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tv   LIVE Fire Commission  SFGTV  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-8:01pm PST

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city of san francisco >> february 24, 2016 >>, >> >> fire commission meeting >> please stand by...
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>> pledge of allegiance >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> >> this is a reminder that under administrative code, the use of cell phones and similar sound producing electronic devices is prohibited during meetings. set all pagers and cell phones and other devices to
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vibrate or completely off now. today is february 24, 2016. item no. 1, roll call. >> francee covington, ken cleaveland, michael hardeman. item no. 2 public comment. members may address any matters within the commission and not on the agenda. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department personnel. commissioners are not to enter into debate or discussion with a speaker. the lack of a response by the commissioners or department personnel does not necessarily constitute glieltd -- agreement with
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our support of statements made during public comment. >> thank you. any public comment? public speaker: my name is jason rogers at the fire department station 49. i have 25 years with the city of san francisco. i come on behalf of the association in absence of captain sculley. i brought this issue to the commission in january of 2010. when it was deactivated there was no service to the city by 25%. it also violated proposition f and policy 52. about 4 years later t board of supervisors asked for an audit at the fire department and in that
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audit substantiated the violation of the policy. fortunately a month later, the board of supervisors formulated in the fte's in captain and that grand jury report announce td policy and when proceeding with the grand jury promise it would be be placed back in the field. on behalf of the association and as well as of citizens of san francisco, we are asking for your assistance with the administration to please re -- activate this unit. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. is there any other member of the audience that would like to make a public comment at this time?
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seeing none, public comment is now closed. item no. 3. presentation from neighborhood emergency response team. report from lieutenant erica arteseros, coordinator of the nert program and nert b of a board members. >> thank you, i would like to start to thank by recognizing if members in the room who are trained. please stand. [ applause ] >> i'm here tonight with members of the nert advisory board. the advisory board are volunteer citizens that live here in san francisco and meet with me monthly to provide guidance to the program. nert is an emergency response team.
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my name is erica arteseros and i came to the department in february of 1997 and the nert coordinator from 2004. i speak for the real passion of the program and what we have been able to do. the story of nert is a safety awareness story. it's a non-profit that organizations neighborhood watch and after the earthquake in 1989, the organized members of the community advocated for and got a nert training program and going on 26 years later we are still having nert training. the basic training is really geared towards making sure the people have the tools they need to prepare for and to respond during an earthquake whether it's to take care of themselves personally or to take care of the greater community. my two areas of responsibility are to make sure we have training and while that is a task in and of itself, one of the greater responsibilities
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is retention and readiness through the volunteers in our program. what i would like to call out is the four pilars. if i can have our powerpoint activated, that would be great. the pilar is a document that the past advisory board prepared to help the greater community understand. there was sort of a misunderstanding about what the nert program was and what it represented. the members of the advisory board at that time put it into context using the initials of the program. in the neighborhood. this program is very neighborhood base. we are fiercely loyal to the area we live in. so our nert program is related to our federal nert program community response team but we held onto our neighborhood. we have a
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neighborhood focus in our training program. training volunteers by neighborhood is a multiplier to our fire station in our neighborhood. it allows the emergency responders that we will be ready. e is for effective. we are really focused on having effective responders and that's why it's important for our volunteers. r is for the infrastructure. we want to have ready infrastructure to support additional training of residents in san francisco and to fund adequately and support the program in a way that it can thrive and grow. t is for the team aspect. we want healthy teams in each neighborhood and that involves partnership and collaboration. i would like to invite members of our board to talk about each of those.
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>> hello, my name is robert chulta, i got nert training in 2001. since 1990 we've trained over 26,000 san franciscan to be self reliant in a major disaster. over 2,000 which is an impressive number, more important what resources do we have now in an event of an emergency. to be ready and able to help the neighbors. over the past 5 years we narrowed this down to how many people to be trained and we trained over 70,000 people and this includes some of our starter courses, some of the basic trainings and the training certification is 2 years. after 2 years we take a refresher course to renew the certification. that's over 7,000 people.
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this coverage map shows the nert neighborhood teams. we have 62 neighborhood teams. how many people have approximately been trained. you will notice on the top there is a block of that neighborhood. training is on those who work in san francisco and those that don't live here and then life happens, some people move on so they are out of san francisco. that's what that area is. that's almost 1,000 people. nert training is available in several languages. we have a chinatown neighborhood training. we give a training in chinese and there is a team in the china town area. there is a note about communications. we have a one of the problems that we have in the event of an emergency to
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get a hold of everybody instantaneously. sound trees take a long time. the regroup capability where it can put out a message and will go to everybody all at once. because of your past support we've gotten a lot of people prepared to help themselves and their families assist their neighbors and provide support for the department for the next earthquake that comes. that's going to prepare the first responders. we thank you for your support and hopefully you will continue. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good evening commissioners. my name is garrett, the chair of the advisory board. i have been trained since 2006. i'm going to
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talk to you about the different activities the residents get involved in. we start with a 2-hour workshop. we realize that in any disaster first responders are going to be overwhelmed. it's really important that individuals get some sort of training. basic training to at least take care of themselves. the sf ready workshop focuses on preparedness and an introduction to nert. it's offered several times throughout the city and throughout the year. it would take more involved steps, we offer the basic training which is approximately 20 hours of training. that is offered throughout the year throughout the city. generally broken down into six classes. taught by firefighters from san francisco. covering emergency response topics such as light search and
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rescue, triage, building and damage assessment and psychology and the emergency management team organization and management. the program also offers advanced training. once you get that training, the certification is good for 2 years. throughout the year there are additional drills and workshops offered to refresh and strengthen the skills that we learned. there are classes on hand radio communications which is so important in any disaster. triage as well is very important. and the setting up of the staging area, a command center. as i mentioned the certification is good for 2 years. at the end of those 2 years, the individual just needs to retake class 5 and 6 and their certification is good for another 2 years. we have two citywide drills which i'm sure you are aware of. one
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to commemorate the 1906 earthquake and 1989 earthquake. that is sunday april 17th and will be in conjunction with the kickoff of the fire department. we are excited about that. we also do a lot of community outreach. as you know we have no shortage of street fair s, neighborhood events and there is enough business association groups and business association groups and put on workshops and we put out several of those to get the word out about training. there is also a focus on reaching out to non-english speaking residents, cantonese and spanish being the two big ones. there was last year a class taught in all cantonese and
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lieutenant headed a program that teaches preparedness training in spanish. i was an assistant helping out in that last year. we hope to do more of those. the new focus or a new focus that lieutenant is looking at is a team nert, a team population looking at the same skills as nert. that will be coming up. we talk about initiatives. in the booklet we handed out to you, it's called the background ---er. and it focuses on initiatives and the partnerships that we have through nert as mentioned. the disaster rescue, the police department has the alert training which is auxiliary law
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enforcement response team. the sf puc water treatment. we have a workshop where they show us how to set up water distribution so the nert responders can help. we have that throughout the city and that will help get water to people. then sf cart and department of public health, disaster mental health is an important issue during a disaster. it not only has to do with victims and shocked due to stress but enables us to deal with them properly. but also a look at responders. we are the eyes and ears of the department. it's a very low risk but still stressful. we need to watch out for each other because that is one of the primary basis of the nert to help each other to get to a disaster. thank you for your time.
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>> good afternoon. thank you for having me. i have been trained since 2011. i would like to talk to you about the chart for volunteer hours. this is the chart of the amount of hours your team is in your neighborhood to prepare for the next big disaster. as you can see there are almost 15,000 volunteer hours in 2015 alone. given the number of trained nert and the normal of volunteer hours they expend, you can expect these numbers will grow in a disaster situation. why is this important for you today? per fema recovery policy 9525.5. these hours are categorized
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as donor resources and for work resulting in a major disaster. these hours maybe credited towards the non-federal share of grant cost under fema's public assistance program. on the use of these types of hours to meet, the 25% share required at the local level is not just a theory. so already precedent is in place. in specific, sonoma's and pierce county in the nation. we already know we are preparing for the next big events but an additional bonus that we can assist in the financial recovery of our city. thank you. >> so that's the overview of our program and really the contributions that our volunteers are making. the disaster of mental health implementing that as a real accomplishment as well as the genesis
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of the team nert program. next up for us is to fully build-out the team nert program to have volunteered involved in that way and asked of us to help us get the broader of city and county of san francisco to help with the nert program to help with marketing and notifying the community members that live and work here about our program. that concludes the presentation. are there any questions for myself or the members of the advisory board? >> thank you, lieutenant arteseros. first we need to call for public comment. >> okay. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. i will go to my fellow commissioners beginning with
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vice-president cleave -- land. >> thank you. my question is what is your budget for nert and do you need an increase? >> thank you for asking. our budget is currently $450,000. it includes all 20 courses and the on training effort for full time salary position. yes, we need an increase to support the daily operations of the training program. thank you for asking. >> have you put any sort of dollar figure on that? >> the position which would include the benefits etc would probably be in the area of about $80,000-100,000. >> all right. i think it's a
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fantastic program and we can also use nert to educate the public on causes of fires and how to prevent them so they can take this information back. the teen nert program, we need to do more of that outreach into middle schools and high schools on fire prevention and just nert program and the teen nert could be a benefit to that. >> i know that our fire prevention division is working with that and we'll be happy to work with them to extend the region on the fourth multiplier on all of those efforts. thank you. commissioner nakajo? >> thank you. i want to recognize
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commissioner griffin. he was a commissioner here under mayor grand jordan during our participation. thank you very much for your service. lieutenant, arteseros, i always want to make sure i'm saying your last name correctly because you deserve highly that respect. i very much appreciate the hard work that you put in as a staff person with this nert program. your dedication is really amazing in how much work you put within that. i particularly liked the presentation this evening. may i call you by your first name, i think it was robert, was it garrett or was it rebecca? it was really effective in terms of hearing from the nert volunteers themselves and i want to acknowledge all of you in the audience that are part of
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that as well because we all know if we don't have this program and nert volunteers when the next disaster occurs, this city is going to have a difficult time in managing that. i say that because a lot of us were part of the earthquake in '89. i was there at candlestick park watching the giants with my young son when that stadium started rocking and the lights started swaying and i can swear the stadium expanded out and i ran out to the parking lot and heard by rumor that the bay bridge had collapsed. i just wanted to go home with my son. and how i got there were the citizens from san francisco from candlestick park all the way to
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japantown, every block, every neighborhood this sense of we have to take care of ourselves. there were folks out there directing traffic and such. part of that was the amazing and i call it the seed for nert because part of that as well and this is a san franciscan talking. there was a lot of folks in that neighborhood looking for help in that direction at the marina high school backyard so to speak. the birth of nert was invented. i have seen this organization grow from that personal experience. i just wanted to thank all of you for all of your work and the comprehension of this program. >> thank you, commissioner. >> thank you, commissioner nakajo. chief white? >> thank you, i want to thank you for your sentiment.
