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tv   BOS Rules Committee 22516  SFGTV  February 27, 2016 8:00pm-10:41pm PST

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>> this is a test.
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>> before we begin we can get emotion to excuse supervisor mar. without objection the gavel. >> item 1 >> and one to update the definition of final competition for time and under the san francisco employees retirement system. and to include in the definition, tatian trouble under the judges retirement system judges retirement system two. peter b data. supervisor cohen is the sponsor. alternate over to our good >> thing to everyone for coming. good morning. item 1, before us is brought to us in attempt to address an issue that is was in and i'm indulging this is an issue in my capacity as president of our retirement board. when the ship code defines final, tatian as",
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outdated and doesn't accurately get several of our current san francisco employee retirement members. specifically, this old definition doesn't include word able members of the judges retirement system to include the use of compensation under the, system. this ordinance is pretty clean and straightforward. it'll update an old definition of final compensation so that it begins to better and accurately reflect the definition in the charter provision for the plan applicable to every member that qualified. it is also--this measure is also aimed to amend the definition of final compensation. so, that the compensation is a member of the judges retirement considered when determining endeavors, it is deferred. this legislation
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would confirm-excuse me this legislation will conform to plan members who have service under the jr s to help have similar service organizations recognize-excuse me help services under-okay. these notes are bad. let me just say what it is. it's a busy day. we got a hearing on the homeless issue that i called storm between committee. so we've got a real serious issue. the people that dedicated it lives to public service to serve and their serving as judges and now what we have is a dilemma based on the definition. it really boils down to what reciprocity. for your service as a judge, for your service as a prosecutor we should be able to count for your entire benefit. italy simple and straightforward. i want of knowledge that we have cheap the director of the retirement
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board staff here today. if there's any technical questions that are not able to address, forgive me in my talking point blender. this is actually i don't even know thebut go ahead and dig in. maybe if you like we can call up jake hewitt to make a couple remarks will take public comment and then will take eight books >> welcome director. thank you for the i guess the reef explanation of this legislation. maybe in remarks if you could share a little bit how this came to your attention and why you're excited to need to take this action out? >> absolutely. good morning, commissioners. supervise. it's a pleasure to be. this was first requested that we look at the issue i think back in november of last year. it came about because the judges who are currently under the judges retirement system have an option to either be classified as a classic number or a new
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member. under jr s rules you can be considered a classic number, which is the pre- statewide pension reform plan which offers a high level of benefits but only if you could link to some prior public service to your service as a judge. so, we have confirmed that in fact, this proposed ordinance implies with our charter amount which basically tells us that we had to administer reciprocity the same way that calpers administers reciprocity. we've actually tailored the change that we are proposing what is being proposed to mimic the calpers language. meeting that, we will not consider the services of a judge. however, we will consider any compensation when we get to catholic benefits. the cost report presented basically says you identified for prior city employees were
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currently sitting judges will not retired it would be impacted by this and as you see the actuary that the impact, the cost impact of this change would be minor. they've also look back for the last 10 years to try to figure out how often are city employees are selected to be judges and they've identified 13 judges who over the last 10 years, have left city implement and become judges. they have retired from their event retirement system. they would not be impacted. but, i would say the impact is twofold. minor on the retirement side as far as cost is concerned. the significant on the jr si judges retirement system side, because we discover we can tell them that we do recognize the payee which we believe will open them up to the classic members and remain as classic members allow jr s to consider their full public
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service, rather than just their service as a job in determining which plan benefits they're entitled to. with that i'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you. ashley did it's my question. i was wondering what the impact would be of some of the judges. thanks for that explanation. i don't have any further questions. i think that was clear to me. >> it's clean and straightforward. >> so, maybe we can take public comment >> when i moved to public comment on item 1. if anyone would to come up and speak these make your way to the podium. >> good morning. thank you hon. melia cohen and honorable katie tang for allowing me to speak. mine is daniel douglas. i am a judge. superior court judge in contra costa county and i'm here to urge the rules committee to update their definition of final, tatian per
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retirement benefits. i to becoming a judge, i serve the community for 14 years as a prosecutor. i'm proud to say the last year i serve the city and county of san francisco. i'm proud to say that because of not only resident gusto resident of san francisco, but this is an amazing city and the city is amazing because of its rich culture and its diverse. i believe that diversity is a valuable asset and what we don't want is to have cookie-cutter judges. we don't want to have judges that all come from private practice, that have all made of scenes amount of money. i don't even want to talk about that, but we want judges that have come from the public sector because amines were not going to get more diversity and were going
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to get individuals have committed themselves to public service. so, what bringing diversity to the bench means is that you're going up different races, ethnic cities, sexual orientations, gender and social economic status. i'm here to tell the rules committee it truly makes a difference. as a single mother, raising i would say two daughters but i have a third daughter who actually teaches biology in a san francisco public high school, and is getting her masters at san francisco state so technically 2.5 daughters, i understand when i'm ordering individuals to pay these fines and fees when they come if they can't afford it. as somebody who unfortunately very recently has worked paycheck to paycheck i understand that
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issue. diversity is extremely important. dick thank you. i'm sorry we have limited time here. >> one more thing. the commitment to public service is very important. i'm here before the judges combined we have over 50 years of public service. we can become judges to become rich because trust me i think california judges are 21st in the nation would comes to salaries. 30 if you include benefits. we did it because we care. thank you. thank you hon. melia cohen for the updating of the definition >> thank you very much for your comments. if any other members of the public was to speak on item 1 fees, anna. >> good morning. i'm harry dorfman. on the superior court
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judge in san francisco. currently assigned to all of justice and i would be affected by this proposal, which am excited about and do urge you to approve. i would make some brief comments. it's about numbers. the impact to the city. the impact on us individually and what other counties have done. look at mr. jewish is a knowledge is analysis it appears to the city finance would be small and the total pension liability, the few judges who will cause an impact, works out to as i see it, three thousandths of a percent. the impact on us individually a few judges on the other hand would be significant in real terms because if he would ask is not passed, the state of the jr s system, will demand that a monthly pension contribution the double. i can say for me having worked for the city in many years i do not have any advantage of them, i work for the city over 26 years. the
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demand by the state would be significant. finally, other counties, many of the county's in california have already had an ordinance of this type and they apparently have decided it is part of sound finance and can work to encourage members of public sector to join the bank. thank you very much for the proposal. >> thank you very much for your comments. any other members of the public was to speak on item 1? no one else? then i'm going to be closing public comment >>[gavel] >> supervisor cohen. i just want to say a couple things. one is a to the judges who've been advocates probably well over a year. i think if i'm not mistaken we started receiving letters of request for this piece of legislation to go forward back in was it 2014? in october of 2014. so it's been a long time coming. i think it's also important that most of us early supervisor tang
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and i are servants as well and we know the spirits that you bring to the job day in and day out. we are certainly not in it for the money. we don't make it punitive to be a public servant and we want you to acknowledge and thank those that are dedicate their lives to public service. so, i would like to make a motion that we move this to the full board with positive recommendation >> i second that motion and also went to e supervisor cohen and thanking all of you for your service. i suddenly hope this helps for not only the individual circuits but also in the future. with that if we could take a roll call >> on the motion member cohen aye tang aye. we have two aye visit this item passes to the full board the positive recognition >>[gavel] >> thank you very much. now we can call item to >> item number two hearing to consider appointing one member to the bicycle advisory committee ending november 19, 2016 or the tenure of the
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nominating supervisor whichever is shorter in duration >> the applicants we have personally one is melissa mendoza. she here today? please, come on up. >> good morning. my name is melissa mendoza and i'm here today because i like to be the next district 5 seat in the bicycle advisory committee. my passion for my school started in 2007 when i realized two things. one, i need more reliable way to get to caltrans for the morning commute and to so much happier and the end of the day. from their eyes are volunteering at the event high school coalition in 2008 and i started contribute to award-winning bicycle change your life by july. as a member of the bicycle advisory committee like to advocate on behalf of bicyclists than injured while writing. thus a legend continues he better bicycle infrastructure
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improvement. as a make bicyclists feel safe navigating san francisco st. i was also like to support education about uber and left for bicycle safety tips like mandatory curbside with this make bicycling much safer. bicyclists are transportation only getting more popular with younger generations and it's not going to go way. as a city becomes more populated, but only to work together to ensure safe streets and respect for all users of the road which includes pedestrians, bicyclists, transit and cards. all these initiatives also coincide the cities commended to vision zero. i look for to be able to meet this commitment. thank you. >> thank you very much for your presentation. i do appreciate your downsview and reckon i think it takes a loss whether pedestrian bicyclist, or driver. as a likely said about the car sharing companies. not only is it
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posing danger when they pull over into the bike lane but also for drivers driving behind him. in any case, can you just share a little bit about you said you volunteered with the bike coalition in 20 with. some of the things you worked on or felt passionate about and would like to continue if appointed? beaded shirt. what started with my >> sure. my voluntary spencer with bicycle ballet tonight we let back in 20 weight bicycle parking it's not everywhere as it is now. it wasn't safe then. so i felt that was inherently a great idea for people to have a place to park in order to use their bike and feel safe about their bike week in sure it would be there on the way back. if the giants game that's a great way to avoid traffic because i work in district 6 and it gets really congested during that time. anyway i
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started working with bicycle valet parking and was the second part of the question? >> there are certain things they would like to carry into the bike advisory committee? >> at her infrastructure. i was also in some of the videos for connecting the city to make bicycling safe for ages 8-80 is there, but twice coming and seen in union square and have them go through the wiggle public to ocean beach be a great way that some experience san francisco and a healthy manner. >> tank you so much. any other comments or questions? beaded just a simple one. i'm happy to support you today is mendoza. >> thank you. so, with that will go to public comment per item to get if anyone would like to comment on this seat one application for the bicycle advisory committee? is that
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which are raising your hand for? >> [inaudible] >> this one actually has specifically to do with ms. melissa mendoza. not taking general public comments. at this time i'm going to close public comment on item 2 >>[gavel] >> can i have a motion on that >> yes, like you except that motion >> we will make a motion. >> i said see one but i meant as a guide. also district 5 supervisor that i support the. we can take that without objection. >>[gavel] >> congratulations we move you onto the folder. now if we can call item 3 >> item 3, appointing one member term ending february 1,
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2018 and one member to the heavy first 2072 the park recreation committee. the two applicants >> are two applicants are kenneth mealy and jane well. if either of you if you could please come on up and make a presentation. in any order. that should be fine. >> thank you and thanks for your time. my name is jane while. i live in mission street between seventh and eighth in the heart of midmarket in district 6. i lived there for about 10 years. my dinner and her family have lived there for 20. so i know the neighborhood quite well. district 6 is very diverse and i represent several different constituencies. on this homeowner, a senior citizen i have parents by three children who attend san francisco public schools. they successfully i might add and they speak spanish and also are considered to be of color. as you know, district 6 has been the center of much of the
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boundaries of concert and nearly 10,000 units have come online or are about to and there's not a single inch of open space. district 6 is considered to be the most open space deprived district in the city and this marked midmarket is the worst part. so my passion is my neighborhood, particularly the parks and open space and trying to find new parcels we can preserve before it's all gone. i currently serve on the board of the central market cbd and the better market street cac. i served three years on the board of cinemax south of market childcare which educates 65% low income subsidized children at two about three different sites. one of the little-known facts about midmarket is how many families and children we have, and how little space they have to play and recreate on. i represent since 2014 and i'm
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grateful that you consider might be appointment. working with the open space tax force, parks and recreation staff were looking at sites we can turn into parts but nothing was complete yet. i look forward to coming back to the board of supervisors knowing that those acquisitions are complete and asking for your approval and then we can start the fun part of planning that parks. so, i think i've communicated to you my passion about our beautiful city and neighborhood and the necessity of finding some green space, working through that effort. thank you very much for your service >> thank you. supervisor cohen >> i just want to ask if you want to just share with us some of the highlights of things you have accomplished. what are you most proud of?
