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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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i want to tell a personal story. when i was applying for the task force, who was the first member of the board of supervisors to pledge her support, it was london breed. i support her, i nominate her, thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> i'm a retired nurse with the city and county. i'm frustrated at this point because i'm hearing the arguments that london can't do it because she would be campaigning and she would -- how could she do both? i ask you supervisors who have either run once or twice, every single one of you campaigned and hold your office and no one questions it. so that's really annoying me as a voter. i've lived in district 5 for 53
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years. i've known london all my life. known her on the redevelopment commission. she's competent, qualified, i'm still angry we're even having the discussion, but if we're going to have the discussion, i would say my support goes with london breed. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker. if you're in support -- if you support what the speaker is saying, please use your fingers. >> my name is joshua. i wanted to talk on my thoughts here behind london breed having multiple roles. it's not so much i'm concerned she can maintain all of the roles at once. for me, it's more of a concern of direct power. all of you may have heard the comment about ron conway. he's an investor who backed tech heavy weights like google,
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paypal. at mayor lee's private funeral, instead of reviewing mayor ed lee's contributions and his life, he backed london breed. this is a person who will be heavily involved with a lot of money in lobbying and i believe that is range of power that should not be acceptable in our government and our city government. for that reason, i support and back naomi kelly, also a woman of color. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening, board, good evening madame president and the acting mayor. my name is richie greensburg, visiting from the richmond district today. i would like to nominate naomi kelly. i would like to see the city remain balanced. it should not be a racial issue, should not be a gender issue, it
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should be a person who has four positions, district supervisor, president of the board, interim mayor, and mayoral candidate, four positions, too much, we need to keep the city balanced. i nominate naomi kelly. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> ken johnson, native san franciscan, i support london breed as mayor. she has proven herself repeatedly. and she is the person for the job. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi, i wanted to come up one more time and support london breed. the city survived quite a while with appointments being made by the executive branch. i'm not quite sure why that is such a concern, in terms of separation of powers, i would
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assume the board would ask her if she would relinquish her seat. there is a path for her to stay on as interim mayor and deal with the concerns that many have voiced concerning the separation of powers. i saw a look on your face supervisor peskin, when i said there are four mayors, late mayor lee, acting mayor breed, caretaker and if someone else won. the irony is striking here. many of those who are worried about transparency perhaps are not being totally transparent themselves. i think this is really strictly about politics and giving supervisor kim and candidate glenno the better opportunity as perceived by those with the
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concerns. let's move forward with this talented qualified competent woman. >> clerk: thank you for the comments. next speaker, please. >> chris boman. which reports to the mayor's office. and i think that is almost disqualifying. secondly, getting back to the conflict of interest of president breed being the president and also the acting mayor, let's say the board passes a resolution 6-5 and she's on the losing side of that. as acting mayor, she can then veto that legislation. that is inherent conflict of interest and also an abuse of
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power. so i would like to see a pledge by the president that she will resign as president of the board and the board supervisor, should this board appoint her interim mayor. as president of the board and from district 5 and she can appoint her successor. >> thank you for your comments, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, again. my name is jackie flynn. i'm the executive director of the a. phillip randolph institute. just a couple of years ago i sit alongside london breed when she was then supervisor when she
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talked about we need preferential housing for those members pushed out the city. i watched her march to washington d.c. and speak to the department of housing to make changes to the hud policy to allow for more residents to stay in the city and access housing. at that time, even before then, on that day, i saw a fire in london breed and a compassion for this city that inspired me to continue what i do and stand here today and say that i'm very happy to nominate or see london breed as a nomination to continue as interim mayor and i thank you for that work. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, and good evening. i wanted to first and foremost
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commend each of you for your service as a member of this body. all of you have placed yourselves in a position to make both decisions. all of you have prepared yourself or given yourself and all of you are full of intelligence, wisdom and carry integrity. i fully trust that no matter the list of legislative accomplishments are political or ideologies, that we'll continue to work together at this time. and ensure that the next couple of months continue smoothly.
