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tv   Board of Education 22316  SFGTV  February 27, 2016 3:00pm-5:01pm PST

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are feel like i make a difference at my school so why don't do havi have to change th way i am when you accept them the way they are beyond that and recently, i know that senior pot polls there was a category i was nominated and i'm not branched i told my mom she was very, very upset with the school on how a interrogatory term would be you would hold this is not something positive and should be addressed at my school reachwrachd is a teamstterm for blocking black i'm black and a woman and beautiful too so you kn
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(clapping.) any mom set back a long letter to the principal with no response i want you guys to know what the incident with the pictures like your president said we are fed up and hsa all this is happening at our very own school is sad today but you know it is screw this is coming up and it is a lot of - and thank you. >> (clapping). >> hi, i'm a junior at lowell high school one of the my personal exercises me and my friends who is black were walking with a friend in the hallway hallway i said you're
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making me look greater weigaffi him him how he said because we are black women but i didn't understand why he said he made us feel like hthat we are. not loud or jumping around only walk to the graclass thank you. >> (clapping). >> hi, i'm a junior at lowell high school high experience another lowell about this whole situation that went crazy it is like how people came to us and said whey you, you guys so emotional and sensitive how would you act and another thing that is done but okay. i'm also like during
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school so i'm not going intoxicate labeled and called s to know the majority of high school like others like caucasian and white and asian but this is my history book i don't feel like we only have one session based on jay's and the slavery part that everyone knows that's all i got to say right now (clapping.) >> hi, i'm a junior and my personal experience is like the lack of teachers support at lowell like i don't feel supported by the teachers at all like especially, when you sit the class and
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you're the only african-american student in the class you should feel support by the teacher when we have like group projects that is hard because none wants to be the group with you because your african-american so this is hard you know the teacher i think they need to be more supportive of the united states so - >> (clapping) and sorry one more thing i'm a senior when the incident occurred we have posted it on social media with the pictures the whole everything the delay display and respectseptember to parents it was spraepd on social media and all of a sudden this big enermergency assembly like hours and sitting there and most of all the bs u members were
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sitting together we thought our principal was going to go into the details of what happened he didn't and the kids are piers buildi able didn't know why they were there and sitting in the crowd not knowing what happened and oh, this happened oh, and that was it you know the only thing because we get a free period didn't have to go to class noneers about what we say you are principal had the assembly and no ones cares and also at the meeting the assembly most of students like i don't want to go to this i have a test or the teacher are like oh, this is interrupting my class time not that period one of my piers is not doing
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much are you serious like that is so big and none understands that at lowell thank you. >> (clapping). >> so as my minority attending lowell high school we're out enunciat numbered and struggling to revi science so have racism unacceptable who do we hold accountable here are our demands all right. demand number one diversify and assists anyone african-american teachers and staff (clapping.) we want to be a part of a system that represents us the city hsc wants us to feel safe we
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understand the issue is deeper than hiring african-american staff the percentages of african-american in san francisco is at the 6 percent the minimal amount of money to improving live here is too high our families are keep in miicke we're simply can't afford to keep the homes we're raised in we demand the city haschool hir african-american stiaff and the bs u representative will be present present present during the hiring process thank you. >> bwe want to commissioner tang the school curriculum the reason why those are not respectful 0 cultural the teaching of the other cultures
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should be a mandatory like the european history the problem is not just with the students teachers are uneducated and at lowell african-american students are your honor, comfortable the classroom and african-american are repeated facts faced with aggression we want the teachers to attend the culture sensitivity training and the teachers that are not respect of cultures should be held responsible another demand a full-time african-american recruitment officer that has experience with the culture recruitment and bs u a person that we can trust that attend all meetings as a representative of all you all
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african-american students with a designat designated designated number of hours and a welcome, welcome day for a african-american students that should be focusing on what the school is going in support of minority community at lowell holid high school another demand that we want open african-american community center at lowell high school the african-american community constantly deals with micro aggression that will be a place where our freedom of expression is not at risk some students attend our meetings wednesday afternoon in addition to the black schedule this will be a place to subcontract with other african-american students and stay update what is discussed at our meeting okay (clapping.) >> where are we on time?
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>> i want to make sure that everyone is up to speak. >> sorry i don't shave a forml conclusio climax it is really bad to the point we here today, we just hope you guys take into consideration what we've said and we really hope you guys place yourselves in our shoes and understand when you're in a situation moyou're not welcomed where you belong we want to be successful and we've hard work to be at lowell high school if so not easy we're the remaining few that decided to stay it is a problem with african-american wi are not accepted we have so look at why they leave and change pa what is happening (clapping.) can you request that the students if you have your demands on paper printed out or
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could you e-mail those to us e.or give them to the board square foot secretary so we ha we have copy. >> hello, i'm the black student president at memorial day i along with the black union 3 of them officer of communications and the vice president and the mary dell howard that is the secretary we hawould have been selfish an not come here honestly a lot of the things that lowell has mission already has a space for african-american and recruitment for eight graders to come to mission high school that that is because a lot of them black itsekids go do mission high school but we
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couldn't sleep with ourselves know o bros are committdiscrimi against as we know we're in full support of lowell justice anyone is a threat to justice everywhere (clapping.) and hello, i'm here representing the last percentage of black san francisco a fourth bayview native this is rare the city today, i'm here today is breaks my heart when i hear them speaking of their micro aggression and pride because i feel their trauma and their pain and i think that our students
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are not being taken care of the way they should be from the adults that are there with them 7 hours and day and should be a team put together to address the trauma those students are addressing i went to lowell in the san jose and t 70's but a l black student population and a smaller black student population those incidents are blown-up even bigger and i can only think of little rock 9 when i hear the speakers speak i don't know if you know about little rock 9 and is segregatiintegration of the n arkansas you can watch the conner in a connrona those students at lowell to be told
