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tv   Board of Education 22316  SFGTV  February 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:36pm PST

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expulsions, significant disproportionate suspensions occur and they are going to be another critical step to be taken in order to address this concern. but i understand as folks have said that implementation is a difficult road, . there is a long distance between actual policies and what teachers and students on the ground actually looks like and that's a road that can't be walked alone which brings me to the second concern which is the limited attention paid thus far in schools implementation efforts to family and school engagement specifically. the only way to monitor and understand whether the policy reforms that have been made by the board and district are for climate and culture change at school sites is to actively with the community in that implementation conversation. as we've
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seen here this evening in these very family and issues that have been presented t parents, community members, advocacy organizations are ready to partner in this effort and to call out the needs of their school sites so together all of us can work to make equity an actual reality. forgive my frustration at the late hour but one very effective way to not engage with families and communities is to have this conversation after midnight. i would ask the next time these presentations are made is to make sure the community gets the opportunity to hear this information by doing it earlier in the evening. thank you. >> good morning, i'm going to join the good morning trend. i'm going to start by saying really nice things to everyone who is here and then go into
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more critical comments. i want to say i really appreciate the board, superintendent, the staff and your commitments of this work and you are passionate about it. i was at the school site planning retreat on sunday and gave a retreat about our role as a leader and not just in the bay area but across the state and the country when we do this work. i'm really glad that all the people who we have in the district working on this. so the people who are in leadership, kevin, thomas and all of those even though i don't know you yet, but i know you do awesome work. my concern is that we have a year less to implement. even though we may not be able to do that at all school sites. the 3-year implementation where we are
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going to see things take place. i imagine you have gone to the schools and seen some of the successes and the decrease in significant suspensions over the last couple of years. we need to make sure we have consistency throughout the district and how children are getting treated from one school to the next and grade level to the next. because middle schools and elementary schools and high schools have something else. we know we have to implement this before the year-end. i want to echo laurie's comments. unions are ready to participate and partner at the table. we know that you are ready so let's figure out a way to make this successful. i yell at people
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a lot at these meetings but rather not yell today but say let's come together and make this successful and ensure that we not only address the specific s in the school to be about inclusion about getting everyone to the table and about solving problems and not kicking things down the road. thank you very much. >> questions, comments from the board? >> that was a question. i feel like you know, it's hard to look at this also without. we see suspensions and i guess and we see arrest at schools and
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the disproportionality. >> the referrals are about 6,000. and talk about disproportionality and the loss of instructional time and how many repeat students are being referred. i think it's one of those going to look at it. if the suspensions are down by this much, there can be some sort of loophole also. i think the referrals are something that we need to keep an eye on and monitor and look very carefully at
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the disproportionality. it's a little over 4,000. >> that's not part of our presentation tonight, but it's a more extensive report on the safe and supportive schools, the whole compendium thing to go with it. a pretty robust package. it gives us a lot of information but not a public document tonight but we are still getting feedback on it. >> yes. the disproportionality is off the hook. just fyi. sorry, thanks. >> commissioner norton? >> also a discussion on the referrals on page 29 and 30 as well in terms of the student teacher hypothesis. >> so i wanted to just zero in on 1 piece of this that ms.
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solomon mentioned about teachers being hurt in classrooms that they have seen more, that those numbers have increased. we had a meeting this week with some parents at the elementary schools. it's like two or three staff members are out because they have been hurt and assaulted by students. obviously there is a lot going on there at this particular school. is that what we are seeing that we are seeing an increase. is it that there is more students whose behaviors are out of control in the classroom now and employees are being hurt or do we have better data? do you have any insight to that? >> it is a big concern of ours. it is more prevalent, it appears to be.