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the know the plans i have for you, declares the lord. plans to prosper you, not to harm you. board of supervisors, i end with this, there is a time for everything, there is a time and a season of activity under the heavens. a time to be born and a time to die. a time to plant and a time to uproot. a time to kill and a time to heal. a time to tear down and a time to build. as we continue in the memory of edwin lee, it's time we begin healing by having london breed lend her stalwart to the community. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i didn't introduce myself, my
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name is angelique, i am a resident of district 11. one of the first people he actually baptized, so i have a long history here in san francisco, thank you very much. i like that people brought the name of naomi kelly, she is a fine civil servant and great. if the league of pissed off voters wanted to put initiative on the ballot, it says we should have the city controller or the city manager be the interim mayor and i would be happy to sign that thing, because there is a challenge with that. with that being said, given that we are operating under, i see no one better to take up the to be the mayor of the city than london breed. here is why. she for the first time i've seen
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somebody, i think i'm 40-something that actually looks like me and actually has my experience. i didn't know that about that, madame mayor. she's only a few years younger than i am and in my advocacy and i do advocacy from time to time in the city, i have rarely had someone who thinks like i think and understand what i understand and feel the challenges i feel. people have named a number of things between housing, violence, just being a native san franciscan and seeing a middle class go from 12% of african-americans to 4% is horrifying. so why not london? why not now? why wait? so, madame mayor, you have my support and i certainly hope she'll have yours as well. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. please stand by.
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with three conversations with themselves?
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that is a problem. we have a problem that should be on the ballot. the mayor never has to sit in this room except once a month for five minutes with the questions and the answer. we have a problem in how to change the charter in the city. it is not functioning for the people. this is not about the character of london breed. it is absolutely not. i have worked my whole life for african-americans. i will not be characterized as racist. all i am concerned about is separation of power.
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thank you. >> i will remind the public please use your supportive hands. thank you kindly. next speaker. >> renee curran i lived here since 1993. district five since 1997. a councillor since 2009. i have seen changes in the city. i will keep it quick. i support the care taker mayor. would like to nominate naomi kelly. >> next speaker, please. >> i am matt mcgowan, district 6 to speak in support of caretaker mayor. i would second the nominations by the voters. it is important that the city appoint someone to govern impartially in a legislative group that is always full of poison pills it is impossible to
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expect one like london breed running for may our would use that position impartially. i again support the nominations of the voters. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> we are talking four months. 120 days. that is what we are talking. these people are so afraid this woman is going to rob, steal and cheat in 120 days. i would like to support mayor london breed to be the mayor of this city because it is a fiscally responsible thing to do as a city payroll and business taxpayer to this city, i would like to see us continue what ed lee started and my grandchildren lived in those chinatown projects that he is rebuilding that took forever.
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i would like to see continued at least trying to keep black people here. i know everybody says it is not about racism and not about this or that. where have all the black folks gone? does it matter. i am not saying london breed would keep us here. we are talking 120 days we are spending this time and money on for 120 days. i nominate london breed who is a new breed of politician which all of us are afraid of. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> good evening. mayor breed, supervisors, my name is arinia corbin, mother of two adult children, 15
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grandchildren and 1045 foster children. my last 1,045th foster child is walking in may or london breeds steps. she will graduate from san francisco state coming this may. my family and i support london breed for mayor. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> i am brad chai opinion chapi. i got angry with someone that i generally agree with. i think the idea was reality this actually is racially triggering. i don't think it is helpful for us to say this isn't about racism. i think we absolutely must have
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a woman of colour be our acting mayor or appointed mayor. i think to ignore the reality this is so racially triggers is absolutely racist and invalidating. a lot of people have spoken about harvey milk's legacy and he was killed and the person who became the board of supervisors. it is not any gamin elected -- any gay man in that position. we need a progressive woman of colour or man who represents the communities and most vulnerable first. i support most of the candidates on the league of the voters suggestions list. i think there was one white man. that is probably not the most important person to promote at this moment, i think it is
