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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 14, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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's administrative code to comply with state requirements for four police officer or a firefighter, if they have heart disease and pneumonia. this is an industrial industry. the actual cost is based on the actuaries and the retirement system. increasing the city's retirement contribution. retirement contributions are on the table and are estimated to be less than a tenth of a% increase in the percentage contribution to payroll. we consider the recommendation to be positive and recommend it recommended to the board of supervisors. >> thank you. when we move to public comments, are there any members of the public who wish to testify on this item? actually, i have one speaker card.
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>> mr. chairman, board members, supervisors, thank you for the opportunity to present and thank you for your support of this. in 19309, 80 years ago, a charter amendment came in which was 16.85 creating something for police officers. in that same year, the legislator in the state of california created a heart presumption that applies throughout the state. over the years, these last 80 years, the presumption containing in the labor code has changed numerous times. the presumption contained in our own administrative code has changed not once. we are asking simply that the administrative code parallel the code that applies for all public police officers and firefighters in the state of california so they are similar. here is an example as to what the change would amount to. supposing a san francisco
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firefighter or police officer with 25 years of service was out on the job and in pursue of their own employment, they suffered a heart attack. this firefighter or police officer, because of the severity of the attack, may not be able to return to sir her employment. under the current system, evidence could be introduced to show that firefighter or police officer was under medical care for hypertension which -- and may have been taking cholesterol pills, and other things of that sort to attempt to defeat that application. under this legislation, that no longer will be allowed. it is not allowed in the cases and it is not allowed in the 1937 counties act. 95% of police officers and firefighters are under those sections. we are all going to be treated
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the same. thank you for your support. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm a san francisco firefighter. i stand here to think our sponsor and cosponsors for bringing this legislation up. this would be a great opportunity for us to be able to work more with the families of our firefighters and police officers who suffer. there are many times -- most of the families are struggling to get healthy and be able to move forward. and then have the extra stress of trying to go and fight has put much strain on them. thank you for your work. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> good morning, supervisors. i also want to thank all of you for sponsoring this legislation. over time, we noticed there were certain holes or loopholes in our presented legislation and it started out with finding out the firefighters are having to fight to get their paycheque while they were battling cancer, and later on we discovered there was also a similar loophole in the legislation for heart presumption where police officers and firefighters had to be fighting for their paycheque while fighting for their life. this closes that loophole and gives assurance to those who give their heart and soul to the city that they will be taking care of. we thank you and appreciate their work on this. -- appreciate your work on this. >> thank you. are there any other members of the public who wish to testify? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> mr. chairman, by e-mail to the clerk, i'm also a cosponsor. >> thank you.
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can we recommend this to the full board without objection? thank you. mr. clerk, please call item number three. >> agenda number three is a real illusion -- resolution approving the annual reports for the community valley district. it is required by the improvement district law of 1994 in the district management agreement. >> thank you. i would like to recognize helen mar from the office of economic and workforce development. you have three minutes to present on this item. >> good morning supervisors. my name is helen and i'm the project manager with the office of economic and workforce development and working on the team that provides oversight to the program. we're we are here today for the community benefit district fiscal year 17, 18 annual report review. as you may know, the boards are governed by total pieces of
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legislation. our review process is oewd ensures that all c.b.d.s and b. ids are meeting their management plan. we conduct an annual review of reports and they review. we provide the board of supervisors with a memo. here is a parcel map for the c.b.d. encompasses 218 parcels. it is a property-based district with an initial assessment budget of $230,000. it was established in 2005 and is set to expire on june 30th, 2020. the executive director is also here. their service areas are public rights-of-way and sidewalk operation, district identity and
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street improvements, as well as administration and corporate operations. oewd staff reviewed the following budget related benchmarks for the c.b.d. benchmark one was a variance between the budget amounts for each service category with the intent -- within ten percentage points. benchmark two was a 5% of the valley actuals that came from sources other than adjusted revenue. leslie, whether the c.b.d. is indicating the amount of funds carried over and designating projects to be spent in the upcoming fiscal year. for benchmark one, the c.b.d. did not meet this benchmark. this was due to an additional requirement by the city for their financial statements.
