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tv   BOS Replay Land Use Committee 2816  SFGTV  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-8:11pm PST

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service and easily reduces the in the amount of and the costs the fundamental studies and predicated on that if you look at did rages so forth the feasibility study at 100 percent or one and 25 or one and 50 percent i have to say that with all due respect i think we could realize for money for the capital and sequester operating i noticed in reading all the material and in discussions with folks is that the transit impact fee could be spent on capital and on praits costs as compared to the p.s. f only on capital i maybe missing something but like
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to revisit and see if we can semester the possibility of putting praits costs back in so it will be same thing the tdif can be spent on operating i have a number of amendments colleagues that i'd like to offer to the tsf legislation but for one think that the extra $2 for projects over one thousand square feet are sustainable is financially not stop housing that's been expressed in the economic feasibility study and quite frankly that was done in 2012 with the discussion began and i realize a lot of work has been done by any colleagues and the legislatively branch and the other agencies but we'll have
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that $30 million you've seen in our pocket now. >> thank you. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> thank you well, this is actually, i worked on multiple methods of raising money for muni this is not the only way i'm trying to raise money for money as supervisor wiener indicated and i'll again echo my comments and, of course, supervisor peskin comments these fees we fell short of the kleenex of those fees based on the analysis from the planning department and, yes the city has been working many, many years on tsf and it only was last year, i got involved with that process and thank my staff member jerry but to the planning commission and
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talking about raising the fee levels and the planning commission voted to race that when it came before the board of supervisors we didn't raise the levels until it was discussed but when it come forward we've settled on american people arbitrary number well below for the fees it is an arrest warranty number and in agreement 200 with developers and with the supervisors i think it is important we use our committee structure to legislate and make improvements onramp legislation when it comes before use it is not tied up when it gets to the board of supervisors i want to insure we get ever dollar of funding we have not yielded done so we've left money on the table and colleagues, i want to make sure we have this major bite at apple before it is and hopefully
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we'll a approve that after public comment and i support the contemplate from supervisor peskin and have that votes on at the full board we've not experiences from full development from the transportation system supervisor wiener. >> thank you. i want to agree with one comment supervisor peskin made years ago we in 2012 attempted to not do everything that tsf did but a number of things to expand the scope when we does the refresher understanding with the replacement and this is not - supervisor peskin was not a member of the board but it fell apart because it was found challenges that we had and it felt apart so we ended up moving forward essentially without any
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kind of significant change we had a little opportunity in 2012 but there was not the support moving forward to do that we tried. >> let's go to public comment. >> through the chair or to the city attorney or answer do you know why the operating dollars came out. >> i think the thinking was when you look at sorry through the chair when you look at transit impact fees they are one time fees they are incredibly sickle we'll go through years where we have sxheents the revision and years it is just a butch crop because of the exclusion the last few years when you have a source that is that incredibly volatile it make
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sense to use it for one time like capital i think we look at the capital it is expansive a huge gray area and capital in terms of the state of repair it is not strip active some people think of a good state of repair rehabilitating vehicles etc. i think that thinking and i know there is people that want to see what is really one time up and down that can set you that for flurry know you know this is the thinking behind it >> thank you. >> all right. thank you ladies and gentlemen, let's go to public comment i have 3 speaker cards any other member of the public want to speak as a reminder we'll have to minutes >> peter. >> on behalf of the transit
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riders first thank you to the committee for all that we appreciate that but i do urge that you adopt the revised ordinance before you when tdif was passed it so you get to recovery 50 percent level of the associated costs over the years that amount has varied it has not dropped blow 25 percent supervisor wiener's correct the absolute number rose in the tsf that was identified the nexus study and that happened but the percentage that was recovered is smaller than before it started out 21 and first when it came to the committee now 22 maybe and a half percent but the proposed amendments raise it to 23 something is it so still sort of 25 but very much support this and this is remaining the lost
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percentage of recovery we've as put before the commercial factor, and, secondly, the slide i support the opening of the two flexible funds this is a slide prepared by the sfmta with the equality strategy is it shows applies to any project that is solving projecting problems is a three-legged stool you can build by capital projects and solve some problems by managing the resources better but some problems can only be solved by adding this is true as the city grows so we realize this is a source of equality but the agency should have the flexibility to use it's resources in developing this venture thank you. >> ms. deedee workman. >> good afternoon dede with
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the chamber of commerce the chamber have worked on the tsf proposals o proposals and the initial proposal we worked in 2012 to stop the contribution quite frankly with respect working with a large coalition of nonprofit groups that saw the stipulations was to burn some that measure failed and continued to work with supervisor wiener and others to revamp the tdif to find the the tsf we could agree, too, we worked together in good faith to cup that you with the numbers that could work and those numbers were accounted right here in this chamber and that was not then two months ago and now this comes back with no notice, no discussion no
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contention the fees should be raised we feel strongly that the fees were worked out in good faith with the supervisors and our stakeholders are the right fee the rights fee levels we don't understand why it comes back and don't agree with the proposed increase for the non-residential construction and we urge you to reject it thank you. >> thank you. >> family madam chair i don't know the history that mr. workingman is speaking to because this is a fee notice it was published two weeks ago so quite a bit of notice and as a matter of fact that came up at my first meeting on december 8th this is why that appears so two months ago of notice and relative to the speakers comments i don't know what was worked out in this room i was here on december 8th when we
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adopted the previous matter but the study in the spring of last year almost a year ago is exactly where those numbers come out of they don't come out of any negotiation with the boards their so forth on page 5 of the circle study and the case pdr at 7 61 is the legislation and the 1 he and 25 tsf at dollars per square feet for the residential is precisely the study and $18.04 was the circle study i have no idea what you're talking about. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon tom executive director of liveable city to speech in favor it is an incredible important times for
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public transportation is creates value for property owners we've involved billion dollars and created billions of and billions of dollars and capturing to sustain the extra we have and build the extra necessary to accommodate it growth is for this is a balanced sustainable so supervisor avalos for bringing this forward just a thought on the capitals versus praits i would say i think that the capital investments we have the oil tsf most spent for operation as a result we've made few investments in capital and then we didn't build any capacity to accommodate the growth in riderships if you've ridden bart or muni or any other mod of transportation you know we're pga people over we have such jam packed trains one of the ideas
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behind tdif you'll need to expand physically the capacity of that transit system to accommodate the additional rider we've not going done that since 1970s it is time we did that it will add disciplinarian the capital but it is hard to cut in other words, to sustain the operations but they're incredibly important to the system and the other thing if you neglect capital you've spend more and more time and energy trying to sustain the equipment beyond it's uses thank you very much. >> calvin transfor justice he speak in favor raising the office fee and with a greatest flexibility two reasons one first on raising the fee the fee is the nexus
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study fee the nexus study it is important to understand take into account the great mask change, if you will, technology of commercial office buildings under the old tdif for those of us around in those days when muni buses barley beat the dinosaurs the assumption was there was one office worker for every 5 hundred square feet of commercial be office building the days of cub he lives and days of computer when the tip writers took place a lot of space we're looking at a level of density in the office daytime population of about one worker per 200 and 50 or 200 square feet we're talking about office buildings that are packing in drastically more maybe 50
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percent more workers per square feet than in is old days and tsf nexus study set the rate at a higher level and finally on flexibility we have a measure on the ballots put on by the mayor that will end flexibility for telexing excuse me for any other new revenue raise i think that is the only chance the board to increase the flexibility in muni funding for operations operations are key in bringing about muni appellate court and increasing operational capacity is key. >> thank you, mr. welch ladies and gentlemen, is there any additional public comment? >> on item one all right. this matter is in the hands of this body public comment is closed. supervisor peskin.
