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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 23, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that is the process and whether or not you would like the board to take up this issue today to take nominations and appoint a successor mayor. you will get another opportunity to make public comment when items 40 and 41 are being called. that's when you can provide your preferred nomination to the members. okay? next speaker, please? and one last thing. if you are supporting what the speaker is saying, you are welcome to provide your supportive fingers, but no audible sounds of support are allowed. it's disrespectful to the speaker. please proceed.
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>> hi. i'm liva shepherd i'm at city college of san francisco, also a drug and alcohol counsellor and mental health. when i received this information that is going on in the city of san francisco, my heart, mind, soul and spirit was disturbed. it is quite disturbing that we now have this african-american woman, who is more than qualified, because you put her in office twice, and have stepped up into this position, was put into this position, and now you are talking about removing her. we as african-american people, we as his panic people, we as asian people, we as the people
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of america can see that this represents nothing but racism. the reason why it represents racism is because when dianne feinstein was in the same, identical position, there was nothing that was mentioned about her being removed from office. it is not okay. it is not okay. there is no reason to not be able to hold her position as supervisor and mayor. that's the ordinance. we don't get to change it as an african-american woman is in office. let london breed stay in her position until it is time for her to be moved out. period. end of discussion. do the right damn thing and make
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a change. >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is clint grease, resident of district 2 and i've come here to speak on the matter of successor mayor. well, this matter shouldn't even be happening today. i'm a big fan of democracy and i believe that the voters should decide who the mayor is and i'm looking forward to a very vigorous and dynamic campaign over the next few months to give san franciscans plenty of time to pick who they say should be san francisco's next mayor. in the meantime, the city and county of san francisco needs to be getting on with business and you have a qualified, masterful president of your board of supervisors and there should be
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no reason to even be considering an alternative. thank you. [applause] >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments. just another kind reminder to the members of the public in the gallery. if you are supportive of what speaker is saying, use your supportive hands. thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm a district 6 resident. i cannot support this process for caretaker mayor. i accept london breed as mayor until the election. some have been really progressive that spoke out about the potential possibility of white men as caretakers. i cannot support a so-called neutral party. all members of the board of supervisors came together in 2017 to support mayor breed for
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board president knowing she was a heartbeat away from mayorship. now we have our first woman of color as mayor and they want to snatch it upon. many large municipalities in my home state of pennsylvania have supervisor or mayor on an interim basis. i'm a far lefty granola girl that locks horns with moderates. that will happen in the future. and today is not one of those days. i would kindly support women of color. it should be decided by voters and not the board this bernie-crat said, let london breed. and i do support supervisor ronen's immigrant supplemental. i'm a big believer in racial and immigrant justice.
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so thank you very much. >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please? >> i guess i'm the naysayer in this group. i think that we don't need a caretaker mayor. we need to have an election to have a mayor and maybe our -- we need an independent caretaker mayor. that's what i meant to say. sorry. since i'm not going to stay for the next round, i will throw out art agnes, but otherwise, we need to have somebody be the mayor, interim mayor, so all the potential mayoral candidates can pull out their dukes and fight amongst themselves and, of course, money wins all, so it doesn't really matter anyway. thank you. >> acting mayor breed: i will remind members of the public, if you are interested in speaking and providing your preferred nominee, you will have another opportunity in -- as soon as
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public comment is finished, to make your preferred nominee known to the board. so at this point, you can talk about the process and whether or not the board should take this issue up today. thank you, sir, for your patience. please proceed. >> i would like to support the president for and during some thinly veiled racism and say that millennials have little faith in how democratic our local politics are. appointing a caretaker gives s.f. an opportunity to renew faith and give the voters a fair mayoral election and give district 5 voters an elected official to represent them. i ask that you put thought into this because people are tired of having to pick between back room progressives and back room moderates. thank you very much >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please? [speaking foreign language]
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interpret interpreter: i'm here to support the supplemental that is being represented here today. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: thank you for giving the immigrant community a voice today. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: i also want it highlight that the immigrant community is truly living in fear because of the raids that have happened that have separated families across the country and the city. [speaking foreign language]
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interpreter: i've been a volunteer in my community for years and i've come face to face with the suffering from the immigrant community and the immigrant organizations have provided a beacon of hope to the community by being able to access services and information they need. [speaking foreign language]
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interpret interpreter: i urge you to move forward the supplemental and think about the children that are afraid as they go to sleep that when they wake up tomorrow their parents will be detained and deported. i want you to think about supporting the message that is sent to children and families to hear elected officials give speeches but make investments in the organizations that respond to community needs, organizations like those i'm engaged with. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: i also went to commend my sister who is here to share testimony about what her family is living in and the fear they're living in and the
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bravery it takes to come forward. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: the migrant community works hard and pays taxes and we have a right to be heard. we're an integral part of the city. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: thank you for standing by the value and also standing by san francisco as a true sanctuary city in the nation. thank you for moving forward this much-needed resource -- and i'm mistranslating or paraphrasing. thank you so much. we need you to do what you are
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doing but also to support with resources the ongoing work of responding to our immigrant community. >> acting mayor breed: next speaker, please. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: good afternoon. i'm edwarda. we're very happy about the rapid response hotline. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: we're happy to know as a migrant family that there are lawyers in the city that can help us.
