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tv   Board of Education 102516  SFGTV  November 6, 2016 1:30am-5:01am PST

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regular meeting of of the san francisco board of education is called to order >> ms. fewer dr. murase ms. norton, mr. walton thank you ms. wynns that he mr. haney and ms. ing thank you. >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> we want to thank everyone that joined us in person for
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anyone that wants to address the board of education can you fill out one of the speaker cards and they're available outside in the hallway and please give to ms. casco sitting over here before the item is called we'll appreciate that item a approval of the minutes of september 27, 2016, can i have a motion and a second? >> so moved. >> second. >> roll call. >> thank you ms. ing ms. alleyway goes ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton and mr. walton and thank you ms. wynns and mr. haney 5 i's. >> thank you item b superintendents report superintendant lee. >> thank you, president haney i'll be speaking about a number
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of items and i'd like to on the meeting by commenting on the incident at june yonder school for quality i'd like to begin by honoring the students, staff sight leaders and community anothers june jordan was shaken by a terrible incident last tuesday that included violence and physical injury to 4 students and emotional harm to the community i want it permit my thanks to the sfpd for their work in about ongoing investigation and mayor ed lee and supervisor avalos for their immediate offers of support to many staff for their dedicated efforts to support the school last tuesday and in the days since and many other
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individuals across san francisco sending expression of assistants to june yornd on behalf of the team i offer our deep respect and admiration to two staff for the courage and empathy they displayed in this deeply disturbing event leadership we likewise thank you for your strength and unite they stood together strong true to form their held values called them to do as we'll see in a few minutes during the meeting everyone in the sfusd communities are independent when an incident strikes one of us it impacts all of us your actions to support
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each other really do help and unite us all finally i must appreciate the brilliance and fortitude of maria. >> (clapping.) >> the day after the incidents that is last wednesday the students designate was onsite ahead of school starting talking with staff and writing message of deep community strength on the very site of the crime she also participated in on camera interviews with tv and during the interviews she was posed and thoughtful and moved off the negative question and on to the main message of june jordan school for equity
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standing up against depression during a meeting with families she powerfully addressed the cultural sensitivities between latino and black community maria we are proud of you and june jordan would have been so proud of you and your peers at the school moving on to a few lighter topics this is principal appreciation month and personally thank you to all the dedicated site leaders that led us our principals and advice principals above and beyond the call of duty their duties and represent their schools with pride and dignity all while tackling they're never ending to
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do list thank you for all you do. >> i'd like to invite all families looking for a school for their children to the fair an saturday october 29th the fair will take place as last year at the city college of san francisco if the wellness center on 18 ocean avenue families can learn about all the stanford schools and the enrollment for all grades transitional kindergarten sixth and 9 grade there be will workshops to explain the language pathways and other options it is tasked with principles and teachers and parents and students for those who are ready to talk about what is so special about their school and again, the enrollment fair is saturday october 29th at city college of san francisco wellness on 18 ocean avenue from
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9:30 to 2:30 and register for childcare at from - sorry i'm not seeing the phone number but the e-mail address is w uc 2 at sfusd at the east side you is on the website so anyone wants to register for childcare please finally please remember that election day is tuesday november 8 the last board of education between now and election day please remember, if your eligible to vote to vote on or before election day we are past the point as which we can say how to vote on any of the raze
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or propositioned but i will point out several measures that are of special interest thought education community specifically on the state ballot proposition 51 is a state school facility proposition 55 relates to school funding, extending the property tax and that passed a furious and on the local san francisco ballot prop a it is school bobbed and not telling you how to vote on any of the measures but please be aware there is an important election coming up. >> thank you superintendant lee. >> item c recognized of
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resolution of accommodates two rave awards this evening superintendant lee. >> sorry lost track of my place the first services award is for carol the principal at the locally la elementary school and presented by superintendent richie. >> thank you superintendant lee it is my honor and pleasure to introduce someone that i will describe unremarkable and keeps the society justice in all the work she does no spice up that carol was 23450789 by a community member i was to read a short excerpt the question is
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why are they nominating this employee and the parents shared that the child was in a transition always but the principal asked to keep here language chinese she got into the school and principal fong remembered her and that impressed that parents what is the expressive characters she gets parents involved and makes sure that students keep their bilingualness and bye literacy and raised the fund with limited resources that she has to do with right to children and building in does the arts and has the chinese dance and some things this employee does that you want to recognize she's always aiming to have her
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students do better and embodies that walks the walk and she likes students that brings don't ideas to the clamor no surprise they are seven years in a row her school get the title one academic achievement award a distinct school twice and a national blue ribbon school a role model for others colleagues and teachers as well as district office staff carol fong does lots with this we're proud to honor you as one of the exemplar treasures in our city so, please come forward and receive your
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award. >> (clapping.) >> first of all, i want to thank the board inform this recognize i often wonder what i'll be doing i love flowers and would have been a good in front of the i walked into a clamor and joined dates i didn't she came from china sitting wither classmate and has all the visible support yet not able to participate that was me 45 years ago the memories are fresh it is a school of students 60
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percent are free and reduced lunch over 50 percent are english as a second language learners but in spite they excel richard mentioned in 2011, we received the national blue ribbon and we won the trip crown we're so proud and excited. >> (clapping.) >> but as a accomplished as we are as a school daas i didn't see stories remember we have tlooebld so her story and my personal experience have something in common they served to reminding remind me not only to bring my
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professional best and personal best everyday to my work some people think that the title as a principal independence who you are i'm in the school of thought who i am existences any principalship it validates in any personal best thank you for the opportunity and the wonderful years of services thank you >> (clapping.) >> thank you, principal fong very much and you desire more than 50 seconds next our rave service award is going to christina counselor at george peached and presenting the award
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our principal at george peabo]. >> good evening and congratulations carolpeabody. >> good evening and congratulations carol. >> any pleasure at george peabody elementary school to present this to christine our amazing social working and nominate by a parents that says she goes above and beyond were the emotional experience for students at the peabody elementary school this is our social emotional learning program our favorite are many and runs countless workshops and tackling issues of guilty to
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insure that peabody elementary school is inclusive of all families in clus our achievement gap and teaches weekly lessons during the lessons she uses a curriculum called brain obstetrics/gynecology that teaches the students how the brain works and the difference between a mindset we've seen the impact on the students academically and social time and time again as program i feel very, very fortunate to have her a member in the peabody elementary school team and in a mission to go above and beyond and on a personal note as a role model as a working parents thank you and congratulations
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>> (clapping.) >> well, i think carol is a great person to follow i'm grab my 15 seconds thank you, mr. wu i feel like i hit the jack pot when i landed at george peabody elementary school in the district more than seven years or so but i know or knew i wanted to be a full social worker never knew i would be fortunate going to a place everyday i love you was a child that loved school and made me want to work towards help students love school whatever that means helping families and
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helping children joy their school day i'm really fortunate to work there 4 days a week i wish every school could have a social worker w4r days a week i'm eager and excited i need to share that award with mr. wu and all the amazing folks at the george peabody elementary school i feel lucky to be there and my husband can contest to the fact i used to be many a profession i didn't love and he knows i can't wait to get started everyday and thank you for the opportunity to work ♪ fabulous role and for this award tonight thank you >> (clapping.) >> thank you and congratulations again to principal fong and the team item d student delegate report
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maria and jessica. >> good evening board of education we have a couple of things and have a short video we want to share with you the first one or first thing is an update on the voters forum that happens on november sorry not november, october 20th in preparation for the november 9th election day so youth readers from the commission and all students came to the high school to learn been the alphabet of student propositioned on the ballot and at the end everyone took a vote that was pretty cool to see the students given a chance would vote and also, they had a great opportunity to register voters 16 and 17-year-olds that was a new program and preregistering come the next election date and an
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official form by the secretary of the state that was pretty cool. >> thank you and a resolution so our first meeting was on the thursday and we got around 50 to 40 people and looking to the next steps to see how we can support all students and looking forward work together with different high schools across san francisco district. >> so yesterday we have an f ac c meeting the topic that came up was around what happened and june just for the record as a student i don't go there but i can't imagine how the students feel around this issue but admire your strength and resolve yesterday the f ac c shared what
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their schools were doing to share their is it not correct with the staff and others so they're good marshall accurate posters and washington i think talked about this in their lgbt and ethic study classes although the support at the sites all the students alleged that june jordan showed a lot of great unity during their difficult times. >> we have been - as you may know i don't know only represent the students but june jordan in the district and first of all, thank you all sfusd staff and usf across the cd for their support and solid outlet minutes
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before and after that happened we definitely failed the support and solidarity and felt the solidarity and we recall very, very grateful for that and yeah going to june jordan as i mentioned my priority to go to june jordan and was one of the first ones i wanted to make sure that june jordan we are mourning this i think june jordan shows who we are for justice and eligibility and show we'll come together to build community and awareness of those events gun violation and violation is not just a problem at june jordan but across the country and the world and i think that this is not only the
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problem, of course, we see in our city and across the community but a good moment san francisco schools are go talking to come to together and work in solidarity my school is cereal an example of what happened of oppression and students don't get the love from their participants and community this is a result my principal has talked about that and quoting one of our sisters this leads to not seeing what he said how can students and young men feel hopes it is easy to take someone's life so easily there is a great moment for us, to come together and work together june jordan is devastated we'll overcome and get the support we
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need and all appreciate it from everyone who showed the support in many ways and we've gotten at least from our students postcards from elementary schools from the youngest to 9 oldest staff they've come to us in supporting you guess alumni staff and organizations that support june jordan so we are appreciated it in this video i want to thank the superintendent for helping us this last minute technology difficulties and the request for the certification i think the video will speaks for itself it is a way if it didn't happen everyone is moving fast i was talking about how everyone - across san francisco to be awareness of this so i'll let
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the video speaks for itself and thank you to everyone.
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>> what occurred in that school october 18th didn't reflect us as a school like what we're fighting against oppression not that something happened that what happened to us is now taken care of and it is like coming back home to a place i feel safe spiraling and emotionally. >> june jordan is a school
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question came together no solidarity no matter what solidarity no matter whai solidarity no matter whan solidarity no matter what happens. >> in my voice is important in that what is on my mind can be important. >> the first day june jordan opened the children walked through our doors they're our children we treat them like family. >> we still agree who we are without you know not being ourselves. >> and i have a lot of freedom here i'm able to bring my - as a mother and i think that is actually helpful -
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>> it is an important vibe here you know are interest problems yes there are problems everywhere. >> i love the way it the teachers and everybody combines and comes together. >> help the students and the connection and the - >> you know all the students and all the staff i have so much love they're like extend families my kids are any family and they're my brothers and sisters. >> i need someone who is here and the parallel is really -
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>> everybody is together and look out for each other and really need that and do it out of the love not out of fear. >> we put ourselves in the shoes of another or skin of another help to understanding and understanding is a complete application. >> (clapping.) >> i just want to point out that moments you saw in there were a day after the incident happened
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i think we did talking we had a huge circle across the quad and brought out the community so the video speaks for itself how beautiful organized the community is coming together across san francisco and one of the most beautiful things that can be accomplished and will be accomplished thank you a lot guys. >> sorry. >> never mind not done sorry (laughter). >> so we're inviting you guys to our next meeting on wednesday november 7th at 5:00 p.m. in the room it is a public event if you guys are welcome to come and few guys want to come contact contact mr. salvador lopez. >> to get the agenda and get you guys the schedule so thank you
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yeah, that's a monday, i apologize thank you. >> i wanted to say first on behalf of the board thank you for sharing that video and let's please the people that created it and the entire school communities have the solidarity and appreciation from our board and. >> also it for your leadership and encourage you represented the facts of our student body you represented the best of your school and have such pride in june jordan as a school community for you to illustrate that in the face of all this and we show what that school represents and what you stand for and embody that we have appreciation 0 thank you and anything we can do as a board we'll lend our support to you, please let us know and thank
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you. >> item e advisory committee report we have one we have a report from the african-american parents advisory council. >> so i'm going to ask the representative to come on up. >> okay. a power point great. >> parents and future city hall there looks like. >> (laughter). all right. >> thank you for the time to share all the wonderful work the patents have put together to do what we do to make sure there are replacement for the - so thank you for that video it was
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very touching and it seems often i have a high schooler and interested what her experience is i'm the program corridor for the african-american parents visitorsy council and here with - >> drop the baby off - we have the support of alison here and i'm going to turn it over to those wonderful ladies. >> good evening, everybody and thank you for inviting you guess out tonight to give you an update what pooiblg has been doing since june so what you see above the mission of the african-american advisory council i'll read it
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for those who carton see that the mission of advisory council to provide a forum for hear the ideas of san francisco unified school district african-american parents community and respond to those genocides by educating of the resources and policies and programs our goal to xoufr the lives of african-american families by providing the skills necessary to advocate for high quality educational experience for our children the african-american parents advisory council develops resources for parents that support the vision of their children and receive with educator and others in the sfusd we ama to lift every parents voice and help the parents find their voice and this year we started off with the first annual apac it was held and seen with want
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african-american or missouri add the purpose of sustaining the initiative. >> the agenda was designed to recenter on the well-being of students to use the data to drive our goals and team build the confusions and reverse active practices and set the goals with the support and we worked together to build a collaborative with an outreach team then our next was a followup on the retreat we finally listed the scope of work 6 program goals for the assurance of the issues we take on are aligned with the goals we have so that one, the goals to increase the number of families to participate in apac monthly meeting by the thirty percent
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to build the capacity of apac parents to efficiently advocate for students academics and increase the participant to vaccine for high quality instruction through active engagement with the school sites for the sfusd advising to influence the decision and sfusd policy programming and budgeting and want to increase the participant leadership and abilities to serve on governance committees one apac and at school sites and would like to evaluate the development of 6 more sites to increase the african-american family engagement in their school sites. >> all right. to further grow our group we worked with different sfusd staff members and community operations working with sfusd departments with
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partners to provide resources to the african-american students is one of the main priorities we worked with special education specifically (laughter) with the community advisory council and the eis team office of xfrment with the ali team we joined the black family network for the support for black family day an september 17th apac has hosted two workshops with title how the how to start a partnership in the child's education we continuing hold our monthly meetings and their held on the third thursday of every month equip november due to attendance of the alliance in african-american achievement and leadership team and black school
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educators the first meeting the school year was on september 2016 the theme was school are you ready this is presented by doctor back on in a way that are empowering the superintendent was lee our october meeting was held on october 20th and the theme was yes, we can advocate in and in and out the clam presented by assistant superintendent ford for her 3 executive director and family liaison christine and focused on owning the parents teacher experience and becoming politically educated to hosting a school board panel this year we are excited for the apac activities that include ask the
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site workshops and navigating parents and fast forward support and starting our family engagement movie night and (laughter) our family engagement movie night will consist of discussion around the methodologies our families that are important and continue with the black family day and also this is our second annual year we're hosting the college signing date in april so i pass to you guys in the packet the following items a copy of power point slide, our 2016 and 2017 scope of work and our apac letter and our lastly update we superintendant throughout the e-mail server and we share a site with the apac.
