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tv   Planning Commission 21116  SFGTV  February 12, 2016 8:00pm-2:01am PST

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yeah, so my understanding is that this building that's the height of the roof at the line and then this part up here on a placement why we didn't get a complaint at that time, i don't know by the way, by the way, we're talking about this. >> 32 years ago and those guys bought the property and something happened to the neighbor and something said the complaint statistics there was a condition without the permit over thirty years ago. >> it could be two blocks away on iris street. >> better to get the whole thing legalized. >> (laughter). so the appeal against dbi and your supporting their appeal >> right.
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>> i want to make that clear. >> our reaching power is at the board of appeals. >> i've seen this all before. >> i'm not sure i wasn't here i started with the board of appeals. >> do you have replying to say about that no public comment additional no public here any rebuttal from the appellant anything else you 80 time to say to the board no? >> inspector duffy you need to say at the board. >> please come to the program senior at dbi they have information on the sprinklers. >> it is nice to connect his name with a face i've seen his name on documents. >> just do update the past
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codes you could connect up to 5 spiritual codes and puc is the agency having jurisdictions over the delivery and supply of water that's not allow any sprinklers not one to be off the domestic supply have to run a new like that and provided accommodations meter that supplies that spiritual. >> i'm dating myself. >> i mean the addition for us to allow this is not that bad. >> well, i mean. >> any other recommendations. >> they'll have to bring it up to code. >> with had story structures only with strirlz. >> shouldn't be legalized their extra space. >> thank you. >> so i have a question my understanding with our team is
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that if we can't we have to. >> please address the board. >> sorry if the sprinklers have to be installed my view is a current code that is hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars i've been correlated 6 or $7,000 that is current i have four children. >> this is the first story and second story but the storage is on this attic space so from my position i you don't don't want to spend six or $700,000 any permit noting that is issued in error is not a permit by the way, before us to authorize something not legally down even though it was there are for 33 years no permit for that work is not for that work.
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>> let me restate it you want us to legalize your upper level which didn't show up on the any specification permit i think you sections the board is wanting to help you anything you need to tale with in terms of the building code need to be dealt with from the planning department not to change an interpretation of the code right. >> i am suggesting the commission directed a rebuttal fib there is. >> you need to negotiate with the department. >> okay. >> sorrow commissioners the reason why i brought that up on the sprinklers it says that the legalized habitable space so there can be a possibility it is
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only attic. >> why not say storage if so storage not habitable it won't trigger the 4 stories. >> originally the building would have been built with the 4 stories with the pitched roof it is not used for anything. >> and those buildings exist and remain today. >> i was a thinking we don't require them to spiritual that space. >> okay. the. >> (multiple voices) >> to sole if i this in a state that everybody can follow through and honor such an agreement that's your job okay. >> commissioner vice president fung it is probably changing the language on the permit.
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>> the space so inspector duffy you're saying you're expecting concern that the board will issue the permit for this unhabitable space with the strirlz we're giving them something to - >> they come back and request and revision to make that storage. >> that didn't have to come back to us. >> no. >> thank you, thank you. >> anything else? commissioners all actual what we could do >> on conditions not habitable space. >> no condition it to legalize the attic construction that's all i have to say and that's not on the permit we can condition it. >> i don't hear to legalize. >> lay said we grant the
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appeal, and to legalize the additional construction of the attic and leave it at that. >> i believe before you is whether the denial ever this particular permit should be uphold upheld upheld or denied if you want to change the permit you can change that. >> that was what i was saying to think i don't know if that makes sense to building and planning and what's the condition. >> the condition would be that the attic space - that we would legalize the attic space period. >> describing what is storage is and let them deal with that. >> join there is any penalty
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just approving granting the appeal; right? because they're saying they can come back and codify the permit. >> i joy recycle to clean it up that's all. >> let them deal with it. >> okay. >> (inaudible). >> i think that is what i was trying to do but getting some interpretation that a little bit different so alright are we - >> go ahead. >> in discussion. >> yes. you are. >> i thought that was the motion. >> okay. i'm going to move to grant the appeal to overturn the denial of the permit on the basis that the attic space is legal. >> the word perform to the at&t
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e space is legal. >> yes. >> okay commissioners to grant the appeal and overturn the department and issue the permit on the basis that the act performed to the attic space is legal commissioner lazarus commissioner president honda commissioner swig thank you that that motion carries and commissioner president honda there's no further business. >> this evening. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon, and welcome to the regular meeting of the for thursday, february 11, for thursday, february 11, disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner vice president richards commissioner antonini
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is present commissioner hillis commissioner moore we do expect commissioner wu and commissioner richards to be absent commissioners, the first item on your agenda tomes for continuance at the temple of issuance none point present i'm pleased to announce items 17 and 18 that under the discretionary review authorization at temple street the discretionary review and case no. 2015 plus discretionary review have both been withdrawn if there aren't any questions moving to consent calendar are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless
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a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item o1 at 19th avenue excuse me. conditional use authorization i there are no speaker cards any public comment on the one item on the consent calendar. >> i don't see any public comment is closed. commissioner moore nova to continue h.r. move to approve. >> second thank you, commissioners on that motion to approve item one are commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places you under commission matters consideration
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of the draft minutes for january 21st and 28, 2016. >> any public comment on item the two draft minutes i don't see any public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> move to approve. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to adopt the draft minutes of 2016-2017 commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places you on item 3 commissioners questions or comments. >> commissioner moore. >> i have a question regarding a memo we received regarding plan briefing an transbay development a number that dates and our schedule potentially
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requiring a long time my question is couldn't under be a special hearing we hear each other and have a common understanding of the changes and how we're going forward from here. >> i don't know if we can have a dialogue but that's noted. >> i am not certainly at any time ask for something to be calendar. >> i ask we consider a special hearing an hour ahead of a regular scheduled hearing so the public can listen to us some interesting subject matter i think that will be convenient to do that that way. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. he we're not meeting next week that is one reason why we're looking for times to meet but certainly i'm amenable to doing it the way suggested or
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having a separate hearing for purposes of discussion as long as we do it the near future it is an important subject and the other comment in this months san francisco magazine really a whole issue off the beaten path type of places in san francisco and there's a sections on restaurant but also an article on i think 49 different spots in the city that are quite interesting and a number of them i've been to a number of them so it is worthy taking into account the author points out very interesting location in san francisco historical significance that a lot of people may not be aware of it is worthy mentioning. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> several things first, i think this is a great idea to
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potentially will have a separate hearing for the ocii for the public certainly the time they can come and hear it as a part of a regular hearing a report from ocii to report an hour easily make sense a couple of things i sat with a journalist from technically we have a great discussion on housing in general the affordable housing affordable housing bonus program and kind of what is happening in the south bay with companies requiring a numerous amount of housing north yet the housing for the workers only meets 10 percent of the need a letter from janet this morning in the chronicle said if we're those days we're build 20 or thirty
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million square feet we need to use the leverage to have that i don't think that san francisco, california continue to absorb the housing that is generating the demand from the large projects we have to say you have to take more housing we'll help you doing everything we can and, secondly, an article northbound morning in c w that caught my eye if you interviewed folks who were in the homeless tent camp one guy said he's a friend and so he went back to mayor ed lee this guy's what a uniquely letter engineer and came to san francisco his skill set was not needed but c w went back it mayor ed lee and asked if you know this guy a threatened guy 61 years old it is interesting that a lot of the people on the streets of san
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francisco we tend to them their may have drug addictions but read this article it can opposing e happen to anyone 70 percent of the people on the streets are from san francisco how long have they been here and how did they got the street we need to build for housing and stop the illegal evictions but i think that i'm looking for someone to step forward and take this bull by the horns and are working in concert an article in sundays paper talking about homeless on the cost what it takes to solve the homeless problem 200 and $84 million are
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spent, however, the population didn't seem to be going down stabilizing and from supervisor farrell about what he thinks that will take to make a dent to get serious we need to improve the current system that identified any flus but having it go down ross good comments and will effect housing thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further on to department matters drouchlts. >> good afternoon. i have with only a public hearings that will happen from the february 3, '23 the work on the transbay at
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6:00 p.m. this is a tuesday evening and potrero hill recreation center to look at our example to dates angle the 280 boulevard that concludes my presentation. >> thank you. >> no questions commission item 5 review of past events at the board of supervisors there were no items of interest from the board of appeals and the historic preservation commission didn't meet. >> good afternoon aaron starr manager, legislative affairs for the planning staff at the monday hearing supervisor avalos will increase the sustainability fee that large non-residential by $2 bringing the total to $24 plus and reduces the grandfathering discount in the pipeline this is the second duplication of this ordinance the board heard it was heard by the planning commission an
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september 10th of last year and the commission voted recommendation with modifications percentage at the land use committee they dloibd be 0 the faenld and whether non-residential projects can support higher fees supervisor cowen and supervisor wiener were skeptical and a language was added to allow the mta to use the capital foyer operating and withdraw the statement that the tsif provides flexibility for the transit services four commenters that were in opposition against the proposal and at the end no opposition from the on the item was afford to the full board with a negative recommendation on a two to four vote next supervisor avalos oornls ordinance that
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requires yufgs conditional use authorization that item was continued from the previous week it was in order to provide time to review the entire outlet felt legislation and at the building inspection several members spoke in favor to stop displacement and many tenants talked about the urgency to move forward there were speakers in opposition after public comment the committee duplicated the file so it only applies to the contribute and district is this was done 0 talk about the interim controls that supervisor kim supported it will impact the 1600 market street that is located under the c-3 and in danger of being evicted supervisor avalos ordinance will have a conditional use authorization for the removal of
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units on 1600 market street supervisor wiener then proposed on amendment to maintain the administrative approvals for the demolition of unaffordable things the residential builders association asked for the amendment it was passed by the committee the committee sent the amended ordinances with the 2030 workers' compensation as a committee report and outstanding concerns around the implementation of the secured funding for low income homeowners to aid the utilization and the building inspection commission is scheduled to hear this on february 17th therefore it was continued to february 22nd to will you the supervisor additional time to address the funding issues and allow the building inspection to act on the items last on the ludicrously was a presentation by the staff on the
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annual report for the implementation this same presentation was given to this commission an january this year and the only questions from supervisor peskin asking about the make up that was who was on it and there was no. at the full board of supervisors supervisor wiener ordinance that will remove conditional use and others required conditions from 100 percent housing passed it second reading on an unanimous vote and supervisor cowen residential guidelines with the squawking and castro hill and extrapolate waterfront was adopted next the board heard the sfmta shuttle program it was considered on january 2013 at the time it was continued to the february 9th and this walk through that was continued to february 23rd
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later in the hearing supervisor avalos introduced a resolution co-sponsored asking mta board of directors to consider changes those changes will include a cap other than the number of stop zones to a term one year with a 6 month review the board of supervisors asked the mta it look at the concentrated stop shops and at the board and legislative analysis studied the costs and evictions they can't take action actually, the ceqa is resolved but considering a question at their hearing an february 16th on the chapter 31 of the administrative code they're to make a decision within thirty days of the general date and latest the board of supervisors passed a supervisor avalos amended orientals that required a conditional use for
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the removal of a in unite one now introduction by supervisor wiener a interim controls for 18 month period requiring a conditional use authorization within the upper market transit district for any standard use of a medical service or non-residential serve fees or the expansion of the institutional medical facility after 2016 where on site services are targeted to a population for a single location through a contract entered into to a government agency a specific ordinances that was attend to address the issue at at my hospice on church street that concludes my report thanks >> thank you commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i had a question so the ordinance it was permanent
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passed regarding a cu requirement only applies to the c-3 zone is that supervisor avaloss legislation. >> correct they duplicated a file because of an impending the interim controls that allow to market street madam chair rosales will put in permanent controls that require the units to get cu authorization thorough the removal they expired on march first, the fee portion should move forward while the other more where the costs and dbi had time to delight on the other issues that effects the city. >> so the rest of the city remains a doctor but it is
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delayed two weeks. >> okay and commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll move on to general public comment not to exceed 15 minutes at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i do have several speaker cards. >> okay. thank you. >> okay (calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is robin a lifelong residents of san francisco i was born an cal listen street on
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potrero hill i come before representing neighbors regarding a project circling in the process the project addresses carolyn street for the same property and overflow room came before you in discretionary use authorization in 2002 at that time, the rules committee were strictly applied for the out of scope with the preservation of rear yard open space was you highly regarding our decision at the hearing an carolyn the proposed expansion of the existing building was out of scale for immediate and the context of the neighborhood the owner only want to build a 200 and 35 percent of the original building he abandoned the project for 12 years times have changed and the footprint is in
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favor at is preservation of the sidelines the current projected project on carolyn street has been in play for two years and they have been pdrs were nonresponsive and other less formal communications with the project sponsor and the architect to bring this project to it a respectful skyline the project wants to get a plan approved as the same in 2002 he's close to achieving that gallows the pdrs 1, 2, 3 asked this floors to be removed the same in 2002 pdrs number had the fourth floor is allowed it was discovered by a architect that the plans had discrepancies and inaccurate parcels the square footage for the subject building
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itself both of those misrepresentations have provided the architect and for expansion of the building and outside the scope of the neighborhood of the rear yard and respect the mid block open space the project was proposal to be the mravpts interpretation that that was on our street i'm sharing bog the noticed notice will be - it is too big for the neighborhood as ruled we ask for a review scrutiny for immediate context preservation of the rear yard and mid block open space and requiring 60 percent of lot coverage instead of 75 percent on behalf of the neighbors on potrero hill thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioners my name is corey smith i'm a
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community organizer prepared a short video of the residents that support the avenues but are unable to come to the hearing. >> the (inaudible) in this quarter thank you my name is jason i'm a 4 year residents of noah valley i support the avenues ahbp all our are you neighbors need more
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housi >> we need more housing but especially below-market-rate housi housing. >> (inaudible) my name is frank i live in the europe sunset my sdaut is an educator in san francisco schools and but she and her two daughters live with us because they can't afford housing in san francisco we need to build affordable housing for our children the future every neighborhood niece to do their fair share. >> i'm karen as a member of
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the noah valley i support the ahbp because it is really a good planning program where the implementation is an ideal location it is served by transportation thank you. >> i've been impressed with the effort of the cd with the san francisco affordable housing bonus program i believe that it would help making housing for the real estate to have for the younger generation my name is tony and i'm totally support this program. >> own knowledge thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> hello, i'm judith on
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january '78 i came to this commission and asked for a meeting on the affordable housing bonus plan we now have a meeting in district 11 which has been labeled as the district 9 and 11 meeting on february 16th i would like a meeting in district 9 this is a really big impact on bernal height and the streets there those are all designated around the hospital and the by on mission basically south of chavez and court land are designated as such there - i also submitted written questions in early january and you had a meeting january 28th i
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guess staff provided information on the affordable housing bonus plan, however, when i look at the website before that meeting the answers to the questions from the public were on until december to all our meeting were in early january you learned what the questions were from the neighborhood and haven't provided what's-her-name to those questions it sounds like you're going to have your meeting february 25th and you have not yielded had a neighborhood meeting in go district 9 and i'd like and appreciate i guess a written responses to my questions before it comes before you again and i noticed that you a nice new budget you're putting in and one of the reasons you said in terms of some of the oufkdz e oufgz the budget your
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reallocating a citywide mr. haney public outreach position to the cultural heritage district i hope the new budget actually provides resources for your department to do romantic organism that is of strong interest to the community i saw i wanted to touch on someone else on the agenda i noticed a development as 18 and another location that looks at fib about a number of developments you saw next to saint gregory's church and also a number 609 developments you can about that have come before you there is a school across the street in this development and boiling that is in all asbestos would you, please make sure that there is good air quality of the
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construction of those two sites right next door to each other and across the street from the school and other parts thank you. >> my name is fran martin affiliated with the three associated with schlage our communicates i communities has high density open space there is one on leeland adjacent to mclaren park that has a 311 notice to build 25 hundred scare homes an african-american harder four an after-school programs will be forced to leave it is one parcel and it runs the block the hayes valley is home to the
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heritage for the housing development a large population historically neglected this has sheltered with poverty and children at risk the john middle school within the block of leeland has a adjacent lot to mclaren park and on the map the visitacion valley the reality that mclaren park 19 in visitacion valley is steep and lots of trades and inaccurate parts the park much of the park is bar can't take down by different things the relatively small park lane add side middle school is the only space that is left for public use in visitacion valley the 590 leeland will restore the desegregate as a consequence
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there are shadows up to 75 feet for pa that block and the leeland will destruct the corridor destroying destroying the individuals and no other assessable views the open space behind the church was part of planned park and offices the only flat air the leeland's education sits adjacent to the sites is it going to under go totaled rehabilitation with the garden next door and mclaren park parcel for the middle school will be redefined with paul mccartney to the landscaping of the unplanning process the community members will be getting to the environment center and particularly serving children of youth with the community the grand park is citywide regional asset for the
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significant funding has been award with the 5 out of character building their environmental costs at sake degradation is not the best public advertiser we want you to know our concerns and to do more comprehensive studies thank you. >> i attend a meeting planning commission i'm a long time residents of san francisco in bernal height been here continue years i'm urging you urgent hely to have the affordable housing bonus plan you know in part i speak for myself of friends and neighbors who are evicted and priced out of san francisco but i speak so far the organization he work for i have a senior roll in the
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foundation and our organization has severe problems trying to defend people civil liabilities but can't afford to pay high salaries like low income salaries to middle-income salaries our employees can't afford to live here we've been lucky we've been lucky because we had a fundraiser and be able to offer subsidies but our organized that paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover people's rent they need to be able to afford inform san francisco and other nonprofits are not so lucky we may not be so licking go next year we've done fundraising but without go middle-income housing and market-rate to address this crisis organizations like ours will not be able to stay so, please act now
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thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is jim and i'm a residence of visitacion valley and a member of the visitacion valley planning alliance i'm here to address the 590 leeland issue there is a lot of excuse me. a lot going on down there lots development as you may know. we're going to have an increase the 5 to 10 thousand new housing units the upcoming years and also ecology in our neighborhood they plan to expand their operations and facility the mta have moved probation officer into the neighborhood without notice of our knowing it
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and the neighboring brisbane leeland will be built up at some point with a enormous consequence they're coming to our valley with the reward to the quality of life the 590 leeland project is not no r in keeping with the character and will he heavily impact our children and seniors our park experience and what we're trying to do to help improve our neighborhood we are asking that the city help our neighborhood in this situation thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is a shawn smith i'm a resident of san francisco a long time born and raised i live in visitacion valley been