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[speaking foreign language] interpreter: it's very difficult for our families to be living in persecution. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: my family, my children are very afraid, since 2017, with the policies of mr. trump. my children were saying that they were afraid to go to school. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: i told my children they have to go to school because education is what gives us the tools to survive in life. we have the right to a plentiful and dignified rights as immigrants. we have a right to housing, work, and health. [speaking foreign language
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sflchlt [ [speaking foreign language] interpreter: i can tell you that it makes a very big difference in my life to be associated with an organization that fights for immigrant rights. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: in the past, i felt like i was floating in the air. i didn't know where to access information that would help me with my particular situation. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: with the organizations that exist in san francisco, it really does make a difference in helping me feel safer and happier.
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[speaking foreign language] interpreter: even with that, i'm still afraid every day that any morning i.c.e. will show up at my door and take me away from my family. we need your support not just financial support. we need your support. [speaking foreign language] interpreter: that is all. thank you very much again for your support. >> acting mayor breed: commissioner shorter, welcome. >> thank you, madam clerk. good afternoon, i want to say thank you to the board of supervisors for your support this weekend for the women's march. and as we know, yet again, we had quite an historic event and
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gathering for the equality and advancement of all that are present here in our city and beyond. we've heard a lot of very impassioned pleas on both sides of this particular point that we're hearing right now. i stand before you in the hopes of providing a -- providing support, what i consider to be practical, and merited. the current acting president and the current acting mayor of our city, you voted her, unanimously to serve with the full knowledge that in the event that she needed to serve, she was qualified to do so. so i certainly take that to understand that each member of
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this board, very well aware, very well informed, as to what their duty was in terms of electing her as president of the board. look, i think the voters will decide. in the meantime, maintaining our acting mayor is practical. we need that stability. and i think she's meriting through her execution of duties as mayor, doing so in very good fashion. it would not be the first time that a woman would hold more than one job. [laughter] >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments.
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thank you for your comments, commissioner. next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors and the listening audience. you're watching san francisco channel government. i had had a big responsibility of making this happen. let me give my titles. first of all, i'm a black man, as you see. i've been at city hall longer than most of these people coming up here testifying or saying they did this, did that. and most of them in my opinion, you can get at me, don't know s from s. i will tell you what that means later on. they don't know politics. they politrickin. us black folks don't even have enough black to hire or elect a dog. let me say this. i'm the czar of the outmigration, y'all.