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important for us to support a woman of colour. with all due respect i respect london. i am proud to have london as my mayor right now. i absolutely think that we are at a critical moment to bring people of colour back to the city and bring our communities back and we need to have people advocate for them not tied to ron conway. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening again, supervisors and president breed. i am lisa aubry. district five resident of many year also. i support an interim mayor not running for the office of mayor in june of 2018. i feel it is very, very important that we have a neutral person and i think that naomi
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kelly could be a good place holder mayor. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i agree if you can find a neutral person i would like an interim mayor also. two groups are on the board, moderates, mayor's team and progress i have to the left of that. to the left of everyone here. the brown train with the same staff through that time continues to doing picking and choosing, moving along following the same plan. the plan has led us to we have 40% of the police episodes with mentally ill people in doorways within levels, housing that 90%
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of san francisco can't afford, a hole in the hospital accommodation. if i was just a little bit hurt more and had a little breathing tube, i would be given a train ticket to go somewhere else. go out of this county. reduce our city carbon. bring our teachers and m un i operates home instead of allowing the real estate developers to take all of the bacon and the train, let's make profits not the central core of it. let's make community housing with people that already live here can find a place to live. you can move out of your 20 and 30 year rent controlled apartment. you can be a senior in the county. the bay bridge, when you drive out of town on the right you see the three towers of the brannon.
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two were pure profit. we need a mayor to break this. i am not sure london breed is that mayor. i would like to be pleasantly surprised and keep this clean. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. are there any other members of the public to address the board regarding their preferred nominee? please step into the line. >> my name is richard al. last week when i got up in the morning, i opened the newspaper. i see that you standing side by side with supervisor pass kin making a commitment of improving the square that i am a retiree and i spend a lot of time in the
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square. we have a brand new restroom completed two years ago. we have more and more people spending a lot of time in apartments. i hope that the commitment for an expansion, making it a better place for all of us and increase the bathroom. we really need it, and we do have a musical stand, you know, play chinese music, opera singers every saturday and sunday and holidays. i really appreciate that. besides the regular people i meet using the apartment square, we have a lot of tourists, you know, go by, too. i also see that both of you
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paskin and the mayor breed that you make the poor building that used to be a big restaurant the empress of china into a chinese museum honouring the contributions of the chinese americans, you know, people of this country. i support your running for mayor, and i know it takes a long time. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> i am darby. i am the daughter of a korean immigrant and mission resident. i look forward to london breed as mayor mostly because i totally agree we have too much.
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good thing he is on public services. i can't wait to see more public property sold to private developers. i can't wait until most public goods are private and the welfare state is destroyed. i used to live in "selma." i moved because the rent got too high. i love the thrill of my housing and security. it is amazing. san francisco got rich errands whiter under edly. ed lee. i am looking forward to continuing in this trend under london breed. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my support is for london breed as interim mayor and again my support is for london breed as interim mayor and also candidate
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in the mayoral election. when it rains outside we need an umbrella. if somebody needs experience order an experience so we do not get wet. we are to build momentum. we don't want to cancel and start over. mayor breed for interim mayor and for mayor of san francisco. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening. i am harlan herara. i would like you to tell jeff scieszinski to help me with housing. i have been pleading to help me get a house in the city for the last year. i have met him three times personally and asked jeff, jeff, help me. i need a place to live. i don't want to be on the streets. it is not my fault i am in the
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streets. i am defective that i developed in the teen years. i am not an alcoholic. i don't smoke. i was a swimmer all my life. i developed that. i came down with that when i was attending city college and working. i came down with bipolar disorder. schizophrenia. i got that. london breed i left you a letter in the mayor's office to please tell jeff scieszinski to help me. he is not doing his job as the directory of homeless and housing supportive services. he is doing a very poor job and the city of san francisco shouldn't allow so many people to sleep on the streets. that is not charity thanks is neglect. everybody -- neglect.
