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tv   Transporation Authority Full Board 22316  SFGTV  February 23, 2016 9:00pm-12:01am PST

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>>[gavel] >> we are back from recess.
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seeing other names on the roster a chance to review the amendment i just want to say a couple things. i think the whole point forward trying to publish youras you get this language out of the charter and in the hands of the board. i think this is adding another layer that are not comfortable adding. i think we could accomplish what we're trying to accomplish by doing it separately from this charter amendment and separately from this process. i'm definitely committed to that and looking at grandfathering, and looking at feasibility and the kinds of things that are important to make sure that we put the appropriate number forward looking for. with that, colleagues, unfortunately i'm not comfortable supporting the change in this capacity but i am comfortable with alternative
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legislation that is language of the statement included in it in the future. with that madam clerk seeing other names on the roster please call the roll on the amendment >> supervisor tang aye, wiener aye, yee nay the obelisk nay, breed nay campos nay, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim nay, mar nay peskin nay. there are four aye and seven no with in the dissent >> the amendment failed >>[gavel] >> with that madam clerk see northern names on the roster on item number 35 please call the roll >> >> item 35 supervisor tang nay,
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>> may rise to a point of information and only allowed to be dick imus i. supervisor peskin >> rising for point of information. believe under the charter the board has to sit until march 1 and i would suggest we continue it until march 1. >> so, with that, supervisor peskin has made a motion to continue item 35 to the meeting of march 1, 2016. moved and seconded. colleagues, take this without objection. without objection this is continue to march 1 >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, let's go to the next item. >> next item madam president his public comments.
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>> please read the public >> at this time the public comment may adjust the board to include the minutes and the items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar items 38 and 39. pursuant to the board's rules of order not to individual supervisors and not to the audience. speakers using translation assistance we about twice the amount of time to testify if you like to display your document on the overhead projector priestly state such to sfgtv and remove the document when the screen returns to live coverage of the meeting. >> first speaker, please. >> >> good evening, it's 9 pm. do you know how many people are wealthy san francisco public library excludes from full use of the library. remember, this
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is the collaborator whose budget you approve each year. san francisco current budget is more than tripled the average of lavish serving a similar number of people by far the highest budget. well, san francisco's stop borrowing privileges for anyone owning more than $10 in fines and fees. through the elaborate users association information request we weren't the following. as of january of this year, more than 57,000 current library card holders cannot borrow physical so-called materials. they cannot borrow books. 57,000 new cannot borrow magazines. 57,200 cannot borrow laptops where
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available and cannot request materials from interlibrary loan or link plus even if those materials reference on the. 47,000 people of relatively small amounts ranging from $10-two under one dollars. that could be one or two books plus some fines or fewer lost books. we ask you to stop the restrictions on service based on money owed except perhaps an extreme case. we ask you to stop the fines for lateness, though not for lost materials. and we ask you to allowed non-cash payment for book fees. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is roland, taxi driver. i come to these
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meetings frequently. yesterday made three dollars after paying for my captors. i want to put some documents on. this is green. they are green in it. there are company. their owners. they pay the city the medallions. again another owner of the company. i mean it's just crazy. he's one of your supervisor same ridesharing services like uber and left have a positive impact on transportation san francisco. these people and their same we should change state law to have innovation. with not innovative about these people who spent their life dedicated to getting chant people in san francisco transportation where
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they are from. they start with nothing. why should this guy here with these elastic mustache project sir, can you speak directly into my car >> wide event of a $250,000 to permits like other taxi companies quick look at how much money they have. that's like $1 billion. you guys should charge them. why wouldn't you charge billionaires and millionaires the same thing you charge community members? what is this guy different from someone who runs do so get wise he treated differently we pick this another million dollars. one he was also medallions. it's not that hard. there was just a uber killer. went back to work. people, to make crimes you don't regulate.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> other to project something. i know it's late and appreciate your time and attention. we are here again. we are here again appealed to the board of supervisors to allow a fair hearing the landmark case of the stork tree on 46-san francisco. many of us here were here tonight to hear that urban poor street meeting that address supervisor farrell's address to we review this. the urban poor street committee disrespected the supervisor's intent and timely request by canceling this important meeting 24 hours ago. we are here to ask supervisor farrell now to take the matter back and sponsor its nomination at the next board meeting on march 1. thank you supervisors for extending the truce addiction period to 90 days. however, now
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down to 60 days production into the failed urban poor street meeting tonight, and by law, this tree cannot be extended again. time is of the essence. because the final decision on this when mark ordinance rests with you. and must be made within the next 60 days. supervisor farrell, we are requesting for you to bring this to the meeting on march 1. if you won't do it, we ask someone else please bring this up. it's very important that knowledge this committee's passion and love for the street to keep it for generations to come. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm here to share some of the stork evidence for the 46 cook st. on. the planning department hoppity information map indicates the building located at 46 cook park type a
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historic resource. in the book, here today which was published in 1960 by the junior league of san francisco and whose findings were adopted by the board of supervisors in 1970, george j smith is referenced as a legend original owner of the property. it states he was the director of the-printed history with many trees that he obtained from a cemetery. today that other means is a one-story tally and eight home in carriage house. further research notes and photos taken by the junior league, for the book, in 1966 can be found in sf public library archives could note state some of the trees mr. smith obtained from the cemetery planted on his estate still surround the house. here are some photos. you can
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see in the photos the trees here behind the house. the tree has been historically documented by the same resource the event planning department and board of supervisors adopted to determine the stork eligibility of building structures objects or sites. i just like to add that the 1946 photo here also shows the tree the arbors have confirm the size of the time of this to be the place of origin around the same time as george smith. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is sarah comstock.
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i'm also here in support of their marking the tree on cook should. can i use the projector? here is a very recent picture of the two. this of you be some context about prominent is in the neighborhood. nutley speak on my own get him interview couple letters from various people that were unable to be heard and status late tonight. this is from the san francisco heritage organization from one of their senior project managers. the buildings on the property are already deemed historical resources in the city as the last speaker just share. she wrote that we do think this property has potential to be designated as a landmark. encourage your group to consider the entire property as historic including the building and the landscape. my second letter i like to read is from prof. sehgal. phd. with a
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department of biology at san francisco state university. he wrote, i like to give my support to the efforts to save an old tree on cook street in san francisco. professor at san francisco state university my research focus on how d4 station affects birds and biodiversity. large old trees are critical ecological structures because relative to their size they are disproportionate to providers of resources crucial to wildlife. these trees are home to numerous species and other wireless in particular i believe the tree on cook street serves as a stop over point for raptors and other birds find between the presidio and golden gate park. i encourage all efforts to preserve this unusual tree in the richmond district. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is randy could i live in the richmond district also. i want to speak on behalf of the cook tree. it's a tree
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that you can see. i grabbed this picture because it's so far away that so parents held the stature of the tree in that neighborhood. i have such a tree in my backyard. similar size. not nearly as well preserved as this without much character. our old neighborhood changed but was taken down. both feeling of my yard. this tree is bigger, more important, has much more history is much more character and i think it's very important to the neighborhood. which is lacking in most of the history has been stripped away from the city and this ties back to fabulous buildings and it sits in front of a carriage house and the italianate house are both extremely important architectural pieces. it's
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right between them and the character of the landscape and the architecture are very rare in that neighborhood to be preserved as most have been redeveloped when i take out the cemetery. i think it's very important this tree and the buildings around it be landmark as part of the remaining character of this area. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> this was taken on sunday the little gathering around the tree. you can see it right there. my name is richard want to live on cook street. i'm reading a letter with some kids are great kids from cook street cannot take a picture with a sign. i want to read a letter from a neighbor that many of his grant-other 63 cook st. by background is a degree in business economics from uc santa barbara and mba from
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indiana university, huge believer in property rights. my point in providing this is not exactly what you would call a tree hugger or environmentalists. far from it. that's it, shopping anyone approaching the property at 46 but would look to cut down the tree on this lot. it has storable value good this tree has historical significance is being originally printed piece by the owner of the only remaining historical sites in the neighborhood. the tree itself provides a great deal of beauty and majesty to a high density housing area that's looked upon by the adjacent hills that removal would leave a huge hole in the landscape of our other properties land values. last, this is the biggest oxygen giving plant force next to the one next to one most traveled corridor in the city. the committee purpose
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that outweigh these benefits that the tree provides i urge you to not cut it down but work it into future development plans. >> to what thank you. >> next speaker, please. >>, director of the wildlife rebuild patient centers serving the fan bay area. as a wildlife rehab director as the importance of trees on a daily basis. to the wildlife patients. there specifies for migrating birds. their food providers for wildlife. most importantly their homes. that along night hearing that all people losing their homes. i'm here to talk on behalf of the trees that is historical and time is running out on saving this to greg there are only 60 days left before it can be cut them but i hope you guys will
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consider saving the tree. because it supported local wildlife in a beautiful major component to the horizon in that neighborhood here in san francisco. we don't have a lot of trees like this (i really urge you guys to please take this up and help protect the street. my son wanted to say something. >> history is 100 years old. but it doesn't mean we can cut it down. it's important landmark . some people say that and it's also a home for animals. some animals might need a home. well all animals need a home of course. so it's important not just to us. save the tree for other creatures. >> thank you. next speaker,
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please. >> good evening. that's a hard act to follow. i came to tell you i'm extremely disappointed the urban forest st., council. the board of supervisors appoints them. their function is very simple. there divides this body. you asked a very simple thing in january for them to review this matter. i know that you don't ask much of the urban forest st., council but they let you down. we are here tonight come to you because we should have in talking to them. they could not muster a quorum to do one thing for this board of supervisors, one thing you asked them to do, they have flown you off. this is not appropriate. that is why
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people are asking you these questions to lean in, to take charge, because the urban forest st., council has given you nothing and this tree needs to have a savior. it needs a sponsor. somebody in this body here should stand up. i would love it if it was supervisor farrell because it's his district, leslie van marcus tree, put in a nomination. the clock is ticking. we need to have some action on this board. we've tried the council let you down. please, somebody here must be doing the job. i want to point out to you that this picture. this is the tree we would like to have landmark. he's other three trees have been chopped down. they didn't have the time. will be realized that the trees were going to go down. nobody realized any of this stuff. dallas wanted to
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remark the tree but nobody realized there was any urgency. there is today and we implore you to my please somebody nominate this tree sponsor it will be here to convince you again how important this is and why you want to do it. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you for your time and the ability to voice my opinions are made i don't have much to say but like many my neighbors i ask you landmark history. 11 cook st.) usf for the last three. tonight i should been writing my thesis but instead i'm here. supporting story tree that my neighbors asked that you believe we should landmark it in preserved his people piece of san francisco history. visibly want to be my block as i found it if not better. before i graduate and leave this wonderful city. thank you again for your time >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom gilbert t dirty four
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years ago i started a new career . those long learning curve. nicholas is and dimes first vacancy originally i could see something happening. i went from lower property to upper party could i have my lenses in my old friend who i knew souls of my old boots and i felt like a millionaire. three weeks later i woke in the dark, which was normal. get a head start on the day and i heard a voice in this way said mr. gilbert t, what are you doing? i said i'm going to work. they said, do you know where you are we pick?