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their sensitive it a direct attack on their black bodies and experience and you know i've been working with students since i was 16 i was a senior when i was 16 and i've been working with students i'm passionate about the future generations i was well aware that nick and organizations like inspect are responsible for leading and making changes during the civil rights improvememovement it wil leadership that makes the changes and san francisco is a rac racht city not a k k but with a lack of accountability into from sfusd and from lowell administration itself it is unacceptable that is
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unacceptable and it is important you guys make clear promises to those students of what your do and create a task force on experts there are plenty of experts out there if you look at the center for youth wellness and how trauma effects youth development doctor by the gavin newsom e name of dr. horn talks about the trauma of growing up black and san francisco is one of the few so there is plenty of reaching out there experts the bay area be a community with sfusd and stanford and usf i think that instead of throwing a band-aid you create a team of experts to deal with this issue and not just through some rookies on
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this issue but look at the experts you have available and create a pathway to address the issues thank you. >> (clapping) a >> you want to run through this fast. >> i'm a parent of the sierra dunn she just spoke my issues are she comes home crying a lot a i know omg the teaches need to be trained on sensitivity for culture and i'm a little bit nervous but i accepted her to school for an education not to be humiliated as soon as she walks through the for it thereshould addressed eye i haven't heard anything the staff how they'll address the issue i don't know
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what of the outgoing was i didn't get any information sit up except from the skrl school could have e-mailed me or a phone call or something paw that was humiliating and it was wrong they made a joke out of that and our black students they were never degrade another culture like that that was horrible and back to the teachers situations i'm an alumni of lowell and the things i went through i see she's going through the same thing same thing my a dad had to go up there my teachers told him i cheated open a test with straight a i had to sit and take the test over i repeated the same a plus on the test but thanks like thne like that got
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stop got to stop (clapping.) >> hello, i want to thank everyone for coming out that came the crowd the parents and the community and everyone that shows support for the students they really, really need it i got revolved with the incident because of the facebook posts but i'm appalled by the levels that this has gone into the teachers the faculties and administration and children who trying to cover yup the racism felt disrespected by issued stating those photos and imaginimages were hectic the pictures of black culture i was offended when those issues were addressed with the principal via phone
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call from alumni all the way from if florida and defibrillator and san francisco that was ignored and mutton the concerned community members they were take into account him expecting i am to do his job to protect the students (clapping.) hearing the students that the assembly which that he claimed to be sponsored to be restored to justice to random reprimand that brought up to the students and being paumgd off to the community that was that is unacceptable following that the student continued to put vulgar to the lowell community via twitter knowing the as to tothe students were blul th bullying them the students went to the
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administration showed them photos and screen shots of what the student was posting yet the administration continues to tell the community this student as remorseful i have the captions i'll show the board he posted porn graphic pictures it is d disgust it made we cry to think about those children are going to this and going to the mefkts asking for help and they're being told you're too sensitive i'm doing this i sat in the students bs c meeting they were told that whatever they said was invalidated they were trying to explain to us the photo were not up for twenty-four hours as the effects publishes and defend that was up for a week and the
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student reposted and added more pictures to the bulletin board and yet where is the faculty oversight and the counselors where is the principal we keep hearing about diversity and that we don't tolerant racism but obviously you do you have to this ere no way an adult can say to a child como you and saying i'm hurt those students are blullying me their mistreating me and the staff is saying to those students trucht my time to teach where is the yes, ma'am pact for children those are not adults their childr
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>> question had an alumni group page there was teachers that were posted in the alumni thread making illicit semi tiic and bl commentries the head of alumni association that was liking the post how do you like a racism post so when you come to meetings and then say oh, i want probation offic want to happen the black unity doesn't utility cabincommunity acceptable so i'm asking the board to create some kind of policy where through is zero tolerance to students of any minority ethic background or race to be tarjd not on behalf
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of the black students but the latino students that are facing those issues at lowell high school and othany at race the latino and policy 10 and whites i don't care who you are none services deserves to be treated that way as a child (clapping.) question have 5 minutes left but i want to make sure that everyone has a chance to speak but reverend brown keep our comments to one minute please. mr. vice president members of the school board and mr. superintendent and laendies and gentlemen, i am very, very disturbed i'm hurt
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i'm upset that two years ago i stood at this podium and advanced the notion that ♪ school system we needed to have and ethic heritage month in which all of us will sit down and listen to each other i contend that because of the culture of benign neglect on the part of leadership we are again been effected
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by what conna lisa religious saying says about racism i appealed to the board unanimously to take leadership and go for the with encourage, compassiona compassion and character to make sure that we give the appropriated treatment that is needed to deal with that defect as it rears his ugly head in lowell high school named for a person that led a great institution is a disgrace to the name and it defamous all that one claims to be about who went to lowell and that is at difficult
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thinking and discrepancy and leadership and social responsibility just a few days ago the san francisco chronicle there was a significant article on the incidents of alzheimer's in this region not written by a black person but by a black a scholar scientist doctor and one of the could have that alzheimer's the black community 65 percent and one of the finding was that was because of environmental racism and 20 number two because of a lack of a sense of place the black students at lowell
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from the testimony i've heard when i came in that door basically suggests they don't have a sense of place and belonging so let's us make sure that every student that going to that school feels they been belong their respected, regardiregarded and honored by right now we look mighty mighty ugly before the world community we are living a lie that is san francisco is a progressive liabkely city (clapping.) so what do i recommend beginning with the president of the board i know that mr. superintendent will be with you, we need to have a come to jesus meeting with lowell high school and any
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school in the city that doesn't know how to get along and respect each other i say when we take relationshleadership and b responsible we create a better community and climate and live as civil humans who need each other and people say i'm black and proud i'm brown and sound i'm yellow and i'm mellow i'm red but not dead i'm white >> all right. i'm gay but d godly i'm sick but assessable i'm female but wise that is what we need to happen in our culture and schools our city and throughout the world do the right thing we don't need anything repeated such that very toxic, evil, mad
