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tv   Planning Commission 22516  SFGTV  February 29, 2016 4:00am-6:01am PST

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not present hidden how much attendance is staff pga to the fact that you have assumptisu c development for fourth street to harrison and it effects gene friends the effects the liveability and the last speaker said in the youth and family zone second amendment your as opposed to be building family sized howsoever you, a make a lot of people money so the developer can build up and at all and make a lot money it is innovanot your job so see th people are making love money but ask those questions. >> is there any additional public comment? >> yes. i'd like to pick egging piggyback on what skooue
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hester said about the shadow impact i'm not familiar with the project per say but a shadow impact needed needs to be studied and analyzed did 12 affordable units is problematic and the fact that housing action committee was outreached and god blessed them the bike coalition many other soma folks that could; right have come to the table could have put their ideas into the planning of this you know seeing just you know what types of developments are being promoted for soma and you know the fact you do have one hundred units the housing zone worked for the housing action and many seniors and people are district attorney's office in soma and
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where is the provision and housing for them. >> sir, did you want to speak on this item okay is there any additional public comment? >> public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> i'd like to ask the gentleman to answer a question regarding shadows i understood your modeling shadows really shaped the building to have no shadows period; is that correct and that's correct, yes. >> did you have any idea any response to the question that ms. hester was raising. >> again as i lived in my presentation we did a thorough shadow analysis and hiring a consultant that labor day impacts under prop c section 295
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we had a minor shadow impact think the initial modeling that was revised the project before us has no impact on the jan friend recession center and i appreciate that but there are ways of modeling buildings so not cast a shoold that creates a maximum shadow for the environment with regards to other projects that is a way of doing it but that aside i think this is a good in fill project for harrison and those are difficult sites the context of the site is still but the one question we want to ask you and if you wouldn't mind if you're bringing rods or a small studio would you mind coming up to the microphone and having a studio
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units to the market they're not micro but the question i'm curious about is given the fact you are facing two wide still to be determined streets that don't have yet a lot of character more than many cars are moving on them where you, you deathly 3 feet of balconies as bay window that would be a nice idea that someone that lives the unit additional square footage. >> i'll let mike handle the design issues but i'll clarify it is a predominantly unlast week the last project we designed as 750 harrison a clue of studio project that are 404 two bedrooms in the project and i'll bring up the floor plan we
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labor day the design and my case can speak to this that was interesting and without the use of balconies is a design as well as providing open space for the unit. >> yeah. if we did put bay windows on the stere studios and we paired the bay windows so half the bay window on one studio and the half on the other the studio will be a small pop out a bay windows like the that an erratic in mission utility wise is provides this on the interior and from my prospective scott wagnhaving dof smaller units the small step out is something the residents will last week, i know that first hand from speaking to a lot of them and so i felt that provide
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a little bit of outdoor space to be more thof a benefit 2457b having a small interior bay window >> i disagree that is a separate issue 3 feet is not a set occupy i out doesn't really add do amenities it claims to do the plan but that aside i'm curious obviously with the glass railings on the south southwest facing balcony one of the first things that get cut out my question once that building starts be more solid looking on the south side with the perforated metal what does it do. >> i can't speak for something not done yet. >> but you know yourselves the glass railings are the first
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thing that goes so it delaispla the light. >> on another project we installed the glass rails so any experience it is different. >> the other question relative regarding your community exposure 6 of them in total and 12 affordable units in what what you can we ask that these units are not necessarily becoming blrp units and loyalty is important to everybody we want to see a certainly commitment to kwaebt. >> i think that doug can speak to the mix but you'll point out where the units are on the kw equaled if you can bring up the plan the 6 units that face the
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courtyard 4 of which are two bedrooms one is a two are one bedroom units a mix of units mixed by floor doug abowill tal about that but not inclusion units that have a request of dwelling unit exposure expectati exception. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> a question i'm glad we're learning those things in public comment a question why no three bedrooms units. >> so my experience of with projects like this in south of market is that don't believe that even though it is in a family and youth zone is drawing as many families as other neighborhoods we working on a project in potrero hill for
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instance, we've made a large accumulation we'll bring that project to you the spring but a big consumaccommodation but specifically for this project for neighbors, mofor groups we' spoken to three bedrooms were not a priority that was more a mix of two bedrooms per the eastern neighborhoods zoning and smaller units we know the cost of hours is high our average units is 624 square feet we're trying to keep those units smaller this is not a luxury housing not rincon hill, not spear and fulsome down there it is 6th street and fulsome we have under developed properties a number across the street that works all hours it is not particularly the first place the family goes to.
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>> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. he would tend to agree generally i'm in favor of having three bedrooms and there is a possibility you know, i think you can change things around up to 10 percent as you move forward with the planning department there's the chance to address additional 2s or 3s you the argument is a good one this might be more affordable will not be the first place that families will rents, however, if there recentwere true drooemz a will attract families they will might be a little bit at a price point for attractive it is a nice project otherwise a certain a big improvement over a former gas station and an empty lot it
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is a dusty area underdeveloped to we'll begin to make the desire neighborhood a little bit more family friendly for people walking on the street not a lot of you automotive uses so i'm in favor one $.6 million in fees i think that is a good thing as well as adding the housing unit and the good-sized courtyard and not a lot of commercial if that area a potential to do a lot of gingk good things the architecture is going good make sure the balconies are fundamental not just as commissioner wu pointing out something that isn't going to be used that often east west i'm not sure about the wind blowing in there as good is as
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bay but things to think about as you work with staff to find the design i'm in favor i move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner wu. >> i'm supportive of project i want to say there are families living in the neighborhoods already i don't want to discount that that is important for families it be everywhere there is a reason for that i live a block away not moving anywhere i can't afford to that's the what is goes and i'm happy you redesigned our building so this is noting no shadows i think the future developer feels the same that would be great commissioners seeing no further comment to approve the large project authorization and the conditional use authorization with conditions commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis
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commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places us under 14 ab california street you'll consider a conditional use authorization and the zoning administrator will consider a request for variance.