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there for 23 years 2 were spent on leeland avenue i helped to facilitate the john king mclaren park garden that is available and kind of opposed to the building of 590 leeland's i look at how the children and the seniors are effected by these buildings they're about to be you know presented the community there were rather large and kind of how can i say they're big and obtaining sewer they take the children off the paul mccartney and put them the street the street that runs behind lee land is visitacion valley it is a highway the sense we're trying to get some type of pathways that kid can take to and from
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school the public has on a access to leeland or other streets that is essential you take a look at it and see the beautiful area that is out there versus that the homes they're trying to build out there now which really don't i don't feel they qualify to be the discount u downtown but at the same time please consider that the natural beauty of this area the children's and seniors are the the ones that count and in in harm's way thank you and have a good afternoon. >> thank you. >> hi i will keep that brief i'm rob not a long time residents i moved here 5 years the mission district and prior to moving to san francisco i was working as scientist in a.m. stare dam additional so you u
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saw how it can have a lot of population density so that's my boys that's where i'm coming from i'm here to throw my support behind the affordable housing bonus program it will be fantastic for san francisco and remind that that newcomers have a invested interest i see increasing supply the only long term solution thank you. >> is there any additional general public comment? >> good afternoon, commissioners depending on residents of the city of san francisco and i've acknowledged here 3 years i'm in support of affordable housing bonus program because what makes it advocate versus a housing advocate that he want to
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phone call on attrition and stop evictions in order to get to the root of the problem you have to add supply of the dwelling units for the purchasing of two to three buildings and displacing the rent-controlled units and this particular program really targeted that to preserve the rent-controlled unit by preventing buyers from having the choose for them to pretty much the two to three buildings they're a quarter less to purchase nanny new construction or home therefore and also with the bonus program we surlg go into the neighborhoods in san francisco and take it in fill parking lots, groerz abandoned gas stations and build a thirty
8:49 pm
to 40 percent affordable units by the number of units the building and want to make note in morning there was a report by the legislative analyst office that was the bay area from 2013 and it appears through their report that building market-rate housing actually prevents displacement versus a ban for supply the opposite that what some folks building in and too back in washington, d.c. they permitted some 7 and a half housing with dwelling units and able to dramatically reduce the amount of represents by alexander's the permitted dwelling units i support the program i hope you do too thank
8:50 pm
you. >> good afternoon, commissioners tom colleen on beef of the housing coalition you've heard some comments by the folks that couldn't be her on behalf of the affordable housing bonus program that remarkable hearing on that planning had on the affordable housing bonus plan i'll commissioners, we left off we're mystified and amazed at the opposition that is coming out for a very modest sensible program that is backed but i'm peculiarity research not out of a dark a place but a live analysis and the opposition has two flavors one i'llless i'm mystified that the friends at chu chu can't find a way port it they've been consistent we need more permanently affordable
8:51 pm
housing and two it has to come from by market-rate and 3 on site not have this nonsense and 3 demands planning figured out a way to deliver just that and astonishing the reaction will be honestly we were just kwigd we don't support that after all at least their consistent they're saying a bad plan that will bring change to the neighborhood in that regard they are consistent we were gratified request the many housing never heard so much support more affordable housing it gives me one hope except it comps from the place we support affordable housing just don't would build
8:52 pm
it a theoretical theme your staff figured out to t a plan that make sense in response to the density bonus law that is going to be visited here in san francisco my point is before link san francisco will be issuing density bonuses the only question will it be according to a plan that brings lots of benefits to san francisco from the form of enhanced affordability or the scrip down density bonus law that is absolutely law and will begin to take effect here support - i want to state in uneventual terms how, how the city has done it is done the city a lot of credit. >> is there any additional public comment? >> public comment is closed. >> just curious jonas how long
8:53 pm
was that it was - >> 24 minutes. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> a couple of points first, i met emry rogers and aaron star yesterday afternoon and it was confusing about the affordable housing bonus plan was the fact that many parcels in the mission district 9 were not xeroxed sdoerndz so to the commenter from district 9 i didn't observe the parcels i think perhaps time permitting i'll recommend a meeting there are a lot more paralyzes or parcels than any of us realized pistol time permitting for staff but a surprise and the gentleman if you can sernt sends us a link to that article i'd like to read it
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thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll move on to item 6 rezoning noah valley town square a planning code amendment. >> game-changer from supervisor wiener will introduce the item and i'll provide you with a recommendation. >> good afternoon, commissioners jeff legislative aide to to supervisor wiener thank you for hearing the items today i'll let the staff really do the delays but this has to do with with the noah valley town square project in noah valley if you're not familiar it doubt i came out with the parking lot on 24th street and noah valley faechlz was held for year and
8:55 pm
put up for sale the community came together and came up with a plan to have the city purchase the city for open space and to reserve preserve the existing space for farmer's market and for property line fundraising it a improved the site for the community space it is a great supervisor wiener authorized offered the legislation to purchase this site it was unanimously approved by the board and unanimously working with the agencies and the rec and park did a good job and everyone working together to really bring forward this great project and we're moving along this piece of legislation is crucial to moving forward and i just want to express supervisor wiener's support for both the specific legislation but the project in general thank
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you for your time. >> commissioner burns the item before you is a planning code amendment to rezone noah valley square from its current noah valley commercial districts to public and open space it is currently used a parking lot and a weekly farmer's market the subject parcel was required by rec and park for park purposes following the community engagement in converting the lot to american people open space to convert it was what did you do grants from the called national agency and others recommend the approval and the department for the rezoning to the public and opinion it allows to the creation of. >> new public space the funding and general plan the
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proposed will allow for the open space designation by the land owned by the governmental agency chufd open space open space are intended to have a purpose of open space with future development in any characterization should be limited it will insure the lot open space that concludes my presentation. and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> stacey bradley from rec and park is available for questions. >> great thank you. >> opening it up for public comme comment. >> so i do have a couple of cards maybe i've come up already (calling names). >> i'm not supervisor yee can commissioners i'm todd david's the president for the noah
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valley town square and part of the process for creating the open space an amazing process where is started with a group group of obvious standing outside of farmer's market and we had over 6 hundred people individuals do not to the project and from there were able to through supervisor wiener go monthly support get the project just for the open space fund and had support from leader pelosi office and national funding we have support from senator leno's office that is been a public-private partnership that worked from a tlirdz grader approach me with a $5 bill to hundreds of thousand dollars and million dollars so you know this project has really strong grassroots support the
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neighborhood and we really fled this to pass in order to moving the ball forward thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> sorry to miss pronunciation your last time last name. >> i'm with the san francisco parks alliance we're excited about the project and here to see that move forward and seen a variety the controversial projects this is not one of them this is due to the robust community engagement process eased we're here to wholeheartedly support it thank you. >> good afternoon my name is jessica and i'm here as a residence of the noah valley a neighbor, and someone probation officer who is fully in support of this sdoerns
9:00 pm
rezoning district api i've seen from a neighborhoods prospective everyone comes together and like to take a moment to commend everyone from my neighbors to todd to supervisor wiener, and really the parks alliance and everyone that is part of its been wonderful to see this moving forward it has been many years it seems like it's not been many at all but. >> wonderful to see us come together you behind something that is wonderful for the neighborhood and kids the design is wonderful, they have been many community mergers i've attended and appreciated that we've felt we have a stake in that and be able to give feedback through the various channels and faefrment farmer's market is a wonderful asset for people to come i think this be
9:01 pm
will be a valuable spots on times 24th street corridor we'll have neighbors mixing with tourists coming in and mixing with the farmer's market folks and this i'd like to encourage you to keep this again as we said the ball moving forward one of the last major procedural steps for us so looking forward to sitting with any coffee from margaret's there the town square maybe music or watching the kids play and i think that is again, a wonderful assets for the community thank you for your time and consideration. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment okay noirts public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore. >> it is great to hear a success story for everyone that put their foot forward to make this happen i hope you'll teach
9:02 pm
lessons learned many neighborhoods because of increasing the heartening and educations and lots of open space together with the growing population in room to create others your story is really what it takes and i'll hope you'll tell it i strongly recommend approval. >> it operationally is that a motion. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> just a question for staff or the project sponsor i assume the parking lots will no longer be there and this will be a park; is that correct. >> that's correct. >> okay. i'm very supportive it seems to be wide neighborhood support and i'm sure they've looked at the impacts of the loss of those parking spaces i you don't know that val visitacion valley one of the hardest places to find parking so obviously in or if this is
9:03 pm
what the neighborhood wants it is most importantly to have this park. >> that's correct supervisor. >> commissioner vice president richards and i'm incredibly supportive of the project i want to thank the citizens that get the donation and never underestimate the power you have so incredible jobs. >> there is a motion that has been seconded to adopt a recommendation for approval think outside the box commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes announcing 4 to zero and places you on item 7 this is a final fiscal year 2016 through 2018 work program for our adaptation. >> thank you john rahaim department staff
9:04 pm
today, we're here to ask for your approval for the departments fiscal year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 budgets we have prepared and memo we sent to you after the last hearing that will answer questions from that hearing and tom will go over those answers the bottom line it is the budget is increasing intunt the vast majority of churches will be new instead of and expenditures for computers and monitored and all the associated costs of having new staff come to the department we're asking for your approval as tom will tell you the bucket goes to the mayor outline departments have to summit by february 22nd so we're asking for your approval and tom will go over the details to your questions thanks.
9:05 pm
>> thank you. good afternoon. i'm tom department staff i'll do a high-level recap i went over last week and respond to questions at the meeting on the revenue side our budget proposed to increase if 41 employed living million dollars plus to 48 the majority of 88 percent from the fees from the building permits and planning applications the signages in this number the 35 to 42 point plus the current volume of the applications and building permits and parking space applications wear receiving will continue until this year we assumed the 4er percent growth above that consistent with the economic growth is being assumed at the 0 federal, state, and local as well as the 2.92 percent cpi in the planning code
9:06 pm
and the administrative code on the church side as mentioned the largest increases in the salary and fringe related to the new positions we're proposing the budget as well as an increase in the material and supplies and non-personal services our contracts i'll not go into detail think outside the box that on the position side as i went through last week we're proposing 14 new ftes that annually the majority are in of the current mr. haney environmental division to address the application and building permits there we have two positions for new policy initiatives in throughout the department and it 40 two for progressing and two for communicated community outreach. >> one of the questions about the delayed of the salary and
9:07 pm
fringe costs of next year the salary and fringe will increase $6 million and about a third of that is related to the new positions we're propose over $2 million almost a million dollars of that from annual listing salaries for positions we've received last year the full year costs of positions about $800,000 is related to salary increases we're negotiated in all the labor contractors that was a salary increase in october of last year so we have to pay the full cost next year and a salary there for all staff a one percent in fringe benefits that is related to health plans as well as the retiree health costs when the mayor rallied e released the budget a large
9:08 pm
chunk of the deficit assuming is related to the increased costs for the retiree health benefits and $400,000 in miscellaneous this is all that the staff goes through the salary the job classes and the materials and supply budget the proposed $950,000 is broke down 0 would into 200 thoughts for equipment that the staff used to replace deck tops and monitors those were not included a one time expenditure of one hundred plus thousand dollars to buy 20 computers for staff that use modeling software 3-d a larger processing capacity than that we normally have the computers that the rest of staff used you'll see that reduction
9:09 pm
for 2030 or 2017-2018 an increase for office supplies because the additional staff that's come on board and being proposed we're doing space remodeling to accommodated those people you'll see the 78 and $60,000 for the article plaque and the remainder and the cpi and all the office supplies and toner and postage and that kind of office material on the contracts side you see about a $2.3 million the contracted budget most of contracts as you can see from the list is for work in the long-range to work on policy and program initiatives that will happen next year there's a recommendation that
9:10 pm
the department consider adopting a performance measure that looked at profits improvement i went over last week we're proposing 25 now performance measures the budget as we revamp our measurement program so you'll work with the rest of the manages to create a performance measure that a long time ago process and improvements and those or were the quiz asked last week that concludes my presentation. as john said we requested you recommend the option of the budget a resolution that was priority in your packet. >> okay. thank you. >> opening it up for public comment i don't see any any public comment on this item? >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i really appreciate director and staff for being attuned to public comment it does a great job for the future
9:11 pm
and getting through the work needed today i like the process improvements the fte i think we need engagement for the fte i like the fact that the performance process improvements will be measured i like this bucket a lot and move to approve. >> second. >> commissioners to adopt a recommendation commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places you on item 8 for the transportation sustainability an update on transportation to demand management and this is an informational presentation >> good afternoon, commissioners commissioner president fong and
9:12 pm
commissioner vice president richards it is my enormous privilege to come to you to talk about this very exciting ongoing effort to modernize and keep san francisco a leader on a how we review fund and think about and address the transportation impacts of the new development or so here we are today at the next step in the forest you've heard about several times we'll talk about two related programs one is the reform of the metrics we use to consider transportation centuries this is level of service and the second is a proactive transportation management program we're doing early outreach with a mind towards an ordinance that will come will be introduced at the board of supervisors the spring
9:13 pm
so how are those related how we're proposing to move from where we are now is calculating the congestion from new emit during the time development but to a place we're seeking active reductions of auto trips to kickoff the presentation carli if san francisco mta is going to start out he's the transportation transportation demand management at sfmta manager and will talk about our efforts to date. >> thank you sarah good afternoon commissioner president fong and commissioner vice president richards and members of the commission and i'm larry carly if sfmta i'm delighted to be here with you today to provide information on the next step for the next phase-in 9
9:14 pm
testimony testimony as sarah mentions the tsp is a major agency to improve the transportation and accommodate new growth the efforts has involved the mta and planning, and also the county transportation authority and office of economic workforce development and the city attorney's office today, we're providing updates about all the components and really seeking our feedback on one in particular ohoh - >> we have slides for you. >> they're getting executed up great, thank you. >> so anyone who has been on the streets of san francisco or in transit during rush hour our transportation system is feeling the stretch it's a great place to work and visited but have
9:15 pm
work to help people get around not just the people living and working and visiting san francisco but we're expecting substantial growth over the next thirty years up to one and thirty thousand new holders household and 90 thousand new jobs much is in your pipeline this growth leads to further demands on the transportation the good news is that san francisco is already hard at work making investments to expand service and infrastructure across the city the tsp focus is on calling on new development development to make a contribution to help shape the transportation behavior and pushing and
9:16 pm
enabling people to make smart choices so to that end the testimony testimony has 3 components sarah jones will come up and give you an update on the first one aligned the level of service reform modernizing the view but others will come up to present a proposed transportation testimo transportation demand management it focuses on what can be provided oust in terms of transportation amenities to encourage sustainable travel behavior from tenants, residents and visitors and the third aspect of the tdm tm /* /- transportation demand management currently introduce revisions
9:17 pm
that the board of supervisors so sarah will discuss align component now thank you thank you carly. >> what are we aligning we're doing here in terms of our level of service we're aligning our environmental review with the city's overall with the land use committee as you recall if prior presentations the city is working for many years on removing a level of service and as it is medics for measuring the impact of car use this is because of the level of service is not a have workable or useful way to measure the
9:18 pm
environmental review of cars i'm not going to cover all the reasons today, the reason for that mainly i'm here to let you know that the state has taken a lot of steps to bring level of service reform across california and i'm here to introduce to you what the city can do to move the direction and remain a leader the area so legislation passed in 2013 with the senate bill this legislation required the removal of parking and aesthetics if the ceqa documents for more projects in san francisco as is planning commission has seen it requires the removal or removal of automobile there a with another
9:19 pm
metrics that was mandated to go through a role making process under ceqa so since 2013 california's office of planning reach as representative outreach and process to amend the ceqa guidelines most recently both the staff published the draft for the ceqa guidelines this happened on january 20th and this is the draft they're intending to put forward to the right away agency so substantially we know where the state is going on transportation impact analysis what 24 draft and previous draft is that vehicle miles traveled is an appropriate mechanism to replace the level of service so given the representative service and that really this is a change that is coming our way and that
9:20 pm
san francisco now has an opportunity to take the lead and recognizing the value of what the state has done in prompting a different view how people get around in the future we're proposing a resolution on march third to consider making this change in san francisco at that point in time so we remember the state is substantively procedurally san franciscans move ahead of the state ♪ effort so a little bit of an introduction to what vehicle miles travel you'll see this a lot it is singularly measuring the distance that a project might cause people to drive a project that is geared towards
9:21 pm
single occupant automobile use and located a long ways away you'll see this a good way to measure the surthat is emissions and green house gas emissions and lack of efficient use of lands and the all the impacts that are associated with a lot of driving so a little bit of introduction to where o p r is going with the guidelines first of all, for transportation projects a lot of discussion about this has focused on the land use projects but perhaps bigger implication when it comes to transportation projects like bicycle lanes and transit improvements transportation projects that encourage reluctance d m t the traffic impacts not, significant
9:22 pm
to fill continue to assess all of the potential environmental impacts of such projects we've not consider congestion to be one of the significant impacts many of the transportation projects that are implemented in san francisco today associated with important policies like vision zero would meet this criteria and not considered traffic impacts as we're seeing the land use projects we'll talk about that now residential and office building the state is proposing we compare car the vehicle miles traveled that will be expected a fabulous that is very easy and straightforward to calculate we compare to the regional average for the most part our vehicle miles traveled are half of the 9
9:23 pm
county bay outreach 0 from that stand point the state is asking that cities use a threshold of 15 percent blow the regional average and the projects in san francisco do tend to be and i first and foremost will be below that not considered to have traffic related impacts we'll continue to consider all of the other transportation related go aspects what is it doing to traffic and safety only the part that the level of service that takes a lot of time to calculate and not a useful measure of the projects impacts that we will move away from. >> so what is the state proposed
9:24 pm
to do if a project steady the d m t and not consider congestion and impact anywhere we're no a place where the systems we'll have now can't continue we can't sustain the traveled behavior that is happening today so we're looking at transportation to transportation demand management to reduce the generation to reduce single occupant vehicles and i'm going to turn it over to wade who is going to do go through 9 transportation transportation demand management of the program. >> thank you sarah commissioner president fong and commissioner vice president richards commission i'm really excited to be here today sarah talked about an effort the city has been working onramp over a decade to
9:25 pm
really as she said align what we analyzed to make sure what we measure really matters and i'm here to talk about something this city has been working on for several decades as well as others cities across the country but an updated approach that is transportation demand management or tdm that is will measures that make it easier for residents and workers to travel up even though city by more sustainable modes of transportation above and beyond what is required under your planning code and shown in table one of the staff report we're proposing to do this through a tdm ordinance so the overall goals the goal of tdm ordinance and the overall goal the program to keep people moving as the city grows this
9:26 pm
program will help do that by reducing vehicle trips traveled and additional benefits like better environmental outcome and improve public health and the process and this ordinance will be structured in that there will be the ordinance itself that will really provide the policy direction and state that, in fact, tdms reduce the vehicle miles but reference the implementation document that will live outside of the ordinance percent those implementations documents will include a lot of the details i'll go over in this presentation and the reason they live outside the ordinance itself is that the tdm field is daufks we're learning information of the effectiveness of the technology and such that
9:27 pm
for example, 15 years ago we didn't know about car share and car share is a measure in the tdm field more recently bicycle safety is something that was around in the united states up to 5 years ago now a measure we want to be nimble and responsive and up to date to reflective this field it is envisioned the manufacture will be adapted that is similar in the guidelines and the commission guide for formula retail. >> so there are 3 main lemons of the ordinance the first is and i say ordinance the documents the first is target those are targets but individual developer has to meet that are aimed at reducing the vehicle miles travel in single occupancy