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i was very proud of the work that went out with the earthquake. i was the one who hand picked the lieutenant. it's more than just a job to her. she really lives and breathe the nert program and the messaging that the community that a good responsible citizen is for the community. i would also like to give a great deal and respect and admiration for the volunteer work. it's volunteer work, not paid, and also you share a similar passion for the neighborhood emergency response team in the city and county of san francisco. we meet at our headquarters and the number of nearly thousands of people. you can choose to do other
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things with the times you put in for the drills an you continue to make this city stronger. thank you very much, lieutenant arteseros. >> thank you. commissioner hardeman? >> yes. this is a fantastic program, lieutenant arteseros. i think all of your -- gary tagaros, maxine, lisa did you -- and sylvia and rebecca spoke. but just inform get -- to get their name on the record and how grateful we are. my wife is nert
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trained and she'll look at this and she'll be delighted to see this going well. i too had an interesting night on the loma prieta earthquake. when we came home from the baseball game with my nine-year-old son. the fastest ride i had home from candlestick part. on every corner there seemed to be someone volunteering to direct traffic. we just flew home. that showed people did like to help, and i ended up getting a phone call and 1:00 a.m. from the mayor's office. they needed the signs out at the marina district directing people in the morning to emergency services, to food and shelter. so i ended up painting some signs and
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5 a.m. and luckily i had some quick drying paint. anyway, that was my memory of this. i try to volunteer. i will have to take a nert class because my wife's been after me. i appreciate this. we couldn't have done this without the volunteers. thank you very much. we have a couple hundred thousand people around san francisco. let's hope this never happens again but there could be a serious number wandering around. thank you very much. >> thank you, everyone who presented this evening. a lot of faces look familiar since the nert training. i would like everyone to get out and be nert trained. it's actually a lot of fun and when you are done, you feel less vulnerable and you feel
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that you can be of service to your fellow citizens. everyday that goes by means we are a day closer to the big one. when the big one comes you ought to be able to city -- step in and do your part and help people as much as possible. i would like you to go over some of the other areas of nert such as nert training and some of the other affiliations that we have for people who want to become radio operators. if you can delineate some of that, i think that would be illuminating to everyone. >> absolutely, thank you for asking that question. there is a misperception to be able to do rescue by being a nert member. through basic training we
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have emergency medical preparedness through triage, search and rescue and to command and skill on including fire extinguisher. the role once you complete the basic training is very easy. i will put them in the context of working in neighborhood command post which is tracking volunteers in and out. it's hand radio communications where a neighborhood has direct communication with volunteers at a fire battalion station so your needs can be met. it's also supporting each other in that way and providing a set up where a command post can be successful. then the other aspect is the field team aspect which are teams going out to do damage assessments which is walking around the neighborhood and providing the needs and the search and rescue skills that are needed. the program allows you to go on and get training from animal
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care control, from our water department to allow you to broaden your skills in the response. thank you. >> very good. will you give us an idea of the scope of the two large gatherings of nert volunteers every year. what transpires there? >> absolutely. the april and october activation is a request to anyone trained citywide to come to a central point and we set up mock neighborhoods for any number of people registered and getting up to 50 people per neighborhood. we have an actual activation. when we hit go, the neighborhood team establishes the command post in that area and they carry out those skills we have been talking about. we'll take over a school like marina middle school and have that represent the neighborhood with addresses or rooms that need to be searched and neighborhood
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assessment to be done. so it provides that kind of realtime. it is slightly compressed because it is a drill but it's more of a realtime what are we going to do when the earthquake happens and we head to our staging area and we are asked to respond. >> it's excellent training because you actually get to practice with your neighbors. these are the people that get to know by face and skill level. it really is a very very good extension of the classroom learning. have you reached out to the boy scouts for the team component? >> we are developing our partners right now and looking for boy scouts. are you out there? call me. with that, with the unified school district we have done some reaching
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out and also among nert children to look at what that looks like so they can send us their team and we've already had some go through the program. >> very good. thank you very much for your presentation. any follow up questions on the part of commissioners? no. keep up the good work. thank you. >> next item? item no. 4. overview and summary of super bowl 50. assistant department chief of homeland security shane francisco to provide after action report of super bowl 50. >> good afternoon.
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>> so you have my report today on the super bowl and how things went during that crazy week. nine straight days of 18 hour days pretty much for everybody. all things went pretty well. we'll talk about that today. the first thing everyone probably noticed is that there was a heavy police presence. we had swat officers at the police department. it might have been heavy but it kept everything very safe. if that's what it takes, so be it. unfortunately we have to live in this day in age with that kind of presence. police department had a lot of coverage. they had escorts to deal with, vips
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and so much coverage. they did a great. just to recap what we did in san francisco. we had two major venues, at the moscone center and at the super bowl plaza at the park and the connecting both of them. we had one at pier 1 and emergency services operated and the police department operation center activated. we'll talk about that and how those things went. our structure for the super bowl. here is our organizational chart. i don't expect you to memorize this, but very large, very involved for us. probably one of the largest events in city of san francisco since the world fair. 9 days long of this type of structure that you see in front of you. just to give you an idea of what that looked
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like. the resources assigned to the event. i will do a quick recap for you. our command was chief assistant franklin and mike thompson and jeff myers and tony maloy. this was the heart of the team if you will, the people that made sure the operations ran smoothly for 9 days straight. at the moscone center we had 4 emi foot teams, ems gator on surface, two ambulances, fire service and command post and battalion chief at the command post. very similar to super bowl city except no foot teams. one fire gator and mini pumper and three ambulances there. at the operations center
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that i mentioned we had rc zanon and chris bond at the eoc and police department operator. those two volunteered to work most of the days and covered most of the shifts there and brought it great continuity to that operation. which makes it easier. we have people in the know and we don't have to revisit and relearn every day. that was a welcome to have. down in santa clara, we had rescue captain wong at the field and lieutenant george carawani representing the santa clara emergency operations center. hazardous materials now, we had many agencies working in our behalf. we joined the hazmat assessment
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team. the program out of liver moore and fbi and we were able to respond and assess any significant incident that may have happened during those 9 days. fortunately we didn't have any major incidents. that was run by station 46, our hazmat captain, the backbone of that and this was our control team for the technical team. under this you umbrella we had many agencies working for us. in addition to this, the national nuclear agency and the nuclear detection office. they had 29 hits in those 9 days, 43 in the bay area during the 9 days of the super bowl. from the national guard civil support team, this is a dedicated national guard asset of the state. each state has at least one
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civil support team. california we are lucky we have two because we are very large. we have teams the 71st from iowa and nevada and guam and hayward. we have the homeland response from the washington state national guard to provide the dedicate decontamination asset to respond to any incident or hospital to do just decontamination. so very thankful to these teams that came in and flew long distances and worked these long 12-18-hour days there. but things went very well with that operation. so, moving on the operations at the super bowl events at the moscone center. it's the football field and you can go inside and throw it and test your
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skills and usually that results in an injury when there is an adult participation. here are some numbers on the nfl on the attendance we saw there during 9 days. as you see kind of mild the first weekend and slows down that monday and tuesday and of course as you reach the weekend as more people start flying into the city and people start getting more excited about the game, it reaches 40,000 people on saturday. the game was very light as the game was going on. over 40,000 visitors to the moscone center and we move on to the super bowl city and we saw the largest crowds maybe since the millennium. lots of people there on friday and saturday. as you can see the pictures. it was very good for the city. the weather turned out well for us and lent to the atmosphere there. according to the super bowl
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50 host committee. here are the numbers. they barely estimated here for the event. opening weekend, quite a significant crowd. it dips down again on that monday and tuesday and starts building back up as you get closure and those are the days when you have major bands at the park and friday it got crazy and that saturday even more so. you can see the dense of people down at the water front. tons and tons of people. we had a lot of events like this that we are pretty well prepared for and we worked very well with the police department and captain dave lazar is the command post at the police department at pier one and working together there. we had some crowd issues. as you can see it's one of our trucks there. i think i counted 15 people on our truck. we got lost in the
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crowd in the command post. it felt like a soccer match. i had no control over my body. we kind of lost the fire a little bit. together working with the police department, we developed a joint operation to send in one of our mini pumper along with a barricade truck because people would part the way and as the truck went through we gave the fire lane and things started to leave itself a little bit and we had a safe fire lane to operate with. working with the police department we had a great outcome for that which is done on the fly. things worked out really well there. moving on, the kind of call volume we saw for the fire department. with all assets we had assigned. we has 71 responses for our
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football team and then 142 responses. 49 were on saturday. it got very busy on saturday. total responses 173. we had kaiser five first aid stations set up. three at the nfl experience and two at super bowl city. combined they saw 1074 stations. what a big help that was from kaiser. that's a lot of people that may have generated a 911 call, transports that may have happened over thing s that do not need to be transported. a big thank you to kaiser to things that worked well and america's cup and worked well here as a place that we can take patients that were not critical. very busy on that saturday. so we actually had one building fire call while we were there at super bowl city.
