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tv   CCII 21616 Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure  SFGTV  February 21, 2016 9:30pm-12:01am PST

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not yet fully formed not yet totally fully baked emerging need for $20 million in money for msc south, next or what have you, i would much rather pay-use rents for $20 million to retire bonded indebtedness and for $54 million to retire bonded indebtedness as mr. dodge and his team worked through that. we spent a quarter of $1 billion per annum on the most is on the stump it i do with you it's sidewise. i agree it needs to be fixed if there's no question about that. but we need to have a robust general fund in order to do that. if were going to float cop's, when we float $29 and cop's and put $54 million into a general obligation bond because that money frankly, is cheaper. >> see no additional names on
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the roster president breed >> because i've heard this mentioned before just be clear, this wasn't well thought out we don't specifically know what we plan to spend the money on, basically, for example, for the $20 million in homeless service in order to address some of the repairs in our shelters, three city-owned homeless shelters, this would include fixing the plumbing, roof, fire alarms, kitchen ed and security access, heating and ventilation, electrical system and seismic upgrades. funds to be used to remodel, modernize require facility to improve homeless services to the navigation sensor and sf hocking. as we all know, $20 million is a lot of money when you talk about capital repairs for just one facility it's really challenging to how far is this $20 million really going to go? so i think
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this bond as outlined specifically how the money is going to be used for the purpose of rehabilitating many of our facilities. i do think that, as i said, it wasn't anticipated that we would do this now and we were maybe going to kick the can down the road and do it later or when emergencies came up we would allocate funding or repair emergencies, but again, this is an important need for my perspective. it's not an emerging need. it's important need that they went to move forward to doing it and it spelled out right here exactly what were going to be using the funds for. i think that is for sure but we are out there talking to voters about this bond for making it clear to each and every one of them that this doesn't raise taxes. each and every dollar will be used for something extremely
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important to address issues around homelessness and mental health and other services and that the process and all the other things we are discussing here today should not get in the way of our ability to get this thing done and get this thing passed. >> see no additional names on the roster, clerk please call >> mr. chairman, the general obligation resolution to grant public interest and necessity under ordinance: four election has eight has 88 vote threshold to pursuant to the golf items 31 and 32, supervisor peskin nay, tang aye, wiener aye, aye's aye breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye. our 10 aye and one
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nay with supervisory peskin dissented >> irresolution is adopted and ordinance past anniversary is present please call the next time >> item 33 was considered by the venues transportation committee and read the meeting on monday item 33 was considered by the venues transportation committee and read the meeting on monday, february 8 and was recommended as a committee report with a new title. i'm 33 ordinance amended with planning code to acquire conditional use authorization for the removal many residential units in the commercial district whether legal or illegal and require compliance citywide landscaping impermeable services, scribbling additions and residential mergers do exempt from the conditional use application requirements illegal units that are perceived prior planning approval of many the building codes require that notices of violation in a district or the filing of application to legalizing illegal unit mrs. unfeasible under the planning commission or the planning commission approves its removal >> supervisor avalos >> first of all i want to
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thank the land-use committee for forwarding the committee report yesterday. we all know we lost thousands and thousands of units over the past many years. this displaces many residents and san francisco. this is one for this legislation is one tool that we have two preserve our housing and make it difficult for housing to be demolished, to be merged into smaller or larger unit. and converted. this actually legislation that was a much larger piece of legislation that was citywide were.. this legislation that is before us today is affecting the downtown commercial c-three district for setting conditional use, for merging demolishing or converting units . it also applies citywide for
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how projects that a 20% increase in gross floor area, how they would be required to permeable surfaces in landscaping done. so that applies citywide but most of all we are protecting units from being demolished or merged were converted in downtown c-three district. it's important that we prove this today because the control supporting tenants and dc-three area will be expiring on march 1. so, is of utmost that we move this forward quickly. later it will have a second part of this legislation affecting units, in all units of the rest of the city come before us early march. i urge your support, collect >> the data. supervisor kim >> i just want of knowledge and think supervisor avalos in his office for their leadership
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and bring this legislation for. i know they have been working on this promised a year since may of last year and i do want to thank him for splitting the file so that we could immediately address the c-three downtown portion of this legislation. two dozen issued this board has heard extensively about supervisor avalos has gone through the mechanics of how this works but again i want to remind members of this board our office has started fielding calls starting in 2013 from residents throughout the south of market and we are learning even citywide out that had been rented out units as residential and buildings that were zoned for commercial use. that was a time period, as long as stemming back 20-25 years ago when landlords have buildings zoned for commercial and not able to rent them out. so decided they would instead
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profit by legally renting them as rental units. there are cases that they did with the tenants know they had to get a business license or commercial license to reside there to have a veneer of commercial use. there are other cases with those tenants do not tell the landlords were illegal. now the housing and commercial has heated up these property owners are now discovering that they can make more money from using it for its original legal use. this is the type of greed incentivized conviction were trying to enforce a jacket in many residents that live in for as many as 21 years and now they're getting eviction notices because of the horse feel they can make more money off of other uses. what this legislation will do is that we will give the planning department an additional level of oversight to see if we can protect he's existing
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residential units allow them to convert to residential as a legal use so we can protect many of these tenants to live in these units often artists, middle-class residents, a work in our grocery stores. they also owned businesses. these are exactly the types of resins we want to keep here in san francisco and it's important we move on this portion of the ordinance quickly as the interim control that this board has twice unanimously supported come to expiration. so, i do in advance want to thank my colleagues for supporting our many residents. one building in particular that if the election had gone through or go through individual be the largest eviction seen in san francisco since the fall of the-in 1977. want to do what we can purchase for this building but for residents throughout the city that are facing these types of pressure and again want to acknowledge supervisor avalos for spending time over the last year working on this legislation. >> thank you. supervisor
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carlos avalos >> >> i want to thank germy public in my office. shepherding this legislation >>breed aye cohen aye, ngo aye kim aye, six mar aye good nara levens got >> the ordinance is passed unanimously on a first reading the apple
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>> madam clerk, please go to will call for introductions. >> supervisor peskin is the first supervisor to introduce new business. >> colleagues, today ashley probably right now our ports commission is considering a craft industry relief plan for the crabbers that we've all read about in the press. i'm quite pleased to see the port keyed the please of our local maritime tenants who been adversely impacted by this recent environmental crisis in our bay. i've asked for the scope of the rent relief package to be extended beyond our commercial crabbers to adjust the collateral damage suffered by her seafood suppliers and fish process. the seafood industry is a vital economic driver for our city and we are to protect our fish folk some of them have been operating at fisherman's wharf for as long as for generations.
