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tv   SF Planning Commission  SFGTV  April 9, 2021 8:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> [inaudible] >> i can commit to san francisco's what? >> you can commit [inaudible] >> no. i can't commit that. all right. thank you. >> welcome to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing -- remote hearing for april 1st, 2021. on february 5th, the mayor declared a state of emergency in 2019. the planning commission
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received authorization from the mayor's office to reconvene remotely until the end of the shelter-in-place. remote hearing. sfgov tv is broadcasting live. comments, opportunities to speak during the public comment period are available by calling (415) 655-0001 and entering access code 1871702412. when we reach the item you are interested in, please press star then 3 to be added to the queue. when you hear that your line has been unmuted, that is your indication to begin speaking. each speaker will be allowed up to three minutes and when you have 30 seconds remaining, you will hear a chime indicating
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your time is up. best practices are to call from a quiet location. speak clearly and slowly and please mute the volume on your television or computer. i'd like to take role at this time. [roll call] thank you, commissioners. first on your agenda is proposed for continue wans to april 15th, 2021.
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532 jones street. this is an amendment to existing conditions of approval as proposed for approval and 600 south. and item 4 case number 2016-000302 drp, 460 vallejo street. and so we should open up public comment. members of the public, if you wish to speak to any of these matters proposed for continue wans, now's your opportunity. seeing none. public comment is closed. and the matters proposed for continuance are before you.
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>> president: commissioner. [roll call] that motion passes unanimously 7-0. placing this on your consent calendar and all matters. are considered to be routine by the planning commission and may be acted upon by a single roll call of the commission. in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and removed.
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item 5. and 2285 jerrold avenue. and item 7 case number 2020-006303 cua at 2201 pole street. commissioners, before i open up public comment or the opportunity for the members of the public to ask that these items be removed. when we do take up the matter we should take up five and six separately. and it might be easiest to take up item seven after we recuse commissioner diamond. members of the public, this is your opportunity to enter the queue by pressing star then 3 to request that these items be pulled off of consent.
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seeing no members of the public requesting to speak at this time. commissioners, public comment is closed and the matters are now before you. >> commissioners, just to be clear, i need to recuse myself because of a financial interest i have some at&t stocks in corporate. >> and just for your benefit, commissioner diamond, you do need to file a form with the ethics commission i believe it's ten or 15 days even for those matters that you are not present for. if you are absent on a day in which we would consider an item and you need to file the form.
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anyway. go ahead. >> commissioner tanner. >> commissioner: i was going to approve that we move item 7. >> president: first we would need a motion to recuse commissioner diamond. >> secretary: thank you. on that motion item 7 [roll call] >> commissioner: the reason i did that was according to the city attorney's office, this kind of financial recusal isn't subject to a vote of the commission, but i'm happy to vote "yes". >> secretary: oh, okay. >> commissioner: may we ought to check with the city
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attorney's office. >> secretary: i will follow up with the city attorney's office. [roll call] commissioner diamond, you are now he or she recused from item seven. >> president: and i will second commissioner tanner's motion to vote on item seven. is that correct? >> commissioner: yes. >> secretary: great. thank you, commissioners. and item 7 for powell street. on that motion [roll call] so moved, commissioners. that motion passes unanimously 6-0. commissioner diamond, you may now rejoin us for items five and six.
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>> president: commissioner imperial. >> commissioner: i'd like pas
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>> commissioner: as we are voting for other tools and finding financing or inclusionary housing or affordable housing. i'd like to see whether or not that applies to us in any form or shape to us in san francisco. that's all. thank you. >> president: [inaudible] >> commissioner: can you hear me fine? >> yes.
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that's better. >> commissioner: i have a follow up to director as to regarding sb30. what's the status of that and when it's ever going to have a presentation or something in terms of the implementation of the sb30 especially when it comes to continuances. so i know if perhaps, if there's a time line when the planning commissioner can have some sort of presentation on the sb30 local implementation, that would be great. that's all. >> as we do, every year, we're tracking the bills. many again are kind of related to housing issues. so, you know, it's a little tricky because these work their way through the process, some fall off and get amended
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significantly. so i'm happy to schedule in the next couple of weeks or months to have a discussion or just to give you a briefing on those bills. >> commissioner: yeah [inaudible] . sorry. >> president: commissioner imperial. i don't think it's your audio. i'm muting commissioner to remove that static. >> commissioner: we've heard comments about the clarification and continuances and we continue to have continuances. i think it's good to have an immediate clarification on that so that we are, you know,
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implementing the ab30 for our jurisdiction. that's all. >> president: commissioner tanner. >> commissioner: thank you. i just want to bring up something we've talked about before but with continuing occupation for cannabis dispensaries. i mean, it's certainly great to see empty store fronts becoming not empty anymore and to be providing more equity in the distribution of cannabis dispensaries, but i am concerned that we're kind of repeating ourselves, i don't want to equate cannabis with cigarettes. but cigarettes used to be sold everywhere and now we have diminished the number of locations where cigarettes are sold. same thing with alcohol sales. trying to diminish the amount of alcohol sales in locations.
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i just wonder are we as the commission and if anybody on the board is thinking about having actual caps for different areas of the city. we can distribute to equity and still have so many. those challenges in the industry in terms of saturation and, also, i just worry at some point we'll be kind of rolled back and telling folks they can't renew their business license or they can't have their business anymore because now we decide they're out of fashion and it's too many in the city. it's hard to make a decision just on each cannabis dispensary. we can certainly look at the merit of it. but i still feel at a loss for thinking kind of comprehensively about the distribution of cannabis dispensaries across the city and i don't know if other commissioners share my concern, but i guess i'm looking, director, to understand what we can do at this level. obviously, the board would have
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to create caps or any other type of refinement to the location that dispensaries can be allowed. so would love to hear if other commissioners are tuesday in this and as a directive what we can do on this commission. >> director: commission imperial. >> commissioner: i think we've had that discussion before and we have brought that up in terms of the racial equity of the make-up of the cannabis retail and even with the office of cannabis itself the question about equity. i think right now, we have a cap of about four applicants that can establish a cannabis retail and i think that's a good question for office of cannabis and also for us to look into the racial and social
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equity make-up of it and what kind of cannabis retail are we -- you know. in plans, we always talk about the use and not the user. but if we're talking about, you know, a big corporation will be that something is considered as a form of equity even though we have scattered it somewhere. it's a good type for us to look into it. but, yeah, i do share your sentiment, commissioner tanner. >> commissioner tanner, we can schedule a follow-up. the rules are relatively knew on cannabis retail, but there are limits on where retailers can go. there's the zone in kind of the response, the radius around schools. you know, they're kind of
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educational facilities and there's the clustering which have limited where retailers can go and so we can show you where they have gone and where applications are and invite the office of cannabis back to talk about this globally again. >> commissioner: thank you. [inaudible] >> commissioner: i do share commissioner tanner's concern that particularly during this time with the large vacancies and sensitive commercial corridors that admitting too of them would produce what i call the starbucks phenomenon. many years ago many thought starbucks would be the cure for urbanity and it's so much a different way.
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i'm just going to leave it at that because we're not supposed to have discussions about something that's not on the agenda. i'll leave it at that. >> director: thank you for that, commissioner moore. there is a member of the public raising their hand. and allow them one minute. >> hello, this is shannon getty. i'm not sure if i'm on. i'm calling from outside of san francisco at the moment. >> you are. we can hear you >> wonderful. first off. i was on a list to be contacted about this matter about a year ago. and i did not get any notification. i actually just heard through another retailer on the block. i have two children, they attend school in the area and they're private schools.
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>> director: i'm going to cut you off. i was afraid the commissioners may prompt some comment to the project on union street. are you talking about the project on union street? >> yes. >> director: the project on union street, you'll have to wait to submit your public comment for when we call the item later on in today's agenda. commissioners, if that concludes comments and questions, we can move on to department matters. >> good afternoon commissioners. one i sent an e-mail about a ribbon cutting that you can stream. it's the first installment of
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the excelsior street scape pilot project which i think many of you have heard about it. i believe commissioner tanner, you worked on when you were here in the department. there's a public space art installation that's being installed at mission and geneva. we partnered with youth art exchange as a part of it comes out of our excelsior mission structure. so take a look at that. and i also wanted to let you know as we move closer to the yellow tier, many of our staff are receiving vaccines, we are working with the permit center staff and dbi staff to plan for in-person services in transitioning from, you know, the entire process to over-the-counter to in-person
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services. so we'll be updating you on that more in the coming weeks and that's all i have. thanks. >> you're muted jonas. >> secretary: ma'am, are you here to speak to the union street case. >> yes. >> secretary: as i mentioned, you'll need to wait as we call that matter later in today's agenda. commissioners, that will place us on item 11 for review of past events. there is the report from the board of supervisors. there's no report from the board of appeals and there was no historic preservation commission hearing yesterday. however, we do have a guest
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appearance from the environmental review officer and an update on her hearing. is ms. gibson with us? >> yes, i am. and, i am trying to start my video. let me know when you can see me. >> secretary: we can. the floor is yours, lisa. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm here to report on a decision i issued pertaining to an appeal of a prior determination i made regarding the recreation and park department's observation wheel. i'm presenting this to you because chapter 31 of the administrative code requires that an oral report on this type of decision be presented to the planning commission at the next possible meeting after such decision. as you may be aware, the observation wheel is part of the recreation of park
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department's golden gate park 150th anniversary celebration project. the feel is located in the music concourse and located in the national register and california register golden gate park historic district. it was originally proposed to be in operation for one year, that is the wheel and was recently proposed to be in operation for a total of five years. back in december 2019, the planning commission offered an exemption for the original project. the finding was based on substantial evidence in the record that the findings that the state legislature determines could not have a significant effect on the environment. further, we found that no exceptions were triggered that would make the project ineligible for a categorical extension. at that time, operation for the wheem was proposed for one year
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although our determination was not determined on a dependent of operation. the department determined that the four-year extension would not constitute a substantial modification to the project that requires re-evaluation section 31i. those are the local code requirements that elaborate on the state california quality requirements. there was no information at that time in the record demonstrating that the original approved project met the definition of the substantial modification as found in the code. on february 19th, 2021, kathryn howard filed an appeal of the planning department's no substantial modification determination to the e.r.o.. i'll note this was the first
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such appeal that has been filed. this type of appeal is allowed pursuant to the administrative code. this is not an appeal of the sequence. in addition, the code notes that appeals like this shall not delay or suspend any permit approval or other discretionary approval authorized in the change of the project or suspend any construction activity. returning for the subject of my report on this particular appeal, on march 11th, 2021, i held a public hearing for the appeal the challenge substantiate. the appeal primarily raised concerns related to the nighttime lighting of the wheel. an additional four years of operation would have significant impact on historical resources, environmental resources, and other topics. on march 25th, i issued a
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determination that upheld the department's initial determination that the revised project does not constitute a substantial modification. the department determined that the project meets the secretary of interior standards for the historic properties and that impacts related to historic resources would be less than significant. the project required a certificate of appropriateness which was approved by the historic preservation commission. regarding biological resources, the department reviewed biological assessments that were completed for past projects based on substantial evidence the department determined that the nighttime lighting of the wheel would have less than significant impact on biological resources including nesting birds. that concludes my report and i'm happy to take questions. >> secretary: thank you, ms. gibson. there are no questions for the
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environmental review officer. we can move on, commissioners to general public comment. at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items. except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, will be afforded with the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes and when the numbers exceed the 15 minutes, general public comment may be moved to the end of the agenda. members of the public, this is your opportunity to discuss the general comment. and through the chair, you will have two minutes. >> hi. good afternoon. it's georgia shootis. i sent you an e-mail yesterday afternoon that relate back to events back in december 2015, a
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meeting which was followed by analysis of a sample of major alterations in the valley. and i attached a screen shot from the minutes of january 7th, 2016, where it was found stated by former commissioner richards that at least two of the projects had exceeded the demo counts. if you look at the scans that are also attached with the photos. all of them demand questions. following that, there was a training manual issued in two thousand sixteen that showed two of those projects. so i guess those were the two that exceeded the demo counts. later you have in 2016, that went away. just like the peskin legislation went away. so what's left are the demo
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calcs and i think the ability to adjust them, to reduce the value which has never been tried should still be looked at. so i hope you have a chance to read the e-mail and look at the pictures 2015, but things really aren't that different. and i'll just add, there was an article in the chronicle at least online about the changes to the alisac and talking housing. and he was talking about real housing, but i think that's true of all housing. thanks a lot. take care. happy easter. happy passover. >> good afternoon, commissioners. ozzy row with neighborhood counseling. first off, i just want to thank commissioner imperial for bringing up the issue of sb30
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to do an informational for the public and the commission to find out what is -- what constitutes a continuance, who can play for this and whether or not a project can be grandfathered. this is really important. it was almost a year ago when we had a project before you at 35352 san jose and i vividly recalled it was mr. ionin who correctly pointed out that the number in these hearings was getting dangerously too close to that five maximum that's been stipulated by sb330. so it is of utmost importance, this is a year and three months after this legislation has been put in effect. it's about time for the city of san francisco to issue what their interpretation of the law
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is. last year, this time, i believe it was april 15th or 17th when the case of this 357 was before you, there were a lot of confusion as to what institutes continuance and, this year, we still have the same issues. so thank you, so much commissioner imperial for bringing this up and i sure hope to hear from the staff one of these weeks when they give us this national and implementation recommendation of this policy. thank you. >> secretary: okay. members of the public last call for general public comment. seeing no additional requests to speak. we can move on to your regular calendar. case number 2021. this is a conditional use authorization.
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on march 18th, 2021, after our hearing in closing comment, we continued this matter with today's date. and, through the chair, the project sponsor will receive three minutes and members of the public will have one minute as this is the second hearing. staff, are you prepared to make an update presentation? >> yes. thank you, jonas. good afternoon president koppel and members of the commission. to document the demolition 1,315 square foot single family home. the project which was received in 2019 included horizontal the
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existing structure was constructed as a single family home and the house was raised 7' and the 12 by 4 addition was constructed at the front. in 2019, as part of the review, the building was evaluated for historic context and was determined it was not resource and was classified to category c accordingly. the surrounding neighborhood is comprised of two and three story one and two family building a complaint was filed with the planning department on november 4th, 2020. and the department of building inspection shortly thereafter. d.b.i. and planning staff
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conducted to verify the violation. a notice of enforcement was issued on december 20th, 2020, and in january, 2021, a notice was filed. the commission continued conditional use authorization to the public hearing on april 1st, 2021, with the direction to revise the plan to provide a second unit on the site. since the march 25th hearing, the project submitted revised plans which include a 456 square foot studio unit and a two and a half bath unit on the second and third floors. the department recommends approval with conditions as the project will provide two dwelling units including a studio unit and a family-sized unit with no additional changes or modifications to the
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previously approved building envelope. the department also finds the project be necessary, desirable, and compatible with the surrounding neighborhood and not to be detrimental to persons aadjacent in the vicinity. i will now introduce the project sponsor. this concludes staff presentation and i'm available to answer any questions. >> secretary: thank you, linda. mr. rogers, you have three minutes >> yes. can everybody hear me? >>? >> secretary: we can hear you fine and your presentation slides are up. >> great. thank you. thank you very much, commissioners, for the continuation of this hearing and i wanted to start out my presentation by just addressing some potential misunderstandings from the last meeting so there's no confusion going forward. the house that was permitted by the planning department and the
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building department through a pretty lengthy design review process where there was no discretionary review filed is exactly the house that was being constructed and the house that will continue to be constructed if we're approved. there was absolutely no additional square footage added. there was no change in set backs and no change in the building height. rather, the reason that we're here now is there was an error made by the general contractor and not following the general procedure when there was structural work that needed to be replaced. as well, i as the architect made some errors in doing the demolition calculations and the corrected z version is what is in front of you now on your screen. the vertical plains are no longer an issue. what became an issue are the horizontal plains and i made the mistake of counting the
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attic floor as a horizontal plain and that should not have happened. what did count as a horizontal plain was the sloping roof which i find interesting and a little confusing and nonintuitive and this is consistent with george's critique of the demolition process in those thresholds. however, going forward, next slide, please. going forward, my clients considered the commissioners' request and initially they wanted to provide an adu instead of a full second unit. but after further consideration, they've decided that given we're in an rh2 zone and given the city's shortage of housing stock a second unit would be appropriate. a second unit that has its own private entry and rear yard access. next slide, please.
