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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 22316  SFGTV  February 26, 2016 3:00am-5:01am PST

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>>[gavel] >> good afternoon everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting for tuesday, separate 23rd 2016. mdm. clerk, please call the roll >> thank you mdm. pres. supervisor avalos, here., breed, present. campos, present., cohen, present. farrell, present. kim, present., mar,, here. peskin, present., tang, here. wiener
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not present yee not present you have a quorum >> thank you. can we please join us for the pledge of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance] >>speaking no mdm. clerk, any communications? >> yes. where in the receipt of its litigation dated speaking no mdm. clerk, any communications? >> yes. where in the receipt of its litigation dated february 22, 2016 pertaining to item 26-29 today's agenda. regarding the proposed commuter shuttle permit program appellant representing their legal environment of transit have formally withdrawn their appeal. >> colleagues, any changes to
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the have formally withdrawn their appeal. >> colleagues, any changes to the january 12, 2016 board meeting minutes? seeing none, is their motion to approve those minutes. moved and seconded. colleagues, can we take this without objection? without objection those meeting minutes will pass after public comment. >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, please read the consent agenda. >> items 1-4 comprise of consent calendar if any members of the board would like to sever an item, the other items will be approved by a single vote >> supervisor campos >> want go on the record former member is in the chamber. >> thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you, former may. welcome mr. mayor to the board of chamber. with that, seeing no one wants to sever any items, can you please call the roll >> on item 1-4, supervisor
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tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye. there are 11 aye >> these items are finally passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >> madam clerk please call items five and six together. >> item 5 is eight ordinance to call for a special election to be held in the city of san francisco on tuesday, june 7 16 for the purpose of submitting to the san francisco voters a proposition to incur $359 of bond debt for the city to finance critical community and mental health emergency response and safety and homeless shelters. service those facilities and
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authorizing landlords 50% pass-through of the resulting property tax increase to residential tenants in accordance with administrative code chapter 37 finding by recommendation by the budget and finance committee. item 6, mdm. pres., said charter amendment to draft the martyr charter of the city for an annual baseline appropriation for the park east on city spending for park and recreation for fiscal year 2015-16 to extend the annual set-aside and baseline of creation for 15 years to fiscal year 2045-24 six to modify the parks and recreation department planning obligation to include equity analysis and board of supervisors review at an election to be about june 7, 2016 >> with that, supervisor peskin >> i respectfully ask that these items be heard separately. >> yes, they will be. i apologize for calling them together so we'll start with item number five. seeing no
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names on the roster madam clerk, on item number five least culpable >> supervisor tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell the eye, kim aye, mar, aye peskin aye. no, excuse me asking, no 10 eyes and one no. we did this ordinance is finally passed >>[gavel] >> item number six is already been called. supervisor farrell >> colleagues, our parks and open spaces drive high quality of life we all joy here in san francisco and enjoy an incredible amount of benefits from our resident. to golden
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gate park to crissy field or whatever everyone's favorite neighborhood parties, they provide a place for recreation, a point of pride for our city. they are the great equalizer and provide quality of life for all residents. as our city continues to grow especially population needs of our city parks, etc. are all-time high in our parks and recreation is to address these issues. unfortunately, funding for our part department has not kept pace. with the needs and issues that need to be addressed in our neighborhood parks. recent analysis from the parks online session funding for the park has lacked even during a partner in our local economy strong and growing. for example, in 2000 the parks and recreation had 2.1% of our general fund and today it's down to 1.3%. in addition, recent analysis we've done before we can forward with this measure from the controller's office show the parks and recreation department is nearly entirely request of emergency
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driven with 99% of workforce devoted to completing 50,000 individual request on emergency basis only. before we introduce this legislation, we met with a number of neighborhood groups across the city and san francisco to get their feedback about what they want to see in meeting after meeting we continue to hear they want to see the nuts involves infrastructure addressed, more programming options and recreation centers and potential to acquire new open space. that community impact was vacant to the initial proposal and we spent a lot of time working on it since then. in true fashion, i worked closely in committee with our colleagues and specifically want to call out my colleague supervisor john avalos for his work and advocacy run this measure. we work with parks advocate prozac, and since september introduced over 15 different amendments to the initial proposal to strengthen the legislation and for my perspective records and the diversity of perspectives that exist from park funding priorities in the best way to
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meet them. so in front of us today is a charter amendments that would guarantee the next 30 years just over $1 billion in new funding for parks and recreation department to address this budget shortfall and also stabilize their funding in the years to come. this legislation for the first time mandates that apartment develop equity metrics to be used to associate baseline of existing parks and recreation services and resources of low income neighborhoods in disadvantaged communities compared to services and resources available in the city as a whole. following approval of the commission shall submit these equity metrics to the mayor and board. to address further equity concerns that apartment 20 chicken capital plans will consider all the equity analysis and metrics described above and spent all those to the more mayor and board for review. the proposal mandates the department include strategies to mitigate any identified equity deficiencies
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in capital strategic plans when there submitted to the mayor and board for review. lastly, creates a new separate equity fund that purpose will be to accept private donations which are completely voluntary to be used for any equity deficiencies in that analysis or that any other metrics measure. again, i want to call out specific supervisor avalos was great work and advocacy run these issues. the measure also mandates that the department periodically update the strategic plan and provide mechanisms to revive the parks and recreation tuber a review and approve the strategic blanket which will allow for appropriate feedback and input from the public. the capital plan, or mandating the capital plan be submitted separately before commission approval after the approval of the capital plan be committed to the mayor and board for additional review. to give our board greater oversight or mandating the board approve or disapprove to resolution that the capital and strategic plans will be presented annually to the board. this measure also mandates the department update your strategic plan provides a mechanism to allow the parks and recreation to review and
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approve the strategic plan which will again allow for feedback from the public. to ensure these new dollars are spent wisely and efficiently, the measure mandates the city services auditor periodically perform a performance audit to ensure that goals are being hit that were mandated in the strategic plan. all the details of the proposal that mentioned show how much the initial proposal has changed over time to reflect the concerns and priorities of all of us know what you think my colleagues, my cosponsors, the majority of this board, as well as community members the work so hard it was again supervisor avalos. i'm a firm believer that art clean and safe parts enhance the quality of life for residents and all was here in san francisco. they deserve a sustainable funding source to meet the upgrade from everything from fixing the broken swing to adding more security and read more programming options in our parks as we continue to grow. i want to ensure is our city
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continues to grow future generations of san francisco are chosen chosen don't have to worry about a forgot hyperspace work will be able to replace the rusty monkey bar at the local target most important, this measure puts us on record by stating a strong policy preference to find a sustainable source of revenue for park system. am i think everyone is at hand in crafting this. in particular, he san francisco parks alliance. they're boarding the ticker kelly nice, matt o'grady. our parks and recreation department general manager bill ginsburg and all their stuff. the controller's office for working with us patiently on the funding mechanisms which it's delivered. every member of the parks and recreation omission and mayor lee and his team and all the cosponsors here the board of supervisor i think you for your support. with the historic opportunity to ensure new funding and financial stability for our parks system. i ask for your support. >> thank you supervisor speed up your supervisor wiener
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>> i want to thank supervisor farrell for his leadership on this difficult and important issue. it's long overdue for us to be really shoring up the operations of our parks and recreation and making sure we are putting our money where our mouths in terms of our support for parks. san francisco is the city that is passionate about our parks with her golden gate park or are many neighborhood parks, and pursue many people in this city we don't have backyards, and our parks are our backyards. in our front yards. so it's important we keep them in good shape and make them usable by everyone. the city, we've done a masterful job in terms of capital investment in our parks. the voters have generously approved a series of parks funds and were in the process of renovating pre-much every park facility in the city over time, and we've seen whether it's dolores park or
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balboa park were many many other parks and late rounds and pools and rec centers that are being renovated the capital investment has just been tremendous, and unprecedented in modern times. but we have to keep these parks up and we have to staff them and maintain them and make sure that the operation investment in our parks matches the capital investment. sadly, the city has not done that and the budgeting for our parks system, for the operations, has been woefully inadequate. this measure is a very positive step forward, but frankly, there's more to do even after this amendment. i know sometimes people don't like set-asides. but this is not-this is a very not set aside the grabs a massive amount of money. this is a set aside that takes a pretty usable amount of money and says we are going to
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invest in our parks operations. we do not have enough park gardeners. we do not have enough part patrol officers. we do not have enough to the point are part trees receive routine maintenance. for differing estimates either 50, 75 or 100 years. whatever it is it's not okay. we need to make sure we're taking care, maintaining and programming the park system we have and this measure is a good step in the right direction. again i want to thank supervisor farrell for his leadership. >> thank you. supervisor avalos >> after the last hearing on this measure, i put my name on it and me glad to support. i want to appreciate supervisor farrell for his work bringing this forward and excepting changes that have been proposed in the measure that i believe i'm a really help neighborhoods that have not had the same kind
