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tv   BOS Special Budget and Finance Sub Committee 71816  SFGTV  July 27, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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june 2, '81, i'd like to go over some backward and rational currently all the muni vehicles residential design fare box that date back to 1991 and they're reaching the end of their useful life their refurnished but not upgraded and the fare box manufacturer cubic no longer supports those fare boxs for altogether there are also insufficient fare box sees and they don't - so some of the overall benefits of the in any fare box is the reliability and accounting and tracking for revenues and ridership they will also replace
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preprinted transfers with on demand realtime that printing of ios transfers and will go through that in a little bit the fare box hope with the security accommodating new policy changes in the future and provide information about the fair transactions the vendor we've selected through a procurement process beginning late last fall is s p x jen fair they're a contractor 5 years after initial installation busing plus options plus two options for additional 5 year for a total term. > all opposed by the same sign 15 years the cost is $21.9 million but 6 million for the annual maintenance on a slide in a moment with more
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details we'll have 13 hundred 36 fareboxes with spares on the cable cars and also others components of the fare box system in addition to the fare box system itself this is a project budget from mr. rose's report for not to exceed amount of 29 plus million dollars this slide shows what the fare box will look like this is a model we will have other speakers this is at the generic fare box from the manufacturer there is a transfer at the top which will as mentioned earlier provide on demand printing of transfers of bill and coin slot and bill for entering facing with the customers this is in
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compliance with the americans with disabilities act the transfers from muni you're familiar with the transfer the new transfers will have a consistent xroirgs as well as a fair price on the ticket the transfer is generic for all fair categories we anticipate the improvement of this operator through the transfer theft the transfers will have not value unless by the fare box this will anticipate fair transfer waste and other components of fare box include a cashbox when is will secure housing that stores the fair revenue this can't be opted by our revenue collections staff or others without the appropriate security credentials the cashbox is subdivided out
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into this orange housing which and the money goes into the mobile bin it is secured and the monies are transferred from each the sfmta divisions to our revenue collections facility at sfmta headquarters this is on overall timeline we are european july 28th for the supervisors for the full board of supervisors and have approximately half a year for installation on all the vehicles with the wrap up in spring of 2017. >> that concludes my presentation. if you have any questions. >> supervisor yee. >> i have a quick question i'm curious about the how much do we collect in cash fairs every year this is - i'm
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wondering is this something in the future will be sleet or not i'm not sure. >> so currently the sfmta has fair revenues of 200 and $5.6 million based on the anticipated 2016 budget the cash fair is $83.7 million some of that through clipper and some in the fare box right now we are looking at anticipate that we're doing everything we can to convert people from cash to other fair i clipper through the budget fy 17 budget calls for a regular cash fairs collected at the fare box we're doing things to move people away from that we recognize that cash
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is a form of currency that people use. >> i don't hear the amount. >> right now we're collecting $83.7 million for the fksz cash value. >> that's not the clipper card. >> some of that includes clipper electronic ash cash on the clipper card and some through the fare box revenues. >> my question the cash when i put a quarter that's cash to me so - if you don't know the answer you don't know the answer. >> it is approximately $40 million collected under the fare box i don't have that specific number with me. >> okay. thank you. >> supervisor tang. >> just curious the vendor that was selected s p x jen fair
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which other transit have they located those boxed. >> they have 80 percent of the fareboxes in the united states in fact, been installed on all the transit systems within the bay area over the last years. >> and in terms of the project budget i see there is you know quite a bit erupted for preventive maintenance in terms of ongoing service is that into the software equipment category i want to onramp how it works for the ongoing maintenance and repairs and so forth. >> so we have our the sfmta has its own fare box electronic maintenance technicians that work on all the box and the system they'll remain as first line maintenance the preventive
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maintenance is provided by the vendors they'll touch the fare box one per year and go through the parts to make sure it is functioning if the boxes are not functioning that's in included in the prices. >> and the contract is for 5 years initially with the option to extend not to exceed 16 years given this vendor has 80 percent of market in the united states for transit systems you know making sure that has technology changes and so forth that there able to adopt to that. >> absolutely they you are very well in tune with the trends within the industry so they in addition to the fareboxes and others fair equipment as well. >> thank you supervisor tang
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mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 14 of our report we show the table i believe that supervisor tang received to the mta's budget for the proposed agreement is $29 million plus with a fare box maintenance costs and related expenses and it is that budget that was submitted to us is seven hundred and 35 plus less than the agreement not to exceed $30 million for that reason we made a recommendation on page 14 to amend the proposed not to exceed by seven hundred plus and $30 million to 29 and we recommend you approve the resolution as amended. >> thank you, mr. rose any questions for the mta. >> okay all right. opening up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 4
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seeing none, public comment is closed. >> move we set mr. rose's amendment and move that out with a positive recommendations. >> motion by supervisor yee and seconded by commissioner chung madam clerk will you call items 5, 6 and 8. >> the release of the public utilities commission places on budget committee $21 million for the west side recycled at the water system improvement program to fund the costs for the project item 6 resolution under the california environmental quality act including the mitigation monitoring and reporting program and overriding considerations for the city of san francisco west side recycled water project and item 8 a construction of a recycled water pump station into
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ground water in golden gate bridge and welcome to the puc. >> thank you. good morning chair farrell and supervisors thank you for the opportunity to present and i want to see thank supervisor wiener for introducing those items those two projects are a concerted effort to strengthen our water supply i'm going to talk about each of them the water cycle and the even if and dealing with the budget and reserve funds that is phase 2 of the construction in phase one again and is issues related that the west side recycled water will produce one .6 million gallons of water and the peak pursuit of 4 million gallons a
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day it will be within the water pollution plant and the latter size for boulder nor production capacity the project includes $7.7 million of pipelines and golden gate bridge the projects are irrigation of golden gate park and linking park and presidio golf course and the potentially in the future potentially serving the san francisco zee and toilet flushing in the academy of sciences and the museum golden gate park is the largest and one of the purposes of recycling water to take the park
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off the ground water and those projects are linked the water quality objectives that were set to meet the park for irrigation and for phil the lakes there we have established specific target for salt and ammonia and worked through that and found the reverse osmosis will meet the goals we'll take the secondary water and treat that with filtration for the member before an and reverse the osmosis were the ultimate violet light this is an immense treatment for the recycled water to be used in golden gate park this is a render the recycle water in golden gate park located on the sites of composite fats with the temporary located in the dump
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area and relocated adjacent in the pump station the krooirgd water budget and reserve funds in this table the totals project costs at this time is one and $86 million we're requesting removal of reserve of one and $20 million we have it budget out for 2018 and 2019. >> the san francisco ground water supply project is depicted ♪ map it will supply up to 4 million gallons for the - wale start out penalty of perjury slowly to make sure as we develop the ground water it didn't cause seawater intrusion or other probabilities but want to be careful one of the things to note on the figure the blue
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areas is the areas served by the water it will be blend in the sunset reservoirs to make sure we get a good quality of water on the order of 10 percent ground water for the splus surpass but from the blue area scheduled to 40 percent of the city so that will be a high quality of water that is delivered throughout san francisco the ground water project facilities that were enlightening are shown in the picture two locations and each of one is housing a ground water well and pump head to make sure we can extract the water from constructed wells to make sure we have the highest quality of water we can the ground water the united states is a high quality source we've been monitoring since 2000 and this high quality small
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quantity will be blended in the reservoirs with existing surpass water supply that will splaus surpass outline drinking water concerns we have the best taft water in the world after we blend in ground water we have a more diverse supply and still have the best tasting water even in any version we've had ongoing there the eir and through offerings for people to sample the ground water it really is very good quality water one thing i'd like to do recognize our two project sponsors barbara from the puc and the recycled water raised our hand barbara garcia and jeff managing the ground water ios
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two folks have worked tirelessly to make sure we have high quality projects to inclusive and protect our water in summary we're asking you adopt the krierlgdz project exhaustive the construction in golden gate park and the pimp station and the well water and release the funds for the west side project >> i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you very much colleagues, any questions. >> supervisor tang i don't have any questions i kink your been working on this for a very, very longed some that folks have a negative reaction to the potential blended water but certainly we understand your true need to be able to diversify our water source so again make sure that we continue to keep our community updated but the
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project as construction is beginning and despite the work you've done before i'm glad to see that puc is working with the fire department for example, to on the benefits and strengthening some of the pipelines that serve several purposes to thank you very much for that. >> absolutely. >> supervisor yee. >> you might have addressed this but my question is as our pumping water from the ground sometimes, i read about it in the paper we over do that and things happen to the land itself have you guys studied that itch much or think things low happen. >> that's an issue that occurs in the valley and the santa clara when we pump out too much
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water if there's a lot of clay layers they actually can compress and you have things substantial in santa clara county those 14 feet is the height it is a problem and can't pump it up open that west side of the san francisco we have basically sand virtually all sand so we looked at the situations and does not expect anything but keep on top of that and slowly increasing if we see signs of that we'll get on top of that. >> as your penalty of perjury water out as sand the sand will not condense and it is condenses all the dune sand we get from the thousands of years it's been there. >> okay
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okay no other comments mr. rose, can we go to your report. on 5 i believe. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee you stayed it is regarding item 5 of page 17 the order recycled water budget is one and $86 million blues that includes the one hundred plus of finance reserve on page 18 and provided us with the details we recommend you approve the requests and reserves. >> thank you, no other comments or questions we'll move to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 5, six or eight. >> good morning, supervisors thank you for the opportunity i'm laura with spur and here to support the project we've been a long time supporter of this in san francisco this project is
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moving this long time forward it is important we difference if i our water supply to meet the goals of the sustainable city we have a wonderful supply in hetch hetchy but do more to have kiergd water san francisco is one of the last city to develop the water so mostly this project forward helps us into a leadership position i think that it is we heard you to adopt those findings to meet the goals to have 10 million gallons a day by 2018 as we supported in the 2008 with the water pe eir those plans get built and having a goal of appropriate alternative water supplies for the resilient city thank you for the recycled
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water project moving forward anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. okay colleagues. >> i'd like to make a motion to adopt all the budget analysts recommendations that is including the reserve and sending forward the items to the full board with positive registration. >> clarification that is adding 6 and 8 and item number 5 to file the hearing matter. >> yes. i'll make a motion to file item 5. >> motion by supervisor tang seconded by supervisor yee without objection. >> madam clerk call items 7 and 9 the resolution adopting the california environmental quality act including the adoption of a mitigation monitoring and reporting program and a statement of overriding consideration for the san francisco west side water project and item 9 resolution
