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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 31, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PST

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vegetation people can have the special produce available it can be a place to give back by donating food to others and teach our children the connection to the earth and environment it's truly >> san francisco, the most beautiful city on the planet. let me take a moment to introduce myself. my name is kimmy, and you listen to me every morning on the morning dream team. it is a pleasure to be here.
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there are events that i do, but there's events that mean a lot to me. i'm born and raised in san francisco san francisco. i'm a bernal heights baby, courtland kid, so when i hear that galileo high school is not only the city champs but the state champ, it makes me extra excited. and when president london breed asked me to emcee this event, it's clear there's no place i would rather be than right here right now. so we are here to honor you guys. the focus is on you. we are so proud of you, and on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, can we just all say congratulations? cha yes. give these young men a standing ovation for all the times you
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were tired, you wanted to quit, they didn't you couldn't do it, they didn't believe in you. what are these guys from san francisco going to do? they're going to bring home the ship. see, bring home the ship. so we have a lot of people here to celebrate all your success, and it is my pleasure, i would love to bring up our first speaker. we have the incredible vice president of the school board, stevon cooke, please. >> it is such an honor to be here to represent the san francisco unified school district at city hall, but i think because the walls are lit with purple, it's somebody else today. whose house? whose house?
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we have the state champion g-house to that because these incredible student athletes, as a previous speaker said, won the city championship, but took it all the way to win the 6 a championship state title. i would like to take a moment to recognize some leaders from the school district. we have president hydro-mendoza mcdonald today, our athletic director for the school district, don collins, is also here. and the principal of galileo high school has joined us. dr. matthews, our superintendent, wanted to be here, but unfortunately, his father passed this weekend, so if we can keep his family in our hearts and our prayers as they go through this difficult
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time. this is a really incredible occasion. the first time in the history of our city we can gather in honor of a state football champion. so welcome to city hall, congratulations, galileo high school. let's do it again next year. [applause] >> now, as you know, you have a very famous alumni who went out of her way to put this together for you. she's sitting here in the front row. she's been here for all the
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right reasons, and we all trust her, and if it wasn't for her, i wouldn't be standing here. so ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the one and only president london breed. [applause] >> the hon. l. breed: all right, all right. it's time for a real celebration, and let me start by saying that galileo is always making history. when i went to galileo, with tyrell and dari, and i don't have any glasses on, so i can't see anyone else back there, but it was the first time in the history of the city and county of san francisco that there was ever a threepeat, where we won turkey day three years in a row. first time in the history. no one, no one has ever broken that record.
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galileo is known for always having an incredible football team. and i was there turkey day when you guys beat mission. now i love all the kids, but mission's basketball team was here a couple years ago, and i had to give it to them because they were the first to bring a basketball state champion to san francisco, and the galileo lions are the first to bring a state championship to san francisco. [applause] >> the hon. l. breed: thanks to the leadership of coach huynh, who is a lot older than i am, but we went to galileo at the same time, a at some poico ago when galileo won, we honored them here at the board of supervisors, and what is so incredible about what you did, the hard work, the team work, the commitment, the
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consistency, the drive. when you were out there playing turkey day, i just felt like i was a teenager again, routing for the teams that i used to root for when i was a kid. i was so proud, i was so excited, and i was so incredibly grateful that you basically brought the galileo spirit back to the hearts of so many generations of galileo lions. so you're not just inspiring the people you go to school with, you're inspiring the entire city. this is the first time that a school, not just a public school, but a private school, any school in the history of this city, they have never done what the galileo lions have done with the state championship.
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[applause]. >> the hon. l. breed: and there are so many people here to celebrate. they are alumni, they are family, they are friends. this is all for you, but i have a surprise, one that you probably didn't anticipate. now, you know, when you win the superbowl, what do you get for winning the superbowl? you won a state championship. you're getting rings for the state championship. [applause]. >> the hon. l. breed: you're getting rings, yes. yes. so i'm so excited. you're getting rings. you're also getting, which is probably not as exciting, certificates of honor from me
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personally -- [applause]. >> the hon. l. breed: from our assessor-recorder, carmen true, who's here. and the point is i was when at galileo high school, the reason why i even thought about going to college is because there were so many amazing people who supported me, who encouraged me, who looked out for me and who ensured that i stayed the course. you all have inspired so many people, and you've got to continue to work and continue to stay the course. here in the city and county of san francisco, we celebrate and we honor you tonight. and the real work continues the next day when you study and you've got to make sure you go pass those tests. we are counting on you. we are counting on you to be the next generation of leaders. we are counting on you all to
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go to college. we want to see great things out of each and every one of you, and it is on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, truly, my honor, as an alumni of galileo, to be here today to celebrate with you and your family and friends. thank you so much for being here, and at this time, i am going to issue the certificates of honor and ask -- am i? i know we have some more speakers here -- or we can do it at the end. we'll do it at the end? okay. so at this time, i'm going to turn it back over to kimmy, and we didn't have the rings tonight because you have to do what? give your ring size, but you're going to have rings, so i want you to wear those rings with pride and show them what the galileo lions are made of. thank you, everyone, for being
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here. [applause]. >> once again, thank you president london breed. you guys are getting rings. whoo, you guys are getting rings. now, with every team, you have to have a leader, and every leader has a story. in this era, we're talking about dreamers and people with dreams. i bet you $5 at no point did coach huynh ever dream that he would be sitting here in city hall with state champions at his fingertips. you think so? coming from vietnam at the age of seven, making his way up, coming over here, and look at the young men that you've inspired, coach. it is time for us to honor you. san francisco, get on your feet for your championship coach,
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coach huynh. [applause] >> i didn't know i was supposed to talk, so i got this prepared. actually, now, before i speak, we have a gift for london. i'll bring it down to you. we have the boys signing this for you, uh-huh. and we have this for you. there you go.