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they did meet their benchmark two and raised over 207.3% in nonassessment revenue. they met benchmark three for their budget versus actual, and benchmark four, they carried over their spending to the upcoming fiscal year. in conclusion, they will sunset into 2020 and begun the renewal campaign. they did not meet benchmark one due to its structural weakness in the management plan. the c.b.d. needs to decrease the budgeted amount for administrative and corporate operations by 3.5% and increase the budget. are there any questions for staff? >> thank you so much.
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>> hello, i'm the executive director. we clean, green, and improve public space. she showed you the mac. what we have done is a long-term street plan which is enables us to provide benches and open gardens and we are very active with the community. we put on lots of events throughout the year. we had grants from oewd, which used to be a gas station, and we continue to do things like egg hunts. day-to-day, we move a lot of trash, we move greek -- we remove graffiti, we have ten annual power washings of sidewalks. people of flour best six, et cetera. 204th street looks pretty good our biggest challenge is renewing next year. it has been 15 years and we are up for renewal. we are shrinking the district
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and focusing mostly on the commercial area. we are petitioning to get some funding for a bathroom at the town square. and some projects and visions include murals on blank walls and countdown signals which are part of the long-term plan for the street. our biggest project that we are working on with the merchants is to redo the codes for 204th street. there's too many conditional uses attached to any building or any business that wants to move into the district. that is it. thanks a lot. [please stand by]
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and was established in 2006. they're set to expire on
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june 30th, 2020. executive director ran doll scott is here to present today, for the fiscal year '17-'18, they had executive director troy campbell, who left and took up a new position with the calistoga chamber of commerce. direct identity, street operations, beautification order, administration and corporate expenses. the same for all c.b.d. automaker, bench mark two, the variance for their non-assessment requirement is 5% for the landslide. the c.b.d. met all benchmarks, management plan versus annual budget for both sides. their assessment revenue, they were also able to raise over 31%, which greatly exceeded their benefit requirements. they met benchmark three, budget versus actuals for both land
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shied and port side. and they indicated their carry-over in the annual reports. our recommendations and findings was they were successful in exceeding their general benefit requirement. they have hosted successful events and have partnered with the broader community to make the area a destination for locals. they'll sunset on june 30th, 2020. and have begun their renewal campaign midway through fiscal '17-'18. they have fourth of july fleetwood war fest and maintained a super active community board of director. are there any questions? i would like to present randall scott to present on his portion. >> good morning, chairman mar, supervisor brown, supervisor peskin. as mentioned, i'm the current executive director, '17-'18 troy
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campbell, my predecessor. so these are actually his slides. he prepared it, as the nice guy he is, before he left. i'll quickly take you through it. '17-'18 removed 25,000 pounds of trash. very active in cleaning graffiti, removing a lot of unwanted items from the sidewalk. we do track '17-'18 public disturbances, our ambassadors did a really good job of taking care of the safety on the street. of course, hospitality is the underlying thing at the wharf. so 20,000 incidents our f-of ambassadors talking to people. street operations, beautification, the retail strategy. s.f. rec and park. you know, maintain tree lights, you know, we do -- they do a very good job. we do a very good job of making sure everything is beautiful and in order. marketing. we have a robust marketing budget, it's like 30% of our
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budget. treasure hunt was created, it's been very successful. for our media tours, sponsor the usual events, fort of doctor fourth of july, wharf fest, tell of tell high, the crab feed, national night out. and a lot of big partnerships with the merchants' association. other items, district newsletter, travel industry newsletter, consumer newsletter. the brochures, the marketing plan. and website, something for eauto. we rank number two just behind the merchants' association, that's primarily because -- they have the name fisherman's we are visitfisherman's and our market -- annual marketing plan strategy, we produce this every year. and through partnerships with our -- both the property owners and the businesses to execute
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throughout the year. fiscals. i have already gone over from the oewd. we maintain our budget and exceed our fundraising efforts. and that's '17-'18 there. are there any questions? >> okay. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> are there any members of the public that wish to testify on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> mr. chairman, i would move that we send this to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> great. done. thank you. [gavel] mr. clerk, please call item number 5. >> resolution receive around approving the annual report for the ocean avenue community benefit district for the fiscal year 2017-2018. >> welcome back up, ms. mar.
