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tv   Board of Education 22316  SFGTV  February 27, 2016 1:00pm-3:01pm PST

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in the room stay otherwise overflow space yeah. >> sure yes. >> okay so we have a quick in the amount of announcement if everyone can be a little bit quiet please. sorry a quick in the amount of we have interpretation in spanish and cantonese if you know of anyone that needs the service refer to the back of the room we have the equipment this will be repeated in two
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languages. >> (speaking spanish.) >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay all right. the regular meeting of the board of education the san francisco unified school district for tuesday, february 23, 2016, is now called to order. >> roll call. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns ms. fewer ms. chin and mr. totiano thank you very much. >> please join me for the pledge of allegiance.
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>> thank you all for approval of minutes the regular meeting of february 9th can i have a motion? >> so moved second any corrects roll call please. ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell plumbi dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns 7 i's. >> we want to welcome all of you who are here with us for anyone that wants to address the board of education i know that is many of you, you have to fill alleyway out a yellow card and please give to ms. casco before the item it called she'll accept those and make sure your name is called and be able to speak mr. superintendent our thoughts for the evening.
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>> thank you planting and a quick note question are capacity in the broad room some of you may be asked to step outside there is monitor you'll be able to listen to the befooard meeti if you wanted to exit to give on the opportunity we'll appreciate that with that said good evening and just two quick announcements you first of all, that we cek february 2nd it through the 6 is parents conferences time for the k through 8 to accommodate this their closing one hour earlier many of the skulchools are usin this for the patent consult and survey we hasay had on and on or
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4 hundred care gives we take this information very, very seriously we get our february and opinion most of parents conference and the survey are opportunity opportunity to share information about the students and schools pleased 35esh9d and thank you for the famed our critical partners in serving all the students and now ladies and gentlemen, on a more serious topic as superintendent i see how mu how much work to create a thoughtful and thriving scliement in our schools and offices through education reflection and illegally corrective action of with working to eliminate stoops within their community but we must do better events have been think unfolding and allowilowel school those shined the light
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deep anesthetic problems the country and right here in our own community and in our schools your schools are a microcosm of the nation an offense display was put up during black history month and that is as indicated lift to talk about ongoing concerns hasome have shared had you how they feel their culture the is unsupported and subject to stoops they shared you are how they hear typical remarks before their qualicultivate and academic community i'm deeply disturbed has this board of education i applaud those students for speaking up about their inheritanexperience (clapping.) >> for the past several weeks several conversations about what
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can, done to change the experience the african-american at lowell i assure you the stanford university and another lowell high school are listening wear linking listening and agree that is absolutely unacceptable we stand with the students as alli allies. >> thank you our students for sharing your recommendations it is absolutely unacceptable you've had to endid your the stoops and permanent sometimes from adults it is absolutely unacceptable that time and time again, you don't hear your race or conflict or history reflected the culture of the school despite the studies across all the schools make no mistake it is our collective go bajob to make sur, your our students feel safe and to mash are mayke sure that the
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histories and cultures are wroelg e woolen into the math and science and social studies is it so all of our collective job to create the equitable measures for all the schools and to make sure justice is a reality this board of education this administration and most definitely this superintendant stand instead fascinating with our students i call on everyone you have my continued commitment that all of us who work in the public schools must call out racial bias our task to eliminate any institutional or systemic barriers that make it difficult for any one of the students to reach their graduation vision 2025 i'd like to commend open a personal note i'd like to commend and appreciate the students who
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experienced their fourth amendment right to assembly peacefully and bring attention to thirty this issue your demonstration is the civil engagement and standing up i want to personally assure you as the superintendeant of the san francisco unified school district your voices are heard and respected and valued thank you for being part of solution clean (clapping.) >> recognized and resolutions of companions. >> thank you planting we have the honor this evening of honoring two of our distinguished employees and first up with the distinguished service award is one of the employees renée that will be honored by -
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(clapping.) - renée honored by the executive director in our student family personnel students family and community support division mr. thomas green. >> good evening superintendent and commissioners self-defense a great honor to be here to celebrate renée vargas a commitment she's the 17 year of providing services to the families and students and staff and all of those years have abobeen the office of services she exemplifies the roar crawvalues provides the best service as possible renée supports the high school division and never refuses for the elementary school and others positions she
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daily goes above and beyond the call of duty and care to discharge her dudes he's she's genuine person as well a dloftd grandmother and there are children from her family that are graduates and lowell high school respectfully she current has a daughter the 8 grade and james lick middle school so it is interpreted to make sure that she shows the support she provides to students and families the bilingual and spanish speaker she provides oral and written interpretations we're fortunate to have you renée as take this opportunity to congratulate you and thank you for all your service (clapping.)