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[applause]. >> all right. it's thank you for -- for this. i was telling them earlier, when we came in 2013, we didn't have this. we had upstairs in a quick meeting, we had a picture here. when i first walked in, and i saw this, i was impressed. are you guys impressed? i just want to say, for me, as a coach, you're right. when people ask me, did you ever think you'll win a state championship? no, not in my lifetime. i thought i could help build a program leading up to the state championship. i knew we had a chance to win the city championship, but to move on two more games and win the state championship -- i had a player who always asked me
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after the day is over, how do you feel, coach? i feel excited. big norcal game, i'm excited. state championship, i have no words. and it's the fact that you guys, you don't feel it yet, but you guys are part of a tradition at gal, a part of a family at gal. you guys feel it, right? [applause]. >> and it's not -- it's not going to leave, right? nobody's taking this away from you guys, so as a coach, i do appreciate being a part of you guys winning the state this year. so i'm blessed in that way, all right? and other than that, there's nothing to say. honestly, i think we'll do it again next year. so you guys go to class and take care of your class academics. that's it. thank you. thank you.
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[applause]. >> thanks, coach. now, you guys speak football, right? and we represent the red and gold all day. 49ers. so who better else to give you a celebratory message than a person who's actually represented that team. galileo high school, the one and only san francisco 49er legend dennis brown. [applause]. >> wow. did you say rings? you guys are getting rings in high school? wow. i don't know -- i don't know about you, but listening to miss breed speak, i was getting fired up, 'cause she was talking football, and she was talking pride. and i think -- i mean, i've
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come out here every year to be a part of this. and i tell the young men, the young athletes every year, now you're champions, and a lot comes with being champion -- a champion. folks are looking up to you. your community, they're looking up to you. everywhere you go now, you are -- now, you guys -- first time you guys have won the state championship, correct? you guys are now role models. understand that. a lot of athletes don't get that part. you are now a role model. everything you do in the city, in school, at home, everybody's looking up to you now. huge responsibility. congratulations to you, but understand, there's a lot of responsibility, and everything you did to win that state championship, you've got to do it in the classroom. all that dedication, all that extra work, you've got to do it. that's what's got to happen. now, i wear my ring with pride. everywhere i go, i tell people, i am a former san francisco
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49er, but i am a champion, and i carry myself as a champion. so this day is fun, but understand you guys are role models, and everyone's looking up to you. so congratulations, thank you from the san francisco 49ers, thank you, london for having us out here. thank you, london. understa understand, you've got a responsibility now, and let's do it again. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, and it's at this time may i please call the captains of the championship team to the podium, please. [applause]. >> all right. who's going first? talk to your team.
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[applause]. >> i'm not good at speech, so i would like to say thank you for inviting us here, and thank you coach mark for the dedication for four years, saying i want to be a quarter back. coach black, i hate you so much on the field sometimes, but deep in my heart, i love you. i love you so much, coach. especially you guys, i love you guys. and keep it a secret, you'll always be my family. baseball...and yeah, thank you so much. [applause]. >> all right. all right.
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all right. i say it's been fun, a lot of fun. i didn't think we'd make it to state, but then i saw, i realized all the talent we had, some of it. and thank you for inviting us here. it's very nice. i've never been here, so it's a good experience. and thank you to my coaches for letting me play. we did all the hard work through my four years here, and it was fun. thank you. [applause]. >> all right. these four years have been really fun. i never -- like, never thought i would get here to this point. i was, like, being a wide receiver, because my freshman year, i want a lineman. now, it's really new to me. and then, i just slowly transitioned over, and i never knew that it was -- like, this
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can happen. i -- like, we won a championship my freshman year, and i really wanted to win it, like, either my junior or senior year, too, but i never knew we could go, like, farther than that. okay. thank you. [applause]. >> first of all, i want to say thank you for inviting us. also, i have fun this four years. i never knew it would come this fast, but also, i'd like to thank my whole team for actually showing me what brothers are. but in my freshman year, i wasn't doing so good, and my grades weren't so good. then, my coaches, they motivated me and said i couldn't play because of my grades. so i decided my sophomore year to do better. also my team, they are one of a kind.