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altitu attitude of that man whose name begins with the name donald (clapping.) >> all right. we'll extend enough for everyone but one minute and let the folks know what they're up so expand one more minute. >> i'll try to speak fast i'm a graduate of allowing class of 1980. (clapping.) >> thank you. >> and i'm here to let you know that basically the most recent incident is no the an incident that is foreign to those who attended lowell this is incident is actually amongst a vast incident that happened for years i can personally office space speak to them my mother and parents
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started their black parents in 1945 the reason they did that becau because lowell community decided students they wanted to include in associate and academic concludes me decided those students didn't have a voice and not have a voice like be seen and not heard my sister was qualified to sdob part of society and applied twice and denied twice not until the parents demand tdemand the african-american parents demanded membership and basically in 1978 i have was told not to be a cheerleader by the way, because i didn't loth not tradition to have an african-american as cheerleader not 1938, 48, 58 i was told i
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didn't look like a cheerleader not actually, it group tell them if they want to deal what the naacp and the usf i was going to be on the squard the band leade quit doss because he didn't want black students on the field we all have an equal membership at 4r0u8 high. (clapping.) >> thank you. i'm terry mason a alumni from city college of san francisco and san francisco state of a alumni lowell of 1979 a 8 year veteran teacher we know
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there is racism and we know teachers with racist i were the hallways they didn't want to take with me you know we all know it exists and the first i deal with that everyday the teachers with first aid find african-american students i've been a teacher for 18 years we have an example two students are fighting and they have to - i tell my students get up and move stop fighting we know that racism exists on the campus and there are racist teachers they've been there since i was born we need to realize that blac black lives matter and that is a nice - we hear statement attelle time we know that the teachers are racist we know the black
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students are sdremendiscriminat against i'm a teacher for 18 years we know that exist is not a new subject we know the teachers are racist and the students are sdriementd this is happening on the school ground okay. so what with r are we going to do. >> (clapping). >> good evening president haney and superintendent carranza and commissioners my name is sophia i'm a student at yes and no burger elementary my studeistert early can i have her time i want to speak about of the fact
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people are thinking about reinventing tracking that is bad if kids are separated into groups consisting of the alerted pla class they may feel sad and some maybe the subject of blullying and kids that are taught at the other class lovely will stay at that level and alerted to another level they'll go to that level when students are spirlitp they dislike school that interferes with the leaping those reigns the tracking is bad i hope that conspiracies you to not reinstate tracking in schools. >> may i read a poem
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sophie has a hopoem she want to read look at me look at my hair, it is different the face but i'm not you and you're not me look at any skin do you think that as sin we're all different we are i didn't know and yank look at me what do you see evil or so hope that i see in you to make a new life begin oh, can't you see the world would be different if people would look at me and see me for what i am thank you. >> (clapping). >> hi i'll go quickly that's my daughter sophia okay. i've been thinking about
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this essay by james baldwin writtwin written in 1965 my father was the first black american he's the first teacher there it is in him to know black those essay states a great shock your birth place has not in its whole testimony stiystem of reality evolves in plays for you for fewer and inaugurating has helped you to skype the trap nothing you have done and nothing you can do will save your son over and over daughter from the same disaster and from coming to the same end until the moment comes we the americans can accept the fact
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that my anterion terrors we neeh other dynamic a ward of american or an object of missiony charity but built this country until that moment comes that is scarcely any peophope for the american dream it pains me we're still talking about that i hope we can do something in any generation so my children don't have to come back and talk about this again, thank you. >> (clapping.) >> i'm dee dee horn the cooperations director it's lowell high school i came to support any students and work with the adults which is a big part of the experience that your
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sharing to make the change at lowell i want to give the rest of my time to michelle the bs c wanting. >> i'm a teacher at willie l. brown middle school and the reason i'm experienced i'll not say this in joo 1 you know don't do math i was the president of lowell high school i found an article doing a write-up of a teacher and blag students that was causing a lot of drama at lowell to that point i came to the board by e when i was 17 and now look at if ten or 11 or 12 years later still with the problems and so forget by my experiences i want you to to
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listen to the beautiful young women that spoke the truth they're the people entrenched in this now and as great as the old people are i'm part of the old people making sure the kids that present at lowell are happy to walk across the stage to represent 101 eucalyptus drive. >> i appreciate no matter how old michelle is i was here teacher i'm in support of condolences o comes okay for 10 and 11 years old i saw people stand how many of the sfusd students spoke passionately will you but not here to speak to sloorld i was a teacher and student at lowell i was never
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told to be proud of d i got in math that was a good grade for my people i was told and complained about 10 or 13 years ago to our administration at the time they 15 years later and the same institutional and interpersonal racism and brown and black parents we're asking what she should encourage their kids and still asking the question i hope you use the power to dismantle to change what everyone for decades have been saying talked about talk as much as you want lowell will never change clean sf (clapping.) i'm and parents at the middle school i'm here to speak about
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tracking whether i daughter went into 6 grade i have not placeed in honors but honors turn out out not academic or challenge than the general they thought it created a class system and the honors kids didn't engage it deprived of everyone to get to know kids different from them mrs. stay the course and resist tracking thank you. >> (clapping.) hello my name is rachel i'm here to speak on behalf of the - i'm the proud mother of a lowell student i have known her for 4 years this is a person that is exclusive a person that responds to phone calls and message we
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want to remind everybody be or westbou lowell is extensive if we are going to look to push and more i don't know what latino ace blacks wiare going to lose it i going to be taken an exam we are going to lose believe me and i think that we have to look at these i don't like listen to say this about my parents didn speak spanish as a first language i'm speaking stowaway in my language about meds you have to study. >> work hard it comes against my concepts of the united states when i see it is because of correspond creates a difficulty hire more teachers that is about their teachers that are
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ethnicity ai don't want to be hispanic necessarily this is my message bye. >> bye. >> actually i don't think that is about ethics but i'm a senior at lowell high school in a black communities i stand in solidarity with the black studen students. (clapping.) >> this administration has not been accountable for the sensitivity training that is the governance of school can't gone for many students don't care it didn't effect them but neutral you have children that are opposed we can not stapled for the anti black and racism is real and have conversations and ask the computer utter system i support the folks being the api student i need to make others
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account aable for the issues wi you thank you. >> (clapping). >> to president - and. >> and commissioners and ladies and gentlemen, i'm ms. marshall the president of the alliance of black school educators i'm sad and happy to stand before you i am happy i want watched what took place a bs u to walk into the club i'm proud of bs u at lowell high school throughout my life i've gained that this because the young people led did civil rights movement therapy not front yard of the dog and paragraphafraid
