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tv   Treasure Island Development Authority 21016  SFGTV  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am PST

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get out of bed and help. >> even though the navigation center has been up in march 2014 the program is creating successful outreach for it's clients. >> a month ago they came to me and asked me to go into a new program i moved into here and now 3 months later i have my own place it is mine i lock my door don't worry about my stuff it feels human again
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>> so thank you for coming to the treasure island development authority roll call. >> ford the wednesday, february 10, 2016, san francisco treasure island development authority board meeting call to order director president fei director vice president mazzola director richardson director kositsky supervisor kim we we have quorum great so thank you and welcome all for being here today wale have the next item on the agendas the general public comment item number 2 general public comment to at this time, members of the public may address the commission items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the
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commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when public comment will be held during each item on the agenda members of the public may address the commission up to 3 minutes you will hear a single chime with 30 seconds please state your name. >> any public comment? please come up. >> this is. >> hello my name is matt to online accept a resident residents of san francisco i'm interested in creating an organization that would be housed on treasure island in the future and i enlighten it as unit of nations and organization that will bring together like houses or opportunities for country's
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from the pacific ream to share the culture, their heritage, their information and help educate k through 12 students and the general public comment about their cults and envision this will be a granddaughter for treasure island from people from the local community and u.s. and as well as abroad i'm looking to determine if this is interest from the 28d development board in regards to beginning such a project and housing it on treasure island well, thank you very much i think that the best way to proceed we first talk with staff and to discuss that with them more fully what you're proposal and we'll take it up as appropriate. >> very good thank you very
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much. >> should had sent information to me i'll follow-up with her and include that that the future communications. >> great, thank you any public comment? worrying about to address the board if not next item, please. >> and report by treasure island director. >> good evening - good afternoon. members of the board this past month we had an open 0 house with the san francisco public utilities commission on january 23rd at shipshape to provide information on the electrical system on treasure island in past outages and had a couple of dozens of tenants and others came out to get information on the electrical system and past outages and the
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measures that are taken to decrease the probability of future outages the ymca has started a walking group for residents on the idle as part of their efforts to increase the fitness and the department of health did an outreach code of math on january 26th they provide flu vaccines and other things for residents and visitor this past month the san francisco police department did conduct some trainings on the island in advance of super bowl 50 and the san francisco fire department for the past several weeks has been providing training experience on yerba buena island the site and location has given them a rare
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opportunity to test they're operating and training procedures for fighting residential fires on hillside the around super bowl 50 to events on the island that generated more than $80,000 in revenues tida the first was the nfl chairman's event that was held on friday february 4th from the parking lot of building one and on saturday february 6th there was max magazine had a party that was organized by bryan cane at the north eastern side of the island in addition to those events 3 sell operators located temporary cell phone facilities during the month of february that generated
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an additional 75 hundreds in revenue the department of public works and puc are working to install toilets in several tida buildings including the chapel and guy. funded by the puck b puc and installed by the random reply crews for on the development front we opened escrow for the first transfer of development parcels to tdif with the target of closing friday or next thank you tuesday on the transfer artists transfer of the property tdif will mobilize they've read the they're first construction contract with the reservoirs on the yerba buena island
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the we were scheduling a department of public works will be scheduling a public hearing on the subdivision map on february 24th and working with the navy they anticipate issuing the next wanted of suitability to transfer covering building 3 site 21 which is the area of the sailing center and a water site in clipper grove and later this month with a target of transferring overseeing properties to tida may have this year last month we had a presentation here at the board on the affordable housing program on treasure island and it was requested i continue to reporter back on the process we have met this past month with the controller's office and public finance, mayor's office of housing
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mayors budget do you have to review the thajz challenges for the affordable housing and alternatives for generating month revenue to close the gap and potentially increase the affordable housing participation here on treasure island working with the i f d and other agency with john hall kaiser and has been running alternatives on the i f d revenue that will be generated under 25 or 26 and thirty and 40 percent housing alternatives we're working with tihdi to update the performa of projecting the cost of developing the affordable housing so with all the efforts
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simultaneously we should be able to provide a more detailed update at our next meeting and will influence the recommendations for the i f d and cf d recommendation which type of i f d has formed as well changes 2, 3, 4 tax increment changes to the program that concludes my report any condominiums from the board or suggestions. >> thank you, madam chair first, i'd like to personally thank jack and everybody involved in the events that went on for super bowl myself personally that didn't prevent as much as an
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inconvenience i thought might, in fact, i barley notice it i heard if some people that they didn't have an idea what was going on they felt they weren't informed appropriately i know there was kind of a significant traffic jam on friday for the fair for the late of the month flea market so a certain amount of i received a certain amount of public feedback not being well-informed about some issues as well as the tree cutting in around the chapel which i knew about but yet there seems like some residents that feel they've not received appropriate
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notification if you drive down california street and then at the 13 street california is closed to local traffic on and once again i heard from you know a few people saying what is up and going on i don't understand so again, i don't know what efforts the staff made to notify the residents thank you. i but clearly i heard i don't believe they were notified well enough about the goings-on on so just for future events and again me personally hey, it was great although my verizon; correct connection one way or another was no better over super
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bowl we understand i want to put that out there thanks again. >> thank you yeah, you touched on a number of different projects the tree removal obviously was being done by tida in conjunction with the jon stewart company and the work at the end of california is a navy project but i did not include in any report and should have if you go to the tida website we have a new drop down memo on the main bar on the tida website on construction we've up loaded some basic information on the ti tic d and have more realtime updates on road
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closures but you highlight that having a central possessy for notices not just for tida work but is something that is needed it is something we're exploring in addition to the traditionally efforts to push out information through the housing providers or on next door that perhaps our website and other places to incorporate those notices. >> that's great i guess many people don't know to go do the tida site right now so a way to let the residents know that would be great. >> and the more to keep current and useful and new information there keeps people coming back. >> thanks so much. >> director richardson.