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the relief packages is a great first that but i think we need to extend it to some folks been left behind namely fish processors who have been suffering because since the crap toxin epidemic are seafood suppliers and processors have also been hit. san francisco examiner reese reported the fishing industry generates about $2.35 million for the ports in revenue is one tenant recently told me, revenue brought in is by this industry to the entire city totals in the hundreds of millions of dollars per unit and makes sense if you think about crap and the fishing industry and what it does for san francisco. so, i will be working with the port of san francisco to see we can extend that package. it's not accented today i may bring resolution or even ordinance in front of this body. today, together with supervisor kim i'm also introducing a supplemental appropriation to help offer
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relief to our impact small businesses and local vendors were displaced at great expense to their own financial stability and bottom lines by the super bowl l event that took over downtown for three weeks and actually still in the process dismantling while many people have a great time and tens of thousands of folks visited super bowl city, the last day getting so full it was actually closed, there were a number of folks who were left behind. specifically, i'm talking about individuals that had existing valid permits b-day street artists of which there are approximately 70, 10 of whom were given new spots done by the mosconi center, but 60 of whom were kicked to the curb and not compensated. i'm talking about our sidewalk
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vendors. talk about individuals that have had permits or licenses to do everything from shining shoes to selling hotdogs. i think that we are the city that knows how, so today together with supervisor kim i'm introducing a supplemental appropriation in a very modest amount of $100,000, as well as inclusion of a super bowl l impact fund. the sources of revenue to that fund will be any contributions or donations made by the host committee while we did not get santa clara style 100% cost reimbursement amount we actually did have some small so those could be a source of funds. in addition in the months ahead we healing from the controller as to what the increase hotel tax sales tax and other sources of revenue would be over last year and to the extent the rosy productions come true that could be a source of funds and finally of course the board can choose to appropriate. i will be
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following up with additional more specific legislation about how the fund should be administered if we get beyond having an amount of money to take care of those street artists and vendors who we were directly responsible for displacing an impact. the rest i will submit. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor tang >> colleagues, i'm following up on our conversation at first that we had regarding the general obligation bond. today, i am joined by nine other colleagues so thank you very much to those colleagues for cosponsoring with me a resolution to amend our 10 year capital plan to move the handle care and control shelter project or from the coupon program into the certificate of participation program. as was mentioned in the previous discussion, i'm not thrilled that it will cost more under this program. however, my understanding is that this will at least introducing this
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resolution today we will be able to make this a much more certain project, and just to speak about a few of the things that are happening where the animal care and control facility. i know that many of you have tickets were already but it is just heartbreaking to hear that there are animals who had to have their legs indicated because they have slipped into certain parts of their kennels and-yes. it's very heartbreaking to hear these things. with the fact they don't have adequate space to store some other emergency supplies were vaccinations, or the fact they have to use a warehouse type elevator that is very scary that i wrote today as well. there have aadequately separate animals when they are suffering from some type of illness and a lot of times these things can spread to other animals in the animals don't recover as quickly as they should. so, i think that
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everyone here understands the importance of the facility, not just preambles but really for the employees who work there also for families that have animals. as we all know, it's estimated there are more dogs than our children here in san francisco. i think that it's important if we think about how it is that our city facility can serve us in the event of a natural disaster or emergency, that are animal shelters should also be something that is adequate. so, thank you again to all of the cosponsors. we will be following up with legislation in april to do the actual financing piece of this again this resolution today the forces to amend the 10 year capital plan two of the project out of one funding program into another. so, i also would like to really take the opportunity to thank virginia donahoo from acc, the director there
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everyone who works there, so hard in this very dilapidated facility to take care of at least around 10,000 animals per year that they have taken. then, secondly, i have a resolution today amending the special tax district that we have set up. financing we have in place for nubile energy and seismic improvements. this was a special tax district set up for the property owners who want to take out loans and engage in renewable energy proven source seismic retrofit, that those loans would be tied to the property versus the individual themselves. we had hoped this would be a better incentive to get people to more easily engage in these programs. the way, manning the special tax district today is to allow it to also serve accessibility access financing programs. accessibility improvements.
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last year i introduce legislation regarding a citywide ada program so that we can move towards making our city much more accessible for everyone. so, in light of that legislation, which is currently still being worked on, i hope the special tax district will allow to be easier for people to take out loans for 80 improvements. with that i submitted >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> when i heard about the idea of using some of the super bowl proceeds in terms of the expected increase in tax revenues for a particular purpose, i thought that another good use of that money would be to try to increase shelter opportunities so that we can move people living in tents off of our streets into the shelter
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system it you may recall a few weeks ago i sent a letter to a number of city departments asking for details about what the plan is to get these folks out of tents into shelters or other forms of housing so that we can no longer have tents on our sidewalks. it's not an acceptable state of affairs. it's not healthy or safety living in those times where this running committees and we have to work very hard to transition these folks into shelter, into housing and off of the streets. so, we submitted a draft requesting the city's attorney's office are supplemental appropriation to utilize the portion of the super bowl proceeds to fund shelter and other housing opportunities to move specifically our population living in tents out of tents into shelter into housing and then to reduce and ultimately eliminate tents on our sidewalks because it's not a humane state of affairs. in addition, today i am
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introducing a hearing request on a topic that unanimous support of the board for. specifically, open source voting. colleagues, as you note secure and transparent elections are the backbone of our democracy. currently, voting technology consists of a black box system created by private vendors holding proprietary software that is unavailable for public review. but we can do better. we need to be moving towards open source election systems. which means that the source code, the system design, and other materials used to run the election system would be publicly available for inspection. by supporting this transparency we can instill greater public trust in our election system. additionally, open source voting can be run on commercial office shall
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hardware like tablets and prejudice which are less extensive than proprietary hardware. making this a fiscally smart move in and in addition to a no benefit democracy. last year the board of supervisors-and thank you colleagues unanimously supported the resolution i offered in support of san francisco moving to open source voting system. i want to thank you again for that support. the resolution, as you will recall, asked lascaux to conduct further study of eight feasibility and cost effectiveness of implementing open source voting system. i want to thank lascaux for its terrific work in analysis and the study was published and it showed or presented various options of how we can move towards open source system. thereafter, san francisco elections commission held a number of hearings on the subject and passed a resolution calling for this board and the mayor to fund and implement an open source voting system by
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2020. defendant commission for it supports open source voting in particular i want to thank chris-vp of elections commission for his advocacy and hard work on this issue. today, hong kong foreign oversight hearing to take a look at plans from the election to fund, design, implement open source voting system will provide for more transparent secure and will be viewable election system. at this hearing will talk about what we can find in the upcoming budget process to get this project moving forward now and what the overall budget cost projected rollout schedule for open source voting system can be in san francisco. i look forward to continuing to work with our cities departments. members of this board and mayor's office to move this good government measure for the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor
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>> >> i submit >> supervisor avalos >> colleagues, i'm asking you the city attorney to draft legislation to create a housing stabilization preservation fund. is the funding available to people who would like to legalize in-line units that have been deemed not up to code. this is something that came up as we were working on commercial use legislation for demolition and conversions. we found that there are many residents who have in-laws, but they are not yet up to code and legislation could require that people bring their buildings the units of the legalization. but many who don't have funny we want to make sure that funding could be found within the city for that. back in 2012, when we passed up housing trust fund, i added language to that fund that would enable low
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income people to be able to make their buildings up to code or safe, or make them energy efficient. this could be a source of funding for the new stabilization preservation fund them asking the city attorney to draft. there is also in the department of building inspection funds set aside by deborah walker to look at how buildings can be brought up to code as well. and supervisor wiener has been wanting to see these funds could be available for supporting legalization efforts as well. so, these two funds will hopefully enable many units to come up to code and make housing much more help available for tenants were living and unauthorized or two for unauthorized units in the speaker get the rest i will submit the thick thank you. residence breed >> good afternoon close to ely
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evening card. today i'm introducing a resolution in support of the impact custodian workers at ucsf who were fired after peacefully organizing their working condition it between 2011 and 2014, ucsf spent nearly $3 million on contact and custodian services from impact groups many of the workers played by ucsf medical center were chinese immigrants. they work full-time and did the same job as directly employed us ef faction of ucsf paid impact as much as $29 per hour but the contract paid his employees only $18 an hour. in 2013, the pay was cut to $10.74 per hour. that is barely above
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our minimum wage of $10 our minimum wage of $10.55 that the degree. workers responded by working with the uc servers were. union afscme local 3299 to begin organizing for better treatment. they doubled the hourly pay and benefits such as health and pension, guaranteed wage increases, and paid time off. in march of 2015 ucsf did not renew its contract with impact group resulting in many of these workers losing their jobs. then the university then began working with another contractor.. the dispute between ucsf and local 3299 has prompted an unfair labor practice complaint filed by the general counsel of the public employee relations board. in response to that complaint, ucsf claimed it cannot hire the impact workers because they do not speak english sufficiently,
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even though they had already works for you see for many many years. these workers exercise rights guaranteed by the higher education employment employer -employee relations. they should not face retaliation for trying to improve their working conditions. more important, it concerns me as a president of the board of supervisors that the second largest employer in the city and county of the san francisco refuses to hire qualified workers aced on the language they speak. san francisco is a diverse city as an inclusive city. implement his commission has no place here. it fundamentally differs from our core values and my resolution urges ucsf chancellor dr. sam haygood and medical center ceo, mark polaris, to work with local 3299 to rehire these former
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impact custodian's as full-time ucsf employees with the union, with union representation. i want to thank connie thorne from sf proud and paul smith wino is here today with some of the individuals impacted by this chain of events. i want to thank you for your work on behalf of the impact workers may also want to thank my cosponsors for supporting me on this resolution, supervisor kim, thank you very much for cosponsoring this with me along with supervisor peskin, cohen, and wiener. colleagues, this resolution will be before us at the meeting of february 23 and look forward to your supports. the other item, which is not an item, today is mardi gras. if that tuesday. we celebrate and san francisco one of the best districts in san francisco,