9:28 pm
vehicle trips based on the off-street places carli talked about a lot of the constraints facing our transportation system particularly our roadway capacity restraints every new vehicle that is at on the system creates greater constraint we need to be as efficient and sustainable as possible and there's a relationship between the number of vehicles or the number of parking spaces on a site and a number of vehicles that come to the site therefore if a project provides more parking it needs to provide for tdm measures to calm down that strong incentive to drive to the site so the targets that are 0 shown
9:29 pm
on the slide are worked on by staff and going to numerous examples but essentially parked between zero and 20 spaces you'll have a that have the thirty how a project does that and every 10 additional spaces you'll provide one more point retail given for trip turnover than an office project the bar for the number of spaces is lower so zero to 4 is 9 points and every two spaces for an additional point and other land use we are working on but somewhere the concept i've described exemptions we're proposing 3 exceptions 100 percent affordable housing and dwelling units i'll say on the dwelling unit suicides we overflow room went out to the public a couple
9:30 pm
months ago proposing 20 units and got feedback on cumulative concerns from projects and above and we want to be consistent with other code requirements related to tdm we're proposing 10 units non-residential less than 10 thousand square feet grairthd we are proposing that it acts similar to old planning code amendments that is a project not been issued a building permit from the planning department they'll, subject to the ordinance so how would a developer go and meet those targets through a memo of options where a project sponsor will select from measures that best fit the need providing flexibility the memo includes thirty measures that all reduce single
9:31 pm
occupancy trips and those are under the control of the developer sponsor tdm is a large field that works on a lot of xhoementsz for the city the city is responsible for pricing and this is about what a developer controls and the planning commission can really weigh in on so each measure in those 8 categories - is assigned a pointed value their based on the relative measure to each other we're working on the values their grounded in literature and best practices research and our own research the city and from the end such signage and to the medium to the high ends and
9:32 pm
abundance of the supplies and reduced parking. >> so this is an example project where the project hypothetical example in the dog patch neighborhood with 44 dwelling units the project builds 14 parking spaces therefore their subjected to 13 points under code today they'll give 5 points for bicycle parking and the lanes separating the costs of lanes from the unit and under the next row the parking supply management it is really structured in a way to be consistent with other planning codes provisions and dbtsz design team so the area is 3 housing unit 4 spaces per unit to get points you need to be parked at or below the neighborhood and the projects is
9:33 pm
parked half that they get points thank you add those up 11 points and needs two additional the same project hypothetically has parked at what the maximum is allowed 33 parking spaces again under code they get 5 points and then under that parking supply zero points parked i'm sorry what the neighborhood is parked at they have to make up and do additional measures with the examples and lastly and quickly the third component or main element of this is not only making sure that the measures we're were providing sponsors respect but the measures that sponsors they commit to have happening the sponsor will go to the website and find out their
9:34 pm
target and selection the measures as part of their project and submit those to the planning department's as part of applications become part of project city staff recommends manufacture as conditions of approval before you and you will approve the project substantially building permits get issued the project is built and then city staff will do a preoccupancy measure to make sure they're in place and a documentation that lives online item completes concurrently city staff will do research to make sure those measures are effective and update our memo over time and be nimble so the next steps we'll take the feedback from you and do anymore
9:35 pm
outreach and the hope to introduce an actual ordinance at the board this spring and then that will come back before you for your recommendation recommending approval after that today, we're interested the refrainment and it will be the exemption and grandfathering with that thank you opening it up for public comment not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> thank you staff for working on it carli and sarah and others
9:36 pm
i guess only planning people get excited this program has positive positive benefits i think it make sense and one of the interesting things it resulted in a better analysis better addressing impacts and a shorter analysis a double wham i didn't a huge benefit how we do transportation analysis and the level of service as sarah mentioned we'll bring a level of service change and a resolution next month not requiring legislation only to direct the staff how to change that i hope commissioner johnson is listening this is something she's very interested and how we do the transportation analysis i hope she's here for the future would oat e vote this is something close to her and she's
9:37 pm
interested one of the things that is interesting about the tdm program is it helps us to trailer how the parking situation and based the point system on that so it gives me the developers flexibility but still allows for tayloring the projects and, in fact, allows the developer memo options that can be updated it provides flexibility and you the option of looking at projects in different way but a simple online tool so a number that strong processes benefits to this program as well making sure that the projects are consistent with the entire neighborhood so we're excited. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you for a very good report i have a few thoughts first of all, i agree that
9:38 pm
vehicle miles traveled is a much better mefksz than l o s but be careful how we do the analysis for example, i'll i want to put that out there hundred parking spaces you have assigned arbitraryly based on the system you're using and figure out that. >> however, it maybe actually eliminate vehicle miles traveled let's assume that many of the residents in this particular building had lived in suburban areas and work in san francisco for example, a couple that would or lived in walnut creek they walk to work they don't drive they've eliminated vehicle miles traveled so i think you'll have
9:39 pm
to have some kind of follow-up when a project is finished you do an analysis of the residents of this project is this accurate with what the miles you'll assign because theoretically some of the buildings we built in san francisco are actually eliminating miles traveled because the residents are not not only closer to work but culture and restaurants all the things they used to drive into san francisco and now walk to or carbon monoxide take their cars out their cars maybe more used for storage and the one thing that makes it difficult for san francisco that goes without scaring saying but a lot of hills not a lot of subways and we're a conduit for a lot of vehicles coming from the north bay or to the peninsula will
9:40 pm
come through here anyways much the traffic problems are vehicles has nothing to do with with san francisco other than travel through so be careful you take into consideration those elements is that you can't control and divide up the traffic for businesses and shopping and other things things and separate it from the conduit and a aging population people are less apt to ride bicycles and more limited how far we walk so that will make that more difficult the other part of it if we encourage businesses to located intied e inside of vehicles we'll have for example, the amazing link in a building on
9:41 pm
second street and howard and many of the employees in that building already live in san francisco so instead of those employees driving to their peninsula they'll be walker walking to work those companies this provide housing where the campuses are the better evaluation put the campuses where they live and want to live they can provide all the housing they president in sunnyvale but can't force them we have to be encouraging improvements in our transit like i read recently they're thinking of underground the m if wvrlt to park merced that makes a lot of sense and a lot of people will ride that and ride it more efficiently they have to work with bart to
9:42 pm
develop services in san francisco because mark farrell putting in more bus routes they compete with the traffic will not speed things up but the iowa's way your measuring is a good way take into consideration the effects and make sure you have a way that is easier matrix is a good one or bad one. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> this is a great shift in policy from a valued prior priority that was timing of intersections to priority for the future on the impact of the vehicle trips i do think i'm glad to hear i've been beating there drum a co-relations between parking trips and i can't wait to see the data it is a huge step forward in
9:43 pm
terms of enforcement we'll call it moornt but over time someone says they'll do x it is plus 3 and 5 whatever to make sure indeed 38 they are in terms of enforcement and take the directors comments to heart it is more effective and shorter way to get to the environmental review take off months that is a huge win i like the fact of the commissioner antonini's type of feedback loop i'm not sure if it is go backed in but come back what a feedback loop indeed this is what is happening and if it isn't we'll fine-tune i support moving forward with this thank you. >> commissioner hillis. >> so i agree with the commissioners comments so for a
9:44 pm
we think the b m t based on actual data or the states kind of requires us to make. >> great question if i get anything wrong any colleague at the san francisco municipal transportation agency will chime in but essentially the vehicle miles traveled we light a tool it the transportation authority has a tour based modeling the entire bay area and based on all the transportation analysis zones the bay area it is representatives density and access to transit all the things that effect travel behavior and provides estimates so what percentage the vehicles are or what percentage the trips are made by vehicle the number of people that be or are the vehicle, and then the distances
9:45 pm
they travel so it provides estimates for all the different zones throughout the bay area and what we plan on doing is looimth those maps and that data to estimate the individual promotions vehicle miles. >> we'll do the fine-grain with a project that is cloers to bart station will score better. >> almost third we'd like to show you those maps. >> and then the kind of regional or state level obviously that is encouraging great development of the coarse of urban areas a what is so - somewhere out in concord there is a project that didn't score well what happens. >> that's a great question. >> that's why push back from the jurisdictions or simple
9:46 pm
develops because today, we do l o s it punishes the development a small amount of vehicle trips into the system can create numerous impacts a stronger development there's no delay so you can have a bunch of vehicles today the city we try to mitigate and alternatives and eirs to reduce that the fire chief if we have less than sixth the sprawl of development they'll have to come up with alternatives alternative locations or come up with mitigation measures like the tdm measures we've talked about. >> thank you very much scomploer and i'm impressed how quickly you're starting to bridge the major different it is really apples and oranges and we're able to focus on what we
9:47 pm
need to do and still make that equality across the rest of state what impresses me the it is logical and easy to understand not being a transportation planner and appreciate the clarity which you said you can see visibly of the trade offs the one question i've asked repeatedly where are we leaving those many undocumented measures like hoover and lifting and the increased obvious use of tour buses and shuttle that have an impact where do we see them and give push back and acknowledgement to their impact. >> so on our memo that is an
9:48 pm
toechlt to the staff report the transportation network company that uber's and lyft's not a measure we're considering as part of memo i don't know if michael or carly can speak to whether or not the city is analyzing the impacts of those beneficial or negative impacts of the types of vehicles on the system if you have any knowledge about that michael. >> sorry to put you on good afternoon michael principal planner at the transportation authority we are praicht in a research study by the uc berkley through the research safety center looking at national numbers including san francisco to get a sense of are those services adrc vehicles trips to the network or reducing and we will be participating with that, i think
9:49 pm
that through the most of this year and have results later the year separate citywide team working on our long-range transportation planning that will be soon enough later this year looking at the players and have in our system and what we want to help to achieve our goals like vehicle miles traveled. >> the only point i'll make there is a theoretical model and practicality for example, bart the academy of art i'm effected by the ends of classes of different size at the most impossible time of the day circulating with no passengers at peek hours and on and on and on and bringing them into the idea of transportation management and impact management that is the question for me.
9:50 pm
>> good afternoon commissioner moore in my view what you're question speaking to an important issue i don't want to lose that there is only one piece of transportation analysis that we are seeking to change which is the question of the level of intersections there is still a lot of issues around transportation on a projecting and a more problematic basis so those questions about site circulation would be a piece of is one engage i see the transportation demand management ordinance structure we're considering now is that as opposed to to now we know late in the process what kinds of
9:51 pm
mechanisms the project sponsor will use and the parking spaces provided we'll have that information early on and consider it in the analysis of progress. >> thank you for explaining i want to raise the babe bar those people that will be building the buildings i want to make sure that those other people participating in the city that is panes to transportation that they participate with equal measures and other accountable 6 what they're doing. >> director rahaim. >> want to reconfirm the budget you approved earlier has a position specifically dloefts to the tdm program and actually a second position for next year that will be used for enforcement and monitoring and also research so we can constantly update 40 the idea
9:52 pm
for the tdm that will be embedded the code you can change it more quickly depending on the results of research the idea that will constantly evolve and grow and change okay. >> if nothing further that concludes this item and commissioner moore we have 5 of us if we take a couple of mini breaks we'll survive so the commission will take a 5 minute break. >> good afternoon and welcome back to the planning commission back to the planning commission regular hearing. thursday, february 11, any kind. proceedings.
9:53 pm
and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. xhefgs commissioners, we left off under your regular calendar for tome 9 at harrison street that is an impact fee waiver >> game-changer matt smith with the definite before i get started on any presentation supervisor kim's office it her i'll let her say a couple of words and then i'll start my presentation. >> good afternoon commission april from supervisor kim's i'm here on behalf of the supervisor to express my so for the for the impact fee private partnerships wire looking forward to activate
9:54 pm
and enlighten the western soma part of your district the periphery has link advocated for public gathering spaces for residents workers and investors a place to hang out and meet in a green clean save public space i want to commends bill inc. and the members of the community to put for the forgot this vision the supervisor attended a workshop and has before embraced with the communities outreach and support you mean the interact almost no parks or public open space and needs more the supervisor has pushed for an open space task force to identify places the western soma in particular and that there add to the public school spouse spacing if the western soma and it will be a place of rich lgbtq and even
9:55 pm
though history is recognized and that is an important part of should be commended and hopefully, will will be fun that the neighborhood can all participate in i know one of the things that the build inc. contributed not only to the design and of the plaza but the maintenance and activation of the space that is long term so our support is it to again support evil plaza that meets the important be lgbtq and helps to address this high quality public space thank you very much commissioners. >> thank you. >> thank you commissioners
9:56 pm
the proposal before you is for a fee waiver for $1 million accomplice an in kind agreement to constrict a plaza within the right-of-way between bernice and harrison commonly or to be called believe plaza on harrison through the project i've approved last september between the western selma area part of the eastern neighborhoods before i go into the backward the in kind agreement in our analysis why we're proposing it i want to brought to your attention the revised motion that was sent to you yesterday and handed utah to you quickly for the record what we're making those adjusts we want to be clear for the conditions of approval that a
9:57 pm
final approval rests with other agency probably most likely the department of building inspection not building inspection but the department of public works so condition one ties your approval with the attached plans indicates that the final plan designs will be approved by public works but at the same time any significant things that weight of the testimony binge that back the findings condition number 2 we want to change that into a finding and intended to condition it there is a declaration of maintenance covenant pits on the property ms. dpw jurisdiction question want to indicate this mechanism that was for damaging even though move forward but whether or not that mechanism gets
9:58 pm
played out again rests with the major imprisonment permit the project sponsor will pursue that is with public works or any of the future agency having jurisdiction and similarly the last condition this is just to indicate that the intention of planning to include this project within the city's plaza program and additional items that clarify to the administrative code. >> okay. back to the background and analysis as you may know planning code section 423 enables the project sponsors instead of paying a fee they can apply. a fee waiver with the same value as in kind agreement you adopt the criteria to evaluate the in kind fees with the planning
9:59 pm
buildings this meets the criteria it meets the western selma area plan and one of the identity priority projects to the green 12th street it is eligible for eastern neighborhoods funding as an open space the project as automotive heard enjoys strong support amongst the eastern neighborhoods citizens advisory committee does support the project and voted 10 out of 10 members to support it the project sponsor has submitted to the planning department 200 plus letters indicating support it's been reviewed by the planning department actually not the planning department or soss but the entering agree with the citizens advisory committee with members of the planning of all divisions and mta from the
10:00 pm
project management and their permitting wing they approved this in concept with the vrnz that, of course, it will go through a encroachment permit the project sponsor has begun discusses with other city family and the fire and public works and the arts commission so therefore the planning department believes that this is a very good project one we strongly support and we urge you to approve the motion before you as revised i will let project sponsor build inc. glow the details thank you >> good afternoon, commissioners michael on behalf of build inc. i wanted to acknowledge bill commissioner
10:01 pm
president dwight a collaboration before b between 9 nonprofit place making section and michelle the digester of design work all to say they're here if you have very specific questions own the specific design materials palate and landscaping that have i'll go relatively quick i want to say that this has been an absolute fun process albeit a long one amazing to take the different elements the needs for green space and the need to commemorate a long stand community lgbtq and our general desire to engage this is as manifestation of that
10:02 pm
hopefully, you'll know the site this is a unique little piece of western soma a perfect place for this kind of street to plaza 12th street sack criminally light in traffic within of the first things that is an 80 foot wide thoroughfare it is well served by harrison and those networks of alleys by division a perfect place to do something special that doesn't disruptive disrupt traffic i'll not dwell we'll talk about the deep community engagement i'd like to say we reached out to pretty much everyone from the defibrillating coalition on 19th street to the leather community and i'd like to say an
10:03 pm
incredibly acholic beverage relationship with the friends of the eagle the site i'll not spent a lot of time but the development alter parking lot that services the b m w was an outdoor patio and an outside bar and a 3 unit residential unit when we had a great relationship with the hoa and owners we were looking food for thought the designs some combination for the green in an alley initially a shared way component that project will lead a one way path important cars and bicycles or bikes to move slowly perhaps in the long run as the
10:04 pm
community gets used to the green space a second look at the fuel closure but an incredible appreciative that is proportionately how the i belive plaza compares to the patricia green walk i walk it everyday it is not perfect but i'll say those shared wave theirs save people walk and cross and it is seamless when shared waivers waves are done right this is a smaller site a larger green only area compared to patricia's green a community favorite we hope we become the patricia's green of soma i don't know. i need to tell you the needs for the. >> (speaking chinese.) in patricia's is well documented
10:05 pm
and real that is some of the overwhelming statistics an unbelievable lack the green space land. green space is strooerld expensive so one great way to accomplish that finally how do you celebrate a culture heritage not necessarily architecture this is one of the questions how not make it disneyland we don't want that we don't want to bottle culture it is secondly, unattractive we're building something new that talks about the heritage culture it is a great gathering place and colonel ration for this unique culture and happens to be next to the eagle one of the active gathering places for leather culture
10:06 pm
so these are the challenges the lack of open space, land through open space acquisition and residential development to commemorates the investment heritage that is real and living we believe that is a great solution a positive solution a little bit about the dimensions of the site about 81 by 1 and 46 give or take a good size and look at collaboratively with the community and our professional team we look at everything how to accommodate a range of use passive and active and want this to be green and flexible we looked at the angle this is an amazing warm and sunny place and look at the wind and noise and traffic circulation and stormwater we'll be doing a lot of stormwater
10:07 pm
diversion here we looked at some of the palate how to not be disneyland and the elk and at the leather some of the elements by the think we subtly integrated without making this too obvious we heard loud and clear it is funny how these happen rec and park said we love our projects that is too them hard escape a big push at the end of the process to bring in more green and heard please don't do lawns their expensive and we don't like them the palate is a native effort but the point this is a place to have a quiet moment not just for parties so there are two zones really that are emerged on the left
10:08 pm
this is much more green and on the right active flexible that is where we call affecting the believe for fundraisers and gather and cafe we're proposing the building across the street lots of eyes on the plazas and those are two major groups and this is a more refined breakdown of the program from eagle porch to the respite and recreation and on the north side of the plaza we're proposing that there is a food truck space to be rotated and there is a commitment to have a keeping you informed eco outlook we need to
10:09 pm
- and finally the plan it is trying not to be pronounciated we've designed a plaza to be closed on special days and be a single pedestrian place or closed and car can move slowly the car is the guest it is adapted active easy to imagine this a pedestrian splap and the images of the shared way merging with the form and you'll see in a minute gone out of our way to connect the palate and commissioner moore at one point called out i want to insure we have a visible k connection the
10:10 pm
plazas speaks to the plazas and one of the ideas one of the quick comments the eagle porch some of those look sandy a moveable platforms they can be staged there recent a top debris that is interrogating this will have a typography as a view and restraining orders are some of the images we hope to achieve the future the palate is i like to call the leather plaza it is durable but quotes and high quality and delineated from the standard concrete and looking at could commiserating with studs and donor tags for people that are contributing to the plaza and this is from bernice towards
10:11 pm
harrison this is the greener side of the plaza >> thank you, sir your time is up. >> absolutely thank you very much. >> can i ask a question. >> you can i'll call public comment. >> (calling names). >> line up on the screen side of the room. >> if your name has been called, feel free to step to the podi podium. >> hello, i'm benny live nearby i'm involved in the finances of eagle plaza and the western selma voice a group dedicated to the quality of life
10:12 pm
in western soma michael has put it very well the different facets within point i want to flow score you can imagine the circumstances of the living in a place where the largest open space is the best buy of a parking lot that's the point i want to make thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm election this is my business partner we own the san francisco eagle we've been involved the project we definitely building that we are part of community that is effected dribble by the things that happen the city and south of market is a very, very few areas people can enjoy having lunch or have a nice walk
10:13 pm
looking at the trees and things like that we believe this space is a necessary we support this all the way and work with build ink inc. and they've been thought and not only the lgbtq but involved with the neighbors you know and they have been rediligent on their outreach and also listening and understanding what the situation in order to better the project one of the things all to point out is that the keeping you informed those we feel this plaza will become something not counterintuitive but an example to find the locations with this type of projects we propose the future on the western selma district. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you.