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>> game-changer commission claudia planning staff 234u789 a continual use authorization for a mixed use located owe southwest between california and polk street the project sponsor seeks conditional use authorization for the bulk decision for the height and bulk district to create a lot greater than 4 thousand square feet within the polk street commercial rezoning district is includes a demolition at 11 thousand 78 thousand square feet building and surface parking lot and construction of a 63 mixed use building with retailer below grade for bike that concludes my remarks spacesic it consists of
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two studios and 15 two bedrooms and 9 three bedrooms the ground floor will be between 6 spaces with frontage on california and polk street the roof deck 1 hundred square feet at the 5 floor will provide common open space and below grade parking on california street as of writing the staff report the department has receive 31 letters of sport and two in opposition of the owner the adjacent property on california street the project has under gotten circulatio variations that were submitted feedback if the community organization has resulted in a higher density count with a mix as well as massing and design changes to help the buildings with the existing context at the time of the writing of the report the project sponsor has elected to have two
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affordable units and pay the affordable housing fee to satisfy the department since there were changes i'm let the project sponsor update up on to after analyzing the report department staff recommends approval the project adds 63 dwelling units and commercial services to the polk street convert district in an area well served by the public transit and adds a customer base and supports the commercial establishments and activates the soidewalk within the polk street and california corridors the project has been designed with alternatively collide treatment and the sculpting of the building to reduce the goal of the development to enlightenment the existing development within the area the project sponsor is present
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and has prepared a presentation that motion carri that concludes my presentation. e i'm available to answer any questions. >> project sponsor please. good afternoon. i'm cyrus with presidio ventures thank you for your time. >> we're san francisco based firm been here going on 8 or 9 years and been involved in a handful of projects some of the more recent work is an office building office project that was here earlier last year, we completed 104 bryant redevelopment and a building at 6th street and grand that is currently the location of the park. >> our site is at the corner of california and polk currently a retail store and a surface parking lot with no housing on site we
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identified this as a severely underutilized site and thought it was an ideal location we're presenting with you what mixed use development with 63 units above retail not taking away the retails square footage is currently exists we're adding 63 a units to the housing stock that the housing issue is the city is facing it is significant the site just to give you a little bit of context east corner of california and polk that is the first question that everyone asks it is the smoke shop building. >> a few the highlights are being hit on the units mix is actually more heavily skewed towards 1, 2, 3s when we had 3
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studios 36 one bedrooms and 15 two bedrooms and 9 three bedrooms the initial design had those unite size a little bit over 11 hundreds square feet we decreases the number of broone bedrooms it is targeting to be a very sustainable building we built for homes and also the first well sound-proofed multi family building in san francisco are 85 blus the first sound-proofed office building the country so we support we're planning on using 100 percent union labor we are proud of with the local communities all over if i can jump into the community
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aspect of this really we've been working on this project for going on 3 years and the formal process with the city's a little bit past 2 but it start with the community outreach and done an extensive amount of that the project is truly evolved i want to spend a few minutes walk you through we've worked with the lower polk association and neighborhood association and several buildings the area and the polk street merchants association, sf hawk and spur various human trades groups and individual merchants, residents and neighbors of the project written support letters they've all their voices shaped and helps us to it rat the project design i want to focus on as part of presentation that was our initial massing study that
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was mistakenly interpreted as a urban design it was called a soma building this is a magazine 3 years and lower and middle polk and the other groups i've mentioned took in all of their feedback and then went around the neighborhood and took the supervision one of the interesting things about the building is situated on the border that was considered middle polk and lower polk a lot of fwrupz that have a invested interest the intersection and being between the zone on polk street that truly is not a consistent identity, in fact, one then thing that is consistent there are features we've pointed out at incorporating the ground floor experience we'll go through including the entryways facade
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relieve and son our architect is here he'll go through that in more detail for you but you're next year iteration to distinguish between california streets i know vehicular causeway and polk street which is more pedestrian friendly environment and actually getting a lot of the feedback not only from the merchants and residents but folks that frequent polk street and california folks involved in the tourist business and so on that corner has a lot of promise is really is a corner that ought to be taken advantage so we wanted to pointed out that this is something we wanted to highlight the idea many building will not terminate on polk street it is an actual facade it's walkability carries around
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through california we put the entrance the residential unit on california street as far away from the commercial space along with the vehicular entrance into the garage so they're going through 9 surface parking lot not to change the flow it allowed us to maximize the frontage and around california street and really to highlight the fact that given the slope change off the california and down polk we have a number of 6 different retails to put in as opposed to one large retail in the says that the this plays on the monuments you see the sizes up you s signs origin leeland's polk that's what that is there we're closely involved with the cb e into place and the greening
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mission is that included so the living wall incorporated into the design to help soften polk street as you can see the polk street side of the building steps down significantly we are a corner lot and don't actually have a large neighbor if i could go back the step down the original design will carry through where the number 3 is with the same height agency our neighborhood wheezed the 7 up grocery stores i believe that was one of the letters sent to planning and similarly think polk street side we've setback if the neighboring building sibtd of significant significan
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this is our proposed design and this is the shot from the northwest of california and polk this is an imagine showing you what is actually underneath that is the same range system it clads the entire outlet of the building i want to invite argue architect to walk us through there the features the building. >> good evening confirmations i'm the principle of archie architecture it was mentioned a lot of the components of the building that the design revisions we've brought i mean, i'll speak more in detail about the materials and the sculpting as we designed this this was a lot of community feedback and working with the department staff and working with all little different groups we developed the month activist
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block type of motif we took the larger mass of building and turned it into samoan more compartment list more scale and sxhau conceptual listed and tried to create small vestibules along polk street. >> we're tying into the scale of the adjacent neighbor and how we step down the building as we approach the lower neighbors to the east. >> here's a view a little bit further back on polk street
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again here we go the vestibulars for the commercial levels and the vera ability of the facade with the step backs more depth and the building creates a variety of open spaces thank you, sir, your time is up. >> that concludes our presentation time. >> thank you opening it up for public comment are there any speaker card. >> good evening president of the middle polk association our organization drafted a letter of support for f this project we're very exciting that the presidio bay made an investment in middle polk in particular about the inclusion of the bmr units and middle polk has a policy of in order to get our endorsement if we want to see the affordable unit we're
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happy that presidio bay did t t that, and, secondly, and very important for this project and future projects on polk street neighborhood scale appropriately sized retail this project is going to bring in 4 new retailers which are supporting the corridors is continues to build the neighborhood in a positive direction thirdly, one thing we're very conscious of in our neighborhood is pedestrian safety and think this project will enhance pedestrian safety by making some scrape improvements, the project sponsor has agreed to cooperate wi middle polk advocating for bulb outs and perhaps a sidewalk on polk and california to close up the large space for pedestrians
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so we are - commend project sponsor for working with us for over two years on this project and we urge this commission to approve it thank you. >> good evening once more rob pool with the action housing coalition continuation 10 months before we reviewed this project we can say that they have been various considerations felt design and the project sponsor has been very haven't had since then in rovrd to our feedback and suggestions a lot back and forth discussions we feel their responsibility well particularly think a lot of the members had strong feelings making sure there is a strong dlaevenlths two the ground floor space and
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the residential space we feel they've achieved that well and ste is it correct on the job more that a of a buffer with california street the ground floor we on the project sponsor has done well, we generally like to see the projects take advantage of the well-designed housing those are a mix in san francisco we've happy to see smaller units come to us so that's fine at the time they not design distanced would or do 9 onsite they prefer onsite we're happy to share that apples and not a lot of project sponsors will pursue this they remember that route this is terrific support from the neighborhood associations and clearly gone 0 through u dot and talked to
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people and talked it us and spur and taken a lot of the comments we feel is it is a great project we hope you support it thank you for your time. >> joel with the unit association it is great local developer using local general contractors users local subcontractors and employing local residents and apprenticeshihens this is a great industry we've been involved with the projects through the design and in favor alcohol, tobacco & firearms project i'm seeing over members the city reaching out to me asking how we'll be doing on the projects so i said to without having them speak submit a
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couple of cards for members that live on levin worth for the record they're supporting this they couldn't make it tonight thank you. >> danny local 104 we're producing proud to support this that will enhance replacing a former boxing give him with a condominium project before mentioned reasons by joel that spoke before me we support it for that reason and look forward to your support thank you. >> hello my name is silvia
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johnson. and i've been you know going to one - street for the congregation for building and replacement and if there's any better way of you know doing a better job on the construction i will sure you know look into that right now transferring any car you know license to from pennsylvania to federal, state, and loc san francisco, california so i can be more on building
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processes and if the project is looking i know great on the lot size if there is any adjustments trying to see what kind of replacement i can do on that i have a some - i have some proposed instructions on any this year it being of some of the buildings i've been putting together and i am you know trying to restructure that and make that it will be better you know engine to the repair of
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building and wild for condominiums and this is houses that i'm going been working on right now this is for preliminaprimary constructing that i'll be doing over 110 canadian street waiting to get more instruction on a lot of the areas and i'm pretty sure you'll do better on my point view we can see a lot more on condominiums thank you.