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of services or resources from departments they could have. we just recently saw in the controllers park maintenance audit that came out last year that there are certain districts that do not do as well in their parks district at its pre-much traditionally the same districts over and over again the same neighborhoods that don't get that supports. so, i want to make sure that was a mechanism in place that could actually have the department propose how they're going to do with deficiencies. so, having an equity report that's going to be on capital and reviewed that will be in operation side is going to be helpful to making that happen. it also tied to budget appropriations that come before the board of supervisors as a backstop to make sure were restoring our parks the way we need to. in districts and neighborhoods like the excelsior, etc., we don't necessarily have a concentration of city services that other neighborhoods have
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good so our parks play a really great equalizer and make sure that people have access to fundamental things that the city should provide. i by no means want to say that our parks are failing in my district, but since they are serving a good part of the population they are well utilized. whether there are deficiencies we should make sure they are shored up and i'm sure it's happening in other parts of san francisco. i know bayview district 10 also needs to be restored for their parks as well. i also had concerns about going forward with a new set aside and it's been a difficult decision for me to get on board with a new one. but, i also felt that the parks have been a place where we've actually seen diminishment of general fund support. i look at other ways to bring in revenue that has not always been in the best interest of everyone access to the pocket so, i
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thought like having a measure that would have a baseline of funding and a small increase of $3 million every 10 years would be appropriate and help to make sure the parks are not going to see a slide in funding. i was also chair of the budget committee back in 2009 and at that time, our parks apartment of the major major hit and through that process led the effort to get $3 million more for our parks and recreation department. that is not done in a long time. it was an emergency measure we had to do. next time we have a downturn among this set aside will make sure we won't have to take such drastic measures in the future. so, i'm glad to support this charter amendments. and look forward to its passage in november and i know colleagues i hope you can get on board as well. >> betake. supervisor peskin >> colleagues, it is with a heavy heart that i rise to say
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that i cannot vote for this measure disagree for the reasons that been raised by the previous speakers. i asked the budget analyst to actually-excuse me the controller to prepare a graph which are distributed to all of you and i can also put out for members of the public. more and more of our discretionary general fund dollars are getting eaten up by set-asides. i understand it. it's the easiest way to devote money to what we want to vote money to, but it doesn't put any money on the table. it hampers the legislative and executive branch from actually having any discussion. it prevents us from making the tough decisions and if you look at it over time, on this graph,-and this is the five-year city joint financial plan update-more and more of
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the general fund is been set aside and the lack of discretion that this body has continues to grow. over 40% of the general fund is already set aside. all for good purposes. over 50% of that has been set aside in just the last five years alone. so, with a heavy heart, that's not going to be the first or the last set aside that i vote against but as a matter of conscious i'm no longer going vote for set-asides on the ballot. i'll continue to vote for new sources of revenue if they make sense and are not regressive but i cannot in good conscience continue to take the discretionary powers of our elected officials both in the executive and legislative branches away from us. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. supervisor campos >> i certainly respect supervisor peskin's comments in his decision. i think it's one that has merits. but, i do believe though there are times notwithstanding the concern about having set-asides when you do have two prioritize certain things and it's about. i have to say, bernie, the challenge with this piece was not so much that issue of setting aside funding, but the fact that at different times i have felt that there is a need to provide more accountability around the park and specifically the makeup of the commission. nothing against the individuals against the commission. as a general rule, i believe that we as a city benefit whether it's appointments of commissions so it's not the entire-is not just
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the mayor appointing the entire commission, but actually other agencies whether it's the board of supervisors or some other electrodes have the opportunity to do that. that would've been my preference in approaching this measure. that before we allocated more funding to this agency, that we would have change the makeup of the commission to provide more transparency and more accountability. be that as it may, the question is, on balance, does this make sense? i know the importance of recreational space, parks, people in my district and it is because of that i will be supporting the measure. i do want to thank supervisor farrell and all the people that work to make this happen. i know that in terms of the parks in my district that the need is great and that more resources are always welcome and my hope
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is that as we move forward with this effort that there will be a process that will be as inclusive in terms of how the money is allocated in making sure the neediest parts of the district, of the city, our address. think you very much >> thank you. supervisor mar >> colleagues, as you know golden gate park is my front yard could i look out on the lake on some of those people places in the city but that's not why i'm supporting this. i think the average language built in by supervisor farrell this board of the coalition and supervisor avalos is important from chinatown to the bayview. parks have been underserved that i think was a tremendous benefits. i want to thank the youth commission for bringing up equity as a key driving force as we held hearings of the budget committee as well. also, i want to thank school
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board commissioner rachel norton was here with the parks alliance for hammering away to me that by approving our parks his way of keeping kids and families in our city. it's also as some of us age like me, walking trails natural areas projects or programs to create an aging friendly city would better trails walking places for all of us as we age as well. with some of the best parts of my district, i think the playground got the number one throughout the whole city. unsupportive of improvements in my district that equitable improvements, especially in the southeast parts of our communities and thanks much to supervisor farrell for newly listening and creating a part measure funding there will bobby proud of as it passes in june. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor kim >> i do just want to recognize supervisor farrell and supervisor avalos for the work on the set aside. i generally agree with the sensible it's
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important for us policymakers to have as much flex ability as possible to comes to our general fund dollars we can allocate them accordingly. but we also know that in the past the boards have not given as much money to our schools, to affordable housing, as voters would like and sometime it's important to have the set-asides. we also note that open spaces is an incredible need in san francisco. in fact, we have more open space for cars that we do for people. so, i do think it's important while not an ideal tool come up that we support increased dollars for parks and recreation to make sure we have funding for our parks. where i want to caution in the future, of course, i am glad that the department is embracing the social economic angiography equity as a guiding principle and that they will commit to spending the funds across the scope of open space of recreational programs to provide parks and open space for all of us throughout the city. i
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think, my hope was that this language would have been much stronger in the set-aside. i wish there was a mechanism by which the board could approve these equity metrics.. that's not in place in the set-aside currently. it allows the board to comments via resolution. its approval or disapproval, but i think it for granting additional dollars to the department there should actually have been more of an accountability mechanism where the board would have a say in terms of how the park parks and recreation is spending its dollars down. that being said, i know this department has to come to the board of supervisors first budget every year. so, i hope we remember this conversation the commitment we made here today. i did as an example, our open space acquisition fund, which whose purpose is to find properties or serve high needs areas or open space division areas. since this fund has initiated we have spent it down
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for only two parks, both in neighborhoods that are not open space deficient or have actually are neighborhoods with highest open space per resident . why support requiring more over open space whether we can get it in these two cases with an opportunity to buy open space they were readily available and we should do it, i am concerned that we put forth these principles are saying that we believe in equity, that we want to buy more open space or approve open space, in districts without enough open space. the district i represent have the fewest and smallest part we don't often spend on the dollars the way we endeavor to. so, while i will be supporting this as i did i know incredible amount of work went into this, i hope in future discussions, as we see these funds get spent on actually spent on the way we proposed that we spend them
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down and we do more than embrace the principles and do more than commit to spending them but we actually do it the way we said we were going to do it today. so i will be supporting the measure. but i do look forward to upcoming budget years to make sure were truly spending is down in echo ways throughout the city >> thank you. supervisor yee >> i want to thank supervisor farrell for putting this together and supervisor avalos work closely on this matter. thank you for including the equity into this. sometimes social economics there's a variety of ways to get there and certainly, sometimes i get the feeling that, not just parks and recreation up many department forget about the neighborhoods out in the west side thinking they can take care of themselves. we need to continue to remind people that there are people there using the parks out there and they also need to have their fair share. i'm one of the few here
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that actually was born and raised in brooklyn san francisco. i have many more years than the rest of you were born and raised in san francisco. i've seen, actually, it's true that over the years you really can see the results of the small budget for parks and recreation at the services are not there anymore. the conditions of some of the parks have really gone downhill. again, it's not seen over one decade or two but many many decades. when i was growing up i think supervisor farrell also has some of this experience of how the parks and recreation programming was much much stronger than it is today. there was a lot more staff members providing services. the clubs were run by steve parker now, this parks and
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recreation system has to rent out just about every single thing they can rent out to just balance their budget. so, i am hoping that maybe this is the beginning of a reversal, where we go back to the golden days of parks and recreation. i don't want to see everything reverts back to what it used to the is a lot of times a lot of things are not as great as it is now in terms of what it used to be, but parks and recreation what it used to be really was a consistent. thank you much to supervisor farrell >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> i want to first of all appreciate supervisor peskin's remarks about set-asides. i've had the opposite journey. i think when you first get into office i was very very skeptical about set-asides and i was determined to do something about it. over time, my thinking has evolved much more case-by-case situation.