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thank you. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> (clapping.) thank you to all the team all my team pepsi services we couldn't have done it without you you guys and we're there from k through 8 to k through 12 thank you (clapping.) >> congratulations vargas and next to present the rave special service to manual young is assist principal at burton
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holiday. >> good evening, everyone manu manually that's what his mother calls him the director the band at the high school she's amazing startled did newly improved band and since then, the john burton high school has grown to the largest program showcasing ensemble and jazz a rock band and others bands a color guard and even a marching band. >> (laughter). on top of creating the only competitive high school band in san francisco he collectively operates with like and; however, mission high school he encourages the students to stay in band
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burlington >> and you may ask well, what the students say about him i'll tell you they say he's phenomenal quite a few of the students phenomenal a competent individual and he's a teaching seriously and carees bayshorabo the students and should be a counselor one student said a 10 out of 10 and no an 11 out of 10 (laughter) students go on to is he loves the students he's a good role model and dedicated we maurikes sure that we do our best any educator will feel warm inside if they hear the students remarks mrs. inspire impressions by helping students find their heightened musk talent the
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lifetime experience congratulations mr. young you're making a positive impact on the young people (clapping.) >> congratulations. >> we're going to take a picture. >> i'm really bad at this everybo everything inch accomplished goes to the students of san francisco san francisco a blerg to work with them the faculty and the parents are the most supportive this would not have happened so thank you very much
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(clapping.) >> comments from the board congratulations mr. vargas and mr. young mrovn ton the student delegate report ms. chin and mr. totiano. >> thank you parapet and the superintendent tonight is a special night we'll be voting on 16 and in regards to the vote 16 resolution i'd like to add in terms of the students goals we as a whole hope to enhance more students to enter prematurity route and as the resolution will also enhance the civic and leadership development as within the core values of vision 2025 further we as a whole aim to have democracy by extending the ages to 16 to experience voting and this resolution aims to have a positive voting turnout as san
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francisco unfortunately is louis more families that decreases our voting population as for the san francisco unified school district is ends by lore the age to a reasonable age as in high school students are directing getting access to sfpeak up for their thoughts the majority as a san francisco unified school district students have located in san francisco through the introduction of voting for 16 it is relatively to include the young community in voting preliminary because youth will be able to vote for the adults that run our education program here in san francisco unified school district thoolts adults have data for the electriciacon to the district a lack of direct use of youth involvement to making decisions and gaining feedback as a whole
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incorporating the youth to 16 has ties to have us vote on issues that our district and city related to the lives and ultimately our future moreover we'll be looking sendi disconnected message to the adult and youth in high school thank you. >> (clapping). >> thank you president haney and superintendant look around you there is a lot of kids there is a lot of youth and you see kids those are our vision and this is something we looked forward we are here for one reason for all of us the funny thing we should be doing our homework so thanks but all the students play a role we're one equal body vote 16 is history as students 16 to 8 we
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have a chance to have a stronger voice they want to vote so far the members of the board it should be a privilege and right thank you all for coming here tonight and most of us grew up like teresa we love the city as our home owe grew up here all 17 years of my life we have - should have a voice to change we grew up here all our lives and look at the kids many of us striving and going to college and doing youth outreach but all the kids youth forgive youth in this room have imagination and a mind we have ideas many of which are because of who we are - of where we are if i'm not mistaken
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we we're all here phenomenon one reason the future the youth of san francisco unified school district the next generations is a vision we want to be a legacy for them as well i want to give proposes to the shirt because of what th they say hash tag to vote thank you (clapping.) thank you oh, i'm sorry i also want to mention our s ac submit youth down at fort mason center by the vote our next meeting monday at 5 o'clock a public council anyone can attend i like to say dinneer is provid for anyone that want to show up if you want to attend or make a preparedne presentation or like a copy please refer yourselves to the
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coordinator michelle. >> thanks. >> (clapping.) oh, thank you, commissioner fewer. >> i want to say to the students i'm honored to serve on the board and completely are trust you with the vote and also with the future of this world thank you. >> a big responsibility so that was i think a perfect build out to the next item unless an objection from the colleagues item q out of order for immediate suspension of the board rules may i have a motion and a second for the first reading in support of political frachlt of 16 and 17 year-old for local action. >> so moved. >> second. >> roll call vote. >> suspensions ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney
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ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton planning departme mr. walton ms. wynns 6 i's. >> can i hear a may i have a motion and a second for a formal resolution of the introduction. >> so moved and second. >> all right. we'll now read the resolution into the record i'll start in support of political frachlt of 16 and 17 year-old for local elections by mr. haney and ms. norton and a higher participation it the corner of a healthy democracy and whereas we have a historically low voter turnout the state of california and california is demonstrated by 25 percent the 2015 municipal election and a mere 29 percent in november of 2013 the municipal election and whereas
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the low rate of voter participation is the bold solution and whereas sthey have the lowest turnout and whereas the population of voters disproportionate older and whiter and whereas in san francisco the average age of an elect our is 45 to reach 47 plus in 2030 and the 16 he 17 year-old voting it instituted in arrest gunmen and austria and brazil and two maryland cities with levels of voter turnout out amongst the 16 and 17 in scott sanchez planning department 1k507b8d they were extend to the 16 and 17 year-old after an 85 percent the scottish receive drum and 16 and 17 year-old have
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a higher voter turnout and research shows that voting is had been july and they will continue to vote and whereas research suggests that the early vote are more likely to be a lifetime voter and age 16 is a better age to beginni ithan 18 t is a difficult time to establish new habits and one in 3 sfusd and 16 and 17 year-old with household in immigrant have a larger influenced on local elections. >> whereas the two san francisco neighborhood with the highest numbers of children under 18 bayview and visitacion valley have the largest turnout and 16 and 17 voting will encourage the dialogue between teens and their parents and guardian hoping to bring awareness in families and
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whereas reach suggests that student voting increases the voter turnout of households and whereas as age 16 young people are vetted in their community of original they care about local issues are enrolled in history and have the opportunity to have conversations at home and school that support informed voting choices and whereas high schools are the best place to have the responsibility associated with the right to vote and whereas leo the voting age gives the students the engagement offend in sfusd high schools and whereas month high school seniors will not turn 18 in time for the elections and this is an intense transition making it resulting in many young people to vote in their 20s and whereas
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giving the students a chance to vote frbefore leaving high scho have shift the tide of low participation rates and whereas rea research demonstrates that 16 and 17 year-old have reached the level that is needed to vote and whereas 16 and 17 year-old can what abo work with hours and drive cars and pay taxed and use public services and are elected by government decisions and whereas 16 and 17 year-old voting is gotten support from the council the spring semester and whereas the assembly members introduced a state constitutional amendment that allows 16 and 17 year-old voting beginning a conversation about and frachlt of 16 and 17
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year-old and whereas effort to include 16 and 17 the municipal elections are underway in berkley additional washington, d.c. and the voting will further warrant the public education the enrichment felt engagement and whereas this is an impact of the young lives ought to consider them accountable to their needs and constituents and whereas san francisco immigrants community deserves mull inclusion where t with the rights for the elections and whereas the nonsense from voting policies administrative and economic challenges to the school district goal to vote and whereas increasing the tax on voting rights income tax particularly directed to young people and community of color the lore the san francisco angle
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is a practical intervention the president pro tem and frachlt and whereas self-san francisco has to build on the long-standing commitment for the democracy by the first major u.s. city to expand ritthuman r to 16 and 17 therefore, be it resolved supports the supervisors protection charter amendment that so forth the voting to authorize of 16 and 17 year-old to vote in the elections including the elections for the brufksz and therefore, be it resolved that san francisco condominiums to the reversible and education and precipitation of young voter should the charter be passed and be it therefore resolved that sfusd urges the san francisco board of education to consider an amendment to charter the
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amendment to include nonsense 16 and 17 year-old old in municipal electio elections. >> all right. so now i'll call for public comment on this item so what i'll do i'll read all the names on the cards and allocate thirty minutes for this item it is about one minute each considering the number of cards as you may know you'i'll call t names you can come up in any order colleagues, any questions or comments?