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>> game-changer honorable commissioners i'm chris the secretary of lower polk neighbors i apologize about any attire i was not able to make it home i want to respect our time lower polk you can't medical i want you to say these developers worked with us and listened to us and came to the meetings and are an example how projects should be done thank you very much. >> there any way to raise this up? >> i want to zoom there you
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go. >> and the focus. >> i think we can see it pretty good. >> okay commissioners good afternoon i'm michael i've lived in the middle polk area for 18 years i want to start off any presentation with the corner at clay and larkin and the open space the courtyard and the roof ruled in a better design it has enclosed phase and unanimously approved by the planning commission let's go to the corner of polk and california i call it the northwest a greek revival the greek bank and on
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the opposite corner a miniedica waiver mall that is noisy and on polk we have the former theatre that is historic preservation commission health commission and finally across from that maple hall a historical reimburse that was used for theatre and dance in the 30s the former royal theatre a 15 year-old project the open balconies are used as outdoor closets no usage by the tenants because of the in their environment and on a tenants westbound captured none uses this next, we is a new construction between pong and larkin the tiny open balconies are awkward piece
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they have been toured storages and the balconies are on the rear of the building pine is an auto dense street like polk and california little inform no use below-market ra because of climate and wind and noise so the solution i'm here to suggest is i'd like to see a striper outdoor space i suggest that the developer have a variance and does see the commissioners please consider replace the open balconies are closed space or dispense with them altogether bput the balconies off of polk and california the option an open air roof space with the variance, install outdoor grills, waters and electrical and create a private dwelling backward library clay and lar n
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>> suspense with the materials and lead to solution commissioners please continue this matter to the staff can work with the designer to improve the design thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> on this item. >> yeah. hello commissioners i apologize those are impromptu thank you remarks my wife and i are long time residents in san francisco since 19 did 7 in that neighborhood we've noticed the grading of the area the intentional degrading of the loss of character and the prestige art and retail others like and i corn books had to close and fields bookstore had
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to close down and the theatres on california i don't want to borrow you have the list that had to close talk about out of character what's the arbitratch of the polk street there is not end in my mind spoken desires and no doubt in my mind i've not worked with the professionalism on presidio bay the question is a very characteristic part of town with the cable car and polk street that is, of course, as you may know was one of the first sites for the gay pride so my concerns the neighborhood will be degraded further and it is a lock out of massage parlors and state of california day on polk was a mess and creating the super bowl you know is tht had
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groups of democrat streetcars i'm goi inning what the solution but certainly more time and reflection with regards to the city and commissioners want to make of policies so i thank you for your time. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay. >> public comment is closed. >> and commissioner antonini. >> yeah. a couple of questions probably for staff are this developer the first is i assume from the testimony you've given you're putting our bmr's on site so how many 7. >> thank you sorry our presentation got cut short 8 one studio and four one bedrooms and
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2 two bedrooms and given the unit distribution win the mixes that will be dispersed throughout. >> a related question over said you have unit around 11 hundred square feet i'm not sure where why you went to smaller units rather than the fewer larger unions. >> feasibility so the cost per footage in san francisco continues to skyrocket we get more units and like having more units theyou're helg with the affordability issue and the comments were 11 hundred square feet two bedrooms introe three bedrooms is more awe tangible by be able to pair those down our
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average size is 9 hundred give or take by the way, we've added more 12 units to the mix to the supply. >> so even with that many one bedrooms and studios you still are average around nine hundred square feet. >> certainly larger units yes. >> okay. yeah i think that is think fine i prefer you had for three bedrooms fewer ones this is something you'll continue to work with staff on a little bit you do have look at of an allowance without coming back to us within 10 percent it is something perhaps the other commissioners might come on the other they know is design and michael came up with a calmer design i think he made good points those balconies may not be that practical i don't know how the other commissioners feel
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i like the idea of using the space instead of ganges balconies and maybe adding to the exterior square footage and makes the corner more quiet so that's something to think about otherwise i think that is a good project i appreciate what you're doing. >> thank you. >> i have a couple of other comments that might be the site of the blooms long before over time a place you went for candy and chocolates and very good famous in san francisco because the original was on polk near california not sure of the exact space i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say. >> i have a kind of overall classification from staff the design of the building i think maybe in alignment with some of the things things on van ness
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maybe the modernize and open polk street and california the neighboring buildings are a little bit old i'll not say historic but old in design how do we jump from suppoort should older area to a modern style. >> i'm not opposed to it but a stark craft. >> it is actually within a designated historic district the department approaches the building we move forward with our contemporary but our designed in a way to fit within the contest a judgment call we make one of the reasons this building has the kind of massing and the breakdown of the massaging it responding to the
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context we frank discourage buildings that are false historic it's a technical term that's why it didn't have victorian windows. >> perhaps commissioner moore can ask my question in a different manner. >> are you calling me to speak. >> thank you. >> i live very close by and i walk by it almost everyday this corner distinguishes itself he commissioner president fong to bad architecture it is an understatement our greek revival didn't seem on another paternity but parallel enhanced by the night lighting we talked about that a couple years but the attempts on the southwest corner i think adding to the question
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what do we do and as director rahaim said not any soot especialhe will way of finding architecture except backward architecture nearby this project tries to rely on the building on clay and van ness but that aside what this project does i think that is a strong voice of neighborhood i've heard over the years it tries to mass in context that is one of the most drescher and is to know feature the way it contributiotrijsz to the lower residential buildings up california i think is an streamli sgre extremely good move and not having the corner portion those are positive thing
4:49 am
where i personally have a little bit of a problem is that the lack of variation on the two street facades doesn't give me the feeling that the project of this size it's advocates meets the character of the two streets in a strong enough expression the reason i'm eyeing saying that only one building in san francisco that manages to do an absolutely green wall the east facing what you think broderick that's the school with an environmental program that is making this a green life no other project the city i've seen where a green idea really succeed it becomes a maintenance nightmare and north as far as i am concerned wall i question that's you'enough have a right
4:50 am
