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tv   Fire Commission 21016  SFGTV  February 17, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm PST

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under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all that this is a reminder under the administrative code the ripping and use of paernlz and similarly be sounding electronics is disruptive set all to silent mode or turn the device off completely this is the regular meeting wednesday, february 10, 2016, and the time is 905 roll call commissioner president covington commissioner vice president cleaveland commissioner nakajo commissioner hardeman chief chief joanne hayes-white item 2 general public comment this time, members of the public may address the commission items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when
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the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may - thank you, madam clerk any public comment? good morning, commissioners and chief my name is mike i'm the president of the san francisco fire commission ems officers association i'm almost paramedicic captain the oldest serving captain with the city 25 years plus i come today is discuss a troubling issue that is sgovng currently as you may know last year you funded rc-4 which is a unit that was shut down many
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years ago to go back to cover the south part of city, however, at this point you've fund it is still not being staffed the field rather that is being held at the bans depot fire station 404 our perspective in the ems officers association this is somewhat akin to a hostage take over rc-4 has been told we will not move it until i agree to 12 hour shifts with the captain and in fact, of it gets moved that unit will then be pulled back to station 4 the talents to assistant the captain the new captain significant portions of the day we are already currently understaffed in the r.c. roll in the field
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many of you are probably aware that the ems a regulations for the county of san francisco one paramedic captain shall be available for 10 ems unit in the field currently each day we have 40 plus unit and many times 50 accomplice therefore we have been out of variance with the ems for many years this is ruled negative impact significant response time delays for the r.c. and, in fact, times when the r.c.s do get on the scene i'll point to one issue that is come up the paper a normal response for r.c. the mario woods shooting no fire captain on the call this happens regular and r.c. one that covers
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the from the back of bell park to the fillmore district we aged telephone to 16 calls per day and r.c. two handles everything west of that r.c. 3 handles the remainder of the city and as such again get on many calls where supervision maybe appropriate therefore putting the r.c. out of service for a tit for tat not augusto 12 hour shifts means be rc-4 goes what can to the field out of service for significant portions of day to assistant the r.c. at 4 the talents we state that you can't parse out station 4 the talents and the difficult job and mistake that better by telephone hour
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shifts what needs to happening happen you need to up staff one more r.c. we recommend on twenty-four hour shifts as well as significant administrative. >> excuse me. captain are what you're saying is important but madam clerk is the timer on. >> it started late you may continue, sir. >> in incident command we know that the appropriate level of supervision is 3 to 7 percent per supervisor yet the r.c. at 4 the talents and the field supervisor many more people routing myself a pacific captain i supervisor 8 engines and between 8 and 12 ambulances which means i supervisors 40
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people per day this is not acceptable - we ask the appropriate staffing 44 be not hostage to a 12-hour shift and want the paramedic captains position actually be codified in the regulations and rules as to what exactly it does in you look at the rules and regulations sorry. >> your time is up. >> >> finish your thought. >> excuse me. >> finish your thought you. >> it is look at the current rules and regulations the area for the paramedic supervisor and capita has no role underneath essentially says two thank you very much. >> thank you, captain hallow hallowing i didn't anything else
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for public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed we'll go to the next item. >> approval of the minutes. >> thank you. >> commissioners? >> so moved. >> thank you moved by commissioner hardeman and seconded by commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> public comment on the minutes? okay public comment is closed. >> item 4 resolution 2016 dash zero one resolution 2016 applause recommending the board of supervisors authorizes the san francisco fire commission so accept a gift of 25 thoughts
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thousand dollars from haute for supply and public safety education programs the field. >> thank you this item is being presented by our common core. >> good morning madam president and commissioners i'm here for the next 5 items but the next 4 are closely related donations to the department give you a little bit of background on the process then the individual donation the department has a gift fund from private entities those are recorded by adopted scombolt enlist fund and by the polygamy gift over $10,000 needs to be formally approved by the commission and supervise so before you are 4 resolutions two of them with recently received and two clean up that have's not
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believe it or not approved for a variety of reasons unless there is specific instructions on the donation on the positive gift fund they ought to be spent at the discretion of the department the item before you is trillion a in the amount of of $25,000 in a number of different donations blow the threshold over a period of time but going back though the records there was a desire to have it formally approved 20 checks 20 thousand was allocated to the fire department for fire safety and materials and fire safety a training programs one check for 5 thousand dollars was designated for the nert program for the disaster for graduating
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students three-legged stool $7,000 of the allocation of 20 has been expended on public materials for a variety of events and teaching and the nert fund was expended by the worries of triple a the remaining fund were the gift fund it has a balance of $30,000 and that's not take a look at the donations before you heterosexuals on the specific documents. >> thank you that i am open this resolution? okay. i'll go to might fellow commissioners starting with commissioner nakajo >> thank you madam president so we're talking about resolution the first resolution 2016 dash zero o 0 one.
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>> correct. >> your take every resolution separately. >> correct. >> and in terms of the sdrmgs of the funds you said the remaining amount was distributed to the general fund of the department? i wouldn't say a general fund but the variety of funds outside of operating budget and allocated to the department >> so all these funds 25 have been accounted for and expend. >> they've not 25 thousand three-legged stool 12 thousands have been expended 7 throws tour nert and the remaining balance into the gift balance. >> is there a designation for the remaining balance. >> they'll be used for the direction for puck safety aid outreach to provide a variety of training and educational materials to the public.
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>> thank you, mr. co-sponsor so and madamadam president. >> thank you a number of questions how often are they pegged i think it is wonderful the public makes donation but how often strings attached and the larger donation we get a number of smaller donations of 1 or $200 that have no designated purpose occasionally they do but a general donation to the fire department some of the larger donations most of the time designated for specific programs nert for example, or for public safety for certain types of equipment time donor feels and we honor those are you have we ever had a gift we rejected.
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>> to the best of my knowledge no. >> who authorizes expenditures out of. >> the chief thank you. >> thank you and at this time i'd like to indexing. >> so moved. >> okay. thank you >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> okay next item, please. >> madam clerk. >> item 5 resolution 2016 dash 02 discussion and possible agency for the proposed resolution recommending that the board of supervisors authorizes the san francisco fire commission accept a gift of $12,000 from the insurance company for the recruitment training video. >> okay. >> mr. corso any any public comment?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. >> reintroduce yourself. >> march corso fire department this is a similar item a donation from the firefighters fund for $12,000 i apologize didn't came into interest the commission for formal approval this is an allocation of $12,000 that was expended for a recruitment video this video as shown in h two information hosted in cooperation with the humans and fire department this was a joint effort of employee groups and the union this both the department and d h.r. uses i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, mr. corso. >> any questions commissioners? >> commissioner vice president
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cleaveland. >> just one mark, thank you when we get money to develop things hike the video is it a 5 or 10 minute video. >> chief do you want. >> this video is approximately 10 minutes it is longer taped but i believe i'd ask my administrative officer to follow-up on that approximately 10 minutes. >> so we got the money and spent it and created the video and wanted to authors a gift okay got it when we how do we select the. >> general they're in under the as pies for vendor we can show we used the current. >> not the fire department that makes that selection process it is purchasing that makes the selection.
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>> the department may select a vendor but the vendor needs to be compliant with the city, of course. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> seeing no other commissioners wants to speak on the item elizabeth's. >> so moved. >> thank you >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> next item, please. >> resolution 2016 discussion and possible action recommending that the board of supervisors authorizes san francisco fire commission accept a gift of $44,000 plus for the allocation of the purchase public education and outreach materials and in conjunction with the fire department one hundred and 50th anniversary. >> thank you, madam secretary
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is there any public school on this resolution. >> seeing none, public comment is closed mr. corso. >> good morning, again mark corso the next are two donations for an allocation of 55 thousand dollars from the state of mr. wu the department was graciously listed as a beneficiary of benefits and there is no allocation of spending i followed up with the attorney and told there was no additional information the state appointed an "x" for of the estate and no immediate relatives or family known in specific guidelines for how to expend the money in discussing with the achieve the department it tends to use this for fire educations and safety training and outreach i mentioned one and 50th anniversary the resolution title
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is not necessarily going to be spent open materials but the departments intention with funding to long with some of the programs the fire preservation is leveraging the one and 50 anniversary to serve as a way to outreach to additional people and the public so this is as far as anticipated expenditures this will consist of one thousand smoke alarms and detectors for distribution to the public approximately $10,000 for translation services and reproduction and public safety in a variety of languages and an 1 thousand for fire extinguish training that will be used to demonstrate to the public if anyone has questions not sure how to use a extinguisher it
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will be in information i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> >> thank you mr. corso. >> i'll go to any fellow commissioners beginning with commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> thank you madam president i think this is a great idea i think that the chief is gotten a home run in terms of whatever we use those funds it is a very nice gift from the estate of mr. wu request a heightened alerted of fires and we need to educate the public this is a wise use of money so thank you, chief. >> good call. >> commissioner vice president cleaveland are you meeting this item. >> i move it thank you. >> commissioner nakajo.