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>> thank you. >> so ocean avenue is an initial assessment budget of $239,578. first established in 2010 and set to expire on june 30th, 2025. their staff is executive director daniel weaver, the service areas are safety and community ambassadors, cleaning program, administration and corporate operations. we reviewed the same benchmarks for ocean avenue c.b.d., variouses in benchmark 2, they're required to raise 1% of the non-assessment revenue from -- i mean, the total budget from non-assessment sources. for all of the four benchmarks, they were able to meet them. management plan versus annual budget, they met this requirement. they met their assessment revenue versus other income requirements.
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their budget versus actuals and they indicated their carry-over in their annual reports and designated a spend-down plan. in inclusion, they have conformed well in implementing the service plan in the district. they implemented all recommendations recommendations from fiscal year 2017-2018. they partnered with o.34678i. culture project, a high school to begin ocean avenue arts bazaar and a monthly event series in unity plaza. they worked with small business facade program to make over two storefronts. they maintain several subcommittees and a board of directors. and i'd like to invite up mr. dan weaver. >> good morning, supervisors. this is an area map of the
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c.b.d. basically we're along ocean avenue we also provide services to the city college campus there at the eastern end of the district. we have two very active committees, street life committee, focusing on activation of the retail district and the business committee, concerned with small business growth or attraction, growth and retention. this is a list of our partner organizations and non-profit sector. and our government partner organizations.
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in fiscal year '17-'18, o.a.a. secured non-assessment grant funding, which brought our -- this augments our assessment revenue to bring our total revenue to $429,511, enables us to conduct projects connected to our goals of marketing, beautification, maintenance, and cleaning. focusing on our largest budget item, maintenance, cleaning and safety, we've employed clean scapes, which provides street maintenance service six days a week. sidewalk and gutter, trash pick-up, pressure washing and cleaning and graffiti removal, when needed. an arborist now which maintains
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our urban forest. o.a.a. maintains sidewalk gardens, an increasing amount i must say. it's a very popular thing in the neighborhood. sidewalk gardens on ocean avenue and on perpendicular side streets. o.a.a.'s project utilize neighborhood volunteers for planting and garden maintenance. and o.a.a. maintains the ocean, geneva green space and a number of other spaces, which o.a.a. established through grants in 2017. that's the wrong direction.
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yes. this is our best example of activating a public space. this is the new unity plaza. and this is youth art exchange, lake meridian high school and other neighborhood non-profits celebrating an event, annual spring event in the plaza for the first time. challenges we have in our district include ever-increasing high rents, design-challenged business spaces lead to long-term vacancies. property owners and business owners underinvest in their storefronts, giving some facades a beat-up, shop-worn experience.
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and perspective development projects threaten to take away sidewalk-level storefronts. and replace them. opportunities. there's a high interest in the neighborhood for public art events and entertainment, as well as tree planting and landscaping, as i said. o.a.a. is working to program free public events and install new public artworks on the corridor. new businesses establishing an ocean avenue, to bring the potential for business owners to participate and advocating for the ocean avenue community. development projects on ocean have the potential to provide new retail spaces in a variety of sizes.