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>> i too would like to make a comment what i observed in regards it treasure island i think that from my stand point and from folks he actually spoke to in the city that the super bowl was very successful on treasure island and again, it conveys the message that treasure island is open for business it is a venue that the city can begin to host more activities and events and definitely we're happy about that i also wanted to take the opportunity to commend staff for working with the city in particular the department of public works the streets were extremely clean san francisco the past few years had a has become one of the cleanest city's parks and people
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leave things here and there but a concerted effort to maintain that level of integrity and that lastly of cleanliness for the united states of america so with that said, getting a report i have two questions one has to do with with the electrical outages i know from the past we done all kinds of things working with the puc and trying to do i sense there has been significant improvement so what is causing the outages now where do we need to concentrate the efforts and what do you think needs to be done we need to take note of. >> the outages are decreased pretty good sightings since the peak in 2012
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and we i believe is august or september the last time we had an outage on the island so currently we're enjoying a period of stability with with regards to the electrical system on the island about half of our more recent outages over the last 18 months or so have the cause has been indetermined and that really relates to just the resiliency of the switch switch onion the isle and the ability to ride out fluctuations and current caused by minor shorts a branch falling open a line but falling off creates a surge the system puc does a visual survey to make sure there is no downed lines
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are apparent problems and reset the switch and they monitor the system to make sure that stays up so about half of the outages are related to the resiliency of the switch the other outages do have to do with birds in the line more rarely we had a couple of outages related to vandalism people trying to take the copper wire that was connected to the system and tree branches and other falling on the lines were interfering with the line the puc has does a lot of work to trim back the trees and on yerba buena island in winter with the
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branches situation the puc has been installing deinvestors on some of the poiv poles - that stops the birds from nesting on the poles so there is a number of things the puc is doing to increase the resiliencycy of the system and our next step we plan to engage with the puc to do a fuse study to assess if there are better ways we could isolate particular portions of the system so outages will be more limited and not necessarily be island wide. >> the other question i have although it is towards not
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mentioned in our report has to do with with wifi what kind of a reception are we getting as peter was following up with the department of technology staff this month to do a check in on utilization and speed performance on the existing system and also discussing some additional areas we may want to add additional capacity to make sure we have good coverage and specifically was discussed increasing the conform around the shipshape and giantism and a long time
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athletic fields which draw visits to the island that might also benefit from improved coverage but the grocery store shipshape and bus stopped we want to make sure we super very good coverage. >> thank you, sir. >> any comments from the public on this item hearing none. >> item 4 communications for and received by tida one from the navy and the treasure island welcome ymca and publications among other things. >> any comments by the board on any of the communications we've received? >> okay. any comments from
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the public that is hearing none, next item, please. >> item 56 ongoing business by board of directors ongoing busi board of directors sir. >> yes. a brief want to bring it up again, i brought it up at the one of the last meetings about looking for a dog park for the people that or currently on the island the future beautiful run on top of w b i for the current time there's a lot of dogs on the island so what you can do whatever you can do will be helpful and probably a good place to have people make sure their dogs with vaccinated and have access to the vet care it could serve multiple purposes
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thanks. >> on that point we are evaluating some options based on that request from the past including we're looking at not just in terms of dog run facilities but the park that is at ends of palm drive the southern end the residential area it seems to me underutilized and things we can do to reactivate that space as well as looking forward to the work on the west side and i'm bay side falls that property will be turned over to us as you may know a number of structures have been removed we'll have more open space another location we can have something but definitely something perceive had confuses with the staff we'll report back
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as we come up that those issues. >> i'm sorry director kositsky. >> i thought we had a beginning of a great communication with the affordable housing now olsen lee is looking at the challenges and supervisor kim has will be calling a hearing at the land use committee to talk about affordability on treasure island i wanted to potentially inquire about the status of creating a subcommittee of this body on affordable housing and just hope that issue can be in the agenda for the next meeting or we can talk about it now. >> i think that would be an appropriated topic to talk about i believe they last meeting we asked it housing or be calendar on each one of the calendar it is an important enough topic
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certainly this is one of the things of the highest priorities so i agree that having subcommittee would be a good idea from the to board so we can really look at the issues at hand so i think that i believe that we need 3 members for that committee and mr. beck did you have a suggestion on that. >> we'll need to calendar the next to form a committee committee i can certainly have an agendized update on affordable housing and follow that with a proposal to form a committee and i know you won't be at the next meeting but we'll coordinate to make sure that your interests are in terms of staffing that committee are
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known and reflected when we bring that item. >> commissioner kositsky is that acceptable. >> sure great. >> any public comment on this item i'm sorry. >> thank you i want to echo you know commissioner kositsky suggestions to affordable housing i think that at the meeting the commission and myself and him attended i think some of us here have been involved with affordable housing throughout the city and going to get a lot of ideas to the table and we also know that even the assembly level again, i want to echo that assembly member chiu just a matter of us reaching out to all
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the other stakeholders and binge them on board and see how to pursue that trld treasure island milestone might be strurnl in guiding the stakeholders on that matter we definitely want to make sure that tihdi it is homeless you know housing is built and we can come up with all kinds of various ideas i want to echo that sentiment and be part of that committee. >> okay that i am on this item hearing none, next matter. >> item 6 consent agenda are considered to be routine may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests in which event the matter shall be
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removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 6 a approving the minutes of january 3rd, 2016, and item 6 b authorizing the execution of this with with marin county flea market, llc doing business as treasure island and item 6 c resolution of 30 years the fourth amendment for consulting in connection with the transition of housing rules and regulations for the treasure island yerba buena island development project by expending the term through june 2017 and increasing the total initiative not to exceed to $250,000 before we take a vote any matters that the board wants to have a separate discussion on any members of the public that want to comment yes please step
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forward. >> good afternoon. >> excuse me. >> my name is charles my family and i put on the treasure island fleet every month and wanted to state how much is a great part of our lives to contribute to the community we have been a part of and experiencing and seeing first hand the evolution of treasure island the viability we be part of it is great working with tida and awesome working with jack miriam we love him and doing toy drives and toys for to the whatever it can be a fabric to be able to better the communities and treasure island it something we really just find