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>> thank you madam president i also echo commissioner vice president cleaveland comments on this estate i had a question in terms of what is the motivation of the rule state of public safety address in terms of a demolition from for the fire department i'm sad we don't have connection to that family or relatives because this is again, a great example of a generosity of the members of the san francisco community to also echo the comment in support with commissioner vice president cleaveland chief to the use of funds and the educational aspects smoke alarms makes a lot of sense whatever outreach to the community and it is great to add to the 50th nancy pelosi in an educational
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outreach kind of format we've been discussing thank you madam president. >> commissioner nakajo was that a second. >> yes. it was thank you. >> okay we have there is a motion and a second so. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> unanimous thank you, mr. corso. >> resolution 2016 dash 04 discussion and possible action for the proposed resolution 2016 dash 04 recommending the board of supervisors authorize san francisco fire commission accept a gift of one thousand plus from the pastor trust to be allocated for public education and outreach material in conjunction with the fire department one and 50th anniversary. >> thank you, madam secretary any public comment? seeing none, public comment is
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closed and i will go to commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> thank you madam president just a quick question what is the pastor revokable trust. >> similar good morning mark corso similar to the estate this was a trusted for an added number of beneficiaries and the fire department was graciously lazed along with the american red cross so once the gentleman passed away the distribution of the trust were known and distributed the depth graishlz received $72,000 this is mr. pastor as opposed to the pastor of a church. >> yes. >> mr. corso give us some more background i'm sorry. i'll go to the commissioners for comment
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i understand there is change in the language. >> yes. i do want to make an amendment to the resolution and i apologize complete oversight patrol vehicle at the diemgs didn't find specific language that designated where the department should expend those fund and after discussing with commissioner vice president cleaveland i saw the changes made that were priority by the attorneys office and amendments that states rather than be other discretion of the fire department the fund were allocated for the partnership of firefighters equipment i'd like to request respectfully a change to the language for the purchase of public education in conjunction with the fire department one and vothd anniversary chapping that to allocate for the purchase of
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firefighting equipment with regards to the expenditure we're looking at the funding for an accompaniment for the purposes of jaws of life equipment we'll be consulting on the equipment prioritization but at that time, that's where our intention is i apologize for the confusion. >> thank you for the clarification commissioner nakajo. >> madam president thank you very much mr. corso for your research in terms of the this particular gift i think that real important that we try to fulfill the designation and the wishes of those individuals again, i support of concept that we oozed use this with the discussions for the department overhaul
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equipment in terms of prioritizing the jaws jaws of life it is some comments in terms of power saws of that nature i know it is on the list of our request as well but i support this thank you. >> i'm happy to report back how we actually expend those items. >> i appreciate that mr. corso thank you madam president. >> thank you commissioner nakajo and thank you, mr. corso for bringing this revises to us to we can actually begin to awe spend those monies i want san francisco say we are indeed tremendously fallout there is such a lot for this department throughout the city and that people when they're putting together there wills and trusts
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remember us this is an amazing, amazing wonderful thing okay. so thank you, however, if anyone is thinking we're rolling the dough we're not but we really appreciate those gifts i would like to i'd like to entertain a motion. >> i also move. >> as amended and need to second. >> second. >> all right. thank you. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> and thank you, mr. corso madam secretary can you please read the next item. >> draft operating budget 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 discussion and possible action to adopt the fire departments operating publicity budget for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. >> any public comment?
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all right. public comment is closed. >> and i will go to our favorite matter mr. corso. >> good morning mark corso to present for discussion and possible action the draft operating budget i'm referring to information that was included in your packet the departments proposed book and the in regards to the enhancement requests and values associated with that this is a brief agenda what i want to discuss aopen up an
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overview the document and the documentation before you p a review of the changes that were incorporated from the last budget process when it was approved in 2016-2017 review our enhancement requests and go into there will on the departmental proposal and answer any questions you may have with regards to the timeline i'll attach on this briefly the department get the instructions in december. >> excuse me. mr. corso did you have something for the overhead it is not showing up. >> i apologize the power point. >> it is on the monitor here. >> sfgovtv is there a way to get the computer? >> all right. while we're
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waiting commissioners this is for review today possible action so if you want to ask very detailed questions now would be the appropriate time regarding the budget that's why that's one of the reasons we have a shorter agenda mr. corso awhile we're waiting i've not had a chance to review your power point it was just received but there is a comparison and craft the materials with funding we've received the past is it in the this packet. >> there is some i'll kwuchl
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through the documentation where it shows it specifically i have a hardcopy i don't know if it will - >> do you want to make some basic overall statement. >> in general as as you may know the city is in a two-year budget progress for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, however, last year's budget was 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 the first two years have been approved i'll get into this as i continue through the power point as i was mentioning a brief timeline presented back in december we received the budget instructions from the mayor's office and began the work only january 1st, at presented before the commission the capital budget was due and submitted on time to the capitol planning committee and february temple
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was the departments request for discussion and possible action on the budget before you if there are any questions or additional items that are lincoln we can the past had a special meeting next week ms. up the discretion of commission the department submittal is due on monday and the next week the mayor will have a comprehensive budget and through june and july at the board of supervisors and the budget committee in july and august the board will the budget is considered for approval at the board of supervisors. >> so as i was mentioning the first of two years was technically approved in last year's process a two-year budget there was a dateline budget the
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item before you the baseline budget are molestations that are proposed by the department as well as other changes outside the departments discretion that are incorporated into the budget we're requesting approval of this item to meet the february 22nd deadline as i mentioned we can have a special meeting presenting issues to be addressed and i the president to add there is since the budget deadline is a couple of weeks away we are we have work orders for all intents and punctures no materials as commissioner president covington mentioned i'll direct you to pages 16 and 20
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of your large budget book this is a review of comparison felt current years budget and each of the next two-year budgets so any changes from the category prospective i mean woerdz and such so you'll see some of the larger changes the salary and benefit categories there is mou for both uniform and non-uniform personnel that are incorporated into the two years this is an increase in budget a rise the city's contribution to the pension that results in a large increase the beneficiary costs and in addition a shift from over time to regular salaries this is a result of the additional academies that were added into the departments adding as we
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hire more people we'll need more and more over time in retirement but overall we still are projecting an increase inform overall staffing level and non-personnel categories work orders and things like that that are not determined or the departmental phase but over and over the necessary 20 next two months communication before the department and reconciliation of work orders so those numbers will change as those numbers become finalize over the next couple of months. >> so i want to highlight briefly some of the other larger changes in general in you look at page the talents of the budget book that's an overall summary of the revenue table and changes and modifications to the
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revenue resource obviously we are prominently general fund do not but a number of avenues we get through state and public safety sales tax not much disruption but fire preservation and ambulance transport fees we're projecting an increase in both of those our fire preempt as discussed a number of times your plan check and plan review volume has increased dramatically and in the current year we anticipated an increase in that and we far exceeded that both projections afro-for our folks and the fire prospective this is anticipated to continue over the next couple of years
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we're project by project an increase in volume for plan check and for fire prevention i reason i'll get into the other statistics but we're proposing an increase in revenue that fund more fire prospective on the d d s fireside due to a number of changes and increases in call volume we're anticipating a increase in ambulances volume and seen the city's increase the total numbers of calls and transformation we're project by project that to continue and recently executed a new ems building contract that after negotiations to reduce our commission rate on the fees that result in a savings of $500,000 that is a great benefit to the department as well and then that
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money has been i will get into shortly we've requested to reallocate is that in support of structure for the funds that are in need of replacement. >> with that, i'll turn your attention to pages i apologize - page 21 of our budget book similar to the description by type this gives us an overall type of changes breakdown o broke down by the cost centers so far administration etc. and see i'll focus on the large changes start with administration and support services there is a salary and benefit increased do you due to the mou and the city contributions the other it is annualtion of positions approved
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in the current year as you recall a number of positions that were funded in the current year, however, when we receive the new positions not budgeted for the desire year by 3 quarters to run its course and the following year those positions are annualized for the entire year and in addition a number of departmental work orders that represent an increase in overall work odor budget is workman's comp a projected increase of $500,000 thousand dollars the work order for the department that is not negotiated but projected by the department of h.r. for fire prospective an increase of 5
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thousand dollars the annualtion so far the support services and requested to increase overtime tool represent the current activity for people that like customers want work outside of the hours there is an overtime fee we charge allows our members to work and whether is permitting or special events and so we've been charged and recoup that and last year, we saw the needs increase so we red cross that that on budget and adjusted in addition we've requested some additional personnel to counter some of the volume that is seen by the bureau of fire preservation for plan check and added positions to the departments or to the bureaucracies section that chief as mentioned at a previous meeting
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on the operations side obviously a large increase in salary and mandatory fringe benefits as rates and wage changes in addition position annualtion station 4 the talents ems 6 those are funded for the entire year and shift is from overtime to a regular amount for the academy we received we're over the two year period of budget and projected fire academies in june and march of 2017 and january of 2018 significant hiring coming towards the department and in addition a number of backfill academies for rh 3 one and two and as well as the paramedics
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and lastly there is a large increase in transfers and projects i've mentioned some of the revenue fund the department is anticipating and receiving excuse me. under the weather has been reallocated to the revenue funds and the number of fire prevention this allows the fleet or replacement of fleet based on revenues and fees received been the ems an equipment fund that does something different with the heavy equipment similarities and based on the needs of the department not able to replace those so we're requesting to use some of the additional revenues tolerated to supplement that and replace the heavy duty equipment
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so, now i'll ask you to your attention to the two-package document that was mailed and provided to you here in like that when was presented at the last commission meeting, however, there is costs associated so obviously a number of items based on feedback from the department heads and individual bureaus and discussed at the budget incompletes? broken down by category and embed into the committees to represent a need the actual needs of department and new england not allocated previously this is broken down by category as you can see there is i'm happy to walk you through if you have any extensive o specific questions obviously the offer all need totals 2 the talents million dollars in addition to the plan that was presented at the mayor's office that is included the budget book the talents departments request
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similar to last year with the enhancement it will be discussed in further vetted justification submitted to the mayor's office through the budget committee over the next come up of months as we continue discussion with them >> the restoring of funding for operational resources that have been cut in previous budgets the does want is not proposing reductions to the general fund currently at this time although the mayor's office had instructions of one and a half percent reductions added previous commission meetings the department is not proposing
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reductions, however, we're committed to work with the mayor's office over the next couple of months to find budgetary solutions required in order to fully fund the department and its needs i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> on this item. >> thank you, mr. corso is there any public comment on this item? all right. hello captain >> hello how are you as i stayed i'm mr. hallowing i didn't the president of the officers association i'd like to encourage the - i think you'll
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find it is difficult if sometimes not impossible for us to superviso0persvise the - we positions understaffed there is has been a statement well, as soon as we get training we'll get those people into it since this year we have expanded the h-3 positions 19 times approximately every other day a r.c. is mandated to work the field based on the fact we've not filled the positions we have despite of the fact we have a legitimate list in addition to that we are operating in vehicles that were rejected by
9:46 am
the battalion chiefs as unsafe and passed down to the r.c. not an uncommonly situation 19 years i've worked here so i i'd like to encourage you to look at the strategic planning proposal that captain sandy tom has put forth the strategic planning committee and position that was reject bit kim's and was, in fact, put in by formally commission andrea by request so annie has a ph.d in original leadership and as such may possibly have a good grasp of what is necessary for an appropriate responses to our issues i'll recommend you look at her proposal in addition to that as we go
9:47 am
back to station 4 the talents again and the hostage taking the rc-4 positions we don't believe that cutting the hours or putting people on 12 hour shifts it may incur more over time but more if someone calls in sick for the night watch it is difficult to fill that position if you it is fielded as a not pollutant place to be we have to move an r.c. from the field after they've worked all day and backfill their position i feel that this is inappropriate we should, in fact, be looking at enhancing the personnel in radio enhancing the personnel added station 4
9:48 am
the talents rather than trying to parse the position too often we have had the ems division in an effort to cut costs i refer back to the fact that we the ems session egg chiefs position approximately 7 years ago - >> thank you, captain hooley is there anyone else that wants to avails themselves of public comment time all right and before i go duo to my fellow commissioners mr. corso this budget enhancement request hauvent. >> yes. >> can you bring that up and walk us through this document before we do q and a. >> hopefully.