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looking back from '17-'18, when this report was prepared, or focused on, our project and visions include continuing to develop activities around unity plaza, pursuing maintenance agreement for balboa park, bart station area, which is a big challenge for us. and other transit yards to make them attractive places and places that are well maintained and safe. successfully raise funds for a new sculpttural gateway, this will connect the ocean avenue sidewalk and be a pedestrian and planned to be a pedestrian and bicycle route from the new balboa reservoir to the ocean avenue sidewalk and transit.
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develop and promote projects in the o.a.a.'s 15-year plan for the c.b.d. corridor, that focuses on transit station area, including the balboa park, bart station and the sfmta streetcar maintenance facilities. thank you. i just want to point out in this final picture the cross on the elray theatre tower. it's ideally going to become a focus on the western side of our retail district. although for many years it's been not available for people. and it has become very run down. we are trying to work with the owners and developers and move this project forward as fast as we can. this was happening back in 1718.
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and it's still happening. that's it. do you have any questions? >> thank you, mr. weaver in any questions? any members of the public that wish to testify on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel] colleagues can we send this to the full board with positive recommendation, without objection? great. [gavel] mr. clerk, please call item number six. a resolution receiving and approving an annual report for the top of broadway community benefit district for 2017-2018. >> ms. mar? >> lastly, with we have the annual report report for top of broadway. top of broadway c.b.d. is the smallest cracked we have in our portfolio. an initial assessment budget of
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$106,567. established in 2013, and is set to expire on june 30th, 2021. the staff is the executive director marco epantry and dominick lepantry. district identity, street operations, beautification and order. and administration, organization, and corporate operations. we reviewed the same benchmarks for top of broadway c.b.d. the only variance was they were required to raise 1% of the total budget from non-assessment forces. this -- the top of broadway c.b.d. met all following four benchmarks. their management plan versus annual budgets, assessment revenue and other income, they were able to raise 37.5 in non-assessment revenue. the budget versus actuals and they had indicated their '17-'18 kari-over in the annual reports and designated a spend-downtime line.
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our recommendations and findings. the top of broadway c.b.d. met all four benchmarks. there was a significant decrease in the amount of contributions given to the c.b.d. the number would have been lower, not for a grant that the c.b.d. had received and utilized in fiscal year '17-'18. continued decrease would be hazardous to the c.b.d.'s long-term health and to the implementation of its management plan. the c.b.d. was able to maintain an active board of directors and committee members as well. are there any questions for staff? so i'd like to invite up mr. dominick lemandry to present on his statements. >> good morning. i believe i'm the last presentation on c.b.d.s today. so thank you. i'll make this brief. as helen mentioned, my name is dominick lemandry. i'm the district manager for c.b.d. our mission top of broadway c.b.d. is quite simple. we're here to essentially increase the quality of life and
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entrepreneurial vitality. so just in general, background information on the district. it was formed in 2013. it started services in 2014. 39 parcels, over 100 businesses and operating budget of around $177,000 a year. and we provide seven-day-a-week sidewalk betweening between 8:0. a budget breakdown. as you can see, the majority of our income comes from our assessments, but we've been very successful in bringing in non-assessment revenue, sponsorships, donations and we've been able to leverage that to continue services, even though we have quite small assessment amount. and you can see our breakdown of our budget right there. the district identity, operations and admin. so our strategic vision and plan for broadway is essentially can be bulleted down to a few point. create a safe environment for the neighborhood, increase the walkability of the neighborhood
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and different street scape enhancements, further integrate the community in the surrounding north beach community, jon square, get them rolling in the same direction, all, you know, have the same vision of what broadway can be. and we facilitate this mission and this vision through three separate committees, that we, you know, meet regularly to decide and collaborate. so the first committee is federal cooperations. you know, just like every other c.b.d. that's presented today, we sweep sidewalks, we pressure wash, we remove graffiti, remove needles. and we move illegal dumped materials. here's some highlights of our staff. we're able to provide near-total coverage last year of sidewalks on broadway, with is great, although we're small, we produce a lot of trash on our streets. having the district look presentable day in and day out, definitely a shining achievement of ours. we are able to remove 9,000 bags of trash, over 1200 instances of