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a lot of good feeling with we also really appreciate the residents of treasure island outside of my family we exclusively employed only people rearranging chairs on the deck of the titanic on treasure island if we can do anything going forward to embrace that feel free to let's us know we'll like to be part of. >> and like to say the flea market is an asset to treasure island and the bayview people this is fun it brings people to the island we appreciate of what we do at treasure island. >> thank you so have much for those kind words. >> so moved and motion and a second yes >> i. >> opposed? the the i's have
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it. the next item habitat overview and update. >> just to introduce this item the habitat management plan was one of the early documents if the planning and environment process looking at how to preserve the national environment on yerba buena island and more recently we've entered into a relationship with the department of environment to help us implement the habitat management to peter from the department of environment will give you an overview of the habitat plan and how we are working with the developer as we move into construction. >> greetings thank you for having me i'll go to he will
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between two presentations one mine which is it going to show up on the screen cool? my introduction i'm not peter i work with the environment of and working closely 19 with tida staff and peter's to help to implement the plan happy to be here i have another presentation from the pamela from c m g we could work together so i'm going to to go he will her slides bear with me as a i do this slime as i'll mostly talk about yerba buena island but pamela has a
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good set of slides with the overview of the open space aspects of it this, of course, is an inspiring image of the future no sure how many years you probably know that date but very a real inspiration for what we do out p there as you can see treasure island is development an amazing asset on a manmade idle and this is to show the context it is did future and the bay setting back i think i was going forward to a bunch of slides sorry yes same slide quickly talking about the open spaces in shows the framework as you can see yerba buena island on the right the context of the development of the remainders of open spaces on treasure island
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and there again build out the bayview with yerba buena island and sort of embed in that landscape and then this is talking about the phases and so phase one of course is yerba buena island as you may know including doing the open spaces and then there will be great assets and treasure island as well as the park will be a unique park and increasing the wow. as you go from building one where it will be more formal but having infrastructure and stormwater facilities where you can have planet to manage the stormwater and have look at the of a wild landscape but increasing wild as you go north exciting things happening on trmd as part of the phase one
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and the hilltop park will be a great asset once that is build out so okay i think i'm going back to my presentation thank you okay so actually, the first slide is pretty needed this is our stock standard departmental introductory slide and today, this is a similar view from 1850 when it was taken so, of course, that is ships in yerba buena gardens coffee but not think yerba buena island which you can see was vegetation back there then made by the okay trees and native trees and shrubs on top of the island and down the slopes that is looking back from you know the prospective of
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yerba buena island and cfo and this is a little bit of a sense of the historical environment of the area and probably thought islands as well in that except for the fact not a lot of people living there but sort of the oaks and other things depicted around the cove from the wetlands and the grass and the coast and the redwood efforts on the inland to the dealt and beyond an incredible ecology that's the overview context for which yerba buena island sits and this shows how close the
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idle is to the two shores about san francisco and the east bay how we're managing the wildlife and planets on yerba buena island we don't know of that in the san francisco but reaching singles we're up against the east bay as well and show the diversifies of the san francisco and yerba buena island there the upper right most we call the price to see sand or dune sands that orient when the sands were there old dunes tens of thousands of years ago that were built the upper layer the soil in yerba buena island and under that is bedrock of the complex we call it including the gray wacky sandstone this is the
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california state rock we don't have on yerba buena island and further context so this is also on the left to show sort of the city policy context in which i do my work as coordinator with the department of environment we worked with the planning department and pals an update to the element of the general plan and this has a new objective to enhance the natural habitat to over the course including the islands and so i'm now will run through a few slides to celebrate this is a shot of the west shore a wonderful diversifies spread similar to the shore of san francisco and planets such a what we call lettuce and it grows on the bluffs then this is one of the our favorites sites most
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importantly areas on the island we call the pickigmie this is w under story and really, really amazing natural area that is under story of the oaks native wood fern as part of the plant community a flower called a different kind of flower the genus it grows the under story of the wood lands we were out there and found a couple of locations so the reason is this is referred to as a local planet
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it actually was in san francisco county yerba buena island with only the unoccurrence so it grows in oak wood and throughout california but on in yerba buena island it is especially valuable and has value people like to pick it in large monuments and hang it around their necks the 19th century and another shot of the scrub integrating with the wild oaks and bowing their heads they jumbled into the water and looking at us saying look at those creatures and a color view the south side so take a terror
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picture of wildlife this is interesting mascot and butterflies and other things o are quickly the goals of the habitat management plan and in a moment i'll talk about a couple of maps the presentation so maintaining the diverse we're establishing the habitat and function and expanding the areas of native habitats and planets and wildlife and reducing the threats for the planets okay. so this is where i'm going to get into a little bit of the nitty-gritty of plan buses at a high-level those are the criteria by which the priorities were 1re78d for implementation of the plan so criteria being existing conditions and what is happening
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own the ground and the restoration of support and the general feasibility so back to the presentation to see a couple of maps sorry - >> let's go here yeah. so we'll talk about actions. >> all right. >> all right. so just going to do show a couple of maps and i'll go to he wi
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toggle back i don't you can't read the key at the with bottom but the outlines of the development area mostly on the top of the idle the pink are coastal scrub you see blatantly red lands and other parts of presidio and the coast and the dark green are wood lands and on the left side is i've showed the images that overlook the city the light green is the eucalyptus and other native and non-native trees it gives us a sense of the pear where i know are willingly these give us a
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sense of the planet and how their arranged on the island and this it shows those are prioritized how we want to go forward with implementation we might come back to this map now i'll go back to the presentation. >> okay. so i'll run through the general action to be taken via implementing the plan so mapping the plan this is known as the dune this is a rare plants on the california society investor of rare plants gross in san francisco but not in many
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other places so this is a beautiful the rear rare plant on the bay bridge and during the wildlife not the most charismatic but bureau of fly but a new find for the county a real skipper this is not 35 local burst flies and mapping the communities out there this is one of my favorites something unique in any experience maya angelou that the dark green is actually the oak trees acting as coastal cascade normally they grow with a slower development on you know flater or at least deep slope this is how yerba
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buena island evolved the coast scrub lands lair all over the west side so really, really make that a place this is the coast guard which will be sure to be visiting and monitoring and collecting feed from as we implement that and then mapping and monitoring the basic plants is important we have quite a few of the of the guys that are threatening the native habitats and building out a trail plan and you know closing social trails that are damaging had been haiti at that time, such as this one that is new south of the quarters site and let's see see, of course, removing priority plants invading native habitats that is a yellow one this is one in san francisco and it is threatening