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when you look at the situation where the voters have adopted set-asides, there are situations where city hall has really been chronically underfunded something when margaret barkan went out for the children's fund in 1990 city hall was not doing what we needed to do in terms of services for children. same with library fund. we've done it with muni. supervisor peskin went with ted about with increase to muni set-aside which was unfortunately undermined probably thereafter envy of course when i would opposition b for muni as will. because muni was chronically underfunded and still is. we also use set-asides for priorities that isolate high priorities when we created the affordable housing trust fund, we took $1.5 billion new money does go to flow back for redevelopment and we traded a set-aside because afford housing is that important.
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set-asides can have some real benefits. for example, at a time when in this country people work other cities were shutting down were libraries, because of the library fund we been able to-we have one of the most amazing library systems throughout our city has been modernizing and actually staying open. i'm confident it would not be that way if were not for the existence of a library fund set aside. so, set-asides are not always appropriate, but they really do help to express our values. i will say, at least the time i've been on the board, i've never gone to a budget cycle where i looked at a line item that is a set-aside were baseline and said, boy, that's too much money. i wish we could take some of that money and moved it elsewhere. it's often the opposite. it's good we have that money but i wish we had more for this function. i also disagree with supervisor yee
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good i hope we get back to the golden age of great pipe running operationally, but even with this measure, we still have a lot more work to get this does not solve the problem. it moves us in the right direction we have more work to do. thank you. >> see no other names on the roster or mdm. clerk, these call the roll >> on item 6, supervisor tang nay wiener aye, yee aye, avalos aye breed aye >>[closed session] aye, cohen aye farrell aye kim aye mar peskin speedo nay 9-2 >> the charter amendment is omitted. >>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk go to item number seven, please >> item 7 is a revolution to
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prove and authorize the acquisition of one temporary construction easement to permanent this axis and one permanent easement for water utility purposes from john easement for water utility purposes from john daly blvd., associates lp were approximately $70,000 to be used by the city under the water system improvement program for the access, installation, modification, removal, inspection, maintenance, repair, replacement periodic schedule made its emergency repairs and construction the project known as the regional groundwater and recovery project adopting findings understate but approving the agreement and authorizing the director of property and/or the san francisco public utilities commission general manager to execute documents making certain modifications and taking other actions in furtherance of the resolution as defined herein. >> will call vote >> on item 7, supervisor tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye avalos
3:34 am
aye breed aye avalos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye kim aye, mar aye peskin aye good dara levens got >> resolution is adopted unanimously. the gals >> please call item 8 >> item made resolution to authorize the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to execute amendment number three for the new irvington tunnel project to continue providing construction management services for the final construction and close out of the tunnel increasing equipment by $1 million for total amount not to exceed 20.5 billion and the time extension of three months for a duration of seven years and three months from august 1, 2009 through
3:35 am
october 31 .16. >> colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> x item, please >> item 9 resolution to authorize the subordination agreement to existing seismic safety loan program loans secured in part by real property commonly known as 890 day st. and to 14 feet straight. to a new loan from the nonprofit finance fund to help write 360 in the amount of $8.59 for the construction of a health like 360s new headquarters and clinic located at 1563 mission st. >> supervisor peskin >> rollcall >> rollcall vote, please >> on item 9, supervisor tang aye, wiener aye speed yee aye, avalos aye, the breed aye, campos aye, speakerphone cohen aye, farrell aye became aye mar
3:36 am
aye peskin nay. there are 10 aye and one no >> the resolution is adopted a >>[gavel] >> please call the next item >> item 10, resolution to approve amendment number six to the paratransit broker agreement with services to continue providing paratransit broker services to administer the cities paratransit program and increase the amount of the contract by $6.8 million to a total amount not to exceed $125,000.4 million from april 1, 2010 through june 30, 2016 >> supervisor yee >> i just want to mention the broker is in this private opportunity to have some discussions with them about a year ago in regards to the paratransit group than system, and we found out that the
3:37 am
services that were provided to the west side was totally inadequate in terms of the time that it takes one to get to services from the west side to where the services mostly are on the east side, or down in the downtown area. so, they had committed to improve the time it would take them to get the clients from one place to another these group vans and i'm hoping that in a few months i get a report from them to indicate that they made the improvements. i don't hold up this particular expansion of funding, but i just want to make sure that on public record, i want to note that they need to improve the services when it comes to paratransit vans.
3:38 am
>> thank you. seen no other names on the roster, madam clerk, please call >> on item 10, supervisor tang aye, wiener, aye yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye , mar aye, peskin aye good dara levens got >> the resolution is adopted unanimously speedo >> madam clerk please call the next item >> m 11 is a resolution to authorize the acquisition of real property from the san francisco invite school district located at leavitt 1 connecticut st. near the intersection of connecticut and 25th st. nor to further the general plan priority of preserving and enhancing the
3:39 am
survival for browsing the purchase price of $1.8 million >> supervisor cohen >> collects thanks for curing this identity as you know district and includes the cities of four largest public housing sites and revitalization and rebuild of the sites to hope as that. it's been one of my key priorities as well as mayor leaves key priorities. in the last three years, we've seen incredible decimation and investment in public housing that can make the lives of the residents and the entire community putting them in a better position. we already are starting to see that at this new integrated unit, particular at hunters view and alice griffith, that what we are able to see this transformation that development has into new mixed income communities with absolutely no displacement could i think that is absolutely a critical point
3:40 am
and i want to make sure people grasp. were not displacing people. is a commitment we made to the residence. what you have before you today is a critical first up in the large master plan development for the rebuilt of the whole site. the opposition of this property 1101 connecticut, will allow the construction of the first building at the site to go on without requiring relocation, off-site relocation, or displacement of existing tenants. also, it enables the tenants to stay in close proximity to the existing neighborhood during the construction period. these are lessons learned we've acquired, incorporated, with that but we learn from the redevelopment stage. so, this is essential in helping preserve the strong community ties that currently exist and it's critically fundamental to the future of public housing. i hope you'll join me in supporting it today.