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>> madam chair to the deputy director i know i promised you this gets complicated mr. gibner the ordinance the item before you is a subset of the ordinance that was before this body in december so the very small amendments that i'm going to verbally propose relative to operations and let me previous by saying to any colleagues given the mta fleblths is important i understand the notion that one time money should be used for capital when you can over time see that you get a certain inflow of consistent revenue and when you have a budget the size of mta's budget it is a source of
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flexibility you have a baseline that comes in year by year there is a tsf or tdif at least they can use some portion of the cooperation with in their structure i'd like to give them that perplexity and to that end i'll propose in section 411 a points 7 that we insert let me pull up for 11 a .7 where it says i'll read to you couldn't melon if the correction of tsf eastern neighborhoods shall be held in trust by the pleasure of the city and county of san francisco under california government code 66 plus of the fee act it shall be skrktd to
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the budgetary charter and the mitigation fee subject to the limbs and reasonably necessary to negotiate the impacts tsf my fund transit and capital hold on transit maintenance projects and transit capital facilities and pleaded i would insert transit costs or transit operations and complete streets so i would insert after fleet transit service costs or transit operations. >> the next sentence that reads overseeing expenditures my include but not limited to capital costs associated with
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establishing - hold on one second here. >> limited to capital costs insert capital and operating so capital insert and operating costs associated with i would respectfully makes those amendments to this. >> deputy city attorney gibner do you have anything. >> while you discuss these i'll take the at the section the committee makes the amendment today, you'll need to continue it for a intentional notice as supervisor peskin said on the
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expenditure side of the paroled before the committee today other than this and other than proofread the committee can make those amendments and continue the item. >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> we might want to also make a similar amendment in the finding in for i don't know through the chair to deputy city attorney gibner 4, 7 a .1 reflect the transit service in the finding i believe that would be 411 a-1 subbing e is where we will probably want to make the transit service finding. >> i would recommend that you -
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we limit the amendment today and the committee makes that amendment next week we can make any conforming amendments in other sections i don't know if 4 leona helmsley .6 glancing at it. >> those will be non-substantial changes but right but techniques the notice will be we're changing it. >> all right. supervisor peskin i have a couple of questions you mentioned the transit service costs and service operations can you explain. >> operations can be from maintenance of rolling stock to fair inspectors to operators. >> nothing specific. >> is there something specific in all costs or just general. >> all costs associated with
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the services i'm trying to return the flexibility for the better part of the century that worked fine not broken we don't need to fix it. >> supervisor wiener comments. >> thank you for the language in the current version preany on the bottom of page 4 am i correct? >> page 4. >> are you talking about file one one 251. >> let me read the language it hadn't changed before any amendment is authorized funds for tsf will meet the demand for the transit capital maintenance and fleet and pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure generated by the new development in the city is that the language we're
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working from any point to make sure we're on the same page. >> i this you're looking at the december file. >> let me make sure which file. >> i'm working off file 15452 first amendment at the board of supervisors on december 2015. >> i'm opening it up because of horrible connection it takes a while. >> can you read the definition. >> one moment are you - thinking in subsection e it says in no response are the nexus study to meet the demands generated by new investments or levels of service? >> no. >> one moment.
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>> if we had functioning internet. >> i could have called you over the weekend (laughter). >> it would have looked a lot better than on tv any staff e-mailed me the language yeah. maybe used to find the transit maintenance projects, transit capital facilities and fleets and completed streets and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure those included but not limited to capital costs associated the transit routes
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and expanding the transit and increasing the routes on the but ever included but not limited to for the tracking and mid wires and capital and maintenance to add service and it goes on from there about bike and pedestrian projects that is the existing language if i'm not mistaken. >> or the might be proposal will be to add flexibility and allow it to be used on probational costs if necessary as i described through the chair. >> as i mentioned the enormous gray area we'll have a discussion in terms of capital operational and operation is a big gray area around maintenance and state of repair the current language is very broad
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in allowing for increasing services on transit routes for example, expanding transit routes, rolling stock, so as we were replacing every vehicle or rerehabilitating the expansion of the taking care of the system and having more vehicles in service on the existing routes we have in addition to trying to expand those routes and allowing for complete street projects such as bike and pedestrian projects i don't think we need to expand beyond that i don't know in terms of hiring more parking control officers or whatever the case may be there is is a discrepancy the definition currently in the tsf is our needs are so magnificent
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in terms of increasing service and keeping what we have in a state of repair and not expanding beyond that in a way goes to the fundamental issues and one of the objections i have to the legislation before us i think there are some people who seem to think not suggesting public but some people in terms of the transit needs like how the developers pay for it believe it or not i've been a proponent of them paying the transit combheekz and the increases we passed last year the fact we'll never get where we need to go without massive government support i don't think so what the point of saying the tsf should pay for things beyond the massive items we have in the
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current broad depictions i don't see the need to make that change. >> so family through the chair supervisor wiener i'm extremely supportive of capital and rolling so to speak so stock and other investments that are public transportation system services having said that, i understand the operating objectives in 2017-2018 and giving them that flexibility within their budgets i think makes abundant sense not to motorbike manage them but quite frankly as the city is growing and traffic is worse i think giving the mta that level of flexibility simply put not to be hyperbolic great to - supervisor
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prop b got us the fund and i know assistance frif i was not a member of board ensue supportive of that but having city council i didn't new buses without people to maintain or drive them didn't work i mean this is not the end of the world but i think giving the mta that flexibility particularly as they're projecting operation shortfalls the coming years makes good sense. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you through the chair supervisor peskin by way of i'm appreciative of your support for prop b i think that meant a lot but i'll be honest that we the mta already has a lot of flexibility in how it spends it's money we know this board has no say in the budget of mta and we have to
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go nuclear to have done that the board has threatened this this is one of the few arrests we have a small amount of say how this money is spent to be honest i don't have full long term trust in the mtas discussions in terms of whether or not it takes care of the system and not having vehicles that fall apart and other assets that are not falling apart for a long time the mta's under invested not only the capital but the state of repair from the buses are falling apart or been on a bus like me your driving up a hill and i feel like i can push that bus faster because the bus is falling apart over and over the law man's vehicles are not
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maintenance the mta is much of better now to be clear he applaud the agency for reinvestigating from the system it is doing a good job ensue not confident that will last we can plastic bag back and see this system start to unravel dynamic comfortable in expanding beyond the current definition. >> okay let's see see a representative from the mta here? >> victor wise mta. >> thank you. i wanted to see if you have any comments you want to share before we deliberate. >> certainly i would echo supervisor wiener's sentiment how this ordinances was designed we thought about operating the capital fund i'll
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add to the comments in terms of the one time funds and adding they can't be funded through capital fund they're not eligible and this is an opportunity to death the funds i'll currently echo the fact there is gray area we intend to put this money in the state of repair in overhauling. >> that being said flexibility is important but the way the ordinance is structured how we thought will continue on the path of maintenance and repair and investing this money and of course this it transmits into better service thank you very much. >> madam chair bans those comments i will withdraw any amendments for now. >> thank you presenter that i also well, i guess you will
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reintroduce your amendments. >> i reserve the right to introduce them on the floor of the board. >> fair enough you're right all right. so there is or no amendments let's see about a motion for item number one anything. >> i would to move the items that is before us to the full board and sensing the voice of any colleagues without recommendation. >> you have a keen sense. >> i'll give you credit that's good i ask for a negative recommendation. >> i'm not a big fan of bottling things up the committee out of right so i have a motion on the table but put it out amongst the full board so i would also like to make a motion
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for the to move forward with a negative recommendation. >> i'll second it would you like a roll call vote. >> i'm happy to descents on this. >> let's do a roll call vote. >> madam chair. >> to come out of committee with a negative recommendation a and an the negative recommendation. >> yes. >> supervisor peskin had made a recommendation not to refer it without recommendation. >> i'll withdraw that. >> your recess sending that motion. >> okay. >> on the motion to refer the matter out with a negative recommendation. >> supervisor peskin no supervisor wiener supervisor cowen there's one-2 i's one no with the supervisor peskin in the descents. >> that motion passed out with a negative recommendation madam clerk item 2.
