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tv   LAF Co 22616  SFGTV  February 29, 2016 11:00am-1:31pm PST

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>> good morning, everybody. welcome to the regularly scheduled meeting of the budget and finance committee for thursday, february 4, 2016, my name is mark farrell i'll be chairing this committee joined by supervisor katie tang's and
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supervisor yee thank you linda wong and charles kremack and other for broadcasting madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. please silence all electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the march first board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated okay. thank you madam clerk item one. >> item one motions ord the voters for the ordinance for the amendment of the business and administrative co administrative code for one percent tax on the occupancy hotel rooms and services to and fami end family homelessness on an election on june 13th. >> i'll taken treason motion
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first anyone wish to comment on item one. >> seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues do i have a motion to file item number one. >> so moved. >> by supervisor tang and we'll take that without objection. madam clerk call item 2 please. item 2 is a resolution 30 years the sfmta to execute and industrial lease agreement with the industrial park for a space on the avenue for sfmta bus operator training courses estimated from october 2016 and a to 200026. >> mta is here to speak on this item. >> good morning in the
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yesterday, i have an opportunity some twenty-four hours ago to appear about you since that 2000 of communications between our control center and operators on the street and the communications have deadlielt w customer relations and safety and security our operators if not the most important job category certainly the most visible we want to talk the critical need for a dedicated training facility for certainly one of the core communications in thfunctions in all of our business safety first but you may recall over the last couple of years we've been on a steady improvement course for the on time preferences with tperforms with the reinstated is up with your help and support but more
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than that moone of the things we've been able to do is master blo playoff the prop m goal to have high quality training we've been able to invest in over the last several years but allows us to provide reliable and safety services but for 4 service increases in the last 2 and a half years how did he, we even though again, he with looked at the way we're training the investment we had been macro in training is a critical function of the service and fall we need to right size the staff we needed to look at the facilities, the program and we did all of that looked at the graduation and the curriculum and the result was we were able
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to process a record number of people through the system and the results that we are shown right here and again, i mentioned the improvements and on time performance improvements in service delivery and all of these are coming over the laced two years we've been able to have a stable and could not have pipeline some 2 thousand operators in the system we sp t expect that to grow with the additional service increases but allows us to meet the city's goal of the expanding transit and increasing the mode share for transit and alternatives other than driving at the same time, we remain vulnerable and class general run thirty to 40 people but the training folks have had to work hard to constantly search for locations
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the training is 44 days along for a new bus operator and most of the time should be spent behind the wheel looking for a site to be able to do that is difficult wen've had no leads ad particular land and hand in hand from place to place over a long time and when you keep in mind the exceptions for the safety and the fact we carry from a ridership prospective more riders than any other two systems put together remain the only operational bus provider not whith a training facility that allows us to continue the improvements that we made because if we're not able to find a place if we call on the good graze of onsite others if we can't deliver we'll be below
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our services goals i guess over 3 mayoral mifksdz we have been looking for a place this search started when willie brown, jr. was starting his second term and continues her here's a quick overview of the places we've used and i don't think any of the building the real estate the blaay area but e near bay area is more inviting for looking for a facility of this type of and this nature so the point i'm trying to make we've been nomads for the last 19 years we've been on a method california safe haven that continues to this day only this time we think we found the right place certainly meets all
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our needs from allowing us to hit our service goal and give us the room we need to conduct the proper training and the location is such that it has easy assess on and off and people will be able to get there the terms of lease as note in the bnudget analyst report eave talked about that what is important from our stand point this is the cost of that operation we'll be the operating budget we're prepared to do e deal with that core need for the system and making the accommodations to get this facility it will pay defenders never mind of making the service objectives avenue 15 years of searching we think we've found a solution that allows us to keep
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our goals going it is difficult sometimes to comme come before a body and say there isn't a lot of good alternatives but in this particular cased frankly there isn't i mentioned we continue to look at the conditions the releasial estate market and the supply knono one expecting it endeavor to increase the industrial location at thirty tampa ran is beli below-market-rate in san francisco so in that respect we've worked with the developer to get a very badly we on a fair deal and in that regard but frankly the alternative to continue to reflex missing a training class, missing the ability to improve and inclusive
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on our service and meet the goals we've set again, the alternative the only real alternative will, maintain the status quo that again for the heaviest traveled agency in the region to have to depend on the good graze of others to control our own destiny is where we don't want to be it jeopardizes the services and safety improvements we've made with that, we're recommending as strong as we can say approval the resolution we believe 2 will insure the improvement in the safety and allows us into the future because we may talk i've been tremendous supporter collectively of our acquisition of new vehicles and technologies as we move to the electrical vehicle i've not heard anyone
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talking about the drivers bus but if the technology becomes available we'll always need drivers even the most highly sophisticated technology relies on humans to monitor and manage the technology this is a critical need for us what i will argue the most important job cartegory the fac of agent and the city the first people that literally are casing precious cargo we entrust the lives of over seven hundred trips a day to the operators and need to give them the training to deliver the services so i thank you for that and we're i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you, mr. halley supervisor tang. >> thank you suvery much for
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your presentation i was one of the annoying supervisors that asked you how it was going with our operator training i appreciate the agency trying to train as many operators as possible that serves all the customers in muni i have some scott wiener's questions about this new arrangement i appreciated your summon of the sites you've analyzed previously that was one basic question i had for you given the location so you know with this new lease arrangement obviously as harvey will be pointing out in his report it is a significant jump in terms of the amount we'll pay in terms of relent hardwacharge what you're paying it is one and 45 thousand dollars a year a significant increase and you know can you tell me a little
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bit how once we have the site you've said will provide more certainty nevertheless ain term of the training how that might help with getting more operators out the door into the street from work 44 cases for the operator to go through the training will this insure it sticks to the 44 days right now be you seeing delays in getting people out the door. >> certainly first of all, just so far a point of clarification the one and 55 thousand dollars is reference is not granted it simply licenses and fees we pay on the places we have a point of clarification but having this permanent will facilities allows us to one of the things we've been able to do over the years as we are able to provide the
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planning staff and the resources even with service increases we determine the number of operator for example, every month 1 operators will retire or attrition and in addition, we add for service we need more operator this allows us to make sure that we don't have peaks and valleys so as we go through our process and add service and improve our reliability because you mean we go through a period we miss if he went through 909 percent of the service to drop pulling out now and say down to 97 it creates gaps because of schedules so that thin this particular case it let's the please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room planning folks we need this many operators ray train and one of the things to
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remember in addition to a problem i've talked about all the things an operator needs to do to customer ambassador be able to respond to safety calls and security calls one of the other things they have to do through all interethis interpre navigation e navigate 65 though ton pound vehicle through a densely crowded city to understand houw the vehicle wors and feels and then how to turn it is very difficult if you look at one of the 60 foot buses you don't turn it hike an automobile it has a different dimensiynami having the facility that loallo the training to coach and teach those kinds of bus movement is very important that will not