3:41 am
peter thank you. supervisor peskin >> i just want to-i'm voting for this. i just want to point out something that once again, as we are looking at real estate acquisitions and dispositions, that this is probably to the cities-i still want to put it on the record, which is, this property was first appraised six years ago and then appraised over three years ago. again, i don't need to bring mr. updike of your, but it again kind of racism chapter 23 questions about how old an appraisal we are going to use. i also note the 2013 appraisal wasn't actually even obtained by the city with unified school district it was obtained by third party. so, it raises those policy questions. i am would imagine that the market continues to rise after 2014. so the $1.8 million deal
3:42 am
looks like a good deal but i think it does direct us to think about policy, wherein particularly, in the heat heated dynamic market we get appraisals or appraisal updates in 12 month or less period of time. >> thank you. supervisor kim >> along the same lines, i do want to say i'm glad to see this finally before the board of supervisors. this is a parcel that we been talking about since supervisor mar yee and i were on the board of education. you didn't talk about developing surplus property and sf do not just generate revenue but also generate value. one of those values is affordable housing. it is part of our opportunity gap. it is part of the reason why our children are not all succeeding in our classrooms because we don't have enough space and stable homes. san francisco. so, starting with
3:43 am
1950 mission and now with 1101 connecticut st., i'm excited to see these parcels are finally coming to acquisition by the city. that we will be building affordable housing it did take many years to get it to this point. i think some of the old appraisers that supervisor peskin pointed out, which i agree, we need to ensure we keep updated but i'm happy to support this today. i do want to congratulate the school district and the mayor's office for making this a reality. >> see no other names on the roster, colleagues can we take this item same house, same call. without objection resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item, please >> item 12, a resolution to regularly authorize the parks and recreation department to accept and expend a grant in approximately $2.7 million from the state of california department of housing and community development to fund housing related parts project identified in exhibit a of the
3:44 am
grand standard agreement for the period october 9, 2015 to june 30, 2017 >> same house, same call without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item >> item 13 resolution director actually approve the sixth contract amendment with the children's counsel san francisco to manage the preschool for all programs subsidies to eligible children of the city and increasingly not to exceed amount from 47.3 million approximate 74.4 million for the period through june 30 16 >> same house, same call without objection is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk can be called item of 14, 15, and six in together. >> item 14-16 other resolutions to authorize the san francisco fire department to donate an obsolete ambulance to the san francisco unified school district health academy at galileo high school. item 15 is the resolution to donate the
3:45 am
retired fire engine to the city college of san francisco fire academy program and item 16 is a resolution to authorize the fired apartment to accept a gift in the amount of $350,000 for mr. mrs. bernard gaucher specifically for the purchase of two new ambulances by this fire department. colleagues, comedic as items same house, same call. without objection adopted universally >>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk item 17 >> item 17 mdm. pres. would you like me to item 17 mdm. pres. would you like me to read 1719? >> yes >> these are the three resolution to receive and approve annual reports the mission miracle improvement district for calendar year 2010-2050. i making the lower polk committee benefit district fiscal year 2014-15 and item 19 is the greater union square business improvement district
3:46 am
purposefully or 2014-15 also noted as required by the property and business improvement district law of 1994 >> collies can we take this item same house, same call without objection the resolutions are adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item, please >> item 20 is the land-use transportation committee the recommendation of do not pass. it's a ordinance to amend the planning code to increase the transportation sustainability fee for nonresidential projects larger than 99.9 thousand gross square feet. as required nonresidential reduction distribution and repair projects that are filed within that file development by mental obligations on or before july 21, 2015 that not yet received approval to pay the transportation sustainable sustainability with a partial refund from the planning department ceqa determination to make other appropriate funding >> supervisor avalos >> were soft i like to think the venues committee to foreignness to the full board even though it has a do not pass accommodation. i don't think i've never seen it do my
3:47 am
past recordation before but these are definitely new times we are in. this is an amendment to the transportation sustainability that i had succeeded in making in december but i had to go back to the land-use committee. i want to think the people that voted for the amendment back in december that that was pres. breed, supervisor campos, kim, mar, peskin and supervisor yee. thank you for your vote to consider this amendment. we just had our process looking at how we can make investments in transportation about 2-3 years ago. we saw we had a $10 billion deficit inmate is that we were going to need to make investments in to overcome. the deficits that we had to make those types of investments in our transportation system. and we are well short of getting that.
3:48 am
so, every dollar that we can cobble together for transportation is going to matter. i really felt early on that what was being proposed from the transportation sustainability fee and the program was not enough to meet our goals around raising funds are transportation. i want to thank my staff members jerry pollock for his work on this effort, for many many months prior to the first hearing of the planning commission. he had me focused in on this. so that my office was engaged in many many public efforts to increase the fee including proposals that are even short of what we have before us today to a mentors. the first time i engage in this was that the planning commission on september 10 where i spoke about the need to increase the fees over what they had been
3:49 am
proposed earlier. then, with the planning commission her that again september 28 to proposed again increases in the fees. trying to do some grandfathering in which is what this measure we have here today is doing is grandfathering in projects that been in the pipeline but not had approvals. i also talked about raising the fee. we have some we actually have positive recommendation from the planning commission to do these things. but, when this measure the transportation sustainability fee went to the venues committee in october 5 to propose these amendment were not all approved at that time. it led me to believe it was really a fix on this legislation that akin to the board of supervisors really tied in a bow. i thought we should use our website to process here in the chamber to actually untie the boat and make sure we have the best fee we could have under the conditions. the planning commission had done some great work on measuring with the
3:50 am
impact of development was wednesday in our transportation system. we have impacts that residential had. impact that nonresidential, commercial had on our transportation system. nonresidential, commercial, developers have free time greater impact on our transportation system and residential. yet, our fee structure does not reflect that. i had made an attempt to increase the fee for nonresidential commercial to four dollars increase than what we currently have and was not able to get that. today, we have before us a two dollar increase. we look at the impact that this development has in our transportation system that the planning commission had also requested an economic feasibility study, and it showed that even with a proposed for dollar increase that i've made earlier, last year, that we were still well
3:51 am
below the threshold that would make these projects unfeasible, economically. now i'm proposing a two dollar increase, which is well below the threshold so that projects economically unfeasible and i think it's well worth us to actually use this new feature cobble together dollars missing from our efforts around investing in transportation. this measure also calls for grandfathering in projects as i mentioned earlier. to me, we've already grandfathered in residential project. why aren't we grandfathering in commercial projects especially since commercial projects have much greater increase, much greater impact on our transportation system? have a duty to make sure that we legislate. and legislate means we don't approve what's before us that we improve the legislation that we have before us to make sure that we get the best that we can get for people in this case
3:52 am
reliance on transportation and transportation services in san francisco. colleagues, i urge you to support this ministry we had seven vote in december and i hope we can stay true to seven if not get more than that to override overcome any potential veto. >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> thank you to supervisor avalos for his tenacity around this particular provision may have a disagreement here but i was due respect anyone who is fighting for more money for public transportation. colleagues, as you know, i fight hard for transit funding and have since had taken office on this board. it's incredibly important and i think all of you for supporting a lot of our efforts, whether around proposition b or any other number of transit funding measures that have come before
3:53 am
this board and that we worked on together. in terms of this legislation, i think it's important to understand some of the history in terms of the long road that this legislation has been on. this legislation that we passed late last year is incredibly important in terms of mama for the very first time in the history of our transit impact development fee, we extended those impact these two residential development. that had never happened before in san francisco in terms of systematic program and we did that. so that sustainability fee was a major step forward in extending itself to residential development. but it didn't extend to residential development. transit sustainability fees also increased with commercial developers had already paid the commercial the government has always paid transit impact fees. the transit sustainability, when introduced, it increased the seas on a commercial
3:54 am
development. in addition, the legislation came to the committee supervisor cohen and i, along with supervisor kim, we voted to raise the fee on commercial development even more. so, commercial developers is now paying significantly more than it used to pay under the old transit impact development fee, and we increase it even beyond what the mayor opposed. this legislation has been winding through the legislative process , frankly well before it was formally introduced for about five years now. this is not some sort of magic thing that came tied with a bow around and no one knew what was in it. this is gone to such an enormous process, somebody hearings, between commissions and the sport and other bodies. ultimately, we passed an excellent piece of legislation that would generate hundreds and hundreds of millions of additional dollars for public transportation and street safety improvements in san
3:55 am
francisco. it is always possible to say, when you increase funding, for transit or anything else, great but it's not enough and that's the market we could've done with the parks measure. a supervisor farrell is where your increasing funding for part. it's not good enough. we need to do more. we don't see that and if we pass this legislation today that the mayor signs it, someone come come back next week and say guess what supervisor avalos it's not enough. we need another five dollars per spurs square feet on commercial. hugo was a week can do more. the fact is this legislation is not too significant process. it's a huge increase in funding that's extracted for development for public transportation and that about the community, frankly, they could've bought it they could've bought it when supervisor cohen and supervisor kim and i increase the fees on
3:56 am
commercial. at some point you have to be done and move forward. so, i stand by the legislation that we worked so hard on that we passed late last year and i think we need to stand as it is. i will not be supporting this legislation today. >> thank you. supervisor campos >> there's a lot of doubletalk here. on one hand, we support public transit, but at the same time making sure that there is no added funding required when it comes to the developer community. there is a very simple reason why developers in san francisco have not fought with the board had done previously. that is because the majority of the board of supervisors left hundreds of millions of dollars on the table,, and i guess i had not thought of the image that is sort of an image to think about. this nice little gift wrapped nicely and tied with a very nice though that was sent to developers in san francisco.
