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tv   Health Service Board 21116  SFGTV  February 26, 2016 12:00am-3:01am PST

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where members the community are having their licenses suspended, these fees incured and as some of the other speakers noted, alliance one going after them for these fees and fines and i urge you as nothing else supervisors to take a close look at the contract between san francisco and alliance one because what i know to be true is that if people are not paying their fines within 20 days, they are being assess a 300 dollar tax on that fine by alliance one. the way i look at alliance one and talked to a lot of people, there are terns mounting a federal case against alliance one for
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their dbt relief practices that are said. what i understand is that they are not taking into account peoples ability to pay and they are automatically assessing this 300 dollar fine and i don't understand that to be in the spirit of san francisco in terms of the way we treat our members of our community. alliance one has contracts with as i understand with alameda as well as contra costa. they are out of san diego. in san francisco they assess these fines in fees in san francisco if you do not appear to set a court date for your traffic matter, you are not only given a failure to appear and failure to pay, you are given the 300 dollar fine and then you are not able to actually add yourself to
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calendar unless you pay the full fine that-the full fee of the expense you are charged with. if i'm charged with speeding which carries probably $550 bail, if i don't present in the court in a timely manner based on a citation i will then get assess a $300 fine for not appearing in a timely manner plus i have to pay $550 and $300 to add myself to calendar, so the way i under it and this is based you know on the information that i get from my clients and on the information i have gotten from attorneys that work in traffic court, the practices the court has been-it has been-our client as in the client of the public defenders
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office are excluded from being able to meaningfly paritous pate unless they dot all the i's and cross all t's from beginning and to a more-to the picture of what is more-the larger picture, i don't think it is service san francisco in the sense that if you issue warranty for people that cannot appear or do not appear for lack of ability to appear for money and/or cannot then therefore make reparations for their inability to pay or inability to make bail or pay tickets what good does it do san francisco? in other words, the community that i see they are not able to pay at all, so by issuing
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warrants and putting them in and out of custody isn't doing anything toward the goal of trying to make sure-see san francisco gets reparations. i'm 100 percent in support of the lawyers committee for civil right on the idea that we have like a debt forgiveness program. i also think if someone cant pay we should make it more accessible for them to do something like project 20 but i just touched briefly on the issue of the amnesty program. our client don't have any idea the amnesty program. i created fliers myself to pass out in department 17 in the misdemeanor department of the hall of justice because it isn't a accessible
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concept and there are limitations to the amnesty program as well. i think it was october 2013 you- i don't recall but there are concern time limitations and it isn't a widely understood concept that you can actually get debt forgiveness through the amnesty program and think post ferguson and i again will echo the sentiments of my colleague of 7 times more likely to be arrested if and are person of color in san francisco and that leads to infractions and license suspension and the license suspensions leads to misadumeaners for failing to have a valid license while you are driving so i-to me it doesn't seem like the system
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as is is working. it seems we need to come up with something that serves the needs of the community of san francisco so that the needs the government can be met as well as the needs of the members of the community so they can meet the expectations made of them without having to choose between whether i put dinner on the table or whether i make rent or whether i make bail to appear in traffic court and contest my ticket. >> thank you. appreciate it. okay. we will go to public comment and thank you for sitting in and hearing the presentations. now is the chance for the public to weigh in. i have cards and if you can come more or less in the
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order names are called that is great. karen shane. cristina [inaudible] johnny davis. [inaudible] brittany [inaudible] which already spoke and [inaudible] james tracey and meredith [inaudible] >> my name is karen shane. i staff the reentry council of san francisco and i just wanted to reiterate what ever wn said. this is a reentry problem and racial justice problem. it was very exciting when the lawyers committee came out with the report nost just the ferguson problem. san francisco has to do better than this. there are several thingsthality would really help. in particular why is san francisco, why is
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the court still charging the $50 fee? that something that is a county by county way of doing business. los angeles doesn't charge anyone 50 $to go into the amnesty prm. if san francisco thinks we need to do it for some people i would suggest the people who fit into the 80 percent reduction which means extremely low income shouldn't be charged on top of everything else to participate in amnesty. i think that is the least we can do and there is a lot more we can do. this is a workforce development problem and probation prm. i work in the probation department and most the clients that we talked to and asked do not have drivers licenses and it is time for us to get our act together and really move through this problem to make it
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something much more productive. >> thank you very much. next speaker. if you heard your name called if you don't mind lining up at the side where the windows are. >> good afternoon. cristina [inaudible] i'm here and know we didn't talk about it much and know this is focused on infraction related fines and fees and also want to bring to the boards attention fines and fees associated with misdemeanor conviction or felony conviction such as probation costs, in[inaudible] often people are being made to pay the full maximum amount allowed by statute on probation cost which is up to $50 even though they are not assess on their ability to pay that much and they are
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often-alliance one also is responsible for collecting these fines and fees and many of our clients who we work with through the second chance legal clinic which provides legal advice on barriers to employment and housing as a result of conviction are being aggressively having these debt pursued by alliance one. being demanded to make payments in the full amount and then if they dont plake that payment then being assess additional 300 dollars on top of that amount. i just want to say that i see so many folks who are rehabilitation and gotten their lives together and have gotten jobs and are unable to really pay and provide for themselves because often these debt is sent to the state tax franchise board and the wages are being
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garnished. often when they want to get a expungement or dismissal in california a lot of judges wont grant expungement if they still owe criminal debt so wanted to point that out and have that also be considered within the debt relief court calendar some of my colleagues suggested and people could get expungement through the calendar and have old debt dismissed along with expungement. i just want to say as many people said as a civil right organization we want to emphasize that this is a civil rights issue. drivers license suspensions disproportioninately effect black and brown community members and as karen shane mentioned the report not just the ferguson problem shows how
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traffic court drive inequality in cal and san francisco as well so we want to emphasize the court should think of this as a civil right issues >> thank you very much. if you can leave it-how long has alliance one the contract and if alliance one isn't doing it is it just someone else, new boss same as the old boss or what is put in place that would be different? i see mrs. hewn coming. >> amanda freed through treasurers office. [inaudible] beginning fiscal year 12-13 and we ceased collecting all debt at the end of 2014 >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon my name is [inaudible] community housing partnership i part the debt free coalition that you heard from. as you might know, debtfry san francisco started in 2012 as the organizing group for fair chance ordinance so zee a number of community residence who have taken time off to share their stories. we created a video. we were told we could share it with you. james and i are willing to forgo our time to do that. >> how long is it all together? >> 3 and a half minute. >> great. >> [inaudible] it's like drowning in a big pool. >> like they got us by the short hairs
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>> helpless, frustrated, it is like a fire. if you don't care of it [inaudible] build and build and you know [inaudible] build and build and destroy your home and destroy your whole life. i have a lot of court dates [inaudible] all my money is [inaudible] i barely live. [inaudible] now it is a thousand dollars. >> i got a ticket for a moving violation [inaudible] i like having driving jobs but i can't get one because my license is suspended. >> [inaudible] people getting
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tickets all the time and [inaudible] >> people are not able to do things for their families because they have to spend money on court for ridiculous tickets and stuff like that. it is hurting the community and the people and it is hurting everybody. >> i got a ticket for [inaudible] they just waved that instead of trying to [inaudible] >> i have no control of my life and my transportation to work and to drop my daughter off at school. >> i can't do much for my family and stressful because the [inaudible] is like a big [inaudible] >> it has been a struggle because i go
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to the hospital like-there isn't a year where i haven't been in the hospital in my life like from birth i was diagnosed at 11 months and it is hard to get medicine, hard to travel, how am i supposed to live day today? in order to pay off the court fees it is a struggle literally >> i cannot save, i can't catch up to the debt, i can't drive, i can't even work outside the city if i wanted to which is limiting me because my company has work outside of san francisco. so, when they don't have work in san francisco i have to go home. >> [inaudible] lower income and their ability to achieve quality of life to others and it isn't fair. it isn't fair to take from people that dont have much already. >> [inaudible] eliminating the
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debt period. >> [inaudible] period, that's it. >> we have things that happen. >> [inaudible] start taxing corporations. >> the city is our [inaudible] the income for the city is too great for them to not take care of the homeless and those with low income problems. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. that was really powerful. mu queesha willis[inaudible] darsy jackson. [inaudible] ruben. please come forward.
