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tv   BOS Rules Committee  SFGTV  April 10, 2021 2:15am-4:01am PDT

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welcome to the rules committee of the san francisco board of supervisors for today monday april 5th, 2021. i am the chair aaron peskin joining by rafael mandleman. mr. young, do you have any announcements? >> clerk: yes. members will be participating in the meeting remotely.
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and participate in the meeting to the same extent as if they were physically present. public comment will be available on each item on the agenda. both channel 26 and comments to speak are available by calling (415) 655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 1875747855 then press pound and pound again. when connected, you will hear the meeting discussion but you will be in listening mode only. when your item of interesting comes up, press star 3 to be added to the speaker line. speak clearly and slowly and turn down your television or radio. alternatively, you may submit public comment by e-mail to myself at
2:17 am that completes my initial comments. >> will you please call the first item. >> clerk: yes. item number one. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, mr. young. this body ceases to exist. if my recklation serves, it was created quite some time ago, about 16, 17 years ago during my first term on the board. and before us is an ordinance from the mayor that would
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reconstitute, reinitiate the monitoring committee and restate the date to 2022 and this would provide time to rebuild and potentially restructure and reassess of the shelter monitoring committee and their oversight to navigation centers and other shelter facilities. with that, we have dillen schneider from h.s.h. and derek poppo from d.p.h. to present and answer any questions we may have. the current constitution or reconstitution would consist of 13 members by the local homeless coordinating board and three by the mayor. and with that, ms. schneider, is there anything you'd like to add or subtract? did i summarize it?
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if ms. schneider is not here, is canadaa poppo here? >> yes. i am here. >> supervisor peskin: part of the reason that the shelter monocommittee we want to cultivate a qualified new group of applicants. so with that, ms. poppo. >> i'm the director of whole person integrative care. in the program. and we are here [inaudible] to reconstitute it and extend it through july 2022.
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you were correct that the committee was established in 2004 by the board of supervisors to provide government agencies in the public, comprehensive information about city funded shelters in the city centers. compliance with thirty two standards of care. they're announced in unannounced and investigations of shelter guest complaints. the committee recommends training, health, and safety protocols which guarantee treats clients with dignity and respect. we have some examples of the standards of care. that the facility must be cleaned and maintained -- >> clerk: my apologies for interrupting. we are seeing a black void on your screen. there we go. >> so sorry. -- that clients have sheets, blankets, and pillows that communication occurs and comply
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with the american business bill and act. looks like i will -- we can go to the next slide. we also have information just as we talk about the number of vacancies. right now, there are about six positions that are not filled on the committee and the positions that were filled that ended in december will need to be reappointed. and we are excited about the opportunity to bring the group back together and identify certain things like the scope like we mentioned navigation centers and ambiguous whether or not some of the standards of care would need [inaudible] methods would be brought back
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to the board of supervisors before july 2022. please let me know if there are any followup questions. >> chairman: any questions from committee members? seeing none. are there any members of the public who would like to testify on this item? >> clerk: yes. excuse me. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call (415) 655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 1875747855 then press pound and pound again. if you haven't already done so, please press star and then pound to speak. please wait until the system has unmuted and you may begin your public meant. mr. smith, do we have any
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members of the public at this time? it appears we do not have any members of the public to comment at this time. >> chairman: thank you. mr. young on that motion, a roll call please. >> clerk: yes. a motion to recommend [roll call] the motion passes without objection. >> chairman: next item, please. >> clerk: yes. next on the agenda is item number two ordinance of employers to waive requirements to report 2020 amending the police code to waive the requirement for employers to
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report compliance with the fair chance ordinance for 2020 and codify the previous waiver of such requirement for 2019. >> chairman: thank you, mr. young. and this item comes to us from our colleague supervisor stefani on her behalf i see mr. mull began. >> good morning supervisors. thank you for this opportunity to present to you all today. i will be exception alley brief. before you today is an ordinance that waives the annual reporting requirements for the health care security ordinance and the fair chance ordinance. last year, at about this time, the mayor waived these requirements for the 2019 year through a mayoral proclamation. the city attorney advised that
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we shouldn't do a second time through mayoral and suggested we do it through an ordinance. this ordinance just for clarity sake also goes back and codifies the fact that we waived last years's as well. director mulligan is on the line as well if you have any questions about why completing these requirements would be so challenging and burdensome right as we re-open all of these businesses and i'm also happy to explain further if you all would like anymore information. >> chairman: it is all -- it looks at least to the supervisors self-explanatory and i think you just reiterated that. are there any questions for mr. mullen or mr. mulligan? seeing none. is there any public comment on item number two?
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>> clerk: yes. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call (415) 655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 1875747855 and press pound and pound again. if you haven't done so, please press 3 and star to speak. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your public comment. at this time, we do not have any public callers on the line to speak. >> chairman: okay. public comment is cloeszed. i'd like to send this to the full board with positive recommendation and move to do so on that motion. mr. clerk, a roll call please. >> clerk: yes. on the motion [roll call]
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>> chairman: next item. next on the agenda is item number three. hearing to consider appointing two members terms ending may 1st, two thousand twenty-two and two members to rterms ending may 1, 2023 to the office of early care and education citizens' advisory committee. >> chairman: thank you, mr. clerk. we heard most of the complints last week with the exception of seat 7 we did not hear last week and we continued most of the balance of the items to this hearing to see whether we could work with ms. castleman and the mayor's office and i receiving good news this morning that the mayor is actually able to make our jobs a little bit easier by appointing to some of her seats, some of the individuals
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or at least one of the individuals that is before us and that would be ms. frommer who we heard from last week who's eminently qualified and an applicant for seat number 8. the balance of the seats, there's one applicant for seat six, ms. sullivan. one applicant for seat 7, ms. walters where a waiver is required. seat 9 sarah kilday. and we did receive a notice from heather morado for seat 8, she has withdrawn. so, with that, are there any applicants who have not previously testified who would like to testify this morning?