3:57 am
hundreds of billion dollars were left on the table by the city and county of san francisco, and as much of supervisors want to talk about how they actually support funny more public transit the proof is in the pudding. when supervisor avalos is proposing is a very modest increase even with this modest increase here still leaving a great deal of money on the table. it does not matter how much people want to couch it. how they want to paint it a pretty color. the truth is what it is. but, we can talk about how market redevelopment has a role and place in san francisco and it does have a role and place in san francisco. but the mother problem with market redevelopment the way that we have approached it is that we are very good at letting developers maximize profit and never really good enough and actually holding them accountable in terms of the impact that they are having good when it comes to public transit there is no question
3:58 am
that there is an impact that's happening. what we're saying is we have no problem with developers making a done, let them make money, but have all contributed to the infrastructure that there clearly impacting and that infrastructure includes our public transit. that's what this is about. >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> you know, i am not sure in what universe is to be considered a gift to developers to say, for the first time, residential developers who never had to pay one penny to transit impact fee to say now you have to pay transit impact fees. i don't know how you can possibly consider that a gift to developers, other than in a really adjusting school of political rhetoric. i'm not sure in what universe it is a
3:59 am
gift to developers to say to commercial developers, you used to have to pay x. we going to increase it and guess what, were going to increase it again. that's not a gift to developers. you can do all the political rhetoric in the world but the fact is the transit sustainability dramatically increases were residential and commercial developers pay. it would generate hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars paid for by developers that they would not have had to pay for before, and that is the reality of it in this actual universe. >> thank you. supervisor avalos >> more than wanting to have the last word, i do have amendment that are very minor and technical that i want to make sure we get into the record. i passed out a sheet that has what these are. there is a table that were putting in the makes clear what the different fee structures are that is here that basically berates what we have in language and puts it in table form and just himsome-and i
4:00 am
like to motion we approve these changes. >> supervisor avalos has made a motion to make a amendment. moved and seconded. collies, can we take the him and rocks without objection? without objection the amendment passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >> seen no other names on the roster, i want to make a few quick comments before we are books on this item. i appreciate all supervisor avalos his work on this particular item and to bring more money to muni, that i supported it in order to send it to committee because i wanted it to go through the process and to be discussed. it went through the process i feel like supervisor cohen and supervisor wiener wiener and
4:01 am
others had worked to come up with what i believe are fair levels for the tsf and i don't want to break that process now. setting these fees is more of an art than it is a science and i'm sure you can always argue that there is more money on the table to be had, but the fact of the matter is, this is going to be bringing more than 20 million new additional dollars to muni and i'm really excited about that. at this time, although, as i said to my voted to support his going through the process going to committee, i will not be supporting this item today. supervisor avalos >> i just want to rewrite what's on the table for city in terms of these amendment. the two dollar increase that we have before us is going to result in $2 million a year. in
4:02 am
grandfathering the project is going to vegas $39 in one-time funds. that's what we will be voting on today. >> thank you. with that, madam clerk these cultural on the item as amended. >> supervisor tang nay, wiener nay, speed yee aye, avalos aye, breed nay, campos aye cohen nay farrell nay kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye. there are six skype and five no. >> this ordinance is passed as amended on first reading >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, it is now 3 pm. i know that we have several 3 pm items. but before we get
4:03 am
there, let's go to item number 21, first >> item 21 is a ordinance to amend the ministry of code to implement requirements and procedures for event organizers seeking additional police department personnel otherwise known as can be officers and equipment for law enforcement purposes. >> supervisor campos >> i would begin by thanking you and my other cosponsors for this piece of legislation. if you actually asked me a year ago, two years ago that we would be passing a ordinance that amends the 10 b program i would've said no way. that could never happen. i'm very proud of the fact that we are here today. i want to think again supervisor farrell, avalos, president breed for cosponsoring this legislation which actually tries to bring more transparency and uniformity in how the 10 b program works. security programs play important role in the festivals that san francisco host on a yearly basis. but security can also be
4:04 am
very expensive. what we are doing today is clearing the clear timeline and transparent process for the implementation of this program. by creating a clear timeline and a transparent process for how festival organizers apply for 10 b security were ensuring festivals are successful as they can be heard in san francisco. we have spent more than a year working with his san francisco police department , with a festival and entertainment community to get to this point. festivals are a huge economic and engine for the city and county of san francisco. in 2014, and lgbt festivals alone, and this is but our economists estimate that the total direct and indirect economic impact of lgbt festivals is more than $490 million. that 4002 970 jobs were created because of those festivals. if we look at our larger festivals, and all
4:05 am
festivals including non-lgbt festivals, you are talking about billions of dollars that are contributed to our economy. the legislation you are voting on crazy clear timeline for when festival organizers must apply for the 10 b application process and also he, and from when the police must respond with a number of 10 b officers recommended. the second thing that it does it creates an appeals process to the san francisco chief of police so that there are concerns that the vessel community has, there's a second set of eyes and in this case we trust the chief of police will look at this and decide what level of security is appropriate. then, the last piece which is very important it creates a data collection process to the san francisco entertainment commission so that we can understand how it is that these events are being operated, have been managed and how security is working out. i want to
4:06 am
lastly thinker chief of police greg suhr for support of this legislation. i also think lieut. calzone from his staff as well as officer netted for the input they provided to me and my office. in a huge thank you to the festival community for their work on this important piece of legislation which is really a game changer for them specifically i want to thank terrance alan who cannot be here today. i also want to acknowledge the work of other folks. guy carson is that california music and cultural association and other people's made this possible. i'm very proud of this and ask for your support >> thank you. colleagues, can we take this item bedecked rollcall >> item 21 supervisor tang
4:07 am
aye, wiener aye, yee aye avalos aye, breed aye campos aye, cohen aye farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye. dark 11 aye >> this ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> item 22. item 22 motion to order submitted to the voters amenity minister goat to revise the cities paid sick leave ordinance tubers include protections for qualified employees that largely parallel recent state enactments such as healthy workplaces healthy games act of 2014 as amended and election to be held on june 7, 2016 >> can we take this item same house, same call without
4:08 am
objection the motion is approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> item 23 >> item 23 is a ordinance lament the ministry of code to codify the single room occupancy tax forced to extend its sunset date by three years to december 31 20 team >> same house, same call? without objection this is passed unanimously on first reading >>[gavel] >> item 24 motion to confirm the mayoral appointment of a lonnie could a lot this to the port commission term ending may 1, 2015 2016 >> colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call. without objection the motion is approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> item 25 >> item 25 motion to reappoint william ortiz cartagena term ending generally 26 2022 the small business commission >> same house, same call? without objection the motion is approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk, were going to skip over our 3 pm special
4:09 am
orders and go to rollcall for introductions. >> mdm. pres. first to introduce rollcall is supervisor tang >> submit. >> supervisor wiener >> thank you. today i'm going to speak to one item and that is very tragic in memoriam for someone who's a personal friend of mine and also a neighbor. we lived on the same block. aaron wimmer. tuesday every second, karen suddenly and tragically passed away at the age of 36. he was born to parents harold and jennifer in provo utah. his formative years were spent in woodland hills provo salt lake city utah scottsdale arizona the hawaiian islands as well as california. he was very close to his
4:10 am
siblings. christine, jasmine, and abram. he loved the theater, broadway, music, writing poetry and a piano guitar, no games, technology travel movies and many many other things. is a man of many interests. aaron wrote and performed plays along with siblings for his parents in the living room from a very early age. is very active in drama during high school after graduating high school he moved to orlando florida and got a job at disney world plain goofy. after orlando, he moved to new york city where he performed in a number of plays and musicals. as a poet, he created and oh said nuclear poetry from 2008-2010 in new york city. he moved to san francisco after living in new york where he continued to perform and played musicals and also writing poetry. he acted as a new
4:11 am
conservatory theatre in the play, dear in the play, dear hardy ln., cleve jones and gotten oakleaf very well and became close with him. he performed in palo alto play legally blonde. he was a singer of the san francisco damon scores the last several years. most recently, he worked on the web series, old dogs, new tricks. aaron was a bright light in our community and we missed immeasurably i has many friends and family around the country. his memorial will be on march 6 and he will be greatly greatly missed in our community. erin, rest in peace. the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor yee. >> summit >> supervisor avalos >> i have two hearing request that the results of the 2015
4:12 am
police and sheriffs department reporting of pedro figaro to immigration and customs enforcement. if your call, mr. figaro of was covered in a car that had been impounded and as result of contacting the police department ended up in ice cold for-with ice for two months. ice was looking to deport him. so, we want to make sure that this does not happen again. i do believe it was something that was very very rare and won't happen again, but it makes us really-it's important and comment upon us that the department's overfilling their mandate in the century city law and the due process for all law. chapter 12, h and 12 i respect. the second hearing
4:13 am
will be unseeded opponents in general and how their fulfilling center at city needs to make sure that proper training, proper language access, to make sure people are aware of the services they are receiving. what is being offered and what their rights are with our departments. so, the second hearing i schedule have after the first hinted we won't have them the first day but the first hearing will be focusing on the sheriff and police department measures to make sure that the incident that happened to pedro figaro does not happen again. the rest i will submit >> thank you. president breed peter always, today at two in memoriam's. i like to adjourn today's meeting in honor of two community members of district 5. the first person is mr. josé crosby. he was born on josé crosby. he was born on november 16, 1926 in illinois. he passed away on january 29, 2016 at the
