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tv   Special BOS Rules Committee 21616  SFGTV  February 24, 2016 5:00am-7:31am PST

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>> alright, good morning, everyone, welcome sto our february 11, 2016 rules committee meeting. i am katy tang, to my left is supervisor mali ya cohen and we will be excusing supervisor mar in a moment, our clerk today is derek evans and we'd like to thank jessie larson and leo [inaudible], i would also like to welcome, i believe we have in the house former mayor today, welcome. with that, mr. clerk, do you have any announcements. >> thank you, please silence all cell phones and electronic devices, completed documented somebody
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submitted to the clerk, items acted upon today will be appear on the supervisor agenda unless otherwise stated. er >> can we get a motion the excuse supervisor mar from today's meeting. motion from supervisor cohen, without objection. call item 1. >> item 1 is a a motion confirming the mayoral appointment of eleni kounalakis to the port commission term ending may 1, 2016. >> and i believe she is here today. >> thank you very much. members of the rules committee, supervisors tang and cohen, i'm very honored to be here today and to have been nominated by mayor lee to serve as the san francisco port commission, i grew up
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in northern california and left my heart in san francisco bh i was a young girl on a special visit to the city to visit family. my husband marcos who like me is a child of greek immigrant parents was born and raised in san francisco. we have made our life here for most of the last 16 years, raising our two children and being part of the civic life of this great city. like many first generation san franciscans, i feel grateful this beautiful, vibrant and ever evolving city is my home. san francisco's waterfront is one of its greatest and most important features, it is a multi-faceted gateway to the city, seeped in history, it includes some of the important sites tourism not just in san francisco but for the whole state of california, its business operations are robust, generating revenues that supports its extensive portfolio of more than 350 buildings along 7.5 miles of
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property and of course the waterfront plays a critical role in the lives of families who reside in the many diverse neighborhoods which abut the waterfront, stretching from north to south. the need to protect, maintain and constantly search for new ways to improve the san francisco walter front is an important task for our city, the port commission's responsibilities are central in this effort, if my nomination is confirmed, i will call upon my experiences and expertise in land use and business. i attended the hot school of berkeley where i focused my study ins the real estate program and i have worked for many years in land use and farming in the greater sacramento and central valley region. because my background includes work in property development, i know very well the importance that civil society plays anymore, but
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particularly in areas as important as san francisco's waterfront. there are many stakeholders. community advocates, neighborhoods and so many others make up the symphony of voices who actively engage to make sure their perspectives are heard and considered, if appointed, i pledge to respect the many overlapping interests and jurisdictions that drive the decision-making process at the port commission. as you know, i served our great nation as a united states ambassador, i was posted in budapest for nearly four years representing our country was an honor sdp privilege of my life, when i returned to san francisco a little over two years ago, it was the strong desire to continue to contribute as an active member of civic life, i'm proud to serve as the chair of the california advisory council for international trade and investment, i'm also proud to
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continue my work with the u.s. department of state as a member of its virtual fellowship program, i believe my continued work in international trade and investment will bring another important perspective to the port commission if i'm confirmed. 16 years ago today, i was married under the same dome here in city hall, i'm very proud that today i'm being considered to serve our city as a member of the san francisco port commission. i ask for your support and if you have any questions, i'm happy to answer them. thank you. >> thank you so much for your presentation and of course for your service on behalf of our country as well. i know that in your remarks, you certainly shared your understanding of the complexity of issues facing the port, and i guess my question to you would just be, what are some of the issue that is you foresee coming up for the port commission or the port department itself, and you know, just shed light on some
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of the things you'd like the work on as well. >> of course. so, you know, i don't want to prejudge what i think might be coming down or, you know, what my views are until i have an opportunity to become more familiarize in a more intimate way with some of the issues and some of the proposals and projects that are coming down, but there are few that immediately come to mind, one is of course that monique moirl who swished as the executive director for 12 years is leaving in a few weeks and i know that finding someone who will be able to take up that role and step into what i've heard people say are very big shoes, even though her feet were not so big, so i think that that's going to be very important because certainly the management of over 250 employees and the diversity and complexity of the issues takes a very strong, capable and experienced executive direct torx so i think that's clearly one of them. there are several other
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major development projects that i know are in the works, the atrozezani side, pier 70, i hate to give examples out of fear of missing anything, and i also have experienced the incredible improvements to the waterfront, just in my life with my family, we like going down there. we've noticed the major changes that have taken place, the blue-green parkway which has made such an inviting atmosphere with more places to have recreation and i understand that this is an ongoing proposal and then of course there's going to be a major updating of the plan, the waterfront plan and that process has already begun, so i think those are going to be important issues, but again, i hesitate because it's not an inclusive in totality of the issues coming forward again because i think it will take some time to
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familiarize myself. >> alright, thank you for that, and certainly i do appreciate your backgrounds and experience in land use and business because as many of you know, the port is acting as a landlord to many businesses down there, so having that experience on that commission i think is very, very helpful. so, i don't have any other questions, any questions or comment, supervised sore cohen? >> yes, thank you, good morning, it's nice to see you, i'm excited, i'm here, i'm going to be supporting you, i was delighted to receive information that you're interested in this appointment, i'm glad you are accepting the call from the mayor to serve san francisco. i have to tell you, i know you and most importantly the work that you've done through the women's political community, and supervisor tang, she's just been an out standing leader and getting women to boards and commissions, being a role model and lifting as she's claimed the ladder herself,
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so it's a joy to see you today and cast a vote for you. i do appreciate our private conversation and reiterating some of the issues we talked about here in committee today, it's important you have a strong grasp of the underlying issue, particularly to the port and land use, it's critical, it's an ongoing battle along the southeast and southern waterfront, there are many things afoot and i hope that you will have that strength, if not now, at some point in the future to cast a vote that may be against the appointing entity that is appointing you, but nonetheless, i know you carry yourself with integrity and leadership and i know you'll do your homework before you cast every vote and you will talk to people and find the facts, so i'm grateful for your interest in serving and good luck. >> thank you very much, supervisor. >> thank you. so, i think at this time then i will open it up to public comment because i know there are many people who are
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excited to comment on this appointment, so please come on up. >> thank you, madam chair, supervisor tang and supervisor cohen for the opportunity to come and express congresswoman nancy po laous sa's support of eleni kounalakis to the port commission, we're grateful for her service to our nation abroad and also here at home stepping up to serve as well, while congressional business keeps her in washington, she's asked mre to come and share her words with you which i will read now, dear members of the rules committee, i'm pleased to write in support of edwin lee's nomination of eleni kounalakis to the port commission. she's an american
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businesswoman, philanthropist and diplomat and she will be an asset to the port commission and the waterfront of the city and county of san francisco, from 2010 to 230 20* 13, she served as the u.s. ambassador [inaudible] she's the only green american woman to serve as a u.s. ambassador, she showed an unrelenting commitment to the principles of democracy for the people of hungry and fostering and strengthening international relationship, ambassador kounalakis has worked tirelessly, both internationally and locally for growth relations, govern dmor brown appointed eleni keen lack kis on the investment and trade advisory council, advising the state government on strategies to take advantage of international business and investment opportunities. previously ambassador kounalakis served as
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california trade state commissioner and on the children and families commission, a body that oversees child care programs for children and their families throughout california. ambassador kounalakis offers impressive experience and diplomacy for her work and the people she serves, she will be a strong advocate for all the communities that utilize our waterfront and as such, i wholeheartedly support her nomination and encourage her support as well, nancy poll loes see, democratic leader. >> dan, on behalf of nancy po louis sa's ever come the rules nit tee to odd va kate, this is a first. i just want to point that out, good to see you. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> thank you so much. any other members of the public who wish to speak? now we have the former mayor? my goodness, i don't think that's ever happened either. welcome. >> good morning, madam chair and supervisor cohen, it's a
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delight to be before your committee, i love your manners, i might come more often because it's a pleasure, the way you handle with such great civility the issues in front of you, on tv as well as in person, my real name is athanasios which translates to [inaudible], it was done in 1900's when my hated came here and went through ellis island and they couldn't say my name, so i'm here the say it with translation services because there are other folks here who sc equally long names with many syllables, the real reason is in my 35 years of public service at various levels from local government in the executive office to the state legislative office and in sacramento as well as a presidential appointment in the department of housing and urban development, this is the best person i have ever seen come for this kind of
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an appointment. she has the academic background with an mba in business of course and has implemented that academic background in a very successful business outside of san francisco, she's never really done any business here in the city for herself but certainly been very successful outside of the city in land development which is extremely important in the current and future work at the port, so i think she brings great expertise. am i getting gonged. >> you still more time. >> i will proceed. were you here in 1988? so, she also brings a great diplomatic and political acumen to this job which is extremely important. when she was appointed a u.s. ambassador to hungary, she noshade a land deal for the
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united states of america with a hostile government regarding the u.s. embassy, this is not the first time she served our city and has been asked, mayorga v*in newsom appointed her and mayor lee has made a good choice to bring her to the port where we need her now more than ever before and i'm dieted to endorse that nomination and i hope all of your colleagues join you in the unanimous support you're giving to her. thank you very much. >> thank you again for being here today. any other members of the public who wish to speak today, come on up. we have port commissioners too. >> hi, supervisors tang and cohen, i'm leslie cats, i'm a former san francisco supervisor, i'm delighted to stand before you and urge that you confirm ambassador
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kounalakis's appointment to the port commission, she will be a wonderful addition, i can't add anything more than what former mayor agnos offered to her credentials, i have known her as well for many years and agree that she's very reasoned, thoughtful, incredibly accomplished, i think will add a wonderful dimension to the port commission, we'd love to have a full complement of members there so we have five commissioners, then we can often have a recess occasionally, or some of us could take a break without having to recess the commission hearing, but in all seriousness, it would be an absolute delight to have the ambassador join the part commission and i think she will serve the citizens of san francisco very well given her extensive international as well as domestic background and so i just wholeheartedly support her appointment, so thank you very much.