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>> yes. >> chairman: i think that's ms. walters. is that ms. walters? >> yes, it is. >> chairman: go ahead >> thank you very much. i'm actually an applicant for seat 7. >> chairman: yes. please. i think you're the only one we did not hear from >> thank you. there was a little bit of confusion because there were multiple applicants. i'm very happy to be able to present tow my request for consideration for this seat. i have as you may know been the c.e.o. of children's services in san francisco for the last eight and a half years. it's the largest head start provider in the city. we have twelve childhood development centers throughout in many districts including
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yours, supervisor peskin, where our headquarters are right on broadway street. >> chairman: where norman yeeused to work >> that's right. i'm so delighted to offer my services for this opportunity because i feel so strongly that my experience in san francisco with multiple communities and neighborhoods serving our lowest income children and their families has really prepared me to be a strong voice and advocate on their behalf. and to be able to speak to i think the wonderful job that early care and education has done thus far as well as diversified in leading the way. but there's still a lot of work to be done. and i want to make sure that i can help stewart the additional
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funds and also through the federal relief that's also coming which is very exciting. so want to be an advocate and also a colleague on this committee. i want to make sure that, you know, i listen well and work towards consensus, but, at the same time, really lead with the nod to transparency because i think the voters and the citizens and all of those who receive these wonderful services should know, you know, that their best interests are being considered as we work towards a more inclusive access for all children. as you might know for our black and brown and english language learners and we want to really close those gaps and make sure that all kids in san francisco are prepared for kindergarten and ready to really thrive as they grow older and enter the k-12 system. so that's my goal. that's what i always work
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towards is inclusiveness and excellence and making sure the kids get the quality early learning that they need. >> chairman: thank you, ms. walters. are there any other folks who are applicants who we have not heard from and i said last week but it was actually the week before last. seeing none. are there any members of the public who would like to testify on this item number 3? >> clerk: yes. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call (415) 655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 1875747855 then press pound and pound again. if you haven't already done so, dial star 3 to speak. the system will prompt and indicate that you have raised your hand. you may begin your comment. we currently have seven listeners and three callers in
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line to speak. >> chairman: first speaker, please. >> hi. good morning. thank you. my name is beverlily maluchin. i am represented children's school and also c-pack as a chair currently. i am calling to support the candidates put forth jointly by the cpack policy and legislative committee and the san francisco e.v.c. advocacy collision as follows. seat 6, pat sullivan. seat 7 monica walters who we just heard as the executive director of children services. we were also supporting gina frommer. i understand that has now been taken care of by the mayor's
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appointment and seat 9, sara hicks-kilday and the director of the e.v.c. san francisco. and we know that all of these candidates are deeply involved in the daily workings of the e.c.e. community and we believe they will be able to carry out and do the work that is required at this time. thank you for your time this morning. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning board of supervisors. my name is naima charles. i'm calling as well as beth to speak in support of this cpack
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supported and sfece pat sullivan and sara hicks-kilday. i really want to uplift monica and gina very being the two c.e.o.s of the r&r s in the city. i feel with all four of these representatives were really going to have engagement that we have been honestly speaking for years and making sure that prop c funds are spent with the intent of the community and it's going to best serve our families. we know that here that we're not merely meeting the needs of families in san francisco unfortunately for child care. i'm looking forward to this representation to work on that. so thank you so much board supervisors for considering
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these four candidates. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, good morning. my name is faddia lustoria i'm the organizer of parent voices for the last 25 years and i believe we need highly qualified people. i strongly support the appointment of gina frommer, and very thankful for the march for making that appointment and also to support pat sullivan, monica walters and sara hicks-kilday. going back to gina, i know she has experience being a recipient of subsidized care and she would strongly represent the parent voice in this and she also knows the community having worked in the san francisco community for the last 40 years.
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and, as i said last time, we're expecting a large infusion of funds from prop c and hopefully the court will approve it and we need this for people to give a lot of energy and strong community voice to oe.c.e. >> chairman: thank you. are there any other speakers for public comment on this item? >> clerk: i believe we have one more. >> chairman: next speaker, please >> hello, my name is molina alonso. i represent parent voices here in san francisco and i strongly support and thank the mayor that gina fromer's appointment
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to oece. and i just want to share that this morning and thank you. >> chairman: thank you. any final speakers on this item? >> clerk: i believe that was our last caller. >> chairman: and, as i said at our last meeting a couple of weeks ago, we have an embarrassment of riches and, as i said, at the beginning of this i want to thank the mayor for making our job a little bit
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easier and i feel free to jump in, ms. sullivan for seat 6. ms. walters with a residency waiver for seat 6. a residency waiver is not required for seat 7. ms. hicks-kilday for seat 9. colleagues, what are your thoughts? and if there are no thoughts, i will make a motion supervisor chan is on the queue. >> chairman: just so you know, my meeting chat button is not working. i have to come in and see john c. and fix it. >> supervisor chan: got it. my apologies for my early
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tardyness. thank you chair peskin. my apologies. i agree with the motion and, again, i really appreciate your work along with the mayor's office with the mayor last week. it is so great to see all the candidates really passionate about this issue. i want to strongly encourage those that didn't get a chance to be appointing and move forward with this appointment process to still continue your work and participate in some of these conversations. it's critical to know how do we spend these public dollars investing in our early child education. so i agree with today's decision, but that should not prevent any of those applicants
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that were interested in this issue to continue to work on this is really, i just want to make sure that the applicants know that and will continue to advocate for this important issue and continue to be involved with this advisory committee even in a participant capacity is really what i wanted to encourage them to do. thank you. >> chairman: thank you, supervisor chan, and i wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said and we want everyone to stay involved whether you're a full member of the committee or not. with that, mr. young, could you please call the roll on the motion as stated as a committee report. >> clerk: chair peskin, could you confirm who the recommendation for seat 8 was. >> chairman: yes. the recommendation for seat 8 was jennifer curran with the residency waiver required. >> clerk: yes. on the motion to appoint
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patricia sullivan to seat 6, monica walters to seat 7 with residency waiver, and -- >> chairman: i'm sorry. i just made a terrible mistake. i'm sorry. i just -- i'm -- excuse me. let me repeat my initial motion. i'm sorry. victor, you got me off guard there. it's june lin-arlow for seat 8. no residency waiver required. >> clerk: okay. >> chairman: that's what happens when you have a long list of applicants. >> clerk: just to restate patricia sullivan to seat 6. june lin-arlow to seat 8. monica walters to seat 7 with residency waiver and sara hicks-kilday with seat 9 with residency waiver. on that motion [roll call]
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the motion passes and it will be recommended as a committee report to tomorrow's board of supervisors meeting. >> chairman: thank you, mr. young. could you please read the next item. >> clerk: thank you. item number four motion approving, rejecting the mayor's nomination for appointment of christina dikas to historic preservation commission, term ending december 31, 2024. >> chairman: any opening comments by committee members? seeing none. ms. dikas, the floor is yours >> great. can you see me? >> yes, we can. >> good morning.