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that's why bcb, our behavioral analyst we brought here because we just brought them on board in the district because we didn't have these before. these individuals are experts in behavior analysis and behavioral management and behavior change. they both work with the programs where there are significant attentions being paid to and they have seen tremendous success with a lot of the programs and it is a focus of ours and they are spending a lot of time. >> i think the concern i have is that this wasn't actually a soar program, it was a ge program. what that says to me is that the adults are not getting the training that they need, right? and it also in somewhat also says the kids aren't getting
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the services they need as well. so i think, there are some days to celebrate in this report definitely and i think what the data shows is that the district has made a commitment to doing the right thing to implement this resolution but also shows there is some troubling things. we have a long way to go. >> i do want to mention also that the behavior action triage team when thomas and people services put in place. part of the reason that came about too is some of these incidents at the school were high profile. we can't just deal with these over the phone. we need you to go out to the school and meet with these people. that happened so frequently that now it's a common practice that there is two teams at the elementary, one at the middle and one at the high and that to triage and go to school because these incidents have
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become, you know, you hear an alarming incident and wait a minute, you shouldn't be something you just heard on the phone and put a teacher on the phone. we have addressed some of these behaviors that say, you know what, let's go to the school and meet in person to talk about this and meet some people with experts. we are trying to go ahead ahead -- get ahead of this but this is an issue we are grappling with. >> how many bcba's do we have? >> three and one in training. then we have four specialist and one in training, i think. >> that's very positive. i mean, it seems to me three or four years ago we did not have one on
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staff in the district at all. so i think that is a clear. that is exactly a clear need that we had. i think it's part of the resolution we need. >> and luke is helping everyone pass the test. he does the coaching because we couldn't fill the positions we had when we had them open before. we couldn't fill them because people needed to pass the test. >> i have vice-president walton and commissioner wynns. >> thank you. first of all i would like to thank those who are here even at this late hour. i have a couple of questions
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firstly because i don't feel like being coherent at this hour. the data needs to be better and we do need to see referrals because that is an important thing to see the success. one thing that i want to note that i know is not our intention and that is to see the arrest for african american and latino student arrest to go down and maybe looking into community to see what is maybe behind that. the culture in the schools across the board is something that i'm worried about as we look at trying to get everyone to shift to other practices and supports that will make sure that we are successful that type of supportive schools. we hear from staff and educators and comments like we don't know what to do anymore because we can't
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suspend. obviously we are not doing enough to provide support so people will have, they understand the options that maybe available to them and to alleviate some of the frustrations and give them support. that makes them excited about this work but that also tells me that we still have some resistance to what we are trying to accomplish across the board. of course, again, continue professional development in the areas of pbis restorative practices and pib's and the latest strategies that support our adults and children and our students and are we doing enough for that area. more behaviorist more restorative practice coaches. are we cutting coaches, are we taking away resources from the system as opposed to drive what we are prioritizing when we are talking about safe and
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supportive schools. if that's the case because of possibility of enrollment issues or whatever we may see as a reason to decrease these supports, then i don't know if we are really upholding our end of the bargain and commitment in terms of with a we are doing with supportive schools. i know we all love data, but at the end of the day we also have some work to do and data is not always going to, it should not always be the driver because it's not always going to look at pretty as we need to get some things done and accomplish. if we are ten steps behind just because we lose students at certain schools and certain sites, it doesn't mean all of a sudden if we then we are going to see a better result. we need to think about how we deal with that. we also know that some of the schools don't have the bandwidth to
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have the reentry with students and families when they come back into schools. again, we need to figure out how to support the system to make sure those very important pieces are happening so they are supported and also so our families and students are supported and we feel like it's a community that is working together. last thing again is that we have to put more resources into supporting our teachers, our schools which ultimately support our students and ultimately supports what we are prioritizing to ensure our schools are safe and supportive and we are reducing suspensions and referrals and students are not losing time in the classrooms. some of that we need to put our money where our mother is and make sure that we are increasing supports that are needed to be successful and figuring out a way to did that regardless of what some of the data shows in terms of enrollment, etc
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because this is very important to all of us. i think that something that was said that was important tonight if we look at some of the incidents that happened as of late, if we do a good job with some of the things we already have in place and build off those, we can alleviate some of the things that are happening in our schools on a daily. thank you. >> commissioner wynns? >> i'm going to be short. we can talk off line about this after i read this longer report because of the hour. i just want to bring a couple of things up. one, we talked about this before, but i don't think we ever got in the data, anybody looking at the data to tell us what percentage of expulsions we do are required by law. i think that commissioner haney and i have talked about this at some point in the past that would help
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me to think and also when i talk to other people about this. then i have a question i would like to ask. do we really have 6 students arrested for terrorist threats? i don't remember actually hearing about those. that many and of course i don't want to hear the details back here. that just seems a little out of whack to me. so. >> we had a significant number in the last report also. it's yes, and those could be also sent over digital media or cellphone. >> right. maybe we need at one time to dealt down a little bit to the detail a little bit. again, it could be something that's defined by law and some
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regulation on terrorist threat that we wouldn't define on the law but help us understand what kind of behavior we are talking about. >> we have control over what the suspension is entitled but not control over the arrest. oftentimes there are issues of batteries and i lump them in and there are threats to kill, threats to in jur, i lump them in. they are under the category of threats and they call in that number roughly. >> other board members? no?