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>> thank you for being here. >> good morning, supervisors tang and cohen, i'm willie adams, i'm secretary to the treasure of the [inaudible] union on behalf of our president, i rise to support ambassador eleni's nomination and also as president of the san francisco port commission, we also support her nomination. i think her skill set is impeck nl, she is a strong advocate in the community and i think what would be good for us, we will finally have our fifth commissioner, we have a balance, i think the port commission that we have is the best commission in the city, all the commissioners are mavericks, independent thinkers, they engage well in the community, ambassador eleni, she made it on tuesday, it was director moore's last meeting, she was there, you could tell she was engaged, she was listening and put herself out there and
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i appreciate having her and on behalf of the ilw and the port commission, we support her. >> thank you very much, any other members of the public who wish to speak x comment on item 1? >> okay, that was an all star crew there ask we will close public comment, the matter is in the andover the committee. er >> i would love to make a motion that we confirm and accept the mayoral appointment to port commission for ms. eleni kounalakis. >> thank you, and i second that, we can take that without objection. alright, congratulations. thank you. [applause]. wow, even applause. alright. item 2, please. >> item number 2 is a hearing to consider appointing one member term ending january 6, 2020 to the small business commission, there is one seat, one applicant. >> alright, and we have a reappointment here, that's up for william ortiz-cartagena or anyone speaking on his
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behalf? no? i'm not sure if he was planning on attending, i thought they was when i spoke with him yesterday, maybe we can delay this to the end of the meeting in case he shows up, let's move to item 3. >> madam chair, item number 3, pursuant to board rule 3.37 and the passage of motion number 1615, the item was called from committee and will be heard before the board of supervisors sitting as a nit tee at the whole at the next regularly scheduled meeting on february 23, 2016t public will have an opportunity to comment on the charter amendment at this time. >> this matter is no longer in the hands of this committee, we will mao*u to item 4. >> item 4 is ordinance amending the administrative code to codify the single room okay panzerbacker pansy task force and extend its sunset date by three years to december 31, 2018. >> do we have anyone here to speak on item 4? no? deputy city attorney john gibner. >> job gibner from the city
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attorney's office, supervisor yaoe would is unavailable for this meeting asked me to speak to summarize what we're doing here. the sr task force was sunsetting websinger require all advisory bodies to sunset every three years so this ordinance simply reps the task force for another three years and adds the task force into the administrative code, it was previously created and reauthorized by resolution several times. the one substantive change that this ordinance make tos the sr task force is it was a 14 member body, the 14th member was an appointee of the city attorney, a deputy from my office, but the best practice for advisory bodies like this is to have the city attorney act as an advisor, not a voting member, just like we advise all boards and commission ins the city so, we removed that 14th member, now it's a 13 member body and the city attorney will
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continue to be the legal advisor and there is one amendment, just a typo in here that we'd like to suggest on page 4, line 2, it still references seat 14 and we would change that to seat 13 if the committee could make that amendment. >> great, thank you very much for that and i see jen low from supervisor yaoe's office do, you have anything else to add to that? no? okay, great, then i understand these changes and we'll open up item 4 then to public comment. any members of the public? seeing none, then public comment is closed. do we have a motion for the amendment? >> i'll make that motion. >> alright, great, so a motion by supervisor cohen to make the amendment that was stated by deputy city attorney on page 4, line 2, and then as amended. >> as amended. >> okay, we will send
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forward to the full board with positive recommendation, without objection, thank you. and now we will move on to item 5. >> item 35 is a motion ordering submitted to voters an ordinance amending the administrative code to revise the city's paid sick leave ordinance to include protections to employees under the pslo that largely parallel recent state law enactment pertaining to paid sick leave, primarily the healthy workplaces, healthy families act of 2014 as amended as the election to be held on june 7, 2016. >> thank you, and i believe we have [inaudible] from the office of labor standards enforcement. >> good morning, supervisors. i have a powerpoint. let me see if we can bring it up.
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so, lield toik give some background this morning on the san francisco paid sick leave ordinance and the new california paid sick leave ordinance, discuss the goals of the proposed ballot initiative, provide you with a summary of the proposed changes to the paid sick leave ordinance and answer any questions you might have. in 2006, in a campaign that was headed by two women from a small organization called young workers united, san francisco voters enacted the paid sick leave ordinance becoming the first city in the country to require that employers parade their employees with paid sick leave. i think of san francisco as pee try dish for progressive labor law legislation and we
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see what might take here and this was one of our successes. our paid sick leave ordinance served as a model for a number of cities that started in washington dc, then the state of connecticut, city of seattle, philadelphia, notably new york city, state of massachusetts and then in 2004, the state of california passed a paid sick leave law called the healthy families, healthy workplaces act, which became effective on july 1 of 2015. unfortunately, our state legislators didn't consult with san francisco and there's some provisions that don't mesh well with our law and surprisingly, there's some provisions in state law that afford workers greater protections than our law does as our law is nearly 10 years old at this point.
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the california law can only be enforced by the labor commissioner, which sets up a dysfunctional enforcement scenario, if a worker is denied paid sick leave by their employer, they would need to come to the olsc office of labor standards enforcement office here in san francisco in order to recover what they may be entitled to under local law and then we would potentially send them to the labor commissioner to file an additional complaint, and employers could be subject to enforcement actions from two government agencies. lastly, the san francisco law can only -- because it was passed at the ballot, it can only be amended by the voters. the goals of the proposed ballot initiative are to
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incorporate the stronger provisions of each law into our local law to ensure that workers have access to paid sick leave, to streamline the legal requirements to make it easier for small businesses and all employers to comply, and to provide the board of supervisors the opportunity to address potential changes to either state or federal law. i would like to summarize the key new provisions that will be included in our new paid sick leave ordinance. under the san francisco paid sick leave ordinance, accrual of paid sick leave starts on the 91st day of employment. under state law, accrual starts on the first day of employment. under local law, there's a floating cap on the amount of sick leave that can be
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accrued for businesses with less than 10 employees, the cap is 40 hours, for businesses with 10 or more employees, the cap is 72 hours, and if someone uses paid sick leave, they continue to accrual until they reach the cap. the state law provides an upfront option whereby employers at the beginning of a year may provide either three days or 24 hours of sick leave. the proposed change would require accrual under the san francisco paid sick leave law to begin on the first day of employment consistent with state law, and an employer who chooses to use the three day or 24 hour upfront option would have this counted as an advance against their accrual obligation the paid sick leave ordinance.
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currently, both local and state law require employers to post a notice to employees informing them of their rights under the law. it's confusing. the proposed change would require the olsc to provide one posting upon certification by the state that the poster accurately contains all the requirements, and the labor commissioner's office is working with us now to create one poster that does just that. state law requires that leave balances be provided on the wage statement, san francisco law is silent on that, so the proposed change would require that employers include the san francisco paid sick leave accrual balance on the wage statement.
