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tv   LIVE Commission on Community Investment and Infrasturcuture  SFGTV  August 16, 2016 1:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> the city of san francisco
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sfgov tv meeting of the commission on community investment and infrastructure occurring tuesday, august 16 2016 will begin shortly.
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>> >>[gavel] welcome to the commission on community investment and infrastructure. for tuesday, august 16, 2016. welcome to members of the public. i clerk please call the first item >> first item of business is roll call. pimentel, present. singh, here. mantzey or is absent rosales, here. all other members of the commission are present. the next order of business is item 2, announcements. there also, next regularly scheduled meeting
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will be held on september 20, 2016 at 1 pm at city hall womb 416. b, announcement of prohibition of sound producing electronic devices during the meeting. >>[reading ordinance] >>c announcement of time allotment to the public. please be advised to upgrade minutes to make pertinent public comment on each agenda item. it is strongly recommended that members of the public who wish to address the commission fill out a speaker card and submit a completed card to the commission secretary.
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of business is item 3, report on actions taken at a previously closed session meeting if any. there are no reportable actions. the next order of business is item 4, matters of unfinished business. there are no matters of unfinished business. the next order of business is item 5, matters of new business consisting of consent and regular agenda. first the consent agenda. approval of minutes july 19, 2016. mdm. sherman? >> thank you. before we consider the consent agenda do we have any speaker cards? >> not for the consent agenda >> commissioners, we have the consent agenda which is the approval of the minutes of july 19-20 16. >> moved and seconded. >> please call the roll call >> >>[call of the roll] pimentel aye bustos aye singh
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aye mondejar is absent rosales spirits and i have for aye and one absent. >> thank you. please call the next item. >> the next regular agenda item are five-b and five-charlie waited to candlestick point block heard together but acted on separately could 5b approving this section of tenderloin neighborhood development corporation and young community developers for the development of 140 affordable rental housing units including one miniatures unit. for low income and formerly homeless families at candlestick point was blocked 10 a. bayview-hunters point redevelopment project area discussion and action resolution number 39-2016. and
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five-c approving a bill selection of san francisco housing development corporation and mercy housing california for the development of 150 affordable housing rental units including one managers a unit for low income and formerly homeless families at candlestick point south block 11 a. bayview hunters point redevelopment project area discussion and action, resolution number 40-2016. mdm. dir. >> thank you mdm. sec. good afternoon to the commissioners and good afternoon to the members of the public did thank you very much for joining us. missionaries, as you recall you authorize the issuance of a request for puzzles for two blocks in candlestick point. part of the hunters point candlestick point project. this is truly exciting milestone because it represents the settlement of your charge to accelerate affordable housing in settlement of the mayor's charge to provide for at least
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10,000 permanently affordable low income housing units out of 30,000 by 2020 at this a significant contribution to that effort and here today to walk you through the request for proposals process, the staff recommendations, the community process, and the staff analysis, is gretchen heckman, who is a ocii affordable housing development specialist and she's also here joined by pam sims, also ocii housing development specials. >> good afternoon mdm. chairman rosales. i'm here today to present staff recommended the moment for candlestick point block 10-8 and 11-. ocii is 100% supportable parcels and the candlestick point bayview-hunters point redevelopment project area.
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today's request is for commission approval to select a team led by tenderloin neighborhood development corporation and young community developers at bayview-hunters point-based organization per block 10 a at team led by san francisco housing the moment corporation and bayview-hunters point-based organization, and mercy housing california for block 11-a. i will start by orientating everyone to the candlestick point neighborhood. as you on the, candlestick point is the located in the southeast tip of the city just south of the shipyard. to when complete cancer point will be a mixed use neighborhood complete with retail waterfront open space and parks and market rate and affordable housing. the area outlined in red is the area of candlestick point comprising the major phase 1. this 16 block area includes the house griffith project, candlestick retail center
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approximately 600,000 ft.2 of retail space, and the main focal point of the neighborhood, ocii's 10 8-11 a parcels and swells market rate parcels and community benefits based to developed by master developers. this is a close up view of the future retail center and the surrounding street. as you can see here, the start of 10-a and 11 a parcels are in the new neighborhood. the next couple of slides came from additional documents produced by five point community and the retail developer partner. i'm sharing them with you in order to real estate the plan for this neighborhood. this slide is the future view of party way the
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perspective from west to ease future retail center on the luck at this particular view is about two blocks away from 11-a ctr. the geneva party bus rapid transit line will run down hearted way as depicted. this will connect the shipyard and candlestick point the team you on third street caltrain station combo balboa park stage. these are views on party way and anderson wagered moving onto the governing documents, the project area is covered by two redevelopment plans. under point we should shim redevelopment to cover the shipyard portion of the project and the bayview-hunters point redevelopment plan portion which covers candlestick point. in 2010 both plans were amended to provide a conference of plan across the two areas. there are also two phases to that about the project area. each of which is governed by a disposition and development agreement. phase 1 is comprised of the hilltop and hillside neighborhoods while phase 2 is a much larger area that includes the remaining 420 acres of the shipyard and the candlestick point neighborhood.
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in phase 2, there will be approximately 3345 below market rate units serving extremely low income households to middle income households receiving one or 60% of the area median income. box 10-a 11 a are the first of the agency units will finish construction at house griffith this winter. an rfp was released over 10 8-11 a parcels in february 2016. this is the first time staff released an rfp for more than one parcel. which was done in order to further mayor's goal of accelerating affordable housing. as is standard ocii step we send notification to the development community regarding the rfp including community organizations of small businesses and an advertisement was also placed in the san francisco chronicle. the rfp stated interested applicants could respond to one or both parcels. as a standard
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the rp got responses from applicant teams comprised of a housing developer, property manager, architect and supportive services provider. the phase 2 dda provides a specific definition of a qualified housing the offer which was communicated in the rfp. in addition, in conjunction with the community prevalence agreement of the phase 2 dda, applicant teams were strongly encouraged to it include at least one partner organization headquartered in the southeast neighborhood of the city. the development program and the rfp calls for rental housing affordable to low income and formally was household. 25% of the units will, date formerly homeless households as referred by the department of homelessness in supportive housing. 75% of the units will, date households earning up to 60% of the area median income in these units
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will be leased to ocii standard marketing and lottery procedures. in total both parcels will have 73 formerly homeless households. 10 of which will be set aside for young parents age 18-24. kurt dda specifications on affordable units the rp stated the average unit size should be 2.5 bedrooms for each parcel. as a result 80% of the both parcels will be two and three bedroom units. the development program for the parcels also calls for two on-site family child care units for each parcel ground floor retail space on the hardy and anderson façade, to match the surrounding neighborhood context as well as the standard components of affordable housing development for families including common area and play stations for children the community room and property management offices and the use of green building techniques. in addition, the rfp called out of visually interesting design especially
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for the 11-a parcel given it a way to the candlestick point neighborhood. for puzzles were received for each parcel from the following teams: 410 a the teams included interval group and tabernacle developer corporation as developers, with [inaudible] as good as i think john stewart company is the property manager in providence foundation and united council human services as the services providers. mccormick salazar and bayview-hunters point multipurpose services as developers,-architects as the design team mccormick salazar as the property managers, and bayview senior services as the lead coordinator is bayview hunters point foundation hunters point family and young community developers as service providers. the third is housing california and even housing the moment corporation as developers
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[inaudible] as the design team. mercy housing as property manager and mercy housing in sf hdc in partnership with the school community service as the service writer. finally, tenderloin neighborhood development corporation and young community developers as developers [inaudible] of the design team jnc as property manager in partnership with the bayview ymca and market street use as services providers. as you can see, the same team cemented for the 11 letter a parcel with the exception of different design teams. in addition, an important point to note for the 11 letter a parcel hf sdc was developer the lead developer 110 a parcel murphy was proposed as the lead developer. ocii staff completed
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in standard process of verifying the completeness of some metals. since all responses were considered to meet the minimum threshold all four teams were interviewed for each parcel and scuttle in evaluation panel consisting of representatives from the hunters point shipyard cac ocii staff, mayors office of housing and community development department of homelessness in supportive housing reviewed the seminoles conducted the interviews and ultimately scored each team. ocii has numerical scoring index used to evaluate responses to its affordable housing rfp your points are assigned to categories like design financial feasibility and proposed team experience. the evaluation panel use this system to score and rank each team's proposal. here are the results of the evaluation panel scoring. as you can see, the
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highest ranking score was mercy's proposal for the 11 a parcel. cnbc and why city ranked second-highest for both parcels and the mbs and bayview senior services and enter goal and tabernacle team ranked third and fourth for each parcel. after reviewing the scoring and ranking completed by the evaluation panel, ocii is recommending sf hdc and were seeking for that about a block 11 a and the second-highest ranking team cnbc and why city, the development of block 10 a. staff prioritize the scoring results by keeping in mind the goal of increasing opportunities for community partners and building housing with diverse teams. in addition, having different about teams on each site might better allow for the timely
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delivery of each site you may create a more positive and effective capacity building expense for the southeast partners involved. for 11 a the sf hdc and were seeking is been recommended due to the fact it was the overall highest scoring response. his proposed design celebrated a parcels location at the gateway of the future neighborhood and perhaps most importantly, this proposal provided sf hdc a smaller organization operating out of the bayview-hunters point neighborhood with her role as lead developer. for 10 a second-highest ranking team cnbc and why dc is recommended in order to work for the golden increasing opportunities for community partners. cnbc and why dc some address on proposal provided a well conceived design that spoke to future resident needs and also included an additional partner from the southeast bayview ymca as a services provider partner. the next two slides go into some detail. we want to share with the commission regarding the recommended developer team proposals. the sf hdc and mercy
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proposal had a financing plan that uniquely included units set aside at 30% of the area median income for non-formerly homeless families, which will open up opportunities extremely low income family holds. for the workforce plan, sf hdc propose using their in-house workforce the bowman coordinator and this thing also expressed interest in working with the general contractor willing to joint venture with a smaller entity. similar to their in the [inaudible] on house griffith. sf hdc has an in-house that are so working in the financial empowerment center door i reached you and work with cop holders. as mentioned earlier, the design for 11 a was strong in capturing the importance of the site as a gateway to the neighborhood. finally, these two organizations are well-suited to build affordable housing and specifically work within the bayview-hunters point community. that cnbc and
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why city proposal had a thoughtful and conservative financing plan for their workforce plan cnbc proposed using a specialized sbe in outreach consultant to meet project goals. similar to their workforce plan cnbc and why city were hired in ocii approved housing counseling providers to assist with marketing and providing technical assistance to cop holders. this team proposal included programming and the site plan sensitive to families needs. finally, these two organizations are also well-suited to build affordable housing with services and working specifically within the bayview-hunters point community given their status in the neighborhood and experience in working with communities in replacement displacement. as mentioned earlier 100 point cac members served as a representative on each of the evaluation panels reviewed submittals acted as an interview panels and scored each team. ocii staff and the
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recommended developer team also presented at to cac meetings. housing subcommittee meeting in july and a full cac meeting in august. the full cac recommended commission approval of both teams. i will share with you next the basic design submitted by the recommended teams. please note, after the commission approved our selection the teams were refine and build on these basic designs and staff will be back to present for schematic design approval in the spring of next year. this is about four plan for 10 a that shows parking the neighborhood retail anderson avenue large community room and services and property management office space. this shows the courtyard level for 10 a. using the large courtyard at this level complete with axes to the family child care unit in the upper left-hand corner. jordan's play area and
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community room and laundry room allows parents to keep an eye on their children across the courtyard was switching out their laundry into the community room to say hi to a neighbor. this is the view of the proposed building from anderson avenue. the retail frontage is made up of eight different base with alternating heights to have variation to [inaudible] and provide numerous spaces for smaller community retailers. the main pedestrian entrance to the building is located on this façade. as you can see there's a community garden proposal level sex adding a green element to the building visible from the street. finally, this is the view of the proposed building on the deadlock breaking the rear of the parcel. you can see here, is consistent with the ocii design policies toward density and lower height, arms align this midblock break to create a pedestrian family and residential atmosphere. moving