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killed i can live whatever he want and have the education and went to college i can get a job whatever to b suctis u high schu rock thank you very much. >> i'm sad today because for generations we've exonerate that law scho lowell has rational issues i was standing with the young people and they shared things that happened to them thirty and 40 years this is happening tour our young people and the confirmatio commissioners i'm sad i want the young people to know that the naacp stand with you and the young people to know that the black educators stand with you and the i want to let you know that the african-american community and also want the young people to know that that
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board led and commissioner president haney and commissioner shamann walton will do things to make adjustment i want this superintendent carranza will do things thirty to make a difference in your lives after you've marched we met point principal and educators he said to the principal you have an yes, ma'am pelvic heart i watched you for several years but we need to clone our heart for the staff so things can see the clamors they have empirical hearing teachers so some of the things can be done right away mr. commissioners and superintendent ii went to see
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the first african-american sworn into president office they want to - they'll be sitting where our sitting i know that one day the chair there will be a black principal at lowell so thank you, thank you, thank you and young people keep the improvememovement going. >> (clapping). >> good evening. i'm kevin the director of the policy for advocates so far the children and youth i want to say that the advocates are here to support the advocates at lowell and the black students throughout the district i want to say a lot of the issues that the lowell brought up should have been addressed by the city hall's the revolution or to expand the ethic studies throughout the district we have to examine and
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correct that i guess utilized to say on behalf of the people that didn't get the chance to go to lowell i'm a graduate of supposed to be lowell too but black students all over the city are facing the issues that law school lowell is facing not with the bulletin board but not just students and families and community members very a school district not supportive of black individuals to be successful there's a report coming later today about the prel of the schools resolution that highlight the struggles let's implement some of the policies in place and make sure that the black students are my calike th asian and wit counterpart as well thank you (clapping.) how you doing i'll darrell washington i was other through
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with the students wanted to give them a round of applause fogs those who are staill here when i got to lowell high school this more than the practicincips on forefront street doing an interview and when the interview wrapped up i patient waited i had to ask him real questions for the interview for the cameras to look good, he basically got up and said he stood in solidarity with the student and then he asked him is this not the first time this only the first time you're hearing again something going on the high school he quibble rushed me out of the interview and said to talk to me the office before that i wanted to make sure the media was there so they understood the questions and not water down milk
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questions at that time, i was rushed into the office and this man tells me a bunch of things he's done the past i don't care what is today, today matters those children today what is going on today matters if you have basically not gave a damn about those students this is a problem and then brought in othsome other person a black i don't know if he is a teacher or whatever but a lot of time you know he said to tell me how many black teachers and what programs he's trying to set up and done arrested and a lot of time i said when people do that i'm surprised with white people have been black friend i don't care
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if you can count how many friends that are black you have a problem on your hands he brought this man and talking about all the things i sat down and listened to him, i cut him off i don't want to hear that he can be written up well in history or balanced in history not doing anything this is a pedestal in san francisco i actually personally have experience with racism all my life from being a black man, i know people the audience white may not have experienced the same thing as black people that maybe harder to understand and the before folks definitely i'm not talking about you all (laughter) so i it is hard when iuoe you hear people stand up and say
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certain thanks offense i've heard that they think that black people in lowell high school have gotten there by affirmative action or some other forms i'm sure the students hathey have deny go at mission high school i want to make sure my point is i'm hoping and praying that what happened today that this panel right here and everyone who is in charge that member galaking decisionsns right is this is not a warning but a warning i want do you know that i'm a concerned parents of a san francisco unified school district child two children one that got to john burton high school and she
3:53 pm
experiences may not not the same but racism the same experience at lincoln high school which is - so i really want to say i'm taking up a lot of time i hope and pray you start listening to the students and i honestly belief that the principal in my opinion was best qualified to handle this this is probably a little bit higher than this i don't know who handles that disconnection let him go arrest do something about the situation if not then man it will get worse i'm quite frankly i'm a activist for all over i don't think i want to see that type of thing happen in san francisco with the san francisco unified school district with our children that is something i'm
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personally going to fight and die that energy you need to understand and change things okay. i'm just letting you all know do you need to do thank you. >> (clapping) and good evening john templeton what you've seen the exact same thing in 1968 when thousands of students came from poly high and it should clue that those relishissues have no have not been dealt wis 50 year later about the san francisco unified school district creating a hostile environment self-interest african-american students i'm not making this up you've ear on the other hanhear plays out from the students 2008 we did the survey of teacher in
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san francisco unified district what that he did for black history month only 10 percent of what we did met the instruction and so their things that need to be done to create a welcoming and save environmentalist so far the brake american students not more sound bites and plat attitudes and things on social justice but we need action thank you very much. >> (clapping). >> good evening. i'm president of the united educators of san francisco thank you it is a long discussions i want to thank all the students and parents and educators that stood up here and spoke for the establishment of our school system and classrooms that don't permit rational
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injustice in in any way, shape, or form and sure that the united educators of san francisco stand for that the institutional of racism in our classroom and fight for the opportunity for all of us to address the issues as they come up but justice for our students must have a stable community i'm here to mention that you as commissioners must use their power to keep our caveat educators i found out i this morning we have 40 some teachers that are elected to come back to the schools next year and disproportionately their on the southeast side of town 5 at drew and 4 at balboa park that is dial back in the just as the lowell i have step
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back and slow down the process and look at those and see who they are and who supporting who will you be recruiting when you don't get the teachers at lowell a burdening or crossing so slow down and look at who you're now reelecting and recruiting and support them and all the students thank you (clapping.) >> again, thank you to everyone that came out and gave comments we appreciate you're being here movng to public comment on consent items 3 speakers colleagues, any questions or comments?