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only give the operator more self-confidence and stikill but also will make them better prepared the more driving time the better i don't expect we'll look to cut the 44 days just the opposite to have a facility and that is available when we have someone that is out there if they have a problem a in a particular location can bring them back into for training and also, because our operators have san francisco meet frederal and state standards for more training that allows us to this situation it is unpredictable and you call a site and take 10 operators out of one division you miss the services having our own facility we'll meet the
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service needs but at the same time our operators are providing the training and met all the regulatory requirement. >> can you automobitalk about plans or mta's plans for expanding the training i know we're getting more buses and trains, new i mean, hopefully for operator so, i mean is that site okay to accommodate more operators. >> well in this particular case it is and the training burden over the next few years we're in the midst of it we're about to start on the l l v as the new l l r v at the end of the fall of this year we start with that but with all the new buses one of the things we're doing again with our constant help and so forth renewing the
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fleet and the new hybrid technology the bus operates different more sensors and electronics and diagnostics on the dashed that tell the operator what to do sometimes the disadvantaged of september sources and electronics you can shut the bus down so that requires additional trouble shooting training you want to maximize the time the trainers with with the operators hands on in moving the vehicles you can learn a description the classroom this is practice stuff we move to the real world soon and the training folks want to insure that the operators are best prepared so as you have - bring in new vehicles is it so
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constant you you know combrupt and upgrading based on the training in all t vehicles. >> okay so you know again, i understand the benefits of having more certainty over the site and a larger facility will as well longer than term balances 9 and a half years one thing eave learned the city of south san francisco has a development agreement with the owner of the facility even though mta has the ability to purchase this site have had the opportunity it development agreement does exist and not guarantee you'll continue your training facility there so, in fact, the preferred use i believe there is office space can you talk about that and it's been tough and long but at the same time, we're investing a lot money down the road in the and a half or 10
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years we may not be able to stay here and do training there. >> well, i think it is solves what it does if you in answer to our question looking at from is service prospective the decade of certainty, if you will, the site meets all our objectives for training over the next decade and at the same time, we will continue to explore any other viable alternatives should they become available it is not we would stop looking but work with the developer and the reality folks to work on the best arrangement and also gives us time to evaluate you know all of the potentially other sites for what we might do in concert with the owner in improving the situation whether financing on
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terms there but really for us it give us a consistent because of the operation for the next decade and allows us to continue the improvements and meet the service needs they will be expanding i think we talked yesterday about the consultant strategy and even though need to address additional service to meet our collective policy goals we think that while appreciate the concern there we think this gives us a 10 years at least or approximately 10 years certainty the continuous of the way we are which is operation from a service prospective very higher risk everything we're accomplished the last couple of years is vulnerable if we are innovate successful in getting access to a facility we'll have to cancel or limit the training
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9 pipeline is uneven and don't have hard to set schedules that are the redoll effects will be shown on the street with less buses showing up or buses not showing up when their supposed to be buses more crowded. >> so i would encourage the agency while you're in this space to continue luke for more stable alternatives beyond the decade i know that supervisor yee has a question i'll let him ask. >> supervisor yee. >> i guess anythimy line of questioning is the same as supervisor tang some porart of your presentatio almost i'm sorry. >> the front part of your presentation of seeing what you've been doing oand successfl this training and so forth almost is argument to continue
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that effort. >> the question i have for current trainings is that have you actually missed any trainings programs the last few years? >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear the question. >> you've had a set of trainings the last 44 days each have you the last few yrlgz years missed any sets of trainings because you didn't have anywhere to train the people. >> actually yes it is we both missed and had to reschedule and reduce the class size in order to accommodate not having proper facilities when i say - i will stress with the vulnerability of all the improvement we've made again, when you look at our needs 2009
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operators we know where a certain number are going on with attrition and others need recertification it ben restraining order benefiting us to lay out a schedule and the training folks can staff up class sizes but with the changes and the improvement that the folks having made we're vulnerable if we don't - cannot get a facility to give the operator trainees the time behind the wheel we have had to postpone classes and reduce the class size what that means again had you don't have oaenough operators in the pipeline you miss service and that's in fact, what happened what we're trying to do both continue and improve the quality services and make sure we have the proper planning tools in place to make sure we don't do it the future but, yes
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had to make compromises because of the situations. >> what percentage this you know last year what percent of the drivers that would have been trained weren't trained? >> what percentage i'm sorry again. >> you're saying there is times you missed trainings and couldn't you had to reduce the size and now your falling behind in at number of drivers you need how far have you fallen behind and i'll be happy to to send you a followup letter to cancel classes and drop down. >> you stated that i was asking about the numbers. >> we'll provide you those numbers. >> you don't have an idea of - you know sort of a general idea.
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>> yeah. if a typical pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. class of new bus operators is two thirty and 40 you would depending on the staffing level if you have the facilities you'll want to be on the high-end especially, as you there are no go through so at least i can think of two occasions the last two years the classes were having to be cancelled another one to make adjustment at the last minute that caused us to pay people over time to miss runs all kinds of redoll effects class that don't go through the pipeline 80 people and others that are less than desirable and if you look at what is take place with the service you see we've gone from missing 67 to 6 percent of the service under a fraction of one percent the numbers when you
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look at 17 to 8 hundred active operators those are the numbers. >> what i'm trying to get at i have to find the justification why we are spending over 10 years and trillions of dollars for training facilities and it would have been a good presentation you if brought those numbers with you so is hey look we're missing those many drivers and have to pay over time so we have justification because you're saying at training model is a good model and the drivers are well-trained and so forth so it feels like why change it then. >> i understand. >> $20 million. >> i understand the question i'll go book to 18 months ago we were missing 6 percent of the
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service not enough operators and the ability to train them we hired extra training and the process to get us here is taken longer than than we like right now, we're providing the highest percentage of scheduled service on the street this agency ever has so in terms of how many drivers and how many have been trained it is we've been able to do that but had to scramble over a longer are period of time and we would have machibeen more co effective to have a facility and the ability to plan and to deliver in a more streamlined fashion. >> okay. i guess that is sort of the point if you could give cost analysis then it it t that would be
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helpful to support this particular item. >> when you say cost analysis if you would, sir clarify what it say you would like. >> if you in our statement you said much more cost-efficient to have this new site so where's the analysis for that. >> okay. well, we'll i'll be happy to to that about ybut a cost analysis will demonstrate something from the controller's office about the cost to the city, the cost to the economy of us not having delivering our services or having delays and bunches and gaps so we'll provide you with a cost of what the lost of service is. >> yeah. i'm not ready to vote on this unless you two want to do this i
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want to see your analysis >> okay. >> okay. >> tell you what mr. rose, can we go to your report. and have public comment left to go. >> i'm sorry. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee first of all, let me make a general comment the budget analyst office is totally supportive of a high quality training facility for the sfmta and we totally concur with the developme concept of a consolidated training facility but i'll note that the statement that the comments that supervisor tang pointed out about what happens after 9 and a half years is extremely important in my judgment in our consideration of this item on page 3 of our report we state