10:14 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm john taylor i represent all the people that live under there we have a small family and have a place without getting into a car and have a place to walk your neighborhood has been ignored for many, many years as proven by the last scandal and we want a green space that is ours to have i have block parties on my block and neighbors have a feeling he live in a neighborhood that cares and we've never had that i've been there thirty some years some of the neighbors had to leave to go to work but young children we need a place to say green and save and we'll have to work on our own system to keep the
10:15 pm
homeless out we realize we have to take on that project and the last thing we with the tents we had that we definitely want a green clean space to take care of thank you. >> hello, i'm michael i live and work on the south side of 12th street indirectly adjacent plaza i've been involved the process since two years ago with the building and public crews i mean, i'll be lying i'm not extremely nervous with the things going on the neighborhood but i'm persuaded if this is done right and the proposal is in place 24 will be great and greatly improve the neighborhood
10:16 pm
and we with good funding and to execute the stewardship plan that will make it cleaner and greener and safer thank you. >> hi, everyone i'm brooke ray smith the executive director of build public the nonprofit sister company with build ink eir i know that is shepherding through the process and the communities outreach for the past two years i wanted to just relative e reiterate a point that is 200 letters of support from neighbors and members of the lgbtq and other members who have been supportive specifically build public worked over a year with a specific group of stakeholders friends
10:17 pm
the eagle plaza made up of neighboring residents and interested property owners interested citizens that point to be engaged in this process you've heard from several of them but i wanted to read two more letters if women that wanted to be here but had to with work one from rachel sullivan have been born and raised in san francisco and serves on the board of directors of the bay area leather alliance and the director of public works of the will fulsome street a member as well of the filipino-american association for star the sea that she is expressed her support of the 12th street and i'm a we went stakeholder and have long felt our community needed more gathering space we can play and relax in a public setting back as you may know we have no parks
10:18 pm
or public space and needs significantly more as identity in the we went plant and the general plan and the district 6 open space task force and more it has a rich lfbtd and leather cult that have identified as important eagle plaza will meet both of the needs for a public green space that salients fulsome character in a fun way that is inviting for all we've been waste a long time and excited to get more involved as to progresses and very much hope you recommend this to the benefit of our community she had a note last time my child and i looking forward to being with the community one final letter. >> she's a block captain for the group that is located two
10:19 pm
blocks away from eagle plaza our small enclave is an addition a positive step towards the green space and working with build in the community once we realized this was a green space for them our neighbors are excited to take the new baby and we're happy for the grew up thank you very much. >> ma'am, it's your opportunity to speak come up to the podium. >> a brief comment that is a wonderful idea i think the reasons were excellent offer excellent i'll ask the city they
10:20 pm
please be aware of the water use and this is property for new green space this is extremely important and it is the city's responsibility. >> thank you is there any additional public comment? >> i don't see any public comment is closed. and commissioner vice president richards. >> i'm glad i'm speaking first, as the only member the lgbtq community i've been going to the eagle since 1985 he was sad we lyft the eagle and two years ago it is a culture institution i hope can be landmarked i'd like to talk about that and talk with the historic preservation commission commissioners, i truly building it is a landmark status people that might have their ashes spread on the patio
10:21 pm
i believe what michael said it ringing true how you cap the culture it is respectful and great community outreach and support witnessed by the e-mails and letters of support it is sensitive and additive not only for the believe but for the western selma it creates you much needed open space i saw the diagram in your packet the average number of housing is big and in western soma was small it is great for open space the stewardship plan is key this is a lesson we need to learn from the castro if not a good stewardship plan all the best plans go array with a space i sat up and was sanded to see
10:22 pm
nothing going on the plaza on the key it is a great idea get activated and a big gain because i can't negligent or imagine being around a patio and one question on the colorful availability was a permit only can i walk autopsy the patio and take my case beer or only for special events special events i'm supportive thank you commissioner antonini. >> i'm supportive this is a wonderful project and i think that is going to enlighten and an area that lacks parks and open space the only thing i'll disagree with rec and park i heard a number of speakers talk about the children and the fact they and other people that might want on area they can you know laid or throw a ball none of the
10:23 pm
green spaces were shown will allow that a small area of lawn type of flat area the amount of water use is negotiable if so it merged right with planted areas that attract all kinds of garbage that will have to be taken out you showed the bent grass that is allowed first to know when it didn't it looks horrible in a lot of the parks and gets brown so when you moe is it looks at better i'll encourage you to think about that so people can use it for some recreation use so little recreational says that the rest of it looks super. >> two open spaces and but this is how we'll do this is the
10:24 pm
way to do it wonderful project i think an incredible amazing engagement to have this together and i have two comments clarification, sir heard me talking about the specific design review with the. >> (speaking chinese.) and since the civilian design review didn't know about the building to which the says that a attached to you made a comment the lane way some positively he nooetsdz neatest the open space for activation people can come through the park otherwise that didn't work for clarification of this comment but one question i am asking and i'm hoping that planning department together with the commission will partner with dpw at this project moves into the jurisdiction of dpw where that rests
10:25 pm
the fonts o efforts everyone put into the developer and the planning department, the planning commission they can see the dialogue as this is cross engineered certain things may have to adjust and the the devil is in the details but that level that the devil is in the details is either making it or breaking go that and i hope even though thoughtfulness by which every contributed we're talking about everybody we can maintain that including the spirit in which it was created i'm asking the director and dpw to let this project come back with periodic updates if there are changes we can all appreciate and understand them and stay the dialogue and samuel obviously we have to defer the responsibility of the space but by tint and
10:26 pm
spirit i hope we can create a large partnership we'll all standard by and participate i'd like to make a footnote to the motion in some form of another we want to stand by. >> director rahaim. >> yes. commissioner, i, certainly make sure we keep you informed on the process any potential changes that might occur was we go forward other point mr. 13450igd when the change to the motion on the issue of maintenance and stewardship bikes a finding rather than a condition was the legal situation by a commitment i understand for a permit maintenance there will be a covenant i understand. >> our intentions so kind of
10:27 pm
follow the triangle model whereas there will be a declaration of maintenance could have in what capacity recorded against the property but again that will probably happen from the improvement by that sfrument i instrument up to you them how they want to employ it but that's the model we will follow-up. >> that will be the responsibility of public works. >> yes. that's right thank you. >> commissioner hillis. >> i'm supportive i wanted to i think the analog it strategize placed open space i support kind of someone else the coffee and key i know you have a restaurant or cafeteria on one portion of the building patricia's is successful couldn't fail it had
10:28 pm
has to many people around it the more things to activate whether a cafe so congratulations and good luck. >> commissioner moore. >> one question for mr. schneider just a few minutes you only mentioned maintenance i think in an earlier description i talked about maintenance and infrastructure. >> sure there are two parts again, we hope to follow throw in the same model as dagget the declaration and getting melrose be used and the activation and participation and the city plaza issue the rfp kind of activation to a nonprofit most likely
10:29 pm
someone that is already involved again that's your intention embarrass how that will happen but we hope to do with that project. >> i hope we can keep that together you don't know i don't think you can trades off. >> if i may confirm to the maker of the motion the position motion is to approve the revised motion as amended moving condition number one to a finding between finding. >> condition number 2. >> i'm sorry the second condition we'll move that to a finding you the second one is crossed out. >> i'm sorry. >> in your revised. >> maybe the numbering the first number is the condition number one should be regarding exhibit b that has the plans. >> okay. >> condition two was regarding the maintenance covenant we'd
10:30 pm
like to move to the finding. >> okay. >> moving the condition regarding the maintenance covenant to the finding and commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 4 to zero and places you on item 10 mythical conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong department staff the case before you a request for conditional use authorization to establish a retail formula doing business as quickly as the site of 146 hundred limited restaurant on mission street the excelsior neighborhood district the bills began in november of 2014 and
10:31 pm
the planning enforcement case was opened the established doesn't seek the conditional use authorization the request before you contributes to towards the abatement of that violation the business had installed new signage without the benefit of a permit and working with the department the project sponsor has agreed to rove the unpermitted awning to a single non-illuminated sign this exist for the prior business a change of copy only the department has not professed any public comment about this project the proposed retail formula and recommend approval helps to maintain a viable business that might otherwise be a vacant rate of 7 percent the listener is- thorough the formula retail use will have
10:32 pm
negotiable use of the retail formula it meets a planning code with the purchase purpose and the provisions of the general plan and as complying about the performance guidelines for 9 formula retail uses that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you any public comment on this item. >> oh, sorry project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is leo i'm the owner of the business an 4482 mythical i'm here to give you an overview we hope you approve my application for the
10:33 pm
conditional use i purchased this business in may 2014 it was a bakery shop selling coffee and tea cookie and cakes and ice cream we keep it for a while but bus was 2009 good a lot of the customers want more selection for so we decided to add some quickly product to our current existing memo so the name of the business still stays the same the existing we continue to serve to our customers we didn't know that adding like some of the quickly products to our existing memo require us to apply for the formula retail use so we are so sorry for that we have reached out to the neighbor
10:34 pm
and current nearby business and seem like pretty happy with my operating quickly there so we only have been small projecting size quickly for outside the store we hope you guys can approve any project thank you very much. >> okay. now opening it up for public comment if there is any not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i guess question this is the second or 3 quickly after the fact to legalize maybe are portal but one of the questions, mr. lou may i ask you a question so in 2014 when you approached quickly about south america the
10:35 pm
product did they tell you hey you need go through the conditional use authorization. >> they didn't tell me anything about that i don't know because we still have our existing products so i doesn't know that you know even selling look at of quickly product we are considered a formula retail use chain, i didn't know annex the last thing i want to do we got caught up in a missed understanding i mentioned a letter should be sent to quibble if the future quickly is considered you need to indicate to the small business owner you've done this is a probably prior to that i'm okay with this but hope we don't see too many more of these. >> commissioner antonini.
10:36 pm
>> i'm not quite sure i've heard they're keeping the name of the establishment they currently have and their only using quickly products i'm not sure why this is considered formula retail what barrier they crossed 50 percent quickly products e.r. the name changed to quickly how does that work. it was the signage on the storefront two elements that are required for formula retail the signage and interior decor and products within for drinks sold using the merchandise is a standard array that qualities as a formula retail >> they're considered a quick i'm you know tends toe vote against it i don't want to hurt the individual business but two other quibble or so within a
10:37 pm
mile an over saturation too bad the owner couldn't have found another supplier or a divest formula retail is better than only the same thing so that's my concern you're only having formula retail but the same formula retail so i be this kind of narrows the choices of the people the neighborhood as to the types of products or this type of an establishment. >> commissioner hillis. >> just a question who do this come to our attention. >> an enforcement case i'm not sure who filed it but the enforcement a case was a filed on the day the quickly establishment first began operating as quickly. >> and then they submitted is
10:38 pm
a conditional use authorization application shortly there after. >> i think i mean 7 notches you're selling quickly products from our this was grand as a quick store which i think is fine to have that so we've had the past this has happened before and somehow north not getting through to the various enterprise it is we're letting the community decide what they want to see on their neighborhood commercial district and have no option opposition to that i prefer we doing everything we can to get quickly to apply or make sure that whoever is getting the franchise there's no community opposition i move to approve with continues conditions. >> second. >> commissioner moore. >> i want to ask a slightly
10:39 pm
larger overarching question who- i can only congratulate any small business but what are reoffering including having formulas launch on to small businesses that are innocent in the course of what they're doing pea i'm saying what else can we do other than innovative quickly as a repeat offender or at mayor's office for small business commission, etc. helps to spread information for young entrepreneurs to watch out what is rules are might be mentioning names of corporation to find a way through the backdoor and
10:40 pm
heave leaving leave those people who want to make a living the dark i'm not a policeman or whatever i think we need to tighten up the mechanisms which don't help us to prevent it from happening. >> that's all i'll say i can't single out the person but need to look for help. >> scomplifks. >> i guess two questions first point at some that the assistant future with 59 small business commission to go talk about or addresses those types of things and secondly, to staff have we done a sense that quickly is complying and truly the ones the future are bad corporations and are the quibbles leaving. >> on behalf of the improvement team 12 operating the city as quickly this was the
10:41 pm
most recent one that opened with the exception of one if stones town. >> okay right. >> so i'm supportive of legalizing this use and i think the staff i see a letter in the back i stand corrected hopefully staff will not have this happen again for are a owner. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further there is a motion that has been seconded. >> director rahaim is it appropriate for the staff to reach out to the small business commission are other parts of the city family to help us to make this not happen again that will be very, very helpful. >> we've been commission working with the small business commission and the office small business to kind of educate community the small businesses
10:42 pm
on these things they've be established a small business portal to understand and simulating information so a lot of things to address the issues we're talking about. >> there is a motion and a second to approve that with conditions. >> commissioner antonini. >> no commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong snaichlt 4 to one with commissioner antonini voting against commissioners onramp item 11 at market street also 15 street a conditional use authorization. >> commissioner richards and i own property within 5 hundred feet of that project so i nova
10:43 pm
recuse myself. >> we have a problem with recusing commissioner vice president richards. >> i'm requesting to be recused do i hear. >> wait there are only 4 - is there a second. >> sew commissioner moore to rouse commissioner vice president richards commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 4 to zero and jonas we'll wait a second as commissioner vice presiden quorum. >> commissioners item 11 for case no. at market street, 15 street
10:44 pm
conditional use authorization. >> department staff thank you. before you a request for a conditional use authorization for planned unit with exception for rear yard dwelling unit exposure and bay window requirement the conditional use authorization was for lot size greater than 9 thousand 99 square feet to the property lot merger and for economical e.r. commercial are larger that he exist lots are with the building was the funeral home at the surface parking lot serving the funnel home with access an market street and 15 and two stories residential the project is within the upper market street zoning district and a height and bulk and within the rh2 zoning district and the height and bulge district within
10:45 pm
the market octavia it is a mixed use e mixed use with the 43 dwelling units and 565 hundred square feet of commercial ground floor and new two residential building and retention of the existing 3 units rent-controlled building all in a promoted lot sized approximately 22 thousand plus square feet up to 24 off-street parking and a underground glaring are gastrogarage an onsite bike storage for parking for 66 pays spaces it has the incorporation of the market street and an existing historical resource to the contribution to the historical district under second and it is the incorporation and of a rent-controlled unit unit
10:46 pm
on 15 street it proposes onsite affordable units and the developer has entered into a costa-hawkins copies for your review and noticed the department has received public communication confusing 3 letters of support 2 others with the sponsors submittal and an additional letter was given to the staff for your receive and the market octavia plan to in fill the mixed use residential and commercial development and transit by active and vibrant streetscapes it in total adds 45 units to the housing stock so commute and satisfactory without reliance on the automobiles the project is necessary and desirable it compatible with the surrounding neighborhood based on those findings and others in the case report the department
10:47 pm
recommends approval with the recommended conditions that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions the project sponsor has a presentation to follow. >> thank you. >> thank you project sponsor please. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and commissioners i'm dan with the group ambassador as you may know we've been fortunate to be involved in the market octavia area for more than 10 years after parking lot in the plans formation we're pleased to be here presenting this project that is consistent with the market octavia plan and it's principles i want to first thank the planning staff for for your plenty work as the community outreach we hosted or tenant 15 group meetings two community presentations and newcomers
10:48 pm
informal meetings with neighbors included in the castro madam secretary and the eureka valley and spur and sf hawk and earthal heritage and work with the san francisco bicycle coalition who we have been fortunate to work with over the years in developing the bicycle friendly developments today, we received numerous letters of support for organizations that represent 75 hundred businesses and merchant and almost nine hundred of upper market neighborhood neighbors and administers we're proud of the project and it's full time of the market octavia plan we believe that brings onsite affordable to this area and lead platinum of mixed use development and preserves an existing historic research with
10:49 pm
the characterizations and reestablishes the urban fabric by remove vacant surface park and provides inviting retail and it also reduces the vehicle parking spaces that will currently on site by 31 percent and we're providing 80 percent more open space and 33 percent more bicycle parking than required we're i'm available to answer any questions you may have and thank you for the opportunity to present this project jay our preservation architect is here as daniel if reuben, junius & rose and now i'm going to turn it over to dabbling the project architect from da r.
10:50 pm
>> we have terrific input from planning and the neighborhood and it has been a great effort and can i have the - there we go. >> an unusual u ash site the configuration has a geography and runs from market street to 15 street and there recent an exist as mentioned the staff report a 3 unit building and existing on 15 street and the surface parking that is to be roved and replaced with fully gastrogoodwill ground parking and no curve cuts on market street the other interesting kafkts is the shape in geometry of the block itself as you look at the knowledge as you can see how we
10:51 pm
respond to the geographyy and again 9 market octavia plan was a very important component of that project but also as we talked with jay turnball about the character of the historic district and looking at the context that is very diverse neighborhood with a broad variety i have architectural style from mid century more than to victorian we spoke that is difficult to see as we spoke with the neighbors and with jay it was clear that historic refers represents a challenge we have to maintain 75 percent of existing exterior walls we need to read the architecture through the existing building is no small task and expensive the plan here shows the ground
10:52 pm
floor retail market street on the bottom and the rear yard so we have the ground floor retail that is flexible and provides for uses the building on the left the historic building shown with the red online on the plan also indirectly behind the rob is class a parking space to the lobby for a convenient assess we moved those up from the basement with the coalition recommendation we the residential entry many that happens the middle of the building is responding to two issues one it helps to separate the new building from the historic resource and effects the patterns directly across the street. >> go at your own pace.