4:14 am
san francisco veterans affairs medical center. he arrived in oakland at the age of 28 after a paralyzing injury in the korean war. he was paralyzed along his right side and could not raise his right arm above his shoulder. veterans visors at the department of employment encouraged him to enroll in cosmetology school but he never fully regained the ability to lift his right arm. to work at the school told him physically. by the 1950s, he opened his first salon in the western addition. though he faced public ridicule when he began, word of his talent quickly spread. he catered to both residents and celebrity icons them a most notably, billie holiday, the richard, james brown, nina simone and many others could his styles were irregularly figured in every magazine. was known for his
4:15 am
charm, his style, and he could be easily recognized with his trademark derby and cape. in his later years mr. crosby moved to the midtown park apartments. where he lived over the past two decades. he will be remembered internationally as a trailblazer and is a dapper man of incredible talents. he is survived by his children, emma, kim, peter, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. the second person i would like to honor the rev. dr. james knoll was born on january 1, 1948 in queens new york. he passed away on he passed away on january 31, 2016 after his battle with cancer. he received his bachelor of arts from the university of california berkeley in 1969. he then went on to earn his masters of divinity degree from san francisco theological seminar
4:16 am
seminary in 1975. in 19 9 a phd from the graduate theological union as a dedicated advocate and educator in african studies, o noble established a satellite campus of the san francisco theological seminary where he taught classes and about poverty and osgood for over 20 years he served as pastor of new liberation presbyterian church in san francisco. he'll be greatly missed by the community, his friends, and his family. he is succeeded in death by his wife, diana, his children, michelle, kea, daniel, and amanda. and seven grandchildren. colleagues, the rest estimate >> thank you. supervisors because >> campos >> colleagues, i have one item
4:17 am
to you as we know the voters of the san francisco this past november passed proposition j which created historic preservation fund. the ordinance past with a 60% approval rate. right now in response to the voters approval, the office of small business is working hard to amend the first of its kind program. however, because the opposite issue of staff is not been able to do active outreach to businesses, nonprofits, that i should benefit from the program but the voters created. the challenge also includes providing direct assistance to businesses throughout the process of applying so that they have are actually registered as a legacy business and that they can also benefit from the program from the creation of the fund at the voters passed. bottom line, the office of small business does not have right now the capacity
4:18 am
to receive applications to the legacy business registry, and so to allow the small business -office of small business to other resources that it needs, we would have to provide them a full-time person to full increment the business program and again the goal of this program is to preserve long-running businesses in san francisco that are integral parts of the business corridor of every neighborhood. so, to assist in the implementation of what the voters passed, today supervisor peskin and i are introducing a budget supplemental. amen looks to the salary ordinance to create a new position in the office of small business and to fund that position until the regular budget cycle, which we going to shortly. the supplemental also includes seed funding for this for preservation fund to allow
4:19 am
building owners that house legacy businesses to apply for an annual grant when they send a 10 year lease to those businesses. let me just say that i know that in my district alone there are number of businesses that are actually waiting for this funding to be available so they can actually benefit from the fund was created by the voters. for these businesses it's a matter of life and death. if they can benefit from the program they can stay open. if they cannot, they are likely to close. so, colleagues, ask for your support. the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor cohen >> i have a simple announcement to bring to your attention. i just wanted knowledge supervisor breed and i agree hosting our annual black history month cultural experience.. it's going to be this thursday, february 21 6 pm--90. everyone is welcome to join us. we will have great
4:20 am
talent, entertain us and will also have food, which we provided by the finest african-american restaurants in san francisco. specifically district 10 and five. as well as african-american entertainers and a little special thing that will bring you back, whiskey tasting. that's right. about to turn it up ladies and judgments or you don't want to miss it up. yorty have 500 rcts and this is definitely where you want to be thursday evening. the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor farrell >> 52 items today. first resolution homelessness continues be the top of our minds here at the board i think everywhere across the city of san francisco. it does get lost in some of these discussions of how we are working to support those who successfully exited on with this and working to get on their own 2 feet in the path
4:21 am
of self-sufficiency. one of the solutions we talk about the board is only in the upcoming budget season will be talking more about his round career has been as early education. we all know the power of education and the impact it can have on people. weasley, can be housing partnership approach my office about an issue for the homeless youth there serving inside of district to a king edward ii housing project within individuals trying to gain an education and, let me know about a federal program which will income housing tax credit you successfully juggle properties and housing individuals for family expressing homeless and also mentioned a flaw in the program that having unattended conferences making going to school for these individuals more time-consuming and costly effort. the federal program is a role known as the student will that says that was intended to prevent funds for youth to construct the ones that prevent college students
4:22 am
who often a temporary low income from utilizing resource meant for individuals and families with more serious issues. in san francisco we currently have 120 641 housing units funded through this tax credit program. in $2000 including king edward ii they brought to my attention nine of the 11 back to school want be in school full-time but they can't do it because you're limited by these federal rules set forth in the grant program. preventing access to full-time education is a huge mistake for my perspective for anybody let alone people trying to get back on their own 2 feet and better themselves through education. he delays formerly homeless youth from advancing and getting out of support and housing projects. san francisco and really developing what we talked about quite a bit. thankfully, sanders lincoln and portman republican and democrat have been introduced legislation owns the housing for homeless students act coul
4:23 am
at congress and to fix this flaw in the program. the changes will allow students to experience were recently expressed homelessness to make sure their backs into affordable education as well as housing at the same time. it is a bipartisan bill that is building a lot of momentum. to them i'm introducing a resolution to support this up at congress but does that right here in our neighborhood. san francisco. secondly, i do have an in memoriam today unfortunately. from frederick keith. here in san francisco he was becoming surgeon and major in biology at st. mary's graduated 1986. he had a larger calling howard he ends up flying and wanted to serve his country. i want to knowledge keeps sister, believe rebecca is here in the audience as well as his friends from st. mary's, tom o'connor and mark homer can.
4:24 am
as a bit of background he joined the u.s. army in 1990 225. he began a black hawk or pilot and instructor for the army. he traveled to iceland, south korea, afghanistan and iraq it is transferred to the u.s. air force continue his flying career. they shift into a number of horrific horror war zone. he saved hundreds of american lives. he did seven tours in iraq and afghanistan find to rescue motions when soldiers were pinned down by the taliban and others. through hundreds and hundreds of missions into enemy fire saving otters soldiers but civilians as well. amazing some of these background as many of you know my father was an air force pilot as well but keith i should say major-was ordered to distinguish flying crosses with dollar and one to week period. one of his childhood friends said it best. i distribute the past today's saying goodbye to a great thing. as the great
4:25 am
calvert of character he visited he left american hero, husband, father or brother and friend to so many. he's a decorated helicopter pilot in the air force did seven tours. finding two unthinkable situations to save lives of soldiers and civilian. he downplayed doing his job was part of a small part of a much larger effort. keith was larger than life from day one answer make people were grateful for his friendship and honor to call my friend. ultimately ptsd real monster cookies from this world. his sacrifice our armed forces and were are enormous and really do deserve so much more attention and respect than they received. he was a hero in every sense of the word and obsolete selfless individual and spent his entire career risk his life for others. he survived by his wife dawn and son matthew, daughter lillian and sisters rebecca and janine and to me friends to come. some of the friends are in the audience a him i thank them for being your. again, a deep condolences for your loss
4:26 am
and the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor kim >> submit >> supervisor mar >> that bell is distracting but i want to ring a reign of your couple items quickly. colleagues, after several years of work thank you nicholas were open or richmond district 10 at the community center this week. please join us at the housing committee and myself for another food music and fun. the richmond districts opening reception is thursday separate 25th from six-8 pm her new location at the park methodist church on geary boulevard across from cheap beads framing store. light refreshments and a short program. thank you so much to joseph smoak and diane for organizing the event. please join us. also, please join my office tomorrow as we
4:27 am
honor a number of youth leaders from the richmond district and their families. the perception my office from five-7 pm on wednesday. willie honoring young people for empowering the neighborhood, serving food with the richmond district neighborhood center and the richmond senior center delivering meals to isolated seniors in the neighborhood and also lots of the washington high school leadership doing a lot of our community cleanup throughout the neighborhood. also, in our office is a bunch of environmental art from message in a bottle which is organized by the foundation and an number of artists with a sustainable stuff they picked up on the beach and plastic garbage, as well but they use that to make art. join us for the youth reception and check out the art in our office. also, usually supervisor or president breed are setting every year the russian festival
4:28 am
but this year is the 20th annual and i think the theme is the russians are not coming. they are already here and there's always that the russian speaking population through the richmond district and throughout the city. on friday, the opening is at 6 pm. it's going all the way through sunday. amazing food, from all the different russian speaking communities. ever popular vodkas. also lots of musicians will be performing including the-from since from st. petersburg where kraut krieger ford will parking is across the street from the festival is ada accessible good for more information russian festival center also, join me in my office in our neighborhood including the richmond district on saturday could start committee clean events. it's kicking off at washington high school and thanks to mr. washington high school in the youth leaders for always organizing such a great contingent. six and 32nd ave.