bring it into the california discussion it goes i don't understand the intersection polk and california moving to the east it is really a residential boulevards rising towards nob hill and the historic district the hunter park i'm prefer a more quiet transition as the building moves up the hill that means that the balconies doesn't attract the corner if polk to california but if you would keep the west facing balcony facing polk on the corner and close the element as you move turning polk street corner i would pdf much stronger with the removal of green piece all are an entire facade discretiexpression and m windows and over importance of blockages coming around the
4:51 am
corner will be deemphasized advertised the only they know given the building more variety breaking the scale and letting it shine for all of the other things it does well those are my only comments. >> i hope i addresses over question about the stock. >> yeah. i think that is a really important corner for san francisco and along the cable car line and and interrupt into a more historic traditionally san francisco area town commissioner antonini. >> i agree with commissioner moore i think creating the two streets a little bit definitely will be very good to differentiate you did a good job of stepping down but the go sides should have a little bit of a variance and not
4:52 am
emphasis on the balcony we alluded to the balconies on clay and larkin it will see if it ends up looking as good i hope it does there was careful handing of the balconies for the bays to have and many ways to do that without there are techniques you know possible made into a blockaalcony on som places for the doors to open on the inside and sets the architectural tone i'd like to see it continue to work with the staff and take into consideration the gentleman's ideas and quiet the buildings and perhaps should have some other suggestions to help make it fit in a little bit better.
4:53 am
>> maybe we'll move to approve with suggesting the project sponsor continue that work with staff perhaps with advice from commissioner moore as she's so scombriend clien inclined to mo it on the design to help it blends as soon as possible with rest of the environment. >> second. >> there is a motion that has been seconded to approve this project with conditions including a suggestion that the project sponsor continue to work with staff and neighborhood groups on figuring out the design be commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis
4:54 am
commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong no sdoo on the variance, close the public hearing and zoning administrator's i'll close the hearing with the rear yard to granted with standard conditions. >> if you commissioners that will new place us on our 3:30 p.m. calendars. >> jonas we'll let the room clear with a 5 minute stretch break. >> thank you.
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>> all right. good evening and welcome back to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for thursday, february 4, 2016, i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. the room is quiet fulfill those of you standing need to find a seat if you can't we arrange for an overflow room in room 421
4:56 am
you'll need to - >> well. okay. just well, that's what they sold me (laughter) let me call them quickly i know they kicked you out of south court as well. >> this might be a handful pursue you knthink in the meanwhile thank you okay. >> so had 08 will be the overflo room. >> krirg following the organized opposition we'll give an opportunity for the sdiebdis
4:57 am
people to come up and speak and then in orders of cards for those of you the overflow room you'll be given an, an turn out to speak i'll hear and whether i think to the procedures ♪ chamber okay >> and jonas due to the number of cards go to a 2 men's. >> excellent two minutes to speak commissioners, we left off your 3:30 calendar for 15 ab for case numbers gpa and pca the affordable housing bonus plan plan and planning code amendments. >> commissioners i'll statrt out with brief comments and introduce supervisor tang to speak to the legislation as jonas said this is the fifth hearing think this item an item that staff worked to develop
4:58 am
with the supervisor and the mayor think one of the tools many tools we needed to develop toolbox to address the recommendations that came out of mayor's office of housing working group in 2014 and developed with a number of stakeholders at the table we believe this program could after a number of years provide up to 5 thousand new einstein's but this is what a small part of city's overall affordable housing protocol that will grow from to 50 from 40 to nearly 50 thousand units over the next decade it is important to remember with many people have questioned the need for the program and the mechanism of this program and have said just make developers provide more what did
4:59 am
you do giving them a bonus even if you did that for example, the cha charter amendment will double the affordable housing requirement that is in place today even that represents a small percentage the total affordable housing protocols the city a portfolio and never said the need we need others solutions it is one of many we'll put forward a solution to the problem this legislation in front of you in its original form was introduced and mayor ed lee and supervisor tang think september 29th since the last hearing 10 more recommend amendments tattoos questions or comments and for many of the community meetings we'll go on we'll go on to about 20 community meetings the presentation you'll hear in staff is basically particularal the organization in our case report that staff will present 6
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key tops for each urban design topic you are partners and agency will explain that as drafted and discuss recommended alternatives or recommended changes to those topic areas and those are in response to issues we've heard and proposals from you and many members of the communities over the several months i'll suggest you use those 6 topic areas to organize our areas so take a separate discussion and separate votes on all the topics similarly to the short-term rentals legislation that might be a way of organizing your discussion and vote with that, i'm happy to introduce supervisor katie tang. >> good evening commissioners thank you very much for taking the time not once about entertainer the affordable housing bonus plan just briefly
5:01 am
he become interested in working on this with the planning department as i was quintessentially around the same time they were developing trying to find out ways to really better utilize the underutilized sites in district 4 along the transit and commercial cords so it seemed a perfect partnership to be working wi to be working with the planning department i want to applaud the planning staff for the hard work in trying to listen to the community making this a better piece of legislation brown back before the holiday they condominium to our funds i communities to go out to every district not only once but several times finally certain district i was surprised they condominium but did it they have been many concerns shared but and us about the program was it entails i want to take the
5:02 am
opportunity to talk about this their denims are made this better incidence is the time this legislation has been introduced the planning department staff and over office along with at departments have been working on changes to it some of which have been incorporated some of which are before you in terms of of what you recommend to the board of supervisors the things not allowing the demolition of rent-controlled units from participation the program, prohibiting projects that involvement demolitions of existing units overall from preservation program, preventing certain certain types of lots for large projects, changing the appeals process for example, in terms of the 100 percent affordable housing building, and deeply the income level for the broader range of families and, of course, one of the very
5:03 am
important thing we've heard about has to do with with the small business commensurate's planning staff has suggestions today, i know there a more work to sort out the details to make sure we're plower-income our small businesses i don't want to see the small businesses go away over the 22 community meetings that the planning staff h have held and the hearings i've been through we've worked hard to make sure that is something that reflective san francisco values and one of the things i've heard i think you're planning director mentioned this do we have to do this i'll respond yes, it is clear the sailing a mandate we have to pass a local reverberation of the affordable housing affordable housing bonus program but it is up to us how it is we want to make that look like and i think that through all the
5:04 am
work that has happened as far we've tried to make a way to reflect the value to protect small businesses or do things that prevents big building or don't displace tenants in exist units so i would keep my comments brief at that and again, i appreciate everyone's feedback to try to make that legislation amber light there's a lot more work to do but overall i'll say 24 one tool that we've been lacking the city trying to build more housing serving the middle-income families i hope overall this planning commission can support the affordable housing bonus program we have a quorum thank you very much i apologize. i can't stay for the rest of the hearing thank you to the planning staff as well. >> okay planning staff.