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authorizing the amendment of mission to reduce the size of the premises to accommodate the san francisco public works and consideration of the payment of approximately thirty thousand and investments thank you puc is here. >> good morning. i'm tony the assisted reality director of the puc i ask for your consideration of a resolution authorizing the amendment to the lease between the city and county of san francisco to the sfpuc and our charged supply hardware the amendment is needed to reduce the premises in order to accommodate the sfpuc regional ground water storage and recovery project in consideration of the payment of 4 hundred and 60 thousand plus this is the very same ground
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water project that mr. richie spoke about it i cac have the overhead this is a poly gone of the premises of our charged supply calling your attention to the colored portion that are effected the only impact on our charged is operation is that dark blue towards the back of the parking lot - those are sub services use that will have a less impact on hardware supply. >> so in closing through this resolution we ask the board of supervisors to approve and authorize this amendment and adopt the california
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environmental quality act finding super guidelines in the administrative code code chapter 31 and incorporate the finding it is consistent with the general plan and the 8 policies of city planning code section 101 point one and authorize the city director of properties or the sfmta general manager to execute and make modifications and certain actions in furtherance of this resolution. >> okay. >> colleagues, any questions for staff right now okay mr. rose, can we go to your report. for item 7 i believe the only one. >> that's correct mr. chairman item 7 on page 21 the report on the appraisal the net value of the reduction to the site table by the sfpuc is 4 hundred and 60 tell you plus in table two on page 22 of the report we
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recommend that you approve that resolution. >> thank you, mr. rose colleagues, any questions anyone wish to comment on item number 7 are 9 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i'll go ahead and move the items 7 and 9 out of committee with positive recommendations. >> motion by supervisor yee and seconded by supervisor tang without objection all right. thank you. >> madam clerk item 10. >> a resolution approving the agreement with new comp with edison mccormick for energy and climate for a 5 year terms 2 thousand 21 for a total cost invited 25 mills. >> we have mr. rodriquez. >> good morning, mr. rodriquez from the department of the environment seeing to enter into 5 year contract with
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mccormick nooiftsdz $44 million for services related to the energy watch program the contract low provide a technical limitation of the program the budget is essentially million d the contractor was selected to a competitive bid service and the supervisors the payment is subject to available funds were we encourage our support for this item and want to thank the budget analyst office for their work and their report. >> and happy to answer any questions. >> thank you very much supervisor yee. >> in regards to the rebates is for both residential and commercial? >> correct supervisor the department
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receives a contract with pg&e and that program for our energy watch program is multiple levels we work with multiple housing building and work on residential buildings. >> all efforts to reduce energy salesforce for customers. >> do you have a breakdown residents to local businesses. >> we have this information but certainly we'll fortune to our office. >> mr. secretary. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 25 of our report the estimated $14 million budget 40s for the contract over 5 years is shown in table one and in addition the contractor will pay cash redates baits up
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to $40 million to the customers for qualifying the energy savings upgrades and commercial and residential proposals we recommend you approve that. >> thank you, mr. rose open up for public comment anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> all right. i'll make a motion to send to the full board. >> motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor yee madam clerk item 11. >> item 11 hearing to consider the release of the reserve funds in the amount of one plus for the carbon fund project. >> mr. rodriquez working with. >> mr. rodriquez from the department of the environment the department is requesting approval of reels of one and $20,000 from reserve those founded are specifically come
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from the san francisco carbon fund and again for folks memory that is essentially any travel that any city employee does a consider percentage goes to the carbon fund and our goal to try to reduce green house gas emissions and we went through a selective competitive bid process an rfp to identify the programs that we could invest in and specifically we have 6 projects one i want to brought to your attention because i think that is as very initiative a micro loan on the energy assistance programs in many cases the small businesses may not have the up front cash to pay for the program so we're creating a small micro program to allow them to assess the energies salesforce and pay that
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over time as a resolving account we're excited about that program and encourage your support for the release of funds i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you supervisor tang. >> thank you. i think that the project selected are great in general when did the funding or application cycle. >> the applications cycles will be twice a year in the fall and again in the springs is the kind of the two opportunities we put together. >> okay. great because and then also how is the outreach in terms of our the rfp process i think there are so many projects that quality but kept in the loop of the opportunities. >> absolutely make sure that the supervisors offices will know about the rfp. >> okay. thank you. >> colleagues, any questions. >> mr. rose, can we go to your report. for item 11 please. >> yes. mr. chairman, and
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members of the committee on page 29 of the report there is table 23 details the grantees and the expenditures that will be paid from this requested one and 20 thousand release of retired funds we recommend you release those funds. >> colleagues questions or comments that move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number item 11. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. so procedural we'll file the motion and release the funds okay. >> i'll make a motion to release the funds motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor yee and item 12 the modification for the agreements to authorize the informational boat program between the developments and the city in a.m. an not to exceed
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$10.8 million from june this year to 2016 and welcome back. >> good morning actuarial keating waring with the airport this is accident final amendment to an existing contract with polaris contract for the services throughout the airport the airport has this contract in place provided information on airport facilities and services and ground transportation and public transportation and xhoomthsz as well as language for non-speaking english passengers things irresistance 2011 was a result of the proposal process and had an initial terms of 3 years and two, one year options to extend at the extend that
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through june 2016 in march 2016 the airport commission authorized the staff for a new contracted more information booklets and guest service assistance the new contractor with include additional services as much as customs and assistance and manage airport lost and found program this new contracts requires property tax not in place until the ends of april we're asking to modify to extend the term by 6 months through december of 2016 the proposed 6 month extension to the existing contract will increase the amount by $1.2 million for a new contract amount of $10 million plus the budget analyst does point out we need retrofit active for
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july of this year. >> if no questions mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on the bottom of page 32 we report the proposed contract will there not to exceed one million dollars plus from the .6 to 10 and as ms. wagner stated from july 1st, 2016, through december 31st, 2016, we show a table two on page 33 of our report that summarizes we recommend you amend this for retrofit activity and recommend you adopt that has amended. >> colleagues if piano
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questions open up for public comment public comment is closed. >> i'll move to accept mr. rose's amendments and send out for approval with a positive recommendation. >> without objection. >> call will item 13 please. item 13 resolution approving the awarded professional services agreement to ss p for the management program, 2011 approximately $19.5 million and in june 2020 with one major extension. >> ms. wagner welcome back keating with the san francisco airport they're seeking your approval for a curbside for an initial term of one year option for june 30th of 2021 they're
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the airport that includes the limousine and the tmc holding lot not including the door-to-door vance and the airport issued a new rfp for the share ride will come before you for your consideration new ad ones is janitorial for the exterior and interior for the booths and graffiti removal as needed the first year contract costs are approximately $4.7 million for labor and operations costs and will increase by 2 percent for a contract not to exceed approximately $19.5 million for the term of contract this contract is the result of a competitive bid process and the
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budget analyst report recommended approval i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, ms. wagner. >> mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page bottom of page 37 of the report table 3 on page 38 shows a detailed breakdown allergy fiscal year of the proposal agreement cost totally $19 million plus that is over the initial 4 year term of the agreement and on page 39 again, we recommend that the prompt resolution be amend for retrofit activity for 2016 and recommend you approve as recommended. >> thank you, mr. rose colleagues in confesses wish to comment on item number on 13. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. a motion to accept the bftsz recommendations and move forward as recommended >> so moved. >> motion by supervisor tang
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and seconded by supervisor yee without objection madam clerk could we still supervisor tang. >> yes. i'd like to make a motion to go back to item 9 and rescind the vote there. >> motion by supervisor katie tang we have a presentation in the puc we'll take that without objection. the votes on number 9 is rescinded. >> great to be here. >> i'll make this very short. >> the second leased amendment that i'm here to discuss a lease between the city and county of san francisco and the public utilities commission and mission valley rock to reduce the premises to accommodate the long term project in consideration of the payment of 29 thousand publication and reimbursement of expenses incurred by mission
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valley rock for the mining plan i want to brief show you what we are doing here this is the quarry the areas highlighted and shaded in pink we're taking back on a temporary base for the starj the area highlighted in green are the area we're taking back permanent for a water shed the adjacent to the water item enkirtd by the red line pursue the lease buy out was vetted by the m i appraiser and in close to the resolution we ask the board of supervisors to approve and authorize the lease amendment and adopt the finding from the ceqa guidelines and the administrative code chapter three 1 and authorize the city director of property and the
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city's deputy manager to execute the documents and take action in futures of this action. >> colleagues, any questions be move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 9 seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues now >> motion to send forth item 9 i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation and >> madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> >> thanks everyone we're
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>> clerk >>clerk: we are now back in open session. >> continue item no. 8 to the call of the chair. to forward no.s 9, 15, 17. and to recommend items no. 18, and 21. >> there a motion to not disclose. >> yes. >> we'll take that without objection. i would like to excuse president breed. >> we will excuse president breed. we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ]
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>> >> >> the chair of the committee aaron peskin joined by supervisor london breed:. we need a motion to excuse supervisor yee. we will take supervisor yee's motion without objection. i want to thank the folks at sfgtv for streaming our
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meeting. madam clerk, do you have any announcements? >> yes, please silence all cell phones and electronic devices. copies should be submitted to the clerk. items will appear on august 2nd, board of supervisors agenda. >> thank you. please read the first item. 160551 [reward for information about underpayment of property tax - charles scoble - $1,848.17] >> thank you. i think that item is pretty self explanatory. are there any members of the public who would like to testify on item no. 1? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor breed, if there is no objection why don't we send this to the full board with a full recommendation. seeing none. let's skip over the next item because supervisor
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campos is not here yet. why don't we go to item no. 3. >>clerk: 160514 [accept and expend grant - state transportation development act, article 3 - pedestrian and bicycle projects - $995,524] >>supervisor aaron peskin: thank you madam clerk. i am in receipt of mail from last month that it has only $783,900. i would like to make a motion to reflect that smaller malt of $973,909. moved by supervisor breed. we'll take that without objection. please come forward. >> good morning.
