of people that are graduates of previous years are not on to other work it is valuable i'll point you to if you go to you tunes on the pod cast called one that is the intersection that is the pod cast pursued by david bay area
9:05 am
his idea was talk about the change in the bay area into one corner in san francisco and other city to say what is going on what's the changes when he was the audio complained that was may i have a motion getting people to talk about and hoe humorous interpreting changes he since graduated from the audio technically and grant funding to get this an ongoing series and the current episode series he's do is all about not that far away from golden gate i recognize you go if you're someone that stribz and interested what happens in the bay area and the work out of k l a w is a great example why it is important we have the space for
9:06 am
people to develop 9 tlaentsz that a community based radio station where stories will get told not employed but paying attention to people that might not be paid attention to go deeper so i've talked about innovation i've talked about developing new talents next community partnerships what k l a w why i took over as general manager my predecessor left me with a few pieces of wisdom always doing things in a partnership if you possible can figure out people that bring resources to the work you do as you develop them our most fundamental partnership is the school district thank you to the people on this board and in this district who have stood by us in difficult times and thinks
9:07 am
that we are unique in the school district and respect the way we operate and also understand the value of that kind of operation investigating dependence we need to connect with the listeners i have to say i've talked with other general manager of stations at other school districts and other college places the relationship with k l a w a level of sophistication to run a media institution that is unusual so thank you, very much for that. >> and he also i just want to thank a few specific people we count on rita has been great to work with over the past year a very good relationship with joe ross are people i'm like we have
9:08 am
a positive step and built only this thank you, rita our budget analyst and paulette the fiscal year services and someone we need to focus on paulette is there and sue thank you for your help and responsiveness and casey and angie from the legal department and h.r. when there are times i really need to have a close intersection and i'm grateful for the enthusiasm those folks brought to working with us we're in the midst of a renovation at burton thank you for the working on that project brlgz and aaron hearst and the alley groups
9:09 am
thank you lots of crisis that happen in having a radio station and so i'm grateful for people that answer in their cell phones this is really great. >> thank you david gold man we discovered to take that opportunities around this rooms to improve what we do i want to thank you for being a partner thank you and myong leigh and the loan of the district has been a great sounding board for me so our partnerships are the district is very important our community participation that result in broadcast i also want to talk about for a moment you'll see a number of the community parkinson's in the extensive report with the jewish community center and the power of sf
9:10 am
performance many of the relationships that benefit the listeners and make k l a w a richer place i want to talk about two aspirins - no, i'm doing good. i want to talk about two partnerships that have inspired me in recent years wore one of them is a hybrid partnership that developed i want to give you a sense in 2013 the arts commission talked to us doing work request the bayview and highlight positive stories people making changes in positive ways we partnered to produced radio stories with profiles of people doing great work the community the sites and sounds of bayview the opera house we have live performance to, or go with the stuff on-stage and come together and
9:11 am
gather a great success did it again in 2015 and we came out of that feeling two things we have a model we want to build on and second we wanted to highlight creative arts and performers not given coverage in the arts or the bayview so we went to the california arts consul u council to take the sielths and sounds of bayview to a new area like oakland we have a long-standing partnerships are a public record and second to with develop a weekly radio feature that brings under community based arts and talk about others art things going on the scenes of the bayview but point to a great art exhibit an interesting performance or a installation at the gallery he noticed this guy
9:12 am
does amazing work every morning you'll hear that the interviews we take with an artist a local artist we're including the music and others sounds it makes it very accessible broadcast so i guessed i'm getting borrowing the council said, yes we're producing this feature and have pardoned participated with a group that is related to this that does training with reporters and community based retirees and teaching the audio skills about aren't from that communities and the cross magazine so live event we'll do we think we can take this to other places did ideas start with a partnership and idea and people the admitted and see what works and how you can do that that is the kind of work i get