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okay. so i have a couple thoughts. i won't say too much because i get to talk you a lot about this. one is i would like to echo kevin bogus appreciation and positive sentiment to start this. i know that this is an extraordinary incredible amount of work. not just the 29 pages. when i run in the hallway i say we are writing this big report for you. but the work you do everyday and how hard and emotional it is and how traumatizing it is and we are working with staff for seeing and experiencing things and fighting for their kids and working with students directly. i know how hard that is. i want to thank you and please express that to your entire teams as well and anybody that you work with
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with how appreciative we are as a board and how much it means to us, how important this is to us as a district, as a board. i think i speak for the entire board when i say there is nothing more important that we can be doing, that we can be trying to put all of our time and resources and energy and passion into it to getting this right. so, i want to appreciate you all for that. and mr. truitt and for especially leading this work and for coleman advocates and council and for everyone who has been a part of making this a reality and holding us accountable to it. i want to also give a shout out to u sf. i have been able to go to places and speak about this resolution. but they say, you can't do anything about that because you are union and it will stop anything you want to do.
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in fact for us, in many ways, this is the opposite which they have been pushing to go further and this is a positive from the beginning. i think it's just extraordinary to partner with us and being able to be responsible for any of the progress we have had in the past. i don't think we give them enough props to help them lead in the work they have and for taking a stand. as despite the fact that there are a lot of people saying, we supported this and it hasn't gone in the way we wanted and to understand this is what we are about and what we are and what we believe in and this is right for staff and right for teachers. i think that's just beautiful. so, i just want to say one thing in addition to the appreciation about what i hope we might think about moving forward
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echoing some of the comments that i heard. one is that we will come to the third year to talk about what is a 3-year plan and that gives us an opportunity to think about this and maybe a different way in terms of how to assess with where we are. what would be great that i haven't seen and i would love to see that it's already 29 pages and to add more, i know the last thing that mr. truitt would like, but some of the questions i would have say better sense of where each school is in this process. we have this piece around full implementation of restorative practices. we have this idea that each school would have a certain set of things that are happening with all the staff and the implementation and i know we have a number of pieces of this around the different tiers and around fti, but how this looks, i think this could be helpful in terms of
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the progress. some of that can be made here when we think about some of the data around staff and training with rt and what that looks like across the district. some of that could be added here and going to the full implementation and going back to look at that resolution to see how far we have gone and i know some things have changed and we have improved on it and things that we didn't even know were possible that we are doing now need to be noted as well. just a last thing and i think vice-president walton touched on this about the need to make this a reality. susan solomon also brought this up which is a lot of what we thought we could do with this resolution is to give to see where the gaps where and where the needs were and there was supposed to be a hand off
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and identifying that and be smarter about where to put the support in place and you hear a lot about pier 3 now and whether students that have a higher level of need that there is not a hand off there and we don't have an adequate level of support and how we begin to build that out as we feel better about pier one and pbis and how to identify where the needs are around tier 3 and what i hear a lot about and last thing to flag, how do we integrate trauma and formed practices with all of this and how we breakdown which feels to me a little bit like a silo there when we talk about what's happening and pupil services versus what's happening in school health and feeling that in a