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my name is christina dikas. i'm a fourth generation bay areaen. i have a deep interest in recognizing and preserving the multitude of stories that are represented in our built environments and that contribute to the unique sense of place that san francisco possesses. i earned a masters of architectural history at the university of virginia in 2007. i've been working as an architectural historian here for 14 years. my first project was mission and soma. since then, i've offered and reviewed countless historic resource evaluations and the full effect of the california perez indication act. i've cricketed to ground breaking projects, initiated partnership between the san francisco planning department and sf heritage to document the
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importance in tangible. i've also managed an oral history project partnering with the u.c. berkley history center which catered to the transgender community during the 19 sefts. in addition to my experience as an architectural historian on art projects within san francisco, i've worked on projects throughout california. historic preservation ordinances and city landmark programs. i've interfaced with many historical research boards and commissions including providing training to the historical and architectural review to the city of san francisco. i'm a member of the california preservation foundation which provides me with the most pressing topics affecting the field of historic preservation.
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the effects of climate change, recognition of previously underrepresented communities and voices and the need for broad early education that can lead to more diversity among practicioners in the field. i will bring this to the architectural seat. i'm excited about the opportunity to contribute to my city's legacy and the capacity of commissioner. thank you. >> chairman: thank you, ms. dikas. seeing no questions. i can't look at the chat. there we go. vice chair mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: yeah. if supervisor chan has a question or comment. i will go ahead. so, you know i prefaced this by saying that i am supervisor
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from district 8. 40 years later representing the neighborhoods that harvey melk represented. it was district 5, not district 8. and harvey believed strong and frequently that it was important to not just to have allies in positions in power and authority as it is important to have queer people as it is to have all minority its represented on various commissions and elected bodies making decisions of important impact. so back on march 1st, this committee heard and considered three appointees to the historic press observation commission and recommended forwarding -- and forwarded all of the mayor's recommendations. in seat 1, what had been aaron highland's seat. in seat 5, we forwarded the
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preservation professional in the nomination of chris foaly and seat 7, we forwarded the mayor's nomination of diane masuda. at that meeting, i expressed my concern that with the loss of commissioner highland and the nonreappointment of mr. perlman in seat 3, the commission was going from having two lgbtq community representatives to potentially having none depending on what happened with seat three. and in mr. highland's case in particular, he's not someone who happens to be gay, he's also someone who has done extensive work on lgbtq preservation efforts as part of the broader equity efforts around preservation. he'd done it before he was on the commission.
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he'd been involved in the design team in developing the falon building. part of the friends of the 1800 community group. he worked with supervisor dufty on design studies for the consideration of the valley and mayor for the lgbtq center. but, more recently and more relatively, he had been on the commission, the champion, the leading champion for the lgbtq plus citywide conference. he funded that out of his own pocket. he met with my office about the efforts to begin fundraisering for preservation of lgbtq -- notification of lgbtq plus landmarks and you all have been very supportive of our efforts to landmark the lion martin house, but, of course, that's just one of what are likely to be a number i hope of lgbtq plus sites that may be
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landmarks going forward. and he has participated in broader equity efforts around the bay view opera house, around the african american context statement. around the angel island. he was a member of the plannings department. and had been a champion not just of the capture lgbtq cultural district but i believe of the african american cultural district and the transcultural district. so he is not just someone who's queer, but someone who is doing queer and equity work on the commission. and i noted at the time, seat three was one. the mayor had not filled it yet and potentially mr. highland could stay on the commission in that seat and continue to do that work. if he were not going to stay on the commission and continue to work, it was encumbent on the
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mayor's office to find another candidate to step into commissioner highland's shoes and do the work he had been doing. i was disappointed and saddened without saying anything negative about ms. dikas who i believe would be a fine commissioner and is accomplished, i do not believe that her history of alliship suggests that she's going to be able to step in and do the work that commissioner highland was doing. so regretfully and, you know, certainly again no bad feelings about ms. dikas i don't think this was the right appointment and i'm not supporting it. that is my statement, folks. >> chairman: thank you, vice chair mandelman. i associate myself with your words and said as much to ms. dikas when we had a chance to visit a couple few weeks ago
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and with that, supervisor chan, and then we'll open it up to public comment. >> supervisor chan: thank you, chair peskin. and i concur with what vice chair mandelman is discussing and really referencing right now about representation in leadership role in our city government. i for one have always talked about that for women, women of color, chinese americans, and asian americans. in this moment, i think for me being a good ally means supporting the decision and making sure that that representation is across the board that including lgbtq representation on the historic preservation commission. again, thank you, ms. dikas for coming before us today, for spending the time. this is not in any way to diminish your accomplishments in the work that you have done, but much more really about what
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this rules committee is looking for when we are considering, you know, taking a step back, considering the big picture of the representation across the board in our city government. and, in this case, really about the hisstor preservation commission. i have the privilege by chance for another item being present of that very specific item that vice chair mandelman was talking about that very first couple and the conversation was remarkable. in helping why it's important on that [inaudible] thank you. and, i will be regretfully not
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supporting ms. dikas appointment today and really look forward to having an appointment moving forward that truly represents the lgbtqq community on the historic preservation commission. >> chairman: thank you, supervisor chan. with that. why don't we open this up to public comment. >> clerk: yes. call (415) 655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 1875747855. then press pound and pound again. if you haven't already done so, please dial star 3 on the line to speak. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and begin your comment. i believe we have seven listeners and four members of the public in line to speak. >> chairman: all right. first speaker please.