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>> item 2 an ordinance for the planning code for the resolve of any residential unit to allow nigsz for the legalization of an illegal unit unless feasible. >> okay supervisor avalos. >> sorry. >> thank you i thought i pressed the button but thank you for scheduling this again madam chair so this legislation that you have in place we wanted to protect housing from demolitions and mergers and conversions overall to protect the tenants housing the city that has been under attack affair for a number ever years that includes in-law units and
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the unite and part-time buildings we had a thorough discussions on the legislation and i do want to continue on with that one thing we left up to greater consideration was how single families that have notice of violations how to work others dbi department of building inspection and that deliberation from dbi needs to happen so i want to allow that to go forward when i wanted to do today is duplicate the file and to move forward the amendments that we have made regarding the c-3 zoning district to go forward. >> and then have greater discussion through dbi and after dbi looks at our issues around
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notice of violations and legalization issues that we can come back to the board to the land use committee we had some discussion about how people that didn't have financial means to be able to legalize units could find resources for that and we do have people from the mayor's office of housing here as well as dbi to talk about that issue and planning people are here as well so wanted to bring up mr. strong from the dbi who can talk about whatever process we have on the residential and single-family homes ours and in-law units that are seeking great deliberation within the commission. >> mr. strong before you get started i want to give the floor to supervisor kim then bring you
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up. >> thank you chair cohen i want to acknowledge supervisor avalos in his legislation and thank you for slooit the files to address some of the separate issues those this will address separately the c-3 portion of legislation that is why i'm here an issue that we've discussed essentially through the land use committee but the community as well and 2013 our office starting fielding calls from rincon hill and the western soma and other areas their evicted because their units were illegally evicted sometimes 20 and 30s years ago many pertains have market their office space and liveable units over the past couple of decades they were
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unable to rent their properties on the commercial reality so landlords did let their tenants know this was illegal but in many cases the landlords didn't say anything or request the tenants object a business listens for their zoning when the office market starting heating up in rincon hill and the inner market property owners realized they could make money and starting evicting the middle-income residents artist and teachers and nonprofit and grocery stores owners and small business owners who lived in those units as long as 18 years i introduced the interim controls in 2013 to look at the alarming behavior from our property owners to aid this law due to the conversion of
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residential units from commercial office space this requires a conditional use authorization when a property seeks to reestablish use when converted to residential without permit since the introduction of interim controls in 2013, the mayor and the executive order requested the city departments to minutes ago promote rental housing when loss of housing is proposed the planning department and dbi responded to the executive order by implementation policies that require a public hearing and review of applications that reluctance in non-residential use, however, this action didn't include the residentials not permitted supervisor avalos has been working on this legislation foreclose to a year we're reaching the end of the interim controls and i appreciate my colleagues for louse u allowing
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us to split the file with at&t's is c-3 to protect our tenants in the c-3 areas that are living in the non-restricted permitted areas i want to thank the land use committee for always supporting the interim controls and this board for unanimously passing them this year i want to end by saying this existing tenants were evicted it would be did the for them to find housing in the current real estate many have had to leave the city posing long consultants for jobs they may not be getting paid enough and working off horse trailers with public transportations is not available and, in fact, many entertainment are moving out of san francisco i should add i've said this
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before i share little sympathy for property owners the only purpose to profit doing illegal conversions they thought they'll make more money and coming green under the guise of leg illicit we absolutely need to protect the tenants and many will be speaking under public comment i appreciate the efforts efforts of this board and making sure we keep the residents in place thank you. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> now with that, let's go to dbi. >> and we'll hear from bill strong. >> thank you, supervisors bill strong legislative and affairs as requested we searched through the database over the past 6 years from nodding to 2015 just to get an idea how many noigsdz
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for illegal units mate be receiving those total about 4 hundred and 46 over the 5 year period and out of that 4 hundred and 46, 6 year period 49 permits that were issued to remove or to go through the the legalization unfortunately, the way that dbi data is kept the complete data not tied into the permit issued data so often it is exactly what the details might be behind the situations but i will say that since the package by the board in mid-may have 2014 the volunteery legalization dbi has issued as of last week one and 5 of those permits for legalization
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planning has about one hundred and 10 under review i'm guessing by the time we get the two year anniversary in may we will probably have a bit more than 200 and 200 and 20 legalized units to that program i'm happy to go back and see if we can come up with single-family homes data and your comments supervisor but my knowledge it is limited we haven't had that many single-family homes i have joe duffy if you have more detailed questions how the complaint process works and what we are often finding it difficult to assess a property and verify a complaint about an illegal unit something we've
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mentioned on previous occasions. >> thank you very much i didn't have anything else to add that will be through dbi and my office will be participating the discussions. >> so i also wanted to call up aaron star from planning. >> and aaron talk about how this ordinances will further the goals of preserving the existing how is parking space determining this is beneficial for housing preservation. >> sure. >> good afternoon aaron starr manager, legislative affairs for the planning staff we reported open is modification that was approved as we go give you a little bit of background to why the department recommended the support of this ordinance and why the planning commission recommended the approval to help to address the city's housing
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crisis the mayor's has a directive to planning requiring the mandatory discretionary review for buildings with 3 or more illegal units this was dub done to help stop displacement and it is nationally occurring since then few permits under that criteria but many permits where the applicant is proposing to remove the building with 21st century legal units e illegal units the city can't compel them with this and planners will sign off knowing well, they could have tenants face eviction and supervisor wiener took an important step asking for notification of any illegal unit this helps to for the attendance of an pending eviction 33 and
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they can appeal, however, after this overturned by itself board of appeals this rarely happens i city can't lightwell liza units that puts the tenant in limbo this requires the legalization with a kwefks to remove it we're seeing property owners turning themselves into dbi and giving notice to attendance once the tenants is evicted we have them often remodel and by the time they get it into a two unit building this removes that incentive by requiring the units be legalized and holds the landlord responsible we're here to hear about the tenants that
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may not be have the money to pay for that. >> and both dbi and planning fees are waved for those two seek to legalize it is $3,000 savings and you may want to continue this we're happy to work with your office to address those concerns, however, stress the portions of this legislation and the very real issues it addresses thank you for your time and consideration of this ordinance and, of course, kim and i are available for questions thank you. >> thank you aaron no other questions from me i wanted to have someone from the mayor's office of housing bryan chiu is here with the issue of using source of funding and maybe the housing trust fund
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and as part of trust fund to cover the relocation for those who have hardships. >> bryan chew for the mayor's office of housing as supervisor avalos mentioned we do exercise authorities over funds created by the package of that housing trust fund act we have dollars available for single-family homes rehabilitation it is limited by in case to only use those few minutes for those owners blow one and 20 percent of the ami so we're accustomed to doing these small projects for single-family homes and my colleague from dbi mentioned it is unclear how many of the people applying for legalization fall into the categories of the single-family homes but if this
