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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  July 24, 2016 10:40pm-12:01am PDT

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>> meeting adjourned. thank you very much for attending. [gavel] >> okay welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget & finance subcommittee for wednesday, july 20, 2016, my name is mark farrell i'll be chairing the committee and joined by supervisor yee and by the supervisor tang. >> thank you clerk linda wong and mark as nona melkonian from
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sfgovtv for covering the meeting madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. >> yes. board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you, madam clerk we were here quite late madam clerk call number one. >> the approval for the calendar year 2017 to remove the rates from ohio and colleagues this is something i sponsored on the health board and the representative i want to welcome the amazing director katherine dodd. >> thank you. good morning members of the board brown today a administrative code for the
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health service and calendars year 2017 this the stacey a monthly contribution the charter requires the employer contribute towards the health premiums for the 10 couldn't average based on the 10 months populous counties they use the average amount to the retiree rates asia to a couple of unions not adopted the percentage contribution this year's 10 county average increases 4.4 percent and all health service insurance have increased substantially this - only which of - the first cost driver the cost of the inhibitions and out-of-pocket cost driven by large hospital
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consolidation this is the rapidly cost increase for the drugs to treat cancer and cure hispanics c and other anti viral drugs and others anti you mean minute drugs although we have many drugs as generic for several years the mustards are increasing the costs of generics to get a profit late cost driver that the services is hss members the utilization will considers unfortunately, our membership depresses chronic illness our well-being program is so important health services is in compliance with the characters passes in 2010, the health service board approved a second opinion for
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all members estimate 44 percent of medical diagnosed are incorrect and financial and human costs the hss manage care of plans have less second opinions and now renowned experts and a with expertise in certain areas all hss members will be able to call or e-mail the doctors and release their records to get a second opinion this has adam $1 to the cost and within the trust by $0.95 to pay for communication casts and well-being per the charter this is calculated into the health premium and the rates are decreased with the rate agreements guaranteed through 2019 you may recall that kaiser
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permanente decreased if 2017 and held them flat the katrero park increases 4.7 increase and added a cop structure to match blue shield neither of the plans changes the premium costs it is important to note it hiv drugs are excluded in the drug charge adding best doctors for the fund and the kaiser permanente increases for the actives amount to 5 percentage the kaiser permanente medicaid advantage increases 8 percent for the sustainability fund with the premium increase for medicare is 8.76 percent the blue shield for active uses and others retirees are 3.79 percent we've funded
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blue shield the employer takes the risk up to a certain dollar amount we pay the pharmacy and the other costs we continue to work with blue shield with significant success to keep the costs down adding the best doctors and sustainability fee bring the blue shield to 4.682 percentage with the retiree there over 16 percent working with blue shield and the proposed lowered to 10.2 the actuary recommended to accept the proposal and expand the ppo that was offered the first time and the medicare decreasing the rate increase by 11 percent our self-funded ppo
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administrative code by the a.k.a. would have increased by 48 plus percentage for actives and early retirees and the health service board used the rate stabilization to reduce those from 12 mrs. percentage the ppo ac was calculated at the 29 percentage with the actuary voted to - the new city plan ppo rather than continuing the self-funding this as fundamental change not a benefit change the reduction this reduces the ppo increased to 14 percent the overall increase for 2017 would have cost 14 plus $9 million by adapting the ppo
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instructions only to 2 want 5 percent at the 5.3 those amount to a million dollars our active self-delta ppo increased by .8 were reduced by 6 percent for 2016 over 2017 and are the same for 2017 the pacific delta plan for the retirees that adam an additional service lifelong disability andtions for the actives is florida inchanged in 2019 beginning in - smoking on the status of insured and this again decrease the premium by an average of 7.1 percent
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overall a total increase for the benefits is overall the total average compares favorably with the 9 percent i realize i may have received concerns from the medical retirees i want to assure you the plan will payal plans through by physician that accepts medicare and we believe the concerns are unwaeshtd the new ppo has a broader plan than the old city plan it has additional benefits and the lower premiums through kaiser permanente and low co-pay we hope to dispel the confusion what is covered along with our kaiser permanente there will be 20 members of the committee to help to educate and 5 town hall
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members that can't attend because of timing or that distance during and before enrollment- i also know that representatives from kaiser permanente and blue shield and united health care are here i urge your approval thank you director dodd's. >> supervisor yee. >> good morning, ms. dodd i have a related question i noticed that your reserves for the trust fund has been dwindled quite a bit from 11 millions to 3 million or so i'm wondering are there any plans to replenish to grow that back up are we in any danger you know of a
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shortage. >> we've spent the reserve amount over the last two years to buy down the early retiree active and rates to make them comprehensive with blue shield and capillary this year the board went through two rate deliberations what to buy down our policy is to set aside 1/3rd of any excess not excel by premiums over expenditures and to amortize any decreases over 3 years that amount would so been 3.679 millions the rate increased 48 percent plus to further decrease those costs and i don't believe that we are in -