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everybody was pursuing the summer love, you know, it shouldn't be allowed to sleep on the streets and shoot up heroin and other drugs. you grew up in the city. i went to city college and came down with this affective disorder through no faults of my observe. it just happens. i have been pleading with jeff to help me. since 1997. it just doesn't happen. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening, madam chairman. board of supervisors. fred jordan, president of the or chairman of the san francisco african-american chamber of commerce. i have been here before. again, i expressed i am not representing the chamber, but i
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represent a lot of people in the black community, and i am here to express support for our interim mayor. i think she is doing a great job, and our position is that the charter says that the president of the board of supervisors becomes mayor. that is the way we want to see it. i think good things will happen if we continue to support mayor london breed. let's just see what happens in june. right now she has a lot of things happening. i support her and the black community support her. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. before the next speaker i will ask if there are other members of the public who would like to provide their preferred nominee to the board. now is your opportunity.
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next speaker, please. >> thank you so much. distinguished members of the san francisco board of supervisors, acting mayor london breed. every member on this san francisco board of supervisors peboard of supervisorsper is ind accomplished. as are all of the members we deal within this cabinets. we have in place in the city and county of san francisco a process of cheques and balances. as president of the board you know that. you have elected her twice. what i want to say it is very concerning to me that i have listened to the concerns and speakers that have come up, as you know we have that process in place. she served us well. i have known her for many, many years when she was a young person coming out of college and
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working in the area, had an opportunity to work with many members of you here and i respect every one of you and respect your decisions. i know you are doing what you need to be doing. i want to ask. the world is watching san francisco, the entire world. what is this cutting edge city going to do? are they going to do the right thing? this is an african-american woman. let's see what they are going to do. they have espoused every issue that has come before them. this is a difficult issue tonight. i recognize that. i prayed for everyone of you. do the right thing. support this young lady that is accomplished and she has done well. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> i am jennifer. i live in b5 with the democrats
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in san francisco. i have to work late hours to afford represent here. appointing london breed the caretaker mayor and i am out of breath. it is unacceptable. she is not a activist. she doesn't come from town people in their own district. i can't stand to think about another four, six, eight years of me having to run from work where i work late to speak out against this. please elect or appoint an interim mayor so in june we can elect someone who is going to stand up for the people. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. are there any other members of the public to provide any recommendations or nominations
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at this time? seeing none, public comment is now closed. colleagues before we open the floor up for nominations, are there any comments? i know supervisor peskin you have amendmentses to item 41. >> he made a statement because we adopted them in item 47 we need not adopt them in item 41. if that is the city attorney's position i won't make the amendment. >> john gibner. yes, you do not have to make those amendments to 41 the board has accepted the nomination. >> can you clarify the issue around the success or interim mayor not in the charter but in the amendment and if that makes
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a difference. >> the person appointed by the board will be mayor. people use the term success or mayor or interim mayor to describe that appointment. the motions prepared by the clerk's office and introduced by supervisor peskin successor in the charter and the document he circulatessed references both successor and interim we made a offer to change that to successor mayor. >> we don't need to do anything at that time? >> right. >> okay. no other name on the roster. before we take nominations is there a motion to approve item 41 as amended? >> item 41 is not amended. >> is there a motion to approve
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item 41 moved by collins and seconded by peskin can we take that without objection? without objection item 41 is approved. madam clerk please call item 41. >> item 42 confirms the appointment due to the vacancy in the office of the mayor for the term to expire on june 5th 2018 takes office. >> we will now proceed to nominations as the adopted process states. members should use the roster to indicate the desire to make the nomination. we will clear the roster. i will call on the supervisors as i see the names appear when i gavel down. >> supervisor ronan.