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that population this image there a nexus on the right some say they're living in harmony but the flower would be begun in a blink of an eye and removing any establishing needs we call this is the rapid response and this we'd is pretty well established but not having any plants we can get a handle on any further okay. this is if you think back to the map the areas of the island and this shows their sort of cataloged by a higher priority i'll leave it at that and then with all that this best practices that are recommended
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i'm very, very fairly treated the management plan so when we are managing the island we're doing according to the best science and best practices to date so you can you know pick and choose but with the planet removal you have to take care of that and think about the wildlife so we've been doing that and go according to the p.m. program obviously can do that in a judicious way, etc. so all of these are categories within the charter of best practices that is actually comprehensive so and then i want to say a little bit about the habitat within the footprint that is, of course, pretty much the top of yerba buena island we do have quite a few of the oak trees that is an
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important thing to be aware of and the city has been paying attention and doing things according so first, we also have those are going all over we deal with but to make the point that we are we're do the best we can to take care of what exists the plant area within the decree of feasibility so for example, the realignment of the road this is necessary and a great opportunity for restoration adopt hill with the new alignment and current alignment necessity with the live oak trees that breaks any heart in terms of bigger opportunities we have going forward so this is an example of some of the had been a at that time, within the area and blue
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elderly berries around the island and habitat restoration we it in 2006 we organized and then other example this is just about 17, 20 feet from one of the i think the existing buildings on the west side of the island across the street from that oak wood alongside the dutch pipeline inpiping for the burst fly growing along the fence line for example, when that plants to that roach that fence roach that fence in a careful way to take care of the plant and habitats this is not for you to read but basically look at the entire floor the yerba buena island and then creating preliminary appellant of plants to choose from when we had had vegetation so we've been
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peter and i have been meeting with folks and trying to get that going time is of the essence when their relandscaped we'll be planting with the local native palate we will would be working with mta and the birds will move up the hill there will be a lot of opportunity to reverse those and stakeholders shipyard i'll be done and available for whatever questions you have so we had a great meeting two weeks and folks from various local conservatism there was a maturity conversation to let them know what is happening and what we should do a lot of feedback on wildlife and when i think of wildlife as is
10:52 pm
development precedes that was one of the focuses of that meeting and bryan and i were not at the meeting but he's done a lot of work on the island and the burst flies this is wotterf her when she was on the commission for the environment we did some habitat restoration that is the kind of thing we want to do going forward and trying to cultivate partnerships we have a lot to do this is the beach threatening the coastal stream habitat and then this is exactly where we worked at about 10 years ago we were successful in removing that ice plant and
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it came back on hiss its own and actually on the right there so this is exactly where we want to be so peter uaw have a couple of meetings lined up with the organizations on treasure island to begin discussions to you we can create partnerships where we're involving folks from the community in have you had occasion of the habitat there is a lot of trash out there this is. >> current photograph looking at the west side of the could have this is a photograph of 10 years ago we're looking forward to and taking care of those problems to underscore what great values so a lot to do but a lot of
10:54 pm
potential to create stewardship and shall i talk about the bu y buckeye growing on the north slope of yerba buena island and turns out the upper one the upper hill one basically split in two so we were in a panic and oh, no, we thought those are the beloved buckeye but those are the oldest there was an at risk report generated and went out there and said look here's the thing even though half the tree fell over it is still alive the
10:55 pm
ones that fall over will stay alive when while it may not be the most sightly thing from a habitat and a natural research stand point i recommend we try leaving the tree in place we've do some trimming and cleaning up and there is invasion of the canopy and subpoena pressing but we'll clean up but the recommendations to leave it the way it is now and that's a picture of the fallen tree and the remaining half of the tree on the right and in fact, this is the type of burst fly photographtterfly photograph so thank you.
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>> that was so informative and enjoyable that was a well-thought-out habitat i think that is great you are considering involving residents in this stewardship it will be the ones that will enjoy the benefits of the stewardship and not just people from the treasure island san francisco as well. it will be great so i'm glad you're doing that >> so let's see, sir please. yes, thank you so much for that presentation that was boy gave me a lot of hope and a lot of a couple of questions some of the pictures of seeing artistsic renderings of yerba buena island
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show a totally different angle and your depictions if sounds like that and it looks so wonderful i was kind of wondering there was trees with aren't actually native the navy did some interesting planting are you going to cut all those and this is an interesting thing not be invasive making decisions like that? yeah, so the plan is to i think takes a very kind of rational approach how to manage the eucalyptus a lot of ways of dominant vegetation so a lot of that has been removed in any way, shape, or form so the development as you may know and - but with respect to the remainder of the island my view is that we you know we
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definitely don't want to cut it all done but and that we should think about what parts of it to keep through the wildlife habitat that's example we continue to engage people gordon's not only think black and white and remove the eucalyptus but think about how is the island used by which species and you know and so how shall we shape how reremove did eucalyptus here nor there so not a black and white but in general those eucalyptus doesn't have anything going on we want to convert that to native habitat
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and image that illustrates the process the best practices for that and in a slow way not entirely as i said >> yeah. the eucalyptus clearly are not native but their dangerous potentially fire hazards but the bees seem to love them so, you know, it is good to hear you'll take it and in piece i like that i was wondering is this a natural thing an invasive species. >> definitely on at california council statewide we list and it is used by - one of the interesting stories it's uses by the burst fly which like some of the general species that
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butterfly is oh, great don't ever cut down this plant basis ufsht butterfly be very, very careful as the picture i showed this is the expert of the butterfly they are credibly - if you want to keep e keep this plant it is easy habitat and awesome in terms of the restoration context if you want to create a bio verse native landscape not held back by this common butterfly now the blue butterfly is a different thing but a common butterfly. >> because of the drought not
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a lot of those plants and a few beekeepers that praised phenomenal but so i image nature will take it's courit's course this is possible or follow-up on that but i try to note of promote is going on regulation stewardship monthly by increasing the numbers of the community and our society people impact, with the land and manage frenal we can keep is it didn't go crazy out of control. >> likewise blackberry. >> the non-native blackberry
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is invasive if you have a thicket of blackberry is provides cover for wildlife you go in there in 2012 season. >> have a plan to remove that blackberry you're taking did habitat initially but had i would say on yerba buena island i loved that island and picking the black berries was a blauft but what about the humming birds are they nesting they only started nesting earlier. >> humming birds nest early announcements a bird expert i'm a plant guy yeah.