9:13 am
excited and this is our host of sight and sounds with lyrics bone offers here for one sight and sounds statement so that's one the other one i want to talk about people that listen to other cross friends they having may have heard on the san quentin in 2013 we partnered with some men inside of san quentin interested in hike specific thai or there's was a san quentin news they wanted to do something audio your news department made a connection and started partnership with prisoners that wanted to do stories inside the prison and
9:14 am
bring them to a journalist lyric sound and give them we meet every month producers that go out and we're out interest to do training and development with the folks i've liked the project i always liked i think i have you know have a curiosity what is lifelike for people in what seems a foundational situation but new december we got invited a group if k l w got niefld to an event by a pod cast for folks that were to k l a w and did a live story at the chapel okay stories i'm so glad we're here drawing that out but kind of
9:15 am
realized how powerful these prisoners are how important they are echt there's one not just like we're doing them a favor no their stories are important i so and came away learn a lot and having a sense of those are members of our community and for people that have connections for people in prison they understand that in right now but those stories don't necessarily understand and particularly exist tends all the men were standing up here were the men of the society for northern california san quentin chapter and about half of the folks on the san quentin that was broadcast on k l a w i was grateful to be able to participate and they're talking
9:16 am
our pod cast and we will be in consultation with them. >> finally we want to talk about the partnership that is very defuse that is of course, with the since the early 90s, the school district has not provided cash support but it is very valuable in kind services but station raise hits on budget and operating budget and about 72 percent at that time comes from listeners the balance from grant funding and i'm glad to say the individual giving revenue support from listeners is a positive trespassed here as you can see so the blue is the first half of the year and the red the second half of the year if you look at you see that blue bar for this year is this is what we raised
9:17 am
from the first part we've not raised at the station listeners are really, really incredible and we certainly have done work to communicate with the listeners this is the value we try to communicate like program that i passed out to you to get a difference idea but the response has been positive you'll see that there and because of that positive trend our unrestricted net assets i'm sure that rita and my auditor will not agree but arisen from under one hundred thousand dollars focusing 10 to a comfortable place a little bit over $600,000 the past school year so that's very positive public school i have to tell you next year when i come to report
9:18 am
to you focusing 16 bar will certainly i leave room for anyone that wants to congressman that reality but it is most likely it number will be smaller i've mentioned we're broadcasting from the portals this is rare i have to rip up our station we're taking advantage to replace the row decor of over broadcasting all the reports we report on are broadcast so when a caller calls in maybe we'll - so we've budgeted against some of that cash reserve to replace the heart of that while we're the process or i'd like to take the opportunity that over and resdoich our studios so we can actually do more production liquor the only there was a lot
9:19 am
of studio time if you wanted to book studio time no problem now not the case we're doing a lot more production but we're going to doy design it will let us produce more in the same space and to be able to accommodate live performance for the musicians to have a place they're welcome and not kind of get into a corner and make their live music it will be nice to musicians as well thank you not a 10 thousand view but thank you very much for your thank you for your time and consideration and sports over time i well questions and well ideas in a moment over and over subsequence to the meeting and yes. >> thank you for your presentation for your
9:20 am
congratulations on our 10 years as well i know this the early but we're glad we're not bring you here super late. >> commission. >> thank you for your report i said to tell everybody hopefully tons of folks listening and everyone florida the room i made a donation to k l w a thank you in person. >> you can do it online i really think this is something i need to side every year and not done i appreciate that so, now i really just want to commends you on the great work the contracts are great i'm excited actually to hear the show i'm a big fan is great, thank you. >> ms. fewer. >> yes. great this was great a turn around sort of situation it
9:21 am
is great to see everything and it is with true that the board has great confront in you so urge this to be do bridge so glad we continues the great w k work. >> thank you. i want to thank you. you'll your great work and being here this is a huge turn around and fantastic so i'm proud of the district that we stick with k l a w with past minds to get to a point like this till when we were not in very good financial six we ourselves noofltd in k l a w in legal services and guaranteeing something that was a risk didn't want us to do