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>> thank you. i think you have some of the information. >> okay. as i mentioned a number of enhancements that are proposed by the number of entities as far as the department they've been breakdown into a section those are similar to what was received last year to the mayor's office and not funded some are new and some have needs i'll start the first is must have been a number of requests for positions and funding pertaining to the administration and additional funding for recruitment in the current year funded for a coordinator and some for events
9:50 am
and outreach for departmental members to attend a variety of outreach on behalf of the depended a desire to enhance that program as we develop it and allow for more members to attend and increase the presence for the coordinators and the cooperation to a variety of events and some administrative positions that are requested and contracting procurement analyst currently the didn't want doesn't have one and efficiency that could be added having anyone dedicated and a large selfishly for ems services and frird but beneficial to the department it have that respond
9:51 am
allocated about sfrefl to have for knowledge projects and so be able to put any advice or knowledge and contribute to the discussion as those programs are moving along grant writer analyst curiosity the department didn't have a grant writer it is spread out and this individual will be in charge of the application to the notification of availability of granted funding through the importantly award through the execution and monitoring of the entrants ambassador currently, we don't have sanitation have the staff dedicated to this i think the opportunity for additional departmental funding by a number of grandmother programs but given the resources that we're not able to make use of all those we've been successful in the grant fund that is room for improvement for
9:52 am
sure a couple of it positions requesting as the city develops the it infrastructure and the department roles out new technologies to configure that there are additional resources required of the department specifically dedicated to the department unfortunately, we are don't have the personnel to deal with that working with the department of technology but in order to have someone in house dedicated to the fire departments need there are a couple of it positions for engineering and the network go as well as the allergy i s applications currently available and additional resources for h.r. division a few years ago our departmental unit transferred
9:53 am
from the fire department to the depth for there was a number of resources they were not replaced so there is a void for additional resources to handle other needs and the tlifgz of fire commissions we're obviously the city hall we've moved the commission meetings are here and funded there the savings of this current calendar but outside of the normal process not a line item that was inserted to cover this in an ongoing manner so the department is requesting additional finland for that in years going forward. >> for the communications and the radio division a couple of staffing requests for additional personnel over the past i'll say
9:54 am
5 years there were positions uniform positions and coming center that used to be held by the fire department but something the 9-1-1 feed went away. >> number of staffing needs there were a captain requested a swing lieutenant for the operations and a captain for administrative functions both those positions were funded in previous years are being requested to be restored the budget process the ems division a number of enhancements staffing enhancements on the infrastructure side we are requesting some of these came up the discussion and the budget committee there's been requests for conversion of the adc and ems to a deputy chief thank you. >> in addition there is some
9:55 am
other support positions that are being requested for recuse and a rescue functions that meets the department and requesting additional section chiefs currently one section chief other station 4 the talents and need two for the logic functions and an increase to the staffing for station 4 the talents for supervision out there. >> on the equipment side i failed to mention the budget book a list of equipment that is requested on page 7 the talents there's an outline of the departments equipment requests obviously the vehicles that have been discussed we are working with the mayor's office on some
9:56 am
type of vehicle replacement plan but in addition to the vehicles other equipment needs of departments that are included and on page 80 that was presented and provided to the commission previously that is the departmental proposal that was submitted to the mayor's office. >> so a lot of those equipment needs were discussed at the budget committee but through support services and there the division as far as the needs in the field i'll be happy to to go into those individually but i'll leave it at that for now. >> there are a couple of displacements requested are with regards to nert address improving the outreach for nert one of them a civilian training taking off the lieutenant there this will allow for
9:57 am
counterfeited coordination with the volunteers we have so that will be of assistance to the nert program we have a lieutenant it is maning the program no other positions associated with the nert program in addition there will be some requests for additional supplies materials and supplies it counter enhance the nert program with the correct is working on with schools and youth and comforting the scope increasing the scope should i say personnel and members in of the community that are reached by nert a request for an enhancement of materials and supplies to help that and in addition upgrading that positional from h 20 lieutenant to a captain as the program has grown obviously additional demand and
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requirement for that position so the request to renovate, upgrade that from h 20 h thirty. >> on the operation side those were touched on a request foyer a additional firefighters for the rescue side to add staffing two rescue side from 4 to 6 on each of the units and a request for at dedicated marine unit the mandrin response personnel are staffed on the existing engines and apparatus this creates a specific marine unit for 4 individuals will be assigned to the marine response and that will be outside of the normal scope of operations as far as personnel is it considered. >> along those lines is there in
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training for an additional swimmers to have on duty i know a few months ago a preparedness presentation by the committee discussing this this will be a request to have as many people trained as quickly as possible. >> increased staffing so for als engines currently, the staff has 32 in an als capacity there is a paramedic on board versus an ems so this will move the number up to 3 two to four 4 that all fir engines have a paramedic on board. >> some additional equipment requests with the castro hill requirement and requesting those vehicles and the ticket items were discuses it is the recession of battalion 5 not
10:00 am
hiring the battalion the engines and trucks are still in operation by battalion it will be a request to restore the battalion achieve to the the talents and restoration the support specialists so there used to be an incident specialist assigned the division and after a number of years a few years ago budget reduced that if ten resulted in telephone we currently only have 5 this is respiratitoration - t
10:01 am
are a couple of personnel a investigator assigned for training and operational purposes currently with the restorations we have the staffing there has been restored to the talents on duty investigators and two officers positions the the talents on duty investigators law the staff to twenty-four hour per day investigators that is an improvement from the one previously this is a supplemental resulting in 10 assigned to the unit and one in a day capacity for training initially at least and in addition we've added the investigators there is a need many are new to the unit a need for enhanced training and ongoing training for the bureaus support services there's a
10:02 am
request for additional administrative for the print shop and hearing aids and the bureau of equipment coordinates with moving the apparatus from station-to-station and side deliveries and working with the vendor in order to coordinate the work that is handles by the captain and any firefighters that maybe on light duty but having someone dedicated and serving those functions will be a great benefit to the department. >> another request from support services so far departmental personnel the trades we don't think the department of public works to perform a lot of the facility work, however, given the need and the number of facilities it will be beneficial to the department to have staff
10:03 am
for example, electrician or plumps but to insure we have personnel available to work on the facility amend and we can prioritize the work they're doing additional materials and supplies and non-personnel in is call volume that the city there's been a request from the mayor's office to keep their non-personnel costs stable and not increase, however, as call volume especially on the medical does the medical needs it will there with the increases in call volume that is the request before you there. >> similar to the trades there will be the request for two station engineers currently, we have one for 50 facilities so in order to help coordinate the
10:04 am
department is requesting two additional personnel but the request is there this year and then also some fortune fixtures and equipment proposals for a number of projects that are anticipated to be under the bond either the proposed health bond over and over the 2014 bond a number of large-scale we're talking about furniture the smaller items that needs to be absorbed the general fund and then for example, in the current year an allocation for the furniture fixtures and equipment for station 15 and 5 we're requesting for the additional projects that are coming down the line as well training training was a big focus both strategic planning committee as well as the budget committee and obviously sanls before the large number of academies and the hire over the next couple of years will be a
10:05 am
big gained demand on the training division to have the staff to train and monitor the probationary firefighters once they graduate and in addition just the work that needs to be put into regular on service training for current departmental members as well as enhancements i know that some of the proposals that chief have sounds like fantastic but definitely reliant on staff a number of training position and enhanced training that will be available one of the other discusses is career development and kind of professional training of that nature so the department is working on a number of programs but one of the desires to implement the
10:06 am
training for members and at little or no cost in order to allow for the trainings out of the scope of work that is a great benefit to the department, of course. >> i mentioned on the bottom revenue enhancements those are enhancements to the budget specifically fire prevention and ems equipment, however, we're proposing to use additional revenues to fund those technically no impact to the general fund budget if we used our additional budget for the personnel enhancements thank you very much that detailed review of the enhancements portion of the budget and those requests all right. i will go to any fellow commissioners beginning with
10:07 am
commissioner vice president cleaveland >> thank you madam president mr. corso this is quite a report and quite a budget and a lot of work on our part thank you for putting this together not an easy task of some a calibrates budget but it is very compacted and there are a lot of questions that remain in my mind as justifications for behind each of those requests i'm not prepared to approve this budget or the enhancements until i get more specific fog on a lot of items i've that communicated this in e-mail and we've only received this last week so understand the motivation and the critical need behind each of the requests you'll talk about the questions requests and the budget for 2016-2017 so and 89
10:08 am
i'd like to ask this be deferred one question in my mind our meeting is not scheduled until the 24 so can you get a two-day deferral and potentially i have to check on that before i answer the other thing we've done relayed to the budget have a special meeting next week prior to the 22 at the will of the commission but i'll check on the deadline portion. >> cause if we can do that and have a if you recall discussions on the 24 and act on the budget request that would be great i have a couple of small requests one of the things it operationally is you talked the ems we have you know some discussions tonight about the needs of the emergency medical have you take into consideration
10:09 am
any of the items exchange hooley talked about are they appropriated. >> yes. a number of ems positions to support station 4 the talents they've been discussed at the budget committee and the strategic planning committee that incorporates some of the additional let's see rescue those are allocated to station 4 the talents currently one section chief for operations and we're requesting two additional ones to assist that station 4 the talents in administrative capacity. >> do you know if captain hooley is aware of those enhancements. >> when you talk about needing plumbing and electrical things the fire station i've talked about the needs of fire stations
10:10 am
to get work done more quickly when a plumbing or electrical problem it takes weeks and weeks and weeks of purchasing and whatnot i love the idea of getting some plumbing and electrical people on staff that would be either be you know assigned to a certain locations or revolverers at the same time, we're asking for a couple of engineers they should be the ones that coordinate who goes where i would see them in a supervisory role over the mechanic or whatever or have them have the ability to call up abc plumber and have them fix the station. >> you know it is just not acceptable that our firefighters frankly have to wait as long to