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we still have what's the balances pamela? whatever 11 millions plus 3.79 is. >> so there's 3.79 that should be adequate nonetheless we have a tremendous number of sick people and if it isn't we will amortize any loss over 3 years but increase the premiums obviously. >> i'm curious what's the average autumn that you've had in they're for the last 10 years. >> i think. >> i don't have that stabilization we implemented
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this policy of amortizing both blue cross blue shield and the delta dental and the city plan we implemented it i think 6 years ago but we could go back and get that information to you there was a period because the premiums went up so high a lot of people left and left us with a surplus in stabilization we spent down the surplus last year. >> i have one other question regarding the long term disability insurance i noticed a decrease of 7.1 percent over and over something like that which is curious to me. >> the decrease was based on our agreeing to give a percentage to the insurance
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company with a low amount of smokers so they decreased our amount and luckily only 2.7 percent of our employees are smokers the national average is 22 percent. >> i'm happy to see the decrease. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you colleagues, any further questions okay mr. rose, can we go to your report. for number one. >> yes. on page 7 shown in table one of the total estimated city and member costs for delta plans and long term disability and life insurance is 63 million dollars plus in 2017 which is a
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4.79 increase in the 2016 the fidelity estimated cost for the health and dental plan as well as the long term disability and life insurance for the city itself in 2017 is $581 million approximately 24.3 or an increase in the 4 hundred million people in 2016 we recommend that you approve that ordinance. >> thank you mr. rose any questions for the budget analyst anyone wish to comment commissioner or hss fellow commissioner ms. breslin a hero and want to recognize here if there are any other commissioners, i apologize but anyone want to comment you'll have 2 minutes and additional
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people want to speak please line up against the wall with 2 minutes to speak. >> good morning my name is karen breslin i'm a member of the benefits and on the health service board they voted 4 to 2 to remove the existing city plan and blue shield for the eligible retirees they'll be put into the new plan a special meeting held at a different times and place teleconference rushed through with little notice to our members and the board member i was kept in the dark until 3 days before this roams removes a choice for the city plan employees that is a self-funded plan and all assets and liabilities blink to the city or trust the plan is a united
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health care plan and calling this the new city plan a misleading and will confuse the members when the medicaid retirees are removed the only members remaining will be actives and early retirees they're the highest cost and there will be little subsidy left for the next year there are under 2000 members there has been no explanation how this plan will be sustainable the only plan the retirees have available to move out of area it only covers methodology retirees no explanation of how medicare of employees living outside of the u.s. are covered they cover the medicare retirees seeing local
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dollars it is a good choice as last year but not a mandated. >> one more statement. >> sure. sure. >> to the rushed many questions have been met unanswered this causes a lot of confusion and distrust and will you put a lot of staff at extra work thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is july 4th kit are retired city employee and a resident of district 7 i have here letters from the protect our benefits president larry on his views and oath copies for everyone. >> i just want to say i have for many, many years been in city plan one and want to continue in that plan the city plan is important to keep because not all decreases take
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medicare the highly skilled decreases treating a serious disease didn't take medicare the differences of quality of services the city plan allows access to all decreases and freedom of choice that is the plan you want to do away with it is a self-plan administrative code by the united health care that provides a visit to all an actual decrease for a second opinion not the case in what is proposed in the change thank you thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> chief financial officer i've been asked by director dodd to read into the record a letter that she received from greg the commission on the health service board dear kablth republican
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thank you for your offer to remain on the finance committee for the fully funded medicare ppo plan that replaces the blue shield 65 plus plan and the self-insured plan for retirees as a commissioner and former chief financial officer for the department of health and former acting chief financial officer for the health service i studied the issues thoroughly and took time from meeting with our actuary before voting i remain convinced the plan will have broader geographic come over and a lower cost than the plan that replaces i understand the concerns of retired members that worry about access to theory physicians and hospital i too am a medicare eligible retiree and
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will be losing my blue shield conform i was concerned about losing any says, however, i'm satisfied this will not be an issue u h c has data indicating 94 percent of physicians already participating in this plan and those physicians current provide 95 percent plus of the services in addition no changes in the covered services member cops are lower and an importantly the total monthly cost is lower than the blue shield 65 plus plan city plan and even the kaiser permanente medicare advantage plan plus - >> i have plus a fully insured plan no risk of under funding that will require the retention reserves for a self-funded plan
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adoption of this plan was 4.5 percent increase in costs to the overall medicare population versus and 13 plus there from the continuation of the preexisting plan in terms of cost containment it reduces the liability for forced employment retirement i urge the budget and finance to support this plan seller greg health system. >> okay. >> next speaker, please. >> herbert wiener first, i want to announce i hold shares in united health 98 of them. >> my concern is about the city health plan for one thing it is a very good health plan the enar very of the rest of the country a comprehensive plan the people who are members are satisfied with that