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>> good morning. my name is jerry dratler and i'm against appointing christina dikas to the commission. the controller's second public integrity review report makes it clear a pay to play culture exists in our city and i'm against city commissioners who work for city vendors. ms. dikas has been employed for 14 years. the city paid paige and turnbel 160,$161 so far this year and should not be a city commission member over the last few years,
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issued reporti and not supportive of historic preservation. they includes the jones coffee company building that was not a historic resource. the building was constructed in 1907 and operated as a coffee roster from 1967 to 1966 andeer wrote the paige and turnbolt decision designed by master architect e. e. young. mr. young designed other important san francisco
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buildings including the russian embassy and the san francisco club. >> clerk: speaker your time is up. thank you. can we hear from the next caller, please. >> chairman: thank you, mr. dratler. we got the gist of your comments. next speaker please. >> chair peskin and members of the rules committee. this is kathleen courtney and i'm also calling in to request respectfully that you reject the mayor's nominee not withstanding her credentials, but in the 14 years that she has been out of school, she has worked for page and turn build. they're very proud about the fact that in the last 40 years, they're sensitive to clients in
2:58 am
the building. that may influence permit approvals and creative in making adjustments for historic properties the community association was so and a lack of leadership that they took so not withstanding candidates credentials, i representfully request that you object or nomination. thank you very much. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker, please. next speaker? >> yeah. sorry. i was on mute. good morning supervisors. i want to thank you for your
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position that you have expressed today. i agree with you. i certainly want to thank ms. dikas for all her work in preservation. and the point of question though is as an h.b.c. commissioner and being a member of the page and turnboll firm i would likely think you would need to recuse yourself in a high percentage of cases because of the dominant role they play in many reviews. you know, and i appreciate your work for the company and the reports that you have referenced. but i think it's an indication of the continued of corporatization and the reports that are coming out are not by
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individuals, they're just corporate statements now and many i've seen, i haven't seen, you know, you referenced being the editor and as far as i can see on many reports, that's not there. and on so many times, it seems that history, the scales have been tipped a bit away from history and this seat 3 is so important. it's the real heart of the historic preservation and it's kind of the history part of it, the architectural history is down to 1 seat. and there's been dripped with the h.b.c. and it's been taking on many other things and that's why the lgbtq community issues are so important. you know, i am concerned that there be an independent
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historian, someone from academia or someone that doesn't have. >> clerk: speaker. the time is up. >> chairman: thank you, speaker. your time is up. but we understand the gist of your comments. are there any other members of the public who would like to testify on this item? mr. young? >> clerk: i believe there is. we're waiting for them to be unmuted at this time. >> chairman: got it. >> hi supervisors and chair peskin. this is sharon calling from the san francisco's women's committee. i'm the copresident and we wholeheartedly support dikas
3:02 am
nomination. only 17% of registered architects being women. despite the statistics, christina has built up an impressive résumé. so we support the nomination. finding the most qualified candidate is a challenge. christina was recommended by her colleagues. jason wright who was a gay man officially approached after realizing not needing the initial qualifications, he recommended christina. and support women in leadership. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. yes, can you hear me? >> chairman: yes. we can >> thank you. this is peter warfield.
3:03 am
head of library user's association. we can be reached at thank you to the three supervisors for taking a position against the nomination. we agree with that wholeheartedly for a variety of reasons. there are a whole bunch of reasons why in our work with, for example, the branch library improvement program. we found that nine years into it, we were the first ones that had raised the issue of one of the renovations and that was the first time that any of the renovations apparently had come before the starred preservation commission. so simply what goes before the commission is an issue and also when. we also learned at that time that there were library buildings that had basically lost their historic
3:04 am
preservation value because of renovations that had happen and the library's practice of making the renovations first and then going before the commission. the other thing among the first three speakers is a question of conflict of interest and somebody working for not only a city vendor but an agency that is essentially working for clients with money for development and an interest in development and therefore may be interested in not having historic preservation happen on particular projects. that is a serious issue and as aone of the previous speakers said it was very important and useful to have an independent historian or someone who is truly independent and not connected with economy forces related to this issue. i appreciate your not approving the nomination.
3:05 am
thank you very much. >> chairman: thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> hi. we are a statewide nonprofit working with all segments of the california population. and i'm here to strongly support christina dikas' nomination to the commission. she has worked with us for seven plus years at least. i've known her for seven years. she's worked on multiple committees. she's only demonstrated herself to reach across the line and advocate for the protection of resources for all segments of the population. she has worked side by side with members of the lgbtq community and she is a hard worker. she has tried very hard to make
3:06 am
sure that historic resources are protected and always on a volunteer basis with us. so i just wanted to put my word in to say that i hope you would consider supporting christina dikas' nomination. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. ozzi room. i'm also calling to object to the nomination of ms. dikas to the historic preservation commission. she's been a long term employee of page and turnboll, a company that has had a hand in overturning the historic resource status and declaring some of our high profile resources and nonworthy of this title.
3:07 am
ms. dikas has been with this company for 14 years and i think that really matters. there has been a lot of high profile cases that this company has handled and ms. dikas having been there for 14 years i am sure has had involvement with these cases and that is exactly what concerns us. to name a few at mr. drapler read, i refer to 47 battery. i would like to urge to you ask ms. dikas what she thinks of some of the projects that were air marked for demolition in the past few years by our planning department. one examine is 357 san jose avenue where typea historic resource was declared even though it was declared by h.r.