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my conclusion is that this compromise is something that suits both my clients and the city. it providing a viable second unit to the housing stock. and going forward, i certainly learned a lot about the demolition process and those formulas and would not repeat my mistake and i'm quite sure the contractor would not do the same. so we ask that you approve this project and allow my clients to continue so that the family has a place to live in the city. thank you very much. >> secretary: thank you. that concludes the presentation, we can go to public comment. this is your opportunity to address this item by pressing star 3 to be entered into the queue. again, through the chair, you will have one minute. >> good afternoon, commissioners. ozzy rem. in one minute, i cannot get
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into all the details and all the, you know, issues that we need to look into. but all i want to say is that if this general contractor has made a mistake maybe on this item it needs to be noun because i believe that the new law that was passed in the city that's going to try to punish the repeat offenders should apply in this case. and also, i think the best way to take care of demolition is to make sure that the building department is involved in reviewing the plan. a couple years ago or maybe last year when it was said that planners are not engineers. if you have engineers from g.b.i. to work with you maybe you will be able to assess if a remodel is a remodel or it's tentative on down to demolition. that's the most effective way to deal with demolition as
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opposed to the demo calculations which can always be changed. thank you. >> secretary: thank you. >> hi. in a minute, i just have this question about the demo calcs. and it doesn't have to be answered. i wrote a whole bunch of questions because i really thought about this whole thing, the whole hearing last two weeks ago. this is georgia. if the demo calcs were originally submitted are extraordinary. i've never seen anything like them and i think mr. rogers kind of acknowledges that. they're very weird demo calcs. so i guess my question is if the demo calcs had been adjusted or reduced from 2009 to now, does he think that would have helped him or would
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that have made it a different project? to preserve some more of the housing that was there. the house looks pretty good. i'm done. thank you. be well, be safe. >> secretary: thank you, commissioners. members of the public, last call for public comment on this item. seeing -- there's always one. go ahead, caller. >> hello. i apologize for interrupting. i don't really know how to use the system. are we talking about 450 off farrell street. >> secretary: we are not talking about that. you need to call back in two
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weeks. members of the public, final last call for public comment on this matter. seeing no requests to speak. public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> commissioner: i have a question for mr. rogers. mr. rogers are you there? >> yes. i'm here. >> commissioner: it obviously is quite small and while there are studios of the size that are proposed, i was wondering why you are stringing kitchen, closet, and bath in almost the opposite direction of how it would be useful for it to appear larger living space. the kitchen at this moment sits right behind a wall with no
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natural light followed by a closet and a bathroom which has access to the outside light. but on the other hand, a bathroom is closed by doors from the rest of the living area. if the kitchen would fit into the space of the bathroom, the kitchen and living room are complimentary uses because dining room and living room kind of flow into each other and i'm wondering why you didn't take advantage of that that makes the unit a little bit more livable? >> yes. thank you for that input. the reason that it's configured the way it is is that we were trying to not make drastic changes from the previously approved plan, and given that it's a concrete slab there was already infrastructure put into that slab for the plumbing. that's as far as we got on the construction report before it was halted. i agree that your idea could
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have merit, but it would be quite difficult and expensive to change and i'm not sure the benefit exceeds the cost there. we're trying to make the best use of the l-shape configuration that we're left with and given that it's a studio unit, i think it works pretty well as it does now. >> commissioner: i understand the argument you're making. i believe for the commission, it's important to see that we get the best units and best living space as possible, but i do understand your concerns of not wanted to do that. thank you. >> thank you. >> secretary: commissioner imperial. >> commissioner: thank you. well, first of all, thank you for adding a second unit, a full unit on this, you know, on
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this property. as a commissioner, i really appreciate that. my only concern is that the size of the square foot which commissioners pointed out is something that would adhere for a studio size. but it's 406 square feet while we have a.d.u. coming up which is the twenty-six hamilton and that one's like 800 square feet. so, you know, i think this is more for you as the project sponsor and also for the planning staff when we're looking to, i understand for the project sponsor it's the cost that's the issue here, but for the planning, we're thinking in terms of the size that is livable and equitable.
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so i do have some concern on the size of this unit because it is quite small compared to other units we have seen as well. i would rather see a bigger part where the garage is probably some part of the garage will be probably part of the unit as well. but that's my comment. thank you. >> can i address that? >> commissioner: sure. >> i wanted to remind the commissioners and i appreciate the comment and i agree that more square footage for the second unit would be preferable. we do have a pretty modest sized lot and we also have maximized the building envelope. so there's really no more square footage that we could take for this unit outside of encroaching into the garage
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space and the situation in this neighborhood where the onstreet parking is very difficult and we don't feel that the second unit would be rentable without an offstreet space and the garage is as tight as it can be for two cars so it's harder to make it any larger with the confines of the code. >> commissioner: thank you for that comment. yeah. that's what i was kind of thinking in terms of the garage as to how many cars will be parked in here. thank you for clarification that it's for two-car parking. excuse me? >> one for the rental unit and one for the homeowners. >> commissioner: yeah. but for the first floor, that would be for one car parking. right? >> correct. >> commissioner: okay. thank you.
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>> thank you. >> secretary: commissioner diamond. >> commissioner: i first have a question for director. week in and week out, this project seems to be a case in point. ms. rom made a suggestion about how to avoid that going forward and i'm wondering what the plan is internally to address this issue so that we can avoid problems like there going forward. >> we have talked and expressed and she's expressed those same questions. we've got to find, you know, if we're going to require a [inaudible]
8:50 pm
for a demo. >> commissioner: director, i'm really having trouble hearing you. jonas, i don't know if it's my end or director >> i also cannot hear very well. it's like every other word. maybe if you turn your video off. >> secretary: yeah. it's not just you, director hillis. it does appear you're having issues. >> i'm happy to jump in. just to respond to that, so in terms of the comment that ozzi e made, one of the challenges we've had with reviewing d.b.i. is that most of these permits okay as site permits. they're architectural drawings only. structural drawings are only
8:51 pm
approved by planning. and then they proceed in the aaddendum process. so the solution we've employed over the last few months which i believe tvs last week is that when projects are within 5% of triggering demo, we are sending a letter to d.b.i.s both in terms of their plan check, their structural plan checkers so it's on file for them whenever they're submitted as well as the department of building inspections inspectors. so when they're out in the field, it puts everything really close. its and that whenever a contractor is hired, they get a copy. so we're really doing all of the due diligence on the informing side so there's none of this at the 11th hour in the field and sort of a lack of knowledge. that's the primary strategy we're employing now. in addition to that, we've implemented internal policy that whenever within 10% of
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triggering demolition, we require staff to review every project with either myself or the zoning administrator so we ensure there's zoning at the staff level. >> commissioner: thank you. that was very helpful and i'm really happy to hear in some detail on what the strategy is going forward and hopefully it will work. with that, i would like to make a motion to approve this project. >> commissioner: second. >> secretary: commissioner tanner. >> commissioner: i second that motion and i did want to comment following up on commissioner imperial's comments and commissioner moore's comments about the a.d.u. i initially looking at it i was interested in having more of the garage space becoming more inhabilitatable
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by reducing the amount of the parking space. i do want to also be sensitive to the concerns of the owner and also, i'm happy to hear that the ideas to have i think it would be tandem parking, but parking for both vehicles. mr. rogers can you explain if there would be parking in the garage. >> yes. that is correct. one for the primary unit and one for the owners. >> commissioner: if the garage were to be reduced, you know, how much does that mess with other mechanical or systems? i noticed there's hot water heater, other things that are located in the garage space and i'm wondering if that depth is also needed to accommodate some of the items at the garage level? >> yeah. i appreciate the suggestion of trying to take over more garage space. we do have a typical situation
8:54 pm
where within the garage are the heating and hot water systems, trash receptacles for the two units and also the required bicycle parking. so there's a fair amount that needs to go in there and it would be really difficult. there wouldn't be any other place to put all of that stuff without removing more living square footage somewhere else. so it's a tricky one. >> commissioner: okay. i understand that. so that's commissioners, i am support and seconded by myself to have the project be approved as is. >> secretary: that includes commissioner deliberation. there is a motion that has been seconded to approve this matter on conditions. on that motion [roll call]
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so moved. commissioners, that motion passes 5-2 at commissioners imperial and moore voting against. placing us on item 13 for case number 2020-007565cua 1336 chest nut street. staff, are you prepared to make your present egs? >> yes, i am. thanks jonas. >> good afternoon, commissioners. chris may. you have before you the demolition of the existing 2,287 square foot single-family dwelling and a at 1336 chest nut street. use and authorization is required to & to allow a dwelling density at a ratio of
8:56 pm
one dwelling unit within 1000th. the proposed building measure is approximately 4,zero. the project includes one, one-bedroom unit on the ground floor measuring at approximately two hundred ninety-two square feet. one three-bedroom unit on the and one three-bedroom unit on the fourth floor measuring. common usable open space in the rear yard. 386 square feet. 141 square feet of private open space on the fourth floor and 485 square feet of private open space on the roof deck. the existing building has been determined not to be a historic resource and there are no
8:57 pm
history of any evictions. the proposed project is code compliant and is not seeking any variants to the planning code. the department has received two e-mails in opposition to the project, one from the owner of the adjacent building at 1334 chest nut street. his opposition centers around the height of the building and it impacts on his access to light, air, and privacy. while the other nearby resident claims that four-story buildings are out of character for the neighborhood. the department received one e-mail from an adjacent neighbor 1249 francisco street who raised concerns with existing tenants on subject property holding loud parties in the rear yard. in light of this new information, the section 317 findings have been revised as the existing building is tenant-occupied and that the project will result in a total of three rental units plus one
8:58 pm
owner occupied units. the project sponsor will go into more detail. the department finds that the project is on balance, consistent with the objectives and policies of the general plan. the project will add three dwelling units thereby bringing the subject project permitted by the planning code. this concludes my presentation and i am available for further questions. thank you. >> secretary: thank you, mr. may. mr. hennessy, you will have a 5-minute presentation and let me just find you. sorry, mr. hennessy, it does not appear -- let me see if i can find your phone number. there you are. okay. mr. hennessy, you have five minutes. >> thank you. and i will have elmerson quan, the homeowner speak first.
8:59 pm
>> thank you. we're emmerson and jennifer quan. as we've all read, there's critical shortage of housing in san francisco and we're trying to do our part by taking an underutilized place. we're hoping to live in the top unit once the building and want to continue being in the city. throughout this process, we spent time going over our design with the design team to come up with a building we can all be proud of. michael hennessy has done well with the job. thank you again for considering our project. >> thank you. this is michael henderson of the architect of the project. thank you for bringing up the
9:00 pm
first image. we're proposing to bring this property in the greater conformance. we're seeking to create a four-unit residential building to provide three more units to this property. and the owners of the property intend to live within the upper units. as can be seen in this first image, this is a single residence surrounded by multiple family units. and the inclusion of this sequence is for determination that no historic resource is present. the removal of this residence will allow for a new building that will be in greater conform answer with the district. please bring up the next image. this is a section through the proposed building with the street on the right side of the
9:01 pm
screen and the rear yard to the left. it contains a garage. the second, third, and four stories have one dwelling unit and contain three bedrooms per unit. to provide increase to the mid walk open space. the roof deck is provided to the upper unit for private open space. so please bring up the next image. this is an imp showing the walk space of this property. [inaudible] including a very large [inaudible] on the neighboring property 1334 chest nut. this image also shows the scale of the existing single family residence on our property in relation to the multifamily residents in the neighborhood. next image, please. this side shows the proposed
9:02 pm
building with the street on the right and the yard to the left and we responded to comments from the planning staff, residential design team, and neighborhoods with the following modification. there's both floors of the proposed building on the neighboring property. landscape planters have been added as well as the roof deck to provide privacy of the deck to the neighbor to the east. the penthouse has been moved from the east side of the building to the west side. the proposed light well along the east side of the building has been made wider to bring more natural daylight into the neighboring units and then addition, a light rail has been added on the west side of the building to match a very small
9:03 pm
light well at the building. next image, please. at the front elevation, we worked with the residential design team to create an found on adjacent buildings. some of the features that have been incorporated include a bay window, that is a common feature on this block, cement plaster is used as the primary exterior finish related to the surroundings. and the windows have been reduced in size and switched from aluminum to wood. metal cladding that we originally had on the first floor. we originally limited the first floor to neighboring buildings. entering to the building has
9:04 pm
been made more permanent and utility panels have been removed from the building. in conclusion, i just want to thank you for considering the conditional use for the removal of the existing building as well as providing a new building. [inaudible] and sits well within the neighboring concept. only. >> secretary: thank you. that is your time. >> i'm available. thank you. >> secretary: members of the public, this is your opportunity to speak to this matter by pressing star, then 3 to be added to the queue. through the chair, you'll each have two minutes. >> hello, can you hear me? >> secretary: we can. >> great. i'm here representing beau june, the owner of 1334 chest
9:05 pm
nut street. the proposed plan shows there's going to be a deck. but that extends all the way to the deck of 1334. 1334 deck has a door slanted facing towards 1336, that's the only way for 1334's living room to have light, air, and having the balconies adjacent to each other creates a security risk as well. someone could easily jump from one balcony to another. it's horribly dangerous. 1336 bawl balcony is just below. the owner of 1334 spoke with mr. hennessy about what to do about this and mr. hennessy suggested building a tall glass wall that could block anyone's access to 1334.
9:06 pm
he also suggested planting trees, but these aren't good solutions. the trees are going to propose risk if there's an earthquake and if it's extremely windy up there. as well, no other buildings near in the marina district have balconies next to each other. none of them have trees on the upper floors. as well, i have a problem with the roof deck. the roof deck gives 1336 anyone the penthouse a view into the bathroom of 1334's master bedroom. this is just extremely awful. this is infringing on the privacy of anyone in the bathroom of 1334. we suggest that the -- and, also the bathroom of 1334, doesn't have a vent. the window has to be left open.