7:46 am
i'm rachel lonzo from public works. to spend the total of in grant funds from the metropolitan transportation fiscal year 15-17. earmarked 100% quarter of the total tax sales of bicycle facility and pedestrian street and road development projects. funds annually in accordance with the sales tax collected in each county. as we have in the past, public works and mta are submitting a joint wide application. it plans to expend funds for the maintenance and engineering bicycle projects. public works propose to use
7:47 am
$242,487 to prepare sidewalks. the remaining $243,477 will be used for planning and design of curb ramps throughout san francisco. it will be developed by public works and the office on disability. we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. >> thank you, any questions? seeing none. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. why don't we send this to the full board with a recommendation as a committee report to be heard july 26th. >> so move. >> moved by supervisor breed. madam clerk, please read item no. 4. >>clerk: 160793 [resolution
7:48 am
of intention - central market community benefit district - modify the management plan and engineer's report] sponsor: mayo known as the central market community benefit district. >> good morning. my name is chris, project manager with the program. today i'm presenting the resolution sponsored by mayor lee for the market community benefit district. oewd would like to offer an amendment to clarify the legislation. >> i am in receipt of those. do we have a deputy city attorney? no. we don't have a deputy city attorney. >> the question i would ask the deputy city attorney, i'm in receipt of the suggested amendments. is the removal of the
7:49 am
district wide cap on the annual assessment revenue not substantial? it seems substantial. >> the amendment to the previous language introduced on the 12 of last week, is a syntax change, sir. i can send him a text message. >> what supervisor breed and i are seeing in red are the corrected changes, right? >> that's correct. >> removal of a wide cap is not a syntax change. >> in accordance with the ballot language change to make it clear to the property owners to when they receive their ballots. >> okay, why don't you walk us through what we are doing here. >> okay, in 2013 when the cbd renewed, there is a 3%
7:50 am
limit of cpi increases that a cbd can take annually and also a limitation which it can collect in a given fiscal year. according to government code 53750 subsection h b 3, it allows for any parcel change due to density, intensity or nature of land use to be put into the assessment formula in the management plan and not go against the cbd's. if you have an empty lot that goes into a skyscraper. it would be charged to the assessment with the rest of the district. with the highway code is the way we need to go with that, however for a cap, if a cdbd has a
7:51 am
change in the market since they did in 2015, they may go above the assessment level which is allowable in the highway code but not allowable due to the management plan. >> understood. >> any questions on that? >> supervisor breed. are there any members of the public who would like to speak on this item? please come forward. public speaker: good morning, supervisors, my name is david harrison. a property owner in the district and member of the board of directors. i'm here to offer my support. it allows us to equitably assess all the properties in the district. it does not change the assessment for any existing property owners who don't
7:52 am
change their properties. so, it's fair. i believe it's consistent with the original intent of the district. so i'm in support of it. thank you. >> have we heard any objections from these folks of the land use change in the intervening years? >> no, sir, i have not heard any objections on this. >> okay, thank you. all right. we will close public comment. madam president, if you would like to offer these amendments, we can take them. >> so moved. >> moved by president breed. why don't we take those amendments. then send the item as amended to the full board with a recommendation as a committee report for full recommendation for july 26th. >> so moved. >> without objection, that will be the order. supervisor campos is not with us yet. so mr. krugs don't go away.
7:53 am
item 5. >>clerk: 160556 [yerba buena community benefit district - annual report to the city - fy2014-2015] sponsor: kim >> the floor is yours. >> thank you, supervisor. >> you have your beautiful powerpoint right here. >> thank you very much. ms. moiven is running late. >> all right, why don't you call item no. 6. >>clerk: 160753 [civic center community benefit district - annual report to the city - fy2014-2015] sponsors: kim; breed >> we've got your beautiful powerpoint for this one too. all right. >> civic center cbd is located in downtown san francisco. it assesses 289 parcels. it's a property based district that has
7:54 am
an initial assessment budget of $691,964. it will expire june 30, 2021. the program areas for the civic center are safety programs, and community service ambassadors which you can see outside at the civic center plaza, at the garage as well as the evening. a cleaning program which is allocated for street cleaning and on call graffiti. beautification which is a street clean up program. and we have don with the programmatic achievements. >> oebd follows the bench review marks for the service categories within 10 points from the management plan. whether 1 percent of cbd's
7:55 am
came from sources other than assessing the revenue and the budget amount for each category 10 percentage points from actuals and the amount of funds carried over from the current fiscal year and the projects spent for the upcoming fiscal year. >> for the first benchmark cbd met that goal, this requirement. for the second benchmark came from their revenue and the cbd met this requirement as well. the third requirement compared their budget versus the actuals with the 10% of the management plan and the cdb met those requirements. on this one, the cdb did not meet this requirement because it did not include it in the
7:56 am
report. however in 2013 and 2014 annual report. currently based off our review, the cbd is ahead of their spend down timeline from last year. findings, the cdb met all the requirements except to the management agreement with the city and state code. they should include their spend down plan in the future annual reports. we'll work with them to ensure that is made more clear. they have made significant progress in the carry over from last year. in conclusion, they performed well in their service plan and included public activation events and stakeholders with the new implementation of the project in 14-15. you will start to see the fruition outside with the summer concert series and made active the
7:57 am
board of directors and subcommittees. if you have no questions on the benchmark, don will present the programmatic on the cdb. >> good morning, chair peskin and president breed. i'm here to go over the fy 16, it's hard to go back in my mine, but we will go over it. let's see. it's my part. there we go. sorry. i seem to be at the end of his presentation. >> it's all good.
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the committees that we have included are our executive committee, finance committee, services committee, capital improvements and planning committee external affairs and this is important for the arts groups in the area. we have worked with the service provider and working with the task force, oewd, programs that have started m the this neighborhood. we developed a close relationship with the department of recreation and parks, the arts, and travel.