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state law requires leave to be reinstated if an employee is rehired within one year, local law does not. and the proposed change would add that reinstatement requirement. state law includes permissible uses such as when an employee is the victim of domestic violence, sexual assault and/or stalking, this covers medical and non-medical time, and the proposed change would incorporate these additional uses into our local law. if enacted by the voters, this measure would become operative on january 1, 2017, it would be on the ballot in june, and it is intended to have prospective effect only. lastly, the proposed initiative would allow the board of supervisors to amend the paid sick leave
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ordinance when state and federal law expands coverage. additional information can be found either on the olse's website or the department of industrial relations website, and if you have any question, i'm happy to answer. >> thank you very much for the presentation, any questions or comments? >> no. >> we looked over this thoroughly when it was first brought about and all these changes are necessary and good, so i don't have any concerns at this time, so maybe with that, then we will open it up to public comment. any members of the public wish to speak on item 5? seeing none, then public comment is closed. if we can get a motion to send this forward to the board. >> yes. move all of the recommendations. >> so mauled by supervisor cohen and without objection. if we can call item 6, please. >> item number 6 is a hearing
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to consider the declaration of policy submitted by the mayor to the voters at the june 7, 2016 election, entitled declaration of policy declaring it official policy of the city and county of san francisco to invest in the future of transportation by prioritizing repaving and pothole repair, vision zero safety projects and other bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements, and investment in regional transportation insfra structure and vehicles that serve san franciscans such as bart and cal train in the expenditure of revenues from future revenue ballot measures. er. er hi, my name is melissa white house, deputy budget direct torx i'm joined today on this presentation with director of capital program, brian strong, and the [inaudible], i'm also joined
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by rachel alonzo and [inaudible] from the department of public works and [inaudible] and i'm really happy to have them all with me here today. so, the point of my presentation is to just give you a little bit of background on why we're doing this, explain the declaration of policy, we're going the give you a recap of the france oration task force and update you on where we are today since it's been three years since that report was is dewed and we're happy to take questions. >> thank you sx, we're now joined by supervisor aver loes. >> great, a member of the transportation task force, we're map pi to see you, supervisor. as you are well aware, in 2013, the mayor and the board of supervisors came into task force, more than 50 transportation experts to assess the city's transportation system through the year 203, this group had a long exhaustive process over a 9 month period, the main thing was they conducted a thorough needs assessment
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and figure out how to address the issues na came up through that needs assessment. so, the main findings from the task force were the first thing was that current funding was not adequate to meet the needs of our current system and certainly not enough to prepare for future growth, and really what the group found was from fiscal year and the current year we're in, 15-16 through the year 2030, there was a up to 3.8 billion dollars in likely available sources which left a gap of 6.3 billion dollars left, the task force felt they needed to address that, so the main recommendations that kim out of the task force, there was 3, the first one was really through this needs assessment process, what we heard was a need to really fix and maintain the core system, so this is really to first make sure that everything we have and operate is in its best shape
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and then from there to try to enhance our system and finally to expand our system when possible, it seemed like over again what we heard from the agencies is we need to find more money to maintain our core system and get the best positive impact to our system, you'll hear more about that from brian strong, so how do we tackle this big number, and there was three measures or sorry four measure and is three revenue ideas the group came to, the first one is 1 billion dollars in general obligation bond funding broken into two 500 million dollar bonds, the first bond was passed with 72% of the vote in november, 2013 and thank you, supervisor tang for your leadership in that issue and the whole board for moving that guard, we're excited about that and the next one is slated for 2024, the capital plan right now, the next was a vehicle license fee increase, this is to bring it back up to the 2% which it had been at from 1948 through 2004 until it was lowered by arnold
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governor schwarzenegger, so all of these measures together equaled about 3 billion dollars, there was a 3.6 billion dollar need, this would address half of that and to get to that remaining gap to aggressively pursue any and all other sources to get us to the full 10, we believed and the i think the task forced talked about, if we went after these dollars, we could show the city was making a commitment and trying hard and it would make it easier for us to advocate for funds from other entities. why are we doing this declaration of policy? i think the idea here is to reaffirm our commit toment the goals, similar to prop k with housing, we have a plan, it was really well thought
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through, this is just to try to reaffirm that and also make it official city policy, not just a plan and really get the voters to weigh in on that, so the main kind of summary goals from the group was to maintain our existing assets, improve travel time and reliability, reduce costs by investment in capital so it doesn't impact our operating budgets, serve our planned growth and improve safety and accessibility, and now i'm going the hand it over to caroline and brian and i'll cam back in the end to conclude. thank you. >> yeah, good morning, committee members brian strong with the capital planning program. so, as mel less sa was saying, we want to be competitive with fed wral and state funds and that's been a challenge for all governments, really since proposition 13, the amount of funds available for doing street repaving or a lot of these transit, transportation improvements have been dwindling, we've seen it starting with the sort of more precipitous drop that we saw in our pavement condition and we'll talk about it more later, we've seen it wit
5:37 am
the state gas tax where it's dropped about 83% over the past four years, so the amount of funds that -- really what's happening, it's not just for san francisco, we're needing to be much more self-sufficient, much more self-reliability and also putting together strong arguments for getting the federal, the small amounts of federal and state dollars that are out there. so, a big -- i think one of the most outcomes of the task force is being able to quantify the needs that were out there, i think there were a lot of different discussions about that and melissa mentioned the 10 billion dollar number, and it was also getting us to agree on how we're going to attack those needs and from the capital plan's perspective, we've said we really want to take care of what we own first, the fix it first, take care of what you own, make sure we get the full use out of the assets, we know if we don't repave streets on a regular basis, they end up costing us 4 to 5 times more
5:38 am
in the long run, how can we make sure we do that? we know with our fleet, with the fleets, it's a similar situation, if we don't take care of them on a regular basis, they end up costing us more over the long run, we have to take them in and do a complete overhaul as compared to doing this smaller sort of as you go state of greater repair needs, i would also say for fleet especially, that's something we're not able to fund through bonds, they're not eligible for bond funding and even for some of our road repaving work, some
5:39 am
of it is not e eligible either, we're looking at different types of sources, not just relying on one or the other. so, where we are today. so, we've been really working on this i would say since 2008 or 2009 when we made a commitment that we're going the follow a real -- make a real effort to increase the amount of fund hating we have tha, beear able to put into this system. the street repaving program has been fully funded based on what we put in the capital plan, you may recall back in 2008 or 2009, we were looking at potentially going below 60 into the range of 50, and we should mention the pavement condition index score, it's like a math score or a grade school score where you really want to be in the a or b range which is above 80%, and we are striving to hit the c range which is 70%, that's what's in our capital plan, and the 60's are really more toward the d's, and we've been consistently moving up, every year, we've been increasing our pavement condition index score and now we're looking at 68 and caroline will talk about that a little bit more. we mention -- melissa
5:40 am
mentioned the go bond, that was the first time we had put a transportation bond measure on the ballot since 1966, and the one in 1966 failed, didn't pass, so again, there was a reliance on these other source of funds that have been shrink, we have another bond plan in 2024, it's part of our capital plan program where we identify these large needs and we know we can't issue a 3 billion dollar bond right now or something, but we have a plan to progressively attack those needs over the long term. finally we should mention in november, prop b in november of 2014, there was an additional commitment of general fund money to transportation projects and that's in the 25-30 million dollars a year range so that is also helping. finally before i pass it on, we're also much more coordinated and i think that's something that came out of this task force, that
5:41 am
came out of this bond, it came out of some of the capital plan efforts too, we're working together, when we are repaving the street, we're doing safety improvement, making sure we're doing scaoep squaip improvements where we can so we're getting more bang for our buck, with that, i'll pass it on to caroline. >> good morning, caroline kl*ef venn jer with sfmt a i'm here to provide a quick overview with what we're doing with the funds from 2014 that brian just reviewed, in terms of our go bond websinger focused on improving transit reliability across the system, as well as accessibility improvements which will be come ining the future, muni facility effort, our facility ares in need of a significant need of
5:42 am
investment, we're looking at investing across the system and our facility rkts go bonds is not eligible for fleet, go bonds, we're using to purchase additional buses which will expand our fleet which will make our system more reliability and on the pedestrian safety side tgo bond will be going to safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists across the system, as well as 6 million dollars from prop b focused on our high injury network and as well as investments around schools which is significant safety needs. with these additional funds, we're looking to improve the travel time on the muni network by 20% which serves 280 thousand riders daily, mold ernie our facilities to improve the reliability of our system, and advance safer streets, vision zero has been a priority investment for the city and we've been moving forward on our high injury corridors and we're looking to build up to 27 miles of the bicycle network upgrades to reduce conflicts and
5:43 am
improve safety for all users. a few quick accomplishments in this past year, mta procured new vehicles and reduced in-service vehicle breakdowns by 10% which is very internal but it's an exciting statistic for us, we're getting our buses out on the street and our light rail vehicles on the rails much more reliably and we've been able to get 99% of our schedule service delivered which is an all-time high for the agency, we're also two thirds to have way through some service increases with the next one coming this spring which is providing more frequent service on 27 routes across our system and improving services in the rapid network, we were able to secure 4 4* 2 million, getting our local funds to leverage other sources of funds, mta secured the largest cap and trade grant fra the state to fund new light rail vehicle sos we have 42 million dollars coming from the state, we've been improving our employee amenities, it's important in mta we provide amenity for
5:44 am
the people who are driving those vehicles, operator restroom that are being in place and a few more to come. we've delivered the first 24 projects identified with vision zero which is exciting including safer crosswalks, 200 intersection, saver market street downtown and the castro and improves visibility walking in the tenderloin, and the pavement condition, after decades of decline, the pavement condition index which is a measurement of the pavement condition across the city is up for the first time in a long time from 44 to 68, that doesn't perhaps sound like a big increase, moving your pci up is a big accomplishment, going from 64 to 68 is showing measurable improvements for people as they drive on our roads, with that, i'll turn it over to melissa. >> thank you. so, in summary, this declaration of policy is moving us from a goal to official city policy and i
5:45 am
think we've seen a lot of transportation improvements over the last three years as a transit rider, pedestrian and driver, i've seen smoother roadess, the buses hitting the streets, i'm excited about all the improvements but we have a long way to do, we need to finish what we started, we can't stop now and so we need to keep moving the transportation system in the right direction for it to be the most reliable and safe system that it can be over the long term so, thank you and we're happy to take any questions you might have. >> thank you very much for your presentation.