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is the day and qualify we will be happy to work with dbi with planning and with supervisors office to create a program that is appropriate for the low income homeowners for this system. >> great thank you. >> okay. no more questions that will ends the presentation for this part of communication i have a few public comment cards first (calling names). >> matt. >> if you could line up and cue that. >> matt i'm a staff attorney at the housing clinic first, i want to state up front that the tenderloin supports this entire
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legislation i believe this entire legislation is necessary for the preservation of housing i'll not regime what supervisor kim said but we have experience the problems she's mentioned specifically the c-3 district that to my main point we also fully support splitting the file this legislation is not controversial for the c-3 the in-law units and the testimony that came up at the last hearing last week regarding the nmentsdz that is important with that legislation it allows for reasonable and meaningful review of those permits before they issue i certainly think with respect to the in-law units the review of all the issues of the legislative rebels it is appropriate and necessary; however, for the c-3 for mid
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market and the downtown district this shouldn't be controversial it mirrors the controls in place and mirrors the mayor's office and it supports a number of my clients are here to talk about their protection of the housing and we certainly appreciate supervisor avalos presenting it and splitting i did file to move forward. >> next speaker tom followed by ryan. >> good afternoon, supervisors tom executive director of liveable city thank you to supervisor avalos for bringing this forward we've been working for the few years to legalize the in-law units and want to thank you, supervisor wiener and supervisor peskin and supervisor avalos worked on piece of this we feel this is a culminating feat to protect thousands of units the city in 1960 we have the planning code amendments
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that effectively prohibited the addition of new units to existing buildings we think that is a mistake that's one of the reasons we're in a housing crisis you can add units in a neighborhood without changing the physical appearance, of course, making is illegal doesn't stop people there are thousands up to 65 years old and a lot of people have no idea their illegal but they can lose thaish their houses the court passed a last to notify the tenants but you can innovative by no department has a legal basis so this landlord can rove them no matter how long they've lived there this will require review and treat every dwelling
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unit in the city the same and no matter what the it original legal status it is important to protect thousands of tenants and preserve a terrific amount of the rent-controlled units we ask your approval but do this in a timely way we're losing units everyday thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors ryan on behalf of the market street, llc the small property owners of san francisco and small business owners we've made a number of objections today, you've heard i'd like to add that the ordinances are for the origin ordinance oriental proposed includes the planning commission suggestion, however, those not all the modifications are made and no vicinity
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findings so referring this particular version of the ordinance forward or any portion to make it clear we're unclear which portion is legal moving on this it is premature until we've heard back with the adequate ceqa environmental review and retroactive concerns with the amended version of ordinance that could have significant environmental impact if so proposal is for ground zero there could be alternated deactivating the ground floor spaces this has environmental impact the end result of this ordinance may well be to compel legalization that drives the
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property values down to legalize and owners will keep the vacate united vacant and this causes the vacant units it is not good for the housing stock and decreases the housing stock we urge your consideration at a minimum to clarify what portions of your ordinance is moving forward and what portion is not thank you very much (calling names). >> i was here when we were discussing tenant protections 2 housing unit 0 at that time, 1 hundred poem dozens and dozens were landlord you'll not do that today, this legislation tashthsdz landlords that have done things illegally those are the people those who broken the
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law unusual for decades the fact we have a housing crisis because we haven't kept on the population groebt growth the city can evaluate whether or not it is acceptable to say urgent we pass this legislation not about one building arrest landlord it is about making sure that everyone who is living in legal unit legal units and that landlords that are breaking the law meet the same standards as the landlords who have do the right thing and many people are driven out of the city and landlords are profiting from illegal conversions and this law will simply require them to obey the rules i ask you to vote yes. >> thank you. >> >> (repeated.) >> the constitution of the united states. i'm an architect practicing the city for 36 years and a homeowner i was a renter
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and evicted under the ellis act i have 3 kids i've raised the city i wanted to speak to one aspect that is promoted the definition of the unauthorized unit has it didn't corridor with the definition of the planning code and will effect homeowners, single-family homes orientals that use part of their basement and pairs of the back of their garage a as a living and speaking space this didn't include a kitchen or a bathroom that will effect family rooms and studies and i think that is overreaching in terms of the definition you need to deal with a dwelling unit that is been in place and has been tenanted i have a basement in-law units the kitchen was removed and i
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use it as a guest room want to convert it to legal space shouldn't be required as a single-family home homeowner not renting out and the kitchen has been removed to create two river an illegal situation i remembered the board take the action of the legislation to allow the creation of new in-law units not the two supervisors district that has happened as far. >> madam chair if i may i was wondering as i read the legislation over the weekend but it says an unauthorized units should worn rooms not with the benefit of a building permit as a independent of rental units
7:00 pm
independent shall mean the space is independent not entering a residential unit and no open visual units on the property. >> right but a lot of single-family homes where the spaces exist at the back the garage and front door entries their assessable without going through the units and the definition is not clear whether or not it is requiring through undergo a garage an single-family home it independently assessable are not. >> i don't want to sgaej in a conversation the city attorney will yell at me but entering enclosing a garage is the independently assessable. >> thank you. >> we'll actually anyone from
7:01 pm
planning we have a little break in public comment. >> why - i'm sorry what are you asking for . >> i wanted to see if his question can be respond to after public comment. >> we will get our answer to the question and hear from the folks i've can you do for public comment giving us a few more minutes. >> hi, i'm cache long time san francisco residents and i support the legislation korean that was previous to me said it better than me i'd like to add that the c-3 amendment that includes ground floor residential properties is extremely important because a lot of these buildings are much larger inside than you think their frontage is already activated with retail but they
7:02 pm
may have 8 to 10 residential units on the first floor or the basements not covered the origin legislative. >> after the next speaker you'll hear if planning. >> hello i'm a musical artist and work at a local job and work with the san francisco pride i've lived here 11 years please vote yes to pass many legislation with retroactive it to march first otherwise the city will losses 7 that more favorable apartments i say city needs to add more so they have a invested interest in having more units the city must
7:03 pm
evaluate if this is acceptable this is not the about one building many people live in apartments building legalizing stabilize people many people have been driven out of the city by landlords exploiting that will that and the ground units that cash spoke about is important please vote yes, it is urgent to pass this with retroactive i did to march first otherwise the city will lose 7 that more affordable apartments thank you. >> anyone from the planning department. >> kilogram department staff to the key to the unauthorized units is living or sleeping space should be used is an
7:04 pm
dependents residential unit so the way this is a definition we've been working closely with the city attorney's office and the zoning administrator office the way we would address situations like this the applicant will have to sign an affidavit saying this unit was in the used as an independent unit and they'll be exempt from this cu process. >> okay does that answer your question. >> supervisor avalos does that answer your question. >> yes. thank you and the previous man spoke with his issue if you have a chance to work with him direct. >> we'll continue with public comment (calling names). >> a depa here.