7:59 am
the grant referred to was the neighborhood grant we got for the epicenter web portal that is feeding information on all the areas which is the tenderloin and the central market. we have transitioned into a program that central market is now managing. the neighborhood is obviously in transition. we expect in the next 5 years to have several new thousands of residents. the playground at the civil center plaza is being redone with a grant from ptl. the school announced they are putting a ballot for the bond measure to help with the arts. the transit is any day now as i have been told. and the civic center plan which is a plan for van ness and market. we decided with our plan that we had extra money to attend the program that we have a
8:00 am
permanent program. last summer, we e did as an experiment to the elevator in the plaza which is the entrance to the parking garage to be very scary at night for patrons and people. we put a uniformed ambassador and found that to be extremely popular. we did that for 2 months last summer and now included it a part of our work plan and now the recreation and parks department is seeing a benefit to their patrons as well. this is what i find quite interesting. in the last year, we helped get medical attention for 190 people, assisted 80 people with disorderly complaints, removed 728 needles and
8:01 am
garbage to whole mattresses and gave out directions to visitors 1600 times. here is an example of graffiti where they are trying to figure out where that is which is actually the opera house. we also clean anything in the public realm which includes bus stations. the partnership to establish has been very beneficial us. we have the art groups coming together which they said it's something that couldn't be done to bring them altogether. but when we talked about important projects, that was important. the patron experience with the parking garage. they are working on the street. also includes traffic congestion and safety where on a thursday night at the corner of
8:02 am
grove and franklin, you can see how bad it can get with the traffic. we are trying to work to maybe get signal lights and crosswalks that are safer and try to make the pedestrian experience more safe because you have the vision zero initiative as well. one thing that we've been very successful for because the seed to start in this program was in supervisor breed's district. we worked with them to get involved as the living alley for the department of planning. we have a community challenge grant again for them for $200,000 for district lighting and district improvements for that alley. we continue to give out awards for people that helped us. it's the day connect program. and holidays we had 6 in this 2015,
8:03 am
and we expanded it to 2016 to have 19 concerts over the holidays. we have summer concerts just out of this fiscal year we just started in july in the civic center plaza and started again this month. we do have some challenges still. the bill graham civic continues to be a problem. this is what was finished before. we also have a problem with the drought impacts and cleaning and regular schedule of that. the challenge is perception of safety when you are walking through the plaza at night on the way home from the ballet that you feel overwhelmed, that's what we are working on. the beautification project we are having a challenge. we can't do
8:04 am
anything on van ness because of what'sen it and working on the rest of the plaza and those streets. we are waiting to see how that plan shakes out and market street plan is also evolving. we are kind of in odd little window of time which is why we planned for the project on ivy street. which is available to us. the opportunity is coming with the public realm to help get public input into that process. i want to thank you for your time. >> thank you, don. i appreciate your work. it seems like things are going quite well through your first 10-year period. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> mr. core gus, any final
8:05 am
words on this item? >> no, sir. >> okay, why don't we send this resolution to the full board with recommendation. that will be the order. and supervisor campos has joined us for item no. 2. mr. korg us. if you can stay for that item. >>clerk: 160422 [fire, housing, building codes - fire safety requirements for existing buildings >> supervisor campos, good morning. >>supervisor david campos: good morning, mr. chair and president breed. i understand that i will be subbing part of the
8:06 am
meeting for supervisor yee. >> welcome to the committee. that means the president has given you a vote? >> yes. >> okay. >>supervisor david campos: thank you, again, colleagues. i want to begin by thanking my incredible staff, carolyn gussen who has been relentless in doing the work on the issue of fires. we have seen too many fires in this city and too many fires in the mission community. over the past few years, hundreds of mission residents have been displaced because of fires. sadly three people have tragically died in those fires. in 2015, alone, 130 people were displaced by fires in the mission. in 2016, we have seen
8:07 am
dozens more displaced by fires including 50 people who were displaced last week because of the fire that happened on 29th street. when low income residents are displaced the result is that they are not only displaced from their home and neighborhood, but sadly from san francisco altogether because they can not afford to live in the city. the latest fire on 29th street is only the latest in a string of fires that have led to a temporary and often permanent displacement of our tennants. the legislation before you comes from actually months more than a year of work. in response to the number of fires that we had seen, more than a year ago, we created legislation that put together a task force that was basically asked how do we address the number of fires that are taking place in this neighborhood? please
8:08 am
examine all of the options that are available to this city to prevent these fires. with the task force that consisted of the three departments that are responsible for fire safety in san francisco, the san francisco fire department, the department of building inspection, the health departments. it actually included san francisco agencies like the san francisco public utilities commission to have a robust discussion. the legislation you see are the first set of recommendations from that task force, the things they prioritized where they felt they needed action from us as soon as possible. before i get into the specification of the legislation, i want to talk about the issue of sprinklers because that's another issue we put before this task force. in fact we had a hearing about the task force and
8:09 am
about what they thought about that issue. if you look at the task force report, they say it sounds like a great idea, but we need more information. with that in mind, this coming tuesday i will be formally requested that the budget and legislative analyst and i see the amazing staff, ms. campbell here from that office, that they conduct and do a report that outlines the issue of sprinklers for the city that addresses the questions that were raised by the task force. this is a complex issue with potential for unintended consequences. so we want to know a lot more data. we will ask the budget and legislative analyst to layout all the facts to offer options for the city to look at best practices in other parts of the country and how we might actually implement sprinklers here in san
8:10 am
francisco including whether or not it made sense to do a pilot and if we do a pilot, what the focus of that pilot should be. should it be for example on the most vulnerable wood frame buildings, should it focus on rent control buildings? what are the options? i'm asking to explore also the cost of this and how we can incentivize landlords to comply with this law since we know that sprinklers are costly. we also know and this was another issue discussed by the task force that there is a fear by tennants that the installation of sprinklers can be used as a tool to evict people because of the cost and repairs. we want to be careful how we address that but at the same time we want to move expeditiously. at the same time, i'm calling on the fire
8:11 am
department and department of building inspection and any other workgroup that includes tennants, boards, contracts and anyone that has anything to say and bring some recommendations to the board of supervisors. we found with the fire at gray wood, sprinklers were very effective in keeping the fire from spreading to that hotel. we know that they work. now we need to figure out how to make it work in san francisco. the legislation that's before you today, again comes out of the work of this task force. these are the specific things that it does. one, it requires that owners have common area of fire alarm systems that are inspected and tested every year. and that they provide proof of that to the fire department that
8:12 am
they in fact have done that. it also requires the fire department to maintain a website where tennants can look up their building to see whether their landlord hassen insured the fire alarm is in order. what we hear is we need to know more about our own building and code compliance for where we live. the second piece is that this legislation require a new higher standard for the alarm systems to ensure that people can hear the alarm. that's one of the many things we heard directly from some of the fire victims that they are in their unit and they did not hear the alarm go off. the standard that is included here in this legislation is so-called pillow test for audibility. it has to be loud enough so it wakes you up if you are actually sleeping. the third item is to prevent the spread of
8:13 am
fire from one attic to another. the legislation is requiring to install fire blocks installation and open accessible attics. the idea is to keep the fire from spreading from one building to another. the idea that when a fire occurs, the tennants are displaced and requires the landlord, this is important. the landlord is required to detail an action plan within 72 hours and within 30 days it is also required this plan be accessible to tennants. the information required if this plan is the time and schedule of repairs. the estimated date of reoccupation by tennants and also when tennants can get their belongings. what i have seen after the fire is really heartbreaking because there isn't a lot
8:14 am
of information that is given to the tennants by the landlord. one thing that i would add to that, something that we need to explore is adding more resources on the city side. because right now we have one individual at hsa who has the responsibility of dealing with this, amazing as this 1 person is, it's not sufficient. finally requiring to have english and spanish information to renters and the landlord responsibility to repair smoke alarms when they have been broken. we also would like, and i actually have here a set of amendments that i want to hand out to my colleagues. >> this set of amendments are as follows. these came out of discussions with tennants
8:15 am
groups. one key amendment is that dbi must inspect buildings where a fire occurred every 90 days. this will ensure the city is maintaining oversight of buildings. the perfect example and you can't make this up is the 22 and mission building where there actually a number of fires following the initial fire. making sure that dbi go out and regularly inspect the buildings is critical. and the second the department will be inspecting compliance and i know the fire department and the department of building inspection have worked this out and when landlord are meeting these requirements they are posting information in the common area of the building. i want to thank my
8:16 am
cosponsors of this legislation, supervisor kim, tang, breed, supervisor wiener. i want to thank the many people who worked with my office on this legislation and in particular deanna flores and the entire incredible team. tommy and his incredible team on the housing rights committee, and the san francisco apartment association. rosemary, vazquez and dbi by the way, played a really incredible role. we couldn't have done it without him. i want to thank chief white and olivia at the fire department. thank you for your involvement in this effort. and thank you to city attorney, judy, francesca for all the hours that went into drafting this legislation. sorry for the long
8:17 am