9:07 pm
1336 should move their penthouse deck to the southern -- >> secretary: thank you sir. that's your time. >> secretary: when you hear that your line's been unmuted, that's your indication to begin speaking. >> hello? >> secretary: yes. go ahead, sir. >> can you hear me? >> secretary: yes. we can hear you. your time is running. >> okay. i'm 1334. i'm the resident of 1332, 1334. so their bathroom, their roof deck is really [inaudible] or the level. i took the photos and sent them to you and they can see clearly in our bathroom. anything they say they're going
9:08 pm
to build something tall or a tree, i don't know. anything is possible and i took some photos of all the neighbors and none of the neighbors have anything higher than their roof deck fence. and i'm looking at the stairs next to the elevator. the elevator is to the south side, southeast, they have stairs there too. maybe they can build a roof deck there so it will protect us like privacy too. and they have a lot of decks and especially the front patio, i think they should have to cut down the decks to only one bedroom to the west side. so, you know, we can keep the privacy. no other marina district, they have a deck to deck to each other's house and i just want you to consider this and i know that they're making it beautiful and nice and
9:09 pm
everything's good. but i still think they should consider the neighbors, you know, so we can have the light and privacy and air. i really appreciate it, commissioners. thank you. >> secretary: thank you. okay. members of the public, last call for public comment on this item. you need to press star, then 3 to be added to the queue. >> i'm sorry. i made a mistake. >> secretary: thank you. commissioners, that will conclude public comment. the matter is now before you.
9:10 pm
>> commissioner: in general, i'm in support of the project. i would like to see what other commissioners report. >> secretary: commissioner tanner. >> thank you. i'm also in support of this project. i'm pretty impressed by it. i think these are some of the things the commission has been talking about and wanting to see is adding more density. not only the three units, but also the a.d.u.. i applaud the amount of outdoor space that's provided in addition to their rear yard. i have a question for mr. henderson or mr. quan, is that going to be shared. i'm assuming most of the rear would be share amongst all the units. is that correct? >> correct. this is mr. hennessy, the rear yard will be shared by all the units. >> commissioner: okay. and then i'm not sure, mr. hennessy, or mr. or ms. quan if you want to incur to
9:11 pm
your tenants. will your tenants be offered a return. i do believe some laws that the tenants have the opportunity to return to that unit. so if you could explain the history of the tenancy and explain why it seemed that it was owner occupied but it's not. i would appreciate that. >> yeah. the property is currently tenant occupied. when we acquired the property, we did not know how long this was going to take with the pandemic and everything. we had to, rent out the property and so the tenants currently have a one-year lease and, you know, for the project itself, when it gets approved, you know, we will basically the tenants will need to move out before starting the project.
9:12 pm
>> commissioner: okay. thank you. i appreciate that understanding. and then the only comment i had, i'm not really much of a design critique person. i do hope other commissioners would offer some comments. i do get disturbed about the dark coloring of the exterior. is it gray? is it black? can you explain the dark coloring. the eye of the beholder in terms of preferences. i'm just curious to understand if that's gray or all black and how that rendering on the cover page of the plan what that could be for the exterior of the building >> sure. this is michael hennessy. it is a cement plaster, the lighter gray on the left and right of the building, that's intended to be relatively light to correspond to the adjacent buildings. the darker panels are more in the dark gray rendered maybe a
9:13 pm
little darker than what we would anticipate, but we are trying to define the base as a different material which you'll see on the neighboring buildings and pretty much on this block, the first level is defined different from the upper levels. so that was one consideration. and then the vertical articulation of the bay and the horizontal coreness, we thought of changing that from a light gray to a slightly darker material. that would explain the balance. >> commissioner: thank you for those comments. i'm in support of the project. >> secretary: commissioner diamond. >> commissioner: i'd like to echo all of commissioner tanner's comments. i agree with all of them. i just had -- i'm supportive of this gentrification. it's exactly what we're looking for. i did have one question for the architect on the unit on the second floor, it's access to open space.
9:14 pm
if i'm reading the plans correctly, the back yard is available to everybody. the ground floor unit has direct access to the back yard. the upper two units, the third and fourth floors have their own private decks, but the second floor unit has very awkward access to open space. it has to go down the stairs into a joint corridor and into the rear yard. am i understanding that correctly? and have you looked at ways to provide more direct access to open space for that unit? >> yes. thank you for that question. so, you're correct. currently, the access for the second unit is through that exit passageway corridor to the rear yard. there's some history here. originally, this was a three unit building and that unit behind the garage of the first floor was part of that second
9:15 pm
floor unit and we had internal stairs going from the second level to the first floor and then out to the rear yard. we have since decided to make that a fourth unit which we felt planning would be more supportive of that, the clients were interested in making this a four-unit building and that eliminated that stair from the second floor down to the first floor. we ended up with a one-bedroom at the first floor and if we brought an internal stair down, it would pinch that to probably a studio space, and so we were really trying to maximize the square footage for that lower first floor unit. and so that's how we resulted with the stair and the access from this corridor to the yard. >> commissioner: there's no way to provide an external
9:16 pm
stairwell? >> i mean, if we're able to provide a stairwell. if it was an exterior stair that carved into that first bedroom, we feel that would be an unfortunate move. >>. >> commissioner: so is this an issue that can be explored during the design refinements of this stage of the project to see whether or not that's probable. i wouldn't want to condition the project on it, but it seems like it would really enhance that second unit if it's possible and i quite agree, i wouldn't want to remove internal square footage. >> yes. i think that's something we can continue to work on. i would just want to make sure
9:17 pm
that any exterior staircase would not be projecting into the yard which i don't think it is because as the architect said, we asked the project sponsor to pull back the rear of the building. so they originally were proposing to go right through the yard. i do believe there's some wiggle room there. >> commissioner: thank you. and one additional question for you. the comment from the anybody about the decks being so close to each other. could you address that point? >> yeah. i mean, he's correct. there are some decks are adjacent to one another. they should look at the site. you both see that the project sponsor has added some built-in planters on both the third floor and fourth floor directly adjacent to that one neighbor to act as a buffer which the planning department felt was an appropriate treatment to help maintain some privacy between those decks. >> commissioner: okay.
9:18 pm
so i would be prepared to support the project but i am interested in what the other commissioners have to say. >> secretary: commissioner moore. >> commissioner: i share commissioner diamond's concerns about inequity of open space. i was going to bring that up on my own. i was trying to phrase the challenge a little bit differentially. it is a second unit which can either go up or down. the first floor unit has a very large amount of open space, it has the balcony on the fourth floor and has the exclusive access by gate to the roof deck of forty-four square feet. that is for one unit, 485 square feet of open space. i consider that with the second unit really only able to go two flights of stairs. and i'm wondering why the
9:19 pm
second unit cannot share the upper roof deck because the stairs can be continuous and that's just an organizational way of making the use of open spaces garden as well as roof deck. i live in a 3-story apartment building where i live on the second floor and i have to walk up two flights to walk to the common shared roof deck, however, they have a view and that makes up for walking up two flights of stairs. there are other ways. i believe that adding an external stair to the rear yard maybe an idea, however, it would impact the lower unit which has some in the rear yard. and so i would kind of say maybe make that particular open space less usable with the stair coming down and
9:20 pm
overshadowing that particular garden. these ideas i would like to see more equity in terms of how the open spaces are used in this building. otherwise, your ideas are good. the design and everything's fine except how we can maximize the use of the open space. thank you. >> secretary: commissioner tanner. >> thank you. i just want to stick with the open space for a moment. i appreciate commissioner moore's comments. i was wondering about, can it look like from the report 52' of rear yard required, but 57 has been provided and so there is a little bit of space before they encroach and i would even be open if that is more than just stairs, but a small deck or seating area, but to commissioner moore's point not wanting to add too much shadow to the lower unit. so certainly not kind of a very
9:21 pm
wide deck that's going to provide shadow to where it's going to be getting its air from that. as many of our rear staircases have a little bit of room. i think that would be appropriate. but i think that's another interesting solution. i think there's a benefit to having proximity so that unit can walk out of their own unit and have their own space. but i do want to echo the importance of figuring out how that second floor unit can have a little bit of its own private space or some type of a small rear deck, but then provides access down to the rear yard. and i also want to confirm i'm reading the plans right, it looks like the level where the decks are, are pulled back from the neighboring buildings a little bit and so they're not right next to the property line. is that correct? am i reading the plans right or
9:22 pm
do they go from property line to property line? >> on the east side, there are planters, bufferings. we were reacting to the neighbors' concerns there and on the west side, the decks do extend to the property line. >> commissioner: okay. thank you. >> secretary: commissioner moore, did you have something else? >> commissioner: yes. i've said this many times before when it comes to roof deck or property and property line. i personally believe it only works if the railing is held inbound from the planter rather than the planter creating the buffer. should the planter not be as well maintained. planters don't do anything. i believe that putting on the roof deck, a railing, and having a planter outside the railing is the way to handle
9:23 pm
it. that, indeed provides the privacy. it doesn't matter. you are the these planters would create an addition am 5'. i think 3'. to keep the roof deck edge away from the neighbor. and i would like to incorporate that in our motion as being one way to modify the project. >> commissioner: if you make that motion, i will second that. >> commissioner: yeah. i make the motion to approve the project with the modification of the roof deck planters with the roof deck being held back so that the planters are outbound, 3' of the roof deck. >> commissioner: second.
9:24 pm
>> secretary: thank you, commissioners. there is one more request for public comment. commissioner chair, should i open up public comment again? >> commissioner: yes. >> secretary: caller. >> just to clarify, this is not a question or answer period. >> okay. i think the -- they have stairs next to elevator, they can bring that up and the decks over there for public, for everybody. having one deck just for the owner, that's not fair. >> secretary: sir. i believe you've already spoken on this matter so i'm just going to end that call, commissioners. i apologize. it's hard to keep track of phone numbers. commissioners, there is a motion that has been seconded to approve this matter with the condition that the roof deck planters be moved outbound of
9:25 pm
the railing. and commissioner moore, did i understand correctly, you wanted them not just outbound of the railing, but pushed out 3' from the railing? >> commissioner: no the railing should be 3'. so the planter can be outside. >> secretary: understood. so the condition on that motion would be for the railing of the roof deck pulled in 3' and the planters placed outbound of the railing. >> commissioner: correct. >> secretary: on that motion [roll call] so moved. commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7-0 placing us on item 13 -- i'm sorry. for item 14 case number
9:26 pm
2017-011827cua, 26 hamilton street. staff, are you prepared to make your presentation? >> yes. i am prepared. good afternoon, commissioners. i'm here on behalf of kimberly derande. to demolish an existing family residence and construct a new single-family residence with an accessory dwelling unit within it. the project proposes a new residence that will be three stories tall, with approximately 3,926 gross square feet. consisting of one 3-bedroom dwelling unit which is approximately 2,four hundred square feet. and 1 off street parking space. there is no current tenant occupying the property and the
9:27 pm
department has not received any public correspondence on this proposal. the department finds that the project is on balance consistent with the objectives and policies of the general plan. the new building, the proposed new building is designed to keeping with the development pattern and neighborhood character and we recommend approval with the associated conditions. this concludes my presentation and i'm happy to answer any questions. thank you. i think the project sponsor should be par of the hearing and we do have a presentation.
9:28 pm
jonas? >> secretary: hello? >> hi, jonas. >> can you hear me? >> this is wing. >> is this wing? >> yeah. i think they lost us. >> let me share my screen. i need jonas. >> oh,. i gave them to rich hillis. there we go.
9:29 pm
sorry. >> all right. >> secretary: there we go. mr. sucre, you should have the access. >> give me a second, wing. >> no problem. >> secretary: your slides are up and you have 5 minutes. >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners, planning staff. my name is wing lee and i'm the architect of the application. thank you for your time reviewing this application today. i will be giving you a very brief presentation of the proposed project. next slide, please. the subject property is located in the northeastern side of the university mount area. within the same lot. there are a number of existing buildings that are three stories in height. as you can see on the slide.
9:30 pm
next slide, please. subject lot size on hamilton street is 25' by 120'. between silver avenue and sillman street. the two story structure has approximately 1,200 square feet. next slide please. when we first started the project back in 2016, it was supposed to be a major renovation and similar to the earlier application because of the lead time it may involve report and all that and also the demolition calculation, the owner decided to, you know what, it may be better off just to completely demolish the
9:31 pm
existing building. and there are a couple reasons for that and the reason i stated it was the longer lead time and another reason is the existing building has a actually has two alleys on the north side and the south side. along the north side, the width of the alley is about 3'. and along the southern side of the alley is about 2'. so it's a real challenge not real challenge to rectify. it's not fully optimized. and that's the existing floor plan ground floor and second
9:32 pm
floor. for example, ceiling height of the ground floor is less than the minimum requirement. next, please. so these two pictures show the alley on the north side and the south side. next slide, please. that's the front of the existing building on the right and the back to the left. next one, please. so the design is a single-family dwelling with an a.d.u. unit and the ground floor. the ground floor will have a one-car garage and the a.d.u. unit. next slide, please. so basically it's a three-story building. as i mentioned before, the
9:33 pm
ground floor will be the garage and plus or minus 838 square foot a.d.u. unit. the second and third floor will be the primary unit and the area of that unit is approximately 2,450 square feet. all floors will be occupied by the owners and this could be the trend for the multi-family or multi-generation housing project in an urban setting. the grand mom will be the king the a.d.u. onto ground floor because of the limited mobility. the owner mr. and mrs. lynn with their kids will be occupying the second and third floor. so you're looking at the ground floor, the garage and the
9:34 pm
comfortable one-bedroom a.d.u. unit with one and a half bath and the half bath is mostly for grand mom's friend if they want to hang out in the unit, they can use the half bath. through the bathroom is basically the second floor, the common area, if you will, kitchen, dining, living room. next slide, please. >> secretary: thank you. that is your time. the commissioners may have questions for you after we accept public comment. but, at this time, we should go to public comment. members of the public, this is your opportunity to adjust the commission on this item by pressing star then 3 to be added to the queue. you have two minutes. and when you hear that your line has been unmuted, that means that's your indication to
9:35 pm
begin speaking. caller, are you prepared to submit your testimony? okay. last call for public comment on this item. seeing no requests to speak from members of the public, commissioners. public comment is closed. the matter is now before you. commissioner tanner.
9:36 pm
>> commissioner: thank you. i was wondering if the project sponsor could pick up the review of the design that he was just i think wrapping up. i'm not sure if we can bring the slides back up, rich. >> wing, are you back there? >> yes. i'm here. >> so i have sharing on the screen the proposed third floor and roof plan. >> yes. >> commissioner: can you just explain what we see on the proposed first floor or the top floor on the roof plan? >> okay. i'm sorry. i was in and out. we have to point out one thing, the third floor mapping is showing 15' setback from the
9:37 pm
front which is correct. the file in the san francisco planning website is showing 10'. so we actually, the residential design team member so that the mapping of the proposed third floor would be less intrusive. >> commissioner: okay. >> and then the third floor basically is showing a two-bedroom suite for the two older kids of the owner. >> commissioner: okay. great. and, then if you can explain for the unit on the ground floor, the rear yard, does it go directly into the rear yard or is there kind of its own little patio and then there's the rest of the rear yard? i was trying to see if i can understand that in the plans?