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(calling names). >> figure extinguished board members i'm tammy a seek coach with the people services here today to state my support of the clau claudia up for non-re-election this year like to read a lasett that the u b c has written the office of people services is whittier of personnel our mission of reducing the predicame procurement and creating a positive community that requires passionate skillful individual in our work we face diverse challenges with hard communication and an e.r. during dedication our team requires the questioning of status quo for the relationship in building foundational trust as much is it is impestering that people
3:59 pm
services has leaders and staff that are committed to the foster the vision 2025 statement every school and every student part of district wide of all rays and ethnicity have the resources they need to survive and the success of every student all are insured the opportunity to grow learn and express themselves each school about help them claudia has exemplified we'here role as coach specializing the authority active practices and assisted the policies and procedures that keep students at the center of their work and passionate about her connection and builds lasting relationships with the schools and claudia is indeed a system that provides
4:00 pm
the opportunity for students to grow and express themselves with the drive of the department stays with the sfusd community has been a statewide leader in initiating the policies for the positive behavior and support and trauma sensitive situation she has practiced the skills and claudia bring expertise to the school she serves search warrants as well as the services she's american people excellent educator and the union at the office of people service support her retention in the sfusd and car considers a great loss to the community and school she services (clapping.) >> good evening i'm a behavorial analyst and i'm just
4:01 pm
going to be reading a letter he sent to the board of education in support of claudia i'm writing to let you know she's a experienced coach with the people services that implements resolutions that was adapted in 2013 and a resolution that was adopted in 234r9 claubd i can't supports coaching full staff at 11 elementary schools throughout the district and has a strong relationship and didn't have the expertise to support her areas clau claudia needs an advocate for the connection of the schools in pie role he working closely with claudia shooesz she's been more than willing to talk with me and know the staff and culture i am could and prepare to atake on te
4:02 pm
task of findings the difficult behavior a mentor to myself and od others i'd be able to help with the professional community and it is enlightening having to have a practices coach practices i can't imagine a greater loss to the school district than the experience and expertise please consider her contributions with you decide on the non-restricted reelections tonight thank you. >> (clapping). >> i don't have our speaking on that. >> i don't have our speaking no. >> i sign it. >> you already spoke i don't have by other card. >> i'm sorry and you're going
4:03 pm
to allow me i have been waiting until 915 i didn't receive any response but from dr. murase. >> we received a thank you and your chris's the issue for not returning my letter you're in tilt chris's him because he's not relationship to a letter. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry we have - >> (inaudible).
4:04 pm
>> thank you. >> ma'am, thank you. >> (inaudible). >> consent calendar can i have a motion and a second? >> so moved. >> second and the items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent ms. steel. >> yes. president haney. >> mr. steel parapet is calling for items removed. >> we're pulling item 162 f 13 and staff roving it to the next meeting. >> any items reformomanced
4:05 pm
reformremoved for first reading by the board. >> omanced removed for first reading by the board. >> ced removed for first reading by the board. > r first reading by the board. >fit reading by the board. >> >> any items severed resolved will to that in section organization those are there is a motion and a second and superintendant will introduce the steeg to introduce this into the record the first is adoption of board policy student availability of condoms thank you, thank you i'd like to invite tim coach for proposal read into the record please.
4:06 pm
>> good evening, commissioners supreme court are you asking us to read into the record? >> yes. please just the pertinent parts the whereas part of the resolve.
4:07 pm
>> thank you ms. casco read into the record adoption of board policy availability of the condoms the requested action approve the policy availability of condoms to update sfusd condom distribution policy and authorize the participation of wellness centers in mission high schoddl >> okay. so i'll now call for public comment on this item we want to thank you all for your patience in waiting for this we
4:08 pm
had a couple of items i'll read a number of names and folks can come come up i'll ask you to keep over comments within one minucu minuteer comments within one r e
4:09 pm
(calling names). >> i also have (calling names) those are all the cards i have no with that many i'll have everybody with individual time one minute that's all i'm giving everyone tonight. >> members of the board superintendent carranza i'm victor issues chair the
4:10 pm
chinese-american democratic club i'll pass out a memory on the condoms the club buildings this undermines the authority of family the low one percent squall pharynx rate in middle school is due to month small part for the asian family the programs message says that sex is normal and acceptable but disease is bad condoms are legal and can be purchased anyway effective education needed needs no be kument appropriate that goes for health education parents and family are the strongest shakers of early behavior that's strengthen the family and not wale that, please give right and recognize to the family and let's work in a
4:11 pm
cooperate partnership thank you. >> (clapping). >> good evening, everyone i'm hannah i'm here to want to let you know that our parents does need to have a right to know all the things of school especially for the kids first of all, have a condom free for a 6 grader i think that is good early and as for high school i think accepted but for middle school too early and i would think that educating our children about what to care by a sex and how to prevent i think that is okay. but to give them a free condom that is the wrong message to let our children know it is okay to try 0 i think that is not the right
4:12 pm
message to send to our children i'd like to protect our children not to have my kids or anything on the not appropriate angle but the wrong message is not appropriate point early i'm here to ask that if you give a condom to the kids how maming the algebra at the age they need to educate at this is what i'm concerned and fighting formal we for your kids but not you think condom for our kids in the wrong time thank you. >> (clapping). >> good evening my name is cindy i'm here to because i have two daughters in public school i'm here to voice
4:13 pm
my opposition to the condom program in middle school recently san francisco code district postponed from middle school to high school the reason the middle schools students are two early for algebra what about condoms the middle school the children don't have a math but condom seeing none, public comment is closed. sending the wrong message to the middle school i know that kids are curious to new things it is if we sent bd out free co dunge du condoms it is encouraging the middle school it is kind of too early for us to understand we want to protect our children thank you.