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on to the 11 a basic design. this is the ground floor plan for 11 a which is the on-site parking decimation of retail in honey weight large community room with public access and services and property management offices. this shows the courtyard level for 11 a did you see as the case for 10 a design large courtyard at this level complete with axes to family child care unit a large children's play area and a community room that opens out into outdoor seating and dining area line by community garden. interior space at this level features a tea room and services and property management office space. this is the view of the proposed building from hearty way. the retail frontage is made up of base with alternating heights again to have variation. these will accommodate larger decimation retailers. you can see the building curves upward at the corner hearty way and
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candlestick point drive assigning visual prominence to that corner of the building which will be one of the first things visitors and community members see as they enter the neighborhood. at that same corner double height ground-floor retail space curb from hearty way to counsel candlestick point drive to accommodate potential café space candlestick park. the lattice on the same corner is designed to capture the light from resident units behind it in the evening so it's great a lantern or begin affect for the building. this is the view of the building of the standing candlestick point parked across the street. you can better see the proposed café space with outdoor seating mentioned earlier as well as how the grand staircases connected public space with a private building space. finally, this is the view of the pose building from the midblock rate in the rear of the parcel. again, the lord density and
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lower height, line this break to create a pedestrian friendly and residential was shown in the site plan both building 12 parking garages on the ground floor. the parking ratios for both our 0.6 spaces per unit as you can see both developers are providing bicycle storage space consistent with ocii design for the moment guidelines. this neighborhood will be well served by transit at full buildout in advance of the final transit impermissibly to interim thousand oaks and the existing 29 sunset and 56 11 lines into the project area and sf mta will provide more frequent service on both lines. in the interim, the master developer will also rent a shuttle service opened members of the public retail center workers and residents that will
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connect the development to bart bart and other regional transit get this be the transit available for the residents and occupants a bit about what included in major phase 1. the final transit improvements will include bringing the geneva honey bus rapid transit line into the project area with connections to bart caltrain and muni line. ginny will also operate on the candlestick point express that will connect the site directly to downtown san francisco. in addition to these many transit options ample parking be available on neighborhood streets and the retail center in surrounding market rate above and also provide parking for those visitors and is the preliminary schedule for these parcels. towards the end of the year we'll be back to the commission with an exclusive negotiation agreement
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between development loan for approval. a few months later we will have a final schematic design to present and from there our gap financing loan will be brought to the commission for each parcel. once all the project financing sources are secured we will return to the commission for approval to enter into a ground lease of each developer entity the back construction financing can close the project can begin construction roughly in the spring of 2018. if they begin in 2018 the project should be completed and fully occupied two years later in 2020. with that, i will conclude my presentation before i take questions i will introduce members of the recommended deployment teams that are here today. started with the recommended team for the 10 a parcel, from pnd see we have executive director don faulk. from the project team katie lamont, chris cummings and leah stopped from. from pnd see, services you get robinson and from pnd see property management cynthia alvarez. from young community developers or why cd, we have the executive director shimon walton and the program director james walker. from herman calder locus architecture we have two principles from the
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firm. susie colbert and steve [inaudible]. some bayview wide to sheila gardner was hoping to attend but she had a family emergency this morning. if there's any questions related to that portion of the development team i'm sure t nbc can help answer the more we can pass them along to bayview ymca after the meeting. for the 11 a parcel, from sf htc, we have it gave ceo david several. the director real estate devin richardson. no state development manager, tom-. the director of supportive services oh del johnson, director of resident engagement and supportive services, cheryl thomas washburn. from mercy housing we have the president doug shoemaker and project manager sharon christian. the architect team from [inaudible] we have principal william levy and associate principal greg
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novikov. simpson drew the ocii project manager for the shipyard team and pam simpson elizabeth: hello development specialist and sewer development specialist for the housing team are also here to answer any questions. >> well-prepared, thank you. before we entertain questions from the commission, we need to hear public comment. mdm. clerk any speaker card? >> if you can please make your way to the podium when i call your name. line up to the right of the podium. >>[calling public comment cards] >> >> good afternoon.
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>> i am don faulk, ceo of tbc tenderloin neighborhood development corporation. chairperson rosales, commissioners, director, i am grateful and honored for us to be considered for 10 a. first, i want to thank the staff as well as the cac for the hard work and for their support. there are many many elements of the project that are really thrilling to be a part of. for the sake of time, i will just summarize by saying that this is perfectly resident with our mission to provide equitable access to opportunity and resources for low income people. i'm happy to answer any questions that arise. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners and executive director. just like john kaman
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excited about having the opportunity to fill 10 a at candlestick point. i actually thought we were getting about 15-20 min. to have a conversation with all of you but i think the team of ocii did a great job explained what we want to do and what rick said about this project. at the end of the day, this is the second moment project for young community developers. working with an entity like pnd seat that is the same commitment to our community that are disenfranchised and the need opportunities, and assisting us in [inaudible] as well as displacement and our community this was important to us. again, we want to thank the team at ocii and the executive director for recommending us to work on this project together if you have any questions about how we plan to make sure that we meet local mandatory hiring requirements, we plan to make sure that we reach out to cop holders in the community and how we make sure that this project is beneficial for the
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community involved am here to answer those questions and again, thank you for this opportunity. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. director and general counsel morales. undeterred civil executive director sf hth. it's my absolute pleasure to be here today while being recommended for development at block 11 ralph at candlestick point. we wish we were founded in 1988 google primarily african-american community leaders really want to stem widespread displacement of african-americans and others from san francisco at the time. unfortunately, that is still very much a theme of today. sf hec as part of this development will be bringing its robust housing counseling and rental readiness program to bear to ensure that all interested applicants are aware of this opportunity and able to apply for and hopefully achieve success in getting into the
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property. we have completed about 355 affordable units over the years and we are actively working on about six projects with several partners to increase our affordable housing portfolio on behalf of the bayview-hunters point community. we have deep experience as one of the nations largest and most successful nonprofit housing providers and management company could that complete over 9000 units statewide in california going and over 3000 units in san francisco. we are joined with forces on the supportive services for this program with sf hec providing case management with support from ecs as well as having mercy housing a service coordinator. mercy housing has deep experience with mixed use development with mixed income housing including formally housing units. low income family housing units we felt that they were great partners for us on this. our partnership with mercy actually begin a
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couple of years ago in applying for commissioned a block six e. and although we were not successful in winning the recommendation on that parcel, it did show us how much fun we had working with mercy housing and we knew that when this rfp came out mercy housing will be a great partner to apply for these opportunities with. our proposal for this gateway site is one that we really took to heart and sf mentioned, the gateway to a new community. we thought of not only is a committee between bayview hunters point and candlestick point therefore old historic neighborhood and a brand new community but also one that is transition point between the friend and this update and the
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tenants all beyond but most importantly the gateway for rosetta's will was either produced to stabilize and first with support and activities on site throughout the community. by design and quake that peak in the lantern urban poor job which open arms to the community and integrate the site into the neighborhood setting a tone for inclusiveness and diversity for the whole candlestick point. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. i'm doug shoemaker pres. mercy housing coupled to think it probably took all of the good talking points which is right. we are happy to be partnering with sf hec as david mentioned. this we have been trying to do as much of this weekend together. ms. seo ourselves is very good compliments. were working together on a parcel in haight valuable looking for to working on this project and appreciate the opportunity as david and others have mentioned before. thank you. thank's again to staff as well. it was a well-run process. >> thank you. >> good afternoon
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commissioners. my name is peter obama representing national association of minority contractors and here today we have brought in some contractors. these are union trade contractors out of the bayview zip codes 07 and 34. while we, encourage these types of developments it provides jobs in the community, provides our trades organization to grow and hire more people in the community, but we still are faced with challenges. if are not part of the design team with the developers, from the beginning, from the start of the phase of the project will be left locked out behind again. i urge that look into this type of development this is the perfect project where we have a solution that can help provide more jobs in the community, that can also provide growth, capacity building to our trade contractors. the challenge they
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face today with this trade contract is a win some other contracts and eight and up. there is not a sustainable growth into their industry at all. when they hired 30 people or 20 people the next project their bidding on it if they don't win they have to layette opted to start all over again and go to the union hall, start all this process all over again. so there is a sustained growth growth coming out of this project and we have a solution. we have identified that there are some very solid quality contractors and manufacturers right in the bayview good some are successful. thanks for the work that you guys have done. the ocii staff has done a great amount of work in helping us in identifying some opportunities, but still, we need to move this needle to the 50% policy goals signed by the ocii and become you get the good thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. how are
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you? i'm ronald baptiste president and ceo of eagle environmental and construction. i would like to think our leader pete varma for coming up and representing us as far as our local general contractors and engineering firm. 14 years ago as the nola jackson gave me my first office. here in san francisco. what a wonderful lady she. she saw the vision of our opportunity to do work and make a living here in san francisco. as an engineering general construction remediation for. unfortunately, that has not worked out so well. i would like to give to you, if you can hand this out, this is just in the last two years
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projects that eagle, my company, has bid on. we abated on excess of hundred plus million dollars of contracts just in the last two years. with no wins. no wins at all. so, that is saying that even though we can get the $47 million bid bond we have the qualifications and have done this before, in other areas, however, we have yet to been able to qualify on an ocii project, on a sf puc project on sf mta project. you name it. we just don't seem to be with to get through the threshold. the rfps are written such that you have to to project in the last three years in that category in order to qualify. that does not allow a companies like ours that are qualified to actually engage and get involved in the project. in the last two months
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i bid it onto projects in atlanta georgia and won them both. exceeding $100 million. how come i am from san francisco can win in atlanta, but i can't win here? that says something that says something about the process. that says something about us really not getting our fair shake. so, look, please, take a look at this project very close to. we are willing to place the necessary financing for payroll to support the subcontractors that want to work here and it is imperative that you get local 94124 and surrounding general contractors and subcontractors involved. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> hello. my name is bruce-. thank you for the opportunity to be here today. i want to say without any ambiguity you're
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doing a good job. we appreciate that, but i think also it's important to tell you not enough is being done. i have been the beneficiary of been able to work at least one project at hunters point. but i can tell you that it's going to take more than that opportunity for us to become the kind of company that's going to be around more than just merely surviving which most of us have done. we've got skin in the game here. we live in a community. our businesses are in the community. we're doing our very best to engage the community but the fact is, if we keep turning people in and out of our employment opportunity because they're not consistent and sustained than we are not going to build people their capabilities up so they will have the kind of skill set that are more like the folks that come from the surrounding suburbs who are
1:51 pm
employed were consistent. who have got their level of expertise at a much higher level than the folks that we traditionally see here in the city. the sad result is that we look out into the distance your time or not really doing anything but kicking the can down the road. so, while we are doing some good work in a lot of areas and nine for you to look deeper at some of the systemic problems that are still out there that are dogging many of us and commit resources, commit whatever it takes to layer with those problems are and can come up with solutions for them. work in collaboration with other like organizations in the city to address the same problems again, as my colleague before me mention, between all the agencies here, be it, puc and ta or others were finding the same issues. i think we can do a little bit better than that. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good afternoon mdm.