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district 5 in the fillmore. so invite each and every one of you to join us on the fillmore at some amazing restaurants between gary and eddy streets of fillmore. 1300 on fillmore. sheba lounge. fat angel. the progress. we have some incredible restaurants, but also will be celebrating outside along fillmore and o'farrell at the fillmore plaza and performing i will be, fillmore slim. please join us. it'll be great celebration. we look for to seeing you all there tonight and the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor campos >> you can add me as a cosponsor of your resolution around ucsf and i want to make sure i'm on record supporting the ask me 3 to 99 employees. i
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think it said we find ourselves where we are hopefully ucsf will do the right thing by these workers. the first item is a resolution that a major to sing along with pres. breed and supervisor norman yee, think the other supervisors mar, avalos peskin and kim. this resolution provides a framework for a resolution, hopefully a settlement of the issues raised around the tech show programs. in contrary to the parade of horrible's layout by some folks, the point of this resolution is actually to allow the program to continue. to allow it to continue and the idea is through this resolution we are asking the minnesota transportation agency to codify some of the key concepts that
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are embedded in the resolution following discussions from folks with the various parties that are involved. even though were not at a point where a resolution is finalized i'm cautiously optimistic we will get to this point. but the gist of this resolution is one that will have a program that continues for one year with a review of six months that we would the number of stops at the present number which is 125 . that we would ask the municipal transportation agency in collaboration with the san francisco county authority, which is essentially made up of members of this board, to explore different options for the system. the explanation doesn't mean that we in fact will do any of this, but it simply means due consideration of a hub system or other
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potentially more efficient model. we also are asking, or actually confirming, that we have pursued the maximum recovery of cost that's permitted under the law. we also are asking for additional funds necessary to have proper enforcement going forward,, that we restrict large vehicles from small neighborhood streets. we are also calling for cleaner vehicle emissions standards. we want a guarantee of labor-peace which is an important consideration i know for all my colleagues. we want better monitoring of air quality in the event there are significant increase in individual stocks and that we commissioned a study on the possible impacts that commuter shuttles have along with other factors on the grid displacement. we believe that
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san francisco has made it clear they want this program to continue but they also made it clear they want the companies to pay their fair share my and they also want to make sure there were concerns in the interest of neighborhoods are taken into account. lastly, that there is at least a thorough analysis and study of the issue of displacement which is what we are asking to do. so, i'm cautiously optimistic and again i want to thank pres. breed. i would think supervisor >> music and their respective staff with the parties, the appellants, the various companies that the amendment involves the industry and i'm cautiously optimistic we will get to a resolution that works
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for the entire city. i also want to note and thank supervisor kim and her staff because they also have quite a bit of role and we would not be here without her leadership. the second item, and want to fit my cosponsors. supervisor avalos, kim, yee, peskin mar, is consistent with commerce issues have last week around a contract introduction of a motion tracking the budget and legislative analyst perform conducted performance audit of the city's real estate division. i believe that something that could be very helpful and beneficial as we move forward. the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor cohen . supervisor farrell >> collies, i have one item today. a new technologies
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businesses specially. san francisco the services they offer change our economic basket in san francisco and across the country we've on-demand services and platforms like lift, other innovative businesses alone are workers especially the latest of more flexible work hours allowing them to work for multiple platforms and services as well. the rise of these platforms and services has contributed to an increased amount of people now working jobs as independent contractors, freelancers, whether employee classifications across the country as well as right here in san francisco. if you read some of the broader economic trends that continue to show more and more people are choosing to be self-employed or work for multiple platforms and services the flexibility and other benefits those types of jobs can offer. we all know that the traditional path that existed for generations in this country and elsewhere working for one job for 30+ years and then retiring is simply not reality anymore. just as the
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types of workers are choosing to get more flexible work options, the new economy and workforce does raise questions on the type of benefits responsibilities workers and company should expect. the rise of this economy and workforce we have discussions about whether 20th-century work standards definitions work in a 21st century economy. that's why today i'm introducing a hearing request and calling on her city's chief economist to produce a first of its kind report on the data economy inherent san francisco. specifically, masking a chief economist to produce a report that contains the form. the size and scope of this gig economy and workforce here in san francisco, how much these workers are earning inner-city, the different type of employee classifications gig workers may fall under, what worker benefits may or may not be available to these individuals, and anything else subsequent about this city the chief economist deems necessary to report on. was this port is
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pleaded with for some in our city's history we had detailed information of our workforce within san francisco city limits. i believe i called us i firmly believe all workers regardless of employee classification deserve access to traditional worker benefits just like other employees they deserve some form of a safety net that chance there hurt on the job, get sick or family issues to attend to. look forward to the release of this report the discussions ahead of this extremely important policy space at the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor kim. >> have two items today. the first is a request for hearing and the second is an in memoriam. before that i do want to express my cosponsorship of two of the ordinance and resolution this before to get one of the supplemental appropriation to support our small businesses and three
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vendors displaced in super bowl l and second for the resolution urging ucsf also in the district i represent along with supervisor breed to rectify the serious breaches of workers rights by hiring the fired impact orders as full-time employees. i'm calling for a hearing today before the idea of having the city and county of san francisco establish one unified database data visualization program to talk advantages from every department and also about uavs for city programs. just last week, and often noted statistic that has been reported in the press san francisco chronicle reported that the city spends at least $240 million on homeless population but cannot track the results. we know that eight city department oversee at least for hundred contracts to 76 private organizations to do with an address very serious issue inner-city, homelessness.
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san francisco is the world's capital technology yet we do not yet have a basic toolkit tracking all of our spending the results of our programs. or city government can't track the efficacy of all of our spending in one place. even the smallest businesses in san francisco basic database to monitor expenditures and return on investment. yet, we've not done the same. from the bakery on the corner to the largest corporation, what is called customer relationship are used to make programs in business is more effective. san francisco is home to salesforce one of the largest providers in the world. there are bright spots such as our primary efforts but the data is not yet fully centralized it isn't always shared and most of all, it isn't always acted on to make your services more effective. in particularly concerned that the steps of inefficiencies plague our efforts to combat
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homelessness bill we need to make sure were using every dollar effectively to help homeless residents get off the street and get back on their feet. i know we have many programs analyzed do incredible work in the city and that in fact her problem would be far worse and far larger if not for these incredible services at both cities and nonprofit organizations provide like supportive housing. but we should know how much more dollars are being spent on housing folks, how well it's working, and make sure were doing more of what works and less of what is not working. some proposing office of civic innovation energy technology officer johnny together to create a single system to track how all of our money is spent and whether it's producing the results with the goal of making this program tracks every dollar, every program. the cities made bold promises before. we've also made real progress on upgrading our technology. but we need to do more. we have a homelessness
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crisis affordability crisis and eviction crisis is further exacerbating what was seen in a homelessness issue here did it we need to make sure we can account for the dollars have been spent. i hope that this hearing we can bring together the city technology committee and department head to view what each of the department is doing and what would you do to unify these programs. i think that it's important to have this dovetail with the mayor's office work on centralizing many of the services in a department of homelessness that's currently in discussion today is also the subject of another hearing in cosponsoring with supervisor melia cohen. i do i think supervisor avalos and campos for joining in and so finally i want to submit and anymore am. it's with a heavy heart i share the news of the surpassing of the leader of-he
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was struck by a car last week in san francisco died over the weekend. for those who do not know, natural work of employers of management house cleaners and home attendance, families and allies were grounded in the conviction that dignified and respectful working conditions benefit worker and employer alike. according to lindsay-the bay area organizer for hand-in-hand who knew very well and works closely with her passing domestic bill of rights sure these words with us today. she brought light humor and honesty to hand in hand. she had a contagious laugh and never afraid to exactly what she thought. she was also a powerful advocate an ally to the domestic worker movement giving critical testimony to support the passage of ab- california domestic bill of rights. there's always those for social justice who go above and beyond and we all know
10:14 pm
every effort there are always those who volunteer when no one else will. who do the work that no one else wants to do. that was her. we will all miss her and her positive energy. her willingness to try new things and do things to support hand-in-hand and domestic workers movement. remember, when she spoke at the rally in sacramento, was a passage unaligned along with many of her other work in uniting workers. there will be eight memorial service in stockton this week and we are still waiting the details i will pass that along to the public as soon as we learn them. but i do ask that we adjourn our board meeting in her memory and also the remembrance of how important vision zero his as a policy could we can have lives taken away by these collisions that take place on our streets and take away members of our community suddenly and quickly
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and often those who contribute so much to our lives and our community and the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisors do not >> cement >> better president campos ssp >> my project. just a quick point. i do also joined in the in memoriam for the tragic death of this amazing woman. i want to note i'm introducing a hearing request to follow up on a hearing that supervisors wiener and yee on the issue of car break-ins in san francisco and calling for a follow-up hearing to be held in public safety delivered services committee so that we can have a better understanding of the various strategies that the police department the attorney's office, and others following to address this
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abbott epidemic threats i submit >> better president that concludes the introduction of new business. thank you. can you please read public comment >> at this time the public may now address the board in its entirety for up to 2 min. on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board. to include items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. public comment will not be allowed when an item is previously been subject to public comment a board committee. pursuant to the boards will, direct their remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors and not to the audience. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify to be like to y a document on the overhead projector the state got to sf gtb remove the document when you would like to screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> thank you. first speaker emma please. >> >> i have in my hand of the san francisco chronicle today. including our madam clerk, you
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have one.[foreign-language] ladies and gentlemen i have a few issues today to discuss with you number one, happy new chinese here for our chinese residents. number two, congratulations to denver and god bless america and san
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francisco for the super bowl. number two, [inaudible] he discriminated against many of us anything his money can take him to the white house. the other one, his mama or his mommy thinks she has the keys to the white house. we are sick and tired of bush and his family. enough is enough. i want to tell to both of you [inaudible]. ladies and gentlemen, the way you have a giddy today and you can see by your eyes [inaudible] on the
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red carpet. i never saw that in any other country. even our supervisor, he does not come with a red carpet. he is here neared. ladies and gentlemen, our country is different than the world. 5 million egyptians bowing for mr. mubarak. 5 million egyptians. that means 250,000 $250,000 every day. in my country and my family and the other families, they are struggling to live. i would like to tell you thank you to america. thank you to san francisco. i'm here 30 years.