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>> good evening, my name is niquesa [inaudible] here to talk about the court ordered debt and how it impacts me and the community. [inaudible] i have a never ending cycle of debt and i had a failure to pay and failure to appear. i can't go to work, i can't miss work to go to court. i tried to get a later court date. i barely make it [inaudible] i need ever dollar i can get. i didvent the money to pay for the tickets. not only that i already deal with homelessness and fighting an asane amount of debt with fast track. i have been fighting that for over a year and nothing i can do but they won't give me a payment plan, i did disputes and appeals and write letter and don't have money for
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lawyers and [inaudible] somebody stold my front license plate so can't get that unless i pay fast track andinose are my only tickets and my car keeps getting towed because i don't have a garage. it is numerous things going on and finally get the license back with the help of the community and waiting for vacation checks to make payment for the ticket but can't drive my car and can't getting tickets for registration. i'm losing years of my life just trying to pay off court ordered debt. i lost my job because i lost my license. couldn't get that back for a while. after i had the show them what i was going through as far as the process to this program that helps you get
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your license back while making payments so they had me on limited amount of work because i can't travel and go to the job sites. there is a lot going on. i had my license for 8 years and lost it recently- >> that was your time, but thank you. thank you for coming. next speaker please >> dars sell jackson. first of all, the 70 percent versus 7 percent of the population i think that is a problem. i have been saying that for 55 years and good to hear from someone else that you are 7 times more likely to be pulled over because you are african american. first i like to talk about you get tickets on it bus and they go to third street coming out of the bayview i latino community trying to get to work and coming out of
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mission district and those are the lines they concentrate on. they go to providence when they let the people out of the shelter they go two stops down and know they get on the bus because they need to come to the services and ticket those people. they took my car and what i did is call the finance company and tell them they got your car because i knee i didn't have the money because i wouldn't have got paid for two wooks. quh i asked how much it cost it was 1700 dollars and didn't have that so called the finance company and had a adverse effect on the credit. they got the car back because they wanted to sell it. the tickets on the bus is hurting poor people. you need to take a look at alliance one, the biggest problem is why you can't hire somebody in san francisco to call and tell you to come pay your fine. why is
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it a outfit out of san jose. you take people and hire people out of san francisco. these fines-they gave me a ticket and i put it in the-[inaudible] i put in the waste basket. >> thank you. next speaker. >> supervisors my name is steve [inaudible] and work for bay area legal aid for 23 years, excuse my voice. first of all i want to thank you you for doing this, this is just tremendously important and what you are learning here today and i hope this isn't a [inaudible] in the pan and there will be a decision to
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legislation to continue this process to create real solutions. one of the tricky things is the court represented some things you can do and some things the court and do and it is important to figure out what those are. several people have mentioned alliance one and i strongly urge you to put that near the top of the agenda in terms of talk ing to the court which made the decision and they run it throughout the state to make contracts with alliance one as a public defender said they are being sued. our experience of legal and not speaking on behalf of legal has been in the other advocates as well they don't get the amnesty program and constantly make mistakes. the $25 limit
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that minimum that you have to pay is a deal breaker for a lot of our clients. think about child support that has a zero dollar built into state law so people can acknowledge paternity but not make a payment when they can't afford invented the right stuff it needs to be brought into the system. i do want to briefly answer your question about funding because that is important. legal has a contract with the welfare department and dhs to help people to [inaudible] and that is partly state money and a little general fund money but there is a vast and real need for support from the city to dhoo do the work you heard about. >> thank you >> good afternoon everyone. benson and
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life long citizen of san francisco and thank you supervisors avalos and came for allows us to speak. want to talk about alternatives for paying court ordered daebt and fees. project 20 and amnesty which seems not too many people know about and ran at a dismal level. amnesty should be clear, accessible and not overically complicated. project 20, if you allow someone to convert 7 dollars a hour for community suvs you may as well just work since that is around 2/3 of what minimum wageicize. the fines should be based on the peoples ability to pay and should favor community service rather than paying tickets out of pocket. >> thank you very much. next speaker i'll read a few more cards. duwane sears, scott nelson, boris bors
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off, alexander [inaudible] carmen [inaudible] >> good afternoon. minister [inaudible] rube kwrn here on behalf of community housing partnership so tell you a little about my story. looks like i acquired a ticket that i was unaware of where the ticket came from. i got sent to my apartment when i lived in socal and left socal about a year ago and got a second ticket while visiting family during the thanksgiving holiday. when i got that ticket i had to financial struggles while in southern california and there is no way for me to get from southern
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california to bay area in order to meet my court date. i couldn't take time off work and didvent the money to pay to get to the bay area. so, i missed my court date and as a consequences of that i received a notice in the mail that said that my license was suspended. this was very disheartening to me seeing that my contract ended in southern california and had to make it tupe the bay area with a bunch of stuff in my car and driving without a license. currently i have a office in san jose and pleasanten and church is in hay word. i have to drive, i have no choice especially going san jose. i look over my shoulder. i'm okay to say this now because there are no police officers but i have to look
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over my shoulder and it is very stressful. not sure what to do. the court that issued the suspension and wanted me to come, i was in socal so couldn't make that happen. i demand [inaudible] and i also like to demand that you allow us to pay our fines and have our aparences anywhere where we are in california and not in the county where we get the ticket. >> thank you. good recommendation >> [inaudible] communey housing partnership. we talk about the cycles of debt the court fines and fees create and one thing not mentioned is the impact on the peoples credit. the debt collectors refer them to collection agencies so when people are attempting to gement their lives back together
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from homelessness or making these mistakes we keep them in the cycles and be perpetuated for years and years. another way to think about this is the impact on peoples long term credit. we deafly ink you to look at our solutions and make good consideration. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi supervisor avalos and jane kim. i leave that there should be eliminated for suspension of court debt. my occupation is driving and in order to get to work i need to drive and if i have a court fine i can't pay if i'm not working so i believe it should be eliminating for suspension of
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license for court debt. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello supervisor kim and avalos. scott nelson with the coalition on homelessness and here to speak about the quality of life citations. there is already a parcel amnesty program started by da halnen where people that get quality of life tickets in the city can get them dismissed through the coalition and the district attorney if they accept serves from the city of san francisco. the police give people ticket squz say here is the ticket for sleeping on the side walk and go to the coalition to get it dismissed. that works for a lut of tickets but doesn't work for muni tickets thmpt inspects and the muni tickets are $112 and nothing we can do because it isn't a police matter. we can omwork with the district attorneys office so we have tons of people coming in with
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$112 tickets and go toproject 20 that is $27 fee and the other is 20 so it cost $47 to go to through the program to save a 112 ticket and still center to do the work hours and a lot of them they can't afford the 2.25 cents for the bus they can't afford the program so should look at a alternative way to structure project 20 so there is a alternative through the program or figure [inaudible] because muni debt is separate from courtered debt. >> thank you. any other members who would like to comment you can please line up. >> good evening. the issue of
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the tickets, the issue of suspension touching peoples lives and causing great deal of hardships when we already have things like gentrification going on and it is just way out of control. so perhaps they could forget revamping the situation because when you have tickets you can't even go back to court to talk to the judge to ask for some kind of way of working it out. they want you to pay it first and then maybe if that isn't working at all. it is causing people a real heavy burden and then we take students on buses
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and give them tickets when it says [inaudible] it doesn't say you have to be a student in high school or lower. it says a student so a college student has little money as well and they get on the bus and they get targeted by some folk that sit there and [inaudible] say you didn't pay this and give them the ticket. $112. maybe the whole system needs to be revamped, looked at where it can be a lot better handled and dealt with so we are not crucifying people to the cross. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public who would like to comment? and seeing none we'll close public comment. i want to thank everyone for participation in
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the hearing. a lot of work need to be done to revamp this system. i think there is probably low hanging fruit quee look at but i think it could make sense to put maybe like a taskforce together. not to slow anything down, i think there are things we can do before hand that can put recommendations together. some i think will be policy changes to lead to easy ways to remove fees but there are other systems in place that need to be created like what type of support that groups like bay area legal aid or lawyers committee can provide in the court house perhaps to be able to help people to go through what could be lengthy and bureaucracy to get
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their debt expungeed to other ways like coordination between different departments as well and that could be the work of a taskforce to help provide real [inaudible] that comes out of it for this process. so just want to thank everyone for that. my office has been working with community groups on this. [inaudible] is a part of the effort so he is working in the office to see next steps and contact with groups and of course supervisor jane kims office is very interested in that and already has work she has done related to these type of issues. >> thank you supervisor avalos. i'm glad we are able to work on this really important issue i think has significant impact on the city that
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disproportionately effect the community. i want to recognize [inaudible] and bobby lopez from my office that took on the issue mid-stream and worked to catch us up on the data point and studies that have already been done. i like the idea of putting together a taskforce. i'm not usually a fan of taskforce because i feel it bogs down the existing burrachyeracy we have but it is a broad top squck need to piece it out. figure out the low hanging fruit first and make those changes but think some the larger broader chaipgs need to take additional time and discussion with our stakeholders and our departments and so supervisor avalos look forward to coauthoring had resolution on the creation >> i think it is about creating new system but in the mean time what can we
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do to have immediate impact before the taskforce is put together. so, thank you and this hearing is over but we can -file this. >> we'll take a motion to file. again, thank you supervisor avalos for bringing this issue before us today and take that motion without objection. thank you, madam clerk now can we please call item number 2. >> item number 2 is ordinance amanning the health code to pumitt the administrative fines for violation of duty to provide clean and sanitary washrooms >> we attempted to make amendments to the orbd nnss and not intend today put it on the agenda but it was too
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late to withdrawal soy plan on continuing the item to the call the chair but before we go to public comment colleague any comments on the item? seeing none we'll open for public comment on this item. item number 2. >> thank you supervisor. jim laz rth san francisco chamber of commerce. i have written a letter for the fime and was around in the feinstein administration which the ordinance first pass squd the think the big issue is the hours that these restrooms have to be open. the 1986 ordinance pretty much says the restrooms are supposed to beope toon fuel customers during station hours mpt that time stations were not open 24 hour as day
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and restrooms were not in the bact of a convenient story. from a public safety and employee safety point of view the ordinance isn't workable and if enforced as written it requires stations to close in the late evening and over night. we look forward work wg the supervisor and staff on the legislation to see what can be done to insure clean and sanitary restrooms are available to patrons of service station squz available during hours that make sense from a public safety and employee safety point of view so look forward to those meetings >> thank you mr. las rth >> [inaudible] i think there is a way we can balance the needs the community with the needs hof it workers and i think that it should come to that solution. >> thank you. any other members like to speak on this item? mr.