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now, one concern i have is that okay. you're going to eliminate this plan for retirees eventually and eliminate for actives and retirees 65 years of age this is a road to that the other concern is okay. you will have we have two new plans now as retirees either kaiser permanente and the united health plan some people swear by kaiser permanente and not everyone is happy with the plan and the only choice you have is united health the ppo, now the rates are very low for the ppo for united health however, there is nothing to stop them from jacking up the rates and the only alternative is kaiser permanente now suppose
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that kaiser permanente and united health jack i am the prices like the other ribbon barons in 1998 the rates went up for the city health plan sky-high and people fled as a result of that if the rates go sky-high where will people go maybe san francisco general hospital i don't know. but this is really a disaster in my opinion that was rushed through i think the message was pleased you have to approve this and make the wrong decision quickly this is the wrongs way to do business and i think we should protest is this should be perpetual this is on outrage thank you >> okay. thank you very much
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anyone wish to comment. >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues if any questions or comments. >> otherwise let's entertain a motion. >> through the chair i mean i appreciated ms. defendant's deposition explanation not only in committee but the information i'm comfortable with moving forward i have to hear from the members of the public or the health commission i'll move to send to the full board with positive recommendation. >> motion by supervisor tang and a seconded by supervisor yee and without objection madam clerk call items two and three together. >> the resolution for the san francisco municipal transportation agency on behalf of the city to execute a grant application all the time and recommended documents from the state of california housing and sustainable community program as as joint applicant with the the
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mercy housing and item 3 a resolution for the san francisco municipal transportation agency on behalf of the city to execute a grant application a grant all the time and related documents under the state of california affordable housing and sustainable community programs as joint applicant with the tenderloin neighborhood for the project on eddy street. >> thank you very much welcome back. >> thank you chair farrell and supervisors sophie hayward from the mayor's office of housing and community development the two resolutions before you are each associated with an application for cap & trade funds for the affordable housing and sustainable communities program we call it go a-6 for short each the projects contain affordable housing with a transit oriented improvement to make to competitive and to achieve the maximum must be of
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points those two projects on fell and eddy have requested that the city the sfmta sign on as as joint applicant those resolutions before you authorize the sfmta to officially sign as planners for the cap & trade fund the two resolutions were originally heard at the land use committee, however, after the hearing the state released on application which provided specific language that must be included in its final resolutions indicating the transit agency has the authority to sign on as a joint applicant those resolutions have been amended and i have distributed the amended versions essentially oh, and based on the changes their referred to the budget committee the two resolutions function as a apply forceps and
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expend grant approval if the applications are successful we complete the projects we're happy to make the candidates because the nature of the program the cap & trade program requires the successful applications seriously sooeshld be shovel ready entitled projects ready to go the emotion the cap & trade serve as a substitute so for other city funds and allow us to stretch our dollars further first on 55 fell street is as long as as parcel o a 100 percent accountable new construction approximately, six thousand square feet of retail commercial and community space the project didn't contain in any off-street parking but bike that concludes
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my remarks but have freeway parcel organization was kur7b8 vacate and low remain under city ownership and turn it into mercy housing for the travel the sfmta the grant application consists of 7 bulb outs and assessable signal upgrades along la go down and oak and other mediums along octavia boulevard the total application is over $16 million approximately 1 million of those will be a loan to mercy housing for successful and just over one millions a grant to the city for the transit related improvements and then the second projects is on eddy street and that project sponsor for the housing consultant is tenderloin and the total application in that project is for 5 millions and 4
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million plus is a loan to the tndc and approximately 16 thousand a grant to the city for transit related improvements the assembly apartment built in the 19234 in need of a sustainable rehabilitation and the financing for the project of which the cap & trade funds are critical will insure that the property will maintain the affordability with the conditions and integrity for the long term the sfmta transit component to that project will economist of converting the painted safety zones on the corners no more the yosemite apartment to the concrete bulb outs that concludes my presentation. there are representatives from the sfmta here as well to answer
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any questions. >> thank you ms. hayward supervisor yee. >> thank you for your presentation ms. hayward can you explain the fact that we're applying for a grant and if we receive the grant that a big chunk the grant will be a loan. >> i mean didn't mean we actually don't have a grant just a loan. >> i can try to explain it's been a confusing process through the state and the nature of the program requires we that the affordable housing partner with the transit oriented improvement is actually comes in two separate parts by far the largest part is very long term loan to the housing developer for the affordable housing the try grant part is to the sfmta to support their transit work so the vast majority of
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work b will go to the nonprofit developer and the only true grant part is to the sfmta. >> is there any advantage of these organizations to take the loan is if later than usual i mean. >> the - i understand the loan is a loan that will be paid back but a very, very long term loan that functions as as grant at the end of the term they'll refinance it and do it again. >> so it saves the city money we don't have to provide the gap funding for that. >> okay i don't completely understand why we're doing this but - >> we'll far brief to use the state than the local funds. >> oh, okay.