3:08 am
agents to be a historic resource, with its interior in tact and worthy. this building was allowed to be demolished. >> chairman: thank you, speaker. are there any other members of the public for this item? >> clerk: i believe we have one mr. speaker. >> chairman: next speaker please >> hi. can you hear me? >> yes. >> yes. my name is andrew i'm a member
3:09 am
of the historic preservation committee serving as the last year of the commission. she has extremely strong skills in her career and experience with real projects in san francisco and that real experience is very important. it's important to understand that every building that's old is not only historic, but she's dealt with the real projects in san francisco and those are the kinds of project that is come before the h.b.c.. i have to say i find there's a little bit of irony with this concern now about this representation on h.b.c. over 40% of the commission it was a
3:10 am
great thing but there's very little concern about representation of women and people of color. i think it's great we have women of color coming forward. that's an important position and very supportive appointment. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. are there any other members of the public for public comment on this item? >> clerk: we have one more. >> hi, i'm a public school parent calling in opposition to this appointment. i as supervisor chan said, representation matters. i'd like to see a queer, black, or chinese commissioner. and also a person who understands the psyche of children. and sfusd school names. there doesn't seem to be a
3:11 am
recognition that the mural has native americans the district has covered it and then uncovered it or why it's not appropriate that a public school that has a lot of children with learning disabilities. there also seems to be on the commission a lack of understanding about the lack of empathy in needing to rename this school and why certain schools names need to be changed and not understanding the needs of the black and brown community. thank you for taking my comments into consideration. >> chairman: are there any other speakers, mr. young? >> clerk: that completes the speaker list. >> chairman: okay. public comment is closed and before us and thank you, ms.
3:12 am
dikas, for your appearance this morning. before us is a motion. i believe that motion needs to as a matter of what was stated by all three members of this body need to be amended at line three and at line fourteen to remove the word "approving in line 3" and "approves" in line 14. on that motion, mr. clerk, a roll call please. >> clerk: yes. on the motion to amend [roll call] peskin aye. the motion passes without objection. >> chairman: and then we will send the item as amended with recommendation to the full board. on that motion a roll call please. >> clerk: yes. on that motion
3:13 am
[roll call] the motion passes without objection. >> chairman: next item, please. >> clerk: next on the agenda is item number five hearing to consider appointing eight members, terms ending april 8, 2022, to the student and families working group. >> chairman: thank you, mr. clerk. the board finally passed this creation of this body that was brought to us by supervisor ronen and is supervisor ronen or her staff available to present some brief introductory comments >> i'm here. >> chairman: sorry. john c. has to fix my computer. >> supervisor ronen: no
3:14 am
worries. is it okay if i make a few comments? >> chairman: yes. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much. colleagues, i cannot be more excited to be here today that we have identified a group of candidates that are willing to serve on the students and families rise work group. an official body that i established with commissioner boggess. and that will create a city wide plan to expand enrichment and academic success services for students and families in sfusd. the pandemic has caused many students to fall behind in their academic achievement and forced families to leave all together for private institutions. we cannot let either situation go unaddressed. the students and families rise work group will address issues
3:15 am
by focusing on three concrete goals. which will get students to grade level proficiency. and three, create and expand full scale enrichment in our schools including arts, music, sports, and libraries. over the coming months, this work group will be developing a vision and a plan based on best practices locally and around the country. and bring strong enrichment programs to every school site within the district. the work group will submit its final plans to the board of supervisors, the mayor, by august 2021 so we can begin to implement those strategies.
3:16 am
this work group will be made up of eleven voting members representing a diverse cross section of san francisco public education landscape including representatives from the board of san francisco education. youth service provider of public health special specializing in pediatric health and development. a youth representative among others. today, the rules committee will be hearing from applicants to eight seat that is are appointing by the board of supervisors. adequate funding for the first time, i am confident that we can create the best public school system in the country that leaves no student behind. this is an ambitious effort, but one we must achieve. children, educators and families especially during the crisis we're in the midst of
3:17 am
right now. with that, i'm so looking forward to hearing from some of the applicants today. so i turn this back over to you chair peskin to hear the applicants? >> chairman: sure. and before we do that. i've looked at everybody's applications as i'm sure my colleagues have ten applicants for eight seats. eat one, there's only one applicant staying with seat two. same with five, six, seven, and eight. we have two applicants for seats three and four. have you had a chance to look at those applicants and do you have any recommendations? albeit we will hear from them independentive and the committee will come to a conclusion. >> supervisor ronen: i do. i would love to hear from them first if that is okay. i can say, you know, before
3:18 am
hearing from the commissioners that in checking in with both commissioner -- i'm sorry. i did not check in with commissioner boggess, but i did check in with supervisor melgar this morning. and i also had a chance to check in with maria sue, the director of department of children, family, and youth in considering both experience and proper diversity of the group for seat 3, the group is leaning towards rand carol hill. but i would love to hear from the applicants before offering you my suggestions.
3:19 am
>> chairman: perfect. if you're sticking around, we'll stick with you. and, with that, why don't we do the applicants in order that they appear on the agenda. i believe that we received an e-mail from leslie hu and i believe marcus wong is in school right now. but i think everything else is here. if ms. hu is not here, why don't we go to rafael picazo for seat 2. >> good morning, supervisor peskin. my name is rafael picazo. i'm the current applicant for district 2. born and raised in san francisco. i live in alameda now because of gentrification. but everything i do, i do for san francisco. i've worked here for 38 years in the school district.
3:20 am
i'm an advocate for the people of the mission district on fair housing and low income housing. i proudly stand behind the student and the children of the san francisco school district and would like to see them catch up on all the lost education that they've, you know, received during the pandemic. i'm motivated 100% to be part of this group and to help out in making decisions and to bringing education equity back to the district and making sure everybody is fair and transparent as far as education is concerned. i would like to be part of the system and helping where help is needed. i'm here for the city of san francisco like i ed earlier. i love this city. this is my city and i want to do the best things i can to help the people of this city.