presentation. colleagues, thank you for your consideration. i do want to thank my other colleagues, president breed, supervisor wiener and others have also done work with supervisor kim as well on fires. this is a very important issue to all of us board of supervisors. >>supervisor aaron peskin: thank you for your work and the city family for it's collective work on this item. do you want anybody from any of the departments to present, supervisor campos? >> unless they want to, i think i'm okay. >> would anybody from any of the departments like to present, if not, why don't we open up for public comment. >>supervisor london breed: i wanted to thank supervisor campos for his thoughtful piece of legislation. we know that unfortunately tragedy has struck in regards to fires throughout san francisco specifically in my district
8:18 am
we've had a number of fires where the majority of those individuals have basically left the city because they couldn't afford to find, they couldn't find another place they could actually afford to rent. that is definitely devastating. i think the combination of this legislation as well as our victim assistance fund and allowing for more people to qualify for that fund for rental assistance, are things that can be used as tools to help in this effort, but what's great about this legislation more so is the fact that this is prevention. this is going to help us put the tools in place that can make sure when residents the safety of our residents who aren't certain about the condition of their building, their
8:19 am
safety is protected and there are ways to understand, you know, if property owners are in compliance. i think that making sure that we prevent these fires from happening through the right tool is what's going to help us you know prevent these fires from happening in the first place. and also protect members of the public, and, so i'm really happy we are taking things a step further. there are definitely questionable fires that have happened in my district and i'm really concerned. but also i appreciate the fact that we have increased the number of arson investigators at the san francisco fire department, and i do want to ask a question to the author as well as possibly the
8:20 am
budget and legislative analyst, the city attorney because i want to make sure that funding is not the excuse as to why we can't implement this legislation, and i know that for example dbi has specific requirements i was wondering if it were possible especially because dbi has from my understanding a large budget, a surplus budget, and there will be cost associated with this implementation of this legislation both for dbi which i'm sure they can cover the cost, but the question i guess i have is the fire department and my concerns about the fire department's ability and based on the requirements of this legislation, is it possible that dbi could cover the expenses of what's necessary for the fire department to spend to make sure we can
8:21 am
develop the right system for tracking, we can do the right investigation on these properties to make sure people are in compliance. i wanted to make sure that funding was not an obstacle to getting this implementation implemented properly. >> campbell from the budget analyst office. we did look at this in our report. the fire department estimated for 16-17 cost for four positions cost $670,000. these cost were already in the budget order with dbi. dbi has $52,000 in their budget. >> dbi ordered this? >> that's great. perfect. there we go. never mind. it looks like we are good to go. again, supervisor campos, thank you for your leadership. this is really great legislation, and i look forward to seeing it implemented and making sure
8:22 am
and hopefully we can see the results by the decrease in the number of fires we have in our city. thank you again. >>supervisor aaron peskin: why don't we open this up for public comment. i have a number of speaker cards. please come up to testify. public speaker: good morning. it seems like this is definitely on the mind of san franciscans and evidence in the news that this is a real issue. my name is deanna flores, the organizer for casa husta. to provide the return for the right of return that exist there and being able to be
8:23 am
established we see that there is other loopholes in being able to ensure this is exercised. the recommendations that are included in this ordinance really address the ability for us to apply pressure continuously by different agencies to consistently collaborate with each other, and maintain the tennants hope alive to be able to return to the city that they have been long-term tennants and contributors of. we want to continue to avoid temporary displacement to become permanent displacements. we encourage you for passing this ordinance. >> thank you for your work. next speaker, please. public speaker: [ spanish speaker ]
8:24 am
>> >> >> good morning, interpreter. my name is liliana, i was displaced by this fire. i want to share with you what's going on with me and espe here to talk about my daughters. we are living in a home that cost
8:25 am
twice as much as the one we lived in and on a daily basis my daughters ask me when are we going back to our home. i really can't tell them anything because basically that's not a possibility. >> so i'm here in full support of this legislation because it will do two things: one, it will force the owner to get a move on basically telling us what's the timeline for our return to our house. thank you. >> sorry for what you have experienced. thank you for your translation services.
8:26 am
>> next speaker, please. public speaker: greetings, my name is brian with causes and just cause. that makes me a part of the sro collaborative. i have been previously working with several tennants at the gray wood hotel who have been historically exploited at their hotel already. i do want to give a big shout out of appreciation to dbi for staying on top of that building over the last several months. the tennants at the gray wood, there are already various people. one in particular, ms. nancy lopez, a senior citizen, 85 years old, makes about $600 a month, lost everything due to water damage
8:27 am
in her unit. the landlord in the building snots being very cooperative right now. he's trying to wash his hands of the situation. isn't communicating properly with the tennants. and this legislation is going to be entirely beneficial for the tennants. i really commend the supervisor campos for introducing it. the piece about the landlord's accountability in this is going to be critical, and also to the next step to be able to get relocation payments for fire displaced people. there is something to think about moving forward for on going legislation, things
8:28 am
that might come up later on. i'm going to stop there. thank you very much for your work. >>supervisor aaron peskin: thank you, next speaker, please. public speaker: hello, my name is yadira sanchez with just cause. i'm here also on the fire ordinance. it will improve and ensure consistent maintenance of fire safety systems. an is a tenant counselor the owner is responsible for maintaining the systems in an operable condition at all times. often long-term tennants are living in the most neglected buildings. the city and agencies need to make sure to enforce this legislation so the landlord can comply with the laws so
8:29 am
folks can return. families have lot everything due to these fires. what are we going to do in order to prevent another family in san francisco from losing their homes because of negligence. thank you. will >>supervisor aaron peskin: thank you. next speaker, please. public speaker: hi, my name is gabriela, a resident in the district and my parents own a business in the district. i'm in support of the legislation because it really emphasizes that safety should be a standard, not a question. i think after all these fires they don't only affect the families, but the communities and safety as well. i want to commend the element where language is an issue. language should never be a barrier to understanding your basic rights. i would also like to commend everyone behind the legislation and make this a
8:30 am
standard. i appreciate it. thank you. >>supervisor aaron peskin: next speaker, please. public speaker: hi, my name is alicia sandoval, a district organizer of rights committee. also born and raised in the mission district. i'm fully in support of the legislature. as a counsel or many tennants coming into our office. many questions are where am i going to be able to go back and why isn't the landlord not discussing this. they have a right to return under rent control, but again they write three letters, two letters and no communication from the landlord at all. and this is unacceptable. i feel there needs to be
8:31 am
something in place when tennants, fire victims are coming to us asking us where can i go? we did help a couple, a senior couple to get some emergency housing for a few weeks, but there is other tennants that are coming to us, fire victims telling us, i'm sleeping in the car for a month, i'm sleeping in the floor, i'm couch surfing. that's what they are telling us. we don't know what to tell them. there ought to be emergency housing. we are organizing tennants and we are visiting them at their buildings and we are seeing there is no fire alarms that are working. some rooms don't even have fire alarms. this legislation is very crucial. there are so many victims who have been
8:32 am
displaced. it's not fair. we have to act as a community, as a native from this community, i really feel, this is our familia. we are treating our familia, we really need to treat them with respect. thank you. >>supervisor aaron peskin: thank you, next speaker, please.. public speaker: hello, i'm lucas from casa for just cause with the san francisco clinic. i'm here to support this legislation as well. mostly because this legislation really gives us the tools as counsel ors to go through the road blocks we see again and again. we see consistently how folks are left in limbo, not only dealing with the hardship of going through a fire but also with obstacles that limit their return
8:33 am
home. there are systems that need to be in key to show them to be able to go back. i think her testimony speaks to that. we see families and elders on a fixed income that are long-term tennants. they are being displaced again. not being able to stay there, right? so the lack of affordable housing means that these displaced families are no longer here in san francisco. they stop by our offices years later after a fire from all around the bay asking what's going on with my building, what's going on with my repairs, what's happening. they leave the city, they leave the communities and the services they had here and their homes. while we try to make information accessible to the tennants, there are delays in the system that lacks communication. tennants should be be unsure of what decisions to
8:34 am
make in their lives for their families well being. this legislation will force landlord communication and offer clear timeline so they know what's happening and they can plan their lives accordingly. i'm fully in support of this legislation and will help keep folks in san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. public speaker: good morning, supervisors, my name is charlie goz from the san francisco housing association. we would also like to speak in support of the legislation. we would like to thank supervisor campos for this issue. this legislation is a result of a process that should bear legislation. the city recognizes the problem with fire safety and multifamily buildings. they can bring the task
8:35 am
force with all stakeholders with the city departments and this is the result of that legislation. the legislation does a lot for improving physical fire safety and also improving communication between the tenant and landlord after the fire. we feel it's important and will make tennants feel better after their building has burned. right now we are working with 87th and dolores that happened 5 years ago. it seems to be helping. we are very much in support of this ordinance. we would like to request one amendment and we apologize after this task force. but the legislation has a trigger for if you pull a permit of $50,000 or more to install a fire safety block, we would like to ask for an exemption for mandatory seismic retrofit work. those
8:36 am
are between $150-200,000. if you are pulling a mandatory seismic work that you do not demand that fire block. it makes sense not to volunteer that program. thank you and we would like to have you move this forward today. thank you. >>supervisor aaron peskin: thank you. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. by the way, while i have dbi sitting in the audience, there is something i have been meaning to raise with you, which is at 585 columbus avenue 1636, through 1642 there was a fire a number of years ago in 2014, all of those