7:05 pm
>> okay. >> naomi will be next. >> followed by sarah. >> thank you, supervisors i'm depa if the san francisco tenants union i'm here to make sure that tenants are protected and the housing stock is located many long time san franciscans that live in illegal units or in in-law units especially in district 6 and the weermz as well as district 11 seeing more and more tenants being pushed out any formal tenants said they saw four or five this week those are astonishing numbers this is incredible sloopt i ugly you to
7:06 pm
vote yes. >> thank you for your comments naomi. >> sarah you'll be next. >> hi, i'm naomi retired teacher on the public schools of 1049 market street my landlords attempted to evict the arraignments at 1049 market street and the first group was given notice near thanksgiving and the second received eviction notices around commissioned 2013 we've been walked for a long time to keep our lofts many of the residents have been forced out and substantial left the city and some the city and some the country i'm speak on behalf of the current tenants and many endangered tenants in the city and also on behalf of san francisco the rent is to high groups of people are finding that hard to live here college
7:07 pm
graduates and teachers especially in the beginners salary and teachers aid all next door and moderate low income families to accommodate the children and renters p who are trying to find a low cost are renter situation many people are without financial resources there is a lot of competition to be chosen as a roommate please pass this for the sake of current tenants and to simmer a san francisco is a welcoming place please stop the landlords from by passing the cruz r cus and thank you for your thoughtful attention please pass to retroactively to march first otherwise the city can lose a lot of affordable unit including
7:08 pm
1049 market street thank you very much. >> thank you. >> sarah human rights committee knew supervisors for tackling this issue it is so important we have to have counsels in our office over and over xhornt what don't have tenants call gi if they can the problem with so many people rent-controlled unit their units thinking they were legal and find out they're not and the landlords that scheme the system get a quick buck and i'm thinking of buildings like 2107 van ness this is in farrell's districts people go to the craigslist and lived in their units for over 13 years with leases and then pick them
7:09 pm
out those are folks with kids i ran could into one of the tenants in front of planning he is the only one left the building. >> i'm thinking about the four buildings in potrero hill at supervisor cowen's thankfully sent to us we stopped from demolition but they're also had craigslist adds and leases the 17 reasons building the mission where the landlords knowingly rent out the unit the 4 buildings i can think of on market street all the tenants in the excelsior and bayview they're coming all the time because the landlords is one house above it it wouldn't be under rent control without that
7:10 pm
kitchen the illegal unit in the basement all the people are you pushed out of the san francisco we spell need this legislation and please vote please do. >> thank you for your comments we'll next hear from tommy and patrick all from human rights committee so i sort of want to add into what the lady testified about she mentioned a lot of the buildings we see i want to talk about was in which despite the current law evictions radio happening as one other speaker mentioned we've seen state demolitions the landlords remove the sink and stove and search the nov they turn around and put them into back in and get more
7:11 pm
money we've seen demolition evacuees going through and old people getting replaced and commercial spaces have been rented for years as nodded years and years and suddenly because they rent to tech companies they want to push the tenants out and rent to a tech company we're seeing lost and lots of that we're seeing verbal evictions they don't give them an actual rental lease this is prairie true amongst the immigrants i talk with the spanish they don't believe they have to get out but leave oftentimes and a lot of the folks pushed out are communities or color or artists or queer folks i think i understand why
7:12 pm
you're drifd this and pushing forward the c-3 section but not lose track of in-law unit it is with the in-law units we're losing a lot of a lot of people and that oath people are shofrl in the immigrants communities with the in-law units you need to do something about the in-law units thank you for this but not forget about the in-law units. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm juan a mission residents and work at the ribbon rainbow and last year, we saw a grueling eviction battle with the landlord that knowingly gave us a commercial lease and the buildings that was zoned to be residential and commercial but after 12 years of living
7:13 pm
there decided they wanted to evacuate us under the guise of illegitimate i urge you to vote yes, i'm tried or seeing my friends leave they figure out a long battle it was sad thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> if under those any other speakers that want to speak please. good afternoon, supervisors. >> any other people that want to speak please line up and speak it's your turn patrick. >> i wanted to disclose i'm a developer on market street i was born the city and my family found admitted housing we have asbestos floors and kitchen and steam heat that never worked couldn't turn it on in the
7:14 pm
winter and off the summer i kept my family the city and in regards to this law i want to focus on in-law units and commercial with new mexico's and residential there should be two separate legislations one that addresses maybe thousands or less than. >> thousand commercial units and a second with tens of thousands thirty thousand arrange in-law units part of criteria of the costs we have the sfachlz that second unit has to go through rent-controlled this means the value drops didn't go up the value of a building drops when you go from 2 unions to 3 the value drops a 2 unit can go
7:15 pm
come down but the fire requirements is considered an apartment, from two to three the value drops so if you're going to legalize residential units you have to have more in depth studies of effects or may see residential units but we're trying to look at the city and we may lose more on the residential side so the criteria's needs to be different versus commercial units thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> hi, thank you for thank you for your time and i spoke last week one of the artists trying to quickly explain my situation last week but talk more specifically about the concerns and thank supervisor kim for give a great implication
7:16 pm
explanation i'm not in a c-3 but i'm facing the same thing so we're renting tyson years ago and i've been there 10 years and now the landlords see an opportunity to make more money they want to force us out and try to ellis act and telling me the master tenants he had to leave and filing with the dbi on a permits lying trying to get prediction to remove the dwelling and decided to ellis act we or been fighting the battles for two years and in - this will protect us from the landlords are not able to change to commercial once ellis act and a 5 year restrictions to keep people from just purely for profit they don't have the incentive we'll be able to negotiate i urge you noting to
7:17 pm
not limited this to c-3 but apply for all the commercials for the artists facing this problem i've been working in san francisco for 10 years built my career i can't take my career to a city and continue it i'm very rooted the city artists are give to their city we don't get paychecks but we're hurting for me to lose my housing means giving up any career so, please that is true push this through quick so we don't lose our housing. >> i'm a mathematician since 1992 and one boy is - make no mistake san francisco is a small
7:18 pm
city it is really hard i tried to coming down the pike keep it - like fighting fire with fire the other things that are important of the illegal units they're calling it, it is actually non-or the department of education units apartments with the ideal many times a lot of spaces and ideal for artists people that create and make things and make the city and give the city something in those units are getting evicted or getting commercialized to get oath infrastructure extra profit and people are losing their livelihood and people are suffering like mentioned it not
7:19 pm
on this people living there but all the space is homes to so many artists and groups if a area density all the way to ballot and stand up comedy we're losing our culture that is something we should consider the culture is really built on it is that cause where the people come here from all over the world i'm from german i didn't i see that reason going away we really want to prefer thank you very much - >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon shawn i'm here to support the testimony of many of the
7:20 pm
previous speakers and the notion of duplicating the file i'm here to respectfully ask that the demolition of single-family homes be revved from this legislation and lifework to distinguish single-family homes from units the universe of units we're talking about is 9 hundred and 5 over the last 6 years the universe of single-family homes are 47 drastically different the reason that number is so low planning has a process it is lengthy and timely but a process to protect affordable and sound housing if i'm an applicant and submit an application to go demolish a house the very first question what value is on that house if the value is over one $.7 million it is not affordable and goes through the regular process if that value is less than one
7:21 pm
$.7 million you have to do what is calls a sounds likeness report if you can demonstrate that is unsound housing then and only then can you move forward so to put context is numbers only 16 hours the last 5 years have passed the unsound housing test by planning unsounds like housing is not affordable housing our members understand the process now patrol vehicle it a ccii mass it extremely legal we can't say do it ourselves we have to turn it over to a team of lawyers it's painful. >> thank you, thank you. >> any other speakers please come on up. >> i'm not a acquainted with the full scope of that measure i