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graffiti. illegal dumping incidents did decrease, because i attribute that to increased effectiveness of d.p.w. of removing that off the street before our porters are able to report it and remove. we pressure washed the district 14 times. district identity. it's smaller committee versus federal cooperations. but we had big achievements last year. we put in ten historical markers in and around broadway. we put up lighting installation, l.e.d. lighting installation that wind ised over the steps to help illuminate the corridor. we can change it based on the season. so it's very exciting. we're able to collaborate to install cams in and around broadway, that are then serviced by north beach citizens. it's a very collaborative effort and we're very proud of that. some community probables. the installation, we've got good press from hood line. i'm talking about the probably that we're doing and the north beach association did at the
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bottom of grant avenue. the historical marker project, putting ten blocks in and around broadway, the surf rider district-wide installations. we put ten cams around broad bray and the can placement, at the corner of kearny and broadway, based off our advocacy. district challenges. a lot of the similar challenges you see all around the city, homelessness continues to be a paramount concern. i can say that definitely has improved over the last two to three years. illegal dumping of commercial waste, as well as, you know, just residential belongings continue to pop up on our sidewalks. we do our best to get them off the sidewalks as soon as possible. and we have a couple of long-term vacancies on broadway unfortunately. those are continued sites of, you know, encampments and what not. the bottom photos are the trees fallen over on broadway. that's all one tree. this is one of the biggest problems we had on broadway this past fiscal year. where we've had 40% to 50% of
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the trees on broadway put in after the broadway street scape improvement project. they've paved over or replanted. this tree in particular was reported for three weeks on about the dangerous leaning, until it finally fell over and laid on the sidewalk for 72 hours before it was removed. this is broadway. so this is not a side street. this is a very active thoroughfare. ness something that we continue to work with b.u.f. and d.p.w. on to make sure it doesn't happen again. part of our organizations, i mentioned a few of them throughout my mention. we couldn't do without help from helen and chris. they run this program very efficiently and very effectively so kudos to them. d.p.w., and we work very closely with central station and the captain there. we have strong ties with the broadway community and the broadway cultural society. we work with the north beach citizens', north beach neighbor, north beach business
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association, t.h.c. and jackson square and, of course, supervisor peskin. thank you. do you have any questions? >> yeah. thank you so much. are there any members of the public that wish to testify on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel] and i would send this -- make a motion to send this to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> all right. [gavel] mr. clerk, please call item numberhearing to receive the office of the chief medical examiner's annual report on staffing and accreditation updates, as required by admin code section 2a 30. supervisor peskin. >> thank you, chair mar. colleagues, i called for this hearing back in may, after it came to my attention. actually a perennial issue now for a long time. this dates back to the beginning of this century, with a civil grand jury report in 1999-2000,
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that spoke to deficiencies in the medical examiner's office. i received complaints from individuals who have waited, what i think is far too long and beyond the industry practices, to get death certificates and final autopsy reports. there has been an ongoing chronic staff shortage, a lot of staff turnovers. as a matter of fact, right now we don't -- we have an acting medical examiner. our last medical examiner upped and left the medical examiner's office. it has lost its accreditation. there have been chronic problems with having their annual reports posted online. there is evidence that annual reports have been changed after the fact. and so i want to delve into every aspect of this, with an
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eye not to be critical, but see if we can all collaborate together with the city administrator to fix it and make it a shining example of what a medical examiner's office can and should be. to that end, i would actually like to continue this to our first meeting on october, on october 3rd, to give my office a chance to sit down with staff at the medical examiner's office. so we can start a constructive dialogue in advance of this hearing. so subject to public comment, i would like to make a motion to continue this item to the 3rd day of october. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. let's do public comment first. and are from any -- are there any members of the public that want to testify to this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. do we have a motion to continue
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this to -- >> 3rd october, 2019. >> october 3rd. g.a.o. committee meeting. seconded -- motion made by supervisor peskin, seconded by supervisor brown. can we take that without objection? great. [gavel] and any further business? >> there is no further business. >> we are adjourned. thank you. [gavel] it.