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[inaudible] >> good afternoon supervisors kim and avalos. staff of [inaudible] i want to remind you that these gas stations are a franchise [inaudible] these are actually small business operated and not operated by the large companies that everybody thinks they are. i feel when you have a situation where you go for convenience store to go to had bathroom and come the store is closeed you have to open it up. there is only one person that works when that part is closed so it think puts you in a real difficult situation plus maybe a dangerous situation. someone can walk
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in and [inaudible] to use the bathroom. unfair to the small business to do this and i hope we can come up with a solution but don't think it is fair for the small business to [inaudible] >> thank you [inaudible] >> thank you supervisors. [inaudible] former president of small business commission. former [inaudible] have two shev ron stations in san francisco. this legislation is opposed by the san francisco small business commission. it is opposed by the cal independent [inaudible] market association. we have henry [inaudible] with council district merchants and jim laz
12:42 am
rth and service station owners some that had to leave for a variety of reasons taking kids to a game or go back to work. i like to sum up why the small business opposed this. due to unquantifyed problem lack of outreach and input from the service station community, ambiguous wording, difficulty of enforcement, potential and unintended consequences, liability issues, questions regarding who makes complaint to dph and enforcement and appearance of punitive naich orphadministration of fines the commission disapproves the legislation as written. want to focus on the safety issues and like to-may i give passouts i incured from my stations?
12:43 am
>> thank you. that is your time. we'll take the handouts. thank you. i'm sorry we gave everyone the same amount of time >> you gave the others more time. >> we didn't, it is a timer. >> like to review the pictures also. this is at one of our stations as you can see the first picture is the parking lot but you got all thir therealong the f line. these are what we are calling my cash ears call the folks from the living dead. it doesn't matter it is middle of the night or 12 noon, these people come in and are adduceive and hit my cash ears and thrown hot coffee on them. there is a
12:44 am
picture, number 4 where the gentlemen is holding a knoif. knife in front of my front door accosting customersdering business hours. there you can see they are all beating each other up in front of my front door. my cash ear ran over and locked the front door for her safety. number 6 is a little harder to look at but it is gentlemen running around with a ax in our parking lot. these are the individuals that you are telling me i need to let into my store when i have one cash ear, myself or someone else there. picture number 7 is my cash ear being beat up by
12:45 am
one of these individuals that are i must let into use my restroom. picture number 8 is a gentlemen who just managed to steal about $25 worth of product off of my shelf. just number 9, i just pictures of the types of individuals that we get. i'm scared. i want the ability to lock the door. you are telling me i have to let them in no matter what. >> thank you. >> my name is [inaudible] chev ron and feel [inaudible] people coming in because sometimes they try to hit me. they call me bad words and then sometimes one time one of my coworkers brake the door. [inaudible]
12:46 am
they break the door. so for me it is scary [inaudible] because sometimes it is only me inside and when it is night time there is nobody there so i feel like really afraid, you know? i don't know but for me it is no good idea that you like toopethen doors in the night time because it isn't safe for us. thank you. >> thank you supervisor kim and supervisor avalos for gives this opportunity [inaudible] and i work for chev ron corporation. we have 8 company owned operated stations in the city and we have related to the commission and other departments here in city hall last year. we are against any proposed ordinance
12:47 am
amendment primarily because of safety and security. you heard all the issues raised. i'm also here to speak for 3 other [inaudible] because they are small business owners, small chev ron owners who have to tend to business but respond 2 or 3 hours waiting. it is unfortunate this day and age the police and security is always a issue for us in chev ron. even during the day time our own employees get hurassed verbally. we have a station manager assaulted so our station, [inaudible] which are inside the chevron station, stores are closed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and that is primarily because it is for the safety of our employ ee. key cannot compmize on that.
12:48 am
chevron, the two stations that have been very popular last year because of complaints of one or two residents have hired a san francisco police [inaudible] we have taken initiative to work with non profits to help clean the stations. if it comes to that we have to open our stations or bathrooms during those hours that we feel is unsafe we may have to shut down the entire operation and [inaudible] during those hours. >> thank you. >> good evening. my name is [inaudible] small businessman. i own a gas station at the corner of mission and geneva. we close our doors around 10 pem and reopen at 5. we service our customer base in the evening
12:49 am
hours through evening window and at that window we have bullet proof glass. we service our customers through bullet proofglass. about 3 weeks we had a customer come in at about 4 in the morning who wanted to by candy and when the cash ear asked him i didn't hear you, he pulled out a hammer and hit the glass. if that glass wasn't bullet proof that cash ear would be dead. these type customer come in with a lethal weapon that cash ear would have been dead so we take safety very seriously and service the community by having the products available between 10 p.m. and six a.m. in the morning but if we have h a choice between
12:50 am
customer safety and employee safety and our consumers, we would shut down our station during those hours. thank you. >> thank you supervisors. bobby lopez. as a former retail worker and someone with a small bladder i can see both sides but it doesn't seem like the difference is insur monetable if you put advocate said for clean streets together in a room for 2 or 3 hour jz come up with a good compromise and measure. we all know the importancef open pathrooms and all celebrated the success of the pit stops program which supervisor kim has championed to expand, if you go to mexico city you see small businesses quite
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often staff their bathrooms there and these solutions are quite achievable and think we can put our brains together and make it happen. >> good fran, thank you for your time. my name is [inaudible] working with chevron for 12 years on 9th and howard and there are a lot of pan handles. the lady talked about the homeless, it was me. i think this isn't a good idea to have the restrooms open because even during the day there is a lot of [inaudible] there are a lot of people trying to get inside and have a lot of fighting outside and my goal as the manager i have to be able to cover different shifts and one day i worked on grave yard and there was a pan handle or homeless and got very
12:52 am
aggressive. he was under drug intoxication and he get mad because he didn't get what he wants. we didn't get money from customers so he came in the doors and he was aggressive and tried to get inside and because he didn't get inside he break all my [inaudible] he get like a harmer and damages my car so i was worried and panicked because i say he will get inside and he will get me. so, if i remembered that situation still effected me because i have a daughter who i have to take care. i have my family and just want to do my job and go home safe so if i'm here to tell you guys it is [inaudible] and los angeles have the restrooms open during the night time. working for chev
12:53 am
ron we care about the people and customers and our popeal so think all are solutions we can find and just let the customers [inaudible] we have to take care of our people and have to care about the community also and also about employees. sorry, thank you so much for your time. >> >> good evening. [inaudible] station manager at [inaudible] i have a big issue with pand handling in, the day time it is non stop and crazy. night time, even worse. i do try to get in contact with police to get them off the property because they get aggressive and worse at night. imagine letting these people in the store it will be hard to regulate and hard on the people that work there and a safety issue for them. thank you. >> good afternoon. brian tipen
12:54 am
and also work for chevron and 16 resident in hayes vala. we have worked for some time on this ish oo as with supervisor kim and the office to try to resolve the problems happening in your district. we have given pages and pages of documentation on a lot the public safety issue we have been having around the san francisco area and when we talk about some the restroom legislation here we also got facilities in the city who have resh restroom driven by cars and demaunshed and can't get permits to rebuild. when we talk about addressing the ishi we don't just talk about opening restrooms at night but we talk about the public safety issues happening in san francisco. we talk about staffing the police in a way that allows to have more support in termoffs public safety. we are
12:55 am
pay frg programs kwr security and 10 b program tooz have protection when there is fwo to 3 hours delays in response times. we said weed with love to keep bathroomsope chb if it made sense for keepling our employees and customers and neighbors safe but when we can't get police to respond i think it comes back to a issue it comes back too the services the city is providing. [inaudible] the tax dollars from other businesses facing similar issue. i encourage you to to keep that in mind. >> okay, so any other public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. i will make a motion to continue to the call of the chair. >> okay, second. >> we can do that without
12:56 am
opposition, >> any other items? >> there is no further business. >> thank you, meeting is adjourned. [meeting adjourned] >> roll call commission president willie adams, kimberly brandon, leslie katz, doreen woo ho.
12:57 am
item 2, approval of minutes of february 9, 2016. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? item no. 3. pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. item no. 4, public comment not listed on items on the agenda. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. ooul item no. 5a. executive director's report. >> good afternoon, president willie adams, elaine port director.