3:21 am
thank you. >> chairman: thank you, mr. picazo. next up is alida fisher. >> good morning commissioners. my name is alida fisher. i'm the proud parent of four san francisco unified school district students. i'm a former foster parent now an adoptive parent. my kids have attended seven sfusd schools. i've been a parent at each one. identifying their disabilities and learning differences. my current three sfusd students all have i'm the past chair of the advisory committee for special education and now the advocacy chair. the families for children with disabilities. i sit on sfusd's l-cap task
3:22 am
force all about budget oversite. i've been a proud member since it was formed and also i'm a member of the equity studies task force. our charter school oversight committee. c-space and now a member of the re-opening task force. i'm a collaborative partner who works to improve outcomes when i can and also hold the district accountable when need be. i'm a special education advocate and day after day, meeting after meeting, i see how our district leaves our students behind and i really, really believe that our budget should be a value statement. we need to spend more time focusing on funding the programs that will bring equity to our district, not just talking about them. and in my work as a special
3:23 am
education advocate, this is a lot of the work that i do. we're working on the disproportionality. which is a particular classroom for students, a special day class and my work in the district has been predominantly around providing better reading interventions to off students. particularly tier three structured learning programs for students with dislexia. i recognize i'm a white woman and every day i'm learning about my white privilege. i'm honored here to be offering with efrain barrera and so if the committee believes that's what's needed for this bay, i would be happy to support
3:24 am
efrain in foving forward towards the full board. i have to have the honor of working with this committee because i do believe that my particular expertise particularly when it comes to reading intervention and other forms of interventions for students because what works for students with disabilities actually works for all students. that's universal design for learning. if i'm not a member and the team is leaning towards efrain, i support all of his work, but i hope to be able to have some voice or some role in this committee and special education advocate. so thank you. >> chairman: thank you for your comments and your generous comments about the other complint for seat 3 which will take us to that individual mr. barrera. >> thank you. can you hear me? >> chairman: yes, we can.
3:25 am
>> thank you. good morning rules committee, chairperson super peskin. supervisor mandelman, supervisor ronen. i'm here for seat 3. i'm a proud father of two students. i wholeheartedly believe in the mission set forth by the rise legislation. as a father of two students with learning differences -- i'm very grateful for the accommodations that my children have received from their site. however, i'm very well aware of the learning laws and the emotional impacts they have experienced during the pandemic. i have partnered with school and agencies to bring the coordination. during the last three years, i worked for the commission of economic development agency for the promise neighborhood.
3:26 am
and, through the pandemic, i have worked with a collective district staff, the latino task force -- >> chairman: you're frozen. mr. barrera? mr. clerk? help us. he's back. you're back. you're moving >> [ laughter ] sorry about that. so i feel that i'm qualified for to be part of this team. thank you ms. fisher for the very positive thoughts. i feel that this is an opportunity for our community, you know, to come together and i really respect a lot of the experts that are applying for the different seats. i have so much excitement and
3:27 am
hope for this working group. i feel that our community needs this. i feel like we owe it to our community, the impacts of the pandemic have been, you know, horrific. and so i feel that being that schools are critical house and they play a critical place for the recovery efforts post pandemic, i feel that it would definitely require a coordinator approach to get this right. you know, we cannot afford making any mistakes and so i do. i elevate and i welcome the leadership of supervisor ronen, supervisor melgar for putting this forward and i look forward to the opportunity to join forces with the other team members so thank you very much. >> chairman: thank you. and that will take us to dr. carol hill. dr. hill. >> okay.
3:28 am
can you hear me. i'm so sorry. i feel like i'm also having internet issues right now. >> who's not? >> good morning supervisors. i am dr. carol hill and among other things, i'm a proud black lesbian mother of a 9-year-old. and a fiance of a principal in sfusd. i've been working in education for over 30 years and i started off in higher ed administration and i even did a small stint as a parent in sfusd while i was working on my masters. my expertise in education, commitment, and calling have been in using community schools thought and practice to increase opportunities for success particularly for black students and families. this is the san francisco beacon initiative. i support beacons and 13 cb.o.
3:29 am
agency partners working diligently to implement community schools work. beacon specifically requires youth and empowerment and i'm honored to represent organizations that are grounded in that commitment as well. i'm excited to apply for seat 4 to help through recovery and beyond for students and families for sfusd. i know we can do something absolutely amazing in terms of excellence and equity. i bring several years of black partnership with the district and the city and c.b.o. partners which was even more important with the district as i collaborate to plan, organize, envision, and facilitate work with the c.b.o. forums, the community hub initiatives and the peace cap which i'm a cochair of. all of my expertise can be used
3:30 am
to uplift the voices of the organizations such as those in the service provider working groups so that we are able to truly transform san francisco public education especially black and immigrant students who have been disproportionately impacted by covid and distanced learning. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. thank you, dr. hill. that will take us to lai wa wu.
3:31 am
>> clerk: i don't see a log on. >> chairman: we may have received an e-mail. i got so many e-mails this morning that she might not be attending. i can search for that e-mail. while i'm doing so. why don't we go on to joyce dorado for seat 5. >> good morning supervisors. thank you so much for having me. can you hear me? i just want to make sure? great. i'm an applicant for seat 5 of this work group. i'm a licensed clinical psychologist who's worked with children youth and families for 30 years. i'm also a clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at ucsf. and i'm also the cofounder and director of ucsf hearts. we've had a deep and sustained partnership with sfusd since
3:32 am
2008. an anti-racist healing center at the core of our work. we've partnered with schools to create more trauma and form learning and teaching environments that can foster resilience, wellness and justice for everyone in the school community. i'm also an appointed member of the california state supreme court justice steering committee for keeping students out of court initiative and i'm also the lead developer for the curriculum that has trained thousands of sfd.p.h. employees also youth serving institutions and organizations across the bay area around applying a trauma informed healing lens making organizations that heal instead of inadvertently harm. i'm really interested in providing this lens to the
3:33 am
considerable professional analytic experience of those who will be serving on this committee. i'll be helping to apply the science if i'm chosen on how trauma and stress can affect any of us children and adults alike. how it can affect our health, our behavior, our relationships, our work, and ultimately our organizations as a whole and then applying the science around healing and overcoming trauma and stress to what any of us can do regardless of what our role is in the school or our community to mitigate these adverse effects. i really truly believe we have so many learnings from going through this pandemic and from the racial justice up risings that we can apply to how we return to in-person school stronger, wiser, and more compassionate than we were before and i really look forward to be able to serve in this capacity. thanks. >> chairman: thank you.
