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tv   BOS Public Safety Committee 21116  SFGTV  February 14, 2016 4:10pm-4:31pm PST

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unique festivals in the world and we have san francisco and we have golden gate park and we have the greatest oasis, in the world. and it has the people hiking up hills and down hills and a lot of people between stages. >> i love that it is all outside, the fresh air is great. >> they have the providers out here that are 72 local restaurants out here. >> celebrating, and that is really hot. >> 36 local winerries in northern california and 16 brewers out here. >> and you have seen a lot of people out here having a good time and we have no idea, how
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much work and planning has gone into this to make it the most sustainable festival in the united states. >> and literally, in the force, and yeah, unlike any other concept. and come and follow, and the field make-up the blueprint of the outside land here in golden gate park and in the future events and please visit sffresh >> >>supervisor jane kim: good afternoon, welcome to the february 11, 2016, public safety and neighborhood services committee. to my right is
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>>supervisor david campos: and >>supervisor john avalos:. i would like to thank mr. smith and staff from sf govtv. madam clerk, do you have any announcements? >> yes, please be sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices and speak are cards should be submitted to the clerk. items will appear on the agenda. >> item no. 1, an ordinance amending the administrative code to require event organizers seeking additional police department personnel. >>supervisor jane kim: i would like to welcome >>supervisor david campos:
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and >>supervisor john avalos: to make comments to run this hearing. >> >>supervisor david campos: thank you very much, madam chair. it's not as cold as i thought it would be. it's good to be here. i would like to thank my sponsors for this legislation. supervisors farrell and avalos. the legislation before you today is essentially legislation that i think has been in the works for many years. it's something that's been talked about for years since i was on the police commission this was something that came up. the point of this is to ensure that we are protecting the diverse culture, arts, as well as community festivals in san francisco. those that makes san francisco what it is and attractive to many of us to san
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francisco. security plays an important role in our festivals but it can also be very expensive and costly. what we are doing today is creating a clear timeline, a transparent process for how organizers apply for security. we are ensuring those organizers aren't stuck with unforeseen cost days prior to an event which can be very paralyzing and can actually keep the event from happening. after working with this for more than a year, with the los angeles p.d.. the festival community, we have legislation that we believe have struck the right balance between fairness and being measured. festivals are huge economic events for san francisco. in 2014 t economist for the
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city estimate that the total direct and indirect economic impact of spending just lgbt festivals is about $495 million. it is also estimated that 4270 san francisco jobs were created by these events in 2014. if we actually look at large outdoor festivals, these festivals had more than direct and indirect impact to the city's economy. not only that, but those festivals supported more than 9300 private sector jobs and that did not take into consideration the smaller festivals we take place in the city that impact more than 5,000 people. this legislation is made up
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of three components. a clear timeline when organizers must apply for an application with the police and the amount of time that will be required. the second thing this legislation does is it creates an appeal process to the chief of police if a request for a police personnel happens to be denied or the suggested number of police officers is actually higher than what the festival organizers had budgeted. this asks the chief to take a second look at what is being proposed and recommendeded to ensure we have the right number of people involved. the last thing is to create a data collection process through san francisco entertainment commission detailing how many police officers were used for an event, how much money was being spent
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related to 10b and the importance of this data collection is to give the police department, then at -- entertainment commission and the city how to understand how this process impacts this city as a whole. i would like to thank gregory chief suhr for supporting this legislation. one of the things we did was to meet with chief suhr to explain what we were thinking. i also want to thank lieutenant fazon and he and officer navin have been very critical to making this happen. they are certainly invaluable. i also want to take this opportunity to thank the festival community. we have some representatives here from that community. in particular guy carson who
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is the cochair of the california music association. c mac for their work throughout this whole process. he's not here but he also has a lot to do with making this happen, terry allen has also played a very important role and c mac brought this to the attention of officials for such a long time. i'm sorry it took so long to get to this point, but i'm glad that we are finally here. the fact is san francisco wouldn't be the city without the many festivals that san francisco, music, dance, culture, food, every single year. it's hard to imagine san francisco without those many events. i