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>> so we would like to make the following recommendations tonight so go feed the baby sorry. >> so that the african-american parents advisory council continues to support the following ethic studies c-2 and african-american family loans liaison at all schools with african-american populations additional opportunity for high school credit recovery and increase the cultural awareness professional development are training for all staff recruitment and hiring of african-american educators assigning highly trained educators for under professionalism schools and with the practices of limits and black histories throughout the school year not just in february and affinity groups at each
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school site the apac asked to take the lead on creating additional strategies to implement the above recommendations any questions. >> well, first of all, i'll start off by saying i had the privilege of attending a meeting last week we want to thank the two of you and everyone who has taken the lead with apac i was incredibly expressed by the engagement, the leadership the conversation, how many people
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were there it was an engaged group of parents and excited to see everybody you've laid out at the impact it is having and our increased partnership with the apac and board i appreciate the need to working closely together sometimes with the advisory councils we forgot that part of advisory that helps us do a better job at the board level he want to express our desire to work closely and let us know when things are happening and engage us in addition to know the district staff i know your working closely one question and then other board members have questions or comments you know we're also going to hear later this evening the lists property i wonder in the report we'll hear later on if
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you're directly involved with that and your involvement as apac with support the broader african-american achievement inpatient a longer conversation in the african-american district and love to know your thoughts at that point what we'll be hearing and how you've been engaged with that work. >> i'd like for the parents to say 24 yourself our retreat that was a very dmaltsdz effort to know where our students and staff stands this is presented to us we're making sure that all our goals are aligned with the goals of african-american achievement the ali team (calling names) we all come together some of our
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team members meet every third thursday to working closely but the ali comes to the apac they meet to plan what they'll do for families an open invitation for community members and the ali team every thursday and there are ali members presents so we're thrilled we're pga the apac be making timing suggestion what we need and want and desire as partners. >> with the apac we've been working collectively with ali team and can't express enough our appreciation they're open to our suggestions because ali heard the numbers wait a minute what is going on many can't be happening what are we're going to do that's where the rising workshops okay. we have to make
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sure our babies are getting the congratulation. >> i'm happy i had a graubt senior last year so i want all families to experience that is that the greatest experience in the world to see your baby walk across the stage as our investment in that child we want to make sure that all families are the schools they need to be successful and help the children or parents understand the importance of advocacy and understanding the importance of being involved regardless of age the child even if they try to pushing back that is harder and let them know you're going to form the partnerships and relationship with their teachers so they see you and know you are going to be working towards making sure your child is successful. >> i wanted to add adds a parent to get involved in forming the school sites and working as a advocate for parents crossed the
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district this is been an amazing experience to come to the district and not able to get the support but see it come back and latisha we bring her questions and suggests and see something come back i'm using in my school and sharing those with other sites and truly it is the addition of turner pierce the work around the district when parents come to the table the staff is ready to meet us as partners that has been a huge shift that i seen and i feel like i can speak for other members it is greatly precedent as well as kind of the gentleman making himself to individual endeavors as well. >> thank you before i open up
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to the board one public comment signed up before this item lee fisher. >> good evening my name is lee fisher the second chair for the advisory committee for special education and have 4 kids african-american my oldest at the mission and my too young it at mira loma i appreciate everything you're doing as an african-american advisory committee and appreciate our focus on special education and how you're helping us engage with the families and do better for all the students and thank you for everything on behalf of the special ed you're doing to promote our activities and meetings and just you're willingness to collaborative it is helping us
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to provide better outcomes for all the students so thank you very much. >> yeah. reverend brown. >> good evening mr. president, vice president and members of the board. >> let me say i applaud the parents committee has done however, let us learn from history on may 17, 1954, a decision was handed down by the warren court
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that separate education through this nation was not equal and that court also said that they should correct this egregious sin and error with deliberate speed deliberate i've been in this town for 40 years and in 19 hundred and 78 there was a similar report released to this board then in the 80s we have the redbook and we're here with our report and the one we'll hear from mr. dickey tonight
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it is my appeal as president of the naacp in the past third baptist church we're not just hear a nice civil report but this board this administration and this entire community make sure that all of the agency of this unified school district have the resources necessary to make this happen without delay as fannie said to eloquently i'm seconding of being seconding of reading about the disparities and achievement actively if no
1:21 am
earthquake this evening of a 6 or 7 or 8 we will stop everything and run to the rescue friends we don't need to hear anywhere that it takes time doctor king said the time is always right to do right it is time for us to leave this meeting tonight as make sure that all the agencies of city government the deduct community-based organizations see we're fired up and ready to go we'll show we'll walk the walk and give the wrap up around
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services we have not said that much about that and many of the community their challenged because they have issues not have they're making but issues that been created by this society this racist separate, mean, evil society i pray and hope this night not another nice report with eloquent we'll give concrete critical, courageous movement to stop this stigmation of black families and black children and the black community in this city we claim to be a progressive liberal city not like other places but the record reveals as
1:23 am
long as you have the pocket of islands of ignorance, lack of training and violence in this town we are no better than that community in my native state of mississippi just to week 40 bullets fired into a place where someone murdered in 1955 the same state you have people on the football team leading black aforementioned with a noose that is happening we may not be leading with a noose but had that rope around our neck in this city of low achievement that needs to be cut and thrown into the pacific
1:24 am
ocean thank you for your indulgence and time i hope you hear me tonight and we're not sitting on this report we get up and go out of this meeting and make something happen for the good of all when black children succeed all children succeed when black children excel your society excel when black children what read and write and celebrate their future and do more than flo throw a basketball only then what san francisco say we are a city of st. francis and you can leave our heart in san francisco
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>> (clapping.) >> thank you reverend brown. >> it is hard to follow after pastor brown. >> is a couple of of things thank you for coming in and giving us this report tonight i've seen the growth in the work over the past year and go forward to move forward and commend the oracle and the team the district i love the goals their choeshl and focused on the high quality instruction as we provide save and supportive schools and we have to remember the main goal if so the instruction pieces to make sure our students can graduate thank you for the focus on the increase of 09 sites the entire parents and the caregivers how
1:26 am
to get the students the support that is how it happens at the all the schools and it will help to continue to focus on the support for the parents community and working with parents so thank you for that arrest plaintiff second i appreciate the continued alignment with the african-american initiative also talk about this with mr. dickey and pastor brown and my colleagues as well as and the leadership cap to make sure that all department within the district align and that everyone has a certain focus and goals to enroll to make sure all our initiative the ali initiative have a achievement in the success and continue to push to continue to hold us accountable i share that with parents if you're not sending e-mails and
1:27 am
not licensed and not letting us know what is happening in the school we can't address it so make sure that things are not happening and the mistreatment we're not doing what we're supported supposed to what we're committed to say happening and also love to see at smooiment maybe the next time we have a conversation outside of this some kind of list from parents point of view in terms of what they feel is the best schools are for the black children there loose amiss things i tend to disagree with that we look at the resiliency and schools are focused on guilty and a lot of leadership from the young people
1:28 am
in the schools you see that note let anyone blame the schools because of there are schools isn't district that are great for the children i'd like to hear under the parents perspective i have two children one at marshall and have a reason they'll be fine but again, if we don't send the right message resupport the schools right for our kids we'll continue to hear the list i'd like to hear from our parents and just to talk about some of the things we're responding to particularly about more option for credit recovery you saw the opportunity for doing the enrollment added city college more than that city college classes are taken at the level of credits you get from the district perspective and summer school stunt and more night school and more opportunities we'll continue to push the work
1:29 am
on more than that credit recovery opportunity we hear you and doing things and the last thing from a safe space perspective we saw the recommendations there we say have not forgotten what happens at lowell and focusing on the effort eel you'll hear what is take place and push that community and all school community to make sure working with all parents and in the and backgrounds and make sure that when black children succeed all children succeed and have the biggest gaps in achievement with the latino you notice the things that are tend to be broken and the whole link comes together and the whole chain we'll
1:30 am
continue to push and again sometimes we don't get information we run around and try to get the information so thanks. >> commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell. >> thank you so much for your time and energy and organizing in the community we all appreciate it i'm curious on your current membership how many you have a goal of increasing it by thirty percent i was curious what our membership currently looks like and the levels across the city and parents or students attend. >> so when we came to june we were looking at an average of 24 african-american parents we have over the sums our retreats and leadership teams trying to figure out and determine what membership it is we have community members that want to
1:31 am
be active in the apac african-american members that have past parents very important and private school parents that have potential with the sfusd that want to come back and make sure we're not pushing away the support but on the african-american parents and sfusd that he determines our membership what did it look like according to our operating guide it is you must be a parent of an african-american student and people that attend quite often not parents of african-american students but 25 on average since the last two apac meetings we'll have pretty great turns out so something that sparking and in the reports we want to engagement our family and pass on the information it is expanding i think the last meeting we had on mrs. marshall
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said one hundred i'll not say one hundred it was a nice packed room i think that sxhaengs know that is incredible and hopefully, they'll contact and become members the apac in addition to that general apac meeting our school remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individuals. we're feeding information from the general apac so it is individual sites and their using it and thinking about changing our location or not changing location but spreading the love across the country e across the city because current our meeting are in the bayview and people don't have transportation of my own and can't make it there but thinking about the leadership team and the parents are proponents of that and the parents are thinking of ways we can do is one of the places for the continued activity was a
1:33 am
workshop and beyond they're pushing the ali team working with the ninth grad workshop but how to prepare the parents and special ed our first apac meeting superintendant lee was at parents want to know how to navigate and support the students so because we can't take the entire meeting we'll move that and bring it to different sites in the city and have them so membership look like funny. >> thank you peri wanted to just understand how we can be more helpful in making sure that people know this is a space and opportunity i want to quickly tell a story about something that happened at a high school fundraiser i attended with any husband that
1:34 am
upset me if i didn't leave the room i would have been escorted out i had a conversation with a parent that basically was engaging me around what her kids need and the kids of the other students at a particular school and i as a board member needs to focus on that if that was what i needed to pay attention to and she had made an effort to come to an apac meeting she heard the apac parents feel fortunate so have their kids graduate and that was my lug took a few steps back they legend into me she said oh, i offended you.