9:38 pm
>> there are two planter boxes. >> commissioner: right. >> those are more like a buffer or screening element. >> commissioner: what's the dimension from the rear of the building to the planter boxes? >> i believe it's 3'. or 3.5'. >> commissioner: okay. is it possible to move those back a little farther? because i do think it's nice to have a delineator of kind of a space for that a.d.u. and then the rear yard is shared and part of it being that i think this project is really great. i think it's somewhat of a model project and i'm happy to see a sizable a.d.u. on the ground floor. but just in the future, if your client is not the owner and occupant of it, just how to
9:39 pm
make sure these are good spaces that work together living on the ground floor of that unier dwelling that owner would have a their own space. would it be possible to move those planter boxes back to do some more room for the ground floor a.d.u.? >> thank you for your comments. we should be able to move it up to 5' or 10' and just to clarify, the rear yard will be accessible by all occupants of the dwelling units. >> commissioner: sure. great. thank you. those are my questions and comments to make a more dedicated private space for the ground floor unit. >> thank you. >> secretary: commissioner moore. >> commissioner: commissioner chan, the way i read it, it looks as if the lower unit has
9:40 pm
a 12' level garden with the planters in the middle and then it rises by two steps and steps up to the rear yard. so i think the delineation will be 12' is sufficient and the plan is to create a spatial definition. do you see that drawing i'm referring to? >> yeah, i see that. that's kind of what i was trying to understand is how this is braun up between the more private and the more shared space. >> i'm in full support of the project. i think it makes by the use on its own. and still fully well dimension to generous a.d.u. and i wish i would see more of them. i am in full support of the project. i think it is a good example
9:41 pm
for a multi-generational home and i think we make a moment to be approved. >> commissioner: second. >> secretary: commissioner imperial. >> commissioner: thank you. i'm also in support of this project, but i do have some question and i just want some clarification in terms of the tenant history. looking at in our pact which is on the left, it looks like the former tenants back in 2016 filled out this. it looks like a rental information questionnaire, but to really state, i'm wondering as to how the tenants.
9:42 pm
>> as you can see, the condition of the house, of the existing condition is not great and there was a point that the owner purchased the property i think back in 2017 or 2016. the tenant has been living there already. so they were trying to negotiate the rental of the owner, the new owner which is the current owner by the rental board or association of realtors to document on their standard features so that's part of their negotiation documents per se. >> commissioner: okay. thank you. it looks like there's nothing
9:43 pm
that happened. i'm more in curiosity as to how the tenants lived area, but i am supportive of this and happy to see these kind of units. i'm ready to make my vote. >> secretary: thank you, commissioners. there is a motion that has been seconded to approve this matter with conditions. on that motion [roll call] so moved, commissioners. that motion passes unanimously 7-0 placing us on item 15 case
9:44 pm
2019-017356cua at 1861 union street. staff, are you prepared to make your presentation? >> yes. >> secretary: okay. the floor is yours. >> [inaudible] >> secretary: go ahead. sorry >> yes. good afternoon, commissioners. planning department staff. the item before you is a conditional use authorization pursuant to planning code section 202.2, 303, 303.1 and 725 to allow the establishment of a formula retail-cannabis retail use. the project proposes to open a cannabis retail use within a 361 square foot commercial
9:45 pm
vacant space. the proposal involves interior improvements on the base level. no expansion on the existing. modifications are limited to installation security cameras and sign adjust which will be under a separate permit. medmen is a retail business. approximately 151 commercial retail store fronts on the ground floor. 3,061 feet. about a thousand linear feet is
9:46 pm
vacant. if approved, the project would increase the concentration of formula retail spaces to 13.2% and the concentration of lot frontage has been increased to 18.5%. the project complies with additional regulation of that retail business. the existing cannabis retailer is 0.65 and the closest [inaudible] is about .22 miles away. there are no substantive uses defined within 600' of the project site. the nearest school is 900' away. and the recreation center about .3 miles away. the equity applicant is [inaudible] . under police code section 160
9:47 pm
-- 1613, the applicants also have to approve the locations at three pending locations at [inaudible] and this location at 1861 union street. july 24th, 2019, which people attended about the business retail operations, security plans. a virtual meeting on february 26th, 2021. and now a question about security and possible side of the project. to date, the department has received 17 letters in support and 7 letters in opposition of the project. in support of the project, the union association. the professional operations of medmen. that cannabis is legal in the state of california. the importance of revitalizing retail and lack of cannabis
9:48 pm
retailers on union street currently. opposition of the project said potential impact to children and families in the neighborhood. previous businesses that made operational promises which were not kept. the kelt business cannabis. and the negative mixing of late night alcohol consumption and cannabis. and possible increase in crime. the department finds that the project is unbalanced and that the project meets all typical requirements of the planning code. a new type of retail business increase of access to cannabis projects and supports the city's equity program administered by the [inaudible]
9:49 pm
cannabis. the project is necessary, designable and compatible. this concludes staff presentation. the project sponsor is here and has a presentation and we are ready to answer any questions about the presentation. thank you. >> secretary: thank you. project sponsor, you have a 5-minute presentation. >> thank you. in a few minutes i'll introduce tray court. the medmen and we're also pleased to have with us malcolm white, the applicant and the proposed union street application. before i turn it over to tracy, i did want to just make a couple of quick points. can you show the next slide? first. i want to point out that the
9:50 pm
proepded architectural treatment is very thoughtful to the existing neighborhood. really, the only change to the existing store front would be the addition of an identifying sign for the business. the building would just be cleaned up and brought back to life. and also i want to point out that formula retail use in this location is entirely appropriate. the neighborhood currently goes to mixed uses including retail use. this -- the addition of this store would be just a small incremental. it's important to recognize that the union supports this project because it will attract customers in the district that accommodates everyone. >> thank you, cj. good afternoon afternoon.
9:51 pm
my name is tracy mccourt. i'm medmen's chief administrate officer. medmen is a state of the art cannabis retailer based out of california with the proven track record by operating consumer friendly and responsible facilities for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and retail. we understand that the health of the union street corridor is important to the neighborhood and believe we will add a vibrant, unique, and safe presence to the corridor. we're proud to help advance city, state equity cannabis. and both of our proposed locations in san francisco. we're proud to supporting to ensure his personal success and the success of our retail locations in san francisco. although, we're a national brand, we don't take a national
9:52 pm
approach to our stores. our footprint in the bay area will include two stores in san francisco, one soon to be open in emeriville, and one soon to be open in san jose. and, of course, the community like the annual union street festival and much more. the formal support of the union street association. with that, i'm going to pass it over to malcolm for him to introduce himself and address the partnership in greater detail. thank you for your time, we welcome your questions and humbly ask you for your approval today. >> thank you, tracy. >> malcolm, can i ask claire to advance the slide show two slides. thank you. >> thanks, tracy. thank you. good afternoon. my name is malcolm joshua white. i'm the ceo of our supposed union street store. i was born and raised in the
9:53 pm
mission district. i knew since i was a kid. [inaudible] after making bail, i flew to new york to recruit my losses. began working with me to build our business together. my father and i were imprisoned at reicher's island. when i was released and came home, i learned i played a significant role. given my advocacy on equity. shortly after he was released from jail, my father unexpectedly passed away. i hope to share with him what we had created with our shared visions together and incidentally today is my father's birthday. the sacrifice that has led up to this point, my journey from the cannabis seller under
9:54 pm
unfair drug policies. it's my driving force. this partnership with medmen allows me to build on my dream. as ceo, i look forward to running our store making san francisco first. i look to improving our budgets, and generating both opportunities. i'm exciting building out our team. i look forward to hiring local residents. most importantly, i look forward to having a community impact and being known in our neighborhood not only for selling equality and distinctive products, but for being engaged as a true partner. i'm excited to be a san francisco business owner. and for the opportunity to help other businesses. i thank you for your time and i humbly ask you for your approval today. thank you very much. >> secretary: thank you. that concludes the project sponsor's time for presentation.
9:55 pm
we should open up public comment. public comment will be limited to one minute. members of the public need to press star, then 3 to be entered into the queue. >> secretary: when you hear that your line has been unmuted, that's your cue to begin speaking >> i'm a life long resident of district 2 since 2002 and my family has been in the area since the 19 twents. i strongly encourage you to support of the medmen project. it will bring much needed foot traffic to our corridors and union street during these times of transition as san francisco looks to remain its growth from this pandemic and this will
9:56 pm
bring the positive foot traffic and bring other merchants and businesses to the area. i strongly encourage you to support this project. thank you. >> my name is bran goodwin founder of the san francisco social club. we encourage the expansion. we encourage the 1861 union street cannabis dispensary project. we have worked with malcolm quite a bit. he's an important part of the san francisco project of equity applicants, the owners of cannabis companies. malcolm's story with much experience in the unregulated cannabis market is exactly the type of individual that we want to encourage to enter the new
9:57 pm
legal cannabis market. he will be a beacon for others to the main stream retail operation. there's no retail cannabis operations. it should be the retail for the city. we want people to walk. >> secretary: thank you, sir. that's your time. >> hi, my name's eric kingsbury. i just wanted to speak in support of medmen. i have lived here for eight years now and the and i also am a big fan of the fact it will bring additional security to
9:58 pm
the corridor. i know there's a lot of concerns about break-ins to commercial properties and i believe they will make sure union street stays safe and get some more foot traffic and turn into one of the thriving corridors of the city. thanks so much. >> hi, may name is alex meatcham. i live and work and see the benefits like medmen can bring. i know that medmen stores are original draw will bring foot traffic leading to more people coming to patronize the great stores and also i'm excited that medmen will have a security team and hope their customers follow the law and monitoring.
9:59 pm
these boots on the ground are crucial for making connections while also serving as a set of eyes. help bind communities together with on-the ground security and it's through that lens. thank you. and how they run it is strong, and i support the
10:00 pm
project, and i expect them to do the same thing in union, so i am in full support of the project. thank you. >> hello, my name is roly. i'm a san francisco resident. i've worked with malcolm over the past five years. i totally support the union street location and i'm looking forward to playing a part in the equity program here in the city. also i visited two of the medmen shops in los angeles and both locations had super tight security and overall operations were proper. please vote yes to support the union street project. >> hello, i'm devin johnson, and i live actually two blocks away from the proposed site and i'm calling in to say that i am opposed to the project. i and others on my block are trying to raise kids in the city, and we are looking out for what's best for them and for our
10:01 pm
families and our neighborhoods, including but not limited to health, wellness and crime avoidance. medmen will install a retail store in our neighborhood. it is selling or it is actually an addictive and damaging drug. although they may be able to control what happens on their site with security, they really don't control what happens after someone purchases and leaves the site. if you disapprove or don't approve this project, there are still many, many ways that people can get marijuana, medical or otherwise. there's many dispensaries that deliver in the city and app-based companies that will deliver in 15 minutes. at the national level, marijuana is still an illegal drug. it's got negative impacts on memory reaction time, general cognitive behavior, but especially damaging effects on the developing adolescent brain all the way through the late 20s, which is well -- >> you're out of time.
10:02 pm
>> hello, commissioners. my name is jane gaito. i live around the corner from this proposed site. i live on green street. i also oppose this project. i echo many of the things that devin johnson just said. i also want to point out a few troubling concerns. the first is that, yes, you -- the union street corridor is full of stores, bars and restaurants that contributes to the vibrancy of it, but it is already a problem late night, and marijuana mixed with alcohol is not going to be additive to the problems that we are already facing on union street, and while medmen does screen people on the way in, they have no control of what happens on the way out, and it's already a problem, and i urge you not to make it worse. the second is despite many of the people calling in support, i want to say that medmen has not been ethical in the way they've run this planning process.
10:03 pm
i have attended the in-person meeting. i had a lengthy conversation with them, with my negative comments. none of that is reflected in their submittals to you. and the process depends on the ethical participation of all. and finally, if you're going to approve this h i urge you to severely restrict you -- >> that is your time. >> hello, commissioners. i'm a born and raised in san francisco. i'm working -- street for six years and have worked with malcolm on numerous projects. they have all went well. he is transparent with his work and works with the utmost integrity. i have been to medmen dispensaries in l.a. and seen where they will be in san francisco and i'm 100% sure that it will lift the community. it's huge for equity applicants to be the c.e.o. of a retail show on union streets, and i've seen what medmen does as far as
10:04 pm
security and uplifting the community around it. the stores and businesses will benefit greatly from medmen being there, and malcolm also being there in charge of everything. as far as the dispensary, you know, really keeping an eye on all the patrons that come in and out, i have seen that they are adamant about the people leaving with any products as well and making sure they are not used on site or anywhere near on the block. i'm in total support of project 1861, and i hope that everyone here can also get behind this and push it so medmen can be in san francisco. thank you. >> hi, this is shannon getty. i've lived in the neighborhood for over 25 years. we -- just like the previous caller, i did not get any notification, even though i had been a participant in the june
10:05 pm
hearing, and madmen has been very opaque about this whole process. as a matter of fact, today i'm away with my family, like many people in the community, this is a -- you know, this is the thursday before easter holiday. i tried to get in touch with the principal of the marina middle school who was also opposed to this last year and also the principal of svdp, and the timing of this, at the very least it should be continued. marina middle school is a public school. they should have a voice, especially when they are coming up against a capitalistic, you know, public company. this company has deep pockets, and it's just not fair. it's not equitable that the rest of the community doesn't have a voice in this process and procedure. i understand they are trying to increase foot traffic. we're all for that, but this is not the kind of foot traffic -- these should be debated a little bit more -- >> thank you. that is your time.
10:06 pm
>> hi, my name is latticia yang. i live a couple blocks away from the proposed site and was also attending the february 25 meeting hosted by the -- which is in strong opposition to this project. unfortunately malcolm white was not part of that meeting. i was very inspired by his story earlier. i want to be clear my comments are about medmen and not mr. white. we have significant safety concerns which i won't go into because of lack of time, and i am dubious about the fact that medmen can follow through on the promises it's made in its good neighbor policy. this company is a horrible financial situation, and we usually don't talk about these issues, but i think it's relevant in terms of their ability to follow through on their promises. as of the end of december they are 400 million in debt and only $7.5 million in cash. they have been flashing assets and selling them, cutting staff. there's been turnover in their leadership team, and so i'm really concerned that they are not going to follow through on
10:07 pm
all these promises, and no one has discussed the financial viability of this company. so i'm very concerned on them actually able to -- you know, their ability to be good neighbors to those of us who are going to be the ones here and living through the consequences. thank you. >> hi, my name is sarah mier. i'm a san francisco resident and i've had the opportunity to work with malcolm in several different capacities. one of them is actually in doing community work, and i hear a lot of the comments about -- and i also am aware about, you know, the cannabis industry and the potential that it has to shape the next generation. i do want to say, though, that, like, ultimately this is san francisco and i feel like san francisco is at a point where it really needs a jolt of energy to kind of revitalize it, and i believe that this is kind of the -- both the economic and kind of like vitality and
10:08 pm
progressive nature of this city, and i really think that because there's an equity applicant involved in the situation, san francisco and the integrity of what it means, and this is a kid who was like a latch key kid that ran the streets and knows what it means to be a kid in these streets and wants better. i do support this project. i support medmen and teaming up with malcolm white, and i support malcolm white and his endeavour to make the city just a better place for our kids to come, yeah. >> [indiscernible] one of them is actually in doing community work and -- >> if you could mute your television or computer, caller, you have one minute. caller, did you want to submit your public testimony?
10:09 pm
>> yes. >> okay, your time is running. >> i would like to oppose the location of this particular establishment. there is a public school just several hundred feet away, and i'm a resident of the area. my family and i with young children, and we personally do not think that this is an establishment that young children in this particular neighborhood should be exposed to, both from a clientele perspective and also the idea of it. thank you. >> thank you. members of the public, last call for public comment on this matter. you need to press star then 3 to be added to the queue. you have one minute.