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>> so but, yeah their early nesters it will interfere with some of the early cutting they have - >> they definitely in order to you know comply with the united states eir and a lot of monitor had to occur before the trees were cut. >> just sorry. >> i was good evening do say from cooperation with the rams project a couple years ago when it was starting construction that right now mid february is additionally the starting of the nesting season for the humming birds and the intervention with the bridge contract in early january that years was a particular warm year the humming birds startled nest a month
11:04 pm
early and it delayed the rams construction by 4 months to allow the hatched to fledge right now the tree removals that were we were working earlier this fall have been completed so interests not anticipated to be a large number of things as we move forward so part of the intention to complete the removals before the nesting season. >> thanks not an issue one final last thing i want to thank you for reaching out to the locals i know there is a lot of interest there both formal y b i people and people that want to get their hands dirty to get the notices out so harmony out there. >> thank you peter for that
11:05 pm
impressive presentation i expect that from 0 someone from the department of the environment and the commissioners of the department we put to get the sustainability plan i co-wrote a lot of the issues and this is as opposed to be bible that will guide the san francisco development it is being that plan is now for decades decades and great to see that department following the footprints although i have some questions for you today what we would like to have we're at the point of the developing of the tida by bringing you here want to have more of your presence issues you mentioned in your presentation i'd like to bring you back you know for
11:06 pm
further consultations we'll we'll to have certain things you didn't give us to bring that out so we can have a specifically i'm highly interested the overlay map of the development in san francisco where you highlighted all the vegetation i was looking at the map and going from the west to the east and what is going on down the lower activities on the waterfront i know that the people right now we really wanted to know what is native and similar outlets to the yerba buena island to other parts of san francisco your department should be studying at length for preservation that is the point i've been asking for the information for a lot of time right now the managed zones are mapped and
11:07 pm
the best projects you hidden valley high school that so if you could just make available our entire presentation that would be the subject because it is in there a lot of the area you covered that will be very structural to host specific meetings on specific items that's my assignment for you the restoration of the yerba buena island to me the education aspect i personally speak to a lot of the youth all over the city from all sects and the kids in the san francisco unified school district if the western part of the city to southeast and chinatown or whatever i want them to be involved the discussion where we are having right now because i know that you have done the department does a lot of outreach to stakeholders but specifically
11:08 pm
utilized to see all the other stakeholders involved especially the youth to have a tour of what you said show them around and get the landscaping developed because yerba buena island development is teachable moment the historical of san francisco it is one of the 16 projects worldwide that is on the list of development and the way we were going about that development presented to other parts of san francisco and trust that how yerba buena island is in reference to the other parts of san francisco environment and so we can begin to borrow the best practices or so where the linkages are and that's were you the city expert are coming in we would like to get the audubon
11:09 pm
society that is their we want to know what kinds of species for the bees we have the importance of the bee and the other things you've mentioned yes, we have invasive plants but we find out they're actually helping you know the preservation of all the other species then we can decide where we need limit the cop of the alumnus i'd like to have you to teach us on the island in in form it is invasive but need a diversity of vegetation on the island this is the way we are innovate just the development of treasure island but thinking about the bigger picture we get asked a lot of us expertise we get people swiss about questions
11:10 pm
the community so for the restoration yes let's get together with the stakeholder and binge us more information and we will work with the director beck to bring you back but again, thank you for those fine presentations it is really in depth you did a lot of our homework we're pleased with the presentation thank you very much. >> you're welcome thank you very much. >> i'll echo involving the youth i remember for any children as teenagers every single one of them went to the work basis to rove the plants and learning about native plants it r is great way when in their young to see nature so i hope that you will too i know the presentation was mostly on yerba buena island but the next part is the development of treasure island and there will be street mrarnts that will
11:11 pm
good evening to happen as part of that so are you involved in that as well as the department of environment involved in the selection of the street trees for the street plants and will we get a presentation. >> we can bring back the streetscape tree planting but had some presentations when he did the streetscape the species are generally consistent with them those that are approved the streetscape master plan twerpt working for the developer and their landscaper the they consulted with the urban forestry the department of public works has a lot of experience on the selection of
11:12 pm
street trees both for their had been that at that time, potential but their appropriateness for the streetscape in terms of n creating. >> mr. beck we ought to look at the street trees here we're go talking about native species and trying to get native species we'll be doing a lot of planning department staff the new development area it would be good to have not only the department of public works but the department of environment giving us wisdom. >> any public comment?
11:13 pm
that wants to address the board hearing none. >> item 8 discussion of fallout of future agenda items. >> are there that any hearing none, we have mentioned the housing will become an agenda item yes. >> and any public comment? hearing none, we can adjourn thank you very much for attending toda.