8:37 am
units remain vacant to this day and i would love to be able to see those tennants return to that building. anything you can do with my office to help ensure that would be very much appreciated. with that, supervisor campos, do you have any additional amendments? >>supervisor david campos: thank you, mr. chairman. again i want to thank all the departments for coming out for this. i want to thank my colleagues for this support and more importantly i want to thank all the members of the community that have been coming to city hall for the last couple of years to talk about fires including victims of fires that have shared their stories. thank you. i know that's not an easy thing to do. i have circulated the amendments that i hope this committee adopts prior to sending this out to the board. my understanding is that the department association has requested
8:38 am
an additional amendment. we have discussed that request with all of the different stakeholders and i think we are all in agreement that we can live with that amendment. so, given that the city attorney is not here, maybe my suggestion would be that we adopt the amendments that i have circulated, and we will be requesting that the city attorney draft the language for the amendment that the department association has requested and we e will introduce that when the item comes to the full board. that will be my suggestion for moving forward. >> so with that supervisor, why don't we take the item that you have introduced today that does have some amendments in it. take those amendments and then send the item to the full board with recommendation as amended as a committee report and i would like to add my name as a cosponsor. can we do that without objection? that will be the order. so that will be heard this
8:39 am
coming tuesday, the 26th. i believe we have already called item no. 5. mr. korg us, welcome back. >> thank you, supervisors, glad to be back. today we have the yerba buena community benefit district annual report. as you know community benefit districts are governed by two laws in san francisco, article 4 act and tax regulations code. this resolution covers the annual report for 2014-2016. yerba buena cbd is located in downtown san francisco approximately 2001 parcels. it has an assessment budgets of
8:40 am
$2,509.21. it was renund on june 30, 2015, for a 15-year period. congratulations. the executive director is kathy moven who will be here today to talk about the programmatic achievements. the beautification in order and improvements as well as administration and corporate operations. reviewed four bench marks for the cbd. the first benchmark subjected their annual budget. the cdb met their requirements and the checkmark versus revenue and other income. the cbd general requirement is around 5%. they succeeded with that with 6.35%. the budget for actuals, all various opponents were within 10%. they met this requirement
8:41 am
and they did include a carry over and indicated how it was going to be spent. they met this requirement as well. in conclusion, yerba buena krbd was placed they completed the process in support of renewal. >> is that 84% the weighted? >> yes, sir. they marketed neighborhood events such as yerba buena fair. they included the community stakeholders and municipal agencies and continue to maintain an active board of directors and several committees. if there are no questions of me, ms. moss is here to present. >> thank you for the to present today. the my name is kathy moss,
8:42 am
the director of cbd. the organization was approved by property owners in 2008 and i came on in 2009. so you can either blame me for everything or otherwise. but i just want to give you a little bit of background about the organization today. our boundaries through the renewal process changed slightly. we added a little bit and we removed a little bit based on input and feedback from the community. we are a large district with over 2100 property owners and cover about 172 acres. recently we were the largest geographic cdb district in san francisco. since 2008, our services have been really focused around clean and safe activities in the neighborhood. we have our clean team, community guides and work
8:43 am
in partnership
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> so we launched this branding campaign. one of our early wins was to get mta to rename at folsom to rename from just
8:50 am
the masconi station. we are seeing it used more and more in the neighborhoods in san francisco and starting to see neighborhood calling itself the yerba buena neighborhood. we want to make sure that people know what's there so they will come down to support the institutions and businesses that are there. we also bring people together. our big annual is yerba buena night. it's usually on the saturday in october every year. it's this onslaught of music, dance performance art for people to come and experience. the things that you wouldn't be able to experience otherwise. the
8:51 am
event has grown gradually. it continues the grow. in 2016 it will be our sixth year. we constantly hear from people that want to come back. that's one of our goals. quickly another one of ours which is really important is we established the community benefit funds. we actually give away about $175,000 a year to organizations to focus on community engagement, public art. we gave grants out. we gave a grant to renaissance entrepreneurship for lighting because they have a lot of evening classes. we wanted to support that. we support temporary art. we have a long list of grantees that we have given
8:52 am
funds to support the areas. the details, our budget of $3.3, we spent $2.6. i'm kind of frugal. those are the percentages that you can see from our budget. moving forward, from 2014-2015. in our renewal effort people wanted us to double down on cleaning and safety. we couldn't literally afford to do that. we added two more cleaning guys. we have custom design bike racks in our neighborhood that each 30 have a different artistic insert if you will to play the artistic bent of the neighborhood. we will install another 90
8:53 am
this year. we are doing this graphic crosswalk. we just approved the artist. we are approving another artist. we are doing this bought of the art. we want to do high visibility crosswalks because pedestrian issues is a big in our neighborhood. they want to figure out how to make it safe for all modes of transit. we are in that eir will be some study about turning howard and folsom into two streets. we want to wait for that before ween vest any money in this process. if that's true, it will have a big impact. that's a huge issue for us. in marketing you see we
8:54 am
have our event coming up october 15th of this year. i will tell you, it's a ton of work to pull off, and the minute the first act goes up, it becomes magic and i forget all the months of the sweat and the pain if you will. i encourage you to check that out. we are going to be resdeening our website because everything changes and we need to add. then we are doing a lot in the neighborhood, and we got authorized to at a four staff member. we are currently staffed at 3. we'll put out and announcement for that position. >>supervisor aaron peskin: thank you for the years of work. you look like the flagship cbd, any other questions from members? thank you very much. >> thank you.
8:55 am
is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed.. without objection, supervisor campos we will send this recommendation to the full board without objection. one more. madam clerk, please read item no. 7. >>clerk: 160754 [north of market/tenderloin community benefit district - annual reports to the city - fys 2013-2014 and 2014-2015] sponsor: kim >> thank you, supervisors. this is the fiscal year 13-14 and fiscal year 14-15 in the market tenderloin report. it's located in the san francisco tenderloin neighborhood and the property based cbd. it's initial assessment budget is $981,487.
8:56 am
established in 2005. expires in 2020. with me is deputy director steve gibson joined in 2016 and prior to that susan mcginnis. the director as well. we have district identity improvements and management operations. ohewd checks for bench marks and the annual plan to meet the budget. they met the requirements for fiscal year 13-14. the fiscal year the cdb met this requirement, however the 2014-2015, the tenderloin did not meet the
8:57 am
requirements. we are working with them to work on this in the future years. he'll be speaking about this as well. >> what was that due to? >> it was due to a serious transition. the board replaced about 75-80% of their members due to term limits and the director was influx. >> prior to that, did they have a long term executive director. >> in 2011-2012, based on my understanding of the program they did. based off what i was told prior, that changes in 2014, and they have had a few executive directors. >> mr. gibner is interim at this point? >> yes, his contract last until july 2017. for benchmark 3 which is their budget versus the
8:58 am
can -- actual, they met the requirements for 18%. for the carry over, the cdb did not meet the benchmark for 2013-2014. they did not have a carry over. but that still should have been indicated in the annual report. they also, their cdb did not indicate their carry forward for 2013-2014, but it did in the final review. we'll work with them an all the the other cdb to clarify this. >> that seems to be a problem across all cbd's. >> that's going out in the e-mail. >> great. >> for the tenderloin, they need to comply with state
8:59 am
bid law by including the carry over fund from previous fiscal years. in the annual budget they did not comply with the past 5 years. they did not meet this requirement with the oebd. we'll ensure they meet this requirement and i'm happy to report they have made progress with the report for 15-16 and made progress since their last report in 2012-2013 in identifying errors and specifically not spending within a fiscal year. in conclusion, they have submitted their plans for the district and improved in management issues. oew believes the new board of directors and the interim director are executing steps to rectify previous issues and improve the organizations overall capacity.
9:00 am
if there are no questions of me, mr. gibner is here to present as well. >> all right. let's hear from mr. gibner. >> thank you for allowing me to present this morning. as chris said, the interim executive director. i will be here through june 30, 2017. >> mr. gibner, given the sound like the whole scale change of board members apparently due to term limits within the board and the instability that created both at the board level and staff level. it sounds like you are on a relatively term contract. is there a reason why the word "interim" remains? >> yeah. first of all we are a consulting firm.
9:01 am
we were brought in and we began working in july of 2015 to really help the new board that had replaced the board deal with some of the serious issues in the management of the tenderloin cbd and the board relationships and a number of issues and a number of business improvements with cbd throughout the country in these issues. >> what consulting group is that? >> urban place consulting group. >> are there other clients as well? >> we have other clients, the firm does. i'm up here with the majority of my time now. i have an apartment now and i'm part of the community. i also live in long beach, california. i have a
9:02 am
dual personality, my personal focus is on this project. >> how many staff do you have in the north of market tenderloin cbd? >> all of the stand is urban placed staff. i have three of my staff that put part of their time into this project and we have one other full time person that's now working in the tenderloin in the project. >> who is the president of the board and how many board members are there? >> currently there are 13 board members. julie with development is the chairman of the board. we actually at our last board meeting which was this monday expanded the board from 13 to 15. the reason we chose to expand the board is we had a really strong support and strong member of potential board members that came out of the
9:03 am
community that wanted to be on the board that playing a significant role. it is a new board at 75%. it's a major turn around to the tenderloin to the community based organization. >> could you at your convenience furnish my office with the list of new board members? >> sure. >> you might be interested in the cbd plan that led to us being management and led to the changes going forward. >> i would like to see that as well. please proceed.