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>> what i most proud of in my district is the ongoing effort to identify sites for acquisition. we started with a study of the whole district it we got it down to 11 sites. while we were studying we got it down to four, and while we will work out to a those sites were acquired by developers. so it's really urgent that we get these parcels >> what's the criteria you used to about you and the site? >> well, first of all suitability in terms of where they are. physically in the district. we did an extensive outreach to find out what people wanted in the district, what they need and so that was the criteria. we work closely with the department real estate and then the steps are that the committee that i serve on as a presentation from parks and recreation staff. either approve or disapprove, whether this should go forward and ultimately the board of supervisors makes the decision.
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>> thank you so much >> you been a good champion about securing more open space. >> thank you. now move onto the next applicant. >> thank you supervisor my name is kenneth mealy. i did a residence of san francisco 453 years. 35 years in north beach and telegraph hill. my involvement with open space in the city began in the mid-70s with jefferson square. moved to north beach and later in the 70s where i worked with then mayor mosconi on the opening of accounts that ended up being an event unfortunately would mayor feinstein. that led me to get involved with washington sq., park, which is the neighborhood living room but one of the few open spaces that we have in
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north beach. i'm a founding member of the friends of washington square and continue to be involved in events and planning or that square. it's one of the most historic parks open spaces in this. it's when the first three those that designated in 1840 and i'm a washington sq., union square. i am also a founding member of the planning of park project which few people know [inaudible] been involved in pioneer park helping raise opportunity dollars for infrastructure improvements to that part. but also very involved for the last 30 something years. i spearheaded the effort to have the tower landmarks which are discovered in 1983 had not been a landmark although they consider it as a landmark. i did the 50th anniversary in 1983 the 75th anniversary of the
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then leader nancy pelosi under gavin newsom. i served on a civil grand jury was echoed bravely say was an investigation of the parks and recreation apartment. when i first stumbled on open space and discovered that a lot of the designated place for open space of the drain by the parks and recreation department for ministers cause and not producing or procuring open space. so not only interested in my own district, and am proud supervisor from our district has considered need for this appointment. but given the limited space we have in the city as it is, it shrinks all the time-not our footprint but certainly open space in the city, i think it's important issue than happy to take on the challenge to see that can contribute to that. >> thank you. i appreciate your presentation. and all the work you did. i think
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supervisors have made great choices for this particular committee. i don't have any of follow-up question. supervisor cohen >> i would ask the same question about accomplishments. you mentioned the time so. neither items? >> denmark in washington square was when the most historic open spaces could you knows the farmland of one of-she was the first woman born in san francisco. her mother was part of the expedition that came that the mission in 1776 at she moved to washington square and created a farm there that she sold produce to the scurvy ridden sailors became during the gold rush. so i would say protecting that square primarily because the city had up plan put forth by some of the commercial interest in the city to increase parking capacity, and so under union square and under portman square
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garages were built. in my view, decimated to historic spots in the city. washington square was the third park designated to be uprooted and about concrete rods placed under it. fortunately, mayor jack shelley at the time of vetoed that proposal, which cost him reelection and cost us joel alioto for mayor eight years. so i would say when marking washington's scale where was his help protect the proven and intrusion into historic site which is one of the few parks you can actually walk across the ground as it was when san francisco first began to be developed in the 18th century. >> one more follow-up question did i recognize your the district 3 appointee good i was wondering if you had a vision for any other parts of the city as you be making policy that would affect-so your overall
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vision that's outside of district 3 other parts of the city in any guiding principles that help you evaluate different proposals? >> i work with a port of san francisco to open spaces that have come under bond issues and have worked actively on the last free part bond issues and designated infrastructure needs for parks all over the city. including irrigation, water conservation, accessibility, adaptability and preservation. >> thank you. i have no other questions >> thank you very much. don't like your someone who could write a book about all your experiences. so at this time i'm an open of item 32 public comment. any members of the public wish to speak on item 3? i will close public comment
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>>[gavel] >> i like to make a motion to appoint kenneth mealy to see 15 and jane beale to seat 18 for the parks and recreation open space.. >> i'm in agreement with that will take that without objection. congratulations. >>[gavel] >> will move to item 4 >> item number for the hearing for the appointment of three members to term and range in weight to term and range in weight 31st 2022 the veterans affairs commission there are three season nine applicants. >> as the clerk stated we have three seats and nine applicants. i'm going to list them off but feel free re-to make a presentation of course state your name when you come up. >> [calling names] >> please come on up. >> my name is michael-i'm
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currently on the veterans affairs could i service the president of the commission leader seeking your approval on a positive nomination for my rehab addition to my current see. we met and discussed before my application as well to you as well supervisor mar but i guess three things i like to say come in terms of what we like to see on our agenda this year are as follows. number one a change to our bylaws so we can make it more responsive to my guest to the members of the commission to that have less than stellar attendance records that would allow us to then insert individuals who want to serve and want to show up. that's agenda item number two. agenda item number two we like to address this year is homelessness in particular. veterans homelessness with the
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city and county of stephen. to that end myself and the other two members the executive board have had meetings with folks on the mayor staff and we are seeking throughout this year to further that agenda to get in very stakeholders on the homelessness issue before automation could come up with best practices and the fill a role as an advisory body to both the board of supervisors and the mayor on the issue of veterans homelessness. finally, one issue we want to work on is to basically improve the relations between our commission and the board of supervisors and the mayor. i know that in the past it has been less than ideal, less than professional. we were seeking to do is instituted in a level of professionalism just to fulfill our mandate to advise the board of supervisors and the mayor on all aspects of veterans related issues. with that, i can return my time to the chair of animal available for any questions either of you have >> thank you so much for serving in the capacity as a president of the commission early. i think most of what you
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had mentioned has to do with the operations of the commission, getting is understandable in your role as the president. he did mention you want to address veterans homelessness issues as a policy matter. i wonder if there's any others you'd like to work on as well to continue to mark >> sternly. in addition to the veterans homelessness issue is also veterans employment by veterans housing all those all under a broad mandate of advising the mayor and the board of supervisors on economic policy, healthcare policy and other facets of veterans issue but i think so with the most acute concern is the homelessness but importantly veterans housing does dovetail along those points as well. >> supervisor cohen >> i want to just echo what you said earlier in your remarks and i agree with you that attendance is absolutely critical. particularly, when you have a body that is not able to make forum. i support
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your efforts and if there's any way it is rules committee could be helpful to you should your appointment go for, let us know if there are other folks looking to be appointed to the veteran affairs commission and of their tenants is less than so you should let us know so we can address that in the rules committee because that's paramount when it comes to service. as veterans i'm sure you reckon is important if you don't show up- >> i know that quite well. supervisor cohen, i appreciate your concern. appreciate the offer of assistance and we will certainly not hesitate to reach out to you and the other members of the rules commission should this continue to be a problem as it has been in years past. i appreciate that. >> i think to reiterate that point to some of the issues knew to be working. it's important the commission can actually meet regularly. but to that issue of homelessness.