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>> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges resident to do their shop & dine in the 49 within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services in the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so we're will you shop & dine in the 49 chinatown has to be one the best unique shopping areas in san francisco that is color fulfill and safe each vegetation and seafood and find everything in chinatown the walk shop in chinatown welcome to jason dessert i'm the fifth generation of candy in san francisco still that serves 2000 district in the chinatown in the
4:39 am
past it was the tradition and my family was the royal chef in the pot pals that's why we learned this stuff and moved from here to have dragon candy i want people to know that is art we will explain a walk and they can't walk in and out it is different techniques from stir frying to smoking to steaming and they do show of. >> beer a royalty for the age berry up to now not people know that especially the toughest they think this is - i really appreciate they love this art. >> from the cantonese to the hypomania and we have hot pots we have all of the cuisines of
4:40 am
china in our chinatown you don't have to go far. >> small business is important to our neighborhood because if we really make a lot of people lives better more people get a job here not just a big firm. >> you don't have to go anywhere else we have pocketed of great neighborhoods haul have all have their own uniqueness. >> san francisco has to all >> mayor breed: i just figured everybody would be at work and it would be a couple of us today. but i see the cole valley community came out. thank you so much for being here today at wooden, one of the newest establishments right here
4:41 am
in the cole valley community. this is an amazing neighborhood. so many great places like reverie and the ice cream bar and zazie. this is an incredible place to enjoy the day. there's wine that you can buy. there is a postal service. there is hardware. anything that you want is located in this community. it's one of the best-kept secrets in san francisco. i know that because i come out here and hide a lot. [ laughter ]. >> mayor breed: but of course the community, they recognize me because i served as a supervisor and one of the things that we know happens sometimes with our small businesses, they get caught up in the bureaucracy, when all they want to do is provide a service to the community. this is a neighborhood where people know one another, where they walk down the street and
4:42 am
see one another, where they hang out in places like this to enjoy each other's company. where we have watched kids grow up in this neighborhood. the fact that small businesses which oftentimes are run by the owners of the small businesses, the fact that they have to deal with so much bureaucracy makes me crazy. one of the things i have said we need to do time and time again is can you tell the bureaucratic red tape that gets in the way of allowing our small businesses to just exist and be enjoyable for communities like cole valley. [ applause ]. >> mayor breed: so i'd like to use this as an example, and let me pause for a minute and recognize captain bailey and the folks from park police station and the people who keep our community safe. we really appreciate you. [ applause ].
