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tv   Transportation Authority Full Board 12616  SFGTV  February 15, 2016 10:00am-10:41am PST

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number 6 seeing none, public comment is closed and can we same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order thank you item 78. >> approval the 2016 legislative program an action item. >> colleagues do we have - we don't need a presentation any questions or comments on item 7 seeing none, any any public comment on item 7 seeing none, public comment is closed and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order item number 8. >> item 8 appoint richard and amusing to the advisory committee an action item okay. colleagues any questions or comments on this item seeing none, are there any public comment on this item seeing none, public comment is
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closed. can we take item 8 same house, same call? >> the house keeps changing call the roll. >> commissioner avalos commissioner breed commissioner campos commissioner cohen commissioner farrell chamber of commerce absent commissioner mar commissioner peskin commissioner tang che commissioner yee absent the item passes okay item number 9. >> item 9 adopt the 2015 annual report an action item. >> our executive director will present the report. >> thank you che congratulations to you and commissioner mar i'm pleased to present the annual report you have a copy for the members of the public the first slide lays
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out the prop k and the suggestion management agency and established a vision zero committee of supervisors at the transportation authority board and we also manage the fund for clean air the evaluate registration fee tdr has designated a couple of years actress a management agency for the transportation this year highlight of the work program the bus rapid transit and the draft report this is was a major milestone on the part of the sfmta and ourselves over the years working with the many, many communities along the 5 mile corridor public comments and sdooilg solutions for the feedback this project is on track to come before you to approve and have the environmental approvals this
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summer we continued the bus rapid transit the east west corridor that connects the shedding hunters point shipyard community all the way to the west side intersect ceqa with the balboa station something we're looking at at with sfmta upgrade and the issue to the bus racheting i want to present the neighborhood transportation if i could have the slides neighborhood transportation plans and neighborhood transportation improvement program this is our citywide program to help to develop the pipeline in the city and in 2015 we were able to move 6 planning projects forward and capital projects from the lombard street to the main street and the crooked street to the studies in district 9 as
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well as the balboa to the management city for the comment and going forward have to complete more of these and initiate more of these as they warrant for treasure island we had the first meeting the board excuse me. as well as a policy conversation without the tells you program and how it relates prairie to affordability on the part of county residents working on that in the coming year as well as corresponding with tida and the yerba buena projects and particularly touchdown the bike and pedestrian facilities on the east span the bay bridge onto 0 the island this summer and moving to the freeze free corridors really need a robust
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efficient solution to transport all the folks in the 101 corridors to make sure those solutions fit well with did neighborhood and those facilities pass through we're looking at the vehicle latent prints and carpool and express lanes together with the partners at municipal transportation agency caltrans and san mateo couldn't on the balboa park stationery valium the off-ramp wee realignment excuse me. thank you. >> and in addition, we're looking at the closer of the geneva impact interchange area another repeat after me and local effort corridor with the entertainment commission excuse me. and the office of economic workforce development at the late night transportation study an initiative of schez to look
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at the early morning hours with the community trips and for entertainment venues so this is some go that as yielded results and night time service and working with the multi agency and the stakeholders for prior solution to the area and in the daytime the bridges are in the region and working with mtc looking at bart and others for the crowded conditions in the corridor our city and region is growing that's the worst rated congestion link in the bay area so, please look forward to that we'll be bringing recommendations forward as part of mtcs work in the first quarter of year. >> further on the planning we work with the west side to look at the transit hub and look at
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the tremendous seats assets at the bart station and the west portal and be more effective in leveraging some of the public transit services and the bus lines and the bike sharing coming down and insuring the pedestrian connections we've done great public surveys this is important coming out as well and thank you for your leadership commissioner tang and the commission times to us look at the services and at this point leap has seized operations but those issues condition to remain top of mind and transportation folks minds as well as the community as i have no speaker cards pressure for the use of curve space by the new shuttle providers and our
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new technology and transportation services in the area of funding we hit a mile the first year where savings has exceeded one hundred million dollars a year and we fund more the priorities in transportation the ta and the policy management of over $800 million and this is not just prop k but other grants the transportation authority has and regional dollars we allocated over one hundred and $40 million including for the light rail and other motorist programs and each dollar we collect in praubz leverage 47 times that amount and that's a great question federal and state grant as well our prop w a the vehicle registration fees 57 projects
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collected in 2015, 9th street and mcallister renovation in the tenderloin and other things great near the bulk station so congratulations to bart and we look forward to more prop a projects coming down those are quick to deliver the projects public safety and transit for liability our one bay area grant this is mtc the metropolitan federally funded program has been supporting satisfactorily programs a wonderful groundbreaking connecting 3 district 9 and 10 and 11 and in addition the e r trailer elementary school the first project to be completed with the safe roads to school and the continued design work really
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almost ready for construction on market octavia avenue and chinatown broadway street and the second street as well as moving forward on the transportation fund for clean air the $4 distribution fee those are projects we do the emissions we had funding going to various shuttles that serve san francisco general hospital and veils as well as 8th street and we had a wonderful picture of the trail we used tsa funds we thank them for in their partnership there and next on vision zero continuing with the bike and the public safety the vision zero committee met several times in the capital promotions and thank you chair kim and to look at education and engineering and enforcement