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lot of schools you walk in to say what's going on and the first thing they tell you is we are dealing with so much trauma and with need help and then you talk about safe and supportive schools and it feels to them like a different thing in some ways and how you begin to integrate these things and at the same time build-out our work around trauma. i think there is a lot to be proud of and a lot of incredible work gone into it and i'm hopeful about the future because we have such great work done on it, but if we don't get this right, it's hard to get anything else. it's late and people are falling asleep. unless other people have comments or questions we are going to move on because we are not actually done yet. i want to thank you all for your presentation and work. we'll keep going. thank you all also
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who stayed so late and for being here. really incredible. especially kevin. >> thank you all for being here. let me figure out if i can figure out what we have left. >> vote on the consent
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calendar. >> mr. fewer, dr. murase, ms. wynns. thank you. >> board members reports. reported to the curriculum committee. can i have a motion and second. board member reports.
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introduction of proposals for immediate action and notice of suspensions board. >> board member reports. >> thank you, president. we actually had a supervisor exciting committee of the whole meeting last week. we talked about physical education requirements and incorporation of content from board policy and physical exemptions. it was a fruitful discussion and was an information item and still being discussed and will be sent to curriculum program and budget committee. that's where we stand on the one item we addressed as a committee. >> all right. a report from the rules
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policy. commissioner wynns. yes, how about a report from the ad hoc committee. >> yes, we had an ad hoc committee and personnel matter labor relations meeting february 18, 2016. we had six action items that we did not vote on because we didn't have the adequate information at the time. we had a couple of informational items. one was custodian over time pay. it's getting better and more timely i think, the pay, but now custodians are wanting separate checks of over time. then we had an update on vacancies for 2016-2017. we had an item on substitute
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staffing and we had an issue largely due to the fact that we are not competitive in pay for those jobs because it's getting more expensive to live in san francisco and people don't want to drive 2 hours. and we had information technology staffing which is being worked out with the civil service commission. >> thank you commissioner wynns for the report. other board member reports? commissioner? >> a few announcements. february 5th, the pta had their founders dinner. honorary awards were
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given to -- jeff lou and zong. i want to congratulate them. secondly for families looking for summer programs, summer camps, the department of children and families are hosting different summer resource fair to say. you can find out information. >> thank you, commissioner wynns. can we get a report from the rules and policy and legislation committee. >> we did a report already there in the individual. the only thing i will say is to remind everybody that at the next rules committee you will be asked to buildup and the bulk of all the legislative proposals on which to take positions and you will get them in advance and even you as commissioner haney did last month, if
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you hear about a bill that you are interested in, please ask for your input otherwise we'll take the position. i encourage you to come. we'll have our advocates at that next meeting. but particularly this is the time of year when we are gathering input about our legislative positions. thank you. >> the budget committee will meet march 2nd at 6:00 p.m.. >> buildings and grounds will be meeting this monday the 29th at 6:00 p.m.. >> vice-president? >> just to let you know we'll have a committee meeting on march 7th. >> any other announcements?
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the ad hoc school district city college joint committee will have the first meeting on march 23, 2016. any other announcements? other informational items. quarterly report on williams uniform complaints. we have no memorial in adjournment. the board will go to closed session. i recess the meeting at 12:48. [ meeting is adjourned ] -- from the closed session. in the matter of al versus sfusd case no. 251. the board voted with seven
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ayes to stipulate late the amount. the board approved the contract of 62 principles. the board by a vote of seven ayes of 29 assistants principals, the board approved that they may not renew notice for one principals and by a vote of seven ayes, approved a notice for 3 existing principals. >> we are going to adjourn the regular meeting and open the special meeting. >>
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