4:14 pm
(clapping.) >> good evening, everyone i'm daniel i have to kids in the middle school and one in high school i'm thinking that you guys are allowing the condom in middle school and allow them algebra the middle school the other thing it the perpetrate haparents have the right at that school the kids they let the parents decide if they have the fire chief but why they get a condom you don't we don't know that that's weird than >> (clapping). >> my name is grace i have two in school i strongly disagree with passing out condoms to a middle schooler
4:15 pm
their age from 12 to 14 and mentally not ready to make (and judgment and has mixed message oh, if they friends are getting one condoms they showed them avenoff and saying the school is pga 0 out you're so behind it is becomes not it could be a peer pressure the school district is served out a mixed mess for condoms and also schools should be focused on education that's why we as a parent want to send the school kids to san francisco school district skew need to focus on algebra and get back to algebra and also, this is important i see there is not
4:16 pm
enough homework and practice for about both my kids please consider with algebra and i have - i think passing out condoms to high school is a reasonable age thank you. >> (clapping). >> my name is testing is a lamb my kids started in lowell elementary schools and a need for math our kid is not mature enough for condoms thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening my name is emily my kid is in the stevenson school is we need money for the math not the condoms thank you. >> (clapping).
4:17 pm
>> good evening. i'm marlene a retired bilingual teacher the san francisco unified school district after 35 years of teaching newly arrived emigrated in addition i've taught the immigrant adults at city college for 3 decades so i'm familiar with their many of the education needs tonight many of the parents are here to urge our school district to consider the done dumb distribution to middle school i see you hear many of the objections bans the ideas and the experiences while waiting outside tonight he was really surprised that most of them said they're not aware of the resolution that was proposed the reading involved i hope the school district abowill do a ber job of keeping the parents informed especially in the school district over 40 percent
4:18 pm
asian students i want to - i find o found out the survey less than 5 percent of the middle school students are sexually active to the skubtd should consider the parents at this point thank you. >> (clapping). >> good evening my name is tennessee i can't changing i have two daughters if 7th grade i'm concerned about the direction of the san francisco unified school district taking now, first the proposal of giving out condoms without the parents consent we have illegal responsibly for the children until 18 and now you're giving the message it is okay to give out condoms behind the parents back and without parents knowing about it like the parents we
4:19 pm
have to find a sign a consent to go on a field trip but don't center to know about condoms this is a wrong message to the children, and, secondly, i'm concerned about the removal removal of algebra from the school like ever parents have great concerns they're old enough to get condom but not old enough to get algebra we are competing against people from all over the world you're putting us behind and making us exert with other schools if they're ready for it they should be eligible so, please don't hurt our children we elected you and hope you're helping our
4:20 pm
children not to harm them thank you. >> (clapping). >> my name is josephine asian-american voter and vice president of chinese-american democratic club and one thing i'll ask our folks that gets a chance to speak before we start. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> three-quarters have left because of the long meeting and some of them brought elementary school kids sorry is it took so long but they're determined to let know what we want to talk about we agree with tonight comments auto people should you be at table we concur with that we feel the school district is not doing a good job in reaching to our community ♪ ar issue as well as the math issue
4:21 pm
the 40 percent of the constituents are ellis actlow i not invite are heard and our voices are not somehow communicated maybe it is our fault but major decisions being a i like the condom didn't have to be decided and maybe having we have should have mandate to the medical care and pregnancy no mandate that stichool has toe the one to do it perhaps work with planned parenthood we don't want to face the prospective of building a school clinic when do you draw the line giving out condoms is okay. but u d is not and deposition adoption is not right but we want to invite the
4:22 pm
trucks over once a month and then do more education and that will the evidence will then show the federal funds and save the funds for that the school bonds into algebra one and the process mandat mandatory for everyone so people who can you know pass the algebra one can go on to classes, etc. but people that can't go into negligent grade and continue with algebra one think about the priority between arithmetic and condone our kids to extend more time on math and less time on condoms hopefully, we're work together thank you very much
4:23 pm
(clapping.) >> hi, i'm emily grim a third grandfathered or grader and lowell - lafayette elementary school i'm thinking before lowell but on the subject of condoms i want to say that they're great why not this is an i think am mat item what caskids can do walk into walgreens but can't happen in middle school is to get good information counseling our school nurses are recorded are reports and safeguard and i'll rather have any daughter ingo da nurse rather than walgreens and my caught the first time she
4:24 pm
seize a condom i don't see what the problem i'm a.d.manual supportive of this moving forward, however, i didn't get a chance to speak the general public comment and a lot of people didn't get to talk since we're talking about algebra how important we don't go back into the tracking and talk about accountability and some of that isn't brought up the fact that the reason we had huge changes because sfusd has failed so many students for so long and i just want to reminded i mind us that boelgd by race not been good students are not treated well and this is the elementary the first tracking at elementary at my school you know, we don't
4:25 pm
have oobltd for african-american because we have less than 10 african-american students the school of 5 hundred plus students this is less than 10 and over 25 classrooms and then crowni across town they don't dr. doors can question get doors we're talking about priorities thank y (clapping.) i'm a tave i'm a teacher but i want to talk about you know for the parents here this can be a scary toupic to talk about sex i would i want to encourage the parents to have the talks with the kids and encourage the school board to
4:26 pm
move forward our kids are goido greate great and the householigh schooe not active but make sure they have the dismisses they need to stay save and talking to our kids about sex and condoms does not make that likely to have sex and having docondoms at school it encourages them to be safe thank you. >> (clapping.) >> i'm dr. suing phil's the director the disease control with the district and the s b controller in san francisco i want to give context that is positive for public health in san francisco the context is that san francisco has one of the highest rates of st. jude and condolen e
4:27 pm
adolescence and i did not knyoue effected that was 3 times higher than than dulls over 25 so that is the inspection of which we're speaking and young people are coming in into sex call environmentalist that stutdz have hyphae begagain we've hear the first time that the person uses a con dimensiondom it maybs down the yeo the have students an effective conversation to become more familiar with that very is he effective prospective for stewards and unwanted pregnanci pregnancies. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> >> good evening. i'm