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in order to complete lease holder improvements on the subject hand for hand property the owner and the city of san francisco south san francisco negotiated an agreement that allows the sfmta entertainers on the property through february the 28 of 2016 that's the end date of this proposed lease agreement you're asked to approve if if the development agreement is sustained i say if sfmta would have the option to extend the firemterm the leases under same terms and conditions based on the length of the extension, however, the proposed sfmta bus operator trainees is not consistent with the long term to
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provide officers at this site within walking distance of both the board of trustees bart and the bart station on page 5 of the report we note in table two on page 2 of the report over the 9 year 5 month lease the sfmta will extend $29 million plus to rent and operate and maintain this new bus paraded trained facility as supervisor yee as piloted and supervisor tang sfmta is currently spending approximately, one and 55 thousand dollars unanimously for short time licenses for off street facilities during the first year of the proposed lease
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the sfmta will pay $2 million 4 hundred and 80 thousand three hundred plus in rent that is over one thousand nine hundred percent more than the one and 55 thousand that the sfmta currently acceptance for bus paraded facility about one and 50 percent one thousand 5 hundred percent slightly in excess of that the estimated over the wall appraised value of this property is $28 million plus as shown in table 2 if the sfmta rents the property for the proposed 9 year 5 month lease the sfmta will pay the owner total rent of $25 million plus over that term which is only
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$3 million plus less than than the 28.8 appraised value including the improvements, however, in fairness the sfmta the owner is not willing to sell the property again open page 4 if the sfmta compressors the option to purchase at the earliest date after year six the sfmta would potential pay on estimated total rent of $15 million plus for year 6 the lease and then an additional estimated price to purchase based on the current appraisal over and over a total of $44 million plus however, the purchase price is hopefully to be significantly higher than that as it will be
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based on an appraisal of the best use of the property and completed 6 years later on page 6 of our report if the board of supervisors approves the proposed lease at sfmta will spend approximately $25 million over 9 years plus at the end of that period the city of south san francisco doesn't extend the agreement with the owner to allow a bus operator facility only this site the sfmta will find itself the exact same situation as currently with the livelihood there will be fewer lease and purchase options and similarly the sfmta 90 does in the purchase this site the sfmta would extend a minimum of
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$44.5 million including rental costs and the costs to purchase the property with no absolutely no sdpeguarantees the sooilt si can be used as as long term bus operator training facility because the city of san francisco may require a different use for the property we recommend i amend the proposed resolution for a lease term this is just to make it correct lease term of 9 years and 5 months as stated instead of 9 years and six months for the reasons i've just sat down and consider approval the proposed resolution and mainstreamed a amended to be a policy resolution for the board of supervisors. >> thank you, supervisor. >> i would like to continue this item for a week to get additional information from mta. >> okay so let's take public comment
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right now first i'll say anyone wish to comment on item 2? >> on item number 2. >> other members if you want to come up you have 2 minutes. >> my name is silvia johnson. and i've been very sick i hope we can review this transportation for the mission and training process and our - but our drivers and parking areas spaces thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning board of supervisors eric for the local
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248 i know john has been put in a position to answer a lot of questions you yourselves ahave been on th board for quite a bit this agency is so far behind the curve when it comes to transportation issues and the things that the transportation agency cso have done done for years our sistbrothers and sist across the bay have their own facilities it is needed it is needed for your employees and the workers within 9 sfmta these facilities provide a mountain of need you figure when training buses go out on the streets it immediately effects service immediately because now have you have training l r v if so closing the
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services and bus zones crowded and so forth we have to get on board the city has to invest everybody is talking about muni needs to be on time and muni needs to do this you approved the training for the new trains you guys did now i'll ask you look at other facilities in which a theirs having all those everything late and even their own buses new york and ac transit services any profession police and fire everyone goes through retraining you want us to be professional and curve our siaccidents we ne the consistent trainings and you come to the training facility in disrespect to anyone this is a joke this is a joke you have to
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see what they're working with right now. >> thank you very much is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item 2. >> yes. hi, good morning i'm james i'm senior vice president with the real estate we have been losing over the last 5 years i've been in the business thirty years i've not seen 9 market this tight formal industrial type of properties two relevance sails as you may know the san francisco chronicle printing press on marin 1901 cesar chavez a 17 point plus acre site that was paid 94 square feet for a building going to be torn down the other parcel the park a 13 plus acre site
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that workout to $85 per the land you don't have any other spaces within the city and county of san francisco you looked at this parcel two years ago and it is the only viable parcel we could find in the meadow bay area that will work for funnimuni they waa four basically 4 training facility under one area of the 7 plus acres that works there the issue we have a sdmish resource we're seeing humble development in san leandro with the industrial properties disappearing and nothing left here i think anything we look at will be more competitiexpensive one of the reasons a auto return is outside of the city and quickly south city development agreement they created a similar
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situation when golden gate brand e pi beverages left san francisco on south maple that site. >> thank you, sir appreciate that. >> is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item anyone line up. >> a developer of the site here about two years ago mta and james said why are you here we can't find anything in san francisco i said why not you have treasure island and such the candle stick area he said nothing evacuating available this is a unusual site 67 plus acres not a single thing left in sight we started negotiating that took two years we're able a
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custom facility for sfmta we have to tear down one and 50 square feet of warehouses i note the appraisal was $28 million that is not correct if we remodel the warehouses it worst a lot more but we have letters of intent to a long term lease of 9 and a half years i feel at this point we can extend that lease that is one of the questions that supervisor tang asked the reason we come up u came up with the 9 and a half or 10 years the new plan by city of san francisco they changed the staff and a grand idea in the middle of an industrial area but there's no facility there to - no - the traffic situation there's no way from 10 avenue to get into where the sigte is the have to create a new road wiit
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will never happen it is last week the mayor said in south san francisco i've been hearing about this for 20 years it will never happen we need to go back if this lease is approved and get this done this is the time to during the 10 years this only is pie in the sky thank you i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you very much. >> is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed i'll say from my prospective i think there are a lot of questions raised about this although i see the value in what we're doing i appreciated the public testimony from the drivers prospective and the reality prospective having said that, i think that good policy to support the community but needs more information i'll be
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happy to support that motion and yeah hopefully get that information you need supervisor yee to have a vote next week. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you and also i too really appreciate the comments made during public comment i certainly understand the value of good training and retraining of the operators wear ouch on the side of lademanding more of you to have service out of difference to my colleague and needing more information i'll support a continuance and hopefully, we'll sort it all out it looks like harvey. >> sorry supervisor rose. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee based any understanding of supervisor yee's request it will take as you i think a little bit of time for the sfmta to respond but definitely a little bit of time to analyze what they submit we
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want to make sure that supervisor yee's is provided with the information he's requested if i scotland to continue to two weeks i'll greatly appreciate that mr. chairman. >> i see mr. haley in terms of getting the information you need but putting that together for supervisor yee. >> certainly provide the information certainly between the what can w week. >> beamed for example, if it was voted next we have to get a report out tomorrow i'll urge the sfmta the committee to continue it for two weeks so we can provide our information to the supervisor and okay. thank you. >> presenter it. >> how about a motion to continue this for two weeks. >> motion by supervisor yee we'll take that without