4:43 am
>> mayor breed: but when i was supervisor, val, you remember this, free gold watch. you all know that, the pinball machines in that place. so free gold watch, an incredible place. there were pinball machine tournaments, there were activities, a place where the community came together. well, unfortunately it discovered after they opened that they were basically not in compliance with the law. years ago in the 1980s when we thought that video games were going to destroy young people, destroy civilization as we know it, all these laws were created that limited the ability to have these arcade locations within the certain area of the school or a park or gas station and all this craziness. i just couldn't believe it that we could potentially lose this amazing institution because of some dated laws. of course, it's not just about
4:44 am
creating new laws, but about fixing the old laws that put us in this situation in the first place. we got rid of that. free gold watch and all these other amazing places are open to bring back our childhood for most of us who lived through that time. this is no exception, where i think you just -- if you just wanted to basically have music and sell a little bit of wine and beer for a comedy night. what he had to go through has been crazy because of some laws that were passed that impact neighboring communities which is sometimes unfair. what we are doing today is making it easier for small businesses to provide what i think is a basic community service. of course, when you're watching comedy, you have to have wine or
4:45 am
beer or some kind of beverage in your hand to just enjoy it. because most of the comics sometimes aren't even funny. [ laughter ]. >> mayor breed: so here we are. trying to make it easier for our small business community and sign this legislation. my commitment to addressing what we know is a real challenge around how small businesses are able to survive and thrive in this city is important to me. dealing with our empty store fronts, coming up with new solutions, both with changes to our policies but also with financial investments. even if we can't get rid of certain fees, i do think it's important that we continue through the mayor's office of economic and workforce development under the leadership of qua -- joaquim torez to make sure we are working with small businesses to do facade
4:46 am
improvements and many others. this is how we're going to get there and the board of supervisors who has been incredibly focused. even before she was on the board of supervisors where she served as a legislative aid for two previous supervisors, i was one of those supervisors, there was no one more committed to supporting small businesses and being responsive to the community than your supervisor, district 5 supervisor, val brown. [ applause ]. >> i just want to thank a few people. i have them written down. i want to first thank the mayor. i want to thank the team at o.e.w.d., ben, when we were doing this legislation, it was grinding. just because it was pushed out,
4:47 am
came back. ben would come back and think he had a way to do that. i want to thank my aide in the corner hiding like normal. [ applause ]. >> he kept saying, we can do it, we can do it. i want to thank the chamber of commerce. they were there all along coming to meetings and speaking in favor. the council of district merchants. and really especially the cole valley community. when this came to me -- i have to say, though, this is kind of a bit of a strange groundhog day for me. when we talked about this, actually planning came to us ten years ago and asked us to clean up a lot of the regulations around these kind of restrictions for businesses, because they said they were archaic, hurting small business. you have to remember ten years ago we were in a downturn, the economic downturn. we just didn't have time or the bandwidth to deal with it.
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when this came back to me ten years in the making, that happened with clean power. i started clean power and finished it in supervisor breed's office. this was ten years in the making again. but this time i said, hey, you know what? this is a heavy lift, but we need to do this for small businesses. we need to do this for the person that comes every morning, opens up their door, is here serving coffee, is here cutting your hair, giving you some of the best cheese you've ever had at say cheese. we need to do this for small business. they're struggling. we, as a city, should be doing everything we can to keep small businesses in place and to open small businesses. we need to be able to take the regulations away that hurt them, to take the time it takes to open a small business. i don't know how you can afford
4:49 am
to pay for a space for a year to 18 months before you even have a business. how is that possible? you have to probably save for two years just to open a small business. so we have to say no. we have to make sure that we protect small businesses. because, look, i lived in lower haye for 20 years and then i moved into this community. i feel it's a mayberry. i walk down the street and know everybody. i can go from one store to another and get what i need for my everyday needs and meet the people that i absolutely adore on these streets. so we have to keep these neighborhood corridors vibrant. if we don't have vibrant neighborhood corridors, what does that do? that affects the whole entire
4:50 am
community. when the neighbors came to me, cole valley, and said, look, we really support this business. they want a simple beer and wine license so he can have comedy night. how many times does a neighborhood come to you and say we want this business of a beer and wine? usually it's the owner, right? i said, wow, steve, you must have done something right in this neighborhood because they absolutely loved steve and said, steve, we want you to be here and successful. the least i could do was take this legislation and push it through. now, it took me three times before it went through l.a.n. use and i had third time is a charm and we got it through. we did it and we all worked together, and it was unanimous at the board. i want to thank everyone who was involved. there was so many people who came out for public comment. people behind the scenes saying this is what we need.
4:51 am
steve, you came to those public comments. your staff watched the store while you came. your café. you waited and spoke three times. i'm sorry. we shouldn't be doing that to small businesses. so really appreciate your time becau because, steve, you helped the whole city. you helped the whole city when the supervisors heard your story and they said, we've got to help this person, this small business, you helped the whole city. so you're an activist. [ applause ]. >> so that point i'm going to introduce steve wikwire that owns this marvelous café and give you a few words. thank you. [ applause ]. >> thank you all for being here.