5:05 am
>> good evening i guess commission bill kelly director of citywide planning i'll be brief and circling staff it to be as brief we have a lot of public citisitting here and sug we answer over questions after t the. i wanted to just introduces the members of the large city team here to help to answer questions and judge acknowledging and thank them for in their work casting howard >> skoovd and michael lee from the distributivision (calling names) from the office of economic workforce development from the small business commission we've knuckl k340u7b8d on a number of agencies and from the city
5:06 am
attorney's office are here corey teague the assistant zoning administrator here to help with the code questions and we're going to ask him to step up to answer questions about the historic preservation tim frye was called away and finally of course our affordable housing bonus program team if citywide planning cannabis dispensary 10 and monique and paul. >> are here and did work to prepare for this evening i'll ask them to run through as convinci quickly not to rehash what you've done to the previous hearing but focus on the 6 packages that director rahaim referred to and those packages are suggested amendments or changes to the legislation bans
5:07 am
what weave heard from the 20 plus community meeting and correspondence i have attend a number of community meetings and tried hard to make that proposal a better one keeping it incentive to create $5,000 affordable units over the next 20 years i'll describe a strategic in fill approach stati city-state you'll hear auditoriums but i'll urge to keep in mind the basic trade off to historian private investment for a higher number of affordable housing for the development incentives the form of density and height bonus that is a valid trade off and one you can make but an essential trade off and remind you the backyawa
5:08 am
is the affordable housing bonus plan that allows people to come down and roughly eventual bonuses with the same amount of units that's part of trade i'll ask you to keep these in mind as we hear the pros and cons of this so with that, i think what we'll do stay in the orders of things the packet so first and different staff members will be talking about each of those in those areas the first topic will be 9 eligible sites that has been a big issue how broad is this projegram and where linkag to play out the second topic around the transit services and hear in kristen and grand if the mta on that topic paul low will introduce and kristen will talk about the urban design and move to the entitlements process that
5:09 am
will be monique and corey talking about that the small business concerns we've heard about and have been numerous we want to hear in i didn't thijoa kirsten and the last topic it is raised the last pearce and all the community meteetings who ar we serving what are the appropriate levels of affordability in that case we want to suggest some things including one kind of thing should you decide to act pass this on the board of supervisors some things we want to work on up to the board level that's the producti that you have of the order and i'm going to turn it over to paul l
5:10 am
paulo for the first. >> as been said tonight hearing bewill be on the phone call focus for the 6 appendix c a good summary of the staff recommendations and help you as we go through the different topic areas before we dive into the topics i'll do a quick overview he recognize a lot of the faces of the community members that have been participating in the meetings. >> so just quickly we'll go over the program straightforward it is more affordable housing do that without public dollars what we're trying to do develop a program it have an incentive of thirty percent affordable housing and the sedimedevelopme
5:11 am
sites the program is projected to produce befoabout 5 thousand ne permanently affordable housing without a single dollars to offer the height to subsidize and it is a simple goal but a complicated program parish and the program has 3 different options for project sponsors we started by actually trying to thinks how the affordable housing bonus plan fits to the city of san francisco we worked with david barker architects and consulting modeling that program we came to understand our state nauf analyzed program that program will obama only incentive intentsize vices affordable housing with the project and that's wherewin we turned t create our own mobile program
5:12 am
the local program takes proposes to have 30 percent, in fact, by offering two additional stairs of height with the benefits that are available under the state program and finally there is a separate program 100 percent accountable projects to help the city and sophie hayward from the mayor's office of housing will be talking about that in a minute. >> i want to extespend a minu talking about program design we designed this to make the thirty percent program for attractive the outcomes will better for our city if there are sites in the city with new highest development we want it to be the highest we have the most
5:13 am
autonomy it is state mandated we can add nor restrictions and requirement to that so it is kind of an interesting dynamic between the state and local program states program has a dealer restriction so but you have to remember those programs are optional and 7, 8, 9 to make that program viable we have 10 recommendations for you today when we were crafting the recommendations we were really respond to comments from i and comments from the public but one of the things we tried to balance was the concerns people railroad expressing with the ability for the program it continue to have 5 thousand permanent affordable housing and we think the passage before you achieves that before i i'm going to turn it over to paulo we'll be covering all 6 topics
5:14 am
starting with a discussion of the issues and how the program currently responds to that and discuss the proposed amendment thank you for your time paulo. >> good evening commissioners paulo department staff i'll kickoff with topic one program eligibility so staff has heard comments from this commission and the public one-size-fits-all program or that the scale is too large to address those issues i'll start by explaining how the department understands the programs outcome the starting point all parcels the city then we narrowed down describing the thirty thousand plus and then during this trial down to
5:15 am
the potential soft sites the map is difficult to see on the screen we've prepared a poster size version you have handful in your packet a to thank you to caring teen and monique for our display models we'll see the map fingers the members of the public first of all, as one tint of the program to implement the state bonus law starting with the criteria the law politics throughout the state of california to any project of 5 unions or more a number of criteria in the state law and the locals ordinance before you that limits the district and parcels are for the project in san francisco now i'll walk you through through the criteria that map is of dozens of districts in san francisco and
5:16 am
that's all one and 50 thousand plus parcels the city so first, we limited over analyze to zones the planning department recollected by the former agency for the port are used a large development agreement last week that will be the order are roechdz their potential is largely considered by the program rather the planning lo alone it politiappl stati state law projects it is not as pdrs or p zones for example, are excluded this leave us with the zoning direc districts where residential is allowed from the gwen this program has excluded the many heaareas that were sdroend the last exactly
5:17 am
like metabolarket octavia and t eastern neighborhoods that are created under the plans generally don't limit density by law area instead recollecting by height and bulk and minimum two bedrooms requirement we didn't say look at the ahbp the newer district the department is working closely with at city agencies to develop tools including possible the density bonuses to increase the affordable housing products in those neighbors separate under the ahbp before you thank you. >> a minimum threshold for the steal is 4 units rh1 and rh2 district allow only 1 or 2 per parcel respectfully are excluded from participating