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objection. >> okay thanks everyone ambassador madam clerk item 3. >> consideration the research for the funded to the police department placed on budget and finance reserve the annual appropriation original for 2015 to 2017 in the amount of 2 point plus million dollars for the body worn camera program. >> supervisor farrell and members of the committee katherine cfo of the police department we're in complete agreement with the budget analyst report i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you, very much colleagues are you on the roster ok okay. >> colleagues, any questions okay mr. budget analyst your report please. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page
11:48 am
9 the department has provided a 2015-2016 budget of $2 million plus for the body worn camera program in table one on page 9 we recommend you approve the 2 point plus million dollar the budget and finance committee reserve and supervisor tang one of the things that i would like you know maybe we can discuss this during the budget hearing the rp process is not complete i'm hoping once it is completed we'll learn at details what it is that the vendor will be doing and so forth we can profoundly do that and take it into the committee but i thikno that along with this i believe the departme is hire about 11 p and you've hired 9 out of 11 positions and 9 are legal
11:49 am
assistant can you describe a little bit what that entails and the others are it staff yet to be heard. >> that's correct the two - the 9 local positions will be working on insuring that the policy regarding retention and holding on to video is maintained so matt haneaning we're in comp with our own policy they'll be dealing information requests and doing the work of redacting videos as predicament appropriate to respond to requests from daze to make sure the videos are available for court preertsdz aiming that's the bulk of what their doing. >> so they'll be doing it versus a vendor for the most
11:50 am
part and it staff we can forget their need in terms of the ongoing maintains maintenance i know that was pointed out one hundred thousand dollars but probably other- ai'm plaintiff' attorney wanting to mr. and mrpe report we'll be talking about that 24 every year but pencil that. >> the maintenance and support line that is readilly focus on e things that are needed to sustain the access management process setting up information one time sergeant savings account set working up the
11:51 am
firewall thing but in addition there is the maintenance support line is support for the body worn camera unit we'll be doing all the public records request and information for court and then in addition to that really where the cost that you might be concerned with the the out years with the contract and storage so but really you know the legal assistance will insure that the records are maintained and video that may not be necessarily maintained that's where the costs are mitigated a little bit. >> okay. he know this that obviously comes at a handwriting conversation around the cameras that the city developed around that in terms of just the financial aspect of these purchase or going with the
11:52 am
vender i think that it is something i feel comfortable with supporting. >> okay thank you supervisor tang one comment we've got comments from the r v progress can you comment from the police department prospective. >> the police department participated the rfp process as experts the office of contract administration ran those as the body the city that runs procurement processes and so you know if their questions about subject matter we have my colleagues here available to answer any questions surrendering that and oca is available outside the hearings to answer questions and okay. i've contract them as well appreciate that. >> okay. thank you very much colleagues if not other questions move on to public
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comment is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item line up and we'll do one at that time, and everyone has two minutes. >> good morning well, i didn't prepare a speech as usual but u usual but this is all i have to say about the san francisco police department remember how big you are there is someone bigger you make sure that the police department is prepared to have the equipment they need without them there would be no civilization at the beginning of man okay civilization began with someone looking for a group of smoall people all times more thdern sts fine but make sure that the police department has body worn cameras to protect san francisco make sure that is the budget
11:54 am
that's all i have to say i'm i was the navy and go police that's all i have to say thank you, gentlemen go police thank you. >> good afternoon my name is ted district attorney's office i'm the president of the utilized and we're one of the companies that responded to the rfp i'd like to raise questions about the budget in front of i $2.4 million with your asking to release one of the concern is on video action they've hired 9 of 11 employees to be part of the job they'll have to do i'd like to point out that if you put out a press release release on san francisco and the pitfalls and considering the true costs of action tasers international it the product you're approving the
11:55 am
$2.4 million for and in a report they put out a 2016 tasers law enforcement technology report they addressed the action that was an estimate done by a very credible law enforcement agency called the washington, d.c. metro police did a pilot with taylor's and collected a certain amount of data they did apples to apples an analysis to redact the video that poliilot would have taken million hours to redact and if you take one million hours and divide it for hiring many years a one and 50 man years worth of effort i'll suggest that you know we provide information and there is more budget analyst to determine whether or not the true costs are they ten times
11:56 am
that amount thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello my name is silvia johnson. i've been you know looking on this issue that is forgivgives diverse for the police department i see a lot of things that are done behind our backs not done by the one that had values of history it was only done because of situations with with that were denied i think that we when we have no purchpo open th on this i think we have our analysis where papers that have been stole from me that had you
11:57 am
know injured the police department i've not going to take any of this - take back you know for the united states of america because we have you know means with the police department and community services and that this process is not going to keep on going on behind the back remember and killing we have already too much of that governmental impossible /* impossible overwhelms to make sureovernmental impossible /* impossible overwhelms to make suremental impossible /* impossible overwhelms to make sual impossible /* impossible overwhelms to make surel impossible /* impossible overwhelms to make su
11:58 am
impossible /* impossible overwhelms to make sure impossible /* impossible overwhelms to make sure that thank yit is not right to make the world worse and no damage for if are police department the technology the walls i've put on there makes more sense. >> thank you very much is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item okay seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues, any further discussion? comments >> nope through the chair i think i'll like to make a motion to release the $2.7 million storm $4 million. >> we have a motion by supervisor katie tang i'll say i appreciate some of the comments i've talked to the cia and interacted with the police department and feel comfortable of the process they ran i understand during any rfps that
11:59 am
are people that are unhappy with the resolve he appreciate that there will be another light and place but at this time i'm prepared to support this we need to get going as soon as possible supervisor tang we'll take that without objection. >> mr. chair is there a motion to file this hearing. >> motion to file that hearing. >> we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk item 4. >> resolution approving the amendment 5 for the pacific gateway for an annual lease of approximately, $1 million to accommodate terminal one redevelopment program. >> thank you. i see wagner welcome back. >> good morning chair farrell kathy with the san francisco airport the the item before you seeks our approval for
12:00 pm
modification 5 to the airports compressio concessions to extend for 3 of the 4 locates the modification this modification is one of several this committee has seen recently that has come before you for approval in order to accommodate the work that the airport is doing to renovate, upgrade the terms this requires the movement of tenant and in some cases the lease terms if parts of our terminal are closed for relocate as the budget analyst said the airport modest the lease to extend the terms the airport concession staff recorded bay back if they having had known in 2009 when we originally step up to the plate the term the
12:01 pm
majority of pacific gateway premises will be in place today and through 2019 they may have chosen to have new proposals, however, as numerous airlines have moved from the terminal as a result of the work in terminal one and the changing construction schedule to the redevelopment program we believe their extension and the proposed extension of the terms before you is appropriate the proposed lease administration will extend the lease through september 30, 2019, and carry an estimated rent of $3.7 million for the airport over that time there is a recommendation by he budget analyst office to amend the legislation to have language retroactive to june of 2015 i believe that it is to address one at whereas clauses for the prospective date, however, they
12:02 pm
did budget analyst report recommends approval i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you very much supervisor tang. >> just a quick question about it you could stammert for the rd why it pushes things back. >> it is not necessarily delayed it is moved was tbecaus of the increased passerby levels from the redevelopment program is it is not that anything has an delayed but timeline and shiftsd and impacted patient the terminal the gateway is one of the areas that is can changed that not necessarily delayed. >> okay. colleagues any further questions mr. rose, can we go to your report. and. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 1 as shown in table 3 the estimated totaled relent by pacific gateway from 2016 to the
12:03 pm
end of the lease is $3 million plus and as ms. wagner state we ask you ask for the recommended approval and recommend you approve the resolution as amended. >> thank you, mr. rose anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed - >> is there a comment on the pacific gateway concession. >> yes. my name is silvia johnson. that what he said been saying that i pylon for being so sick dynam i'm not really skewexcused but important decision there should be you know correct - >> okay. thank you.