9:04 am
>> thank you for the question. you have the map of the area. basically it has been since the beginning of the cbd, the majority of our money, about 80% of the assessment dollars goes to cleaning of the tenderloin. it's been that way from the beginning and still is, and we do the normal things, pressure cleaning, sidewalk sweeping, graffiti, picking up needles, all of those. you can see the numbers. over 2700 graffiti tags in a 2-year period. we are talking about. a lot of liter pick up. we get very involved with it picking them up. also part of our
9:05 am
agreement with san francisco city equipment we bought in 2013. one of the things that we are really proud of going forward we are trying to figure out how we can do it even more effective is providing jobs for people that come off the street in the tenderloin, and helping to provide them a way up, and one of the ways we do it is through our subcontractor that hires mostly from the tenderloin and people that are difficult to place in jobs. we give them their first job on their step back up. we have two standing committees. they are looking at
9:06 am
cleaning services and other issues, project way, cleaning projects, anderson the other identity streetscape improvements. they are open to members of the community. we have somewhere between 10-15 active members on each committee. most of which are not board members. it's a way for the community to be involved in our projects. they did a number of projects in these two periods, banner program, community survey, what are the needs, what would you like us to do. more engagement programs and involved in the prototyping zones on market. created a new website, a new identity, a new planning project. the summary of the core accomplishments are similar to most of the
9:07 am
cbd's and dib in san francisco. it's all the cleaning and basic things like picking up needles and basic time things. so, looking ahead, one of the things i'm really looking forward to is when we come back when we report on 15-16 because that will be the report that i was involved in and can personally explain it in more depth and more passionate about what we have accomplished and how we accomplished it. they did revise the bylaws and put in financial standards and did a lot of infrastructure things that needed to be done before we even got involved. projects and pipeline development and strategic plan, in this case it was, but now we are in
9:08 am
the process of developing that strategic plan. one of the really important things that came out of it was we'll use a lot is the board created a purpose statement about why they are in business, and the statement "to lead the area of tenderloin for all". that is what we do it in the tenderloin which is for all the people. we talked about expanding the board and looking forward to, we have a number of projects that we are currently working on. our street lighting project which has been a little
9:09 am
bit in the news. the project camera program that we are implementing in the district recently. a new banner program that we are in the process of designing. it will be up sometime this year. we have a number of things going forward. as what chris pointed out for the benefit other than the assessment money, we are well over the 5% by a lot. in the 2-year period, since we've been here, we now raised over $500,000 of new money invested by foundations and corporations into the the tenderloin cbn to help with our capacity and to help move us in the right direction. >> mr. gibson is that an argument to say that if you were to
9:10 am
average out that 5% over a 3-year period you would hit 15%? >> yeah. if you went backwards we would more than cover the deficiency we have. we have already raised enough in july to cover the year 15-17 going forward in that area. again, thank you for your time and we are excited about being here to work with the tenderloin cbn. and we look forward to making the next report and showing you all the milestones and things we have accomplished. >> thank you, mr. gibson. i appreciate your presentation. first, are there any members of the public who would like to testify on this item no. 7. seeing none, we will close public comment. mr. koergz, is this the last of the reports.
9:11 am
>> it's the last report for 13-14. the tourism report, we are waiting for one final report. we have the controllers office assist us with that. >> i'm just referring to the fact that in so far as this is the 2013-2014 and the 2014-2015, the 2013-2014, should have been heard last year. >> correct, the tourist and improvement district will have multiples as well. then we'll be all caught up with a report and not fall into another hiatus. >> got it. i don't want it to take place in the efforts at the market for the cbd. there has been some in terms of reflecting. i
9:12 am
don't want to point fingers at anybody because it is what it is. it also would it be fair to say that we the city kind of ab -- abrogated some of that role. >> i could not comment on that. a lot of these reports happened prior. so i don't understand the history of them, i don't know the history of them. i can look into that and get back to you on that. >> this is not just a comment on the north of market cbd. some of these hadn't done their annual report as required under the law for a number of years. it sounds like across the board you are in the process of cleaning it all up and we are almost done with a backlog and there is
9:13 am
moreover sight and supervision and checking as in the past. the reason this is important for the government and audit committee is that as the city goes on to create more cbd's i want to make sure we have the capacity on the city side to make sure we are scrutinizing and making sure they are fulfilling the position and what all are taxing themselves for. >> absolutely. back in january when we started the annual report process that once we got fully staffed up with were able to get the annual reports moving and get them moving on time. the cbd program is currently staffed well. >> thank you for that. i look forward to getting that list of board members with the strategic plan. with that, supervisor campos, can we forward this item to the full board with
9:14 am
a full recommendation? >> so moved. >> that will be the order. mr. city attorney. i think it's time to move to our closed session items. >> items 8-21 are various ordinances and resolutions for settlement and litigated claims with the city and county of san francisco. >> all right. we'll go into closed session. >>supervisor aaron peskin: is there any public comment on items 8-21. seeing none, public comment is closed. >>clerk: is there a motion to convene in closed session. >> there is a motion by supervisor campos to convene in closed session.
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
9:18 am
9:19 am
9:20 am
>> good morning and welcome to the board meeting of the treasure island mobility management my name is jane kim and chair of the committee and keith is our clerk i'd like to
9:21 am
recognize mark and nona melkonian for broadcasting our meeting today mr. richie commissioner avalos commissioner london breed absent commissioner campos commissioner cohen commissioner farrell absent commissioner kim commissioner eric mar absent commissioner peskin absent commissioner tang commissioner lee commissioner yee absent we have quorum. >> thank you mr. clerk, call the next item. >> chair's report on information item. >> thank you this is our first meeting since january and i would like to recognize my committee members vice chair commissioner avalos and commissioner campos for serving with me on the timma committee there's been a ton of activity on the island and to
9:22 am
see the infrastructure projects and mobility programs that the staff has led and coordinating it is incredibly exciting to see our transportation program take shape a commitment to the residents of the island over 10 years ago we're newly beginning to formulate what a new ferry and extended bus route and car share for the completely new neighborhood in san francisco the timma committee met last week i'm pleased to the side is responses including the feedback about setting a town hall hours of proclamation and affordability a particular those that live on the island prior to the development and the recommendations have been refined thoughtfully to address the town hall concerns concerns the low income residents and to
9:23 am
stand and diversity the funding sources beyond the users fees in this phase i'd like was pleased to write a letter of support for the trlt application for cap & trade this will fund the pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure on the island that is exciting and support a new ac transit clean skilled buses to allow the residents to take public transit to the east bay it demonstrates a partner with local service-based businesses in this case the on time and on schedule initiative that began was we moved the residents and our commitment to housing both residents that residents families and vaernlz that are formally homeless and to provide vanderpool services to support our vulnerable residents finally i'd like to appreciate
9:24 am
long time island becky on the transportation authority cac many of you you know becky active in the franklin delano roosevelt democratic club and ever seen is pedestrian safety advisory committee an update in march and the transportation authority community advisory board heard unanimously and endorsed those recommendations in june she serves on the advisory board and provides a link between our two citizen advisory groups and recognize bob the director of tihdi thank you to all the folks for your service and with that, mr. clerk, do we take public comment on this item. >> yes. >> at this time public comment is open on item number 2.
9:25 am
>> good morning, commissioners my name is jeff kline and i'm a 17 year resident of the villages on treasure island and want to correct commissioner kim and director chang you keep on calling it a community advisory board that is a citizens advisory a project committee and the redevelopment law but you got a special tida a waiver to allow the establishment of the citizens advisory board and only 2009 before the 4 residents elected to that board out of 19 people on the board so it is not a community advisory board not represent the
9:26 am
community and i'm friends are with becky but she's disabled and 61 of the households on treasure island have a vehicle and do drive including myself and i commented at the july 30th with an of 3 residents along with becky and betty makingy why yerba buena island who commented the only residents that commented any of your meeting community full board and i'm here again, i want to ask that when i make comments on island 8 and 10 you'll allow me a full 3 minutes to finish my comment i have in writing and glad to provide in advance thank you, mr. kline we'll provide the 3 minutes on those two items seeing none, public comment is closed. on this item.