10:20 pm
i'm trying to give my voice to every one of you to wake up and to help us [inaudible] was happening to my times. enough is enough. it's been 44 years i have not seen my country. i've not seen my family. thank you. did god bless all the >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> [inaudible]. >> thank you. next speaker,
10:21 pm
please. >> my name is christopher doll
10:22 pm
out it of six in howard 10 blocks less than 14 m from sea level. i rise to comment on the grueling hegemony. [calling names] for patrick only has $12
10:23 pm
billion. these are all lies but to recognize billionaires from forbes billionaire list. none of them have european surnames and therefore to be part of the ruling hegemony the white hegemony, they must be honorary white people. i hope they appreciate the burden. congratulations to them. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. thousands of senior citizens reside at the san francisco units for
10:24 pm
this coming year of 2016, the fourth time in the last four decades, three of those within the last five years the social security administration will not issue a cost-of-living increase to senior citizens who depend on social security. in addition, it's predicted there will also be no increases in 2017 or 2018. social security administration's rationale is that the consumer price index has fallen due to the lowering of gasoline prices. this is a bitter irony for many seniors get a large percentage of whom don't drive and see everything from food pharmaceuticals and other necessities climbing regardless of the following gas prices. many private passions also coordinate their increase with the social security ministration skoda so many other seniors are impacted as well to my request of the supervisors and i called a few of you of your staffers, is that the board grace of
10:25 pm
legislation any retired senior citizen collecting social security or private pension type ii: and living in a rent controlled units from having to pay any increase in years where no cola increase is issued by the social security administration. seniors on fixed income are living on the edge just 1-2% increase in rent conoco developing increasing cola can mean the difference between food on the table were doctors visit or necessary prescription drug purchase. with the loss of their living units. this is a timely request and hopefully the board supervisors walked immediately and set legislation to impact seniors retroactively to january 1 of this year. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. i'm a san francisco
10:26 pm
taxidriver. i do not taxidriver for about four years. now i drive for de soto it basically i'm here to talk about what you guys called the economy and like uber and left have the software that they must get some being regulated by now because his regular vet of the state. basically, all insane is like this. us taxidrivers had a career and now these companies to that career and they made people who work in that industry need to pay less. so it's no longer agree. it's like a part-time job for people with no future. you drive a cab you can become a medallion ordered another way to survive. you have a career. you've done something new, something. now with these gigs economy, it's anybody who wants to work for a few hours. do they really care
10:27 pm
about the job was a just a quick buck? taxidrivers take the time to be educated beside our days talked about the city and enjoying. i just feel like because these companies have money and the sponsored by people like google, the kind of looked at as it's good. really it's destroying the people i worked on for decades. as far as solutions, i don't know well i can tell you it's kind of like it's pretty bad already late taxidrivers i know some live in their cars when these people take care of a family and save for college. this income these big companies with billions of dollars they hire celebrities to market and advertise these companies like your cool and hip really is just taking the money and giving it to merrill lynch big
10:28 pm
investors >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is vickie graves. i'm episcopal deacon and i don't live in the city i live in vallejo. i could not afford the city. i felt a need to truck in here this afternoon, this evening, because i work here with the san francisco night ministry. might be used to be folk college. just a couple blocks down here at leavenworth mcallister, we have a sunday eucharist service and reserve lunch to our homeless congregation regulars. we do the same at 16th and mission, and i know there has been a lot said in the past, a few weeks
10:29 pm
around super bowl. there are no sweeps going on but let me tell you, two sundays ago, the community bicycle police came by and intruded on our service ticketing the, two other ministers, and handcuffing and ticketing one of our congregants who is sitting on the grass, private property. the swedes have been going on. this last sunday un plaza, down the block, was swept clean.. the people on our little park area removed from one side to the other. as a federal policeman on one side and the city policeman on the other side in the shooting people back and forth. we need to stop making
10:30 pm
homelessness a client. we need to find people housing not just shelters. affordable housing. finally, we need-and i'm glad to hear what i heard today, we need to- >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i am john-this is about the super bowl. haven't heard enough about it yet?. i hope none of the players got had concussions in this year's super bowl. many players in the game are descendents of former american slaves. in the past, gladiators also were slaves who fought for the amusement of the well-to-do in the stands. we don't fight
10:31 pm
to the death, but we are willing to accept had concussions that might affect a players for the rest of their lives. all lies matter. thank you for listening. >>thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is michael-on the street artist in justin herman plaza and i like to address the supervisors today about both what happened to us and how we can get compensated. first of all, 70 artists that were not displaced is 130 artists that were displaced and we seven are supplied for the 10 spots available. super bowl city would not existed of the cigars were kicked out of the businesses. although sales revenue you're talking about funding all these different programs and projects would not exist if the street artists
10:32 pm
were not kicked out of their spots. to make it more heinous, we weren't offered any condensation for the loss of our business and we were not offered any like or similar alternative spots to set up in. we have not been offered any reduction in reimbursement to the piece we paid to be in the spot. as supervisor peskin suggested, not suggested that said, we pay a license fee. that license fee may not guarantee us a specific location, but it does guarantee us that we have the opportunity to go out and sell our businesses. so when you consider pain considering the money coming in for the super bowl city and for the revenues generated by the nfl, the street artists should be at the top of the list for reimbursement because all of us lost our businesses for 22 days. in my instance, had i
10:33 pm
been able to set up in super bowl city, and be considered an part of that that could be anywhere from three-$6000 of lost revenues. that's a considerable amount of money for me and for the small businesses. i hear everyone talk about the homeless. we actually support homeless by hiring them. many of our artists are senior citizens who need the money to pay the rent and supplement their food. thank you very much. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> on george baker and appreciate your time. not a great public speaker but i appreciate what i heard today. i heard a lot of great things that you're actually addressing the homeless situation and looking for solutions. i applaud you for doing that. it's a lot of work out there. i know you're looking at multiple angles how to tackle the problems. in my experiences of being homelessness is that you have to look at the big picture
10:34 pm
and come up with permanent solutions >> please speak directly into the microphone >> i apologize. i look at the -i was in technology for a long time. i know there's a pretty large amount of money it's not always money that solves issues but at the end of the day, i look at the 1700 department expense code for i guess it's for housing and employment and i don't know if it's going to be 1/1000 of 1% saw necessarily tackling long-term strategic goals of housing and homelessness. it's all interconnected. but it be and of the day, i think you could look at maybe not building or refurbishing homeless centers.