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>> critically homelessness. as a hearing going over and our veterans are part of that issue. >> thank you much >> thank you. are you inviting folks to join the other hearing as well? so, any other applicants i call please come on up and make a presentation. thank you. >> good afternoon, suez. [inaudible]. first of all, i want to share with you something that's closing due to my heart. the military. several months ago i was at church >> who are you? >> bill barnicle. so much ago i was a charge of first, on the board of directors for the committee. the doctor the men
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and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. dr. maas asked the priests were you ever in the military? bill eyman special forces ranger in vietnam. i asked him what prompted them to join the priesthood and the answer was i had a calling. after 9/11 the safety with the arizona cardinals making five dollars a year decided to leave the nfl to join the army making $70,000 as a ranger special force. his family was speechless. i say they were more than speeches. why would you want to join the army? like he said hit a calling and it was a duty. as a civilian, my background is my character and my integrity. i want to help my fellow bets. in vietnam
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a lot of our veterans are having a hard time transitioning from military to civilian life. we have a lot of resources. however we lose him. hoping i can have an impact on the commission but most importantly that we work together in a cohesive group that were doers rather than toppers. one program i like to sport the mentorship program the men and women first to monitor them in transitioning to make sure they are [inaudible]. the guidance direction and resources and outreach programs in the mentioned homelessness and mental health issues. i love the motive. the best part of my military career at full military honors sshe put me on a lane in 1971 and 29 years later-my mom passed away just a month ago and i got activated my mom came
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down from sound rosa. when i retired he also gave a presentation. when she passed away i gave her a small literary funeral in the 5a guinea i get to mount. i hope you read my bio and i hope [inaudible]. without any questions? >> thank you very much for your presentation. i like the idea of the mentorship program that mentioned that something certainly we can take to fruition. are there any other goals or policy ideas you have if able to surround the commission? >> like mike mention i think the homelessness. we still homelessness from vietnam until now. then we have the young troops from iraq and afghanistan. we still have him out there. i like to reach them out and see if we have an
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outreach program. also mental. that's huge. i love the veterans could since vietnam to know ptsd you will recognize some and was ptsd symptoms should i think it's important we address those issues. we hope these guys and women to go through that journey and to adjust to silver alien life again. >> thank you very much real present it as your questions or comments. this time i apologize to the audience but because we don't have a third member, i just need a recess quickly to my colleague can use the restroom for a second. i apologize. we will be in recess for a second. >> now we are back in our rules committee reading. thank
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you for your patience. now we will resume and if any other candidates for item 4 like to come for make a presentation that would be great. i think there may be speaking on behalf of maryann rich as well. >> good morning, supervisors. >> if you would not mind speaking directly into the microphone. thank you. >> i like to go over some of my qualifications. [inaudible]. i recently attended and support
8:40 pm
another veterans family members suicide watch under the american legion. i made city of san francisco employee. i served as a volunteer in the veterans center at the san francisco library prior to my position as a city of san francisco employee. my position is that the san francisco main public library. i am a city of san francisco student. i am nurse certified. i would like to be prepared on condition there is a some sort of emergency where i'm needed. and i can get support in that. i'm a city of san francisco
8:41 pm
resident. i'm a san francisco bay area native. have lived in the city of san francisco approximately 2 years. i want to serve on the board. it's my goal to-one, one of my classes at san francisco community college is that it's a american government class and i would like to be able to have a working knowledge of how city governments work in relation to the american government class. my other goal is that i would like to be a will to serve an
8:42 pm
offer ideas more opportunities, as a board member. i have a lot of-although it's been a short period of two years, i have a lot of underground muslims speak, knowledge of how i would like to help service my fellow veterans and offer continue to offer suggestions and ideas. i promise i attendance will be perfect as an employee of the city of san francisco and as a student i have perfect attendance. >> great to hear. is at the end of your presentation to mark >> i believe so >> enqueue just >> thank you. if you could tell us something about your
8:43 pm
background in service because we don't have much of in your application >> i served in the united states army from 1987-1990. i can say that upon residing in the city of san francisco become much more connected with veterans, veteran activities, and veteran benefits. >> my second question is, if you are able to serve on the commission, what are some of the things you'd like to work on? you have any goals you like to achieve their? >> i definitely do. in particular, homelessness is mentioned over and over again. considering i found that to be extremely challenging but i did not give up. i was able to find
8:44 pm
an apartment to the san francisco community land trust, a nonprofit organization. the city sponsored them in supports the acquisition of the building in terms of financing. i do plan on serving on their board as well so that i can work to together in terms of veterans to bring the city and veterans organizations together. to propel more housing opportunities. >> t. i think supervisor cohen has a question. >> a couple of close. which department do you work in for the city? >> i look over the b vent main public larry. >> i thought he would live that i wasn't sure. have you
8:45 pm
attended that commissioned the meeting before in the past? >> i did attend once. >> idc conjured into the discussions and the advocacy for veterans in san francisco? >> i don't necessarily actually know that not all of the representation that is fair. people have a working knowledge or experience of helping function in the i want to bring that representation to the committee. i speak with fellow veterans can we communicate about different challenging situations. i tried to be very encouraging towards him as i want them to keep
8:46 pm
focused on their goals. myself, i'm very goal focused. don't consider giving up an option. so i find the energy of the city bringing a lot of ideas and the experience that i've had here. i have been told many times i have very good suggestions and ideas. so, i want to be able to bring them forward and discussion point and see how we can make actual plans and goals with those suggestions and ideas. >> give any specifics you want to share with us today? what was your name again >> my name is kimberly flaherty. the two biggest
8:47 pm
goals, well, housing is a definite primary goal. it's hard to function in other goals if you don't have that good education and training, is extremely important. that would lead to a long-term productive employment and beyond employment, a career, if you will. those would be my primary goals >> thank you. are there any other members that have applied for the veterans affairs commission, these don't be shy. come on up. is that it? >> good morning, supervisors. last time i was here >> please state your name
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>> joseph koppel. last time i was here i was asked, what, in addition, to the 27 years of higher education experience and training and the fact that being a community servant in the city as well as internationally, what have i done of late. thank you for that question. what i've done of late, i put myself on a path of recovery from mental illnesses. i've been diagnosed with bipolar and treated the last 25 years. i also have that same approximate period of time was diagnosed with learning disabilities.. so, despite those characteristics i've had a very successful career. how does that relate to
8:49 pm
the va commission? personal, i was a patient for eight weeks at walter reed army medical center. the disability of stuttering. i'm very grateful to the military health care system for that and other activities. presently, i am a member in a weekly attend the depression and bipolar support alliance at st. francis hospital. i am also currently a member in a part-time employee with the mental health association. as an advocate for mental health recovery doing presentations and speeches throughout the city undergoing training programs as well.
8:50 pm
further, of attended major mental health days at stanford and ucsf to enable me to greater recover and to share that with my fellow veterans. in the medical field there is a convergence occurring taking the mental model of the analysis and medication along with the recovery model, which is specific activities and organizations to treat their mental disabilities. i am a person with good experience. i have been classified by the california state, the department of rehabilitation, with severe disabilities. i would like inclusion on the
8:51 pm
commission to represent the people-particularly with mental disabilities as my primary focus. i look forward to this because i have overcome trade obstacles in my personal and professional life. i want to share that with others. primarily my fellow veterans. so, ask for your support to be able to do that. >> thank you. any questions or comments? no. >> we've heard from dr. koppel many times. the chick i remember your presentations as well. thank you. any other applicants for the veterans affairs commission? seeing none,, and open up this item to public comment. if anyone would
8:52 pm
like to comment on any of the applicants, please come forward. >> good afternoon, supervisors. money was-i'm the vice president of the san francisco attune affairs and i'm here to speak on commissioner mike buffet. commissioner is our current president and two-term vice president. he provides leadership by example. never miss a meeting or a vote that yields colleagues understand complex issues and he knows the role of the bac to provide the board of supervisors amaze up is affecting issues affecting san francisco better. i hope you will reappoint commissioner michael mcveigh to another four year term and were lucky to him >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon,
8:53 pm
supervisors. minus a roma. i'm a native san franciscan. homeowner, business owner and nonprofit owner. i'm here to support to candidates. kimberly flaherty was a member of the post of the american legion that i founded. she has much experience with boots on the ground on homelessness. kimberly came to the town hall one time in need of housing. for almost 2 years she's been like a ping-pong ball back bouncing back and forth. she has that experience of the issue of housing for veterans in san francisco. should be a great candidate for the commission and not only that, she brings a lot to the table. she's connected with a lot of
8:54 pm
organizations. should be a great asset for the commission. i highly recommend kimberly. in addition to that as president of the veterans affairs commission, several years ago i know personally commissioner buffet who do an outstanding job as president. when i was on the board he was a vice president and is truly a dedicated member of this commission. thank you for this opportunity speak. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> will speak briefly in support of the casio of stacey newman was not able to make it today. you may remember him meeting on separate allowance she spoke movingly about her son
8:55 pm
who has ptsd as well as her background as serving in the united states army. there was discussion at the full the hearing on the 11th multi-commissioners but the number of women currently appointed seating on the veterans affairs commission, where we have five women nice only think the diversity should be improved and i know that ms. newman would make an outstanding candidate. during the prior rules committee today about the opportunity to converse with her several times. i can ensure you her commitment to veterans and serving on the veterans committee is true and i also believe her ability to attend the meeting or to state and other working groups and the work required to serve she can certainly maintain that were spots ability as well. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is-current secretary of the veterans affairs commission. i like to support our president michael
8:56 pm
moved and seconded. was a galvanizing force on the board. were just on the cusp of doing really great things for the commission. he brings people together and providing real leadership in way i've not seen since i've been on the commission. so i would like to ask that you humbly reinstate him good and also like to speak for jim flaherty her attendance was impeccable. i also know her through her volunteer work at the san francisco public library in the veterans resource center. staff were so impressed with her work volunteering that she budgeted the got obtained a position there could thank you be much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning supervisors. i apologize for the frog in my throat this morning. i also want to add my support for
8:57 pm
commissioner michael booth date. he's a great leader of the commission. his efforts are appreciated by everyone. however, this point i like to however not however but in addition it's an honor and privilege to speak to mary in which. if you know, resume marianne is an associate of quality at the san francisco medical center guarding at she's not able to speak to person but i spoken with her about her ability to attend meetings. she gets off work every day at 3 pm and she assures me help perfect attendance. as you may know-i
8:58 pm
first met marianne several years ago we should send a course of teaching at university of california san francisco. at that time was also serving as cochairman of the health work for the california emergency council on veterans sponsored by gov. brown and the california department of veterans affairs. in that capacity my former capacity as commissioner of the san francisco veterans affairs commission i interviewed marianne on a number of occasions to broaden and deepen my knowledge pertinent to veterans. healthcare and general well-being. i recommend marianne the position of commissioner on the veterans affairs commission with complete confidence that if appointed marianne will make many important unique contributions to the commission, to our community of veterans, to the city of san francisco. marianne has multiple stunts and qualities that be and i will for the commission including remarkably broad knowledge about diverse issues pertinent to veterans. >> thank you. i'm sorry, the
8:59 pm
time is up. i just wanted you to finish her sentence. we have to give the same amount of time to everyone. any other members of the public who wish to comment on the item for? seeing none, clerk public comment is closed. nilly without decision in our hands. otto >> i like to make a motion we point to see nine for the veterans affairs commission and also the point bill article. i'm not sure what cd qualifies >> three, six, or nine. >> okay we will go with three. we the other seat may be open
9:00 pm
and with an opportunity to hear from marianne >> actually i do have one question quickly. i know mr. buffet spoke about form issues. i like to know if we did have to continue one of the seats whether that would pose an issue that i so we don't want to do that. quite a few of the august were able to show up today. if you could speak to that? >> currently is constituted a commission several members. we are able with every member showing up were able to survive with meeting the corn. i certainly understand that the two of you would probably like to hear from our folks before making a decision. just let to know were able to meet quorum as it stands right now.
