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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 22316  SFGTV  February 28, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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the current director of policy number. prior to that he was the director of youth organizing , and also an organizer with smack, student making a change. who's doing a lot of work at city college level. what are the guiding principles of common advocates the people most impacted by an issue or problem should be the ones were involved to make that change. kevin has been a big part of that making sure young people can be part of making changes in their environments to places where they go to school, and places where they were. he is been instrumental in helping students organize around ethnic studies here in san francisco. he's also been a big part of black lives matter and really the leadership of black youth in the city. most recently, he's been involved with my office in the community effort
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around getting for the housing developed in district 11 and actually impart district 7 as well. through his efforts and the efforts of the community united for health and. we've been able to secure commitment from the mayor's office of housing to develop housing at the upper balogh park station it was looking at mission street in no way be huge efforts to raise to 1% affordability housing at the balboa reservoir. it's a heavy lift, but with kevin is involved in doing is making sure voice of committee members are part of that process. i am proud of his work and the work he does in district 11 link black, brown, and agent unity which i believe is essential ingredient to people driven social change. san francisco and around the world. prior to
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working at coleman advocates for children and youth, kevin has worked at black youth vote in atlanta. as well as he led the morehouse university embassy international chapter. is also studied at city college, where he graduated in 2004 after attending the good marshall my school and he served as the student body president and coordinator of students serving students a peer mentoring program at city college of san francisco. it can be expressed how important the peer mentoring program is at city college of san francisco for many students of color and especially african-american students who feel that there is an on-off support for them to get through city college and having a peer resource program is essential to the success of many students to graduate from city college were to go on to four-year
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universities as well. so, kevin has not just been paving the way for the next generation. he is the next generation. of african-american leadership. kevin, congratulations. >>[applause] >> yes, i'd like to thank you supervisor avalos all the other supervisors here today. for this honor and recognition. this is also my five year anniversary at coleman advocates for children and youth , so it's a special month for me. at coleman, we were to make sure education in san francisco is working for all students. i was a especially black students . i feel real honor to work there and have some of our members and staff as well as my family here today. a shout out to all of you and all the work that everyone who fights for black families in black youth in san francisco good i guess i just want to say that they take
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this opportunity to say as someone who grew up here, went to public school here, the school system is still really failing our students and families and we collectively need to put all of our hands on deck to support make sure our students are getting the most high-quality education possible that earlier today a bunch of students at lowell high school, some black students in the committee walked out of school because it has to do with racism in their school. a lot of the work we do at coleman is about how do we put the power in the hands of the students and parents of the school to do with these issues and make sure things like this don't happen. the same thing happening in the street the compensatory but the kids being shot and killed. the murders not been held accountable. some here to say thank you to for this award and i should continue to be our allies and champion on this issues and look at the issues black families are facing and support in solving the issues we are dealing with. thank you. >>[applause]
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>> congratulations, kevin. >>[applause] >> the next presenter is president breed >> i am so excited to be here. a lot of great honorees today and i want to call up my honoree for today, tyrone and the folks of greenstreet. can you guys come up to the podium, please? >>[applause]
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>> i'm excited to under greenstreet today because greenstreet has done some incredible work in the western addition. many of the staff numbers are longtime western addition residence, and i am especially especially proud of able to make it your today. greenstreet was founded in 2010 by residents of public housing wanted to create jobs and develop workforce skills good although, it's official mission is to bring recycling and compost into housing developments and small businesses, it also strives to lift up invisible communities of low income population. one of the main projects about which is why we're honoring greenstreet today, that they worked on was recently was
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buchanan market tyrone and i remember when buchanan malt used to be this amazing place that we all used to hang out, and it was a time when we were young and we experienced sadly a lot of violence at buchanan malt. first, a lot of folks would hang out, listen to music, hang out on mcallister near -and then sadly when we started to lose so many of our young people in the community, it was a place that no one wanted to hang out. no one wanted to walk through. they have brought a new life to buchanan malt. last year, there was funding approved to support this project and i know a number of people came together to make this possible but i do i think my colleagues because the money that we approved is what helped to infuse the dollars necessary in order to get this project done. if you've buchanan malt recently,
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especially at night buchanan located between growth and the street, you see lights. you see life. you see people. it's really inspiring. it's been cleaned up. this new signs and new light. there is a new gardens and a seating area. through a collaboration between queen street, citizens of, the trust for public land and exploratorium the community and nearby residents got a say on how they wanted to see buchanan's call improve. not only that emerson greenstreet's work hand-in-hand with citizen to audio record stories within buchanan malt come assuring their living experiences in the western addition you can listen to those stories in the domes that were created in the mall. it's a great way to celebrate black history month but more poorly, it's a great way to make sure the next generation
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of young people who work in our community know our history might know about the people who live there and remember the past so that we can basically do better on number of challenges in artistic a lot of mistakes in the past. if we don't know our history, we don't know where we came from, we are doomed to repeat that. they have brought a new life to the western addition to this project and i'm so proud. they put their heart and soul into this project. a lot of hours. working with elderly folks to get their story. i know that was a challenge. somewhat. also, working with young people and just really going door-to-door, hand in hand in bringing the community out and we had a big kickoff last year, it was a beautiful sight to behold. the people of all ages, folks are used to live in the western addition, people that still live there, coming out and breaking bread. people who
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live next door to each other for 10 years and didn't know who their neighbors were. this project has reunited our community and brought so many amazing people together i'm so proud of the work that you've done and i like to give them an opportunity to speak. i know tyrone is the operations supervisor for greenstreet. we have a number of folks here today. i want about randolph lee, roger baylor, shannon watts, shannon erwin, fatima harrison, i know sophie from citizen film is here. and other members of the design task force. the ponte bouldin and ms. jackie henderson. thank you, thank you, thank you all for being. ladies and gentlemen, the district 5 commendation goes to greenstreet for their amazing work in the western edition community. >>[applause] >>i want to thank supervisor
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breed and all of the guys who made a collaborative effort. we would not have been able to push that make this dream a reality for the residents of our community. we started this effort was to give a job opportunity to people like myself who it struggles, within who the criminal justice am trying to find a way to get back on track. what we have done since then this created a sustainable business model and took this to our neighbor to be a part of making a change that we want to see. to begin an mall area that london speaks of, unfortunately one of the guys participated in some of the negative activities that took place there that made it unsafe for our to go there, it's really emotional thing.