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>> no every single parents in the school district those things happen in our schools that increases this idea that our kids are not worth and don't believe in them that there's no need to support them, that we have to change i go i personally wanted to say i can say this we believe in all our children and we are trying to set up as many mechanisms to not only deal with the institutional deal that puts our children in a place they are already but and increase the number of opportunities so they can be successful in college and career and i share that only because as i listen to some of the recommendations that are to
1:36 am
me absolutely we need to be on top of all this in addition to all this we need to do a lot more and the idea that a parent feels comfortable to approach me and say that allowed is appalling we need more voices to be part of the organization of our district to be more representative so that when those kinds of comments ce at us we can knock them down way faster than that before i want to appreciate our work and appreciate our commitment to all of the kids and i mean, i think you've seen over the years the support we want to provide and we've done this to our staff and the commitment we are making this is really important to us so thank you. >> thank you
1:37 am
i want to thank our presenter and every member of the african-american parents advisory council i'm blown away by the progress you've been able to make when we sat down with mr. dickey to review in detailed was the resolution we introduced labor that was supported anonymously by the board i never imagined it would come this far in such a short period of time we want to shout out to virginia marshall and others i want want to pooij meeting a couple of years ago an argument where we can forward first class postage and it was such a hard struggle to get the attention of the resources necessary and to be
1:38 am
here and see how much progress we've made i want to acknowledge my mentor in this area linda jordan and carl, and mitchell and bill miller came up with black lives matter to gal in his this i went to black family day and see see outpouring the enthusiasm and acknowledge our work and thank you very much i know that is lots of hours away from our families your hungry not fwlam reduce work but on behalf of the district and board we thank you. >> first my apologize to the audience for arriving late. >> thank you for the presentation so i just have when i really
1:39 am
want to supervise my comments on the recommendations i also think and hearing about our membership i understand that there are a lot of supporter but i think first and foremost it is about our african-american parents and also parents students that are african-american we have the loudest and strongest voice and the most to gain other supporters i feel like are important to the group but as we grow in membership make sure it isy reall those apartment in our school system that are vocabulary and fight not only for their own children but they know first hand what the experience this is the venue that is adequate i want to mention that you know, i understand that we have a
1:40 am
facilitator and staff but that really i ran a parent combrfrment group we have facility oversees i was one of the facility oversees i realized not until the group was 22 or 25 they pooushd on me that was sort of this power structure that i had naektd a school system before i was good and teaching them but it was not until 22 or three parents in the room we upset that power structure their pushing back on you this is the goal that we should have and even though we're failed by sfusd that i would like to see this group be opposed to not compromise and not be complacent this is the group that actually
1:41 am
has the power and voice to say this is wag is wrong and call us out and be the ones to interrupt this racism in our deduct and this is the power you have been you as parents users you're the ones that are impacted the most and should be the biggest voice that's why it is great to know why to navigate and support our chrnl child and give you our critical friends to advocate d organize so there's ass is an organizing element for empowerment. >> group of empowered people that know what quality education looks like what fairness and quality looks
1:42 am
like and demand it and actually take steps in order to object this is when we know at the unified school district we have finally succeeded in overcoming our historic racism in the district i want to talk about some of the recommendations in that light one i think that it is important to know that some of these things i mean some of the things i hope the african-american parents advisory council been ask for the data. the ethics study was going on where are we now and where do we need to go and the outcomes for the black students in the ethics class is it serving them well and positive and if it is a mechanism we want duplicated those are the kind of questions we really want the parents to understand so if you're power to request the information that it is actually a powerful tool to
1:43 am
have the real data, data can be persuaded to analyze the data very well and the measure is about how are the black students doing that's the measure so african-american families and schools let's talk about how many of them are there what's the outcome what are the roles in those schools are they empowering and how are they being used and the recovery how are the resources serving black students are they getting black students to graduation if not why not and increased the cultural and diversity awareness for all staff you should have a first aid and review the design of what that training is you know is that through the loans of
1:44 am
quality or presented by someone that is not who didn't understand being a stakeholder and has the most to lose and recruitment and hiring the black educators are the educators are they kre7b8dz are are they have the skills to teach the children that's an important thing i think we've had this board many discussions about what is a teacher that we would wanted in a classmate for african-american students a teacher with a perfection of the class and then you know assigning a potty trained educator our for the schools chases the turnover and the measure we're looking at to actually make it not is school anymore we have the practices this is sort of the push back
1:45 am
that i hope my times on the board is short i'm leaving in december but hoping that when i listen in i will hear a push back of suggestions that i guess recommends you have the data to support and push as a group users an organizing model to punish on the district make sure we are doing our job and board members we come and go quite frankly but your children you have them for the rest of your lives this is so important i think to remember that even though the site is sometimes terrifying and someone's uncomfortable but to think of a whole group of students not be successful in the 21st century this the kind of thing when we had this group it started off
1:46 am
this is the element we want to make sure it is really integrated and do you feel empowered to do if i could leave you may be with one thought and i will hope it is - you have the power to do and your voice is your power but must be organized this is how to this is how the change happened i was a pta parents and ran a parent advocate very group one or two people three or four, all of a sudden 25 and we want to pack this room with one and 50200 people brown and black and that's how we make the team i think that so i
1:47 am
applaud all the parents here and the applaud the work and want to give you an encouragement let's see the change and thank you, thank you for taking this step >> commissioner norton. >> thank you. i want to thank you for the work and apologize for not being here last week, i was sorry to miss it but want to talk about the recommendations that you made really i think they're interesting and important but i have some of we've heard that we need to make - we need to - them to be discussed within the context of what is already happening and how we can get some of the things done the principles you've are articulated and things we'll support but i'm
1:48 am
interested in helping and also understanding knowing more about where exactly where we are and the next one after that and after that so i'm not tonight do we have any african-american liaisons at school sites are those school sites that have families liaisons at all because that's something i'm interested i believe that all schools should have additional ones and also how many schools actually have african-american parents advisory counsels what i understand that's your job but i think i'd like to have more details about that so we can be thinking about what else is going on at the schools things that we both ask them to do and
1:49 am
push them to do and how those things are aligned and cooperated i'm thinking we staff mainly but have the kind of pull pet to you make the next step happen you have are doing both the work on the ground and having the context that is essentially, we can't do the next step without the context and have citizens about that i think we do i'm very excited about the work particularly the alignment with the initiative i think that the work of initiative is something i have great hopes and very supportive of and some of the things we've talked about we'll hear about that tonight but the specific work in specific schools in the areas you're talking about fits in with what is happening those are the things i think sort of the next
1:50 am
layer the knowledge and information that i would like to have and i think we'll all benefit from again, thank you for your commitment and all the work thanks. >> can i ask a question is that appropriate? i feel we've gotten a lot of support and a lot of parents working on site and have the port of ali team won questions that comes up with based on in their experience as a parents a lot of the work an apac or bs u or celebration of african-american cultural is based on the capacity or the interest or the ability the site leadership and it is not the job to manage principles and a lot of competing things in the district i guess my question to you you can commissioner wynns and i guess to after all you when we
1:51 am
surface things what is the metabolism at this point foresight that don't the the capacity or list the efforts to put some of the viruses in place i don't know of a specific structure to serve hey, i'll trying to start an apac no one is listening or conversation amongst the parents something is going on obtain at lowell i don't know where to go with those types of questions and don't know what structure currently exists to meet out ios kind of exceptions >> - expectation. >> a lot of people want to respond to it superintendant guerrero. >> so over a quick response ms. coming down the pike we expect our families to work in
1:52 am
collaboration with the administrators i do believe they share the deep commitment to the challenges we're facing, however, if at any point there would be benefit to some additional support or expectation i'll certainly invite the families to reach out to the principal supervisors and the superintendent their more than happy to broker some of the conversations and if at many point it feels like this need to be elevated don't hesitate to bring that to my attention as at deputy superintendent. >> commissioner wynns. >> not my role to say this but this superintendent should be his role it was perfect
1:53 am
(laughter). >> commissioner norton i apologize for the presentation i'll watch it online but interested in the recommendations and grateful for your work and just the engagement that is happening that is really the beginning of moving from commissioner fewer to an empowered model for parents i'm appreciative of the parents work and i said to just over a suggestion i see the leadership the folks in the back of room and heard what you said about the parents asking a lot of questions about special ed as a former member i think they'll be thrilled to collaborative with apac and their kri78 incredibly knowledgeable people that advise parents all the time i think that feels like a great
1:54 am
collaboration to have the leadership how to work together. >> i wanted to say they spoke on the partnering we've been trying to work closely with the safety team and the community advisory council for special ed and working closely with the folks at special ed. >> thank you so much for the presentation i had an inquiry while listening to it as an ethic members and from a student perspective i was wording how soon can we get involved in that this is called upon apac the student advisory committee students would be interested in getting involved and a lot of strong people in the city that want to bang about
1:55 am
due policy i'm not sure where the students can come into this yeah, that general thing. >> thank you. we actually did a forum we're interested in what the students have to say excuse me - so if you have any students interested in coming out we think plan that and actually set up a panel for student discussion because we do want to know what the students want i am not as parents we know what we want as paefrpt but it is important to work with the students and the teachers and the parents to selectively to make sure the students have what they need to be successful. >> yeah. thank you all for the representation i have 3w0ik9d a lot of the meeting i've boycotted like two weeks ago they were unexpected but
1:56 am
about the community organizing definitely you have to ask what you want and giving the input hoosiers realistically he was able to do that yeah how dot communities make a difference and he would like to reach out to you guys, i know that jessica said this is a parental led thing but if we can find a way to get more members and talk to bs u i know this is the first year so this will be personally want to - they're the minority and be representative in the students board in the district me myself coming from a majority we are and i'm liking to see the
1:57 am
process of sfusd so reach out to you guys and kind of echoing what a lot of people say something i've learned from any school and being in this position and working on the project is accountability and you guys said that is the beautiful thing about that we're seeing today that you guys are keeping accountability and allowing this in the district the changes and i definitely hope that all this gets into action so thank you a lot and for coming tonight. >> commissioner walton. >> just a brief response to a question that was raised by a presenterer. >> from the board of education we don't manage principle leaders that's not our role but
1:58 am
ms. fewer answered the question parents working together to brfr each other at various sites if you don't have a b issue you work with the community or bring it to our attention like the parents do and do well, we work together on issues but sometimes, we need the extra persian and attention and working together with collective parents it is variable and powerful from that end and perspective. >> yes. i'd like to say that has a parent with the least amount of resources that i can have the heart harder time to organize this is so much power and so that's why we see a pattern; right? of come - it is the participants that have the less amount of resources and time to advocate i know that it
1:59 am
is a very time consuming thing to do and quite frankly but once you do it you teach others to do it it is really powerful and the changes you want to see in individual school sites it is stakeholder around the organizing the people that stand together for a common process and we've seen that change it's course of instruction because of voices that came out and said this is not right i'll say that is the key but continue to actually, i know that colleagues you do this for so many communities but continue to punish on our elected official that's what they're there for quite frankly
2:00 am
thank you. >> so i wanted to - one of the goals to say to talk about black history month not only in february the apac when sitting down to work on the goals for the year maybe that was tony and some of the parents said we have to talk about black history month and making sure that is important because cultural is important we need to make sure that is front and center and tony volunteered to make sure we're bringing in some history so you wanted to end the presentation if it is okay to give you on every flier from apac jaunldz now and on the presentation you'll see a symbol that is a slight way to increase the way we share that cultural with them. >> hello commissioners nice to see you all i know some of you are super busy can someone put this on this page is fine
2:01 am
my name is tony i've been a team apac member over 10 years i'll be bringing in through apac and now i'm actually a paid parents organiz organizer coordinator i'm lobbying for votes (laughter) okay. so i think - so basically, it was a west africa they have proverbs this is translated royalty or leadership so there's plenty of well, i'll - i'd like to talk about african cultural and black cultural we as black people are all over the planet and have commenting i was raised in the
2:02 am
south and couldn't find my roots until west africa i see it in song and to answer the questions i'm glad to see you empowered. >> pushing back there are children in the room all the time and their observing everything we do because my daughter used to or used to be a part of children making a change now youth making a change and like to say stuff but i agree we need our own delegation but anyway, that is to i'll leave it at that and to is even in the fillmore center sites there are symbols at the on top of the donor geary street last week ruby and concrete so they're
2:03 am
actually everybody and earrings black people didn't start with slavery and a young man, i know i'll talk about that is take into consideration have a great day. >> (clapping.) >> thank you for that and the presentation and for your incredible leadership we are going to move on now any advisory member appointments by the board? item f public comment on consent calendar i have none. >> double i have none item g consent calendar a can i have a motion and a second? >> so moved. >> and second.
2:04 am
>> any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> yes. president haney one moment we have a correction on oh, i'm sorry still getting used to this mr. steel. >> thank you superintendant lee and wanting haney one correction a 1610 k 59 the basic service should be to 5 not 2016. >> thank you, mr. steel any items removed from first reading by the board? seeing none, any items severed by the superintendent and discussion or vote >> i'd like to pull k-38, 41, 42, 43 and 44.
2:05 am
>> thank you. any others all right. roll call vote will take place under organization and supermarkets proposal, there is none tonight. and board member public comment on general matters i appreciate everyone for your patience and commitment i'm going to call a group of speakers first i've called them before (calling names)
2:06 am
two minutes each. >> good evening, commissioners good evening interns superintendant lee. >> there are several members of usf leadership and a few range and file teachers that came to speak about an urgent matter but first and foremost the delivery of petitions i've gathered in a matter of a few weeks over a few paraprofessionals at 60 or 70 of our schools and comes along with sort of spreadsheet and at the back of the packet there was an online petition that was launched last week of your petition and they've are comments hearth felt comments from our teachers and paraprofessionals about why there is such on urgency to request for a raise now
2:07 am
here in san francisco the teachers shortage has reached crisis proportion and stanford as dozens of classroom vacancies many in special ed the most expensive reality market it is not offering competitive slaerlz as the largest in the state san francisco teachers are on the bottom of the pay to rents as long as this drives the real estate market buying a home in san francisco is a dream and out of rank for the paraprofessionals luckily san francisco is in good condition with solid reserves with bart our stat and local economics are blooming you the elected leases have a chance to do something about the dollar served and demonstrate to the 5 hundred new
2:08 am
teachers to make their careers in san francisco and have the chance to keep the teachers to stay here while we're all proud and have found in our surveyed brownish project brick-and-mortar - we're counting on you to do it now thank you. >> good evening board mr. haney and commissioner walton and the board of education and superintendant lee my name is a carolyn the vice president for paraprofessionals united educators of san francisco and a 3re7 i'm here to speak on behalf of owl participants to ask had you meet
2:09 am
and confer with wages this thursday, you offer a serious wage increase as you may know paraprofessionals in the front line in our school district some of the most vulnerable kids including students with i e p too much of us are pushed out of the district and the city because they simply can't afford to work here and the we're commodity and seen the impact of the affordability crisis on my school paul revere and had massive teachers out-of-towners this year it is very hard to build and maintain a community when there's an evolving door of educators that come and go every year please respect the work that the teachers and the permit holders do and show us that
2:10 am
value our contribution to the district to offer a mooeveng wage increase this thursday we're committed to our students but need your support thank you . >> (clapping.) >> good evening. i'm ed mccormick a parent and middle school and here today to advocate it you deliver a raise for all the educators in usf speaking for the situation of educators at any site frankly we can't afford to live in the city just last year, i had an educator return from one year to find a 2000 there's increase in their rent they've been in the district but struggling to get by and take an additional jobs
2:11 am
and an educator lucky enough to move into an sro, however, their peaking $800 a month for a single room that's half high income so i'd like to advocate strongly you offer us a raise we're being priced out of the city as we speak i can't afford to wait i appreciate your consideration. >> (clapping.) >> good evening expirations commissioners i'm a special education teacher had the pleasure of meeting you and up here to ask we be given a pay increase the troubling of the numbers were more devastating of the stories of the colleagues stories from people young and trying to build families and careers in the city and question their ability to do that based on the income we have
2:12 am
and the staircase rental increases we've experienced and my coworker who was born and raised here and had to sleep in a friend's house for 6 months and was able to find a home with her pattern we're landlord was a fellow teacher and gave her a downtown. >> and paraprofessionals worked multi jobs supporting themselves because the supplemental income too important i hope you'll consider raising the salaries for the teachers to encourage more of our wonderful teachers and paraprofessionals and encourage the youth to help with the workforce and not taking people from the city and
2:13 am
mcmaking them into great teachers thank you for your time today >> (clapping.) >> i have to 20 years experience and two children in high school that attended sfusd since preschool loot at stake a few names matt over 10 years experience and people might agree he was at seismic and got priced out of the city i've been watching in any peers oath friend of mine nicole a special ed teacher with 20 years experience at glen park and working two jobs can't afford to get - i ask the board
2:14 am
to consider not making veteran teachers - this is a time we're trying to keep the trained teachers here so thank you for your time. >> (clapping.) >> good evening, commissioners my name is ken tray i taught social studies at the university of california, san francisco for 25 years and i now serve as the political director the united educators that is unfortunately, that politics has become a dirty word there are many political solutions to the problems we're facing and one of the political solution is for the people we elect to the school board as the citizens put their trust in to step forward and do what is necessary this thursday we meet and confer there is big deal been substantial increase in funding to the district this is the time to show the folks that do the
2:15 am
work that the 7 commissioners of the board and the folks that they oversee superintendent and superintendant lee and staff make an offer that gives the folks serving your children and their families the confidence that you have our backs national public radio released a report on the reasons why teachers leave the profession i think that also speaks to the paraprofessionals lack of respect, and lack of economic security were the two main reasons respect also including resources in the classroom we know we have 5 hundred new teachers in the district this year the land use beyond san
2:16 am
francisco is not encouraging a national teacher shortage so i have the job keep the folks in the classroom they're working the new teachers as chris said the veteran teachers and have to begin to teach educators with the kind of respect that allows us to compete with the best and brightest it is an i i didn't we're here to discuss the meet and confer after our press conference an unprecedented conference unprecedented with the mayor's office, the school district the unite educators and a number of eviction community groups met together to announce how the heck will we keep the san francisco teachers and par
2:17 am
educators in in your home this thursday, you, begin to take the steps necessary to give us the confidence to face our kids knowing we'll serve the kids with the kind of things we'll need to get the job done and thinking about the comments that reverend brown how the heck do you expect our kids to succeed if the families leave the san francisco the opportunity thursday middle-aged make an offer make an offer that resounds through the school thank you . >> (clapping.) >> good evening commissioners student delegates and impersonate you've heard the anxiety from the speakers that spoke before me some numbers that might be helpful as well over 39 percent
2:18 am
of our teachers in they're first 5 years here in san francisco 38 percent of our paraprofessionals in they're first 5 years so clearly we're seeing a lot of turnover with the affordability crisis we need stable schools for our students and stability comes with a stable workforce 21 percent of our paraprofessionals are african-american we need to keep them in our schools only 5 and a half percent of our teachers are african-american we need to keep those teachers and need to be able to transitional more and do that we need to pay a respectful living wage this will help them stay and help our students so we have heartbreaking examples you've heard a member that is a paraprofessional who fell behind
2:19 am
in her rent she actually doesn't have enough money for food another paraprofessional inspected child educator living in an sro those are stories we want to not be telling anymore we need on thursday when we go into the meet and confer need to know our educator will feel validated and respected and show educators we'll be showing that to the students as well . >> (clapping.) >> thank you to all the educators from sfusd. (calling names) >> i don't know are those folks here. >> all right.