9:01 pm
>> thank you. i will just say i want to thank all the applicants are sought. i think everyone brings a unique perspective to this particular commission no one thank everyone for their service. it is the everyone is applied have dedicated a lot of their life to our country. i would say i do agree with you supervisor cohen on the first two nominations were recordation she made. i think mr. buffet has done a wonderful job serving on the veterans affairs commission already. mr. barnicle to where much of his committee service out in the sunset district. so i think with that with our third seat supervisor cohen has comments. >> not much comments for the third seat. i just want to echo the gratefulness for those that serve inhabit an interest in continuing to serve on the veterans affairs commission.
9:02 pm
that's all i have. >> again although i would've preferred to hear from more of the candidates, also do understand the desire to output additional members so that you are starting by the quorum issue, but also i know that it would be great to have more female veteran service in this capacity so, today i'm okay with nominating also timidly flaherty was here was able to make a presentation. four seed six than it that something my colleague is amenable to? >> okay. it sounds like were in agreement for seat nine michael-kimberly flaherty for seed six and william barnicle percy three but again want to encourage everyone to still continue to show interest in a five dozen other vacancy that occurs. if that motion on that will take that without objection >>[gavel] >> congratulations and thank you again for your service. with that will call up item 5
9:03 pm
>> item 5 is hearing to consider appointing one member term ending june 1, 2016 to the reentry counsel. there is one seat and seven applicants. >> we havethank you. [calling names]. if i called your name please come on up and make a presentation. remember to state your name for the record. thank you. >> i name is angela coleman and good morning supervisor cohen and supervisor tang. i want to thank you for this great opportunity to present for seat number two of the reentry counsel for the city and county of san francisco. i am a native of san francisco have resided in the bayview fillmore in sunnydale community.
9:04 pm
i have been serving the reentry population since 2005.. in a period of three years i was in a position and with collaboration was called northern california service committee at that time to higher x offenders and i was very proud to do that because i was a ex-offender myself. i've been with glide for 11 years and in 20 weight i implement it the reentry program with one of my managers that is no longer there. he came to me and asked me which population i would like to work with and i said the entry populist. it went from there. i received letters, lots of letters, from prisons, all over california and some out of the state. i do read
9:05 pm
them all. and i do answer in the letters that i send back to submit at parole hearings. i have a jail clearance and i go into the sisters program every monday and do a reentry class and its minor stemming there is no funding for reentry for women in the county jail. i facilitate recovery circles could twice a week with glide. i also do individual counseling. i've experienced this, since, long period's of drug addiction and child sexual abuse. having a three-year term sentence in prison in 1979 in
9:06 pm
one year county jail in 2003, i was in-in 2004 i graduated in 2005. i have recently graduated from city college of san francisco in 2005. i've been to many case management trainings and i've supported the adult probation department for individuals exiting prison. that was for two years. i would love to [inaudible] we locate
9:07 pm
to sacramento so that was the end of our meeting. i've also had my record expunged. last year at the end of last year also, i completed last week paid training for emotional emancipation circle facilitator and a facilitator to help people of african and-overcome fuel from an overturned the root causes of devaluing of black lies. this was found by the community healing network, and other trainers by the association of black psychologists and there collaborated with california institution for the behavioral health solutions. i have
9:08 pm
[inaudible] from colleagues otto. thank you come again. >> thank you for your presentation. supervisor cohen >> a couple questions for you. you list off a long list of accomplishments. very impressive. was wondering what your thoughts are around goals they'd like to see accomplished as a member of the reentry counsel? >> well, one of the items i will like to consider is the >> it seems like it's hard to navigate and get people into transitional housing. that's
9:09 pm
one of the things. i have some other stuff i want to but- >> how did you find out about this vacancy? >> i have attended several reentry councils. how i found out about it is the hon. charlie compton e-mailed the ceo of glide >> who is charlie compton?. he's a judge. he was an attorney. he worked with me on my expungement. so he e-mailed the ceo of glide and said he thought i would be a good candidate.
9:10 pm
>> thank you, that's important to know. no other questions >> thank you. we will move on to our next applicant. please, come on up. >> good afternoon. i'm wendy could. i formally incarcerated as of 70 years and 50-like scented white was in carteret facility groups including not limited to resort of justice program. 12 steps women's way in breaking barriers. i was approved by the governor september 12 in 2012 parole >> i graduate from the program and moved on to the sober living environment treasure island where lived for 13 months. after my release from prison of life are almost 100 jobs never received a callback. except for hospitality house. i've worked for hospitality house for 2.5 years. i started out as a substitute staff as
9:11 pm
promoted to committee organizer. advocate where i am at now. i advocate for those formally incarcerated for those who families and friends cars by incarceration. today i'm involved in many groups and organizations. i go over colophon it's speaking to schools universities and organizations to speak but the effects of incarceration, the effects of reentry restorative justice. one thing i like to work on is having more conversations about mental health. i know it's a hot topic. san francisco the mental health is really serious when you formally incarcerated and you come out to the city. another thing i like to work on is getting out and staying up. as one of fortune ones to get the book i was incorporated i need a little checklist of what i wanted to do is get a consulship why was it-getting out as a note very scared in
9:12 pm
prison system. i believe there will be a great contribution to the reentry counsel because my incarceration, my direct expense with the reentry and the kind of expenses i support people in reentry institute. >> thank you. i see he also received other support letters as well. similar to this comment i think both of you have brought incredible personal expenses to this. any questions or comments? >> supervisor cohen >> have you been to reentry counsel meetings before? >> no. but i don't but i read all the minutes that are on the minute >> thank you. we will move onto the next applicant, then. >> good afternoon. my name is
9:13 pm
josé bernard. a measure briefly my own experience and the journey that brought me here today to this place where i stand right now. first of all, thank you for having us all here and i think for all the speakers here, but i say we've come a long way. i grew up in san francisco's tenderloin district. i've been there since i was three years old to be exact. growing up early on i remember moving from apartment to apartment, place to place, door-to-door slipping from floor to floor, couch to couch brother to brother. one would be quick to assume i probably grew up very underprivileged and four, but i refute that assumption. i was a group very privilege. i grew up to very very loving mother. single mother who worked day and night to ensure that a grew up right.
9:14 pm
as a child, growing up in the tenderloin was not easy. it was difficult nonetheless they took an interest in law enforcement it i took an interest in the criminal justice system early on as a child. early on i decided was going to be a police officer. that was michael and i wanted to walk the beat where i grew up in. everyone knew me in the neighborhood. my family is still there. but life happens. i made mistakes. it was very difficult for me to go through all that i went through but i was made aware of a lot of things from my mistake during long incarcerated i met-my whole opinion of the criminal justice system, i hope union of restorative justice versus punitive punishment entirely change. when i came out of
9:15 pm
incarceration, he was in 2011, late 2011. i have not been out for that long. i stands some things that i've never experienced before. among them was the attainment of a job. i didn't realize how difficult. he was extremely extremely difficult to get a job. i remember applying to be a busboy , to clean tables, a member being hired the member being told they could not have it because i had a criminal record. i can't tell you how embarrassed, how humiliated i felt in that experience. the fair chance ordinance when i can note was a huge thing. so i made it my goal was given a second chance was going to make use of it was going to advocate and take would have learned him give back to the very same
9:16 pm
community that saves me. i found my way back to the 10 organizer working for hospitality house is a pure advocate. as a pure advocate a met wonderful people. i realized i was good at communicating and talking to people. from then on i was wrong to case manager were met currently. my official to program the hospitality house. i can tell you the greatest award that i have gotten is knowing the people that have been able to make impact in their lives. the people i been able to see, we build our lives members of the reentry community, now have a place, good hub keys they can go to. that's the biggest accomplishment in my life. i'm happy where i'm at. i fight for all the people i serve. since
9:17 pm
my release another thing i've done that participated in stanford law schools project we make program. i met wonderful people there. had mentors from the school of business from silicon valley and it really really engages me in challenges me and maybe attained release of new fantastic skills i do not know i had. i am applying for the reentry counsel position because this is something i'm adamant about should something i'm passionate about. i think there's a lot of -there's a huge and income inequality gap. it feels like it keeps growing by the hour good it feels-i understand, i hear it. there's a lot people angry and frustrated, who feel marginalized. pure this invention. if you like second-class citizens. i hate to see that happen. i think we need to start coming together
9:18 pm
and be less divisive. particularly on issues like this. >> thank you for sharing your story with us. supervisor cohen >> thank you for sharing your story and your willingness to serve. in your remarks you touch on towards the end what you want this. i was looking here something look like specific about one or two goals. certainly, when you get into elected office and your serving on the commission, you have an opportunity to get in aperture the small window. i think the terms are the two year term were talking about i don't know. either way two years. give a finite amount of time which means you have one maybe two issues you can really work on to move to begin to see some movement and change and bring awareness. i'm not quite
9:19 pm
sure what space you're interested in occupying. maybe you could tell me what you plan to do as soon as you get there? >> one of the things that's a big issue in my professional feels is that first of all resources are scarce. we know this. but the ones out there sometimes people have maybe difficulty accessing them and i think getting out and say no is to menace. it's great. maybe digitalizing it, maybe having one center good i would certainly be pushing for that. another thing that i would like to see in terms of services mentorship, because for me, one of the things that help me i had a mentor. people who kind of were there for me. people i could count on.