10:35 pm
you may want to look at building new shelters to house additional people. 4000 people. or 1500 people. with a permanent shelter would be a transition time in and out. it could be a lot more cost effective. from a real estate perspective, you're looking at apartment buildings at 2 million. with that, alternate over to the experts but i want to let you know it's a big issue that's been around for a long time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening board of supervisors. my name is john timmons. i'm one of the displaced street artist. right now i'm looking at bills i cannot afford to cover. including a san francisco waterville. what do i do?? to i write to the board and say i'm a san francisco crs that
10:36 pm
got displaced? to set it straight abandon deposit for 15 years. prior to that i been a homeless person since 1984. the street artist program is what made me no longer homeless. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon my name is suzanne markel fox. the vice chairman of the neighborhood association. we stand with the polk district merchants association and our support of the many small businesses that are the personality of our neighborhood. very character of polk street is by plans to install formula retail about the ncd in times of the essence. form the retail is an important part of our national economy, but as unintended consequences and cited in [inaudible] when applied to areas and polk street with big ops projects may check more business but at the expense of
10:37 pm
small business. unable to compete on price and margin, and under constant pressure on rents, small businesses cannot be sustained. the result is a loss of these neighbors of commerce and in the color full nature of the neighborhood changes to a sterile monochrome, no different from strip malls we find across america. we support stronger formula retail controls in the polk ncd to protect our unique neighborhood identity and well-established local merchants like swan oyster depot in business for 100 years. the jug shop, 50 years. and the dual market, 30 years. these businesses are part of our local family and a powerful draws for tourist dollars and taxes. from the retail work very can activate preserve it but small business health in hayes valley and north beach. along polk street commercial rent are through the roof emerges are under the additional pressure of polk street redesign and the vrc we
10:38 pm
stand to lose many of our neighborhood businesses to form the retail we do not act now. stronger formula retail control combined with smart city planning will preserve the vibrant commercial corridor that protects good character and also welcomes smart mixed-use housing development without displacing one single residence or business. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good even get my name is joseph foreman on the order of natural market. i been in business for 32 years now. serving in the community i'm also here discussed the formula box store proposals to limit them in our commercial districts specifically the polk street area. what makes san francisco such a unique place to live is because we have these small shopping communities. they designed for walking businesses and have
10:39 pm
always been housed by small individuals and family businesses. what is being proposed at the 365 location jock by the lombardi sports center will have a major impact on polk small businesses, especially those with food in their format. i have watched several businesses over the years as a native san francisco disappear in our neighborhood communities because each time big stores open up it puts pressure on the smaller stores to continue to survive. we don't just one store selling cigarettes and beer and wine. we want them to sell the goods the committees are looking for. so, i'm here to support what we can doto protect the community.
10:40 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm here to share some statistics about homeless in. there's a lot of misinformation out there so i want to clear up a few things. one is there's over 7000 was people on any one night in san francisco. there's only one shelter bed for every 5.5 homeless people.. the majority of homeless people in san francisco were san franciscans before they were homeless. studies have shown that municipalities have saved money, housing homeless people it is cheaper to house someone there to keep them homeless. san francisco is more anti-homeless laws than any other city in california, a whopping 22 was used against homeless people and i think that's discussing. last year, 11,000 citations were given to
10:41 pm
homeless people for resting were sitting, and when they can pay their find that leads to warrants, loss of access to housing, destroyed credit and more. also, there are 3300 homeless children in san francisco, 61% of homeless adults have a disability. 30% are lgbt q and the majority are people of color. something to think about in our personal note i happen to be a transgender man and when people ask me with a transgender committee and san francisco what committed i know people who are afraid to leave their house. i have a friend who's doesn't feel safe in the shelter and a veteran who friend who took his own life evidence pointed heartstrings but it's a true story. it's affecting human beings >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is ray is all
10:42 pm
business on polk street. 11 years i hope i can be a legacy as well, 30 years going. i just want to say thank you to proviso peskin. i support your efforts for controls on form in the retail and thanks for keeping the old-school values of san francisco a lot. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> president of the board, supervisors, and supervisor peskin my name is linda patterson. a been a street artist since 1980. 27 soft ominous trends in the economy just as i'd by then i've been sewing my blood prince were improving and 29 when the economy tanked. having to leave my one-bedroom apartment [inaudible] i came back to the city where i still live in a sro
10:43 pm
and north between most all my social security benefits this we take an early phase the rent on my room. in 2012 my feelings for the tech industry eased as sales after purchasing a cell phone is finding up with square socket process critical errors. that old phone had to be replaced in january so i could take card readers. this is a chip reader. this was an unexpected expense. due to the fact i lost space [inaudible] i generally feel on saturdays in january and february when sales are slow in justin herman plaza is our only venue for foot truck victory about my sales potentially very some nothing to over $400 on any given day. in the past film crews have reimbursed us at the rate of $200 per day for loss of selling spaces. for myself i would consider $600 of their
10:44 pm
reimbursement at this time of year for the three saturdays and selling opportunities lost at justin herman plaza lost to the super bowl city. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is claire kate and i been a street artist program since the 70s. i did take time for a tech job but i've been on and off for all my adult life. i cherish it. i feel that's an incredible opportunity to be there. but the city allows us to be in the best spot one of the best spots. to miss 22, plus, we don't know when we are going back, days, it's a struggle now and to catch up it would be great if we got compensated and i know a lot of my friends and
10:45 pm
colleagues are really on the edge and this could make the difference. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervise my name is scott. i'm in a street artist since 1974. so over 40 years is pretty much a career. at one time i was a manager of an arts and crafts market at justin herman plaza and we also often entertain different events we share the pauses with us. this event of course was much larger and pretty incredible for a lot of people who enjoyed it. but for street artist, we were told in november that we need to be compensated will be given spaces near the super bowl city. unfortunately, the commission was not able to ingratiate any spaces for us. so we were put out for these 22 days. by the christmas season was pretty wet as you know. so a lot of the street artists looking forward to this big event but in january
10:46 pm
looking forward to this big event but in january 4 we were told of course, it was going to be any compensation and we would be placed on the outside of the event we tend a lot of cigars had to scramble. this week of course is valentine's week and were waiting for the super bowl structure to come down. is a very important week for street artists to make money and sales especially because the weather has been nice. not only did this regards have to put up with the events being placed in the first place, and during the event, but a loss this week as well. many people really did enjoy that events. sure was pretty awesome super bowl city they put up. unfortunately, the artists who've been there for years were not invited to the banquet. so i appreciate supervisor kim and peskin for sponsoring putting this resolution 12 compensate for some of the loss that street art is in part. the city of san francisco often writes about how they take care of their art community. so this opportunity
10:47 pm
to step up and take care of us as well. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, supervisor. my name is mike my photographer. first off i'd like to thank supervisor peskin and supervisor kim for looking into this. what i like to show you is here, this is when the street artists first started at justin herman plaza. back then it was called the embarcadero plaza. it was a dump. nobody wanted to be there. the supervisors actually all one of the street artists out of the union sc to want them out o fisherman's wharf. they want them in this area that had embarcadero. the hyatt was not even built than i'm sorry. the embarcadero freeway. they want us in a spot