12:58 am
i would like to say thank you for being appointed to the port. this honor has a particular significance to me. a significance that i will carry through this transition period and will call upon times when times are harder. she has left an organization with many contributions. now i'm leading this incredible organization during this transition. outgoing director left us with this strategic plan. this strategic plan is a road map of a very tangible achievable commission for the port and we will use this guide throughout the period. since the announcement last week, i would say that i received
12:59 am
nothing but encouragement and offer from help from port staff. the port has the gift of exceptional professionals and leading this group is a truly a privilege. port staff also understand and treasures the importance of our seven 1/2 miles of our water front and it's the importance of the water land activities and people's point of views that really create the experience of this water front that is really one-of-a-kind. we welcome people here because they only understand what our water offers. the strategic plan will guide us to build upon this very vibrant place. i take great pride the port commission has the latitude to complete a nationwide service for this
1:00 am
port organization. because that means this organization has the bench internally to provide for this seamless transition and we are very proud of that. thank you very much for your confidence in me and i will not let you down. >> with that i have an aside item. i would like to provide in memoriam for maria chen. maria was born october 1957 in hong kong. she passed away february 11th, 2016, at the very young age of 61. she came to san francisco and she and her sister came across the pacific. they married and they had a
1:01 am
daughter and son. justin and abigail. maria began to work for bank of america for a short time and then worked at muni as a 1446 secretary but she quickly transferred to the port in 1998 where she was promoted to executive secretary on may 1, 2000. she retired july 17, 2015. one of her talents was singing. she loved singing so much that she decided to give chinese opera a chance in 2005. it was one of her hobbies and eventually became quite an avid performer and she even had a chinese opera costume. she also took every opportunity to travel. in 2013 she was diagnosed with
1:02 am
ovarian cancer. unfortunately in 2015 her cancer reoccurred and she lost her battle. she was survived by her family. a funeral mass was held by her family and attended by many including the port. maria will be very very deeply missed. maria had a wonderful personality and loved by everyone and all who knew her enjoyed their time with her. she was a great person. staff would be very grateful if the commission can close in her honor. next, i would like to talk about a competition that the city has engaged in. megan wall ace is going to help me out. i'm very happy that they have led the charge in the city's san francisco seawall to the living city's competition for the city
1:03 am
accellerator cohort. i know those are a lot of words together but what the cohort provides is financial opportunity for the city. it's in its third round of the competition. we are competing against five cities, pittsburgh, providence, washington d.c. and st. paul. three of the collaborators will be selected and if we are selected we will get 18 months of financial assistance to figure out how to finance the seawall project. the project is not yet defined and coming to the port commission of the mayor's budget director realized the final question will be grand. so i would like megan wallace to show the website. the part of the competition
1:04 am
is engaging the public and informing the public and have the public vote and leave comment on our application. the website address. accellerator. we will have a link on the website for people to participate. i would encourage everyone to see our story and leave a comment. megan, can you please walk the commission and the public through the website? >> sure. >> good afternoon, commissioners. megan wallace. just as an introduction, there is a link that she mentioned will be on the website. but the opening page is an overview of the overall program and
1:05 am
then you can click the link to go directly to san francisco's presentation. you might find this picture familiar. overall, this is called the story map. the program is an energy based program that all participants created a story, presented the outline of this various projects we are all competing to share with the accellerator program. and overall the map is laid out giving the background of the city's seawall of the swauleawall
1:06 am
and in proportion with the mayor's plan. you can scroll down the pages. to the side, this is a general opening overview of what the project is. so to talk about different things, the water front today starting off to click on images. it will show what the water front is all about. and then we talk about what the really critical infrastructure along the water front. this is looking at all the public infrastructure that is supported by the seawall in this area. it talks about the historic elements of the water front. in here, engineering staff particularly the seawall
1:07 am
project manager came up with the story of how the seawall was created and build. would you like me to show and demonstrate? it's a graphic of the different steps that went into the seawall. then talking about the evolution of how we get where we are today and thinking about then the impacts and the risk of seismic activity along the water front. the bay area is a high seismic area and this is a map of the area along the water front that would be impacted. the study under way is showing the various levels of showing
1:08 am
impact in the event of seismic event. >> so we do talk about seismic activity in the short immediate term and then sea level rise in the long-term, but those being reasons why we are concerned about improving the seawall. >> then thinking about the future and what the future generations are going to want out of the seawall and thinking about how the overall funding need, how great it is and that we are going to need to call on future generations to pay for it in terms of issuing debt. that's what gets to the heart of the accellerator program is to come up with innovative solutions to try to come up with this infrastructure need. then this talks about the property taxes and just the areas that would be impacted in the event of
1:09 am
an earthquake and sea level rise. like what areas of the city are interested in their general vulnerablity and what we are doing to protect the seawall. the mayor's office wanted to emphasize how this particular project is just a start on thinking about the vulnerablity along the water front and there are major projects and trying to come up with financing solutions to address the needs farther down in those more southern regions. and then thinking ahead for future generations that we benefited from the work that our ancestors did many years ago in san francisco and continue those benefits and to bring
1:10 am
forward those decades and centuries down the road. >> megan, can you also show how to leave a comment and rate the project and competing against five cities in the competition. when you click on our city's link, you can also scroll through it and serve a more compressed format. then you see stars pop up and it just indicates generally how people have voted so far. so we have a whole a lot of five stars. just a couple and i think those are from other cities, probably. and so here -- >> my favorite. >> you click on it above. >> this is the area you
1:11 am
click on and you vote and you highlight the number of stars and you can leave your comments and rate. >> thank you very much, megan. we are very pleased that the mayor submitted this and sphere headed the submissions of this application. we encourage everyone to take a look at the website and take a look at the storyboard and vote. this is not only collaborating with the mayor's office and capital planning but the way we will engage the public in this financing question. thank you for your time and that is the director's report.
1:12 am
is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> next item? >> port commissioners report. >> i just want to say thank elaine for stepping into the role for acting executive director. it's a daunting task, i'm sure, but pleased that you are willing to step up and do that and thanks to all the port staff. i know this is going to be new as we embark on a new direction. i want to thank you for your involvement and stepping up to the plate in this next phase of the port's evolution. thank you. >> elaine, yes, i would like to follow up on what
1:13 am
commissioner leslie katz said. i know it will be a lot of courage to make strong decisions. don't worry what people say about you. make no apologies and just lead. knowing you, you have a lot of integrity and you will do the right thing. what i want to say, on friday night, i want to thank everyone who came out to farewell to director moyer. i know we give dedications to people who pass on. i would like to extend there to the public. monique will still be around. as people see her around, there is a plaque. which says: "in tribute to
1:14 am
monique moyer" this will be down at pier 27. [ applause ] >> with that? next item, please. item no. 6a information presentation by the san francisco parks and recreation department on india basin open space planning and the inter agency coordination between recreation and parks, the office of economic and workforce development, the port, pg & e and build
1:15 am
inc.. >> thank you very much. i would like to discuss this park and open space plan where the park has collaborated with them on an open space planning along with several other city agencies. this is a continuation of a collaboration that we've had with recreation and parks and a number of others in the area including their leadership of their leadership of the india basin park which includes small port lots and we have collaborated in the early 2000s and with partners on education and volunteerism where we have programs at parks and recreation.
1:16 am
>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is phil ginsberg. general manager of recreation and parks. it's a great time to be here celebrating dr. moyer's tenure and welcoming eileen. it's a good moment to celebrate the topic which is in the basin which is a project of partnership. the most important reason we wanted to be here today was to thank the commission and to thank the port leadership and staff for incredible partnership as the port has moved more and more into ensuring adequate open space and recreational opportunities along the water front. we had the pledge of working together on two parks bonds in 2008 and 2012. elaine and i were in the war
1:17 am
room for 2012 together. the cochair with the campaign and park president mark buehler. we have come together with some of the city's most iconic events including the super bowl. we worked so closely together on america's cup and we are working together and environmental stewardship and programming and it's great to have the collaboration that we do. today it's about the update of the basin. as david introduced, it's been a long standing partnership and
1:18 am
pretty aspect collar with a lot of partners in the fold. i'm going to start out with a little bit of a big picture. we have great partners and a robust partner team and she's going to take us through the details and discussion the competition which happened. these are some precedents for the opportunity that we have. i wanted to speak just a second for creating more park space particularly in the southeast neighborhood of san francisco. both the port and recreation and parks have been working very closely at the leadership guidance of the economic workforce department and the planning development. we are all acutely aware of the data from san francisco. we have 36,000 people who already live by
1:19 am
the basin area. 23,000 people who already work nearby, and then it was just pointed out a second go in a prior presentation, 20,000 new households being built by 2040. 50,000 new jobs being created which the planning department estimated all new jobs being created through 2040. 675 acres of open space. so we have before us an opportunity to create a true legacy water front park and india basin. a process frankly which was originated and started by the port. but if you put iv in the context with other legacy parks you can see brooklyn park which had multiple land owners and created the open
1:20 am
water space, the seattle water front was a similar construct, the hyaline in new york city, christy field and all of the forwarding large coordinated efforts similar in scale and slightly different in scale here in at india basin. i wanted to know where this fits in with the larger context of the blue greenway. as you all know it's along the water front which the port has taken the lead in implementation and inter agency coordination that dates back to many years. i would like to talk about the greenway essentially a necklace that connects a series of different pieces of open space along the water front. what we are hoping today for
1:21 am
the india basin one of it's special jewels. what makes it special? it's industrial heritage, it's water, it's dynamics. these are all what makes india basin water front a really really special open space and legacy park for the city. perhaps the most important reason and the reason why we are here is connectivity. there are eight unique sites around the basin including the bay which we consider to be part of it that has 1.5 miles of continuous shoreline. it's really rare in san francisco and even in the bay area and it really creates a very special opportunity. i'm going to walk you through them very quickly. within this stretch, there are seven individual pieces of parks,
1:22 am
trails and open space properties with the exception of the port, all of these are in some stage of development or needing some development. so we have this opportunity to plan on a larger scale, one that not only provides necessary water front access for the bayview hunters point community but for people dropping from surrounding neighborhoods to drop around the amazing water front. the properties are numbered from 1-7. i'm going to talk about each one but they include haerns head, and the shoreline park, the recreation department new line property and no. 5. no. 6 is the recreation and
1:23 am
parks india basin open space and seven is the project of leonard urban size park. we will start with herns head which talked to support parks and open space along the shoreline. this partnership is the most direct opportunity for our departments to work together. in 2000, the port built herns head. it's home to some of the best bird watching in san francisco, salt marshes, native plants and some amazing partnerships with organizations such as the bay institute aquarium foundation and atri. the piece of the partnership which i'm most excited about is our green ageers program.