5:46 am
supervisor avalos? >> my god, thank you for your presentation and i'm just not really clear what the overall purpose of this is, if it's a declaration for policy, we have other policies we've put in place in the past and whether the city follows those policies is unclear, but for me, if it's a declaration of policy, why is it even more comprehensive of you spelling out the needs of muni and our transportation system in san francisco which go beyond just the capital side, but what is the real purpose behind this declaration of policy, what's the intention? >> yeah, the intention is really just similar to prop k, kind of this is really important to us and we wanted to take it a step further and say it's been three years since it came out but it is still a priority for the mayor's office sx, we wanted to move forward this measure in advance of the november ballot. >> so, it's looking at the november -- >> yes, any future revenue measures of transportation that come on the ballot, they should go towards the expenses laid out in the transportation task force report, so reaffirming that the report called for a sales tax to be dedicated to these users to get us not even fully funded but one third
5:47 am
funded to two thirds funded, it's reaffirming that. >> right. to the mayor's administration's credit, the focus on t2030 process has been tremendous and it's been something that's been lacking of decades, to see that level of focus on our transportation needs, so i don't want to neglect to say that, i think it's been a really important focus that the mayor's had. i just don't know if this is like the right statement that we need to have when the needs are greater and there's still a huge deficit on the operation side and we also have ways that not just taking care of what we currently have that needs fixing but also the expansion and growth, whether it's the growth around vehicles or whether it's our projects like bus rapid transit that o going to be huge capital projects but we don't necessarily have a vision for those.
5:48 am
having funding coming in from vlf or sales tax would be helpful but i don't see that there's a focus on these emerging needs that the city has that are going to be thing that is are going to need funding well beyond 2030, so i guess my question is, is this declaration of policy really addressing up to the year 2030 period and then what happens after that, a revenue measure could last longer. >> yes, i don't think -- in the report, the task force did not recommend that the revenue measure sunset. you know, i think that you're right, that the need is well beyond 2030, we were trying to pick a discrete time period that we could do a needs assessment around, you're right, the need goes far beyond 2030 and also many thing ins this report were deferred beyond the peeped, the 10 billion, i'm sure the mta and others would want me to say, it aos not the full need, many projects are not
5:49 am
included in here, there is more to do, you know, it's just -- this is kind of one way of trying to constrain that and get a handle on it and figure out how we can make steps forward to get it better and thank you for your support,, it really is a partnership with the board and we're really appreciative. >> to me, the statement is very weak in termser of how to really make investment, even with the identified 10.1 billion that's needed, and does it make a lot of sense that we put out a statement that only covers part of what our desires are in building out our system and supporting our transportation system, does that make sense to move forward, is it too late to pull this back in any way? >> deputy city attorney, john gibner?
5:50 am
>> thank you. it's not too late for the mayor to withdraw the measure from the ballot but it is too late to recommend -- amend the measure in any way. >> i really it's great that the mayor has been having this focus and the mta staff and transportation authority and other part of dbw, they're focused on our needs around transportation system, but to me, this declaration of policy is insufficient to really address the needs and putting it before the voters to kind of constrain what the thoughts are around it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. >> okay. >> not to discount anything you've done on this. >> thank you. >> supervisor cohen? >> thank you, the deputy city attorney answered my question because really it was a question about you expressed a lot of disappointment and dissatisfaction, so i was curious to know -- and the city attorney's rested, if
5:51 am
you had an amendment, but you don't have any amendments because we can't amend at this particular point, thank you. >> i will just state i completely understand some of the concerns that were expressed, i see this as a huge similarity to what voters voted on in prop k as you mentioned, i certainly don't this think encompasses everything, but just to make sure our residents, constituents know we have this focused energy going on around transportation, just like we say we're trying to achieve x number of housing units by x year, so but everyone knows that, you know, even if we were to achieve that, there's still much more to go, so i see what is trying to be done here and understand that. any other discussion on this item then? well, this is a hearing, so then i will open this up to public comment at this time. item 6, if you would like to comment on this, please come on up. are you here for item 6? this is about transportation.
5:52 am
>> [inaudible]. >> it's not about commuter shuttle. >> this is about housing and stuff? >> transportation, if you can keep your comments to transportation. thfrjts as policy statement that the mayor is putting on the ballot specific to transportation. >> here's one that i want to see oner it, it it has to do with the ships on the ocean to begin with, i think we can do paddle wheel boat and is get rid of the whole fleet of fuel by converting it to paddle wheel, that means they would run on water, that's one item that you could do for the ocean because it's polluted, okay, and about the streets, it's the advertisers that are causing the problem and the big buses, the advertisers should pay for all the repairs and all the roads for all the buses and all the damage they did on
5:53 am
the roads to san francisco, but the bay is polluted again, you don't get around very much, i go out to the bay and see all kinds of pollution because of all of the plastic that -- the super bowl, all that stuff, it polluted the bay again, that's why the youngsters i talk to, they say they want to change it, it's going to be a slow process, they're call k themselves the red hawks, these are youngsters that look at what we're doing and we got to do a better job is all i can say because this is what we did to them, and they are tired of it. they call themselves the red hawks which i'm proud to say is a native american bird and we're doing as good as we can, but we have to first of all unpollute the bay, come on, it's polluted tha,'s all i have to say, my name is red hawk because i'm a native american, have a good day. >> thank you very much for your comments, any other member of the public who wish to speak on item 6? seeing none, item 6 public comment is closed, tla was a
5:54 am
hear, let's move on to item 7. >> sorry, madam chair, but we need to take a motion on the hearing. >> i'm sorry, okay. is there a desire to continue to this call of the chair? >> is there a motion -- i'm going to entertain the motion. >> continue the call of the chair? file the hearing? okay, so can i have a motion? >> i make a motion to file to the call of the chair. >> thank you, a motion to file, without objection, item 6 hearing is filed. >> thank you. >> and item 7 now. >> item number 7 is a hearing to consider the proposed initiative ordinance submitted by four or more supervisors to the voters at the june 7, 2016 election entitled ordinance amending the planning code to accelerate the approval and delivery of affordable housing projects through administrative review, maintain public notice and participation and strengthen design review. >> thank you. this item is due lick tif of another item that was passed by the board of supervisors
5:55 am
so at this time, per the request of the sponsor, i will try to entertain a motion for filing this hearing as well. >> sure, not tabled? >> file the hearing. er >> i would like the file this hearing, i make a motion. >> without objection. >> madam chair, public comment? >> we'll go to public comment first for item 7? seeing none, public comment is closed and now without objection, we'll file item 7 and i see that the applicant for seat 1 for the small business commission is here, so i would like to move on to item 2, go back to that item. >> item number 2 was previously called, madam chair. >> okay, so if you would like to come on up. sorry, i don't are have my glasses on. i'm sorry, okay. i don't have my glasses, but are you here for any other item then? >> no. >> okay, alright then, so going back to item 2, i've met with the commissioner yesterday, i thought he was going to be here, i have observed him on the small
5:56 am
business commission, so i'm okay with him not being here today and sending him appointment to the full board with recommendations. >> let's make a motion. >> okay. >> thanks, withouts objection, sorry, public comment for item 2? okay, seeing none, public comment is closed and now we will send forward item 2 then to the full board, the recommendation william or tease cater again na for seat 3. are there other items before us today? >> there is no other business before the commission today. >> okay, thank you, we are adjourned. ( meeting is adjourned )..
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> now we'll invite our mayors to the stage to talk about the vision they'll get time at the podium and jim gardener will moderate the q and a if you have discussions there are cards at the table i'll gather them when when you put up our hands and if you could hold up you're hands another any time we've i couldn't do mayor ed lee to go first and let's have both of the mayors and introduce mayor ed lee please welcome ron vice president and area manager of kaiser permanente san francisco.