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it's really humbling experience to be here today with the rest my team members and able to connect summary like a bonding with his henderson were all residents of the same complex be able to bridge that gap to be able to find employment opportunities for people of our community and have people our community come back outside again embrace the community and really understand that green streets is at the forefront of making sure that we not only talk it but walk it. we are people of that community and we want to see these changes take place. also, we, downplay the positive, being a collaborative effort like lennon mention. trust republican parks and recreation exploratorium, citizen film for the footage to committee residents took place every thursday at the african-american arts and cultural center where committee members were able to come in, sit down and have their voices heard. we made sure we push
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that to the community they have to get your voice is heard because so many times things are done in our neighborhood and people don't get an opportunity to be at the meeting or sit at the table and feel important and they see things in the neighborhood becomes a disconnect. not only do have the negativity but the thing supposed to take place that are supposed to great crop positive energy don't. it's a huge effort to have that especially at a time when we come from a neighborhood where just the day before yesterday summary was murdered the driveway of mcdonald's that evening was another shooting that took place were somebody was shot also. this is what we live with every day. we just want to be a part of the change. it covers like these that allow us to be able to not only create jobs that are duties but also save lives. so, thank you. >> thank you. >>[applause] >> supervisor campos
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>> i want to thank supervisor cohen and pres. breed for all the work they do in putting this celebration, recognition together, but also the celebration that will take it on in today's. thank you for your work. it's my honor to
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call upon the amazing person. i saw him coming in. i think using the back mr. gregory will please come on up. >>[applause] >> it is indeed, my honor to recognize as the honoree for district 9 emma if you can please come up to the podium, don't be shy-mr. gregory who is an artist whose work has originally focused on positive and truthful representations of black, brown, and white people here in the city and county of san francisco. actually, abroad as well. in the winter of 2010, mr. gregory began photographing homeless veterans doing so at night to give them a positive self-image of themselves and to
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also advocate for them. during this time, mr. gregory would ride his bicycle from his home in the mission district. he would ride to the tenderloin where he would walk through at late hours at night, befriending and photographing homeless veterans and nonveterans alike. mr. gregory is actually a veteran of the u.s. navy himself, and over time he met gilbert lovato, who is a veteran of the united states marine corps, with whom he would grade the san francisco veterans mural project. veterans alley, which they created in 2011. veterans alley is a russ roots based committee merle project where us military veterans paint their stories through murals on the walls of an alley in the tenderloin district. the project has room to include the entire community where many
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residents of both house and on house have taken part in the many art projects created in veterans alley today. through this project, mr. gregory has both engaged and honored the memory of african-american veterans such as creating a mural honoring one of america's first african-american queen berets mr. bruce blackmun. mr. gregory's work is greatly influenced by the mission district raised in a proud residence for many years. my office actually first worked with mr. gregory was advocating for homeless veterans the mission community to ensure the absolute that accessing services that those services were available to them. it also creates in our work with young black brown and poor white youth in the mission. mr. gregory is a contributor to local newspaper. so we want to thank you for that and really appreciate reading what you've
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written for the newspaper. district supervisor, i'm proud to have you in my district. i'm honored and appreciative of the great work you do. not only for veterans, but for homeless or poor people in the city and county of san francisco. your artist your advocacy, your artistry makes it even a valuable member of our community and today as were so pretty in black history month, it's truly my honor to recognize you for everything you've done for the city and county of san francisco. and as the honoree for black history month per district 9, amos rectory. gregory. >>[applause] >> it's so funny because at times in my life i've been a
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tiger that made notorious sometimes. i've written so many things when sony walls with so many different communities. i say a lot of things. i say a lot of things that i write a lot of things but i think one thing that i've said when i first started photographing gilbert lovato, history name was gabriel, our interview of the day. he was a homeless that they lived on the streets along, living on the street 15 years. i said gave, i'm going to make you famous. all these people walking all over you they're going to know your name. rabbinic rate this project is going to be called veterans alley. i just want to say today, thank you to mr. gilbert lovato emma gabriel, archangel for the pay for all the stories of the last five years. i thought you so many people, so many families both house and on house. gabriel, although all of them, was the very first one but the courage to to beginning
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his story. thank you. >> well, thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you mr. gregory. and thank you for what you do. >> veterans alley is a mural project and it was this lady longtime resident. her name was bwana and choose what they call a black irish. just as black
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hair and she came out because she saw us who are doing our first couple murals in the street was traditionally called shannon alley which reflected the irish in the neighborhood could she said, honey, i don't think you know what you're doing but you're going to have to call the street veterans alley. so that's how we got our name from her. veterans alley is actually shannon street amount which is located in the tenderloin district between taylor and jones. it's open to the public 24-7 it is greater for the community. thank you. >> thank you. >>[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm going to make in the next presentation to two outstanding men. first, the first man i'm honoring his mr. jim queen. he's dedicated his life to the advancement of our community and society is all. mr. jeff
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queen, please come up to the podium. >>[applause] >> i'm not done, mr. since 1960s, mr. quinn has been a leader for social and i come up just. is the founder and director of the center for strategic planning mr. queen is been on many task force and advisory boards throughout the years, including the san francisco unified school district community school system, kamal justice council, juvenile probation commission and the headstart parent policy counsel. he also founded the real alternatives program also known as rap where he was able to work to change the juvenile justice system who initiated committee representation juvenile court. it's a famous program still in existence. mr. queen-go ahead see-is to queen has influenced hundreds of use to begin and maintain a path of
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positivity and success with his work. he is an advisor and mentor for the east mission united youth organization with mentors at youth in self-determination and empowerment, the ability to understand social and economic issues in low income committed ladies and gentlemen i present to you, jim queen. >>[applause] >> well i want to say thank you to my supervisor cohen for giving me this on. but i was sitting there today and i was thinking i feel really humbled by how beautiful the presentations made ticket isn't editing that we steer so much negativity and we don't see the kind of positivity that everybody exhibit ticket amazing. i think one thing you might want to think about is talk to the major news organizations in the city maybe profile channel 4 and all the
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other stations, and profile everybody that was here did i think they'll be an exxon idea and something very positive. in the spirit of black history month, one of the things i want to make clear is that with certain issues in the city that are going on right now. one of them of courses police community relations. mass incarceration. and so forth. i'm going to be working with by their colleagues to implement the community peace plan is a plan developed over many years to do with that particular issue. in addition one of the things we bring to the board is the issue of affordable housing and in the case of the black community, it's totally displacement as everyone knows when i got out of the marine corps and came to san francisco it was down to three presented
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in order to deal with this crisis, we would have to raise raise $4 billion to do that and to make a commitment to repopulating the black community up to 15%. >>[applause] >> in closing, only to knowledge my lovely wife of 46 years, esperanza. we have four children, all of masters degrees and own family visited one is a director at ucsf. one is a nurse. one is a child protective services worker and one works for drs. without borders. we find granted. i'm a very blessed man. thank you. >> thank you. >>[applause] >> don't go too far mr. queen. i've a certificate for you but first i want to call and recognize my second person i'm
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recognizing whose name is also jim goes by jim martin. mr. martin, are you here?, on up. mr. martin has been an inspirational leader in the community is more than 20 years professional spirit communication and consulting locally as well as the country of japan. he's been approving the bayview and are african-american committee this selfless work. he's been in the service experience includes chairperson of the redevelopment project area committee director of a community primary senior services multipurpose senior center, director of community safety for the san francisco safe and men's services and father development program for the san francisco resource center of bayview at the bayview ymca. mr. martin was also achievements are a national office represented the end of the late cp western region. this includes 19 western states. jim is also the
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president and ceo of california -mr. martin has been organizing the fatherhood of march and rally for the last sunday. this event was initially triggered by the continually continuing deadly youth related and other violence impacted our neighborhood mr. martin is one-mr. martin wants to continue to highlight the good in the community and provide a venue for bringing people to the community together. so, mr. martin, we salute you and commend you today. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. to my supervisor melia cohen and to this board. and to my community. i consider myself, although i'm not the youth that you've seen come to this microphone today, my beginnings go back to the 60s
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like jim queen blood and honor to work within these communities. i'm a product of the community because back in the 60s when i was for parent to go from junior high school to high school, some great women are community went to washington dc and said, put some money in our committee so we can help our youth. they did that. the were successful. they came back and bought a lot of us together in our communities from the housing area and throughout the neighborhood come and they us to trips and give us a exposure to success stories that we would never have seen otherwise. those impacted by those success stories of african-american man at the phone company where they took me to who had on a three-piece suit and spoke to king's english perfectly and he knew everything about what was going on in a technical