10:11 am
get they're of their showers or tiles or whatever i wonder what can we spend in one allotment up to $25,000 without the purchasing or what is the lever. >> not necessarily a purchasing more of a public works construction issue the administrative code so there is a number of departments authorized to do improvements and construction and we are not one of them we working closely with the department of public works and in some cases real estate they help to coordinate we don't have the ability as i mentioned to deploy the services to fix the problems and the coordination is a big benefit of flexibility in having in house personnel to do that and prioritize the work say this issue is an esteem priority
10:12 am
we'll send people to rectify that we're not 4r0u9d to spend money without getting an approval from dpw so for construction improvements not necessarily the talents maintenance. >> i'm only talking about maintenance not rehab. >> right? but some of the improvements that may be considered maintenance fall under this category we have the ability for a lot of the equipment and systems inside the stations to send work and in a lot those cases there is a facility that dpw didn't necessarily have the expertise to do the work there are contracts we can create with private vendor to address the issues. >> we have currently between
10:13 am
the dpw people assigned to work the fire department problems? specifically no i believe they have a pool of a variety of personnel and workers but i don't believe any of them are dedicated to the fire department >> commissioners, if i, entering jefferson county we were successful in getting one station engineer worked from the division of the support services that's been a tremendous assistance in coordination and prioritization what needs to be done where we saw that was successful last year, i think we asked for 3 we received one that is sort of leap frogs on top of that we think that is paying off dividends. >> what was the engineering was it you. >> through the division of
10:14 am
support. >> i'm delighted but we don't know what that person has done and how efficient but i'm glad we want more but we need to be able to say they did this and we need two more. >> i want to get flexibility i come from the private sector i hate to see the fire department are mechanic and problems whatever and not get fixed and faster method i want to smooth out the wrinkles whether from finally or purchasing so you the fire department maybe you mark you're the chief financial officer you can sign off on things and make the expenditure up to a certain level and get it done faster. >> i agree this is an been discussed as a priority for the commission as far as having the frmd in a response capacity
10:15 am
needs to be some leeway for the department to have that on the procurement side but providing goods and services. >> i'm delighted if 23 to 34. >> as you may know several people from the neighborhoods talking about how they didn't have that and they felt underserved quite frankly i'll glad to see that we'll have that on every engine. >> that's not been funded. >> that's a good enhancement there was some discussion i know we've tabbed creating a cd 3 for ems and has there by mount cost figures put together we've had an enhancement for the deputy chief of ems if we requested something greater for a cd 3 what is that cost. >> there's a line item
10:16 am
converting the assistant deputy chief to a deputy chief that is approximately $46,000 a year. >> right. >> without any other personnel obviously only a conversion in an upgrade that has been discussed added budget committee and strategic planning committee the discussions are ongoing i should have alluded to to those are put together by the budget committee he and the mayor's office those discussions are continue i want to commend chief on adding additional programs into the request i was in new york last week went to the their training facility i want to emulate and do training for the personnel not just the new recruits but everyone that is call the roll serving as a firefighter or paramedic no
10:17 am
equipment and technology stuff happening all the time and we need the budget to do that. >> i commend chief on that. >> request like i said there is a lot here i need more definition on so i'm going to ask the commission to redefer this and schedule a meeting next week to go over and in the meantime have an in depth conversation with mr. corso and the chief on the priorities and why we want each exploring we are asking the city to spend on the sfrept so i'd like that open that up for conversation i guess. >> thank you commissioner vice president cleaveland commissioner hardeman. >> madam chair thank you very
10:18 am
much mr. corso as also always you have the 90 page handful you gave us that is extremely detailed very easy to understand i appreciate the - and your explanation particularly to the h two candidates in the room the public can't see their dressed up lifestyle their officers of the fire department it is amazing we see them ever week the most behaved people in any meeting in my life conduct themselves gentle and professional and look they've learned quite a bit about the fire department it was in our presentation excellent. >> it's all about money this department is no different than any other department we're a
10:19 am
department of the city and the money is allocated we can't get what we want it ain't going to happen. >> everybody the fire department decided to get a wlalt measure the citizens would probably vote yes, but that's not how it works i was at the meeting last week one of the supervise blamed the commissioners for under staffing the police department i thought was one of the most ridiculous thick i've heard the commission didn't staff those departments he didn't say fire department he might as well, everyone of us want those wonderful things that captain hooley wants the chief wants all of us want the same thing the money is not there we can't do it fingerpointing can't
10:20 am
happen towards the staff or anybody so as a commission you have to come to understand that the money is not there and how you divide it up you're doing on excellent job with local 7 the talents 8 is sending me letters from president and battalion chief tom o'connor detailing the problems of 4 the talents and actually went into specifics of the time and the dollars are not there to increase the staffing so don't disregard those letters and comments you try to not at that particular time the best public safety so i think you did a good job doing that
10:21 am
social security people on social security this year didn't get a raise nationally, of course, san francisco's incompetent is not identical but low wages for the san francisco firefighters in some respect good dollars what can be spent somewhere else but this is something we have to deal with low wage increases but dollars can go somewhere else. >> i don't think i'm confused about anything i would recommend that commissioner vice president cleaveland if you could meet with mr. corso and get our items that you would have some concern with between now and the next meeting if not a special meeting will have to take place next
10:22 am
week i try to get my answers between meetings button your squander is can be voted on to change the budget drastically by the commission in order to understand. >> shall i respond. >> excuse me. in order for you to respond commission you'll have the yield the floor because he is next up. >> it's my pleasure madam president. >> okay. thank you commissioner hardeman i think one of the big irks we've ask store $30 million we'd like to have to have priorities i don't know what those priorities are we have a laundry list of wonderful things of hardware you said it we'll not get it all what are the
10:23 am
priorities will we list them today that is for this is secondly beyond the scope i don't think we have the time to do that today that's why i recommend we give it a week to study and the chief say okay based on what we are our resource request and realistically get from the mayor's office we have to prioritize our requests let's do that we did it last minded i don't see a 1, 2, 3, 4 678 maybe you have it it from the budget committee maybe have they created a priority list and if i may last year, it was very similar to this year the department and simulations stated the needs of the department they were not prioritized at the time of simulation but did budget committee met and
10:24 am
submitted the prioritization to the mayor's office and so was i guess pretty much the request for this year we have commitment from the mayor's office to meet in march and review statewide and get into the prior stlun the deadlines prospective i don't think it will be right for me to personally prioritize these without consulting with the committee but the plan to absolutely do a prioritization but over the next couple of months while the mayor's office is working to develop their budget. >> to talk about the enhancements being approved at a tlardz but those are needs that will be approved and the prioritization of those needs will be done at the at a later date with the commission
10:25 am
separately or as an item for sure happy to report what what the budget committee comes together with as far as prioritization and report to the commission however, you would like to handle it. >> i do think we need this commission needs to be involved in at least voidz our opinions what is the priorities and, you know, my own priorities the ems division absolutely 70 percent of plus calls are 9-1-1 calls the city are medical emergencies we need to focus our money and attention so i'm prepared commissioner hardeman to approve the budget with the understanding that this commission will be involved in assisting in prioritizing the enhancement requests. >> okay. thank you excuse me. our achieve the department would
10:26 am
last week to speak at this time. >> call the roll i want to clarify mark does a very good job generally but if it gave us a great level of comfort what we're presenting is no different than the past and the committee took action to be responsive to the timeline of february 22nd with the understanding that the prioritization i agree is very important comes later so the request so receive the budget in the mayor's office the week in february but i want to remind remembered are you not until june 1st, the mayor needs to present to the board of supervisors there is a lot of give and take and conversation with the mayors between those times and as mark said i'll restate the mayor's budget kate howard has committed to sit with the
10:27 am
budget committee giving her temperature read and for us to articulate our our needs and meet one more time to prioritize. >> catering is a xabldz person but set her list of priorities so i think we need to have our and need to justify that that's all i'm asking we as a commissions have to justify we're not going along with anything so we need to be clear that these are priorities and why their priorities to defend them with the representatives of the mayor's office we need to be educated mark you want to be involved the budget economy and know their priorities i have my own but i think that most importantly to have the chiefs staff understand the department
10:28 am
overall budget where the money is going to and the enhancements so people like captain hooley feel consistent and the goal of the budget committee to put together essentially what we've discussed excuse me. put together some type of document that essentially and comprehensive valuation and needs justification for all the items that is distributed and have a prioritization. at a later date i will say that last year with when the committee prioritized their thirty items was submitted to the mayor's office they fund 7 of the top 10 priorities along with other items but i do believe they listened and heard with the committee and prioritization was they addressed some of the issues. >> you'll be doing a poll with the budgeted committee task force and absolutely
10:29 am
thank you very much. >> thank you commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> originally commissioner hardeman had the floor and then you wanted to get some information regarding some of his comments and chief so we're circle back to commissioner hardeman. >> thank you, madam chair i appreciate that commissioner hardeman supports it as far as itemizing maybe i misunderstand the general thinking you clarified it thank you and i'd like to comment that is refreshing that we don't have leaders of labor organizations opposing this budget which is very encouraging this sort of like 1k34e68d everybody has their items they
10:30 am
prefer and everyone understands this is part of city budget and things have to be detailed ♪ rights that is nice to not have the labor organizations opposing this budget >> thank you for your fantastic report. >> thank you. >> okay commissioner nakajo please. >> thank you madam president you've been up there for about an hour mr. corso i want you to know i truly appreciate the concentration and focus there is a lot in that docket thank you. >> of this budget. >> and this is not the first time you've prepared the budget of this size the difference i see is that this enhancement, this is very comprehensive
10:31 am
and it is very, very important to me as a commission to know that this was put together by the budget committee the development committee the chiefs in the department and the economy of inclusion so i regard this list as pretty comprehensive the budget has the details but the enhancement are truly are reflection of current needs is that an accurate observation mr. corso i'm making a i try to reach out to division headings heads and members of the field and obviously through the committees as quickly as possible so we're continuing alight as much finally as possible.