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>> there's the answer. >> thank you ms. hayward all right. colleagues, any further questions open up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item number two or three seeing none, public comment is closed. so colleagues would like to accept the amendments and move forward >> so moved. >> motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor yee without objection and madam clerk item 4 auto item 4 a resolution approving the agreement with s p x not to exceed thirty force an initial term for a installation for post 5 years xhoens for the extension for a total term not to exceed 16 years. >> okay. thank you mta to speak in the presentation is that up on the - sfgovtv can we do the power point?
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>> there we go. >> great, thank you. >> good morning chair farrell and members of budget committee ami i work for the sfmta and the project manager. >> i'm here today to present the terms of our fare box contract that was a approved by the sfmta board of directors on june 2, '81, i'd like to go over some backward and rational currently all the muni vehicles residential design fare box that date back to 1991 and they're reaching the end of their useful life their refurnished but not upgraded and the fare box manufacturer cubic no longer supports those fare boxs for
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altogether there are also insufficient fare box sees and they don't - so some of the overall benefits of the in any fare box is the reliability and accounting and tracking for revenues and ridership they will also replace preprinted transfers with on demand realtime that printing of ios transfers and will go through that in a little bit the fare box hope with the security accommodating new policy changes in the future and provide information about the fair transactions the vendor we've selected through a procurement process
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beginning late last fall is s p x jen fair they're a contractor 5 years after initial installation busing plus options plus two options for additional 5 year for a total term. > all opposed by the same sign 15 years the cost is $21.9 million but 6 million for the annual maintenance on a slide in a moment with more details we'll have 13 hundred 36 fareboxes with spares on the cable cars and also others components of the fare box system in addition to the fare box system itself this is a project budget from mr. rose's report for not to exceed amount of 29 plus million
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dollars this slide shows what the fare box will look like this is a model we will have other speakers this is at the generic fare box from the manufacturer there is a transfer at the top which will as mentioned earlier provide on demand printing of transfers of bill and coin slot and bill for entering facing with the customers this is in compliance with the americans with disabilities act the transfers from muni you're familiar with the transfer the new transfers will have a consistent xroirgs as well as a fair price on the ticket the transfer is generic for all fair categories we anticipate the improvement of this operator through the transfer theft the
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transfers will have not value unless by the fare box this will anticipate fair transfer waste and other components of fare box include a cashbox when is will secure housing that stores the fair revenue this can't be opted by our revenue collections staff or others without the appropriate security credentials the cashbox is subdivided out into this orange housing which and the money goes into the mobile bin it is secured and the monies are transferred from each the sfmta divisions to our revenue collections facility at sfmta headquarters this is on overall timeline we are european july 28th for the supervisors
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for the full board of supervisors and have approximately half a year for installation on all the vehicles with the wrap up in spring of 2017. >> that concludes my presentation. if you have any questions. >> supervisor yee. >> i have a quick question i'm curious about the how much do we collect in cash fairs every year this is - i'm wondering is this something in the future will be sleet or not i'm not sure. >> so currently the sfmta has fair revenues of 200 and $5.6 million based on the anticipated 2016 budget the cash fair is $83.7 million some of that through clipper and
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some in the fare box right now we are looking at anticipate that we're doing everything we can to convert people from cash to other fair i clipper through the budget fy 17 budget calls for a regular cash fairs collected at the fare box we're doing things to move people away from that we recognize that cash is a form of currency that people use. >> i don't hear the amount. >> right now we're collecting $83.7 million for the fksz cash value. >> that's not the clipper card. >> some of that includes clipper electronic ash cash on the clipper card and some
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through the fare box revenues. >> my question the cash when i put a quarter that's cash to me so - if you don't know the answer you don't know the answer. >> it is approximately $40 million collected under the fare box i don't have that specific number with me. >> okay. thank you. >> supervisor tang. >> just curious the vendor that was selected s p x jen fair which other transit have they located those boxed. >> they have 80 percent of the fareboxes in the united states in fact, been installed on all the transit systems within the bay area over the last years. >> and in terms of the project budget i see there is you know quite a bit erupted for