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they are one of a kind. they put what happens in their lives for football, and that's what makes our team special. we're all different, but when we come on the field, we all act like one, so thank you. [applause] [ inaudible ] >> the captains, they'll look back on this one day: i spoke in there one time. so it's at this point, we are going to award the special certificates, so at this time, i need a little help. president london breed, would you give me a hand, as well as assembly woman carmen chiu, mr. brown, hydro mendoza, as well
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as council member cooke, we've got a plan. sure. carmen chiu and steven hsu are up here so handout these certificates. so i'm going to go in alphabetical order. the first name i've got is abdul absahid. joel ali. andr andres -- andre alexander. andres -- reese bickart.
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copy callantalla. leon leonel dujardin. ronnie fox. jackie guo. antonio haro. zayru hayes. oh, he had to check -- i'm sorry. brandon ho. andy ix. pedro jaime alas. dason king. joh johan lacayo.
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eric larreynaga. roberto lee. brian lee. kingsley mai. max miles. jiovani molina. donny nguyen. rafael oropeza. you are next, adrian poot.
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thomas santos. yarvell smith. matthew tu. kyree coleman. oh, cesar garcia. can't forget about you. and of course coach mark huynh.
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marcus blackshire, jr., is your offensive coordinator. steven carlton is your head coach, and daniel lynch, please come to the stage, assistant coach. and of course, galileo principal, principal bernal. g.
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you guys feeling good? give yourselves a round of applause. but before we get out of here, let's give our time to the woman of the hour, the one who made this all happen, your president -- i love how that sounds -- london breed. [applause]. >> the hon. l. breed: just a few remarks to close it out. again, thank you each and every one of you for being here.
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thank you, mr. brown for being here, thank you to derek brown for all the work he did to bring it together. thank you so much. [applause]. so you're getting rings, you got certificates, and tonight, city hall will be lit in purple and gold in your honor. [applause] >> the hon. l. breed: whose house? whose house? whose house? let's get fired up and ready to go. thank you, everybody, for being here this evening. have a wonderful night. [applause].
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>> manufacturing in cities creates this perfect platform for people to earn livelihoods and for people to create more economic prosperity. i'm kate sosa. i'm cofounder and ceo of sf made. sf made is a public private partnership in the city of san francisco to help manufacturers start, grow, and stay right here in san francisco. sf made really provides wraparound resources for manufacturers that sets us apart from other small business support organizations who provide more generalized
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support. everything we do has really been developed over time by listening and thinking about what manufacturer needs grow. for example, it would be traditional things like helping them find capital, provide assistance loans, help to provide small business owners with education. we have had some great experience doing what you might call pop ups or temporary selling events, and maybe the most recent example was one that we did as part of sf made week in partnership with the city seas partnership with small business, creating a 100 company selling day right here at city hall, in partnership with mayor lee and the board of supervisors, and it was just a wonderful opportunity for many of our smaller manufacturers who may be one or two-person shop, and who don't have the
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wherewithal to have their own dedicated retail store to show their products and it comes back to how do we help companies set more money into arthur businesses and develop more customers and their relationships, so that they can continue to grow and continue to stay here in san francisco. i'm amy kascel, and i'm the owner of amy kaschel san francisco. we started our line with wedding gowns, and about a year ago, we launched a ready to wear collection. san francisco's a great place to do business in terms of clientele. we have wonderful brides from all walks of life and doing really interesting things: architects, doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, other like minded entrepreneurs, so really
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fantastic women to work with. i think it's important for them to know where their clothes are made and how they're made. >> my name is jefferson mccarly, and i'm the general manager of the mission bicycle company. we sell bikes made here for people that ride here. essentially, we sell city bikes made for riding in urban environments. our core business really is to build bikes specifically for each individual. we care a lot about craftsmanship, we care a lot about quality, we care about good design, and people like that. when people come in, we spend a lot of time going to the design wall, and we can talk about handle bars, we can see the riding position, and we take notes all over the wall. it's a pretty fun shopping
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experience. paragraph. >> for me as a designer, i love the control. i can see what's going on, talk to my cutter, my pattern maker, looking at the designs. going through the suing room, i'm looking at it, everyone on the team is kind of getting involved, is this what that drape look? is this what she's expecting, maybe if we've made a customization to a dress, which we can do because we're making everything here locally. over the last few years, we've been more technical. it's a great place to be, but you know, you have to concentrate and focus on where things are going and what the right decisions are as a small business owner. >> sometimes it's appropriate to bring in an expert to offer
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suggestions and guidance in coaching and counseling, and other times, we just need to talk to each other. we need to talk to other manufacturers that are facing similar problems, other people that are in the trenches, just like us, so that i can share with them a solution that we came up with to manage our inventory, and they can share with me an idea that they had about how to overcome another problem. >> moving forward, where we see ourselves down the road, maybe five and ten years, is really looking at a business from a little bit more of a ready to wear perspective and making things that are really thoughtful and mindful, mindful of the end user, how they're going to use it, whether it's the end piece or a he hwedding gown, are they going to use it again, and incorporating that into the end collection, and so that's the direction i hear at
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this point. >> the reason we are so enamored with the work we do is we really do see it as a platform for changing and making the city something that it has always been and making sure that we're sharing the opportunities that we've been blessed with economically and socially as possible, broadening that
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everyone, thank you for coming here today, i know a lot of you have been waiting a long time. thank you for making the time


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