5:18 am
in the ahbp they cover roughly 70 percent of the residential parcels so with the removal of those districts here on behalf of the appellant we're left point mixed income a mublgd and residential district that are part of affordable housing bonus program area so here's the blue map we initially present to the commission and the public i think that is is it fair to say that this map has caused a fair amount of communication we initially used blue for simplified that matters of fask so, now i'll get into the details so that blue map includes all the zoning district
5:19 am
the ahbp will apply while appropriately program will apply throughout the district of underlying height and bulk that vary across the city will be the base and any zoning ground floor controls such that exist if the mc-3 will apply as any requirement that exist decide parcels underlying zoning is the first test where it is eligible for the ahbp so those thirty thousand applause parcels passed the test now other conditions to meet this requirement. >> i think if you stand against the wall there maybe everyone gets a shot or better shot. >> maybe fold it up a little
5:20 am
bit higher. >> there you go okay. >> so the first yore limiting criteria is of historic sixth the state law bars the resource lifts open is california register for the density bonus in bonus can be grant under f this program or state law our local ordinance goes further bargaining those on any common historic resource it is a ceqa category a building so on the project and on the power point i'm showing what this looks like in the northeast quadrant so the citywide this requirement roaches 4 thousand plus from eligibility and it politics to both the local and state analyzed program further there are over 22 thousand parcels not
5:21 am
surveyed category b any project that is characterized b was eligible to seek entitlement our department will need to complete and historic r rdr if that believe is development category a it is eligible for the affordable housing bonus program the next criteria is the subject of much discussion after argue depress hearing supervisor breed proposed a friendly amendment to our ordinance which will limit the program to parcels not containing any rent-controlled units this amendment addresses many concerns about the loss of affordable housing and the potential displacement of existing tenants this amendment was decided extensively at the last commission hearing and half the
5:22 am
housing unit are subject to rent control so that removes parcels from eligibility under the stated program in addition its 4 thousand seven hundred and 50 that are not eligible because of category a 14 thousand plus parcels are disqualify to have rent-controlled units on them again, this poster shows the whole city this slides on the presentation moves in on district 3 to give me a sense of who how the two criteria reduced the eligibility for ahbp. >> before i talk about other legislative criteria i'd like to talk about the private actions that awill be necessary for an eligible parcel to become a new project first a willingly
5:23 am
seller of land and a willingly developer then the department and community will review and ri rise the proposal and the project will ultimately need the commission approval those steps takes mull i multiple years will take roughly 20 years and several development circles however, in response to comments about the protection for existing residential buildings the department is recommending that the commission consider an amendment that limits the program to projects that don't demolish if i existing housing units renter or owner occupied this removes several from the affordable housing bonus program so what that means because the
5:24 am
city has strong protections for the existing housing supply 9 pricilla chan says their limited to parcels not avenue, i, explain in the q and a but essentially it enables the housing units in san francisco. >> however, there are trade offs throughout the city and the program area there are many buildings developed with fewer buildi units within example at 16816th street merry mosaic the one unit residential building in an rh3 height limit in 2014 this building was approved for redevelopment into
5:25 am
a four story 3 unit building as allowed in the current zoning it received a rear yard variance as you can see the building units well, maybe you can't see it, it is a little bit small but building unions are 1 hundred square feet the l l s showed it is whereas sold for over one million dollars we saw that site and now suggested a similar building could have been built with 6 total unit more immoral sized building 4 are market-rate and two quotes middle-income 0 on this site under the proposed affordable housing bonus program rules so one of the key frafrdz trade offs if this amendment is approved that 3 unit building
5:26 am
will be possible throughout the ci city open sites where the existing building there is an existing housing unit so this will be - could still happen, however, the 6 unit somewhere i described that includes two permanently apples and oranges will not be allowed to develop. >> so i want to end on the potential soft sites on monday we releases threleased this in your packet and on the table which excluded tincluded the ma of the soft sites for the affordable housing bonus plan the memo explains what a soft site is how we identified them for the pumpers of this program the parcels on the map are sites that based on the best available data meet 0 all the eligibility
5:27 am
criteria and under development tha to their current zoning those sites were not selected by the department they again based on the limited best available data developed to less than 5 percent of their current zoning allows with or without those program this sites are soft and eligible for development current planning code controls all right. enable up to 4 thousand units plus on the site if every single one of those sites did onsite favorable aff is a maximum of nine hundred plus units that provides option for the owners of the same sites to provide for housing at a variety of a city desperately in
5:28 am
need of housing the state law increases the sites by 35 percent to 10 thousand units of which we estimate 13 to 20 percent will be affordable our proposed local mr. rahaim program works towards the prop c onsite affordable housing new development by enabling 5 thousand permanent units out of 13 thousand possible units this program proposes if and when those sites should develop with new housing that maximizing and keeping them the projects feasible is the best program for the meeting the housing goals thank you thanks i appreciate your time and attention the program ignite is one of the issues we've heard the public we 7, 8, 9 to make sure that everybody understood that just
5:29 am
zion district is not what qualifies you for the program i want to move on to topic two the center support new growth this commission. >> do you because of complexities maybe this is not what we discussed but specific questions that we offer that and may not be but i want to make sure. >> any questions specific questions about topic one. >> commissioner antonini. >> a quick clarification you pointed out one site that was a demo and rebuild but a middle ground to have a building in addition not be a demolition so that might something you might want to consider. >> okay. great. >> commissioner vice president richards just to clarify we've not heard public comment but any
5:30 am
clarification for the mr. ferris. >> on the 37 additional height and the soft sites that are commercial how many have been surveyed do you know you. >> i believe paulo said 4 thousand we know in category a and in category c or educator b so 22 that are category b that means that they're eligible for historic by age but not surveyed yet. >> i'm assuming a 3 seven hundred i want to hear aer and a is down to the b; correct? >> correct. >> those 3 seven hundred parcels how many are year-old let's talk about 93 seven hundred. >> i'll get back with you but
5:31 am