10:48 pm
where we would not make any money. at that time, the street artists started their they been there ever since. when mayor alioto heard we were down there the street artists were down there, he was very happy with it and he put out a press release that stated. chinn refers 1972 san francisco chronicle mayor hollywood is quoted effective immediately he said this regards will a full-time use of the embarcadero ctr., plaza. like i said we been there ever since and is a little confusion about the term street art and graffiti artists have co-opted the term. street artists by their nature, their own work and if we want, decision for $200 per day or two back that sales. that's gross sales. that's not net income get you
10:49 pm
to take out the materials, the cost to sales taxes security test we have to pay both sides. the display the computers the cell phones the credit card processing. etc. we got no medical care we get no dental bill paid holidays no vacation the pension overtime no minimum wage. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is-john's good a lot of people get-the periods that i was in a mental ward and which was appends the
10:50 pm
prison in the first place [inaudible]. i'm still trying to get the right medication. it's ridiculous. the medical health i get here and all these years i've been here. though he thinks about the suffering i went through just being here in san francisco. it was a major crime. you could never see the
10:51 pm
real talents. i have a picture already that's drawn out. it's about an angel [inaudible]. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors get my name is on the chairman of the local association am proud to stand with local poke merchants and boat district merchant association to support stronger form of the retail controls on polk street. sometimes it takes a series of dramatic events to bring the community together to ask for change. in our case, the last
10:52 pm
year and a half we've been about a with big-box retailers like target and whole foods were trying to swap away one of only half a dozen subsites and district 3 to build much-needed housing in the greatest housing crisis in modern memory. the lombardi site will build really 62 units of housing evictions are at all-time high in our neighborhood. alice, people want to move to our neighborhood. that's a good thing. we have to build housing first. we also want to protect our local businesses could we need to stand firm and say that district 3 the historic district, the polk street is a storage area and needs to be protected. when big-box chains try to stop reasonable common sense housing development that
10:53 pm
all you can support, the community needs to take a stand. we have done that and were appreciative of supervisor peskin inducing legislation to protect local independent business. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. i've only gone through the process of contacting the occ and san francisco police commission and the supervisor of the bayview district could however, the e-mail didn't go through a couple times i tempted to put it through. i contacted three of the different assistance to that supervisor and insisted i put him into an e-mail. however i prefer to speak to people face-to-face. it's part of my college. so i feel like the internet is leaving people behind. basically, where the incidence was i was mugged by the police freight traffic incident. i pulled over and was willing to take a ticket. however they put their hands on me baby sweet violated me. it's
10:54 pm
been over a year and still waiting for a response. my final resort is to come here. i came your couple other times now and the second time was people of ethnic city within the bayview neighborhood attempted to mug me and so i called the police took them 20 min. or so. i was thankful they can. however, they didn't seem they seem disinterested in what they gave me some kind of a claim tidbit they didn't write any number and asked if i want to press charges. i said i don't know what that means. so, i got an appointment with capt. solomon of the bayview department and he said he would get back to me and never did. since then he was promoted to command. i was able to track him down there did not directly . i left a met melts. he did not get back to me so time goes by. i tried not being irate person and tried to be within the system but time goes by and
10:55 pm
you get lost in this and i like to be a bk person not a homosexual. i'm from here. but i don't know. the older i get the less i tend to believe >> next speaker, please. >> tom mcgillis but i'm scared it was a 10-1 vote.. community involvement was being questioned . supervisor lee was, questioning it. i was behind him. as never ever an excuse to reduce community involvement. community involvement always says i'm the it puppet that vote was changed to 11-0 good i hope there's no change to community involvement. three involvement as always highly a
10:56 pm
ball because they react to a plan that developers have designed, have lawyers, have profits estimates and they want to get going on it. last week mr. marriott was maybe that'll be the moment when this community starts coming together as a whole. super bowl $v million should never been to the nfl should pay their host cities five in the dollars to host the event. san francisco, in this time in my lifetime has been given a number of different gifts. two of which are happening right this week. the chinese involvement in our society is a portal. san francisco is a portal for which we become grateful for the diversity it also valentine's day. beef and has a nice little tradition. keep a little candle
10:57 pm
in your hearts. maybe let it grow. remember to smile. yet our society now is what we are going through, here's a book. can we see it on the screen? the sixth extinction. we need a change of values. new directions. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors. as of 6 pm. i'm peter warfield executive director of library users association. my subject today is san francisco public libraries knew the proposed set of fees and in particular when they're not discussing publicly. that is san francisco public libraries city (luis-herrera
10:58 pm
has proposed a revision to the library fees and includes a brand-new fee for lost or damaged to a laptop computer. the amount is $1000. for those who may not be paying attention, $1000. the newly proposed fees also include $500 for a lost or damaged tablet and finally, vicki dollars for lost or damaged to unspecified peripherals and accessories. we wonder whether that means such things as a five dollar word 10 dollar thumb dr.? a users association has a considerable excess at the last lottery commission last thursday. that is, we told a library
10:59 pm
commission that evidently did not know the amount of that new fee, those new fees, but we told him what that was. so, for the first time in living memory, there was a motion and those second. so, that set a fees for the moment has not passed. for the moment, but not be on its way to you but we expected to be coming. we ask you to pay close attention and also, as we said last time two weeks ago, fees consider a no fine system. >> next speaker, please. >> the future must not belong to those who slander the
11:00 pm
prophet. moses like moses. the prophet isaiah had said that the prophet would be led as a lamb to the slaughter. as a sheep before-so he opened not his mouth. the prophet david had said that the prophet like moses would have his feet and hands pierced and that they would part his gun and cast lots for his best good prophet daniel had said the prophet like moses would be killed in the 47th year from the command to restore and rebuild jerusalem. we don't even know is can ago in 487 seconds. we could all be dead. he echoed what gabriel said. going forth of the commandments under the
11:01 pm
messiah, the prince shall be seven weeks. that was his baptism. he was anointed. which transmit to the sabbath year and into the spring of 29. then he further stated he missed up 77 which had to be the fourth year of the 47 messiah will be cut off but not from himself. would cause the sacrifice. every single lamb they killed in the morning and in the evening represented the lamb of god was to take away the sin of the world. jesus said the biggest sin is not to believe in me. think about that. what an audacious statement will be for anybody except him to make. i was stopped my sermon a couple weeks ago >> thank you. any other members of the public would like to speak at this time? seeing none, public comment is
11:02 pm
closed batticaloa, please read the without reference to committee arms >> item 36 being considered for adoption without many reference. ma and next this item severed and have it considered >> please call the roll >> on item 36, supervisor peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar god. there are other than scott >> the resolution adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >>", please read the in memoriam >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the
11:03 pm
following beloved individuals on behalf of supervisor kim and supervisor campos the late ms. tufano >> colleagues, happy mardi gras happy chinese new year and happy black history month. we will see you february 23. this meeting is adjourned. >>[gavel] >> . >> we are running a womens'
11:04 pm
volleyball program here at richmond rec center. it's progressing really nice. the ladies here really enjoy the exercise and the play and it's a lot of fun want this program is not for the faint at heart. it's really intense. the ladies come out. they are really going after it. they just love to play and compete. anyone can sign up. we're looking for more players. the women come from all over the city. we enjoy the program and we are getting people out to have fun in this beautiful city. >> rec and parks womens' volleyball program is available at richmond rec center. please at richmond rec center. please visit [honk] ha ha!