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preventive maintenance in terms of ongoing service is that into the software equipment category i want to onramp how it works for the ongoing maintenance and repairs and so forth. >> so we have our the sfmta has its own fare box electronic maintenance technicians that work on all the box and the system they'll remain as first line maintenance the preventive maintenance is provided by the vendors they'll touch the fare box one per year and go through the parts to make sure it is functioning if the boxes are not functioning that's in included in the prices. >> and the contract is for 5 years initially with the option to extend not to exceed 16 years given this vendor has 80 percent
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of market in the united states for transit systems you know making sure that has technology changes and so forth that there able to adopt to that. >> absolutely they you are very well in tune with the trends within the industry so they in addition to the fareboxes and others fair equipment as well. >> thank you supervisor tang mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 14 of our report we show the table i believe that supervisor tang received to the mta's budget for the proposed agreement is $29 million plus with a fare box maintenance costs and related expenses and it is that budget that was submitted to us is seven hundred and 35 plus less than the
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agreement not to exceed $30 million for that reason we made a recommendation on page 14 to amend the proposed not to exceed by seven hundred plus and $30 million to 29 and we recommend you approve the resolution as amended. >> thank you, mr. rose any questions for the mta. >> okay all right. opening up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 4 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> move we set mr. rose's amendment and move that out with a positive recommendations. >> motion by supervisor yee and seconded by commissioner chung madam clerk will you call items 5, 6 and 8. >> the release of the public utilities commission places on budget committee $21 million for
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the west side recycled at the water system improvement program to fund the costs for the project item 6 resolution under the california environmental quality act including the mitigation monitoring and reporting program and overriding considerations for the city of san francisco west side recycled water project and item 8 a construction of a recycled water pump station into ground water in golden gate bridge and welcome to the puc. >> thank you. good morning chair farrell and supervisors thank you for the opportunity to present and i want to see thank supervisor wiener for introducing those items those two projects are a concerted effort to strengthen our water supply
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i'm going to talk about each of them the water cycle and the even if and dealing with the budget and reserve funds that is phase 2 of the construction in phase one again and is issues related that the west side recycled water will produce one .6 million gallons of water and the peak pursuit of 4 million gallons a day it will be within the water pollution plant and the latter size for boulder nor production capacity the project includes $7.7 million of pipelines and golden gate bridge the projects are irrigation of golden gate
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park and linking park and presidio golf course and the potentially in the future potentially serving the san francisco zee and toilet flushing in the academy of sciences and the museum golden gate park is the largest and one of the purposes of recycling water to take the park off the ground water and those projects are linked the water quality objectives that were set to meet the park for irrigation and for phil the lakes there we have established specific target for salt and ammonia and worked through that and found the reverse osmosis will meet the goals we'll take the secondary water and treat that with
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filtration for the member before an and reverse the osmosis were the ultimate violet light this is an immense treatment for the recycled water to be used in golden gate park this is a render the recycle water in golden gate park located on the sites of composite fats with the temporary located in the dump area and relocated adjacent in the pump station the krooirgd water budget and reserve funds in this table the totals project costs at this time is one and $86 million we're requesting removal of reserve of one and $20 million we have it budget out for 2018 and 2019. >> the san francisco ground
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water supply project is depicted ♪ map it will supply up to 4 million gallons for the - wale start out penalty of perjury slowly to make sure as we develop the ground water it didn't cause seawater intrusion or other probabilities but want to be careful one of the things to note on the figure the blue areas is the areas served by the water it will be blend in the sunset reservoirs to make sure we get a good quality of water on the order of 10 percent ground water for the splus surpass but from the blue area scheduled to 40 percent of the city so that will be a high quality of water that is delivered throughout san francisco
11:30 pm
the ground water project facilities that were enlightening are shown in the picture two locations and each of one is housing a ground water well and pump head to make sure we can extract the water from constructed wells to make sure we have the highest quality of water we can the ground water the united states is a high quality source we've been monitoring since 2000 and this high quality small quantity will be blended in the reservoirs with existing surpass water supply that will splaus surpass outline drinking water concerns we have the best taft water in the world after we blend in ground water we have a more diverse supply and still have the best tasting water even in any version
11:31 pm