11:14 pm
11:15 pm
>> for hearing this meeting to the public every time we meet let's start with the roll commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner president tan we have quorum concept indicated he is on his way but going to be wait and commissioner caminong will not be here this evening. >> all right. we have not yielded a full house but we have a fairly short agenda first is general public comment for public comment on any business as that pertains to the entertainment commission you don't see agendized any. i don't see any public comment is closed. move on to item 2 approval of
11:16 pm
the meeting minutes for february 22, 2016, i'll move >> what time no multiple sclerosis are working yet. >>mike's are working. >> i move to approve i move to approve i'll second there is a motion and a second and any discussion any public comment? >> all right. let's take roll a point find order i'm not looking at the minutes the people that are present we have enough folks to vote on - you do. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner president tan. >> with that the motion passes we'll move on to item 3 report from the executive director. >> commissioners i'll be brief tonight and hopefully, you have
11:17 pm
a copy of this piece of legislation that was introduced what i spent a couple of minutes that is annual clean up up of 1060 our bible schools everyo year we find problematic that was introduced a wagon by supervisor wiener are that and co-sponsored by supervisor breed and basic it does 3 things one thing it creates a waiver process for our filing fees to this point we've had a waiver process not codified and that is the problem for the dissatisfy a city attorney and everybody involves this is allows us to do what we've been doing to insure that people can pay like the nonprofits and neighborhood groups have a way to have fees
11:18 pm
waved and the second thing we're doing is trying to you gupgrade notification requirement put in in 2009 requiring issues the mixed use vacadistrict and leavt the language the code was pretty much like best efforts not strong and not very up to date we basically mirrored what the planning department does with the 312 notification we're giving the option to the applicants that have outreach to neighbors and this is in addition to the outreach policy that you guys alsoorced in this hearing and so that's that and hopefully this is not going to be a problem for anyone that
11:19 pm
is more and better outreach and the last thing is a change in the 9 month window you guys are familiar what you achieve a continental grant for the product you get 9 months according to code you've seen many times where you know due to construction delays or some kind of black hole bureaucracy or funding that simon's someone comes to us and that footstep a lot longer than 9 months we need a way for the commission to allow an extension for that because otherwise the consequence for a large project starts all over again. >> i have a quick question this is introduced to the board. >> yes. >> what happens does it go to committee. >> it sits for another 20 days this is a thirty day wait and on
11:20 pm
to committee yeah. >> and ludicrously. >> what committee. >> i think that is land use. >> uh-huh then what. >> for the board and i don't expect it to be of substance boutique changes. >> thanks. >> just a question about the mirror of the 312 is many then mailed out by the applicant or by the entertainment commission and the applicant. >> they have to get the list if the us or planning. >> uh-huh. >> or a list then. >> great. >> right. >> okay thank you. >> then my another questions. >> that's that one the only other one to yubt a copy of the agenda has a fabulous for the 10 b legislation which is the code word for this administrative code chapping
11:21 pm
introduced off god years the making from supervisor campos office and of him to hearing last week and so at committee nothing but positive it is almost no input by the police they've seen and read it and given comments and representative from the police department indicated to the community inform issues or comments their fine with that and it is basically creating a much more like obviously system for the application of the p10 fornix special event timeframe for the folks who want 10 b and for the police officer t to have an appeal issue and not necessarily agree with what the outcomes are and kaejz this dependent on in terms of reporting we live in theory starting when the legislation
11:22 pm
gets signed begin to get how much the 10 b was assigned i'm not sure how to implement it is the police department change not us we will be the loop according to the legislation in terms of what happens after so i thought that was interesting i think that is call the roll certainly the outreach the discussions we had literally years ago that will improve things and lastly the new position that is no longer new but still not filled is moving forward we have 24 applications during the posting period there being vetted. >> 24 they're beiir been vetted throu personnel preys and test that meets the minimum qualifications
11:23 pm
and you know there we're psyc psychosome supplemental questions and scheduling interviews liend of the march i you cross your fingers tightly behind our back hiring is a long process but that this will be the last hire i do as well and it will be a good one. >> so i don't have by corrective action 0 i'm going to turn it over to jordan if you have any questions. >> commissioner lee. >> how is shawn doing. >> shawn is gfine and he is record to work as of this date tomorrow. >> a question about the 10 b legislation i know that kind of a schedule of fees was one of the requests that the nonprofits or for profits or whatevoever can pred
11:24 pm
and not get charged is that part of that. >> i don't remember i'll send you a copy of that. >> yeah. back and forth from the police department so the end results might be different than you saw. >> great. >> thank you. >> all right. inspector pauley. >> good evening commissioners very busy couple of weeks i'll start with containment received on the 13 about the tunnel it up u top again, this time a applicant sent me pictures three or four people standing in front of the venue not causing problems but nevertheless, a complaint. >> same gay guy. >> same guy the owner responded because the complainant attached the owner
11:25 pm
to the communication or whatever the owner responded with his her and a i passed by that looked like not a lot going on improvements the venue and another complaint i'm reporting it so we got a complanth oh, my gosh on the 6 of february friday night into saturday morning it was in regards to there's been a lot of complaint on the the last few months i responded immediately to the complaint i pulled up to the back of the genui venue that is what the complainant lives no sound escaping the venue he lives in a building that adjoins the venue but nevertheless, i didn't perceive a violation and litigation on the building not
11:26 pm
up to code it seems like it was fine i had a walk through the night before they were in complains bcompliance but nevertheless, did a bunch of inspectors the most notable are the playboy party abused they had a lot of - like a tent at the time set up and booming speakers so 3 blocks away you could hear a base that's serious so i don't think that is an issue going forward the director talked about that the legislation came through and changed a lot of the development but nevertheless, that was probably the most serious of any of the cases we saw this past super bowl event weekend did a walk through it was fine
11:27 pm
they were look a little bit lou an issue for the rest of the weekend but fusion lounge had an influx of people a line that wrapped up the block i've not seen it like that but no issues were recorded but i've yet to talk to the general manager about it we'll trying to get to the bottom of that and see if this is a trend or something as far as the promotion public utility did a couple of sound tests last friday pretty uneventful a limit of it they know to talk to the management go pretty much the only establishment that complained they deal with them and dealt with them already you know made changes to they're building or whatever they've
11:28 pm
done stuff not to get complaint from the hotel across the street i did a sound test at aaron peskin at&t park there was not a base heavy kind of situation no complaint about that particular events any i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> self-assures the tunnel top the same guy. >> yes. >> over and over didn't want that place there any way to just - >> i at this point it would be 100 percent speculation on my part but given what i've seen maybe something personal i don't want to you know. >> the playboy participaes wa parking lot it was extreme sound escaping but are they planning any more parties there. >> not that i'm aware of
11:29 pm
i don't think so. >> super bowl weekends. >> another mesna across the street is a hotel. >> yes. >> driving e driving counsel that additional they put cones on the street or whatever and don't have a legal white zone as far as i know on jessie did you notice the cones from the street a . >> at the hotel. >> white zone is our mission not on jessie as far as i, it will tell i wasn't looking for cones i was pay attention to the side of the street at the venue i mean, i see they use it street. >> you said the hotel was complaining about noise they had gotten complaint the venue dealt with them and the venue abodid an abatement work
11:30 pm
the ceiling to limit the complainants and it wasn't many but mentioned to me so i was paying attention. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner frost. >> and the guy on the tunnel top lives in a residential building ovther windows face tht corner we don't get any complainants. >> probable the people that live in that building and mofor more building to the immediate west of the tunnel top and across the street i mean there is a lot of units in that area and we never get complaints from anything else and on mission you're telling me that there is a shared wall. >> there is. >> to the one guy or other residents. >> that one. >> one unit. >> and i've been in there we did the sounds like tests their
11:31 pm
expensive i knextensive i know wh when they're loud at the super bowl event inside vethey have a door like the supervisor tang area their alcohol and people are out there that don't opens and shuts maybe some of the sound was escaping during you know times but really i mean, it was quiet outside i mean again, if at their limit i can clearly hear at the limit the neighbors agree that was okay. i could clearly hear the sound outside and we aheard nothing not a lou night commissioner lee there was nothing not a peep again i don't think the neighborhoods are totally making it up but again, it's not a compliance issue. >> do we know how many complaint we got from all the
11:32 pm
parties and events of super bowl efforts. >> a good question. >> there was normally couldn't are more than 10 like total which is not terrible and a couple were out at the playboy party error anger people because of at&t park that we got directly i'm not sure we checked in with 9-1-1 we haven't received any we get 311 and check that ourselves but certainly with the at&t we'll check things might have council so we get a good sense people railroad ready so that speaks in preparation. >> and you think you got some complaint from the playboy and from the metalica.