4:29 am
there's also a gigantic recycling event in district on that ocean beach as well at. to participate you have to call in by friday week you are big and recycled events, big junk and other stuff. the number is 415-330-1300. you have to call in before friday 1 pm for more information as a public lastly, the service organization that sponsored the coalition of san francisco pathways initiative. it's going on the third annual one. the three mega naturalization workshop at the bill graham civic auditorium in our city beginning at 9:30 am on saturday. join merely, myself i believe the number of colleagues will be there as well. this is a legal permanent residents and immigrants apply for citizenship but it's also a lot of other verses and connections made by the
4:30 am
immigrant rights movement and organizations there. more information is up the rest i will submit >> thank you. supervisor peskin >> today i'm asking for a hearing on overall safety in san francisco. with the recent collapse of a train in newark city that killed five people and the proliferation of trains that brought the city the housing office and infrastructure production is an all-time high good particular, most dense neighborhoods. i would like to have a hearing to a value weight monitoring inspections and reporting and enforcement of crane safety in the city identify the procedures that the city has in place to protect safety of our workers the general public. the rest i will submit >> thank you mdm. pres. >> it is now past 3:30 pm and it's time for our 3:30 pm commendations. i know that we have a lot of folks in the room that we plan to honor today. in
4:31 am
honor of black history month. i'm excited for the state. today, we are going to have supervisor cohen preside over the commendations and each member of the board will have up to 5 min. to make comments and allowed their honorees to make comments in return. we will be going in the water of rollcall. we will be going in the order of rollcall. and we will actually start with supervisor peskin and return to the order of rollcall after supervisor peskin does his commendation first good supervisor peskin >> thank you. colleagues, i'm delighted to honor a very special friend >> i'm sorry. supervisor cohen 20 preside over this and make opening remarks and then returned to you. >> thank you everybody for
4:32 am
your patience. >> we have to set the tone so we know why we are here. it's good to see you. happy black history month. you applaud >>[applause] >> applause, celebrate, recognize-thank you mdm. pres. good afternoon everyone. each day we should remember and highlight the congressman's of african-americans, but we have a special month the month of february only particularly under the significant contributions made by african-american people not just in this country but across the entire world. we pay homage to all those who fought for racial justice and equity and equality and we also have an opportunity to recognize those that are still fighting with us and for us. now, what we have made several significant
4:33 am
advances as a culture, because of the hard and diligent work of those shoulders do we stand on, you must really continue to uplift the african-american community in the fight for justice never forget what it took to get to where we are today. the black lives matter movement in recent years has elevated the conversation around the current struggle for civil rights and protections of black lives in our country. but there have also been many constant voices of strength and struggle for years. today we have come to organize ourselves into a father and uplift the unique of karshmer's commissioners and commitment to community and courage of african-americans in san francisco make and face-african americans in san francisco have made in the face of historic and current racial and economic adversity. now, whether they are small businesses
4:34 am
entrepreneurs doctors, one nonprofit leaders were community activist, their contributions are of the most of the utmost importance to our dance and in this city. today, we celebrate you. we celebrate and lift up each honoree. will be receiving what about each honoree will be receiving a free one-year membership to the african-american historical and cultural society and this is courtesy of al williams and the society. so, today- >>[applause] >> today we will go back and start with supervisor peskin and will follow peskin by supervisor tang did mr. peskin >> thank you. colleagues on delighted to honor a very special friend today. somebody i've known for many many years. who actually missed his regular
4:35 am
schedule thursday evening church outing with his wife this afternoon to literally bring in my appointment as the newly elected district 3 supervisor. byron, is a 2626 year veteran cable car operator who recently became the six time world champion cable car bell ringer, edging out the reigning champion with a flick of the wrist last year at the 52nd cable car bell ringing contest. we are extremely proud of iconic san francisco cable cars that grace many of the hills of the northeast corner of san francisco and bring in hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. but i'm particularly proud of the operators of that rolling stock and the experience that they give visitors and residents alike. the way, byron and his colleagues treat people on that cable car is the most welcoming wonderful thing good if you
4:36 am
have not experienced it, go get on the california street cable car in the morning when there's just a handful of tourists and hundreds and hundreds of residents going to work. byron knows every single one of their names. they look forward to seeing him every moment. it is really truly the san francisco experience. he also represents his brothers and sisters at the transport union a union that i highly respect. he brings his signature sense of humor and gregarious nature to the rolling rails of the cable cars could i always enjoy riding with him even though he happens to be an la dodgers fan. but he still manages to elicit jokes and laughter from every early morning san francisco commuter and i had my picture taken with him on the cable car with that blue of his, and i still got
4:37 am
elected. with that, i just want to thank byron for his service it is my honor to welcome him and his wife and had a late dodgers in his open you can defend the title in 20 secure ladies addendum, the one and only mr. byron cobb. >>[applause] >>
4:38 am
>> i'm sorry but you talk about the even-odd year for your agenda. let me give you a little history about the dodgers and the giants. i think they left in 1958-59 and luckily the giants to the long straw so they got to stay here. otherwise, the giants would be in la. thanks to my grandfather to mr. baseball in florida he give us all different hats. my sister, my cousin we all got different hats. i just happened to end up with a dodgers hat. if i got the giants hat i would've been a giants fan. thank god. but as i was--it
4:39 am
took what the odd-even you. i told to these two giant fans i see one really look at what's more to the story. it's been a lot of years since the even-audit your and you do not win them. that's odd to say about the giants, but i really appreciate mr. peskin and appreciate your voice supervisors. like you said, we try to have fun on our job. we try to make it an experience for all the taurus. we don't want them going back to wherever they come from all over the world and saying they're bad experience good we do have one-2% of the guys, not people, persons. we make up for those guys. they don't quite have that skill. so, i want to thank all of you giants fans and i want to thank all the board of supervisors and my
4:40 am
friend mr. peskin. thank you. >>[applause] >> mr. cobb, mr. cobb your words were nice but we really want to hear the bell. we want to hear that award ringing bell. >> really jamaat >>[bell ringing >> thank you. >>[applause]
4:41 am
>> we are off. you heard about. next up will hear from supervisor tang >> thank you. i was wondering with the spell came from the museum? that's a hard one to talk. today is my honor to welcome up to our board chamber mr. sanford johnson. come on up. >>[applause] >> welcome to city hall. as many of you know it's no secret i'm a huge fan of taking care of our animals, cats and dogs. san francisco, so for my honor for district for i decided to honor someone who has since 24
4:42 am
run the sunset had survived in the sunset district on noriega street. since then, mr. johnson has focused on high-quality dyes and natural supplements to hope has a better and longer lives. enter his shop sanford has been able to mentor and train many young people in sales and customer service. he is also the owner of one of the first professional dog walking services in san francisco, which is called tales of the city dog walking, and they been in operation since 1993. a fun fact. he's pretty sure that it is the only dog walking service to be mentioned they-in his column. so, it's really obvious to all of us in the sunset community that sanford said huge animal lover results hundreds of dogs, cats, rats and to joe's under forever homes to pet adoption and seemed sanford at community festivals is out there with doggie treats and many people i know a lot of
4:43 am
visiting his booth. sanford businesses help devise or other noriega version corridor and he was there before it became the hot new place to be in san francisco. before please like -anyone came along sanford was that. he's helped bring excitement and community to that area. he is one of the founders of the ocean beach music and arts festival, which is now one of her most popular events in the district. helps organize the uncle salty show which provides family currently live music on sunday afternoons. in addition to providing a vital service to the community, sanford is also active in community service. disorganized beach cleanups and work as a skipper with a taylor's as part of the bay area association of disabled sailors which provides recreational and competitive sailing for people with physical disabilities. sanford is in our outer sunset with his partner debbie and and jordan
4:44 am
and were lucky to have them as a part of our community. he's one of those sunset characters. so it's an incredible honor to recognize you today. thank you for taking time out of your busy day, running the business community city hall. >>[applause] >> would you like to say a few words? >>first of all, i like to thank you supervisor speaking for the accommodation. and i like to think all of my fellow recipients collectively. if the work that we all have done to make this a great place to live. so, thank you. >>[applause] >>wonderful good on this