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>> you can come up in any order. >> good evening board of education some of may you knkno
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the postponed and chair of the committee of the commission growing up in any household played the role and my father is participated in campaigns such as governor jerry brown and dianne feinstein and my older siblings have participated in council at s ac c i when i was younger like 16 i would have loved to be able to vote the elections especially reasons i'm opinionated in my views and the reason he support vote 16 i believe we are that 16 and 17 we're smart enough to voice our opinions and allow to be given the chance to vote if we do that we'll be suable to me a contributions and express our
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opinions and that is a really great thing that i really want to do i've been part of the 16 since it was first announced in january of 2016 and still intuitively and still going strong thank you. >> (clapping.) hello commissioner, i won't repeat all of the amazing factual information why we should support the voting age to 16 i feel confident we'll pass all the support today, however, i kn i think that is the beginning of the fight in passing a charter amendment for the 16 and 17 year-old there are a lot of those adults that is a it is impossible we will not do this but the same people said we wouldn't be able to get free muni and said women shouldn't
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have the right to vote we wouldn't get equality in remind2016 and women have the biggest poli political voting blocks and lgbt people are more likely to vote than our straight friends i know that together we will pass the lore the voting age to 16 i know that people in san francisco are the most political and savvy of any age around the country thank you (clapping.) >> good evening. i'm my name is arian an eight grader and saint ab people didn't listen to what i had to see or my opinion was for the important and even in my family they don't listen to what i have to say i'm the youngest so i think the 16 and
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17 year-old should vote they have a strong opinion and should have a voice that people should listen to so that's why i think that 16 and 17 year-old should burg be able to vote and 16 and 17 year-old can drive they should have the right to vote and they can pay taxes so they should be responsible enough to vote too that's why i think that vote 16 is the right thing (clapping.) >> hello my name is the clerk will take the roll lien i'm a senior in high school you might wonder where the high school is clearly not in the sfusd school district i make the weekly commute from my small town in la
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festive in east bay you because i believe with voting 16 is one of the biggest moves in san francisco the area right now and probably within my lifetime the thing is that there is a great disparity in the ability for youth to communicate with the executives in favor of their high school and curriculum there is this to - serious and effective communication going on between you know the executive director decisions in my school district the high school district i'm here to voice my support for voting at 16 years old hopefully where our support and with the unified school district district leading the way we will be able to create a functioning and proper reform with voting at 16 we'll be able
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to increase the communication going on between 16 and 17 year-old attending the high schools that adults are creating for us right now, you know, with our support and your guidance so thank you very much (clapping.) >> my name is shannon i'm a sophomore at academy high school i'm speaking as an advocate for vote 16 but a year nature ago i thought i wound be here i was diagnosed with lupus it looping us took me away from baseball after two months the hospital i couldn't barley play baseball life in prison without parole us focused me to rethink my purposes i thhad to focus on stem and medication to help
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others with looping us i had to put my dreams of playing baseball second it was this decision i look back on a huge turning point in my life youth wh can make decisions i felt it myself and for ever youth in this room made a decision big or maul that is important what is preventing us from deciding who makes the decisions for us we are not only capable we deserve a voice in our community 16 for democracy. (clapping.) >> hi, thank you for thank you for having me. i'm oliver and i'm a 16-year-old youth advocate for vote 16 when i was a freshmen in high school a lot of my friends were seniors that meant when the next election cycle came in 2014 most
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of them moved across the country and talked with them and are you voting this year oh, we don't know how or oh, none sent us a ballot in 2014 more than half of the measures were effecting youth including the children and family first soda tax and the minimum wage increase amongst others in a year where more than half of the ordinances directly effected the young people the people i thought were the most thoughtful pole apeople and wer to be representing my interests were not voting i realized vewe have to get young people engaged the effective lore the voting age it's ability to sixth effect civic education the lore voting
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acknowledge teaches the students how to vote and the science is clear the early the people vote the more they'll voted over their lifetime and a lore voting age includes the families and community members the process of learning to vote and increase voting in those groups public education was founded the united states in part to teach people how to become effective citizens yet we don't teach h e people how to vote it is important to be a citizen in school the students are more engaged the democracy that's why it is crucial we take the step to lower the voting age to 16 thank you. >> (clapping) a >> my name is sheen i'm
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1-year-old i attended accident leadership high school from the neighborhood of visitacion valley and go to school allow me to ask you this as a minor weren't there so many things you wish you could have changed a moment differentiate yourselves and put unifies of yourselves in a minor's place die think at the age of 16 california grabltd us the right to be he sa to be emancipation proclamati to be emancipated we should be able to vote and as a minor our voices need to be heard but there are so many adults that misuse they're voting by not voting at all and the united
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states if the legislative didn't give the minors a chance how do you know how we feel (clapping.) >> i'm 17 from leadership high school latina girl and a youth i deserve a right to vote 1965 the crow laws to keep people of color not voting african-american to stop learning a tradition then and now the equality is in a different phase it was my voice i was brethrorn with a right tok it. >> adults you all speak of empowering youth so the way the highest way to give us - the highest power for us to use our voice and adults let us speak for ourselves you don't knthink
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care about what happens ousttsi of my home my friend is shot outside of the home the only way i can find justice for the hospitable police it give my voice to my friends and family for those who are scared to speak out 16 politically for scholarship and some are going to college their - that effects my schooling as a whole. >> so i pay taxes and drive and liable outnumber us and liberals are voting and let us join us by ageism we as a whole can be safer and have a better union as preamble state
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(clapping.) >> good evening my name is mclaren i'm a sophomore i believe that 16 and 17 year-old should be able to vote because the choice the politicians effect teen we're pca income taxes and should are a say 0 how our money is spent. >> i go to school of the arts i believe that 16 and 17 year-old should vote and also, because people of color are unrecommended in the voter turn outs come to visitacion valley i want to represent my community and represent the children of color. >> my name is montana i go to lowell high school a year ago i knew nothing about youth employment and my first gateway into the government one first, i knew the name and the cause and
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knew what they were stewardshanr i truly support voter 16 is gives us a reason to care look at the turnout through is so many that truly care about the cause as teenagers we're given responsibility and we understand yet not have the chance for our voice to be heard and be able to achieve our dreams or change the world we're not given the vote that's exactly why i support voter 16 (clapping.) hello my name is d on a year at john burton high school i believe that 16-year-old should vote for the topless as voting to a 16 and 17 year-old i assure you, you they'll vote they have a say in the government affairs and one more thing we all support vote 16
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(clapping.) >> good evening my name is jerry it the snophomore at international high school the reason he support voted 16 and a youth commission on the san francisco youth commission being on the youth commission gives me an interesting view on san francisco personally i was a very ignorant shellchild knew ng about san francisco but having the chance to be on the commission i know how our city government works and the mrobz and things like that and i think that lore the voting age to 16 brings more people into the loop they won't be as ignorant this is important because as youth there are decisions our
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government makes affects us and having more nonprofin depth kno will better - will be more educated yeah that's why i support vote 16 (clapping.) >> hi my name is alien a teacher at mission high school i have to tell you when i heard about the vote 16 movement i was skeptical and sometime, i see kids at in their worse but more engaged and empowered that was hard not to jumps on board i think that is important we increase the civic engagement have people the voting movement as early as possible and make sure our public officials are accountable to young people he urge your support
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(clapping.) >> hi, i'm not i'm 14 he go to foster mission high school i'm sure most of you know me (laughter) i have a lot of ideas and it kinds of annoys me i'll not share them this is what really counts two years if vote 16 passes i'll be the year it came into effect and you know that's something that really matters i want to choose who represent me at board of supervisors i think that is important possible could get past i feel left tuaround p we me and my friends talk politics at school thank you. >> vote 16.