10:53 pm
>> so that gap reflects a pattern directly across the street and in character of the neighborhoods we thought was absolutely appropriate as you move up the building the roof forms are the distinguishing architectural characteristic of the historic building that is retained and held the building back to express the building and as we move up to the upper floor we have an unusual condition we step from 50 to 60 x feet back so stepped down the building and as you can see as i mentioned the geometry of that neighborhood open space all of the parking is subterranean and saelsz through a single garage door off of 1
10:54 pm
street as we started to develop the architecture it was a question we about the appropriate earthal solution to respect the materiality of the existing building in a contemporary way the panel listed system is the gravity system and the scale of the window reflective the characteristic and the historical building is intact we have lowered the windows to help the retail to be more successful and you can see the gap between the existing building you can see it better in this view we've held the building away so it the historic resource stands free and more clearly understandable and in addition we've provided upper terraces for the reflection of the market octavia plan
10:55 pm
active outdoor platform the rear the lower minimal is reflected of the texture of the buildings to the rear and they've been reviewed with the neighbors and theyer supportive as we move to 15 street a 3 story townhouse that has two units assessed off of traditional stoop and basically flat two unit stake over the top of each other we've provided lightwells in comments from the neighbors buildings so lightwells that reflect the adjacent buildings and as that building sorry and then the upper floor that was a roof deck i wanted to mention two things i
10:56 pm
didn't mention danny mentioned 80 percent above our open space requirement and we're at 52 percent, 2 plus bedroom count we've exceeded the 40 percent guidelines quite significantly the parking is subterranean here so the new tougz the existing 3 unit building has two existing parking it is xovrm with the city standards as we started to look at the context of the 15 street is it so also an eclectic block with a mix of highly contemporary buildings and traditionally buildings many have been stitched their decor and with jay we sdoisdz reinterpret again
10:57 pm
that traditional form in a more contemporary way this is 35 feet the city standards 25 so because the two bay to keep the vertical portion consistent with the neighborhood again still a penetration has been done as well to try to reflect the character in a more contemporary way thank you very much i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> okay open up for public comment and we have a number of speaker cards we have a number of speaker cards
10:58 pm
(calling names). >> if go ahead if you're ready yeah. >> good afternoon, commissioners as i'm sure you remember from last week the economic development i'm i'd like to thank director rahaim to come to our member talking about the sex treatment facility he got the full completion e presentation to meet the report after public comment is over and i'd like to thank commissioner president fong for the wide-ranging phone call he described how important affordable housing is if is for the teachers and pollens and focus my comment since affordable housing is a major
10:59 pm
crisis and with groups commissioner vice president richards if he's watching on tv i remember when the luvengs back in 2013 that the whole food development an delores includes 15 percent onsite quotes that is acceptable to us we have others issues working with him think designs and with the retail formula but before he went to commission that he reneged and said the affordable units somewhere the community and - they left us with affordable housing and this development proposes 45 and onsite or 6 units that is in our view not enough and not meet the 20 percent established by pg&e and others organizations the one system the
11:00 pm
policy you remember i gave you copies by our count xii units short that is the behavior for two years ago we're not happy commissioner vice president richards has told you ze we should have called them on it we're here hoping it will be different the planners are not punished the developers to come to the table an fundamental r affordability and endorses the goal of 33 percent this can't be achieved with all due respect our neighborhood and the developments sites we can't see a way to be achieved everyone the commission approves it is only 12 percent affordable if the commission rewards people then this is not supporting the goal it is only talk it continue
11:01 pm
with the project to get the products at the table to help to create the city we love to live in thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is gary wise i'm the land use committee deboss and eureka valley associations i have also owned a small business on market street for over 3 two years it is less than a block into the project being discussed i'm here today to oppose to project as being proposed there for the last several years we've watched building after building on the market cord the cornice and text turk it is your makes that reassembly another rear of
11:02 pm
the building those who live on 15 street is avoid of the interest and daily we at the organization fought to have the 20 percent bmr standard and other organizations have stated they'll innovate support any large development with any less than there that we've made this repeated but they've refused to consider the required site as a administer i don't think the traffic and people wanted to be the neighborhood and this building will look like daily city than on one the great boulevards in the country i know this project is determined but from the outcome can produce a better project with more affordable units would that not be worth it i've lost employees that can't afford to live here
11:03 pm
i'm asking to grant and six months continuance to be encouraged to listen to other merchant and come up with a design we can be proud of thank you. >> my name is ted olsen i'm speaking personally as a neighbor and owner third generation within a block the proposal which i urge you to approve i sent all of you an e-mail easily i asked to be incorporated into the record i want to focus on several parts in particular as the senior member of the gored of landmark two 37 i particularly appreciate the care they've and the expense and the creative challenge that thai
11:04 pm
incurred by protecting the architectural heritage of the funnel home that's been there many years i also wanted to commend them in a role i play on the vision zero task force for the emphasis on the number of bikes interested in as a senior encouraging a number of seniors to stay fit using bicycle particularly electric bikes this thing bouts well with that current plan and then finally i'm very grateful for the mix for the vast of units their offering and the mix of occupants that will bring into the neighborhood i think this they have taken great care in trying to combine
11:05 pm
both respected for the history of the neighborhood thank you very much i urge you to approve the project. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and commissioners my name is tim jones and i'm a community residents of the castro area since 1988 and representing the san francisco aids foundation as the entry ceo and partner with that community group we recently opened a new location on castro street and a lot of the clients come into our space actually abruptly we opened the new building and from the early 80s we have presence have repeatedly asked us to help them find affordable housing
11:06 pm
oftentimes we have the unfortunate duty to tell them it is difficult to find affordable housing with this project we believe that that helps to affiliate the gap we want to point out that as far as the foundation is concerned we've been partnership with them several years and want to make sure we continue that relationship in a meaningful way i believe that their mission and vision around insuring that they care about the community and neighborhoods is so forth the project based on the information i'll share i'll encourage you to approve the project without delay thank you.
11:07 pm
>> good afternoon, commissioners picture my name is andrea i'm the executive director for the castro upper market benefit district the district represents the 200 and 70 property owners the upper market and castro area and i'm here to show our support for this project we have a land use committee and land use committee voted unanimously as to the board of directors to support the project just like to say that particularly in respect for the retail formula there is concern the rob was not small enough we had dan and john were partners with us for a year and a half we did a project we did reach to try to understand the large
11:08 pm
twice the vacancy rate the castro twice the vacancy rate in commercial vacancies so we did the project to try to understand what was going on and both dan and john were members thought that during committee and we found that what the castro really needs is a diversity of spaces it is surprising we find 24 small businesses need startups need small space it is expensive but at the same time, a neighborhood and a commercial district needs a variety of sizes the castro actually have a lot of small or oddly shaped spaces this is one of the reasons a lot of reasons but one of the reasons it is not that toxic to people so by having a
11:09 pm
variety of spaces on the ground floor we believe that will help bring vitally and diversity to the neighborhood and more from from the brokers and potential businesses moving on so we support it and looking forward to it being built with the neighbors and the commercial tenants thank you. >> good afternoon commission rob pool with the action coalition with the three hundred individual members thank you for the opportunity our members saw this and about the project a product group picked a challenging site but came up with a go successful project and
11:10 pm
to take advantage of allowable envelope the neighborhood we support the affordable and had the discussion about increasing the percentages and we firmly stated not good policy to try to enact that than the past couple of months an interesting rotator from the california legislative analyst office that said in market-rate has displacement in the neighborhood food for thought and the transportation you know we have a net reduction in loose this is terrific a good site parking plan and a plan on 16 street i'm sorry, i missed that the presentation additional did a good job many making use of renovating the
11:11 pm
rent-controlled units on site and come up with a project that respect the design and character the neighborhood we love the focus on the pedestrian experience and chief financial officer it to a better streets plan and a better area for people to walk around in and especially on market street platinum we don't see that and terrifically supportive and done a good job with the community outreach not everyone is in complete support of all aspects the project but the project sponsor done a good job in engaging the community and come up with a good proposal we hope you support it today thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner commissioner president fong as a
11:12 pm
residence of the castro neighborhood this is the perfect project to take the pressure are you off the castro exact and even though rent-controlled units the castro the more we build those maufrlts the real you know provides opportunities for those folks who want to live in the castro to live near it not exactly in that and besides the upper market neighborhood it realize the whole architecture that is preserving the original building while inclusive of more modern architectures around it a perfect in fill with taking ether the historic asphalt parking lot that is there for years and so this really activates the block and it while maintaining the character of the
11:13 pm
neighborhood and representing the legacy of the neighborhood i urge you to please support this project and go forward today thank you. >> okay is there any additional public comment? >> so good afternoon commissioner president fong and all of the rest of you in the committee thank you for letting us give me our opinions i say as always you choose your balances carefully as to the architect and the police it is nothing much i can say what i can say nobody from the neighborhood except us are here they are working their the people that have been quoted but
11:14 pm
they're not here they have not yielded talked about this we are the people who actual land and property abuts this land so we are immediately effected whereas many half a street away can say it is a wonderful project their got to be consideration given to the people that are actually living on the land abutting this plan now i want to brought to your attention the first of all, start with the parking lot because the the sullivan building is not of immediate concern to us who live on the block and a half that is on noah street connecting with 15 so noah has 5 apartments 5 living - 5 houses
11:15 pm
that open onto the back of they're back side opens on to all the extension of this plan is to my and others are think noah we open into the other plan the back all the extension buildings of this strange and interesting shaped projectile abuts our land or will interfere with our living i think without going into a whole lot the idea that because this project and it maybe good i'm not commenting on that but because of the existence of this project it will be x baiting let me tell you dirt and grass is a huge with that building interest will be a huge on slough of dirt and rats in the streets let me remind you on the corners we've
11:16 pm
been subjected for the last two years to these buildings which means that 15 street is choked already for two years okay. this means that 15 street is going to be knocked for the next two or three years having market street can't hold the heavy equipment that is necessary for this construction so the people who are in this area like see are going to be squeezed with traffic which already exists we can't move he suggest with the dirt with the rats, with other kinds of animal that will be uprooted and homeless that have no place to go and currently into. >> thank you, ma'am, your time is up. >> ma'am, thank you very much. >> thank you.
11:17 pm
>> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> i have a at the same time. >> a new 3 minutes. >> i live directly next door to the construction i live i'm concerned with the changes that will effect my lifestyle i'm concerned with the dust the rats, the all the crap that comes along with things next door to my house not worried about things the backyard it is i see this is gigantic more of the things on down market street i'd like to see more reaching it out the neighborhood i live next door i'm not aware of the
11:18 pm
outreach in totally with respect to the light coming out where i live that will be a shadow now that's all i have to say. >> okay. thank you. >> hi lauren clark and i live about 15 minutes walk from in place in a great walkable communities and hang out around this area if i want to grab a grinning or drink at the mix i want to say anytime you replace parking with people that is a good thing we're in a housing crisis you hear this everyday you know that we need to there housing around the transient rich area this is a fantastic project i looked at the plan they're doing an
11:19 pm
ousting e oust bmr's and they're doing it green and replacing parking are actual families it is a wonderful opportunity i beg you to make that a quick decision and not add time to the process every time you add an continuance another week a family goes without a home because the continuances don't get pushed to the next meeting but ads months and months and months we're to other housing crisis we can't continue to did i live dale we need to take the laws and change them at a later date but the job of this body is this a good project and meets the requirements yes let's move forward and add housing we need housing now thank you very much.
11:20 pm
>> hello commissioners and business owner the neighborhood and recently finished a two year renovation of a historic building i commend the committee for maintaining the historic resources and keeping a building built in 1922 and later merged and changed and keeping 75 percent is something to be applauded on top of trying to turnout a lead to a platinum building we applaud we've seen change in the scene that recently but seeing the green shoes that will add have you seen those commercial i applaud the project sponsor for the uses on market street we've had a great relationship with the product group and what the street defend for the community and the architect i replace how much they replace
11:21 pm
the 25 setback and 25 along the side one great project it is i strongly urge you and the folks will have been great residents and wish them the best and hopefully welcome our new neighbor very soon thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm a resident on a property adjacent to the two sides and the backyard i understand this guess a vacant lot and a transient rich neighborhood my concern is for the construction impacts and the commission requested the project sponsor to after hours permits if requested they weekend to minimize the construction impacts thank you. >> okay is there any additional
11:22 pm
public comment? >> i don't see any public comment is closed. >> commissioner hillis. >> thank you for this and the public comment when we the planning department spent i don't know 5 years or so doing the market octavia plan this is what we expected and encouraged to see a pretty underutilized parcel with affordable housing and retail that neighborhood i think that there's a lot to like go about this project one of the design works on this site and in our preservation of the existing that funnel homebuilding as well as the residential unit on 1 street work well and you know, i like like the bolder architecture but this is better than last week it tends to be something for them to shoot towards i think the scale works a
11:23 pm
question on the retailed and the retail spaces for the project sponsor there seems like an ability it hichlt what type of retail do you anticipate having on the empowering it is an interesting block i've walked this block and 99 times on the other side of the plain clothes and walkable character on this site tends the way it was confederate led to not the most inviting pedestrian experience i'm glad this is retail and your using the existing building and converting that into retail what type of retail do you expect. >> thank you commissioner hillis as andrea mentioned we've spent a lot of time in the european market and castro looking at the retail and rail
11:24 pm
demand nothing specific we've identified for this sites one conclusions we need to get more brokers engaged the upper market and interested in leasing spaces up under and bring interesting tenants up there is that there's a lack of flexibility on spaces through we don't very specific retailers at this time we have designed a space it would be devisual into 4 spaces and like having the flexibility because one of the conclusions out of the study this area needs mini anchors that 2000, 25 hundred square feet not constitutes collar but food uses that can serve as a small market that serves as ways to bring people
11:25 pm
into the area within of the questions that has come up on the retail is formula versus non-formula retail use and i think foods is director rahaim knows we were also involved if helping the project sponsor up the street with the former tower record space they're actually is on this side of the street a presumption against formula retail and so the commission understands about 80 percent of our portfolio of properties has number one formula retail so we see this as recently an for example, the no, but area we brought figure designs out of colorado and we brought in at aner leather goods out of permit holder portland that adds to the vitally and
11:26 pm
valencia whether those in hayes valley and chrome the backpack company next to them on valencia street we see this type of tenants like that. >> you think he retail space you think you can divide the other side. >> it divides nicely between the two spaces one of the spaces is actually smaller than the other the one on the west side is deeper the one that is on the earner side of the building is probably i think nine hundred square feet is really a small local type of shop but set up so that can be a tenant and good for local or medium sized tenants. >> on the question of affordable housing we shared the
11:27 pm
concern of trying to produce more affordable housing folks were talking about moratoriums and increasing the inclusion percentage we can do and look at it where the percentage can be we don't know where that will land and there the ava question came up or actually i'm not familiar with the whole foods sake that you did i am not this is as inclusionary housing onsite i don't know if foods site. >> briefly talk about that. >> i'm happy to do that i realize this hearing is about the project and not me personally i thought to say the world of san francisco development reputation means everything i appreciate the intent to respond to that i actually have a series of 3
11:28 pm
letters and first of all, i'd like to say i respect d t and aa neighborhood organization that cares about land use they care about important issues in our city i their position i have a december 2010 letter i'll be happy to to distribute that eric said i made a commitment in emphasizing to do onsite affordable and peter coal and d t and r or a go catalyst we're required to pay in lieu of and declared our tension with that requirement in addition there's a letter here from at the time that was doug shoemaker the head of the
11:29 pm
malice writing inspector duffy we were working with inspector duffy and doug shoemaker to try to add a land dedication a dedication the market octavia and made a commitment that we'll work dmrinl and working to find another site in the neighborhood to actually do a land dedication in lieu of of paying our fees because of the stimulus program we were required to pay 20 percent and 80 percent before the coming out certificate of occupancy the third from olsen lee from the mayor's office of housing responding to a land dedication site after more than 3 years of looking for a site we identified and brought the site to the mayor's office of housing
11:30 pm
and the letter outlines the fact that the city attorney had pulled the lane dedication legislation not available interest was not enough time to actually into enter into a development agreement and get clearance in order to dedicated that and at the time the city needs the money so in reality we were forces to pay the in lieu of fees we brought the site the site was rejected and at the end of the day on that project we paid 20 percent we paid $4 million plus which would are result in about thirty to 40 affordable units the city so i take a little bit of the facts and the revision history not correct and the record speaks to that you you know, i understand it is a pagsz on or about and an
11:31 pm
important issue that's why we're involved i've been working personally in affordable housing for over 25 years and b will try to find solutions. >> for that you paid a in lieu of fee. >> we did. >> you wanted to satisfy that. >> by onsite. >> yes. >> is it a rental or for sale. >> it is not finalized but likely to be for sale project. >> all right. thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> while you're up (inaudible) years you've been working on this project i think and maybe you can describe a little bit of the outreach you did briefly there, there were a couple of speakers felt they were not notified i would think they muralist received notification for the project.