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would like to thank my office for the help with this. and prior to this, nate -- who used to be working with me on this process several years ago. with that, i want to thank everyone who has made it possible for us to be here. i want to give my colleagues an opportunity to say anything and if not, i will ask sergeant to be here. if not, anyone else who would like to offer any information. >> i would like to report that we have no objection to the
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legislation in its final form. >>supervisor david campos: colleagues, if we have any comments. we have speaker cards of folks hear to speak. ( calling speaker names ) anyone who is here please c'mon up. public speaker: hi, i'm one of the cochairs of c mac and cofounder of the bar. i'm also a bar owner in san francisco and an event organizer and producer in the city. there is obviously no objection to this. i don't want to reiterate this. this is a really big deal
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for us. it maybe a small administrative fix or process, but this is a process that has been plaguing event throwers and outdoor festival goers for a long time in san francisco and one that made a lot of us pull our hair out. i want to thank supervisor campos and the police who have come to the table to make this happen. thank you. public speaker: good afternoon. i'm daun holaday. as you can imagine budgeting for close to 3 quarter of a million people and 90 bands over 3 days, the budget is massive and taking into consideration the police department and all the different 100%
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recouperable areas in the city is a task. the police have always been wonderful with us, but having this clear for others is great. i fortunate enough to have the foundation behind me. it hasn't been as big of an issue, but it can be daunting not knowing what your police situation is going to be. it can be a game changer. so, this is fantastic and what you have done and the police have done for our community is solid. i want to thank you all. public speaker: thank you, supervisors and representatives. my name is robert cole and
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director for north beach jazz festival. we folded because of rising city cost along with other community festivals and various other free events have been lost due to inevitable rising city cost and this isn't necessarily anybody's fault or anybody to blame. it's just the part of the demography of the city and the growth and expense of the city. at the time i started working with c mac to find a way to give the police department the foresight and planning to properly allocate their resources and at the same time give festival promoters and band organizers the planning they needed. the idea is to get people at the table way way out before anybody has allocated
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any resources and before it gets hectic. this forces the event and responsibility for promoters. we are responsible for our own events in this legislation and what's nice about it is this is going to create better events and better organizing in the city and give the police the consideration they deserve for their own planning. thank you for your support. >>supervisor david campos: thank you. any other speaker? please come forward. public speaker: good evening, supervisors. i didn't come down to speak today but just for 2 minutes. i figure it's about the events and alcohol and applications and events. i'm at the fillmore corridor
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ambassador who request in the same edition. we have three events. june sundays and jazz festivals. all of those three major events in my corridor. i want to put them on notice with the police department because they come in to fillmore. there is a new sheriff in town. that's me. all events have to coordinate with the police department to ensure that is a fair process through fillmore corridor. we have the jazz festival to make sure it's all okay with all the support. the oldest event which is the proclamation event for the blacks that were freed, there is not much the city is doing for those events.
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i want a little balance this year and here on out i'm going to have a corridor ambassador where i will reduce block to block. i want to put this city on notice as well as the city and county and the mayor that in fillmore we will not tolerate this to come to our community and do what you want not so long as i'm an live. my name is ace and i'm on the case. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. with that colleagues, again, i want to say that as noted by some of the folks in the audience that it's as basic and simple as having clear timeline and more transparent process can actually make a big difference in terms of
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how these events and these festivals are put together and not only what we are putting in terms of safety but how to make it easier as well. it's one of those rare things where you have a win win for everyone involved. i'm very proud of that. i would like to thank my staff, carole, for making it happen. i think it's a good day for the cultural life of san francisco. >>supervisor jane kim: thank you, supervisor camp os for offering this
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legislation. i think it's very apropos for having this discussion around san francisco who we subjects -- subsidize that we really should be supporting in san francisco because they come out to the community and live here and work here and create community events for our residents and our workers. we don't have a really good framework for a lot of our events. this is great to setting up some framework so at least there is coordination and getting to deal with the cost so we can enjoy these events. seeing no comment from committee members, can we take a motion on this
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ordinance? >> so moved. >> with a motion to move forward with recommendation. we can do that without objection. >> madam clerk, any other items for us today? >> there is no further business. >> seeing no further items, we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >>
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