12:04 pm
>> seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues a motion to approve the d l a underlying item. >> i'll move 0 with a with a positive recommendation. >> we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk item 5. >> resolution approving the terms of 2011 claesz lease between airline and the city with an estimated rent of approximately $1.3 million for the exclusive use for the contentiterms. >> ms. wagner welcome back. >> kathy wagner the item before you requests your approval the new leases with chinese airlines with the approximately 5 years and 4 months on the lease agreement which will expire in 2021 the
12:05 pm
airport negotiated a new lease with the airlines at the airport this is the mechanism that allows the airlines to operate and provideds the assigned terminal rent space at the airport that is the mechanism that allows the airport to pay the city the annual service payment agreement a new carrier begins partitioned they have the ability to be added to the lease agreement that comes before you for approval in this case, the china airlines in december of 2014 under an operating permit because a cost benefit so marked with the signatory at this point other airlines have adding got to a longer lease the estimated represent payable to the airport is approximately
12:06 pm
$11.6 million and i i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, ms. wagner colleagues, any questions. >> mr. rose, can we go to your report. on item 5 were. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 18 of the report on table 2 on page 19 the rental revenues to be paid by chinese southern to the airport $11 million plus as over the 5 years and four months terms we recommend you approve this resolution. >> thank you, mr. rose no other comments public comment is closed. >> colleagues can i have a motion to send this item forward. >> so moved. >> we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk item 6. >> item 6 resolution approving a fourth amendment to the department of health to provide
12:07 pm
hiv prevention to extend the contract for approximately $22 million. >> okay. thank you. >> dpw is here to speak. >> michelle public health this is a long-standing contract that the ada the department has with the san francisco aids foundation we've worked since 1993 providing critical services in the community and subject resolution to extend the contract from july one, 2016 for two years which is still under the option granted in the current rfp authorization the recommend from the budget analyst agree with that is actually making a reduction bans under spent funding the prior years. >> thank you very much colleagues, any questions mr. rose, can we go to your report. on item 6 and. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 23 of our report in table one
12:08 pm
based on actual budget expenditures provided by the contract for june 30th, 2018, is $20 million plus which is $51,000 plus less than the dpw requested invited contract of $20 million plus we recommend you amend this to reduce the amount by 41 and 22 to 20 and we recommend you all the time the proposal on page to delete the inclusion of the successtoke std recommend you approve as amended. >> colleagues, any further questions peculiar is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item on item 6. >> seeing none ma'am, public comment on item 6.
12:09 pm
>> yeah. >> good evening my name is silvia johnson. i'm so fortunate i feel better and everything to be you know put as you know, we - that we have succeeded more miracles on this issue and i'm making sure that the world does you know turn around as right thank you. >> thank you very much seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues do i have a motion to send item 6 with a positive recommendation. >> by supervisor yee. >> a recommendation by the budget analyst. >> i'm sorry accept the amendments before the undermining amending item as amended we'll take that without objection. madam clerk call item 7. >> item 7 resolution thor the occurrence and clarifying of
12:10 pm
multiple family bonds in a damagi aggregate amount for the purpose of financing for the acquisition of a multi family rental project as columbo apartment. >> with the mayor's office of housing. >> good morning. i'm the bond program manager for and i'm here to present a bond resolution to the fund at columbia park apartment this transitiaction h not changed in september fror te enundocumented for the general fund all the projects will serve families earning more than 60 percent of annual income with significant upgrade that are outlined the project and in terms of what has changed the developer has secured an
12:11 pm
allocation the developer the city has identified a financing team that team has developed a bond document that is before you as a timeline we anticipate closing will occur in march of 2016 and construction to begin shortly after to be completed by the end of 2017 here with me is sheila from mergi mercy housing and we like to thank you for your consideration and look forward to our continued support for the project with that, i'll to do conclude the staff report and i'm available to answer any questions. >> colleagues, any questions. >> okay mr. rose we don't have a report from item 7. >> this has no impact to the city mr. chairman.
12:12 pm
>> open up for public comment is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak on item no. 7. >> good evening my name is silvia johnson. i comment at this has been you know something that has not see is not true and i will not return on this this is a different situation that has already in process with the hiv program thank you. >> seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues, can i have a motion to approving that resolution. >> so moved. >> motion by supervisor tang we'll take that without objection. madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> all right. thank you everybody we're good afternoon
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
thank you for joining us i'm bryan stretch the acting united states attorney in the northern california i'm joined by to my right is by ron davis the director of community oriented policing services office the division of the dictionary o g in one way or another director district attorney's office has been appointed by the president to be the executive director of president task force on 21st century policing and as the director noble ray to my far right chief ray reports drabl to director davis and the chief of the policing practices and other initiative division also known as p pa i say creation follows the rumsz of the president task force on the 21st century policing and it l
12:15 pm
will oversees and evaluate the rocky mountain for strategies that implement the president's task force recommendations throughout the country transportation authority i'm joined by mayor ed lee as well as tsthe chief greg suhr this anyone city officials and federal authorities are jointly now and then the spark the doj acholic beverage reform initiative for technical assistance fireman to the sfod the review is in response by requests by the mayor, from the chief, from elected city officials and community members asking the justifying to look at the san francisco police department and their use of force and practices the acholic beverage reform will focus on san francisco's police departments operations e operational policies and
12:16 pm
training and practices and accountability system for pertaining to stops and searchers and for the use of force and importantly there review will examine whether racial and ethic disparliaments exists with respect to the action taken and not taken by the san francisco police department director davtsz will explain in future detail by about the program the mayor and chief have requested an exhaust transparent review of the san francisco police department of justice and that is what they're going to get new let me say b a quick word that calls for an investigation into the shooting death of mario woods immediately following the shootings our office and the district attorney's office were in close communication
12:17 pm
and jointly determined that the district attorney's office will pursue and lead an investigation into the shooting following well established doj civil rights protocols the fbi and our office communicates with the district attorney's office and we're monitoring the investigation at the conclusion of the investigation the federal authorities will is a full review fifth after that full review we have identified an unvindicated federal interest we'll pursue a separate fell investigation at that time and now i'll ask director davis for the details about the collaboration. >> director. >> good afternoon, everyone this is a tight room so as the u.s. attorney mentioned i'm bryan the director of the departments
12:18 pm
community services office in short the office was created in 1994 with the task of nationwide nationwide we do have grants and over $14 million in grant and through tech adjoins we're here to announce the acholic beverage initiative that provides the kind of assessment and tech assistance requested before i get there i'll explain fully was we look at policing across the united states we have a defining momentum and understandable high calls for increased taint and accountability the way the police engages our concerns and the tragedy that occurr ed coward in ferguson and new york and last year put together a task force for the 21st century policing
12:19 pm
since that time the task force has put out a report that has recommended for implementation and one as t the executive director how job to make sure we can help law enforcement implement those recommendations as bryan mentions in responded to the president task force we created a policing accountability initiative we appoint will you'll hear if to work with over 16 thousand law enforcement agencies with the united states one of the best ways to implement those and how to build electrotrust that is about this trust and priority the president ae ts and the terrorizing so we look at the acholic beverage form of san francisco and most of cities we're seeing working around the country noble chief ray will talk
12:20 pm