7:22 pm
have concerns i myself live in supervisor kim's district with public housing that is owned by tndc i think there is some displacement but i am concerned with the 6 street and the tenderloins as a whole those are the areas that i think that this ordinance that land use thing will adversely impact i don't understand is poor people are living in sros they're call they're called vcr's /* /- single-room occupancies and now how does this proposal impact that or preserve housing in
7:23 pm
those areas. >> supervisor kim will address your question maybe after the hearing supervisor kim okay. thank you >> next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors i'm charging write i work on the government foyers for the up to the time association i forgot any regular glasses (laughter). >> we appreciate the explanation we were all wondering. >> we understand a desire to move forward in a timely manner for the folks on market street but it is important to see that effects the thirty thousand people we believe the reflection legislation is not ready for prime time but a sprint the ordinance is not ready for at that particular time time less
7:24 pm
than two years after supervisor chiu had a volunteery program this legislation with mandate it this not legal for the city to mandate the city codes this creates a disincentive to rents from the all right those unions are cheaper and affordable by design and a apartment shouldn't be left vacant and it has an impact on the property owners that didn't buy illegal conforming units they bought a singlehome that perhaps has 12 in-law units on the properties there was a comment not opposition because people are not here i'll respectfully disagree that is a chinese new year and people buy those properties in celebration of
7:25 pm
chinese new year. >> there is also talk about the difference i don't think the difference between requiring review the illegal in-law units and mandate legalization has been ironed out when an in-law unit can be taken back but to require a legalizing is a different story altogether thank you. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, are there any other is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item if not public comment is closed. >> i see we have supervisor avalos on the roll call and follow-up with supervisor wiener. >> thank you and i want to thank everyone for entertaining this ordinance and, of course, the people that have been advocating for that we want to move quickly the issue of in-law units is one that depreciates worked out with dbi but we want
7:26 pm
to move quickly enough for dbi to hear the main concerns that exists on this legislation relative to in-law units and want to have back here the 22 a couple of weeks away i realize we're dealing with units we're losing every day but want to get this right moving forward i so want to approve today, the portion of the legislation it related to c-3 part of city and we've made the amendments last week to address ground floor units non-visible from the front to that we want to do is duplicate the file the section that is amend it out i out everything but the c-3 section and move that forward as a committee report to the full
7:27 pm
board the other file the duplicated file that will be addressing in-law units we want to have back her in committee on february 22nd between today and that date you'll go through the dbi and get input from the commission on that remaining legislation that will be my request for the committee to make that motion. >> sshthd by supervisor cohen's supervisor wiener. >> so i'll support the motion as stated i think that is very important to move the c-3 portion out of committee and get that passed we'll have strong discussion in making sure we are addressing this kind of behavior where the units are represented
7:28 pm
out at residential unit often for many years and all of a sudden to make more money the owners decide chops it's not supposed to be residential so everyone is evicted that's terrible direction we need to make sure we're keeping people stable in their housing and i continue to be supportive of the c-3 aspect of this legislation and glads controls are going to be become permanent i support sending that out as a committee reports today and file duplicated in terms of the other portion that will remain in committee two things first just a question whether 2 weeks is enough time or maybe three weeks i ask only the last week i don't think that i haven't seen progress want to make sure we don't have another
7:29 pm
hearing to continue it again and in terms of the conditional use requirements and single-family homes i think the argument is a strong one the controllers that currently are in place for demolishing snamentsz is very strong and so the question is whether we need to put a conditional use on that as opposed to the multi unit is that a more challenging situation leave things that qualify as a demolition and a multi unit building that may not be adequately located by current law so i'll make a motion to strike to duplicate did file remaining in committee and continues we move single-family homes from the conditional use requirement given the strong
7:30 pm
controls. >> supervisor wiener can we take that without objection? motion passes >> make the motion. >> the duplicated file that is remain in committee to remove single-family homes from the conditional use requirement. >> we need a rescinds the motion to continue to. >> no, it's a duplicated file. >> that's not voted on. >> it is but we need to rescind. >> okay we'll take that without objection. that motion is rescind and the additional migrants by supervisor wiener we'll take that without objection. that item passes 0 unanimously before we just close out with supervisor kim i too wanted to add my voice to the portions of protecting the residents in the c-3 portion i think that ceiling
7:31 pm
important and thank you fred for your thank you for all you do and the nonprofits helping people survivor and fight to stay the city i wish a way to signal to property owners that you will utilities things and sends a message we mean business and this is unacceptable behavior and needs to be a balance between captive liberalism and examination it is critical we recommend people and create stiffer penalties i think we should moeshgs. >> just closing remarks first of all, thank you committee to pass this given the urgent and timely nature of the protections we put in place of the interim controls to end in march of this
7:32 pm
year but your strong support of the uses in the c-3 area that have been experiencing those types of greed and incentivised evictions where landlord have been profiting off the clients when they couldn't find commercial tenants and now kick them to the curve when we can more off the commercial busy this provides a level of oversight for the planning commission to make sure we are protecting the housing for your existing tenants that make san francisco the city we love and the city it is so just want to acknowledge this board and the strong supports of its residents and finally in response to the question from one of our rountsz we have existing legislation that does prohibit of the conversion of residential units and sros to tourist if you find
7:33 pm
that happening please complain to dbi this ordinance has been larger successful in stopping that kind of conversion because it allows a private right of action from nonprofit organizations and we have seen a tremendous decline since this ordinance passed if you see it is happening the intends or in the south of market please report that compliment it is completely illegal under the current law thank you for that reminded john gibner, deputy city attorney. >> just to clarify on the amendment that supervisor wiener has property to the original version that was vote out of the committee report is includes as commissioner lee mentioned the original orientals but also why
7:34 pm
in the c-3 but the shaping and permeable surface requirements san francisco government audit & oversight commission i citywide so the amendment includes that not just phenomenon c-3 but the desire city. >> thank you for your clarification yes vote now on the two pieces of motions that are ahead of us madam clerk call the first motion. >> on the original file to need to accept the amendments he suppose first. >> okay. >> we did. >> okay. so for the original file to the amended as a committee report. >> yes. we'll take that without objection. that item passes. >> and on the duplicated file
7:35 pm
as amended to continue as amended to february 22nd. >> just answer my question whether the 22. >> we're working with dbi and they'll have the hearing and be able to get it back by the it 2 and my office has been working with our staff trying to inform you have it maybe not gotten to you. >> that's fine regardless of what your staff has been talking about i'm trying to you know again, you have a hearing to come for more public comment bye bye the 22 would be wonderful given some outstanding issues if 0 people want to go to the 2 that's happy with that. >> let's go with the 22 we'll
7:36 pm
take that without objection. that motion carries okay supervisor avalos and supervisor kim. >> oh, yes thirds item supervisor kim is call up item 3. >> a resolution urging the director and at transportation authority to utilize the information of the community for revitalization and investment to support the affordability up to a 40 percent. >> supervisor kim is author of this with the stakeholders and she's requested a continuance to the land use committee supervisor kim so colleagues, can we take this. >> madam chair public comment. >> oh, yes folks item 3 is open for public comment if you want to come and comment on item 3. >> seeing none, public comment is closed
7:37 pm