we've had ongoing there the eir and through offerings for people to sample the ground water it really is very good quality water one thing i'd like to do recognize our two project sponsors barbara from the puc and the recycled water raised our hand barbara garcia and jeff managing the ground water ios two folks have worked tirelessly to make sure we have high quality projects to inclusive and protect our water in summary we're asking you adopt the krierlgdz project exhaustive the construction in golden gate park and the pimp station and the well water and release the funds for the west side project >> i'm available to answer any
11:32 pm
questions. >> thank you very much colleagues, any questions. >> supervisor tang i don't have any questions i kink your been working on this for a very, very longed some that folks have a negative reaction to the potential blended water but certainly we understand your true need to be able to diversify our water source so again make sure that we continue to keep our community updated but the project as construction is beginning and despite the work you've done before i'm glad to see that puc is working with the fire department for example, to on the benefits and strengthening some of the pipelines that serve several purposes to thank you very much for that. >> absolutely. >> supervisor yee. >> you might have addressed this but my question is as our
11:33 pm
pumping water from the ground sometimes, i read about it in the paper we over do that and things happen to the land itself have you guys studied that itch much or think things low happen. >> that's an issue that occurs in the valley and the santa clara when we pump out too much water if there's a lot of clay layers they actually can compress and you have things substantial in santa clara county those 14 feet is the height it is a problem and can't pump it up open that west side of the san francisco we have basically sand virtually all sand so we looked at the situations and does not expect
11:34 pm
anything but keep on top of that and slowly increasing if we see signs of that we'll get on top of that. >> as your penalty of perjury water out as sand the sand will not condense and it is condenses all the dune sand we get from the thousands of years it's been there. >> okay okay no other comments mr. rose, can we go to your report. on 5 i believe. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee you stayed it is regarding item 5 of page 17 the order recycled water budget is one and $86 million blues that includes the one hundred plus of finance reserve on page 18 and provided us with
11:35 pm
the details we recommend you approve the requests and reserves. >> thank you, no other comments or questions we'll move to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 5, six or eight. >> good morning, supervisors thank you for the opportunity i'm laura with spur and here to support the project we've been a long time supporter of this in san francisco this project is moving this long time forward it is important we difference if i our water supply to meet the goals of the sustainable city we have a wonderful supply in hetch hetchy but do more to have kiergd water san francisco is one of the last city to develop the water so mostly this project forward helps us into a leadership position i think that it is we heard you to adopt
11:36 pm
those findings to meet the goals to have 10 million gallons a day by 2018 as we supported in the 2008 with the water pe eir those plans get built and having a goal of appropriate alternative water supplies for the resilient city thank you for the recycled water project moving forward anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. okay colleagues. >> i'd like to make a motion to adopt all the budget analysts recommendations that is including the reserve and sending forward the items to the full board with positive registration. >> clarification that is adding 6 and 8 and item number 5
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to file the hearing matter. >> yes. i'll make a motion to file item 5. >> motion by supervisor tang seconded by supervisor yee without objection. >> madam clerk call items 7 and 9 the resolution adopting the california environmental quality act including the adoption of a mitigation monitoring and reporting program and a statement of overriding consideration for the san francisco west side water project and item 9 resolution authorizing the amendment of mission to reduce the size of the premises to accommodate the san francisco public works and consideration of the payment of approximately thirty thousand and investments thank you puc is here. >> good morning. i'm tony the assisted reality director of the
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puc i ask for your consideration of a resolution authorizing the amendment to the lease between the city and county of san francisco to the sfpuc and our charged supply hardware the amendment is needed to reduce the premises in order to accommodate the sfpuc regional ground water storage and recovery project in consideration of the payment of 4 hundred and 60 thousand plus this is the very same ground water project that mr. richie spoke about it i cac have the overhead this is a poly gone of the premises of our charged supply calling your attention to the colored portion that are effected the only impact on our charged is operation is that dark blue towards the back of
11:39 pm
the parking lot - those are sub services use that will have a less impact on hardware supply. >> so in closing through this resolution we ask the board of supervisors to approve and authorize this amendment and adopt the california environmental quality act finding super guidelines in the administrative code code chapter 31 and incorporate the finding it is consistent with the general plan and the 8 policies of city planning code section 101 point one and authorize the city director of properties or the sfmta general manager to execute and make modifications and certain actions in furtherance of this resolution.
