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tv   BOS Land Use Transportation Committee 10316  SFGTV  October 27, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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thank you. >> so i wanted to - one of the goals to say to talk about black history month not only in february the apac when sitting down to work on the goals for the year maybe that was tony and some of the parents said we have to talk about black history month and making sure that is important because cultural is important we need to make sure that is front and center and tony volunteered to make sure we're bringing in some history so you wanted to end the presentation if it is okay to give you on every flier from apac jaunldz now and on the presentation you'll see a symbol that is a slight way to increase the way we share that cultural with them. >> hello commissioners nice to see you all i know some of you are super busy can someone put
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this on this page is fine my name is tony i've been a team apac member over 10 years i'll be bringing in through apac and now i'm actually a paid parents organiz organizer coordinator i'm lobbying for votes (laughter) okay. so i think - so basically, it was a west africa they have proverbs this is translated royalty or leadership so there's plenty of well, i'll - i'd like to talk about african cultural and black cultural we as black people are all over the planet and have commenting i was raised in the
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south and couldn't find my roots until west africa i see it in song and to answer the questions i'm glad to see you empowered. >> pushing back there are children in the room all the time and their observing everything we do because my daughter used to or used to be a part of children making a change now youth making a change and like to say stuff but i agree we need our own delegation but anyway, that is to i'll leave it at that and to is even in the fillmore center sites there are symbols at the on top of the donor geary street last week ruby and concrete so they're
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actually everybody and earrings black people didn't start with slavery and a young man, i know i'll talk about that is take into consideration have a great day. >> (clapping.) >> thank you for that and the presentation and for your incredible leadership we are going to move on now any advisory member appointments by the board? item f public comment on consent calendar i have none. >> double i have none item g consent calendar a can i have a motion and a second? >> so moved.
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>> and second. >> any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> yes. president haney one moment we have a correction on oh, i'm sorry still getting used to this mr. steel. >> thank you superintendant lee and wanting haney one correction a 1610 k 59 the basic service should be to 5 not 2016. >> thank you, mr. steel any items removed from first reading by the board? seeing none, any items severed by the superintendent and discussion or vote >> i'd like to pull k-38, 41,
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42, 43 and 44. >> thank you. any others all right. roll call vote will take place under organization and supermarkets proposal, there is none tonight. and board member public comment on general matters i appreciate everyone for your patience and commitment i'm going to call a group of speakers first i've called them before (calling names)
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two minutes each. >> good evening, commissioners good evening interns superintendant lee. >> there are several members of usf leadership and a few range and file teachers that came to speak about an urgent matter but first and foremost the delivery of petitions i've gathered in a matter of a few weeks over a few paraprofessionals at 60 or 70 of our schools and comes along with sort of spreadsheet and at the back of the packet there was an online petition that was launched last week of your petition and they've are comments hearth felt comments from our teachers and paraprofessionals about why there is such on urgency to
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request for a raise now here in san francisco the teachers shortage has reached crisis proportion and stanford as dozens of classroom vacancies many in special ed the most expensive reality market it is not offering competitive slaerlz as the largest in the state san francisco teachers are on the bottom of the pay to rents as long as this drives the real estate market buying a home in san francisco is a dream and out of rank for the paraprofessionals luckily san francisco is in good condition with solid reserves with bart our stat and local economics are blooming you the elected leases have a chance to do something about the dollar served and
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demonstrate to the 5 hundred new teachers to make their careers in san francisco and have the chance to keep the teachers to stay here while we're all proud and have found in our surveyed brownish project brick-and-mortar - we're counting on you to do it now thank you. >> good evening board mr. haney and commissioner walton and the board of education and superintendant lee my name is a carolyn the vice president for paraprofessionals united educators of san francisco and a 3re7 i'm here to speak on behalf of owl participants to ask had you meet
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and confer with wages this thursday, you offer a serious wage increase as you may know paraprofessionals in the front line in our school district some of the most vulnerable kids including students with i e p too much of us are pushed out of the district and the city because they simply can't afford to work here and the we're commodity and seen the impact of the affordability crisis on my school paul revere and had massive teachers out-of-towners this year it is very hard to build and maintain a community when there's an evolving door of educators that come and go every year please respect the work that the teachers and the permit