9:22 am
so and i wanted to thank you and the staff and everybody that works with the station and put so much into that i particularly time to mention i maybe have the past but worth saying the listeners of w are k l a w a are supportive of the station demonstrated all the time really whatever direction you have request k l a w it is some of it is traditionally and many are here on the radio have been listeners and supporters for decades but a lot has to do with our mettle why people are excited and analysis and supporters of station we want to say that we did get through tough times but many
9:23 am
when you saw the history of many public stations in america were the hands of public school districts and public universities but a lot of them start out in school district district do you know where are we the only ones left? very few a lot of people say that is extraordinary we have this asset and last thing i want to say when you - one of the huge engages do us that makes our schools more successful to people particularly because many of the you know people don't live in san francisco and are would be they can now stream them live on the computer but people are it in habit of listening i don't know about you
9:24 am
mrvrnt but i talk to others around the bayview and they said oh, i listen to you on the radio don't he get enough on your own it is a treasure thank you for nurturing this thank you >> ms. mendoza-mcdonnell. >> it is a great highlight of the updates i really appreciate all the enough of them you know for somebody that licenses to the station all the time in the car my kids are young adults are left-hand side to the station in the car don't change it they turn it up all sorts of great programming and want to make sure you can i'm occurs if any of the change in shifting and
9:25 am
technology have effected your programming at all or enhances it and then i've been curious how you work with or compete against k p dr what that looks like. >> when you say just help methinks when our thinking of technology change for what we do i mean, i'll start talking and you tell you i think we're going introduce a different huge change how people listen i think that people are recognizing the value of audio media right now it is really you think predicted there a lot big money comping both that space realizing that's why you see people that are radio producers
9:26 am
that is no question that that is great place to sell advertising and we're actually in people's lives they will pop-in that pod cast and do it, it is simply to side we're definitely thinking of i mean - i think there is a reason they're taking the talent from public radio that's it where we have great story tellers to continue to figure out the freelance we're having conversation saying okay we have those kind of pod casts we've developed and programs the air that might do well, there and pod casts pretty much everything without music issues we put the form of pod cast but number one how we think about marketing to people to listen to them and
9:27 am
forensic m pr has a m pr one that is collect it auto and choose k l a w as our local station respect so it will give you a stream of stuff if you don't like it you can press next story oh, this is interesting so we're looking at we have the person ahead of design on m pr one and talking about how things are and how we get our stuff customized we're thinking how we stay in front of people when the fm dial is not where people are and we managed to hold our listening folks steady we know that change is coming so part of it i mean to be honest open
9:28 am
deduction go on in the station how to work with producers that might time to create more pod casts and things out to the people yeah yes keep our broadcasting a angle excellent radio station people are still license in realtime on the fm signal or online but we know we're thinking about it i can't say we have to tackle by some things there is a heck of a lot of stuff people pick through so there is a materially role what you discover here is really, really good stuff you know, i mean you go to i tunes how options and month
9:29 am
listeners are consider 60 different pod casts offering politics so we can also play that role. >> and times if there is something you guys are playing i'm not interested in i'll listen to another station but overtime that station is playing the same thing thing. >> so our station we as an individual connection we see ourselves and grassroots willing to take risks we also and one of the things that distinguished our pod casting we do more headlines and we try and you know morning addition you'll hear pr flag someplace it not - it is hard not to fill that
9:30 am
avoid but try to have things you know a lot of things you'll find over k l a w but local stations we pay attention but basically think that is good to be into two newspapers. >> great congratulations you did a fantastic job i was on the board and really great to see what you do and continue to listen to you thank you. >> dr. murase. >> thank you years ago you were mere before us with the missouri joe asking for a line of credit i really remember that because a lot of mail from folks saying what are we are doing we're facing layoffs and investing in a radio station but this board supported that line