2:20 am
(calling names) >> hi again i don't want to follow that paraprofessionals on thursday first of all, secondly, >> (clapping.) >> as i mentioned earlier, one of any kid's is in mission high school we were lucky to be chosen from verizon invasive learning they've received ipads and data plans and their starting to put those things through the papers thank you superintendant lee and superintendant guerrero for being there at the launch it was lovely to have you there sporting the school we have a lot of fantastic things.
2:21 am
going along ipad one is being offered they're now text support becoming an internal generous how to be tech support for the whole school their load with over drive to check books out of public library our kids are tech savvy it is amazing and costs have gone down because of ipads folks with role outs there are challenges there are we can't add apps to the ipads one of the problems we're experiencing is we can't put the kids textbook on the ipads as expected as part of program because there are instability in the classroom the ipads were ios approval of the
2:22 am
minutes for apple and sfusd our popularity are not compatible with the ios pads so we don't have the technology in sfusd to support the technology that our kids are taking for granted their ungraph in the program he hope the board will support by providing better infrastructure so we can actually use the technology to the fullest and part of proposition 2025 thank you >> hello commissioners and sxrunt and deputy superintendent and the audience i'm speaking to the audience on the radio and on the web on katie russel the chair of the advisory committee for special ed and here we're to plug a meeting this thursday the
2:23 am
27 at 6:30 we're having a candidate forum for the board of education and i really encourage people to find out who the candidates are it is really important that we have a community of parents with kids in spedcial e know who the enough the commissioners are and make sure they know who we are but more importantly that is that those people are going to be hiring a new superintendent i've been around the district to know that it is a huge difference to our families and kids we can have adversely relationship or crotch relationships this is important night and day identify seen both that is important we really talk
2:24 am
to the candidates to find out you know that what their views on our issues the meeting is at one six 63 mission street 7 floor 6:30 to 8 with an early copy class with the staff if you have questions for your particular situation thank you. >> good evening, commissioners superintendant lee and superintendant guerrero my name is alito a parent advocate in the district and a apartment at francisco mission high school i'm coming to speak ann as an independent parents but when i arrived adam francisco we came from jean parker what a caring staff and a
2:25 am
principal be unfortunately, our experience has not living up to our expression my daughters love their teachers and counselor they want to go to oath school since the beginning of school they've been called bad names and had their wallets stolen they've been forged into any daughters experience as a former mission high school educator i know that no school is perfect and thought to be involved in helping high sexual but 350i efforts have not been met. >> i've brought a picture of a something like that sign that is a picture of a white police officer with a hand like this and says stop security alert and explains the protocol i understand it is important to understand the safety
2:26 am
nevertheless, in the age of black lives matter i was shocked to see a sign no where can i find a sign saying welcome families my husband said you should talk with the hand i asked about supervision and told that was not good and the parents engagement and asked to join we're full when i asked about starting a black parents group let's start one i've not heard back despite this things like don't ask, don't tell i want to be part of a community that welcomes me and my children and have part of a community that welcomes diverse perspectives the helpfulness one can change things and pathways and opportunities to act and
2:27 am
share a desired goals i look forward to working with you with superintendant guerrero with david our assistant superintendant to make that a reality for my school make that welcoming for me and my children and other families thank you very much i have artifacts for you. >> general motivators comments is now closed and item k special order of business one item it is planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote action item can i have a motion and a second? to city college of san francisco and sfusd college and career assess pathways partnership agreement. >> so moved. >> superintendant lee.
2:28 am
>> yes. thing commissioner president haney doctor koffman of the college and career readiness i believe is going to make some comments about the item. >> good evening superintendant lee and guerrero and members of the board of education i'd like to just before i read into the record the shared partnership agreement acknowledge the program coordinator in college readiness and annie that was a task at a high-level between sfusd and cc sf to bring this shared
2:29 am
partnership agreement to fruition and this really marks a transformation in how students learn that is building and continuing on the current dual enrollment program with uc sfgh and to reimaging time and space as outlined in vision 2025 so this is just a really amazing opportunity to increase the dual enrollment and the career to college pathways to be college ready the board of education san francisco unified school district take public testimony on app and adopt the career pathways partnership agreement between cc sf as required and in accordance with the code 76004b the cc as was presented before the board of education as an informational item and pregnant e regular meeting of of
2:30 am
october 11, 2016. >> thank you, mr. koffman no public speakers on this item any questions or comments from the board. >> so i have a couple of questions i mean a number of questions how this will work i'm wondering so i see the courses for that we're offering in the spring who decided what courses and what courses will be offered like how are we're going to decide what courses we'll offer this year. >> so the courses are actually no wonder between cc sf and sfusd in alignment with our
2:31 am
current courses so the idea that to bui to build fidelity for opportunities for certification programs and to build our college and pathway too big build a solid foundation and moving forward we'll look at other courses that are available and really a negotiation between cc sf and the office of college of careerness. >> do they limit the number. >> i don't believe so but in the beginning we wanted to start with a small very directive and targeted classes we set up with and just building on the current existing classes in the pathways programs to the school sites. >> is there a little limitation on like only juniors and seniors can enroll or allow freshmen and others too.
2:32 am
>> i'm going to defer to may i hudson i know they have 16 years and older as part of agreement to enrolled students in the programs doesn't the change in the state law allow us to give credit to younger students. >> for this agreement it allows tenth and 11 and 12 graders to take other classes thank you. >> dr. murase. >> one question so the students that take the courses will they be awarded college credits. >> yes. their offered not only college credits but a cca. >> i appreciate that that very much there's been an ongoing discussion at the board about
2:33 am
access for students that point college credit scissors through the app program that has an uneven sustainability in the district i support this as another way for students to get college credits thank you. >> ms. fewer. >> that is wonderful actually, i think this is the director we should be going instead of education classes it is an a t class i know that a t class actually, you don't get college credits necessarily you score i mean the scale is one to 5 you get a 5 to get college credits so no guarantee. so i then as direction actually, we should go with all our seniors it would be fabulous if all the students have college
2:34 am
courses it proves they can succeed with college the first generations to attend college i think outside the box this gives them the added confidence and an a t class is tact for text not the depth and the breathe of a full class and he also think that if they can get college credits it helps them to alleviate some of the costs of college and want to see all the students have a year of college credit under their pellet by the confidence i'm a graduate of city college and i went from george washington high school and didn't think i/had the confidence there were classes i failed and learned a lot from that but the opportunity i had
2:35 am
and this is another plug for city college the opportunity to take the classes at city college was my father thought when i was 14 it was my opportunity to go to college but it changed my life quite frankly and gave me a second chaplain i think that when we have this opportunity for our students to take those classes i think that we should give it expanded and the partnership is what i've looked for many years and pushed this this is remarkable this is the right thing to do it is the right constriction for our kids and actually, i think that helps us level the playing field so thank you very much >> thank you. i agree i think this is really important step in the right direction we should be aware of and work on we have
2:36 am
students that are are who are allowed to lots of students in high school to take classes in college and high school we've done life things to facilitate and that was one the original reasons for moving the school year forward was to be more closely offsite or i understand with institutions of higher learning like city college with our students and like our educators to be able to participate some of the special development of other institutions of higher learning but we - this was supposed to be a huge opportunity for students to be able to take classes at city college and they to this day and high-end achieve students adding more to their transcript and to their experience it is great but
2:37 am
didn't address the equity issues so this is a very important step in the right direction to make sure that we don't i remember what we have in place is the best intention is something that gives an opportunity and take advantage of the students we want to take advantage but not those who need it for credit recovery or an opportunity to assess higher education and career, etc. i'm hoping that will be another lever in that work we'll be working on this relationship will help us to work more on things that we can do some of it may require we'll talk about that but looking at more flexibility and scheduled in high school for students they can do things off the campus more i don't know the answers or
2:38 am
not i'm sure there are plenty of people with wisdom but this is important but i think the bigger issue about maximizing an opportunity for that the students is still unresolved we have a lot of experience we'll go with that and this work being a step in the right direction but hopefully help us too. >> student delegate. >> thank you yeah yes. i echo my school - i know yeah city college sorry i know that is really great and goes into this college my school didn't have a t classes it is a great way to experience college and this is
2:39 am
great kind of like to double check and also the students are not required; right? to take those for anything and information sharing didn't doesn't state what - didn't say a lot but my concern is personally documented to how maybe you can answer this how city college followed up with with keeping the information private and safe. >> so that's one of the beauties of this agreement now a shared partnership agreement with that as well so the instruction with the legal department i don't know that the legalities but i i know that our legal department with sfusd is a single department working closely with our data shairl or sharing agreement that is all safe and secure and that protects our dehumanized
2:40 am
students and other students that is a primary reason for being involved in it as well. >> thank you. >> i actually appreciate you're raising that that was previously a barrier for some of the students to be able to take the classes at city college we had to go up to sacramento and get a bill back to address that issue to make sure that was 2540 it was attending to high school students and make sure that continues to be monitored and have access for all the students i want to say one thing echoing from the entire board how excited we are about this work and hope that continues move forward and to expend tendered and debris to see the growth in the number of students that are enrolled it is extraordinary and appreciate a sweat shi shout ou
2:41 am
education portfolio city college must be a foundation for what we can offer in educational experience for children and youth and young people in the city of san francisco we can't have that conversation without starting with both sfusd and city college together and opening up the entire portfolio there is potential for us to do incredible things in terms of what we offer the students and the ultimate goal a pathway to high field careers here that allows them to stay and broadened in san francisco and city college is a unique position to provide those pathways so thank you with that, i think we'll take a vote on this roll call please. thank you for your work. >> ms. ing. >> ms. fewer
2:42 am
ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> (clapping.) >> all right. item l discussion of other education issues two thank you, everyone again for your patience and commitment in staying with us for those two important conversations i'm pass it now to superintendant lee we believe we have a power point. >> thank you, president haney i'm going to just make a few introductory remark our fabulous ali team and superintendant guerrero will make remarks as well the first thing i'd like to do it already happened by all the
2:43 am
commissioners or most of i to thank the apac for some of the apac members that are still here i believe we're all very appreciative of the work and the momentum that is building with apac and most of us have made at least within visit not apac this year and echoing other comments that commissioners have made i was really blown away by the turn out the deputy of the conversation, the engagement and the following through so i want to thank you, mr. link you're work and all the members of the apac we're encouraged to see such moementd building i want to thank reverend brown for his comments tonight and for extending himself so
2:44 am
consistently and honestly to all of us including me personally i respect everything he said to us and shared with us tonight and agree with all of it certainly want to society myself with the point of view that we live and work in a deeply i think equal and unfair and racist society and we have to accept we situate our work in the context and doing everything we can to acknowledge it and combat it at the same time, we have to manage the tension i think this is a struggle for us and true with the ali team as well between being clear eyed about
2:45 am
the status quo that is not acceptable and haunts all of us we must own and not paralyzed by the devastating status quo and celebrating the successes and investing in a acceptable self self-defense a tricky balance for all of us and comes through in the discussion over the next several minutes and want to say remarked on that a few meetings ago i believe are commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell have made president haney referenced vision 2025 vision 2025 is a vision so for our students is absent of a repeat of some comments i made at an earlier meeting centered around this graduate profile once the graduate profile represent to us
2:46 am
and to me and then steering wheel efficient vision of every graduate including every brake student that we serve to not just graduate not just have contact knowledge but to have a sense of belonging creativity and ability to collaborative and to be a digital citizen with a sense of belonging empathy and finally most important to be filled with a sense of purpose and value if this vision is something we can deliver as reverend brown and others said to all the teacher the african-american students every african-american student can excel i wholeheartedly agree every student in the district can excel this is a two part the apac presentation and the discussion was part one that is part two but the discussion
2:47 am
definitely do hand in hand i will also like to thank the ali team they'll introduce themselves mr. dickey may lead the introduction to the team but a fantastic team we're lucky to have you and see how hard you're working and how much of yourselves you're throwing into this work and certainly not alone and superintendant guerrero will comment how some of the ali team fits between a broader set of fofrtsdz that all of us in the district are engaging in i've about this been to enough event this fall and i just can't say enough about the personal candidates that each the members of the team is throwing into each event and the continuity of events together and the work that happens in between the two their here and
2:48 am
there all over the place xoouft the events so skillfully and passionately in a way that deeply is connected to the community and their breaking down the apparatus of every events they're working really, really hard that is gives us a sense of belonging appreciation and gratitude and inspires us to be working as hard i'm going to turn it over to superintendant guerrero. >> thank you superintendant lee i will only add tonight commissioners you'll be hearing a rotator that captures the leadership by mr. landon dickey and expanded to the african-american leadership team that will report will provide for you an important baseline the status of a.m. student outcomes and provide an overview