10:32 am
>> this is a work in process that bend from the previous years before that i come from an era the budget was prepared by one person i came into from an era a lot of the develops chiefs were inclusive with the mandate that we formed in terms of our administration particularly the chief part of the inclusion is those categories in terms of the enhancement administration communication and the mass equipment and nert and investigations support services, training and prevention every reflective of the department and as you narrated that again, it gives us a clear indication as to what is needed beyond what we presented so i was really respectfully commissioner vice president cleaveland to move on
10:33 am
the action that the budget documentation knowing the strategy and our responsibility to splitting a budget to the mayor's office so we can have continuing negotiation and i think what the difference for myself is the enhancement are clear indications of where our needs are previously we didn't vertical lists it if you will, and put it on paper we took a strategic process by which we wanted to put out what our needs and priorities knowing realistically that the mayor's office will have a concept of their needs and priorities thus, the movement of the budget is the negotiation we've established i have a lot of confidence in kate howard in terms of her over with the mayor's office to work us like i
10:34 am
said i'd rather have a real number rather than something holding back or not looking at our needs again identifiable whether we can enhance that is a question mr. corso you said with that said, on page 12 based on the fact a number of factors the department is not proposing reductions to the general fund and noorpgsz with the request at this point that's a major stated we talked about that before that we the department not going to fulfill your requests for a one and a half cent cut. >> that's correct the feedback from the budget committee they're not cajole with a reduction especially the needs we have and i've seen the sentiment from the commission if i have the wrong impression
10:35 am
please let me know but the based on the operational issues with the increased in call volume and services overall the overall sentiment the department was not confront putting forwards the reductions given the needs. >> my fellow commissioners i'm not trying to slight anyone given the needs federal and state this is a powerful statement that is inclusion of administrative staff with the commission and in terms of coming to some kind of a summary as we want to give ours. >> if i may i briefly apologizes not as if we are dropping the budget off at the mayor's office and not taking calls this is a work we will be as the chief mentioned negotiating over the next couple of months. >> so this the the emphasis
10:36 am
that the budget negotiation in terms of again what our results in terms of our particular needs mr. corso you say in mere restore pot asking for anything here on behalf of the appellant what is the number on this budget is it increases from last year obviously does that include the enhancements in this budget. >> the overall budget before you is $370 million $371 million for the projects therefore that's an increase of staffing stays the same there will be an increase because of mou increases for salaries and health benefits that is separate but an increase the budget. >> on top of the total enhancements being requested at approximately 2 the talents $.3 million that takes into account all the enhancements on
10:37 am
the list and on top of that there is also the replacement plan it is included on page 7 the talents approximately $45 million i believe as far as an overall comprehensive replacement plan. >> okay. mr. corso i want everyone to be clear what we are asking for i rather be in a position with a clear request and chief joanne hayes-white i wanted do you know i had a conversation with paul conroy who was here on the commission as president as the vehicle replacement program and the year with 2009 echsz happy wear using his formal through 2016 it shows what the good work the commission can do in terms of
10:38 am
the requirements so i wanted to note that as well commissioners i'm ready to move on this motion today if there needs to be another meeting i think we better move forthwith to posting to the public to have a meeting next week we'll workout with the quorum i thank you madam president. >> thank you commissioner nakajo there's a motion on the floor is there a second. >> budget (inaudible). >> okay. we'll not vote just yet i have questions and comments but we have a there is
10:39 am
a motion and a second madam secretary i just wanted to spend a little bit of time you referenced page 7 the talents in our book i'd like to spent a little bit of time talking about the vehicle equipment requests could you bring that up mr. corso. >> can you give us an overall view of the current state of affairs with the power equipment and our fleet. >> absolutely okay. so that is from your handful i was referring to page 7 the talents the page. >> here we go. >> great. >> thank you.
10:40 am
>> so, yes as commissioner nakajo mentioned this commission passed a vehicle replacement plan originally in 2007 that was revised in 2009 and ever since then the department requests vehicles based on that vehicle plan, however, the department is not funded to support that replacement plan but that's what the request is before you a list of vehicle equipment the vehicles are based on to plan, however, since the time the replacement plan was put into service we've added stations and resources, additional apparatus and this thing of that nature the overall plan has not been rfthd to the department in addition on page 80 what the department proposed as a replacement plan to the mayor's office put together by the
10:41 am
support services division for more updated ambulances that were put into service and trucks and additional resources to better suit the departments needs that's the request presented to the mayor's office we're working being them and continuing discussions leading up to the discussion of the vehicle replacement plan the goal for the department is that we are will have a dedicated source of funding for vehicles and he equipment we can count on to meet the needs of department those talks are ongoing this is give you a little bit of background on the vehicle part overall i think that i'll not speak for the chief but the fleet is one of the highest priorities and the apparatus are older and the shops in need of repair not cost-efficient that is one of the highest priorities for the department in the budget
10:42 am
process on top of there is a number of equipment requests that have come in through the various you avenues, etc. i'll run through those hydraulic tools the jaws of life that is the replacement of the all the units problem on the trucks and additional unit we're training for back up and so that will be a request and airbags for the rescue units and the tax ticks two separate apparatus not in the fleet to assist us. >> mr. corso thank you. i'm just being mindful the time can you review for us aerial trucks engine, ambulance, and portable radios those 4 items. >> absolutely so the main one we talk about the 234r50e9 replacement the main component of that are fire
10:43 am
engines front line aerial ladder trucks and ambulances and a variety of other specialist units expand and rescue units, etc. but are forefront but they're the main items and currently 40 front line engines not sufficient for our purposes but a number of relief similar similar to the aerial ladder trucks and ambulances we have a fleet of 44 but a number are in and out of services depending on the dynamic schedule the replacements are obviously expensive but not just vehicles that take you from place to place large pieces of equipment once our on sienna necessity for the health and safety of the public they're extremely
10:44 am
important and our ambulance fleet has been improved over the last couple of years purposes to increase our overall fleets we have a number of older ambulances but on the truck side their aged and a number of operational and mechanical and fiscal issues continuing to have breakdown with the swat engines and trucks in and out of service this is the not efficient and mentioned radios there is a there was one of the requests through the committee was that there the support the supply of radios for disaster operations for additional. >> portable radios; is that correct. >> there is a radio replacement project that is underway undertaken added by department of emergency services but as far as upgrades the replacement of not just fire but
10:45 am
public safety this is a a multi year phase program where we will be buying every year a supply of radios given the age of the radios and some cases the last lack of parts a need for relief for operational purposes and special events and disasters if their needed. >> i just wanted to point out that this is request of $38 million just rounding up the figures for a vehicle and equipment and we have had so many conversations at the commission level and at the staff level regarding our aging fleet some of our engines are 18-year-old they breakdown, it is just we need higher level of
10:46 am
rieblts for our fleet so this is a very important item and i also wanted to you know just generally say our needs in the department are many they are great and we cannot i heefshd consensus here we cannot agree to a one .5 decrease in our budget we also needs to as said here today, we need to prioritize our enhancement requests and really look at the needs of ems and also elevating the profile of the ems units as well so the enhancement as commissioner nakajo so eloquently said are a reflection
10:47 am
of the current needs we have to going back to commissioner vice president cleaveland we have to prioritize in such a way we can mobilize our forces and push for the money we need and enhancement sounds like it is a nicely nicely something that would be great to have but in fact, those are very concrete needs that we have that hsa have to be addressed and fund where we're a growing city we are going to be bursts at the seems for this budget round we need additional resources to keep the additional people we're going to be living in the city as safe as possible so thank you for your presentation mr. corso i have a motion and a second.