9:31 am
of credit you've really turpitudes so many things around at the station i tomato congratulate. >> and call out that discussions we suggested there is more opportunities for student combfrment at the station because your housed at the school site ways to bring the students into the station you took that to heart and started a program that really allows tour students to benefit from the fact we own and operate a radio station thank you and think of ways to bring students into the stations. >> to let you know we're we've discussed before you know we're understand providing a good experience for high school students as far as attachments and it takes finger friends
9:32 am
summer enterprisers we have a dedicated staff member that's what they're doing nostril tagging long and making copies we understand a curriculum around it i want you to know that i've been talk we have a long-standing editorial relationship with youth radio but talking about how we might try to bring youth radio curriculum stuff into san francisco and know perhaps users burton go next door to k radio we're thinking you how to get the resources to make that possible and these people know how to do this and it is funny for something youth radio this is i think of a national presence you hear the reports on p pr and have this kind of standing but
9:33 am
the fact they've not done a lot in san francisco their city of oakland and they'll anytime a little bit parochial crossing the bridge but that's it. >> thank you good to see you. >> appreciate. >> consent calendar resolutions we have none tonight take a votes on that is consent calendar that has been second in section f. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 6 i's the consent calendar resolution oh, consent calendar resolutions
9:34 am
for the full board decision and immediate action none together and introduction of proposals an assignment to committee 7 proposals for the first reading i'll announce each of them and assign them to committee personal drug and free to the labor committee and rules committee board policy personnel number one discrimination will be assigned to the ad hoc personnel labor committee and the rules committee board policy 4033 personnel accommodations be assigned to the ad hoc labor committee and to the rules committee board policy 4034 personnel squalls harassment to the ad hoc personnel and at rules committee and board policy 4040 personnel
9:35 am
employees of technology will be assigned to the ad hoc and the rules committee and board policy 4 thousand personnel exempt rules and policies will be assigned to the ad hoc personnel and labor and the rules committee and board policy 614 of one and instruction high school graduations will be assigned to the curriculum committee there is one board member proposal transmitted by drum and chin which is physical ed requirements and adoption of board policy physical ed and board policy physical ed exception this resolution is referred to the curriculum committee can i came down open
9:36 am
all the proposals. >> excuse me. mr. president, i believe the adoption of the board members proposal for - is referred to the committee as a whole. >> correct our correct that will be referred to the committee as whole that is next tuesday and also i have two public comment members of the public a can i have a motion and a second? on those referrals. >> so moved. >> second. >> all right. now call the members of the public who are here to comment on the resolution >> what. >> parapet and mraupt thank
9:37 am
you for having us. i'm with the public health and i know as it pertains to the new policy around we have questions and i imagine some of the questions at this point it is for me informational seeking and understanding what this new policy how - whereas the plan to evaluate the impact of the policy the few pe policy with we want to understand how many students can potential be getting a waiver from pe with the various exemption wanting to understand how many schools are this career pathway how many high schools and get a sense of the impact what is the potential impact we said to understand a little bit how pe independent studies
9:38 am
is over seen and you know what that impact is on the staff time and will the department be tracking the number of waivers offered to the district this time is we're curious tomato learn more i proposed that comes out in the conversation and adrian will not be making public comment she's with me today. >> all right. introduction of proposals for immediate action there is none tonight so we're now on to board members report why not take the reports from the standing committees a report from the curriculum and program committee mraupt >> thank you commissioner president haney once again a fun
9:39 am
filed packed program committee on the first of february we actually gave a positive recommendation for two board policies one which was approved tonight and one which we have moved to a future meeting we also provided no recommendations for the authorization to grants or deny the thomas edison charter and actually the forward that to the budget with no recommendation and then we had a probation officer recommendation for capital one access to mandarin and other world languages and also a positive recommendation for supporting staff to meet the needs of sfusd students with incarcerated parents so as you