9:20 pm
>> that doesn't exist only? >> yes. i like to see more of it. that would be a goal and voice and pushing for >> anything new that does not exist that you would like to see? >> not that i can think of at the moment. >> fair enough. thank you. >> thank you very much. any other applicants please come on up. >> i'm really nervous. >> we don't buy. >> my name is sabrina lee. thank you supervisors. just a brief story of myself. i grew up in menlo park. i spend most my llife in quinton at age 15 i became a heroin addict and spent the next three years in out of the juvenile system. at age 18 i was diagnosed
9:21 pm
hiv-positive which i been living with for 27 years and then spent the next 22 years in and out of federal state prison and county jail. that said, in 2010 i went to delancey street foundation. it was a six-year prison sentence. my plan was to stay for two years, because sentence, and probably go back to what i was doing. i don't know if you're familiar with delancey streets but it's amazing program. i got there and after the first two years i started to change. i mean, i really started to change things about myself. that was the cause of a lot of my dysfunction. while at delancey street it has the concept that we as addicts have a scale we have tipped the scale for so
9:22 pm
many years and taken some society and family and friends and it's imperative that we work extra hard to even the scale. so, in that five years i learned to have a great work ethic. i worked extra hard we are extra nice to people and it really really works. the biggest part of delancey street is an h1 teach one philosophy we all teach each other. if i come in and know nothing the person who's been there for two days teaches me what they know and therefore the next person that comes in i will teach them. so i really believe that your pressure and peer advocacy is important for people to succeed. the biggest part of being at delancey street was becoming a part of a community. while i was there i was on the
9:23 pm
education council for delancey street. we have an aa program for criminal-criminology. i was in that group of women that was there. in 2013 i started going into-talk about delancey street and interviewing women who are close to release. also support of the institute for social -where corporations and organizations all over the world come to delancey street for a couple days and learn about what we do there and implement that into their existing programs or new programs they are starting. so just left there i graduated delancey street after five years. my first job was with -restaurant right down the street. i've been there since the beginning >> what was the name? the
9:24 pm
mexican restaurant? >> that's right. >> what you do there? >> i'm one of the managers. >> i love it. >> grace. part the mission was to hire 70% ex-felons. including myself as one of those managing. one of the management so hard 70% of our employees from the adult probation department, from my alma mater. it networks and restaurant has 70% ex-cons. [inaudible]. i'm there until monday. on monday i started job in america work. if the probation department. like i said i hire and give the human
9:25 pm
resources and while i will was with that what i really really like is making sure that people get jobs. so important for myself that i work and become part of its cliché become part of the solution and not the problem. so i'm moving on to this new position. i really want to do this because of it's important that i continue to balance my scale and continue to be part of the community. >> thank you so much for everyone's a star. so powerful. so great to see how everyone has this changed so much from their experience. i saw call out a few of the organizations that help these people hospitality house delancey street glide. thank you also much because the sooner the force i thought you all. supervisor cohen >> you mentioned you graduated
9:26 pm
from the delancey street program. congratulations. that means you at housing the last five years while you're in the program, correct? >> yes >> now what happens? >> isa got really lucky i move right across the street from delancey street into the bayside department at the market rate program at the mayor office has been if i had not been credited by do not all that out when i said no idea. it was a big struggle for people graduating is housing. employment. although i was very lucky i was looking at a struggle could >> i can appreciate your struggle and really applaud your recovery and complete dominion over all your evils but i want to share a little bit about your understanding but the racial disparities that exist within the justice system
9:27 pm
within san francisco, within access were recovery as well. >> yes. i just attended the racial disparity seminar at the woman's building and, especially in the mission district and bayview district it just seems that percentage of people being arrested-but it's always been like this in my case my own experience-it's very imbalanced. i'm looking to get involved in ways, to help that but look at the ratios it's alarming. >> to go unchallenged you a little bit. it's more than just alarming. it's really clearly a matter of life and death and is a member of the reentry counsel the river is presenting a certain segment of the population that does not look like you. i guess i'm looking we are is how is religion
9:28 pm
benefited you or acknowledgment of it and it sounds like you have a willingness that commitment 12 people find jobs and to come through their circumstances but maybe you could share with me some your thoughts outside of attending the conference. like, what else are you thinking or work you have done to help others who i would assume, and certainly statistically speaking would back me up, would not have a lot of the second chances that you yourself have been able to overcome and to come through and to be a champion? >> that's definitely valid. i would try to be more educated. i definitely have been around in the system since i was 15. coming from a good family that didn't come from a lot of struggles as a child,
9:29 pm
definitely, to relate on that level. but as the age of 15,000 the same boat. i've been san francisco i hold like. a been around different ethnicities. the more involved i get more of the will to advocate >> have you ever expense or witnessed any unfair treatment or preferential treatment? >> even though i've done several times in prison it took me a lot longer to get there than the people around. i had a lot more chances. i definitely have experienced the other side of that myself. i'm assuming it still goes on. >> it still goes on. >> i'm sure. >> thank you for sharing your story. really appreciated.
9:30 pm
>> thank you very much. do we have another applicant mark? thank you. >> my name is james lowden. i really appreciate everybody again your today. who wants to sit on the counter. i'm a native american from northern california and my focus is on reentry in the ground level for people coming out of prison trying to get back into society where our community. to dissing the rate of recidivism and offering them avenues to do that. i offer what i believe is unique perspective as a native american to reenter back into our community successfully. i was released in october of 2014 at the transition home at 111
9:31 pm
jerry st. for a year and i got involved in project rebound and defend state and as a result, we got involved with city college. i'm set to graduate for the spring. but, in reenter getting back into the community i'm familiar with a lot of the obstacles doing that the income over the what you need to do to be successful reintegrated into the community as far as work, school, and i work part time. >> what kind do you afford to do part-time? >> i work for the western addition could got my implication in there and also in santa clara >> express employment? >> express implode. i had to learn how to navigate public transportation and calton down to san mateo, doing part-time work and finally school was a lot of work. for some involved
9:32 pm
in stanford the project we make out there developing business plan to start a business here in san francisco. a cleaning service. michael is to offer my unique insights is formally incarcerated individual rather successfully navigate obstacles to be successful in our community. as far as getting a college student and working part-time. my goal is to produce recidivism. in many ways offering perspectives and plans how to do that and would like to do is streamline programs for when individuals are coming out of prisons and jails to get them back streamlined into a positive direction the by the school or work and have something set up to where here's the plan. here's what you need to do step-by-step where you can
9:33 pm
mentor successfully whatever direction you choose to go. for myself i had to figure it out. do i want to work where want to go to school when i decide i want to do to seek a higher education so that i could provide services here in this community psychology as a counselor. my most proud-i'm also member of the reentry counsel subcommittee and a membership member of the adp leadership academy will we do workshops at the adult probation department. so we do workshops for people coming out of prison and jail to offer them life skills and job skills and things that help them to reenter great back into the community positively to reduce recidivism rates and help them be successful in whatever their endeavors are. so that's one of the things i do currently now. if you have any questions, be happy to answer >> see no questions
9:34 pm
>> i think your presentation covers a lot of questions. >> thank you very much. other any other applicants here for the reentry counsel? these come on up. >> good afternoon. my name is jeffrey essex. i appreciate your time in hearing about my qualifications on my application for the reentry counsel. i grew up in the east bay over in livermore and in my early adulthood of the drawbacks could that led me into various petty crimes in an out of county jail and ultimately you need to master grand plan of robbing a couple banks and of course i was no good at that either. i note in the federal system for about four years it was released from that in 95 and scroll down to the central coast area. i was paroled without any resources at all. i could do it all on my own and i was scared and confused because i'd never looked at the world through the
9:35 pm
eyes of an adult the was and under the influence of something. it was all confusing and my parole officer didn't have a lovett advice for me at the time. also, i picked up using again and early 2004, that led me to that dark lace the many drug addicts go to and is wanting to commit suicide. that was-that cannot happened i ended up in a recovery program that been clean ever since over 12 years now. about two years after entering recovery i started working in managing living rooms down in the santa barbara area. i want to home depot and quickly climb the race. i was managing the home depot when a gentleman who operated the inmate services for santa barbara county came in. i knew him through recovery and he asked me point blank
9:36 pm
that i was joint winner was doing and i said no, it sucks. i hate working this job even though i'm the manager i see that work every morning and a heavy sigh. so he told me about a new project that was going off the ground with the cdc are called the daily reporting center anyone me to go and speak with the lady who is opening up shop in santa barbara. once chatted with her i was quickly hard with aggressive down as a manager at home depot to go part-time associate positions or to take a part-time position entering this new field of doing reentry work. i wanted to do something that actually matter. i do chat with mrs. first make sure she understood the financial hit the home was gothic masonry she was okay with that. i started that line of work doing committee service project coordinating for a company that works with the santa barbara county sheriff's office."