10:48 am
>> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> of this budget and the enhancements all in favor, signify by saying i. >> i okay. it is unanimous thank you, again. >> item the talents. >> chief of departments report report on current issues and activities and events within the department since january 2016 including fiscal year 2016-2017 budget and strategic planning one and 50th anniversary and special events and outreach for other government agencies and the public's and report from operations on the overall field operations including emergency medical services and the investigation the airport division and super bowl 50 review. >> thank you. >> achieve the department
10:49 am
chief joanne hayes-white good morning commissioner president covington and commissioners is my report since january 27th more social wish the commission secretary a happy birthday so happy birthday. >> regarding the budget i know we had a lengthy discussion about the budget overview and tutor moving forward like commissioner president covington there are realty needs for the department the lean budget years we had to defer a lot as the city grows we need to grow and be staffed and have the proper modern equipment we need one other item that is budget related on february 3rd i presented before the budget and
10:50 am
finance $350 million bond of which $4 million is earmarked towards this status quo ems fat facility that is behind jerald street and in addition as i recorded at the last meeting an additional $48 million plus to go towards continuation of the modernizing and upgrading of the fire department facilities that has begun since 2010 and 2014 easter bond pass you can see at the board of supervisors it was approved and will be place on the june ballot par related to staffing changes i'm happy to introduce and ask to please
10:51 am
approach the podium with our permission commissioner president covington our public information officer anthony baxter began on january 18th and off to a great start timely he was of great assistance with the super bowl 50 event so with our permission like to ask firefighter paramedic baxter to approach and provide a brief overview of the job and his is background. >> welcome firefighter baxter. >> chief and staff and members of the public thank you for having me here today about a month and a half ago chief joanne hayes-white asked me to take on this task this is a position i knew something about but because of any background me being me i immediately said, yes i'll take
10:52 am
on the task and have been unstoppable so some of the efforts i foresee with any position as a public information officer for the san francisco fire commission is to make a nexus between our department and community and the visitors we have some of the steps i've taken as far in any position is revaping and rebranding our social media and increasing our social media we have a very active facebook when a hash tag and twitter account that receives information off of super bowl 50 and others information which is at sf pd i o in addition we've been mending some relations and making rings with our partners the media by
10:53 am
making them know i'm here for them for the community to enlighten them on what the department is doing to be a source for them during emergency operations and events and standard daily operations in the department to decrease the amount of questions to go to outside sources as well as to the radio department and what that does it allows for a consistent message that is one message going out from the department rather multiply messengers we've seen the past but many, many department in the county and state and nation have seen in the past we are trying to make that better for the media in addition i think is the most important making an available route for the community members not only our community members
10:54 am
but visitor here letting them know our depended has to offer and city and we're here to help them in any way and form we can do for them some brief works for utilizing media simple questions mire smoke alarm is not working off twitter i was able to forward the information go and they were able to get that it was an easy question so basic things and on the higher ends on a stretcher fire posting stuff on social information they were happy they were able to see they were not in danger by following us on social media and those are some of the efforts we'll there for
10:55 am
the department and for community with that, do you have any questions for me. >> commissioners do you have any questions? >> we would like to extend you a hearty welcome again and let's see commissioner nakajo. >> yes. thank you very much for that presentation introducing yourself as a firefighter baxter. >> yes. firefighter paramedic baxter and part of our outreach is there not particularly yourself but develop bilingual boiltsdz in spanish and chinese. >> at this time i'm currently spending quite a few times and my background i understand spanish but i personally don't feel i'm competent enough to
10:56 am
rely message properly in spanish but take private lessons downtown with an individual and getting progress i preserve be able to be comfort speaking the spanish language within a 6 to 8 month period that is a self-goal and the portion of the chinese identify been thinking about that i'll pursue that after consistent with spanish in the meanwhile on my i pad and cell phone i have a translation service that relates into sign language that relates to multiply languages i have have a verbal to an individual i'll speak to it they'll speak to that individual and written form i can write it and translate into a number of languages so i can rely that message i've used that a full-time within our
10:57 am
community to rely the information. >> i think that is excellent you've taken it upon yourself to speak spanish and chinese whether mandarin ii think that whole gesture talking about the public the city of san francisco or visitors to have access in terms of communication we're basically supposed to have that enhancement and it would be nice to have that i congratulate you on all those mechanisms as well i think that is where it is at thank you so much. >> thank you, commissioners. >> kim's thank you. i just want to comment to you commissioner nakajo and i appreciate anthony is very hands on and in different languages one of the many great benefits of having diversifies workforce i've had no problem typically i'll get
10:58 am
asked for a spanish speaking firefighter or firefighter paramedic to comment on the greater alarm fire televise not too difficult to have a member that basically give an overview they know what to say and they'll speak to the spanish station that's been pretty regular and at times request for an cantonese speaker that is not been a problem to identify someone on the ground they can actually respond to those media requests. >> thank you commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> yes. thank you madam president i wanted to commend you firefighter baxter this is a necessary position within 9 department and needs to be filed
10:59 am
as quickly as possible can you give us background thump nail background on what makes you qualified in the position. >> yes, sir. i've been with the sfrept for 16 years working out find fire station 101 is one of the busiest station this allows me to work with diverse set of individuals within the community as well as visitors to address their needs not only medical but social media prior to that, i worked in multiple stations with city and county of san francisco working on units and cliff units and worker on different means and apparatus and prior to that an additional 9 and a half fir services with the son on and hay wood i have the same role i have here progressing into the putting officers within those
11:00 am
agrees i have a background in law enforcement working as a relevance police officer for over 19 years for the neighboring of the agency that allowed me you know unbelievable measures to have community outreach and community measures to understand what the community is going through before we as a fire department 2k3we9 there which is usually an, an emergency i know what is occurring beforehand and whatblast will occur down the road to allow the members of the public my educational he hold a bachelor's in criminal justice i have a social degree in fire scientific and hold a paramedic license and have 16 fire ems and community relations related certificates and hold 14
11:01 am
meritorious value oversees the city and very well that is excellence good question will be responsible for the newsletter or publication. >> at this time as far as i know my intentions i've spoken with chief joanne hayes-white is that we're going to start doing a monthly in house department newsletter to outline positive and negative and controversial topics within our own agency to allow the troops to understand what is going on in their department as well as the administrator to understand what the personnel are feeling to say a nexus and in addition to that monthly our intention to do a quarterly report i'm working as on speaks for itself and that this will be additional information provided by the administrative staff then you'll combine that to
11:02 am
create an annual report; correct? >> chief. >> yes. >> you will be the logical person and you'll be the one updating the website and adding stuff to the website. >> at this time i'm handing the social media we have one diverse the information we have one challenge we're offer coming to deal with community assess with only thing to make sure that all the community the diversity cultures and lawns we have those are the issues we're looking at as well as others departments the city to come up with something that allows our website and social media the future to be assessable by individuals it is easy for us to have those separate but will be combined at one point audience i hope you consider the fire commission agency a resource as well as information for ideas
11:03 am
what to put up and blog that kind of thing. >> absolutely, sir. >> thank you, mr. vice president firefighter paramedic baxter i admire our you know your plan to become totally trilingual i want to commend you on taking our classes in your own time to make sure that happens i am happy to see you because of the one and advocating anniversary there are so many activities that will be going on we want to make sure our fellow citizens know and welcome and back to the chief of the department. >> oh, i'm sorry commissioner hardeman.