2:49 am
for school years 2016-2017 this is important work i two want to undermine also the accommodations to mr. dickey and his team for providing leadership capacity to continue to stay focused on the works but i want to recognize reverend browns earlier remarks that echo loudly for all of us we understand and only be successful by adapting a more expensive and collective approach to this work clearly this important work is not solely the responsibility of our apac and team we all have to share opener and accountable for this work i want to undermine there is an elevated level of priority this is telegraph hill been placed across all the conversations and leadership structures in san francisco
2:50 am
unified in addition to the ali lead activities you'll hear about in a moment i'll name a couple of examples you'll hear some of these referred to tie in the presentation they everything just a pointed out a couple number one your superintendents leadership team by superintendant lee has selected as a key area of focus for the african-american students achievement and okay in the underserved community with the key focus for the school year, and, secondly, our deputy superintendent has initiated the year-long studies of identifying african-american students at a vocal school to understand the challenge and the impact of your support and intervene and where we need to increase those third, i also want to make sure
2:51 am
that it is clear we continue to monitor and provide direct support and intervene to schools like lowell high school for african-american students themselves have voiced concerns within their community and learn how they maybe providing lessons not only within the community but how those practices might be expanded across many more schools commissioners in our in box you will find also a lengthy all of a variety of ways that staff is placing the emphasis often the african-american achievement a summary and update of the work at lowell and the board will be hearing at an upcoming meeting and hear an assessment the work
2:52 am
commenced and coordinated by the superintendent and along with the clorox of many central office departments we're putting a reenthused focus negative impact that the bayview community with that, i'm going to turn it over to mr. landon dickey to present the fall 2016 for the african-american achievement thank you >> thank you intern superintendant lee and deputy superintendent superintendant guerrero for that introduction and thank you for having us i want to commend our parents advisory council and the hard working to make sure our black students are supported and vacated forfeiture for that presentation i really like to start off by expressing my apologies i'm too close to the my case by expressing gratitude for the people in the audience tonight for people sitting in front of me
2:53 am
this work and this team we're surrounded by everybody that care deeply about our children and not to do better he can't express enough the presentation for all it community partners our families our department of within the district, you are funderers and city department all the incredible people that come together to move 24 work my name is is a landon dickey the personal assistant for the african-american leadership i'm joined by the ali and to my left is - our to my right is post secondary pathway supervisor and our junior assistant and teacher our peeking coordinator and only because there was not enough seats i'll say it go anthony our
2:54 am
program coordinator. >> to share should some of the objectives for the presentation tonight there is 3 main things we're to accomplish one establishing a database sign for african-american achievement and demographics at the usf and illustrating the way in which the african-american is a priority coons the decision making and provide a even if of the african-american achievement bodies of work over the 2016-2017 school year. >> so for some of you joining us for the fit so when i joined the district nearly two years ago at this point one of the - well the first thing to acknowledge a robust body for
2:55 am
african-american students but one of the things that we wanted to lift up the need to bring greater coherence and understanding to the work that was going on as well bio it possible to launch how to demonstrate how to do better by the african-american students one of the initial things establish a resolution with the boards support to lead-out a pathway for the african-american achievement and way you anonymously supported as i really a team combined with districts that some community partners and a parents representative developed a theory action that was shaped where we put our focus over the last two years the main component without reading verbatim how to raise the exception in the african-american students and thinking about a gross mindset and professional development how
2:56 am
we elevating the fact that in college it is something you yes for students and educators we're focused on engaging a philanthropic empowering the african-american to - a lot of events worthwhile and in which we enjoy working with the families and partnership and clorox into the events and some of the 09 work that happens in the background we are committed to have wrap around support for readiness for learning and you think front about the needs of students bring to the classroom and making sure they're receiving support and addressing oversee needs and providing rigorous instruction we believe if we do all those things we'll have rebuilt trust with the african-american students and families and we heathen the
2:57 am
relationship themes it is important as you may know offer the last 40 years that a series of efforts that haven't taken us to a place mental illness we need to work hand in hand with the community partners to rebuild that and owner that trust back in terms of doing we we need to do for the african-american families and the students will be prepared for work beyond high school. >> so just to spend - briefly on this slide met the 5 individuals including myself of our tame that function out of superintendents office and fortunate to have the support of peace and to expand to support we have four insofar as working at school sites directly with african-americans so to start to permitted some of
2:58 am
the context one of the things that we set out with our african-american oversight committee the teams holding outcomes for african-american students what to develop a score card and to be frank and transparent about where we stood with african-american students and to really start to train ourselves in a district with specific goals 3re7 to see how the goals with the goal of closing the achievement gaps for african-american students in the district and rewe aligned those to a specific measure to track and the 3 columns to the right on
2:59 am
2014-2015 what was the target for 2015-2016 and actually land at the end of this on this particular slide more measures and on the following one a bio measure in some cases not a measure we want to call it out it is important to move towards murray and tracking and on the initial slide around the kindergarten readiness and increasing the high school readiness you see some progress there in terms of our high school readiness race but unfortunately on other indicators you'll see stagnant and moving in the wrong direction on the score card you have the student readiness indicator for special education
3:00 am
and chronic absenteeism and their geared towards i'm sorry the majority are here the final two are referring our graduation rate and your uc eligible graduation retails and again so when it comes to fact results at the most we saw increases of 2 percent in the third grade we saw our greatest success in terms of graduation rates increase in the usc u eligibility rates so again, it is important that we are transparent and frank about the data within the district and i know with your community partners we're all in agreement this is not sufficient and the process is not fast enough to close the achievement gap we've committed to tie in our resolution and part of emphasis
3:01 am
is the heightened activities that we are putting in place for this year i want to say that while the data what about - one thing that brings me solis is meeting the families and knowing they're ready for us and waiting to catch up to our ability and intelligence and their capacities i believe the district we can do that. >> so for african-american students and sfusd overal we have about 45 hundred african-american students and 8 percent of the overall student population the greatest proportion off our african-american families in bayview hunters point followed by visitacion valley and sunnyvale and the western edition as deputy superintendent guerrero mentioned one of our vocal areas we want to say we're looking for how are we thinking
3:02 am
about supporting our bayview and wrapping around the partnering with all the departments and you'll hear a little bit more about that next meeting. >> and then again, just quickly to give people a sense of belonging this slide shows where our african-american students are in greatest number in schools within the district abltd of a breakdown of how he break out by elementary school and high school you have from ranging from mission high school and the greenish hash you see the greatest number of african-american students the presentation will talk about how we look at instant change and the specific programs launched? where that is striving to create within an initiative and the department we work with
3:03 am
a misrepresent layer approach this slide i'll not spent a lot of time but pre-k through 12 we made efforts over the last seven years and initiative to the mission high school and elementary school level and in the initiatives in the district and making a connection for success and through the r tyranny through the entire system on ecology and planning sniebt how we are working internally with the superintendent and the office making sure that we have the information we need to make intelligent discussions in supporting our students he and having a strong sense of belonging haggle the priorities for african-american students to talk about a little bit through
3:04 am
the program you'll turn to our assistant. >> good evening the data is an internal place of business for all departments district wide in partnership with the research and accountability we're feeding data on track status math and other data into an illustration what you say before you is a snapshot of a data illustration on the interface and through interest is mock data to protect the student identity but this will give you something about what the data looks like this interface enables us to look at the programs and policies - good evening
3:05 am
everyone you'll roanoke that our students faculty. >> staff posed unique assess for the proficient we had long invites with a particular lens around african-american achievement and lifting up stakeholders voices on the campuses how do we do that with school claimant visits and faculty and staff to lennar about the visits - on campus with our team and see this connect work we're gathering information and getting feedback from administrators to develop that emerge from the work in a
3:06 am
timing fashion and plan think continuing this work and throughout the school year but in partnership with the directors to insure we're having a conversation about the african-american students and family experiences and activities here on the slide as you can see this is what we did last spring and the schools we attended. >> so to the point of african-american entrepreneurial oversight one of the key areas was how are we're going to elevate the african-american k450u6789 at the a priority really in overview table throughout the district i've been encouraged and i think we all have been to see the priority elevated cross the decision making bodies in the will district had the opportunity to work with the will superintendents leadership team to assure that the african-american achievement and
3:07 am
action goals score card with utilized spevenlg with a lens serving the bayview and provide culturally and rigorous instruction within our schools we had the work lead belittles superintendent and director - we'll be carrying that conversation throughout the year within the monthly meeting that queens with our principals and our supervisors and principals as deputy superintendent superintendant guerrero mentioned identified case study 7 in total we're looking at identified and african-american data achievement in e l a and
3:08 am
talking about moving forward with the score card that is one thing to insure we're making pointing out specific strategies to support of the african-american in e l a and highlighted within the resource management we're kaifrd what is going on in investment we support the african-american students specifically around literature. >> so just to go a little bit deeper into that we broke out or tried to give sight one the different teams within the district what are some of the things the use are for active measures looking at the he academic support so for the strategy development in the bayview ongoing case management activities for the students and
3:09 am
community support teams within the bayview schools and as well as success for recruitment of african-american students within the superintendent the group of 25 mists across the district that work to support and to the policies and recommendations for the superintendent we're working to develop the schools and enhance the other for african-american i shared about resource management and looking to that body and within the family empowerment carving forgot the camera for stakeholder and having the opportunity to center that less than applied to african-american families - we shared that elevating the things in place to to the
3:10 am
policies to program we're going to share about 9 partnerships but ask mr. irving to talk about that that. >> i'll speak to empower the african-american students for informed collaboration we're striving to increase the african-american families that indicate a sense of belonging belonging and ownership in the school sites the collaboration with the parents and community and district partners and successfully hosted the third hpd or c and the college signing event and supported the african-american honor roll together we're looefrp into the expertise and concerns of families to provide engagement and resource sharing and to lift up the narrative for the
3:11 am
african-american students and their families an important part of our work has been supporting the african-american community citizens advisory but thinking about how we are empowering all families and if 24 pleads to apac we'll be supporting them in that work and during the blank family day i'm going to call outburst something the way we're moving forward with the african-american family engagement during black family day we held a supplement with the support of the black family resource and apac and the district cca and was of family partnerships and empowerment engaging our community to come together with african-american parents site administrators and family liaisons and teachers to look at creating the engagement with black families and
3:12 am
certainly pushing opportunities and assess points for the african-american families doing so we know this work can't rest with families; right? a small group of families or just the mist or the family liaison but involving all the families to be kwaemd in a mature there's a two-way not just informing the black participants what they need to be involved before you ms. fewer said whether the engagement since the last time we talked in june there has been a development of 5 additional aids apacs you'll see up there and it is also the remaining 7 of the apacs at the school sites the list on the right the potential apac those are schools that reached out to us we want to
3:13 am
focus on african-american family engagement and making sure the families are at the table we're thinking about how to first bring a stakeholder theme together to talk about african-american family engagement and if they're interested in creating an apac site. >> as we continue to think about the partnerships as we shared in the first 5 things in front of you we've been working to develop an initiative in front of you the partnerships with the bridge to success with the focus only insuring that we're doubling the numbers of sfusd students underrepresented that graduated for college and career and working with the city college and sfaifrment and continuing to carry forward the
3:14 am
african-american high school students and graduates to be my brother's keeper and post secondary pathway to say about my brother's keeper and brothers and sisters and benefits through the brothers and sisters keeper to develop the partnership with multiple organizations some of the other things to note with moving forward with the brothers and sisters keeper we're seeing resources directly citywide for a pathway for the my brothers and sisters and the public utilities commission and we're also mar that ongoing priorities we're better late than never how are we varnsz infrastructure and across all the projects within the district within the city to make it so we're held accountability for the work happening within our strategy and make sure that that we are
3:15 am
thinking carefully how to lift up information in realtime or what throughout all of the partners what is our early warning carts to help to offset the students in need whether cameras safety or health one of the things our group is strooifrl to lift up the instant number of families we focus the effort to make sure that the reality of my brothers and sisters keeper is directly with the families. >> the last section of this presentation is amongst the leadership the work we're doing directly or impacting students within our communities and one thing to share before we go into that has we reflect on the goals score card and some of the work we'll about to share a
3:16 am