5:59 am
>> (clapping). >> wednesday, february 17, 2016, everyone i'm relatively new here to the bay area i moved here from sacramento in july of last year and so if that process i've got a home up in sacramento about 36 hundred square feet i pays 200 and 50 conflict of interests a square foot for . >> (laughter) so if there is anybody the neighborhood i'd like to live in san francisco and i'm kind of interested in buying a house in the area i am so proud to be part of the kaiser permanente team i am part of a team that manages the san francisco geary boulevard and the south san francisco hospital for kaiser
6:00 am
permanente we're delighted to be again spors the mayor's economic forecast the two great cities oakland our heralds and here in san francisco and part of ou mission to serve community we've within an active partner the oemffice of economi workforce development san francisco san francisco including support for the san francisco chamber of commerce the center for economic development and the office of economic workforce development and most importantly we're proud of our relationship with san francisco made and excited about the workforce and really proud to be helpful in building part of that branch we care for two hundred and 10 thousand members here in the city and county of san francisco and i think as you may know we'll offer a brand new facility in the mission bay area
6:01 am
openly on march 8 corner the corner the last in technology and we've commissions artwork from bay area artist and going for the led platinum ostensibly from jay murray that is instructional in helping thank you jay as a health care leader in san francisco i am thrived we have a mayor who understands how important it is to take care of our citizens and in 2015 mayor ed lee set an politiciaccomplico help more than 8 thousand people out of hollers by commissioner campos commenting one billion dollars over 4 years to expand nationally recognized homeless programs like the isn't that correct center and holdmeward
6:02 am
bound care for the mentally ill he moved to have a extra to support electrical vehicles and green city government mayor ed lee developed and ore saw the prelims the city first 10 year examining for the infrastructure investment working with the department of emergency services mayor ed lee has overseen the disaster recovery and the planning efforts bringing all department to cooperate response and recovery for god forbid the next major earthquake we began working with the city and county of san francisco in 1989 and i'm told right out of high school he was the investigator for the city's whistle blower ordinance and does the executive director of the human right commission, direct of the city purchasing
6:03 am
and discussion and possible action before appointed as the city administrator the year 2005 prior to the employment with the city and county of san francisco mayor ed lee was a managing attorney for the san francisco asian law caucus we worked for from 1979 to 89 mayor ed lee was born and raifr seattle i'd like to send me personal appreciation for the work on the sprob super bowl 50 i thought the job was phenomenal please help me welcome mayor ed lee. >> (clapping). >> thank you for that introduction ron guy that is ages ago all that history good morning, everyone gorgeous walking through here this morning is so counted out i thought i was in super bowl city
6:04 am
i want to say thank you to sf business times and wells fargo and kaiser and all the sponsors that are here that allow mayor schaaf libby and i to talk about the cities we love our the people and the things to help everybody the most successful let me begin by saying thank you to a fascinating tom and make sure that everyone pays more but we're tom and i fascinatiirmont with the charlotte were involved in a very novice project i hope that today when i do talk about that maybe some of you may want to join by this summer we'll be erecting a statute of someone that is famous in san francisco he's in our hearts valentine's day hearts a statute that will
6:05 am
be erected on the lawn of the fairmont attributed to our tony bennett if you're interested 2, 3, 4 participating please see tom and i auditors will be fantastic we're using hedtechnoy when you walk there are no across that statute some song comes on after the giant win how does that wo how do you like the super bowl (clapping.) i'm enthralled not just because i thought in my mind was a pretty exciting game because so much on the line for both experiences versus youth and east west and all that rivalry wli but most importantly it gave us mayors of the oakland and
6:06 am
santa fe and, of course, myself an opportunity to acholic beverage over something big that challenged us barley on our minds the safety and security of everyone transportation, ways of getting crowded in and out of places we worry about twenty-four hours a day and pulled oh, well along with some very diverse events that occurred if not just the owners but the players and the sponsors and for me most importantly i think and something i will never forget in super bowl 50 the theme of philanthropy not just hosting super bowl 50 was great brown agagreat but the host committee that working with our mayors what was the thing we
6:07 am
care about most, of course, the welfare of our sovereignty to have super bowl 50 that is 25 percent of every single dollars raised abowill go to the nonpros they'll an incredible theme i'm very, very prude u proud of that (clapping.) i know. >> that's exactly where that money will go. >> (inaudible). >> all right. >> of course we'll keep everybody save here. >> (inaudible) people want to sit down and (inaudible). >> you used to be with us with us the people. >> thank you. >> thank you for your view. >> but as everybody knows events
6:08 am
events like the super bowl have been very helpful. >> thank you. >> (inaudible). >> pushing out the homeless help us - >> (inaudible). >> i don't expect you guys to be with me i'm not talking to you guys (clapping.) >> we're not satisfied what is going on with our commission. >> (inaudible) (multiple voices).
6:09 am
>> wow. we're still san francisco (laughter (clapping.) and - in addition to the events we do host we want to make sure - >> (inaudible). >> they're getting done. >> (inaudible). >> they're getting downey done we're hosiusing more people. >> (inaudible). >> i'll say it again - (inaudible). >> this guy is a crook. >> getting security. >> fire chief suhr fire chief suhr fire chief suhr. >> i know that time for you to leave sir, i'm glad you had a
6:10 am
chance to have our voice heard, sir but time to give the mayor the respect. >> (inaudible). >> time for you to leave, sir (clapping.) time for you to leave sir. >> (inaudible). >> i'm so sorry. >> thousands of people i'm representing right now for the homeless (inaudible). >> you are the mayor of our city. >> thank you. your not allowing all the guests to hear what you're you are a mire is saying thank ythank yoyo
6:11 am
(clapping.) >> whew since the topic of homelessness has been raised along where public safety let me say a few words about that you've already seen and unveiled the statistic it is true we have a housing crisis the city and obviously those that are homeless feel that feel it even more but the statistics that march unveiled a lot of people that want to move on and could. 80 come to the city for the good jobs and the training we've been giving people to get those good jobs our city is attractive for a number of reasons but the area of homelessness our city is
6:12 am
spending over one hundred and $80 million a year and now after this year it is bumgdz up to over $2 million why? because we're housing more of the homeless not just the public services we're giving and the health care we're giving them and not the mental health and the transitional hours but when we house our homeless on a permanent basis that has to be subsidized that's why it is so expensive, in fact, this coming we year we've spent over one and $12 million in direct subsidies so f for this is the veterans and that excludincludes those were couldn't do if they want to go else where aere on herman plaza around union square i think you'll all agree we shouldn't be
6:13 am
having people sleep on the streets of san francisco not the quality of life that we wish anyone and we want to have to do more and we're doing more and continue to do more we need do the help of our economy to do that this is how our economy is shaped that's the argument with the board of supervisors in making sure that every year your budgets are reflective of our human values that's why we have some high expenditures not just for the homeless but middle-income families we're trying to build housing for as well we need folks in this audience to participate in making sure we have a strong economy quite frankly no matter what advocates building if we don't say a strong economy we can't help anyone
6:14 am
(clapping.) that's why we're able to demonstrate through the building of the navigation center and the running of that we have the ability to house people on the permanent basis and provides them with services and we've made a commitment we know if we ecp keep our strong question and working on the right things we will be able to utilize the revenues if that to be able to help 8 thousand people get off of homeless for the next year's in is commitment to make sure that people are touched and we have more resources to be able to do this that's why we're able to make candidates we're not the only city it is doing all of this kind work we're share this responsibility with other cities that that's why we have a homeless topic as
6:15 am
the focus of the mayors with portland and seattle and los angeles with the other cities where in seattle for example, they jumped up 21 percent increase in the homeless population we're looking at each other to figure out the ways to do things better and more efficiently that's why we called for a single department a department to end homeless in san francisco that's a commitment we invamade we've std the meetings with all of the organizations that work in different parts of aspects of helping our homeless population burglary health and human services the dpw teams and the police department as well as the court system and the justice systems so we are creating the department that will help over 8
6:16 am
thousand people get off homelessness forever we get to do this and you'll find that an trierldz example of the city's values. >> want to make sure you know that no city what about a successful city unless it's a safe city we'll continue to make sure that our police your fire and department of emergency services have all the tools they need to make sure that not only to respond to indicate electrifies man made and otherwise we'll findiprevent ana resilient city and speaking about our police department all of us know that we've committed to follow the department of justice guidelines and have that an 100 percent percent review of programs up and down and city at the same time serve our residents and a ton continue to
6:17 am
build the trust amongst the departments and the community it serves a long time commitment i can't think of a more transparent ability than the department of justice coming in and taking a total view and comparison us with the cities and making sure we're doing the right thing and everything from hire to getting rid of of bias and a training the peace officers in the deesclation more affordable housing bonus prog m afs and tools for that to happen and we have a committed office of citizens complaints and committed police commission and people want to have that happen we're committed assault i know that today is fondling the economic development that we all want to have there is a lot of questions on everyone's mind i know with office building is limited by prop m we want to
6:18 am
make sure they're planning and we'll study this and make that study very transparent soon to all of our developers and contractors he did people who are wondering where the economy will go spaces over the course is one of the most important thing housing not to repeat the housing crisis but how we'll rehab and preserve our way forward that is where the goal of thirty thousand units of housing is real we're accomplishing that last year measured by the few years before that we were able to establish $7,000 one hundred and 43 units of housing we'll do that every single year we need to average between 2 and 4 thousand a year to get to the 40 thousand as you see the depth in hunters point
6:19 am
shipyard and hayes valley and treasure island has started the agreement we have with pier 70 and the giants you'll see that is a real number we'll be able to accomplish assuring and guaranteeing that half of that will be affordable to low and middle-income families the city a lot of the employers are strufrl with the talent to find hours for them we're working on transportation in addition to housing and this is where the collaboration with another mayor is too important we snare the responsibilities of work on the mtc and the san francisco neighborhood services & safety committee commission with groups like abag and others trying to make sure as a region we're doing the things neo, of course, we'll be supporting the bart bond this november 0th it make sure just as we've done with
6:20 am
muni we have a strong foundational aspect to make sure that the services that bart can deliver is sound but we also are concerned about the population expansion and therefore the need to participation to the capabilici this is why mayor schaaf and you are making sure this bond reflect the commitment to look at the expansion to look at engineering designing of the second bart transbay crossing and making sure we accommodate that into the near future because i believe that the voters originates want to see this kind of transportation extend the bay area so people can move around freely and, of course, the works if we don't take down bart deal with some tremendous that causes a
6:21 am
tremendous mulch amount the disruption transportation and housing and public safety and paying attention to our economics and making sure that we also pay attention to all of our communities this is what we get to do as mayors i'm glad on the day of our celebration of lunar new years we'll continue to express and to be cities that support our tremendous diversity the bay area thank you. i'll be glad to answer questions we want to keep this delivery sohort we'll go t the questions thank you very much (clapping.) >> mayor ed lee you have a tough job and mayor schaaf but with your proud of what you do to introduce mayor libby shift. >> please welcome the partner
6:22 am
and welcome libby schaaf >> (clapping.) thank you libby shift. >> is a true public servant i was rvkt and i was listening to mayor ed lee we have two mayors here both of whom are recovery lawyers and it is an interesting issue when mary referred to one of the first years as the mayor's war recoverying lawyers all they do is not necessarily true libby is made and forged in oakland th she has spent over 2 1/2 decades severing oakland in many ways she is a self-described
6:23 am
accurately as oakland chief chore leader and doing a gastrocobra leading us the existing times those are existing times for oakland but transform times and doing on excellent job here background as a even as a lawyer yes and working in a range of education nonprofits, working for the port of oakland and state and federal members and serving for jogoverr jerry brown to present to give us the kind of leadership it is important to note she's assembled a great team of leaders for the administration who are here and i'll note all of those top positions are filled by women
6:24 am
(clapping.) we are making process progress >> some people do walk on music libby has asked me to present a walk on video and she'll come up and address i ask you to applauapplaud her in advance of video thank you. >> (clapping.) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm the - i'm the real thing i sound like the real thing human resources making it sound like the real thing i come from the land of - >> you want the truth in tones ♪ ♪ i wousaid i'm the real thing all it true heard my name in timbuktu and now - ♪
6:25 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ who you do love ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in wow. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm a real. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in >> all right.