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i was paralyzed. that was the end to my street artists career. these past two weeks, high points in my existence here in san francisco. if you are lucky, happy valentines. if you're one of the few. also, my trusted pillow has survived to happy valentines day pillow fights. it's a great diversity and it's wonderful if you can get it and do it. it's great. the other high point chinese new year parade. spring is about ready to burst and just comes at the right time. i'm so thankful that san francisco is given that tradition over to meet but there's two things that upset me on this parade. one, the pre-parade is part of the parade that. when their
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part they have to cut off their diesel engines they have to illuminate electronic amplified let the drummers in the band play. >> species thank you. next speaker, please. >> cabin think about it and i was one of the people the last 6-77 pretty disturbed by this vote six-but that favor the more conservative side of things. another's potential for possibly six- 6-5 more progressive seem to be when did i think it's not optimal by a long shot two of those kinds of vote. but i think what ends up happening the forces outside of this board become either have
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either one side on their side or the other side. at this point this board itself is an entity, it's kind of become move from the decision-making. i think today we had a pretty huge vote and it was a extra vote there. i think you know there are a bunch of unique and unique life circumstances serving on this board right now with different kinds of futures each one is unique. i don't see why it has to pile up into cliques like that. i don't think that's done that way. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> to talk about the tenant
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and kim attending said. i'm tucker out the navigation set up. while is at the navigation center of skin generally called racial slurs, homophobic slurs, i was continuously criticized but the way i walked, i intellectual status, it seemed like management and staff gave very little about it. then, what happened was i was violently attacked the navigation center. what happened was, they kicked me out indefinitely and the person who violently attacked me and the lady who harassed me about my sex, who asked me about who called me racial slurs, they were allowed to stay with no type of kick out or anything.
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it was so bad that the police came. you see the documents here. i have filed for a restraining order could i have another one coming. as soon as i get the police report and it just seems like when they kicked me out it was pretty much like big to my things out on the sidewalk and called the police. right now it just seems like with the navigation system is set up there's no real checks and balances for the victims such as myself.. all the standards of care, of legislation, it doesn't apply to the navigation center. i just feel on some levels exploited by the navigation center back you like they would just do whatever they feel like to you whenever.
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>> thank you. are there any other members of the public would like to provide public comment at this time we pick you party spoken to mr. you cannot speak again. seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> next item >> item 38 and 39 are being considered for immediate adoption without any reference to enact these items. a member may object in summer and item and have it considered separately. peter i'm going to have you call 38. actually, there's only two items so can you call him. >> item 38 resolution to urge the chancellor of the university of california san francisco to rectify serious breaches of workers rights by hiring the impact group custodial workers employees. >> colleagues, there's a minor change to my clerical error to
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this item. on page 2, line 10, i need to make a change asked me local 3299 is a correction. right now it reads 2399. >> so moved >> moved and seconded. can we take the amendment without objection we pick without objection it passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> please call the roll on the item as amended >> as amended supervisor tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye, avalos, aye, breed aye campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye.
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there are 11 aye >> the resolution was adopted unanimously as amended >>[gavel] >> madam clerk these cult item 39 >> item 39 motion to approve the final map 7993 67 rational unit and one commercial unit excuse condominium project located at 1450 franklin st. located at 1450 franklin st. >> can we take this item same house, same call? without objection the motion is approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, can you please read the in memoriam >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following loved individuals could on behalf of supervisor tang the late ms. mary brown could on behalf of supervisor wiener for the late mr. arron wimmer. on behalf of supervisor farrell for the late maj. keith alton often. on behalf of pres. breed the late mr. josé crosby
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and the rev. dr. james noel. >> colleagues that rings us to the end of our agenda. mdm. clerk any further business before us today? >> that includes business for today. >> thank you everyone. we are adjourned. >>[gavel] >>.
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>> shop and dine the 49 promotes loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we
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help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and
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neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that's >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it looks at good and tastes good and it is good in my mouth
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pretty amazing. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i am the executive chef i've been here as a chef at la concina since 2005 reason we do the festival and the reason we started to celebrate the spirit and talent and trivia and the hard work of the women in the la concina program if you walk up to my one on the block an owner operated routine i recipient it's a they're going to be doing the cooking from scratch where in the world can you find that >> i'm one of the owners we do rolls that are like suburbia
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that is crisp on the outside and this is rolled you up we don't this it has chinese sister-in-law and a little bit of entertain sprouts and we love it here. >> there are 6 grilled cheese grilled to the crisp on the outside outstanding salsa and a lot of things to dip it knocks you out and it's spicecy and delicious i was the first person that came here and we were not prepared for this every year we're prepared everybody thinks what they're doing and we can cookout
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of our home and so the festivals were part of the group we shove what we do and we w we tried to capture the spirit of xrifs. >> and there from there to sales and the hard part of the sales is 250 assess our market and creating a market opportunity giving limited risks and sales experience to our guys and
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> the san francisco playground's hitsvery dates back to 1927 when the area where the present playground and center is today was
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purchased by the city for $27,000. in the 1950s, the sen consider was expanded by then mayor robinson and the old gym was built. thanks to the passage of the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond, the sunset playground has undergone extensive renovation to its four acres of fields, courts, play grounds, community rooms, and historic gymnasium. >> here we are. 60 years and $14 million later, and we have got this beautiful, brand-new rec center completely accessible to the entire neighborhood. >> the new rec center houses multi-purpose rooms for all kinds of activities including basketball, line dancing, playing ping-pong and arts can crafts. >> you can use it for whatever you want to do, you can do it here. >> on friday, november 16, the dedication and ribbon cutting
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took place at the sunset playground and recreation center, celebrating its renovation. it was raining, but the rain clearly did not dampen the spirits of the dignitaries, community members and children in attendance. [cheering and applauding] ♪ ♪. >> a lot of water heater in san francisco look like this may be yours doesn't too do you know it is the post earthquake problems we'll show you to brace our water heater
9:51 pm
hi, everybody i'm patrick director of quarter safety for the city and county of san francisco welcome to another episode of stay safe today, we'll talk about bracing water heaters water heater failure is a leading problem with earthquake fires you have a a single source you'll have in our home. >> how are you. >> so what are we looking here. >> this is a water heater 3 weighs from 200 to nine hundred pound during an earthquake that weight will try to move sideways we need to secure is. >> we'll brace the water heater our model home in south of market we'll use a simple kit interest the hardware stores from $20 it the the clean up
9:52 pm
itself single thing to do what necessary look like. >> this is what you'll find in our kit a inch and a half wide strap to attach to the wall around the water heater and so you want to compare this in some garages around the city and state which is called plumbers tape innovate as strong and we need to brace the water heater if you find this you'll want to replace it with a streetscaping kit. >> we've put blocking so that way we streetscape the water heater a nice fit it is important and important probation officer mention you need to move our water heater to strap is it talk about to a license plumber they'll come out with a firm once we streetscape
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those obviously we want to follow the manufactures instructions. >> typically the instructions will require the strap one strap be installed to fit the top third of the water heater and the bottom on the bottom 1/3rd away from the controls if it is above a certain size 50 gallons a third train e streetscape in the middle of the water heater. >> a lot of time i see older water heaters on the ground obviously explain why this is required and the mr. chairman is required if you pa a water are hereto in the garage gas fumes can accommodate and the pilot light will ignite the fumes so you want to above the grouped level. >> so why not go ahead and he
9:54 pm
get started with the bracing. >> we're joined with peter from construction he'll help us >> there you have it for not a
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lot of 340e7b in a short time we were able to reduce the risks as you can see secure and even in a big rumble bell not going to come losses thank you for watching we'll give is one more big push as you can see with
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pp testing >> test test >> testing >> test test
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>> commissioner kim? kim, absent. >> commissioner mar? snechlt here. >> commissioner peskin. >> present. >> tang. >> absent. >> weiner? >> present. >> yee? present. >> we have a quorum. >> item number 2. >> chair's report, this is an information, item. >> okay, thank you, and colleagues, the year has only just begun, and starting with a number of really exciting developments, particularly in the arena of rail, transportation, and last week we are pleased to see that the rail authority released the 2016 business plan that proposes to make rail from the central valley to the bay area as the next priority segment and following the completing of the bake kerz field portion, and i
10:02 pm
think that we are excited about this and working together at the agency at the state and regional and local, levels to bring the trains up into san francisco, particularly the transbay terminal by 2025, this is a major step forward for the region. >> the san francisco, planning department is olding a public meeting to present it is multi agency program, known as the rail yard and alternatives and i280, feasibility study, or rab, next tuesday, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. >> this is in coordination with many things in the area. and the transmission, transit core,
10:03 pm
capacity study that is looking at a potential second, transbay, two across the bay. the planning department will also present the rad study at the transportation, authority, and advisory committee, and to connect, wednesday evening. and finally as a third, related development, the sfmta has released its own, strategy for muni on friday in light of the heavy demapdz today and the significant growth that we as a city and a region need to accommodate, it is critical for us to better understand the capacity and the reliability needed across the muni rail, network over the next quarter century, we need to invest in strategies to remove bottle necks and to keep the city, liveable and accessible. and i look forward to learning more about the proposals and how we can integrate, muni and bart, and high speed rail in a county-wide long range plan that integrates into the regional plan and to make sure that we
10:04 pm
have great rail service around the bay area. and this also ties into the subway master plan that i requested via the legislation, last year. to learn more you can visit the sfmta blowing, at or the people can attend the cac, meeting for the transportation authority next wednesday at 6:00 p.m. and all of this rail planning is at the early stages and will take public out reach and technical study to refine and prioritize, moving any of these projects forward will require efforts. and this fall, in addition to supporting the plan, bart bond we will have the opportunity to place a local, transportation funding measure on the ballot, which i hope to focus on in the coming months with colleagues on this body as well as the mayor and others, as
10:05 pm