10:10 pm
when you hear your line has been unmuted, that's your indication to begin speaking. >> hi, my name is diane. i am the former president of the san francisco -- democrats. i used to work at the mayor's office of neighborhood services. i was also the vice-president of san francisco women's political committee, and i would really love to see more vibrancy in the neighborhood. i've lived in district 2 for seven years now, and i've seen businesses come and go, and right now we need to be supporting our businesses and our merchant corridors, and medmen would bring vibrancy and improve the commercial shopping on union street, and i would love to see that installation there, and i fully support their efforts. thank you. >> hello, i am a resident of this area, and i strongly oppose
10:11 pm
bringing this company in. i think that with the public school system right around the corner this is not appropriate for children to be seeing, just a few hundred feet away, and oftentimes people bring out the marijuana and you can just -- you don't know if it's a cigarette or what it is. i don't think it's appropriate for kids to be seeing this. i think that as a neighborhood that we should be supporting small businesses in the fact that bringing in restaurants and companies to exude this vibrancy and not bringing in marijuana dispensaries to exude vibrancy. it's not the kind of thing that we want to bring into this neighborhood. i strongly oppose and i echo everybody else who opposes. their points are also very strong. thank you so much. >> okay, commissioners. that concludes public comment for this matter. public comment is closed and the
10:12 pm
matter is now before you. >> so before i call on the other commissioners, i'd like to at least just voice my opinions. i think a person like malcolm is ideal as an equity applicant for this location. we touched on even earlier today at this hearing about geographical equity, and we have been approving these dispensaries very often on the east side of the city, south side of the city, and it's important that we equally spread the access to all neighborhoods, especially the west side of the city and the north side of the city. so i could not be in more support today. there's no on-site consumption proposed, and so for those reasons i'll be supporting today. commissioner fung? >> question for staff. ms. feeney, in total, how many
10:13 pm
dispensaries have been approved? >> in the whole city? >> yeah. >> let me look that up. i do not have that fact immediately. okay, here we go. i'm looking up the cannabis retail map that is available online from the planning department. we have 11 that have been approved, and a number of other
10:14 pm
ones that are actively under construction. 19 are under construction. >> you're saying there's only 30 have been approved? >> yes, for the -- from the cannabis retail map. so this is -- this application doesn't necessarily include existing medical centers. yeah, that's going through the process now. >> yeah, i'd be interested if you could send it to the commissioners the total number that have been approved. secondly is how many are in application?
10:15 pm
>> i do not know. >> okay, if you would also send us that information also. thank you. >> commissioner tanner? >> thank you. i do have a question for mr. white, if you're still on the line with us, the applicant. i wanted to understand more -- from the materials and the staff report, it seemed like you have interest in possibly four dispensaries or retail locations which is allowed in the city for an equity interest applicant to have interest in four. you stated you would be the c.e.o. of this location. can you explain your interest to this application as opposed to the other applications. like, is this your primary place of work? i also understood there's only two stores that will be medmen. i'm just trying to understand kind of the constellation of dispensaries that you'll be participating in and the degree
10:16 pm
of participation and the specific location. >> correct. so over the past -- i mean, the process of getting up to this point has been pretty arduous, but over the past three years medmen has been very, very, very generous, and per article 16, they have been really open book about giving me centralized technical assistance. so i've been in and out of los angeles shadowing their gms. i spent a week shadowing -- of venice street, venice location and a week shadowing their beverly hills location and just getting my kind of general manager and [indiscernible]. that's going to be my pretty much, yeah. pretty much what i'm going to be doing. >> the locations that you would be the equity applicant for, is that accurate or has that
10:17 pm
changed? >> yeah, that's not -- that's not -- that's actually not -- there's -- that's not completely up to date and accurate. actually there's just one more location. that would be the -- so there's two other locations. >> and they are all medmen locations? is that correct or no? >> two of them -- one of them is in flux. i have to -- you know, these things are kind of -- it's in motion, but two of them are solidly medmen. >> and one of them is this one and the other one, and then you're going to be involved in both of those medmen locations, and possibly some other ones, but it's kind of evolving is what i'm hearing from you. >> exactly. these are the only ones that are, like, yeah -- >> and great, i think you said in your presentation you'd be involved in the day-to-day operations of this location for sure, if it is approved, and kind of running this store. is that right? >> yes, that is correct. as you can imagine, there's going to be -- it's a lot of responsibility, so i'm hoping
10:18 pm
that i can have, like, delegated help. >> i hope you aren't running it by yourself. >> day-to-day managers. >> exactly. >> but as high level as i can get on the ground every day, yes. >> okay, great. that's really helpful. and then what are the hours? i don't know if this question is for you or for some of the other folks who on the line from medmen. what are the planned hours of operation for this particular location? i know the state law says 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. are allowed -- or 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. are allowed, excuse me. what are the plans hours of this location? >> jess, are you available to take that question? >> yeah, hi, commissioners. i'm the svp and coo at risk city strategies, the local public affairs consultant that's been on with the project team and with malcolm since october 2018. so we were hoping to seek the full hours of operation that are allowed by the office of cannabis for this location.
10:19 pm
>> okay. >> which is -- >> which is 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.? is that correct? what are the hours? >> that's what the state law allows, but i believe, trace, if you want to jump in as well, i believe we would be looking for 8 to 10, the full hours that allow. i think 6 a.m. would just be a little early. >> most of our locations are 9 to 9. we would be looking for somewhere in that range, yes. >> okay. so 9 to 9 p.m. we heard a lot of public comment about the outreach to neighbors and dialogue with neighbors. i don't know if it's the public affairs team that handled that or if somebody from the project team can respond to what type of meetings and what frequency were held and what conversations if any were held and any attempts to address the concerns that were raised by the folks who called in today. >> hi, commissioner. this is jess again. thank you for the question. so we have a local outreach team
10:20 pm
of san francisco residents that was running outreach on this project for the greater part of a year and a half. our team obviously when submitting the conditional use application went door to door to every merchant on the union street corridor, at least three times. we did the same obviously when we had to submit the updated linear square footage. in terms of the residents and the community, we went above and beyond the mailing radius requirements. we did a thousand feet fo all of our neighbors to try to be as inclusive as possible. as one of the callers mentioned, we hosted an in-person community meeting that was pre-covid where we had a number of attendees. you know, obviously a mixed bag, as you've heard today. there's just [indiscernible] opposition in the neighborhood that exists to cannabis. we did our best to do an open house format where we had medmen representatives and malcolm from every facet of the store to talk about operations to talk about products to talk about design to talk about our community involvement and our outreach there to date. specifically we outreached to
10:21 pm
the main neighborhood associations and met also with the golden gate valley neighborhood association that was mentioned at the end of january. when we found out about their opposition, and i know clare has this from the planning department, we immediately sent, you know, our note of response hoping to find some times to meet to see if there was a way that we could earn their support, which you know is obviously our endeavour here. unfortunately they didn't get back to us before the hearing. the president said the ball was in his court to get back to us to meet, but we shared with them our good neighbor policy that is required by the city and the office of cannabis, and i just want to reiterate for the community, it's really important for us to be a good community partner here. literally in the good neighbor policy malcolm's cellphone and personal email and address is there, and i know from the community there was some [indiscernible] about another former retailer that came into the neighborhood as you heard that fell back on some of their promises. and we are required by local regulations to get this good
10:22 pm
neighbor policy approved and we still welcome feedback through this entire process to make this project as strong as it can be. >> okay. and then fiz ms. feeney, can you explain what is the mailing radius? i know some folks said they didn't get notice of this hearing. when do we notice and what do we notice in regards to cannabis dispensary in regards that were formerly retail? >> so the standards are for the commission hearing, so any item that comes through the commission has the same level of notice. we send a letter to within 300 feet. >> okay, great. so that's the radius, and so just for folks who maybe didn't get a notice, that would be why you didn't get a notice of this hearing if you're not within 300 feet. that's what we do as a department, my understanding, and so that's not really the applicant's responsibility or even their determination of what that radius is. so just want to put that in the record there.
10:23 pm
okay, well, i will offer that i am supportive of this project. i do understand the sensitivities in this neighborhood and the other neighborhoods expressed. i have had pleasure of living here in this area about six months. when i first moved to san francisco. and i certainly can understand also the challenges that union street has, union street has had challenges, and as a retail corridor predating the pandemic they were having a high vacancy rate, and so i do think this is an important addition to that area. i thank you, ms. feeney, for your great analysis of the saturation in terms of what's in the area and really breaking down what's nearby. i do want to -- for all the folks who called in, first, thank you for calling in and making your comments. if you do have feedback, i think the actual regulations in terms of how closed these types of uses can be to schools or other sensitive uses, that authority rests with the board of supervisors. i certainly encourage you to reach out to your board of supervisors, to supervisor stephanie, to let her know of your concerns regarding the
10:24 pm
radius, if you don't think it's big enough in terms of being around schools or parks or other areas. i also do want to encourage you that if you feel at any time there is a violation of the terms of the allowing of this cannabis dispensary to operate, that you should report that violation to the city, and i know even if you report it to planning and we have to get it over to office of cannabis who may be responsible for adjudicating it, don't hesitate to report it and we through our enforcement team can get that to the right body in the city. so if you do notice violations, we have heard on the record that they want to maintain their good neighbor policy. they have their written good neighbor policy, and if they are not abiding by that, that isn't what we want to see, and we have heard that is not what the storefront would want to see either. so those are my comments, commissioners, and i am happy to turn over the floor i think to commissioner moore perhaps next. >> commissioner moore? >> this is one of the tough
10:25 pm
places to really figure out of how to help it over the last three decades it has been very carefully curated and supported by the adjoining neighborhood associations, and as far as i know the union street association has probably gone through the most severe challenges from first being the first neighborhood corridor with boutique shops that were successful and then other neighborhoods modelled themselves after union street. as we said earlier in commissioners' comments, letting the oversight 3,000 plus square feet raises questions for me particularly the stores on union street have always kind of shown themselves as very small boutique enterprises. 3,000 square feet is a very, very large store, and i am
10:26 pm
concerned that the -- retail occurrences of the store will somewhat disrupt of what union street used to stand for. i would have liked to hear from the golden gate neighborhood association their concerns in more of a particular form. i did not hear anybody speak. i also would have liked to hear a little bit more precisely of how the union street association is supporting this particular venture. i am of two mindsets on this, and i'm curious about other commissioners' comments. >> commissioner diamond. >> i am in full agreement with commissioner koppel's comments that he made at the beginning of our discussions. we have been approving these projects on a fairly regular basis, and i don't see a reason to distinguish this from the others that we have approved, particularly because it's not a consumption lounge.
10:27 pm
and i do very much support the idea of geographical equity. i don't want to create a cannabis district in one corner of the city. i think it's important that they are spread around the city. we recently approved a couple on the gary street corridor in the center of the city, and i am in support of this proposal and would make a motion in favor of it. >> commissioner imperial? >> thank you. i'm just also want to echo other commissioners in terms of as of this project i am entirely support of this cannabis retail. however, i am -- you know, share other sentiments of especially commissioner fung and commissioner tanner and commissioner moore in terms of the saturation and also the data
10:28 pm
that we have. i understand that we're still working on this, but there is a policy, i believe, question in terms of -- such as the square footage of the cannabis, the formal retail definition for a cannabis retail as well. i think that's something that needs to be explored. how do we really support the mom and pop cannabis retail business owners. i think when we talk about equity, those are the questions that i would like to see for the planning in how they uplift the cannabis equity, not just geographically, but also in terms of business. but as of now, i am supportive of this as well, and i would like to move this approve this project. i would be ready to vote. somebody already seconded it. >> thank you, commissioner
10:29 pm
imperial. if there's nothing further, commissioners, there is a motion that has been seconded to approve this matter with conditions. on that motion, commissioner tanner? >> aye. >> commissioner tam. >> aye. >> commissioner diamond? commissioner diamond? >> aye. >> commissioner fung. >> aye. >> commissioner imperial. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> aye. >> and commission president koppel? >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners. that motion passes unanimously 7-0. and we'll place this under your discretionary review calendar for the final item on today's agenda, no. 16, case no. 2019- this is a discretionary review. mr. winslow, are you prepared to make your presentation? >> i am, thank you. happy april fool's day,
10:30 pm
commissioners. [indiscernible] before you is a request for public initiated request for the discretionary review [indiscernible] sorry, jonas? >> mr. winslow, as is customary, your wi-fi is not behaving appropriately and i apologize, you took the time to put on a tie today. we'll have to kill your video feed so that we can hear you. >> very well. let me start over again. can everybody hear me adequately now? >> indeed. >> very good. thank you. happy april fool's day again. staff architect. before you is a public-initiated request for discretionary review of building permit application 2019.0510.0311 to construct a two-story horizontal rear
10:31 pm
addition and a third story vertical addition with front and rear roof decks above the existing second floor to an existing two-story single family house at 2335 funston. the project -- the requester is concerned -- i'm sorry, the dr requester arthur lane of 2365 funston, the adjacent property to the immediate north of the project, is concerned that the proposed addition would be out of character with the scale and pattern and massing of the block -- building and rear yeerd as well as create privacy impacts from the second floor roof deck and side yard windows. the proposed alternatives are to limit the footprint to its current location, set back the third floor further to minimize the loss of sunlight and privacy to the neighbors. eliminate the deck on the second
10:32 pm
floor and design windows higher than eye level to allow privacy. there have been no letters in support or opposition to this. the department's review generally supports the code complying rear horizontal expansion. the rear deck is modestly sized and set back six feet from the adjacent neighbor to ensure reasonable relationship with respect to privacy. the quantity, size and locations of windows vis-à-vis the adjacent neighbor's windows do not create additional privacy impacts, and the vertical addition is set back 15 feet 10 inches from the main front building wall to be minimally visible and retain the appropriate scale relationship with the predominant two-story context. and the first story and second story rear addition set back
10:33 pm
from the -- of the lot line to modify impacts to the neighbor to the north, the dr requester. however, because the dr requester's building to the north is shallower than the proposed project, staff finds that the third story massing extends well beyond and above the adjacent neighbor at the rear and would cause an undue impact to light and privacy. therefore, staff recommends design modifications to conform to the residential guideline related to building scale at the rear by reducing the extent of the third floor addition at the northwest corner by 10 foot 6 or a width of 6 feet to provide adequate relief for the north neighbor while also reducing the roof parapet height to the minimum required for a curb. therefore staff deems there are exceptional and extraordinary circumstances present and recommends taking discretionary review. this concludes my presentation, and i believe the project sponsor and the dr requester
10:34 pm
have presentations ready. thank you. >> thank you, mr. winslow. we should hear from the dr requester first. mr. lane, you will have three minutes, but i guess i need to find your phone number first. there you go. mr. lane, you have three minutes. >> you can hear me now? >> we can, and your slides are up. >> okay, thank you. thank you and good afternoon. my name is michael lane. i live at the reasons 2365 funston to the north of my neighbor at 2375. this home has been in my family for three generations. the first item i'd like to address is the proposed windows on the north side of the my neighbor's design and the proposed second-floor deck will create privacy issues for me as they'll be able to look directly into the bedrooms and bathroom
10:35 pm
of the second floor of my home at 2365 as well as the bottom story windows. i'd like to note here that the slide images were taken at 5 p.m. and don't reflect the issues of reduced sunlight, which i'll be discussing next, as the sun was already setting to the west and not affected at this time by the structures. so moving on, the proposed first story windows are not an issue, and here on the first slide you should see that this is a look at the west-facing wall of my home. these are the first and second story windows that are susceptible to the issues of security. next slide, please. this slide should show the north wall of the current structure at 2375 as it relates to my home and yard. next slide. the current structure has a second story window -- i'm sorry? next slide. this window already looks into the south bedroom of my home.