6:26 am
(clapping.) oakland is the real thing it is hot, it is vibrant and so has been our economy 2015 was a great year for oaklands economy we added 10 thousand new jobs and saw another year of increased taxation revenues including a doubling of transfer tax because of all the sales activity and the increased property values our pipeline development swelled to 15 thousand units of housing waiting to be built and we enjoyed the lowest employment and vacancy rates we've stop sign for at least a decade and all this happened in a year where we implemented one of the greatest increases to the minimum wage that any city has seen i know that mayor ed lee
6:27 am
and i will hope to bring that same type of increase to the minimum wage to all of california next year now oaklands economic remained exists and resilient ready to withstand any questions health care and tech and leisure and entertainment sections were fast growing sectors in oakland in 2016 looks to be an even more amazing year as institutional investors are doubling down on oakland and people are stopped asking whether or not we'll make it i certainly agree as well with what our consist mark from wells fargo seven hundred earlier about our challenges you may recall from the very first slide under the bay area exchanges years of strong growth
6:28 am
h have severely strained the infrastructure. >> pushed high housing prices higher and the benefits of this growth are unevenly distributed and the gap is likely to widen so i want to use my 5 remaining minutes to touch on the accountability countries this is what mark apple pointed out the cost of living is rising for everyone while the benefits of growth and in terms of income is not so this is particularly true in oakland we currently have the fast rising rents relative to income of any city in america. >> we just became in november the fourth most expensive rental market in the country this oakland we're number 4 to we're
6:29 am
still a barn compared to you mayor ed lee you far and away are holding the number one spot as americans most expensive city now how did this happen one reason wi reason between with 2010 and 2014 the bay area was adams roughly a half a mill private sector jobs but built 54 thousand new housing units that scare thank you creates a pressure on the housing crisis so thank you nearly a quarter of my residents are housing insecure that means they face high hours costs relate related to the income and live in over kroutdz or poor conditions, they face a theater of eviction or homeless and nearly half the residents are asset insecure not
6:30 am
3 months of savings put aside so all that hotness and vibrancy you saw the film is threatened by the affordability crisis oakland roots and cultural diversity has created the - they all hang the balance we can't let the very things attracting people and businesses to oakland get run out of town by this stampede now last year at this same fended i was trying to convince you to sample oakland secret sauce by coming to invest and clearly a number ever you ahear me this year i'm you could to help me preserve that help me
6:31 am
prove that investment and economic growth can lift up rather than push out our long time and vulnerable recipient and that unique historical flavor of that place like oakland so i'm going to briefly suggest for you 4 was you can help me strengthen oakland economy awhile at the same time easing that go affordability crisis first don't just buy build i know you'll like that at the front table there are builders ear and next week i'll announce my commitment to build 17 thousand new unions of housing over the next 8 years to address the affordability crisis there are people in this room help me get this begun i like tall buildin
6:32 am
buildings. (clapping.) >> especially near transit we get can use office towers and oakland is readiy to dense if i and second you consider supporting a small oakland grown businesses excluding including with access to capital consider our business services and your food from small oakland based companies you'll get quality products and help oakland with the income side of the affordability crisis i hope you know that blue bottle coffee is made in oakland this march we'll be partnering with the t have to bring crowd loans to 6 hundred oakland entrepreneurs you and your
6:33 am
company is ghetto matching and organ and promoted lending to our employees it is fun to be a banker so let's position our small local businesses the with benefits of this boom it is grassroots entrepreneurship at the best and that's something that oakland has been about third help me build an even stronger quality of corporate citizenship before sound-proofed added cooperation or organ company benefits oakland businesses can do well and do good in fact, they have and take the venue capitalist as a great example their requiring the companies they invest in to commit to certain goals with
6:34 am
regards to the workforce diversities and heavy investing in nonprofits that are helping our youth succeed in careeasses and fourth and finally help propo prepare our diverse and threatened workforce in oakland the youth of today are going to be your workers and noortsz of tomorrow we need you to offer summer jobs and intern shvpz we're calling this equality practic please tweet that the idea that oakland tech segment can be more inclusive and reflective of diversity as well hoelp to creae the pipeline of opportunities to help our altercation disadvantaged kids in oakland gaining the education and stills i skills to succeed in today's
6:35 am
economy and particularly tomorrow and one grow up leadin the way is the oakland chamber of commerce so see barry if you want delays i'll think of no better way to help oakland to succeed by supporting our recently launched oakland promise we've got a shout out from the president of the united states he graced the fire hougo state warriors at the capitol hill last week on all levels oakland promises a karate he will to career from the colleges for babies in poverty for every single kindergartener in oakland public schools and it will include the mr. haney and colle college support and spliclirp a cl college completion in 10 years
6:36 am
the unless otherwise stated. promise will go trip h triple the number of folks that graduate if college triple (clapping) >> you know at our launch last week, i was very honored to announce $25 million already committed to the initiative excludi including from benioff and kaiser permanente pg&e and many others i urge you to visit the oakland to sign up to be a champion and learn how to get involved now i look forward to sitting down with mayor ed lee to talk about the things we're working on together like transportation, raising the minimum wage and public safety i love working with mayor ed lee
6:37 am
as well as with sam in 70s the bay area 3 big mayors way recognize never our problems more solutions will be isolated in our city boundary our cities to succeed we need over region to succeed so thank you very much and i enjoy i'll enjoy continuing this conversation (clapping.) >> thank you compare schaaf and mayor ed lee and now welcome our moderator jim of the business times and the author of our i do not like and many questions audience if you have questions if you have a card hold up you're hands jim gardener take it away. >> we'll move on the schedule
6:38 am
of the ex parte of program. (laughter) i promise is no shouting on my part but anyway, mayor schaaf i announced a program 17 thousand homes over 4 years the situation in oakland correct me if i am wrong the visitors 14 thousand homes the pipeline >> 50. >> what's coming out of the ground is about one unit per year how will you ramp up quickly to develop 17 thousand over 8 years. >> it's ambitious i'll say right now we have about 14 hundred units in construction as we speak to those slumgz over the past years we're seeing the signs those days are happily
6:39 am
over we very specific plans that entitled more than 17 thousand just the specific 4 plan areas we're now working on a specific town or plan for the downtown that will include more we singularly the city have the community buttinput and the environmental clearance to really create a clear vision of the type of growth we want and where we want it and make it easier this is a big way we think we'll facilitate this and exploring it easier to do modular and creating small units we're exploring how to speed up up the process. >> f is there a long time the system getting the projects in the pipeline to the construction the administration need to work or putting away.