part of that conversation, critically important to consider issue of affordability, and access and equity and i want to thank the muni director of transit, for being here to present on fta, equity analysis and policy framework later in the meeting and i want to recognize the colleagues, including commissioner avalos and campos for their work in leadership on this issue and thank the mtc and abag for holding a very successful regional, affordable housing displacement workshop this past weekend in oakland, the conference was well attended and made important groundwork on the strategies and the solutions with the counter parks across the region and that concludes my remarks and i do want to note that commissioner mar attended the new partners for smart grown conference in february and i want to invite, commissioner mar to report out on that conference. >> thank you, i attended the 15th annual new partners and it
10:06 pm
is organized by the local, government commission based in sacramento and jake, from the mtc is one of the key leaders. right off the bat, i took a $2.50 ride on the tri met, rail system from the airport to downtown my hotel, pretty amazing, amazing, regional transit system, and portland is a little bit smaller than san francisco, 600,000 people and the whole region is about 2.4 million. but it is amazing that they have a city council, a mayor and plus, four city council members and they have a regional elected body, the metro that is fascinating. i also was able to attend a lot of workshops to learn about what is happening not only in portland, and in the northwest, but also in the lay area. seattle specialist, city council member and others, did a great workshop
10:07 pm
and they have formally homeless people living in a community that will get the supportive housing for people. i also looked at the bus rapid transit and the rapid systems and the impact on displacement and one great workshop, we learned from boston, in how they did an analysis of their silver lined bus rapid, transit system and how it went into chelsey and did a study to figure out how to mitigate the impact on lower income people but also on seniors and people with disabilities. >> i also had an
10:08 pm
opportunity to walk downtown, portland all the way around downtown portland. with the johnny apple seed of walkability. dan who is from the blue zone, llc and the walkable and liveable city, and we looked at lots of the different kinds of walk sf coalition efforts in the city, . and utilizing the different ideas from the johnny apple seed of walkable and many others. i wanted to give a shout out in portland for them having a new bike share system that will be started soon. >> thanks for
10:09 pm
them helping to get me to portland and i learned a lot and i will be using the ideas here and regionally as well. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner mar for the report out. and now let's move to and i am sorry the chair's report is an information item but we will take the public comment, is there any public comment on item number two? seeing number, public comment is closed. and we will move to item three. >> item three, executive director's report. this is an information item.
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>> commissioners chang as the director and i am happy to present my report to you this month. as wells should have the geary brt reports on your desk and so thank you again to those support for those projects. and at the state level, excuse me. we have some, good news and in that the assembly member, chui his agreed to sponsor a bill for us that will allow us to have the authority to deliver the, excuse me. the island, ramps project, phase two this is the west side bridges. under the method called, construction manager general contractor. this is a method that the city and many folks in the state and across the nation have been -- thank you. this is a method that allows for the contractor who will build the project who will come in with an earlier state during the design process to have closer interaction for the manager and the response in the project. in this case it will be the transportation authority and we
10:11 pm
are grateful to assembly member, for leading the bill for us and wanted to know that the state is seeking the expansion of the authority of the cal transto do the same kind of construction method in hopes that the benefits that have been yielded will continue to be realized. and a little bit of a bleaker picture of the state legislature and the state funding is that the ctc that i mentioned last month did identify that we are in a funding crisis and has, indicated that over the next five years, they could be in the position of having to defer or to delete, about 750 million worth of projects due to the state of our state, transportation improvement program. and this is a program that is funded by user fees and a variety of sources but has not been able to keep the pace with the needs and so the legislature has had to respond to this, california transportation commission, call for action and we are trying to see if the
10:12 pm
governor and the legislature can come up with a new revenue source through the special session in sacramento and so we keep our fingers crossed and really it is a one single project and the lumbard street which could be at risk for about a couple of million dollars, but we do hope that could be avoided and it is in the advanced stages of design and hopefully this is something that could be spared and it is a shared burden for all of us to try to find the new revenue and avoid the stoppage of work and the deferral of the important, projects not only the highway, but the bicycle and safety, projects up and down the state. as the chair mentioned the area workshop on affordable housing and anti-displayment was a tremendous success, and i really wanted to thank our mtc commissioner campos, and commissioner weiner for their leadership in pushing for this workshop to take place, it really was only a few months ago that the decision was made to put this together in response
10:13 pm
for the need for real and deeper regional dialogue not only on the nature of the problem in terms of the long term and also the near term struggles that folks are having, to weather this affordability crisis that we are seeing. and so, we are able to break out in multiple regional subgroups and have more detailed conversations about how we can increase the supply of housing and affordable housing, and meanwhile, increasing the tenant protections and identifying ways to stabilize the vulnerable communities through the various mechanisms such as community, land trust and the mtc is looking at things like the naturally occurring affordable housing program. which will be modelled on successful housing and land trusts that have been seen in the housing and environmental stewardship markets. so we will continue to track that along with the director don ram was there as well and the staffs are coordinating quickly
10:14 pm
to support, abag as we graple with this issue. on the local, front, bart, of course we are pleased to see that the bart board has released an expenditure plan, or a draft plan for the proposed 3.5 billion bond. and this would be to address the state of good repair needs at the system level and we are very, eager to see that move forward. and we are coordinating with the counties to see how we might be able to support items that are not fundable and not eligible in the bart bonds things like bart cars and vehicle that are not eligible based on the general, property based bonds such as the bart bond is proposed to be. so we will continue to track this and there is a special workshop on february 25th, at bart. and their decision will track with the june and july time frame to make it on to the november ballot. >> on vision zero, there has been some good work and mta and
10:15 pm
the task force, and envision, zero partners have produced a training video and we are pleased that prop k, supported this to help the vehicles, and the passengers navigate our streets, particular trying to raise awareness of the bicycle users and i want to acknowledge the sad passing of suthan and she was a disability, rights activist and community leader from kesberkeley and was sadly and killed on february 6th and this is a sad occurrence and we need to double our efforts to raise the efforts among all road users and bicyclists who are all navigating our streets, on market street, and elsewhere. the video can be found at the vision zero website at vision zero and i am sure that we will be having further discussions about the transportation committee later in march.
10:16 pm
and on the transportation sustainability program. the up date here is the state office of planning and research, which sets out the guidelines, has promulgated its draft making and identifying vmt or vehicle miles traveled is the preferred metric to replace the level of service and this is consistent with the prior work that san francisco and the ta have done in the area to better align the measures with the environmental and the city policy. and the transit first policy in particular. and the san francisco planning department are proposing to make this change at its march third, planning decision meeting and we encourage the folks to tend, but this is something that we have been working on for over a decade and we are pleased to see that the roll out is happening finally so that we can benefit from a more appropriate environmental review posses that is consistent with our city policy. updating you on the here on the
10:17 pm
real capacity strategy and i will hold off on that and the chair mentioned that he in his remarks and we hope to have more information at the meeting on wednesday as well as in plans and programs in march but we are excited to see mta come out with information about how, rail investments need to take place in order to address, crowd and reliability and bottle neck and will be rolling into the plan as the chair mentioned earlier. >> this month we were able to release the west side report. and this was a report that was released by tang and the programs committee and we had a nice and a good conversation there at the february, meeting. and the project report is on our website. and at, available for public comment and we are happy to come to neighborhood groups to share the findings. we identified that there is a major opportunity to better
10:18 pm
access our west side hubs, including west portal and dart station and others. with the faster more reliable transit and the other types of access modes, including bicycles and taxis and the like. and there are some local, roots, also that would benefit from the review to see whether the routing could better connect with some of these hubz and we are looking forward to the projects being advanced through the neighborhood, transportation improvement program studies in district four. moving on that and commissioner mar mentioned the work, and the district, run, arguelo work is moving well passed the planning stages and into the capitol project stages and so thank you very much, commissioner mar for your work and to mta and the community groups for collaborating on that and it looks like the new striping on the boulevard will help to increase the availability and now we are looking to see if the capitol side with follow on the
10:19 pm
planning side. so that is in motion. as well, on district six, we will be working with sfmta to do two or add two components to the planning work there and the one is the pet safety work and the youth and family zone in the soma that the commissioner kim has been leading and we will also be looking at improving our ramps and the pedestria pedestr crossing. and district four planning for the routes, including the 66 kantara and district eleven we are working on the intersection of gene va avenue to prepare for the upper yard and the affordable housing developments that are under way and the planning for that and i believe that there is all sorts of alameni work and improvement study in district nine and we have the draft and pedestrian, facility concepts to share and to improve the crossings along the boulevard at the maze. and that has been a coordination
10:20 pm
effort with sfmta and the cal transpartners as well as commissioner campos office and the community, of course and in march we will present the initial analysis to the plans and programs. and the committee or to the community, and so stay tuned for out reach details on that. but we do expect to bring in the information to the plans and programs and in april or may. one more local neighborhood project delivery item to report here is the triangle transit improvements that have now been completed. at the end of january, the sfmta completed the improvementses bonded by the persha known as the heart, and this was an early recommendation from the mission, gene va transportation plan, many years ago and sfmta transit, effectiveness, project continued that work and now we are pleased that the improvements have been made and include, bulb outs and the
10:21 pm
pedestrian, street lights and the realignment of the enter after the accident for the 29 sunset. and the revenue bonds from sfmta, supported that as well as program funds that are administered by the ta. and continuing with the project delivery, there are many things that are happening and the bicycle parking facility and spaces have been added at 4th and king and so thank you to the cal train to working with us on that. prop k has funded and increased the parking up to 55 new spots at the fourth and king station and we have also been able to fund safer streets and improved transit access, through the masonic project that is halving as well as the james, middle school and the 6th and 24th street, stations and they are all about to enter the construction and the project, of course is in particular, a may scombror project, and it is one of our bay area, grant projects that help to provide the funding for the transportation, authority here to the program, and this will bring in a variety
10:22 pm
of safety and street scape feature including the landscape median and better lighting and improve the sewer, system and a new plaza at geary boulevard. with that i will just end with the appreciation to our finance and administration staff which hosted a well tended local, business enterprise, workshop and we do this every year and a popular event and allowed for the projects as well as the partner agency and so that the networking to occur, that the small businesses can meet the prime consultants to learn but how to partner. and so with that i am happy to take any questions. thank you. >> thank you, are there any questions or comments? seeing none, is there any public comment on this item?