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environment with the phone company and i just thought i've got to work for the phone company have got to get me one of those suits. from that point, that gentleman became a role model for the community became my future. my inspiration because the were not those people reached out to give me a new exposure i would not be where i am today. i know i'm proud-i've had audience with the chief of-president of the united states conducted a consultant to three different international three different weight nations in this work at consultant for fortune 500 companies and i've been the head of civil rights operations throughout the western united states. i am very pleased to be here to say that i don't feel guilty about being boastful about that because without my community, my family and my god , i would not be here. i would not have been able to achieve
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anything and i want to put that out as a message because the more we care, the more we share with our young people the more we teach them the more we inspire them the greater they will be. one final thing i want to say is during that time when all those women got together and bought 2-300 people one of those women was mrs.-she was one of those people who brought us all together and years later, almost 20 years later because of the work she did to help empower me to be a greater person, years later i was working as the director of the bayview senior services agency under the late dr. george davis. he became my role to be there to help mrs. westbrook at this he is a senior citizen. she had not been there throughout me become a better person and a better human being i would not of been there to help her as a senior citizen. thank you. >>[applause]
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>> congratulations mr. queen and congratulations mr. martin. >>[applause] >> now to some of the direct supervisor from district 2 supervisor mark befell >> colleagues, today i the honor of introducing an amazing
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man who is the current support george washington carver elementary school for this year's black history month that his principal emmanuel steward. we are is principal stuart? >>[applause] >> so, i've gotten opens with stuart lovett recently. he's been incidental in helping with our project will be open up the school and weekends here in san francisco carver was closed for a long time. until steward has embraced it. even working together and so many people around us putting together some amazing community events coming up in the near term including a car show and some other things that are joined not usually with -but principal stuart his commitment not only to the school but to the community is just unbelievable in a very
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personal level someone which is taken and run with it. i'm so thankful to him it just a bit of background on principal stuart. is also native san franciscan group he attended public schools here in san francisco. as of usp as a child and work in our own public school district for two decades now here in san francisco. it a masters of education administration for the principal leadership institute of berkeley. the california lemon. mr. credential. been recognized as a resource area for teacher that 2013 outstanding hands-on science teacher of the year award. some of pictures on his wall oxley pretty cool. some build in the classroom pictures even though i think you do not knows i noticed those is the feature story this spring 2014 caution signs newsletter and for the past number of years and the principal george washington carver elementary school. his work over the last 23 years as
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a teacher administrator i think will reorganize the amazing work for teachers and principals do in our school district, but i think principal stewart embodies so much more than that. if somebody connections both were up in the city we known, but his commitment to our community and our city is second to none. i thank you for all you're doing and i want to say thank you and it is my pleasure, my honor, to recognize you for black history month. it cannot be a more well to serve recognition. so, congratulations. >>[applause] >> i would take too much of your time because it running. first i wasn't obedience to god. i hate talking to them my back but i see these cameras have got me. so i'm good now. i want to thank you supervisor farrell for recognizing me. and for what you do here into the san francisco board of
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supervisors. thank you for the honorees that you've honored here this afternoon. i think we would do the work regardless if you would on us or not. i think the people they've honored in this room are the trailblazers of the san francisco. so with that being said, i'm going to keep this again as short as possible and i'm a native san franciscan someone of yours, when affairs, to make people in the city understands the importance of all the political things happening within san francisco at this point in time. i am a leader-i believe in san francisco invite school district only because i stand as an african-american male in the field of elementary school principals with our only two of us 75 elementary schools. sue look at one of the short number of black men are facing some of the young people that are in our streets ran. i wanted
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capture them one day him, make sure they understand the importance going to school. automation they are determined not to let anything knock them off their path. without making sure that being said, thank you. my wife is here with me. 24 years of our marriage, my supervisor mike dr. carlene, thank you as our assistant superintendent, regina's or executive director, again thank you for allowing me to have this opportunity to lead the school because as a graduate from berkeley i didn't know i could have that opportunity and was afforded to me now going to make a difference in the community whether they-i will serve the student's year in san francisco hopefully they won't replace me or anything like that. thank you so much for your time and again you should
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really honor the people that were injured. people need to know the positive things going on in the city and let them know is not a whole lot of negative. this things happening the city within our community again, thank you you guys have a blessed afternoon. >>[applause] >>congratulation. mr. quinn, no you like having called you a young man. getting you? with that, either to: supervisor jane kim from district 6. >>i think i see my honoree in
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the back, brenda washington, if you would like to come up to mark she has a lot of fans as well here. before i start speaking about brenda and her amazing work, we always say here in this chamber, and also outside of chambers, back history is all of our history but it's american history. as i've always said, i'm a beneficiary of the legacy of african-american activists, leaders and organizers who have fought alongside progressive people of color. to make this country what our founders espoused it to be. a country with liberty and justice for all. in fact, it is always been those on the fringe, those that fight for the marginalized or
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virtualize themselves, that is how this accountable to the values that this country was founded upon. it is those folks who made this country more american. black history and its movement has an impact far water beyond our countries borderlines. in fact, is an international movement. whether it's the link between gandhi and martin luther king, whether it's the impact that the television images of our civil rights movement and seen black and white activists hosed down, beaten, attacked by dogs and the impact that had in asia and latin america and africa africa and how that led to the embarrassment of the us government the little passage the voting rights act and immigration rights act in 1965, we are all the beneficiaries of this movement in my family is here because of this movement. so, it is always an honor to
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recognize individuals that really epitomize what this movement means and what this means in this country. that's why i'm so honored to write as brenda washington from district 6 today. we got >> >>[applause] >> brenda is very well known in the tenderloin. attended communicant she's one of our key neighborhood leaders. she has really paved the way for the next generation, including myself. breaking down so many of our barriers, whether it's fighting for tenant rights, afford housing, safer neighborhoods, food justice, healthy corner stores instead of liquor stores in our neighborhood. brenda has been the face. the doorknocking. she is on our corner blocks. there is really a campaign where you won't see brenda's face in
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action. i got to know brenda when i went doorknocking in 2010. she showed me the neighborhood. she walked me through and then when i one she held me accountable to the very things that i ran for. not only did she hold me accountable, she decided to dig in deep herself and she works on making our neighborhood safer, stronger and healthier. she tends all our meetings. she volunteers for safe passages. she works with our tenderloin please station. and she works with our community leaders thought the neighborhood. she hopes to build meaningful collaboration between our residents and our small businesses, our community based organization. she fought for women only in our single room occupancy hotels were women outnumbered 4-1. to create more safe space and what is now affordable housing stock here in san francisco. she's worked
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to eliminate unnecessary barriers to stable housing and jobs to the fair chance act, which we passed unanimously at the board of supervisors three years ago, and has been fighting the most affordable housing creation at every opportunity. these are the policies and legislation that she stands behind and she's a part of making our reality. in san francisco. she is also one of those leaders that never seeks attention were accolades for her effort. that's all the more reason that we hold that leaders like you who seek no award for your commitment and your hard work in making the city little bit better and a little bit more just and a little bit more equity equitable for our residents every day. so, whether it's keeping up the jefferson hotel your home, also where most lyrically well organized buildings in the city,-i see the jefferson hotel here. or
2:43 pm
whether it's testifying at a police commission hearing the board of supervisors meeting to improve the quality of life for our children women and men who live there in the tenderloin, rhonda has tirelessly devoted herself to positive action and served all of us. so, thank you so much for being here today and for being the honoree the district 6. i am so proud to know you as you work with you and thank you so much for your work. >>[applause] >> thank you supervisors and everybody else could i want to thank you for honoring me for the work that i do, but i don't consider it work. if it wasn't for the need of the people i encounter every day and in my
2:44 pm
hotel in on my street i would only have half of a life. because i am with you guys, my family and my friends, my sro collaborative family, my family family, who are here and always supportive of me, i would be only half. with your support i made hole every day. i wake up and come out of my building. several of my notes before i get too sentimental. not too long ago i talked about different things you know people wonder especially when you get older some things that happen in your life growing up in this and that and something that's treating you to ask you these questions. well, would
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you guys honoring me, i'm going to dedicate my award and i don't think i'll ever be on a bigger platform to do this-i'm sorry-but i want to wander-i can do this. i can do this. i'm going to honor my sister, dolores. i'm going to tell you why. >> can we have your family, of your? >> yes. because my sister was always there. the things that i've learned that she-if it wasn't for her i would not be here. i would not be. so i want to honor my sister for always being there because i'm going to smile after this because you say hardship. you had a hard day. hardships. they are in our lives so we make-she would say hardship. you're not even
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paying attention like i taught you. you're not on the ship you're on a boat. so hold on and people fighting. that's why i want to dedicate my award for my sister because she's always been there for me. thank you. >>[applause] feature >> before folks go, i want to ask the entire central city collaborative to come up for a group photo that i failed to mention brenda is not justified. she is a cancer survivor. through that entire struggle you never stopped serving our community. you never stop coming to meetings. you never suck leading and serving for that entire experience. so, thank you for all of that. >>[applause] >>is the paparazzi finished?