10:36 pm
i discussed this with renters in the past who have kept it shuddered, but when open it looks directly into my bedroom. this shows how the current window, even part of the edge on the north wall, is already an issue. additional windows further to the right of this window will obviously be an issue moving forward. next slide. the proposed windows and deck would have even more direct line of site into not only my south bedroom but the bathroom and additional bedroom on the second floor, as well as the lower story rooms. some of the proposed corrections i could think of would be taking away the third floor or putting in elevated awning windows on the second story that would be above eye-line level, and either no second story deck or further setbacks south of the second story deck or possibly putting in a structural wall or visual block on the north side of the deck to block out the sightline. the second item is the proposed change to 2375 will increase the height of the house by 9 feet 9 inches and the depth of the structure will increase by 8 feet 8 inches.
10:37 pm
the combination of these factors will significantly decrease sunlight to my home and yard. the proposed extensions will leave my home in darkness until the end of each day. the proposed correction i could think of is no third floor or reduce the massing and the size of the third and second story, which is the vertical and horizontal addition by some significant amounts so it sculpts the building in a way that allows light to come into my home and yard. and that's all i have to say. thank you. >> thank you. project sponsor, mr. yip, you will have three minutes. >> good afternoon, commissioners. can you hear me? >> we can hear you just fine. >> yes, my name's kenny, and i'm the principal designer of this project. this presentation is regarding permit no. 2019-015-785 and the project address is 2375 funston
10:38 pm
avenue. from the design perspective, my proposal meets all development standards and the requirements on the city's design guidelines. the plan was approved by the city's planning department in october 2020. on the dr requester's point of view, i realized three of his major concerns after my studies. one, privacy, two sunlight blocking, and three, property depreciation. the dr requester is a next door neighbor of my client who owns 2365 funston avenue, but is not living there as i received the report from the planner. the dr requester claimed that he didn't receive the notifications
10:39 pm
but his family members did. so here's my response to the dr requester. first, privacy concerns. we can see clearly on the site elevation drawing that there are only two hung windows on the front half of 2365 funston avenue south elevation. can you go to the [indiscernible] thank you. so i [indiscernible] bedroom windows. nevertheless, we can use translucent windows and frosted windows on our north elevations if necessary. secondly, for the sunlight
10:40 pm
blocking concern, we can see that all properties on the funston avenue are east/west oriented. the sunlight blocking is a minor issue in terms of the number of windows on the neighbor's house, and also the property's orientation. also it's seasonal light. so i don't have to -- i have to disagree with the dr requester's point of view here. and finally the depreciation and appreciation of the property are another topic of our presentation. so i cannot speak on behalf of the property owner. and thank you very much for your consideration and now back to the host, please. >> that concludes the project sponsor's presentation. we should go to public comment.
10:41 pm
members of the public, this is your opportunity to speak to this matter by pressing star then 3. you have one minute. >> thank you for the opportunity to speak. i am a neighbor of this remodel project and have lived in the neighborhood for 17 years. as was just mentioned by the dr, a larger footprint to especially the height of the remodel is out of character for the neighborhood. most houses on the block are two-story buildings, typically two-bedroom one-bath homes. the plan for this house is much, much larger than that. although i'm not as impacted by my other neighborhoods, the height and extension would impact my sunlight and view of the sky and impacts my privacy as the windows on the north side would look directly into my master bedroom and patio and backyard. i would ask that the height and extension be cut back.
10:42 pm
this project has three car off-street parking and at least one space can be utilized as living space. i would strongly prefer any windows on the north side to be opaque glass or be clear story windows. that's all i have. thank you for your time. >> thank you. members of the public, last call for public comment. if there's no additional request to speak from members of the public, dr requester, you have a -- through the chair, you have one minute for rebuttal. >> i guess that would be me. the only rebuttal i would have is the -- what the contractor said that the sunlight would not be affecting my home. that isn't true. like i said, the sun does not go directly overhead. it does come at an angle and the
10:43 pm
third story and extension of the second story at all times of the year would leave me and my backyard in darkness until late in the day when it finally got past the home itself. it's affecting my west side of the home. the south side would not be affected as he said, but it's the west side that i'm most concerned about when it comes to the light. >> okay. project sponsor, you have a one-minute rebuttal. >> i have no comment at this point. >> excellent. commissioners, that concludes the public hearing portion of this matter. public comment is closed and rebuttals have been performed. the matter now before you.
10:44 pm
>> commissioner diamond. >> mr. winslow, do you have a diagram that shows the change that you're recommending? it might be easier to understand it if we had something -- >> yes, jonas, if you could allow me to share my screen. >> let's see if it works, mr. winslow. is it? i'll give you the privilege. >> let's see if it works from my end. let's see. okay. let me just enlarge this for a second. so can you see my screen, the plan of the second -- third floor? >> yes, we can. >> yes. >> okay, very good. let me zoom in on the northwest
10:45 pm
question . . . view -- the graphic version of the recommendation to sculpt the building in relation to the dr requester's property. can you see this red line outlined here? >> yes. >> that's the area that was recommended in the staff report as being reduced in order to ameliorate the issues of privacy and sunlight as well as the building scale at the rear in relation to the dr requester's property. it's approximately you can see 10 foot 6 from the rear wall going back to what is essentially the wall of the walk-in closet, and then an additional 6 feet -- and not just 6 feet from the northern side in, which would require --
10:46 pm
if that were to be retained, would require some reconfiguration of the bathroom and walk-in suite with that bedroom, but could still retain the functionality of that bedroom in some form or another. >> so just to make sure that i understand this, so the dr requester's house would be on the screen on top of this house and this house -- >> correct. >> and this house is to the south, so by cutting out that notch, more sun gets into the dr requester's backyard? >> exactly. >> okay. thank you very much. >> and likewise, that window -- the window that protrudes past that's on -- essentially it's not on the property line. it's on the side setback, but it's a window at the top of the screen within that notched would also be removed or relocated from a place that is susceptible to, you know, impact vis-à-vis privacy. >> and are you proposing anything about the deck? are you saying it can stay the way it is, the deck on the left?
10:47 pm
because this notch now cuts out a portion of the building that used to be next to the -- >> correct, i guess the -- the lingering -- the loose thread here would be that if this recommendation were taken, then this would be roof area at that same level as the proposed rear roof deck on top of the second floor, and the question would be whether or not that roof area should be allowed to be roof deck. i would suggest it probably would be subject to the same typical response that we made, to buffer it to 3 to 5 feet, if at all. and it could remain unoccupied roof deck and the existing proposed roof deck to where it is now and call it a day with respect to the roof, where that notch is proposed. >> okay, thank you very much. so to the rest of the commissioners, i think that mr. winslow's suggestion makes
10:48 pm
sense. i am curious to hear what you all think, and especially about what we do with this area, whether it becomes roof deck or unoccupied area if we all decide to go with mr. winslow's suggestion. >> commissioner tanner? >> thank you. i think i would say this is a great suggestion. i am supportive of it. i think they would have to reconfigure that bedroom or perhaps even eliminate the bedroom or adjust it some way to have the third bedroom if that's a priority. i would be more supportive, i think, unless -- open to persuasion, to having the roof deck that is there stay and have the area to be unoccupied, but certainly if we do have the portion of what would now be the roof to be a roof deck, certainly setting it off by at least three if not five feet from the side, which may put it, you know, into an area that could be an awkward space for the deck if you are having that
10:49 pm
much reduced, and so you know, perhaps it's a passageway to the larger area of the roof deck. i was curious we did hear some requests for frosted glass on the side of the house that faces north. and just was wondering, it seemed like the project sponsor was also open to having those windows be frosted. is that something that is an option that i would suggest the architect, if you can speak to your willingness or your client's willingness to have the windows be frosted, i see that could be a way to continue to help the neighbors get along, and i would be open to adding that as a condition of this project. so the project sponsor or architect can speak to the frosted windows being acceptable or not. >> yeah, it's acceptable. >> okay. >> and also use -- window. >> do you have a preference?
10:50 pm
>> i prefer transom window. >> okay. >> let's hear from commissioner moore. >> i am in full support of staff recommendations without any additional deck because the deck in that location would cause other privacy and potential noise interference problems. and so i am in support of staff recommendation [indiscernible]. there's plenty of space in the building to adjust this bedroom, still make it fully functional, and i think it is [indiscernible] in terms of what is recommended here. >> commissioner fung? >> i'm willing to go along with everybody else. however, i would point out that
10:51 pm
this particular case and the circumstances they represent is no different than everything else we've seen and have approved in the past. the house adjacent to it, to the south, extends much farther but is one story shorter. the house that is in question by the -- represented by the dr requester is much shorter than the other homes there and is two stories. any addition to this building on the third floor is going to impact some of the sunlight and to the rear yard, but this case is no different than everything else we've seen. >> commissioner diamond? >> mr. winslow, commissioner fung raises a good point. what are the exceptional and extraordinary circumstances that have led you to make this
10:52 pm
recommendation? we need to be able to justify it in those terms. >> yeah, thank you. it is typical for us to ask for sculpting against a shorter neighbor. it's not scientific, but it's pretty clearly intuitive the way we approach things when we look at the massing of buildings in this condition where there's a deeper building to the south. this subject building, and then the property of the dr requester's building to the north, which is much shallower. we kind of apply a rule of averages, so to speak, and that the massing, higher -- more massing can go against the deeper building. it's not impacting anything, and then we start looking at the massing and the cone of vision, if you will, to the shallower neighbor, including solar angles, visual -- you know, sight lines, and so it's very common for us to ask for notches adjacent to shallower neighbors
10:53 pm
to mitigate the sheer massing against, you know, a big building next to a short building. so exceptional circumstances are, in this case, we should have asked for this at our initial design review and recommended it to the project sponsor before it got sent out for 311 notification. we missed that, and we caught it in the dr process. >> i see. thank you. >> i would entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> i make a motion that we approve the project with modifications as proposed by staff. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners. >> i just wanted to stipulate the commission did talk about the roof deck and that it was not anything mentioned in my staff report. did you want to add that in your
10:54 pm
motion? >> i did not. i did not see the benefit of that. >> thank you, commissioners. then there is a motion that has been seconded to take dr and approve the project with staff's recommended modifications. >> sorry, commissioner, just to clarify, i think that mr. winslow was making that suggestion, commissioner, because if we do have that roof area, i think it could become a deck. is that correct, mr. winslow? or would it not be able to be a deck? >> i was agnostic on that in my recommendations, commissioners. you took up the matter about the possibility of that roof deck and had discussed it, so it should be some resolution on what that roof should be should be included in your motion, just for clarity's sake. >> if we had sufficient open space for the project, which we did before, i do not see the necessity to add it, given that it's still in the location that is sensitive to potential impact
10:55 pm
on other neighbors. >> right, and so i think my question would be in order to prohibit it from becoming a deck area, do we need to have that in the motion explicitly to state -- >> yes. >> you would need to say it's an unoccupied roof area. that's what the notice will be. >> well, commissioners, just to be clear, i mean, you can have that on the building permit application, but that doesn't preclude it from submitting a building permit application in the future and adding a roof deck at that location. so if you want to prohibit a deck, then you should simply state that there is no opportunity for a roof deck there now or in the future. >> secretary, i thought it suffices if we have the architect add unoccupied roof. that i thought would preclude -- >> that only pertains to the current building permit application, and unless you make a condition that says that roof area is prohibited from becoming a roof deck, then there's no
10:56 pm
record of any restriction imposed by the planning commission. >> for practical reasons, i would like to say that and make comment like that, amend the motion to include what you just said. >> very good. then, commissioners, on that motion -- seconder? >> excuse me, mr. ionan, i want one more clarification. commissioner tanner had some discussion with the architect about the windows, and it wasn't clear to me where we landed on those windows on the north side. are some windows going to be transom? are some going to be frosted? or none of them. >> i did not hear that as part of the motion. >> neither did i, and i didn't know if that was something commissioner tanner was dropping or wanted to include. >> i -- second that idea, so i was okay with dropping it. i don't -- if other commissioners don't see a need, it sounds like there's openness, but -- >> i thought the architect was agreeing to transom rather than
10:57 pm
full translucent. >> he did agree. >> he did, but we didn't put it in the motion. it's not in the staff recommendation, so the roof deck prohibition and the transom windows on the north side would need to be added to the motion. >> can we be clear about which windows need to be transom windows? there are a number of windows on the north side. i don't know which ones -- could the architect tell us which windows he was agreeing to make transom windows? >> yes, i believe all the windows in bedrooms. >> in the bedroom windows, okay. >> yes. >> that's pretty clear. >> okay. so it sounds like we did amend the motion. did that happen? did the seconder approve that? >> yes, i am in agreement with the modifications of the motion to include those conditions. >> and the seconder?
10:58 pm
is the seconder amenable? >> is that me? yes. >> mm-hm. >> thank you. okay, commissioners. then there is a motion that has been seconded to take dr approve the project with staff modifications and include a prohibition of a roof deck and recognizing the project sponsor's agreement to include transom windows for all the bedrooms. on that motion, commissioner tanner? >> aye. >> commissioner chan? >> aye. >> commissioner diamond? >> aye. >> commissioner fung? >> just a correction, mr. secretary, that would be transom windows on that side only, not all bedroom windows. >> correct. >> right. thank you. >> aye. >> commissioner imperial?