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>> (clapping.) good evening my name is jerry have on ai'm a senior at lowell holiday as a child i accompany my father to all the polls it ignited a desire to cast a ballot of my hone opposing in the school district we have no voice in the shaping the public education and you as a member of the board of education i feel confident you should trust our students in making informed and well educated decision i'll be 18 the upcoming election we can benefit into the impact in our community for this reason it is important to me the rejectinext generatio greater say not only the government but in the election of government officials thank
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you. >> (clapping). >> hello, i go - i'm a proud senior as mission high school and on the youth commission and you know san francisco has a very high percentage of a lot of people that are immigrant and they come to san francisco and they get to become nationaliz nationalizedson's e citizens and their essential the second language their language they don't know the convenient last year of how to voor the laws bue which were that you know go to the schools and understand the text more than them so the students were allowed to vote they'll be more involved in you know in the processes of voting and help out the participated and more voter turn around that will overall help the body of
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san francisco because you know the voting is the strongest thing to do changing something you have to vote and if you're worried 16 and 17 year-old voting i think you should be more troubled are the voting for donald trump that's a real problem (clapping.) >> all right. hi, i'm irs a sophomore at lowell high school and a counselor at the school and i care about politics a lot i feel i've spoken to you and i spend ever opportunities discussing oversee issues i contribute to the political community and the decision in san francisco i'm not alone and not special i'm with only one of thousands of students that care
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about the city we deserve the franchise we deserve the ability to contribute to the community and help our community leadership for the myriad of problems we care and want to vote thank you. >> (clapping) a >> hello, i'm james the treasurer of the student council in burdening hollywood i go to burld the myong leigh. >> what i love about san francisco the diversity the acceptance of the community this does also ties into voting pr the diversity and acceptance 83 and the community but i represent my school in several organizations programs and that's because i want people
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to know that john burton burden something special and voicing the opinions for the high school from the bayview district i go around the city and california i've been to conferences in sacramento and it's awesome but i meet spoke up and adults that see me as a regular high school student and want to show i'm more than that not our regular gentleman in high school but my voice as vote 16 we can express our voices to the city and county of san francisco questwe should make sure the youth are not underrepresented starting now gives us more room thank you. >> (clapping).
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>> we have one win minute. >> two minutes. >> oh, 250i8 talk about myself i'm a debateer. >> 7 minutes left and more speakers so speed up it up. >> hello, i'm a junior at mission high school and -- excuse-me. the public relation officer the pros and cons all to address as a student of color excuse me. the vote 16 as stated by mayor ed lee in the 2009 letter our african-american citizens face gaps those social factors left to a disturbing fact quotas stated by mayor ed lee the african-american communities are suffering greatly we need the youth to beggar to take robot foreign their parents nowadays people are kicked out for gentrification for police prult
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and not find a great job let's be an agent of taking charge give us the opportunity to do what is needed thank you. >> (clapping). >> good evening board of education in the second place a wilson wong a senior in abraham including but not limited lincoln high school in october i realized something very important about myself i had depression and it was something that really effected any everyday life in san francisco psychological /* school and now coming to face the problems in how i live throughout the school with this
1:54 pm
medical problem i came to think what if someone else also has to condition like me and not have the resources i did so i wouldn't like to be able to vote for more - sorry. >> (clapping.) >> you're good. >> you're good (clapping.) more outreach against this topic obama said recently that in the 99 percent of people voted for elections for presidential campaig candidat candidates it won't matter how the one percent matters why shouldn't we be able to vote in the system we live in thank you.