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>> supervisor kim you can take it outside. congratulations last but not least we have supervisor from district 1 murder supervisor eric mar >> task archbishop frenzel came from a saint john hotaling african-american church,. we start by revealing that john cole train change my life where love supreme cannot consider actually hearted person the 70s. coltrane was so amazing good thing cause he talked about empire music without quotation often cited quoting saying i want to be a force for real good. in other words, another bad forces bringing suffering to others in missouri to the world, but i want to be
2:49 pm
the opposite force. i want to be the force just truly for good. archbishop king,, rev. mother marina came and the church uplifts people every day. the people that not only does i know from the richmond district including some of my family members, but people from all neighborhoods in the bayview face global gentrification archbishop king and the church was there for them. i remember going to different meetings all over the city but i want to say his leadership is incredible and exemplary ownership commitment to social justice building a legacy for african-american communities by preserving and commander promoting only john coulton music and message but also really supporting residents facing at suffering and misery by uplifting them. really quickly, i will just say also
2:50 pm
that john coltrane church has been a key force in the fillmore district. the facing some serious times right up so i am hoping people support them in their struggle to stay in the fillmore district. i also want to have knowledge that i've known the church for over 30 years raised to do the radio show right before the uplift, that ended today tuesday's noon-four at the radio 89.5 and the community. st. john coltrane african orthodox church has been there for the community. archbishop king served on the foreclosure committee of the naacp chapter. he's a leader in ace was used to be a computer used to fight the eviction of many many families not just in his own neighborhood but that the city including the bayview, the mission, and the neighbor. archbishop king has led fights to save market. he's a
2:51 pm
cofounder of the african-american me please place for a gym queen referenced early. his dinner organizer and leader in the coalition of movement for justice could not only for the current blacklist matter struggle but for justice for oscar rant and most recently for the justice for mario woods. evaluations from the black panther party in his 40 year history of serving the people and fighting for self-determination in our community with rev. mother arena came to mailers from the church they continue solidarity for generations of african-americans could also, he served as ambassador as people come globally to the coltrane church from all over the world to the fillmore district. he spreads the love and the message st. john cole train love supreme every single weekend and also expressed throughout the world to europe, asia and africa. thank you archbishop king for your unwavering commitment that on to the legacy of st. john cole train but also your legacy in supporting our communities struggle in san francisco and after archbishop king speaks, i like to ask supervisor avalos
2:52 pm
and campos can join us as well. archbishop-kin >> he's a bad man. i need a copy of that. let me first of all say praise be to god to all praise is due. in the words of john coltrane, yes it is true seek and you shall find only through him. can we know the most wondrous the stoles. pres. breed and to all of you would've chosen to be the servants of the people of the city and county of san francisco, which we wish you godspeed. and pray your hearts be filled with the love of truth and an undying love for the people good special thanks
2:53 pm
to you, supervisor edward mar, for looking beyond the borders of your district and finding and indulging this work that so many in the halls of power seem to easily dismiss as worthy of a crumb from the masters table. it is with mixed emotions and feelings and great appreciation and humility that receive this honor on behalf, first of all, to my beloved cofounder and devoted partner for 50 years, most rev. supreme mother marina sister of compassion and the whole old holy order of st. john baptist. for my pastor, rev. moneta stevens. for ministers,
2:54 pm
my chapter and rev. charter come a mother gloria the sisters of compassion. all of our friends and those that have supported us, even those that are left here in the body, but those that are here laboring selflessly to bring peace and love and affection throughout our community. it has never been our desire or our goal, nor our mission to make friends with those that sit in high places. though i will say that there are folks that sit in the high seeds that defended this church. this community and i am grateful for that. we look not here for friends but has been our goal to be friends of the
2:55 pm
people. which we find most often comes without reward or honor. would it be that this honor would've come sooner? i came to san francisco in 1948. we have been in the western addition since-448 years serving the people in mind-body and soak it would have come sooner than today had we not spoke truth to power concerning the need for san francisco police department to be answering to the community when we took the founders of the african-american police community relations board? was it that made the city blinds were unconcerned for the good of the john coltrane church
2:56 pm
continues to be committed to? or was it because he stood for justice for oscar grant and kenneth harding and brother alex and the black and brown youth that have been cut down at the hands of san francisco's so-called finest? know we cry out for justice for mario woods. would we have been heard or seen by the powers of this city if we had not led a fight to save marcus books? maybe it was because we shut down banks across the city who were passing out predatory loans and robbing the community, many of us don't know when we get a mortgage we don't realize that mortgages are just french for
2:57 pm
duck. super signing a death one. i rather get money from alcohol and then some of these banks. he will break your legs but these banks will break your hearts and stole the inheritance of several thousands of black and brown citizens of this community. would that the city was not blind. that for the naacp, how is it then that the naacp becomes our stumbling block? the instrument to remove us from this community.. how does it become a thorn in the side of the african-american community? is it true that our so-called leaders are now no more than instruments to route
2:58 pm
us up out of our communities? have the watchmen and the black man become the tools of our very enemies and the sounds that prevails in black and brown working-class communities. i would ask the question and pray for an answer. is it upon this noble body to be the protectors of the communities in which they been elected to serve? i think i would fall short if i didn't mention something about the plight of the coltrane community, so i so to you concerning the john coltrane global spiritual community, in our use because no churches is almost a bad
2:59 pm
word. hello. folks with her collars turned around backwards just desiring to be henchmen, lapdogs, slave chasers and who liquors, we see ourselves as a global spiritual community. the god and christ we represent is an uncompromising revolutionary. he is the first cousin to john the baptist and we know john the baptist would've kept his mouth shut he would still have his head. notwithstanding that we are dealing with an executive director for the west bank community and its board with clear evidence of bad faith and dishonesty intentions with the sole objective of removing us from our location. this is not a fight about rents. we have, and have had
3:00 pm
our rent money, but it's about someone having a plan to move us as the last voice of revolutionary commitment and the fillmore district. we have been held hostage under the threat of eviction and refuse to accept our money and the greed of time in amount. our work has suffered through the christmas season while we were being terrorized by what we sometimes call reverends and leaders. and we had not leaved and this kind of fear and indecision since september of 2014. we would have even more
3:01 pm
than what we have now. these folks have proven themselves to be enemies of the people. it is always been our goal and intention and concern to be a voice for the people and agents for social justice. in that light we are concerned for the welfare of not just john coltrane church, but the life and the welfare and future of the african-american population in the fillmore and throughout this great city and the black and brown communities. >>[applause] >> we find it impossible to remain silent in the face of the great crimes that have and continue to be perpetrated against black and brown and
3:02 pm
working-class communities. our fight, then, is not for storefronts on fillmore street but the focus of our efforts are to snatch back from the jaws of the filers of human dignity and rights for black come around and working-class communities to live and prosper in this city that they've given so freely of their labor and their culture. >>[applause] >> as i closed them i would say there should be a serious investigation of the committee center as to who owns it. what is there ambition and do they really have the right to call out the coal train church to be left from where i'm also accepting this on 2500 signatures that we received to
3:03 pm
say plainly, hands off of the coal train church. >>[applause] >> we play this award is not lost and pomp and ceremony and become like a veil without a tone, a song without a melody, but that all of you together lift your voices in harmony in a cry for justice. the st. john coltrane church,, the global community it was born here in san francisco, in the western addition it belongs to san francisco >>[applause] >> and you board of supervisors of the caretakers and custodians of a love
3:04 pm