about that but when san francisco asked for the process in diego to do this process a process we looked at talked to the attorney general and the civil rights division and looked at it where san francisco is at and the teaches elected leadership and support of the leadership and whether the police commission or the board of supervisors and came to the conclusion that the best services we provide san francisco at the this specific time and look at the community lisped eir leadership is the review it will be independent and comprehensive it will be very thorough we'll see a candid response what is and not working and help to equip the san francisco community to better understand where the police department is at and good afternoon them to hold the department will accountable not only to the law but the law is a lower bar but to the best practices of the policing in the country we have a police
12:21 pm
department that can became become a model agency the 21st century policing that's your goal and objective and the way to make sure that we, in fact, do engage at a very thorough assessment i want to make sure that before we goat questions or comments that you keep in mind san francisco a unique opportunity to deal with the challenges not unique to san francisco the trust and losing the the record will reflect happens around the crisis we know that many community of color like the franchise do have a trust the law enforcement and we hope that the lessons lenders from san francisco and others incident will help to guides the 16 thousand agencies we can call it a better perform this is to get the elected professionals and don't
12:22 pm
deeply into the department what is working and not working and have a public process you'll know exactly and come up with a recommendation that will help transform the department that we can be proud that will serve all of san francisco a department that is a model for the nation so it may seem like american people ambitious goal we tell the department chief and i have had several communications to know exactly what is happening this is asking for transparency, accountability this is what the chief says and the business is facility not knowing deciding not to know and deciding we don't want to know the truth if so fatality to the relationship of law enforcement the community that is whether an opportunity to talk about the policing our public safety
12:23 pm
is not just for the criminal justice but to make sure the explicit did living up to the standards of best practices and 72 hours accountable to the community and accountable to the officials and that you have the confidence in the ability to provide those kinds of services this is the first step and it is a volunteer process it requires commitment on behalf of the city and when we decide whether to come to a location part of it we need to see the commitment not only from the police and the mayor's making a request but the confidence that the whole city and community want that kind of transformation and they play a significant roll in the process from the elected officials to the board of supervisors and the police department and everyone has to be reformed this process to work if t sit is not it
12:24 pm
is not a good process we're confident we'll start with the people are committed and willing to achieve 2 we're happy to make that announcement and work together i'll bring up as i said we created this office as a retro office to find some place to lead this national district court and chief ray is a long dwifshd career in law enforcement and known for being a social justice advocate and served time the the president and so someone that practices what we preachers and this is the kind of or more we see this and throughout the nation to work alcohol with the capitol hill and other advanced recommendations e recommendations so we brought him here to make sure it san francisco is exactly the amount of services and we're proud and how importanfor
12:25 pm
this is to us. >> well i'm not the go going to take long people are starting to sweat. >> good afternoon and welcome let me start off by saying i'll coffer two things one to explain with acholic beverage reform is so you have a good acceptance of as a federal initiative this is relatively new i want to get into that and talk about the implementation san francisco as well as talk about the open data initiative i understand the mayor and chief has talked about earlier but we'll talk about that and we're formally launching the process for san francisco police department the continue of services the department of justice is calling for it was determined as director davis and he's attorney mentioned the acholic beverage process was the best code of ethics that began with the technical
12:26 pm
assistance 4 years ago in las vegas and the cops offend the reform efforts have developed a number of excellent responses and has become a resource that the law enforcement agencies across the you understand we're currently have reform projects in spokane washington and philadelphia and columbia and california ae and north carolina and other plays in california and milwaukee the acholic beverage initiative is just a collaboration it is important to note that is an independent as what was mentioned and condition to emphasize that objective assessment that the police department has entered into willfully and the cooperation to do this is critical for the success the purpose of collaboration
12:27 pm
to #k3406 trust providing a means to trochlgs around specific issues it is not a short-term solution for a serious efficiency that identifies the issues within an agency that may affect the public trust and offers recommendations based on a comprehensive assessment for how to resolve those issues and enhance the public trust in relationship to the community agency participation the acholic beverage process is voluntary i repeat voluntary it covers the agencies they must demonstrate a recommendation and undertake significant changes as efforts to reform i am confident i am indeed confident chief suhr and mayor ed lee and otherser leaders would be involved
12:28 pm
let me start by assessing how the process starts it starts by focusing on this the assessment process senators by developing some preliminary input did we get to some goals and objectives these are community-based the police department and the community be the community etc. but the goal to create some goals and objectives that will allow us to get to a focus on our assessment following the assessment i'll going get to the assessment following the assessment the cops office has a report detailing the specific recommendation there will be a serious of reports we're talking about transparent we have to practice what we preach and the report my office will help with the recommendations at a 6-month mark and again at 12-month
12:29 pm
mark and again at the end of 6-month point is takes over 2 years we're robert's rules of order rosters and have our experts and cops representatives that are monitoring the process that is being made the goal of the acholic beverage reform is so change the way that law enforcement agencies build with the community partnerships and help it to transformer the community and establish reforms with integrated accountable to do this this is at resources that we have on the ground to conduct our work the cops office had been a group of the interprets the field the bright and conducting combrufz with the command staff aeand as well as as long as community leaders and advocates and bring in
12:30 pm
technical assistance to conduct interviews and prepare and deliver the recommends for change the city will not ask to contribute many of in their own assets to the assessment other than as mentioned voluntary cooperation and available in support of this #234i6789 we consider this a a valuable errors for the police not only for san francisco but w will take what we learn from san francisco and use it as best practices across the nation that's why i have been assigned to the police and practices and accountability we want to replicate some of the things out of the process across the united states acholic beverage remorseful is an opportunity for progressively and better steps and acknowledge there are challenges at various concerns and in the ends the opportunity to part in a
12:31 pm
transparent process that should improve the best practices and improve the relationships with the community that is the bottom line here when we talk about those things of trust now to start theit is process to start we'll be back here on february 24th i will also on february 24th is wednesday the department of justice will host the first of several sessions in san francisco and as of the location to be determined we're in the process of determining the location i wanted to emphasize it is several locations we want to make sure we are hearing from month folks that are effected by the issues we're here today for so this is a number of locations across the city let me contribution to the last issue and talk about
12:32 pm
something that is a white house initiative as a result the present task force the 15 policing the president kicked off in may of 2015 he announced the lounge of the open police data initiative peace officer and let me explain what it is about the purpose of initiative to encourage the police departments cross the country to make better use of their data and some of you requested data an annual report but that report is summarized and your innovate getting the sense of it but open data you can look at and get a better sense of what guess golden going on so better use of data and #2r5i7b89 and to improve policing outcomes the goal is for agencies around the country to release data in
12:33 pm
an open format like cops and searchers and use of force and officer involved shooting and complaint etc. the police data helps the last night to leverage data from the processes within the department and we've seen the pro tem developing bras of data and technology the areas of earlier pension systems, body cameras and #340r79 use of force in incidents and the success of this program is really, really taken hold less than a year it was announced in may 30th departments have as i said open to the police officers open data initiative and have released 50 different data sets from use of force and pedestrian and community meetings and a whole lot more san francisco has signed on to be a site for ltthe
12:34 pm