9:40 am
can see we tackled a lot 0 and an update on the school qualify local education career and technical education grant report and early education department c-3 outcome update with a jam packed meeting see everyone again next masonic march 7 (laughter) thank you. >> i'm sure everyone will be rushing to be there. >> bring their sleeping bags. >> you're up again report from the committee as a whole. >> he's tired from that report. >> good evening once again at the last cow meeting an update on a few informational items
9:41 am
district wide arts center at 135 van ness that includes possibility of, of course, the new ross school of the arts talked about some of the changes and who is going to be involved as we move forward and really flush out what we want to see a one 35 van ness with the arts complex that discussion is shaped and formed and then there was an extensive report for about the arabic and vietnamese paycheck to paycheck a lot of live data from ms. wong and her team and we're excited about what she was able to develop and the fact we are actually have a good plan in place to be able to implement both paul mccartney and so we're going to continue to move forward in terms of
9:42 am
setting up that and putting that in motion and existed about what that could be a couple of conversations about which strategies work best in terminations the instructions but we're excited about the extensive report we received and i think you're not here hearing from me again, thank you. >> ms. norton from the business services. >> yes. the budget and business serves met on february 3rd you've heard over recommendation about the mandarin proposal we did not end up hearing the supportive staff curriculum to meet the needs of students with the incarcerated parents that takes more time to
9:43 am
develop that report so we'll hear it at the next meeting we heard the thomas edison chart academy renewal we sent that back to the for better or worse without recommendation we'll hear that on the 23rd. >> we heard an update on budget development for the 1-800- school year staff expects to be able to put modified increases in into the student formula with possibility larger increases in the fall once we have a better sense of how the budget shapes out we do have a healthy balance into next year, however, we'll see a larger chunk the well deserved salary increases from the last contract that will go in july one
9:44 am
so that will be beating out the fund balance you're seeing we also heard an update from mr. golden i didn't realize but we manage $4.2 billion in real property it is a department that has a lot of there's a lot of moving parts and a lot of employees and different staff to support our schools and make them look nice we have $20 million of maintenance that is a concern our custodians are stretched to the limit on any given day the custodian staff is out due to workers' compensation and sick days and so that is a real concern that we've heard about so like many of the departments the central office department we've heard about it
9:45 am
and one the lack of investment we made the distance we can't make during the lean years we were showing so some of the infrastructure departments facilities it it is really been clear in our review the budget committee to make investment our next meeting will be on march what? the first wednesday in march march third is that okay yes, no march second at 6 o'clock p.m. >> board ethics o delegates do we have any reports other reports by board members. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you so the building grounds services
9:46 am
committee is actually scheduled for monday february 29th i think that is at 6 i a couple of announcements i wanted to thank mission high school and pacific san francisco last friday we honored them for their win in of the statewide championship regular calendar that was really great they received football representing it was the eva super bowl to honor our super bowl teams on such a memorable weekends it was great to have them out one football players on the balcony of the mayors balcony at city hall and center leno and supervisor wiener and four of our city college
9:47 am
trustees come out to honor them as the mayor of houston and the mayor of charlotte yeah north carolina that was great see the dignitaries honoring them and thong all the folks that made the event at malcolm x possible and vice president walton thank you for being part of that event it was really, really great we had quite a few of the dignitaries at that events but most importantly the kids had an opportunity to do some physical activities and we did a really great clean up on the park just blow malcolm x and the kids got to go down and play games and plant flowers and trees that we'll be caring for the yuma walk through is asked for they have additional kind of outside
9:48 am
space for classroom teaching and have lunch that was awesome and thank you the principal she hosted 20 young people from the delegation in china and had an opportunity to view the classrooms and students and talk with the teachers about their program versus our amazing programs and the first lady joined them thanks for your support and making us shine. >> ms. fewer. >> a few announcements i was fortunate to attend the gallery night and it was a blast jeff was playing and silent music i understand and could distance it was tfa fib thank
9:49 am