1:24 am
not, i don't get to spend that much time and i don't know how much this program is discussed here at the station, but this is an awesome partnership between us. it offers 9th and 10th graders to improve our green spaces and supports projects, workshops, teen building exercises, environmental education, community engagement and stewardship. in fact, both port staff and recreation and parks staff have recently completed the graduation of our fourth cohort. if you have not been to a graduation, come next year, it will be our fifth. the kids and families are so excited. they have to work a 9-month program. they work three saturdays a month. they have to show up and
1:25 am
they get a stipend for the work. it's pretty remarkable. all right. moving through the presentation here now focusing on our piece of partnership and haerns head now focusing on shoreline park. india basin was a project completed with tpl. trust for public land which is a partner in the india basin effort. between the recreation and parks and port sites is pg & e's property. pg & e is in the process of remediating a shoreline trail. it's actually more than just a remediation project. they are working with rha
1:26 am
and improving the trail and installing planting and furniture and fixtures and lighting and the design is looking great and pg & e is doing an awesome job with this project and we really do thank them for their partnership. as i mentioned india basin was created in 2003. it's an active site and has a playground. it is under utilized and part of this project is to reinvigorate india basin shoreline park and that is to increase the access from the houses on the hill which is hard to get there. i'm moving around the basin now. we are in 900 which is 1.7 acres
1:27 am
parcel adjacent to india basin shoreline park recently purchased through the acquisition fund. the reason for this larger caliber is this parcel which was historically the site of the building industry until as late at the 1990s. currently it's the only remaining gap and not publically accessible. it is the home of the historic ship rights cottage and connects all of these parcels. the last rec's park property is the india basin open space. construction began in 2000 as part of the mitigation project with the airport. today the open space
1:28 am
features title salt marsh and provides shelters for birds and also has some of the most extraordinary views of the bay and has trails that link to the bay trail and exceptional bird watching. sort of inside that india basin open space is the water front that is being called the big green. it is part of the 700 development by build inc.. this is being designed by bionic and passive and recreational opportunities and includes ports and market event spaces and will be kept natural and wild and peaceful. it's been a really important
1:29 am
and collaborative partner in the effort. they have our, we are relying on a lot of their experts ands they have funding a lot of planning for this larger project. we are very grateful to have them on board and they seem extremely committed to making open space and parkland a really important part of their development. finally to the south of the india basin park is north side park which is in the process of being developed by leonard urban and part of the shipyard candlestick point project. north side is being designed by landscape experts and we want to thank leonard because we believe that all of these open spaces should be together. so you see in the name of partnership, this is a
1:30 am
project about partnership. we have land owners which include our organization and the port and pg & e and lenar and building inc. and we will now take you through the planning process and where we are. >> again, my name is nicole. thank you very much for having us here today. i just want to talk a little bit about our project goals, the water front study project goals. the first is we are
1:31 am
prioritizing environmental clean up and to make decisions and designing a blueprint for park development. we are ensuring recreational and ecological and recreational services across the properties. we are stimulating inclusive and community engagement, installing a landscapes to address sea level rise and implementing interim strategies. it's important to note that we are not starting in a vacuum. there have been a number of planning efforts throughout the last 2 decades including the port. the largest planning and current efforts as we highlighted. these install the goals of the water front. to sphere head the effort, the
1:32 am
general manager created a task force and invited 30 bayview hunters point and the property owners to design the process which is a very active participant in this process and the public was invited to participate in the meetings. at a meeting we started with the suggestions in the studies and verified this is what community members want. we then prioritized these results and identified preliminary preferred locations. we also talked to a variety of folks in the community. we went out to streets, went out to the festival and participated in a number of blue green out ridge and talked about what we are doing in the basin. then we conducted a series of technical studies including
1:33 am
light studies with topography and india basin transportation action plan. we also did focus area studies such as the biological resources assessment, a wetlands delineation, delineation of waters, analysis, historic reports and epa ground fields assessment to place the program and amenities in a basin. in a nutshell they told us where what we wanted could go. all of these efforts resulted in the india basin water front parks open space and trail study. in the study is the basis of recreation and parks partnership with the public land and san francisco parks alliance designed for the competition of the india basin shoreline park. we are in an
1:34 am
rfq process and having water front recreational and industrial water front experiences. selected by the task force and we worked with david, the competition advisor who led the competition for the city and parks and the center. we provided the work for the water front study and asked to consider the studies and what they wanted to see on the site and what could go where. this particular slide shows the locations for human powered boat launch. we also let the firms know that at a minimum t proposed plan should include remediating the land and creating a segment of the blue greenway and restoring the cottage and most importantly providing access and open space for the residents of the southeast neighborhood and the city as a whole.
1:35 am
we also told them to consider 900 and the india basin shoreline respectively and we in -- integrated to climate and green structure. next finalist were asked to participate in an idea submissions that was shared with the public. a jury of seven people comprised of four community members and three additional persons were selected. this was not intended to select a design but to allow the jury to participate in how they might approach this design opportunity. also the community got to see five very different ways to thinking about their water front with professionals. after a full day of interactioning and being interviewed by the
1:36 am
jury, they were ranked by the jury on how clearly they communicated to put their ideas in words and how to best serve the communities in site and habitat restoration to the responsiveness of the design brief. here are a few images from the competition. this is from the design with darling design and e com. this is nichols and swa with an architect and the leader submissions. you can see the submissions at iv water these fit all the criteria that the community developed for the site. we are very close to a successful negotiation and we should be able to announce the winner within a week. i'm so excited to do so.
1:37 am
we have constructed the project in march. it will show the final considerations in march and gather the community and stakeholders for feedback and will complete this project in august. the site is currently a brownfield. after the design process is complete we'll be able to complete a remedial action plan and it holds two grounds. we were awarded $200,000 and we are applying for another $400,000. the conceptual clean up approach for the site is as follows.. the ground contaminants is as you would expect. we have metals, phh and petroleum and acb's.
1:38 am
the plan is to manage the soil, excavation and off site disposal of soil. it includes the abatement of asbestos, paint and universal weight and limited soil around the building. so what's next? we are thrilled. the community led concept design process. we are looking forward to cleaning up the site once we complete that concept design process. we would like to implement the activation strategies. we will be developing the strategies for the park. we'll be working on operations and maintenance planning and developing a phased out building plan. mostly we are working forward to collaborating with the port through all the phases of this process. thank you very much.
1:39 am
willie adams: i have one card. public speaker: hello, san francisco parks work with the water project. we have worked around the community engagement to design and build an amazing community park worthy to residents and it's an honor to work with land owners in the bay area and looking forward to continuing and moving forward. thank you. public speaker: hello, commissioners. i'm john mansfield and working with the shoreline and project. i
1:40 am
want to commend recreation and parks, the port and building and tpl for sphere heading this project. it's a great project and looking forward to the implementation of the park. we are very happy that they put this through in a very quick timeframe. thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? commissioner brandon? kimberly brandon: >> thank you very much for a wonderful presentation. this is long over due. i'm really happy and kudos to the mental collaboration building tpl, pg & e and lenar for all coming together and making this a reality because it's going to be a wonderful addition to the blue greenway. i'm so happy the port was the leader in
1:41 am
this project including the parks and our wonderful site out there and david and all the work that staff has put into that. i just have a couple of questions. the funding, who is going to pay for all this? and once it's built, who is responsible for the maintenance? >> this is all based approach and we have different land owners out there. the first phase of funding has been advanced by build inc. and we also received a coastal conservancy grant and it was funding by build inc. and mentioned on a special path we have that brownfield clean up. we have the sunset design at the moment. she's more of a technical expert. if i say something wrong, correct me. we have funding lined up
1:42 am
through concept design and then there are going to be a variety of both public and private strategies to take us from there. then they range from the next parks bond which eagerly await to have another opportunity to grants or impact fees and funding from other development that may or may not happen in the area. we are going to take it one step at a time. we are working through design now. the two fundamental parcels working on now are properties through planning and pg & e is working on the trail and then working on parks. the goal for us all is to make all these parks, all these different parcels feel like one space to the user, not seven different
1:43 am
spaces by seven different entities, right? park users don't really care about jurisdictional boundaries. when i'm told i run chrissy field, it happens several times a day. nobody cares. with a they want to see is a beautiful open space with a disarray of active program mattic features and a consistent look and feel and that's what we are all striving for. >> the maintenance? >> maintenance and operations is really to come. by default the property that is ours, we would maintain and the same way as your staff maintains. there is a grandeur opportunity which will be the next phase of planning to work together on a maintenance plan. the most creative funding strategies that have surfaced involve
1:44 am
community service idea to some sort of ifd. i'm not sure. this is going to be an area where the port has a significant amount of expertise. we are going to look forward to get some of your advice. i think really to keep this park as we envision it, these parcels as we envision it, we are going to work together on maintenance and facility planning. so still to come. >> we were so successful in 2008 and 2012 collaborating with parks. it is my understanding that recreation and parks is recommending a 2016 bond. >> not a bond. it's san francisco and parks alliance just passed by the board of supervisors today it was placed on the ballot. i'm supposed to stop talking about it, but what the policy idea
1:45 am
is the baseline funding some incremental growth to stabilize the parks. we are a general fund department and my first challenge when i started out as the recreation and parks director in july of 2009 was have to eliminate my general fund support. we are still coming out of that. so this measure is really more focused on operations and maintenance than capital renewels. the good news is in our operating budget or in our annual operating budget, this measure would and interim director report and i worked on this. we have support from the city's general fund capital program. and we will be able to maintain that support if this measure passes and it
1:46 am
will allow us to do a better job tackling a well over a billion dollars of deferred maintenance that's occurred in our system in the last 50 years. so it will be very stabilized for us and allow to attack more growth in deferred maintenance and to better take care of our parks. it's a little bit different than our next bond partnership. >> thank you. >> commissioner? >> welcome back, general manager. it's nice to have you here. thank you for the presentation. it's really exciting to see what's happening down there. she used the word which is kudos to everyone. this is really exciting and the speed with which it comes together is also quite impressive and we were
1:47 am
speaking about attempts to try to acquire this and it seems like just yesterday that it is in the works and it's really impressive. i also wanted to emphasize a couple points that we've been all working together and i appreciate the collaboration of all the different entities involved. that's when the city's act best when we are coming together working on projects like this. we certainly love partnering with recreation and parks department. also want to emphasize too, the ports commitment to open space and talking about the blue greenway and the parks that we are connecting along the water front. this is just another example of how strong our commitment is to creating those places for the community to be able to have recreational opportunities and be an open space and see the wild life that does come
1:48 am
through here and have access to the water. this is just another example of that. commissioner brandon touched on a couple of questions i had in terms of the funding but going back to the clean up, there is another $400,000 needed for the clean up. is that the entire parcel or just one of the parcels? >> this would be for the entirety of 900 en is. it's $1.3 million but recreation and parks will do the remainder of the remediation. >> so $400,000 has been awarded. we are anticipating another $400,000 additional. are there any other responsible parties that were prior owners of the site that could kick in some
1:49 am
funds to help on the clean up? >> unfortunately no. that's the kind of thinking we need. >> i think the non-attorney response to that is that we bought it as is. >> they can't wave that, can they? >> the truth of the matter is the value of the land was discounted by the amount of the clean up. >> i understand. >> in response to one other . because everyone is excited about the progress before and we have made a lot of progress. first of all for the basin communities, they have been waiting for this moment for well over a decade. i'm not going to say we've moved super fast in an acquiring the land and planning it. i want to caution that planning is 1 piece of it and the next phase is the
1:50 am
brownfield project. we have a ways go on this project. just for managing public expectations, we are focused and welcome the interim activation strategies at the site and in the meantime a great place to be enjoyed adjacent to the park is very functional and beautiful. i think the shoreline trail will probably come online certainly sooner than our larger project would get it completed. although i don't know the exact date. >> january 27th. >> can you repeat that? >> pg & e's shoreline access project is scheduled to be completed january 2017. i think we are looking to work beyond
1:51 am
that. there is cohesive long-term planning and you will see more open space for people to enjoy. >> on the clean up what part will be capped? >> we'll be excavating and capping hard space. >> in terms of the community involvement and started with the gardening program and landscape program for some of the youth, will there be an opportunity for the community to work with the project if people so desire? >> yes. that is fully the intent.