11:05 pm
this can't be happening! this can't be happening! of course it's not happening. [chuckling] armored car. oink oink. listen, having money isn't about luck. make your own coffee, save a thousand bucks a year. feed me. ♪ feed the pig >> good afternoon, supervisors and winter to the historic preservation commission like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. >> i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president wolfram commissioner president honda commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda and commissioner pearlman thank you, commissioners commissioners, that places you under your is general public
11:06 pm
comment at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i do have one speaker card. >> georgia swedish. >> go ahead. >> thank you. good afternoon. i'm georgia swedish here last time i just want to bring up the issue i think there are two issues occurring now with regards to the façadism the main we know but i think it is concerning when a building is basically defendant's next in order and an ocher stark facade with a lot of glass takes it mrs. place in
11:07 pm
noah valley and in neighborhoods labor bernal heights and glen park many of the oldest neighbo neighborhoods the city is logging b rated building inspection building with texture for which the city is known whether you study this issue of façadism i was hoping you can examine the issue of this what i call pe verse façadism a building is denounced congratulated if a building b to c but yet in the meanwhile window replacement get scrutiny those facades changes don't so here quicken in the interest of time if i'm with the overhead those are if google earth this is 2008, 2011 i'm trying to look at that building there, there in january of 2014 underway
11:08 pm
and here it is today and then the other one 2008, 2014. >> december 2014. >> and here it is today so that's just some examples favoritism you're welcome to have this i went 0 google and with the address on the badge and family for the minutes thank you very much have a great day. >> thank you. >> ada changing but the filipino cultural heritage district illinois want to thank you thank you. i heard about the culture being spoken so how he experienced it thank you and looking forward to work with you
11:09 pm
the more detailed you deduction around the cultural heritage and want to talk about things the south of market the fulton fair date was moved twice for oam i correct? occ /* oracle world over time it will dwindle if we change the people plan on it plan oncoming to very much so appreciate this conversation coming forward and table and the staff to have the culture implementation plan started this year there will be a great implementation plan so it will be great if we start more often on that thank you, very much very much. >> is there any additional public comment? >> >> hello commissioners with the san francisco heritage
11:10 pm
i want to introduce or note very within new internal starting sfrooit paris france susan and she's a student at the institute of the pat anyone and training to an curator for the momenumen for 7 weeks helping us deputy a paper on the façadism and welcome her and let you you know she might be interested in talking with some of you. >> thank you and welcome to san francisco do is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item if so please step forward sean's public comment is closed. >> commissioners that places us under department matters on director's announcements. >> good afternoon tim frye department staff it is in your
11:11 pm
packet help to answer any questions. >> commissioners seeing none, item two past event and announcements again tdooiftd no formal report from the commission, however, many of you saw an article by john king in today's paper regarding the main within the kemper arena xhechlt district a district and designated early the city historic preservation program as you saw the interior is for consideration to expand the existing landmark designation this is something you'll be seeing the near future we're currently in the owner outreach part of the project
11:12 pm
right now, we're discussing the interior character defining features with the property owner and there air ideas for prospec tenants so as more information come forward we'll share that with you and certainly be before you i would say before this summa summer i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> should you have my. >> seeing and hearing none commissioners to commission matters president's report and announcements. >> no formal report or announcements. >> item 4 consideration of draft minutes for february 3rd, 2016. >> commissioners any corrections to the minutes. >> at this point we'll take public comment on the draft minutes of february thirds 2016 is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak on this minutes seeing and hearing none and barbara boxer do i have a motion to adapt.
11:13 pm
>> i move we adopt the minutes. >> thank you, commissioners for february 3rd commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner president wolfram 12340e67 so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places us under item 5 commissioners questions or comments. >> commissioner johnck and i was interested in the speaker that spoke at the omn time republican impression e expression regarding the filipino community and maybe could you give you an update on that tim or schedule that at another meeting i was interested the fact that the point being made the date was changed twice and whether to brought to your attention of our efforts for cultural heritage to
11:14 pm
the may amayor and have a lette of or some kind of documentation that because i was postponed i it mayor. >> sure from the commission is amenable to us providing an update in our staff report and at this point you can decide in a formal letter we've made process with the supervisors office and stakeholders one the community to give you an update on that our work to date. >> folks will be amenable to that thank you. >> commissioner hyland. >> a few things as an ad on to commissioner johncks commentsito would be good if our commission was made aware some of the significant cultural events dates changed at the minimum provide a letter to the board of supervisors you know expressing
11:15 pm
our concerns and this is monarch an event lib the fulton street fair is probably major for these who come every year a commissioner johnck and i are on the waft plan update working group and we had another meeting last week and the topic was all they were representing and giving us context of the mr. chairman marge /* maritime activities and the difference between the port of san francisco and the other ports within the bay area as well as other ports up and down the weight of this was fascist i think they reinforced it if you're interested in scanning through that the last thing is the had the cultural heritage assets
11:16 pm
committee prior to the hearing and susan goldstein the architect with the san francisco public library a fascinating conversation they're continuing to digitize tombs of information and the efforts they're going to make that digital information assessable is something that we on the full commission might not interested in hearing more about several things that came out of that discussion one i want to bring up the notion of our plaque program and how we had a are still you know bronze plaque and discussed how to capture significant information about the history so that can be shared and maybe an opportunity to a digital plaque or mobile
11:17 pm
either on a building in a development to the community space that a lot of the developments negotiate to provide the cultural district the cultural we have at physical cultural centers the city and the rec and park properties that you know we could provide access to this amazing digital information so - just thought you'd be interested in that. >> thank you i had a couple of questions one was i say the paper that the l rate theater was closes and maybe at the next hearing have a status of report and talk about that any information about that that would be helpful and can you remind me i forgotten where we left off the façadism conversation. >> commissioners tdim frye
11:18 pm
justin from our office is preparing the second insult and we were hoping to bring to you this month we believe that will occur in march so based on the conversation this commission time to see more examples of projects already completed projects the last decade or so and have an opportunity to look at the pros and cons of each of those projects and maybe there is one in particular that stand out or maybe a combine of contribut tribut triniti attributes it could have a solid policy how the city uses these facade projects he's prep that information and hope to binge to you in march. >> thank you me other questions or comments. >> commissioner hyland. >> i don't know if this is a
11:19 pm
disclosure but we received a series of e-mails in support of various owners and one e-mail in particular talking about the agenda items about a missed piece of information murals at the whatever the agenda item. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll move on to considers of items proposed for continuance item six the central soma and historic survey is proposed for that continuance to march 16, 2014 and commissioners i've received a request for continue item 8 under our regular calendar for case the african-american
11:20 pm
historic statement however, i didn't receive a proposed date do we have a - >> proposed hearing date tim. >> i believe april is our suggested - the department is in support find it to allow the partnership webinar public more time to look at the document it is lengthy we're extending the public comment for those interested in providing the commissions additional comments i believe that. >> april 6th. >> april 6th or 20. >> 6. >> so then item 8 to april 6th. >> you can take them up separately. >> we should take public comment. >> yeah. no. >> any comments from the commissioners about continuing that is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak on the proposed continuance of the
11:21 pm
central soma historic context statement and the african-american context statement seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. and back to you, commissioners. >> to the commissioner, i heard the motion to. >> to continue both items. >> second. >> thank you commissioners to continue items 6 to march 17 and item 8 to april 6th. >> mr. cranshaw commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner president wolfram. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places us under our consent calendar all matters listed hereunder constitute a consent calendar, are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 7 for case at 101 townsend
11:22 pm
a certificate of preference holder certificate of appropriateness any commission wish to take it off consent. >> no, it is a great use. >> is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak request this be taken off the consent calendar zero pu opportunities for public comment seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. and precede to the item. >> a motion to approve the consent calendar. >> second. >> then on that motion to approve item 7 under consent commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner president wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to
11:23 pm
zero and place under our regular calendar item 8 continued to april 6th and leaves us what item 9 case this is a consideration to initiate landmark designation. >> good afternoon. commissioners shannon with the planning staff i'm here today to present the department's recommendation regarding landmark and hospital and health center the excelsior outer mission neighborhood the building was added to the looker-on may 20, 2015, after the department got a
11:24 pm
landmark application the alamany hospital and health center part of the emergency hospitals that became known and was want comprehensive and eloquent health services constructed in 1933 the alamany was the final piece in this system. >> the buildings were designed by master architect charles sawyer the architect and over e overseeer of the amuse hospital buildings to the city but prepared the alamany plans for the alamany health center and the buildings for the significant example of his work. >> the emergency hospital has a spanish with a scheme and health center with that itself example of the spanish could not
11:25 pm