11:32 pm
>> so thank you commissioner antonini as i mentioned earlier we did about 15 formal stakeholder group measles e meetings with the organized groups that were around we are required to put out a 311 notification and hold a general community meeting we did there was a technical issue with the first notification we actually asked by planning to do a second meeting we the there has been a capture of meetings there were general meetings the notification perimeter and in addition, i probably had 60 cups of coffee in upper market meeting with the neighborhood groups and concerned neighbors that live around the project. >> it sunldz you've been the works for 3 years. >> probably over 3 years and 4
11:33 pm
years during that time over the course the required amount of affordable housing was 12 percent i'll expect based on that you eliminates part of project to preserve the historic building you crafted that based on what you had. >> the project lost 20 percent of the gross leasable area if we had gone through a environmental impact report and had finding that we could tear down the exist building we thought there was a benefit that is an interesting building adds character but you're correct 20 percent losses of square footage because of the setbacks of the existing building. >> okay. thank you very much. >> i have thoughts i think this is as excellent project and part of what was brought up the fact we're preserving a hectic building and you know the project was
11:34 pm
designed based on the rules that now in place and were in place so i don't believe in changing the rules midstream as far as the affordable and a costa-hawkins if it is rental you know it will be 12 percent onsite one way or another and costa-hawkins allows the rental if they choose are it residences 3 rent-controlled units and parking belief 5 point allowed and support of a lot of neighbors and its function eureka valley and castro and cbc castro merchant and acknowledge on design i agree with a couple of comments i think that is green well-designed but wider elements between side windows on the market street facade kind of
11:35 pm
cut the glazing i understand those units have to get their light from that lighted source you need a certain amount of glazing but widened those give a connecting look and cut down on the amount of glazing and not really fringe on the light at foot level the other thing some sort of cornice tea vanity building is fairly electronic strong that calls attention to the fact that is the blind where the retail ends and the housing begins and 16 feet floor to ceiling within the retail space that's not an issue and your
11:36 pm
line item curb cuts 50 percent two bedroom and 44 percent of that two bedroom and 8 percent three bedrooms meets the need for families with multiple families and matching lightwells with the request of the neighbors and steps down nicely to 15 street and plenty of parking and the only things we have to rule upon the fact that the separation between the centers of the phases is about two feet less than normally the case but almost invisible and then, of course, the p u d over 3 thousand and as far as construction impacts maybe staff can lightwell us you know those apply to projects there are
11:37 pm
certain hours of the construction and maybe staff comment. >> i'll be happy to to answer that corey zoning administrator those restrictions are administered through the department of building inspection they handle all the construction related issues we don't actually not live the planning code any planning department requirements we're not involved and with that said, the planning commission has the ability to address that issue it is not an on or about we've administered through the planning code. >> but in dbi there are limits to construction. >> yeah. dbi has limits and you know applying for additional time to do construction. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> configuring project that follows the rules it does everything it needs to do a very
11:38 pm
nice job balancing the site plan that with the historic building the fact it creates more than background is appreciated because for me the setting we call on the importance the setting is far more important than a piece of architecture will speak too much about itself it is more challenging i've seen in a long time not only two frontages the through lot but 5 regular sites which is monumental not easy to do. 14 building abutting you and that's where the comments came from people not felt having been individually invited to talk to you i made a note because in the setting where you have indeed
11:39 pm
large neighborhoods groups needs to be brought into the conversation with a strong business organization and 14 individual homeowners who might not felt themselves as participating as they would have liked i acknowledge it that's why we're sitting here and appreciate the - ami to use the detention in the historic building and the way you come to the newer part of the building is creates an interesting space not a predict way but to work out there to the dialogue of the two buildings that is well addressed i know this project is not to mention agree name it provides a invented retail space and not ask for exceptions and
11:40 pm
exemption the larger district i want to acknowledge it it question need to acknowledge when we see well addressed and keep these in mind and others projects that try to split them i'm in support of the project and couldn't say anything more it is a great project i appreciate you're being so forth right with explaining the background and must have been some misunderstanding and an outside coordinator that would to help the other neighbors to understand the construction that will help to create a better feeling in the neighborhood >> thank you commissioner moore. >> i'm supportive of the project as well as and on that note as we've done in other projects we asked. a liaison within the construction project possible a timeline and update weekly or
11:41 pm
whatever the neighbors can log into a great website called town hall a particular project and block and perhaps the neighborhoods can found out about the extermination of the duty, etc. and get a timeline that will be helpful and if a motion add those as conditions or recommendations commissioner hillis >> (inaudible). >> approve with conditions. >> second. >> second and oh, is he seconded it. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'll add that continue to work with staff on any design issues that may remain and also the coordinator i think has spoken. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to acknowledge mr. turnball i think the rhythm of the reiteration addresses the
11:42 pm
spirit of this preservation compatibility between old and new i have no issue with that. >> there is a motion that has been seconded to approve that matter with conditions commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis commissioner moore and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 4 to zero and commissioners that places us on item 12. >> at a conditional use
11:43 pm
authorization. >> good afternoon. planning commission across the city with the planning staff planning staff a conditional use authorization for the proposed development at de harrow the planning code section a cu is required to allow removal and regional housing summit of 3 or more units for the existing ground unit with the cu is required the project will don't worry about all the buildings and subdivided to a sized lot and construct two single-family dwellings and 5 for a total of 12 units all the existing rental units were ellis acted on june 2nd and remained vacant the rh2 looked within the height and
11:44 pm
bulk district within the castro hill showcase square and is located the north west of the streets the existing sites is occupied by 8 residential units with 48 hundred square feet and square feet only organized around the perimeter of the site connected by a asphalt driveway they're an a delipidated condition and vacant since 1999 the typography is up sloping and the area surrendered the site is a predominantly residential with the exception of the north part and the industrial and church use there is also a 3 story be office building and a school use the inspirational are international statutes located the northeast part of street
11:45 pm
with regard to public comments the sponsor has outreach with the adjacent neighbors and the potrero boosters neighborhood group and a outreach memo that was included in your packet with the map indicating property locations and more letters of support were were received at the time the packet mailing many letters of sport none in opposition they support for the respect the delipidated and the architectural disdain and the mass and scale subsequent to the packet mailing staff get 5 additional support and i'll pass out the letters now. >> and also thank you for the opportunity to include supplemental documents that were
11:46 pm
subsequent to the packet mailing and including did certificate of determination and the programs which was triggered with the project exceeding 10 dwelling units this include the following the proposal differences a 15 thousand lot into 7 typical lots consistent that the net gain of units by enabling increasing the housing stock and 10 or more dwelling units the project triggers the affordable housing with the planning code section the project will create 12 family sized two bedroom or larger and lastly the site is capable and consistent with the keeping of the residential guidelines and contributing to a middle-income open space pr that
11:47 pm
concludes my presentation. and i'm available to answer any questions thank you. >> again project sponsor please. >> hello commission and commissioner president fong i'm kevin dill i'm the project sponsor for a project at 18 and i've been an architect in san francisco for over thirty years like most of neighborhood i always wonder why the building were booted up and availability i walked my dog past that sites hundreds of time newly one new orleans in 2013 i saw the for sale sign 34 months later we recall were fortunate to buy the property the northeast corner is 17 buildings 5 are delipidated
11:48 pm
and chris mentions and has not been occupied for over 16 years. >> the other two buildings were used by the previous owner so our proposal is to demolish all the buildings which is the reason the conditional use is required and why we're here today and construct new housing on the site as chris mentioned we've done substantial neighborhood outreach we hosted two neighborhood merging the first one on the site and the second one at any home a half a block up the hill we presented to the potrero hill broadcasters membership that has hundred people there that night and the boosters development committee we have sent drawings or maps with interested neighbors many
11:49 pm
of whom have written letters of support today in addition the project was featured in a potrero hill view article the neighborhood newspaper and ounce or ones a month that newspapers shows up on every doorstep the neighborhood in addition to that, the building inspection issued or mailed out to all the neighbors within a three hundred foot radius the notice of demolition permit as you can see this project is one in which all neighbors should know about so the project consists of splitting into 7 rh2 lots 4, two unit buildings and sfamentsz the lots respect the neighborhood pattern of 25 foot lots
11:50 pm
both adjacent both on 18th street and anyy 40 to the east with single-family homes the two single-family homes were proposing will be closest to that area on the west side or uphill side of 18th street so then also we are going we'll have two unit building at the corner and then 3 two unit buildings as chris mentioned those are single-family sized sunday nights with ample open space we have one two bedroom unit and 10 three bedrooms and one 4 bedroom units the project is fully code compliant inform variance no design revisions requested from the urban design team and each
11:51 pm
building has a different floor plan different materials and finishes so it meets the pattern of the neighborhood had we chosen to do a planning and development we would have only been allowed to do 10 units and, of course, the pattern of individual 25 foot buildings wouldn't have been able to be utilized as chris mentioned we originally proposed a 9 unit project after we received the p pa he held a second neighborhood meeting and asked the neighbors what we wanted me to do did they want me to increase the density of the p pa or did they want me to keep the density at 9 units so those neighbors didn't want us to increase the density
11:52 pm
and many, of course, you saw many of the letters that said that and see that's at way we pursued we reluctance changed the project to 12 units the city planning gave us the ultimate this is the only project they'll support so we got to work and first and foremost the 3 single-family homes was done within the originally proposed building envelopes so the exterior massing the exterior renderings we've shown really do not change in the 9 unit proposal so we've been partially wasting for two years over two years we've done substantial
11:53 pm
neighborhood outreach we've done everything city planning asked we ask you to approve that project so we can get on with that and build new housing in this neighborhood. >> open up for public comment. >> excuse me. >> (calling names). >> if your name has been called, feel free to please step forward and submit your testimony. >> good afternoon my name is stanley my daughter owns a home on rhode island that backyard abuts it she'd lying hike 0 or like to see or is she supports the delipidated property but the
11:54 pm
issue is serious and that's how this property is going date of birth developed if you can imagine once it is developed a 28 foot wall at her back fence and the back fence of her neighbors a 28 foot wall is entertain and what's that do the quality of her home and not comparable with the other houses if you count vii 6 percent of the homes 25 foot by lots and a backyard are oriented in a east west direction with a back effectiveness fence that abuts the backyard of the neighbor and in the south direction of some over three hundred and 50 lots with respect looked at only 22 that had a backyard with a
11:55 pm
abutting wall what i mean for the quality of the life pardon me it does appear to be mature the neighborhood character as far as the orientation sunlight this morning the sun came up others 704 this barrier that burglary come up at 9:00 o'clock forever and her backyard will only get sun by midday how about the air fwloe new put up this option the homes you create a wind tunnel what will the backyard be like a wind tunnel sometimes, it could be one or other times the other the sun has to come up 35
11:56 pm
degrees to be at her window the wind tunnel could double the wind speed potentially the final thing she included 6 lots the same size they were all two units everybody will be happy with the backyard so the backyard awe butsd the existing backyard she'll be perfectly happy and supportive we ask you to make the change to the development thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is bow i'm a neighbor down the on rhode island street down the block a timely ways i was lessor for the adjacent
11:57 pm
development we appreciate the continuance that was granted on that one i hope to work through the issues related to that and i'll probably be here again next month for that one as well not matt haney any disrespect i hope that's the last time i'm here for a while i actually ever supported this project i still support it; however, i supported is it more before it went to planning that was unusual seems that our block is also family residences and the neighborhood to the west and up the hill you know predominant single-family home we'll have a 17 unit building just adjacent to this one and you know within a mile
11:58 pm
there's hundreds perhaps thousands of units so i think that we understand the need for housing and the needs more affordable housing and see that is happening in potrero hill i noticed on the previous presentation a few commissioners mend following the rules the developer and sponsor was following the rules and i think that what has happened is that a desire to incur this in lieu of fee you have to go beyond the rules i supported the previous version more than i support this one i still support this one i felt the need to come up and speak to you about that. >> thank you. >> my name is barbara i live
11:59 pm
at scombrooit up the hill and i wanted to say i've received many meeting notices and a lot of information and i support it for many reasons one that the corner that exists right now with the black painted buildings are a nuisance and and sore and if you go and see the neighborhood you'll see that is very open it is not densely build out not like russian hill is can take the housing up slope so it is the nature didn't appear overlarge and i support it and approached by the project sponsor and i had a lot of information about that and it was the newspaper so i feel it shouldn't be a surprise to
12:00 am
anyone thank you very much. >> good afternoon my name is guy i'm a property owner on the uphill block of the property between 18th street and niventh is two united building two unit buildings do - >> a i've reviewed the design i feel that will be a very taste full and handsome a quiet section of potrero hill no impacts from the additional - >> we do here a lot about the housing crisis in san francisco and in my opinion that is legislative that is not the solution solution is by increasing the housing stock here this is a minimal impact way to accomplish a small portion of that i'm very much in favor the
12:01 am
project thank you. >> commissioners i'm ronnie probably know more about this project and site i live directly across the street for four years and seen it deteriorate as i saw an architect purchase it the late 90s and then ellis act out everybody some nice people that were living there and totally unapproachable he didn't want to talk to anyone and literally walked away so since 99 i've been living from a deferring lick piece of property i have to look at kevin he met sometime around 2009 he did a project a block away at 19th street and the
12:02 am
sfwrt four duplexes those will be a similar design i've been in those other buildings they've be similar the interior that are high quality well-thought-out conditions and excellent floor plans you don't get compliant stuff i saw a few smiles from the commissioners when that came up it is definitely the neighborhood character there are mainly single-family homes but a number of two unit buildings it is total comparable with the neighborhood a great improvement and these are what we are after true family sized unit i urge you to move this one along and
12:03 am
take that ice sore out of my living room window. >> i live on. >> can you speak up, please. >> thank you. >> my name is judy dawson i live on rhode island street 5 houses down from the corner and i just think that with regards to mr. jacque's proposal there is a way to fix the walls to reposition things as were shown in one of the drawings that i don't think there is a reason to make it to impact the neighbors if it can be fixed negative impact some a such a way everybody is happy thank you. >> hello my name is eric johnson i'm the
12:04 am
brother here property abuts the construction i heard from here it also effected this is a fraurnd as to what a shame to have an enormous wall i know my sister we're very close she fully supports any affordable housing the city she supports this development as the previous speaker said this is an eye sore and this lot should be development not ♪ information to say shame what happened in this development i urge you not to let it go forward in the current form but again, i think my sister supports it as do i thank you
12:05 am
>> is there any additional public comment? >> seeing none, the public comment is closed. >> it a skillful design shows on approach to small-scale residential we railway see and reciprocating that should be there and it seems like a contemporary buildings i think speaks to the success of what we have the one question i'll ask mr. dill is the following your survey was correctly depicting it didn't show the transitioning is are hard to understand the wall to our adjacent property i personally can't depict it will you address that mr. dill please. the wall one of the joining
12:06 am
neighbors spoke about engaging the 20 foot wall and your view i permanent see from those buildings if you can address that i don't think it is any different from right now the grade didn't change can you speak to that, please. >> jonas can we put on the overheads this is the drawings you're interested in looking at. >> 830. >> so can you see - >> 830. >> so interestingly enough at the very first meeting first
12:07 am
neighborhood onsite the person who owns and lives at the corner building linda was there and she citeed the exact same concerns as the lady and here father and brother she didn't want a 40 foot tall building we understand so i have - e-mailed correspondence with linda it was at the first meeting along with many of the other neighbors and essentially linda what is appropriate height building two stories over garage she said, yes i'll approve as you can see where the yellow she says yes. you can have my approval for
12:08 am
thirty feet we never changed the building after that i don't know what else this is the 11th hour stuff is not right with the amount of neighborhood outreach we did to hear about this at the 11th hour is wrong i i do not accept it as appropriate for the process. >> i just minded you to clarify for the commission can you dwelling the distances between the rear wall of the particular building you're referencing and the face of your building it must be easily 40. >> so in terms of we're rear yard. >> i think this is 45 feet. >> i personally building in the densification on the sloping 60 sploep e sloping suicides that's not an argument that has me reconsider the execution it
12:09 am
is difficult and this is project has my full support it has grown under i think the skill fellowship full guidance and it is exactly what we should be supporting carefully using this for an in fill design move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> an excelling good project this is a city if builds almost no single-family homes so 80 two dlumgsz this will have two single-family homes and two duplexes to create the units it looks like the size are good and the duplexes will serve and
12:10 am
single-family homes so is it you know it is a good thing and, in fact, having one and two and 10 three bedrooms and one four-bedroom will satisfy the neighbors of would have been fine having the additional amusements but don't want to get into a situation every time someone as has a project we have to force them to have extra units but in this case it worked out well, i'm supportive of the project and the builder is a local residents that makes it more expressive? the kind of thing we need to do more. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> mr. towns what year were the buildings constructed maybe the packet i did not say that. >> the existing 44. >> 1944 the question i had this a couple
12:11 am
weeks ago in terms of rent-controlled units the ellis act is there a legal existence of a rer8dz after that is off the marketed if those were rent-controlled unit they'll be in rent control i imagine. >> corey can chime in. >> i'll chime in and say this is that's a great question for the board i don't have an answer. >> sure please that would be helpful if you have something you - >> (inaudible). >> sir you'll have to speak into the microphone. >> here's something that from the san francisco tenants union and as you can see there are some restrictions their 5 and 10 years
12:12 am
that was specifically in regard to our project is the lower one. >> can you read it to use it is too small for me to see. >> from the building is down the road and units in a newly constructed building are offered for rented one 5 years restrictions will apply so 5 years or 16 years. >> so it is interesting i said too to two weeks ago i thought ellis act buildings should not be an additional bump this was my quote and someone the press through that back at me this commission voted to demolish rent-controlled unit the past they were active rent-controlled unit and i do believe after 5 years unless their rented out
12:13 am
again looking at the current lay out it is a inner country convened that will not be renirpd you're not getting the entitlement it's been 16 years and good project i'll vote to support. >> dramatically thank you, commissioners quickly i just want to speak to the notion of going from the to 12 and why we pushed the project sponsor to be honest anytime a unit comes in it looks like it is avoiding but this week we are concerned whatever a 9 unit building and possible to add units that gives us this that's why we pushed
12:14 am
them and also on the orientation of the building the orientation minimum inninmri there is a mot that has been seconded to approve that matter with conditions commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and commissioners that places us on 13 ab for the cases. >> at chapman 3457b street you'll consider a conditional use authorization and zoning administrator will consider rear yard variance. >> okay giving me kimberly planning staff a request.
12:15 am
a qualifying pursuant to planning code section to allow construction of a single-family dwelling on a sub stated lot the lot measures one thousand 5 hundred plus square feet and less than 25 feet in weight a anytime of seven hundred plus and 25 feet are required respect the proposed building for this site and 3-r one thousand plus single-family unit with a health of approximately 27 feet the project is located on the southeast corner of chapman and fulsome within the rh1 bernal height special use district the subject property is currently a vacant corner lot that is substandard with 70 feet of footage along chapman and 14
12:16 am
feet along fulsome the adjacent property to the south is a two story single-family dwelling the ante a 3 story single-family detrimentally dwell it is zoned rh1 and p for public generally developed a two-story and public space of the hill since the publication the department has received 8 additional letters in opposition and two in support of protein project the project sponsor has conducted outreach through the preapplication meeting held in august of 2013 and met with the bernal height east slope board in 2014 and again in december of 2014 once the project was scheduled for a hearing this january the project sponsor conducted a
12:17 am
second voluntary outreach january 21st of 2016 and has been working with the an adjacent neighbor to address the concerns for privacy and security the other issues and considerations regarding this lot is that this lot was established in 1916 - >> from surplus public land to develop chapman and sold unwarned for development in 1969. >> development of the thinking warranted has been redesigned since the sale of the property 6 times the zoning administrator has denied development in 1979, 81 and 87 the concentration has a
12:18 am
non-conditional use in noah 1 and 2005 those are in your packet the lot is a substandard lot in a area of predominantly small lots on a corner it is a curving street that neighbors have raised concerns about regarding traffic and safety at that corner neighbors expressed concerns of preservation of security and noise to the adjacent property and that the project is not in keeping with neighborhood character the project will be providing the required minimum rear yard of 24.4 feet in an additional location on neutron the if you would to allow the corner of fulsome and chapman that rear
12:19 am
yard didn't meet the rear yard requirement for planning code section which is subject to the variance proceeding the basis for planning department recommendation for approval is that housing policy in san francisco has developed since this lot was created in 1960 and 1979 and ti the variance letters have sited one issue it should serve as neighborhood parking lot and further the 2014 housing element courageous oust that are indicate accurate for families and children the areas there are amenities in support of families and in concert count housing crisis the current development offers a solution that is
12:20 am
addressed the initials and further under those a executive order from the mayor entitled housing and preservation of the housing stock and the department represents this to facilitate the single-family dwelling and encouraging the density to meet those policy goals the proposed design and contextu contextually provides a translation and the e slope design board didn't support this but does now further to address concerns about safety at the corner i brought the project to our street design advisory team that includes professional staff if dpw and planning and they don't foresee increased traffic or
12:21 am
safety with the proposed project the existing conditions of vehicles that concludes my remarks on the south side of chapman immediately east of fulsome are the limiting facts and circumstances at the intersection this is what the letters of opposition have also acknowledged that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions thank you. >> thank you. >> project sponsor. >> good afternoon thank you for your time. >> i wanted to take a brief moment to introduce my family and share with you how this project relates to our lives 14 or 13 years ago i moved to here in bernal height currently i start a small architectural project that is located the fire
12:22 am
hydrant office and we have children so when the opportunity as like the previous case a vacant piece of lands that had a story about that and we all of the evidence the entitlement action i thought deeply what a family needed in order to live and thrive it in bernal height the buildings were two large and obstructed the view and pedestrian traffic didn't give back to the community from an architectural prospective your design evaluated the main mass of the unimpediment use and for a conforming sidewalk at the site massing coordinates with the topography into a neighborhood prospective the nature the design is we work with the
12:23 am
adjacent neighbors to modify the design to address the issues they have with site safety we've added security gates and a front yard grate and a parapet a construction impact mitigation measures several changes are incorporated into the plans you have before you and finally from a practical prospective that allows our family to remain in bernal height to have private for a growing girl and boy and cuts my commute the site if i may - >> overhead a survey of the sites the area calculations questioned at 1, 23 square feet
12:24 am
you know it is located on the south side of bernal height this picture didn't do it justice two blinds property walls it abuts the site and up chapman it is served are conversed street not an intersection per say our proposal provides for a ground floor that leaves 68 percent of the site open on the ground floor we have note we're taking two car parking and maintaining those and providing one car parking the building off-street and have off-street bike parking provide i doed and additionally to note ze we have
12:25 am
allowed for a proper 3 foot wide sidewalk that will be encroaching into our property right now that is 19 inches wide not a problem. >> the main level again, a single-family home two bedrooms and kitchen and dining room and has the master bedroom and a roof deck with regard to the exterior we've worked to provide a vertical woodeding horizontal the middle and in the design that essentially takes the massing and locates it far away from the corner and unimpediment views we've proved e proposed blow a wall belief the sidewalk open fulsome as it wraps around
12:26 am
and surrender it toshgz transition the corner from i've the adjacent third story building with the fulton second story dwelling unit. >> the projects necessity is the fact a new single-family home on a unutilized land is no extension that is required a road electrical there is gas and it would otherwise remain an underutilized piece of dirt in
12:27 am
san francisco additionally wooiflgd of the sidewalk represents in my opinion a necessary enhancement to the pedestrian safety and he hope the commission understand this modest 28 or 29 square feet home adds to the housing stock it is only one unit but it allows our family to stay in bernal height the creation of and new single-family home can be debated a specifically but parties we call bernal height home for over a decade and able be able to discuss the relative merits for a home on that site it is important to note that enjoys a letter of support we participated in twoes slope designer mergers one was as
12:28 am
preoperative meeting and one additional review neighborhood meeting weeks before this meeting we actively wet metro with the immediate adjacent neighbors to respond to their questions and several features were modified on the backside of building and the security gates we redesigned the location of our trees not to obstruct the views around the corner and question redesigned the lower fence elements we worked with the rdt and actually worked with the east slope to clarify the project massing it is neighborly and it is practical i extinguish to accomplish the comments of the people that may become my
12:29 am
neighbors it was not different today than proposed here's the picture here's what was proposed in 2000 all 9 previous entitlements attempts were to just domicile a entitle this project was suggested with 10 foot floor to floor ceiling height and the cubic feet this of the not supported by the east slope it is 14 thousand cubic feet with an approval question is safety the road curves not straight in your packet a traffic study completed as part of entitlements efforts and again that was scrutinized
12:30 am
with the planner by the city department at this point there was no suggestions made as to how to address the corner by that professional consultant team you know the main goal to take an underutilized piece of real estate that has a proposed project that puts more housing and keeps a family in bernal height thank you very much. >> i'm sorry is that complete public comment. >> okay opening it up for public comment and gotten to a point i need
12:31 am
glas glasses (calling names) as want to line up on this side of room. >> if your name has been called, please approach the podium and state your name. >> i'm a resident of bernal height also there for 15 years but the south side he and north side of the hill i'm socially familiar with the project sponsor and i'm a member of the northwest design board for bernal height i'm enthusiastic
12:32 am
about this project it does a lot with unusual site a great job of transition from the third story from the second story on fulsome and it is a nice looking design the preservation of the open space the corner is a gift to the neighborhood it is about a retiring building you can button in that spot i think that the architecture they've promoted responds to the adjacent buildings and acts sort of a transition between them i am not sure what of the objections all. i'm sorry. >> to interrupt you, your pressing the button there >> if you guys can line on
12:33 am
that side of room. >> sorry sir. >> no problem. >> i've drive that corner and building that the natural terrain makes it a natural tendency to slow down as they reach at turn and i don't believe anything about the proposed project that will change it will be a improvement to the weighed- width so see fit to allow this family to stay in bernal height. >> next speaker anybody. >> good afternoon my name is christian a technical engineer and a residents of
12:34 am
bruno heights i've known jason profiling over a year we've worked on a number of projects in any experience he excelsis in welding and construction teem contaminate from the beginning to make sure his projects are well engineered and an personal level i've observed he's well licked because mason supports local businesses and mason and his family are an asset i remembering ask you approve the conditional use and allow jason to stay in the neighborhood he loves thank you.