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holders do and show us that value our contribution to the district to offer a mooeveng wage increase this thursday we're committed to our students but need your support thank you . >> (clapping.) >> good evening. i'm ed mccormick a parent and middle school and here today to advocate it you deliver a raise for all the educators in usf speaking for the situation of educators at any site frankly we can't afford to live in the city just last year, i had an educator return from one year to find a 2000 there's increase in their rent they've been in the district but struggling to get by and take an additional jobs
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and an educator lucky enough to move into an sro, however, their peaking $800 a month for a single room that's half high income so i'd like to advocate strongly you offer us a raise we're being priced out of the city as we speak i can't afford to wait i appreciate your consideration. >> (clapping.) >> good evening expirations commissioners i'm a special education teacher had the pleasure of meeting you and up here to ask we be given a pay increase the troubling of the numbers were more devastating of the stories of the colleagues stories from people young and trying to build families and careers in the city and question their ability to do that based on the income we have
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and the staircase rental increases we've experienced and my coworker who was born and raised here and had to sleep in a friend's house for 6 months and was able to find a home with her pattern we're landlord was a fellow teacher and gave her a downtown. >> and paraprofessionals worked multi jobs supporting themselves because the supplemental income too important i hope you'll consider raising the salaries for the teachers to encourage more of our wonderful teachers and paraprofessionals and encourage the youth to help with the workforce and not taking people from the city and
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mcmaking them into great teachers thank you for your time today >> (clapping.) >> i have to 20 years experience and two children in high school that attended sfusd since preschool loot at stake a few names matt over 10 years experience and people might agree he was at seismic and got priced out of the city i've been watching in any peers oath friend of mine nicole a special ed teacher with 20 years experience at glen park and working two jobs can't afford to get - i ask the board
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to consider not making veteran teachers - this is a time we're trying to keep the trained teachers here so thank you for your time. >> (clapping.) >> good evening, commissioners my name is ken tray i taught social studies at the university of california, san francisco for 25 years and i now serve as the political director the united educators that is unfortunately, that politics has become a dirty word there are many political solutions to the problems we're facing and one of the political solution is for the people we elect to the school board as the citizens put their trust in to step forward and do what is necessary this thursday we meet and confer there is big deal been substantial increase in funding to the district this is the time
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to show the folks that do the work that the 7 commissioners of the board and the folks that they oversee superintendent and superintendant lee and staff make an offer that gives the folks serving your children and their families the confidence that you have our backs national public radio released a report on the reasons why teachers leave the profession i think that also speaks to the paraprofessionals lack of respect, and lack of economic security were the two main reasons respect also including resources in the classroom we know we have 5 hundred new teachers in the district this year the land use beyond san
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francisco is not encouraging a national teacher shortage so i have the job keep the folks in the classroom they're working the new teachers as chris said the veteran teachers and have to begin to teach educators with the kind of respect that allows us to compete with the best and brightest it is an i i didn't we're here to discuss the meet and confer after our press conference an unprecedented conference unprecedented with the mayor's office, the school district the unite educators and a number of eviction community groups met together to announce how the heck will we keep the san francisco teachers and par
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educators in in your home this thursday, you, begin to take the steps necessary to give us the confidence to face our kids knowing we'll serve the kids with the kind of things we'll need to get the job done and thinking about the comments that reverend brown how the heck do you expect our kids to succeed if the families leave the san francisco the opportunity thursday middle-aged make an offer make an offer that resounds through the school thank you . >> (clapping.) >> good evening commissioners student delegates and impersonate you've heard the anxiety from the speakers that spoke before me some numbers that might be helpful as well over 39 percent
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of our teachers in they're first 5 years here in san francisco 38 percent of our paraprofessionals in they're first 5 years so clearly we're seeing a lot of turnover with the affordability crisis we need stable schools for our students and stability comes with a stable workforce 21 percent of our paraprofessionals are african-american we need to keep them in our schools only 5 and a half percent of our teachers are african-american we need to keep those teachers and need to be able to transitional more and do that we need to pay a respectful living wage this will help them stay and help our students so we have heartbreaking examples you've heard a member that is a
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paraprofessional who fell behind in her rent she actually doesn't have enough money for food another paraprofessional inspected child educator living in an sro those are stories we want to not be telling anymore we need on thursday when we go into the meet and confer need to know our educator will feel validated and respected and show educators we'll be showing that to the students as well . >> (clapping.) >> thank you to all the educators from sfusd. (calling names) >> i don't know are those folks here.