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it was that one market. the kitchen fire, a grease fire. they were trying to roast 10 prime ribs than the normal number. the fire got put out quickly with the building systems there. but we had dedicated fire inspector personnel and already established the fire watch at the building. everything was very safe. no real issues. we had the resources to deal with it. so things went well. one other aspect we had was the visiting public safety officials. houston, the next city to get the super bowl, this was the official handoff from public safety to public safety. houston police department and county sheriff's and the houston fire department, emergency management members of the city of houston all came here. all about total of 52 houston
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personnel came and command fire staff was here and six members volunteered to drive vans for them, two a day and chief guzman and chief castiano were our host and they saw every venue, every operation center and it was a chance for them to learn and see how we plan things and how the venues are going to look for them and gave them our best advice and good luck and best wishes for the super bowl in houston. very great comments about that and members worked well. the last thing i want to say is we had people that volunteered for us and they had very long days working and without their dedication to committing to work, those long hours, we wouldn't have been successful. thank you to the members of station 49 and those who volunteered
5:49 pm
to work those shifts. that concludes my presentation. we are beginning that process of the formal process. everybody is now sitting down and taking a look at the numbers and putting it altogether and applying meaning to it. they will produce an after action report. at this time can i address any questions for you? >> excuse me. thank you very much, chief francisco. did you also delineate some observations? >> that didn't make the deadline. i apologize for that. >> i see, those are to be considered at a later date? >> yes, ma'am. we will put it altogether.
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>> okay. great. thank you very much. at this time i would like to open the mic up for public comment. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. -- there is 1 person. a former commissioner. >> president covington, chief, members of the commission. larry griffin here. sorry it's not on the super bowl, but i wanted to express my appreciation on february 13th. about 10 to 9:00, i started smelling smoke in my neighborhood and started to hear a lot of alarms go off and i walk around the corner and there was a three alarm fire around the corner from my house. it's was a victorian wooden structure. it's been a long time since i was at a fire.
5:51 pm
it was scary because it was a three alarm fire and a lot of flames, but it was exciting to see the men and women of this department contain that fire and fight it and put it out in a real quick amount of time. they were so professional and just so on-the-job. i wanted to come and commend them tonight. that's why i stopped in tonight. i want to commend those that responded and the ones that didn't respond because they are ready to respond all the time and for all the work you do. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. griffin. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. and i will go to commissioner ken cleaveland? >> thank you, madam president. i would like to thank the chief and the team on a great job. we are
5:52 pm
grateful and our city is grateful for the fire department's involvement and keeping the super bowl event as safe as it was. i do have a couple of questions. you mentioned the radio logical equipment? what is that. >> they are out there to detect that and look for terrorist type of events and bombs. these were mostly medical in nature. if someone goes to a doctor and get a radioactive tracer for a procedure. it's really easy to detect with radiation. so you get a hit on that and make sure it's not nefarious. we were able to identify the isotope. no big deal. see you later. thank you very much and we go on. >> second question. do you have any idea on what it cost the fire department to
5:53 pm
assist with super bowl 50? >> those numbers are just posting and we are probably a little early in this meeting to talk about. we are working on that this week and will probably have a better number for you. i think it's in the neighborhood of maybe 250, with over time expenditures and what we were given by the deal to deal with it. >> very good. very good job. >> it was a team effort. >> thank you. >> thank you, vice-president ken cleaveland. our chief of department would like to add something? >> thank you, i would like to reserve that number. we had originally when our budget was being discussed last year, we did receive approximately $250,000 that we earmarked for super bowl. subsequent to that we put our heads together and it would be north of
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$250,000. i think i'm projecting approximately around $500,000 range or so. like chief francisco said, we will have full detail on that in the coming weeks. >> thank you, chief. commissioner nakajo? >> thank you, madam president. i also wanted to echo chief francisco and appreciation from this commission in terms of all the work put into this super bowl 50 and i know you put that acknowledgment in terms of the members of station 49 and all the firefighters that did volunteer that they really couldn't accomplish. i wanted to express that initiation. i'm really gratified that they detailed this report and it hasn't been that long ago. i think that this
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evening's presentation as comprehensive as it is, it's really important for san franciscan to know what it takes to put together a super bowl or super bowl city. i also think that might reinforce the status of san francisco as a major venue city that can compete on any comparable level. any structure with the reports that shows to me and the commission which is all the components that it takes to pull this off without sparing any kind of means or lack of necessity. so whatever budget figure we do submit chief white to the mayor's office or the cost of it so san francisco can see what it cost to have a great event. i want to extend my appreciation to the chief and to all the members. thank you, madam president. >> thank you, commissioner
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nakajo. commissioner michael hardeman? >> thank you, madam president. chief francisco, i think you used a lot of your athletic ability. everybody knows you are quite an athlete and i think you needed all that strength and conditioning that you have from the abilities to even or continuing to play baseball. so you are in shape and i appreciate your staying in shape. the weapon was this on page two, what kind of a weapon is that? >> it's most likely an ar 15, that's a civilianized version. >> i was talking to a couple of these guys at moscone and very shocked to see at moscone. i have been going by moscone
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center my whole life. it's now where all the conventions are but things change. i'm surprise but happy to see these. these are a deterrence. when you shop in europe and you are surprised and when you go to san francisco and you see them around. with your report and all the other folks that you had working with you and protecting all the visitors, very comforting. no incidents. i think it was all because you were so prepared. so you really deserve a pat in the back. the gators, i was talking to probably everybody has an idea. golf carts and some mini ambulance. that's what the gators and i saw them first in new york city and they were
5:58 pm
actually doing a rescue for somebody that had a heart attack. i think you are not prepared to talk about it today but i think the gators are very wonderful thing and i heard that you had five active, one broke down. >> we had six. thankfully none broke down. the gaiters we are using very often and they worked well for us. >> in the new year's chinese parade i talk to a couple of firefighters during that parade and they liked doing that duty and they volunteered to man -- a gator that night and it's such a great tool. very good. >> the gators that we had in
5:59 pm
the picture protect with the she will on the back and equipment from the rain and they were able to get it done in time for the super bowl and of course el nino went away. >> then we talk about restaurants in the area and after that meeting there was like another half dozen restaurants. i think there was a problem of communication. if the public knew all of those restaurants that were very good restaurants. they would have enjoyed themselves and they would have enjoyed their availability. next time i would like to have more notice to make those restaurants happy and get those businesses taken care of. it's the only negative. thank you very much for your job and all your work. >> thank you. i would like to thank the
6:00 pm
chief and battalion mike thompson. they did great work and ran the operations everyday. big thank you to all of them. >> the game ticket would have been nice. but that's okay. >> thank you, chief francisco. i would like to also thank chief castellanos as well as chief guzman. i think everything went fabulously well and to have the logistics of people working that day as well as the people who are coming to such a huge event, it's really fortunate for us that we have such a person that's very good that the chief of our department selected chief
6:01 pm
francisco for these duties. he brings a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience that was put to good use over those 9 days. very much for your update and your report. i wanted us to get this information while it was still fresh in our minds. and during the times that i went to super bowl city, once before just to get the lay of the land with chief francisco and i went on the first sunday. it was an amazing event. our city looked good, everyone from near and far came. lots of families, lots of excitement about the venues, about the game. i was so pleased that everything went well and i was extremely
6:02 pm
relieved when everybody headed down to santa clara. so thank you again, chief francisco. >> thank you. we'll call the next item, please. city clerk: item no. 5. chief of department's report. report on current issues, activities and vebts with department since the fire commission meeting of february 10, 2016, including fleer, 2015-2016 budget, staffing changes, academies strategic planning, 150th anniversary update, special events, communication and outreach to other government agencies and the public.
6:03 pm
>> good evening, fire commission. this is my report since last meeting of january 10th. this is the budget since the last meeting. we submitted the budget on february 22nd. we look forward to more conversations with the mayor's office prior to the submittal on june 21st. it's the process of confirming a date for our budget committee to meet with the mayor's budget director kate howard. i anticipate that will be some time next month during the month of march. not any know staffing changes to report for this reporting period of time. we do anticipate fire fighter keith bracha to introduce himself at the march 9th report. in the process of announcing
6:04 pm
very soon some acting positions in the ems division which we will be able to report at the next meeting. related to academies, 119th academy is off to a good start. they begin on january 25th, and later we are joining by station no. 49 for a total of 50 members going through the academy with a graduation date in may. followed by the 120 class which is yet to be selected. backgrounds have been pretty much conducted and interviews will take place through the meet and greet in the march and april timeframe. we have members that were a good fit to our department and very instrumental during the staffing of super bowl week. there are 13 members this week that are transitioning to become full time members of
6:05 pm
our department as emt's and full time members as of friday. that is something new we are embarking upon. they have done a very good job for us since we hired them in august and leaving our per diem status as we become full time members. they will participate in the h 1 level academy, another entry level academy which we have a list to draw from for emt's. regarding strategic planning, we met yesterday and we have a final report out including communications, revenue, fleet, and we are delighted to have commissioner cleveland joining in strategic
6:06 pm
planning. i think you got the gist of the sort of the deep dive that each subcommittee has taken nor the -- in order to get this plan together. the goal is to get these subcommittee reports and put them in a draft document which my office will be doing with some assistance from the subject matter experts that have offered to take a look to formulate and format. the committee will draft the document by e-mail and set the meeting date to discuss the path forward to how we are going to do disseminate that to the commission and field in draft form and that meeting is scheduled for march 28th at 9:00 a.m.. secretary was going to check to see if that works with them. that is at least what we are endeavoring to meet
6:07 pm
on the 28th. the draft document will be e-mailed ahead of time. regarding the 150 anniversary, we are looking forward to kicking off our 150th celebration in conjunction with the nert drill on april 17th and april 18th with the commemoration of the 1906 earthquake and fire. where there is a committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow. lots of progress has been made. i think there was a lot of anticipation and work being done around the super bowl and we have made a lot of progress and i'm happy to report and happy to say we have made a lot of progress in terms of getting corporate sponsors to assist and partner with us on many of the events and we are locking down and reviewing the calendar of events and start in april and conclude with
6:08 pm
the 150th birthday. we will have an updated calendar for you. regarding special events. commissioner hardeman participated as well as other firefighters participated in the chinese parade. thank you for participating. then also wanted to just step back for the last item which is communications and outreach to other government agencies and the public. the deputies and i are continuing to have open lines of communication with the membership. we did immediate with local 798 with our monthly meeting and met with united fire and met with president london breed on a number of department issues relates to our trade facility and our new
6:09 pm
firehouse to be constructed to take down the current station 5 and what that new facility will look like as well as the facade and the interior and a number of other issues budget related. so forth. we expressed our great need to get things back in relation to our apparatus and replacement plan. the department of human resources assisted in the chief exam. my understanding there was 21 candidates that participated and completed that process. on the 23rd, yesterday, the deputies and i attended. he was nominated and received and award firefighter john christy.