1:52 am
it's already happening where there is a lot of community participation in the outreach process itself. >> just a hands-on? >> in the hands-on construction there might be certain phases appropriate for that but i think we put in our original rfq or rfp commitment. there are certain commitments where by ordinance with respect to local hire. i thought there was some preference for, or we asked to identify what their local engagement strategies would be. so we are certainly aware that there are neighborhoods around the parcels anxious to work and support and be part of it. >> thank you very much. >> sure. >> great to see you here. and worked with you and
1:53 am
obviously working with something else. i appreciate the plan and the open space and i think that in addition to some of the questions that have been already asked, i'm very happy to hear that the experience is going to have a consistent look and feel because that is important to feel like it's moving from one space to the other and feels like the space is close to each other regardless of the owner. one of the questions, with so much open space within that area, one is obviously not serving the immediate neighborhoods, but it seems to me that we might be attracting on this whole area in addition to the whole space that as it gets developed that will attract others to the city. what is the plan to ensure there is transit access as well as parking. before you answer that question, i would like to understand because i'm not that familiar with this area as
1:54 am
well as commissioner brandon. how far away is this going to be from the city development and lenar development. we are doing a lot about candlestick park. is this walking distance? how are other people going to get there and what neighborhood is it going to serve in san francisco? >> there is a lot of answers to that question because that's part of the blue greenway discussion in a cohesive planning exercise that creates bike access to all the parcels along the water front. that is our main strategy. to answer a specific question then i'm going to let nicole talk about the transportation studies that are happening in the area generally. the very northern tip of the lenar project would be one of the
1:55 am
parcels involved in this project. it literally borders the northern border of lenar's jurisdiction or lenar's development area is the park. pier if -- 70 is about 2 miles away. there has been a lot of thought and a lot of discussion about bike and pedestrian access. we'll have nicole talk a little bit about the transportation work which ties into some of the larger economic development and housing and mewb has engaged in a tremendous amount of thought and study for transportation
1:56 am
in this area generally. nicole, do you want to add anything about the transportation study? >> good afternoon, commissioners. i wasn't expecting to come up, but there is an extensive plan going on initiated by build inc. incorporated by lenar. lenar has existing obligations from the department and extended down this avenue to cargo way. all of that is being incorporated into long-term strategy. we are working very closely with the planning department. we are just now initiating the environmental review as the recreation and parks and building eir being done together and mta
1:57 am
is actively working with the strategy. they will be both improved access along in this avenue, along the entire corridor as well as enhanced public transportation along with bike path that goes along with project alliance that will be part of the study and part of the long-term strategy. >> obviously there are other things happening in the area in parks specifically. >> i had a couple of other questions you alluded to but obviously we are on the preliminary and you are trying to figure out who you are going to award the project to etc. in terms of the timeline you said it's beyond 2017. the questions i have even if you do it in phases, how many years do we think this is going to take and secondly even though this will change
1:58 am
because you haven't started yet, but how much is this going to cost? >> right. and again, the real issue is what the "it" is. we are talking about two things here. we are talking about the larger opportunity of connecting parcels that are already under open space development and that already have a funding stream and funding stream and there is 900 basins in the park which is within the jurisdiction of the parks department. so it is difficult to say. i imagine i do not see a funding path without another park bond. i think the scope of this project is in the tens of millions of dollars. but it's still to come because we haven't gone through a community concept design process. then that results in cost estimating work. i think, again, you are going to see open space improvements over a
1:59 am
number of years from the number of different land owners out there, but i think this project is a good 5-7 years of continued development. >> to summarize, i think it's great to see open space. it's one of the areas that can answer the questions better than i where we have this concentration. i would assume once everybody see's it, it's developed and has a big attraction not just for those in the big neighborhoods. it's very exciting wchl -- we hope this can move forward but obviously there is challenges in getting there. thank you. >> i would add one of the advantages, what makes this project, everybody loves christy field. there
2:00 am
is going to be a day when you talk about christy field as the india basin as the northwest and i said i look forward to that. but what to remember about this project is both it involves the bay and climate. so there is much more of an opportunity for water front recreation in this area than there is in along christy field and the weather is a lot better. this project really presents some important opportunities. i think we are going to need in the design process to really blend. this is one of the challenging issues not just in san francisco but around the country around parks and open side to inspire open space and balance between those who want to visit and those who live around it. you know, that's still to come. that conversation, i think some of those themes started to
2:01 am
surface in the design competition. we think we are very proud of this. >> will people be able to fish from shore? is that permitted? >> we said that fishing is in one of the program activities? >> that is to be determined because they need to blend in with the environmental stewardships at the site. but there definitely will be human powered boating and definitely recreation. >> we have this ecological institute and something similar. it sounds like the environmental educational opportunities interactioning with this is very interesting environmental land where you can do a lot of things with especially with students, right? >> absolutely. and there will be a blend of both active recreation program
2:02 am
and then in terms of the natural resources which are there. >> first of all, phil, i want to thank you and nicole and david and everyone that's been involved. there has been a lot of due diligence and i appreciate this from myself and my fellow commissioners. i would like you to come back in a year. and i'm glad to be part of this journey and i think this is a great project. and you have my support. i'm glad that you are taking your time with it and you have been very thorough and explained it in a way we can understand it. >> thank you, president adams. i would like to thank those who have been great on the task force and been very valuable on this
2:03 am
project. item no. 7a request approval of the port's fiscal year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 bienial operating capital budget. >> good afternoon, commissioners. megan wallace. thank you for having me here. i would like to do a little
2:04 am
bit of recapping over the budget and go over questions and answers that came up at the last meeting. so to start, the city's outlook is continuing to project strong revenues, strong economy. however expenses citywide are driving a projected general fund shortfall. the port outlook is a little bit stronger. we are actually continuing to carry strong revenues, however we've been able to control expenses and we are still carrying and strong net revenue to allow us to support our designation of future capital. this speaks to the overall strategy where the ports are really trying to prioritize capital and invest in needs by recognizing limiting resources to that operational growth and capital investments that ideally also generate more revenue
2:05 am
that can be invested into more capital and also meet high priorities and other high priority projects. that's what this balancing act really represents is that scale of recognizing the operating budget and it's a balance of those operating resources versus the capital, but what we designate to that capital in each year's budget really shows how we are trying to prioritize how we are spending our money. overall the proposed budget for 2016-2017. the first year is stronger really because we have additional fund balance just from prior years of not fully spending all of our available funds. so staff is recommending that we have a larger capital budget in the first year. and in the second year, it
2:06 am
does go down however, but the fund balance is still strong. and overall, we talked about how just looking out over the last 10 years, you can see that our operating revenues have grown really quite significantly over $7 million. however, just to think about the city's economic outlook, even with this really positive look back on how much our operating revenues have grown, we are being more and more cognizant of the potential economic slowdown. in terms of use of funds, the first year of the budget jumping to capital is larger than in the second. it's really you can see in terms of overall growth operating revenues, sorry, operating expenses, you can see the growth is $1.5
2:07 am
million overall. then you look at the definition of future capital is growing by 2.6. it's reiterating our proposed use of funds into capital. we are trying to use our resources as effectively as possible and water front is evolving and there is more and more demand on operating staffing and on our resources. we are working, we are trying to make do within the certain size of our operating budget and staffing needs is one of the big things that emerges. how can we address this -- evolving water front and what staff
2:08 am
proposes is limiting the rfee's and change the classification to meet our needs. this is an investment in 29 projects. it's a balance of generating projects and likely these projects emerge as a common theme and something that a lot of felt were coming due and we wanted to prioritize some key projects and fire suppression infrastructure. i want to quickly go over the questions that came up during last presentation. the attachment 5 is included with the staff report that goes into more detail on these, but i did provide snapshots of the table that are included on that attachment. i thought i would just
2:09 am
quickly go over the explanations these are in alphabetical order. first of all there was the question about the water front development projects and they were talking generally about how it's set up and when we first proposed this project. the intent was to have a project that would cover all transaction cost represented through development projects with reimbursement from developers. the proposed budget before you actually reduces the assumed recoveries from developers, and that's largely because of a recommendation on the part of staff to have the port cover for city transaction cost. the benefit long-term to the port would be more beneficial than to have
2:10 am
remedial recoveries. staff is going to separate agenda items with the port commission. the way the budget is set up, if you choose to have us continue to recover the funds, then those recoveries will serve over the surplus over the budget and later have recovery for the funds for the shortfall. that is behind this proposal. regarding the city attorney work order, i shifted out $900,000 out of city attorney expenses out of the budget and into operating expenses which is a shift to allow us to determine the expense. we can't know how much the attorneys are going to be assigned their time. in the event we have non-development work for the attorneys and the project could potentially have a
2:11 am
shortfall in our funding to pay the city attorney. as a result it makes it appear there is a really large increase, 42% growth in the city attorney work order, but when you take into account the reduction and the city attorney work project the overall budget is actually 3% to allow for some inflation for growing cost in city attorney staff. >> the question about projects that are defunded for the 2015-2016 capital supplemental that specifically, is there any to restore the funds to these projects. this is the specific list of projects and they were recommended as a result of staff going through and identifying work that's already being completed that projects being completed under budget and we had alternative funding sources. it's really the main thing.