lot of what we share is categorical the work with the african-american students and help to lift up the lessons that are ground in data as you think that impacting the results on that goal score card we are able to work with our broader districts fast to make a realty we see those as demonstration what we can do for the students and in learn mode to make sure we're sharing those lessons we can see the ground need for african-americans. >> one of the projects we launched in order to build this
3:17 am
advocate for african-american from k through 12 walled the african-american round table this is a process we're speaking to support the development of action plan informs african-american students in school sites and wrap up around those sites with the ability to carry the goal for participant that holed up the goals of those students and make sure they're provided support throughout the school year on the left-hand side the breakdown of the graphics for the students involved in that work in the breakdown by grade level and gender and sites in the data we've collected for the students as we've cerebrothe fall of this year we've seen greater interests as part of sunlight looking to remedy indicate the model and working will be working with the assistant superintendant to think about
3:18 am
how you can brings to the action plan to multiple sites to make sure that the students are supported and this is one of the key things we'll be measuring the growth that the students are looking at throughout the school year. >> good evening i'd like to talk about the african-american development course we have the course in 4 of our schools one high school and 4 memorial day with the direction this course provides a sense of belonging identity as a learn helped them to evaluate the self-that a madam chair man, you fundamental outlet to provide to the young mena curse that is agreed pooven to petite the g requirement of the a through g we have four
3:19 am
insofar as that were hired one at the high school and middle school they're learning african-american history it is the rigorous course where this course is part of a their day we hoping in the future to do some refinement around the course to expand it out possibly into the other areas within the next if i few years. >> we have one and 42 students engaged in this course cross the four campuses one of an additional thing of the black star leadership academy and that is a series of 6 workshops for in coming negligent grader that was developed in 1910 as part of u n
3:20 am
a the announced negatively act to encourage the folks in the united states and to limit an in global expiration we used it tilted so our young people will take on somewhat of that we provide dedicated person guidance in a way for the freshmen around course selection a through g requirements and truants they're able to complete tare course work and detainee their student engage for higher education and the first workshop theory equipped the african-american students with vital skills to navigate high school and encourages the african-american students to become an independent learn and folks of their own education we have excellence we have our
3:21 am
freshmen enter not reilly the priority of completing invite grade with passing grades with not a c but higher we're building awareness that the african-american ninth graders and taking high school as a serious task if you look at the chart right here that is a trends we ask the students 4 questions prior to the workshop as you can see question no. 3 gaurtsdz garners the largest response connecting to their council they were not on key with the other questions which were all singular in context one we provided the workshop with the young people that is amazing that the same question they were able to respond to with a completely different mindset and acquired the knowledge not prior
3:22 am
we find this is quite helpful and looking forward to the next series of workshops we plan on what are any a g courses and how can i select courses and understanding the transcripts and exactly what is on it and the spring semester a fall review and some of them understand the transcripts and others understand how colleges might look at that transcript and provides them with summer enrichment and a year-end reflection through the sores of workshops we've been able to partner with a number of your community-based organizations and one the prep u.s. fire and scholars and selected impact and college track a you few usf those people are is a history of gaementd with students so bringing them into the
3:23 am
collaboration to we feel this black star academy much stronger. >> greetings and good evening everyone what i want to talk about the black student units with the high schools and mission high school to the left with the social emotional and culture compliments secondary survey of 2016 african-american students are in orange within those surveys we see that there are definitely room for improvement in terms of our students experiencing the perspective of grow mind sets and academic learning and a sense of belonging belonging the items we're mostly focusing on the black union engagement with the black mindset a sense of belonging belonging within
3:24 am
the campus and the goals and sustained programming we found that at one time the black students unions will be strong one by one one year but students transitioning out of programming this is something we're directly to engage with the poor black student leadership is necessary for any type of african-american students success to truly be a success in which the direction we want some of the activities were district wide african-american experience bringing in leaders from the black student leadership to be a leadership council and advocacy for their needs and work with the black leadership to execute the reality for our success for the brake african-american and forming the activities within the - supporting the b issues
3:25 am
within the high schools whereas that could mean building up a entirely new structure for black students and a funding for the brilliant ideas that black students excellence is supporting within our direction in addition the black submit bringing together the black student leaders. >> and before i move on to that slide i want to acknowledge one hundred college prep in the black school educators that is taking place this friday we urge encourage you to go out and support the advocacy and other important thing we carried forward this year to that about our support of the all black student union that is one
3:26 am
specific black student union a team made an effort making sure the students get on the ground and provide additional activities to enhance that and to the power point of the heightened priorities that by the placed on african-american achievement school is an example of a place we are collaborating with the family community support across curriculum instruction to respond to some of the dances and including the placement of professional development we started last spring through sf set support educators and including the convections about equities a welcome day that was held forever african-american parents and introduction to academic support or african-american ninth grades by the staff this fall semester take care and outlined additional activities in a document that can be carried with you all i want to
3:27 am
share call out the fact we appreciate you bringing up the demands and we're to address those. >> college and career access is a vocal point and fortunate to collaborative with the department in the district to promote awareness and assess what the goal of closing 9 gap we see on this slide specifically our collaborative work stream to increase the rate at which at african-american students are eligible for the admission to the completion as always as we do in the team we're informed as part of this line of work are informed by data not to exceed to an track and higher education enrollment
3:28 am
plan and completion projects include invited to the affordability counseling and continued work to provide services to the students so we're nearing the homestretch that is a longer presentation so in terms of our upcoming areas on terms we are thinking through moving forward how we are conducting the level policy analysis and recommendations for reform when it comes to our students having access to the enrollment as we look at trends in disproportionately and then a conversation that we're engaged west-northwest our peeking student system and also the high school and this is the sum of the select processes
3:29 am
we also want to make sure with with continued report from the school sites how to have training for staff to address tloorns and respect for african-american students and families some of our families are sharing their hostile environments and want to make sure we are thinking about that in a coordinated way and think that developing more a framework of cultural tapes that the conversation take place in the instruction that the families need for support and as shared earlier we're thinking how to better use the data that will identify and respond that have academic and social e emotional use a summary of lessons learned so
3:30 am
one we feel strongly where there is a concerted focus on the african-american students we've seen that positive change in the district for the increasing the dwraugs rates and momentum of the street goals and project we've been fortunate to have support in african-american achievements for independently school sites and spur for additional investment hiring the staff and peeking to encourage i'm encouraged to see the work a broader work level and we know that will be critical we're continuing to build buy in for strategies to continue to get the ferry building from the community partners on the priorities and really thinking
3:31 am
but how we are doing this a improving our communication internally and extraordinarily and i think through the quality of the program we're providing is essential a big focus of the solid first day workshops and want to be aware how we are identifying and following students in terms of being aware of the full number of african-american students at the site and remaining the families within the district. >> a one thing we'll be looking to engage our partners one of the things that of called out in the resolution an annual report on all the different activities take place for the african-american achievement across all departments and have a draft we wanted to insure we're sharing that and getting
3:32 am
feedback on that from the community partners so one of the things that will take place over the course of november holding office hours according with some of our anchor communities partners to make sure that report will be a feedback from are partners before finalizing the publication so again, thank you for our families and face bans organizations and board of education commissioners fewer support and again, it is a - it - i was hesitant to name groups but the educators are in the crowd our naacp and reverend brown for his support 100 percent college prep and mo'
3:33 am
magic and shouldn't are started down the street but for all the broad support in moving forward and. >> thank you for your presentation a couple of folks signed up public comment. virginia marshall, are you sure you want to follow reverend brown. >> (laughter). >> thank you
3:34 am
mr. president, and mr. vice president and members of the board and my friends i applaud the team for the great effort they have married before this provision that is here a great book of wisdom the proverbs says where there is no vision the people perish and that vision phrase and the pages in the transmission of bible no discipline the people perish i don't say this in a majority way but a role expression of the fact we are not on the witness stand with socio metrological and the black history
3:35 am
if you're not at the table you're on the menu. >> now sociology realty must be underscored if you want to do something in the black community the black faith community can't be an epitomize but at the center of the table that man that wrote that book the people's religion that great poster gallop underscores it every sunday morning every holy day 55 percent of black people are in some commune or faith
3:36 am
maybe thirty percent of the latino percent 25 percent in asian community friends that's a fact and if you want to really impact the said and psyche and turn around this you have to specifically hook up with those black preachers and that black faith communicated that community i'm talking about process if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. some of us have too much religion we're so heavenly minded no earth be good but solid substantive ongoing relationships why
3:37 am
because many of the grandmothers and uncles reagan the children and many of them are nfl crack. >> addicted babies if you want to get the hearts of people the reverend to the partners you made a good effort a good gesture like getting the parents involved but after 25 ain't happening we are 45 hundred black students in the district according to the statistics we also have last but not least to deal with that problem a hundred if you can't grate one hundred parents those are the ones not coming to the school house and their understand the language and culture of school and if we
3:38 am
don't lovelyly respectfully get them into the gaze and they understand that we are working to make it a good thing in the educational process for their children we will be like jack and the bear making tracks but getting no where. >> good evening i didn't want to follow reverend brown but bear with me president haney and commissioner walton and we have to go home and do their homework
3:39 am
superintendant lee and superintendant guerrero. >> i have a lot for the reverend brown and the members of naacp and ladies and gentlemen, and boy and girl i stand before you and say thank you on behalf of the educators and thank to mr. dickey it is as though to watch his work and work with you on behalf of our students in sfusd and to know that to me the great measure of success we hire someone that comes through our district that mr. dickey spent a lot of time and back home to work to know that mr. irving is one of ours and back to work and to your apac patterns every thursday they are working hard and as mr. superintendant lee
3:40 am
and wanting meaning e haney and commissioner walton said and other commissioners they remember supposed to meet once a week he watch and run back upstairs the custodian is not will happy but the third thursday our room is filed with african-american parents and supporters is wonderful this is had been it's a 90-year-old educator in the school district and for reverend brown to have this named after her she's honored she can't see the work but i want to call attention to the peeking parents this john a new co-president and ms. teresa richmond so that who's the laid in the green dress and
3:41 am
potentially coming to us and others are not here by working hard to get this off the ground and we're very happy for part of that team to get this show off the ground i want you to know the superintendents have been supportive of this initiative but as said to the community this is not just the responsibility of the dickey team but the responsibility of all of us to make sure that all african-americans child leaves us with career and college ready how do we do that recommendations is that every african-american child before they leave third grade they're able to read at grade level how do we do that by getting voting against guns and if he's working with jim we don't want that ever
3:42 am
to occur in our schools how do we do that a sense of belonging wellness on third street the decoration has thanked president obama how do we do that work with our schools with the social health initiatives so before i take my seat we want to thank again reverend brown and the members of the naacp for that standing by our sides to always being there to support the african-american children and thank you to the team lead by mr. dickey and this great body and thank linda jordan we have begun to spread out the work she does at the other schools one of the nights of all one and 16 schools have this where linda is working with us to meet program
3:43 am
a couple of days ago you're a principal and he's here somewhere but he always opens up his doors to come with our alliance programs thank you for being there for us again, thank you, thank you thank you. we want to keep this program going and it would be nice that every child with superintendant lee a latino descent that is struggling leaves third grade ready to go to fourth grade and to graduate high school that can be done if we continue this great program thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, ms. marshall and reverend brown and the team for your presentation i'm sorry to open up to the board i'm sure there are
3:44 am
questions or comments. >> ms. fewer. >> yes. thank you for this presentation and an update on this i think i first want to direct any comments to the academic data that is present to us and at our last presentation that was a less of structural challenges that were listed i don't see that included in this presentation today but i think that is essential to actually reinvite those structural challenges we presented to the board at the last presentation because those are the special challenges we have to change if we want this data to change this data is not
3:45 am
pro tem with we can do much better we look at our target and we look at actually how we done on i know i know that if when we look at this it is falls short i think of our start and i think that in order to change this and have the significant change in this data we need to look at the structural challenges that actually recommended last time and i see i think that although i love the effort that is being put into this i feel like more elizabeth i didn't but maybe by this board and our district i think when we don't get to the structural challenges what is -
3:46 am
this academic achievement it the pathway i think we agree if they don't have academic achievement we can't complete in the 21st century when i look at the increase in the graduation rate with the greatest year better i see 31.7 percent so for clarification are you telling me that 31 plus percent of a class of 2017 graduated with a grade of c or better with the graduation requirement? >> so someone can definitely correct me so the 31.7 perris is refers to having an a through g course so the other percent of