9:37 pm
promoted up to a facilitator and from there these manager from their case management, supervisor and from there of a period of about five, plus years to program director for the santa barbara county gave reporting center both in santa maria and santa barbara. we then open up a contract for we both okay spent in service for the venture county department of parcels started consultation work with the los angeles county department. in april of last year i took a position as the program director for the community assessment services under here in san francisco. working on a contract that was a direct contact the adult probation department. my goal is to ensure that the clients we are serving, that the folks are returning back to our community from incarceration, ones that are scared and confused, have some clarity
9:38 pm
around the process. and have access to the services so that they can truly make a life changing decision did you have some great successes since it's open and since i've come on board we made a lot of different changes to point to evidence-based practices that may not have been in place before. i believe san francisco truly is on the cutting-edge of reentry. it's been going on for many many years across the nation that san francisco is doing some unique things. i want to make sure that san francisco doesn't miss the opportunity to take advantage of the hard lesson learned in other areas of the state across the nation and even in other countries to find out how we can incorporate those practices into the work were doing here in the community. to ensure there is into vocational services, to ensure client coming back into our community isn't overwhelmed by the
9:39 pm
opportunity themselves could visit a menace amount of resources with reason we alignment. how are we using the money? betook their question. what is the answer cannot be somewhat easy >> i think we could be doing a better job. i think mental services are severely lacking. we have a lot of homeless reentering clients in our community that may not be will to be housed because they can't comply the housing rules good so what's the next step for them? how are we providing the service to help them provide with ptsd, bipolar, there's other types of trauma? to that alternate to be able to exist in a sro and be compliant with some rules. how do we continue that care for them? >> i've done a lot of work on the realignment and have had a couple of hearings and from the
9:40 pm
city's perspective, our response is really disappointing. meaning that there hasn't been having this bill was a cost savings measure. what have we done on the county level with the allocated funds that sound was the budget. no one knew exactly what was going on. those was two years ago maybe maybe three years ago if i'm not mistaken. so, are you actively engaging with the courts or with any of the mental health care providers that have received money from the state due to eb-109? >> currently orchestrating with leaders and committee alternatives in the adult probation department. when my responsibilities is to form alliances and relationships the other community based organizations. but i would want to speak on anything that
9:41 pm
cannot knowledge enough to speak on. is it the one leader with cascara this county i noticed in your application in your feet will residency waiver >> residency waiver when i took a position with elsie back in a book i realized wasn't enough before to living in the city so i live in san mateo county. >> any other final remarks? >> pick me. >> i like that. but john by our third committee never supervisor eric mar. any other applicants for the reentry counsel? seeing none, will open this up to public comment. please come on up to my right and if you want to speak on any make remarks on any candidates. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisor.
9:42 pm
it's my honor to be here today to ask for your support and stand in support of my colleague angela coleman. i am a resident born and raised in san francisco. i also serve on the entertainment commission that been at glide for the last 11 years. i live in the 11th but i'm been can truly testify to our participants declaration of angela coleman is the official unofficial mayor of the 10 own. she is also known as the angel. also, she embodies the spirit. robin. harriet topham. she's absolutely until we are all free. i've witnessed angela profusely replaced with his people where they are. she's out any support
9:43 pm
services that they may need throughout our building, throughout our partner agencies, and i believe she will serve the reentry counsel and people were formally incarcerated.. what is truly meaningful. she's a beautiful person. she's my mentor. i wrote a letter of support which will wax poetic about my own personal expenses with angela but i do think she's the best candidate for this position. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is danielle. i work with angela coleman am here to support her. been working alongside with angela for about four years now. she's also been my mentor. a lot of the participants. i we seek her guidance when i need stuff and also participants.. i help with a lot of recovery circle.
9:44 pm
they always say evangelist not to be there i'm not going. you should pick angela coleman. she's a great person. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> minus joel olson here representing [inaudible] other to a knowledge all of the applicants. it is a testament to the existence of the reentry counsel that seeks to celebrate and honor the life experience formally incarcerated californians. i'm going to give deftly voice to that. specifically, i want to-i support both wendy click and josé are not worker staff members at hospitality house. i
9:45 pm
sent in a letter on behalf of wendy click. i'm her direct supervisor of more direct experience with aggressively want to knowledge the skills and values of both those individuals. i think the main charge of the reentry counsel, frankly, is exactly that. how to open the door to welcome back our folks to the community. as i see it, the less for success is pretty straightforward. jobs, housing, money, people. i would hope honoring the experience of folks formally incarcerated individuals from the inside and grappling with a continued hypocrisy of sexism, classism and racism in our criminal justice system are certainly a high priorities for
9:46 pm
our community and elected officials i want to strongly urge you to consider both the candidacy of wendy click san jose are not. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> items jonathan pryce. i am here to advocate for hose a burnout. i've been couple years ago i myself homeless and currently a resident at the-program. things to josé petri, homeless anymore. he worked as hard as i did. i've seen him interact in the hostile environment. i been able to exert his work ethic and is a strong sense of sensibility and fairness. he treats everybody with genuine concern. he's a good guy and i hope you consider his nomination. betook >> please, come on up. don't
9:47 pm
be shy. >> my name is timothy j am. born here based in san diego and get back when i was 25. i'm here to support hose a bernal mr. burnout. back in 2014 i just lost everything, the job i would get target for 2.5 years good. on 60 hospitality houses where i met him. there are no words to describe this guy. he's gone above and beyond to help any and everybody. i don't trust a lot of people. but this guy has actually helped me i'm
9:48 pm
recently just getting out of incarceration. about five months. i got in a little trouble were a lot of trouble and i had a long time to think about things i've done and this guy went out of his way to contact my probation officer tried to get my back job back at headquarters. called headquarters. i've seen him go out of my his way to help the youth. somehow [inaudible] the officers and are not taken. then i got out in september i went to sixth street and i wonder what he was doing. i heard he got a position as case manager. i talked to them and i told him i was in jail. i was thought what he would say to me. when i made bail he would
9:49 pm
tell me turn yourself in. >> that is your time. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> by ms. tracy gallagher. i'm up here advocate the hospitality house. i just wanted to-i'm just here to support both my coworkers, wendy click san jose burnout. i watch them both. i come from a background of homelessness, in and out of incarceration, drug addiction. a lot of years and
9:50 pm
probably the last 6-7 years i stopped going in and out of jail and though there was nobody there to help me. i never knew growing up nobody ever mentored me were showed me , gave me any direction in my life. i could pretty much figure it out on my own. that's what we get. i work in the shelter program. a lot of the clients that have no direction. i also come from a family with three parole officers. my dad, my step mother and my sister all parole officers and i was very rebellious.. i did like any kind of authority. i was like a preacher's daughter. so i have [inaudible] and our
9:51 pm
clients were they need some direction. i watched tuesday hope so many people and they keep saying there was seem as manager or director in the program. he's helped a lot of people. wendy, also, i watched her. she told her story and came out of prison did a lot of years. she advocated inside prison and she still have advocates outside of prison. so, both of them are really want to see somebody from hospitality house beyond the sea. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> [inaudible]. he earned the nickname moses gives you as
9:52 pm
part of the seas for a lot of people. [inaudible]. he's a man of our times. i would like to see be the choice you make. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is coming to the key for hose a
9:53 pm
burnout. most basic thing i can say about him is that he was -he's extremely honest. he sympathetic. he has a sympathetic ear to everything. i've seen him do so many things for people. he is definitely pulled me out of all whole. he's extremely loyal. he so organized it's pathetic. i've never seen an office so organized. he said detail oriented person. i am fighting through cancer right now. he's been my biggest rock. taking care of appointment for me, making sure i get there the
9:54 pm
whole thing. i myself am a product of california department of corrections. when i got out i had no one to turn to also. the parole department they are full of it. they don't want to help you but they promise you a whole bunch of things and they don't do anything. fire genome josé then it would not have taken this long. he does go above and beyond constantly good he is a true-he will help. anything and everybody whatever it takes courage housing. jobs, employment. he urges everyone to take advantage of programs set up already. >> thank you.