6:10 pm
we are very proud of his honor and it's well deserved. this morning i participated in a leadership forum with our treasurer jose cisneros and todd ruf o on a panel discussion for the executive association at the main library where we were asked about challenges related to our respective roles in city government. >> that's all i have for my report. >> thank you.
6:11 pm
vice-president ken cleaveland? >> thank you for the report. how much money are we trying to raise from the public from donations and how much have we raised to date? >> so we have raised an amount that i would like to share with the committee tomorrow. i would be happy to share with the public at the next meeting and i will be happy to share with you after the meeting. it's very good news and a lot of anxiety around this and a lot of interest. suffice to say we have a lot of very good partners that appreciate the dedicated work that the men and women of the department active and retired have done. i feel pretty good. >> i do know the businesses and citizens of san francisco would love to support the department.
6:12 pm
is it $800,000 that we need and knowing that, and if we don't have to write a check for donations, i will wait to get the report next month. >> we are meeting to talk about it because some of the items have been scaled back and some removed and some added. i would say we are in track to say what we feel we need to raise to make all the events successful. >> that would be on the report at the next commission meeting? >> correct. >> great. one final question regarding 150th, december 3rd, final banquet is that going to be open to the public? >> we are going to have a few events including april 18th and an event in september which will be the official civic celebration where we
6:13 pm
would like to have the mayor and other city officials, former mayor's, senators, as well as the public. we are looking for that to be our biggest public event. most likely we are working with the giants to try to secure lot a to put on that event. december 3rd event which is still being developed. we want to do something to acknowledge the members that are working that day at station 49 and the fire houses, but then also offering something for off duty members. it would mostly be a member event but the civic celebration near the end of november. >> i would like to include and invite the nert participants and the certified people in the city because they worked so hard.
6:14 pm
i would like to include them. >> absolutely and the start begins april 17th where we will pay special tribute to the nert volunteers. >> perfect. thank you very much. >> thank you. commissioner nakajo? >> thank you, madam president. thank you, chief, for your report. i would like to get information on a couple of variances that you reported on your report. you reported on h 8 per diem were offered permanent positions. can you share with us how many of those h 8 candidates were offered and which they were offered at the emt level within the department? >> correct. we did a hiring a number of h 8's during this time of offering and because of the other employment they have because of a per diem
6:15 pm
or as needed part-time served them well with their schedule and to be able to come in and let them know what their availability is. there were others that i think there goal was to eventually get hired full time with the department. so we offered 14 people that opportunity to sort of transition from their per diem status to full time status. these are emt positions. so they definitely have a higher level of training but all emt positions but they all have paramedic licenses. one member started monday. one member has decided to move back into the h 8 status. we will transition 13 members. >> okay. i think that's a real great
6:16 pm
accomplishment to have a member come in as a per diem. i remember when we conceptually talked about h 8's and the concern as to where that would be that pull of resources because there is a lot of requirement in terms of coming on a per diem rather than full time. so, to have individuals come in as an h 8. as i understand once they graduate we immediately put those in the fields for service? >> correct. the training was modified because they had been elsewhere. some of it was online and some classroom training. once they finished the criteria which was developed, they were able to be out on the streets with another member of our department. >> so these positions, emt are full time positions within our department? >> correct. >> the other question i have is perhaps i'm not sure if it's
6:17 pm
appropriate in your report and perhaps you might want to refer back to operations and such, but i know that we are presently in the 119th class and this class that graduated in may. i'm curious of the graduating class of 117, 118 and 119 and how that works with the department. because at this point class 117, 118 should be off probation and integrated within our department? >> i believe 117 is off probation, 118, they are still under going some steps and still on probationary status. >> i realize i'm asking this question through your command force, but i would like to get some
6:18 pm
feedback on how these new members are performing out there in the field particularly i know that recent fire and i know it will come out on the report on fulton street and i would like to see you address that and hear something about that. >> no problem. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, commissioner. >> commissioner? michael hardeman? >> thank you. there is a report. do you mind if i read it? this struck me as the last meeting and now we have some evidence.
6:19 pm
the california highway patrol. i was talking to the california highway patrol man i was talking to at the chinese parade and asked him if he knew how the california highway patrol man was doing after his throat was slashed. he said no way that anyone thought he was going to live. he said the response was so swift and professional. they thought their fellow officer was dead. this was a letter from the california highway patrol commissioner jerald.
6:20 pm
"on tuesday february 2016, members of the fire department responded to a call from the california highway patrol officer. the swift response in medical aid they provided were paramount in our officer arriving quickly. we are happy to report he will make a full recovery. thanks to emt and paramedics. i want to thank you and your staff personally for coming to our aid so quickly. please convey my gratitude to paramedic and emt for their efforts. knowing when san francisco can respond to a need when it rises we are always ready to --
6:21 pm
reciprocally. >> thank you. >> thank you. i too echo the great work done by our members that day. oftentimes when we respond to incidents, the members give their heart and -- soul. sometimes they don't get the recognition. the commissioner was flying in to sacramento to meet with his member at the hospital. the three members, our emt brook ij
6:22 pm
paramedic were able to meet with him and they thanked him. it was a great opportunity to have the members personally acknowledged that day by the commissioner and i believe they also had the opportunity to perhaps meet the chp officer. i was with them. i accompanied them. so, thank you. >> thank you, chief hayes-white. >> commissioner nakajo? >> thank you. i forgot to bring the area of correspondence to our public. in the package there is a letter from supervisor david campos to encourage us to have a dialogue with the community. at direction discretion -- i know
6:23 pm
there has been some discussion with the department going into the mission and having a dialogue. this has been sent to the commission in the participation and again if there is something that we can do with this and we don't have to have a formalized participation but a commissioner might be able to attend with you and whatever is deemed properly our representative. did you want to speak to this chief in terms of are we doing something in terms of this dialogue. supervisor campos' letter? >> yes. commissioner, nakajo, i have been very well able to go into mission district and i spoke with some of the advocates that we do that. so, not really an issue. i think one of the things that we discussed that with francee covington and with the request that
6:24 pm
you received from supervisor campos that there be a fire commission meeting out there. i know vice-president covington considered doing that or something like you talked about something more informal and around our presence and fire marshall and perhaps two commissioners. i think that's an on going discussion and i will defer to the president of the commission for that. >> thank you. yes. to my fellow commissioners and the chief of the department, as you know the president and vice-president meet with the chief of the department before a commission meeting. so this was item no. 1 at our meeting agenda just a couple hours ago. so, yes, there will be a meeting in the mission, but the details still have to be worked out. okay? as soon as we know,
6:25 pm
you will know. thank you. any other questions for the chief? okay. madam secretary? administration report. chief white? take it away chief williams. >> thank you. good evening president covington, members of the fire commission. this is my administrative report for the month of february, 2016. i will start with homeland security. adc shane francisco presented his abc 50 action report and with the planning and implementation it basically covered the entire month of january. during this month however along with the assistance of chief
6:26 pm
myers and the chinese parade which happened this last weekend and attended a workgroup meeting in preparation of large scale sporting events called concepts of operations or conop development. in our assignment offices we completed interviews for the vacant position in the assignment office. under the direction of the chief, the assignment shall be made shortly. in addition we have two members of the 1844 senior management assistants hired by the staff and assignment office and they are successfully completing their 6 months training. vacation selections at the airport will be completed by monday february 29. th: under isb, during this reporting period random test
6:27 pm
continue on track. there have been 32 members tested during this reporting period. all have resulted in negative reports. in addition, they have continued to conduct background testing of candidates for upcoming academies. under training, with the assistant deputy chief jeff columnbini, i would like to start by addressing commissioner nakajo's concern. we have reports from the division in the field and a high probationary firefighters are doing a fine job in meeting their expectations for the probationary period. and they are conducting their work at the academy
6:28 pm
and concluding the testing for the members in the field and as well as conducting our in service training for our department members which includes our below grade training which is held on yerba buena island and we've also gotten positive feedback on the field on the training that they have received. we anticipate having the active shooter training later this year. we'll produce a module that involve the sf p.d. staff." the staff have continued their construction on the bart facility. we began the five-day academies for the h 8's moving on to level one emt's. under the emf division and with the portion of the recruit academy conduct the emt and
6:29 pm
paramedic recertification and licensing accreditation. as well as conducting the h 8 academies and they are also gearing up for upcoming h 3 level one, academies, h 3 level 2s and academies that will be held later on this year. i just want to acknowledge again what we will have erica arteseros, her training was very involved and her dedication to the program. when i was chief of training i got a chance to work with her up close and she has done a very positive job and built up a great support team with her advisory board as well as the volunteers that you see here tonight. under support services with assistant
6:30 pm
deputy chief lombardy. we have gotten approval from the board of supervisors on the health bond and it's anticipated to be placed on the june ballot. under easter bond training. under station 16 under building permit review it's anticipated to start construction early summer of 2016 and it's also under review and anticipated that the inspection will be within the next 2-3 months. the department has contracted with an industrial hygienist from dph to conduct on health and safety and osha compliance. the team has been working closely with the division team on various projects including airport
6:31 pm
station 3 relocation and working closely with the department of environment and local 798 and the cancer foundation. chief lombardy along with residents from the community and the cancer foundation have met with the neighbors from the airports to discuss their concerns regarding health and safety of that relocation and that construction and it has been met with positive results. chief lombardy plans to meet again with the staff to discuss any other concerns they may have with the actual construction of the remodel of the new station. under faculty maintenance, a total of 193 request for services were received and processed for the month of january.