supreme. let not history read and say that you allowed a love supreme to be snatched from your hands, that you, the noble members of this great body did not come together and do all that you could to save the house of a love supreme. they you didn't sleep in the middle of the night while you made excuses and dismissed yourselves as being relative to something that great is being snatched out of the city, i hope that you come together in one voice and see what it is you can do to protect that san francisco gave birth to and know that i am not the founder of the church. on the instrument that god used to
3:05 pm
found this church. i think god almighty for the anointed sound that leads down from the throne of heaven under the very mind of god and incarnated in one john will im culture. we noted as-wwealth and prosperity the king of compassion. >>[applause] >> i have more notes. this audience has been so patient. i've only been to the bathroom twice. we thank you so much. thank you for your courage, brother. thank all of you. >>[applause] >> john avalos i know you stand up for truth and righteousness. campos, and others we just thank god for
3:06 pm
you. god bless you and power to the people. >>[applause] >> thank you, archbishop and
3:07 pm
congratulations again. with that, everyone that brings us to the end of our commendations. congratulations to each and everyone of you. this was an amazing day of inspiration and i hope that this inspiration carries us to next year when we all ward-when we commence other members of the african-american community. as someone who works at the african-american complex as a director one of the things i often would say to folks part of the community is we celebrate black history 365 a year and 366 in leap year which is now. this year, we get
3:08 pm
one extra day to celebrate some of the amazing historical moments that exist in our city of more portl we have a lot of work to. it's clear that a lot of presentations here today i look forward to continuing and trying to change things for the better in our community. yes, we may be a small percentage of the population but together we are a mighty force. thank you all again for being here and we are going to continue with our agenda. >>[applause] >> we are going to return to local for introductions. we have one more member of the board who we need to call on for roll call for introductions. and will go toward 3 pm special orders. >> supervisor yee >> congratulations to all the
3:09 pm
recipients of today's ceremony. i have two change gears here. so, i am introducing a couple of resolutions today. the first one really is about bus safety. colleagues, is the chairman of vision and zero committee, and also as a survivor of a server accident where i was hit by a car, it is imperative and personal that as a city we do everything in our power to increase pedestrian safety and decrease the likelihood of accidents and fatalities. today i'm introducing a resolution to support three state bills that are being considered to address loopholes. the lack of correlation between state and local agencies, and increase safety protocols for tour buses and charter carriers. as you
3:10 pm
know, in the last year and a half or so that several incidents involving tour buses and we as a city have taken some steps to try to improve the situation could well the biggest barriers we have in trying to further improve the situation with tour bus drivers and so forth, is that much of the regulations are controlled by the state rather than locally. so, for instance, that union square bus accident where 20 people were injured, five critically, was an operator that it never been inspected by the chp and was not properly measured with a california public utilities commission. this is unacceptable. i mean, if the state is not going to do their work we need to do it locally because we need to keep our people safe. the tourist destination we must protect our
3:11 pm
residents and those that visit our city. by ensuring our regular tory bodies are coordinating their efforts insufficient steps to ensure all operators are following safety protocols. i want to continue to examine but we can do locally but in the meantime we must ensure state and county agencies are working together to reduce the number of tour and charter bus accidents and fatalities. sen. hill are stepping in the right direction. i encourage the board to support these bills. so, that is one of my resolutions i am introduced. the second one, probably in a different order that we normally do things. but today were going to be hearing-later on we'll be hearing a charter
3:12 pm
amendment inclusion of affordable housing. part of that charter amendment would allow for laws to be created by this body to further strengthen the act itself. so, the resolution making the city safe really what i'm talking about is to find a way to maximize percentage of affordable housing in a logical way so when urging us as a board to do is three things as we move forward with the ordinance. number one, willie to conduct a feasibility study that the board will ask for to look at what will ease the percentage we will be supporting in terms of the minimum percentage of affordable housing units.
3:13 pm
number two, once we do this we should not be doing this every year or six months or whatever. developers really want to know a time definite were stable situation will be can actually figure out their finest. so i'm asking that as we move forward with this ordinance that we look at a period of every three years or as necessary as a way to keep things moving without having to fear it might be moving and changing it every second. number three, the thing that people talk about and we need to address beyond the charter is this notion of grandfather. right now what i'm asking for it is in ordinance that we address this issue and give a definition to at the grandfather really means at
3:14 pm
this point. we don't have that definition. so, these are the three main points am asking is a resolution. again, to take a step ahead of the passage of the charter amendment that supervisor kim and others are introducing today. thank you. >> thank you. dear mdm. pres. there are no other members detect i'm sorry. >> supervisor yee >> i also want to state for the first resolution on the bus safety, and supporting the state legislation that supervisor kim is also co-authoring. >> thank you. mdm. pres. >> thank you. we have several 3 pm special orders. we are going to start with the first 3 pm special order. mdm. clerk, please call item .6-29
3:15 pm
>> item 26-2 and comprise the public hearing interested in the computer shall permit program and the categorical exemption under the california environmental quality act or ceqa is determined by the plaintiff, dated october 22, 2015. further confirmed by the san francisco municipal transportation agency november 17, 2015. item 27 motion affirming that the commuter shuttle permit program is categorically exempt from environmental review. item 20 motion reversed that determination. item 29 motion director findings led to the boards disapproval of the reversing the determination. >> as we've heard earlier, cannot board meetings, to our communications, the appellant have withdrawn their appeal. which means that the board of supervisors will still need to conduct the hearing and hold public comment, but will be tabling all of these items. so, at this time unless supervisor
3:16 pm
campos is opening remarks i can open it up to public comment first. whether any members of the public comment would like to comment on this particular item to mike seeing none, public comment is close. >>[gavel] >> supervisor campos. are you here for public comment for the shadow adams are being tabled, right? at this time colleagues can we reopen public comment without objection will be open public comment on this item >> >>[gavel] >> please come prepared if there's any members of that would like to speak this but to item please line up to my left- you're right, my left. first speaker, please >> my name is leslie drive and organize with housing rights committee. been active in blocking the buses to bring international attention to this
3:17 pm
placement and inequality crisis is exacerbated by corporate tech giants. since then the world bank world economic summit have also recognized that tech is causing inequality in this place. i call on you to reject this program even though i know it's being tabled and whatnot could i ask that you do what we ask you to do in the first place which you implement local and state law. that says this is illegal. to find the buses to and $71 per stop and use that money to fund public housing and addictions defense. since the first blockade in 2013 apple has risen to become the biggest tech dodger in the will. bayliss $60 billion in back federal taxes. along with 16 billion tax cut that brings into 76 billion indeed funded education infrastructure and
3:18 pm
federal permits. to give you an idea the number is equivalent to hud's entire low moderate income housing budget at its highest level in 1970. proving this program shows a complete political failure on every level. we should all ask why her supervisors are effectively gifting our public infrastructure and 80 displacement to benefit the same company who is defunding us all. why are you promoting long commutes to program benefiting only wealthy workers? you can you survive mentally friendly excuses since you've not yet studied the people and displaced out driving to their jobs in san francisco. uc berkeley city and regional planning apartment found 40% of private shuttle riders would move closer to their work. that's approximately 3400 living spaces that will be available if you rejected this luxury commuter prevented 3600 default evictions happen >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you very much. next
3:19 pm
speaker, please. thank you. >> good evening. my name is -john smit is a driver license i had. good thing i put a schedule in river city because they stole that because of damage. it made me more definite on how this never happens again. to amend the
3:20 pm
situation this is been totally explored and denied i will pay a lawyer on this issue. it should not be any more to provide this information to schools. this should be taken care. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> board members good afternoon. i represent senior disability action organization which works along the lines of healthcare housing transportation for the benefit of seniors group i work with supervisor yee on the free muni. the issue of the tech shuttles, it really impacts the people that we represent in a
3:21 pm