3:34 am
and i've been informed that lai wa wu has withdrawn and is supporting dr. carol hill. so thank you for making our work easier. and, with that, we'll go to jacob leos-urbel >> hi. i'm applying for seat number 6 for the education researcher. i'm excited by the prior speakers. i am an education researcher. i'm a san francisco resident. i'm a father of two young daughters one of whom is in the other room doing 1st grade virtually at sfusd elementary school. i also have a preschooler. i have over 20 years of experience in education and research. focused on improving opportunities and outcomes for children, youth, and families. i primarily brought the research and evaluation skills and lens to that and a lot of
3:35 am
my work is focused on programs and policies outside of the classroom that are important for childrens education and social emotional development. in terms of my relevant experience, i've been a public policy professor at claremont graduate university in southern california. summer youth employment programs. i also was an associate director for the john gardener program at stanford and in that role, worked collaboratively with a lot of local school districts including sfusd to do research that was relevant and important and focused on getting better and the most [inaudible] in unified school district for four years doing research about the full service community initiative which is an equity driven strategy to make sure children have the support and need they deserve to thrive
3:36 am
academically. this includes mental and physical health services. after school and summer programming and really deep involvement of communities and parents and really leveraging the researches of the community and the community based organizations to provide a much more robust set of services for students. currently, the learning and evaluation director tipping point community and i want to be on the rise working group. i would be honored to be on the rise working group. i really believe this is what we need and we've needed this for a long time to have more resources for schools and the ability to serve more children. and we need it now more than ever as we recover from the covid pandemic. and i think it's really an opportunity for the whole community to come together. so i would be grateful to be on the committee. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. that takes us to emily garvie
3:37 am
for seat number 7. >> hi, my name is emily garvie. can everyone hear me? okay. great. good morning to the supervisors and everyone else attending. i'm really honored to be here speaking for my candidacy in seat 7 which is the foundation philanthropy seat on the rise working group. i concur with what everyone has said in this is just such an exciting board and body. at a really critical may i have a moment. i am the program officer at the charitable foundation that makes grants and education among other program areas and i'm responsible for the grant making in education. prior to my work at the foundation. i was the executive director at the performing arts workshop that provides services in sfusd
3:38 am
schools and after school programs as well as other settings. and, i am also the parent of a sfusd student in elementary school and soon to be two students and rising kindergartener next year. as the foundation philanthropy representative, my goal would be to provide a connection between sfrise and donors to the well being of youth and families. in a philanthropic with the hope of engaging investment in the solutions put forward by rise. this has been almost exclusively my focus for the past year. as mr. barrera said so well, we could not afford to make any mistakes last june and we could not waste any of the dollars we had in the system and all the
3:39 am
dollars needed to be put best to the families most in need. i worked with colleagues to convene a group of foundations, nonprofits, city agencies and nonprofit service providers to expand and enhance the impact of the community hubs through arts education programs. this initiative sparked another web by the walter lease toss fund to create change benefitting black and baby youth and part of this group, i worked with board of education leaders, district leaders, nonprofits and youth leaders, as well as city agency and staff and other private funders to try to move forward lessons and funding towards solutions which was a very gratifying thing to be apart of and i would be very excited to get to work with this incredible group of folks who are candidates for the sfrise working group to
3:40 am
take this moment and make the most of it to both address the harm that has been experienced by youth and families over the past year and also to put change into action that has been muted and an opportunity for a long time particularly working off of the community school model to expand for the betterment of sfyouth and families. >> chairman: thank you, mr. garvie. before we deliberate. i wanted to turn it back over to supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much. and gosh, i was excited before hearing from all of you and now i'm like i have to control myself to keep myself in the chair instead of jumping around in my living room screaming for joy. this is so exciting and having your involvement and your input will make this successful.
3:41 am
it's who's going to be at the table and creating the plan that we can then put into action and really offer, you know, take this bad situation and turn it around and offer something better than we've ever offered before and we're doing that work already in san francisco just on a very small scale and so if we can take the best of what we're already doing and expand it, that alone will be amazing, but i'm also just really excited to see what other new interventions and programs that you come up with that are particularly important for this time and this unique experience that we're in. i want to thank alida fisher for her typically gracious comments and respect and support for efrain barrera.
3:42 am
alida, i used to be the chair of the rules committee. so i'm used to this experience of having to unbelievable over the top excellent candidates and having to choose between them and it's a miserable experience and that's why i'm excited i'm no longer on the rules committee, but you're a perfect example of one of these situations and, yes, we want you to participate, yes, we want you and your especially incredible expertise around special education and the needs of students with special needs on this work group. and every single meeting will be public, in fact, i'm intending -- i'm planning to attend many of those meetings as a member of the public. so i'll be there sitting right next to you hopefully and
3:43 am
really, if you are brought forward by the committee today, i'm really looking forward to your involvement and to sitting next to you and being with you participating. i also really want to thank lai wa wu from the chinese association for graciously stepping aside. dr. carol hill, you need no accolades because you speak for yourself and your contribution to sf rise is essential and it's going to be extremely helpful. i will say that marcus wong who wasn't able to be here with us today because he's in school is a member of the cpa youth mojo program and so we're hoping that lai wa wu would help
3:44 am
support marcus wong's participation in the work group. alida and i hope we're going to be sitting there and supporting this group and participating from sort of the sidelines but definitely contributing as part of this process. so, with that, colleagues, i would ask you to support efrain barrera and dr. carol hill who is now the sole applicant for her seat and the rest of this incredible panel. we need you now more than we've ever needed you before. the work that you're going to do is going to create a plan going forward on how we're going to come out of this pandemic and address the very real harm that students have faced during this year, but then also on issues that we've been facing at sfusd for
3:45 am
decades. the opportunities gap is not new. it's deepened and highlighted because of this crisis, but it is not new and so we have seen the community model works and especially for the students that have been falling behind for decades and it's not because of anything innate in their learning. it's because they are existing in a structure where systemic racism is alive and strong where we need to wrap around the entire family so that students can have all the admission that they need to succeed in school and that's what it's all about. that's what we're excited about expanding here in san francisco and who knows what else you're going to come up with there are
3:46 am
models all over the country and all over the world. we want to take the best and looking forward to supporting your initiative from day one. >> chairman: thank you supervisor ronen. and i understand ms. fisher made some comments and may want to make some additional comments. ms. fisher, you are welcome to speak again if you so desire. >> thank you. yes. i'm in the process of sending an e-mail. i will withdrawal my application and fully support efrain as a member of the committee. thank you for your kind words, supervisor ronen. and hopefully when we get back and person sitting shoulder to shoulder, but until then,
3:47 am
virtually shoulder to shoulder. >> chairman: thank you. you have made our job incredibly easy. i realize now what former chair ronin stuck with me which is pain every single money as i have to pick between remarkable colleagues with my colleagues. with that, in this particular instance, all is well that ends well and i would like to move leslie hu for seat 1. rafael picazo for seat 2. efrain barrera for seat 3. carol hill for seat 4. joyce dorado for seat 5. jacob leos-urbel seat 6. emily garvie seat 7. and marcus wong seat 8.