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chairman and fellow brother and sister commission my name is ray born. a longtime 52 number of glazer's local 718 union in san francisco. i transitioned two years ago to become a donor of a lb sp in the city. iron class works and i just want to say i'm kind of new to coming down to these type of meetings here. but, being in the construction business part, so far, has been kind of interesting that i can see that some of the general contractors if they want to work with you they can and then if they don't they can kind of make a lot of excuses why and a couple of ivan fortunato couple contractors took a chance on me and without filling
1:53 pm
pre-qualifications and everything because once you see those a lot of us disqualifications really. so, we've been afforded an opportunity to work out of san francisco airport on $100,000 contract. we just completed a contract at uc berkeley with a construction company for $98,000. so, those words without prequalification and they said okay, right you we will give you a shot and you better not mess up. so we just wonder reiterate that that we are out here the only thing just need opportunity and they will perform. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon mdm. rosales another commission should my name is nick: can on the administrative operations for ankle iron and constructed third-generation mexican-american san francisco basic structural steel coming here with my father. throughout my childhood i remember getting
1:54 pm
in the top of my father and driving around hunters point bayview and him saying, 'touching companies going out of business. that construction companies going out of business. that consumption, he is out of business. and today, there are very few structural steel, is left in san francisco and we are fighting to stay alive. we have-i got plenty of opportunities from the city and we are very thankful for those opportunities and the requirements but we want to urge the city to keep giving us these opportunities because we are providing empowering good pain skill middle-class jobs to people,, san franciscans. so, for us we been fighting for seven years to get through this recession for this opportunity. for a small business, minority owners it's our time. a few commissioners. >> thank you.
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>> commissioners, director, my name is oscar james at moneta resident bayview-hunters point. i've been in hunters point all my life from the time no one wanted to come out in hunters point. now all these developers all these projects are coming out here and the people in our community are really not benefiting the native residents of that community. but i stumbled this commission for putting this project together for single-family homeless and i just hope single-family home was in bayview hunters point where those families that go to providence church in the evenings when they give out free dinners for the homeless, that those homeless the go and get meals there get first priority as well as certificate holders of preference. and
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other residents in bayview-hunters point and also in the mission who are being relocated and pushed out of san francisco. it's a shame that section 8 allows people in our communities, minority residents, vouchers to move to antioch, hayward and other places where they could not get the certificates were these houses in their own communities. a lot of them want to come back and they should have a preference to come back good [inaudible] housing development corporation was a project i was [inaudible] by one of your commissioners who is since deceased mr. leroy king who brought that back into fruition. the roy, now the housing developer corporation were young commit developers are now housed in was a project of the model cities projects. but they're doing all this. the
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government and what have you and people get these construction jobs and what have to be done of anyone getting management jobs come up property management jobs and train them in that area could also be ocii because the redevelopment agency trained several people for property management doing my tenure here with the redevelopment agency, i spent four years at the redevelopment agent. there also is a contact owns a trucking contractor and i understand a lot of the problems these contractors are having. number one when you do a job there the last ones to get paid if they get paid. we release our joint housing on hunters point we do not allow anything to happen in hunters point that did not have 35% minority contractors. we stopped the jobs and i think we should get back to doing that in the community, stopping jobs
1:58 pm
and we don't see are people getting these jobs and would have problems with getting that to stand up for them. whatever facilities or access you have to come to some of these job sites. we need to stand up for our minority contractors because they are the ones going to make sure i notice in our community get these jobs. and get the proper training is so, i beg this commission to stand up for these minority contractors who have bonding capacity and were not still not getting these jobs. this is a racist city. the general contractors association keeps minority contractors out and you need to deal with it on this level not on the level of john proctor associated their powerful organization they will keep these minority contractors out. i know for a fact. either john or contractor who worked for a trucking company who helped us rogers trucks and equipment when we did the ms. coney center and run 313 trucks. we had a majority
1:59 pm
working with us. these majorities need to work with these minority contractors. we were the first ones from redevelopment agency that made them to joint ventures with people like many brothers with pretty low and other contractors and their someone standing up making minority contractors and general contractors do jd. so they get paid and not the general contractor [inaudible] their employees or their suppliers but for those minority contractors to pay their own supplies and their employees. so they can get the reputation of being able to bond themselves. when i left out of the trucking company either 3.5 bonding capacity. it was because we had people backing us up. so these minority contractors need to. thank you very much. i should have 6 min. because you guys are lumping this thing together. >> thank you. you got 4.5
2:00 pm
there. >> hello thanks for the opportunity to let us. my name is hector. i'm also with ankle iron and concert. we are third-generation. my dad started this business in 69. we like the opportunity to work at candlestick point because we built the stairs that were just taken down at candlestick, one of the and we would like to really work there. our shop is on edberg, which is a skip and a jump away from their. thank you for much. >> thank you. so, we are ready for questions by commissioners. commissioner finn so would you like to start spewing >> okay. i have about four questions. let's start on slide eight. the income level go from
2:01 pm
0-60, 80-120, 121-160. what happened to the middle class and the 61-79% income? if you go on page 8 when says below market rate housing plans. >> we are talking about the affordability requirements for the shipyard and candlestick point as a project area >> yes. >> your concern, and maybe this is a question that can send drew can speak to. as she
2:02 pm
is the senior project manager for the shipyard. it seems like your concern is that we are serving extremely low to low income populations and then there's a jump where higher income populations are being served. maybe cameron can speak to the rationale for that. >> okay. >> thank you commissioner for that. pimentel for that. let me just bring up the slide. so, we have the inclusionary i can our agency affordable housing unit focuses up to 60% ami. then the developer's responsibility is focusing on folks between 80-120 but it's really up to 80% -120% so that
2:03 pm
middle income folks between 60 and 80% the idea is they be served in those inclusionary units the lead developer provides and will be serving the lower-level income affordability on our sites between zero and 60%. >> so that middle group would still qualify for some type of affordability? >> yes the ideas you can be over income you can be over 80% of ami or over when 20% of a month but you can be up to that amount. >> how come you did not include it spewing >> i think i think we can work on how we present the information was more clearer and so folks don't think there's a gap. >> okay. my next question is on page 9 where it talks about
2:04 pm
how you guys are outreaching community based organizations like minority groups and small businesses in a really resonated to me the small businesses the mother middle income individual people who need it to survive and keep in this. so my question is how the outreach conducted to the small businesses? are you tabling at community events? are you doing presentations throughout the community. if the e-mail list updated? other more notifications, social media, you said there's our reach in the chronicle but the chronicle is a paid paper, online and in print so that is also a barrier for some people there's a lot of free newspapers, lots of medium. there's also a wide variety of organic grassroots outreach [inaudible] a wide population of people are notified about these opportunities an rfq's so there is some type of her writing bidding so they have the ability to have some diverse city in these proposals.
2:05 pm
>> thank you for that. i definitely think the outreach is something we are working on and definitely aiming to improve upon because it is so important folks know these opportunities exist and know how to apply for them. we did just as part of our site office contacted an outreach consultant to help spread the word about community outreach efforts in regards to our community advisory committee as well as our legacy foundation because are the two forms in which project the jump to the community and through working without outreach consultant we are interested in becoming more active and engaged with additional and of ways of getting the word out whether that is through social media come up through tabling events, other community events, and we are kind of admitting we don't know what we don't know. so to the extent commission or any members of the public have
2:06 pm
suggestions for how we should engage with the community were extremely open to those and are seeking those opportunistic >> yes, i would definitely like to work with you guys on that. go with the consultant hired for the outreach? >> is gdr, james bryant is their lead and they were here a couple weeks ago >> yes, yes,. mice third question is on page 12. as it relates to the childcare center. what will be the process for selecting families for those on-site high-priority? how many and if there will be people from the community that will have access for the childcare center but also parking for pickup. i have a small child. that is one of the struggles in the morning and afternoon. you're not supposed to park but in the morning when you're running late this no parking everyone is parallel parking could just-what is the plan to help the parents ease
2:07 pm
that burden? >> i think the service providers are affordable housing step may be better able to answer the selection both for the folks who are assigned those units as well as how the different children are actually assigned and spaces within the childcare. in terms of parking, i know that's a huge issue for daycare drop-off and pickup and we do have designated zones associated in a project for those type of purposes. but let me hand it off to folks who know about childcare programming. >> the slide that this craft is sstandard childcare units are. so, the way the childcare units work, for each site there will be two three-bedroom units on-site. toby occupied by a licensed childcare provider and
2:08 pm
that licensed childcare provider will have to income qualify for the unit and come into the unit with an appropriately sized household for a three-bedroom units. it will be up to the developer to decide what the ami level will be for that units. but they will be leased through a separate lottery process than the rest of the preferences for the other units. we do hope to have a preference for on-site residents to have them be able to bring their children and get first patterns into the childcare centers. that is a detail we will work out with the developer team is move forward with the process. >> with her also be on a lot of childcare centers work with individuals who are kind of getting that field by having like internships and opportunities where they can build their skills but also help build the workforce of people in that sector and there are families a lot of times families will choose to work with childcare centers to alleviate the cost of the work.
2:09 pm
>> i will say that our office and the developers that we work with work work closely with the office of early care and education. have really extensive knowledge of the pipeline of childcare operators that is looking to get into business in the city. so, please will will be able to see more folks entering outline of business to our work with office early care and education. >> then my last question is on parking ratio of .06-.08. which is that translate to? one per unit spewing >> it's less than one space per unit. >> how does that work? who would get preference that's not a full parking space? how does
2:10 pm
that work? >> is done through a lottery prospect parking spaces are assigned to a lottery process and i would imagine not all residents will elect to enter into the lottery process. because they don't have a car >> will parents have priority? >> maybe the developer can speak more to this but i do not think there is a preference. as we do for the residence units for the parking space. i think the random lottery. >> that's interesting because in the life of a parent you have a dog and a stroller and how do you take your child out and you only have one family member which is you and you have your groceries good so, how do you work that out because it's difficult for families if you don't have a parking spot to do those daily activities? >> sure. that's understandable. i think we are sort of pushing the parking ratio. maybe pam sims can elaborate on this. >> thank you commissioner for
2:11 pm
that question. actually, what we have seen in our family development is that many households especially the lower income households many of them just because of the cost of insurance they have elected not to have automobiles and instead, what we have seen especially arising the ridesharing in a lot of the households of taking advantage of that. even more so than the car share spot in the karcher units automobiles we have on these sites. >> do you have some type of partnership with the ridesharing with the families moving and you would see the special promotional code as a new family? was not signed up? >> developers and service providers help the households all navigate through that system and get signed up so they have those rights available. >> thank you very much. >> yes, commissioner singh
2:12 pm
>> actually, is it possible to more parking there? what's the problem with as many units, what is the problem there? >> the 0.6 spaces per unit ratios actually it's quite high in comparison to what we've done in other project areas. based on the transit options available at the time of full buildout of candlestick point as well as what we've seen in other for the housing of omens, we think that ratio and of parking spaces is a good one. >> okay. do you have any list is going to occupy, do we have anything to say in these projects >> >> i'm sorry can you repeat >> is a preference older than all those. >> sure. the certificate of preference holders will have the first priority in the leasing process.