6:32 pm
under the e-bonds, those includes repairs for roofs, windows and showers, generators and other repairs. under e-ser 1, wss, the repairs and completion for the tank. and twin peaks reservoir. and with all of these repairs we saved over 500,000 gallons of water which was leaked each day. the construction continues on various systems throughout the city. and planning and design were continued for the tunnel project throughout the city. the suite management new
6:33 pm
specifications for engines are being finalized and enhanced features into related specifics. ambulance specifications inform a firehouse. and it's for a more efficient and better operation staffing. logistics have moved the majority of it's operations and equipment to 25th street for a more organizational efficiency. the water supply officer i think there was an inquiry about that position. they are currently working on various projects such as on going inspection of the system throughout the city as was mentioned a few minutes ago. so they along with the field are inspecting the systems in checking levels and the physical conditions of each system as they are inspected and
6:34 pm
what they are gathering is determining if the systems are viable, the water levels and the age and just determining if the leaks are worth salvaging or repairing. they are working also to maintaining a mock pressure island for testing purposes and looking to the system on the foster which they lose a lot of water and results in a lot of sediment when they use drills. they have also worked with the water department and conducted a drill on january 28th, and what they are testing is the reliability and the status of the pums -- pumps as the capability for the
6:35 pm
firefightering needs for the man flow along the bay. the drill went well and being analyzed by the san francisco water department. once they get all the stats they will meet with station 35 to discuss with them further since that is where the fire boats are health. concerning the bayview hunters point and candlestick station. one will be a single engine company and the other will be a double engine company. they are specifying the space needed for this station. there has not been a definite location established. as i mentioned in the previous report, the fireboat is on
6:36 pm
track for completion on may 31. the boat builder has requested an extension to fireboat contract due to a couple of delays on the construction side. the department and oc a met with vigor last week and that request has been reviewed and tentatively approved by oca and the fire department. the anticipated completion date for the boat is may 31. but a contract amendment is currently being processed which would extend the contract to reflect the new delivery date as well as increased liquidated damages for the city if that date is not met. and finally as chief mentioned the budget has been submitted this week. it's in the mayor's office for review. that concludes my report if you have any questions. >> thank you, chief,
6:37 pm
williams, for that report. commissioner ken cleaveland? >> thank you very much for that report. when is this new completion date as discussing with the contractors? >> that is tentatively may 31. that is the new date. >> it is supposed to happen? >> it is supposed to happen. if there is any delay, they will be assessed. >> are you confident we will have the new fireboat by may 31? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> are you confident that all the issues of the airport with the relocation of the fire station there,
6:38 pm
all the firefighters that are concerned with the air pollution are being taken care of? >> yes, i'm confident about that. they met with the industrial hygienist, chief lombardy and members from the unit and the cancer prevention and the meetings are on going. i think their concerns as far as health have been addressed and the next phase will be the actual layout of the new construction. >> didn't you have hygienist do some sort of analysis? >> yes. >> so that report was provided to them and so there is no cause for concern? >> that's correct. >> final question, in terms of a continuing education, do we have a budget and do we have a series of continuing education of courses for all of the firefighters. we put in 1600 people within the the fire department. i think it's important that all of them feel there is something they can learn and there
6:39 pm
is a new program, new techniques, new equipment to learn about. i'm wondering what kind of budget do we have for continuing education and what does that entail for the most part? >> first of all, it's all encouraged to seek education. we have state and fire marshall courses that we start to move in and as we move toward accreditation we will move toward that. speaking on the education, we reimburse for the education you receive. as far as the budget, i would have to refer. >> while mark is coming up, i think generally we have a certain amount allotted and so like chief williams said, we encourage continuing education. there are times and more
6:40 pm
for specialty for bureau fire prevention and we are going to do more under this fire marshall bring in subject matter experts as opposed to sending people up and we have a day for the staff to avail themselves of that training. we are also looking for opportunities to partner with city college. but members now and the training does, we go through training rather quickly but members will request time off for training and will request reimbursement. there is that amount we would like to increase for training reimbursement. >> i want to add that we are increasing training at our facility so they have the ability to come on site. >> i think it's important to
6:41 pm
continue to learn and education and it's important to have some sort of non-profit outside of the fire department to help fund some of the conferences that firefighters wish to attend to bring up their skills. that's why i bring this up that it's critical that we fund continuing education for the existing members of the fire department. >> did you want do comment at all? do you know the specific figures off the top of your head? >> good evening, commissioners, the chief alluded to a very small training budget. as far as dollars associated that allowed us to bring in some grant funds in order to put on classes. the budget training at staff at treasure island and as they have been presented here as far as a
6:42 pm
number of advancement in terms of equipment scenario regarding the situations and as they have been preparing. the chief mentioned working with city college as far as some type of agreement with them. chief and myself are meeting with them tomorrow. that would provide a course and very little cost to us. >> that's good to hear. thank you very much for that. >> thank you very much. deputy chief columnbini. this year we are doing more online with the target solutions and working with ems and starting out on the suppression side. we have
6:43 pm
worked really well and have a couple of instructor classes already brought on our property where we've i think the last count was about 32 instructors. now we can train firefighter survival classes. with that california safe fire marshall program that we have taken up, it's bringing all kinds of new classes that we are able to do on-site for our members at pretty much no cost to them. so it's working out pretty well. >> i'm glad to hear that. we talked about a grant writer. i think perhaps we have been asking for funding for a grant writer within the department. that grant writer could also write grants to bring in money for continuing education. i hope our budget department is listening. thank you. >> thank you, vice-president ken cleaveland. commissioner
6:44 pm
nakajo? >> thank you very much for your comprehensive report. i want to ask for a couple questions as i try to digest out your report. you gave information on the easter bond? >> yes. >> and what is that for? >> some of the e-ser projects are for repair and replacement and it's i believe near completion if not closing out of the projects. >> the closing out of the projects in reference to that easter bond. is that chief williams, chief lombardy? >> assistant deputy chief lombardy. we are closing out the easter bond and the only two projects
6:45 pm
that will be left is station 5 and 18 and we'll move down to the 14 bond. we have done that already but coming down to the finalization of the bond. >> as we start to move to 2014, does that have designation for major repairs? >> yes it does. the 2014 bond was $85 million to refresh everybody's memory. we will be doing scope and comprehensive seismic. the major part of the bond, 1/3 of that money will be in station 35 which was for the bond and we realized we couldn't afford all three stations in that bond. we moved to 2014 bond and will be redoing that station out over the water which is a
6:46 pm
very expensive project. >> okay. so in terms of 2010 easter bond, is that bond also cover the name of the new station at the hall of justice? >> yes, the 2010 easter bond was $65 million and we received a new station forward along with the safety building and the police got a new substation and headquarters. that did not come out of the $65 million. that was an independent project and did not come out of the funds. >> so that station for it was a new station? >> yes. that's a brand new station for us, however the funds did not come out of that bond. there was a separate i believe around $245 million on approximately $45 million bond for the public safety building and in that building was a
6:47 pm
new police headquarters and police station and fire station within that one project. >> so perhaps again for the chief and perhaps at your discretion, perhaps it sounds like it falls under operation and update perhaps on operation 4. again, i know it's operating but technically, and again i don't know if this is appropriate to ask that question on how this is operating with the personnel and the city. >> commissioner, i would suggest that could be incorporated as part of the operations report that chief gonzalez can give an overview of the area that they are protecting and serving as well as call volume as well as and so forth if that works? >> that does work. i just want to get clarity in my mind as well because i know traditionally we talked about station one with locality
6:48 pm
which it does have a new location on folsom street and station two and station three and where does station four fall in. i'm just curious how that falls in talking with the easter bond. last question, chief williams. where is the bayview hunters point projections, is that easter bond? >> candlestick point and hunters point by lenar and we are still determining on where to locate that firehouse. there is plans out there and there is certain parcels dedicated for community parcels and one of those parcels will be a community firehouse for sure. it's just a matter of which serves best. that currently does not fall under easter bond funds. >> that's a cooperation
6:49 pm
between the developer and the department chief? >> it's currently it's listed as a general fund project today. the developer is supplying the land for us but not necessarily building the fire station. >> okay. i just want to be clear that we have a lot of input of where that station serves a lot of the needs. not that i'm not appreciative of that, but we had a gift of a location of a fire station and i'm not sure if that really helps us in our general terms of responsibilities. again bayview hunters . maybe down the road and there is a lot of residents in that area. >> i agree with that. my chief and i met with the
6:50 pm
builder and emphasized the same thought process that you are explaining right now. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, commissioner nakajo. commissioner michael hardeman? >> real quick, madam president. chief williams, you have become very efficient in your report. good job. you mentioned one thing about saving of 500,000 gallons of water. interesting i was at the public commission in san francisco and that it leaked so much water in a day than san francisco used. so that's how these leaks came and how much water gets taken and with this drought, it's nice to hear that we are doing the part in
6:51 pm
saving water. good job and great report. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. i have a few questions regarding the chief of the department's report as well as your report, chief williams. the training fund, and this question is for the chief of the department. the training fund and i understand this is an opportunity for members of the department to have additional training and get certified in particular areas, but i also understand that if you take a class, if you decide to take a class and it's an away class of a few days or so and that class is towards the end of the year, that the funds have already been expended from the training fund and so you are basically writing the large check yourself. so is there a way
6:52 pm
to spread the monies out so they last throughout the calendar year? >> we can look at that but it's done on a first request. especially if we achieve growth in that training fund. it is something to look at. >> in the training fund, how much is it currently? >> i don't have that information. >> okay. we can discuss those details at another time. >> sure. >> i think that members of the department should be encouraged to apply as soon as they realize that they want to have training. it's now february. if there is a training that you have near and dear to your heart that isn't being offered until october, there should be a way to give the higher ups a heads up that i really want to go to this
6:53 pm
training and this is my case for doing that. so perhaps those funds can be set aside even though the training hasn't taken place yet. i understand it's on a reimbursement basis, but the reimbursement is oftentimes not covering the entire cost of the training. so any monies that we can pass on to staff of the department would be very helpful. >> certainly we can look at that and should also be noted as a part of the factor as part of the mou provision, if someone takes an initiative and achieves certain certification or degrees there is an increase and after a certain length of service that premium get paid the amount. whether someone is reimbursed or not by the department i think that is a
6:54 pm
great thing. i want to . out there is a financial incentive in addition to the memorandum of understanding where by if you take the initiative to grow yourself and expand with classes with education, you are compensated by the city. >> that's good to know. that's a long life >> it's in a few contracts. yes, once you get that premium, it stays with you and i believe it is pensionable. >> is it a percentage of your base pay? >> yes, it's a percentage. it's training and education incentive pay. >> all right. is it a 5 percent boost? >> i can find out. i believe it is 6.5%. pretty significant.