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>> (clapping). >> good evening my name is a liam i'm a senior at mission high school and president of the student advisory committee tonight like others i'm no support of voting 16 by now you've heard the pros and cons of supporting voting 16 but i want to spresz stress some points by allowing the 16 additional 17 achlgz we can prepare them for voting in federal elections this frachlt will per up until conversations within the apartment and guardian and information about what is on the ballot for example, last november we picked a day to look at the propositions on the booklet that night i went home and had deep conversations unfortunately, even though i was well-informed no voice the election so this alongside educating
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students will be on the ballot will bring an increase of voting in the city 16 will increase engagement all to personally thank the commission for the incredible work on vote 16 and the coordinator for the support for the commission thank you for your time (clapping.) >> hi, i'm a 9 grade i am here saying my parents do trust me to make the right choices i can prove to my parents you can make the right decisions please make the right decision (clapping.) >> good evening. i'm a representative from project one
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and sits on the youth advisory committee the city of san francisco for the funding to be here today i'm posture (laughte powerful. >> being able to vote onto the age of 16 and 17 would have helped me that effects my everyday for instance i'm originally from san francisco i couldn't vote in time to be able to save my apartment therefore i'm homeless at the age of 17 staying with friends and family to continue to go to school and delay my education if i had an opportunity to vote i probably could have built up the racial billboauild ups i'm but we stand together we move in unison we're here i'm
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here i matter we matter. >> we stand together always thank you. >> (clapping). >> hi good evening my name is lalia i'm 16 and i'm a youth advocate of the project the overview is a projegram that rae variance of having a parent incarcerated and policies that effect us as children of incarcerated parents so growing up i was not allowed to visited the my dad my mom without the possibility of parole take me two years away from being independent and one thing
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stopping me a policy saying i could n can't visit my dad by myself so it's been 12 years i'm growing into my own person with 4 dogs and paying rent this voting movement to vote at 16 and 17 will be a powerful impact on me to take part in a city movement to change what is happening and i love you. >> (clapping). >> hello, everybody my name is montana 17 years old an youth recognize of project one i moved to the city last year after living in a small town my entire life i like being involved in the city as a incarcerated child i lived with my mother and love to vote for important tops like
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incarcerated adult being allowed to apply for food stamps on a limited amount 0 of resources so m many allolaws effecting the incarcerated adults they effect the children i should be able to vote please vote yes, an vote 16. >> hello ami jeff adachi 18 year-old i'm a senior another lowell high school i come from immigrant praerntd he grew up in an environment i had to make decisions for my parents i still do they're not able to do they're going to doctor appoint and such we're the future we should have a say in the future how do you expect us to take
2:01 pm
advantage of our future we have cultivate changes and prohibited from sweet spot out on the policies i believe that age is more than a leg right to vote. >> (clapping). >> high am joshua a freshmen at lowell high school and part of san francisco vote 16 empowerment academy i was part of 3406789 after participated in generation that is a nonprofit organization that focuses on promoting u.s. democracy and in groups it taught me community values for what i'm passionate about i'm surely fighting for this and i didn't have a vote but a conversation with district 4 superintendant katie tang i thought the youth lacked voices
2:02 pm
the city he disagreed i am that most youth don't know there is resources and give us a voice i believe that society as a whole we have had a voice and today, i want to give us a voice the city i want to give us that effects the city and brings different perspectives create a better place and environmentalist for youth to thrive and live the movement is not just about my city but the nation and the climbing percentage of adults and boosting the influence of the government this movement will give you the government the full prospective on what the voters truly want and allows us as youth youth hato have an impt on the things that effect our lives we urge you to support
2:03 pm
this decision thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening board of education i'll try to keep this short and sweet i two to two letters from the citywide advisory committee that endorsed and . >> i'm julian a 17 years old one of few students in pie graduating class that will not be able to rotate the presidential election this letter made we wonder abowhat i was about being 18 considered an adult for someone that was born three weeks more likely be to vote more educated than my own i'm constantly skururrounded by
2:04 pm
youth to make changes from the youth and the advisory committee and the youth organization like project what the 3 - student survey of 80 percent will absolutely or most definitely vote in i have segiven the chanl this passion and drive and across the country to make changes polls continuing show a low young voter turnout a friend of mine said youth are intentionally told our opinions don't matter we're not educated and knowledgeable enough to vote and by psa a law that allolaws allows the 16 and 17 year-old to vote that we matter our voices matter we have a say we are able to make changes the community
2:05 pm
more than just organizations we participant in but a governmental level so i encourage and i ask the board of education to support this resolution to purport 16 and take the first step forward in giving the 16 and 17 year-old years old a voice the city tatoui (clapping.) thank y hi good eveni, good evening. i from lowell high school i'm also a filipino immigrant and i was studies i read about the filipinos the creountry as well as the city stfsz my first time in learning about the driven society we live in this sparked my interest in getting involved in my community excelsior and gentrification and
2:06 pm
eviction is happening at a high rate on average the voting population is an adult from 20 years old and up given the youth the opportunity to vote increases the diversity and the voting population as most say the future depends on the youth it is critical for us to learn about politics at a young age for more knowledge about voting we believe that am shouldn't burg burg unable us to voice our opinions and building that we should motivate youth to care about politics and education thank you (clapping.) >> hi, i'm laurel a snor at lowell how much time have you asked our kids or teenagers how to work your computer or something related to the
2:07 pm
internet well, i see the 16 and 17 year-old have a state your first name grasp on the internet and know how to get information and assess information our 16 years old and individuals we can he'll e-mail and text and other social media i have an application on hourly on my phone i'm very aware of what is going on and know how politics work and what is going on around me so i strongly believe that 16 and 17-year-olds are well for the record a informed and know what is going on in their community thank you. >> (clapping). >> good evening, commissioners i'm adele the grocery stodirect
2:08 pm
commission and i'm to keyed my minute to the chair. >> with good afternoon. i'm lee the chair of the san francisco youth commission i stand here to ask for your support for vote 16 and let you know some of the reasons this is an important issue and why you guys should support speit i'm s you know, we pay taxes by a state law their you know mandated to attend school by the age of 16 fairly shocking but it is shocking that 16 and 17-year-olds is being charged as as an adult that is scary we hold a 16-year-old as a 25-year-old if we tell you you're going to 850 for more than a decade and why not make
2:09 pm
an informed decision with the facts obviously and this is right and this is what is wrong (clapping.) you know i'm sure the strategies one in 3 students have an immigrant parented he was one of those when i attend lowell high school and my little brother is now he was lucky he was able to be born in the united states and enjoys a special privilege that is able to vote if vote 16 were to get passed and actually be implemented he'll be voting as soon as next year or this year a lot of us on that the 168 is too young to vote perhaps not the life experience do the research the research shows that we have the same knowledge as a 21-year-old as a 22-year-old i found that shocking but seeing
2:10 pm