10:23 pm
seeing none, public comment is closed. this is an information item. item number four, >> four, approve the minutes of the january, 26, 2014, meeting this is an action item. >> are there any changes to the minutes. none, any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. and can you please, call the roll. >> item four, avalos? >> andre iguodala. >> breed. >> aye. >> coehen. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> peskin. aye. >> weiner. >> aye. >> yee, aye. >> the minutes are approved, item number five.
10:24 pm
adopt positions on state legislation, this is an action item. >> okay, colleagues i would like to sever from or vote separately on the recommendation of the finance xhisty to oppose, ab, 1641, and ab x125, which i think are identical. if i am not mistaken and so, i would like to sever those off and then i will when we get to that i will step down and ask the vice chair to conduct that portion of the meeting. and actually why don't we just do that now. so commissioner mar, if you would thank you. >> so there has been a motion to sever at one item, is there anyone else that would like to sever anything? >> then, should we take action
10:25 pm
on the state legislation with the exception of that severed item? so could we do that same house same call? >> yes. >> so we will approve the position. >> so we will take public comment first. >> is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? on the state legislation items from the finance committee? >> yes, hi, gilbert kriswell. i wanted this body and the executive director to lobby our state officials like mark, and phil tang and david chui for money to go to the central subway expansion to theorth beach. the south side of the city is cut off from the north side and i live at market and geraro and it is very difficult for me to get even over to north beach.
10:26 pm
i have to transfer to 3 different buses. so, that is my public comment to lobby for more money and what the surplus in the state you should have the governor, approve it. thank you. >> thank you and we have a card from bob flanhold as well. >> okay, so he will speak on the next item. >> so colleagues we have heard the public comment and we will close public comment and can we approve the legislative positions with the exception of this severed item? could that do that without objection? >> thank you. now, to ab 1641, and the connected items, supervisor weiner. >> thank you very much. excuse me, very much, and thank you for preceding over this portion of the meeting. colleagues, i ask that ab1641, and abx125 considered
10:27 pm
separately. and these are legislation that would clarify that we have local control to determine whether or not to allow a private shuttle to use a public transportation stop. and the staff recommended that we take a watch position on this legislation. the finance committee, voted to change that to an opposed. and this happened last year as well. the finance committee voted to move from a watch to an opposed. and this is the full transportation authority and we voted to move back to a watch position to it comes before us, and colleagues, this legislation simply states, that with respect to allowing or not allowing private shuttles such as employee shuttles to utilize the public transit stop that a local
10:28 pm
jurisdiction has local control to decide whether or not to do that. it does not in any way require that san francisco or anyone else allow any particular shuttle to utilize, and the public transportation, and it just simply gives us local control, we know that in san francisco, that thousands of san francisco residents rely on employer provided shuttle transportation to to and from work every day and we know that the shouldles take many cars off of the road and we know that overwhelmingly if the shuttles went away the employees who ride them would stay in san francisco and would use their cars. we have an appeal and i know that there is a lot of dialogue around the appeal and the shuttle program. and colleagues, various members
10:29 pm
of this board have stated over and over and over again, that they support the shuttle program. and have made comments about making the shuttle program better and making it more robust. and if we, if people support the shuttle program, and then it is hard to then oppose a bill, that simply says, that we have local control to decide whether or not to allow the shuttles to use public transportation bus stops. and if, it is hard to make an argument that you support a program, when you are not supporting simple clarification, that we have local control to decide to allow these shuttles to use the stops. we know that there has been a legal contention by opponents of the shuttle program. and that we lack the local control or that we lack the power to allow the shuttle to use the muni stops and there is
10:30 pm
a dispute about the interpretation about the state, vehicle code and that will be ultimately out by the courts. >> but if you support it and the people mean what they say, and then having the local, explicit local control to make a decision in san francisco, whether or not to allow the shuttles to use the muni stops seems to make a lot of sense and so i move that we change the finance committee recommendation, on these from an opposed to a watch position, back to the original staff recommendation. >> thank you, commissioner campos. >> thank you very much. i will respectfully but strongly suggest that we vote against that motion. you know this kind of brings back memories of muni for youth, and supervisor weiner and commissioner weiner at the time
10:31 pm
went out of his way to kill that program. op ed after op ed at the regional level, everywhere that he could he tried to destroy that program and he could not do it and likewise he has tried to kill the settlement that we have been working on through his op ed and getting his mouth piece and previous to do what he does. but he has not been successful in doing that and notwithstanding what he said, the settlement, that we will be talking about is about protecting this program. and the parade of horribles that has been described by commissioner weiner is not accurate and it is not true. this position relative to these pieces of legislation is about protecting local control. and given that the status quo already provides local control,
10:32 pm
why do we need to do the bidding of its industry? to do precisely what they would like and they are actually, what they could not do in san francisco? which is to simply have carte blain. che in san francisco they actually have to listen to the community and deal with the neighborhoods and take into the account the concerns of the other people that live here and so i strongly suggest and hope that you reject the motion by commissioner weiner. >> thank you. >> commissioner, peskin? >> thank you, share mar, i just rise to take exception when one member of a body states that a vote means something. let individual commissioners stand up and explain what their vote means. if someone votes yes or no, let that individual explain to the
10:33 pm
colleagues and to the members of the public what that means. i think we should demand that level of respect of one another in this chamber. >> do some of our computers are not working, if you want to speak, if it is not working. >> i am going to rise because i promised commissioner peskin i would rise. so i am going to keep that agreement commissioner. a couple of things, i just need to say that i think that all of votes have meaning and i think that it is completely appropriate for anyone to have an opportunity and express that opinion about what a yes vote or a no vote means ni don't think that there is any disrespectful of communicating to the public that is not consistent to say that we want a strong shuttle program while at the same time to say that it should be illegal in the state law and opposing legislation that would clarify
10:34 pm
that we have the ability to allow the shuttles to use the stops i don't see how anyone with argue that i support the shuttle program and yet i am going to oppose the state legislation that says that san francisco and other cities have complete and utter local control to decide, whether or not to allow the shuttles to use the sto stops. they are saying that it bands us to allow to use the stops and then the settlement becomes meaningless if the shuttle can no longer use the stops if the court determines to that be proposed as it is drafted does, ban use of those stops and so why not under the settlement.
10:35 pm
i did express concerns, but compass was ouls present when i voted to represent san francisco position in favor of the funding for the youth program and that was a very close vote and i voted the same that he did, representing san francisco position to support that regional funding. here we are talking about shuttles and if we want this to succeed in terms of being able to transport, thousands of san francisco residents to and from work if we want to have the leverage to say that if you use our stops, we will tell you what routes that you can use and we are going to have you pay us money and we want to have that leverage, then we should be supporting or at a minimum not opposing legislation that is simply clarifies that we in san francisco, have local control to decide whether or not to allow
10:36 pm
shuttles to use, our transit stops. >> and thank you, i see, a plan is rising and just a couple of more commissioners before getting to public comment. and commissioner, peskin and kim? >> let me get this straight. which is when the san francisco municipal transportation agency entered into the google bus pilot program, it did so legally. right? i mean, yes the city got sued but it has been the city's position that the state vehicle code was not being over ridden. and that indeed, the program was legal. if that is the case, i don't understand why this is such a big deal. if it is legal, i mean, if is being done because indeed, the
10:37 pm
under pinning of the google bus pilot program was in and off itself illegal? that, and i mo'o eni am not asking that of the staff it is rhetorical question. but this seems like an after the fact attempt at a state law to realize something that was illegal and there was a fundamental principal at stake and the principal is that public bus stops in this and other cities that in our case, carry over 700,000 individuals per day, are meant for the public. and the fact that i am fine, and i would rather have the 9,000 individuals who use goog the buses be in buses rather than in dozens and dozens of cars and i am clear on that. but there is a fundamental principle at stake are the public bus stops for public transit or not and that is why it has been in the state law and maybe why, maybe the google
10:38 pm
pilot program or that aspect of it has been illegal on its face, even though it was approved by the san francisco transportation authority commissioner. >> commissioner kim. >> i just wanted to, since we are having a dialogue on something that we will talk about later on today, i think that we need to stop supporting the program and allowing the shuttle bosses to stop wherever they please in the city and county of san francisco. i think that every member of this board supports a commuter shuttle bus program because we recognize that it exists currently. and b, we know that it takes, cars off of the road. but, they don't need to be able to stop, wherever they want to. and i think that many of us question whether it is necessary for them to have 125, to 200 stops throughout the city. and they cannot run the same way, that muni and our public transportation system runs, but we can still have a solid
10:39 pm
program. there are a lot of different balances that we have to put in place when we put together a program. we don't put together a program just for one group of stake holders, there are a lot of people that live here in the city and we all need to share our public roadways, our streets, and our curbs and many of them cannot use a private commuter shuttle bus program and so we take into account, the wroad ware and now narrow the streets are and inconvenience on the neighbors when they have these large, commuter shuttle buses in their neighborhoods, which are very intimidating and can cause pedestrian safety issues and conflicts. but we can still have a program that works for the vast majority of workers that depend on it to get to their jobs. and it does not need to be the way that it is currently. but to say that we want another program does not mean that we are against the commuter shuttle bussing saying that your support or non-support of the state
10:40 pm
legislative clarification, means that you don't support or support the program. and i think that that is really important to know. that there is not only one way to do the program. there are many ways for this program. and there is a way that you can do it and balances all of the needs of our residents. and those that are taking muni and those that are driving and biking and those that take commuter shuttle buses and i don't think that the way that it is currently set is the what i that actually bets sets those balances and we can do that without terribly inconveniencing the folks that currently ride the commuter shuttle bus program. >> chair weiner? >> i say this as someone who rides, muni and who has never been inside one of thous shuttles and i only seen them from the outside.
