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tv   Planning Commission 22516  SFGTV  February 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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okay. i'm in green by want to opt up to super green we were not designing the program to have a limiting factor on super green like a deadline for super green during the initial period our intention is to procure more contribute nerd to meet any super green demands we see we didn't think that was you know overall in our interests to limit the super green. >> i think what i'm getting at some sort of act now exactly that gives people a the fact of the matter and target and the very last question. >> commissioner i think for now, the act now is getting to the program by telling us you 7, 8, 9 in before august one.
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>> before august one okay. and then lastly with our going to the community effort have we used ipads are still. telling people cleanpowersf is great go home and sign up. >> i'm previous sure we have the ipads i can check with the staff we're role playing that at the office i believe the answer is yes and i'll communicate through jason to you. >> that would be great i heard reports people railroad getting information they had to take that 12r5 step of going home and signing up. >> maybe a mix where you know some events we have the ipads and some we don't i'll double check that and give you sold answers. >> one question the 73
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automobile engrossments across the city or a chief graphic area there was a plan that was in district 10 there were coming from. >> yes. their conveyed in district 10 with an emphasis on commercial initially great, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> okay mr. fried you want to add in here. >> i don't have much to add what ms. hale said about the program i want to talk about the extension of the entering agency agreement with the marin clean power we wanted to do work and pay them on our good enough within the last month the puc came to lafco is it possible to have the mechanism or small projects that need to be done that the sfpuc wants to work with monte sereno but our contract our agreement expired
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the item before you to expend that agreement for a couple of years not asking for additional money above the money allocated but to keep thing clean and something big was needed we'll have to come back and ask for on extension there is an amendment i've put on your desk we didn't realize membership informed us they've moved their address in the original agreement harassed changed a new amendment that has the changed address as well as keeping every up to date we will staff will request you approve the agreement you give the staff the authority to move forward with anything that needs to be done i'll move forward with marin the sfpuc needed to see founded a we're eagle the cpuc
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funds and the cpuc and i'm in agreement with the puc on how to move forward with this. >> okay. he appreciate our finding the new address and somalia's an impeccable detail. >> (laughter). okay we open up for public comment any must be member of the urban design that wants to comment and okay. good afternoon eric brooks san francisco green party argue our city clean power advocates and clean power choice first of all, i won't forget it on the last point raised it would be good hopefully in under the same mou so it didn't cost more money add in sonoma and
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better perspectives to dovetail we're not getting one prospective from the community choice if possible so the greater subject of community choice that is the first opportunity for the folks to thank lafco although the chair and the vice chair that both are continuing for under our watch getting this off the ground this program started and that can't be understated how the important it is how important lafco is over the years and plus in is just spectacular we got this off the ground and on marketing i've noticed noticed i personally starting getting e-mails if pg&e and informed sfpuc staff putting out a poll of goodnesss we're
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setting up businesses so say hey we'll help you through the energy efficient and things like that we should be aware aware that pg&e is getting the game and we need to counter that one thing will help the metering information as long as we have hard numbers i'm assuming will be as good and marin and sonoma to give us the opportunity to tell the potential customers in of the insurance program there this will be a better deal and pg&e is trying to minimize how much their pope paying peep but to help us to market as quickly as possible and i'll bring up the one bone of contention the most for over the decade we need
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to set our tatters that is the sfpuc go staff has done stellar work and marking it possible to launch the face of puc doubling they've projected not starting a bitten comprehensive local go installation of clean energy across the city until something like that 2020 they definitely graciously will meet and set that up it meeting for finance possibility to have the city fund the promotions and the city sell the fund and puc or the power enterprise question need to get to the next phase of making sure that the local bulb out happens >> thank you any other member of the puc public would like to comment
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new? >> hello my name is silvia johnson. i'm glad you're working on a cleaner finishes for the community choices and that you know also get better quantities you know on the date, of course, this will help as the air is going you know in the air circulation so i'm proud to see if i can you know get a little bit more information on this and we loovd to that third one and
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everything starts in march that's when the school and the seismic studies at cpuc and the university and checking on more activities i have found out some things on my tablet since i'm getting better at hiv and telling them the outside - their cleaner thank you. >> okay. any other members of the public wish to comment before we approve that entering agency agreement thank you to
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barbara hale and for your years and years and perhaps decade of work on getting us to where we are for launch we just launched an in the amount of at the over and over gangs the bayview area and i think that kind of passed a little bit with an ambulance in 345 whisper not a whisper but a huge thing congratulations and thank you for your work and taking it on the chin from all of us and not moving at quickly we are delight to see this moving forward and thanks to the effort of our office and our collaboration with the lafco and other folks around government here thank you. >> mr. chair. >> ask supervisor campos. >> i want to echo it is important we're not shy in
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criticizing people they donna 0 do things wrong we can do a better jofb saying thank you when they a have great work i'm excited to be here and barbara hale and the many, many years and likewise to the lafco staff jooifr is exist to be here many of whom are not here worked to make it happen so thank you. >> commissioner crews. >> i just want to echo the same you know when all the others supervisors are all of the supervisors are on other committees and have district and everything to focus on i have one thing on my plate so you get hammered by the questions and so
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i thank you for always being gracious and on everything just helping me understand it all and making sure we get over the goal line so thank you and thank you to lafco staff as well thank you. >> commissioner mar. >> i want to shout out to brooks from john and michael for years and years ago but going further back tom but thank you for everything. >> so what is left is figuring out the build out and using the land of the region a have a program we've been talking about a huge component of the overall