4:52 am
so some of you know i opened this shop after working in san francisco for ten years. i wanted to bring my passion and dedication for really high-end coffee service to cole valley, where i thought it was needed. it's been really awesome and amazing being able to contribute to this community. with this legislation passing, we'll be able to contribute more, namely, staying open later, providing beer and wine service, and doing really fun comedy shows here that i think will just breathe some new life into the neighborhood and add to the mix around here. i really just want to thank our district supervisor vallie brown and her team for supporting
4:53 am
this. [ applause ]. >> if we do want to see more small businesses opening and being run by community members, people who want to serve their communities. it just needs to be a little bit easier to do. we need more pathways for these businesses to grow and adapt as they move forward. so that's really what this is all about. all of your support has made that happen here, so thank you all so much. [ applause ]. >> thank you. up next is rodney fong. >> thank you, steve. congratulations. i feel like it's a new day. it's a fresh breath of air. it literally is a chamber of commerce day here in san francisco. i want to thank mayor breed, supervisor brown for being
4:54 am
champions of this legislation. all of the points you bring up about the vitality of san francisco, how important it is for our streets to be filled with people and to get involved with businesses. at the chamber of commerce we've put an emphasis on small businesses. i feel growing up in a small business and running our wax museum down at fishermen's wharf, creativity is the secret sauce. if we can give entrepreneurs the ability to be cultivators of things, we're going to do well. i'm happy to be here. i hope we have many, many more opportunities like this. congratulations to the planning department and clearing some of the red tape. hopefully we can get more businesses open here this san francisco. thank you very much for coming,
4:55 am
and congratulations to you. [ applause ]. >> mayor breed: thank you, rodney. before we sign this legislation, i just want to thank our two small business commissioners for being here today. thank you so much. steve, who is the president of the commission and sharkie, one of the newest sworn-in commissioners because of his challenges with his small business here in san francisco. so you really have some champions helping to push forward the kinds of policies that hopefully will make a difference for our small business community here in san francisco. now, let's get this piece of legislation signed. [ applause ]
4:56 am
[ applause ] [♪] shop and dine on the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do shopping and dining within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within neighborhood. we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant. where will you shop and dine in the 49? san francisco owes the charm to the unique character of the neighborhood comer hall
4:57 am
district. each corridor has its own personality. our neighborhoods are the engine of the city. >> you are putting money and support back to the community you live in and you are helping small businesses grow. >> it is more environmentally friendly. >> shopping local is very important. i have had relationships with my local growers for 30 years. by shopping here and supporting us locally, you are also supporting the growers of the flowers, they are fresh and they have a price point that is not imported. it is really good for everybody. >> shopping locally is crucial. without that support, small
4:58 am
business can't survive, and if we lose small business, that diversity goes away, and, you know, it would be a shame to see that become a thing of the past. >> it is important to dine and shop locally. it allows us to maintain traditions. it makes the neighborhood. >> i think san francisco should shop local as much as they can. the retail marketplace is changes. we are trying to have people on the floor who can talk to you and help you with products you are interested in buying, and help you with exploration to try things you have never had before. >> the fish business, you think it is a piece of fish and fisherman. there are a lot of people working in the fish business,
4:59 am
between wholesalers and fishermen and bait and tackle. at the retail end, we about a lot of people and it is good for everybody. >> shopping and dining locally is so important to the community because it brings a tighter fabric to the community and allows the business owners to thrive in the community. we see more small businesses going away. we need to shop locally to keep the small business alive in san francisco. >> shop and dine in the 49 is a cool initiative. you can see the banners in the streets around town. it is great. anything that can showcase and legitimize small businesses is a wonderful thing.
5:00 am
good welcome to the september 11, 2019 meeting of the san francisco board of appeals. president rick swig will be the presiding officer,


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