10:41 pm
that if you are i appreciate supervisor kim's comments that we need to balance all of the needs of muni riders and the shuttle riders and the cyclists and the pedestrians, and of everyone. and but to do that, if, a court were to determine as contended by the opponents of this program that we even, lacked the authority to allow them to use not just 125 stops, but even one single muni stop that completely under mines our ability as a city to actually achieve that balance. this law does not require this to let them use any stops this says that we have the ability as a local jurisdiction to make that determination as supervisor, kim said with all of the stake holders and all of the needs at the table. and to oppose the legislation that simply clarifies that we have a local control to me, it
10:42 pm
is not consistent with the supporting the shuttle program. >> thank you. >> let's open this up to public comment. mr. plant hold? >> i came in anticipation to over turn the recommendations and i support the recommendations and i oppose this motion. you folks are talking as if you are the only one to be affected by state legislation. think outside of your own jurisdiction, i pointed this out at the finance, committee meeting. small transit systems on the fridge of high-tech, sil con valley, could they withstand the money pressure?*
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
but i as a member of the public would oppose it. thank you. >> thank you, is there anyone else from the public that would like to speak? the public comment is closed. he reminds me that there has not been a second yet. is there a second to the motion to amend the items from opposed,
10:45 pm
to watch position? is there a second? the seconded by commission, tang? so colleagues, could we have a roll call vote again? it is commission weiner's motion to change this from the opposed position to a watch possible? roll call? >> on the motion? avalos? >> no. >> breed. >> no. >> campos. >> no. >> cohen. >> no. >> farrell? >> aye. >> kim. >> no. >> kim, no. >> commissioner mar. >> no. >> peskin. >> no. tang. aye. >> weiner. aye. >> yee >> no. the motion is not passe* the motion is not passed... ...
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
. that is correct, on the underlying item, commissioner avalos? >> aye. >> breed in >> aye. campos. >> aye. >> cohen. aye. >> farrell, no. kim, aye. >> mar. aye. >> peskin. aye. >> fang. no. >> weiner no. >> yee, naye. the position are adopted. >> thank you, and mr. stamos call the next item number six. item six, adopt the fiscal year, 2016, 17 transportation fund for the clean air, criteria this is an action item. >> okay, colleagues are there any questions or comments regarding item number 6? seeing none, is there any public comment on item 6? seeing none, public comment is closed. and could we please call the roll on item 6. >> avalos? >> aye. >> breed. >> aye. >> campos. >> aye. >> cohen. >> aye. >> ferrill eaye. >> kim, aye, mar. >> aye. >> pesktin. aye. >> tang. aye. >> yee. aye. >> item 7? >> appoint, peter tain. nen to the citizen advisory committee. this is an action item. is there colleagues or any comments or comments on item seven in seeing none, is there any public comment on item 7? seeing none, public comment is closed. and colleagues could we take item 7 the same house same call? without objection that will be the order. >> item number 8. >> could we take item same house
10:49 pm
same call? >> item 9. >> any questions or comments, on item 9? seeing none, is there any public comment on item 9? seeing none, public comment is clogsed. and colleagues could we take item 9, the same house and same call, without objection that will be the order. >> item 10. >> equity strategy and this is an information, item and so for item number 10, i bloefsh that mr. haly from the municipal transportation agency will be presenting, mr. haily, welcome. by the way, muni was working well. i am sorry, commissioner avalos has the comment. >> and thank you, and before he gets started i would like to thank the mta for the work on the transit equity program and back in 2014, i introduced a charter amendment that looked into how muni could have an equity framework for how it allocates for ka p toll and that is something that we did not move forward on but we did have many meetings with the office and the stake holders from all over the city and the mta and at least, by john. batist and it has taken up by juliy and from that, muni come forward and was approved by the
10:50 pm
mta board to actually have a framework that they would put forward every year to address, some of the equities that we see in san francisco. and i would not even say that resources especially around the capitol, are delivered equally across san francisco, a little own, and i would say that is the case in point, and this is just two projects or one of the major in the area that i am really concerned about, and that is, how we still have people on the mline who get dropped off on san jose and actually cross right across san jose and against traffic to get over to the park station as well as the people who get off, or across gene va to get into the station and walk along the muni line that actually closes to about 2 and a half feet where thousands of people walk every day and i have been talking about it for years and it has not been addressed and it is just one of the ways that more out lying
10:51 pm
neighborhoods don't have the facilities that other thards have and it led to me wanting to have us focus on the economic e tha /* /- equity. and i was concerned about the issues of affordability and since the city is in the afford ability crisis, the mta has made strides on it and the board has makes that happening and for the free muni for youth and also the extension for the discounted fares and the people on mixed incomes but i really appreciate all of the effort that the mta makes and i would be interested in hearing how the discussion will go forward and i also want to look at how we can strengthen these efforts where we see the deficiencies and certainly, in making sure that the neighborhoods that are reliant on muni and the people that don't have the other choice and to use it for the transportation are able to get to the resources that they need. and so in moving forward on these projects on this corridor,
10:52 pm
and san jose and gene va avenue, where thousands and thousands of people use it every day needs service and needs attention, and heretofore i don't believe that the mta has been able to address and so hopefully we will hear something to that effect as we go to today's discussion, thank you. >> thank you, very much. commissioner, avalos, and mr. haily? >> thank you, commissioners and it is, and let me first start by thanking all of you, both for your unflagging policy and leadership in support of the kinds of things that are and have got us in the position to show improvement across the board. and on this is system but secondly to thank you for your patience. we have gradually brick by brick, beginning as we will talk about in a moment, began to improve the system over all. and that is critically important to delivering the equity
10:53 pm
strategy. first of all because as we get into this, we are not only going to talk about the principles underlying the policy, but the steps that we have taken already in the steps that we will be taking in theear future with your continued help and support, for the strategy if you will, and these are things that this is not a strategy or a set of plans that will set on a shelf that we are moving forward to implement that, and we are and we are doing so with your help and leadership. i will in terms of the key points as was noted, this has been a long standing effort, since may of 2014. and we are focused on a both the whole system, but in particular, a set of neighborhoods, the neighborhoods that we have identified, seven, neighborhoods that is not to say, only 7, we have looked across the set of
10:54 pm
criteria in the needs and we have looked at the income, and the ethnic composition of the neighborhoods and we are, also, designing and implementing the strategy that focuses not only on the neighborhoods but across the whole, system. and in terms of the methodology, that we used it is just important to note here, that in many cases, adding service is in fact a solution to some of the issues. but in some cases it requires going beyond that. everything from capitol investments and sometimes, large and sometimes small, and also, better management of the service. and many of you have raised particular issues about tactics or operational strategies, that we used to manage this service, and ours is a system that is complicated, very unforgiving at times and especially on the rail side, so you have to constantly prepare to make adjustments, in
10:55 pm
recover from delays. and so we are beginning to get better at that. and in terms of the equity strategy, which we are all working very hard on and it is very important, as commissioner avalos said our board adopted that and it has been a process that we have been actively engaged in. and one of the things that we are, if you go to the fourth, and in the spring of 2016, what is important is that we have now made the equity strategy discussion part of our budget discussion. and so what that means is that it is not, and it is a way to identify the critical needs, identify the specific actions or service changes that we can make and then fund them and use our thoughtful discussion about how best that we can deliver these project and move the project forward. and the principles that we talked about just a couple of things to mention, on this one, if you go to the second one, and it was raised and it was talked about earlier. and having said that, increasing
10:56 pm
the services is not always the answer. sometimes, it is. if you go to the second one, as a graphic of the city changes, one of the things that the equity strategy has us doing is looking at service at all times in day and night and the service increase that we will implement, in april what you will see is two new, routes that are designed to close the gaps in our system over night. this is very important, and it reflects the fact that not everybody in all of the neighborhoods around our city, has a 9 to 5 job from downtown, and so there is an example of where we are taking our principles and acting on them. also, transparency is very important. one of the things that we are working on, that we will be bringing to you, shortly, is the set of standards or measures that will help all of us evaluate the service increases that we put into place, over the
10:57 pm
last couple of years. and where we are on our and this will be the fourth service increase in the last two years. one of the things that really allows us to effectively move forward on the equity strategy is the system wide improvements that we have made. the system runs through many neighborhoods at once, across the city. and especially but not limited to certainly, the rail line. so the fact that we have been able to improve the on time her fo performance, not where we would like it to be but over a period of time and the fact that we are getting better, with your help and support. one of the issues that you have raised multiple times was our maintenance practices and what, and what we can do to get better at mant nens and doing a number of things that have allowed us and not just getting in the vehicles on the about us and the trolly side that have allowed us to reduce the breakdowns but look at the way that we do
10:58 pm
business, at the same time that the system wide is improving, some of the out reach that we found, and that we, did, reveals some issues that we probably would not have been addressing as quickly as we are, without the benefit of the equity strategy, and the first one, for example, lines that are running or are running on the freeways. and they are good, and they are too volatile in terms of their on time performance, and so, as you will see later on in the presentation there is key lines that we want to move to address in the short term and in we are addressing and the other thing to point out is that at a time when we have made sure that we have got the valuable input from all of our stake holders in the procurement of new vehicles and we have seen the use of seniors and disabilities and used the system all across the city. and finally, the other side of the construction boom is we are constantly working to manage all of the projects that are out there and maintain our service. so, we did, we are making
10:59 pm
project, there is just a snapshot of based on clipper card tags of where the seniors and the people of with disabilities shows the people across the tee and across the system and here is just a recap of some of the things that we are doing to improve the service and i would note, that the some of these are also, tied to the budget process. and it is the constant revision of schedules to look on a real time basis, of where things work and where things don't work and one of the things v talking about the basics up front is the operator the availability, and in 1999, when the prop b was passed one of the goals that was established for muni at the time was to deliver 98.5 percent of your scheduled service on a daily basis. from 1999, to april, of 2015. we met that goal zero times.