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if you don't know about that, you better come and ask somebody. i'm ace and i've been on this case. i've been at city hall before all y'all. [laughter] let me say this. i'm here supporting queen bee. y'all know that. i am the only negro coming down here for years supporting queen. check the records. i always give her support. she's queen bee from my community and she knows me, but i'm not up here talking about her cause she knows me. i'm up here talking politics. after it's all finished, 11 people make the decision. we don't have the voting block to vote in a dog at city hall. so let me just make it clear to all y'all in your ear, my name is ace and i'm on this case. watch my new tv show. it's called "this week at city
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hall, y'all." folks know when you been up all in it. you know what that means. you been all up in it and i've been up here in city hall. supervisors, do your job. you will hear all this talk. it doesn't mean nothing. it's your job to make what happens in the next few years. i support you, london breed. >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments. thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm curt grimes, program manager for the a. phillip randolph institute san francisco. i'm a 40-year resident in san francisco. i'm a voter. and i'm a member of district 10. now i have to question this. i have to question why we're going to appoint a caretaker. are y'all sick? no. we're not sick. we function and we set the precedent for the rest of the
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country to follow. why are we a sanctuary city? but what i wanted to speak more on was you as a board when the president, current president of the board, was elected, took her office, y'all elected her to be the president of the board. she had to run for an office again. she ran a very good campaign. and in her campaign, she won. she -- and after the campaign, she became board president again. you guys did this. you did this. now the next -- one of -- unfortunately, something happened to our mayor and i'm really glad as a long-term resident of san francisco that people are bringing up dianne feinstein. she stepped in and took the responsibility and there wasn't a fuss. she took it.
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and she ran. and the city ran perfectly well from that point forward. i believe that appointing a caretaker is to our detriment. i'm sure i'm not alone in this. if we have to have someone there, it should be the board of supervisors president. you guys did this. and as supervisors, you are not just ordinary people. you are extraordinary people. you people won an election that you ran. >> acting mayor breed: thank you, sir. thank you for your comments. thank you, sir, for your comments. thank you for your comments. next speaker, please? >> my name is rebecca king
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morrow and i've lived in san francisco since 1963. >> turn the mike down pull it down to you. >> okay. the supervisors were aware that the duty as president was acting as mayor if the event was necessary. if the u.s. president is unable to continue, the vice president steps in. theres no provision that the vice president becomes a successor, or we choose a successor. it doesn't happen. it's critical we remember our past. when our late mayor ed lee was appointed as successor mayor, he promised he would not run, so he would not have an incumbency advantage. while i respect the work of the late mayor lee, i could never get over the heartburn caused by the fact that he broke that promise. sadly, in these times, promises
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are broken. so there is nothing that prevents a successor mayor from running in the future or running for a different office or using it as a jumping-off point. we don't need to have the mistake of the past. the death of a mayor is traumatic to government and the people as a whole. acting mayor needs to continue as acting mayor until the voters make their choice in november so a successor mayor should not even be considered. >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, madam mayor, supervisors. i'm john w. smith. i'm president of cherry hill tenant association and represent some 460 some odd families. we had such an outpour on our national elections, we might have had a different president.
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are you willing to make the same mistake twice? i hope not. and i know it will get cut short, but as a native born san franciscan, honorably discharged veteran, i have the right to say, mayor, i'm for you. that's all. >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please? >> hi. i'm curtis wu. i don't think people who are for caretaker mayor are questioning the qualifications or even the identity. i think the issue is about having a fair election. so it doesn't matter who is interim or acting mayor at the moment. if they're deciding to run, it's an unfair advantage. that's the issue. that's the principle we're fighting for. so i think london breed is qualified, but we need a fair election. there's a place to have this debate. it's about being loyal to
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principle and not people. i just ask everyone on this board to consider that, being loyal to principle and not people. thank you. >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comment. before the next speaker comes up, i will ask anyone if there is anyone in the north light court or committee room that would like to speak during general public comment, please come into the chamber now. and i will add that you may also address items 46, 47, and 48, which is about the process, and whether or not you would like the board to take up this issue today. in a moment, we'll call items 40 and 41, and that's when you can provide your recommendations to the board for your preferred nominee. okay. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. thank you for your time. my name is michael. i live in district 9. i wanted to say that i'm in favor of moving forward with a vote for line item 48.
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again, as the previous speaker mentioned, it's not about the person or identity of the person who is acting mayor at this moment and who could be a successor. it's about the process. i want to remind everybody in the room here what the charter actually does say. it says "if the office of mayor becomes vacant because of death, resignation, recall or inability to carry out the responsibilities of the office, the president of the board of supervisors shall become acting mayor and serve until a successor is appointed by the board of supervisors." it's literally stated in the charter for our city and county of san francisco. and, again, it's about the process. if we have somebody that's acting mayor all the way up until our election for mayor, they have this unfair advantage of being the incumbent and also serving both positions of legislative and executive bodies in the county and city and it's not a fair process. we want to keep it fair and democratic for the people of our city and county.