profound way. there are safety issues. there are issues about infrastructure. there are issues about quality of life in the neighborhood with these big cumbersome asses that are highly inappropriate in certain neighborhoods. i think that the selling of our neighborhoods to these buses is quite obnoxious. we've never been for this program. there was an idea or is an idea of having commuter shuttles be placed or have a hub am a rather, created for the shuttles and the people that use them. to be located in a certain place of that folks that work intact or silicon valley can shuttle them. it seems a reasonable idea. i just want to put that out there. because we bent over forwards
3:22 pm
and backwards for the tech industry and those buses are just egregious symbols about how much the city has bent over and how much we sold in terms of our streets of neighborhoods and our people over to tech. is it egregious ugly symbol. thank you. >> inc. you very much. next speaker, please. >> my name is iona casanova. a little under the weather. sorry. my understanding was we need to speak on behalf of of the opponents of socially withdrawing our up you could we please our coalition was to draft successfully some of the issues of the shuttle program to the benefit of all san franciscans. we need to continue to prioritize environmental safety in transit needs of her community when making these kinds of decisions. a few major issue
3:23 pm
still remains such as the use of the red zone with the public bus stop and the effect on this placement in the communities and the critical to resolve them in the near future. work to ensure the city monitor and study the impact of this program in you to do so on behalf of the community on this issue. i want to thank you all for your time othis matter in the last few weeks but moving it along to where it currently is in the best place it could be a look forward to working on the remaining issues in the next six months-one year as we find out more information on all the remaining impacts to our public transit system and our communities. thank you for your time and work supervisor breed, campos, yee, and all the other supervisors involved in this prospect and mca, i do want to recognize-the staff at mca have been very forthcoming and willing to work with us and i want to honor them in the process as well. and were all
3:24 pm
partners in addressing these issues. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> these move the microphone towards you. >> thank you. we are licensing something that is illegal. we should always have the value to say we can pull a plug on this. no matter how definitive we can say these people if they lost the buses, which still live. the fact we don't know. it's just an opinion. if we are going to have a muni system, a private bus system, everyone getting off a shuttle should have a muni fast pass that they're getting at a muni stop. they plan to make
3:25 pm
all these buses which are accessible should be started sooner than the good the streets with tolerance should be enforced. buses should not leave for trips and must therefore good the possibilities of establishing hubs, i believe, is best way to go. in keeping these behemoths off the street. we are increasing diesel where we don't have it. it's unnecessary. the minimal last load should be maybe one third of that bus. we should be driving big buses with one, two, three, or five people in it we should also be able to pick up muni patrons of their inappropriate direction within the city street. and drivers should be standardized by muni standards. i mean, they should perform knowing that you
3:26 pm
can sit behind a muni bus and pull into the curb after a muni bus leaves instead of pulling ahead of a muni bus and stopping downloading and delaying the muni bus. thank you. >> thank you very much for other any other members of the public would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, >>[closed session] >>[gavel] >> i like to write i supervisors because the as you noted there's been a lot of work gone into discussing the various issues relating to this program with all of the individuals involved. including the appellants, including municipal transportation agency , advocates, bay area council and represents from various companies. i want to especially
3:27 pm
thank my staff, sheila hagan, in the offices of pres. breed and her staff, connor johnson, as well as supervisor norman yee and jennifer lopez, who's been stuffing him on this. many countless hours have been spent trying to find a solution, a resolution of this dispute. i am proud to say that i believe that we have reached a point where we have found an agreement that though not perfect, that addresses the concerns that have been raised without actually requiring that a full environmental impact review be done, which essentially would kill the program. this agreement allows this program to continue, recognizing the very important goal it plays in allowing more than 8500 people to be able to
3:28 pm
commute to and from work without having to drive to their place of work. they go throughout this process is to find a way that this commuter shuttle program can continue in a way that addresses the same time the concerns that have been raised. while the mta has made several improvements to the pilot program, and we commend bmj staff for all the work they put into this, some important concerns remain. concerns within our neighbors about the impact that this program is having on congestion, the impact it may be having, or that generally may have on the issue of displacement, they put safety, air quality, and public transit. we, the three of us who have been working on this have felt that we need to find a solution that allows the users of the shuttle program to benefit at
3:29 pm
the same time addressing the legitimate concerns that have been raised at the point in finding this resolution has not been to kill the program. to the contrary, to allow the program to continue and to actually allow the program to continue in a more efficient way. but we have agreed upon with appellants in the bay area council is a one-year commuter shuttle program that will have a six-month review will include the following elements: the number of stop locations of the current number, which is right now 125. explore potential efficiency gains, including the possibility of a hub model. we cover the cost of managing the program to the maximum extent allowed. fund necessary enforcement that may be needed
3:30 pm
beyond what is already been funded. move larger vehicles off small neighborhood streets. monitor air quality and address significant increases. events in specific locations in the event those increases happen. as well as committing all of us to labor harmony. one final note, separate from the commuter shuttle program, the deal that pres. breed, supervisor yee and i have been working on the discussions we have been having will eventually lead us to call for the budget and legislative analyst at the board of supervisors to conduct an independent housing study to understand what kinds of rules the commuter shuttle and other factors may have on the current housing situation here in san francisco. again, i want to thank pres. breed and supervisor yee. it's been up pleasure to work with all of you
3:31 pm
did in the past, supervisors have come together to find agreement with her has been disagreement. we have the example of pres. david chiu, mark farrell and myself working to find a resolution insider cpmc deal and i don't know if that makes it. that's the three musketeers or something along those lines come up but i was very proud of the work we attempted i also want to thank the appellants 1021, the coalition for fair legal environmental transit, sue von, bob plant holds. i also want to thank the bay area council which represents a wide array of companies that provide commuter shuttle service, and to all the questions and calls that have come in for my district of the parts of the city, i want people to know that i am proud of the results
3:32 pm
and the result will allow this program to continue. with that number i make a motion consistent with what has been outlined before to table items 27, 28, 29,. i actually forgot to note especially want to thank someone who laid a key role throughout this and without whom we would not be will to be at this point. she was into mental throughout this whole process. thank you to ayanna casanova of 10 target with that i make a motion to table items 27, 20, 29 >> supervisor campos has been a motion to table 37, three, in turn. moved and seconded. with that i like to call on supervisor scott wiener >> all be supporting the motion which i believe will pass unanimously today given the ceqa appeal has been with him. i do think it's important
3:33 pm
i know there's a lot of different views but the shuttle program and people are entitled to whatever you they want of the program. it's a democracy it is important to be clear about the current state of affairs what's happening, and what i think could happen and perhaps by some something unattended weapon in the future. first of all, and i know i think mta when this first came out it maybe was the person we continue it but i do i thank and acknowledge mta and its staff for having done, i think really humans work around the shuttle program. although i don't have the exact numbers but i believe it's likely that the district i represent is both the largest number of writers and perhaps the most significant impact in terms of shuttles driving through neighborhoods in the district that i represent. so, i have
3:34 pm
been deeply involved with this program since before i took office, but particularly, in office because it has been an ongoing topic of discussion in the neighborhoods i represent. the mta has really worked so hard to the pilot program process in formulating the proposed permanent program to try to address impact on neighborhoods in terms of routes, groups of neighbors at individual neighbors, working on terms of what bus stops should be used, what streets are appropriate or inappropriate and while it's never be possible to make everyone happy i think the agency is done the very very good job under very difficult circumstances, and so i want to thank the mta and its hard-working staff working with the people i represent in working with my office. i also i know and thank supervisors because footnoting the
3:35 pm