6:55 pm
>> i have a question. about may 31. when is that happening? >> we have a competition with the school district and partnership. they are going to assist us in a period where school children have the opportunity to name the fireboat. whether it's k-8, we haven't decided on it yet but something we are working on. >> i would like to know details at our next meeting because i think it's important to give the students and their teachers and the principals
6:56 pm
enough time to work on their submissions for the name of the fireboat. i think it's a wonderful way to, you know, include our younger citizens. >> so i look forward to that. >> i want to point out that we are working with chief kennedy as well as facilitating for our new employees. there will be commissioning of the boat. it will take some time, some deployment and training of the staff on this new marine vessel. so more to follow on that. >> thank you. we would appreciate an update. and station 5, i know in your remarks you mentioned that you had a meeting with our president of the board of supervisors, president breed
6:57 pm
and you had a discussion with her regarding station 5. can you elaborate on that or perhaps chief lombardy can. >> chief lombardy has been at previous meetings. he was not that the one. supervisor breed is taking initiative with this district with one of the larger trucks as the division chief at the northern police station. that will be a total take down of that facility and then a new facility. she's very interested and has been a great partner in terms of what that station is going to look like functional wise and as well as aesthetically. >> was there any discussion regarding the arson unit at station 5? >> that was not discussed at
6:58 pm
the last meeting we had but it is coming up in the past. what we agreed to do is have the most up to date blueprints brought to her office with deputy chief lombardy and we will review that with her. >> all right. that sounds good. perhaps at the end of next month, last meeting of the month, we can get an update. do you think that would be too soon? >> i think that's reasonable. >> okay. thank you very much, chief. those are all the questions that i have. thank you, chief williams. and thank you chief hayes white. next item, please. madam secretary. >> text 6 agenda for next fire commission meeting discussion regarding agenda for march 9, 2016, regular meeting. >> thank you. my fellow commissioners, what is your pleasure regarding the
6:59 pm
agenda? >> all right. vice-president cleaveland. >> i think we ought to have the safety task force and have that available for the results of the fire safety task force. i think it's what the community needs to hear. that should be agendaized. >> okay. thank you. any other commissioners? there are several items that we have not discussed. ems 6 update and the 911 task force collaboration with private ambulance companies. okay. ems 6,
7:00 pm
madam secretary. and then of course we will have the chief of this department report and then chief gonzalez will be presenting next time. >> are we doing the 911 task force for next meeting? >> let's see, our next meeting, yes, i think we are fine. i think we'll have to hold that one over. well, the fire safety task force and then ems 6. are two definites. so the agenda may expand over the next week or so. >> i believe the chief was going to do a recognition on the academy of arts? >> we are going to hold off on that
7:01 pm
for just a little while. >> okay. okay, commissioner cleaveland? >> just one thing i know that we have not discussed at commission level regarding staffing requirements at station 49. there has been a lot of back and forth and i think it might be useful to have that issue aired at the commission level. so i would like to see that issue brought to the commission. >> at the very next meeting? >> i think it's an issue to be resolved. >> all right. that sounds good to me. anything else? all right. thank you all very much. this is going to be an
7:02 pm
informative meeting. all right. well, i would like to thank everyone for coming, and i would like to thank everyone for their input and generosity of talent and time. this meeting is hereby adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >>
7:03 pm
[dog barking] [rocket whistles] [boom] >> shop and dine the 49 promotes
7:04 pm
loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the
7:05 pm
neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that's >> here we are at the embarcadero. we are standing at one of
7:06 pm
locations for the street artists. can you tell me about this particular location, the program? >> this location is very significant. this was the very first and only location granted by the board of supervisors for the street artist when the program began in 1972. how does a person become a street artist? there are two major tenants. you must make the work yourself and you must sell the work yourself. a street artist, the license, then submitting the work to a committee of artists. this committee actually watches them make the work in front of them so that we can verify that it is all their own work. >> what happened during the holiday to make this an exciting location? >> this would be a magic time of
7:07 pm
year. you would probably see this place is jammed with street artists. as the no, there is a lottery held at 6 in the morning. that is how sought after the spaces are. you might get as many as 150 street artists to show up for 50 spaces. >> what other areas can a licensed street artist go to? >> they can go to the fisherman's wharf area. they can go in and around union square. we have space is now up in the castro, in fact. >> how many are there? >> we have about 420. >> are they here all year round? >> out of the 420, i know 150 to sell all year round. i mean like five-seven days a week. >> are they making their living
7:08 pm
of of this? >> this is their sole source of income for many. >> how long have you been with this program. how much has it changed? >> i have been with the program since it began 37 and a half years ago but i have seen changes in the trend. fashion comes and goes. >> i think that you can still find plenty of titis perhaps. >> this is because the 60's is retro for a lot of people. i have seen that come back, yes. >> people still think of this city as the birth of that movement. great, thank you for talking about the background of the program. i'm excited to go shopping. >> i would like you to meet two
7:09 pm
street artists. this is linda and jeremy. >> night said to me to print them -- nice to meet you. >> can you talk to me about a variety of products that use cell? >> we have these lovely constructed platters. we make these wonderful powder bowls. they can have a lot of color. >> york also using your license. -- you are also using your license. >> this means that i can register with the city. this makes sure that our family participated in making all of these. >> this comes by licensed
7:10 pm
artists. the person selling it is the person that made it. there is nothing better than the people that made it. >> i would like you to meet michael johnson. he has been in the program for over 8 years. >> nice to me you. what inspired your photography? >> i am inspired everything that i see. the greatest thing about being a photographer is being able to show other people what i see. i have mostly worked in cuba and work that i shot here in san francisco. >> what is it about being a street artist that you particularly like? >> i liked it to the first day that i did it. i like talking to mentum people.
7:11 pm
talking about art or anything that comes to our minds. there is more visibility than i would see in any store front. this would cost us relatively very little. >> i am so happy to meet you. i wish you all of the best. >> you are the wonderful artist that makes these color coding. >> nice to me to. >> i have been a street artist since 1976. >> how did you decide to be a street artist? >> i was working on union square. on lunch hours, i would be there visiting the artist. it was interesting, exciting, and i have a creative streak in me. it ranges from t-shirts,
7:12 pm
jackets, hats. what is the day of the life of a street artist? >> they have their 2536 in the morning. by the end of the day, the last people to pack the vehicle probably get on their own at 7:30 at night. >> nice to me to condemn the -- nice to meet you. >> it was a pleasure to share this with you. i hope that the bay area will descend upon the plaza and go through these arts and crafts and by some holiday gifts. >> that would be amazing. thank you so much for the hard work that you do.