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>> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please? >> hello. my name is christian einfelt. i'm an attorney and resident of london breed's district. i voted for london breed the first time she was on my ballot and i voted for willie brown the first time his name was on my ballot. i want to reinforce what the last two speakers have said and what the secretary of the chamber emphasized, that this vote right now is only, only, about whether the board will vote to appoint an interim mayor. this happened when dianne feinstein was in office, the board held this vote. and eight days later, dianne feinstein resigned. so there was not the kind of overlap that we're seeing right now. again, the language that was
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just read is that the board shall appoint. there's not really a question about whether -- what it is that the charter provides. it does say that the board shall appoint it. i'm looking for the citation right here. it's 13.101.5b of the charter. says that the board will hold this vote. so the board right now is just doing what the charter says it's going to do. will we hold a vote? and so let me say that if london breed were -- if this vote didn't happen and london breed were just to continue, it would be an unprecedented power grab. we must hold this vote. then the second question is, who will that person be?
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we must at least hold the vote. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm lisa zonner, member of district 5. i would like to just tell you that right now at this point in our city, we need some consistency and great leadership and london breed is providing that. allowing london breed to remain as acting mayor is the most democratic choice available to the board of supervisors. not a only was london elected to represent her district, my district, but re-elected last your to be president of the board of supervisors. that makes her the successor to the mayor. any caretaker mayor wouldn't be chosen or approved by the voters and wouldn't be up for election
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in june and wouldn't be accountable to the voters and that to me seems like a terrible, ir responsible thing to do for our city. as president of the board of supervisors, london is the most qualified person to be mayor until the election. not only has she been running the city department and searching -- serving on committees, she spoke for the mayor when he was unavailable. i know london is an excellent, excellent leader. i encourage you to do the right thing and appoint her in this position where she should be. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon to the board of supervisors. i'm minon grip. my mother was a former president of the nhl for four consecutive terms uncontested.
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and i'm here today, had to get up and put my war clothes back on, because just when you think the battle is won, you have to go back out on to the battlefield. so here i am. to let you know about the woman in that seat right now. she's tried and true. she's one that can say, she is one that made it. it would be a travesty for this city to not do the right thing and ensure that london carry on. there is no unbalanced scale here. london has been raised, primed and ready to do the job that no one else in my opinion can do better than she. she is a native san franciscan. i don't have to tell you all this rhetoric. you know that, but i urge you to do the right thing. i won't take up a lot of time because i'm not going anywhere
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today until this is done. so i will be back with more to say. just do the right thing, please. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, president and interim mayor london breed, and to our wonderful board here, who the city voted for. i'm maggie scott. i'm founder of an organization that supports families and survivors of gun violence. also the president for the brady campaign and mothers in charge chapter leader. 5 stand here today because my heart is heavy for where we are right now in this city. i feel like the winds of washington, d.c. are blowing this way. and it doesn't feel good. it doesn't feel good right now for me.
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it feels like jim crow has crept back up in san francisco and i don't like that. we're a sanctuary city. we're a powerful city. we don't do it like everybody else. and our president, who you elected twice, is one of those gatekeepers to keep our city the way it is, moving forward for affordable housing, moving forward to stop gun violence, moving forward for the rights of lgbt, moving forward for daca citizens to remain here. i don't need to say what everybody else said, because you voted for her twice as president. i trust all of your leadership. every last one of you i respect you and trust your leadership. i hope today that you will do the right thing and let's not bring jim crow to san francisco. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors, and madam mayor. my name is valerie matthews. and i've been in the san francisco police department for 27 years and new i'm currently a captain. i'm a member of the police officers association and the officers for justice. and i am here because i support london breed. i've known her since she came up in the african-american cultural center when she was working with children, trying to expose them and give them a better life. i've been with her at press conferences doing gun buybacks. i've been with her when they worked on new housing development in the portrero neighborhood. we all know her abilities, but her heart -- am i impressed that she's a strong black woman and great role model? absolutely. i think that's amazing, but if we took away her color, her gender, and looked at her heart,
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if we looked at her work, if we look at her compassion, if we look at this woman that stepped up when mayor lee died, had his untimely death, no one questioned her abilities when she stepped up during that hard time and took over this city. we've trusted her. we've believed in her. and the fact that she's going to run in june should not change the fact that we need stability here. we don't need things to change. we don't need a caretaker that doesn't understand what's going on in the city. and i just ask that you would consider that when you vote today and keep her as our interim mayor. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello, supervisors. i just want to echo what the lady just said. just do the right thing.