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>> okay. >> colleagues, any questions for staff right now okay mr. rose, can we go to your report. for item 7 i believe the only one. >> that's correct mr. chairman item 7 on page 21 the report on the appraisal the net value of the reduction to the site table by the sfpuc is 4 hundred and 60 tell you plus in table two on page 22 of the report we recommend that you approve that resolution. >> thank you, mr. rose colleagues, any questions anyone wish to comment on item number 7 are 9 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i'll go ahead and move the items 7 and 9 out of committee with positive recommendations. >> motion by supervisor yee and seconded by supervisor tang without objection all right. thank you. >> madam clerk item 10. >> a resolution approving the agreement with new comp with
11:41 pm
edison mccormick for energy and climate for a 5 year terms 2 thousand 21 for a total cost invited 25 mills. >> we have mr. rodriquez. >> good morning, mr. rodriquez from the department of the environment seeing to enter into 5 year contract with mccormick nooiftsdz $44 million for services related to the energy watch program the contract low provide a technical limitation of the program the budget is essentially million d the contractor was selected to a competitive bid service and the
11:42 pm
supervisors the payment is subject to available funds were we encourage our support for this item and want to thank the budget analyst office for their work and their report. >> and happy to answer any questions. >> thank you very much supervisor yee. >> in regards to the rebates is for both residential and commercial? >> correct supervisor the department receives a contract with pg&e and that program for our energy watch program is multiple levels we work with multiple housing building and work on residential buildings. >> all efforts to reduce energy salesforce for customers. >> do you have a breakdown residents to local businesses.
11:43 pm
>> we have this information but certainly we'll fortune to our office. >> mr. secretary. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 25 of our report the estimated $14 million budget 40s for the contract over 5 years is shown in table one and in addition the contractor will pay cash redates baits up to $40 million to the customers for qualifying the energy savings upgrades and commercial and residential proposals we recommend you approve that. >> thank you, mr. rose open up for public comment anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> all right. i'll make a motion to send to the full board. >> motion by supervisor tang
11:44 pm
and seconded by supervisor yee madam clerk item 11. >> item 11 hearing to consider the release of the reserve funds in the amount of one plus for the carbon fund project. >> mr. rodriquez working with. >> mr. rodriquez from the department of the environment the department is requesting approval of reels of one and $20,000 from reserve those founded are specifically come from the san francisco carbon fund and again for folks memory that is essentially any travel that any city employee does a consider percentage goes to the carbon fund and our goal to try to reduce green house gas emissions and we went through a selective competitive bid process an rfp to identify the programs that we could invest in
11:45 pm
and specifically we have 6 projects one i want to brought to your attention because i think that is as very initiative a micro loan on the energy assistance programs in many cases the small businesses may not have the up front cash to pay for the program so we're creating a small micro program to allow them to assess the energies salesforce and pay that over time as a resolving account we're excited about that program and encourage your support for the release of funds i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you supervisor tang. >> thank you. i think that the project selected are great in general when did the funding or application cycle. >> the applications cycles will be twice a year in the fall and again in the springs is the kind of the two opportunities we
11:46 pm
put together. >> okay. great because and then also how is the outreach in terms of our the rfp process i think there are so many projects that quality but kept in the loop of the opportunities. >> absolutely make sure that the supervisors offices will know about the rfp. >> okay. thank you. >> colleagues, any questions. >> mr. rose, can we go to your report. for item 11 please. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 29 of the report there is table 23 details the grantees and the expenditures that will be paid from this requested one and 20 thousand release of retired funds we recommend you release those funds. >> colleagues questions or comments that move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number item 11. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. so procedural we'll file the
11:47 pm
motion and release the funds okay. >> i'll make a motion to release the funds motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor yee and item 12 the modification for the agreements to authorize the informational boat program between the developments and the city in a.m. an not to exceed $10.8 million from june this year to 2016 and welcome back. >> good morning actuarial keating waring with the airport this is accident final amendment to an existing contract with polaris contract for the services throughout the airport the airport has this contract in
11:48 pm
place provided information on airport facilities and services and ground transportation and public transportation and xhoomthsz as well as language for non-speaking english passengers things irresistance 2011 was a result of the proposal process and had an initial terms of 3 years and two, one year options to extend at the extend that through june 2016 in march 2016 the airport commission authorized the staff for a new contracted more information booklets and guest service assistance the new contractor with include additional services as much as customs and assistance and manage airport lost and found program this new contracts requires property tax
11:49 pm
not in place until the ends of april we're asking to modify to extend the term by 6 months through december of 2016 the proposed 6 month extension to the existing contract will increase the amount by $1.2 million for a new contract amount of $10 million plus the budget analyst does point out we need retrofit active for july of this year. >> if no questions mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on the bottom of page 32 we report the proposed contract will there not to exceed one million dollars plus from the .6 to 10 and as