you galileo it is really rock and for those a new anywhere in galileo it is absolutely beautiful i invite you to go and see that i wanted to say that i thank you hearted elements and the classrooms notified me to her first grad class african-american art day we had a great time and i participated the rita at the china in the english couldn't do - and then i want to say congratulations to the san francisco pta which i attended last week and follow all the chinese listeners i wanted to say best wishes and
9:50 am
congratulations. >> scomploern. >> i wanted to drawing your attention to the new studies called the institute a think tank out of stanford and they've really interesting report called addressing california teacher short term that is something we're definitely starting to deal with and really interesting policy recommendations i want to direct your attention to that you can get the report at the learning and thank you to the staff and the people of paul revere and we had a great time with the first congratulated classroom read stories about replies and what it means to be encourages and stand up for others it was really a lot of fun, i enjoyed it very much. >> we read the same book
9:51 am
dr. murase. >> thank you very much i wanted to report that on saturday, january 30th being 70 administrators and inspiring administrators gather for a leadership symposium responds or sponsors by the rec and park and administrators and in partnership with occ with the african-american advocates and thank you myong leigh deputy superintendant for joining us a great day to encourage the asian-american administrators and administrators to really been leadership opportunities with the district and then secondly, i want to congratulate those on the korean youth year on the campus and wanted to see if commissioner haney wanted to announce the
9:52 am
mayors teacher of the year award. >> so the mayor's teacher of the year the mayor's principal of the year award is open you can go to www.sforlg slash teacher award arrest slash principal award to nominate a principal as it was out avenue sxrenz is it so the deadline friday is 15. >> so president haney very briefly seller thank benioff that generously and grayish provided ticket for staff
9:53 am
teachers and paraprofessionals and administrators to support staff to attend the ma tally can concert this saturday about the super bowl i sunshine had no idea how many a hundred banker but i understand that was a rocking good time and so is it fair to say and mr. benioff for your generosity. >> anybody the next rules committee committee will be february 22nd. >> all right. i have one announcement which we have an exist upcoming events as parents as partner from march 5 from the
9:54 am
a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and jean elementary school found outd out as as parents as partners this will be awesome information about graduations requirements and how to support your students common core arithmetic and testing i encourage you to attend the parents in the district seeing not other announcements. >> commission we're having a. >> yeah. so we will not be having a students assignment commission meeting this thursday that will be rescheduled for sometime soon the city and school district select committee is cancelled february 5th definitely and one of the things we are planning
9:55 am
the first meeting in a long time with the city college sfusd ad hoc committee i think we've zeroed in on a date i need to triple check wednesday march 23 a lot of people the schedule so other informational items posted in the agenda is staff report on the acceptance of gifts no memorial just a minute and no closed session do we need to read the read out or - okay closed session actions from the this special meeting of february 2, 2016, the board approved the agreement between the certify and the board by a vote of 7 i's approved the agreement between the march certify employee and the meeting is adjourned go.
9:56 am
>> shop and dine the 49 promotes local businesses and changes san franciscans to do their shopping
9:57 am
and dooipg within the 49 square miles by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine the 49 the 49 hi in my mind a ms. medina
9:58 am
- working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrant and dynamic city that's on the forefront of economic growth, the arts, and social change. our city has always been on the edge of progress and innovation. after all, we're at the meeting of land and sea. - our city is famous for its iconic scenery,
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historic designs, and world-class style. it's the birthplace of blue jeans, and where "the rock" holds court over the largest natural harbor on the west coast. - our 28,000 city and county employees play an important role in making san francisco what it is today. - we provide residents and visitors with a wide array of services, such as improving city streets and parks, keeping communities safe, and driving buses and cable cars. - our employees enjoy competitive salaries, as well as generous benefits programs. but most importantly, working for the city and county of san francisco gives employees an opportunity to contribute their ideas, energy, and commitment to shape the city's future. - thank you for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco.
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