7:13 pm
- >> well, thank you for coming this morning ladies and gentlemen, our city over the past few months had not been grammatic grappling with a crisis in far too any city's between the trust of color and law enforcement in the breakdown of this trustee can most awe kufl the shooting death of mario woods this past december and since that sdooub incident i've ordered a number of reforms to the use of force policies to prevent police officer involved shootings whenever possible i've proposed comprehensive farmz removes
7:14 pm
the department of justice own recommendation and the president obama to rebuild the community trust i'm joined by many in our community more calling for an independent review of the police departments policies and of the death of mr. mario woods i've asked and tasked achieving chief suhr and others to submit a detailed plan for further reforms after a series of community meetings around the city and with stakeholders input this is not been an easy task by any means i want to say first hand a deep gratitude i have to the volunteers of our police commission of who spent count countedless hours working with volunteers from the communities, to make sure that this reflected
7:15 pm
deserv desires coming from the community as well as professional ideas and today, i accept their comprehensive reform packages it you'll hear in detail in a moment a reformed package that is developed in partnering with the community and already directed any budget direction to incorporate those into the budget planning i believe because of the input that has been given by countless hours by you are african-american reform and review form and also by a number of conversations i've had not only with this forum but engages engagements throughout the community substantial and meaningful changes to policy to training, and to equipment and
7:16 pm
they do sdmafkt have agree change in craigslist as to how and when offers use force already, we've seen the benefits of those new tactics earlier this month for example, the police department encountered a man with a knife and the man didn't drop the knife avenue verbal very clear verbal instructions or after getting hesitate that beanbags and pepper stray our police officers retreated in this incident to create time and distances and eventually were able to apprehend the superintendant without firing the guns our policewoman's protecting did public without using life or death force we are fundamentally reengineering the ways police officers use force awhile at the same time
7:17 pm
increasing transparent and other within our san francisco police department we already have one of the most transparent process he's and open processing for governing the police the country and this comprehensive reform will build on the foundation and help our sworn officers to strengthen their ties with the community while keeping e keeping the city save this is a time to rebuild and build and go forward it is a time we recognize we must he'll the wounds and at the same time bridge the challenge between our communities and those scorn to protect them and again, i acknowledge this is no single task it requires the continuous efforts on police
7:18 pm
reform and job training and violence protection but has to do with education, housing and violence reduction the communities i and many of the other standing behind me representing our communities and our departments h are committed to the work i know everyone here as well is committed i know that more is needed to be done and more needs to be said we'll continue this dialogue and this action and also wanted to make sure you know that with us today are march and deanthony jones a couple of the youth leader that are part of that process we engaged our youth as ma many along with our faith-based leaders and the community advisory form we've been working hard at with that, i want to let
7:19 pm
you know this document that is presented to me does reflect what i asked for mayor ed lee and it reflected an approach that i'm proud has been reflected of our community input and, in fact, stat through a couple of the sessions including the one last week to march or make sure they're on track and d to go into detail will be the police commission and police chief let me introduce exclusively greg suhr. >> thank you, mr. mayor and good morning years we've been working as a police department with the community members many standing behind me and many more that will end up finishing this story to foster trust and good relationships with the community
7:20 pm
realm in policing without the trust the community we can't best do our jobs that trust was shaken for many recipient especially in communities of color on december 2nd with the use of mario woods and we've been working hard under the leadership of the compamayor an commissioner president loftus to try to get to a place where we can minimize that force with regard to weapons and other situations we need to figure out a way to reengineer force we've collaborated with experts from around the country around the world and met with people from the united kingdom and members and 3450i67 have been back eatist tries the main goal the sanctity of life for everyone that everybody walks away whenever possible as the mayor
7:21 pm
stated on the story 90 on february 8 fourth street officers enoccurred a superintendant of 6 foot that mr. plus with a knife in one hand and a key the other and wouldn't surrendered the weapons we tried the tools and were unsuccessful used the language we're talking about the deesclation practices where we wanted to create time and distance to formulate a plan and tried to deescalate those are makes sen things we've been training for the last few weeks and the day ended they realized what was not going to work and plan b getting an arsenal of the superintendant and wrestled him again sanctity of life, deesclation,
7:22 pm
proportionality and the time for distance are the basis for everybo everything tweezer talking about with with any weapon short of a firearm the vast majors of shootings that have happened in san francisco by a recent study inside 5 minutes and 19 months create time 15 and distances 15 yarld we can avoid the officer-involved shooting short of a firearm we've made the planning of a firearm with the use of force it might not seem significant to a regular person but meeting with the community they want an explanation every time an officer points a firearm and will get it supervisors are not required to respond to an incident to take over and hopefully get inside of the 5 minutes that is the firearm qualification to a - from a one
7:23 pm
or two basically just confidence for the firearm to a 8 firearm training with the first half of the day everybothing on but ucll force the officers will carry the helmet and explosive and batons anything that creates the time and distances and double did capacity the way of beanbags and climate devices over the same amount of time we've put-down for the under surveillance nufl cis an activiy and declapgs within the policy an officer against a danger to themselves this is a policy driven but not institutionalize as a policy as from 2011 it laid the deesclation and bans the use
7:24 pm
of restraint or choke holes and prevents the officers from shooting other vehicles the vehicle itself is the only means of assault and we're asking for additional tools including that training with shields i know much is - on for the the swat teams and phenomenal o only for use when someone is a danger to others and staexpanded the cris intervention i wish for members from the community withat were helpful 5 hundred officers tracing e training in intervention and every recruit graduates from the academy and the trainers we want to come up with advanced crisis intervention short of hostage norts for an aptitude for
7:25 pm
preservation there is as call for independent review and the department department of justice the cops office formed an initiative is coming to san francisco they've been here we'll have one meeting in las vegas and other plaza places and asked for a command level that person was appoint and stands behind me deputy director tony can capita r chaplain for the mr. nolan and will speak in a minute on those subjects and transparency asia accurate data and technology is something else that the community is calling for we'll collect the data in realtime using the web-based whatever and smart phones the officers ahave been issued to process the tickets detentions and field intervienss over time he we believe will come in ahead of the supervisor
7:26 pm
cohen's bills hoping to improve the transparency, of course, body cameras and hopefully the first body worn camercameras in maybe sooner with everyone the san francisco mr. police department barbecue being a body worn camera by the end of 2016 and opted into the capitol hill initiative we're additionally posting public information on that website with regards to arrests, demographics within the department and on and on so regardless of there is a disparity the numbers in their transparently posted and working to address any disparities we've tried to identify and improve the culture committee we have the officers sworn and services taken an oath to each sought
7:27 pm
bias and speak to it but inside the department and outside the department all officers will receive preschool judged training by the end of the year and partnering with the community leaders some will be instructors the training and the indict level captains with the we respected community to identify hot spots and senior officers to resolve conflict where people might have neighbors in their community that might need special attention doing everything we can to create a devised workforce it is critical that the splpd look like san francisco for the first time pretty much ever we have a 24/7 application process whereas it was not that long ago that was a two week window to apply to be a
7:28 pm
san francisco police department now pretty much anyone can apply around the clock were we having an 8 human resources credited course to help people fought u figure out what they need to do to become an mrofrd and african-american restrictions have a workshop we have barriers to entry to get to people to a place to become san francisco police officers i'm going to turn it over to commissioner president loftus to speak about yards in regards to policy and introduce chief capita listen. >> thank you chief suhr and mayor ed lee and sheryl brown community parts on december 9th of last year a week after the use of mario woods the police commission
7:29 pm
challenged and heard speak a speaker express anchorage, frustration, grief and sadness what they saw the video of the use of mario woods i'll say this again 3 separate investigations that are ongoing into the actual shooting and thorough and complete the commission, however, would not wait for the conclusion before opening a discussion of policies and procedures used regarding use of force on the police department we commit to joining the naturional forest t ve reengineer the ways that police officers use ellis we've been meeting no small and large groups at the police commission to work with the community members subject matters and commissioners to chart a path forward a lot of what the chief mind is true ear boring context
7:30 pm
from the achieve from the wants 21st century on task force on 126 policing but it has to fit san francisco in order to rebuild trust it is a relationship and it requires all parties at the table. and the thing i'm proud of in this effort the words on that paper and the path 10 headings and thirty sub blues with the result of communities across san francisco what that takes to rebuild this relationship of trust in particular i want to thank the young people from the community safety initiative that facilitated those discussions if you were there those were tough and lead by young people prominently the public housing in san francisco who lead the conversation with grace and a real commitment i want to thanks the community members the consortiform the ch
7:31 pm
african-american forum and those who spoeak out everor come up t myself or fellow commissioners we've heard you all of you loud and clear as a result of the conversations suggests and discussion temple areas of focus as was move forward and it comes down to this regardless of the zip codes everyone deserves to have a relationship of trust with the police this plan recognized that while there are countless neighborhood cross san francisco the communities they enjoy that relationship many have that relationship disabled and the mayor has directed us to work on rebuilding that relationship that it it will require everyone as the chief mind 10 areas i invite police officers and advocates join us first, as a
7:32 pm
chief indicated reengineering the use of force the commission has asked the department to redo the policies around use of force in this process what we've learned if we can train the officers with the skills, equipment and tools needed to create time and distance with suspended armed with a knife we can see a reduction of up to percent fewer officer-involved shooting s as the chief indicated month officer-involved shootings happen within minutes of patrol recording to the scene if we put that poorer at the frcenter tha person might be under thirty years of age the question does that officer have all the training skills and equipment to have the time and distances khacan they create a safe perimeter can decree bye time to allow a
7:33 pm
senior officer to arrive someone that is crisis interferenventio trained to further preserve life at the heart it is considered now sanctity of life everyone decision is around preserving the sanctity of life and the commission has a group of stakeholders to review the policies and the united states department of justice acholic beverage reform has reviewed the policy and the focus a accountability you'll hear from con in any chaplain and asked for the staff to support our initiative data and transparency is the next focus on our path forward the commission has directed the department to have a study to disagree gait the studies specifically we need to better understand the gpa disparities in particular the african-american community with
7:34 pm
the less rates to do better to close the gap the chief said body worn cameras have been a proprietor of the department and the commission we believe in 2016 all officers had been armed with body cameras and the next focus is eliminating bias referred has said it is sometimes a motivatatter of com sense but it is understanding the community your sworn to serve and train on the justifies will be infected a community partnership to have the confidence that reverend brown discussed in community forum to those hospital to identify the officers that are struggling before they've gone too far and want to make sure it works and the next phone call focus sheryl davis will talk about the process with the young people prominently in this community
7:35 pm
that came in and talked about the relationship with trust our relationship of trust it can work for one of the ears of focus is the sustained effort to recruit the young people to identify ways to do better the chief talked about recruiting a exists wvng and represents for obama 21st century policing and the last 3 things i'll mention when we had those meetings the community we vaufld them a survey how effective you think that was we heard loud and a clear we loved you asked our opinion by excuse me. criticisms the ideas will be action and as a result of that we've commit to establishing an academic constitution it actually evaluates plenty of time but the commitment to evaluate it live or die with the results we're