the passion it is vain indicate i hope you guys see that as you consider that to the members that have joined assemblyman david which you and senator leno and for those who are declini deliberating and considering please listen to the voiyouth na dou doubt in my mind may very well sit in the seat you're sitting in your parents and lovend ones want the ability to say what the right and train them to, well-informed citizens that will inherit the united states thank you. >> (clapping). >> high on a hill it calls to me hi i teach eight grade i'm a
2:11 pm
research teacher we're here because we believe the power of our students voices our students at 13 have experienced and more informed opinions than a lot of the adults and deserve to advocate for the community and as an everyone patteacher i see what the issues are and the 7 grader that wrote letters 7 years are patient voter and thinot wonder why they can't vote i'll in. >> of students that spoke he absolutely want their voices to shape and i support vote 16 when i look at our classrooms i see the people people are effected by the decision and your decisions we're at a that i h e haveal time and the vote and voice we need to keep us ground
2:12 pm
and that's our sf students and the opportunity to realize their dreams thank you. >> (clapping). >> ladies and gentlemen, of board i'm paul line the c co-president of the latino san francisco and the vice president for the harvey milk club i'm going to read part of this they wrote and go ahead and do it we write to you today in a strong support and solidarity of the vote 16 support before the board of education many important initiative if simply divorlower voting age but for the political processes for 16 and 17 year-olds because this is their city two harvey milk it takes more compromise no politic deal to give people freedom voting is
2:13 pm
a right of citizens and support informative this resolution says that more san franciscans have a voice we strorlg encourage you to add your voice to the improvement board of supervisors and california safety legislative and others members are in support of this charter amendment we recognize it is important for the political engagement the youth as early as possible and expanding those voting rights for 16 and 17-year-olds will have more voting over the long term rank to allow the young voter to vote before leaving high school will make your democracy for resilient san francisco is a well-known leader in parliamentary democracy we have the right is a right not a
2:14 pm
privilege and at a time when states across the country are passing legislation to curtail the voting rights by the identification laws protecting and lgbtq and black and brorown community this guess a time to stand in solidarity and in support of expansion to an elect try that is effected by the decision of the elected leader and for these and many reasons the members of the harvey milk club strongly endorse this to amend the charter and expand the local ages for voting to 16 and 17 signed the harvey milk club lgbt. >> how are we on time. >> i'm clark david i'm a little bit confused to pick up
2:15 pm
condoms from the district is that wrong sorry to talk about the vote 16 (laughter) i just wanted to say i am fully supportive and i think that this is all about creating good habit at a young age we're talking about when i look back i thought about when i was 18 and going to college i don't remember if i voted or absentee i was off to college and so i think that you know all the studies show the elder people vote that the more engaged they are and this is just simply about creating great habit at a young am i highly encourage everyone to support that we want as many engaged in san francisco as the country as possible so thank you. >> (clapping). >> good evening
2:16 pm
i'm here with my colleague it together we represent dozen o that serving the youth and come out to support this initiative i'm not david and some of the youth have come we teach the youth how to take objection on its good lives and as tonight was not the perfect example of what community engagement looked like we work with over one thousand students and many the bay area and new students represents thousands of students that care and through burdening when you give the students the opportunity to engage they bring out the best in the community and show what positive change can look like i can't say that better than the youth said it so thank you. >> thank you my name is patty i represent the youth institute
2:17 pm
it believes in the power of young people and adults coming together to have change and the leveraging of the experience both youth and adults to become a part of a process that shapes the process and building in activating youth and look forward to those youths creating the voter guidelines guides and we'll learn from many years to come i want to say vote 16 and stand with us today. >> (clapping.) >> that's it all right. well, thank you all for your comments i'll open it up for the board for your comments and questions. >> scomploern. >> thank you i want to thank all the youth for coming out i'm honored to have co-chairsponsored this resolution with commissioner
2:18 pm
president haney and commissioner fewer commissioner fewer i'm moved by all the testimony from the youth you are why i do what i do the students of san francisco just never seized to amount me and how committed to make the world a better place as something else said i'm in awe of you i think that if i hadn't been committed this would have convinced me, you absolutely deserve a voice in the important decisio decisions we're making the city everyday i'm pleased to support this and pleased to vosupportiv the 16 charter amendment (clapping.) >> mr. chin. >> yes. i'd like to add on to that and thank you to all the speakers all to give a small shout out and recognize to
2:19 pm
public residents officer advisory committee demars she was a resident for a speech the competition at a university of bloeshg i'd like to give a short introduction it was at the last meeting. >> vice president walton. >> thank you parapet first of all, i just want to thank all the students that come oame out took the time to exercise oh, exerci exercise- your civic right i also want to say no other city in this world that has a more informed and more intelligent group of 16 and 17 year-old and so you should be commend for that (clapping.) >> you know i spent the last
2:20 pm
couple of months meanwhile with a lot of young people a lot of adult allies for youth 16 and with the youth commission and quite frankly it has taken me time to get to the point i was willing to support that not because i don't have faith in the 16 and 17 year-old the city but my parental instick out i've raised a 24 and 23-year-old it is hard to envision those same people (laughter) at times teach say we see them at their best and worst but when i hear stores of 16 years old that can't go see their parents carted or immigrant families don't have a voice this is a vehicle to exercise their vote and be part of system that
2:21 pm
effects their daily lives this changes me and effects me, i'm in full support of this and i think thank you - you that that one that will be important for all of us to work together the education aspects that councwom with t with this as we adults get informed so tutor your hard work and rallying around some is that is important i'm excited to see that and make sure you exercise this vote when we make that happen the city thank you. >> (clapping). >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you. i want to thank everyone for coming out tonight, you know, it is i agree with sxhoefrn but really important that all of us who are supportive of this really important for us to be able to hear from the students all the time but particularly so
2:22 pm
many thoughtful comments about aspects we might not have cared i'm completely in support i'm going to make one others person i think i'm the only person sitting at the table maybe with possible one on that couldn't vote until she was 21 i think that those who might agrugust me the same arguments but sadly is americans that are 18 can go to war in vietname but didn't votei listened to sllife and a hal- -f the things it concerned me ages 18 to 24 have the lottery vote the country 20 percent of those eligible that vote and so i actually think we have
2:23 pm
a responsibility not only to support this but also to be better do better at what we do at civic education and about making exercising our responsibility to educate students about the importance of they're voting what had maples and they actually can do i'd like to actually pursue right now whether or not we - this passes which i did surely will pass tonight by whether it is able to stand up to not legal action by those who are prep and have worried about that but whether it don't are not one of the things we ought to do pursue the idea we have learned from candidates that counties have the right to pass the ordinance or regulation things
2:24 pm
we need to pursue so that now students who are 17 can register and whether or not whether or not they are going to be 18 as we've heard in the next election you can register within a certain amount of time if you'll be able to vote in the next election but an actual fact if the elections department or the board of supervisors or whatever to get it done made 24 rule moof anyone that register will be valid when their 8 we've talked about that when we interviewed the candidates i don't think we a or anyone else pursued that i also think we should be talking to - i mean this ought to give us the opportunity to review our american government and see what we can do better about voter