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you know you have a person qualified to be the mayor. and just follow the city charter. don't cause no division. i mean, it's -- the voice is simple. i mean, she fits the qualification. you voted her in twice. so just do the right thing. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is josifa perez i'm a grandmother. i've raised five children here and five grandchildren here in san francisco. i've been a business owner -- my business is 42 years old. we have the privilege of being in a democracy. while it's cumbersome, it works. and london breed is proof of that, that a democracy can work. i would like for san francisco to continue the way that we have been and recognize the cost it
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would be to have to retrain somebody to be a mayor and then have to change that again. london breed is as consistent as klay thompson but the m.v.p., whatever, most valuable player, that's why she's sitting where she is. can we please not -- i'm still grieving over the loss of ed lee, but i know that london breed knew what he stood for and works for what he works for and my children and grandchildren have lived in the change she's affected. thank you so much for allowing the democracy that goes on in this city. don't go with the rest of the trend of the country. please continue and don't spend my taxpayer dollars -- because i pay a lot of city payroll and business tax to have to train somebody else just to train somebody else.
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please keep those costs in mind. thank you for being here and thank you, all, for being warriors. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. before the next speaker steps up to the microphone, i will say, this is your opportunity to the members of the public to address the board on the process and whether or not the board should take this item up today. in a little bit of a while, we'll take 1 items 40 and 41, where you can provide your preferred nominee to the board during the community as a whole. >> good afternoon. i'm tom o'connor, president of the san francisco firefighters, local 798. i'm here to speak on behalf of maintaining and keeping london breed as acting mayor. some years ago when she was voted in as president of the board of supervisors, this body did so for a reason, she was principled, pragmatic, firm, fair, and you believed in her leadership. these are the same qualities she will exhibit as acting mayor
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going forward. the central premise that we're arguing is whether or not the acting or incumbent mayor will have an advantage is a fall -- falacy. it's the most intelligent and involved and driven electoral body this city of san francisco, most educated, most enlightened. they will make a decision in june based on the best candidate that will help our city move forward. and further, being the incumbent mayor is not a guaranteed advantage because that person has to make difficult decisions. it could be an anchor on a candidacy of london breed. now this city has had some great times and some terrible times. and london has led us three both of those. and right now not only locally but nationally we're going through some terrible times and i think it's critical that we maintain firm and consistent leadership in city hall and i
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believe san francisco doesn't need a caretaker mayor. i believe we've need a mayor that will take care of san francisco and that person is london breed. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speak, please? >> thank you. president breed and members of the board of supervisors, i'm cynthia pollack and i'm here repping the league of pissed off voters, to educate voters and remind politicians that we're paying attention. i was going to say that it would be great if deputy city attorney john gibner could educate us on the charter but he left board chambers. oh, great. maybe we can all understand. i also want to say that caretaker mayor is a weird term.