2:13 pm
>> when is it going to completed these projects? >> when will the units be available? >> when is it going to be completed? >> if the project begins construction in 2018 they will likely be fully constructed and fully occupied two years later in 2020. >> the next question i have is the loan. are we going to provide a loan for this? is it a loan or grant? >> it will be a loan in the same format as all of our other affordable housing loans. so it will be a 55 year term. we will be coming back to the commission first four predevelopment loan approximately 3-4 months and afterward, for a gap financing loan. >> do we know what the interest is going to be for that loan? to fix our standard
2:14 pm
interest rate is 3% for a loan. >> also, i would like to expand our program to the minority contractors. i don't know what the process is to qualified to get into as a subcontractor. these two firms [inaudible] tenderloin housing they have experienced good doug shoemaker i know a long time and he does a very good job. [inaudible] a good firm, two. >> commissioner bustos >> so, when we voted to do this project goal bayview hunters point project, and i've said this before, the goal was to go beyond just building the vertical set of buildings but it was how would you lift a
2:15 pm
community. in that spirit and intention we will also look at how would san francisco businesses, small minority business women owned businesses would be able to benefit from that because it was a 100% city resources that we had in our midst to do something with them as we told some of the building trades, all were asking for a lease for local hire was 50% say you got another per 50% to do what you want but we set these goals and benchmarks because we wanted to really help the community especially in the southeast, that has had a history of neglect by the city. it was mentioned before, people did not want to go to these neighborhoods. now, all of a sudden. so, i would really love for us mdm. chairman, dir.,
2:16 pm
middle east and up a commission, a subset of this commission to work with a subset of planning and maybe puc because were hearing is something that's nothing new to us. we been hearing it for a long time and we been hearing it one projects come to us about the discontent and lack of opportunity that are san francisco based businesses are getting that maybe we can take a more proactive approach and set up a committee with other commissioners from other commissions to really look at what can we do and maybe we can work with staff because they're on the ground doing a lot of the work, but how can we make it that the developers, and i'm sure that san francisco building housing corporation and cnbc care about the city and would want to use some of
2:17 pm
the local contractors that are here for the same reason why we voted to do this to begin with. so, is that something we can do? >> it certainly [inaudible] to avoid a brown act violations. >> maybe could work with the city attorney's office to the think we've got to do something because this spot stock is not working obviously because were hearing the same thing over and over and projects come before us. we need to hold developers whether nonprofit or for-profit accountable because again, the soap 100% city resource that we have available to make this happen. that's my first thing. the second thing is >> would you want to hear from the developers on how they intend to implement >> that would be good to hear. mdm. chairman, thank you.
2:18 pm
>> we do have two outstanding teams that will focus on workforce. so if devin richardson from sf gc and john walton could come up and maybe give their plant >> this is beyond workforce. this is professional services that these projects will be able to give folks an opportunity to bid for. >> local hire from the whole labor and business. >> yes. >> good afternoon commission. devin richardson director of real estate developments. thank you for the question and your concern in this area. he 98 of a bayview and san francisco, i am concerned about this issue as well. as you may have noted on the slide, sf hec in partnership with mercy, we propose on the contacting side setting up the rp with the general contractor so that it's a joint venture-excuse me,
2:19 pm
joint venture relationship and set up one-time content that we feel that sort of structure is more supportive of reaching that goal of hiring local subcontractors were contractors working in the bayview for the subcontracts on the construction site. on the workforce i, we are currently doing workforce development in the bad portfolio in the bayview-hunters point east and west. we have a workforce of omens staff person currently on staff working now with contractors for the public housing reveals and we continue to work with those organizations like edu good we are happy to work and look for to work with the young community developers, hunters point family, the gentleman that spoke all the gentleman that spoke earlier this morning
2:20 pm
. i got all the cards on something i'm passionate personally and i know our organization is passionate about it. >> hi. doug shoemaker. i just want to echo everything kevin subject were honestly we working together on this project and they take the lead but we are working with these policies on every project and i cannot agree with you commissioner bustos that is more systematic approach would be helpful. i think when things gets pursuing both developers and general contractors is one general contractors come forward from a neighborhood they're looking to do work and they either do or don't need minimum qualifications to china fund size of projects and context they really make it successful for both parties and i think one of things we need to figure out is how were hoping general contractors move through the process and the growth the size
2:21 pm
of projects are able to do. this new one largest housing development projects we've ever built from a cost perspective good in something like 60-$70 million project. that's not an easy project for any general contractor to get and so is that it's a joint venture's big part of how to make that work the piece is, you start as i'm sure many of the people here in the audience know and have done, on the four-$5 million project after the hundred thousand all project can get to the 12 and get to the 20 really starts at 60. so, i think trying to find a way to kind of help people move through that process is you are saying is useful when we were at the cac meeting was always there selected to work happening with abusing all the infrastructure work. not only the same type of contact is personally the support that get done is awfully similar to some of the infrastructure contracting that's done on large infrastructure project. thank you for this to suggestion. >> good afternoon commission.
2:22 pm
shimon walton executive director community developed. thank you for your question or commissioner bustos. from a workforce of omens standpoint, why cd's have the opportunity to provide and make sure we provide an opportune workforce of at least 50% local mandatory hiring for several projects throughout bayview good relationships with pretty much every workforce deponent provider in bayview-hunters point as well. these are formal relationships where we all work together to make sure we provide a quality person that goes on the worksite for each of the jobs available. we pity union dues for i would say 80-90% of people go to work sites in bayview-hunters point we continue to do that and we have the resources to do that could also work very closely with all her building and construction trades to provide clayson on jobsite. we work closely with several of our small contractors and the community as well as across the
2:23 pm
city. we work to make sure that people who don't have certain capabilities bonding etc. have an opportunity to get the general assistance contractor site executive and make sure they get the tools and opportunities to be trained and learned those who have bonding process, how to put bids together for projects and will continue to provide that assistance can help with our local contractors in that aspect and again we just have the relationships with community to make sure that everyone is a part of what jobs are available in portable jerome is available in the community will make sure working with tm dc the purpose foot forward to reach out to the contractors in this room as well as within the community for the update is available as we also which is a reflection of the work we did on block 49 number of local contractors that we did have work on that project as well as others. thank you. >> can i have a follow-up question >> yes >> i note you work with an organization those were the city builds?
2:24 pm
>> yes >> i think the director of city building was here a couple commission meetings ago. i asked the question about whether he thought the city had essentially been able to cap all the quote, eligible potentially eligible folks within the pipeline because there's a labor shortage. he said, and i would specifically ask about bayview-hunters point and he said probably not. so, can you give me just a general idea of what your organization does to maximize its outreach to folks who some of the folks were talking about here that need jobs that are willing hopefully an able and capable of performing? >> i'm glad you asked that question. definitely can't speak for the city in terms of how they're able to access but young cutie two overs would provide her own certification training swim coworkers were training individuals good with hazardous waste removal. lead a
2:25 pm
spaces abatement removal. osha safety. cpr, mood awareness combined space to all the syndications that qualify them for the building and trades committee work that's happening in their own community as was across the sea. so we are a feeder to the building and construction trade outside of the work we do in connection with city builds and other academies here in san francisco. providing our own training has given us the ability to increase placement opportunities aside from just working within the system. which is something less important to us because we work well with the city. we provide individual suffering to go into city built the city builds and most cases is a two cycles per year. it had a couple special cycles. the last couple years and is no one coming up in october or so excited about that but again as an organization that provides quality numbers for workforce, we also left of our own ability to provide training. we do that
2:26 pm
at least two a year for certification trains at least two more for solar insulation training other opportunities we provide. i can send all of our commissioners a list of why cd trainings the work were doing throughout the city and we have neighborhood access points at alameda, holly courts the pain in chinatown as well as potrero hill in providing similar neighborhood access point services on off-site because again we have to make sure we put our best foot forward to get all the community connected >> great. thank you. >> good afternoon my name is katie lamont director of housing abound with tm dc. thank you for asking this question in a note important to glean this communicated tm dc's long experience working with most recently were recently with ocii and working to implement professional and
2:27 pm
contracting hiring goals they think probably most relevant to you newbies during from us about this later on in your agenda, we are working on mission bay six e and we've achieved about 54% of our contracting with ftes and four general construction contract which were just wrapping up right now but 41% with ftes. that includes a joint venture between maybe concrete and a local sbe. as was mentioned earlier in the presentation, i staff, if you plan to work with monaco wilson. we've been working with her as the junior partner in the related translate a team and she's assist us with our mission bay work. i know talking to george outside in the hallway a couple months ago we told a few notes are doing and want to you don't need monica. i think we
2:28 pm
appreciate all the systems we can get the think we'll still link it we know there's a lot more we could learn about avenues to reach people and help structure productive partnerships that really aren't mutually beneficial. so we are planning to use her to help us do that. we are really pleased with our opportunity to partner with young community developers we really see this the beginning of a partnership is going to be much broader and more impactful for us than just working on this particular project two of them achieve their goals to go the development capacity to a bus shape article to enter this command respectfully and also to do as well as we possibly can goals we know are incredibly important to the community and to the commission. both in terms of workforce hiring and in terms of contracting. we selected-as our architect in part because her sbe and they performed beautifully for us in the past. we are intending to include scoring in our selection of our contractors that will reward
2:29 pm
folks for presenting joint venture opportunities either at the primary level i some of the major trades. like i said earlier, we believe that these partnerships can be successful mutually beneficial. right we are working in the committee for tm dc we can work with local folks familiar with the local environment, local workforce effective means to our reach to people there will be more successful. one other thing i want to take the opportunity to mention while i'm up here, mr. singh, excuse me i'm sorry it was one of the people offering public comment was also looking for opportunities to have access to training for jobs in property management. our property manage closely with a group called [inaudible] were we to bring people in their training program to work in entry-level
2:30 pm
positions in our property management department we have felt the partnership has been very successful for us that we been able to retain many of those folks and promote them to positions with more sensibility and better pay. so, i'm happy to answer any questions you have. thanks. >> great. thank you. one thing i know, staff can attest, we also look for long-term san francisco minority businesses and women owned businesses. businesses that have been forced around for a long time. but joe's does that just came in. because of the tremendous amount of opportunities here but the businesses that have stuck it out and survived a lot. so i have a question regarding the selection. i'm a little perplexed. we in the rf p, did we invite people to apply to more than one project? >> we did say applicant teams can apply to one parcel or both. >> did we make it clear that
2:31 pm
we were looking for one different for each? >> no. that was not stated up front in the rfp. >> okay. >> we are always looking for ways to improve our processes and come away from this experience that might be something that we look at in terms of defining an rfp that has two different sites in it. >> okay. because from the onset looks a certain way. i just want to make sure we are clear. luckily for us with two great nonprofit developers that seem to be working well together. and lucky for us this is all affordable housing but that is a glaring thing i see. >> four. for affordable housing developers. >> yes. you know what i'm
2:32 pm
saying. i just want us to be very clear and very transparent to everybody. we have to do the right thing. i think i particularly like to be quite honest, the design of san francisco. it looks like a ship it's a looks different and really has a great shape to it. it looks very weak be one of those iconic buildings that someone is driving down on the bay you can just see something that's pretty spectacular. i know were not at the design approval phase but i'm sure that maybe other folks from the the other site can take a look at that. revisit some of the design work. then, the other thing, the last thing i was looking at the future view and it has those red lanes. the red
2:33 pm
lanes that the mta, muni is putting on streets. they're actually helping first forced to reconsider. it's a waste of money. i let the mta know that already. so i don't think we should encourage them by putting this on our stuff. >> i will get rid of that slide >> they are reconsidering a lot of these red lanes. but i think this is exciting. i think it's can provide a lot of awesome housing to people who deserve it especially those who have been pushed out of san francisco. it gives them hope and opportunity to come back on. some excited about this. >> think you commissioner. commissioner pimentel follow-up?