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>> i want to make comments. did i miss the opportunity? >> it would be an order if the board members want to make comments prior to nominations. >> okay. >> thank you so much. i just first wanted to thank everyone who came out today. it has been a very heavy day and quite frankly month and a heavy for all of us at city hall. i haven't yet endorsed in the mayor's race and in fact i think i am only one of two or three other supervisors that haven't yet endorsed. all four leading candidates in the race are people i have respect and i have worked closely with. i have put-off making my decision because i believe that right now in san francisco we need to turn our city upside
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down. for years now, san francisco has been heading fast in an unrecognizable direction. it is quickly becoming a city where only the ultra elite can prosper. the gap between rich and poor is wider and middle class are no longer welcome here. everyone in this chamber knows that this change for the worse didn't happen by accident. behind the last may orial administration and the one before that there were the same tech moguls and real estate billionaires making money off our stagger lehigh rents in the city. they championed policies that decimated the african-american community and are doing the same thing to the latino community. lbgtq people are pushed out in
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alarming numbers and i believe the asian community is next in line. i haven't endorsed because i have yet to hear any of the candidates answer the question that matter the most to the people in my district. how will you make housing affordable for us? ... now is n the time for slow change, we n
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need a radical change in direction in the city of san francisco. so far, the dominant narrative about the vote today has centred around the identity of president and acting mayor london breed, but as an african-american woman who has overcome adversity, she should be interim mayor. i am moved by her accomplishments. your accomplishments and your leadership are extraordinary and they move me beyond measure and you have moved me today beyond measure. i can feel the love in this room for london breed, it's tremendous and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. i commend you for having a community that has your back and loves you so much. i want to say to the african-american community that i heard you and that you're
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absolutely right, that it is almost impossible to talk about fairness and advantage when talking about an african-american woman in the united states of america. i heard you and i agree with you that african-american women are used to having 5,000 jobs and they can handle 5,000 jobs because most african-american women in our country have done it for centuries. that's absolutely right. and i heard you, angelique, when you said what it would mean to you to have a mayor that walks in the world like you walk in the world and understand something that as a white woman i could not possibly understand. but i also have to be honest about what people talked about and that is painful for me and all of us. and that is the fact that there are white rich men, billionaires, in this city, that
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have steered the policies for the past two mayoral administrations if not more, that have gotten us into the absolute mess that we are in today. we're poor people -- where poor people and people of color cannot afford to live in the city and where children can't be here. it is absolutely ridiculous and outrageous and it hurts and weighs on me as a supervisor where i can't sleep at night. every single night. and i hate to say it and it's the truth and i wish it weren't so, but those same white men and it's documented, they are so enthusiastically supporting your candidacy, london breed. and what you haven't heard, because you're in the in this inside world we all inhabit here at city hall, they are threatening people if they don't support london breed. they're saying people's careers will be ruined if they don't
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support london breed. and that is not right. that is the grossest part of politics in the united states of america. and it is happening right now, right here in san francisco as we are speaking at the board of supervisors. as a matter of fact, it started happening the morning that ed lee passed away. that's how gross these people are, because they're gross. at this point, i also want to say, though, that i heard you and that i take identity and representation very, very seriously. and what i want to say is that we're actually very lucky in this race because we have many candidates that will bring an important perspective to the mayor's office for the very first time. the possibilities are exciting, especially during a country
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under the trump administration. at this point when the african-american community has been largely displaced from san francisco, where incarceration rates for the african-american community continue to be incredibly disproportionate, both locally and nationally. where our current president of the united states supported a candidate for senate that said america was great during slavery? where he described white supremacists as good people? i hear loud and clear from african-american community what it would mean for you have to an african-american represent you as the mayor of san francisco. but i have heard from the lgbt community how meaningful it would be for a gay mayor -- gay mayor would be for them. in 2017, was the deadliest year on record for lgbt in america, with murders from hate crimes
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happening almost every single week. all while a president tried to remove trans-people from the military and made discrimination against lgbt people legal. i heard the pains from the lgbt community when they tell us we live in the gayest city in america, that we have yet to have a gay mayor. in fact, the person that was most likely to have been our first gay mayor was assassinated in the room right behind these chambers 40 years ago. and my heart goes out to the asian american community who tragically lost the first asian american mayor of a city that was founded and built on the backs of the asian community. after 100 years of deeply racist louse and the rounding up of our japanese community into camps, to lose a mayor who worked hard to correct disenfranchisement is