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cleanpowersf jobs it is renew renewalable energy and jobs on the market i'd like to continue conversations and my office can amnesty you in next week to look at different options we jerry just walked the room we're happy to have conversations about the issues and we can schedule something great. >> thank you so colleagues, we have an amendment as a whole we'd like to work into today's agenda a motion if anyone. >> mr. chair may i suggest that the motion be retroactive since the agreement xiertdz on august 1st. >> okay. >> it expired when. >> july 31st, 2015. >> okay 0 can we have a motion
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to approve this as a whole retroactive july 31st. >> august 1st, 2015. >> move forward by commissioner crews and seconded by campos and colleagues we'll take that without objection. next item, please. >> executive officer's report a staufgs update to help the voter turnout. >> jooifrdz first of all, congratulate commissioner avalos and commissioner crews for your elections to chair and vice chair and look forward to your leadership as far as the one item we're updating over the or on the voter turn you out working on the graft quite a bit of information i instructed did intern to make sure we get all the great research and put it
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into a strong report we should have at some point in march a version we'll share with you and the public as well to start moving that record forward in a way more public and so much information i want to give more time to do that so he's taking that time to put together a stronger report and then the other one thing march is the beginning of our budget season so at our march meeting march 18 not the fourth but the third friday the chang the schedule and other factors so it includes make sure on the march 18 meeting is on your calendar for the budget for the upcoming fiscal year and form seven hundred forms are due april 1st i know supervisors you do your for the office but the -
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if anyone has any questions i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> no questions or comments anyone wish to comment none coming forward public comment is closed. and that's the informational item so, now we can go to the next item. >> technical 6 public comment. >> okay public comment is open any general discussion. >> good afternoon, commissioners brewing wolf i'm going to be speaking on behalf of myself but causes and other organizations that belong to my silence here today is in con set back of everything you've present and giving me gratitude so to keep the meeting
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going and not binding you up with personal. today, i want to talk about community there was an announcement from google sthait they're coming to san francisco to install fiber to some condominiums and some apartments and some low income housing facilities there be users exciting fiber i don't know if you're aware of this particular announcement or not i know that supervisor farrell has been working on some plans for creating or expanding the network and many of us the communities have been working on this for as long as we've been working on cleanpowersf and as you may know a couple of years ago an ordinance to called big once was passed and what
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we're finding out from meetings with the department of public works no requirements that it is kind of an opt in by the department of technology and the only way to do that they have the funding to be able to do that so everybody i know that it is mandate not mandated and that's what i'm told by the department of technology i feel restored by them and a lot other people i'd like to have you folks take a look at be this and we have a community broadband network set up to serve all the libraries and many if not most of pubically funded housing housing facilities and other nonprofits that our
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city funded too so how is this going to work i think that is important we look at this and concerning the the cities have done broadband projects we should do it, too we are gouged by the kurntd players their voiflt the cac law and fighting a good law network neutral outlet to charge whatever we want and there's a lot of other nevada reduce happening so i'll appreciate you'll consider it on our agenda the upcoming year year >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners eric brooks brewing wolf and i are involved the network it was initially in
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2006 when google and earth tried to offer free stuff to corner the market on wireless customers we were able to be looked at i came here for that i read as brewing the report in the chronicle about google once again offering free stuff to get into pub privately services in eisenhower days we offered the system that revolutions the economy now the broadband that needs to be a public system open to everybody excluding the businesses for low cost and
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create an connective boom prevent the 2.0 bust we're seeing across the horizon we need to open up that space 3 space needs to be public now that cleanpowersf has before securely launched and we've got the build out to figure out i would really imemploy lafco not to put off public broadband we ask you to start agenda listing this and need to look at the study to do citywide broadband right now we are looking a situation tom cast and pg&e and maybe verizon will take this space we need to grab it now we
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could see a 21st century that looks like the 20th century that was ruled by cvs and cnn and private communications talking over our compunction is not a good precedent in san francisco like chattanooga have been broadband it is great for the county and chattanooga gives the services to customers committee need this to be owned by the public and get the google and the at at and the provider of the world to pay us for our public right-of-way to get involved he and not hand free stuff so i would strongly implore you enlist the new - >> thank you very much. is
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there any additional public comment? >> hello my name is silvia johnson. this a good area and you know trying to figure out the reasons the police department you know has not you know stepped into this because there is also areas that you know we need to look in our other possibilities of commissioner tang our areas and i think things will go quicker as long as i get my unit transferred over to my public -
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for this week's on any driver's license to hurry up my insurance and it's been i've spent a long time because of my physical i want to make sure i get my glasses in coordination so that my driver's license and getting the area more - and thank you. >> thank you and seeing e seeing no other members of the public coming forward public comment is closed. this is general public comment no voter required and item 7 future agenda items. >> okay. colleagues any thing
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for agenda items okay public comment is open for further agenda item public comment is closed. and move on to the next item. >> adjournment. >> wish everyone a very good weekend and thank you. >>go. >> shop and dine the 49 promotes local businesses and changes san franciscans to do their shopping
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and dooipg within the 49 square miles by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine the 49 hi in my mind a ms. medina
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome to the regularly scheduled meeting of the budget and finance committee for thursday, february 4, 2016, my name is mark farrell i'll be chairing this committee joined by


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