11:00 pm
that would be less than one, zero. since april of 2015, with the exception of a couple of days, like super bowl and the day following we have exceeded that goal and this allows us to put us in a position where you are putting the service on the treat and the people can expect that the vehicle is going to be out there and it is going to show up and it is getting more reliable. and so again, in terms of delivering the equity strategy, the over all performance for the system as it gets better, will support the equity strategy. infrastructure, continue to work with that and you think that we now have the single priority on the key, corridors as part of the basket of improvements that willing more on six more. and there are four now. and six more by the end of 2016, and also, the use of transit lanes all designed to improve the over all system.
11:01 pm
and here is just a quick snapshot and it has been steady and low but it has been constant, improving the on time performance and we continue to be committed to do that. and at the sake of having my crystal ball, explode, and we are predicting based on our what we are seeing in the trends, that our on time performance will improve again, and incrementally, by some 5 percent over the next several months, for the reasons indicated below, and we continue to need to go after our vehicles. the single biggest cause of delays is the vehicle failures and we need to do that and we need to take advantage of the new technology, and such as the new control center to respond more effectively, to service disruptions and finally, we learned some lessons, over the or through the use of special events and how effective and
11:02 pm
this is what the voters asked us to do when they integrated the agency to use the traffic management of parking control, officers to help give transit a benefit, and preference in moving forward. as i mentioned earlier, as during the course of the out reach, and to various neighborhoods, there was a series of problems, or keen needs that were identified in each of the neighborhoods and some of those are in the back of your package, and what we want to do was walk through both right now, in this year and then what is in the next proposed budget for the recommendations to address these key needs. and the first one, just as just, one neighborhood in tender loin, and this is important, because part of this as an example, shows that the 27 bryant which has been problematic because it is part of the equity strategy, it is sort of and it stood out and we made it a priority and we are beginning to look at ways to
11:03 pm
better dowel with that and then, also, the crowding. the crowding on the 38, and the geary corridor is the busiest and we need to continue to get after that. and not only make sure that we run, and that is the ka corridor that we are in the early stages of priority and the jury is out as to how well it is working and we will monitor and improve on that and here is the example of the needs that were identified as a result of the survey in one neighborhood, the things that we are doing, and to improve it. just to, to move forward, on the capitol investments and again, we think that these are all related to the equity, and our fleet says 2012, as our first buses were introduced into our woods division, and which has a lot of roots that cross the city. and our newest trolly coaches were first introduced to the 14 mission, and so, all of our
11:04 pm
vehicles were putting into service across the city. and the central subways are moving forward and there is a number of muni forward projects that will benefit the different areas of the city, and a couple of weeks ago we launched a significant corridor upgrade to the 14 mission. and that is, and that includes, a number of elements and including transit only, lanes and the stop consolidation, and some special traffic techniques, and so again, it is important that we continue to expand transit signal, priority. here is a just a specific set, of recommendations, again, based on the needs that were identified for different areas, of the city. and what areas that we need to work on. because, as i said, what we learned from the out reach was that yes, some of the things that we are doing, are going to help improve not only city wide, but in particular, neighborhoods but it also revealed that we
11:05 pm
still have a lot of work to do. so these are proposals that were developed and that were, and we intend to move forward on. >> i am sorry to interrupt you. i don't have a copy of what you have here. so, and i can't read it on the screen. >> i am sorry. i am willing to provide that and i tho ut thought that it was in the package? >> it is in the packet. >> please, continue, thanks. >> okay. so, we wanted to just highlight what we are proposing again, important point that while we are targeting the service improvements for areas, we also believe that the progress that we are making and the foundation that we built on the closed
11:06 pm
system will benefit all of those and as we, and as mentioned when we consider service increases and there are some, that are going into effect, again, in april. and two key ones that address the findings and just again, the extension and the closing of the creation of two new roots, to close the gaps on the late night network, and then additional work to relieve the crowding, on the 38 geary which is the most crowded corridor along with the constant, review of mission. so, with that, i am certainly available to answer your questions. but i would just add in terms of the package that you have, in and there is an appendix that also lists the proposed, and by the neighborhoods that we called out, and the key need of the neighborhood, and some of the actions that were taking, to address those problems. >> so with that, again, i thank you, and happy to answer any questions. >> thank you very much, and
11:07 pm
thank you for your work. and colleagues, any questions? commissioner tang? >> thank you so much and commissioner, avalos, you want to speak first? >> i will follow you. >> okay, i will just want to thank you as well as mta for actually, engaging in this study, and i know that it has not really been done before and so i appreciate it. on page on or this map and the happen that outlined the different communities, of concern, there is a huge portion that is actually down near district seven and near sf state, where and it has not been identified as a community of concern and i am just wondering why that is. >> i am sorry, with the map and the question is? >> there is a huge area near
11:08 pm
district seven, down by the sf state, that based on you know the census information, would. >> and okay, now i understand, and so the question is why isn't that focused on? okay. we, we picked, and we used the criteria here and that one has a high, student population. and so, we focused and we could not, and at this point, based on the resources that we had, the approach that we are taking, we took seven of the top seven and the other areas that would be in the next tier but it is also if you get to looking at the range of service, and improvements that we are offering and some of them, would benefit, that area very greatly, and including especially some on the rail side. and so it is not that it is left out, entirely, and there is on the page, with the service
11:09 pm
increases, and in the appendix you will see where bear with me one second. >> i will provide you with that, that will effect the area positively. >> okay, so i, and i mean just thanks for some of the other recommendations as well. and just that a lot of them talk about we want to improve the reliability on a generic sense or we want to reduce crowding. and so i think that that is true, definitely across the board. and so maybe this is something
11:10 pm
that we can talk at a plans program and i just wanted to dig deeper in terms of what are the key needs and how it is and what kind of metrics you mielt have been using to figure out it is that we can better serve the various neighborhoods. and i don't want to have to dive into this here. and this is the 7-day that you highlighted and that is where you started from and based on our funds and the review of the data, and excuse me of the data these are the that led to the corridor and the improvements that were in the process of putting into place right now. so we are happy to go into it in
11:11 pm
greater details. but that is what we did. commissioner avalos? >> i am appreciative of the work that they have done, and especially the work on the reliability and that is significant and that the thing that the public has really called about and is concerned about is the need to reliable and so the focus is really good and i am also wondering what the focus will be on capitol, and the facilities and structures that are put in place that will make the experience of the riders, and the transit users that are and we have a lot of situations in places like balboa park, station areas and other places that don't work for us.
11:12 pm
that area needs attention especially in parts of the san francisco that take up the great chunk of the capitol dollars. >> dually noted. we are as you are well aware, investing in those muni facilities and the mant nens facilities at the, and to bring it to a lesser extent at the moment across the street in the gene va yard but we certainly have a long way to go in that regard and looking across. the agency has just entered into a study that will evaluate on the facilities and the key passenger pa silfys such as stations and now they may be affected but your point is well taken and we are committed to improving. so what i would like to do so this has been an ongoing issue for my district, and my office, i would like to see that we can have a briefing and a follow up
11:13 pm
as quickly as possible, to on the m line ch and the pinch station, and the issues that needs to be picked up for the strategy for the mta and i have asked my staff to reach out to your staff to make it happen as soon as possible. >> sure. >> thank you, commissioner mar. >> thank you, and i want to thank, mr. haily for you can just taking the time to brief my office of the incredible work and it was super wonky presentation to my office and i appreciate it each from the signal priority that increases the efficiency by ten percent to 25 percent and just explaining the process and i want to thank, julie who is sitting here too, for the years of the tep that have led to major improvements and i love that the 7 neighborhoods identified, the lowest income, and the least supported neighborhoods are going to really get much better service and it helps the whole system as well as the tep kind
11:14 pm
of showed over years. but, i know from my district that the 31 balboa and 38 and gear and that although it does no the necessarily, it is not designated as one of the seven, but just the improvements really helped my residents get to and from the core of the city a lot better and so i am really appreciative of the equity agroup that the supervisor avalos has taken the lead on and all of the work that is gone into this and i am supportive of this policy. >> thank you. >> thank you. commissioner mar. and thank you, for the presentation. i think that it is really helpful. and to make just a few, points i am supportive of the direction here, particularly focusing on the low income neighborhoods but also, are the most transit dependant and particularly in the portions of san francisco, and at least if you live by balboa park you will have access to the j, and to the bart.