2:25 pm
regist registration i'll ask the administration to pursue that and possible schedule a time to discuss that but reiterate my support for this but also ask whether we can have all the co-sponsoring on thco-sponsors this legislation. >> commissioner president murase (clapping.) >> thank you. >> i want to thank everyone for coming out and my colleagues for bringing this forward i want to be very honest i hawa on the fenced when i was - i wanted to wait to hear the argument that folks brought forward tonight they're coming pell argument my resolution see on the fact i have a 16 at home but also voting pattern are
2:26 pm
preliminarily predicted by parents voting habit so if you're a parent with a political party take oyour children are o same political party the testimony we've heard they will looked at the issue that by the care about i'm happy to be supporting tonight's resolution and i also want to acknowledge any conversations with the suspect student delegate report ms. chin and tloimemr. totiano this arissue and their advocacyn it as well just one point i want to emphasize what ms. wynns has said we can right now preregister folks in advance of them turning 18 and hang onto
2:27 pm
the registration cards until they turn 18 and they'll already be recommended ai hope we look t that circling and again thanks to everyone for coming out tonight. >> (clapping.) commissioner norton quickly. >> i want to clarify for the first reading we might have not yielded gotten to it but commissioner wynns and i are introducing that that does exactly what you've redd requested we have the power today to 6 years old have the power to preregister to vote according to the elections the california elections code so the resolution we've introduced in the first reading would allow the unified school district and the superintendant to make sure that that students are aware of their right to reregister to vote and hope the vote 16 will
2:28 pm
pass you'll have soul voting rights but you still ca caprice register at 16 you're ready to go the day you turn 18 and evidence in several states that have done this that improves the voting registration. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you so wow, i have some many comments after all of the testimony and is how incredible proud and impressed i am with all you that came out that was great to hear such a different group of kids talking about what they believe in not only was i impressed with the age group but the vast of schools public and private so thank you for coming out
2:29 pm
you know, some which of what becomes habit is trained from how your raised my kids who are 18 and 20 came with me every time i went to the poodles we'll have those long conversations in a long time and the poodles over multip multiple propositions they don't say an interest i know secreting we do and don't like to talk with me about it but funny kevin twut and i were talking about this your generation is aware of what is happening and needs to happen in order to make sure that you know we as a society continue and continue to be a more healthy society whether the issues you talk about around
2:30 pm
race issues around sustainability and climatic change, issues around education and it's value those are all things you are so much more conscious of and advocating for i appreciate that you know makes me feel better your generation as coming to its own we're going to be in much better hands this conversation tonight reminded me of that covet the flip that happened pat home over the last couple of years whethre i came home and the conversations last year around politicians were detainee issues around this society i'll have with my shoon have been dense and many more than these we'll stale up to two or three hours of the morning debating things
2:31 pm
that was - a rifrmd of just how deep oyou're thinking is that w almost take for granted in terms of now that you're not taking for granted but taking for grand you're not thinking deeply it is in my face a lot latestly and i fact we're not supporting the same desk pointiresident i but l like he'll vote his mind and what is effecting him what is expected to happen going forward it is not something i expected to see so quickly when my daughter had an opportunity to vote her very first time was the last election i was in she doesn't vote for her own mother because is hshe
2:32 pm
80 so moving away to go to college all that that got kind of pumped up so turning in her registration to vote was no the high priority one of the points you've made which didn't hit me until tonight was as you prepare for that in a time where it is not a transitional perhaps you'll think about this more differently one of the best endorsement processes i went through was the pullman advocates the reason why was because as we sat talking about why you the youth should support me as a board member was purely youth focused to there was not one question about what i would do for you as a adult but as a young person and i loved going
2:33 pm
to pullman's conversation that was a reminder we sit up here anyway that is because we - because of the youth that we represent and the youth focus we have now with that said, all that i have some concerns and you know i've met with many of you around those and i think that at the end of the day my concerns were more in reflection of more about what i was thinking about when i was seeing and doing what i was 16 than who you are as 16 years old are these so that made me cautious but the simmer component is critical for me and that's getting addressed as the resolution my colleagues are putting forward i'm feeling better and having discussions around the budget impacts we will absolutely have to evaluate
2:34 pm
the education and support to the young people as this unfold i was concerned about this being a vulnerable age and the pressure that gets put on you not by your peers but those running for office i have those concerns you know, i expect you to be mindful this is a new constituency you'll be responsible for i hope those of us that run for office will be mindful of the needs you'll be representing i also had concerns similar to commissioner walton as a parents yes. you can drive and pay takes or taxed and do a visitor of things but as a parent we also you know pay for the insurance oftentimes and you know you're living in our home
2:35 pm
there is - there was this covet this tug and pull around what you can do as 16-year-old and what we as parents are still responsible for and the kinds of things you get yourselves into i feel fully probabresponsible fo kids and 18 and 20 years old and a gunmeneral question around th house we would be able to do that with the dumped undocumented and 16 and 17 year-old that's not what we got past in the past my big message is this this is extremely serious and i think your testimonies tonight deemed just how serious you are about this this is a huge responsibility i mean, we have people the nation that are
2:36 pm
going to the threat of not been able to vote they'll be able to so i want to thank louis and anna as the youth commission for being wholly condominium and putting forward they met with me until late last in any event they supported their responses and were great and adele sitting to make sure they're talking about the concerns i wanted to acknowledge sally you know i've known sally since she's little she represents what happened when you group in a home and trust you and allow you to think freely she went through the public schools and went though the college and
2:37 pm
organizing the community i couldn't be more proud of sal you can't i didn't because the turnout was tremendous and the variety of testimony really turned a page for me we have lunch and end up not talking about the youth so i was not fully satisfied but tonight you guys won me over i'm so glad to be post and i was icon my other colleagues i don't know, you guys this seems par fetched but honestly your maturity and your passion tonight, you have to go out and you have so spread what it is you said to us tonight, i'm to be holding you acknowledge for the 16 and 17-year-olds you've advocating we want this to work and happen but you have to show up so,
2:38 pm
please as you have convinced me take this out and act on it as you've passionately shared you're going to do thank you. >> (clapping). >> so thank you president haney and i just want to see wow. what great testimony and great youth in san francisco what a cool place to raise children san francisco san francisco nationally we're trying to set up barriers tore people tonight we seek to make voting for assessable for the 16 and 17-year-olds i want to really thank the youth commission for putting this forward and thank you to the departments and getting the voices out there so, yes great fabulous
2:39 pm
extraordinarily we're proud of the usf graduates and adele and others establishing the adults that establish the voices of youth this is great this make sense i want to - when the commission came to me it is because i've had 16 years old i've of, 3, 16 years old very opinionated and engaged i want to have them have a voice this could have had a voice at 16 it would would have been a voice of truth and honest so when this passes and i believe that will i am going to urge to vote but also ask our friends to vote this is a world and myself we are counting on you to bring this truth that honest it