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truly heartbreaking. and the asian community has to be heard and acknowledged when they call for an asian american mayor. i feel that i need to point out that 10,000 latinos have been pushed out of our latino neighborhoods and that even the man i supported for the mayor race came in secretary, there are no -- second, there are no latino running. as republican and congress use the rights of young people as political bargaining chips and president prepares to build a wall across the border. i have spent the last month trying to weigh all these factors. and i refuse to take any one of them lightly. i know that so much of our american experience has been 250 years of racism, homophobia,
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misogyny, religious persecution, on top of 300 years of vicious slaughter of native americans and the unspeakable brutality of slavery in america. i know that anyone who is not a straight white christian male has been fighting at a great cost for 250 years for equal representation in our country. and as a straight white woman, my privilege means i am in no way qualified to decide which of these candidates' background maybe them more deserving of the huge advantage of running while having the entire apparatus of the mayor's office at their disposal. i'm not willing to choose the lgbt over the african community over the asian community. so i'm going to do what i always do when i don't know the answer to an important question. i'm going to listen to the people. in this instance, listening means letting the people vote. and i believe that the power and
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the resources of the mayor's office will give an insurmountable advantage to any candidate who is running. and that would be unethical silencing of the voters of san francisco. so today i will be voting and i want you know to know why i will be voting for any caretaker who is not running for office, who can get six votes from this board of supervisor and who will keep our city running and safe for the next five months and this time we'll get a true caretaker mayor. the reason we use this term, the last time we appointed ed lee and he was supposed to just fill in and then he ran for mayor. this time, if we can come to six votes and appoint someone today, this person can't run. >> thank you your time is up and
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under the board rules only 10 minutes to speak. seeing no other members of the board on the roster, colleagues, we will now proceed with nominations. when i gavel down the floor will be open for nominations to consider to appoint a successive mayor. madame clerk please call item number 42. >> clerk: item 42 has been called. and it is before the board which is a motion confirming the appointment of successor mayor. >> acting mayor breed: i'm gavelling down. supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: supervisor ronen, thank you, i connect with everything you shared today, however you left quite a teaser, i'm curious to hear the few sentences you had left that you were unable to speak to. colleagues, first i want to say it's been a really interesting conversation we've had all day
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today. and i want to recognize earlier in the conversation remember we were having a conversation about recognizing indigenous peoples day and it felt as if we had to choose one or the other? and it was through suggestions that supervisor peskin and supervisor yee really inspired me and we reached out and have connected with italian american folks near the chamber earlier and i wanted to inform you that i sent over a drafting request to establish this heritage day, italian american heritage day to start the conversation. with the hopes to minimize that divisiveness, but to talk about the values we hold dear to us. it's interesting that supervisor peskin talked about the iroquois nation. one of the things i remember, it was a matriarch nation, meaning that we have a lot to learn from
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native americans culture way of thinking. and the point that the supervisor peskin was making was the importance of separation of power. and i did a little bit of research and the iroquois nation, although it was ceremonial a male was the chief, it was approved by the women. it was approved by the women in the community. and i believe there is a comp compelling argument to be made about the separation of power issue that is why we're here to discuss. we have an opportunity to separate and ensure that our democratic process, the integrity is maintained.
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the other element that i want to highlight, this conversation has spilled out into being more about race. but i just want to shed a little bit of insight. this is about power. this whole push and pull is about power. who is going to maintain it? who wants it? who wants to take it? and race is gender, sexual orientation, things that make the city and county wonderful and great, it's starting to color decisions. so, colleagues, i stand during this time because i had the privilege to make the nomination for president london breed to be the president of this body and we elected her twice. you heard that already. and so in this very historic moment i want to make the nomination that we consider appointing her to be our successor mayor, thank you.
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[applause] >> acting mayor breed: madame clerk. >> clerk: madame president, at this time you would just announce are there any other members of the board who like to make a nomination? >> acting mayor breed: supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: can i just rise to a point of information or privilege? isn't it -- the rules that we just adopted say that once the nomination has been made which need not be seconded, then the individual who has been nominated must accept or reject. i think the step -- >> mr. givner? >> that's right. >> acting mayor breed: ok. so at this time, i will ask supervisor tang to be the president pro tem of the meeting and accept the nomination.