11:33 pm
>> there were one or two people not happy with the noise. >> spiral. >> oh, the concert and excelsi commissioner mccray right 5 of those were other specific club related complainants at all. >> not bad. >> you know some people may not like alicia keys. >> how dare they. >> or the republic or all the people for concert ticket. >> the issue of spiral was those where earlier. >> they were very early. >> alicia keys were late they ended at 10 no complaint that i know of from fireworks and maybe train people that don't tells
11:34 pm
you it's not our issue it is pretty - i don't know relatively speaking light or heavy but mana manageable. >> you're right the residents where a were lent to they were ready for the new thing knew a, week or too long and live with that, i heard the fictitious i thought my next door neighbor was in that but again, i think that the residents were like super bowl it's great we'll live with that. >> i think people complapined bye about traffic and transportation and everything commissioner perez. >> how about valentine's day weekend i think not normally a big event and any complaint or incidents. >> short answer no again. >> long answer nope not that i
11:35 pm
saw (laughter) one final question about the at&t parking lot do we have jurisdiction over permitting that. >> we do give amplified sound for things that hoappen like cirque de soleil it requires a certain amount of yes and no but, yes it is rented and the land is the giants. >> right. >> they say there's a party happening there is probably a party happening and got it i mean, did you - didn't sound like you made adjustment to the sound or endorsing. >> i think the general consensus was supervise weekend that will be over and pretty much because of the ineffectiveness of sound they turned it off i didn't want to
11:36 pm
be the guy no, no we didn't - make them 345ik and adjustment but let them know about the issues. >> right. right >> okay. that it brings up a point the sense that regular loudspeaker the tent might be good and their sound system is huge. >> you can't contain sound in a tents they're made of vinyl or clothes at&t's and they are tied together and not possible. >> they'll have to turn it off it is as simple as that i don't want to that. >> you don't want to be a party pooper is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak on the staff report not seeing any, public comment is closed. item 4 police department
11:37 pm
questions or comments i don't see any police here we'll move on to item number 5 heari hearing and polk action oh - oh for conditioning existing permits for the seller we'll be continuing this item but i'll let the staff report. >> right so as the president said we met with the seller the office they requested a one meeting continuance and in the meanwhile have sent me an e-mail the they'll remain closed until that time i ask the president and owe concurred we push that to the march first meeting so i'll need a motion from you it was agendized. >> i'll make the motion and sorry push out another meeting. >> you're moving to continue
11:38 pm
the item to the next meeting. >> yes. >> is there a second. >> per the request of the seller. >> upon the where of the seller. >> is there a second any public comment? all right. let's take a vote. >> commissioner perez commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner frost and commissioner president tan that motion carries and we'll see them next time item 6 is hearing and possible action regarding permits we only would withone tonight. >> okay good evening, commissioners this is the change in overflow room fror the prae s appendplaces of entertainment on connecticut street i'm sure many of you heard in this long-standing sports bar
11:39 pm
the new owner is here tony incorporated took place the past yankees has any issues but under new owner to reduce the entertainment commission but have indicatioccasional rock ant was approved with conditions their basic and here to tell you more when connecticut yankee is the new owner. >> good afternoevening, commis i'm tony one of the new owners at connecticut yankee as she stated can you hear me as stated wire reducing the amount of shows for the yankee not by design but our special park side and environment key for that
11:40 pm
environment our goals to be the back and forth kind of location and remain the good vibes of january can he it is staying the same it is a lot less music we removed the sound that was under and tell yabsolutely this that we're leaning on doing any kind of shows if we do it is more of an addition to the evening not we're fiscal year by charging a coffer more of as a stayed a blue music that comes with a saturday night and deal with the locals hanging out unamplified and maybe the application is the involves we've reached out to the neighbors on the left and right and providing contact information and establishing relationships
11:41 pm
so if we do have shows coming up we will do everyothing it is recommended to the conditions and meet with the gop gun control and provide security at the door and have extra staff there will be walk throughs and signs for outside the patio and the exit respect our neighbors and keep the noise down to respectable levels any questions for me. >> if you're not planning to do a whole lot of transmitter why are you here. >> it is nice to have it now and then for times of the years we have item pest we do a show and bring back the rag gay bands as part of lease at you can't know questioning competent kiwi
11:42 pm
maintain the entertainment license. >> are you leasing from the previous owner. >> in the lease with the property they owned the business and have a soft spot for it. >> all right. other questions commissioner lee. >> i see in one complaint sort of are you audio the patio. >> no. >> do you plan to have. >> i've not seen any out there i think the complaints are from the doors open and kind of a free reign, if you will, for the music for the staff speaking of the. >> probably the tv are probably the television a. >> we have a television out there for the pat i do not games and giave it a test run and looking at to put it up for
11:43 pm
baseball and . >> usually this is the kind of sum of source you know, i think everything else is normal we have problems with patios. >> right now nothing back there no tv or anything. >> no tv, no sound. >> commissioner perez. >> hello thanks for coming in can you explain more on the community outreach has to do with the neighborhood to the left and right for the folks to reach out to them. >> i've not met them we've been by but we've had immediate experiences with the left and right and spoken with them and we haven't met anyone from behind. >> would you be open to reaching out. >> and maybe beyond the left and right down the street thank
11:44 pm
you. >> you're welcome. >> all right. any questions or comments commissioner joseph looks like you have. >> i have questions for staff so our staff. >> our staff so stating the conditions how would we comply with the sf codes and regulations not in our gun contr good neighbor policy policy is that. >> this is always something that i don't know. i've only dealt with the officer. >> so number 9 we have in our good neighbor policy about keeping the area clean don't remember about removing graffiti so imprisonments -
11:45 pm
as okay. all security staff you did that i know you did. >> all security staff will be over 21 afghanistan's what license is the abc the 47. >> yes. the 47. >> anywhere the code and the bci s that you know the security has to be over 21. >> i don't think so does anybody here know i don't think you need to be over 21 to card but i'm not sure. >> 18 that's customers what about security. >> any employee. >> any employees he move to strike that. >> we don't have a motion.