11:15 pm
and but, in a number of other areas, in the south and south east, and it is a real problem, just in terms of the amount of time that it takes to get to the other parts of the city. so this is a good start. but in terms of equity, and in addition to the equity that you are analyzing, i think that there are some other, equity and other factors to take into account not instead of or in addition to. one is, in terms of our future expected population and density. and we know for example from china town, where we already have incredible density and the high transit usage which is what we want in all of the areas where we are increasing the density and even though it is transit rich in many ways that the buses that you know are intensely over crowded and so, you know, that, and the density in having a service, and for, that density is in my view a part of the equity and so, in
11:16 pm
that, and when you look at the portions of the district six and 10 and sort of in between, soma and bay view, that whole area, is going to be absorbing a significant amount of housing and so even though it may not, be and it is not, the low income. it and it would be in terms of equity we want to make sure that we are not creating all of that housing and not having the transit to support it, and that is an aspect of equity and the other asset of equity that i hope that they will continue to take into account and will take into account more and i think that it has a lot more work to do is about late night and early morning, transportation, which in my view is a major equity issue. because there are so many workers who get off late a night and go to work in the morning and many of whom are working class and don't have a lot of options don't have a car, or if
11:17 pm
they have a car they drive it or park it for a variety of reasons, and our late night and early morning traffic service continues to be very subpar and i know that rush hour is the highest priority, but for someone who is trying to get home from work at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, the subway is closed, bart is closed. the l service is rather infrequent, it creates a major equity issue. and so i hope that that can be part of the calculus. thank you. >> if i may. >> yeah. >> it just, and i would like to say, we heard you, loud and clear and it has been a consistent theme to model the discussions with the equity starting and so with the april rgs service increases, there is
11:18 pm
first of all a couple of good things, the l service will increase from every 45 minutes to every 30 minutes and so that is kind of step one to hope to make better connections and then secondly we will add a route 44 and a route 45 to the basic new routes to close gaps in the areas that you identified as being under served and the 48 will go from the castro to the third street and then the 44 will go from the glen park to the bay view. and so this is something that we have been looking at that we have been hearing from, the community groups and the people that we working with as gaps in the system. so, these are the first two steps that we are taking to try to respond to that. so, i appreciate the feedback, on that. and we are moving forward to strengthen this, because we said it in the principles, clearly what is embedded in the principles is that people are, and we need to look at this system, and the whole system, across the system, and at off
11:19 pm
hour or all hours, including over night as well as more traditional rush hour trips. >> and i appreciate that, and i do appreciate the increase in the lservice and i will say that in general once you get to about, 8 or 9:00 at night, service drops off significantly. and even before the l service kicks in there is a dramatic drop off. thank you. >> colleagues, are there any comments or questions on item number ten? >> commissioner avalos? >> just one last one, and that is when you have these measures for equity, how do you uj r insure that they are implemented and one is the back stop and the oversight to make sure that changes are made, do you identify the efficiency and what is in place to make that happen? how does the mta board get involved and what is the recourse? >> i think that the first part
11:20 pm
of this is doing this on a regular basis and tieing it to the budget process and that adds an element, of it as i used the term these are not a set of principles or plans that will sit on the shelf. and so, we have got the feedback and we have heard, what are the key needs and part of what we have done is take our basket of service dollars and begin to address those needs. so an ongoing, option, and i am sure that the body ads well is a look at how well we are doing. and in terms of things like you know, cost per trip, and rider ship, performance, and those kinds of things so that when, going forward in addition to we make the smart choices that support the equity strategy and we do so in such a way that we create a more ifish ent network and so it is an authoritying it into the processes and the systems that we have. and monitoring it on a regular
11:21 pm
basis, and then reporting on it just like we do. but i think that the budget process is key. because that, that makes it real. and it puts numbers up there, and it, and it, and it gives everyone certainly, policy makers an opportunity to judge and to decide for themselves if we are walking the walk or just talking the talk. >> okay. colleagues, any additional questions or comments? >> seeing none, is there any public comment and item ten, if so, come forward. >> good morning, and peter, for the san francisco transit riders, and it is pretty unusual for a new program to come along without sudden contentiousgy around it in san francisco. but this is actually about as close as it gets. and the advocate communities work very closely with mta in developing this as you have heard. and we really want to thank the mta for their receptiveness and
11:22 pm
they have really grasped the essence of what we have tried to achieve with this and that said, the proof is not in how this shows all of the wonderful things that mta has been doing and there are great things that mta has achieved in the past year, but in where we go in identifying what needs to be done in the future, and how mta responds to this, and however, mta has so far been very receptive to suggestions and i think that the comments that have been made by various of you this morning, are part of that process. of how we will turn this into a living process and make it work for the improvement of the city. but i think that this is something that really reflects well on mta and the on the working relationship, between mta and the staff and the community and everyone in the city. thank you. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment on item ten? will you come forward?
11:23 pm
>> i just want to echo peter's comments and it has been two years, i think of really close with the sfmta staff, and arrange a stake holders that have been very productive conversations and i think to the concerns that some folks might have about the communities that identify and that is a base line take and we know that there are neighborhood changes and i think that one of the positive thing is that it can be adapted to the changing additions and it gets us a good foundation and i think that it is a potential model where you have a neighborhood based and kind of focused analysis of the community needs that can lead to the improvements and they only happen in the budget issues are lined up and we put in the resources to address the needs, as peter mentioned and as we go forward to implement the tr strategy, and it is important to use this to build the support and public support as we talk about the future funding measures which we will do for the 2016, balance on the and i think that this can give the
11:24 pm
community the benefit and related to that though is that we have changed the position and many of us, on nature of the specific, policy interventions, and policy interventions like, service increases verses capitol improvements, verses line management changes and we took a flexible possible and i hope that this will inform and hope that we will maintain the flexibility in the future funding sources that we go to and we don't tie our hands as we go forward and have the discussions because we think that we are going to go by the analysis here to funding measures and we think that we will need the flexible sources to address the needs and again, i want to thank the mta staff and the board supervisor avalos for getting this started and the support from the ta staff and this is a good model in how we work together on something that will roll out a foundation and provide broader support, for the system and benefit the system over all. thank you.
11:25 pm
>> thank you. next speaker? >> good afternoon, with the san francisco, bicycle coalition. we service equity strategy and i believe that it is a good step in addressing. and we believe that the strategy will serve as a model for comprehensive strategy that will lead to smarter investments that will make for safe, comfortable transportational friends available for all san franciscos by implementing the street safety, and the streets projects and the multi-modal improvement projects the projects like muni forward and vision zero, make it more attractive, we believe that the muni service, equity builds upon the great work and we want to thank all of the groups for the great work on this.
11:26 pm
and the bike coalition has seen more and more collaboration between the pedestrian and the bike safety projects along the high injury quarters, and this great work needs to continue, thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker? >> we are here to speak in support of the transit equity strategy, and the plot for the approach that they have taken to look at what the rider experience is in our high needs neighborhoods across san francisco are. the neighborhoods are identified for the riders who are tenant and low income families impacting residents there and the transit is their life line, and what this equity strategy effects for this and does, is really puts forward the living dashboard for what does that righter's experience look like? and where can mta step into identify those weaknesses and
11:27 pm
appropriately remedy it. the illustration with a three legged prong is to identify the service need and the rolling stock meter or a tweak to the service management side, those can make a huge difference for the rider experiences on the ground from bay view to china town and so the reports to continue to work with mta to these and look forward to seeing these roll out the 17, 18, recommendations. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment, item ten? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and this is an information item. commissioner avalos? >> yes, i wanted to say thank you to the committee who is here with the process to meet with the mat to share their ideas and for how to move forward on the equity strategy. and there was significant, part of the progress and i also want to thank my staff member, jeremy, who played a large role in that effort as well.
11:28 pm
>> thank you, and okay. item ten is information item. and we will move to item eleven. item eleven. >> introduction of new items. >> colleagues are there any enter ducks of new items? >> okay. >> is there any public on item eleven? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> and item eleven is also, an information item. >> and item 12, >> item 12, public comment. >> is there any general public comment? >> although once of well beings and the wealth are all predetermined destiny -- (inaudible)
11:29 pm
11:30 pm
>> next speaker? >> peter, again, from the san francisco transit riders, and i just want to avail myself with the opportunity to comment very briefly on something that you will be discussing this afternoon as the board. and i want to urge you to support the amendments to the transportation sustainability fee that come before us. and you are executive director earlier and commented on how bleak things look for transportation funding, and on the state level and this is important, and not only first of all because of the additional revenue that could bring to the transportation funding it is also important because it is reestablishes the, and if it raises the contributions of the commercial sector, and closer to the 25 percent that is the historic floor. and of the portion of the nexus
11:31 pm
fee that contributed by the commercial development and also brings the commercial developments and share it closer to the 25 percent, that we are asking the residential developers to contribute. so i urge you to support that when it is before you this afternoon. >> thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> hi, gilbert, i respect, 18 and 19, and it 0-year-old, young adults. they are members >> it is irresponsible in a rigged economy at this time in san francisco and put your money where your mouth is and free muni for 18, and 19-year-olds and should be free.