10:59 pm
>> aye. >> commissioner moore? >> aye. >> and commissioner and president koppel? >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners. that motion passes unanimously 7-0 and concludes your hearing today, and i am pleased to inform you, you all get a week off for the spring break holiday. >> thank you, jonas. >> thank you. >> all right. we'll see you on the 15th. enjoy. ♪ ♪ ♪mayor l. breed: good
11:00 pm
11:01 pm
morning, everyone.ood i'm san francisco mayor london breed. i'm here to welcome home our governor gavin newsom to make a very, very special announcement. i do want to start by just really, really, thanking the u.c.s.f. team, all the runners, all the nurses, all the doctors, all the people who have been on this site since january of this year. vaccinating thousands of san franciscans. i want to also thank our disaster service workers, people who work for muni, who work for different city agencies, the library. they have moved from their current responsibilities to be here on site to help make sure this is a smooth operation. i don't know if any of you have seen, i guess, what they call the pit down there, but for those of you who may not have had a drivers test in many, many years, you may not want to go down there because it's an
11:02 pm
obstacle course. in any event, today is a good day. yes it's a typical foggy day in san francisco on the west side but it's still a good day. as of today, over 50% of san franciscans over the age of 16 have been vaccinated. yes! [applause] and also, 85% of those over the age of 65 have been vaccinated in san francisco. [applause] our hospitalization rates are at 20 people. can you believe where we were over a year ago? and where we are now today? with that many people who are vaccinated. who would have thought we would be at that place today? san francisco is currently in the orange tier, and fingers crossed, governor, we will be in the yellow tier next week. and we will be headed home very
11:03 pm
soon. but guess what, folks? we are still in the pandemic. and we still need to be careful. as you can see, we are still wearing our masks. even though i don't know what anybody else looks like here. but we are keeping each other safe. and as we come out of this pandemic, we are going to look back on this time and be so excited and proud. for what we accomplished here in san francisco and the state and the person who has led this effort to keep californians safe. to make sure that the hard decisions were made, when other states have seen their numbers sky rocket and still refuse to make those hard decisions. he has beared the brunt of the challenges of this pandemic. no one had a play book written. no one told us we would be dealing with a global pandemic. but our leader, governor gavin newsom has done an
11:04 pm
extraordinary job helping to move this state forward, and that's the reason why we are in a very good place. so ladies and gentlemen, governor gavin newsom. [applause] >> thank you, madam mayor, very much for the introduction. and thank you for your leadership, dr. colfax, let me just acknowledge that you have been leading the state in terms of your vaccine efforts. that 80 plus percent for 65 and other. le 50% of folks getting their first dose is substantially higher pace of administered doses than the rest of the state. i want to compliment you, mayor, on your extraordinary job. compliment the partnerships including the partnership with u.c.s.f., community college site. a site the mayor proudly told me has the capacity to
11:05 pm
administer over 5,000 shots each and every day. the only constraint is manufactured supply. i want to remind everybody we are designing a system here in the state of california that can provide upwards of 5.8 million vaccines to be administered on a weekly basis. currently, we are receiving about two and a half million. but we have designed a system that includes this site here that allows us to more than double that capacity. in anticipation with expectation that we will be receiving more vaccines, you have noted that everybody now in the state of california, 50 years and up, is now eligible to receive their vaccine. we began that process, established that threshold on april 1st. we are encouraging folks that have not yet signed up to go to
11:06 pm
"my turn" the state wide platform to learn about the most approximate site for where you are living to get these doses administered. today in the state of california we are proud to have passed two significant milestones. twenty million administered doses in the state of california. and four million administered doses under the more important equity metric. those two milestones, let's put it in perspective, are significant. we have administered more doses than all but five nations in the world. the state of california that 20 million mark represents over 7 million more doses than any other state in the country. that 4 million on the equity mark, to me, as i noted is more important and significant. this state set a commitment and
11:07 pm
goal of providing upwards of 40% of all our first doses and providing them under an equity metric, in order to deliver on the cause of equity. we still have a lot of work to do in that space. we are mindful of that. but that four million mark is as important as the 20 million mark. and today we have formally passed that. so what does that mean? it means a number of things. we are seeing death rates, mortality rates go down. we are seeing case rates stabilize. we had the lowest case rates in the united states of america. over a 7-day period now we have a 1.6% positivity rate state wide. we report today 1,367 cases. still prevalent. still deadly. still a challenge that we need to tackle. and that's why we are mindful,
11:08 pm
as the mayor said of the imperative and importance of not letting your guard down. not taking off your masks, maintaining your vigilance and accessing once they come up these vaccines. in anticipation and expectation that we do all the above, i will repeat, continuing to wear face coverings, continuing to access vaccines and continue to administer vaccines in an equitable framework. if we keep the pace, we are moving now beyond the blueprint. we are announcing today that on june 15th, we will be moving beyond the blueprint and we will be getting rid of the colored tiers. we will be moving passed the dimmer switch. we will be getting rid of the blueprint as you know it today. that's on june 15th, if we
11:09 pm
continue the good work. we anticipate enough vaccines are coming into the state of california, with two and a half million people just last week receiving the vaccine. we anticipate over 30 million people will have been vaccinated at least one dose by the end of the calendar month. with anticipation of doses coming in from the federal government into this month and into may, we can confidently say by june 15th, we can start to open up as business as usual. subject to ongoing mask wearing and ongoing vigilance. this is a big day in terms of the pandemic and the journey we have been on, as the mayor noted, over the course of the last year. and this is an important milestone today, that 20 million and 4 million equity mark. this is a compliment to all of you. to the mayor, to all the work that's being done by local health officers all up and down
11:10 pm
the state of california. at the end of the day the vision is realized at the local level. i want to congratulate and applaud all the community partners, the community organizations, all the work being done in a culturally competent manner in every language across state of california, and delivering on the issue of equity. i want to thank the mayor. i want to thank dr. colfax and also dr. galley who led the charge. we had a blueprint in this state for 31 weeks now. by the way, 16 counties are moving today into less restrictive tiers in that blueprint which is further progress. but no one has been more enthusiastic than moving beyond the blueprint than dr. galley. but soberly, and thoughtfully. led by data, led by disease prevalence, looking day in and day out of hospitalizations and
11:11 pm
i.c.u.'s, tracking these mutations. and i will close on that point. we are very mindful of the variants and very mindful of mutations. we have sequenced more than any other state the genomic sequencing is second to none. 851 u.k. variants we have sequenced in the state. 10 south african, 35 brazilian variants. close to 9100 west coast variants and we are also tracking a number of different variants, new one from india which got a little bit of attention this week. this double mutant, double variant and variants from the east coast, including a new york variant. this is really a race, these vaccines against the variants, against the mutations. that's why again i will end as i began, it's incumbent upon all of us, not to announce
11:12 pm
mission accomplished or put down our guard but that vigilance that got us where we are today, the lowest case rates, positivity rates that is in america. we are seeing bright light at the end of the tunnel. and june 15th, all things being equal we will continue that good work, we will move beyond that blueprint and opening up the economy, business as usual. with that, i am happy to take any questions. and again, just want to thank everybody for all their extraordinary work. >> thank you, governor. i'm -- >> i'm sorry, over there. >> dar mazerati, question about the coliseum vaccination site. we heard confidence from the president and senator that site could be extended past next week. do you have details today how that might work, particularly the supply of vaccines. >> both sides will remain operational, oakland, rather
11:13 pm
the alameda site and l.a. at cal state l.a. both are operational, seamless operation. the only changes we won't get the direct allocations of vaccines from the federal government. that's the direct change otherwise no perceptible change in a meaningful way to the public. the issue is constraint. the issue is supply, manufactured supply. we are working with ut county, northern county. working with alameda county and contra costa county, forming a regional partnership with fema, cal, and matching the allocation with the state allocation of vaccines. we aren't successful of extending beyond the commitment the federal government made. that commitment was the first commitment in the united states, we are very grateful to
11:14 pm
president biden and vice president harris to their commitment to the state of california. but they made that commitment. they said when that commitment ended, they held to their word and now we will be taking over at least the vaccine supply component and matching it with the counties'. >> thank you for doing this. this is ben christopher with cal matters. you said june 15th, assuming we meet the conditions we will be back to prepandemic business as usual. does that mean schools k-12 june 15th will be required to open back up or maintain pre-pandemic posture? >> i want kids back in person, in school safely for in-person instruction. we made this crystal clear since we put out a proposal in december. and on june 15th, we anticipate there will be no barrier to getting all of our kids safely back. not just k-12. community colleges. including institutions of
11:15 pm
higher learning. so on june 15th, the answer to your question is yes, affirmatively we expect our kids back in person instruction, to the extent that june 15th calendar is consistent with any ongoing in-person operations at least k-14. >> there's an expectation, not requirement? >> there's an expectation. the legislature will have more to say about the expectation. but no barrier to having our kids back in-person instruction. that's the expectation. you will be hearing more about our efforts to more firmly and foundationally advance that cause. >> great, thank you. >> hi, governor, fiona with the mercury news. the june 15th news, what standards about hospital rates, thresholds to make that decision? and secondly, will local
11:16 pm
jurisdictions be able to maintain stricter rules? >> look, at the end of the day, we will be very mindful of these variations, variants and mutations. we are mindful of disease spread. we will be mindful of hospitalizations. we will watch all of the above. making sure we are meeting the equity marks we set forth. by the way we went from two million vaccines 23 days ago to four million under the equity mark. we anticipate conservatively, again, that's just assuming an old pace. let's do the conservative pace. two and a half million doses last week by the end of this calendar month, north of 30 million people will be vaccinated with at least one dose in the state. or at least will have administered 30 plus million doses. i want to remind everybody, that in california currently, there are about 32 million people that are eligible to receive a dose of vaccine. so we are getting to a point
11:17 pm
where the vaccine administration, that's just in a month. extrapolate ten weeks out. we are looking ten weeks out. that our expectation the vast majority of people who would want, in fact everybody who wants a vaccine will have had the dose, the second dose, will have the opportunity to see at least a few weeks of those vaccines in people's arms. so the stability and the efficacy of those vaccines will be at peak. we anticipate the case rates will stabilize. and we anticipate we will not see a significant increase dm hospitalized patients that have received the vaccine. and that's a met -- metric to which we are marking consideration, as it relates to our broader surveillance. dr. galley, i want you to come up, you can talk a little bit more. we have not put precise
11:18 pm
numerics to that because we are working with the counties. but we broadly are monitoring at least those categories and five total categories, as it relates to that question. >> thanks, governor and mayor, thanks for hosting us and dr. colfax, thank you for all your hard work. indeed, we will be looking at hospitalizations in particular. we are enjoying low hospitalizations across the state. you heard today 20 patients hospitalized in san francisco with covid. that's a tremendous number in the face of what we have been through over the last year. but we are particularly concerned about not just the hospitalization numbers but also who is being hospitalized. are those who received the vaccines being hospitalized? we are looking internationally on the east coast and midwest, we are seeing many of those hospitalized today with covid, those who have not yet received
11:19 pm
the vaccine. the governor's point this is a race, between vaccines and variants and additional cases is key. we will keep a close eye not just on that hospitalization rate and number, but understanding who is in the hospital, and whether those who are vaccinated are the ones who are hospitalized. if that is the case and we see a number of people hospitalized who have seen the vaccine, that's a different level of concern. we will be talking about that, like the governor said with our local partners. looking at vaccine supply, we often talk about accessibility, ability to get a vaccine in a timely way. so looking at what's reasonable to get a vaccine, a couple weeks from people's interest, to being able to get that vaccine appointment will be a key marker we will be watching closely. taking feedback from our county partners, our pharmacy partners, federally qualified health centers to make sure all
11:20 pm
individual who's are eligible will be vaccinated in a timely way. looking at that approximately 8-week period. a couple weeks to get the vaccine, or the appointment. and about six weeks further down the road to see both shots administered. and then a couple weeks to begin to see peak antibody response so people will have that protection and can move around the state and counties with confidence. >> governor, follow-up on the oakland coliseum site. with the state allocating and matching that allocation with the counties, ultimately what's the number, what are the numbers going to be like in terms of the number of people getting vaccinated at that site under the fema plan and under the plan with the state and the counties. >> we are working through the details. again, it's determination of what those two counties can put up and we will match same down
11:21 pm
in southern california, they are operating about 6,000 a day. they have a couple mobile sites, adding 6,000-7,500 a day, baseline about 42,000 a week. remember, this is not a zero sum game. there is increasing supply from pharmacies coming from direct allocations from the federal government. wal-mart, costco, among others last week, part of the pharmacy program. we are also increasing the option of centers. le when these two fema sites came in, we were living in a different world. mass vaccine sites represent those sites, roughly 3% of the state wide distribution and allocation of vaccines. so we are in a different place. those sites are important, they are up, they are operational, they are turn-key. we want to keep them up, we have been crystal clear with the federal government about that. we tried to get extra doses, we
11:22 pm
are competing with 50 other states. for what it's worth i talked to other governors who are envious, we have two sites. the first state to get two sites. vast majority haven't seen gotten one site. that's what we are up against with the federal government. they fulfilled that commitment and now working with the counties to figure out what their doses on. on the basis of this, the reason we can't answer that question, the question requires new updated information from the federal government. this morning we received word that we will get about 16.5 million doses of pfizer and moderna nationwide. and then a variable on the j& j, we are translating what that means for california and contra costa and alameda. we will figure out our match. >> can we expect that number to
11:23 pm
be lower? >> i wouldn't expect anything until be work through those numbers. >> regarding mask mandates about a third of the states across the country have lifted their mask mandates or never had them in place. when do you anticipate the state of california lifting that mandate? >> we aren't anticipating in the short run lifting the mandate. for masks it's the most important non-pharmacological intervention we could have. i want to remeand people this disease continues to be deadly, not only in this state but across the country. it didn't take easter weekend off, or spring break week off. it's as deadly as its ever been. the only thing we have done, suppress the spread, mitigated that spread because of the number of vaccines administered because the ant -- antibodies that have
11:24 pm
significant increase across the state and country and because of mask wearing. we are committed to extinguishing this disease. and we don't have any short-term goals as it relates to lifting the mask mandate. >> hi, governor, stephanie zero with abc7. a couple questions. a follow-up to what you eluded to a moment ago. how many vaccine doses do you anticipate california will receive weekly by early may? secondly, given indoor venues will be able to open assuming criteria is met, what is the state doing on fake vaccination cards? >> two weeks ago we received 2.8 million, last week 2.1 million, this week 2.4 million. i just referenced, had a call, governor's call, weekly call, runs the task force for the biden administration.
11:25 pm
they set out the federal allocations. we are translating that. we just got that a couple hours ago. once that information is, once we receive that detailed information, then we present that to the counties. we present that publicly to you in real-time. i anticipate those numbers to continue to go up. the one variable remains, j&j, the stabilization on pfizer and moderna we have more confidence in the short run. j&j we have confidence in the long run and medium run. it begins to give way to more confidence in may that j&j will come in more supply. the issue of supply, we have confidence the numbers will continue to tier up and by may we will be in that frame that president biden made clear a
11:26 pm
few months back when he said by may, every eligible american that wishes to access and get a vaccine will have the ability to schedule that access. and i believe that to be the case in may as well. >> hi governor, andreas with telemundo. are you worried about cases going up in places like alameda? >> we are always mindful. first thing we do, we wake up, look at case rates, by region. the bay area saw a modest increase in the last number of days. state wide, decrease. put that in perspective. new york had over 6,700, a state half our size. florida over 4,700, much smaller. california less than 1,400. we were 2,400 a few days ago, it bounces back and forth. positivity rate remained 1.7%.
11:27 pm
1.6% today. 1.7, 1.8 the last few days. so yes, day everyday we are cautious and mindful. everyday people get vaccinated and these cards go through a race to these variants and race to keep the rates at a minimum. >> hi there, how can you ensure people from other states who have lax rules about covid don't come into california and reintroduce covid into our population when we are moving towards herd immunity. and secondly, once june 15th passes, could the tier system come back afterwards if our rates go back up. >> look, one thing we are mindful of is, you don't know what you don't know. with these mutations, with the variants, with the reality they
11:28 pm
are experiencing in places like italy, germany, france, the challenges, they are seeing around the rest of the world. increased cases in other states, 16 plus states have seen pretty significant increases in the last few weeks. you got to be open to argument and interested in evidence. there's always the prospect. we will always be led by data, led by reality and experience on the ground. if we aren't vigilant, if we don't spike the ball and announce mission accomplished, and the good work we have done, july 15th we will be beyond that blueprint and back to normalcy. but importance of masking, particularly indoors. as it comes to people coming from out-of-state, we are aligning efforts with the cdc and recommendations. just last week we made an update to our state guidelines as it relates to travel
11:29 pm
restrictions. we had a 120 mile restriction. we broadened that state wide. we had specific language updated in that guidance we put out last week as it relates to out-of-state travelers and put up guidelines as it relates to travelers, those seeking to join conventions in this state and requirements around vaccinations and testing. the concern is real. we maintain strict guidelines in that space. and we will continue to monitor based upon what's actually happening. not what we want to happen, but actually what is truly occurring in real-time. >> hi mayor, megan from the chronicle. come april 15th, will the supply be able to meet the demand for vaccines and will people be able to sign up early before april 15th to get the vaccine? the second question is, i know
11:30 pm
alameda county previously said they aren't able to take over the coliseum by sunday. will the state be leading the effort or? >> fema -- thank you for the question. i really want to clear this once and for all. the site will continue to operate. fema will continue to provide the support. they have been crystal clear about that for some time. there's just been ambiguity. i'm appreciating the nuance. about one thing, that's supply. direct allocation of supply. we fought hard to get that supply extended. they couldn't do it. with that in mind, we will figure out the supply. but all the money that they supported that operation and backed the operation with, will continue to flow. all the personnel we need will continue to flow and support that operation. we have augmented our efforts beyond just that site and will
11:31 pm
continue to increase the total number of available opportunities for people to access these life saving vaccines. as it relates to again, the details, as it relates to supply, we will be forthcoming when we have more clarity. hopefully this afternoon, once we are able to assess that three-week window, in terms of the supply coming in to the state. and forgive me, the first part of your question? >> sure. will residents 16 and older be able to sign up for the vaccine before april 15. >> yeah, you can go to the "my turn" app. the reason, this is a nuance question. the answer is yes with the my turn. other counties may still be working through old systems but the idea is to get everybody scheduled. let's make this crystal clear, by april 15th, if millions of people try to get a vaccine, it
11:32 pm
will take some time. it will take a number of weeks, it will extend perhaps over a month until we have the available supply. again, we are still constrained by supply. the eligibility will open up so the opportunity to access will be made available to everybody 16 and over. by the way, we hope to drop that eligibility from 16 down to 12 once the f.d.a. approves the eligibility for 12-16-year-olds. so we will try to mark and progress in parallel with the cdc. but again, i caution everybody. on april 15th, we don't anticipate a substantial increase in available supply beyond what we are receiving this week. modest, but not substantial. >> hey governor, jeremy white with politico. i think that will be the
11:33 pm
expectation, the state of the state speech was focused on recovery. there are a lot of ambitious bills, fracking, child care. is there capacity or appetite to take on some of these issues this year, particularly those that could be economically disruptive or something the legislature and your team need to be focused on economic recovery. >> economic recovery to me, is significant, not narrow. i get the broader point. we haven't backed off on making transformational change. we're not backing away from our efforts with cal aim. a once in a generation opportunity to completely reimagine our substance abuse, behavioral health. we weren't timid. we were quite bold in january. anticipating a modest surplus that's grown substantially. surplus well in excess of 25 billion today.