9:55 pm
>> he deserves a shot. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is traitor. i'm a graduate of-with degrees in psychology and criminology. i'm currently volunteer glide church am here to support angela coleman. as you heard the mayor of tenderloin. angela is a great person. she's very balanced in her life with her emotions and demeanor. it comes across. two people at she's very calm and in control as you witness. her experience with alyssa professional credentials that are very impressive as the counselor's artie mentioned. already mentioned. it's one thing that's solidly in her favor. as far as, personally, she maintains a very positive outlook on life and she always
9:56 pm
has 5 min. for somebody. she's one of the few people that she will sit there and help you and give you 5 min. of real solid time. finally, angela has alyssa very very impressive financials and was recommended for this position by the ceo of applied cecil and jan, and his counsel would be blessed to have someone with her experience, knowledge, and overall personality on this council. >> thank you. any other members of the public was to speak on item 5? seeing none, i'm good to close public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> this is a difficult situation. there's only one seat available but everyone who's come up here i want to applaud you for how much you been able to transform and turn your lives around. again, thank
9:57 pm
you for all the organizations that help them to do that. so with that said i don't hope my my colleagues have any comments that want to start out with? >> supervisor mar spit it out first want to thank all the applicants and community, workers that are here to advocate not only for wendy click but also mr. purnell and ms. coleman as well. it's a difficult decision when you have -people in struggle every day hospitality house. i want to say that mr. now support to many others to working on some a different issues from housing, justice to even working with former black panther party freedom is a
9:58 pm
constant struggle, using the frederick douglass cause of but i really have nothing but respect for the work that mr. purnell number to be supporting ms. coleman for a number of reasons. i want to first just say that from commissioner -statement i think the statement from-that is a packet is also extremely influential. i just want to read one of the rev. cecil williams quotations. i know they talk about not only the 15 years she served and then coming out and working for over 10 years with glide to turn people's lives around, but janice rev. williams say she's fierce and fearless and, in fact, most determined to meet
9:59 pm
the needs of those we serve. so she comes out of the movement like i think those from hospitality house as well but i'm going to be supporting ms. coleman in her application. i am hoping that the folks from hospitality house blue look at the other seeds that, in the future. but i'll be supporting ms. coleman. i make a motion we support her for the seat number two >> bt. supervisor cohen >> >> just as a point of information for everyone, the rules committee is an interesting body. i love scene at the rules committee and talk about every single ballot initiative that goes to the about. i hate sitting on the rules committee when you have a pool of really talented people illegally select one. this is probably one of the closest contrasts for reentry
10:00 pm
appointment on the council. the city attorney is not here. perhaps the county clerk or city clerk would know the answer. do you know when the next seat is available? were only available to prove one today but when is the next availability? in june of this year. i'm besieged by chance? three including this one. so, really to be in june could one today and two more in june. that is actually really helpful. first thing i'm going to say that i'm really impressed with your presentation, but due to the fact that you need a residency waiver makes it a little hard for me to put you forward. perhaps i'm a little biased because i'm a native san franciscan who would get some really good
10:01 pm
>> just to clarify for the public, was watching on sfgov tv there's no residency requirement >> thank you, karin shaver that. i appreciate you clearing that up. my notes i had different. i appreciate that. so does sport a native san franciscan. i do hope you understand. when nodding so i hope your of like there's a lease to native san franciscans i've heard from that which is not only compelling stories of their own life, but also an acknowledgment and desire to lift up those coming from behind him. i think that's incredibly important. i want to speak to ms. serena read. i
10:02 pm
think your story is also really interesting. often one that's not told usually when you have phenomena make an assumption here-there's a little bit of privilege in your background. often times the narrative is low income communities of color and you know the struggle. i appreciate your narrative. it's a different element to the little bit of diversity. however, i'm going not going to be able to support your application, but i do want you to continue and continue to find jobs and help people and also continue to become more more aware and educator on the disparities that exist for people. i'm glad i think it was a conference something he put
10:03 pm
on annually and has been phenomenal. absolutely phenomenal in addressing a lot of the disparities becomes due representation in the justice system. he's worked with many people on this body to educate us as policymakers and has as the dist. atty. so i consider those two and georg partners in this ongoing discussion on justice. if you stick around for next item, item section we talked about item 6. we are getting there. this is important item 6. so what i'd like to do is i like to support mr. josé burn all burn all good and i also want to lift up angela coleman
10:04 pm
definitive consensus i can also feel comfortable supporting her as well today. >> thank you supervisors. again thank you to all the applicants. this is a difficult decision but i would say i would've been okay honestly but every single person who came up here today. knowing that there are a couple more seats coming up in june, i was okay with josé but i think maybe at the time i will second the motion on into a coleman. but we've heard from many of you so when that other vacancies arrive laughter member your presentations hopefully can avoid some of you then. good please come back in june. >> with that, i think to have to first motion to rescind the motion excusing supervisor mar. only two items one through four >> moved and seconded. the gavel
10:05 pm
>> if we could take a local boat >> on the motion essay by supervisor became soup mar aye, cohen aye, tang aye three aye. >> congratulations ms. coleman could begin with for to seeing you the rest of the applicants in june >>[gavel] >> item 6 >> item 6 motion order submitted to borders that election to build 27 2016 corridor recline the opposite citizen claims to investigate all officer involved shootings >> alternate over to the sponsor of this supervisor cohen >> thank you everyone for sitting through. this is well worth the wait. item number six good if we could close the committee room, quickly could i really want to start by exalting the profound amount
10:06 pm
of gratitude i have to all be partners in helping make san francisco better. whether you're an advocate or law-enforcement were lawmaker. i think everyone has a seat at the table and opportunity to do some good work. currently, there is a deficit when it comes to confidence within our law enforcement. this is not specific this across the entire country. that deficit of confidence and trust in the law-enforcement agencies and to think we are all alike find that we agreed there amazing men and women that serve san francisco in particular and the sheriffs department as well as in the police department into getting their time and talent in raising money really
10:07 pm
mentoring, stepping up when there's generally a lack of a presence. but what i do want to brush over lightly. it always takes a couple apples to spoil the barrel is the phrase. i think that's really the issue were doing with when it comes to our law enforcement. with that said, this brings us to a point where it welcomes reform. so, that is why we have a ballot measure that i'm speaking for positive recommendation to go to the full board. that ballot measure would allow the people san francisco to weigh in on june am a fairly straightforward measure. measure that requires the opposite citizen complaint form and impartial independent investigation anytime an officer discharges their weapon, whether it results in death or injury of an individual. so, currently these investigations are only performed when the incident involves a death or when an
10:08 pm
individual somatic complaints to the opposite citizen's complaint. quite honestly this is not something that's intuitive. it's not something generally accepted and very knowledgeable in the public. but i do think it's expected. the people spec whenever there's an officer involved shooting in independent fair and transparent best addition. i think it's a very modest and fair expectation. you should know, as a point of reference, in the last five years less than 25% of officer involved shootings, even resulted in investigation by the occ. i am of like mind that we should be investigating all officer involved shootings, whether resulted in death or injury. examine officer is put out their weapon especially when they're discharging it. so, i also want to note this
10:09 pm
legislation is one of pres. obama's 21st-century policing task force that he organized last year. they produced a whole host of suggestions did so this is only one small element of it. i also want to put out there that laster was willie successor would members of this body not only this committee but also on the full body in ensuring department was funded. this is the officers of citizen's complaint. as of going out and talking to more and more people take arguments are manifest good concerns that the occ will be unable to fulfill their charter mandate and will be unable to fulfill these new request it i deftly shared their requested videos he got been a great advocate and but woefully underfunded and committed to cycle as i was last budget cycle in ensuring that the occ is staffed adequately as the budget and resources that they need so that they are able to rise up
10:10 pm
to the responsibility that the there voters will be getting a bestowing upon him. so, i have today with this director joyce hicks. she join us and she can provide a very very brief presentation by the legislation and give a little context as to why we think it's important that we put up this to the voters as opposed to handling it legislatively as a legislative body. thank you, director hits hurting your >> good afternoon. it's a pleasure to be here and i think you supervisor cohen, tang and mar. i'm encouraged that this administrative code amendments drafted by supervisor cohen sponsored by campos breed and cohen will if adopted will allow the office to begin
10:11 pm
investigating all san francisco officer involved shootings. that means those shoott were those discharges of firearms that result in serious bodily injury or death. the occ's current jurisdiction as was pointed out by supervisor cohen, only permits us to investigate officer involved shootings if the complaint is filed. this causes delays in our investigation. the complaint is not filed concurrent with the shooting. the way the current process works as is outlined in apartment general order is that he occ is contacted when an officer involved shooting occurs. so deputy director-here in the audience today, rolls out any time of day or night when a san francisco please department officer involved shooting occurs in san francisco and these generally there in the hour. however,
10:12 pm
even though deputy director balthazar is at the scene of these officer involved shootings, not in there with another investigator,, he cannot initiate an investigation unless and until a complaint is filed. as supervisor cohen pointed out, in the past five years there've been 35 reported san francisco police department officer involved firearms charges. 31 of them have resulted in injury or death to the subject on some instances to bystanders or an officer. in those same five years, he occ has received only eight complaints involving these shootings. which means that were investigating approximately 25% of them. the other 75% do not receive an independent investigation. all they are investigated by the san francisco police department and they are investigated by the san francisco district attorney's office for liminal misconduct, we are not invested
10:13 pm
those complaints because were currently constrained and will continue to be unless this ministry of code amendment is adopted. the advantage of the opposite complaints investigating officer involved shootings is that once we conclude our investigation we notified the complainant of our findings. additionally, we post all of our investigations in an anonymous manner but they're still posted on our website as a complaint summary report. the other parts of our investigation that's extremely important to the operations of the san francisco police department are the policy recommendations that we make that we can only make when we investigate a complaint and learn something's that could be
10:14 pm
done better or that are not being done at all. i'll give you some examples of policy recommendations that the office of citizen complaints is made over the years around san francisco police department policy. first, as a result of a shooting the occ recommended that the department amend its general orders were headed shooting at vehicles unless the threat to the officer is something other than the vehicle itself. as one reviewed the proposed department general orders on use of force from the recent mario woods shooting and the cops involvement with the san francisco police debarment, or perform admission that this is coming forth again to revive the general order on shooting and to illuminate the limited
10:15 pm
exception. bowling beauties clinicians back in 2012 they were not fully adopted. additional recommendations we made those overly brief-critical incident response that is interacting with families, two neighbors haven't called in officer involved shootings. institutionalize them that practice can institutionalize in the practice of holding a public meeting within 10 days of an officer involved shooting. preventing the use pasties constitutional requirements. interacting with persons and mental price. interacting with let bush limited english proficient person. internet interacting with persons with related weapons. de-escalation. grading time distance for the subject. in all cases, involving the deadly use of force that the
10:16 pm
department evaluate the type of conduct and decisions proceeding of his use of deadly force. this analysis included in any evaluation of the incident. to conclude, by nailing the office of citizen complaint to investigate all officer involved shootings transparency will be increased and community police relations we enhanced due to policy recommendations from the office of citizen complaint who make by investigating these showed shootings. thank you. >> one more thing i like to acknowledge, colleagues, for your knowledge and also want to bring to your attention the san francisco please commission last week unanimously to support this measure. >> thank you. supervisor mar >> like to add my name to the sponsors that emotion.. i know during the budget committee process for your budget is, over the years. her adequate staffing and under the existing when there's an exception of your looking at complaints
10:17 pm
which honor that were proper complaints but by the police department, how do you determine that exception? how do you and the hearing officers determine when that exception applies? >> they determine we determined that exception by evaluating the statement from the complainant, evaluating the evidence. very few of our i investigations aren't concluded at that initial step because we take seriously our charter mandate that the opposite of citizens that a complaint all safe civilian complaints of policeman conduct and the way the process works, we have intake. for complaints, intake
10:18 pm
can be through a phone interview by someone walking in were receiving a complaint online, and 81-24 by line investigator will review the complaint,, will work with the investigator to determine what the investigation plan will be, or whether the complainant that can be resolved at the earliest state. that is been reviewed by the investigative and they finally reviewed by me. so it goes through several- >> i remember when divorce was beaten by the police. that was in 1984 and the different complaints raised. that sometimes the exceptions are a surprise when he occ has not investigated at different times that i know that staffing levels are really critical of
10:19 pm
the occ to carry out its mission. so, if it's passed by voters this would require investigation whenever there's a police officer firing a gun, killing or physically injuring someone even if no one is filing a complaint. how would you ensure if adequate staff to be with to carry out all those different potential analysis you have to do? peter asked the question supervisor mar. i'll be making a budget ask to expand the occ staff. currently, occ investigators have 25 complaints per investigator but when you talk with someone does internal affairs division investigations and isn't receiving civilian complaints and only investigating officer involved shootings their caseload is more like 10. i would not propose that every investigator at the occ staff have only caseload of 10 and we would
10:20 pm
assign a certain team that would investigate these officer involved shooting. they could have less than come complaints. ~not be doing routine intake and i would hope and expect that would bounce back caseload. another thing that we have not considered is the impact of body worn cameras on civilian complaints. in a totally, interviewing a police report on body worn cameras, the department implement in body worn cameras has seemed to decrease a significant decrease in civilian complaint. that you can add to the balance of the citizen complaints investigating these officer involved shootings. just across the bay, and oakland they have seen a
10:21 pm
great reduction in civilian complaints and just the trends nationally, without looking at body worn camera impact is that civilian complaints are decreasing and, locally, there decreasing. san francisco. >> i want to knowledge, 30+ year history the aclu advocating for much more-having more stuff you think would be needed to carry out the this if it's passed by voters? >> on proposing five additional investigators. we did for the budget committee has a comes forward, by devlin supportive of giving more authority to the occ play a role in ensuring there's justice. last question. 0 ~2014 or are perez lopez 21
10:22 pm
years old killed by plainclothes police officers were mario woods cases game before you and this had passed, what would be the steps the occ takes to look transparently at the case and analyze it? what would you do for amicar,-perez and mary woods or out near total in those cases? featured well supervisor mar, >> well supervisor mar, we are concerned by state law. state law precludes us from speaking specifically to our findings in specific cases in a way that identifies the officer. now, the way we address complaints, however, without naming
10:23 pm
officers is when we conclude our investigation, we send a notice to the complainant and set out each of the allegations unless they are added allegations that the complainant did not bring. we let the complaint is no how we found that sewage outage. so the complainant knows. the complainant is aware >> in some situations you not have a complaint because it's an automatic. even without a complainant right? >> yes. as i mentioned earlier, the office of citizens complaints, on its website does include complaints summary reports by month. we don't identify the complainant. we don't identify the officers among the we do identify the
10:24 pm
allegation. so that would be a way that we would the seller you will do a particular case. you can't get as much information as we like to. but unless and until state law is changed, and i'm speaking to the public safety officer procedural bill of rights my hands are tied. >> thank you. >> any other questions or comments to mark >> i think we should hear public comments at this time of >> thank you for the presentation. let's open up item 64 public comment right now. >> good afternoon, supervise.