11:50 pm
ms. wagner stated from july 1st, 2016, through december 31st, 2016, we show a table two on page 33 of our report that summarizes we recommend you amend this for retrofit activity and recommend you adopt that has amended. >> colleagues if piano questions open up for public comment public comment is closed. >> i'll move to accept mr. rose's amendments and send out for approval with a positive recommendation. >> without objection. >> call will item 13 please. item 13 resolution approving the awarded professional services agreement to ss p for the
11:51 pm
management program, 2011 approximately $19.5 million and in june 2020 with one major extension. >> ms. wagner welcome back keating with the san francisco airport they're seeking your approval for a curbside for an initial term of one year option for june 30th of 2021 they're the airport that includes the limousine and the tmc holding lot not including the door-to-door vance and the airport issued a new rfp for the share ride will come before you for your consideration new ad ones is janitorial for the exterior and interior for the
11:52 pm
booths and graffiti removal as needed the first year contract costs are approximately $4.7 million for labor and operations costs and will increase by 2 percent for a contract not to exceed approximately $19.5 million for the term of contract this contract is the result of a competitive bid process and the budget analyst report recommended approval i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, ms. wagner. >> mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page bottom of page 37 of the report table 3 on page 38 shows a detailed breakdown allergy fiscal year of the proposal agreement cost totally $19 million plus that is over the initial 4 year
11:53 pm
term of the agreement and on page 39 again, we recommend that the prompt resolution be amend for retrofit activity for 2016 and recommend you approve as recommended. >> thank you, mr. rose colleagues in confesses wish to comment on item number on 13. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. a motion to accept the bftsz recommendations and move forward as recommended >> so moved. >> motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor yee without objection madam clerk could we still supervisor tang. >> yes. i'd like to make a motion to go back to item 9 and rescind the vote there. >> motion by supervisor katie tang we have a presentation in the puc we'll take that without objection. the votes on number 9 is rescinded. >> great to be here.
11:54 pm
>> i'll make this very short. >> the second leased amendment that i'm here to discuss a lease between the city and county of san francisco and the public utilities commission and mission valley rock to reduce the premises to accommodate the long term project in consideration of the payment of 29 thousand publication and reimbursement of expenses incurred by mission valley rock for the mining plan i want to brief show you what we are doing here this is the quarry the areas highlighted and shaded in pink we're taking back on a temporary base for the starj the area highlighted in green are the area we're taking back permanent for a water shed
11:55 pm
the adjacent to the water item enkirtd by the red line pursue the lease buy out was vetted by the m i appraiser and in close to the resolution we ask the board of supervisors to approve and authorize the lease amendment and adopt the finding from the ceqa guidelines and the administrative code chapter three 1 and authorize the city director of property and the city's deputy manager to execute the documents and take action in futures of this action. >> colleagues, any questions be move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 9 seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues now >> motion to send forth item 9 i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation and
11:56 pm
>> madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> >> thanks everyone we're
11:57 pm
>> we broke ground in december of last year. we broke ground the day after sandy hook connecticut and had a moment of silence here. it's really great to see the silence that we experienced then and we've experienced over the years in this playground is now filled with these voices. >> 321, okay. [ applause ] >> the park was kind of bleak. it was scary and over grown. we started to help maclaren park when we found there wasn't any money in the bond for this park maclaren. we spent time for funding. it was expensive to raise money for
11:58 pm
this and there were a lot of delays. a lot of it was just the mural, the sprinklers and we didn't have any grass. it was that bad. we worked on sprinkler heads and grass and we fixed everything. we worked hard collecting everything. we had about 400 group members. every a little bit helped and now the park is busy all week. there is people with kids using the park and using strollers and now it's safer by utilizing it. >> maclaren park being the largest second park one of the best kept secrets. what's exciting about this activation in particular is that it's the first of many. it's also representation of our city coming together but not only on the bureaucratic side of things. but also our
11:59 pm
neighbors, neighbors helped this happen. we are thrilled that today we are seeing the fruition of all that work in this city's open space. >> when we got involved with this park there was a broken swing set and half of -- for me, one thing i really like to point out to other groups is that when you are competing for funding in a hole on the ground, you need to articulate what you need for your park. i always point as this sight as a model for other communities. >> i hope we continue to work on the other empty pits that are here. there are still a lot of areas that need help at maclaren park. we hope grants and money will be available to continue to improve this park
12:00 am
to make it shine. it's a really hidden jewel. a lot of people don't know it's here. >> madam secretary call the roll please. sure. >> roll call sdmadz commissioner woo ho item 2 approval of the minutes for the june 2016 meeting >> i. >> opposed? >> next speaker, please. >> item 2 public comment on executive session. >> any public comment on executive session seeing none, public comment is closed. item had executives session >> so session. >>