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activities across the city and help to achieve the various agencies that are working to drive down facility injuries to zero within 10 years and the chair mentioned the bike sharing there is outreach ongoing we encourage all neighborhood groups u groups and community members to go to the bike sharing and call the offices we'll direct you to put in our comments where it should be betsy carmichael chair mentions the presidio parkway a wonderful celebration that facility is open for the public we made a first penny paid after three or four years of constructing that project is heaped in september with the substantial completion team others whole project to be complete at the end of this beyond any doubt and deliver the yerba buena project and the
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fulsome street i 80 fabric and the transportation authority delivered that to help improve the public safety and for the transbay center plan the prop k signature as much as the subway made great progress completing the tunneling as well as moderating into the system construction we understand there is some inconvenient the construction impacts are having a bit of an impact but making terrific progress and is it a fair statement, is working hard and we appreciate in their tvmd and on the transbay center both the phase one terminal is taking shape boo ground 50 percent
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complete we are r had a cost review led by chair wiener 19 that is serving on the transportation commission and those reviews have been completed an increase to the official cost for the transbay term and tjpa board will revise that in early 2016 a multiple team working on the remaining gap and confident we'll get there in the next few months to finish this with the downtown expectation blended facility blended track with our high speed rail and bringing the trains into transbay term as the downtown phase two project for the next signature so replace
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the sdel a project that the ground work contract and their before the caltrain powers board thank you commissioner cohen for serving and overseeing the progress there as well for all 3 operates muni and caltrain their demanding a record high levels in all 3 operators need more vehicles so the expansion program was the top priority for sfmta we stand ready to support with the prop k savings and working with mtc to help muni to take advantage of the procurement opportunity within their motor vehicle vendor and most importantly on the accountability we had a clean audit with the transportation
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authority financial management additional over credit rating were upgradeed and reaffirmed we appreciate, of course, the deputy for finance and administration the ability to convert our to a resolving program it saved us costs in administering the debt and so far so again good and continuing to achieve the and invite the members of the public to go to my and enter our address and understand the projects are planned and built by the transportation authority and in our various partners and figuring out how to contact those and in participation of the lbe and get we're in the 15, to 17 percent range the
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transportation authority for the 2015-2016 and looked forward to a big annual working group up this month provide that information on the website for contractors many who come year after year that is next thank you. the transportation authority alter 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. come to the transportation authority offices to get more about contracting opportunity particularly for small and other businesses and thank you to you and your staff to our partners at the region and state and to the community especially our advisory committee and chair chris for their support throughout the year and look forward to 2016 and particularly to the new conversations will pressing funding conversation and ballot measures at the on top of the meeting that concludes my presentation. and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> >> thank you, ms. chang
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and thank you for this terrific report schelgz. >> thank you commissioner wiener i want to talk about the conversations relative to the n tip program for the multiply implementation plan the general consensus was that that was going to be put on hold pending some additional community outreach and potential repurposing of some are all the fund i wanted to note that should be rescued in the annual report. >> thank you very much for the suggestion reminder uh-huh. >> okay and we don't need a motion okay terrific. >> colleagues, any other questions or comments okay. seeing none we will move to public comment on item 9 any public comment?
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seeing none, public comment is closed and this is an action item so i think the house has changed so, please call roll. >> commissioner avalos commissioner breed commissioner campos commissioner cohen commissioner farrell human resources commissioner kim commissioner mar commissioner peskin commissioner tang commissioner wiener commissioner yee project manager. >> great so item number ten. >> introduction of new items this is an informational item. >> who is - who is sitting in my oh, commissioner kim do you okay commissioner kim and i don't have a new items i was going to ask to rescind on the
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items. >> i'll move past this before we adjourn i'll ask you to make that motion no new items any public comment on item 10 seeing none, public comment is closed. and before we move to item 11 commissioner kim has a motion can you please state the motion commission. >> i'm sorry, i don't have the agenda nonresponsive me. >> what is that. >> item 5 and 678 or. >> no. >> i believe i missed another one mr. clerk confirm. >> 5 through 8 commissioner kim has made a motion to rescind - >> no. >> what's happening why are we
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rescinding the vote. >> if no second that's fine. >> second. >> a what's the motion. >> commissioner kim can you - >> i withdraw my motion. >> okay. so no motion on the floor. >> i'd like to rescind the vote just on well, actually we might as well 5 and 6. >> so can you articulate our motion just to be clear. >> just to rescind the vote on item 5 and 6. >> commissioner kim has rescind the vote seconded by changing and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. oh, the house has changed so we'll call the roll on rescind the votes on items 5 and 6. >> on the motion to rescind
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the vote. >> commissioner kim did you want to say something or - and schelgz has left so - >> then i'll withdraw he had voted on those items; right? >> so the motion commissioner tang do you agree to that okay. the motion is withdrawn. >> item 11. >> public comment. >> any public comment? >> thank you, thank you the state of mercy to see everyone equal and one body in leadership so as one can have a full heart of self-containment once isolation of good cause could be served a dream would come through because of the mercy one engages of coloration or
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self-improvement in all realistic aspects avenue their works self-cult vacation of works of true heart and self-direction and good experience for a extension of aids to the brothers is true mercy. >> okay any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. item 12. >> adjournment. >> we're adjourned thank you, colleagues
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