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we can think our lieutenant governor, gavin newsom, that coined that term, so i will use the term in the charter, successor mayor. so we're here to decide whether or not we get an interim mayor, successor mayor, and that mayor can be president breed. i don't think she wants to resign her seat as dianne feinstein did, which is the precedent, but that could happen. i think a level playing field would be -- look for items 40 and 41 for more heated and spirited public comment. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please? >> good afternoon. i'm asha grind, native san francisco. and grew up in the same
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neighborhood as our current mayor. i'm asking that the board stick to the charter and keep london in place as interim mayor until the election in june. the irony in this room is striking. in san francisco, we cannibalize each other. we're all progressives. i can assure everybody in the room there's not one racist on this board of supervisors. these are good people. i share the distinction of being a native i believe with supervisor yee, farrell, cohen and katy, i believe, and there may be another that i missed. i apologize. you all know what it was like when we were in high school. some of us are older, but what the african-american population looked like in this city. i will say that -- i know that none of you are racist, but i also know that the entire country is watching this. and if we truly are progressives
4:44 pm
the way we say we are, though we may disagree with exactly how that plays out, the whole nation is watching this and how we treat this mayor and i implore you to stick to the charter and do what's right and keep our mayor in place, otherwise we have the risk of having, what, four mayors in six months? i don't know how that gives stability to our great city. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please? >> i'm jermaine odney. i will tell you basically what i saw. i saw jerry brown. before that, gonzalez ran against newsom. that was the most heated campaign i've seen inside this city. they were both really, really nice men and they supported gavin newsom and won. very close friend of mine
4:45 pm
and then after that, we ran against medgar naldo. we had no problems. and we going again now for the state of california. you are qualified to be the mayor of san francisco. we don't have to build any underground railroad to get away, okay? saw a ceremony and there was only a handful of people. that's not the situation right now. right now, we are going to make history. you're going to be the mayor of san francisco. we're volunteers. volunteers run the whole united states, believe it or not. so we're here. we'll volunteer for you to be the next mayor of san francisco. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. and i just want to say thank you to the audience who are using your supportive hands and fingers. i appreciate that. next speaker, please?
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>> good afternoon. i'm angela mcmahon. i'm here to -- i was here to offer my support to interim mayor london breed to actually have her appointed as our mayor until june until a permanent mayor can be put in, but i understand the substance of this discussion is, should we go through the process? so i will address that in my 1:36. it's interesting how everyone has a problem with the process. i see the hands wiggling and thumbs going up and down about the process. this wasn't a problem when we had almost a 36-year gap between the last process and last tragedy. so no one saw a problem with the process. no one saw a problem with the process when we went back from
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citywide elections to district elections. so now we see it as a problem. and i'm not going to question why, but the nation is watching and they may have ideas about it as well, i will just say that. having said that, perhaps this body in it's infinite wisdom, should consider having the city controller or manager be the interim mayor, but since you have not made that decision, the decision is board president is interim mayor. i'm a san francisco native and i would like to have some stability in the city for the next five months and it would be nice if this body decided to work towards stability and allowing interim mayor to continue her role until the city can decide for itself who it wants to be their mayor. >> clerk: thank you for your comments.
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next speaker, please? >> i'm cynthia traina. i am a voter in district 5 and voted for mayor breed several times. i'm annoyed and angry and i keep seeing signs saying, "let the voters decide." best i can tell, they voted for you and you voted for her and so they have decided and new you want to put a babysitter in charge for the next five months. what i read in the paper is you are afraid she will have an unfair advantage. i know that someone is running for mayor that has hundreds of thousands of dollars in his warchest. is that fair? if we're going to make it fair, give everybody the same amount of money to run. the fear is that london breed will be a great mayor in the next five months and that will be -- will give her an advantage. i think we're in a really sad place in life if we're worried
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about someone being a great mayor. that's it. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please? >> i'm lorraine from district 5. i've been voting for 50 years. i haven't heard much today about the pole people of district 5. whatever you decide, whoever you choose, i want to get away from personalities and talk about the issues. and the issues inside my district, the residents of my district. we have a huge array of things that need working on. and i think we need a supervisor who gives 100% of his or her attention to these problems and i'll tell you -- i just made a quick list. we need as much low- and middle-income housing as we can
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get. we need protections for all of our tenants. we need our streets repaired. we need pedestrian safety desperately. we need jobs for people that actually live in district 5. we need more bus stops. we need additional services for our seniors, disabilities, people with drug issues, mental health issues. we need equitable solution for the failed promises to the residents of midtown park apartments. we need more -- our supervisor, whoever is our supervisor, must not have divided interests. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please? >> good afternoon.