thousands and thousands of san francisco resident. people we represent of our neighborhood who rely on these struggles to get to work. the shuttles remove vehicles from the node. they could reduce congestion and they take co2 out of the air that would be very people were pushed into their cars. we know from survey after survey that the shuttle disappeared tomorrow overwhelmingly, the shuttle riders would remain residents of san francisco would largely drive down to the penance appeared in terms of the housing argument, these several writers living there. and dealing with a long round-trip commute every day because they want to live in san francisco. they are going to be here regardless of whether the shuttles exist. the only difference is they will then drive and will have more congestion on our city streets and the one-on-one who will be even worse than it is today. in terms of the deal that was
3:36 pm
struck by a few of my colleagues and the some of the companies that provide the shuttle services, we will see what happens but i know there's a lot of talk about we all support the shuttle program. i don't fully believe that. i think that this whole push to try to create a hub system, we know what a hub system will mean. it will mean to be a drop in the number of people that are using the shuttles. because in addition to a long shuttle commute people are going to have to an additional long trip to get to the shuttle stop, the hubs,. in addition, it's unclear whether those hubs will go to any neighborhood is going to want to have a huge number of shuttles concentrated on one help. so, the hub concept is designed, i think, to end the
3:37 pm
program. we also heard from a representative is ci you today that the whole issue of even legality of using the bus stops is still adding she said on the table. again, what is entitled but you should appeal to use the bus stops we need to be very very open and honest about what that means. in fact, this morning at the board of supervisors sitting at the transportation authority, this board voted to oppose state legislation that will clarify that we have local control to decide whether to allow shuttles to use these bus stops. i don't know why the board of supervisors say we should not have local control to make that decision, but that was the position majority of this board made this moment. so, i very much hope the shuttle program will continue the people continue to be will to get to work without driving. i don't have a lot of confidence in over what we've seen over the last few months. so be supporting the motion today but i think that context is very important. >> >>. see note names on the rochester just want to make a few comments quickly did i
3:38 pm
won't repeat everything that's supervisor campos said, but i will say that supervisor yee campos and myself came together in good faith to make sure that we were adjusting the issue and the fact that folks from the cio, sierra club and others came together to sit at the table along with the bay area council demonstrates we really care about working together and care about a solution. i'm really proud of the collaboration of folks picking together, came to the table time and time again for countless hours, trying to arrive at an agreement. i'm proud of the work we been able to do to get good folks that traditionally don't work together but decide we want to do something good for the city, for the shuttle, as well as for the communities are senior population. those who ride muni and truly look at the fact that there is something wrong and it's our response ability to make suresupervisor because
3:39 pm
page because of all the work they did to bring us together. tom maguire from the mta is really a great source of information and works well with us and was collaboratively to come to some level of agreement and matt reagan at the bay area council and the folks that he represented. most of the small and large shuttle buses and especially in big shout out to areata carcinoma from sei ou did a lot of the heavy lifting working together clearly to make good things happen. no, it's not a perfect solution, but we are all at the table
3:40 pm
trying to work together trying to do the right thing. this is not of course the end of this particular issue that we still have more work to do. we still have a responsibility to make sure with that we complete studies on housing. they would look at studies related to transportation so that we can make better decisions about this program in the future. with that, i like to acknowledge supervisor yee to make just a few comments and we'll move forward >> thank you. i do want people because i'm south but not appreciative of everyone involved in this whole effort. i know that when we first walked into this basically a partnership of ours, people were skeptical whether we could get this done in a few weeks. i guess i said we would get it done. i am really proud of supervisor campos and pres. breed but everyone else involved. the rc set down several times a week for
3:41 pm
several weeks to hammer this out and i'm pretty optimistic that we can move forward and make this a positive program for everybody involved. thank you much >> the tango with that mdm. clerk on the motion to table second by supervisor kim can you please call the roll >> supervisor tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye cohen aye farrell aye, kim aye, mar absent , peskin aye. there are 10 aye disputed the motion to table carries unanimously. >>[gavel] >> thank you very much. now we will go to our next 3 pm special order. mdm. clerk,
3:42 pm
please call item 30-33 >> item 30-33 bytes of special order at 3 pm. the board of supervisors will convene a committee of the whole pursuant to a board resolution approved november 10, 2015 and again november 17 .15 the following matters related to the infrastructure financing district number to the port of san francisco. item 30 the public during a persons interested in the proposed ordinance astonishing infrastructure financing district. the financing plan, and a tax administration agreement. item 31, eight ordinance to establish interceptor financing district or ift including subproject i work your 70 the historic court to adopt the interest interceptor plan in appendix district number two to prove it seek with determination and to
3:43 pm
approve other matters. item 32, resolution to approve the issuance of bonds in an amount not to exceed $25.1 million for this ift with respect to this project area g1 and approve an indenture of trust and pledge agreement and item 33 my resolution to approve him random of understanding relating to subproject area g1 of the ift improve other matters in connection with the ift. >> politics, today's committee of the whole is being conducted to discuss the ports proposed infrastructure finance by missing this. now, let's open up this hearing >>[gavel] bedecked with that i like you: supervisor melia cohen >> thank you. good evening everyone. since the hour is growing late have a gift for you, colleagues. i will spare you the presentation. okay, i will spare you the presentation, but staff will be here to walk-to answer any
3:44 pm
specific questions you may have. so, thanks for hearing for having a willingness to hear this item today. as you heard, this is a hearing that would be creating an ift. this is critical in creating a financing plan to fund part, street improvements, new electrical infrastructure at your 70 and i do hope to have your support on this. i want to knowledge ben rosenfeld and he's been a relentless fearful adversary person who's been against an ift for a long time, but he has yielded because he has seen the light and i want to ,, i want to say thank you. you begrudgingly are supporting this but thank you again. i love you. this is important because we've got a lot of needs that need to be addressed without the financing to address the infrastructure. the budget 11 set up analyst has
3:45 pm
recommended the board amend and propose the ordinance to reiterate the city's intent to create a committee facility district and this of course under the advisement amend the banner was the creation of a cft one sure ongoing maintenance costs particularly park and other infrastructure funded by the ift will be borne by the developers and not the city. i think that's a critical point that this infrastructure is borne by the city and developers in opposite. those of the ports support in the delay recommendation to make early early formation of the cft to make ongoing maintenance requirement of the word waistcoat colleagues, i have circulated the amendment before you did there's one on page 5 beginning online 24 and on page 8 from line 3-8. if you need a copy of these amendment please let me know. but, mdm. pres., i
3:46 pm
suppose we should hear maybe brief remarks from the pla and then we can possibly go for a vote. >> other similar to invoke the board to give a presentation on the ift >> madame president the board has decided, has requested that a report is not necessary. they can answer questions. this is just the interest of time because we have a lot of agenda i have us and people are waiting >> what about the hardy roses report to mark arlington hear from us rose? >> i'll leave it up to mr. rose to determine to make brief remarks on what it is were doing with >> thank you. mr. rose >> harvey rose budget analyst at i will also be brief. we have some issues report to the board separate 23rd 2016. the supervisor cohen has stated, on page 12 of our reports we recommend you amend the
3:47 pm
proposed ordinance to reiterate the city's intent to create a community facilities district to fund ongoing operating and maintenance costs for the crane co. park and 20 street weather than relying on the city's general fund to support such additional cost. we consider approval of the two proposed resolutions in one proposed ordinance is amended to be policy for the board of supervisors will be happy to respond to any questions. >> with that, supervisor cohen because i just received the amendment are the amendments proposed by mr. rose and yours one and the same are they two different amendment >> they are one and the same >> thank you. supervisor cohen has made a motion to amend. is there a second jamaat moved and seconded., take the amendment without objection, without objects in the amendment -after public comments. okay. i'm going a little too fast. let me slow down. is there any other comments or presentation?