i'd like to continue this item to february 29th land use & economic development committee as requested we'll take that without objection. this item is continued. >> can. >> please call item 4. >> the interagency progress report and the developmental urban forest. >> thank you. i'm the sponsor of this hearing this is the board of supervisors required annual hearing on the entering that implementation committee this reports provides the status of the updated plan areas and also describes how revenue from each plan area will be used in fooufr the goals of the respect plans and matt from the planning staff presenting are you ready under schneider. >> yes. i have handouts. >> we'll take did handouts and
7:38 pm
madam clerk the floor is yours. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm matt smooifthd of planning staff for the reports for the intercity implementation committee we are this epic looked at the implementation of 6 of our plan areas in the general plan specific rincon hill, market octavia and the eastern neighborhoods that is actually 56 individuals plan areas and transit center and balboa park and the visitacion valley i'll go over some backward what your implementation team does and the larger epic and settled on the epic process and give broader reviews the revenue we've
7:39 pm
received and the 5 years out and highlights on the expenditures in the 5 years and over the next two years. >> wrong place sorry. >> here we go. >> i just skipped over - >> okay. quickly the implementation team within the planning department we were established about 5 years ago specifically to look at the implementation of the plan areas when we approved an area plan we generally comes with the zone which our culture planning team has jurisdiction over implementing promotions development projects that come in we've not had a team that looked at the infrastructure
7:40 pm
with those more recent area plans, of course, we have generally approved development impact fees for each the areas that gives us a strong implementation tool so specifically what we do we coordinate the plan areas we share the entering agency implementation committee we staff our citizens siding for the eastern neighborhoods in market octavia and also monitor the process of actual projects the entering agency plan the committee was established about 6 years ago and this is a multi agency committee that is charged with helping us implement the plan areas they're kind of two sides the implementing agency for one that bridges forgot capital projects like rec and park, mta and dpw
7:41 pm
and then the administrative side that includes the controller's office, and is mayor's office and they we work with them to brian forgot the projects and help us inform where we are in their individual plans and synergies we reprovide an annual report. >> the he mention is like a typical budget process every year we look at what we projected as revenues into the fees we looked at our pipeline that we publish quarterly we look at the actual fee revenue that is come in through the department of building inspection, we rise our projections we look at more funds under the last 3 years we've consistent had more funds then we previously thought and look at the expenditure plan see how that difference and
7:42 pm
consultant our ssi and their constituents we consultant with the epic to see how best the money to be used if they have holes or lefrng opportunities and then come up with a new expenditure plan the plan before you goes through we get a cac endorsement and go to the planning committee when it gets million listed they're put into the agencies budgets and can get started. >> mr. smooithd through the chair pardon me any ignorance who sits on the epic. >> which agrees. >> an individual designee and have a staff that is assigned for the epic generally in mta
7:43 pm
and i'm dpw and rec and park one or more people and finance people. >> and somebody from the controllers. >> yes. >> yes usually one member or it is capital planning that plays a role. >> it's brian strong. >> bryan strong and heather green. >> we had a about 4 how much how big is our implementations team 56 members adams and others are the two people that are - >> that is set out in chapter three 6. >> in a general way the charge of the epic is to kind of help us implement the planning areas
7:44 pm
that is this is something we developed over time and organically we tried to organize it with some agencies that asked us to have a conversation that that looks like. >> i might add, of course, the city on a two-year budget for the 10 year capital improvement and the 10 year capital plan it is integrated we're hoping to do this this year to begin a process of identifying the process beyond what we identified with the kneeing spends to get a little bit of a holistic look at the gaps with the mayor's office and the budgets office are helping us finds solutions for some of the staff we'll do that as well this coming year. >> so the finland's categories
7:45 pm
we look to fund include the transit and recreation and office space and childcare and money for administration we established those categories with previously because the different plan areas had sort of their own creations each other has a set of categories we tried to consolidate and make it easier to implement through the 6 plan areas so and through fy 15 the 6 plan areas 63 million dollars so far. >> for projected 16 fy 21 we're looking at just over 200 and $50 million the next 5 years amongst the 6 plan areas and most of that the 3 largest
7:46 pm
eastern neighborhoods market octavia and others through the epic process we're identifying the projects for fy 2017-2018 so we can start spending the money and for the two fiscal years years 2017-2018 looking at $82 million and then fy 2018 about $91 million so the two about one and $72 million the next two years. >> so let me now talk about the specific plan areas and give us specifics how to extend some of the money and look at the categories the complete streets and open space so market octavia we're spending $5 million the transit category and the two largest expenditures will be light rail combanltsz we're
7:47 pm
looking to extend an additional muni metro service sorry a light rail vehicle extension and also some pedestrian improvements as part of van ness brt in the south part of intersection for the complete streets a couple of categories we've established streetscape enhancement funds that will money that is not necessarily tied to an individual's project but dpw and others to spends money those o on an as needed basis for the market octavia and anticipate this money goes towards the improvements along octavia and hayes valley and another category for market pedestrians improvements for one .1 millions and in the reaction and open space the two projects
7:48 pm
we're looking at to extend on the park with initial planning we anticipate being parts of another planning a plan within a plan that is currently undergoing for the hub or some of the higher areas around math and van ness and also puts money into rehabilitation at hayward peculiar eastern neighborhoods again actually 5 plan areas here are some of the highlights for the eastern neighborhoods as you recall that in our implementing the are eastern neighborhoods we've identified or identified some priority projects as parts of initial improvements of the plan and agencies that are required to extend 80 percent of the funds for transit, complete streets
7:49 pm
and open space and so for the transit category we're think we're george do o going to have closed to $9 million the next two years much going to the 22 fillmore project that is a major transit project that is going through the mission and most enhanced improvements will be going through showcase square we're spending altogether $18 million for that project and that way 17 or 18, $76 million another priority project that is not a priority project new this year i'm sorry this is a priority project the complete streets category the fulsome and howard street improvements that are still undergo the environmental impact report that has been being done with the central soma and the
7:50 pm
environmental impact report we pledge $26.5 million we assume that will be much more expensive at $16 million the complete streets now this year is in the central waterfront or commonly referred to as dog patch we'll spends now 43 funding this project the straight to 22 street that is really come from the communities we kind of adopted that as part of our region to see this important project happens in this neighborhood realization and open space one of the initial projects we're identified in the mission at 16 and fulsome that is finally getting underway in construction we're paying for half that have project for $5 million project and in the showcase square also a priority project one of the
7:51 pm
things to do to funds one new park in that neighborhood and dagget was selected as that this is not the next two years but an important project we wanted to highlight this is currently under construction. >> as in eastern neighborhoods we have put about $8 million towards to rec and park to help them in the real estate divisio find a new park in the sore - the south of market neighborhood the southern or western portion that is particularly lacking in open space they're currently looking at a couple of sites to poushl inquiry new open space and quickly through the trait center it is different in the eastern neighborhoods in that there are so many fixed projects we happen over a certain the
7:52 pm
time time and simply capital projects most of the funds we anticipate ignoring towards i am sorry skipped one going towards the streetscape plan that is all right given dpw sort of the budget of $16.02 or three years for that project. >> and will the rincon hill a fixed number of projects we created a definite streetscape plan we're moving forward with that one of the things that are occurring spending money towards a new park i understand will also be under construction really soon towards the straight open space plan we have streetscape each the streets in the plan area i don't think we have enough
7:53 pm
impact fees to pay for all of it on harrison the rincon hill area it is the most traveled it is also aligned with vision zero we are moving so we'll find other funds hopefully for the rest and visitacion valley very quickly that is not actually not a plan area this is it a fee ear that enkrmz schlage and the hope sf sunnyvale aids schlage open space they were creating a couple of new parks the rec and park team has been gaengdz with those parks and building will be rudolph by the time the first