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>> all right. (calling names) >> hi again i don't want to follow that paraprofessionals on thursday first of all, secondly, >> (clapping.) >> as i mentioned earlier, one of any kid's is in mission high school we were lucky to be chosen from verizon invasive learning they've received ipads and data plans and their starting to put those things through the papers thank you superintendant lee and superintendant guerrero for being there at the launch it was lovely to have you there sporting the school we have a lot of fantastic things.
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going along ipad one is being offered they're now text support becoming an internal generous how to be tech support for the whole school their load with over drive to check books out of public library our kids are tech savvy it is amazing and costs have gone down because of ipads folks with role outs there are challenges there are we can't add apps to the ipads one of the problems we're experiencing is we can't put the kids textbook on the ipads as expected as part of program because there are instability in the classroom the ipads were ios approval of the
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minutes for apple and sfusd our popularity are not compatible with the ios pads so we don't have the technology in sfusd to support the technology that our kids are taking for granted their ungraph in the program he hope the board will support by providing better infrastructure so we can actually use the technology to the fullest and part of proposition 2025 thank you >> hello commissioners and sxrunt and deputy superintendent and the audience i'm speaking to the audience on the radio and on the web on katie russel the chair of the advisory committee for special ed and here we're to
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plug a meeting this thursday the 27 at 6:30 we're having a candidate forum for the board of education and i really encourage people to find out who the candidates are it is really important that we have a community of parents with kids in special ed know who the enough the commissioners are and make sure they know who we are but more importantly that is that those people are going to be hiring a new superintendent i've been around the district to know that it is a huge difference to our families and kids we can have adversely relationship or crotch relationships this is important night and day identify seen both that is important we really talk
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to the candidates to find out you know that what their views on our issues the meeting is at one six 63 mission street 7 floor 6:30 to 8 with an early copy class with the staff if you have questions for your particular situation thank you. >> good evening, commissioners superintendant lee and superintendant guerrero my name is alito a parent advocate in the district and a apartment at francisco mission high school i'm coming to speak ann as an independent parents but when i arrived adam francisco we came from jean parker what a caring staff and a
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principal be unfortunately, our experience has not living up to our expression my daughters love their teachers and counselor they want to go to oath school since the beginning of school they've been called bad names and had their wallets stolen they've been forged into any daughters experience as a former mission high school educator i know that no school is perfect and thought to be involved in helping high sexual but 350i efforts have not been met. >> i've brought a picture of a something like that sign that is a picture of a white police officer with a hand like this and says stop security alert and explains the protocol i understand it is important to
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understand the safety nevertheless, in the age of black lives matter i was shocked to see a sign no where can i find a sign saying welcome families my husband said you should talk with the hand i asked about supervision and told that was not good and the parents engagement and asked to join we're full when i asked about starting a black parents group let's start one i've not heard back despite this things like don't ask, don't tell i want to be part of a community that welcomes me and my children and have part of a community that welcomes diverse perspectives the helpfulness one can change things and pathways
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and opportunities to act and share a desired goals i look forward to working with you with superintendant guerrero with david our assistant superintendant to make that a reality for my school make that welcoming for me and my children and other families thank you very much i have artifacts for you. >> general motivators comments is now closed and item k special order of business one item it is planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote action item can i have a motion and a second? to city college of san francisco and sfusd college and career assess pathways partnership agreement. >> so moved. >> superintendant lee.
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>> yes. thing commissioner president haney doctor koffman of the college and career readiness i believe is going to make some comments about the item. >> good evening superintendant lee and guerrero and members of the board of education i'd like to just before i read into the record the shared partnership agreement acknowledge the program coordinator in college readiness and annie that was a task at a high-level between sfusd and cc sf to bring this shared
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partnership agreement to fruition and this really marks a transformation in how students learn that is building and continuing on the current dual enrollment program with uc sfgh and to reimaging time and space as outlined in vision 2025 so this is just a really amazing opportunity to increase the dual enrollment and the career to college pathways to be college ready the board of education san francisco unified school district take public testimony on app and adopt the career pathways partnership agreement between cc sf as required and in accordance with the code 76004b the cc as was presented before the board of education as an informational item and pregnant
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e regular meeting of of october 11, 2016. >> thank you, mr. koffman no public speakers on this item any questions or comments from the board. >> so i have a couple of questions i mean a number of questions how this will work i'm wondering so i see the courses for that we're offering in the spring who decided what courses and what courses will be offered like how are we're going to decide what courses we'll offer this year. >> so the courses are actually no wonder between cc sf and sfusd in


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