11:46 pm
>> i move to strike that i'm informi informing. >> the always a manager on premise is that part of policy; right? no? okay okay have you seen the police conditions >> yes, sir. i have. >> and do you agree with them any issues with them. >> yes. definitely we do and speaking on the 21 years old we use the security we plan on having eventually friday and saturday using the security we have good relationships with them. >> okay. >> it is a 47. >> you have a 47 license; right? >> yes. >> all right. i think we've heard enough why not have a seat we'll ask for public comment any public comment? about connecticut yankees
11:47 pm
application go ahead and and speak. >> i'm kevin palmer we share the property line with the patio next to the yankees and since meeting tony we welcome him as a notice new owner we've been there since 1993 and had many problems with the paved live entertainment with extensive loud entertainment and allowed performance on the patio we've spoken with tony and he's seems very and i eligible to addressing those concerns so we don't have any issue with the permit. >> great, thank you for coming tonight any other. all right. public comment is closed.
11:48 pm
let's entertain a motion >> i move to approve. >> with the police conditions eliminating the last sentence of condition number 3. >> all security staff will be 21 years of aages of and anythi >> a second. >> i'll second. >> thank you any other comments i don't see any let's take a vote. >> okay. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner perez commissioner president tan that motion carries congratulations thank you all right. we're down to the last two items item number 6, 7 is commission questions or comments. >> commissioner joseph. >> so monday night
11:49 pm
february 29th the night life award the 90s is at the regency ballroom on van ness the doors are 6 o'clock the cocktail party featuring the flip tones to 7:15 and the doors to the ballroom open and the award begins at 7:30 for those who don't know the 90 awards celebrates excellent content and patron experience in san francisco night life industry and it is always a great time to most people that attend are interesting some of the public attends and bar owners and club and other night life venues and staff checkout the wards and www.night awards xaum and scroll
11:50 pm
down and buy a ticket the events precedes go to benefit the 501 nonprofits like site and sound who supports and promotes music and the arts and the creation of its consetent i that a good commercial or what (laughter) i understand that commissioner frost will be one of our perpetrat prerntsz so if you haven't bought tickets yet (laughter) i also buy last minute you can that. >> anyone else that has bought ticket should rush out and do that thank you. >> all right. any other commission comments or questions just want to let the folks know i wantill not be at the next meeting march first commissioner
11:51 pm
cavanes will be chairing that and after the notici90 sidewalk luck that w with that any public comment on the commissioners questions or comments let's move on to the item 8 new business for fallout items anything anyone. >> no increase all right. this might be a record no new items our meeting is now adjourned have a good night everyone. >> wow.. >> shop and dine the 49 promotes loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping
11:52 pm
and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop
11:53 pm
off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that's
11:54 pm
>> this lodge is home to some of the best fly casting pools in the world. these shallow concrete pools don't have fish. this is just a place where people come to practice their fly casting technique. ith was built in the 1930's and ever since, people have been coming here to get back to nature. every year, the world championship of fly casting is held in san francisco and visitors from all over the globe travel to be here. >> we are here with phil, general manage of san francisco rec and parks department at the
11:55 pm
anglers lodge. what do you think about this? >> it is spectacular, travis from oregon, taught me a snake roll and a space cast. >> there are people from all over the world come to san francisco and say this is the place to be. >> yeah. it's amazing, we have teams from all over the world here today and they are thrilled. >> i flew from ireland to be here. and been practicing since for the competition. all the best casters in the world come here. my fellow countryman came in first place and james is on the current team and he is the head man. >> it's unique. will not see anything like it where you go to compete in the world. competitions in ireland, scotland, norway, japan, russia each year, the facilities here
11:56 pm
in the park are second to none. there is no complex in the world that can touch it. >> i'm here with bob, and he has kindly agreed to tell me everything i need to know about casting. i'm going to suit up and next, we're in the water. >> what any gentleman should do. golden gate angling has free lessons the second saturday of every month. we have equipment show up on the 9:30 on the second saturday of every month and we'll teach them to fly cast. >> ok. we are in the water. >> let me acquaint you with the fly rod. >> nice to meet you. >> this is the lower grip and the upper grip. this is a reel and a fly line. we are going to use the flex of this rod to fling away.
11:57 pm
exactly as you moved your hands. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> i'm a natural. >> push both arms forward and snap the lower hand into your tummy. push forward. >> i did gave it a try and had great time but i might need some more practice. i met someone else with real fly casting skills. her name is donna and she is an international fly casting champion. >> i have competed in the casting ponds in golden gate park in san francisco. i have been to japan and norway for fly casting competition. i spend my weekends here at the club and at the casting pond. it's a great place to learn and have fun. on a season day like this, it was the perfect spot to be. i find fly casting very relaxing
11:58 pm
and also at the same time very challenging sport. takes me out into the nature. almost like drawing art in the air. and then i can make these beautiful loops out there. >> even though people from across the globe come here to compete, it's still a place where locals in the know relax and enjoy some rely unique scenery. until next time, get out and play! folks who can fit
11:59 pm
12:00 am
in the room stay otherwise overflow space yeah. >> sure yes. >> okay so we have a quick in the amount of announcement if everyone can be a little bit quiet please. sorry a quick in the amount of we have interpretation in spanish and cantonese if you know of anyone that needs the service refer to the back of the room we have the equipment this will be repeated in


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