7:54 pm
phase is complete so the other parts of visitacion valley fee we're working with the communities to try to identify projects for that we started to engage last year, we had put forth thoughts from the planning staff but heard from the community they want to be look at that a second times and finally balboa park it has fees but little development we're not anticipating a lot of money for one project that has happened was streetscape project - lee avenue extension that has been complete. >> so the next epic is that the expenditures i've described the plans you think you might have copies and are online they'll be memorialized as part of budget
7:55 pm
request for expenditure authorizations the springs and summer there's a new we'll start this all over and look at the revenues this year will be more of a process since we'll be doing the capital plans this year by identifying the capital projects we've submitted through the impact fees but like to do maybe and then hopefully identify those gaps and others sources that concludes my presentation. i'm here along with adams the leader for the implementation team we'll be i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> colleagues this was a lot of information high-level thank you for your work matt i appreciated it on behalf of the district and folks that e-mail and call you and come to the meetings appreciate you're
7:56 pm
having patience no companion from the body seeing none, public comment is closed thank you very much colleagues, any more remarks or questions for staff i don't have any mr. snider thank you for your presentation. >> left us speechless. >> mirena burns if we can have a motion to send to the full board. >> to file that item please. i would and that that motion carries we'll take that without objection. >> thank you. any other items before us today. >> there's no further business. >> thank you very much this meeting is
7:57 pm
>> good morning everybody and welcome to the special meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors' budget and finance committee. this is monday, february 8th, 2016. my name is mark farrell and i'll be chairing this committee and i'm joined by supervisor norman yee and supervisor katy tang will not be able to make today's meeting and will be excused and thanking linda wong, as well as charles kremenak and
7:58 pm
sfgtv for covering this meeting. >> okay, thank you, madam clerk. the purpose of this special meeting is simply to hear the amended items for the general public safety health bond and to forward it out as committee reports to hear them -- have them forwarded for tomorrow's board of supervisors' full board and if you could call items one and 1. >> item 1, ordinance calling and providing for a accept election to be held in the city and county of san francisco on tuesday, june 7, 2016 for the purpose of submitting to the san francisco voters a proposition to incur the following bonded debt of the city and county of san francisco. to finance the [stkro-upbgs/], acquisition improvement seismic
7:59 pm
facilities and related costs -- to be paid out of ordinary annual income and revenue of the city and county and will indebtness. >> thank you, madame clerk. first of all, supervisor yee, could we entertain a motion to excuse supervisor tang from today's meet >> i will make the molestation. >> take that out objection [ gavel ] mr. strong and ms. garcia are here -- i don't know that we have any questions. if there is no formal presentation, why don't we potentially hold off if there are questions as we vote along, but for now i think we can keep it at bay. mr. rose anything to add to your report from last week? >> mr. chairman, supervisor yee, no, there is nothing that we would add we consider to be a policy matter for the board. >> thank you very much, mr. rose. so with that, if no questions, why don't we open
8:00 pm
up to public comment. anybody wishing to comment on items 1 or 2? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ] if no further discussion, supervisor yee, can i have a motion and we need to send it as a committee report for tomorrow's board meeting. >> we had this discussion last week. so i won't go further in the details. i think you heard from supervisor tang and myself in term of our disappointment of the process. we -- i certainly feel that the needs are there. i'm disappointed and care and control shelters not being part of this. so rather handle it hold everything up, i would like to move it out with committee with no recommendation to the furl board. >> so the motion is to forward this item as a committee report to the full board of supervisors with no recommendation. >> right.
8:01 pm
>> motion by supervisor yee and we can take that out objection [ gavel ] . madame clerk, do we have any other business in front of us today? >> no further business. >> thank you everyone, we're adjourned [ gavel ]adjourned. >> you guys ready to get started another exciting day with the retirement board fun stuff ahead and american people exciting executive director report and very, very robust investment calendar and discuss with i hope you guys are ready hold on our
8:02 pm
seats ladies and gentlemen, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all all right. thank you for joining you wednesday february 10th one 06 this is at regularly squealed retirement board meeting mr. clerk madam clerk, any announcements? now announcements. >> roll call mr. nolan applying is commissioner driscoll mr. star's commissioner paskin-jordan commissioner stansbury we have quorum as you can see your item number 3 mr. clerk, call interest . all right. public time to comment
8:03 pm
>> code section. >> taking public comment on the fact we does see the closed session has a right are here we'll go into closed session and returning awe at 230 thank you. >> mr. rose call the next item. >> item 4 a discussion item general public comment. >> our favorites time of the day general public comment. >> this is the time when the general public comment talks about anything they want to talk about so, please let's see i have
8:04 pm
(calling names). >> all right. >> let's go. >> i'm rudy a retired teacher having taught in san francisco unified school district. 4 two years >> thank you for your work. >> thank you. >> you're welcome and i'm here to obviously to talk about the pre96 pokes that retired paraprofessionals and others motion of teachers and paraprofessionals and the city retirement city are of that group that retire before 96 they made a choices whether to stay in san francisco retirement system i move to the teachers retirement i want to point out i wanted to point out most of those people were my teachers added fairmont elementary school james and mission high school i graduated they we were great teachers because of them i'm a successful
8:05 pm
at uc berkley directly out of memorial day the 60s and being the first grargs are generation my father and mother it go to college a huge thing i also want to point out if you are that the school district many, many year some of you might have been you owe them a debt you probably are successful as a sunlight of their work that is not fair to leave those effects out it violates the city's charter not fair very strong we need in support of folks and shoulder we're standing on i want you to be fair and other discriminate against the folks in our system next item, please. >> yeah. i attached a voucher it is adjoining wrote this
8:06 pm
letter he unfortunately had to work he asked him asked me to come dear board members i'm the son of march and johnston my father john worked for the city and passed away 15 years ago any mother is the surviving spouse but now suffers from alzheimer's the disease requires twenty-four hour and care and my family had to object a reverse mortgage because of the skyrocketing costs i remember with prop c was on ballot in 1996 and remember in is john talking about that his whole family campaigned we read the voters handbook that he p at the retire city workers there were falling way behind
8:07 pm
the cost of living i pefrm asked all the city voters to rotate to help my parents and other city workers i never knew how important prop c was i have the power of attorney i'll thank you first hand any assistance will be a tremendous help to a european survivor family this great enjustice the colorado for the retirees the 1996 ballot measure was written for in your authority and the charter clearly right thing to do so restore the cola to the retirees thank you and attached the voucher he didn't make $18,000 a year on his retirement this is typical
8:08 pm
of the group to 90 years old that are dying all the time thank you for your time. >> thank you for your remarks. >> sarah johnson. >> good afternoon. i know your equal versed on the issue you've received plenty of consumption not only from pob but many, many retirees probation officer both post and pre1996 i have nothing new i hope you'll follow the charter and take the authority bits power of the people that voted into have you make those tough choices and please remember the pre1996 retirees we're all part of one family we need to be treated fairly and equitable thank you very much. >> thank you
8:09 pm
that's fine. >> herbert wiener member of pob and 1021 as all talking i'd like to think the pre1996 standing next to me who were unable to come to the meeting their suffering amp or their disabled but the same individuals that were my coworkers they were worked together and they educated me on the job they were also my protectors and my advocates and he owe something to them by advocating they get equities of being the beneficiary of the
8:10 pm
decisions that face me retired in 2003. >> now, when you don't go by the court decision and when you don't give equal benefits to the pre1996 retirees basically your teacher of the year up the city charter i don't think that the board members are cajole that at an moupts to disbabying the law and in fairness to the people preceded me and the people that standing next to me say follow the city chart to follow your conscience as well >> late card is john speak in general public comment. >> two


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