3:47 am
the students have one d in the course. >> i think the analyze it probably will give us a better indicator of what we've closed the opportunity gap or we're clolths closing the opportunity gape feel like everything around the african-american students about achievement so to leave them to have a lifelong career for them to the successful in the 21st century that will be challenging to them but to all the students and especially to the students that may see themselves 2, 3, 4 college situation not a lapsing population they'll have to have the scott wiener's success to compete that's what it is telling me me
3:48 am
70 perce 70 percent am i reading that wrong this is a alarming so this means 70 percent have thought graduating students are not graduating with a c or better and we purposing actively as a board set the standard fairly high but which we firmly believe that the board in this district that students need to be educated at that level in order to be successful from which to launch an educational career and so and be successful at it so of the 31.7 percent of the class of 2017 how many enrolled if college and have we tracked with
3:49 am
their success in colony from that, we, thenfromthat, we, t5t get any information what was - how can we - our job to truly evaluate after graduation we have the tools actually to craft our students track them how well they've done in a two year or 4 year to see where the students and how have we prechtd them have we been successful in 31 percent and also mr. dickey do you know the number i see that
3:50 am
is as a percentage but the actual number of 31.7 percent is. >> so with the caveat it is put in front of you that number is one and 19. >> so we looked at the class of 2014 be 24.6 percent and the number of that the actual students i'm sorry can you repeat that question. >> when we look at the class of 2014 and it says 24.6 percent do we know the actual number of students there. >> i'm sorry i'll have to get back with you. >> i was wondering how many individuals we are and if we're
3:51 am
that's a great question their success with a requirent with the c or better is about college entrance about opportunities because we know eligibility is for college entrance is the standard i would yeah, i'll ask how many of those individuals enrolled in college and how did the individuals do and do we have information about how well, we served them and do we do any sort of tracking of them to see maybe that we can then as we're doing a lot of different - approaches quite frankly could - are those approaches actually i
3:52 am
understand with what they'll need to be successful in college i think this is how we sort of track ours through the voices of our own students so it is we can't talk about product absenteeism without looking at out of class time teacher referrals because crop be absenteeism is one thing when a student attends school but then it has a large enough of out of class time because of referrals then i think that is something we need to look at so chronic absenteeism is out of class time; right? now and then instruction time but we have to look at that together as you know, together as a group and
3:53 am
then i'm wondering you know that sense ever belonging which i think is reprofound and very significant it is sadly i also a manifestation of our african-american community in san francisco in general and that sense of belonging belonging that is lacking once you leave our school so this is not just something that is happening internally in the school environment i think that there many african-american adults and students that feel a lack of sense of belonging belonging
3:54 am
and this is impairment upon us as a society to build a stable economic base for our black community that in turn strengthens our black families and strengthens the foundation for academic success for our students i know some of this is i don't understand our control and some of it within our control i think that if we are working with other partners and city partners i think this has to be in the forefront because we are not educating african-american students in isolation we're doing it within the society of san francisco and so those things we're trying to compensate or give me in our bureaucracy is to effects what is happening outside of the
3:55 am
continent with the african-americans that live in san francisco i want to comment i think on maybe you know those scores are - just disappoint. >> every time we see those scores they're very disappointing and i'm not disappointed in the students at all i'm disappointed in our system and the efforts we've put in and our system that gives us those disappointing outcomes anyway, i would like to see more focus i think on those
3:56 am
structural things and that quite frankly we have been our control some things outside of our district we have no control over but those structural things we have in our district we are absolute control over them we have absolute control over racial isolation we have control over those things i think that those structural things and i forgot what all of them are but if we concentrated often those structural things i think that we quite possibly could see a different impact report the next time i'll not say it will be easy and quick but i do think we can do better than this and this
3:57 am
is a good report card and and think that everything that everybody is doing is great work but unless we attack those structural things which we have control over then we are probably doing a continue to do a disservice for educating our students to the best of our ability and to the best of their ability is thank you and thank you to the team. >> is it okay if i responds briefing okay. >> so i want to make a comment on the structural comment and share that was not covered from the presentation as the initial superintendent leadership team the document as well as our series of score cards were the main thing reviewed by the chief of the department and thought about honing in on a focus and supporting the bayview schools
3:58 am
we pulled up the concept of our concept to the human capital and how are we thinking about promoting students from grade to grade before the mastery and some of the superintendents i wanted to say we can definitely give you a report so to the post secondary pathway we followed this the class of 2017 and have data on some of the students we'll be getting clearing house data so i've recorded those we can get that information to you. >> thank you, mr. dickey. >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you that is a very interesting report from the last time all of the discussions we had are interested in the this concept
3:59 am
of building all this structures and support after students individually and as a group for the district and it seems to me that what we are doing is building a good foundation that is interesting and important i think for us to be able to ourselves look at it and think about and then also talk to others about that the purposeful thoughtful way we're going about what kind of support structures do we need some of them things should occur naturally and for whatever reason a lack of institutional support and so consequently trying to build that 0 support is important i feel from at impacts i'm interested if continuing that i want to say something about the
4:00 am
follow-up on some of the things that commissioner fewer said because - i'd like age doesn't have to be now clarity on some of the academics last year, we talked about and few recall i was surprised that we began by working with the partners to have the actions took not just planning to really do things that follow-up with students after they leave us not just what they do but what we learned from that and where they're going those in - that are actually, you see are eligible i would point out our goal that everyone meets the standard that's not our requirement but this means actually eligible to
4:01 am
go to uc. >> the masters plan for higher education adhesives identifies that 10 percent will - the system doesn't have the capacity for that and additional i think 15 percent are supposed to be be or work to be accommodated 25 percent higher than that we do understand we use that as a standard to be excessive that is the important thing all the students - i'm hoping
4:02 am
to know i want to know how many of our students have gone on to higher education in the last year and y where they've gone as well as eventually know something about how they're doing i'd like to know that but i will concur that you know we have and talked about a lot of the actives between ass permissible goals and sustainable goals and the improvements are the kind - i'd like at sometime maybe the next time i'm presuming all of you are talking about and - you know when we look at this and say we've not met all the target do we think those targets are doable and are continuing target on the same rates and have an
4:03 am
increasing kind of momentum that we think will get us a bigger increase in subsequent year i'd like to i'm presuming and by the way, i appreciate you have a reflection part but hoping the academic achievement we'll hear about that and we want to ask one other question about the map that shows the distribution of african-american students so since the reference here is say key points where they live that that is what this maps shows where they live but not necessarily where they go to school we have a list of schools with the highest concentration i think this can be taken a back how integrated the
4:04 am
african-american students are in san francisco look at the concentrations of where people live but i'm hoping actually kind of assuming even though i think the distribution of city hall's reflect it is not quite as segregated as this for one thing schools not in the high concentrations areas by our standards for a large number of african-american students that might help us i'd like to know if you overlay this where they go what that looks like and also how they're doing in most schools that tells us what kinds of services and where we'll put the resources to develop overseeing kinds of resources
4:05 am
so i really want to thank you for this ongoing work i know it has been a lot of work but also within a lot of you've done a lot and i see i've things that really are the things we know we have wanted to go for a long-term i'm very grateful and hopefully, you'll be able to as we go forward have more in depth analysis of academic achievement puzzle. >> to the point about the the shared detail i have a secondary packet that will be a starting point for us one of the things we'll be looking at is or having
4:06 am
deeper conversation are the target that are set and exactly what is sustainable going forward and keeping in mind i think that we need to push ourselves towards the tellers and not in a given year we have school sites it is important to push to think boo-hoo to chief that district wide and i think that victor had a comment about where the students go to school. >> to respond to the location and take into account if you look at the map at top right a filter for school sites and include all the schools we're aware how far our african-american students are traveling especially to the west side of san francisco and so through the tab lightwell dabbed or the satellite mapping
4:07 am
in terms of trying to take into account how far and where. >> dr. murase. >> thank you for this tremendous it is thorough will it takes time to absorb i wanted to give you an invitation to the folks go from the parents advisory council i'm chairing the student ad hoc on student assignments we could really use your input how that assignment helps or hurts different communities this year we are taking a listening year because we are working with an acting superintendent and hiring a permanent superintendant but want to engage the community on where the pinpoints and the right questions to be requesting as we been preps for a year in which we'll be making specific
4:08 am
represents he know your team is on the agenda but expend the invitation to attend that infrastructure. >> commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell thank you for your efforts as someone that has to sit in on our mooefrg on the b f.k. meeting start the bridge to success years ago and it is again, i want to commend you for working closely is the partnership because part of what we're trying to do is not only create better opportunities for young people first-class their achievement and their assess but also trying to get everybody on the same page to do this
4:09 am
together over many, many years we certainly didn't center the infrastructure and the safety net that i think we've been building over the last year year and a half that i think that speaking volumes i don't want to pies that or not notice bus really critical for us to have those places you have community-based organizations who are actually collaborating with you and are sharing their outcomes for the young people they're serving we've discovered a lot of things in the meeting; right? discovered how to so many of our kids are not doing well and many kids have no access so any of the agencies those are agencies located in the neighborhood across the street from many of our kids and not served at all so there is something to be said about to commissioner wynns point the infrastructure that our building
4:10 am
in other words, to do the work we want to do going forward - the data is dishastening to encouraged we're going in a different direction seeing little bumps up not meanwhile our target but going in the right direction the only place we didn't go up was to increase the 11 grade back the la proficiency everything else a couple of points here and there but in the right direction and that i think that symbolic of
4:11 am
what having can happen if we support the people for the african-american kids so i wanted to note that because as hard as it is to see those numbers it is encouraging to know that you know your meeting regularly you're talking your collaborating and building infrastructure our finding resources, that your finding champions that people that have been very hard on us are starting to see that come together that matters so thank you making all of those pieces happen and wanted to note on page a 7 you have 11 percent living in 94134 visitacion
4:12 am
valley and sunny side that is sunnyvale on page 8 the student distribution i have a question on the right-hand side you have the type of institution and the types of students and elementary high and middle the 72.3 percent elementary school and 53 percent of our students in elementary school are what is the 52.3 percent or is that all of the what's the 52. >> that composition out of iuoe all african-americans 52 are in all - that's the percentage out of all and much smaller number in high school and then smaller in mission high school. >> great, thank you. >> i want to clarify that.
4:13 am
>> i think those are all my questions for now. >> in particular i want to you know note on my my brother's keeper the idea we're not only looking this within our own district bull looking at this regionally and nationally and that has been you know brought up to the top of the list for our president and for many others and think would have learned from shakespeare across you know the region and it is funny because we're actually, we oftentimes are looked at as leaders in the work we've been doing and that many other cities and counties and district don't have the fun relationships we have in san francisco in order to move this work forward take advantage of that and continue
4:14 am
to be you know champions for our kids and i think all of us are game for doing whatever we need to do to make that happen. >> thank you commissioner walton. >> thank you, president haney first thank you to mr. dickey and the entire team and emphasis team i remember when you first got started and gave the presentations by yourself 0 it is important to highlight effective team in place and you know we have to walk and chew gum in terms of understanding the relationships we have a hand but not paralyze it is important to choose hope over fear at the end of the day
4:15 am
now and then none of us would be up here we want to be mindful i want to say a few things but deputy lee will play xhaevengz but everyone understand that black kids learning their environment is replaced of in terms of that piece it is important and that the cultural is represent as we do this work without that we'll have a lot of issues that's why i ask the questions of apac and talked about really 2013 having conversations what schools with the best for quiz people think our kids can't learn in their environment it is just them that's a total fallacy the reason we created a lot of things specifically for us there was a period of time in history we cannot be involved too
4:16 am
important to have things that belong to black children what do we need to do for them, yes. we know that fist is reflective of more intrusive and better education but we also know their places in this country we demonstrate you can have children that look like me in learning and focus on the work with that said, we know we have major work to do and hitting our goals for achievement and like commissioner wynns alluded to i really love the emphasis on high goals. >> make sure that our i think structural strategy have to align with the high goals the cultural we create and again, the academic instructional
4:17 am
compose that align with us to put the goals in place their achievable but fee needs to take the investment in the right place some people will is we need to focus on being more diverse and i'm not unnecessarily in agreement but we need to put the strategies in place to center the high impact and be mindful, and, secondly, surprised from this presentation corresponding we're counting charter schools in our graduation rate? that's what that looks like to me. >> which side are you referring to. >> slide 64 thousand students and charter schools included. >> so on slide 8 we gave an overall distribution.