7:36 pm
left to hold ourselves account and allow the commission to hold the police officers accountability and beyond the scope beyond the scope one is community member after community member addresses if we don't say where a community that addresses the realty that violence destroys communities and in certain communities in san francisco without intervention we opening statement awill havea 6-year-old that witnessed hom homicides we do want to work with the police department and improve the procedures and public health response in community effected by violence we can enter keyed the cycle of violence and create save communities for everyone and finally we have asked the mayor to identify the additional resources to help us to comfoer
7:37 pm
additional police officer in foreign languages that is another way to build trust that's the final recommendation and as we moved in the prelims of those paroles that we have one of the most open and transparent processes for governing police the industcry invitation let's use it to make sure our city lives up to its values thank you >> my job to introduce deputy chief. >> thank you, commissioner the mission has a new bureaucracy to contributor to excellence in law enforcement but increasing professionalism and maintaining high levels of accountability within the san francisco police department through theus of doj finds the bureaucracy was created by the chief suhr for the policies and procedures and allow and implement changes to bring san
7:38 pm
francisco police department into the 21st century of policing a major component of that to pass the doj acholic beverage or more process that lets us to see what good and not working with that said, president obama task force in 21st century policing had 48 represents and 91 action items the report the department agrees with has implemented and or will implement all the recommendations or the action items directly related to law enforcement one of the main point is having additional resources phenomenfor unsolved s most impacted by violence we're committed to take the doj recommendations and implementing them this is a two year process we'll will not wait for completion we intend to begin
7:39 pm
immediately during the review process itself this way as issues or deficiency are identified they can be creating corrected at the request of the mayor we'll have a dashboard available on the website to monitor the process of implementation of the task force recommendations and keeping with the transparency and the accountability of the san francisco police department if so a challenging undertaking this is a browsureau not before existed this is will be for the whole department and have issues push the change to them i say what we're doing will be for the good of the city and county and most popular for the people we serve the fact that the chief is involving a deputy chief and bureau it an credandle stick th bureau adds bureaus as part sfpd
7:40 pm
those vunts i units are the youth community engagement that gives of i us access to proactively have the members of the department y c e opens up the lines of communication between the police and the community to have a better rapport and trust the services unit that allows to modify the certification and training needed for training with althsd mental states that archives the goal of 100 percent cit certification and gives us our offers an additional tool for time and distance in terrible situations the third and final unit the directed unit that is responsible for facilitating the review, development and publication of the policies and manuals and forms that concludes my report the delivery method to push the
7:41 pm
change to 9 desire department while san francisco has seen measurable drops in 40e7homicid we've seen the trust that needs to be mended and it will be more community involvement and day to day operations with that, i'll comploos my introduction to the standards and principle relationship bureau are a reminder that, plea police are public and the public it the police i with that, i'm going to turn it over to reverend brown. >> thank you, very much. dpw chief capita listen mr. mayor, i should like to first commend you for responding to
7:42 pm
the appeal that came from the wom womb or african-american community that appeal was that we should in times of crisis and tragedy not turn on each other but turn to each other and because we turn to each other in this city of strans we have really created a dream team team that has been referenced in terms of persons and personalities who came together,
7:43 pm
secondly, as a history buff i want to make sure there will be no redacting on this matter we will san francisco transportation authority set the record straight chief suhr 20 months ago assembled the assembly hall of historical third baptist church with his command staff and at that time, the wake of the fallout staten island, ferguson, and many other communities were there have been unfortunate expressions loss of life and
7:44 pm
violence chief suhr responded to the call of the naacp that we will get involved in a difb active focus intentional endeavor to make sure that san francisco would not be a republic indication of what happened in other areas of the country, however, i unfortunately missed the process we lost life one mario woods we again were confronted with a apparent grieving, a community disturbed and some folks are getting on
7:45 pm
the defensive rather than coming togeth together. >> and before i end my remarks i want to say that i am issuing now a respectful, loving appeal to the san francisco police officers association to come to the table, come to the room and let's sit down and talk we are not your enemy we are your friends. >> we with you, when you're right, we're still with you when our wrong to make sure you get
7:46 pm
right. >> i did not feel it is disrespectful to make this comment at this time the naacp has unsuccessfully reached out to the police officer organization that put up a firewall rather than to see all humankind as members of the team of our maker and that people tend to hate each they don't know each other they don't know each other because of a lack of conversati communication it is time i repeat that the police officers association join this dream team and agree to disagree about being disagreeable.
7:47 pm
>> i pledge to you our dream te team. >> the naacp will be looking, we'll be watching to make sure that these plans, these words will not ring hallow but we are going to in the words of nike just do the right thing we must move beyond truth telling, meetings, and engage in counters of scene of this accident we are on our way and hold out hope and not let go of justice rose down like waters and rightness in this police
7:48 pm
department and this community will offer flow as a great moving mighty stream and now i present to you ms. sheryl district attorney's office as she comes let me acknowledge that the moral campus of this dream team is expanded, strengthened and shines brightly we have here the room rabbis anthony and beth singer of temple manual representing the interfaith community who are standing with the mayor, with the chief, with all people of goodwill and justice.
7:49 pm
>> thank you reverend brown. >> as reverend brown made his appeal to the piaoa i worked an the appeal to make sure that the voices of community were included i wanted to thank the chief and commissioner president loftus and the mayor for providing that space also that first time want to thank the people that host those xhfgdz to take the reflex to challenge in a space they invited people to come in and share the magic shawn helped to rally people and boys and girls club in the tenderloin, reverend brown and third baptist that hosted the first workshop and i see others here those were some hard conversations to have and begin i want to acknowledge i know that d anthony jones grew up
7:50 pm
born and raised in the western edition in a couple of housing developments and morgan ran deep in the hunters point those people leads those working groups and managed the break out groups and the hard conversations they were hard because they were critical this was not a come and sit thouhow t san francisco and the police department let's talk about what that needs to change and what we do to change it i want to acknowledge some of the other folks folks that are here km african-american young men germany that led the working group working group i love the story of germajeramy a man was accept and the voice was louder and louder and germany went over to talk with him i don't know what 83 he said the man sat down
7:51 pm
and laughed germany what happens how were you able to calm the moment he had did pins on his shirt and asked him one of the pins frhe skmd asked him what d you know may i angela would do she wouldn't be happy and calmed himself and reengaged those who attended the working groups and sessions appreciate the space to talk e talk to be heard and respected the youth that facilitated the conversation it provided an opportunity for young african-american youth who are most likely to be impacted a lot of time we talk about be those conversations we're doing the work and forget the voice of folks and it allowed them to have voice to lead the conversation to be part of there were 4 sessions led by the youth kichr,
7:52 pm
i want to recognize that whasn' reactive those were since this summer and 3 forums that interviewed hundreds of people across the city and two documentary movie how people feel about the police and change the place was an honest critique as commissioner president loftus mentioned people are concerned those will be more conversations that go no where we're hoping that today is really not symbolic of moving forward but some movement to happen and some may disrepair i'but i'll agree that is a national model to engage with young people and giving voice to communities can shift the dynamics so take the recommendations from community and implement them we can see the change we want to
7:53 pm
acknowledge many of the young people are criminal justice involved they have been on probation or over probation for them to come in and lead the conversations to be in the room with the police officer is huge and to also feel like those police officers are hearing what they said reverend brown talked about the idea of coming together with visitation e reconciliation that was humanizing on both sides the young folks got to see the police officers as human and police officers got to see everyone as human we are hoping this is the giving up of more conversations and not the end especially with lead by as you kn young people a comprehensive approach that xfrz the most impacted by the failing system i think we can't stress the idea and notion we engaged the community in the process to define how things can
7:54 pm
improve will help us to improvement i wanted to hangith the mayor, the chief, president and the police commission for leading the effort and time will tell but based on what has transpired we're looking at a pro tem and hopeful future. >> thank you sheryl and thank you reverend brown and deputy chief chaplain and commissioner president loftus they'll be here along with others to go into dependent on the package of reforms we've committed to and against with the budget you i assure you that short-term rental and everyone we'll follow-up on every single one of those as the commission has done a lot of work with the community folks we have to honor that and our youth abowill know whether t of the matter we dwekeep our wo
7:55 pm
by implementing those changes those are not going to be easy this is what i'm getting everyone ready a change that will effect the officers and the training will effect the way we hire and community and certainly the incidents we're seeing are trauma we know of others you're welcome to talk with the chief about other incidents that have already shown the results of those changes take place with the officers and the criticized response team with that, i'll open up to a couple of questions and i invite you to follow up with the individuals yes, ma'am. >> (inaudible). >> we don't have a total amount we've already i've gone
7:56 pm
this document is being reviewed now with the police chief and the commissioner president loftus with kate howard and we're the beginning of the budget we have cost factors for all of those hthat will be implemented we are adding this to what i've already been committed to i have a robust it program the interrupt policing and the community organizing that has been successful over the past few years in reducing the number of homicides but areas of our city we've yet to reduce that dramatically this is where i challenge the reduction program leaders to take this opportunity to come in with us and see what can work more we're in a good trend but have to do more in education there is more than ideas they're implementing ideas we want to have reflected
7:57 pm
in the budget the community based violence reduction are key but the rec and park in making sure we have a spring and summer so the kids can be active because i doness will not help and in education we're always trying to find alternatives to additional education that didn't reach all our kids i belive that we have a very good conversation in both public and private resources that hopefully can be aimed at the health crisis in our african-american community as was stated earlier the trau traumation of kids who see this over and over again, we can't dismiss that as being simply a scientific later xrerpt that effects kids going to school people we sadon't want to drop t
7:58 pm
we can reduce that and make sure we have healthy environment that takes a lot of coordination and cooperation no objectithat's wa this takes everybody and the youthism about being a village it is true everyone has to work at higher levels in order to get a better result. >> (inaudible). >> well again and here's where i will accept the criticism i'll be deliberately slow in talking about tasers because i didn't want othut of respect for all t communities input we don't believe that tasers is the panacea the answer to reducing violence we don't believe that that is a truth here it is one tool it can be valuable in certain situatio
7:59 pm
circumstances but time and distance, retraining, backing off and having other alternatives are more than being studied they're actually being implement that is why i want you to talk to the chief about other things that show really good life-changi league of wom life-changing results. >> (inaudible). >> well you know, i think reverend brown respond to it let me add we respect the poa and the officers need to be represented but like we said on those crisis situations we have to come together and figure out we have to go forward not accusing each other of having different views
8:00 pm
but having a commitment to a overall goal of reducing crime in the city the poa has a very important role in rebuilding trust this is what we're trying to do with the collaboration we have retirement boaverend brown >> thank you, mr. mayor >> the cleric said no men and women is an island into themselves as the bell told us is tolls for thee now it is unfortunate that the poa took issue a life was lost that should


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