6:40 am
>> one thing he did was try to address the inspectors i don't want to get too much into the weeds but this is something we're aware of and continuing to as they say in oakland hawk on the problem but the issues the development by getting the capital secured to actually get the money to put the shovels the ground. >> and get it come on invest. >> mayor ed lee you've spoken about the need for san francisco this is not a san francisco it is in every community to develop more middle-income housing generally between to or one 50 percent of the average earners but a lot of places and families this is in terms of the thing
6:41 am
not there you know less subsidies for developers construction and land costs but a what can san francisco do and lead the way and show the city how to develop more workforce hours. >> jimmy building that he with the have good examples how what was has been historically maybe 15 to 20 percent low income inclusionary housing and how we're able to use for example, the giant or pier 70 and the 5m project as example that go up to 40 percent if you add teacher housing or essential workforce housing into the blend and also, if you negotiate with economic feasibility some additional density and configurations where our planning and dbi and the on
6:42 am
the are in agreement and again those are all locations where people desire to live they're right next to the i indicated the transportation systems, if you will, to do all of that you with wie have the ability to in those 3 examples as high as 40 percent you add on the low income the up to one 20 and to increase the density those are great example and that's why great developers in negotiation with us to increase that amount we have an interesting communication about the number to get other to at to be a anytime of inclusionary housing. >> what is one thing. >> supervisor kim has announced she'll have a ballot measure to set the minimum at 25
6:43 am
percent the challenge of that and i would agree with any number sloolgs as long as there is phase associated with with that the phase is her economic feasibility because i think anyone in this business you have to tie a number to whether or not is the feasibility i don't think you should set the number and say that's the bottom line of every project and every location withcutaneo cookie cut approach that is a hey no economic feasibility link you might end up losing housing rather than increasing that's our separated goal. >> you said about the long running economic and development mayor ed lee and several in san francisco for several years
6:44 am
oakland is lower and just as strong have you heard this morning from march the economist there is both locally that things maybe at the very least cooling down are you seeing those signs in our cities and are you making plans for a potential downturn. >> mayor schaaf. >> i wouldn't see that but part of oakland i don't think of a nicer way but we're a little bit late to the party we're happening slow but a pent-up interested oakland that is upcoming leashed at at speed that is sometimes busyness the other thing i love we have a difference economy we're not over and over do not one segment that's what we're not - we're
6:45 am
ready to withstand the bubble popping we've really have it all so i think we're able to kind of move and grove through the different roller-coaster rides of the economy and but what we're really focuses on took advantage of this and trying to smooth and get as much as built as quickly as possible so while the circle is positive. >> the downturn. >> i think libby has a good point no sharp signs not consistent signs there is bumps all the time but i think there is something to be said i think that you look at our economy and you realize our number one thing we hosted the super bowl and hosting conventions after conventions over hospitality
6:46 am
that is a steady right part of y and steady through 2008 we're seeing a strong sunday morning in bio science and health care 5 hospitals under construction about to open fairly shortly and that's, of course, sfgov and st. luke's and kroom and chinese hospital and others and then from the biotech and health fair we have a strong tech equicompa a lot of startups that i think march said earlier decided their workforce was excited about living and working the city that's a great part of the mid market transportation you see we wanted that technology to be reflected in job creations we're really focused on sf tech our big job creators that allow low income folks to take advantage
6:47 am
of that technology and then fourth area we really a are giving up to see this is in oakland too the merchandising creating we call pdr space and making sure we have a strong policy of protecting and increasing the production, distribution of railwepair spac many the past has a lot to do side things but more to do with technici textiles and traffic merchandising and with artists blending the artistic palate the bay area with the by his side and making sure that we have developers that are sensitive to it especially, as development is starting to appear in airs areas like the dog patch and hunters point there is traditionally for artist to make things and now
6:48 am
since sincere risk in potrero hill that is making museum quality and at the same time providing all the hotels and restaurants with really beautiful care relics so this merchandising segment has to be supporting that bio as well if we have four or five diverse segments in our economy i believe we've treatcr the foundation to be resilient in a time we kndon't know how t global economy will effect you guess. >> mayor schaaf you know michael and you said that you couldn't have stopped uber under coming to oakland if you wanted to. >> the point oakland didn't offer uber you've limited to low leverage over the companies and
6:49 am
getting them to do particular things that might be on our wish list and to be honest this is a company for finer qualities has a reputation of not playing nice with public officials realistically what can be in the wish list under uber. >> so far they've been fantastic listen i like carrots better sticks i find that if you want to create a sustained culture of good corporate citizenship a lot better to inspi inspire this rather than wreck it so we really have had a great time introducing uber when i talked about the local economy you know pandora is a good stair they're proud not to have a cafe
6:50 am
they want their people in support of mom and pop restaurants and get out of the office and rubble booze with oakland uber is going coagulate going t have a cafe but we've interested them to local coffee bean people and we have great products in oakland that make the experience of uber so much better and also have a loophole help our local economy we start introducing them to nonprofits you know me and my obsession that was true a jamaican restaurant they have been interested in looking at the win-win ways of them to be part of oakland and we're taking on our responsibility of
6:51 am
creating those introductions giving them a memo of choices that satisfy my kind of exception of the city as the city's mayor but what they're trying to do as a company and that's something that we'll do with all the companies moving to oakland being clear the expectations but providing resources and assistance for accomplishing that. >> you talk about homeless and san francisco this morning what w one of the things you mean leading up to the super bowl the tent city on division street that got larger and larger and larger the opinion of many business owners and homeless people down there that hfs not a coincidence that people have been instructed from on high to move to that area to be out the
6:52 am
areas during super bowl true or false. >> you thought that was a demonstration? >> i'm sure you know when our on the world stage and super bowl 50 give the entire bay area a world stage you'll exhibit people's feels about stuff from the challenges to our police department and public safety to homelessness and yet we have responded you know, i think we don't have enough time to get out the what's-her-name but a city that is spending close to $200,000 a year to figure out this and the cost of living and the cost of housing is rising rapid and has been you have a serious challenge i think that for people to feel there is a simultaneous sense of homeless is false we don't think that
6:53 am
having tent cities is a great thing look at salvation army a few weeks ago if you get tent cities and no one is controlling them not only have huge piles of hyperdermic needles and waste with unorganized groups of living but danger to the people that live there and elements they can't control that come in but we're not the one stirnl city the other parted we're sharing more and more of the best practices and 4th street how to make sure that for example, if 70 city government were a close a freeway encampment of several hundred people we're now learning that getting to all the conversations with caltrans and the state agrees and local mayors to make
6:54 am
sure what we are doing it in a way that is not causing problems elsewhere like some areas had to make sure that people are not living in the basement of stations we're learning don't creating don't live by yourselves and find people alternative places to live they'll come to the surface and cause issues around the neighborhood and bart gets a bad reputation because of things that happened the bart station rather than the community those are lessons that are learned and set bad example but we're improving. >> mayor shift. >> i'll not invite you have eaf seeing the way you called the nfls bluff over the raiders (clapping.) you basically wanted went to the
6:55 am
league and we don't have a stadium and plan not yet and effectively they're likely to relocation did you know they would fold or get lucky >> (laughter). >> well, we all take calculated risks but part of any job to make those circulatioalc very thoroughly i precedent or appreciated pointing out what a great team in the city of oakland the level of expertise and the analysis and of intelligence it really spectacular right now and so you know this is a conversation that is happening nationally and sharing the professional sport and again my answer and it remains to be my answer we can
6:56 am
get this done in oakland this from the raiders want to stay because we are the bay area and so we have valuable land so it was certainly not a way to say we don't want the raider we want them we are working with the assets we had at hand and can do something that is responsible for the league for the team, for the fans and the raider nation now this is a fan basis we saw the example in the film but the taxpayers of city it can, deny. >> how long to come up with a plan that might explain to the various parties how 24 will work. >> know a lot of that negotiations are not on one side of the table i think the answer is going to be - i can tell you i'm ready to go i think the
6:57 am
answer depends on the other side. >> is that to a statement to who. >> we're ready to get back to the table and appreciate the wroi warriors have a lot of option and gone through this you know seeing their focus on los angeles my job is to stay focused on what i need to achieve i know that we can keep the raiders in oakland the news stadium in. >> what is responsible for the taxpayers so i don't know why the media enjoys hearing me say that same sentence ero and over and over again, i'm stale saying assessing i don't think that will change that's where we are and going to be we're ready let's do that. >> you have strong arraign issues from what mayor schaaf is
6:58 am
saying the golden state warriors touchy subject but privately fined on an area that accommodates such things no pun indicated but there's not a slam dunk anything but what that has been pushed back a year identified financial backing is notal problem for them they've promised they'll litigate to the cows come home how do you move forward. >> let us begin with what libby said talking sports sports with upcoming lifting and part of bread and butter in terms of of hospitality and spirit we want the best sports teams but
6:59 am
sport teams that owners are considered a community and you know you look at from my city examples of the giants and our shared warriors we're talking about some players and some owners that we'really are paying attention to team need and programs that are touching youth in the right way to make sure they're coming in and having teamwork. >> i'd like to say for the last year and a half as we worked on this arena site our staff has been working on libby is describing a respectful partnering yes while love the fact they're raising their money and they have to be investor confident to have that happen we've come in with a processes we bring in you usf and litigated did transportation challenges, the challenges to
7:00 am
people getting to the hospital, the exchanges with being in an involving community like motorbike to make sure we are doing the planning issue to support them and all the intended consequences so that a great partnership and ultimately we can't control private listed arrogant to say a they'll litigate to the cows come home all the things we've done and done well to create the conditions for those investors to feel confident this is a very good place and doing so we'll continue working with the worries to make sure that the city continues the dialogue this is a positive outcome we have made candidates to make sure that the role of the traffic is well tefrn take care of and futureic transportation and the
7:01 am
transbay crossing should come in alignment where the part of our voters are that is happening as well i know we've done all the things we've been asked to do and more but at the same time, if there recent of a door opened for litigants to rethink what they're doing we right now are kind of baffled why they want to stop this where it is environmentally approved and gotten the spirit of city behind this and a great organization to work with there is spit involved and not much of anything else but be respected flel full and keep the doors open i think as a region we all win with this first of all, we keep the
7:02 am
warriors the bay area that's really important that's important to the entire bay area when you go to a wirings give them to say a shared customer baisz base a shared fan base everyone knows when we won last year, we keep the warriors here we're going to do it again, we're going to do it. >> you are. >> absolutely. >> (clapping.) you didn't mention we have an amazing team right now. >> absolutely and, of course, again sport being part of topic an even year guess what there's another run. >> the only problem with the warriors you have high schoolers focused other homework and the argument is i have to watch this game. >> homework is a slam dunk.