4:18 am
>> that's 8 i'm sorry. >> that's not map to the graduation rate the graduation rate is specific to within district schools. >> we put overseeing charter schools here to represent the numbers of where black students are. >> i remember a piece of why we kept in the data points as we have this conversation about african-american families in our schools and you see dips across the grade we consistent the questions why students are choosing the schools that's one of the reasons to lift up the data points number two and three on the list are charter schools. >> and there's a fact that has i look at any role and my colleagues role there has to be something we're not doing for the data to move you know very
4:19 am
incele i'll be interested 2, 3, 4 knowing what you think we can do better if we push harder for resources or the predicament - i mean we need to know that in order for this to work we'll have to develop strategies that push is there has to be something we're not doing for this to continue to look like this you don't know i don't care how long or short a time there is something we're not doing right for our students and have to take responsibility i'd like to know more of that if i don't feel comfortable find a group of parents at the don't mind telling us how they feel (laughter) but to be successful and as we talk about the bayview strategy and the bayview plan i want to remember within as chair of personnel and lash pushing
4:20 am
hard on the recruitment whatever we're doing as far as the bayview plan so hopefully human resources is working with us and most of others ones within the future of the hope sf to make sure there is alignment with the wloif specific to the bayview with those groups because the chief financial officer work with the black students and families are working together collaboratively and we're on the front end and it will be greater to include a broader strategies in the school stand point within the collaborative's so we're doing things that align strategical and then number 7 what i if so and i'll push and push and punish on this literacy he specific strategies have we
4:21 am
listened to many marshall said and as we talk about why our students are behind they have to be able to reader racial profiling by third grade and have strong some strategies in place to help to play catch up and we have to push hard and still don't see enough grateful strategy i've had that conversation with you, mr. dickey this is something many concerning again, we have to up play our xhaechlz those strategies are important we're talking to our families in apac
4:22 am
to help - with that, said again, it is great to see a team in place and a vision in place and great to have focus in terms of the outcomes and refine some of those or push us harder to hit an achievement but commend the team because there's been a lot of work done in a short term and building infrastructure for secretary we can't down play the analogy with the teachers in the schools and the continued growth in terms of staffing throughout the district that have a focus and again, it it takes time to recultural a system and bureaucracy so it is good to see that we are aligning and people are coming together and coming to the table got to push hard and make sure that stays that way and continue to push and
4:23 am
push every year so thank you for the presentation and thank you for you're conditioned work and we'll be pay your fair share in supporting you and want to note we're not doing - i don't want to sleep at night i want to be able to be thinking about what i can do with a bigger role if there is something i'm not doing thank you. >> it is late i don't want to talk a lot i really appreciate seeing the work and how the team has grown as we last had the presentation it is really important as commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell said to look at this data and report it out and be honest we'll not change it if we don't put it out and it is painful to see but again a lot of things happening to try to
4:24 am
reverse some of the trends and i really appreciate our beloved ms. marshall saying this is issues job all the students are everyone students are our students and it is important to remember that and for the board to be very clear about that and all of you are doing great work by not just your work all our work thank you for leading and thank you to the leadership of the district to continue to support and fund this project that one of the most important industries i appreciate hearing our update. >> so i also won't speak for that too long it is late i want to echo the gratitude for you, mr. dickey and the team i know that going out to school sites and talking with the principals and teachers that students feel
4:25 am
there's a different level of prioritization there is more support there is real changes their courses that the district is prioritizing this work in way we haven't before and changes that are happening we obviously want to see that reflected in the experiences of our students and what their telling us and our families but also in the actual data we offered this policy and resolution we said we'll close the racial gap in 6 years and echo with commissioner vice president walton said we're relying on you to tell us how to make that happen a reality so i appreciate everything that we are doing and think a lot of this is tremendous and feels like the right stuff but if you who are living that every day feel this is not going to get us there tells you what
4:26 am
is and help to empower us to support you better that is incredibly important and echo the points around ms. fewer said there is a set of things i'll rattle them off quickly i hope can be addressed at some level in the report we'll be receiving one thing i think i want to hear about is retention and recruitment of educators in our schools with a higher percentage of african-american students referred to at some level but address that challenge we're looking at all the questions and if we are losing half of the teachers i don't see how we'll be successful how to prioritize that and get that right where are we being successful who programs, what schools where we see the fwoelz and how we
4:27 am
understand to understand to replicate those those are something the board talked about certain things we're doing it feels like points we can raise and continue i was interested in the data that you shared a lot of that data seems to be looking at school trends one of the things i was excited about looking at individual students a lot more and their experiences and they're connected to and making sure our kids don't fall throat cracks and being able to look at that approach we're talking about a multiple group of students that are effected a couple other things you know, we are we tausht ore resources the right way i was at a school they didn't have the book to do do literacy and trashth for the
4:28 am
african-american students so here we are in a reality we're thrilled meeting the needs of african-american students and don't have the books to support those students over-the-counter or; right? are we members of the commission the day to day realities of trying to support the students on the ground and making sure we think about the broader experience of the families and students in the city housing, poverty, you know how do we call on our city partners to help to meet the needs of families and be under and cooperate i know some of that that happening but so much is our responsibility but make sure that is happening outside of our schools early child education is something i wanted to be here more about and mentioned segregation and the safe and supportive schools everywhere we've called out our
4:29 am
responsibilities to think and the specific impacts of that we're supposed to be much more responsive of the drorlt and want to know how we are drawing what is on the resolution and policy and aligning if it with our work around the african-american achievement leadership and directly aligning that work that is quick kind of you know sort of list of things but i do think the foundation you have before you and the work we're doing is feels to the board the right steps but we also feel the sense of urgency and building you all and building in the community to -
4:30 am
if we get this right we have a responsibility to the students and families so thank you i don't know if i'm not going to ask you to responds to those list of things but receiving a report and i'd like to see some of the things sort of thought about or addressed that in some ways superintendant guerrero. >> just a shout out to the team make sure our board commissioners are aware of last week was the council of great schools conference in miami, florida from oakland prenltd and shared our best practices and this work we're focused on in san francisco the presentation was very well received i think many of our other top 50 inner districts shared a lot of positive feedback i know that a lot of people are watching because all of the districts in
4:31 am
america are trying to tackle this dilemma and we're impressed with the amount of work we've been able to do in a short amount of time. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> all right. oh, wow. we have more. >> okay so we'll try to move through that quickly the next item a overview of focus impact on key funding. >> superintendents. >> commissioners we have some information to share given the lateness of hour we can try to go through that fairly quickly but we did in
4:32 am
response to questions over the past few weeks been one of the ballot measures on the local ballots proposition s there is an effect that would take place on existing baselines including set aside with the public education british this is the last full board meeting two between now and election day we wanted to provide a objective nonpursue scuff discussion of the focus impact acknowledge proposition s with the public education enrichment fund that is a hard right turn or left turn from the conversation he feel walked being math and
4:33 am
numbers and budget stuff based on the heels of that very important conversation this is important in a different way different way so really quickly what you the item before you and for the members of the public that are here we have a handful in the entryway to the board room unfortunately for the community members listening or watching not a presentation and follow along with but just to describe we have a mrimemorandums with the proposition s including on baseline and then on the backside are some figures about what the impact will be on each the baselines if i could just
4:34 am
take 5 minutes to go through that and commissioners have questions then happy to address them and i will also say i believe this topic will be place on the agenda for the method opportunity to have a deeper discussion as controller as states the main idea for proposition s to take a molt tax and change the allocation of some of the revenues within that source and dedicate to two particular purposes one for families homelessness and the siblings second for art those are the new direction to be fair
4:35 am
with respect to the arts that has a short hotel revenues that are earmarked for the investment in the past that is less try for a variety of reasons i'm not the best person to summarize but in terms of the effect on the baselines in the third paragraph sorry any eye sight is going a little bit i'm sorry the second paragraph so the effect of the money that would be looked at will start at $69 million in 2017-2018 and grow to estimate one and $5 million in fiscal year 2020, 2021 that would have an effect on existing baseline because that would reduce what
4:36 am
is known as aggregate discretionary revenue in layman's terms the amount of each of those baselines is based on the overall size of pie of discretionary revenue for the city just in concept that is an existing revenue source some of that becomes not discretionary but it reduces the amount of pie the size of pie in which many of the baselines are based so if you flip to the second side we're not going to attempt to go through all the numbers but the highlighted numbers as you can see that the top set of numbers represent projections from the controller a those are subject to change but over the course of
4:37 am
4 years can change how much will be allocated to piece and the other baselines under the status quo. >> so as you can see in the highlighted area that is public education intermittent fund and 2016-2017 the appropriation is $97 million projected to grow to $99.8 million and the next fiscal year to one and 2.9 and so on overseeing are projections for all 3 thirds of which the district as you will know receives 2/3rd's if proposition s were to pass then there would be an effect of that reduction or division of discretionary revenue not discretionary revenue so the resulting numbers again those are estimates are on towards the bottom of page that
4:38 am
that the appropriation for piece will be lower from the 7 unchanged for that 2016-2017 and the ballot measure has no effect on 2016-2017 but in the next year's beginning with 2017-2018 so if you look at the very bottom the various important perceive this is over $2 million in 2017-2018 growing to 2 1/2 million dollars in the following years 2014, 2019 and r69d 2019 and 20 that is in general we wanted to commissioners to be aware of so if there is the
4:39 am
ballot measure is successful we want you to not be uninformed about the results of what the effect of this measure and we've been looking for the right time to share the information we were talking about a cow earlier and plans have changed so we didn't want to wait before sharing this information so everyone is aware. >> so i'll leave it at that if there are questions. >> commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell. >> thank you so self-looks like should this pass and change it will impact fiscal years 2017-2018 so it will take effect immediately and if so that's the taggihe case h will it impact the budget mr.
4:40 am
haney planning, and, secondly, two other departments that be impacted by this as well that includes the children's funds and the library and mta and how will their funding impact, impact us so dcyf is the fuchdz they'll get a hit i think to the tune of $6 million or $4 million i can't remember that is significant is that going to be adjusted introduce cbos or money that he allocate to us. >> commissioner i'd like say that well, let me take the dcyf
4:41 am
first in terms of dcyf support we receive from the city the most directly form is through what is called the public education services baseline as you can see elsewhere on the table not highlighted but to rely that and try to make that has simple and clear as possible under the category of children's services line 3 public education services baseline that amount which right now is $9.2 million projected to grow to 10 plus over the next 3 years that's the bulk of the directly financial assistance through the dcyf from the general fund and the children's fund so there will be an effect if you look at the bottom set of numbers instead of of growing but more but subtle
4:42 am
two or $300,000 every year whereby the effect and also sometimes receive finland's from dcyf outside of the baseline for proposals or uses and to the extents the dcyf flexibility will be constrained conceptuallyly that will be more difficult to provide discretionary support but it is a little speculative regarding the planning circle election day is november 8th in case people forgot and close enough to that tuesday november 8th not the 28 but tuesday november 8th we will be advising the peace cca ms.
4:43 am
fleming is aware the general concept last not gone through those analysis with the cca meeting but we're early enough we know that the planning for 2017-2018 can be informed by the known outcome of the ballot measure by certainly be different. >> all right. thank you okay more if you want to know more be there in the budget committee >> item m consent calendar resolution removed for second reading, there is none tonight. and item n vote on the consent calendar what moved and seconded. >> ms. fewer and equip on items k one and k 52 and 53.
4:44 am
>> thank you dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney thank you all right. item organization vote on consent calendar severed for consideration under item g commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell. >> so really quickly it is late i pulled those items that are going to the same vendor thank you who is someone we working closely with but i think there is a process of pulling those and questioning them there has been a history over the last several months of many of the education outside grants being retroactive it is created a question around whether or not how very could are handling
4:45 am
those are 44 sites that are getting monies and if i look at all the funding sources those are very different so, you know, some schools use their concentration grants and some use ways and formulas and some block grants and some pta we really have to figure out in terms of identifying the funding sources early and helping our principals so we can be sure those get brought throw in a reasonable amount of time according to mr. buck lands the ceo for the education outside he knows who the commitments or who shall be working with i know in may and so i just want to brought to your attention of
4:46 am
the board we have the bulk mous and with the time with the after-school programs we are using one vendor we should be pulling those together to the principals do have to do those individually but this is again perfect example of just from the funds are not there and we're engaging vendors service without having a contract in place it is just not a good best practices for us i know those are a pain in the ass because we've been pulling those that results in good analysis from our deputy superintendent guerrero that is giving you a full kind of run down of what we'll be doing next and to the need forever all of our folks to be using an online
4:47 am
program you know when they're submitting those there handwritten type of memos that take a tremendous amount of energy and it is ridiculous we're not all on the sampling on that so - you know unfortunately, it was education outside that we are using as an example but want to thank arrest done for working alcohol with the superintendent and making that workout but got to be carefully with those guys. >> commissioner walton. >> thank you and just to emphasize a point because i side agree that note the best best practices but at the same time the reason why i don't took the same tune as commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell on those i'm
4:48 am
highly aware that is an efficiency problem with the district i don't want to blame the vs.s for something the district has not be able to do for how many years i don't know how hard it is to fill out the mou it would be a beginning of the school year or over the summer and eave surrender it and witnessed that working with the cvos i don't want to blame the organizations but something is not right there and we have to do better. >> all right. >> commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell voting an k-43 and 44; is that correct. >> that's correct. >> thank you
4:49 am
ms. fewer commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell oar no dr. murase ms. norton. >> mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney that's 5 i's. >> item p introduction of all proposals and assignment to committee director the superintendents proposal for fl reading adoption of issuance and management can i hear a can i have a motion and a second? >> so moved. >> i'll defer to the rules committee there are no board members proposals that's fine and introduction for proposals for the extension of board rules there is none tonight. and no standing committee reports tonight can i see a report of board presentation to the memberships or other reports
4:50 am
commissioner wynns. >> i'm to defer i the president to report on the council schools meeting and he will just it's a little bit late for that but i'll protein any reports to the next meeting equip for one thing we had a fairly large number of staff outstanding i want to express on behalf of the boards gratitude and thanks for all the staff people representing did district really well, i appreciate that and if i may sky saying together at 6:30 not our regiment of the rules committee that is the meeting we'll talk about what is going on with the lvngs exception o meeting come to the meeting or be sure to read the materials that come out that have meeting and please let me know if you be at the meeting or
4:51 am
e-mail or call me if i have an interest in the legislation thank you. >> thank you commissioner wynns. >> commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell. >> so i just he didn't center a billings and grounds meeting with we've move to next month but i wanted to invite everyone to the filipino heritage month celebration this friday the mayor will say hosting the filipino community at 6:00 p.m. at city hall this friday the 29. >> 8. >> dr. murase. >> just a couple of announcements thanks to the leadership of ms.
4:52 am
fewer and wanting matt haney and the board for passing a food policy the center for good food purposing we say assigning celebration with folks at the teamsters union hall it was interesting that folks there were based in la and watched our school board meeting to pass the policy in the spring but i wanted to thank the board for that he had the opportunity to attend the wellness two day wellness on childhood experiences and was delighted that school health programs were recommended at the conference as well dr. harris was really a leader in this important movement that
4:53 am
is focused on trauma informed approaches and finally the fire department is interning one is he 50 years old this year and the president of the fire commission asked me to announce the children's film festival on sunday a double feature beginning at the 12:00 noon with the fire rescue followed by a reception and by the chief and try to get the notice into envelope nearby the elementary school finally the next meeting the ad hoc meeting is scheduled for november 29th that's a tuesday. >> great there are some other announcements of bucket and service meeting meeting on november 2nd you're welcome all over the place the curriculum
4:54 am
and program committee will be meeting on november 10th. i believe all the others oh, the ad hoc the exciting ad hoc on personnel will meet on october 27th any other announcements commissioner walton >> one correction it is actually exciting and x human right no other in memoriam adjournment so dr. murase. >> thank you the lowell alumni suffered a loss on october 13th with the passing of lucky at the age of 93 she was born in massachusetts in the va at the
4:55 am
brown university trained a fighter pilot in the cornerstone war and retired from the marines as a colonel and served as a principal for thirty years an retirement became the first executive director the alumni association a volunteer position he held for another 24 more years in 2008, he moved to main to live with his drought and plunged into volunteer dealing meals on wheels and staffing the transportation museum and as active member of the korean and the marine corp and the marine of the double dog and in the
4:56 am
arlington national cemetery when i tell focal points o folks that mr. lucy passed away asked them when i was at food being a boy only the kids in trouble know mr. lucy but remembered for wearing the fire engine red jacket as the alumni organization so association that was handled down to the kirpt executive director terry abag on behalf of the board of education i want to express your condolences to his daughter and paul lucy of hawaii and their family. >> thank you for that dr. murase item u closed session the board will go into closed session until he call a recess
4:57 am
of the regular meeting >> now resume the board meeting the closed session action he read the action if tonight closed session the board by a vote of one absent ms. fewer with within intern education site director by a veto of one section of ever intern executive director and the board by a vote of one absent if you ever approved the intern assistant principal and the board by a vote within absent sandra fewer has given during the course of anticipate litigation
4:58 am
the meeting is adjourned
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