12:35 am
>> i've known jason a key part of neighborhood and he works there so for these a family out of bernal height he hope the board supports this project thank you. >> hi, i'm vernon lived in bernal height for 12 years masonic mason and known jason our kids are the same age and still go to school but the majority of the times in bernal height he lived down the street and walked paved that intersection a decade of walking my dog i often wonder before this how it will be used a variety of maybe unkept lawn or for sale
12:36 am
signs left there and broken down fences it is a difficult pot to this build something i saw the for sale and said oh, my god this is great people are good friends with mason and known him for forever and a well liquidated community member it will be a shame if this were not approved it will continue to be a vacant area and no traffic there is this corner thousands of time with my dog no traffic so it is a good point for me. >> hull my name is barbara i
12:37 am
live on rovrlg koran the general area and also i don't have an irrational be with the design aim interested in the safety and the effect that has on the corner by putting the not having privacy at all at the future owner can put up a fence that impedes the site line as the most incredible to the safety of the intersection also curious about the square footage of the lot as the sum of the parts has taken from the assessor oversees information and accumulate u calculating the square footage for the street right-of-way that will be because of the upper and lower arc the roadway exceeds 70 feet and everyone is 25 minimum that
12:38 am
is 1740 that adds up roughly one square feet the sum of the street the rectangle stape of the tree lots taken together by the tree lots i mean the roadway and the other lot immediately north that have and also has a curved southern boundary to the map is not confirming the square footage of that line it begs the question this is truly accurate to i want to put that out there so with respect to the life safety this traffic study joo 3 refers to the lack of traffic yes, in general anytimely it serves the policy right now, however, the neighbor at banks
12:39 am
pefrl verified the san francisco fire truck and muni bus got stuck on the access to those hours the student making the curves the only other paved streets to have access is that area unreliable and couldn't count open having life safety so it relies on that intersection at fulsome and chapman and the traffic study refers to see a ellis act but a proposal for extending fulsome that changes the configuration of that intersection altogether that makes begs the question of what sort of planning overall it going for traffic and life safety in that neighborhood that's over concern thank you.
12:40 am
>> hello, i'm a reliant of bernal height i live a thousand feet from the lot i've known mason for 10 years i've lived in bernal height and have my office the mission i have 85 employees a quarter of them live on bernal height more of them want to but because of the lack of housing stock i have a similar family to mason i have a boil and live in a big home it emphasize the need for a larger housing stock and certainly appreciate masons need for his family to do so as a community member mason a quiet wonderfully wonderful i find his tricks to my children
12:41 am
at halloween parade he's obviously a pillar of the community and this is one reason to encourage this type of development for the community to keep them in bernal height i'm a avid kooifl i design my lifelike mason to have a recycling cycling there is a storage built into this house and mason is attempting to have a climate friendly future we're all trying to live this is why this project is good this generally gives foot pact back to the communities as a cyclists i use that street on the north side to the ceda to portland as a cyclist you appreciate the traffic endearing will this will be one of the at least concerns
12:42 am
with any approve of safety on a as deep of steep slope everyone is moving slowly this whether there's the visibility bus of the gardens and looking at architecturally this is a very well, good house this is not a monster home it is humble and i think this really does things for the lot it is the type of green home we need to the future of san francisco my wife is a helper to give me and works one of the plots in the community guardian at bernal height she would last week to thoroughly enjoy the bernal height and on all fronts i support this
12:43 am
project. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> commissioners and commissioner president fong thank you for temperatures this time i'm herb i live on fulsome street i've lived in bernal height for over thirty years i live kitty-corner to the promoted development in any meetings with mason he's been very congenial and i've appreciated listening to him however, i must respectfully and regretfully oppose this project like my neighbor barbara we have more of a problem with the safety and variance issuance of this project ramp the house itself my neighborhood mike ross submitted a letter regarding the traffic problems which will be
12:44 am
unchanged with a low fence due to the stereotype steep street fulsome and the sharp curve mr. ross has experienced two head on collisions himself and those occurred because the visibility problems the visibility problems still exist the emergency vehicle assess will be a problem and cars have to be parked if in project goes through bumper to bumper and at the red zone at the end of the chapman and fulsome to the 404 chapman that corner will be blocked for emergency vehicles and vehicle assess and variance to the person that testified before we saw numerous accidents and numerous traffic on this street i've experienced
12:45 am
pefrm that and mile neighbors as well my neighbor jerry is concerned about the variance being issued i want to support him and this as well as the aluminum family that has submitted a letter this project will there the housing stock by one but does that really help the city's housing crisis we don't believe so and also building it increases the density and exacerbates parking we believe we need parking for residents cars and this house takes away parking in a very, very limited space thank you for your time. >> while the next speaker comes up calling 3 more names
12:46 am
(calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm the adjacent neighbor on the south side of this lot i'm supportive adrc the housing stock it is a crisis we need to address i think that mason has done a great job to accommodate the lot and i do, however, have a strict concern the visibility of the lot living there it is to get up to the steep hill you have so accelerate and oftentimes car skid fast so the site he designed the fence is trying to center space between the fence, however, we need to have some innocence that you wouldn't build a high fence that limits the visibility you make a pretty
12:47 am
significant visibility mason talked about when he has children i have two they play and play in an empty lot i thought to make sure the housing didn't threaten their safety as cars speed by the one thing i want to raise i believe that within of the thing that you would like to have issue a conditional use is a community benefit i - that's the part not clear why widening the sidewalk is helpful but the people walk on the lot not necessarily limited in the walk space so i think mason has donna done a great job about the design but what is the longevity the house if you sell the house would someone build a higher fence so i would ask the
12:48 am
commission to consider those variance things thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon and thank you for your time i live on the subject area block only 5 homes and it is a very unique block and i've also lived in my home thirty years so i got the benefit and the curse of being the old lady on the block that knows the history this block has been turned down 6 times in the past based on it has less than 1750 square feet the lot has not changed more the steepness nothing on this location and it's been turned down 6 times in the past i was here for many of
12:49 am
them and at one point told by 9 board you'll have to keep coming back so here we are again in the historical documents and the it was lengthy i don't know if you have time robert did director of planning in 1979 in your packet said that in his negative declaration that granting the prediction to grant the substandard lots in the variance as an insurance of last report because of this allows many access to the construction of a sub stated lot 0 could have the unsdiefsh thing ham petersburg the fooishth equipment that was recorded in 1979 several homes
12:50 am
above i'm another dog walkers i counted 27 homes that this is the vehicular access that is given to emergency vehicles so safety is my issue i'm a career public school teachers and taught and about been in my home it is a real issue i really can't understand how this square footage would maivenlgly there i request this is resurveyed because as one of the previous speakers said where does the street square feet come from part of the roadway or part of the adjacent property you know and then in a traffic report also the report they claim never been considered a traffic problem and in the same
12:51 am
report that robert wrote t he donated that was a safety problem that is as dangerous intersection and just go small if someone has a small home in bernal height they'll not build. >> good evening thank you for having us. i'm lawrence he teach and george washington high school and ran over her to of here to support my neighbors we've benefit here again and again for the same issues the issue how the house he wants to build or redesign the question is conditional use the lot is two small the owner was explained that the parcel that was left was unbelievable only for conditional use someone
12:52 am
mentions one of the focuses was the build a parking lot and if the owner was so community minded they have turned it into a garden years ago i've heard people talking about raising families negative impact that bernal height neighborhood there is nothing preventing them to stay there but in terms of conditional use and the children the neighborhood a small playground what would be a good thing no where to add a hurries in a congested neighborhood it only increases the congestion around that particular intersection i see no community benefit there and i see lots of opportunity for community benefits in terms of 6 playground and you community gardens that leaves the space
12:53 am
open and stave save for people that access that area thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> hi, i'm james maxwell i've known jason and awe mammal for years i've seen the plans i think that a very nice design and modest compared to most of the of what is built and fits well with the neighborhood in regard to the safety issue that people are talking about with cars being parked on the street it looks like there is an additional parking space that gained off-street and if there is a safety issue with the cars
12:54 am
parking space parking on that that same issue exists now cars can still park there now and that can easily be address with a red curve so that it seems to me to address that issue so i think that is a beautiful design and adds to the neighborhood i encourage you to support the project thank you. >> good evening. i'm steve he live across the street on fulsome 0 so directly across from this mason did a fine job of a small building on a unbuildable lands but the conditions for variance talk about 9 benefits of the community i don't see adding more density is being the best use of that land certainly a
12:55 am
number of things parking or playground or open space that would be more beneficial to our community that is a dense street a lot more large houses have been built the last 5 years when people say it is not a dangerous cyclist corner it is really a steep hill and cars alert dramatically as they try to get up around the corner and more density and lease parking is not good thank se parking is not good thank parking is not good thank s parking is not good thans parking is not good thank you. >> i live next inform kim i really appreciate the design as well i'm sick of hearing that over and over design is really, really nice but my concern is about the safety like everyone is talking about that corner is
12:56 am
a really kind of dangerous cars do really come up there fast and have to they have to accelerate up the hill delivery trucks and my kids i have a 14-year-old and a 10-year-old and they do hang out every now and then and the cars come up really fast around the chiropractor i feel lifework this project even though this is is really beautifully done with the height it obstructs that corner i'm a little bit concerned and very concerned and the other thing about the conditional use i mean it has to be really, really special in order to have a conditional use; right? and it is just another house it is a small house and i don't know if it will address the whole issue about horror housing
12:57 am
the city and he feel like you turn that into some kind of a community benefit you know playground or you know a garden or something like that it would be beneficial to the community and won't possess a dangerous thank you very much commissioners. >> hello, i'm gabriel i work in bernal height and i've known mason for many years i know he lives in a small home at the moment i can tell this house is bigger than what he is living in and greatly will improve his quality of life i hope you approve this project. >> good evening commissioners i'm a citizen of bernal height my name is terry
12:58 am
i'm here to discuss the safety issues but my main point is the planning report that you have says this site is below minimum size and the conditional use will be a benefit to the communities i can tell you the character of bernal height uses unused lots for slides, stairwells, gasped and playground that's the character that's what we use those spaces for in this case because of the controversy since 19 61 or whichever the judge it somalia's this is not the place to say oh, yes fill it with other house we'll use all the underutilized spaces in our hill as we can and the community will
12:59 am
not not only benefit but their invest themselves in those kinds of spaces we'll take you on tours of all the fairways and the community gardens the first proposition j purchased the community garden was on bernal height so i have to say that the conditional use should not be prepared permittfor this projec >> good evening bureau my name is andrew here to speak in favor of that project approved by the planning commission at this time and as many people have been here you most of all sitting through a number of projects i've heard things today, i think
1:00 am
sense on this prong will condition the principles that are expressed you have a local architect that wants to build a local home using local businesses and loophole labor you have a residence that wants to move from a units they live ♪ bernal height in a neighborhoods i was a resident for many, many years that i was evicted from by virtue the ellis act one of the things as a union worker in the city and county of san francisco that is a environmental importance to my concerns and the concerns of the members i represent is housing one day in rental stock is worth a conditional use permit acceptance an untended benefit that has innovate been addressed
1:01 am
there is a residences that mason and his family currently live in when this project is completed that unit is not solid it goes on that rental market the idea that the traffic issues are going to be complicated by a local business person putting a small house with sobriety from the curve to maintain safety and egress and improving the sidewalk the idea that is good evening to create safety hazards is well intended as a argument as argument we're not talking a emergency vehicles that can gain access to a two blocks where their children were born this
1:02 am
project will not impede emergency vehicles or increase traffic that project will allow a local residents to continue to their families development and growth and for the addition of one single-family home as a rental stoke stock in bernal height thank youtoke stock in b height thank youoe stock in ber thank you >> is there any additional public comment? >> after this one anyone else want to speak. >> i'm patricia i moved probation officer bernal height in so 78 and over the years all the lots around my house like just one block away the north and south and the no, not the north but the set and east and
1:03 am
west are 10 houses there is a very big filling up of the whole area and i'm glad to hear that mason has so many friends he's and nice person and so are people they're getting squeezed and squeezed and squeezed and it is just very, very hard on the issue of the safety i seen people come up bringing furniture and or moving and they bring huge trucks with go people and stands out well, one a driver to tell them which way to move it takes an hour and a half for the trucks to move is i'm really against using a small lot for a number 11 house to fill up
1:04 am
the neighborhood. >> is there any additional public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner moore. >> i like to is it correct because i heard a lot of words and just to clarify of what this commission side this project is not asking for a variance it is a project which comes forward any substandard parcel that is smaller than the 25 by one hundred foot size is considered a non-conforming parcel and the development that occurs has to be looked at under a conditional use by which the scrutiny the department as well as this
1:05 am
commission must make it necessary and desirable those are the two riding principles we have to use to really examine it very, very carefully and the questions on the hearing on the neighborhood concerns it is that issue of public infrastructure around the street unless the public guess so has identified this street is not in any conditional no capability of providing safety to this site we couldn't look at this the planning department themselves would take this project to dbi and not even appear in front of because the functioning the public infrastructure is the basic assumption so look at the
1:06 am
the history in 1979 the zoning administrator at that time, had a completely set of rules which applied lot coverage for single two single-family homes with no height and bulk restrictions when we issued the rulings it was shortly followed by bernal height coming and going under the bernal height special use district legislation if i recall that this was a while back and kind of into the structure. >> at that point was not rigorous restrictions on how they set on the lot by the process that so i understand parking based on the square footage of the building which is almost a unique situation in all of san francisco but that's not the consideration
1:07 am
but part of history over the years the department advising us to understand and be supportive what we have today a planning commission is a non-conforming lot and we need to see whether or not the building is meetings the higher bar of necessary and desirable and that is when you start to comment on the building what does the building do i think that a sensitive designed building is tucks negative impact in a manner it leaves the problem edges that people have concerns completely open and you could not discuss them but it also does i think to its credit there is a substandard sidewalk it makes the ability of coming around the corner at least on
1:08 am
the pedestrian of the point of view more an inch the building meets the public realm the creation of the public realm with the suburban you have this much the sidewalk because an other than didn't want to participate that is when i think the building self-participate in providing not the right word but the community responsiveness here this building does those types of thing it is architecture yeah, and fun building sits in the right spot and masss with everyone else and from my prospective as someone who is support a conditional use here i would definitely say yes, it meats a critical question that is larger than the site how do we sensitively add building to non-conforming sites i think
1:09 am
this project did that and i'm i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say. >> i agree with commissioner moore. >> you know what is before us is simply the fact it is southbound standard is he it is actually not really that substandard because bernal height is 17 and 50 and 25 feet not that much blow one and thirty feet below the minimum bernal height is a area of small lots to begin with the study allergy abrams in noah 3 they are a highly good firm for traffic studies says no significant traffic impacts you know from a project even the one
1:10 am
that was considered at this point so i think that is part of whole thing and then if there is a concern about traffic and safety issues it is something that should be dealt with in regards to that street you put a stop sign a red zone so no cars can be parked a variety i have things to be done if it is 24 problem the building of this small and well-designed house is not going to change the issues of safety in a significant manner in my opinion as far as the fence size 3 foot 6 inches with open slots i'm not sure that is part of conditions if we have to make sure that any furthers fence will not exceed
1:11 am
that but a more for a restriction of some kind of as mentioned the widening sidewalks and this is going to help things radio a lot i think this is a very good project i don't because it is a vacated lot it should remain vacant this is how we accommodate housing needs we utilize vacant lots that are available to build new places so i'm in favor of that project i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say. >> commissioner hillis. >> i agree with the comments by the fellow commissioners this is necessary and desirable housing is important and necessary and necessary and desirable i agree with the
1:12 am
fellow comments this will not solve the housing crisis but don't see a lot of single-family homes under hundred plus square feet of similar size i think that you know, i think even the opponents said this is done skillfully he respect when the owner and the architect has done i think that works we've seen hours on 15 foot lots so it be done the issue of safeties and traffic looking at the google maps the problem is a car on that corner causes a lot of tribunal with the second street narrowing and other ways to address the traffic impact the stop signs and the speed bump or whatever denying a housing project is not any less than or
1:13 am
more make that more safe so i'm very supportive i move to approve. >> second. >> quicken i'm a fan of tiny homes i think that is the way to go i think it is unusual this is the deck and the ability to look over the hill and from a living condition i'm in support. >> commissioner richards and may i add i agree with commissioner antonini about the traffic that is something that the neighborhood has to reach out to dpw to get a speed bump or some electron device for the safety it paramount and the kids in the neighborhoods is the most important. >> united states house was on a substandard and the house had
1:14 am
full lot xofrmg my house was one thousand square feet it was a liveable house the guess to the neighborhood i did read the history you having had different projects in different are eras this was not in 19 61 or 79 it leaves will have open space on the corner i worry about if there were were an issue with traffic there was documentation provided like a log or police blog or case no. that shows there were accidents some people mentions a two car collision that would be helpful i echo what some of the
1:15 am
commissioners said i think that is an approval that staff work with mta to make the corner safer it was not a requirement but have at least to understand what can be done with an issue on the corner i think conditional use it was explained you can't force the owner to create a park or playground are garden it is private property we've heard the first item was actually a noah valley town squad car the people set upcard tables and they got the challenged grant and all of a sudden it up squad car given the 20/20 hindsight might have been disadvantageous but to do something back when this was the
1:16 am
fourth time tool this happened maybe for the next go warn or around you learn lessons i think it rises to the threshold necessary and desirable so i'll vote yes on that. >> corey. >> thank you just to clarify a couple of issues the reference to the 17 hundred and 50 square feet for your information that is the minimum kissed i across the city not just within bernal height but a lot that small in your close to the an intersection the issue whether or not the conditional use for that place that is something that the police station could do as condition of conditional use and something i can do the approval of the variance. >> commissioner moore and corey
1:17 am
clarify that is in the an intersection but it is- your definition of the 17 hundred if apply florida is a difference between an intersection and the linear street. >> sure the code basically says you have two streets coming together at an angle not more than one and 35 degrees. >> so it is or isn't and i believe it is. >> commissioner antonini. >> i think if the maker of the motion and the seconder agreed i'll suggest we include the height restrictions of the 3 foot 6 niches as measured from the ground to the it up of the most rail if there is one posted the posts are blow that the railways are the things that
1:18 am
would block views. >> if you feel declined. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further. >> i mean, i don't mind is that necessary. >> they're afraid of is this if we ever didn't own the houses and sold i see bizarre things people put up big fences or build you know balconies on the top of their houses and never there before this is the on thing the project sponsor is going to do but it protects the neighbors and anyone from building higher. >> i guess i don't know if this was a second or not i'll defer to the zoning administrator and also i would finding if there is any safety
1:19 am
issues there will be a place for mta to determine anything that can be done solve on this report something new. >> encourage it not require. >> commissioner moore. >> i kind of like to ask the city attorney street safety is not a condition we has nothing to do with i find is too specific for us to take that on as a issue street safety is a neighborhood communication between them and call 311 are talk with people responsible for that signage it is too impacting to burn one particular development for that can you comment on that. >> deputy city attorney kate stacy commissioner moore that is
1:20 am
correct the streets safety measures are within the jurisdiction of another agency the planning commission can encourage and ask the advocates to discuss the long term safety with the relevant agrees but not impose on actual requirement because as you say a lot of issues and another department that will have to implement and approve the street manufacture and appreciate our saying it clearly as you do we're observing u obviously in support of or for the applicant and like to keep the dialogue open and anything to be communicated by which someone asked to address but that is as much as i want to
1:21 am
support. >> corey. >> another clarification if the conditional use were automatically has a condition that says you're approving this conditional use per the plans in front of you similarly the surveillance issued has a similar finding and a condition essentially that any future permit on the site the zoning administrator will have to look at it is to see if it is in conformity with the original variance so there is a little bit of a firewall i kinda guarantee view that happens 10 years from now and puts in a 6 foot fence but a level of review of not a condition of the powerful. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i think sxhoerz point the issue with the traffic safety to
1:22 am
encourage the conversation not require it for the conditional use approval. >> commissioner moore. >> thanks for that clarification many families having small children i assume dialogue amongst the fascinate at large to make sure the rendition of any building assures the safety and it is an issue. >> there is a motion that has been seconded i did not hear the maker of the motion accept the recommendation for a finding inform encourage that safety review with mta. >> no, i think we're uncomfortable. >> very good there is a motion that has been seconded to approve that matter with conditions. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis commissioner moore.