11:04 am
>> thank you, madam chair real quick yes. you have an amazing background i hope your parents are alive to see those accomplished you have a lifetime worth of accomplishment i see you're an amazing person and the chief saw you standing above the top of the pyramid you have a did he mean last week, a pating man so i hope i - i look forward to working but over the years. >> thank you, again chief thank you commissioner president covington to continue with my report next up is academies know the 1 and 19 academy began not 12 but 14 members from station 4 the talents joined the academy
11:05 am
the reason for the additional two out of 42 members started on january 25th unfortunately too does precede past ems portion and will be released on monday some scrambling we had a plan in place to continue with the plan so we didn't loss the fte positions your supportive of we had the opportunity within to give two people lessons in 12 hours notice we afforded them the opportunity to join the class on tuesday so 40 members off the line items list joined by station 4 the talents with a graduation date of may i understand it is always a busy time period but under the direction of our achieve the form direct of training now the
11:06 am
assistants chief that class is in good hands relating to the academy that grace projected to be 44 and 42 off the list and joined by excuse me. 12 from station 4 the talents and put out approximately 4 hundred and 50 members to go through the background and the march april timeframe that selection process will begin. >> related to strategic planning there was a meeting he would say on february seconds there was subcommittee reports that will continue and hopefully conclude at the next meekly schedule for the talents a.m. an february 2nd and subsequent meeting to put together the subcommittee report and begin to provide structure to that document and related to the subcommittee just. >> few of them a training
11:07 am
subcommittee and a committee organizational structural pinching in communications we're all subcommittees we broke down the overall committee the volunteers i have the subcommittee did the work and are bringing discussion to the overall committee their recommendations on to the one and advocating anniversary as you may know it is one and advocating anniversary we officially commiserate but be on the drill on april 17th with an official kickoff on april 18th and a lot of the events between april 18th and the final event on december 3rd and our just yesterday, we met with members assigned to the kickoff event to sort of finalize and begin
11:08 am
putting structure to the april 1st-800- event and happy to present that to you as well as the website will be populated we've offered the opportunity for members and commissioners to purchase badges and this is off to a robust start a lot members wanting to be part of reaching back to the departments rich history and look forward to a the talents month period of education what the department you know where it was where we're at 94 now in the future of department and the next overall meeting is scheduled for february 25th regarding special events as you may know since the last reporting period the social event that was successful through a lot of collaboration citywide i'm proud of members of
11:09 am
the sfept and recognize jan francisco and jeff meyers that couldn't be here division 3 in the back of the room and assistant chief dave franklin and a whole host of other people if the department that stepped up to support a challenging event but an event that really we found because of good planning to be manageable throughout the week we definitely had a spike in call volume the city and venue on friday february 4th and prairie on start february 6th but because of the planning and collaboration with the other agencies working under the up brel the department of emergency services the city what about proud i'm proud of the department members not only to supportive that but the main goal to maintain overall the 9-1-1 response citywide whether
11:10 am
someone was enjoying a super bowl or at home not interested the super bowl 50 we were able to achieve that very admiral and impressive i know that the commissions we are interested in our plan our strategies and tactics i know that commissioner president covington you have a particular venue to the nfl experience so thank you for that. >> let's see i did participate during last week in an nfl press conference on third and in the department host and are cooperated by chief francisco aon a delegation from houston i think the next where the two next super bowls will be but houston last week they were impressed with us u you know the
11:11 am
presentations related to experiencing all the events but the planning took place months and months ahead of time to insure a safe successful and secure event from special events i want to note assistant chief examine that will be conducted february 19th and 20 they have been 32 qualified members that signed up to take that exam. >> and related to the last item on the list communications and outreach to other government agencies and the public on january 28th per the request thank you commissioner nakajo he asked for dr. yeah, and two of the new members assigned to the ems 6 program to meet with members from the california pacific male center relayed to the ems program our goals and
11:12 am
objectives and a real direct link between the the talents receiving hospitals and the work that not only our ems division specifically the ems program what, if anything, coming out came out of that discussion to continue the lines of communication and what i suggested is that the possibility to meet with the hospital council that represents all the receiving hospitals that we will transport our patient to so we're responsible for the prehospital treatment and then the bans certain criteria we will transport to some any of the the talents receiving hospitals by thought that was a very good initial discussion and thank you commissioner nakajo for that also i want to report on february 5th deputy chief williams and i represented the department at black history month kickoff and it was very
11:13 am
enjoyable and on february 8th to continue the dialogue with the employees we've september out an e-mail earlier this year to all employee groups encouraging them to come in for a meeting i met with the rescue employee groups on the 8 deputy chief williams and deputy chief goes on and i met with representatives from the organization and that was a valuable challenge and in coming weeks we'll meet with the united women's services and the veterans group and i also wanted to say that before the next meeting we'll be participating along with the firefighters association anyone in the department as well as you commissioners the chinese new year preyed on february 20th i want to remind you and look forward to our participation if
11:14 am
you're available and prior to answering any questions and asking chief gop's i want for your consideration commissioner president covington note since the last meeting had two valuable members of over department pass away the first one was formal fire commission and president of our fire commission mr. ross in my opinion was an iconic major contribution to our department and citywide he passed away on january 28th and his service will be on february 16, '10 a.m. d lance street and the other member of the department was someone i had the privilege to work with in 1990 that was lieutenant tom underwood that had 3 two years of service with the department he passed away on january 31st so consideration for adjournment in memory of
11:15 am
both of these individuals that appreciated thank you. >> thank you chief joanne hayes-white is there some public comment on the chiefs report? okay seeing none, public comment is closed and we have a report from operations >> yeah. >> yes deputy chief goes on will report. >> thank you. >> the super bowl i want to piggyback on what the chief said the ems division stepped up and fire prevention and everyone had a hand including doing the dp s o it was a huge undertake a the
11:16 am
talents day evident as you may know and two events to cover and we were working well with the san francisco police department they overcame challenges with the crowd and the community awareness program a social media a coast for rescue and water safety they are posted on the website and additional coast rescue will educate the public on dangers that the ocean beach present it is a dangerous cyclist suffer survive the chief want me to invite to you to february stairwell 167 a press conference and mock quite a few kickoff for the holidays weekends and formally i sent an
11:17 am
unite to the secretary emergency medical calls many transport and ems finalized it for spiral and the nfl experience along with francisco e the ems 6 was put back into service it was busy initially very successful the second class of aids 25 will have completed their training and helped the staff during super bowl and keep the response outing outside the box the ems provided group moving towards an opportunity to - the percentage we want the fancy football draft maybe another system we need to better coordinated our shifts a recap of the fire bureau
11:18 am
investigation the plan checked section three hundred and 4 permit applications are the application cue don't like the backlog work it is an application cue there is a distinction 200 and 68 have been reviewed and waiting responses from the explained this leaves 66 permit applications waiting to be reviewed the entire month of january was busy for the permit section inspectors were completed on january 2nd the talents and the inspection for super bowl city were completed and we stayed up late and got the job done miscellaneous 48 smoke alarm forces the south of market neighborhood an update on the transportation
11:19 am
advisory staff committee per van ness corridor still in progress our vehicle right turn to a 2-way street have enforcements and the items on hold until comments are addressed still waiting decisions for the legality for the normal operating conditions and the template accurately resisting the envelope tracking to be tested alter pier the talents 6 with sfmta no test date as of yet sfmta template to be designed and value dated the excelsior traffic the vehicle traffic circle proposed by supervisor avalos was culminated sfmta conceded the
11:20 am
intrekz - sfmta proposes to prohibit left turns for vehicles 22 plus in length and issues like stamp vehicle and blocking street assess sea response time are rault if circling around the what black blowing block and they're real issues to be revolved we are working hard on this as you may know your assistant chief has the extension of the equipment the station regarding side maintenance those are pulled from division two, that the status of saturation are the same inspection is main concern external painting and the repairs are outstanding and
11:21 am
reiterates that the fleet our apparatus are the number one priority i agree with you commissioner president covington when it comes to the rigs that is essential bureau the fire investigation a number of operative reports from january 2016 is 200 and 26 this reflected the report they're going adopt i'm pleased to i'd like to congratulate assistant deputy chief our new assistant deputy chief i've worked with him at the airport he did american people excellent job then and i am sure now. >> the bike program started last week if you want to talk about that after the meeting and to close i want to thank chief daily for
11:22 am
facility the training facility for commissioner vice president cleaveland it was enlightening their facility is outstanding that concludes my report. >> thank you very much chief. >> chief joanne hayes-white does that conclude. >> yes. >> okay. thank you. >> i will ask if there are any members of the public who would like to comment at this time seeing none, public comment is closed. and he will go to my fellow commissioners beginning with commissioner hardeman >> thank you, madam chair so the big item that seems to be a lot of conversation is super bowl last meeting i proclaimed i
11:23 am
thought the $5 million expenditure that the city was using was appropriate but not clarify the way i made a living i was in advertising i worked for the union most of time but a sign parents pardoned and picture paternity but that was all advertising and getting moscone center built was my first task for the trade show the union does most of work and on board throughout the united states for the advertising and the reason why i brought this up we don't advertise in san francisco we are the this city does basically zero advertising so to attract visitors that is our number one industry i was compelled to say some people were in city government complaining about the $5 million
11:24 am
i thought it was a great expenditure it was a great success that's why ike i'm clarifying is i'm an expert in advertising so the board i guess the complaint was no money to advertise and this is just the way it is san franciscans didn't have to advertise so fortunately, we have the couple of big events to recently to advertise our city people are attracted here and sorry to see a couple of any favorite businesses boulevard and other log those restaurant were down but the long run they'll make up and as far as chief froovns he was at the 4:00 a.m. meeting and
11:25 am
followed by a 8:00 a.m. meeting you were run ragged and the one biggest negative about government i've seen over the years is that has good positives great positives positive out weigh the negatives and not fernl or personally but open for public contributions you can't reward some people we lost some people at port it is too bad we can't give bonuses chief francisco but heard your working hard thank you. >> and as far as the priorities i'm glad to hear chief gonzales that the engines you'll remember last year, i
11:26 am