police open data initiated which is an important first step the cops office as well as the white house we will cooperate our efforts to move forward with the certificate of appropriateness open data ems to the honorable 3 and 4 >> (clapping.) thank you chief ray let me express my appreciation to attorney general lynch and assistant bryan stretch that answered the call that police chief and i made to an independent review of the police practices here in san francisco you've already heard if the chief and director davis what they're approach will be i want to mayor you knew the request was an open effort to make sure that we have the best practices that we can possibly have and that we measure up to the police
12:35 pm
practices of 21st century as the presidents has articulated and the experience of director davis and chief ray and the others that they'll occur to have on the staffs to review the data we will eventually come out with we know that it is an expression that our city our police commission our office of citizens complaints our stakeholders and community and the board of supervisors are all working together to make sure we do doing everything we can to rebuild trust between our police department and the community it serves and make sure we're doing it in a verifiable way in a data driven way in a true way it can be reviewed so that we can off ourselves up in a transparency like never before i think this is good for the city i asked the chief this b be
12:36 pm
done we quite frankly needs to get the trust and move quickly that didn't mean on a day to day basis we give up on good policing every single day we're working with the community to do that we're working during this event we're hosting to make sure everyone is safe and conduct ourselves the higher way and informed way with all our communities members but this review is important to us important simple that we get victims of crime that is truly transparent to everyone that we are more than willing to be the best standard police department the country and that put ourselves out there to insure we gain the criticism that we need to have in order to be a better city i welcomed this i applaud the efforts of our department of justice to do that and come
12:37 pm
in i know that in talking with mr. davis and attorney stretch that is relatedly a new service the past the department of justice had to force their way into many cities without the need of cooperation and as chief ray said this is a acholic beverage effort we'll give up the information and allow ourselves to be imposed by
12:38 pm
way of practices and the practices we should have and those we should adopt this is what more than cities should do to increase the safety and the trust that we all are the process of building in everything we do i want to see is that it didn't end or start with our police department this is obviously one of the most important things we're doing with the department of justice as the mayor i have to be finding on education and focused on in equality and focused on affordable housing have to be focused on making sure our neighborhoods are not living in isolation a lot of people feel that they do sometimes and it starts with the eyes needs for the attitudes that point those goals our city continues to improve itself in every community the city to make sure that our city is responsive i want to say thank you to doj it is just a start we'll put the necessary resources when they're recommendations that are made they won't be in follow-up with the board of supervisors and the city and making sure that we comply more than comply we equally seize the opportunity to be a more modern city. >> thank you and for this chief suhr. >> i too want to join in
12:39 pm
the mayors comments and saying how appreciatively for the attorney stench and correct davis and others bryan stretch for agreeing to help us to come in and do the acholic beverage reform initiative as the appropriate level of review requested we point mayor thank you for your leadership and i will be remiss if i didn't recognize some of the local leaders on the side supervisor cowen who's the supervisor the district 10 the officer involved shooting mario woods and our president of the police commission commissioner loftus and the director of our office of citizens complaints that director joyce hicks and of course there almost goes without no introduction from the very onset has been requesting the review it is
12:40 pm
important to note that almost immediately after the use of mario woods it was not often anybody the trust for many residents in san francisco was shaken and to that end i have conversations with the cops office specifically chief ray and director davis to see if we can engage in a review they thought was appropriate i was familiar about the las vegas police department acholic beverage youth from some years ago the 71 recommends we've began to work on with the police commission i assure you we've talked about the reengineering the use of force as an issue as director davis said they're all struggling across the country with a weapons short of a firearm we have to deal with folks with beverage weapons and other weapons especially
12:41 pm
folks in country having with something other than a firearm so to that we said on the other hand, ends up we'll speak to the deesclation and remind the officers the sanctity of life and not only them but the community and could be suspects of crime to say it work in process we've undertaken the initial start to this with a full review and the help of the department of justice and doing what we can to rebuild the trust shaken. >> open up for questions. >> one comment. >> just one thing i don't know about the timeline i apologize to the community knows how this works over the next - approximately 8 to 10 months will be the assessment
12:42 pm
and the besides the inspector duffy the officers and thoughts of documents and use of force cases going back several years and the toll members of the committee engaging the community-based and one is usually less talked about but the youth organization what are the youths of san francisco that may have concerns especially young felons so take into account the best practices and policy and imperial discipline and others policies and come up with a report we'll stay we'll continue to provide technical assistance and necessary bring in the experts along the way and give you the public report and monitoring our city of los angeles process to engage the community because our #12e789 r assessment may be one part didn't but explicit mean much the community didn't said we're aware that people have
12:43 pm
difficulty getting this we'll move around the city to people have you know through our preschool process that people have to have a voice they have to know that city government and governments are listening they have a fair opportunity to share their examiners we can learn from that. >> at this time i'll open up for questions. >> my apologies at this point. >> the district attorney said there was an obstruction in the investigation for getting documents and is your office go about to an investigation and district attorney can't get the (inaudible) on the murder of mario woods so a great question later
12:44 pm
today, we'll be meeting with folks our process is without contradiction and one of the things we'll be looking at want transparent of the bart and the sfefkz year and a half enough detail whether they should and shouldn't get the documents but leave it up to the district attorney and the families put together our intent to meet with them and the community leader to see their prospective we'll be open and transparent and share and it is we'll be candid if there is an obstruction weigh be crystal before waiting 6 to 8 months to share we share it with the department and now with that said, that is not what is happening i'll leave it up to the city but our process is about trained we'll evaluate
12:45 pm
that. >> how so that diversity from the civil rights versus the division and any requirement to input our recommendation and would there is requirement (inaudible) how. >> that's a great question when 9 gentleman a referring to on the continuances of services there's a process called a pattern practice investigation that's a civil process and a proposals the difference what they're similar and the process the initial assessment 8 to 10 months neiman is where your los gatos an in depth top to bottom investigation and the recommendations and the didn't even did recommendations we come up with the specific recommendations if it is the civil rights they'll be
12:46 pm
entered spots city and impossible requirements with our process it is not encompassed with a cul-de-sacks but with the public opinion that can be just as important when the community knows when the police department is supposed to be doing we're not a civil or a enforcement arm of united states but you'll get an in depth assessment and understanding where the department is at and the recommendation to get mind of them that is not only constitutional but amongst the best practices the 12 policing and the community will be empowered to hold us accountable to those standards this is quite frankly where is the mayor and board of supervisors look at how they embrace those recommendations that is with the police department. >> was there not cops you
12:47 pm
are in cooperation with the sfpd with them 2 years ago with the lindsey review was conducted by your department and the agreement of the san francisco police department. >> no, i don't believe so we have the reform around since 2011 we named san francisco the teeth we've node done an assessment of the san francisco police department. >> is there a element of confidentiality in the mission of transparent the request for candor (inaudible) really. >> without the community being (inaudible). >> absolutely it will be impossible to garter the information so we'll be
12:48 pm
hearing from the interview but the report one way or the other won't identify the officers alibi as is team goes 2, 3, 4 ride along these we know that part will be confidentiality we'll have an opportunity for interviews and talk to the police union and the community-based organizations and concerned about at their own - we're talk to them this is there are issues we should be focusing on but that part we'll not say who we talk to and get people to be open i see our experience your challenge any city we're not - we're starting the process in san francisco one they know i'll ask the community to look at because people are concerned many cases i think my cherns