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[applause] [cheering] [gavel] [gavel] all right, everyone. [gavel] >> i know there are a lot of emotions but i would like to ask everyone -- [gavel] madame clerk? i'm going to ask you to recess the meeting until there is silence in the chamber. >> clerk: thank you, everyone for your cooperation as we proceed. so again, colleagues given that president breed has been nominated i will proceed over the meeting. over this matter.
10:54 pm
>> supervisor tang: next supervisor on the roster, supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee: thank you, i want to thank the public for being out here and being passionate about their opinions and also i know that this the board of supervisors and colleagues are as passionate about what is going to happen today. first of all, i really believe that there is many of us, maybe not me, but many of us on this board that are actually qualified to be a mayor. everybody has different opinions, and different perspectives. and not -- each one of us have very -- not very, but different perspectives that makes a difference for the voters to be able to pick somebody. i have been in the mind-set from
10:55 pm
the beginning of this process, when the mayor passed away, i wasn't here when senator feinstein was appointed as the interim mayor and when it was a split vote. i wasn't here when newsom stepped down and it was an opportunity for, i think the president at the time was david chiu, who was the acting for a few days i guess, before there was actually interim that was selected. and she was not selected. so, those -- i wasn't here. all i know is there is a charter process that i'm going to follow. one of the things i would have supported from the beginning is this notion of a successor that is not running. and i try to stick with that as
10:56 pm
much as possible. and the other thing that has been mentioned over and over again is that i take very seriously this sort of balance of power that we have in this country that is really the premise of our government, of you know, is it -- are you the executive branch or are you the judicial, or are you the legislative? and i see lots of issues when there is conflict of interest with that piece. and it's not about any individual here that i'm making this point, it's really about the offices itself. and i see a problem with that and would say that about anybody that would be in our president breed's situation.
10:57 pm
so, then i looked at, well, who is in the room? since we amended they have to be in a room. that i would -- somewhat comfortable with as many of the issues that i'm going to address, which is how do we make sure there is a balance of power, or not balance of power, but a check and balance of this, and also, who is running and las who has been around enough and can be acting mayor? and also the issue i look at is who -- as most of my colleagues now, as you know, one of the most important things that is going happen in the next few months is the whole budget process. the budget, we have to, regardless of our politics, be able to run our city with a good budget. ok, that's something that is
10:58 pm
number one for me and i've been fortunate to be able to follow the budget process for a few years now. and i think the person that i'm going to nominate have many of the factors that i'm considering, one that has been around for a while, one that is not running for any office. let alone the mayor's office. so this is really about focussing on the duty of the mayor at this point. and one that really does understand a budget process, and the person that i worked with, that seems to fit that bill, that has been the budget chair for several years and i was able to work on that committee on a larger committee member, and watch that process unfold. and felt very good about his understanding of this. now, so the person i want to
10:59 pm
nominate to be the interim -- or the successor is supervisor mark farrell. >> supervisor tang: according to the amendment adopted, i would like to ask that the person nominated state on the record their acceptance or rejection of the nomination. >> supervisor farrell: i accept. >> supervisor tang: supervisor fewer. >> supervisor fewer: although i do agree with my colleague, hillary ronen, we should appoint a mayor that is not a candidate for mayor this year, i think it is really important to recognize that there is another woman of color that is running for mayor and that is a supervisor, so i would like to nominate jane kim. >> supervisor tang: thank you,
11:00 pm
again per the previous amendment, i would like to ask the person on the record to accept or reject the nomination. >> supervisor kim: i want to thank my colleague, supervisor fewer, for that kind nomination. supervisor fewer and i have worked together for over 13 years and i have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for you and how much you care about the city. i am going to decline the nomination. i think it is incredibly important that we in san francisco have an election that for the first time is an open race. we have not had an open race for the mayor's office in san francisco for 15 years and i think the voters deserve an opportunity to choose the next mayor in as much of a level playing field as possible. i want to note, there is no such thing as a level playing field in politics in elections anymo


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