2:12 am
so, the answer from port's recommendations that there is no need to restore the funds in the project. this is what we saw from being available as well as to support the capital supplemental. the question raised a great opportunity to bring staff together to discuss the numbers along the piers to the funded. we have it right now, thank you. for example, the pier's 84-88 i previously labeled 82-84. so when engineering staff came presenting that pier 88 still needed repair, the answer was actually in fact we had funded that work through the piles removal strategy. same for the pier 96, i previously identified that as pier 98.
2:13 am
the answer is yes, we have fully funding removal of piers and the green silos. that's being permitted and will come back to the port commission and make recommendation for funding. commissioner katz asking for information on sea level rise and funding to address those issues. the answer is yes, we have existing staff in engineering and environmental planner classifications to evaluate our capital plans to understand what the impacts to sea level rise might be on future capital work. i'm also excited to say we have a new grants and budget analyst on board to pursuing new grants and thinking about sea level rise adaptation if that is one
2:14 am
area that he'll be able to look into additional funding sources. additionally through the story map process for the seawall we became familiar with the mayor's senior fellow program and we are currently applying to see if we can bring on from the private sector who could come in and help us facilitate the process of really mapping out all the issues on the seawall project and funding all the elements of the project. >> additionally as staff considered what facilities support what might be responsible for and really the capital plan does breakout tenant responsibility versus port responsibility and so we reflect to the extent that projects are proposed that might potentially have a tenant who could help fund it. we
2:15 am
try to pursue those opportunities and look for that link. so we try to do that as much as we can through the project evaluation process. does the port collect revenue from developers? we do. and those are ramping up in the earlier years an we are wrapping up. how does current year projection compare with the proposed budget? i apologize, this is smaller than i would have liked. the projection is $98.4
2:16 am
2:17 am
2:18 am
>> i will come back to you in the fall with the process. >> so moved. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner katz? >> thank you. as always, it's a great presentation. >> a couple of questions. as we look at our projected revenues and there is some questions about
2:19 am
potential economic down turn, but what kind of impact and how do we account for that if it's more significant than anticipated, what impact would that have? >> sure. well, one major area that we would likely see an impact in our percentage runs. and then also in the event that property ground rents would go down and future rents would decline. as far as adjusting for it, a designation of future capital is where we would have at a cushion where we wouldn't have as much at the end for appropriate capital in the next year. >> in terms of variance
2:20 am
other than participation rents as we are pretty well rented out most of our sites, are there areas that could have impact from suffering decline in value? >> you mean from vacancies? >> yes. >> we have a number of facilities that in the northern water front that pier 29-31, those facilities are all either under construction or being prepared for construction or being proposed. >> we didn't account for that in this budget in the revenues for that. >> the timing is later. it's more hitting starting to set in in the second year of the budget. they are pretty small assumptions. >> that was a leading question there. >> thank you.
2:21 am
>> in terms of under the use of funds at the south beach harbor marina, significant change from the current budget and both the 2016-2017, and 2017-2018, what accounts for that? >> for the increase? >> actually decrease? we would like to see that, but. >> for the first year? >> under the use of funds, the overview of changes. it went from $5 million to $3.8. >> the previous budget made a lot of assumptions with the transition from the redevelopment agency we built in some assumptions from the debt service which was a very large amount. we have a smaller payment from what had previously
2:22 am
been assumed by the budget. we are assigning it down to a more realistic budget. >> if i may, for south beach harbor, the revenue bonds are finally repaid december 2016. there is partial payment made as part of the initial bond issuance. so we had thought we budgeted the full payments and park was holding that payment and that's why harbor showed surplus because we paid out the revenue bonds. >> the budget has $5.9 million and now there is $500,000. >> thank you very much. >> doreen woo ho.. thank you very much for the presentation and getting us
2:23 am
answers to the questions that we asked. i know you mentioned the major vacancies, what is the operating assumption in the budget in did you assume some sort of operating vacancy in your assumptions? >> why not build that in as a basis. the driving units of our projections is based upon current rent. we are able to model out our current leases inflation within those current leases and if they expire we will have that same amount of rent and continue. we are really basing it off current rents. i don't deduct it. >> i got the i am --
2:24 am
impression that we look at revenue across versus a lease by lease kind of analysis building it up and understanding the terms. in this forecast, are you using this as an overall assumption for all the leases or are you doing it almost, even if you are not doing it to detail, but at least some of the major leases to see the difference in revenue impact. i understand with commissioner katz that we are going to be in a stable market in san francisco. >> it really is. it's based on the rent role and based on the lease. >> that's a little bit different from what i remember from years past. that's a little bit more accurate than i would say in terms of revenue projections, which is good. >> yeah. i would say when we do the
2:25 am
analysis of the capital projects, that's an opportunity of looking at a square footage by a particular facility. and whether they think it's low to high rent maybe in that facility. that's a very discrete site that we get a fairly accurate assumption of what that additional revenue will be when that facility is out. >> the potential is really the larger spaces that we have not yet figured out in terms of what's going to happen to rental pier 29-31. >> right. >> which is a potential. i'm going to hope that you get to the $100 million than you think. >> i am too. >> commissioner brandon? >> thank you very much and thank you for responding to all of our questions. just one last question. that is regarding america's
2:26 am
cup. i know that we've defunded some projects to put toward america's cup. i just want to make sure that if we needed to that we refunded those projects. it may not have been from last year but i think that's what i was focusing on. >> i think elaine might, you want to take the first stab at it? >> the biggest project we defunding was a project and we have replenished that project and we have removed some pier repair hours and refunded the pier project and we have certainly refunded the pier project and asked to bring in all the projects you need funding now and started a planning process to really prioritize
2:27 am
those needs. >> i have one quick question. it's related to the actuals, not to the budget. as a result of super bowl did we have to absorb any expense? good afternoon, commissioners. daley dunne, ports commission project manager. >> did we absorb any expenses for super bowl. did we have expenses we incurred and was it in our forecast? >> the amounts that were funding were two hits that the port took and they were very small. they were taking the parking meters out of
2:28 am
commission where they were needed for super bowl city. that expense was offset by, what is projected to be offset. we don't have the numbers yet. the surrounding meters for that uptake during that time and the second was arguably a cost that we absorbed. it was the use of waving the permit for the use of harry bridges plaza which is not something we normally lease out because it's an island. that was a decision that the commission made on an annual basis for certain free events to the public where it cost. those are the two that i'm aware of. >> by the way, we reported cost to the budget analyst for maintenance and security. it fell into our regular operating budget. we provide those types of services for special events
2:29 am
port wide. it wasn't an increase cost or increase in our resources for deploying the budget we have. >> megan, you were very well prepared. i want to say to my fellow commissioners, this budget was submitted to the mayor's office yesterday. if there is any questions about this. being that said, all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? resolution 1608 passes unanimously. next item. item no. 8. request an authorization to enter into an exclusive negotiation agreement with desilva gates construction company and proven management and to negotiate a lease for the construction and
2:30 am
operation of a recycled content asphalt batch plant at seawall lot 352. >> good afternoon, commissioners, again, daly dunne, special project manager for the port. i'm joined by my colleague patrick rivera, project manager for public works as well as development partners jim -- summers, development project and one of our favorite tenants with exceptional tenants and company. let me present to you today the exclusive negotiating agreement that document and frames did negotiation and in this case our ground
2:31 am
lease with desilva gates and for seawall 352. some locational context. the seawall 352 falls in the middle of a number of sites which the port has envisioned with the echo and industrial complex with the users in that area. a closer look. across the street is the back lands. it's about aggregates and has access to pier 94. how we got here to this point, about this time last year, the commission authorized the port in concert with public works staff to issue a solicitation for the si that was to be an accompanied with
2:32 am
long-term contracts, supply contracts to the city for both asphalt. for the proposal, time involved. it included for the concrete side of the equation, that first piece of the puzzle. the concrete side of the
2:33 am
equation, pardon with concrete. they were to repurpose one of the plants for city use and high recycled content that the city is looking for. then the accompanying long-term supply contracts one would be with the joint venture and the other would be with central concrete. so there are really three separate agreements in the works here. so this is really what this document is all about, the key terms. this exclusive negotiation agreement was based largely on the last one approved by the commission which was the zoning ken wood ena scaled down to the appropriate size for this development. 1 year term, 16-month option. $20,000 negotiations fee. developers is responsible for all third party cost which are
2:34 am
consulting, city attorney cost, other consultant cost. regulatory approval, all standard. the documents and the last terms are unique in terms of the tek. formation of the joint venture has the entity that will wind up with the site. the ena acknowledges that three agreements that be contemplated in the rfp all need to succeed. so we'll come to that sort of unique element to this in a second. one variation from the port commission direction provided on september 22nd, there was acquired in the resolution but staff
2:35 am
urged that we joint venture new temporarily called would be entered to vetted to enter into the ena itself and the partners felt it would work better for them to take place after. we made the recommendation to staff port to accommodate that request and added that in the benchmark in the ena so it's in the exclusive negotiations agreement. so there are three sets of this negotiation here. staff gave the staff go ahead on the lease terms. at the same time the san francisco public works will be negotiating two separate supply contracts, one for concrete with central concrete for asphalt with nuko an those
2:36 am
are happening with the ports department working with one another. lastly this unusual aspect of it which is based on how the rfp was constructed which was the lease itself in both supply contracts will need to succeed otherwise the end result will not be consistent with the rfp. so, to that end, i'm not sure if the port has done this before, but the lease agreement which will come back to you within 6-9 months depending on environmental review will be approved by the port commission, but the effectiveness date will be triggered upon successful approval by the contract by the board of supervisors and that will be approved at once.