4:28 pm
chow thinning speeding i building all parents has absolutely right to know about their kids and be the guardian as a a supervisor. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and even for the field trip we have to something like that a permission slip. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and i don't think that providing con dims to the kid is a good resolution. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and in a way that i think that is a encouragement to for the kids to have sexual activities in early age. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and at the results it might harm them their mental health and their physical health open
4:29 pm
space . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and to the bad result in they might end up dropping out of school early. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and i believe this as demonstrates we should educate our kids in many ways instead of the providing free condoms. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> as school focus the kids should focus on education learning knowledge instead of sex call activities. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the country to be of a country a strong country is based on living the kids education is not bans sexual activities. >> thank you
4:30 pm
(clapping.) >> hello, i'm the community health coordinator with a health agency we're coming up on the 50 anniversary to 50 percent of serving young people the city and county of san francisco city and county so i wanted to address mostly we've been talking to young people about sex and sexuality we know that delays sexual debut and making condoms available in middle school sends a clear message we are de7-elevens the conversation and taking away that little piece of rubber it is not going to do anything and have lax conversation more of a tool to consider
4:31 pm
(clapping.) hello my name is a sarah i'm i lout to speak again yeah, i'm back i support so many things i wanted to put miff up there i appreciate you allowing me to speak i appreciate the safety issues that the parents are raising tonight and so i feel like it is important that they understand i understand they're concerned about 10 to 14 years old and thinking about them having sexy want to paternirent have corrected information the school district didn't pay for them they're provided by the department of public health so that's a separate issue as a teacher that spend a lot of time with the high school students i'll try to imagine if we give them out to etch we would have a lot of condom
4:32 pm
balloons and people hitting each and a lot of people looking impairs with a fight this is about parents that need it i would performing have kids access to condoms than st. jude so this is getting access to information for safer sex for the present or future i believe that having a nurse or social worker that know the child and family that is a wonderful way to do it it factakes the fear o the apartment so not think about the fact that their child is having sex thank you. >> (clapping.) hi i have two kids if middle school middle schools are too
4:33 pm
young to ovffer the condom they'll be a hot topic to talk about instead of a they'll try and try and something so it is not appropriate the middle school and also the kids middle school under 18 they need our support they rely on us need our support and so we have right to know about it and it lies on us to educate them so we need the transparency of this and so that's why i urge that the school district can spend the budget on the mathematic d math and not on the docondoms t kids are our future
4:34 pm
the kids need education not the condoms so we urge you spend the budget on the study like the summer programs like on help them to study not knowing condocondom is trying to using condoms the middle school thank you. >> (clapping). >> speeding> (speaking foreign language.) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> /*(speaking foreign langua) >> /* any good evening, everybody i'm yee yee and i'm a new immigrant just learned it
4:35 pm
resolution from my parents group lastly. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i arrived here about 6:30 very on time and some of the parents arrived earlier than me i've been waiting outside and seeing the parents even brought tare kidhare kidseare kidsiare >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so some of the parents had to leave early they have to put their kids to sleep all you can see only maybe 20 or thirty
4:36 pm
parents. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so those parents that leave early had told me to express their concerns even though they had to leave early and a common worry about a common goal. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so before, before they change the policy change on algebra curriculum we're not not advised the teachers world series were not informed. w >>e >>r >>e
4:37 pm
condom issues you have conversations between the doctors and indoors i do not ynt have the conversation with tthhe parents. >> we should have the right to
4:38 pm
know. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i believe that even though we building that everyone has equal rights but as parents i have the right to know thank you. >> (clapping). >> i'm justin i have 5 kids in the district i wanted to say on a couple of the issues i realize realize that tracking was bad i was gifted and not enlisted as a kid but stop tracking and allow everyo anyo anyone to take algebra and so you can let people take eight grade algebra that is fair just by choice no tracking i was good to be in honors i'm glad i got
4:39 pm
to meet love itself for lowell this is incidents of racism and have to fight that i had a 26 i had a 35 at cal if you put unma there i would have a letter secu score we have to fight the racism but thinking fair grading what it makes the kids look like and a lot of people believe their discriminating against and the judiciously kids it is making it worse to the world and that should be addressed they're like the top 415 it made it look like lowell is unique but publish the number of racism incident i wouldn't be surprised in lowell has fewer lincoln high
4:40 pm
school and others hillside there were incidents another hoover and mission high school it makes it look like lowell is more racist i don't know if you can track incidents but lowell is a problem the society but every baby born if california excluding my kids my daughter was a popular clear leader at lowell is one the motive competitive holidays we should be proud of lowell and trying to fight racism but give it more credit that is within the best schools the united states thank schools the united states thankt schools the united states thank best schools the united states thank ihin the best schools the united states thank schools the united states thank you. >> good evening.
4:41 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> hi my name is eric i'm sorry when i'm nervous i have to speak chinese. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i have a kid the school district. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> regarding did resolution we discussed about tonight and i oppose that >> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. the first one i oppose is distribution of condoms the middle school and the reason he oppose it operationallperationallyration
4:42 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> he did school will be out of control and your honor, >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and it will tell the kids something that is inappropriate for their age. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and about emotion i think some of the adults is for the good at that not to mention the kids. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and also i have another opposition about the cancelation of algebra.