received so many complainants when i was at the fires watching the firefighters responding to the fires and after they came over started to extraneous about the members of the jury, so all of us know that imaginations are critical the morale gets down with the rank and file that is not good i'm glad we're all finishing for engines as a priority i'd like to bring up chief i thought you would formal chief commission haley ross in memory if you could do that in memory he loved the sfept and was in charge one of the most beloved people the history of this city
11:27 am
and your office served there the mayors of thirty years mayor ed lee thought he was quits the guy and another thing i want to bring up pubically that's why the highway patrol officer that risked his life and was stabbed had his throat cut protecting the streets of san francisco i'd like to go on record as thanking that mean talking to on officer that saw him right after one niche more he would have been dead so thanks to that man this was an appropriate time to do that. >> thank you commissioner nakajo. >> thank you madam president. >> just a couple of comments i also wanted to express our
11:28 am
appreciation to all the fire department salesmen that worked on super bowl city i know that chief you were charged with a whole bunch of responsibilities i know that everyone played their roles and parts of that again amazing that we didn't have any major tragedies or events that occurred within that it is just i'm very, very grateful as part of commission chief joanne hayes-white and dr. thank you for meeting with the california pacific medical center some good things are happen and momentum i'm glad wear taking the leadership within that and truly appreciate from our docket the invention of the ems 6 chief i think that the commissioners and the general public comment might be interested in exactly what that information holds so when it
11:29 am
comes appropriately to the next item of commission meetings like an update on the commissioner but dr. you can bring up the description as well thank you madam president. >> thank you commissioner nakajo commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> thank you madam president and thank you chief for your report just a couple of questions you mentioned ah program and 25 people that were working through the ah program over the week; is that correct. >> that's it that's correct they graduated on the friday before the event kicked off so i've been told many of them were working the next day it definitely helped to augmented our staffing that day with no problems. >> nothing we couldn't overcome. >> okay dealing with the fire
11:30 am
investigation reports how much of that information has been made available to the public now we have a new pi when you have reports of resolutions of fires and the reason that there was arson or not arson i think the public needs to know what resolution the result of that fire investigation does that get released to the media or put on a website are we're going to enhance the public's which was that is happening with fires by letting them know the relatives in a sanitized way. >> what i know i can have the fire marshall he g got a flat tire but we give the public what we have when me sunset u
11:31 am
sunshine it but maybe - and there's been a big conversation about the mission fires and people think that the arresting son there are arsons out interest so developers can gentrify the neighborhood how do we dispel those why fires and where they happen without jeopardizing the information. >> i believe that was addressed at the last commission meeting or two ago the fire marshall stated as far as the results and undetermined as opposed to arson and not many of the mission street fires were arson. >> so i think i'm glad that's the case i'd like to have that information made more public we can calm the fears the publics
11:32 am
mind there is a arsonist trying to burn a building. >> we catastrophe your po he's do doing a good job out there. >> that's it. >> regarding the - >> yeah. >> i've been informed i have known this we're going out to the neighborhood for more outreach regarding the fires and the concerns regarding the gentrification. >> great, thank you. >> okay. thank you did you have something else commissioner hardeman. >> as fire marshall is not here but wanted to comment on his report that we received and that was that it is fantastic to
11:33 am
see financial losses i don't know. i've seen one lower the past month therapists terrific as far as the structure and contents loss and it is wonderful news and no alarms that is more good news it was a good month so hopefully, when you see that no one is getting injured that was a great month and give all the credit to the fire marshall i'll pass it along. >> thank you. >> thank you chief gonzales anything else. >> any more questions for the chief. >> i have a couple of questions for the chief of the department chief joanne hayes-white what was the graduation date in january for the current class. >> the current class will
11:34 am
graduates think may 20th. >> may 20th. >> they started on january 25th. >> okay. great may 20th and i also wanted to know about the strategic planning process when will the draft of strategic plan come to the commission. >> to be determined at this time we believe that the subcommittee report outs will take at least one more meeting and conclude at that meeting on the 23 there is a possibility because they've been very robust discussions it may go to another meeting but the goal sometime the spring we don't have a date yet. >> all right. i want to alert any fellow commissioners the strategy plan will be coming to us for a thorough review and suggestions and comments okay. so we look forward to receiving that document it has been quite sometime we've had a
11:35 am
strategic plan for the department and it is very important to have a at some point on paper of where we are now and where we want to be and to have a plan to get there so - that's very important. >> then i wanted to also oh, just comment on super bowl 50 i did go down super bowl city an a number of people's in the department that were working on the logistics there were so many and thank you very much chief francisco for showing me around i spent quite a bit time and looked at it extremely impressed very kaumgdz by the fact that we had our ducks in a row and
11:36 am
anticipating various things i visit the expanded center that sunday when things were up and the super bowl city was full of people from all over the region it was such a difference audience very young families and people that have been to super bowls for the past 20 years and lots of asian and african-american families and latino families filipino families it was just such a wonderful cross section of our area he was very happy to see that there was a public events that people could attend but then for the alicia keys concert 18 thousand people that may have been drawn away the city has not
11:37 am
been slung in size but everybody went particularly well at some point i want to hear probably at the next meeting an overview report from chief francisco on you know challenges and best practices and lessons learned so that we can be ready for the next big events right in years. >> commissioner vice president cleaveland says within 5 years but i don't know when the next one might be. >> all right. thank you very much is there any public comment on the chiefs report. >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed. >> madam secretary. >> item 10 agendas for next commission meeting regarding the agenda for the february 24, 2016, regular meeting. >> okay commissioners?
11:38 am
what is your pleasure for the agenda coming up >> commissioner nakajo august thank you madam president madam secretary any item we're supposed to have on the agendas. >> we have nert and theyer prepared to come in and give a presentation at the next meeting. >> thank you very much for that and then at the chiefs prerogative an update on the ems we want to pay attention and he also concur with the madam president with a summary of super bowl 50 super bowl city when chief francisco is ready to do that thank you madam president. >> thank you commissioner nakajo any other commissioners this is not at that time so we have nert, ems 6 and the summary of
11:39 am
super bowl 50. >> discussionext week. >> budgets discussions. >> i don't believe so one suggestion i'll have chief francisco will be ready to give an overview of the events but everyone has worked on super bowl needs downtime to kind of reenergize jiujitsu ems 6 for your consideration at the first meeting in march while captured a full month of data since this program hit the ground thirty days so dr. yeah, and possible the paramedic captains will will be able it give you thirty days data. >> thank you that item was suggested by commissioner nakajo
11:40 am
commissioner walker can we pet put it on the agendas for the first meeting in march and make sense thank you madam secretary please make note of that. >> all right. >> update - and what about an update on the 9-1-1 collaboration. >> okay. could you be more specific. >> you put the persist and coming up with a more coordinated approach to respond to 9-1-1 calls so i want to get an update from the task force that is meeting on a regular basis the commission needs to be briefed on that. >> so most definitely incorporated the first meeting in march taiwan the deputy chief operations and in conjunction perhaps in addition to the separate item to talk about the
11:41 am
post work and status of ems working group. >> thank you all are they any suggestions from the public this is public comment regarding upcoming agendas? >> i see one person coming down. >> captain michael i i would like to recommend that with the first of all, i'd like to say we strongly encourage and support the idea of a deputy in charge of the ems we strongly support more h-43 in ems one they know i'd like to offer though is that a discussion needs to be held about the exact amount of
11:42 am
supervision provided in ems as you may know after 4 o'clock the everybody the highest medical short city of san francisco for the fire department is the captain i would like to have you have a discussion about the battalion chief number 5 is the ems section chief twenty-four hours available to operate in the field to provide support for ems operations as many people said we do provide a significant amount of ems presence the city so i think that will not be inappropriate and like to state that h-43 test be done currently both of the h-43 are appointed positions we feel there needs to be a test as quickly as possible so a list provided so appropriate members
11:43 am
can be promoted subject to service center recusal as opposed to to other issues that come up. >> thank you, captain. >> all right. is there any public comment anyone seeing none, public comment is closed. and we have two in memoriam today lieutenants thomas underwood, was postponed to the fire department in may 19th64 he was promoted to lieutenant in 1982 and retired from engine 10 on november 27, '19 the talents 6 with over 3 two years of service he passed away think sunday january 31st, 2016,
11:44 am
and because excuse me. commissioner nakajo was a colleague and friend of haiti will i ross he'll be nightmare for the former president >> thank you. the press and colleagues can join in i heard the comments of michael. >> - >> but please do as well commissioners in terms of information has to do with will i was appointed to the fire department in 19 the talents 6 where we served as commission and leader of the commission president the fire commission until january 19th the talents 1 and passed away in january of 2016 commissioner hardeman talked about how much
11:45 am
contributions he gave to the city i said to give me a couple comments and again, i invite in any fellow commissioners if you want to comment as well for many of you the audience and some of you at home those of you who are san franciscans you're very, very aware of has to do with will i rocketing who he was he was a bureauly guy cleaver and funny and witty and passiona one of the life experiences was in attendance i'm making comments about the high school part of that learning from that
11:46 am
high school staked heart a lot of and dedication to san francisco as a city and be part of fighting irish or whoever you want to cheer for but the love was amazing to me i can take that a transfer it to sacrificed heart the person i wanted to work with was has to do with will i roth he loved it and working hard and paycheck to paycheck and at one point he was chief of staff for mayor gordon he gave me 5 and a half minutes but with the blessing of former mayor willie brown a lot of talked about we all wanted in and not only was the chief going
11:47 am
but other person went in with has to do widley rocketinth i d you served side public and gave them a point find respect and say welcome everybody so in that dedication i wanted to pass this commission meeting over memoriam of has to do widley roth
11:48 am
this meeting is hereby
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>> we are approving as many parks as we can, you have a value garden and not too many can claim that and you have an historic building that has been redone in a beautiful fashion and you have that beautiful outdoor ping-pong table and you have got the art commission involved and if you look at them, and we can particularly the gate as you came in, and that is extraordinary. and so these tiles, i am going
11:59 am
to recommend that every park come and look at this park, because i think that the way that you have acknowledged donor iss really first class. >> it is nice to come and play and we have been driving by for literally a year. >> it is kind of nice. >> all of the people that are here. ♪
12:00 pm
>> so thank you for coming to the treasure island development authority roll call. >> ford the wednesday, february 10, 2016, san francisco treasure island development authority board meeting call to order director president fei director vice president mazzola director richardson director kositsky supervisor kim we we have quorum great so thank you and welcome all for being here today wale have the next item on the agendas the general public comment item number 2


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