3:48 pm
any questions, colleagues seen no other names on the roster, i will open this item up to the public these come forward if you like to make comments on this particular item. this is for item 31, 32 and 33. >> tom gilbert t. i'm a little concerned that were passing bonds for maintenance. whether it's on the city, parts or whatever. summer along the line on structuring for maintenance just doesn't seem to be a fitting way to go about their business. the next little item b san francisco public bank, when are we going to be able to issue bonds through the san francisco public bank? thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. sylvia
3:49 pm
johnson. this is art been put in the bank system has been forwarded and i have these copies and i am going to pursue this because it's been something that wasn't put in the manner in federal court could [inaudible].
3:50 pm
>> thank you. any other members of the public would like to provide public comment could at this time, seeing none, public comment is closed. there was a motion. can we take the amount without objection? without objection the amendment passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, on the item fees call the roll >> supervisor tang aye, wiener aye, yee spewed aye, avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar absent, peskin aye.
3:51 pm
there are 10 aye disputed item passes as amended unanimously. >>[gavel] >> thank you, coach. now we'll move to our final 3 pm special order. mdm. clerk, please call items 34 and 35. >> pursuant to a motion approved on february 9, 2016 the board of supervisors will convene a committee of the whole for item 34 and 35. the matter has been called from committee pursuant to board a . the matter has been called from committee pursuant to board a wool 3.372 public hearing of persons interested in item 35 proposed charter amendments it first draft to amend the charter of the city and county of san francisco to authorize the board of supervisors rotating visionary or affordable housing obligation browsing the bowman projects and setting forth increased interim requirements into from
3:52 pm
the planning department ceqa determination and an election to behold a june 7, 2016 >> colleagues, were sitting as a committee is all to discuss a proposed charter amendment regarding affordable housing requirements. let's open up his hearing because that i know we have representatives from the planning garment mayors offices housing here to answer questions, but before we move forward with the hearing, supervisor kim give opening remarks. >> yes, thank you pres. breed. i want to recognize and thank the many community members and leaders and affordable housing advocates have worked with both supervisor peskin and myself to put forward the legislation that we have here today. every time forward thinking policy advocates and legislators introduce laws that protect the environment, water, or air and civil rights health care, minimum wage, the opposed initially as jugglers which
3:53 pm
will bad for the economy. yet, every civil time the opposition underestimates the strength of our economy but also of our communities. these fights and these wins are large part the reason why proud to call myself a progressive legislator here today. today in 2016 here in san francisco we are fighting an important battle that is housing for all defend residents. we are longer talk about economic divide between the rich and the poor. we are seeing an economic growing at alarming economic divide between the ultra-wealthy and everybody else. in the midst of this housing goldrush we are currently experiencing working class and middle income residents and families are paying the price. we are seeing an alarming rise in her addiction rates, rising rents, higher home prices the median
3:54 pm
price of a home being $1.1 million, and longer commutes for residents that formally lived here in san francisco but must commute longer hours to get to their job and services here in san francisco. it is too simplistic to say that we just need to build more. in fact, he will hear today from seven advocates and colleagues we need to build as much of market rate and luxury housing is possible to make san francisco more affordable. i think what we've seen over the last couple of decades here in san francisco is that only building more over the housing and more middle income housing will make san francisco more affordable. that's why were introducing the charter amendment here before us today. in 2012, attempts to capture soon the funding we thought we would lose with the dissolution of redevelopment was dedicated to affordable housing. we cut a deal at the downturn of our
3:55 pm
talk on me to reduce developer obligations to build affordable housing here in san francisco from what we knew they could do from 50%, to 12% and we put it in the city's charter. this charter amendment thickset ceiling out. it's an inappropriate place for that type of legislation to be and, in fact, the obligation should be for market rate developer should be in the hands of our legislators to the board of supervisors here today. that's what the charter amendment does. in the meantime, as the board determines what the future obligation could be, understanding that everyone here in this room wants us to build the maximum amount affordable and middle income housing here in san francisco is economically feasible in this market we've also put into place interim controls that sets on the development of building 25% middle income hundred wheezes inclusionary housing obligation from 12% to
3:56 pm
15% on something that we know the developers can do because they've done that in the past. on top of that, asking her developers to also interview middle income housing incredible need here in the city for households that make between 80 and $120,000 a year. good money but these are being squeezed out of san francisco and to build 10% of their for this category. people opposed to this measure this was done growth and development and hurt the economy and perhaps kill jobs but will kill development. san francisco's if we don't demonstrate that were able to build more affordable middle income housing. we are already during this today from our residents and voters could closer and residents want to see us build more affordable middle income housing and for not able to demonstrate that we can do that if are not able to build these units of housing, the government will truly halt and we will see more than a
3:57 pm
mission moratorium come before the ballot here in san francisco . this measure is absolutely about supporting growth and development. but it's about supporting growth in the moment for all san francisco could have said this many times. but 60% of san francisco residents qualify for affordable housing under federal hud guidelines. individuals that make under $84,000 a year qualify for affordable housing here in san francisco. if you're a household of four making under $120,000 a year to qualify for affordable housing here in san francisco. yet, we are not meeting that need. we need to build 28,870 new housing units between 2015 and 2022 to keep up with the jobs were created here in the region which is a good thing. but 57% of these units need to be affordable to
3:58 pm
the majority of san franciscans for this growth in the bowman to work. need to build 60,000 units over the next seven years to make you for the housing need of working-class and middle-class san franciscans. these are not just the poorest in our community. it is our nurses. it's our teachers. it's entry-level office workers and engineers and small business owners. in 2014, the voters passed proposition k saying that we want to see that 33% of all new housing built in san francisco or protective housing through acquisition offer low and moderate income households. no we build an additional percentage for middle income house look at the voters are demanding an action plan, not just a goal and doubling the current affordable housing is part of the plan. 25% inclusionary housing ordinance is doable. it again instead of
3:59 pm
pain are low income and middle income housing needs against each other this measure addresses both needs adding a second here to the inclusionary housing requirements in the form of the 10% for middle income households. this moderates inclusionary promise just like construction costs developer fees interest rates and any other cost to build here in san francisco gets factored into the cost of land. over time, the market and financing will adjust to these new requirements. as we confer value to the land is still in san francisco we wanted developers to share this wealth and value back to the community by building as much affordable and middle income housing as possible. over the last 10 years, we lost 4528 units of housing to no-fault evictions. san francisco continue to see the highest rental prices in the nation. inclusionary housing is one of the best
4:00 pm
tools we have to build housing for moderate and middle income san franciscans. there no public subsidies available as the at these income levels. this means, get them as i said households making up to 1% of average median income, give an example teacher making $70,000 a year or postal worker and restaurant worker with a child making $90,000 a year or for for some home ownership opportunities for households making up to $120,000 a year. housing is the solution to many of the issues that we're seeing here in san francisco. one that we're hearing a lot about his homelessness increasing visibility of our homeless community. but what often times people don't realize is that the growing, the fastest-growing demographic or homelessness today the new face of homelessness in cities like san francisco my new york and la is working


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