1:23 am
>> commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 4 to zero on the variance, close the public hearing and zoning administrator, what say you? >> and attend the rear yard with the standards conditions. >> very good thank you. >> jonas we'll take another short break >> okay good evening and welcome back to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for thursday, february 4, 2016, disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners, we left off on
1:24 am
there our regular calendar on item 14 an important cases at franklin a request for downtowns project authorization and the zoning administrator will be considering a request for variance. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commissioner or commission carli planning staff the project on 22 franklin the automobile bystander shop the marta a new construction of a building with 35 dwelling units with 8 nine hundred square feet of roll call this is between page and in the hayes valley it is located within a c-3 g zoning district and the haven and downtown special use and a one hundred
1:25 am
height and bulk district it is provided a detailed but first touch touch on policy issues in order to proceed as part of the downtowns project authorization first, the project has a expectation to the reduction of footstep in the district it was determined it meets the criteria and that the proposed will not result in a substantial change in yerba buena park and a conclusion of the van ness fathers downtown special use district the will the coverage of 80 percent at all levels that proposed will the at the residential levels is 81 percent and the project sponsor will sweet drink one between to each
1:26 am
united 9 exemption can be granted praurnt to the action the project request do a variance for the planning code section that requires one room to be code compliant for the street or alleys is 25 feet in lent 21 of the composed units don't meet the requirement therefore a variance is required the zoning administrator will denominator that. >> staff has not received comment for option are support in chuks conclusion it meets the under light up utilized operational and have distribute the costa-hawkins agreement firing reference that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions thank you. >> project sponsor please.
1:27 am
>> good afternoon commissioner president fong and commission i'm council for one of the owners of the project located only 22 franklin straight i own the project being my family and my father start the small business with my brother and i joined the operation we so - franklin stat street we will be tentative it throughout the management of the property we're showing nothing but cooperation and have diligently attemptedtology accommodate many of the concerns of the neighborhood we've hosted 6 neighborhood meetings in order to exchange ideas with individuals and groups that are also invested in the future of the neighborhood the project proposed
1:28 am
constructive an 8 mixed use building with 17 hundred square feet of store and a satisfies the market octavia in regards to height and scale and massing has a pedestrian orltd streetscape we're asking for a expectation increasing the lot coverage to ti rather than the 80 percent let's us creating concrete one dwelling unit per floor and 25 units rather 28 and the planning code section for the record to add 7 feet in the back the project granting those allows for one unit with 7 additional units including one from three to four that is beneficial to us and the
1:29 am
city as it provides more units to the city's housing stock and costa-hawkins without those variances we'll not be able to build these i've worked with the city attorney's office to draft the costa-hawkins agreement and this variance will not have an impact variance on the light and ventilation this is justified the lot longed only microsoft adjacent to our project will have rear yard therefore when guess neighboring buildings next door an franklin and market street are builds they will be a pattern of mid block open space the units will be open to i have an illustration to - >> okay. so the green is the open space
1:30 am
this is you are proposed project and restraining orders are the go vacant lots hiv. >> overhead please. overhead. >> those are the two vacant lots the green open space and these are our two proposed projects. >> that's the light and ventilation of the units will the impeding the access to light and air it is exactly the same as the existing footprint and there therefore not have a negative impact and the proposed project will not block the ventilation for adjacent properties this is as has a penthouse it is an important feature but a necessity for disabled it has amble open space
1:31 am
on the second story and this open space should be enjoyed by all people especially with disabilities and eliminating the slarlt penthouse will stop people from scombrooi the open space and in other words, to have a roof deck it mandated by the housing act that people with disabilities can enjoy the expect like the roof decks it is important to note if the neighbor's house the elevators shaft will not be visible from the street if i can have a overhead again. >> sfgov. >> so this is our proposed project that is existing neighborhood project and at 98
1:32 am
franklin street it built you'll not see the elevators the project fulfills the transit first policy by providing no parking giving top priority to 9 parking and it is situated we've included a commercial unit that activates the sidewalk the smaller scale as a lay out targets the graphics since 0 one bedroom is that room could be used a dining room or entertainment area if i can have the overhead again here we go you'll see the 20 two bedrooms and this the living area that is will be all glass so it gets light from the open space. >> back here and as you can see their quill spacial us 10 by
1:33 am
11 in san francisco is pretty good those these multi purpose units provide confront for married couple you can use that with black enclosure for the nursery and provides privacy to have a roommate and use it as a second bedroom this project is not required to match the units they can be one bedroom but various departments have for compliance including the fire department those department due dots ventilation system that will be implemented the second bedroom can be legal in order to afford this we ask to you grant the variance thank you for your time. >> could you hand the things
1:34 am
you've showed on the screen. >> yes. >> thank you. >> good evening. i'm broadly with the design team want to talk about this i appreciate the opportunity to share with you the designs and this is the project that is in the context of the ongoing mid market highlighted the red is adjacent for the empty parcel and abuts the adjacent masonry building and american people alley that provides light and air to the mercy housing project the project project is situated on franklin at the intersection market street approximately, one hundred feet deep with a small
1:35 am
repair show them and above that adjacent alley that informs the location of the project and how - >> it is organized we've met with the residents there on a few occasions and heard back in terms of what we prefer and not like to have there with respect to the immediate area that opens to that alleyo - >> the proposed project is 8 stories and 7 floors 28 units 35 total bedrooms and is a composition of frame the facade was ordered by the double height spaces those double height concrete frames and ann mad with a rich material the 50 foot frontage is broemgd to accommodate the area and
1:36 am
noting the project at the alternative floors for added interest the plans is orchard to have flexible living space with that design so lastly the elevators spoken to organized on the ned came as response of evolution to a previous designed plan that in differs to the conversation with the mercy housing we moved that and loaded that to mitigate that impact on the neighboring project so and lastly the building is designed by the open space is it so the large rooftop onto. >> open up for public comment any. okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner moore >> interesting project the right location
1:37 am
the it raise questions typical quells when it comes to an interior courtyard is substandard because it asks for a variance for the unit exposure for those who face the courtyard when i looked at at a project that indeed brings a good number of units to the market i want to support that, however, when that project asks for a variance where thirty percent of the units are needing an variance to a have enough life enrichment committee i'm concerned there is something we're not grasping i like to suggest that while the project set up for the right thing we're careful to approve the units not having the proper exposure to light and air there is a unit plans that is
1:38 am
questionable when you have small exposure and your coming in into the front door of the unit you're in the dark i have a problem i want to support the project but the floor plans don't capture the essence this is stepping backward i want to keep mechanism from saying this is designed lower ends of quality i want to support the project the right place, however, the floor plans don't do it for me, i like the exterior it is with the units that are proposing and asking for at 40 percent i'm coming with a double challenge here. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. there are a lot of
1:39 am
things i like about the project i do share the concerns of commissioner moore i don't know if that can be modified to make that less non-compliant defer to the zoning administrator we're being asked to you know approve with the winds situation ground level currents and those are exceptions and the other expectation the 81 percent rather than the 80 that make sense it give us additional units for per floor both of those things i'm needing month direction director hicks from the zoning administrator that commissioner moore raised otherwise, it is a good project it has a lot of two bedrooms and affordable onsite i'd like to
1:40 am
see a few modifications on the design i think that you know you, you do a fairly good job of dlaefks the commercial level from the residential level like to see that area a little bit more emphatic the historic building has a emphatic separation and maybe a dwelling unit problem the windows are long and you know those areas on the very bottom of the windows don't necessarily need to have glazing unless you have a light problem that makes that a lot better with panels rather than glazing those are a couple of design things.
1:41 am
>> commissioner richards and appreciate the additional information you handed in i was looking at this last night i've been in friends units not necessarily in san francisco where i share her concern you open the front door and it is dark i don't know what the commission will go through in terms of providing feedback to make changes i don't know about the other commissioners, i agree with commissioner moore. >> commissioner hillis. >> maybe i can ask the zoning administrator if it is more a variance question own this issue ta to talk about. >> happy to clarify so the planning commission has modifications before that per section lot coverage so
1:42 am
theoretically planning commission could approve that that only the variance is a granted for the enclosure a omit a mass koechlg not have magnificence coverage but. >> the lot coverage is one percent but you can capitalized some of the open space areas and get an additional one percent that didn't address the concerns that commissioner moore i wonder if you share those concerns. >> sure the evaporates is just for the exposure the units need the exposure and the rear yard by the 80 percent 80, 20 provision for how much lot
1:43 am
coverage and the lot conform the commission admits will influence whether or not a variance is required the issue the exposure and truly from variance as opposed to the planning commission is look at it from a different prospective and criteria. >> yeah. so go ahead. >> quick comment the project sponsor has requested the lot coverage exception to answer spot costa-hawkins agreement the tomorrow proposal has the 80 percent lot coverage and didn't require the exposure areas but because of their desire to do do onsite rentals and keep it the family ownership they extended the ti percent that triggered the requirement for the variance. >> i mean, i want to be
1:44 am
supportive it is great location and close to market and transit that's where we want hours if you can be specific is it the units 604. >> 204, 203 all the way up and down 80 percent the units it is 204 and what's the middle. >> on ever floor 303, 304. >> can we ask the architect to talk about potentially what they've discussed ichltd your point one window kind of narrow the kitchen and a smaller one the bedroom. >> so the units that are in question this here we've looked at internally but the confidence we're working towards designing the best units for exposure
1:45 am
looking at to consider the removal reform of some of the partitions the east facing units with the backyard space so where we have proposed a one bedroom unit that is partitioned maybe a studio space that reduced the obstruction to the light and air didn't change the gross square footage and the float place of residence but a better solution franklin to the organization of the plan important possible if that regard so i believe that - >> i 203 and 204 i'll mark - >> take that away and perhaps come up with a better solution for light and air at the spaces
1:46 am
and a better solution. >> commissioner moore. >> and let me ask you this. i'd like to aid you one of the problems with that particular project is we don't have a verified site plan not the name of an architect who is the originate our and talking about the lot conform i'll have to see what you mean while i'm. >> we've talked about you were the earth if you're the architect of this particular set of drawings your name has to be on there together with the verified site plan or a map that basis our context the site around thank you.
1:47 am
>> i'm speaking we could then understand the variance workers' compensation of the property to get a larger project that will be fine but at the moment it is words i can't add if you make the administration of the plan it didn't do justifies with what this commission is asked to approve i want to suppose 2 this has to come forward with the documents to understand the variance request that mr. t is asked to understand if we don't how can we support that if it is not in proper context i'd like to hear if mercy housing and the aspect active discussions about the open spaces you've presenting. other project owners i've not
1:48 am
heard about them you need to do a little bit more work i'm prepared to supportive you but can't make a motion to go further into the discussion >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think this may be a situation where we might have to continue this hearing what we've heard from commissioner moore and commissioner richards also had similar sentiments with the possibilities one possibility would be to create a larger open space and maybe somewhat fewer units or combine you know one one bedrooms into two to make it so you'll not get this high number of exceptions maybe a smaller number of exempt it is up to the zoning administrator but i think that may be one possibility to be able to or
1:49 am
forgot or figure out to make the exception not to many. >> consulting your if we were to switch and instead of 3 units at the back that needs exception but two the back that will turn into the arc will that make you feel a little bit better. >> it is up to commissioner moore to see if she can visualize maybe another time and see in its final form before we approve if we're interested to help you it is a great site and the thing your family wants to undertake we've talked to each other we like to help you but you have to
1:50 am
respond to the questions we're asking in addition taking legal responsibility kcmo if a architectureer architect and then we want this project to happen. >> legally the engineering firm we are licenses to do the plans and - i mean, the life and protection of the insurance and all that the engineering license but have a lot of architects who came to us like bryan. >> what license is it you have a pe or s e. >> pe we know that is not correct. >> so what you have flvent you technically we have been doing
1:51 am
this over 35 years in this town and various parts of california. >> i'm sure the planning department will be able to help producing the rights set of drawings, however, but this project has to basically meet more the requirement we're asking everyone else to do that's all i'm asking and. >> let me ask commissioner moore over concern is about light and in order to switch to the quality of the drawings so which one is your concern. >> a prestige designed in a verified site plan we don't have and the site plan as proposed there are requests for variance on unit exposure to exceeds what i'll are consider in a sxhaer building we're bringing in
1:52 am
housing to the with 40 percent don't apply that's i'll propose to the commission as this project goes back needs to have a correct sets of drawings and have correct conclusions including what corey talked about. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> yes. i want to move the project forward question don't want to stop the project i like the idea of drawings that have measurements on them by an architect kind of made a comment to commissioner hillis i think sometimes, we have more instructions on a roof deck and weird i'm move to continue the item to the next available date. >> no second. >> second. >> commissioner moore.
1:53 am
>> no, i wasn't saying anything i seconded it. >> well commissioners we're full through april and scheduling new cases in may what's the date look like. >> may 12th and 19. >> ask a ask is the 31st. >> march 31st. >> well, i mean that was the discussion we were having whether or not we wanted to keep the dr. >> once you come back with the drawings and the right exposure
1:54 am
will this be a quick i didn't i'll go for the 31st. >> very good does if work for you. >> okay. >> there is a motion that has been seconded to continue this to march 31st and commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 4 to zero. >> commissioners that places you under you are discretionary review for items 15 a and d for the cases on pacific avenue this is a discretionary review and the zoning administrator will consider requests. a variance. >> good evening sxhovng carli
1:55 am
planning staff the the item before you is public initial for a discretionary review at pacific avenue kwh which is located in the pavgz the the building permit to convert the 12 thousand blue second story whatever into a building with 10 off-street parking and 19 hundred square feet of commercial 24/7 the top and basement it is a second story the vertical area and renovation of the front facade and in the middle of the building for a interior court that exists think two one bedroom and, two bedrooms and three bedrooms a non-complying that is instructed but not - currently the equivocating
1:56 am
building coffers the entire lot and approximately 8 thousand pollute square feet in area a non-complying may under ago a new permit but the section of the code it is - rear yard are considered a amenity for residents the residential use to a non-complying is considered therefore the paralyzing is seeking a evaporates for the section 134 in addition the property owner or project sponsor is seeking a rear yard surveillance bus some don't require the dimensions to date the department has 23 letters and phone call in support of
1:57 am
project some local residents and businesses the project pro-proton project maintenance the construction and the project will activate the street and plaza link frontage that attacks folks have received several letters of opposition from the polk street and is russian hill those neighbors and groups request a 45 percent rear yard setback and are concerned with the life enrichment committee and the roof deck my cause privacy concerned i'll provide copies of the communications so including the continuance and in addition the department recommends the commission 234089 take dr and the existing
1:58 am
structure was sequester without seeking a rear yard variance and not the existing infrastructure no exceptional or extraordinary circumstances and it is pliable i'll get you, you additional communication pecks i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> okay project sponsor. >> i'm sorry dr requester my bad. >> i ascent continuance request and i'm sorry procedurally if you can adjust that before the testimony from the lady if i may do that now i have a copy. >> we will receive that
1:59 am
request and not accept that request. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner president fong honorable commissioners zoning administrator t my name is robin i live on mccormick a narrow alley and situated perpendicular a leader the pacific avenue neighborhood association those are the faces of the neighborhood and community i respect ask as. >> consider testimony from the project sponsor and neighbors advertise their lives those are their families most impacted by your decisions today, the liveability of our community is at risk we respectfully take discretionary review and deny the variance as property and ask the project sponsor to respect the neighborhood e neighbors the
2:00 am
pacific avenue mcd the exceptional or extraordinary circumstances exits a non-conforming use the project sponsor is seeing e seeking to continue the noifrm and in addition the proposed development is adjacent to and will negatively impact the lives and air of 21 remain properties with a minimum of 3 to 6 and more units in each building so setting a preenlts that will impact the neighborhood and the neighborhoods liveability a brief background pacific avenue mcd kraeltdz zoning controls to meet the desires of the neighbors those controls relieve e


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