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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  February 18, 2016 11:40pm-12:01am PST

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chief medical executive. mike colville, former president of the west bay region of sutter health. jeff gerard, our current president of the center health bay area. tony wagner, the chairman of the board of center health bay area. and julie pacitti the ceo of the hospital for the sutter of bay area. now, of course, most of this event is about the team building the hospital there represented by the management and the workers from herero bold and we want to thank them. we want to figure architecture group the mother smith group, jj argument in the many trade partners, subcontractors and consultants who have helped us get this project off the ground.
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but the biggest and should be reserved for the folks back there who are building this building, our construction workers. >>[applause] >> so, the topping out ceremony is a recognition of the final still being which will be in a few meds raised to its place way up high, a recognition that the structure has reached its highest point and we can begin filling it out. this event is a tribute to that. the folks that are working on this project in recognition of their dedication , their attention to detail and their commitment to a clean and safe worksite, and to all of them, we want to say thank you and acknowledge the job well done. >>[applause]
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>> i want to extend a personal thanks to the crew that helped us the most the old hotel and office building. even let me drive one a little grabber things, which is the highlight of my adult life. i want to thank the folks the .the execution put up the steel and all the other jobs that are gone into getting this to to this point. thank you from the bottom of our hearts. as i mentioned, we would not be here without the support of the san francisco city government led by mayor edwin lee. he's been involved in our spirit. i'm delighted he's able to join us at this event and i would now like to invite him to the podium to share a few words. mayor lee. >> thank you, warren should
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all be short because i am. good morning everybody. this is wonderful to be here. lou, not only a thank you but i'm to give you another chart. you've got to work on removing those toxics out of the crabs. we can't celebrate 100% without our crabs. that's your next charge. you've done nearly the impossible here to give you another easy thing. thank you to the three amigos, -1 today. for all being part of that historic agreement. thank you to all the officials from sutter for being here, see pmc has been inner-city for 150 years and lisa city deserve a new hospital, so were excited about this. i also want to say, again, thank you to everyone
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who is been supportive of good health care in our great city. but, today, topping off day is all about these folks up here. i want to say thank you to herero bold, to all of the people that have kept this place safe. i can't wait. i know people want the topping off but i want my invitation to walked the tunnel underneath van ness because that's probably the safest way to get across that. i can't wait for that to happen and, of course i'm celebrating because we don't have to shut down van ness anymore. i want to say the regulations to people who worked on this at this point. it's excited to have this top off. i was a huge thank you to all the workforce because what they've done, not only in getting to this point, is an extraordinary, michael for all the labor, work, and the great work. we get to see it in evidence here but there's another exciting piece of data i want to share with you
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because it's real san francisco. herero bold has been working with our workforce, all of our labor representatives, our city to make sure we hire as many residents on this job, and did you know, we have a goal of some 40% of partnerships to be local san francisco residents. not only did they exceeded. 60% of all the apprenticeships are san francisco residents it that is wonderful, warm. wonderful. all the 35% fixed workforce or i say congratulation. this is really a proud moment but also a safe moment when i would clearly enjoy congratulations, workforce. thank you for the new hospital. thank you, everybody, for being here. >> thank you mr. mayor. our next speaker is tony wagner. tony is up pastor of the west
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bay region foresee pmc. he is now the chairman of the southern health bay area board. is also a longtime symphysis go residents. in fact, he's been working with us side-by-side in building our efforts towards the community hospitals. he was also one of the members of the blue ribbon committee where it formed a few years ago and formulated the idea of what we have in front of you today. so, with that, i'd like to ask mr. wagner to come up here. welcome. >> thank you, pamela. good morning. on behalf of sutter health, i would like to thank a number of individuals for
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openness make this to get some of this will be repetitive but i think it deserves repeating. i would like to thank my friend, and her mayor mayor ed lee for your leadership and the board of supervisors and the three amigos. also, i would be remiss not to thank mr. gerardo for his help during our entitlement process. i think you, the citizens of san francisco for your patience and continued support as we had necessary traffic disruptions when tunneling under van ness avenue. however, i've been told by the staff of tommy's joint them up on more than one occasion, that we have been good and respectful neighbors during this construction process. the tunnel is now complete thanks to a world-class construction crew. >>[applause] >> it will allow us to provide