2:40 pm
rightness and that sense of humanity to the vote and the world and we entrust you with the vote to change this world i think that also when 16 years old have the right to i mean, you, wave the right to retain silent why wouldn't they vote i trust you quite frankly when th this came forward my fellow commissioners we wanted an opportunity i'm humbled and i'm in. >> and i completely honored to be an author of this resolution thank you. >> delegates santiago. >> thank you for all the students that came out i recogniz recognized that students were students not only from san francisco but students if i know
2:41 pm
daily center the u.s. bancoeast little cousins came out from daily city i'm proud to see sis she's here to vote for vote 16 i don't know howled she is but, yeah that cousins right oh, my gosh but i'm proud to say i'm proud of that body helping to support vote 16 i know if i could see my little brother to come up and vote last night we were arguing about donald trump but arresting the same thing let's get that clear (laughter) so jubut, yes i'm happy to say m part of the body. >> thank you guys for coming out, i know if you were in the position i would definitely be voting i hope i'll be able to
2:42 pm
vote as well as my partner thank you. >> (clapping.) i'm going to say something go ahead. >> thank you president haney i just want to offer a very tiny amendment to clarify the meaning of the last therefore, be it resolved currently it reads to consider an amendment to charter amendment to include nonsense 16 and 17-year-olds we mean n nonsense 16 and older the election to be clear we're not only talking about all 16 and 17-year-olds but all nonsense. >> so we're basically encourage to do do non-citizen voting for the policy thank you. >> do we need to vote on that. >> we need a second. >> second. >> okay
2:43 pm
sure. >> do you know who downtown have a voice the black students and being an alumni in lowell high school i've experienced the same racism they did and love all the students and for them voting but some of the students are going to be students voting i don't know if they'll vote in my favor i'm speaking for black students and lowell high school it is about to be over i have heard this only one time we want to discuss in that a very large issue they don't have a voice and i've not seen them have an opportunity to speak you, you guys sorry to interrupt. >> i'll call on them next and give everyone an opportunity to speak so thank you. i'll quickly thank you to everyone that came out we agree you've heard from the board speak not
2:44 pm
92 just 2, 3, 4 support but how proud we are of you for bringing it forward and your leadership to the youth commission and generations citizens i think that i hope i i know there were a lot of cameras here and people had their phones out i hope you were filming with the students were talking and any questions under the supply whether or not youth in the city are prepared to vote they only have to watch the young people here doughnut this is a question that completely simple for me on this board and our responsibility and what we work toward but hopefully the questions all of the voter the city that don't say do have a right to vote ask themselves and their faced with this question do i believe that the brilliance the genius, the leadership and experienced we saw tonight dough building they have an equal right with the
2:45 pm
people the ballot box i hope this is what we see in san francisco someone spoke to how brientd our young people are and in san francisco and how that speaks to why this is something we need to hear and san francisco's has a long history of doing things before others or taking the stand and being the champion that blaze the trail i hope that we do that here but mou another reason this is something we'll hear when we call the next item and that's there are things happening the city there is displacement, there is decisions that are effecting families and children and young people are going being scothut out if we' say that change will come to at pace and the way that that is young people who are bearing the brunt you should be the ones
2:46 pm
that have a voice how it happens and who it happens inform 40 for i hope we're taking and a a stand and the young people we didn't write this it was written by the young people that are speaking and authored open thigh on behalf of i'm if in sloorld and ask my colleagues to vote i couldn't be more proud some people are afraid of giving the young people the right to vote i'm afraid if we don't so let's monarch to the next thing and take the roll call vote. >> thank you mriven mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns we have unanimous.
2:47 pm
>> we'll take public comment on general matters item j.
2:48 pm
2:49 pm
>> if we could lasclear out wl move to item j and have comment on general comment we'll do much
2:50 pm
like the last session - if we could listen up the audience we'll move to item j public comment on general matters a good number of speakers so we'll offer thirty minutes for everyone to speak i'll read out the speakers and line up thirty minutes to talk about what is on your mind. >> (calling names) s
2:51 pm
(calling names). >> i can't leave we'll lose quorum. >> they're trying to get you the photo.
2:52 pm
>> are the students able to speak they want to make sure all the people who are part. >> that's exactly why i'm waiting i haven't called you up
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
- >> all right. so if we can get schedule we'll start with comments thank you for waiting we appreciate it
2:55 pm
>> okay sorry hi so hi, i'm one of the c co-president at lowell high school as you may know bs u and month minority participate in a walk out of our school (clapping.) so right now i'm going to go into the reason why we did it and other things like that so i'm standing housekeeper in front of you because the african-american community at lowell is tired we are generously tired of discretion and racism we face to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote an day to day basis for years we've tried to staff and those other dulls about our experiences we were basically told it is life and we have to deal with that patthat's the wa
2:56 pm
things are the city haschool an district have newcomers opportunities to fix this but no action taken we as a communities have decided we're no longer going to wait until the school does something about that we're taking action into our own hands (clapping.) sorry so recently at lowell we had a big incident took place a lot of people were upset about it i want to make it clear today, we're not doing this because of this evident we have been i feeling this way a long time he current students and alumni (clapping.) and parents this incident was the straw that broke the camp he lives baels b
2:57 pm
this incident was posted and reposted over and over again on social media once that went viable coming in the school want to make changes sorry. >> okay. so now the bs u w is the school generously cares the question why did it take this long why does something tremendous controversial hsa have to happen to involve the african-american community in their community how many students at different high schools have to deal 24 before you the district decided to change my members and i will be
2:58 pm
looking forward for the district speaking to us perching regarding the changes they'll implement to make sure that every african-american student feels save and welcome the jurisdiction i understand that some days adults with told we have a voice but building they will think that so keep us silent the district will not try to silence us and whatever voice when dealing with the situation hangs bewill be made we also kn that any changes that will be made will be beneficial to the long term not temporary changes i do have 0 hope that our district will uplift our voices to the point we hear our own that is the district will - sorry - sorry said that sorry i do hope that our district will compla care not respond to the voice of the opposed i have some
2:59 pm
bs u members that would like to share thsome personal experienc and a list of demand you guys hopefully, will take into consideration and speak to us about thank you. >> (clapping). >> hello, everyone ami a across the city chris i'm vice president and the senior at lowell high school one of the experiences are you think took a toll on me earl i was talking to some of the staff at lowell and one of their advisors for me to change the way i act so i can, like others 0 but others kids are open armed when i get to lowell i don't feel appreciated
3:00 pm
are feel like i make a difference at my school so why don't do havi have to change th way i am when you accept them the way they are beyond that and recently, i know that senior pot polls there was a category i was nominated and i'm not branched i told my mom she was very, very upset with the school on how a interrogatory term would be you would hold this is not something positive and should be addressed at my school reachwrachd is a teamstterm for blocking black i'm black and a woman and beautiful too so you know


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