4:51 pm
i'm peter warfield, executive director of library users association. and i'm here to talk about something completely different. and that is about the san francisco public libraries plans and movement towards approving a multimillion dollar expense and that's to install a technology that raises serious privacy concerns for every library user. this is being done with no hearing, as there was 12 years ago when a similar plan was ultimately rejected by the supervisors. a letter from the american civil liberty unions of northern california has strongly opposed this move, but our city librarian chose not to share that letter for about nine months. he did not share that with the
4:52 pm
library commission. some 12 years ago, a similar plan was forwarded to the supervisors and your body, as supervisor peskin may remember, rejected that plan two years in a row because of the privacy concerns of our group and many other groups including at that time aclu and eff. we asked you to keep an eye on the expected request for funding and reject it when it comes to you later this year in june. we ask you also to be aware of what's going on and to perhaps contact the library as well as asking the public to do the same. library users association would be very happy to provide additional information on the subject and the matter from aclu and eff, library
4:53 pm
>> good afternoon. i'm a district 9 resident, bob allen. and for my day work, i do civil rights-related work and i really hear what folks are saying about the impacts, racial impacts, of this decision. i think that's very important going forward. no one is talking about changing the city charter. i think it's come up several times and that's not what we're talking about. we're talking about a decision right now to go forward with the process. and the process is that everyone would have a chance to vote on several choices on the june ballot. folks should have that chance,
4:54 pm
but the process should be that we do what is right for june and it requires the board to move forward with a decision and everyone in this room should have the opportunity to fight for those choices in june and people have made some very powerful arguments about what they see as a just just come from that. we can do that, but the process question today is to have the board have that discussion, so i would ask you to do that. it's consistent with the charter. it allows for the folks in this room to fight for the historical choices that they want to make and have a really robust discussion in june. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> madam president, madam mayor, i'm a member at large of central city democrats.
4:55 pm
i see 11 people in front of me of that could all be mayor. highly qualified. i would like to see a mayor that takes care of things. i complain when the mayor doesn't take care of things. i think we should have a mayor that takes care of things. maybe that's just me. i was sitting in the back -- did you know there are republicans in this room? i was sitting in the back with the republicans. we seem to have agreement on some things. i appreciate what chris bowman said. [please stand by]
4:56 pm
the right kind of process, i don't support anything that makes the republican party stronger, gives them more to talk about. i think we should have separation of powers. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> thank you. my name is ellen, th. a lot of people mispronounce my name. i am a resident at district number 9. that's my board of supervisor and i have been living in san francisco 31 years now.
4:57 pm
i am a city and county employee for more than 13 years. i am a -- i work with the mayor's office and work with you supervisor and i am activist in the country. i am bilingual. i am immigrant. when i came here, i waited for ten years. i have to go to see a doctor to get fingerprint to get to america and go to school and obey the law. what i hear today, we have different messages about immigrants. there is different kind of immigrants. legal immigrants and documented immigrants and immigrants felons. some of the people come to hide in san francisco, they're felons. they're wanted by the f.b.i. i don't think it's fair for the people and the residents that put our public at risk.
4:58 pm
i am a social worker for the public health. it is a health hazard for the public general when we have felons, f.b.i. wanted people in san francisco. please do not mislead our residents and the people of san francisco immigrants. i am an immigrant. i obey the law. and i want you guys to know that i appreciate everything that you do. i have been a civic grand jury for two terms. you have read many of my reports. one is government accountability. >> that item is on the agenda and you can't speak about it today. it had the public comment testimony satisfied. next speaker. >> i'm the founder and director of the st. francis homeless challenge and there was a special envoy that came from the u.n. this last week to assess what is going on on our streets
4:59 pm
in unsheltered population. and the conclusion that that person came to is that we're actually violating human rights by allowing people to live in tent encampments and unsheltered option to live in the conditions they are. and so there is three things i would like you to consider when making this decision today about who should be our interim leader because it makes sense to appoint someone as an interim leader so we have the separation of powers, and perhaps that will end up being london breed, perhaps naomie kelly because these two people are in alignment with what ed lee was doing. maybe it makes sense to continue that until we have a chance to change the direction for the city. but something to consider. make sure that the person who you appoint, get this in writing, because we know it
5:00 pm
happens during the process. make sure the person you appoint actually lets you, the board of supervisors as the whole body, do the budgeting process as a collaborative process, because that's the main thing that our interim mayor is going to be doing is leading that process. make sure they don't do anything crazy with our department heads and our appointments to the commission, right? that's the other thing. the third thing, ed lee before he passed in november, said he wanted to help transition a thousand people off of the streets in the winter. winter is not coming, it's here. i offer my services as the director of the st. francis homelessness challenge to work with this body to do that now becauser in crisis. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> hello, supervisors. i'm n h


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