11:32 pm
and respect when you expect 18 and 19 and 20-year-olds to register to vote, you should respect the individual right and right to privacy. and respect the state laws that are already on the books. for 18 and 19 and 20-year-olds. and also, i want to say that the super bowl was a bust for the castro district. the castro merchants, and lost money during the super bowl, and the events and the castro merchants are totally upset and so are the residents, and we were put out during the super bowl events, muni ran and was irresponsible for the share of this committee, to be chairing this meeting when he is derilic in his duty. thank you. >> is there any additional
11:33 pm
public? >> yes. thank you, chair. and just, bob here with the urban habitat and i just want to follow up and reiterate what he said about what you will be taking up today around the tsf and the fee structure we think that is good in harmonizing and also in good policy in terms of the revenue and it can be used again as we are going to have the discussions this fall about the potential measures and we want to make sure that we are doing all that beck to make sure that the impact of development are also, contributed to the transit funding that we need in the city and we hope that you will take that into consideration, thank you. >> thank you, and is there any additional public comment? see none, public comment is closed. item number 13? >> adjournment. >> we are adjourned. thank y purn push
11:34 pm
- >> all right. so first of all, i want to welcome everybody who is here the press, all our communities partners are here come on matt we have matt right there are for the school district thank you for making it this press conference happen that is probable one of the month crucial and important issues and topics that is going on about gun violence you know taking into consideration what is happening all around the world and country and city we're here as a
11:35 pm
community everybody is one to eradicate gun violence i'm rudy the ed of the analyzing an organization that has been standing and fighting against gun violence for the last 21 years i'm here with my people my community and everybody that is here who is serious about this issue we we want to make sure we eradicate gun voipgsz that we are here you take this issue serious one of the most important protections is dealing with the mothers the mothers have lost their sons to gun violence we want to make sure we let them know that also they're being heard and they're being dealt with prove or disprove so me being involved in the violence field for 21 years we tale with youth kids from all over the community all over the
11:36 pm
city with the help of brothers like brother rich from project and from the vip team in the building and so without further ado, i want to invite mayor ed lee to come on up we've got to put him on pause the president of the united states we have to put on mayor ed lee let's welcome the ferry rosz robber mayor the city mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> rudy thank you to you and your staff for making your house available to co-host this important press event that announces our intention to join you you're police chief and mothers, people who really want
11:37 pm
to embrace non-violence to do this gun buy back this start saturday in the morning i want to emphasize now working with united playaz and others community-based organizations and important as education is to us i know we have a school board member matt haney as important we want good jobs and everyone it this room that wants better paying jobs in this city we want training, we want economic development and other nonprofits to be on their own buildings like the united playaz all of that becomes nearly enforceable inform you got violence violence distracts you from everybody and the trauma lasts for generation unfortunately for families and the communities
11:38 pm
that are involved and so it is our attempt with this gun buy back to reduce the opportunity for violence people can have disagreements purely disagreement between me and the board of supervisors sometimes can create some good solutions but if people resort to violence to resolve their it didn't make any difference to make their presence known or try to get something that is not going to solve anything that worsens the situation for everyone so i want to take a big that, of course, because this country as rudy indicated with the call from the president there is a lot of violence under our entire country and the bay area is no different and we got to reach out to more young people reach out to not so i don't know people that resort to
11:39 pm
violence we can't that that as an alternative we'll do our best working with the police department and along with the community groups and along with mothers and victims of violence that i know have every right to say what we need to say in front of the city hall or the mayor's office e.r. community groups i support that you mean at the end the message is less violence and embrace each other find a way to communicate with less violence if we do so you'll see advancements in education and advancements in jobs and more enhancement in community economic development that is what we're doing in our housing public housing that is the site of so many violence we're trying to champion that with community
11:40 pm
policing pea new techniques and 0 investing in our community and people and make sure we educate our kids it is no, no good answer and solution if you use violence and if we use good afternoon. welcome so getting the guns it is effective over the years i think we gotten over worsening one how guns off the streets month of them not properly purchased if doesn't matter their illegally purchased that violence didn't mean if you purchased that illegal or legally it is the use of goes on to prevent violence we come together i'm united of the united playaz and their friends and communities and groups and individuals that want to change their lives would hope that others would just put the guns down and let's talk through this
11:41 pm
city got resources not like we're not offering anything we have making the go bhith investment in the history of the country but trying to get jobs for everyone including those who have a questionable background we'll help you to erase those background and train you in all the industries that the city has been successful we have so many promise as a city question shouldn't have to resort to violence we stand with the united playaz and the officers and community groups and everything that from out of you're prison system we need to do better and need to find alternatives to prison to get people jobs to raise their families and get people where we need to be this is a great city we will be better if we reduce the violence thank you, rudy and
11:42 pm
everyone for making sure we'll do this and continue to do this we will be joining next year oakland and doing gun buy backs crime knows no boundary we'll be more successful by embracing this thank you (clapping.) >> thank you, mayor ed lee give a hand one more time for mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) i also want to say we're here to eradicate gun violence all of the city one or more gun we can get off the streets is that gun that may save you're life or child's you don't know when the bullet leaves the chamber it does not discriminate no name be 0 the bullet that we can get rid
11:43 pm
of guns we can i guarantee that one gun that save everybody this this room let's continue to support each other we can agree or sgraur like the mayor said at the end of the day, we'll have each other's back the next person is also is doing an amazing job of stopping the violence in san francisco he is the police chief of san francisco he plays a major roll in get rid ofing of guns give it up for greg suhr (clapping.) i want to thank rudy and the analyzing for the buy back as the mayor said the focus has been on gun violence as standing to applying manipulate left is
11:44 pm
ms. paulette brown lost here son to gun violence aubrey brown she's working tireless at any very often that speaks to the reduction of gun violence in 201498 people were killed many by firearms and working with organizations like united playaz and other communities groups and the leadership of our mayor and doesn't to the young people and education and jobs we've been able to better have those numbers last year, we had 46 homicides but still thirty of these were by firearms every year year in and out the self-employed takes over one thousand dwnz off the streets of san francisco gun buy backs have taken over nine hundred guns and i'm confident this saturday will
11:45 pm
be over one thousand any guns as rudy spoke to any gun that comes off the is are streets of san francisco, california have no harm if you have a firearm in the house and knows of someone in the house with a firearm please think about thank you for the opportunity is in on saturday and pick up a little bit of holiday shopping money and it will go a long way to keep san francisco safe and the children of those mothers might be here today and not have to have mothers hurting please turn the guns in (clapping.) >> thank you excessive greg suhr and tmc thank you to matt we have mothers that have lost a son to gun violence the wall are
11:46 pm
all unsolved murders we want to make sure we acknowledge them and try to find solutions they're part of solutions major and so just to move on we have two more speakers and waiting is our supervisor jane kim but the next gentleman i want to bring up he's also an employee of the united playaz and someone that say was a monster now a mentor my brother damn i don't think so share also thank you. >> (clapping). >> i want to thank everyone for coming out today i want to implore and touch the hearts of people that might be watching many seller to the hood to the mothers to the
11:47 pm
grandmothers to the brothers and sisters if you got guns in our home come out december 12, 8 to 12 tenth street and turn them in i've been on both sides shot ten times and 10 years in prison i changed my life and here with united playaz and doing working everyday on gun violence along with the mothers beside me to get the guns off the street to make it safer for the children like rudy said you don't know when that gun will hurt you or someone you love i've stolen guns out of people's houses it is so the people i don't know what happened to them that want to get get rid of get rid of of the guns a little boy killed his own brother he found his gun
11:48 pm
there are other ways so all the community of the people matters what you're race or color or creed and economic level gun buy back you'll be surprised it, the people the camera man a was thinking about turning in his gun i implore him and everyone if you have guns if in you're home not locked up you never know when you're own gun might be used against you i implore from the body o my body from the mothers children i ask you to come in and turn in the guns and find a better way thank you very much (clapping.)
11:49 pm
>> thank you damon i've been a victim of gun violence myself see this right here? this is for real you talking about real front line soldier in the battlefield an ground zero come up here boo my brother from new york this brother foster back here you're talking about re-entry you're talking about helping brothers from the penitentiary he did 45 years before foster g did a gang of time and new york back there the guy at front door did one and 50 years total but talk about solutions the moms and brothers who been there deny that and the mayor; right? you
11:50 pm
got the community and the police chief and you've got to school district what other part is missing in the evaluation we have our supporters who helped us fund this gun buy back ron conway that people don't know he do not to the cause the brothers from the medical marijuana the grassroots from barbary coast, hal even and brendon do that donates resources to make this all happen one of the main guys who we have to address who oriented the gun buy back is name a eon; right? his father got killed was a young kid the
11:51 pm
perpetrator stole the gun out of a home and we don't want to see this we want to get the guns now so this brother who is helping us he said some incredible things we forgot to mention no questions asked they ask you nothing you turn them in and get our money you can leave so this is a serious serious irk right here you turn on the tv you don't see something about gun voijsz what is the solution right here not wait until the camera is in front of you and you know what i want to be on this side because it ain't about a color or gender or national outlet or gaze some when someone pulls the trigger you can't stop i know look
11:52 pm
this is saved any envelopes life we all got shot at one of the guys any son get hit 5 times may he rest in peace that would have been my life i'm still here i want to bring up someone from our community that loves and cares about our people who's heart in is in the hood and lives in the hood i want to have our district supervisor jane kim come up and share thank you (clapping.) >> thank you all so much for being are here today and also to the media for helping us with the outreach and education it is important on saturday, i got to participate in the gun buy back and a lot of the residents come out to volunteer this is one of
11:53 pm
the best and direct ways to reduce gun violence on the street on a weekly basis we have a massive gun violence kroisz when you see where we have less gun violence 1942 where we have a stronger gun control laws and less guns on the street this is one of the ways with we do that without obstructs and any questions asked this is the time to turn them in and brings less violence on the street so it is so important south of market but here in san francisco and most importantly i know to acknowledge and thank the amazing donors to contribute money again with no questions asked so i want to thank rudy and the united playaz for this
11:54 pm
program and we'll have gun buy backs all the time but not a little bring you you mention the fruition you want to see and the outreach and education so i hope everyone is able to get the word out and volunteer with the organization but you thank you to all the donors for making this possible so we have a success thank you. >> (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you jane kim after we complete the press conference he have people that want to share but i'm going to read you alarming statistics one in 3 homes with children have guns many left urban locked or loaded you didn't hear me one in 3 homes with children have homes many left unlocked and loaded
11:55 pm
i'm sure never been the same 80 percent of unintentional firearm deaths of kids under 1 occur in their home with this this is the holidays hospitals and suicide by gun increases during the holiday so you want to be involved in helping out here it is right here the great matt scott we want to go to graduations not funneled and able or be part of the solution not the pollution we're involved we'll not wait until things happen we don't want to go to funnels or hospital where a person is walking around with a bag once you get shot and die you ain't never coming back those brothers it they'll be
11:56 pm
standing with us but it needs to be heard i'm not against people that have guns, you know who responsible knows how to do it or the safety behind guns we live in a real world but people with 34b9 issues people shot reck also no questions asked and make sure we honor the mayor the police chief, the medical marijuana store, the community people, the vip and project level and most important the mothers you're fierce district supervisor jane kim love you girl and the school district right here matt haney our capita of our neighborhood sherry right and the leader the rest of you guys and brothers and sisters who came home from prison who's
11:57 pm
out here doing good okay shout outs to mike and the rest of the guys please ask questions thank you for coming. >> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea
11:58 pm
world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisce
11:59 pm
12:00 am
room and please rise for the pledge of allegiance of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all >> commissioner president loftus i'd like to call roll commissioner president loftus commissioner vice president turman commissioner marshall commissioner dejesus is in route commissioner hwang and commissioner melara commissioner president loftus we have quorum we have present with us police chief greg suhr and contra-costa alameda thank you sergeant good evening and welcome everybody to the final


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