2:34 pm
>> yes. as someone said during the public, all the teams have a large sack. skilled in going through this process and small companies gets intimidated seen these large things that got contracts in the past. i served on a task for security i can't remember where the community was a part of the rfq process. where they reviewed all the rfq . they interviewed all of the developers and it was a different outcome. it was a small community-based organization that ends up getting the rfq. is that something that could be a part of this process where stakeholders would be able to view the rfq into the interview process where you're actually able to see these companies interview them as from the type of question, learn from small businesses actually give them a chance? because when you are a small business like. ra father and son team. how many employees do you have on your team? >> [inaudible] to that they
2:35 pm
have a larger company has over 100. do you have the ability to get an rfp and just have someone on your team take care of it where eight people that's all hands on deck for about a week when you're trying to continue to have your business afloat. it would be good to have some diversity in the review process whether it's committee stakeholders who actually are interested in actually can hear them speak from the heart about how these contracts will help them having marked adversity, meyer binary contracts. at that gentleman some second he can get a contract in atlanta they cannot contact in san francisco. that's troubling to me. we need to make sure were helping our small businesses survive because we don't have small businesses everything is just corporate. >> a great point. the translation of that intent is to have a member of the hunters point shipyard cac sit in our evaluation panel which they did for each panel and we-they are
2:36 pm
supposed to be the representative of that community given their time served on the cac. >> i think it would be good to have individuals not a part of a larger group like the hunters point shipyard like they've been through the process and they might have relationships with other people but having organic stakeholders that for example, on the committee i served they had someone from [inaudible] and grassroots people bringing them to the table to understand what's going on but also assisting with the outreach of those people know what's going on and they know someone who knows someone who might follow qualify to apply. so as a part of your outreach components but having those stakeholders who are not a part of this normal process at the table making sure those noises are heard as well.
2:37 pm
>> that's a great point >> because we often see the same developers on all the projects all-time because they know the process. they know how to get through. >> thank you. that's a good segue for my comments. i am very excited that we are finally at this point of selection. the fact that the process to several not one or two teams, but for very competent very qualified teams that invested sounds like a lot of thought a lot of creativity in presenting to the types of points i think we care about. so, i do not want to interrupt you but, yes, from my vantage point it's not to developers but for development teams. i'm very excited about the capacity potential for why cd. i think that's critically important.
2:38 pm
i'm not going to ask further questions along the lines you've heard, but my topic, which i always bring up, is a certificate of preference holders. so i have a couple of questions. do we know, and i know i might be touching on information we don't have yet but do we have a candle on how many cop holders are in bayview-hunters point? do we have that information? to our developer teams have that information? >> i don't think we have that at this time but we are more than happy to visit the information when we do have it. >> i guess back to this point of connecting opportunity with the folks that are top priority in terms of housing, so if we can get that information think that will be important because when we then, again, look at the marketing initiatives, the outreach, all of that this is
2:39 pm
separate from the survey idea that i've come up with because the we've come up with as a commission-did it knowing who the folks are we should be able to contact them even if we have to have coffee hangout in their living room. get them to understand this and opportunity that i think is one that folks should not pass up. let's see. i have a follow-up question on that idea that i mean i love the idea we are targeting homeless or former homeless families. do we also have a sense with that population looks like? >> those families we receive for the units from the department of homelessness and supportive housing and they have their own intake process. those come to us from a different city departments.
2:40 pm
>> do we know of the total homeless population? what is the percentage of homeless families within that population? >> in bayview-hunters point? >> i don't think it has to be neighborhood specific >> i don't have that nuoffice top of my head but i'm happy to report that >> okay.mber which then leads me to the next question that you raised. our neighborhood preference policy, that is in our forward looking calendar, i think? >> it is. there's a workshop scheduled for commission review and consideration of that. the way we have structured it whether it's for the gap financing ground lease item you will see in mission bay should the commission adopt the new enhancement at this place it expands the ellis act into fire display sees as well as owner
2:41 pm
move-in, the city adopted a new category. that option is that the commission's discretion to apply that to ocii projects. the same for president neighborhood preference to the extent, as you know we have hosted solution certain binding contractual agreements called by the state enforceable obligations. those are provided for by contract for respondent respectable conduct areas and a number of existing practices are readopted that include certificate of preference, rents burdened individuals or public housing individuals. as those of divine individuals obeyed within 50% of their income towards their rent and public housing is on the same preference line. this is san francisco resident or worker you party adopted to the extent it doesn't conflict with any applicable law or state or federal requirements, the ellis act, so neighborhood preference
2:42 pm
would nestle in in those already existing preferences in particular for the candlestick and shipyard project. >> okay cupid should we adopt that >> should we adopt that in a future meeting would be applicable to this development to these developers? >> yes. >> okay, great. okay my last question i know the answer but i want wish we had on the record both these projects are going to be developed along the same schedule that is on slide 35? >> yes. they are projected to run on the same score. to fix it two years, if everything goes well? >> yes >> ask him. those are my questions. any other questions, commissioners, any motion? >> just a comments. i think when we have already
2:43 pm
[inaudible] we used to have a working group and we used to meet 4-5 times a year. actually, john knows that. so, i think which we used to include the minority contractors or subcontractors. i think we should have that kind of meeting to start that so they can get in on the contacts. the minorities. >> thank you commissioner singh. commission bustos has moved to both items. we can take them separately but we can have the same vote. moved and seconded. we can take them separately as i mentioned. mdm. clerk please call the rolex on 5b >> >>[call of the roll]
2:44 pm
pimentel aye bustos aye singh aye mondejar is absent rosales aye for aye and one absent >> five-c >> five-c and pencil aye singh aye bustos aye bustos aye rosales aye. for aye and one absent >> 5c selection of san francisco approved. thank you. can you please call item 5b. >> authorizing ground lease
2:45 pm
agreement and amended and reinstated loan agreement for an aggregated loan amount of 35,000,007 or $50,000 both with 1300 4th st., associates lp a california limited partnership that of elements of eight 143 units including one manages units though income affordable family rental housing development in mission bay south block six e. 626 mission bay blvd. n. it project that is within the scope of the mission bay final subsequence ceqa report the program eir and is adequately described in the fs eir for the purpose of the california environment the quality act mission bay south redevelopment project area discussion and action, resolution number 41-2016. mdm.
2:46 pm
dir. >> commissioners, this next item is again another affordable housing project. this time in mission bay. really is parallel the time frame what you will see upcoming in the candlestick point project. you have artie taken most of your venues action your predevelopment steps. these are really the final this is the final set of action so the gap financing and ground lease before construction actually starts. so we are pleased to bring this before you. with that, pam sims of ocii housing developers astros will walk you through the project background the particular terms of your prominent loan and ground lease and next steps. >> good afternoon. commissioners. executive director i'm pam sims development specialist out of ocii. as stated, i'm here today present on item5b. both are
2:47 pm
associated with the mission bay south block six e. development which consist of and 43 rental housing units of which 20% or 29 of the units are formally homeless households, plus approximate 97 900 ft.2 of ground floor commercial space. now just a little background to put this project in context. on september 17, 1998 then commission approved the mission
2:48 pm
bay north and south redevelopment plan and owner participation agreement. the plans call for the development of 6514 new residential units of which 20% 1916 units will be affordable. in the mission bay north a total of 672 units completed and other 26 inclusionary units are currently under construction we inspect completion in november of this year. in mission bay south 150 units have been completed another 200 units are under construction 958 units remain to be constructed. the project before you mission bay south block six e. also known as 626 mission bay blvd. n. and formally known as 1300 4th st., -sorry about that-is the third agency affordable housing to bowman in the mission bay south project area. in may of 2014,
2:49 pm
ocii staff lisa request for proposal for the development of mission bay south block south six e. and the team comprised of a nonprofit housing developer and architect property manager at service provider. in july of 2014 the tenderloin neighborhood development corporation was unanimously recommended by an interdisciplinary panel to develop block six e. in december of 2014 the commission approved exclusive negotiation agreement and predevelopment loan agreement in the amount of $2.5 million. then, in august 2015 the commission conditionally approved this thematic design for the project. the block six e. project includes 142 affordable rental housing units +1 managers you.