many of the parcels we felt like that is the next reduction that happens we say is there art a 4 or 6 story buildings and not necessarily developed. >> probably one story commercial buildings and oh, i see there are 3 seven hundred. >> right. >> yeah, i'll imagine multi story so a bigger footprint than the other story. >> thank you. >> great. >> okay now without further ado, the infrastructure to support new growth so for this item we heard comments in the public why isn't a there a community benefit program for the affordable housing bonus plan lick the emeralds and market octavia that
5:32 am
is a great question but we have a good answer for that first, i want to put in context the affordable housing bonus program compared to market octavia and eastern neighborhoods those plan areas were smaller in size and increased did density in those neighborhoods by 40 or 50 percent and the case of eastern neighborhoods we're talking about converting a neighborhood into a residential feel so there was a lot of from that was necessary to support that new residential development the case of those affordable housing bonus program on average we're increasing the density by 6 percent rather than 40 or 50 some neighborhoods up to 23 percent but the sail is so different pan at area plans i agree we need a response on the infrastructu infrastructure. >> so what is our response so
5:33 am
right now there's been a really big change how the city plans for capital improvement plan it started about a couple of years before the area plans were adopted this committee bricks together many of the different capital agencies and really deputies a plan how we'll do long-term planning this committee in part and response to the planning staff participation and lets elms that helps to facilitate the impact fees and honestly in response to the city growing population is taking seriously the goal of connecting growth with capital planning that is happening on a citywide scale and within the oz promotions themselves the affordable housing bonus program projects they will be subject to a number of development impact fees so that when the new
5:34 am
buildings are online and a new surge surge the capital four different impact fees those are in addition to the inclusionary housing two of the fees the transit and caregivhildcare feet exist that was part of motivation for developing areas specific impact fees certainly the by far and away the transportation has captured the most attention we all sort of gender the inability to thromove to the i state applies to projects 20 units or more 20 percent of the projects if the affordable housing bonus program portfolio so we've projected in today's dollars that project will generate $99 million in transportation funding for initial capital
5:35 am
it will probably be - >> absence more than that was of the inflation and the investment of the fees over 20 years i've shown that map a number of times most of program areas with the eligible districts are within a walk dance is of the neglect that is where mta is planning it, in fact, many of the resources over the coming years to radical help the transportation and mta will talk about the transportation and the capital improvement plan that is happening staticitywidek you. >> good evening, commissioners as kirston said i'll with the transportation planning group at
5:36 am
sfmta i'm talking about long-range translation processes and how leads to capacity improvements inform build the infrastructure that we need to troment people as the city continues to grow so the first step to kind of look at long term framework commonly at that about 2024 that go routed in projection of the number of residents and the jacobs likely to be here over the next 20 plusiers we've developed plans that look sometimes geographically or other becomes i say mode of transportation like pedestrians and bicycles to identify what improvements will
5:37 am
be needed to needmeet future des a lot of these get combined into capatilastic xamz that th capit improvement plan and this is adopt by our board every two years this is the wish list of the needs to maintain the existing system and enhance or expands the systems to meet future demands those the documents fit into county wide planning efforts lick the san francisco a transportation plan developed by the transportation authority and the planned bay area with the abag produced roughly every few years. >> so after identifying the needs a lot of those strategy and planning documents are used to advocate for funding either
5:38 am
to make sure that the types of investment we need to make in san francisco are eligible for funding and compete well with other jurisdictions the state program that slides talks about specifically one effort that the city undertook here mayor ed lee transportation task force which we used a lot of the information we developed over the years to identify what the transportation needs are for the city and where the shortfalls would be when you think about the transportation needs roughly half the needs to maintain the system we have we have over we think billions worth of transportation assets that have been built over the past one plus years half hour are to maintain the services that are
5:39 am
the backbone of our transportation transportation network the other half is to expand that program and so one of the recommendations from the task force was to provide an additional funds to restore the existing system as well as to build the capacity for further grow growth. >> and then on a near term prospective we have a number of efforts currently underway as kristen mentioned the mta is focusing a lot of the transportation transit investments the rapid network under the brand of muni forward it is for capital improvement plan and the service hours and capacity to the system along with that we have other programs that are replacing all the vehicles providing greater
5:40 am
reliability and in some cases increasing the capacity to accommodate the additional riders one project that is part of that moving forward program along with the 22 fillmore and 16th street we have a package of improvements to implement transit only lanes and new bulbs to provide more reliability and quicker transit times for folks and public safety improvements along that confronted and large projects like the $1.5 billion project at central subway an arm of the t line but service increases that cover the entire line under chinatown to second to none daily and then serving
5:41 am
the bayview neighborhood. >> and going forward there is a list of other transit projects that is the geary rapid transit that is mroefg moving floats environmental impact that helps to add capacity on the busiest bus corridors the city this is al all supported by a lot of the improvements we're making in the pedestrian realm to make walking within san francisco safer and more pleasant including a number of activities that have been undertaken in recent the last two years under the vision zero umbrella and last a number of bicycle improvements programs plans for up to 20 miles upgraded and
5:42 am
improved bicycle facilitates so kind of going from the macro long-term needs to the specific investments we're making today, i hope that gives us a sense of official planning process to accommodate growth and make sure the transportation needs of city are being addressed thank you. >> okay thank so i asked i am who focus on short time projects in the responding and western edition and bayview those are the neighborhoods that the history percentage of potential projects might happen and dalivg dalton is unable to stay so if you have questions this is a good time to entertain them. >> commissioner antonini. >> yes. i have yeah, he think you mentioned under 20 units is
5:43 am
the el ces s p we suggest we pr them many of the projects might be fortune 20 years and that will be my thoughts. >> i'm not sure what the breakdown projected breakdown is in terms of the how much percentage over 20 or under but i see a lot of sites they'll be able to add two or three more units. >> about 20 percent. >> even see that is 20 percent we could gain money. >> commissioners i'm reminded us those generojunctures of que 0 commissioner vice president richards. >> so the $99 million from the 80 percent of the eligibility for the tsf under you're modeling. >> that's correct.