2:37 am
so that's really it. we'll be back with the lease terms and the project with your permission with the ena and partners. >> so moved. >> second. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner doreen woo ho? >> i don't have any questions. >> commissioner brandon? kimberly brandon, neither do i. >> commissioner willie adams? no. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? 1609 passes unanimously. >> item 9. new business. >> during this meeting i
2:38 am
heard a request to bring back general manager 1 year. so we'll note that. does the commission have any other new business? >> anything you want present, commissioner doreen woo ho? >> no. i think what i had will be addressed. >> vice-president brandon? >> i don't have any. >> adjournment. i move to adjourn in memory of maria chen. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? we are now adjourned 4:58.. thank you. [ meeting is adjourned ].
2:39 am
>> shop and dine the 49 challenges residents to do they're shopping with the 49ers of san francisco by supporting the services within the feigned we help san francisco remain unique and successful and rib rant where will you shop the shop and dine the 49 i'm e jonl i provide sweets square feet potpie and peach cobbler and i started my business this is my baby i started out of high home and he would back for friends and
2:40 am
coworkers they'll tell you hoa you need to open up a shop at the time he move forward book to the bayview and i thinks the t line was up i need have a shop on third street i live in bayview and i wanted to have my shop here in bayview a quality dessert shot shop in my neighborhood in any business is different everybody is in small banishes there are homemade recess pesz and ingredients from scratch we shop local because we have someone that is here in your city or your neighborhood that is provide you with is service with quality ingredients and quality products and need to be know that person the person behind the products it is not like okay. who.
2:41 am
>> shop and dine the 49 promotes loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part
2:42 am
of their this is created the neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop off of a l bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that'sgo. >> shop and dine the 49 promotes local businesses and changes san franciscans to do their shopping and dooipg within the 49 square
2:43 am
miles by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine the 49 hi in my mind a ms. medina .
2:44 am
>> shop and dine the 49 challenges residents to do they're shopping with the 49ers of san francisco by supporting the services within the feigned we help san francisco remain unique and successful and rib rant where will you shop the
2:45 am
shop and dine the 49 i'm e jonl i provide sweets square feet potpie and peach cobbler and i started my business this is my baby i started out of high home and he would back for friends and coworkers they'll tell you hoa you need to open up a shop at the time he move forward book to the bayview and i thinks the t line was up i need have a shop on third street i live in bayview and i wanted to have my shop here in bayview a quality dessert shot shop in my neighborhood in any business is different everybody is in small banishes there are homemade recess pesz and ingredients from
2:46 am
scratch we shop local because we have someone that is here in your city or your neighborhood that is provide you with is service with quality ingredients and quality products and need to be know that person the person behind the products it is not like okay. who >> self-planning works to preserve and enhance the city what kind hispanic the environment in a variety of ways overhead plans to fwied other departments to open space and land use an urban design and a variety of other matters related to the physical urban environment planning projects include implementing code change or designing plaza or parks
2:47 am
projects can be broad as proipd on overhead neighborhood planning effort typically include public involvement depending on the subject a new lot or effect or be active in the final process lots of people are troubled by they're moving loss of they're of what we preserve to be they're moving mid block or rear yard open space. >> one way to be involved attend a meeting to go it gives us and the neighbors to learn and participate dribble in future improvements meetings often take the form of open houses or focus groups or other stinks that allows you or your neighbors to provide feedback and ask questions the best way to insure you'll be
2:48 am
alerted the community meetings sign up for the notification on the website by signing up using you'll receive the notifications of existing request the specific neighborhood or project type if you're language is a disability accomodation please call us 72 hours before the event over the events staff will receive the input and publish the results on the website the notifications bans feedback from the public for example, the feedback you provide may change how a street corridors looks at or the web policy the get started in planning for our neighborhood or learner more mr. the upcoming visit the plans and programs package of our we are talking about with our feedback and participation that is important to us not everyone
2:49 am
takes this so be proud of taking a
2:50 am
2:51 am
2:52 am
2:53 am
issue. >> homeless in san francisco is a challenging issue that effects owner in the city in many different was as of the 2014 homeless census over 64 homeless in individual in the city to try to address the issue we've got a program for chronic homeless welcome to the navigation center. >> this pilot project is for
2:54 am
people living on the street what makes it different the navigation center is able to accommodate homeless encampments lowell u allowing people to keep their pets and bring their personal bloonlz. >> the full realization that people don't want to be homeless not refuse services but from the services don't meet them and not relevant they're not going to be successful if you look at the budget losses we've got a community sacrifice important people to get food and laundry we're standing next to the bathrooms it is designed to be a dynamic and brief residential experience where right of on this site city staff to connect you to homeless places to return
2:55 am
to family dine is up for medi-cal and all those things that are complicated for people. >> the other exciting thing city agencies come on site and provided the services for folks this is existed to see when the goal of streamlining a a whole processes of getting people on go gentle assistance into housing as much as possible. >> way totally different you can come and agree as please and get laundry services and showers any time of the day and night it's twenty-four hours a day whatever and twhefr it's not like any other she recalls. >> they come and help people for what it is they're required the issues they need and reach out and do what we can to say okay how can we accommodate you to get you set up and straight
2:56 am
never in my mind imagined a program like this this place it different and a a lot a lot that better it works. >> the navigation is center is a collaboration of partnerships too city departments one is the homeless outreach team managed by the san francisco distributing i look forward to the navigation center we'll have our agents go out and help and say don't go anymore over and over send our dayshift out they've meet the population and hang out and hang in the encampment and transport people and be with them and make immediate impacts with me and my staff. >> bringing our wloongz whatever you go presents a
2:57 am
problem this place their help with the storage i don't have to worry about it staying here you know you're getting things done they need to get things down done to get off the street avenue of the hope alsoness is gone. >> they help you if you're hungry go eat if e you need to go places go. >> they're 4th district it awe auto. >> it was funded through a unanimous donation and of may 2015 an additional $3 million to help to continue the program beyond 18 months. >> you see people coming out they're ready to being so the future homes you know how variable the navigation center is my message for the
2:58 am
constituents yes something can be done do break chronic homelessness it is being done. >> this is a community that sets an example but i how to pick an area that was funky they've seen we're trying to do is help their neighbors they've seen getting sicker and more frail and broken down on the streets and welcomed us that's a powerful statement people are exist and president in they're becoming to see the movement for folks and people on the streets are only survival modes where is there next meal and their itch more carefree. >> the staff here is interpretation the first day i have a appointment and
2:59 am
everything was made all you do is go through them this makes a huge difference. >> to get settled in a helping hand, to get on my feet, take care of the issues i have and get out of bed and help. >> even though the navigation center has been up in march 2014 the program is creating successful outreach for it's clients. >> a month ago they came to me and asked me to go into a new program i moved into here and now 3 months later i have my own place it is mine i lock my door don't worry about my stuff it feels human again
3:00 am
>>[gavel] >> good afternoon everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting for tuesday, separate 23rd 2016. mdm. clerk, please call the roll >> thank you mdm. pres. supervisor avalos, here., breed, present. campos, present., cohen, present. farrell, present. kim, present., mar,, here. peskin, present., tang,


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