2:50 pm
114 or 80% of the units we've rented to households at 50% of area median income. while 29% or 20% of the units will be available to formulate chronically homeless households. tnd sewell provide core services and inclusion of 26 valencia will provide afterschool literacy programming to school-age children in theto help the activation of that for street retail frontage and contribute to service provision for residents. the bounds of the 9700 ft.2 retail space will be leased to commercial providers with a goal of benefiting the surrounding community. the project will be developed using green or sustainable building strategies. the parking ratio is approximately .25-1 and is
2:51 pm
in compliance with the mission bay design for development guidelines. the total of 41 off street parking spaces. 34 spaces will be for residents. five commercial spaces and to car share space appeared plus, there's parking for 136 bicycles on-site. this parking is in line with the cities transit first policy. also, the project is one block in the mission bay muni light-rail station and the third. additionally the project receives state of california housing and community development affordable housing and sustainable communities program award of approximately $5 million based on the parking ratio. also, as you can see, the project is located close to various neighborhood amenities including medical care, grocery shopping, thanks, coffee shops and eateries, all which are easily accessible by foot and were bicycle. a portion of
2:52 pm
today's request is for him and loan totaling 37.5. the terms of this loan will be 55 years of an interest-rate between 3%-1.5% in additional funding sources include low income housing tax credits and tax exempt bond finance. specifically the ocii funding leverage 42 million in limited partner equity financing upon alone that the project will carry oxley $6.8 million, $5 million in california state ecd affordable housing for sustainable communities funding and affordable housing program loan of $1.4 million. general partner equity of $1.52 million and a deferred developer fee of approximately $408,000. all of which significantly more than 121 funding ratio.the other
2:53 pm
portion of this request is approving a long-term ground lease and as his practice ocii will retain ownership during construction. once the development is completed both the ground lease and loan agreement be transferred to the mayor's office of housing and community development or ocd as the housing successor agent. the ground lease requires for an annual payment, annual rent payment. annual rent is 10% of the unrestricted value of the land. were in this instance, 2.175 of which 15,000 is the base rent which is paid from
2:54 pm
the operating budget and residual rent amount of 2,000,001 and $60,000 which is only paid to the extent there is surplus cash after all the operating accesses have been paid. also, the tenant affordability restrictions are called out in the ground lease. which are 50% of the california tax credit allocation committee area median income levels or $61,500 for a four person household. that is using 2016 income guidelines. 20-30% of city area median income level for the formerly homeless households were between 21,000 and $32,300 for a four person household. additionally, mission bay south six e. will be billed per the approved documents in schedule a performance included in the ground lease. construction be monitored by construction management staff during construction period all changes must be approved by ocii. as
2:55 pm
with all our supporting housing developments roadblock six e. well supported services led by the tdc services staff. the 26 valencia will part with tnd ca provide services to students ages 6-18. they will work with children's writing skills and assist teachers in helping get students enthusiastic about writing. block six e. will also will be a 26 valencia third site . they have one in the mission and one in the tenderloin currently. they will be initiating fundraising efforts for the mission bay site in the next several months. because the loan committee wants to help 826 valencia these efforts they approved a loan condition requiring tnd seat by the six-month status report on how the fund-raising efforts are proceeding,, the services plan for the site, sources for the tenant improvement and organizational capacity. at 28: s doesn't achieve projected
2:56 pm
fundraising goals and will provide ocii staff with an alternative children's service provider. marketing. the preferences for this development are certificate of preference holders have the first preference did the second preference will be the neighborhood residential housing cost friends or and rhp if the commission authorize the application in ocii affordable housing development. the third preference will be san francisco residential or fourth preference be members of the general public. criteria. for the referrals to the formerly homeless units will include households to someone child under the age of 18 could households cannot exceed 30% of area median income levels could and they will had to experience multiple episodes of homelessness and need conference of case management in order to sustain their
2:57 pm
housing. now, the actual marketing process starts with an early outreach plan. which must be submitted one month after the start of construction and that is included in the schedule of performance. the early outreach plan will be dopey includes a draft certificate of preference older mailer which must be approved by ocii and ocd staff. which is mailed to the holder to let them know about the housing opportunity. it provides a list of rental readiness counseling providers at the developer will engage to work to provide technical assistance and individual attention to the cop holders. provides us with a leasing agent along with all the pertinent contact information. dates and locations for counseling providers will offer workshops and local and media sites that will be used to notify the public about this housing opportunity. early outreach is
2:58 pm
been implemented by the developer or leasing agent and the counseling provider. postcards are made to the cop holders several times within a six-month period. application readiness workshops are held for interested applicants and counseling providers also provide one-on-one phone sessions for any cop holder wants additional assistance. then the application period opens anywhere between 300 six-month for the development perceives serve temporary certificate of occupancy and that means construction is near finished. the public is notified about the application being available to the san francisco housing e-mail alerts. media outlets identified in the gop. is posted on the website and developer provides a location were interested applicants can pick up a hard copy of the application. during this process the developer provides ocii and staff with a weekly applicant list and a report on its cop outreach effort. after
2:59 pm
the outreach, workshops information sessions and applications have been cemented a lottery is held. applications received applicants receipt numbers when they receive their applications and the numbers are randomly selected during a live lottery. then the developer finalizes the applicant list sends a message to ocii and ocd to verify the list. the list is been posted at the site. applicants are called in for interviews in preference and lottery range order to verify information on the application. the developer provides weekly reports to ocii and ocd staff assures lottery range order. it's important to note an applicant can appeal the application and process with the developer in or ocii and ocd staff. now, how we've done today. to date the developer as previously stated
3:00 pm
has achieved 54.4% as the participation for professional services which exceeds ocii goal of 50% participation. the breakdown is 39% san francisco sbe, 8.4% mbe 11.1% wbe. april 2015, the sponsor went through april request for proposal process and selected new the brothers as a general contractor. the developer is committed to achieve a least 50% sbe participation during the construction phase. so the schedule is in september, ocii staff will complete the bond issuance process through the board of supervisors, late september, we will be closing construction financing and then construction begins. we anticipate construction will be completed with no heavy rains, in the may of 2018. that
3:01 pm
concludes my presentation but i would like to introduce the team that is here. from tnd see we have kitty lamonte, claire evans, don fall, yet robinson, and cynthia alvarez. the executive director for a 26 valencia would love to be here importantly she is out of the country. also, we have representatives from midi brothers in attendance in any of us are happy to answer questions you might have. thanks. >> thank you. we have speaker cards >> i do have one speaker card. >>[calling public comment cards] >> oscar james again. agitator.
3:02 pm
first of all i'm going to go to the last because i think they deserve to be recognized as one of the better general contractors in our community. which is the midi brothers. i know for a fact that reworking our community since the 70s and have done a tremendous job in helping minority contractors become self-sustaining and they themselves have become general contractors under their leadership and think, number 14 dr. davis [inaudible] hiring minority workforce. the other thing ifa problem. i made the statement about having i may have got it wrong. people who are homeless see a psychiatrist or what have you and stand on
3:03 pm
some type of medical or whatever to stay in these houses and they're not because a lot of these people who are homeless they're not crazy. they're just homeless. so i don't want a stipulation that they get into housing and for some reason this into a psychiatrist or whatever and are not allowed to be in these houses. if i can get a clarification on that? all in all the project is good in mission bay for your information, was one of our models to these projects where from geneva all the way down to the drop ridge was under model cities bayview-hunters part. 20 development comes there were any preference but still go to the residence from geneva all the way down to the drawbridge
3:04 pm
from the 280 freeway all the way to the bait. that means 50% community hiring 100% committee wide and 50% minority content. the other thing i am a homeowner been all homeowner for i guess particles 241 years. anyway, i'm also a certificate holder. i'm one of the ones who came up with a program of certificate holders. but the city certificate holders at the time were people who were relocated out of western addition and during the wartime projects in hunters point. but hunters point still had the housing authority projects. those people do not get a certificate. so, to me, i always thought them to have a priority just like me having a priority in the old projects that the other people in the housing projects have i
3:05 pm
priority also whether under the ellis act or what i'm saying people who have been there-i'm 71 years old. i went to burnett. i went to the school out of. if they have a report card showing they were out there they should be entitled to a preference. to move into these houses. i've enjoyed a lot of people of certificates that they have a certificate of preference the redevelopment agency a lot of them didn't get in contact with the redevelopment agency that there's a lot of people don't even know that this certificate were preference. my whole thing is, people who have been in these areas they should have a right to move into these units whether they are certificate holders like myself and on the resume of certificate older and the people in western addition of certificate holders gives
3:06 pm
redevelopment came in and read off" areas but everyone who lives in those areas should have a break of a preference to move back into their communities. a few very much. >> thank you. >> anyone else like to provide public comment? >> thomas gilbert k, were kind of located on the map right there. right at the townsend and embarcadero. we are like 4-5, six blocks from the zone. from where this building is. i'm kind of hoping people from my neck of the woods are included in the preference because 27 years ago there was nothing there. south beach marina, delancey st., bayside village. whole area has grown up. there are some old market
3:07 pm
rate people that had a big scare at two thousand. this below-market rate of permits were going to be lost and they did not know where to go. luckily they were saved but there are a few older people that been there a long time that our market rate apartments in with a run-scoring up $3000, $4000, $5000 a year, they are being priced out. i would like for those local zip codes in that area to be included in the preference zone. thank you. >> thank you. >> i have no further cards. >> commissioners, questions? commissioner singh >> i want to ask about the loan. [inaudible]. what is the
3:08 pm
equity loan lp >> limited partner, that is the investor. >> permanent loan. is it going on alone means 69? >> yes. >> what is the interest were going to charge? 3%? >> the ocii loan will be anywhere between 3% and 1.5%. >> what happened to dr. 25 years? >> assumably the loan will be paid off or refinanced. >> pretty good deal for 3%. okay. >>any other questions?this is
3:09 pm
maybe an unrelated question it to us that is what happened to dalia -i can remember the acronym is? >> i note the city far. flower. the application process for his hitting the home ownership population first. they were thinking that dalia would be up and running and the out online application be ready by the end of the year for renters. >> the end of this year? >> yes. although it now looking more like early next year. i do know that there has been a lot of work put into the application and the process and right now the bugs are being worked out of it. like any good thing we just have to wait a little longer.
3:10 pm
>> this was hopefully fix this when i called the lottery and disappointment because every time i read a process that has the same lottery system where folks have to reapply and the apply and reapply i mean how many postcards can one individual get before they decide they give up? it have to reapply, reapply, reapply >> the certificate of preference holders, if i may respond to that the certificate of preference holders, it really makes an effort to reach out to them and again in the next couple of reports you will be seen, regarding the housing certificate of preference holders in the last couple of projects that we had there's a lot of time, a lot of efforts and outreach and not just the postcards. >> no, i know.
3:11 pm
>> calling and really making sure that infidels know about these housing opportunities and making sure if they are interested connecting them with the rental readiness service providers and making sure that all of their questions are answered and making sure that they are ready to apply when the applications are released for those housing developments. what we don't want to see is like you said, certificate of preference holders give applying up line not get in. i've got to tell you, at least the last couple projects i've worked on, leasing agent ocd staff, ocii staff, were all making every effort to make sure that the certificate of preference holder either so interested and want to move in that they're getting into these housing developments. so, it's incremental but we really are time to make that effort. >> i appreciate that.