5:44 am
>> no questions for defense attorney ton. >> okay. great so we're on topic 3 urban design and the concern that we've heard a couple of different issues about urban design and really what those building about look like so i want to start off with familiar drawings we working closely with the david barker architects what potential buildings look like those are pretty roughly sketched building the building to the right would be betsy carmichael on that soft site under david's rule a 50 foot building that could mouse many more units and with the affordable housing bonus plan you see that you've got 46 units and two additional stories of height these drawings are actually just
5:45 am
really rough sketches not what the building will actually look like i want to remind you, we have urban design guidelines that are part of this program and they cover 4 to 5 different topic areas but the 3 here i've put on the screen represent the continuation of san francisco's urban design choice to be - we on the urban design will suit and snatch each neighborhood a very different building type of in the richmond like the counterfeiter or visitacion valley they've matched the surrounding context. >> so right here you see the existing height map for the city a lot of comments that plan is
5:46 am
one-size-fits-all we're offering the same incentives throughout the program that is the city existing height program so we're building the two stories on top of that is that were a one-size-fits-all everyone can builds an 8 story building that is not absolutely not right we're building inspection the u design i want to make that clear. >> and then at the last commission hearing a lot of great comments how do we relate the building headts e heights we've been not just looking our housing geography but the context we want by using the building in our streets so with all the condominium conversions with the commissioners i went back to the residential design team and look at the right ratios between
5:47 am
height and buildings and they actually go to a source i maybe have read i'll put it on the overhead projector that is the book called great streets he was a planning direction with the urban design element was forwarded and work a lot on the streetscape design piece so majfor jacob he wrote a chap a whole section how to destine a street if the facade the walls are the answer how big or small can they be the wider the street the more mass and the number of varying theories on urban design and concludes that street to heights including human scale street to make sure we have this and make sure that we have
5:48 am
defining streets and then finally i think more compelling used in the residential guidelines the angle on the sidewalk he concludes the optimal range for the ratio of buildings are .75 so one .5 of the width of any given street tree street we texted the program area if i can asking have the slides back the power point so the map you see before you is our application of those ratios the color coding for the width of the streets matches the appropriate color coding for the potential heeks for the building program the darker the color the higher the height loitsdz on the parcel are the higher of a building appropriate for that street width right now, we're
5:49 am
looking at the outer sunset and you'll see on tara very well street for example, a dark orange street with yellow and orange parcels around so those buildings haare within the rang or lower than the range permitted by the ratio that and then pits forward and in contrast if you look at our downtown area as you can see that the buildings are orange and reds the streets are yellow so those streets are two narrow a different street i want you to understand the methodology we used the streets generally will match the darker than the building parcels around in and in this case you didn't understand that last part we found that the ratio that and
5:50 am
then jonacobs put forwards as t right ratio are replaced and maintained in the commercial corridors throughout the program area okay. another urban design issue marry there are historic districts with underutilized or soft sites i wanted to spend time talking the design controls we have designed with the historic preservation commission that will help cue the way that building is designed and reviewed the historic district there are 9 design guidelines we've presented this to the hpgsz holiness but those point to the big issues that is taking accuse from the district itself
5:51 am
and maintaining the character. >> and finally the last topic under urban design in january we proposed an amendment to the program which added a limit to lot mergers and currently in the affordable housing bonus program area currently in the affordable housing bonus program there are very if i districts that are limitations on the meeting of lots we've heard in the community an interest in regulation we proposed a one and 20 foot limit so lots can be merged if in their with an and 25 feet or less so this is the part we talk about amendments given the issues we've gone
5:52 am
through we're proposing 3 amendments to address concerns we've heard if from this commission and pun around urban design are first, we think of the ratio between height and street width we think this is valuable to address the issue of what these building in a street or corridor we want to recommend you consider adding a residential guidelines to maximum lisize light and air ale streets including alleyways and the alleyways came if a specific community member in district 3 that reminded us a few precious alleyways in that area we've heard abo lot of the prediction for the lot mergers and one and 25 feet is exactly the right number we decided that make sense to make that simply
5:53 am
50 percent of the block to adjust to the tables in rather than choosing the length and making that 50 percent make the regulation itself 45 percent of whatever block you happen to be on so that's the second recommendation and then finally a recommendation we got from the commission is really make sure that all case reports in custcln analysis of a project consist t consistentcy with the rules committee that's the other recommendation we're making that concludes concludes topic 3. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i don't think we got residential guidelines in your packet. >> is 4 sections it is historic. >> thank you continue, please. >> all right. >> without further ado, i'll
5:54 am
introduce monique mohan. >> hello monique department staff planner for the hpc team i'll cover the planning approval for the projects note i'll refer to the process for simple city some concerns that the projects don't have adequate input for the commission review and in particular raising questions about the conditional use and the ability to make modifications for the design of the building clearly that was the subject of concern as the case report outlines there is very times change to the overall producing process and the review remains the same, in fact, the authority is
5:55 am
enhanced in some cases and underlying land use is in place the approval process for example, figure a parcel zoning didn't allow a 72 hour the underlying process will continue in a project. >> so as drafted section didn't reduce public input for projects stimulated under the program a preapplication meeting and review in fact, the local program increases the public input they require a commission hearing should a project have a consultants as a cu the commission will conditithe rease macro the vldz that would be made as a cu and in addition sfeert in section i do want to be clear it recognizes that take advantage of the local program maybe
5:56 am
larger than the surrounding area for higher levels of affordable but must meet the rules committee it what approve the project if the meets other plans and under this proposal only projects that provide thirty percent affordable housing or greater will be eligible for section 328. >> this chart summarizes the review process for the federal, state, and local project as you can see it requires the commission hearing and the state program and zoning doesn't require commission review. >> so why did it create 328 we wanted a single process with requirements and procedures for the public to follow and the commission secondly, that enables the planning commission to grant
5:57 am
exception for promotions without requiring a variance to minor exception to right hand to the design concerns raised by the the by the staff and finally wanted to build on the lgbt as part of neighborhoods district. >> so it is currently drafted projects the hpc we have concerns that the public wasn't like to appeal the projects to an protectelected body therefot have recommended the 328 to the board of supervisors the same appeal process and the topic 4 do you have questions. >> no questions on topic 4.
5:58 am
>> topic 5. >> great process so small business retention kristen from department staff and there is been a lot of conversation around the potential implementations of that for existing small businesses and we've been ward's with the opposing who are here talking about their programs and meeting programs and relocation but we've been working with the small business commission and spent two times i can't went your last name but a colleague from the small business commission go if you have my questions or comments on the topics as well as a consecutive reminder what does the program do do for small business we're talking about two issues one is
5:59 am
existing small businesses that mi might need to relocation and talking about maintaining a neighborhood commercial corridor in those areas making sure the new buildings are creating a type of commercial spaces that contribute to the neighborhood commercial corridor it does two things most importantly it gives requires the project sponsors to give early notification to any existing tenants and this really helps give the small business enough time to dots strategy work to conceiving relocation relocate it out of office of economic workforce development and the small business commission the soft store program is one the lessons learned the small businesses are getting short nose before they
6:00 am
need to relocate and i'll leave to a joaquin to explain that the other thing the program offices access to the priority processing for small businesses that need relocate and finally joaquin b will talk about the relocation services that the oewd offers for them before i hand it over or over i want to remind you it operationally is before the process of environmental impa environmental review before when notification and construction starts that's as drafted currently. >> so at this point in time i'll invite joaquin to talk about the investment in the neighborhoods thank you. >> google commissioners, thank you very much for thank you for having me.


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