12:49 pm
shows the for the right of police officers want to do do right thing this is the opportunity they become very vocal and supportive of the idea of change who wants to be not disrespect two wants to want the community to respect them and not have respect to make their jobs safer that makes it better and the crime fooishth relationship better so the level is important, however, we'll not support that's an issue that is a culture whether this is an ongoing investigation. >> go i'm paulette brown i lost my son 9 years ago the homicide on here in to and we want to bring up about the racism we're not (inaudible) i understand mario woods
12:50 pm
issue but here i've been on the battlefield and met with the mayor and i've may be seated point chief suhr for the last 9 years and if you wanted - more mothers like myself we need to be healed i've been around supervisor cowen, commissioner president loftus and everyone knows me, i'm bringing awareness to every mother suffering florida in silence to homicide we want to understand mario woods and we understand but we want the same uproar but our children being murdered and what is happening in our community. >> i'm sorry for your loss i agree with you very much so as we look at building trust the police department the community as we look at the engaging of the best
12:51 pm
practices we also know that this is also the best way to fight claim to enhance public safety and monitor the trust you have a hive case vicinity people will come forward and talk about the murders and find many ways would be against here on behalf of the appellant i think we share that and from the attorney general we're linked fetch constitutional basis to president obama policing is a way to make your community safer and established relationships so with your lost in mind this important it is not about a triggering case but looking at where the department what two as a nation and it is about thousands of cases we're talking about so thank you very much for that question. >> i still want to be on
12:52 pm
the advisory board. >> i'd like to you to respond (inaudible) . >> so i can - afford you the latter the bottom line i appeared before the blue-ribbon committee no stonewalling and the documents that blue-ribbon committee asked for where for the to the da to pass to the blue-ribbon committee by whatever law some of those are confidential developments and the resources we're thank you for the opportunity overseeing documents to us saying the committee was not attached to the district attorney's office an advisory committee to it end the documents were there to
12:53 pm
provide the public documents. >> right here. >> chief he one way or another in the da interviews the rank and file pedicabs from the blue-ribbon and the poa will that will your requirement for the federal review. >> no didn't we were informed by the district attorney and the blue-ribbon panel all the officers will be voluntary their entitled per the constitution that appears from the public defender's office to search representation and in this sensations the department asked the department of justice to come in and
12:54 pm
anybody the dufts coming with the full weight of the department of justice wishes to speak to us. >> the contribute contributor for the u.s. district attorney given the san francisco police department and the tech instantaneously and some of the concerns of the community leaders if you were asked for a civil rights investigation and why you if not or why decided not to get into the civil rights investigation. >> you know the federal authorities, you know, also have their eyes open and receive the questions requests for investigations when we have a request for a practice investigation we're referring to which is really the next step up from the weather form it is saluted by avoided by the department we can see the 93 u.s. city attorney's office and consult with the sifting division at woovshd to see what we know at the time whether a civil rights investigation is appropriate that is is a complication occurred and
12:55 pm
the decision was made to go forward of course, what we have acholic beverage reform for the department you know will continue to pursue anything that comes in appropriate. >> so i'll go ahead i think i'll city ask a question in making the decision i understand the communities concern the city of jurisdiction may ask for usually, we're looking at an independent review investigation we've seen the process as part of progress for me in determining we'll say yes there is a full investigation and including the conversations with the leadership of the department of justice community the attorney general to see the best response nothing we're doing today whether preclude the sifting folks from come in the circumstances or didn't exist or changes
12:56 pm
needed resulted with the constitution of violations so the department of justice maintenance adversities ability to do the practices i'll make that clear quite frankly no way around that exposure the only way around any exposure for the best practices is not engaging with the constitution of the violations and basically happening the police department not justified to do do investigations so i do want i did is an important question i caution us about this because they are completely different programs but the services that the departments have to have and it is st. francis the decision of the department of justice that the acholic beverage reform can work not because 4 the pd police department asked for that but a strong community and
12:57 pm
holding all departments accountable they've approved the condition of the oversight board so we can good afternoon them to do what they're elected to do it can absolutely work if 2 didn't things change we make - not the full cooperations a practices that can't be changed to the process we'll definitely refer the matter to up to the levied and the only thing we'll start with one thing in mind we provide the best services to the people of san francisco and as promised and the people of san francisco deserve and provider that we will make the best opportunity we believe this is the best response based on requests and we got requests not only from the mayor and the police chief. >> the civil rights and the attorneys for more in depth private practices we take
12:58 pm
into consideration and had a discussion. >> (inaudible) have confidence in this process (inaudible) and the public especially in a public commission here is that the way they behave in their oversight how did that happen on the streets this change needs to be now i carry this on. >> i think that is the purchase of progress there remains this culture the first way to abort to identify it and said where and how a and a what stent and the practices that allow this in responsive to our question. >> yes. the champ will not be the first assessment
12:59 pm
you're getting the word the united states department of justice will be independent you look at the report it will be brutally honestly and candidly handout i make p that kroifrl i want to know that the obligation i can't help you but can help you once the recommendation is there this is where the city i think that question i have a powerful question one that is predicament even that is the organization alike if it didn't change we'll take into account the options i can't promise other than we will continue to provide candid responses and get to the first 6 months report you'll see the responses we provided no philadelphia 91 recommendations made and their pretty sure on their way an, an example
1:00 pm
philadelphia we had a six months repo6 months report and officer involved shooting were down 41 percent and davis shootings are down the police trust is building up we identified some troubling statistics and disparmentd racial disparticipated unbeknownst armed african-american men so the community has a to get data and say side by side with the department and the leadership is committed but used to live in the bay area i don't this is your home with the people can and cannot do i think they'll offer this to all the community-baseds this is a long term journey let's see if this works and it empowers you with the issues to hold the police department accountable if we are not
1:01 pm
pursuing it didn't tie our hands as a mentions the attorney general has options and services she can call upon but we're at the stamp with loot communities are are disfranchised people feel the department is not listening and pause and make that a unique opportunity to give voice and share and see if we make a difference together that's all i ask i'll not say over knitted it will change when you ask you to work with us and we hear you and factor that into our assessment. >> may i have a few additional questions. >>
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local biz and challenges the san franciscans to do their shop and dine in the 49 within the by supporting the services we help san francisco remain unique and successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine in the 49 san francisco owes itch of the charm to the many neighborhoods people coma greet and meet it has an personality these neighborhoods are economic engine seeing the changes is a big deal to me especially being a san francisco native and it is important to support the local businesses but also a lot to
1:27 pm
over here it is nice not to have to go downtown i think that is very important 0 for us to circulate our dollars the community before we bring them outside of the community for the time we have one dollars in the community is the better off we are it is about economic empowerment by apron ingress the businesses that are here. >> shopping local cuts down the cyber foot you'll find cookies and being transported the world where everything is manufactured and put on the assembly line having something local is meaning more the more we support
1:28 pm
our local businesses the more i can walk down to where i need to be. >> bridges contingency bye like west portal it is about city and san francisco may have a big name but a small city and a lot of small communities shop and dine in the 49 highlighted that and reminded people come outburst and i love that about this city i'll always be a
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