4:45 am
presentation is going to come from supervisor wiener >> thank you. colleagues, today i the privilege of honoring britney-for black history month. if britney could come up? colleagues, as many of you know britney is a regional government relations director for the american heart association. she collaborates with local government entities the committee stakeholders to
4:46 am
make system-level policy change and ensure that everyone has access to healthy by style choices and decent healthcare. of course, barry somers of the sport including myself and supervisor cohen mar and others that the pleasure of working with britney on various issues including the soda tax, tobacco 21, e cigarettes and various other issues of critical importance to the health of all of our communities. in addition to improved individual and community all, the goal of britney's work is to demonstrate the importance and feasibility of health policy intervention at the local level. as an example at the federal and state policymakers. beyond organizing and advocacy britney volunteers of the curriculum cochair to the new leaders council in oakland and organization committed to training progressive clinical on maneuvers. she's an
4:47 am
adventurous traveler as well. having visited brazil, burma, italy angola and many places in between. any uses are global perspective to shape and guide the way that she translates the parents that connect us, the social and health needs of those portable communities the role of government help to act with intention when it comes to improving health outcomes. through her work at the american heart association and the new leaders council britney is a terrific example what it means to pave the way for the next generation of leadership. bernie, i would say it's been a real pleasure to work with you on so many different health issues and you're one of those people where you not only have incredible knowledge base, but you have the confidence to be able to work with some very difficult casts of characters sometimes and to make sure that we are really on a good path. so, i'm appreciative of all your work in partnership and is my pusher to honor you and reckon as you today. so, thank you very much. >>[applause]
4:48 am
>>thank you for this honor. it's incredible to receive a commendation for my hometown and be recognized for the work that i'm doing. growing up in san francisco i grew up in the fillmore, and i also attended private gold for high school in the heat and i really balance between two spaces. learn very quickly a people can walk the same streets, rising buses, shop at the same stores, but be completely divorced from the experience of other people living within 10 blocks away from. very early on i knew that even not miss a vocabulary to articulate it i knew i wanted to be an advocate for others because i saw that access and opportunity were sometimes worth more than matter or
4:49 am
simply working hard. the work that i do is a supervisor wiener said, essentially translating experiences. athena picture for people in power who may have never experienced poverty, hunger, discrimination, police surveillance, job rejection, or fractured education system. public health sits at the intersection of all the social injustices. it feels kind of ridiculous sometimes in all honesty to have to use bicultural language to capture injustice marginalization but this is the work i'm committed to and i want to show people that their neighbor, their janitor, persons serving them at a café might be standing beside him but they're relegated by design to exist but need them. i think that tragedy like the water sources in flint michigan cement this and are understood. >>[applause] >> i'm grateful for the opportunity to revive political education committee
4:50 am
stakeholders and decision-makers alike. so that folks learn how to navigate and disrupt the system. many times we don't understand just because people are not using the same vocabulary as us work in public policy doesn't mean they don't know therefore weren't healthy the reason for the property or poor health is largely systemic. i want to close by saying i'm really grateful to receive this,, especially during black history month. it's a really big on her and us supervisor cohen black lives better every month of the year not just black history month. but so does lack health. >>[applause] so does lack health. look forward to continued opportunities to work with all of you towards that end. thank you for this recognition. >>[applause]
4:51 am
>> thank you. congratulations, again. >>[applause] >> next, supervisor yee >> san francisco has really a lot of great schools and i just happened to have one of the gems in san francisco. in district 7. in this gem at a school there are a lot of great
4:52 am
educators and there happens to be a gem of an educator in this gem of a school in san francisco. so, as a former educator and a board of education member, i am proud to honor this very special educator. his name is mr. j taylor., on altered, , come on up >>[applause] >> as you can see has a lot of fans. it served as a student advisor at the alice alternative school for over 20 years. pretty much since alice started. he is one of the reasons why alice is a national blue ribbon school. jay doesn't
4:53 am
ring eight table carvalho, but i'm sure he's no stranger from ringing bells and blowing whistles at the alice bonior. j not only counsels the students in academic's but also in character development and conflict resolution. his work on peer mediation program teaches young men and women how to resolve conflicts constructive. jay has a natural ability to connect with both youth and he has a very special gift for encouraging those that are at risk. as a shrunk black male role model, he shepherds the black student union had alice one you could just create a safe-helix create a safe engaging in support of space where students can grow together in the community. he guides the black student union not only to service his own
4:54 am
members but also organize service projects that benefit the entire school community. he also champions the atlantic program at the alice-. thanks- this is a k it's good. thanks to j's leadership the school has produced a record number of student athletes, including-and get this-aagain this is a small k-800 including a number of number one right goals by sculpting three years in a row. >>[applause] >> j taylor is not only an educator and advisor but a mentor to so many both inside and outside of the school. he is an adult was earned the trust of many students and advocate for social justice and greater equity and equality for all. someone who advocates on behalf of this greater community. you know, as you know
4:55 am
alice is a dual language school. jay, i'm sure in 20 years has picked up a word or two in chinese. so, when you make your statements, i have to remind you this is an inward speaking crowd. i'm really honored and proud to recognize him today for over two decades of humble and courageous leadership, which is paved the way for future generations of leaders. thank you, mr. taylor. >>[applause] >> thank you. thank you supervisor yee and all the supervisor. this is definitely an honor to receive this award appreciate all the people that are supporting me here, which i really think that this award is for. it's for them because they supported me through all my years at alice through all my community endeavors. my family here also. so, it really is
4:56 am
just a special testament to say someone else noticed. they give me all the thank you's, the knowledge moves and everything, but it's good that supervisor yee was able to acknowledge that also. i truly appreciate and i'd like to say thank you to all of you. i did want to read a poem from one of my favorite authors next thing that at the end. but let me start. black. one word that can silence a room. threatened a crowd. determine the life. what why must we prove our existence ? our voices are supposed to be the loudest, but how, we were constantly silenced? when we speak up we are minimize. having to fight for the privilege where others are just handed it. i look around my white world trying to write my
4:57 am
own story. but it seems that it is already been written for me. am i just supposed to conform to fit the story? everyone around me can empathize with each other, how can you empathize with me when the shoe that i walk in and can't fit you? just because you can read about my life in a book, it doesn't make up for the mile he did not walk you get a trophy at the end of your journey. whereas, i get scarred and damaged fee. i walk to journeys. i've had to understand to lives. but some will always only have to understand one. until my black world can be seen by the white world, i will always be on to journeys. >>[applause] >> so, that is what my favorite authors because that
4:58 am
was my daughter my 16-year-old daughter, cory. so, thank you. >> i like to invite your family to come up. >> >>[applause] >> that supervisor presented
4:59 am
his supervisor avalos. >> thank you. what a call up having bogus kevin bogus. so, i want to spend this moment to recognize someone who's been a core part of my office work in district 11 in the organizing happening in district 11. my office has spent a lot of time working with you many groups to develop a voice of people in my district and kevin bogus has been a big part of that especially through community united for help and justice. he is also a common advocates for children and youth, where he is the current director of policy number. prior to that he was the director of youth organizing
5:00 am
, and also an organizer with smack, student making a change. who's doing a lot of work at city college level. what are the guiding principles of common advocates the people most impacted by an issue or problem should be the ones were involved to make that change. kevin has been a big part of that making sure young people can be part of making changes in their environments to places where they go to school, and places where they were. he is been instrumental in helping students organize around ethnic studies here in san francisco. he's also been a big part of black lives matter and really the leadership of black youth in the city. most recently, he's been involved with my office in the community effort around getting for the housing developed in district 11 and actually impart district 7 as well. through


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