11:34 pm
that doesn't even include the 26 plus billion we will be receiving from the federal government from the stimulus. we want to be as bold as the khal -- challenges are big in this state. we will we are mindful a lot of the surplus, not a lot. vast majority is one time in nature. we will maintain our fiscal stance and prudence. we have the highest reserves in state history. we will be paying down more money in potential obligations than any other time in our state's history. our bond rating is the highest it's been in over two decades. we will continue to do what we can to set aside dollars for a rainy day. but we are mindful that economic recovery has to be focused on equity. and those disproportionately impacted by this pandemic. we will continue as we have in the last number of months to
11:35 pm
prioritize and target our relief efforts and recovery efforts in that manner. but no, the answer to your question, jeremy, is we are committed to being bold and transformational. but we are also mindful that we cannot oblige or obligate dollars over the long term that we don't have. and so we will continue to also be pragmatic in that respect. >> thank you, governor. i had a quick follow-up on your earlier response about the mask mandate which you said you have no intention to get rid of in the short-term, the virus being deadly. if we get to the point hospitalizations are low, might you consider flipping the mask mandate? >> we are open to argument. we are interested in data. the disease will make the determination. it won't be political whim, won't be determined outside on the sunny west side of san francisco in the early part of august.
11:36 pm
this disease continues to be rampant, continues to be deadly. you are seeing disease spikes and surges in other parts of the country, driven by youthful exuberance, literally and figuratively as well as these variants. all these things are factors including the lived experience around the rest of the world. we are very sober about all this, we don't subscribe to the point of view as some of the other states. there are few, you know, baseball fans i take a back seat to. i was disappointed to see some of those images, tens of thousands of strangers packed into a stadium without any mask mandate on opening day the other day or yesterday. one of those states. that's not the lead we are going to follow in the state of california. we will follow the lead of dr. galley and colfax and others and continue to be sober and mindful of this disease and this pandemic. >> last question. hi governor, this is --
11:37 pm
>> by the way, the mayor is still here. she is always available for any questions. >> forgive me, mayor. >> god bless you. >> hi governor, this is -- just one question. because people who over the age of 16 can be injected since april 15th, can you talk about support we have seen from the federal government? >> for people over 16. support from the federal government that's come for them? >> can you talk to support we receive from federal government. >> the broader support specific to the vaccines? >> yeah. >> well, i mean, the support we are receiving from the federal government is extraordinary. i just want to note that it's come in many different ways. we are getting direct support for these two mask vaccination
11:38 pm
sites that will continue in the state of california, both in alameda and l.a. that support will continue in terms of personnel and reimbursements in partnership with fee -- fema and office of emergency services. the counties, l.a., contra costa and alameda county. direct financial support for direct vaccines. again, i will remind people, you can get a vaccine regardless of your immigration status. your ability to pay. vaccines are free. i want to encourage everybody 50 and over today to get a vaccine. on april 15th, everybody 16 and over will be eligible for a vaccine. we are in a race against these variants and i want to encourage everybody who hasn't availed themselves to do so. the sooner we do that we truly can turn the page, move away from this blueprint by june
11:39 pm
15th. continue to do what you have done to get us where we are today. among the lowest positivity rates in the country. i'm mindful always of these mutations. i want to again thank dr. gally and colfax and mayor breed for extraordinary leadership. thank you to the partnerships at u.c.s.f., community college and one of the larger vaccination sites, not only in san francisco but northern california. we appreciate everybody being out here today. thank you. >> my background is in engineering. i am a civil engineer by training. my career has really been around government service.
11:40 pm
when the opportunity came up to serve the city of san francisco, that was just an opportunity i really needed to explore. [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪] i think it was in junior high and really started to do well in math but i faced some really interesting challenges. many young ladies were not in math and i was the only one in some of these classes. it was tough, it was difficult to succeed when a teacher didn't have confidence in you, but i was determined and i realized that engineering really is what i was interested in. as i moved into college and took engineering, preengineering classes, once again i hit some of those same stereotypes that
11:41 pm
women are not in this field. that just challenged me more. because i was enjoying it, i was determined to be successful. now i took that drive that i have and a couple it with public service. often we are the unsung heroes of technology in the city whether it is delivering network services internally, or for our broadband services to low income housing. >> free wi-fi for all of the residents here so that folks have access to do job searches, housing searches, or anything else that anyone else could do in our great city. >> we are putting the plant in the ground to make all of the city services available to our residents. it is difficult work, but it is also very exciting and rewarding our team is exceptional. they are very talented engineers and analysts who work to deliver
11:42 pm
the data and the services and the technology every day. >> i love working with linda because she is fun. you can tell her anything under the sun and she will listen and give you solutions or advice. she is very generous and thoughtful and remembers all the special days that you are celebrating. >> i have seen recent employee safety and cyber security. it is always a top priority. i am always feeling proud working with her. >> what is interesting about my work and my family is my experience is not unique, but it is different. i am a single parent. so having a career that is demanding and also having a child to raise has been a challenge. i think for parents that are working and trying to balance a career that takes a lot of time,
11:43 pm
we may have some interruptions. if there is an emergency or that sort of thing then you have to be able to still take care of your family and then also do your service to your job. that is probably my take away and a lot of lessons learned. a lot of parents have the concern of how to do the balance i like to think i did a good job for me, watching my son go through school and now enter the job market, and he is in the medical field and starting his career, he was always an intern. one of the things that we try to do here and one of my takeaways from raising him is how important internships are. and here in the department of technology, we pride ourselves on our interns. we have 20 to 25 each year. they do a terrific job contributing to our outside plant five or work or our network engineering or our finance team.
11:44 pm
this last time they took to programming our reception robot, pepper, and they added videos to it and all of these sort of things. it was fun to see their creativity and their innovation come out. >> amazing. >> intriguing. >> the way i unwind is with my photography and taking pictures around the city. when i drive around california, i enjoy taking a lot of landscapes. the weather here changes very often, so you get a beautiful sunset or you get a big bunch of clouds. especially along the waterfront. it is spectacular. i just took some photos of big server and had a wonderful time, not only with the water photos, but also the rocks and the bushes and the landscapes. they are phenomenal.
11:45 pm
[♪♪♪] my advice to young ladies and women who would like to move into stem fields is to really look at why you are there. if you are -- if you are a problem solver, if you like to analyse information, if you like to discover new things, if you like to come up with alternatives and invent new practice, it is such a fabulous opportunity. whether it is computer science or engineering or biology or medicine, oh, my goodness, there are so many opportunities. if you have that kind of mindset i have enjoyed working in san francisco so much because of the diversity. the diversity of the people, of this city, of the values, of the talent that is here in the city. it is stimulating and motivating and inspiring and i cannot imagine working anywhere else but in san
11:46 pm
>> we have private and public gardens throughout the garden tour. all of the gardens are volunteers. the only requirement is you're willing to show your garden for a day. so we have gardens that vary from all stages of development and all gardens, family gardens, private gardens, some of them as small as postage stamps and
11:47 pm
others pretty expansive. it's a variety -- all of the world is represented in our gardens here in the portola. >> i have been coming to the portola garden tour for the past seven or eight years ever since i learned about it because it is the most important event of the neighborhood, and the reason it is so important is because it links this neighborhood back to its history. in the early 1800s the portola was farmland. the region's flowers were grown in this neighborhood. if you wanted flowers anywhere future bay area, you would come to this area to get them. in the past decade, the area has tried to reclaim its roots as the garden district. one of the ways it has done that is through the portola garden
11:48 pm
tour, where neighbors open their gardens open their gardens to people of san francisco so they can share that history. >> when i started meeting with the neighbors and seeing their gardens, i came up with this idea that it would be a great idea to fundraise. we started doing this as a fund-raiser. since we established it, we awarded 23 scholarships and six work projects for the students. >> the scholarship programs that we have developed in association with the portola is just a win-win-win situation all around. >> the scholarship program is important because it helps people to be able to tin in their situation and afford to take classes. >> i was not sure how i would stay in san francisco.
11:49 pm
it is so expensive here. i prayed so i would receive enough so i could stay in san francisco and finish my school, which is fantastic, because i don't know where else i would have gone to finish. >> the scholarships make the difference between students being able to stay here in the city and take classes and having to go somewhere else. [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪] >> you come into someone's home and it's they're private and personal space. it's all about them and really their garden and in the city and urban environment, the garden is the extension of their indoor environment, their outdoor living room. >> why are you here at this garden core? it's amazing and i volunteer here every year. this is fantastic. it's a beautiful day. you walk around and look at
11:50 pm
gardens. you meet people that love gardens. it's fantastic. >> the portola garden tour is the last saturday in september every year. mark your calendars every year. you can see us on the website >> today's special guest is sherisse dorsey smith. she's the director of program grants for the department of children, youth, and families, and she's here to talk about the learning grants, and she's the project lead.
11:51 pm
miss dorsey smith, well come to the show. >> thank you, chris, for having me. >> can we talk about the learning hubs in general. what it is, who it's designed for, and why it's so important during this pandemic. >> yes, definitely. so the community hub initiative was created to offer support for distance learning. we wanted to ensure that young people, their basic nutrition needs were met, that they had access to wifi and digital devices, and they were able to engage with their peers in a safe environment. the community hub initiative or c.h.i., as we like to refer to it, supports our most vulnerable youth. our priority population was to focus on youth that lived in public housing, youth in s.r.o.s or in foster care or homeless, and maria su, our
11:52 pm
director, likes to say to give kids the golden key, but to focus on our african american, pacific islander, latino, and people of color. it's the ones after receiving data on early in the process were identified as the ones needing the most support. a lot of our students, after we went to shelter in place in spring, in march, by summertime, so many were suffering academically, but they were also suffering from a lack of social interaction and their social and mental support. so we wanted to make sure when we developed these hubs, we offered those needs and supports to the youth. >> how successful have the community hubs been? how many have opened and how many students have been helped? i'm sure there were some
11:53 pm
challenges, too. issues such as staffing come to mind. >> well, we've been able to open 80 hubs across the city, ranging from one pod, which is about 12 kids, to five pods, which is there's up to 15 kids in a pod, there's 70 kids at a site. we've served about 7,000 kids, but there's been some challenges. it hasn't been all smooth sailing. right off the bat, we had a huge hurdle that we had to overcome. we knew that there would be a higher demand than we were able to supply, and we needed to figure out a way to meet it as much as possible. so initially, can he designed the hub -- we designed the hubs to serve up to 20 kids in a pod with two adults. but then, here comes the state
11:54 pm
of california who had much more conservative health and safety ordinance than even what we have locally because typically, d.p.h., our san francisco department of public health was a lot more conservative than the state. they came in and said okay, no more than 12 to 14 youth in a pod, maximum of two adults. so those staffings, and c.b.o.s having to meet the capacity was a constraint. it's a challenge, it's been rough, but it's been so fulfilling to see the smiles on the faces of our youth, seeing that the staff say we had to make this work no matter what. we were still able to launch successfully in september with, like, opening 42 hubs to start
11:55 pm
but now, like, we're at 80, and it's hopefully still increasing. i'm bringing on a couple more in a few weeks. >> that's great. now you just mentioned c.b.o.s, community-based organizations, and i understand that the city is partnering with nonprofits and c.b.o.s. do they provide space? how does it work? >> in partnership with rec and parks and the libraries, and that's where we get a lot of c.b.o.s brick and mortar spaces. we provide the staffing. we have rec and park who are standing up hubs. we have lifeguards and other folks coming in, transition to being able to provide this all day support and care, which is similar to what they do in the summer. they're the ones who, you know, have been able to step in and
11:56 pm
really stabilize a lot of young people and support families. they bring in -- or they have access to, you know, mental health and behavior services. they bring in their enrichment activities. they bring in just the sense of family and community, which a lot of our youth and families definitely appreciate, so we're in constant communication with each other, we're in constant communication with our city partners, the department of technology has been superstars in this whole hub initiative. they've gone out and done all the tech assessments on all these sites in addition to our comcast partners. everyone has been phenomenal. i've been in government for 13 years now, and to see how everyone was able to come together, the red tape was gone, all the barriers that we typically have just working in government, that all just, like, went away, and everyone was so focused on making sure
11:57 pm
that this could be successful, that it just turned out to a beautiful thing. and i think that opened up the door for even stronger partnerships and alignment even beyond this pandemic, so i'm super appreciative of everyone who's been involved in this project. >> finally, how long do you think the hubs will be operating? i know the session ended in february and a new one's already begun, but do you think they will be expanded during the summer to help kids who had trouble with distance learning during the pandemic? >> yes. i anticipate the learning hubs operating through the summer and even into the fall. they're on going, so even as the school district works to reopen, there's going to be a place for hubs for a while. i think this is a -- an opportunity or a model to change the way we view education and how we educate or kids, and so i definitely see
11:58 pm
the hubs being a part for a long-term. hopefully not ten years from now, but definitely in the next 18 months, the hubs will be up and running and thriving. >> fantastic. you know, the work you and your team have done on this project has been phenomenal. i want to thank you for coming on the show today. this has been really informative, miss dorsey smith. thank you for your time. >> thank you so much for having me. >> for more on the learning hubs, visit or dial 311 and speak to an operator. and that's it for this show. we'll be watching with more covid related information shortly. you've been watching coping with covid-19. for sfgovtv, i'm chris manners. thanks for watching. [♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> chair bustos: it is now? 1:01 p.m. my name is miguel bustos. this is the regular meeting on commission on community investment and infrastructure. i like to welcome members of the public who are listening to us live as well as the staff and those presenting who are participating today. following the guidance set forth by local and state officials during this time of emergency, the members of of this commission are meeting remotely to ensure the safety of everyone including members of the public. thank you all for joining us today. madam select, -- secretary please call the first item. >> first order of business is item 1, roll call. [roll call]