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a protected and safe passage between our health center, our parking garages and her medical office building them which will house our clinical offices and clinics. this world-class health center will not only be a destination to have your health restored, but it will also be a destination to maintain your health for those who are already healthy. thank you, again, for your support, and please keep an eye out for our official opening date for both of these hospitals, st. luke's, and this hospital. join us for our official open house sometime in 2019. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you, tony. i am now going to introduce burn and
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jane. dr. jing is a chief medical executive at see pmc and he's responsible for overall leadership overall the clinical programs that we have at see pmc. at her for hospitals currently. with that, dr. jane, please. >> thank you, pamela. it really is an honor to be here today. it's amazing to get a date that will patronage all the workers behind me and once that are in front of me that event building this new hospital for our community. with incredible it's incredible to think just a little over a year i was looking at a whole: the sandbox analysis of this high-tech steel with this damper system to protect this hospital and our patients and our staff in the event of a major earthquake in the future. now, see pmc has a very long tradition of caring for our community. with this new hospital we feel we be better equipped to care for our community moving into our
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future. as we know, they're changing demands in healthcare. changing the needs of our community. and what they need. as we know, this new hospital is going to be able to meet those needs moving forward. we can continue this 150-year-old tradition of caring for community in the citizens of san francisco. see pmc has provided medical and sick at our cal campus which is includes delivering babies that are specific campus which included our specialty care and i will not be combined under one roof, 2019 here at van ness and gary. we look forward to serving future generations of san franciscans right here at this site. so, on behalf of our physicians, our medical staff, are hospital staff, we really want to thank all of the individuals behind us for building this hospital for the individuals in front of me and behind me to support that you provided in the process of getting this building up. it
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has been truly an amazing transformation to watch this come from a office to the sandbox to a brand-new hospital that will be able to walk in in 2019. so, again, thank you for being a mate part of this amazing jerk. at this time, i want to induce one individual as part of her construction crew. he has been excellent at his work and he's contributed to the success of this tremendous progress and this project. his name is colby whitfield any standing behind me up on the sixth floor, by that sign. >> a little bit louder. >>[applause] >> oh, yes. oh, yes. hi,
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everyone. can you hear me? that's good. that's my name is ivan i'm a construction worker. we are all gathered here to witness the main piece of the puzzle we put in place. the practice of topping out a new building can be traced to the scandinavian-a pleasing a tree atop of the new building a piece of tree [inaudible]. i'm a part of this amazing team that directing the new hospital can working on this project has been a great experience. the views are spectacular. this job is greater than a wonderful opportunity not only for myself, but also my family had two younger boys that i support and stability of this job has allowed me to be there for them
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on a regular basis. my oldest son is eight and my youngest boy, he used to. prior to working for harrods i work several jobs. just to maintain. when i heard about the city deal i decide to take advantage of the opportunity. other new skills and given me the confidence to succeed. city build has given me a path for stable career am very grateful for that. i'm actually grateful to harrods for giving me my first job in allowing me to be part of their team. through see pmc i'm grateful to the opportunity as well to be a part of the team building of this new hospital for my community as a san francisco resident. i was born and raised here, and being a part of this means a lot to me and my family. as a san francisco resident, i know how important
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it is to my city and in the end, of able to point to this building to my kids, daddy built this series this right here, daddy built that. >>[applause] >> for my entire workforce, and personally for me and my family, i would to say thank you to the people down there and the people standing on this great building your. thank you. >>[applause] >> colby, she would tell these guys to lift the beam on three? are you ready? >> yes >> one, two, three. lift the beam. >> yes, pick it up,
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it's coming into view right about now. houston, we have liftoff. >>
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flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> now i have the secretary call the roll commissioner scott commissiioner lim commissioner breslin supervisor farrell commissioner ferrigno commissioner follansbee commissioner sass excused we have quorum. >> thank you. >> we'll take action item one item one approval and possible modifications of the minutes. >> thank you item one action item approval with the minutes so forth the regular meeting the


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