3:12 pm
>> i want to know who is 826 valencia st. i never heard of that before this >> 826 valencia st. they are an award-winning service provider that really targets their work with low and moderate income children to get them excited in writing and the teachers to learn how to engage the children in their writing skills. >> to we have business before this? >> this is their third site. they're not really associated with any other housing project in the standard standalone sites in the mission and in the tenderloin. >> okay. >> do we have any commissioner
3:13 pm
that wishes to make a motion? commissioner bustos >> i just want to know is there a 26:0 here's what >> affords only the exact abductor is out of the country. >> okay. >> is there a second? moved and seconded. please take the roll call >> >>[call of the roll] commissioner pimentel aye bustos aye singh aye mondejar is absent rosales aye for aye and one absent. >> the item is approved. thank you. please: next item. >> five e conditionally approving the schematic design a basic story mixed-use
3:14 pm
building comprised of seven units including one affordable units underground parking and ground floor retail at 4128 3rd st. and making environmental findings pursuant to the california environmental quality act bayview industrial triangle redevelopment project area, discussion and action resolution number 42-2016. medical director. >> thank you mdm. clerk. thank you to the members of the public are continuing to join us. commissioners, you continue to land-use authority in a number of redevelopment project areas. not just in mission bay candlestick shipyard and transbay. one of those other additional areas includes the bayview industrial triangle. so this is a you be exercising your land use authority for this particular infill project. in the bayview industrial triangle. with that, mark grief introduction if folks look ready,the presentation will be
3:15 pm
done to looks like-one of our urban designer and planners, a little diaz. thank you so much. >> thank you dir. bohee. good afternoon mdm. chairman and roses and commissioned by name is-associate planner. the requested commission action for today is conditionally approving this, design a basic story mixed use building comprised of seven units including one of affordable units underground parking, and ground-floor retail at 4128 3rd st. and making environmental findings pursuant to the
3:16 pm
california environmental quality act. bayview industrial triangle highlighted in red, is one of the seven ocii permit review areas under its land-use authority. the area is part of a larger bayview hunters point community. the bayview industrial triangle redevelopment plan was adopted on june 30, 1980 by the board of supervisors. it is comprised of about six city blocks align with third street. some of the key objectives are identified are, preserving and expanding industrial uses, improving third street frontage, good the three did the development
3:17 pm
districts in this project area. the site is located in district to invite industrial commercial with residential uses permitted above ground floor commercial. there are three defined districts designed for development of the sites located in district 3 which aligns along third street. some of the highlights are the there is a maximum height of 55 feet. there are no maximum residential density. there is no minimum parking with maximum parking of one parking space per unit. there are no required beer setbacks. i am sorry. there's a required rear setback at 25 percent of average , minimum 15 p. as well as there's minimum when her square feet open space requirement for each unit. the aerial shows the
3:18 pm
boundaries of the bayview industrial triangle project area in that is that yellow. with her related location of the site in red outline. the project area is bound by phelps street to the west to my third street to the east, fairfax avenue to the north, and-avenue to the south. the following are highlights of today's schematic design proposal for 4128 3rd st. the demolition of existing two-story fire damage structure. the construction of a new sick story seven unit condominium building with ground-floor commercial and four unbundled parking spaces. the project complies with all land use and development controls and related policies. there is one below-market rates
3:19 pm
ownership unit at 100% area median income which is currently $86,150 for two persons unadjusted ami for hetch hetchy, hud, market fair area for san francisco mayor's office of housing and community development. there is the right of first recusal granted to the bmr unit for the purchase or lease of one parking space. there is a third street curb cut with a regular turntable and system to ensure automobiles enter and leave the property without backing up onto third street. finally the project is endorsed by the bayview-hunters point citizens advisory committee. now, i would like to invite [inaudible] to present the design. i would then follow
3:20 pm
up with the environmental findings. >> good afternoon chairman. good afternoon commissioners. i would like to say two things about the project. the project is very time. it's seven units is less than 10,000 ft.2. it looks like a small thing but technically it has all the content that should be in a development. it's a local team. contractors, finance design local, to now. and other people are involved in this. labor is going to be all insured to be from the neighborhood. we are doing something special today about that. every labor is going to be not like if we don't find some skill that is over in the neighborhood, i am suggesting on the order today that we will
3:21 pm
do and obligate toryrequest that can be to involve these people in the community and train them because i believe it should not just be about buildings and stones and should be more about the human beings and from what i'm seeing in this allotment that happens in many areas in san francisco segregated these people. just put them either they both homes for people and put him and him and have no other means of sustaining living their lives become more like hot boxes of crime and i don't know what. but if we do this correctly this time we can have the advantage of having these people involved in building their own community and then they will conserve it. you see all the graffiti in the circuit it psychological. when people don't like things they will put graffiti on it you see a lot of graffiti in that area because people are upset and angry. they have been secluded out
3:22 pm
from the community intentionally or unintentionally. so what we are doing now is this simple project that has all the logic of how allotment should happen from a-zthe owner ashley insisted on creating a very modern high-tech look building. just for one reason. he just he told me i want to make this project and example of every fellow citizens living in this neighborhood because i want them to feel they can do something like this. we are doing it and we will build it as is. ocii was asking us how you guys to build this kind of thing? yes. we designed it in a smart way that it's going to be using simple material, getting very modern look. not expensive because we wanted to be built after all. it's doable. durable. we follow all the context of the neighborhood before building. we insured
3:23 pm
that this 9500 ft.2 is going to have the maximum usable space inside. so we've seven units out of that space and 2000 ft.2 we all even incorporated a parking which was difficult thing to be done in a 25 x 100 lot aggressive cc requested for christ. we successfully were able to do that. i believe in a small project like that with all these maximize efficiency that his house, even green elements which we are embedding later on in other stages, were embedding also green solar panels in the building. we are also will do some recycling of water and things like that. we are using very efficient mechanical systems for heating and cooling and we are above all using durable material that will render this building as a vantage peace instead of looks nice 44-years and then looks awful later on. so we are not using expensive material that
3:24 pm
we are using affordable material that looks very beautiful. because i want this project to be a project that the community really will be happy to say that we are living next to this. so, this will create more attachment to the area. on the social level. these people will feel that contributing to their community and the building which has his vibrancy from all the community. architecturally wise, the building is seven units. the commercial space for car parking. we are using my so we are using simple material but in a smart way that can look -that is the building next to the other building. that is a rendering at night [inaudible].
3:25 pm
this shows how the building is going to be a part of a landmark didn't even if a small landmark but it's going to be an index joined the redevelopment on a very narrow streets. the project is bounded having anyway it started already by two buildings. one is 25 feet high and the other is 50 feet high which is this. the way we integrated the building within the surrounding buildings was based on how we can ensure maximum liability for other buildings by creating bigger spaces, bigger [inaudible] we were adding to the-next to us enables greater bigger space the crates more viable space later on. on the other side, we created more
3:26 pm
like material use weight plan-wise, you will see the plan is simple and function. it's very efficient like there is no lost space technically. just as you see if the small. it is the small yellow which is circulation which is very minimal. circulation was in such a project in a lot of 200 feet is close to be a lump you we are minimizing it to like 5% of what it should be if there was a different place. so the project consists of a penthouse, townhouse, two-bedroom unit for two bedroom units and one bmr unit which is on the third floor. the smallest unit in the building. we are willing to give a bigger unit for the community because the owner is willing to share his community. with his property because he said to me that is part of my
3:27 pm
confidence as a designer to put this together that this community made him what he is in the lawsuit interviewed back to them. i think this is the soul of the development and should be in this. it's not going be some big company with everyone coming over and saying i'm doing that. you guys are an audience if i was good enough i would give you somewhere to work it should not be like that from my point of perspective. i worked in africa for 70 years and in doing development projects and i know that most successful projects we did over there, we were doing nonprofit organization buildings schools, children's, small houses, electrical plan and, solar systems, but the key was involving all the people in their work and that is the only way that you can bring the money. it's a simple giving the money over there. score to stay there. gibbering a different contractor and i know the money is going out these people are going to scuttle that the
3:28 pm
building is expensive there've the neighborhood is can be unaffordable and they will leave and that's created a big displacement for people which i believe it should not happen. so, what we are doing within 25 foot lot were creating 2000 square commercial space for the same on. mr. mcafee is building a laundromat over the. this is sustaining since the 90s. 1996. he still going to keep working on it. in addition, we are adding more seven units on that and we are beautifying the neighborhood. we are computing to the green points of the city and over the environment by adding by minimizing the consumption of energy by 5-10%,, which the small lot is difficult. you know, the building is using as you see over here, because a lot is
3:29 pm
too narrow we have a parking in it we are actually using an elevator system, the turntable and a stacker system. we want to make it and we will make it this way. but the thing is, i suggest on ocii and the planning department that a in smaller lot where ever you don't have a available solution to parking except if you do this, is by unifying two lots which is 25 x 25 were three lot creating a common entrance for all these lots on the same space and from that space there is an entrance and exit these common spaces on the basement level will be shared as an exit and entrance and that will create a big space for parking. that's a solution which just needs to be addressed. after all, we are showing the
3:30 pm
building was showing that even within a narrow building that we have 12 fire exit at the left side and two doors commercial. then a place for entry for residential and in the parking space entry and exit. we are doing some-i believe, it's going to be a great approach of how we are involving even the residential. an commercial and were maximizing actually been displaced area instead of being 25 feet if it was just all the surface, now we are maximizing it because it goes all the way inside that depression and its 30 feet. technically, we are creating solutions which we are saying, this is a statement techno even a smaller lot should have a maximized ability
3:31 pm
to create more livable space for people in san francisco. it's not an excuse if it was 25 feet or 20 feet. to say i cannot have a parking good i cannot have a livable space for more people to live. we can do. so a lot of people could do that, too. but i believe also out of context, we should emphasize at an parking. because the people we are talking about the parking the new development in hayes valley which is next my house, this place even if it's not started yet, the pressure of creating parking spots in the neighborhood is unbelievable. people are fighting for parking and trust me i've seen fights for parking. we should not have that. i understand the logic behind not having parking and people will not drive but it's forcing-it's enter, under it's
3:32 pm
not democratic and i don't think we should in this country except this riffing as under undemocratic and appreciate your time. they do so much to fix thank you for your comments. they are on the record. he will first before we entertain questions i'm sorry, the presentation is not completed yet. >> finally, would like to request the commission to make a mental finance pursuant to california in the mental quality act. the project is categorical he exempt from environmental review pursuant to guidelines ceqa guidelines, section 15 332 infill development. the project is consistent with general plan designation and general plan policy and zoning regulations. it is located on a site of no more than 5 acres substantially surrounded by urban users. the site has no value and no
3:33 pm
endangered or threatened or endangered species did the approval not result in any significant effects to traffic noise, air quality or water quality. and the development can be adequately served by all required public services. and utilities. the conditions of approval include the following items: a façade irrigation system that's integrated into overall irrigation system. a regular turntable and elevator system shall not result in backup were queuing on third street. there will be unbundled parking separate from-the units will have the right of first refusal to own lease parking space. the pmr marketing will be aligned with ocii policy.
3:34 pm
the construction design will be controlled by design review and document approved procedure. finally, the staff recommends the commission conditionally approved the schematic design for the proposed 11 and 41 23rd st. mr. mcafee the project owner and members of the velveteen are here today. i will now be the floor to open questions. thank you. >> thank you. we first to take public comment. do we have any cards >> yes. >>[calling public comment cards] >> good afternoon commissioners. i've been asked by michael hammond, who is a resident of the bayview to read a letters of support in his absence today. dear ms. rosales
3:35 pm
the evolution of the plan for 4128 third street was a good example of community and developer cooperation. this part of third street is poorly served for parking in with the new projects coming online in the vicinity the shortage of parking would have been a negative impact on the businesses in the area. the developer listened to our concerns and came up with this ingenious car stacking system which will allow for his building to achieve 50% parking to resident ratio. our first commercial corridor is one of the few neighborhoods shopping streets without a city run parking facility. such facilities allow the necessary parking to be provided off-site around the corner or on side street. thus eliminating the necessity for her cuts and do
3:36 pm
it serious impact they have on the pedestrian shopping experience. without such facilities the burden of providing parking falls entirely upon the individual building developer and for a small project such as this one, it is a considerable challenge to fit all the necessary building features into a 25 foot site. this project sponsor is to be lauded for his creative solution to this challenge and for his attentiveness to the neighborhood concerns. i'll leave a copy of the letter. >> thank you. >> good afternoon again. oscar james. i have known mr. mcafee for quite some time. as he's been a businessperson and a concerned resident of bayview-hunters point. i've
3:37 pm
even up until lately had him cleaning clothing. he's really dedicated and i don't-you know for my people 100% but if you do wrong going to let you know. unelected apartment know you do wrong but this man goes beyond helping people in his community and i know him to be a person who because had a couple of units in this building the one that burned and he would house people in the community that did not have money to be housed anywhere else could he went out of his way to help people. he's that type of a purse made for him to come up with this particular plan to build a unit like that i support him 100%. like i said to my clothing better but he has asbestos in his building because of his old but he had a lot of things he had to work with and he worked
3:38 pm
with them he would hire people off the street to come in and help who do not have other jobs. they might've came out of prison doing the laundry in the present but he hired them when nobody else would hire these people. so his heart is in the community and ease for the betterment of mankind. so i ask you this commission to support him and i will support him in any way i can. continue to a good job mr. mcafee. i love you and have much respect for you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> is there any-any other members of the public? >> good evening commissioners. my name is alfred mcafee on the owner and developer of this property. thank you mr. oscar james yet he's one of my past clients build the reason i'm not cleaning his clothing now because my building suffered severe fire. also, i work with
3:39 pm
diane feinstein back in that api will work with aspinall jackson william kennedy and willie brown have been my clients in the past it he's certainly right i love the bayview. i've been here for 43 years. item thing know anything else other than the bayview but the thing about it is i did my homework and want to bring something to the community keep a with the community to know with this building is all about. i wanted stan to represent my minority community and what i represent and how i love my community and i want to leave something. a legacy good i want young people to know what being a proud owner they can do the same thing. it's not just the unjust the representation they would not be here if it wasn't for them so please don't think i'm looking at it like that. i had a guy come to me a young man come to me the other day. i served his grandfather. i served his father. i served him
3:40 pm
his two children and wife and he said mr. mcafee, when you open up so i can bring my close to you? he said, my kids either bring my close to you. that's for generations. not including what really hit me was, wow, i put this building up there's another i can probably serve his son. five generations. that's the only thing i'm asking for. i want to build my building within my building number to operate my cleaners. i want to hire from the community not only build it but also continue to our from the community. authorities other contractors. we have the greatest building that's being built site would ever. function if the green building and all these contractors say about green building. i did my homework, my team did. also, what are you do for the generation? julie know how many girl scout counties charge
3:41 pm
of donations how many schools, the homeless, yes. this is my i love my community at a love my community. i don't have anything else to say so i would appreciate it if you have any tips that's five, six, seven years old i want to serve them and their kids. i will take my seat. >> thank you. >> public comment. tom covertly than it looks at the lovely design. i hope it goes through. sometimes it's easier to see the big issue through a small issue. seven in its. seven units. they're going to be pricey. even with a great design. i would wonder if there were any way that three of those units could be sold to people in the local zip code?