10:25 pm
my name is-. i like to think supervisor cohen for efforts to great actual legislation that addresses the lack of accountability and transparency in law enforcement. it's this kind of legislation i feel creates a sense of the stability and trust within our community. i support this. >> thank you. next speaker, please. 'let me thank you guys all supervise. i know times we also like to be more places at one time, but this is very very important to me and the constituent i circuit first, i want to think supervisor cohen. i appreciate all your efforts to create a safer future budgets for all san francisco but all visitors that come to this city. requiring investigations for lease
10:26 pm
involved shootings resulted in injury and death, i share your sentiment that should just be injury and death, but it will provide transparency and accountability for everyone. this information and informational come out from investigation also allows for the public to see real data, not just one officer's account and clarify the process for those that often question how incidents have been handled in the past. this is what we are dealing with in the community. this ordinance offers a clear effort to build trust and community stability and i'm confident we can all work together to establish a safer environment for everyone. i thank you again >> thank you. >> good afternoon. thank you
10:27 pm
for taking this on. i applaud your wanting to increase the authority for the opposite of citizen complaint. however, one urge you to go slower. i think there are other reporting the office of sewers and complaints you need to fully empower it to meet out issues within the police department. i want to say that i come to you with 30 years of experience in oversight. i worked for 15 years at the occ. over the police review commission in berkeley for seven years and i wasn't independent police auditor. in san jose. i'm the past dozen of the national association for civilian oversight. when occ was first established was one of those hunting was the strongest oversight agencies in the country but it's now it been in place for 30 years there really needs other authorities. the
10:28 pm
occ should have the authority to do practice investigations, to look at patterns of misconduct with officers or units with the entire department. the occ should also have the authority to investigate misconduct comes in other ways. in addition to the officer involved shootings. it should have the authority to look at cases and investigations that may come through newspaper articles or to city closet. make no sense the city might spend millions of dollars on police issues yet those issues not being investigated and that that conduct is not dealt with. somebody are also looking at the staffing issues but i think you need to really empower the occ to look at all the issues that might cause problems in the police department. i urge you to go slower and add these other authorities to your initiative.
10:29 pm
>> any other members of the public on item 6? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> just begin to the last issues by our last public comment. you had mentioned dr. hicks, maybe needing about five investigators to be will to carry out this new mandate. those investigators be solely dedicated to the use officer related shootings were all able to work on other cases as well or situations? >> yes. of course, they would be able to work on other investigations as well. it would just be a matter of managing their caseload to ensure that they had a small and of caseload so they could effectively handle officer involved shootings. >> thank you for that. any
10:30 pm
last comments supervisor cohen. i have no i no less commons but i do want to acknowledge last week. appreciate the comments that come in and i'm in agreement that patterns and practices in looking at all of the issues are incredibly important and i see this as a step in that direction and we continue to build alternately drive maybe an independent body that can examine investigations, not just on the ministry of side but also the homicide as all. so the way see it as an opportunity to begin the conversation across the entire city and that gives us momentum to move for. >> that i like to say the commotion that we move this to a full board with a positive recordation-it's usually? i like to move this with a positive recommendation >> amigo to supervisor mar
10:31 pm
>> i'm going to second that and totally support it. what about to check out tube black lives matter the young woman that started that and are leaving a youth movement to have transparency and accountability in police department. pursuant to give a shout out to a public defender and racial justice committee for raising so many other different issues. not only the obama plans that's coming from the grassroots from the history of the aclu's work for police practice transparency to dolores-too many other struggles. descriptive the shutout to the emerging black lives matter and brown lives matter move-in and appreciate this report in san francisco today in 26 and. >> thank you. so i think
10:32 pm
we'll take that with a second on that and will take that without objection and. >>[gavel] >> remove item 6 with possible recommendation about it but to the full board. to march 1. the board meeting. mr. cook any other items before us? >> nope >> think you. the meeting is adjourned. >>[gavel] >> . >> a lot of water heater in san francisco look like this may be yours doesn't too do you know it is the post earthquake problems we'll show you to brace our water heater
10:33 pm
hi, everybody i'm patrick director of quarter safety for the city and county of san francisco welcome to another episode of stay safe today, we'll talk about bracing water heaters water heater failure is a leading problem with earthquake fires you have a a single source you'll have in our home. >> how are you. >> so what are we looking here. >> this is a water heater 3 weighs from 200 to nine hundred pound during an earthquake that weight will try to move sideways we need to secure is. >> we'll brace the water heater our model home in south of market we'll use a simple kit
10:34 pm
interest the hardware stores from $20 it the the clean up itself single thing to do what necessary look like. >> this is what you'll find in our kit a inch and a half wide strap to attach to the wall around the water heater and so you want to compare this in some garages around the city and state which is called plumbers tape innovate as strong and we need to brace the water heater if you find this you'll want to replace it with a streetscaping kit. >> we've put blocking so that way we streetscape the water heater a nice fit it is important and important probation officer mention you need to move our water heater to strap is it talk about to a
10:35 pm
license plumber they'll come out with a firm once we streetscape those obviously we want to follow the manufactures instructions. >> typically the instructions will require the strap one strap be installed to fit the top third of the water heater and the bottom on the bottom 1/3rd away from the controls if it is above a certain size 50 gallons a third train e streetscape in the middle of the water heater. >> a lot of time i see older water heaters on the ground obviously explain why this is required and the mr. chairman is required if you pa a water are hereto in the garage gas fumes can accommodate and the pilot
10:36 pm
light will ignite the fumes so you want to above the grouped level. >> so why not go ahead and he get started with the bracing. >> we're joined with peter from construction he'll help us
10:37 pm
>> there you have it for not a lot of 340e7b in a short time we were able to reduce the risks as you can see secure and even in a big rumble bell not going to come losses thank you for watching we'll give is one more big push as you can see with >> (speaking foreign language.) >> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local biz and challenges the san franciscans to do their shop and dine in the 49 within the by supporting the services we help san francisco remain unique and successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine in the 49 san francisco owes itch of the charm to the many neighborhoods
10:38 pm
people coma greet and meet it has an personality these neighborhoods are economic engine seeing the changes is a big deal to me especially being a san francisco native and it is important to support the local businesses but also a lot to over here it is nice not to have to go downtown i think that is very important 0 for us to circulate our dollars the community before we bring them outside of the community for the time we have one dollars in the community is the better off we are it is about economic empowerment by apron ingress the businesses that are here. >> shopping local cuts down the
10:39 pm
cyber foot you'll find cookies and being transported the world where everything is manufactured and put on the assembly line having something local is meaning more the more we support our local businesses the more i can walk down to where i need to be. >> bridges contingency bye like west portal it is about city and san francisco may have a big name but a small city and a lot of small communities shop and dine in the 49 highlighted that and reminded people come outburst and i love that about this city i'll always be a
10:40 pm
>> good morning, everybody. welcome to the regularly scheduled meeting of the budget and finance committee for thursday, february 4, 2016, my name is mark farrell i'll be chairing this committee joined by supervisor katie tang's and supervisor yee thank you linda wong and charles kremack and other for broadcasting madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. please silence all electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk.


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