7:03 am
>> (laughter). >> i think you both mentions the transbay this morning and i think that as everyone the room will alm getting around the region is tougher by the most i think the transbay is the single most important thing to, done to increase capacity to the two population centers clustering 70s from the northern bay area but we talked to bart about this a few months ago it will cost 10 to $15 billion we don't have this money and not in thirty or 40 years and to make sure we heard that xreblg we asked again? our timelitable thirty t 40 years what can you community based do to move that process so us and your children get to benefit rather than your
7:04 am
grandchildren. >> i think you end up being sick we love being on-stage we take the opportunity we were at global infrastructure convention i think i'm saying that somewhat correctly down the bay and they actually spent the afternoon having the talent assembled and figuring out how to deliver a project like this faster and for example, the group that was doing the two between germany and denmark if you can figure out to executive e connect two countries we can figure out how to connect two cities and a partnership their delivering that project of a similar magnitude much clear up and faster this is the type of creativity thinking we're really pushing the partnering to engage
7:05 am
that in not just talking about bart but a rail system the caltrans and the coordinator we're hoping will be electrified great to get streetecretary bry take a leadership role in the working group you know i mean, i had to drive here it stopped. >> (laughter). >> we clearly need to work on the ability for people to get around that weekend and in a way it n it, it is not i i know we're americans love our cars by the way, people have to get out of p them better for congestion and climatic and better for the health that's why and i'm just going to do go off topic on the november ballot this
7:06 am
year, the people knock on the door for your support but oakland we're starting with an infrastructure bopped to start fixing our local roads and making them streets that serve more than car yours this is important if you drive in oakland but it is time we really invest in the regions infrastructure we all feel the pain i think that we're really looking at towards the 2018 election to ask the bay area are you ready to make a major investment the regional to help us get within the region in awe a way that is sustainable and we think this is where the best investments that we as a generation can make you know that sam joins us he'you'll be hearing about this for the next
7:07 am
two years. >> here's the issue mayor schaaf you've got the link of the east bay san francisco and south bay with transportation now if you visualize we've talked about this morning about the global economy challenges we realize how strong that regions economy is to the nation's economy you'll realize that every representative from all the jurisdictions will be an opportunity this is the work of the mayor's to bring them altogether and lobby what the federal government you don't want to slow down or stop this incredible powerful economic engine for the whole country and this is that link this is what is happening the leadership of the economics with the rest of the crisis that conversation and
7:08 am
work combined with i on a very science economics founded view to the federal government is going to cause them to say you know that we have to support that because that's the kind of country's economy you're talking about including we'll begin with a strong response to the bonds to have a state of repair the current sisters and this that be a $4 billion bond we share in this november and should support that but they couldn't by themselves talk about the second crossing we have to create the conditions to do so i'll lead by the fact this is a bear economy we're no longer competing with each other the reason we're friends the back and forth has to succeed in the connection
7:09 am
against pearce work shanghai and london and aluminum by their region economies theour economi to this day to be the strongest the country we can link that basis of success by way of not just economics but the plug in as well the bay area gets to enjoy a great climate we understand the challenges we have been grazed with the pope and populating the challenges of the sea levels rise and the building of the seaports to he so we can be successful i want to narrow the reason people are here where good educatijob segm diverse you've got to have a climate to make sure we're taking care of our air and our water if you look at what is happening
7:10 am
the ports in flint or bay zinc you'll find the bay areas quality we're taking care of nde making sure make sure our mantra from zero waste is graspable we can have zero waste in our bay area with the partners we're creating with the recovery companies we can have 50 percent of all your personal trips not maybe this morning's trip. >> i the car pool. >> but 50 percent of your pencil trips not be the single person the car think about that and getting to more sustainable transportation and the hundred is 100 percent renewal energy for all the buildings and resources out there we just, of course, kicked off a green energy program in the city we will get it done
7:11 am
better, we will force all the companies to see that green emergen energy is the way of the city are the building owners he say thank you you've met that and made it economically feasible to be able to do that that's why this is why the story of the bay area is so important i can say my city but the entire bay area want to be here for the right reasons more than the economy we also want to invest in the quality of life for the people to do that. >> time is running short that morning, i haven't figured but want to close with one question you are both aware in a presidential election year god help us all what election for you're a city are the best and
7:12 am
possible and worst outcomes. >> (laughter). >> leaving personal politics aside. >> (laughter). >> everyone hello are you under. >> i am not i'll get myself in trouble we're mayors those are non-partisan i prolong belong to the party i have get shut done (clapping.) wi whi when why i don't dr. patience for the national politics i think we're finding that the federal government is in grea y gridlock i'd like not talk about which parties but unless l- but the point is you know regardless of federal atmosphere the cities are actually standing up and saying we can lead i've got the
7:13 am
incredible privilege of being in paris the summit and michael bloomberg and others lead the whole day and pointed out this sure enou stuff is not happening at the national level we're local leaders can not be slaves to the national politics we have incredible strength here the bay area so i am confident i u i know i have a strong preference but confident that whatever the outcome this region is going to flusht. >> i strongly think that the road to the white house will be with people that listen to mayors. >> that's a much better answer. >> i think that if they want answers to the knew they want answers to the challenge of
7:14 am
diversities if they want answers to better education they'll have to look to the cities for the answers we have is every single day that's what we do. >> saw how close we get to our constituents as congress members. >> and so i think if you watch those candidates if you thave te patience to lymph nodes lynn those who articulate what us mayors are saying will be successful the ones lyicense to the people we a're the middle w have to get stuff done and a can't debate on the changes of over and ov on and on the positions we hold what will happen to tomorrow to get the potholes fixes and the housing and provide a level of
7:15 am
confidence so that people that have the resources will be willing to put that money in our cities so that's what we're going and i will say i enjoy workh the bay area mayors the attention will be on what we get do you think that's what we want to do. >> you're in the same party getting things done. >> (laughter). >> thank you, thank you, thank you to both of you (clapping.) >> good luck the coming year. >> (clapping). >> well, let's have a huge round of applause for jim great questions and thank you so much mayor ed lee and mayor schaaf that was wonderful to hear from all of you i want to thank our sponsors webb core buildings and
7:16 am
kaiser permanente and wells fargo thank you. being here and wish you the happiest the year of the monkey and happy new year healthy and process press year thank you so much
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>> san francisco parking authority commission for thursday, february 4, 2016, ms. bloomer call the roll director borden director heinecke about will be oobsz director brinkman director ramos director nolan director rubke mr. chairman directors we have quorum item 3 electronic devices.
7:27 am
any person responsible for disruption may be asked to leave the room. set cell phones on vibrate, the vibration could cause an interruption in the proceedings. turned off item 4 approval of the minutes mr. chairman a member of the public that wishes to address you patrick. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon director nolan i'm patrick those minutes are met indicated that ms. bloomer refused last meeting to distribute any turn out i've requested even though i see director ramos cringing his e e neck to see the handout on the overhead display the monitor. >> as i testified you can't
7:28 am
have 2 millions bused stops the muni bus zones which the october analysis showed 2 pointed 7 messenger percent of the shuttles were blocking suggesting 32 thousand obviously the sheer blockage of the shuttle buses have an adverse impact on the vulnerable pedestrians but more troubling ms. bloomer wrongly constituent my testimony at the end of these minutes not the body of minutes where they belong sunshine task force xhuvent rules the testimony belongs in the body of the minutes not at the end and sunshine section 67
7:29 am
dot 16 states written testimony shall if more than one and 50 words be included the minutes unquote the task force repeatedly ruled the minutes means included the given agenda items the section not at the tends i've written sunshine complaint on this issue and indeed the retirement board supervisor cowen ruled last june that the written testimony the body of minutes after i asked repeatedly they do that she did with without my having to file and sunshine complaint i filed a complaint yesterday with the task force regarding those minutes i can guarantee you i'm certain to win
7:30 am
i filed a second sunshine complaint yesterday ladies and gentlemen, ms. bloomer ladened my comments rights bow refusing this board needs to reign ms. bloomer in at your pleasure not her whim and direct her to amend my minutes and put the testimony where that belongs. >> thank you on the minutes themselves. >> motion to >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. on that mroovm that came back dysfunction in a clerical fashion. >> the city attorney want to. >> you're done you're done. >> i wonder the city attorney wants to add what the the appropriate the minutes. >> i don't ha


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