4:43 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> every stage the kids the kids have something to learn >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so if they don't learn what their supposed to learn it effects their future. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> . >> /* /- something i'm curious about is why we have to cancel something the kids supposed to learn and encourage the kids to
4:44 pm
have something they're not supposed to have. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and my last question have you ever thought of the feeling of the kids when you are decided to cancel the algebra and also about what the teachers think. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) mr. superintendent. >> great, thank you president haney he wanted to take a quick minute and thank all the parents that hope that is - thank you for staying late and sharing our thoughts with the board of education and us just a couple of clarifiefshs s we're clear about the intent i think of tne of the speakers sa
4:45 pm
as was speak tomorrow morning one of our children whether they're in the 6 or 5 or the third grade can balk walk into a drug store and buy a condom they'll walk out the drug store and none will have spoken why they shouldn't engage in sexual activity eats dangers of sexually sexual diseases and why not speak to their parents what we're proposing no a condom sdru destruction but if a student walks into one of the wellness supervis disintere
4:46 pm
disinterest before a condom have to speak to a trained professional that will talk to them and council them who will disquad them but give them mel sound advise it is much battery or better than someone walking in into a drugstore with no information i want to assure you in my mind as a parented the biggest guarantee in miy mind wy you're children about not engage you've demonstrated you care about your kids and that you'll have those conversations with the children so i'm very heartened to hear our voices i know you'll have those conversation with our children and going to raise our children based on our moral the homes and your children about not do anything such innovate talked to them i'm confident we the school district abowill you
4:47 pm
partner's and give them professional advise and professional counseling and we'll dodgwere going to make sure they don't quack into a drug store with with a purchase of a condom i apologize somewhere or someone or people have put into our mind a co-relation between condoms and algebra no such thing they're not relate i'll tell you that some of the comments please don't buy condoms we don't spend a dime their permitted by the department of public health at a service to the citizens the san francisco when you and i'll truly tell you that algebra is not gone the way of the school district take our eight grader are taking statistics and dbe try and trigonometryy and common core
4:48 pm
algebra and as our students get to the negligent grade a core intense course of algebra truly a college pact at the negligent grade the past it wasn't so we are draefr to go out into the community and our math team is talking about the consent of this configuration of math and content area we want to invite our chinese especially our chinese speaking parents to come to the informational meetings we had one a francis scott key and learn about it truly and your hernia will not only be as competitive as other children in other communities but even more competitive because they'll know their math better and deeper and be able to do math at a much higher level please don't fail
4:49 pm
pray to a relationship between condoms and algebra it didn't exi exist we do what we do to serve nothing about the best intentions for you and your children let's have a conversation bans facts not on minutes again, thank you for being out here we're on your side. >> colleagues. >> we actually have the time for public comment we took all the cards and said - >> i want to say that a lot of kids with having problems with common core - >> thank you. >> any comments statements
4:50 pm
from my colleagues? ms. wynns. >> thank you i just want to condemn make cleav clear that you know, i think that everybody who look at the data about results of the health programs we've had including making available tools to for our students to protect themselves that includes primarily educational services but also the availability of actual of the condoms in this case and i opinii guess i want offer to the members of the public and i'm offering on behalf of the staff and myself if i want to talk to me i would - i'm so interested in us
4:51 pm
advancing this debate that it should be bans what we know and the xrerpz so i want to thank the staff here and all the health services throughout the district and those in human services and other places that have participated because i say data i've seen including that on which this recommendation is based has are so important for all the work we've duplicate for so in years because it is so clear what the results wiare so i'm over the cour i'm, of course, want to support this and really pleased that all the information that we get we've done well and want to do better and thooeshbd so thank y
4:52 pm
all commissioner norton. >> thank you so i want to thank everyone for coming out and waiting so long i really hear the concern and the love you have for your children that is what is eliminating people coming out and concerned about the policy i think there is no substitute for talking with our child about sex and about being safe it is important to listen to them you know what is going on in their illnelives i try to pre this with pie teenagers i hear things i'd rather not hear but know how important to have the dialogue and that begins at home no substitute between a parent and inhaled as the superintendent said, you know, students can get conception
4:53 pm
anywhere with no conversation with no loving adult talking about being safe and taking care of themselves and so this policy really is about you know the huveandful t students that need it state law says that no one needs consent the drug stores don't need consent our friends and folks don't need consent, of course, we want the vast majority of the students to have those decision made in the family but some students that for whatever reason and their situation not a loving family that has conversations with them and we need to protect them and so i know that the policy i've been assured i believe that students
4:54 pm
particularly middle school only ask about the conception after a very, very frank and open conversation with the skilled educators that help them to understand the situation they're in and help them understand how to keep themselves save as the superintendant said not a tack away problem hey you want a condom a condom but from a private controlled space with an educator and only after they've indicated to the educator they are sexually active or considering it so i'm persuaded by the public health data i don't know that policy will hurt any common cold but i hear the apartment i have a almost 3 hour lymph with two
4:55 pm
leaders if the chinese community that really talked about how this policy felt from a parent prospective and what the source of concern was it felt very disrespect to some members of the chinese community i really hear that i think that we need to do a much better job superintendant are engaging with our chinese community parallel those that don't speak english the parents are crying out they want to better said your decisions and want to be involved in the decisions and have every right to be engaged so my permanent commitment we'll do a better job with the community and can i think we need to work on that thank you.
4:56 pm
>> commissioner vice presient walton. >> thank you first of all, thank all the parents that came out and spoke that is inprotestant we hear from your voi and wholeheartedly agree this should be at home are parents that is where that conversation should definitely took place i agree with all the apartment i'm a parent this is how i do thata the one thing we're responsible for the small percentage of students engaging in sexual actively or
4:57 pm
might engage there is a mi misconception that students will be walking down the hallway and have access to come bandoms it happens with the nurse that happens with the council only the student offers that they're thinking about sexual activity or engaged we have to understand that the important piece that education that comes with having assess on if someone goes to a professional that is prepared to have a conversation about having a conversation will being safe and avoiding sexual typist i'll a say i had children at 16 and 17 had i had an opportunity to get the right education at the right time i might not have had
4:58 pm
children to young so istudents that are engaging the small percentages that are interested a small percentage of sexual activities have a chance to the red cro protected from st. jude and protected madam clerk, please read the prosecute early pregnancies and have a chance to learn consequences and how to be responsible if staying save i want to make sure we said some of the information out there is misguided it from miss acceptance and an bad interpretation and providing the wrong prospective this is not about just providing access to condoms this is more about making sure our children are healthy additional save that is our responsibility is u
4:59 pm
our responsibility is uresponsi >> thank you parents for staying and sharing your opinions with the sequentichool one this is a surprise to the community was not a gingkos we need to endeavor to make sure that parents voices are heard and that we are communicating effectively with the parents there is a provision the policy that talks about novelist parents and guardian about the existence the program flaun and to making educational materials designed to help parents to communicate with their parents about pregnancy preservation every single prospective and st. jude so ask the parents to help us what the communication maybe culturally competent ways do it
5:00 pm
and focus on better communication with the parents secondly, i was alarmed interest seems to be misinformation about this program as my colleagues stated not a give away to condoms of every middle school student but caring trained adult having a conversation with a middle schooler that is q a condom and finally want to emphasize this is a public health issue and that there are coat that tells you that making condoms available actually helps kids defer sexual activity at the same time keep them safe from disease thank


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