only style the supervisor features painting by many paternity the alamany health center were funded by the art project and sponsorship of the relief administration the planning department has shared the definition with the department of real estate and talked about the landmark designation and the department received to additional letters after packets were published one in supportive and the other was not in support because of the perceived association with dan white as part of buildings significance the buildings are not significance such dan white their centuries for the fonts effo events anticipate as the master architect and contains the murals the department buildings the buildings meets the dpoiblt
11:26 pm
and landmark the department recommends it be a landmark designation the department will return at a hearing for the resolution recommending the landmark designation that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, commissioner any questions for the staff. >> no? >> seeing none, we'll proceeded to public comment that i have 3 speaker card (calling names) and you'll have 3 minutes with a warning bell 30 seconds before. >> thank you mr. president, and commissioners my name is david hooper serve as the president of the new terrace improvements association that s which which is one of the many neighborhoods active neighborhood associations the outer mission the for instance i
11:27 pm
want to say thank you for the forest to do this and the primary person the first person i want to thank that helped lift ev'ry voice and sing i can't was richard rothman it focused on the murals and i learned a lot about that and thank you anthony is from the staff it moved to another job and shannon ferguson they made a difference i'd like to thank supervisor avalos and supervisor avalos for their staff and the history center your waving aware from an earlier preservatintatio i'll hit on the points i think that we'll use the 3 minutes effective and the question when does the alamany integer hospital will represent and to recognize historically and the 80 steps there was an obligation to provide heathlth d
11:28 pm
safety with a significant design times by a persistent with getting adequate fund that never stopped the emergency hospital or the public health building a relationship with the community if you were raised in town ever itself knew where the emergency hospital were tuyou were taken there i got there 3 times the grattan elementary school change the model for providing the health care services whether the effort in 1978 to represent the possibility of closing the integer hospital the communities of outer mission the ex-wife's at the history stiffer and i kn
11:29 pm
that - the enterimergency hospis still closed some communicated services on site the last i was familiar with the adult daycare 7 years ago they closed the complete closings of both buildings the 0 recognize of the importance to this community and final finally the question of what the reuse of those buildings for the community can represent to mission street that have seer economic problems and many vacate storefront there are a lot of people involved in trying to use our assets as a community to revive mission street the outer mission thank you. >> thank you. >> lisa. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is lisa i wrote the background report supporting the provocation i
11:30 pm
want to thank anthony and shannon and ferguson and the planning department this whole thing was at the history expo at the old mint the professor showed me his map that indicated a location in my neighborhood i have no idea we had this in our neighborhood that led me to richard rothman trying to save the murals inside of the health care center building i spent 9 most of weekends researching the his history and the neighbors special affirming and the story of that kind of murals. >> our neighbors and local community groups were interested to learn about the history of those buildings and oare extremely supportive of this the buildings were slayed to be
11:31 pm
sold though the city's real estate division we gardened overwhelm community support support to save them and the murals and supervisor avalos agreed to expand his support of murals to include the safes of the building we hope with the support from the community guess so architectural bill, the planning department staff, and supervisor avalos office that this landmarking effort will be approved we respectfully ask the commission consider and shading landmark designation today if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them and thank you for your time. >> thank you very much richard rothman.
11:32 pm
>> why not go ahead and start speaking sfgovtv. >> good afternoon and thank you for having this hearing my name is richard rothman and these murals are sort of a lost give me the city i give tours and acquitticoit tower and got folks one day i he was at the meeting with her, she happened to tell me about this mural at the same time the art commission found out about or refound out about this from the department of real estate that they were going to sell this building and asked the art commission about it i wanted to take my time to talk about the kind he was born if mr. o'donnepoland and came td states as a furnish maker but decided to study mural i was
11:33 pm
panting he went to france to study and came back and studied with the diego river the first mural we do was as jewish community center the wedding this was done in 1934 it is saved from the orange e origin location up on to stall hard to find but you if ask people you'll see thask the next one was a coit tower and this was up there and after that, he did to the murals at -
11:34 pm
the title of them was health at home and communicated spirit and growth and the bottom one combroerth was white washed under zach was a friend of herb cane and herb said that was done by accident so those are beautiful murals i want to thank beth and supervisor avalos for seeing we can keep this building open to the public those are murals that should be seen then finally the last ones he did were at usf the historical of medicine in speakers shall address their comments to the commission as a whole and neither the police commission nor the land hall and been unin there they'll starting to by the time let people in there the murals are sitting in the context of the bernard and
11:35 pm
pained and should, recognized and should be open public when i started on this none in the public knew about those murals it's important they do. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> beth rubbiinstein i have bn talking about the carbarn and others that is definite one of the community assets it is architectural history and community atheism i love the fact that 4 you've seen the photographs of the murals that was built as a community living room i read the history report
11:36 pm
they speak about the design of that to be the neighborhood health center to be welcoming and it is literally built and we basically want those buildings back as neighborhood assets the board of supervisors has been working with the mayor's office and the office of economic workforce development to re vials those to be health and social services we building that landmark status is part of this process of reactivating the building we've been the supervisor will say he's been impressed and inspired by the community outpouring for the rerelocating location of those buildings those are important leaders but many, many more people we got letters from are represent by this work it is an important building the community so i urge to support it. >> thank you very much. >> is there anyone else who
11:37 pm
wishes to speak on this item? >> hello, i'm desiree with the san francisco heritage we were here to offer our support for the landmark designation and architectural significant resource and the home of the alamany health center artist bernard. >> and in addition, we know that this project has been important to several of our heritage members and including be richmond r09 man a wonderful advocate and we're work with him on other projects that actually he helped to secure the funding for george washington high school and a contact statement we'll hopefully be nominating others people and dpw era
11:38 pm
reverses for landmark designation and lastly we're encouraged that this landmark designation is the neighborhood that has few designated hectic district and this community generated landmark nomination can serve as a future four collaboration thank you. >> thank you very much. >> is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item if so please step forward hearings public comment is closed. and back to you, commissioners. >> commissioners comments on the report. >> commissioner this is so e was generally from the history expo i was there and seeing the busses the buzz it was exist i' thrilled to see this come out of
11:39 pm
that thank you to the community from the president of the neighborhood association and jumping on that he doing the work a year ago i'm thrilled and i guess there is another aspect to this i think there is no question that this commission will support is the in violation of landmarking for this the building i guess one of the things i'd like to think about and in revision the architecture all murals are one - of course, a big piece and the community athei activism but - the point was made about the leadership e living room i love that and sharing the kindness of values we checker so i'all i think abo
11:40 pm
is the thread that go through it i'll offer a motion in support of initiative landmarking. >> other comments. >> just to get this going (laughter) your commissioner pearlman i second the motion. >> (laughter). we're not ready for the motion laura (multiple voices). >> okay. let's have a little bit of discussion commissioner pearlman. >> i want to thank the community one of the joys have been being on the commission is learning about part of city i know nothing about i've not spent time in that part of city and certainly learning about the emergency hospital system, the health system and i knew a little bit about that but now i'm learning more i wanted to dovetail on what commissioner
11:41 pm
johnck said that is amazing the community is there is so much discussion how crazy sfta san francisco it has become and a from nerve and displacement and all those things you look at the neighborhoods who is embracing the values that were present because of so much we have so many e-mails and clearly a heck of a lot of support i hope they like the geneva carbarn so is that can be you know in a credible positive way this is a great, great building and great project so thank you. >> thank you commissioner hyland. >> i wanted to echo previous commissioners said and thank the community for coming up and speaking up about this community asset he offer one suggestion in the actual designation report on
11:42 pm
the characterize defining features their listing the skylight to look at page 13 that is 14 this is a lesson we've learned my form firm learned from the jewish museum identifying the skylights as a feature is sometimes not enough it is the reason the skylight are important and the relationship displaced brown below i ask we add a comment to that statement or that item other than the list is catalyst of defining feature the skylight only page 14 of the skylight are tdr under but a wall the middle that. >> that's an amendment to the
11:43 pm
motion. >> okay. before i would like - i was going to say i appreciate commissioner johns entertain you were not at the previous meeting with the discussions i would before we take the motion like to chanthank the community hard work for the landmark designation and happy to see this information is really shows the support of community and also teaching us about an important aspect of the city's history and tom sawyer and the enter hospital a lot of people i think donna today don't know about that is a great designation it has so many layers it is fantastic new - and i think i've heard a motion in commissioner johns that was with the amendment from commissioner hyland. >> okay thank you to the maker and the
11:44 pm
seconder so there is a motion that has been seconded to initiate the landmark designation to the 34 work through 45 avenue as amended to include under character defining features the skylight and to the relationship of space commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner president wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero i have no further items on your adjoined. >> the hearing is
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>> the commission will please come to order any secretary will call the roll. >> commissioner taylor-mcghee, here. commissioner chung, present. commissioner chow, present. with second item is the approval of the minutes of


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