3:42 pm
keeping the people in our community in the new housing scheme. were having 148 units, 200 somewhere else. transbay has they're doing, what 189 market rate units. those are big numbers and we want our units to be part and the percentage of our community. so people that are living in the same zip code for 20 years can move into bb tree out of seven of these units and maybe more in the bigger units. that's the issue that tom is represented that's the issue on bringing to the plate now for all the housing and all of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. >> no further speaker cards
3:43 pm
>> commissioners, anybody have a question? commissioner singh has a motion. i think commissioner pimentel has a question >> who will be the property manager on site in the units? >> i'm sorry. you asked about the property manager? >> yes. >> we're not determined that at this point. the units would be sold as condo units. we have not got to that point but as soon as i can get that answer be happy to explain it to you >> thank you. i want to applaud you. you have been a real asset to the community. i've seen tons of time come like i need this in a day. you
3:44 pm
just always have been there very inspiring to see a minority owner of a property creating a development in the community could truly inspirational to the younger generation to see the opportunity that can come about. i was devastated to see it close. it's refreshing to see it's going to be something in the bayview really inspiring to people. parking, i appreciate you understand the wars in bayview. so i thought that. >> thank you very much. any other questions before i take my seat? >> any comments? >> i want to be completely honest with you. when i heard it was a burned-out building i live in the mission where i grew up. the fires. displaced a lot of people in the mission. i just
3:45 pm
when i heard it was a burn building i was not one of those again. so, it was a concern. what happened with the people that lived in the building upstairs? was a vacant? okay. >> the building was vacant. >> okay. i agree with commissioner kuykendall i think you have done your homework. i like the design.i like the little turnabout. i wish i had that in my house. >> thank you, sir. >> i just finished my house 02 that i do not see this last year. i commend you one, two of the committee because you're part of the committee and so i think it's a good design. i think your heart is in the
3:46 pm
right place. for me, that is important. and look forward to bringing my clothing to your cleaners. >> that's what i want to hear. thank you. >> i don't have a question. i also like the design. well presented. i appreciate the efficiency. at the end of the day, if you have the community support it doesn't matter how pretty it is. so i really commend you for having the support of the community because as commissioner bustos said, in some communities you do not get that. and for good reason. i also commend you. we have a motion but i don't have a second. moved and seconded. can you please call the roll call >> >>[call of the roll]
3:47 pm
pimentel aye bustos aye singh aye mondejar is absent rosales aye. for aye one absent >> the item is approved. thank you. please call item 5f >> commission workshop to fiscal year 16-17 recognized obligation payment schedule. discussion. madame director. >> thank you mdm. clerk. the next item is a brief presentation where deputy director of finance and administer patient. as you know subsequent to the commission's approval of our annual fiscal year's budget for 16-17 the board's unanimous approval and mayor signing our budget is approved in essence by the commission, we have additional oversight by the state mandated
3:48 pm
oversight board and the state department of finance that oversees to this recognized obligation payment schedule now on an annual basis every single dollar spent by the successor agency ocii. we have an opportunity to make amendments once a year. this is our opportunity so were presenting this workshop to you. it will be followed by review and consideration by the oversight board and ultimately the state department of finance. so, with that, i think this water is ready. >> thank you. commissioners, chairman bedrosian good i'm the deputy director of finance administration per ocii. i am here to introduce you today to our first ever amendment. very excited. in sp-107 passed last year as he recalled last september i am sure you
3:49 pm
remember we had to date to per year one for each period the first or not from july 2 of december 2 from january-jim. sp-107 we moved to an annual loss. to cover all manager from june 30. however, recognizing that it submitted in february and the fiscal year doesn't start until six months later, the uf presciently relies that were plans in budgets involved in our case because we submitted 4-5 months before we submit our budget to the city there are some refinement that happens during that time. so, sp1 07 allows for one amendment per year. that amendment can affect only those payments that are made between january 1 and june 30 must be cemented before october 1. today i would like to talk you about our proposed amendment get all of which
3:50 pm
within our existing budget which will prove last made. which was subsequently approved by the board of supervisors. i will briefly go over the schedule with you. we submitted 16-17 in separate first. it was subsequently approved on april 14 by the dlf. today, we are having will be our only workshop at the commission, on 912 we will do a workshop for the amendment at the oversight board and on 926 they will take action and we will submit our amendment to the dlf on september 30. which is right before the october 1 deadline. it's been a while since you seen one so i were my newer the funding source. we have bond proceeds which are previously issued bonds in anticipated bonds. these are balances developer payments lease revenues non-administration
3:51 pm
which is our fancy way of saying property tax and administration which is our even fancier way of saying property tax is dedicated to the administration of the agency. as in prior the organization witnesses thank you we have organization at the top than on housing obligation by public. housing obligation we can't point south beach bonsai project area and new items. as we get to the bottom of the list does not conform to a strictly because we get new obligations that can be added to the project area above. our next amendment increases $9 million. as i mentioned before that increase in the budget approved by the commission and the beos is primarily because the changes reflecting changes
3:52 pm
so the $1.2 million increase in bond proceeds 500 increase in other and $2.8 million increase but i do want to emphasize we are increasing the expenditures in non-administration funding source, they won't actually increase the amount of property tax that we are going to be distributed by the city. that's because $2.5 billion of the property tax is being generated in the mission bay which is attached to that particular area and it's always distributed in its entirety to ocii. and 300,000 of the dollars are to support the fillmore garage which is planned to be transferred to the city by december 31. the transfer ham happens we would not need the ongoing source of funds to support the fillmore garage. so i won't talk about
3:53 pm
all of the changes in the amendment. all highlight the most important ones. on line 7, line 7 is a calpers payment for a retiree benefits. at the time the was done in february we do not have a complete picture of what our annual obligation would be to pay for our retirement benefits could since that time we've had revised actuarial assumptions which increase payment this year by $172,000. that increase is funded by at non-administration. however, in mind for 11, alignment funds agency operating cost we actually have a degrees of $180,000 in administration which one it offsets the increase that's required to fund our ongoing pension liability. so, the net impact on the rpg non-administration category is actually a decrease in funding overall. in line for 11, that
3:54 pm
change happened due to the way we see our work program evolving . when we originally did the-in february we in missions that spending more time in affordable housing projects were funded by tax increment and we now see stop spending more time with affordable housing project funded by bonds. as a reminder those funds are the housing bonds that we will be issuing later this year and for which you approved the bond counsel contract i believe in our last meeting. we have a number of changes in the shipyard area. the majority of those impact all of them with a exception of very small amounts are all developer payments and they are all generally reimbursable expenses that are being used to accelerate the moment in the project area. you only exception is $5000 increase which is are obligated 10% match for the epa grants. in that case, there was a late
3:55 pm
submitted invoice for the arts in the shipyard for that grant and so the payment of that expenditures actually going forward into the january through june period and so are match will go forward as well. the total dollar value is not increasing. we just need to move the expenditure into the second period. in transbay, we had another very small but committed invoice by sf pc. that invoice was for the fulsome street improvement and it was very small. was $6000 amount refunded by braun proceeds to the asset management area at 10,000 or increase the cdbg funds which will fund emergency repairs which were you part can change to line 119 which is the fillmore garage operating deficit. as you recall we had to garage obligations. the first
3:56 pm
in line 118. we use all the revenues generated at the crotch to pay that to reimburse the garage operator under the garage operating agreement for their operating cost. if those operating costs are in excess of the revenue generated by the garage we didn't reimburse the garage operator using tax increment to make them whole. we peter deficit with tax increment. as i mentioned before, we had tuesday the garage be transferred to the city prior to december 31. however if that does not happen then we want to have the authority to continue to pay this operating deficits under the garage operating agreements. in terms of asset management, legal $1.2 million increase in cbd g funds to fund repairs of the crescent will. the need for those repairs to not become apparent until after the was submitted in fairbury. $45,000
3:57 pm
which we receive with cbd g funds to pay special taxes that are in arrears due to a property owner delinquency and so we are going to pay this property taxes for the property owner for affordable housing development in why bgg. the port, the city's budget cycle departments are not required adjustment of budget until february 22 which is actually after the date. so the port provided revised operating costs for all its leases after the date we cemented the-these increase are basically true to the city's budget report and as we have begin to crack open the yearbook your boat going up gardens transferred to the city were realizing additional appraisal and other real estate work will need to support the transfer. so are increasing
3:58 pm
one 73 x 200,000 automobiles funded by cdbg funds. lastly, i want to charge for a minute on the $2.5 billion increase the tax and commit for debt servicing mission that as you will recall the spring we issued three bonds on the 16th profit mission bay north which is a refunding bond, 2016 but about the money in mission bay south and 2016 c you money in mission bay so. at the time submitted we had to as late as to meet with the debt service would be the debt service turned out to be $2.5 million more than we estimated. so this increase reflects actual debt service which we calculated of course at the closing of the bonds in april. again, it actually is no impact on the taxing entities because all the property tax and in mission bay is pressure project area. our last change is a nine or 85,000 or increase in bond proceeds for affordable housing
3:59 pm
project in the shipyard block 52 and block 54. at the time we thought we would be developing block 50 for a loan. but ongoing analysis has shown we can achieve a more efficient financing and accelerate production of affordable housing by developing the brought together in a scattered site to that requires longer upfront investment so we are increasing our request by $985,000 for predevelopment loan for block 52 and 54. our next sets would be to present this amendment to the oversight board on september 12 and then go to the oversight board on september 26 for an approval action to submit the [inaudible] on 9-30 and according to sp1 07 the deal left was either approve or deny 15 priors so we would know by december 17. that is the
4:00 pm
conclusion of my presentation. happy to answer questions to fix thank you. first we need to see if there's any speaker cards >> i do not have speaker cards >> no speak regards. this is a workshop. do any of the commissioners have questions the one note? i actually have a kind of like eight actually, maybe substantive and non-sub. we are is custom pools? >> crescent pool is in the space adjacent to the moma i believe. >> through the chair comments above mlk the fountain. you go walk above or take the elevator above and outside the to café spaces. samovar-it's a prime viewing spot for


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