9:27 am
>> can we please call the item. >> director's report an information item. >> thank you chair kim tilly chang this month our report hospital a has several opportunities as chair mentions the cap & trade application was submitted in june and director bob beck and i 2r5689d to sacramento for the council staff when we were impressed with the overall application four the hub facilities and the vanderpool services we're keeping our fingers crossed there we applied for federal grants following the opening of this federal usda transportation management technology deployment program last week secretary fox was here for the vehicles symposium and many of the smart cities
9:28 am
initiatives are moving forward following the announcement of the grant award going to cleveland and san francisco is continuing to develop other kinds of projects to put forward including on treasure island we're tracking regional grant opportunity and many of the parishioners serve on the district and tracking the transportation for the clean air program that is administrative code by the air district and the one bay area program they could yield demonstrates fund to move forward turning to the local issues on any report the plan bay area draft somewhere was realized by the staff and hoping is that i live support of the treasure island initiative in the second rating in a row of high tier
9:29 am
performances with the high cost profile the draft transportation scenarios will be presented in september continue to work between now and then and come back to you all with the specific requests or recommendations in that regard ferry service i'll note is taking shape on august 4th this coming august the water transportation authority weda will present an update on the services for the transportation board both our agency and theirs have been working hard to seek a green ferry technology for the island service this is their hybrid fuel and we're also working to jointly get funding for the island service this cuomo meeting with tida and the
9:30 am
potential start date for ferry service with the capital plan fund and subsidies that are required and finally your tolling system a concept of operations which describes the components of the toll system how it represents to the san francisco open bay bridge toll system with the completion of the funding we sic entity from experts and companies with the toll services and we're working with researchers at the uc berkley and others jurisdictions gone before us in the area we'll brick all that back to you and take eric for the capital projects for moving forward and in addition to your on time and budget and our bicycle safety
9:31 am
he's e he's working with the toll authority to deliver i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you director chang any questions for the director. >> one question ii had as a foul of public comment and hoping all the members of the citizens advisory committee that that would be helpful to know who sits on it. >> my apologies to that committee for given the wrong i should have noted a citizens advisory committee at this time we'll open up for public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. can we please call the next item. >> approval the january 26th meeting onramp action item. >> thank you. any comments on this item. >> at this time we will open up for public comment on item number 4. >> seeing none, public comment
9:32 am
is closed. can we take a roll call vote. >> item 4. >> commissioner avalos commissioner london breed absent commissioner campos commissioner cohen commissioner farrell absent commissioner kim commissioner eric mar absent commissioner peskin absent commissioner tang commissioner lee commissioner yee minutes are approved. >> thank you and mr. clerk, call actually items 5 and 6 together. >> item 5 approve the administrative code and item six the minutes of order and the fiscal and business reimbursement those are action items. >> any comments on items 6 and 5 at this time we'll open up for public comment on those two items
9:33 am
seeing none, public comment is closed. on items 5 and 6. >> mr. clerk same house, same call? same house, same call? on those two items mr. clerk, call item 7. >> item 7 adapt a fiscal year 2016-2017 annual before you get program an action item. >> thank you. any comments on the proposed budget and work program surrendering open up for public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. and we can take that same house, same call? mr. clerk, call the next item. >> item 8 approval the treasure island action item. >> thank you is there any comments on this item. >> seeing none, open up for public comment on this item. >> and mr. kline we'll grant
9:34 am
you the 3 minutes for public comment. >> i've used this before so - >> do you recognize this hi jeff kline a 17 year resident and good morning and thank you for hearing any comment as i mentioned one of the 3 residents that spoke in the july 2015 timma all four of the comments were critical all 3 residents had 4 comments critical of the proposal that charge the residents a toll and expressed concern of lack of affordability and residence by the way, we're the only resident to comment i
9:35 am
heard you talk about the affordability i assume you know that the average transportation spending of protecting resident due to the toll nearly double by build out that slide was in our presentation page 29 represent a graph but i understand how the timma missed this hesitate only the the screen for 20 minutes curiously in the grant i think it is responsible for you so i'm skiio approve those toll policies that double our transportation costs and specifically i demand you make all residents the villages exempt from this toll for 61
9:36 am
percent of villages household that have own or have access to a vehicle this tolls a huge increase and as constructive evictions and net profits comprise half of tida budget $80 million we pay for the ti project incidentally a million dollars to timma that's our rent money i don't need you to be remind the average to the income is ti households was that $5,000 obviously you must i present our looking for other funds for the ti proct and instead of seeking nor money from the low income and middle-income people but i appreciate and ask you that you do not vote to double our transportation cots and exempt
9:37 am
all residents from villages of the vinyls from this toll thank you. >> thank you, mr. kline there any additional public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. board community members board members excuse me - any comments on this item again, i do want to thank the staff timma and the transportation authority as well as the treasure island development authority for the work on the mobility plan and to fill out the robust transportation program for current and new residence of this island i i feel comfortable with the goals with the hours and pricing have not been set yet and will be over the next two years will be taking in more input from the residents as well as continuing the dialogue on
9:38 am
this process i feel comfortable and take this item same house, same call? mr. clerk, call item number 9 and 10 together and item 9 introduction of new items and 10 general public comment. >> are there any new items from board members today? seeing none, we'll open up for public comment on item 9 and general public comment as well. >> thank you good morning, commissioners andrew of chinatown officer of mighty virtue one will defend one policies of humanity and justice for the holy people political leaders and serves the society with loyalty and encourage on all good deeds with great virtues for the model
9:39 am
of all of self-nature and preservation one follows the guidance of 20 between you principles to develop the apology for the divided missionary and takes a course of action with uprightness and integrity for the qualities of the leaders so one da can rescue being a perfect model and leader one coloration and progress could direct others to take on poverties in the same fashion of loyalty and courage and one can help the people to the outer state of peace of wellness and contentions oneself to use one genius for the good of mankind and cures for disease this is a good way to rescue the people
9:40 am
from tragedies thank you. >> thank you next comment - commenter please. >> thank you, again, for hearing any comments commissioners jeff kline for the record i'm opposed to the because it the mistaken assumption the planners are ignored the shift to transit and away from private vehicles by the residents of the treasure island during the past 8 years this shift is due entirely to the muni bus service corresponding to the 2009 transportation plan one hundred of people own the cars compared to the san francisco average of 92 percent but the no idea. >> survey found 61 percent 8
9:41 am
years later of residents have access to a vehicle and thirty percent are car free residents are exceeded the accomplish tida goal we already mold o mode shifdz tar beyond the goal to 60 percent of people ride muni the access to the bay bridge and parking on treasure island is the fundamental and inflated assumption of at this time this is counter this the economic they are because it is essential by month household and - it is more likely that higher prices will not reduce the demand the demand for high income is by definition unlikely to be elastic since prices is not a
9:42 am
factor for the wealth you, you should know where the program is cost effective to creates new openings for the ti project for the land limits of ferry services i urge timma to look at the reduction of green house gas emissions and capital improvement and construction time while greatly new year the urban condo system attached to the bay bridge i've prepared background information i've shared with supervisor kim office i hope you'll reconsider the failed timma approach and an urban gondola i have copies and be glad to give you the gondolas for the san francisco y b i upon request thank you >> thank you, mr. kline and
9:43 am
we'll take our comments seeing no further items on item 9 and 10 public comment is closed. mr. clerk any other items item 11 adjournment. >> the meeting is adjourned g
9:44 am
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9:47 am
san francisco department of emergency management and we are excited
9:48 am
to be here today for this event. today is bark at the park. we have a saying the first time we exchange a business card shouldn't be during a emergency [inaudible] san francisco fleet week is sth only freet week in the nation that combines the [inaudible] with disaster response training. we have military, public service and community suvs dogs here to demonstrate their capabilities. rescue demonstration, bomb detection. we also have community suvs dogs here from can 9 compan jn [inaudible] have come back from over seas [inaudible] you will see a wide range of activities. >> this is seth and he is [inaudible] into my person
9:49 am
>> my name is nob naib this is my military working dog fredy, she is a search dog and that means he has the capability to work on and off the least to locate [inaudible] he will be doing basic obedience. >> we have [inaudible] moving around, going around going around [inaudible] you have to center have the dog that says i smell it but where is it now? [inaudible] boarder protection agriculture special ist and work out of san francisco international airport with my dog floid. floid is a 6 year old beagle trained to [inaudible] inbound international flights. today boid floid will do a demonstration what he does at a airport so we'll have [inaudible] see if he can find them in the busyness
9:50 am
[inaudible] floid is what we call a [inaudible] response dog so while we search passengers arriving floid will sniff bags and sit on a bag if he thinks they have fruit in the bag. floid as been on [inaudible] >> the department of emergency managet and public safety and police and fire department work consistently with the [inaudible] military partner tooz respond to a emergency. [inaudible] go to sf you will find basic guides to prepare yourself, family light
9:51 am
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9:55 am
streets illuminating our ideas and values starting in 2016 the san francisco public utilities commission is xhoefl that light with new led with the did i audits for better light for streets and pedestrian and they're even better for this vitally lasting longer and
9:56 am
consuming up to 50 percent less energy upgrading takes thirty minutes remove the old street light and repeat 18 thousand 5 hundred times while our street lights will be improving the clean energy will remain the same every san francisco street light is powder by 100 percent godfathers hetch hetchy power in one simple word serious as day turns. >> shop and dine the 49 promotes loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you
9:57 am
shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming
9:58 am
you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that's
9:59 am
10:00 am