3:48 am
>> supervisor chan: chair peskin, i would like to make a comment. >> chairman: go ahead. >> supervisor chan: i want to thank ms. alida fisher and really leading by example and carving out the space and lifting up other voices and making sure there's representation at the table. with that same spirit, i do want to as we're moved forward with this motion and this working group, i wanted to be able to take this piece and because i am disappointed in seeing lai wa wu stepping down but also proud to see marcus wong is stepping up in this group and will be having a seat at the table and really thanking, i wanted to thank
3:49 am
dr. carol hill. and, with that, i do want to remind this group how our public school students have really been suffering in this pandemic and that with all the issues that both our district and education have been experiencing and to recognize that the 40% of students population is asian american and we as a community are not monolithic and that we have diverse needs even if we're asian americans and su, we all can see in the last 10 months or really a year now and how asian american families really expanded public education system differently. and social economic status really in language and cultural
3:50 am
competency. all those really expose the great demands and needs that asian american families have in our public school system. and so i just want to as we move forward with this group that i really hope and urge you to hold these asian american families in your thoughts as you move this forward and help us to make sure that their voices are at the table and being in your consideration as we move forward with community school and really to ensure that this let's not allow what the traditional education to pit students of color against each other because i think that's the dynamic we're seeing
3:51 am
in the last year of the pandemic. so that's all and -- but this is a really great group and i thank supervisor ronen for having this group and attracting all these brilliant candidates to show your commitment helping our families thrive and hopefully beyond the pandemic. thank you. >> chairman: thank you, supervisor chan. seeing no further comments. mr. young. could you please call the role on the motion that was made. >> clerk: i believe we need to take public comment. supervisor mandelman's on the list. >> chairman: my apologies. i felt like we did take public comment, but those were the applicants. my chat button is broken. so there you go. >> supervisor mandelman: i
3:52 am
just want to thank all the applicants for their work and engagement for their willingness to serve and to supervisor ronen for doing and her office for doing our work for us and making this much less painless today. so thanks everyone. >> chairman: thank you. all right. why don't we open this up to public comment. thank you for reminding me. >> clerk: yes. at this time. there are no members of the public to speak. i will read the phone number just in case. call (415) 655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 1875747855. then press pound and pound again. if you haven't already done so, please press star 3 to line up to speak. the system will promptly indicate you have raised your hand. you may begin your comments. as i stated, as of announcing public comment, we had nobody in line for public comment.
3:53 am
>> chairman: okay. public comment is closed and on the motion made, a role call please. >> clerk: yes. on the motion [roll call] the motion passes without objection. >> chairman: and that takes us to the end of our agenda and we are adjourned.
3:54 am
>> everyone deserves a bank account. in san francisco, anyone can have a bank account, things to an innovative program, bank on s.f. >> everyone is welcome, even if you are not a citizen or have bad credit to qualify for a bank account is simple. just live or work in san francisco and have a form of id. >> we started bank on s.f. six years ago to reach out to folks in the city who do not have a bank account. we wanted to make sure they know they have options which should be more low-cost, more successful to them and using chat catchers. >> check cashing stores can be found all over the city, but they're convenient locations come with a hidden price. >> these are big.
3:55 am
>> i remember coming in to collect -- charged a fee to collect a monogram. >> people who use check catchers, particularly those who use them to cash their paychecks all year long, they can pay hundreds, even a thousand dollars a year just in fees to get access to their pay. >> i do not have that kind of money. >> i would not have to pay it if i had a bank account. >> bank accounts are essential. they keep your money saved and that helps save for the future. most banks require information that may limit its pool of qualified applicants. encouraging to turn to costly and unsafe check captures. >> i do not feel safe carrying the money order that i get home. >> without a bank account, you are more vulnerable to loss, robbery, or theft.
3:56 am
thankfully, the program was designed to meet the needs of every kind, so qualifying for a bank account is no longer a problem. even if you have had problems with an account in the past, have never had an account, or are not a u.s. citizen, bank on s.f. makes it easy for you to have an account. >> many people do not have a bank account because they might be in the check system, which means they had an account in the past but had problems managing it and it was closed. that gives them no option but to go to a cash -- check catcher for up to seven years. you want to give these people second chance. >> to find account best for you, follow these three easy steps. first, find a participating bank or credit union. call 211 or call one of our partner banks or credit unions and ask about the bank on s.f. account. both -- most bridges will have a
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3:58 am
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3:59 am
you will be steered to the program you are looking for. >> who want to make sure everyone has the chance to manage their money successfully, keep their money safe, and avoid getting ripped off. >> it sounds very good. i think people should try that one. >> to find out more, visit or call 211 and ask about the bank on s.f. program. >> now you can have a bank account. open one today.
4:00 am
>> this meeting of april 8, 2021 to bored. i'm the board chair. this is pursuant to provisions of the brown act and executive orders issued by the governor. ordinarily, the brown act sets strict rules for teleconferencing. the governor's executive order has suspended those rules. members of the public may observe this meeting see sfgovtv and may offer public comment by calling the public comment phone number. i'd like to thank the member