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tv   Board of Education  SFGTV  April 13, 2021 4:00am-8:01am PDT

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my daughter has been out of school for over a year. it's two days of school, not five days of school because the way mixing distancing learning and in-person learning has to work given the request of folks in the school. that's not good enough. the fact that my daughter has not socialized with her classmates over a year. the fact she's on a zoom screen couple of hours a day and need to be educated is not sufficient. we need five full days in the fall. nom excuses, no planning around that. if there is distance learning that needs to be required for extremely rare medical situation. it should not impact staffing for in-person classrooms. we should ensure that zoom in a room is not a reality. that is not public education.
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that's not acceptable. >> clerk: hello, iris? >> caller: hi. i have a few things to talk about. i would like for clarity. i'm confused why nothing is offered. i want to mention it again that the forms that are confused about, -- [indiscernible] hard copies provided or support for families who need help accessing those forms. i'm a special education teacher working with the access students, students 18-22. we are usually community-based program when we're in-person. we keep getting mixed messages about we'll be able to do community based instructions when we go back.
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it's been said a few times, it doesn't seem fair. thank you. >> clerk: meredith? >> caller: thanks for the opportunity. this is meredith. i wanted to share a family sent me this message this morning. it was powerful. i asked for for mission to -- permission to share it tonight. dear meredith, we know tremendous learning distance learning has been taken on kids. our son a ninth grader and sfusd high school, attempted to end
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his life. thankful he wasn't in physical danger. he's currently in a psychiatric facility undergoing evaluation. it was direct result of depression and hopelessness. distance learning has been okay for some kids. it's been profoundly traumatic for so many others. i don't know how to get this across, we must stop the child suffering. we must do this fully as best as we can to get every student back in the classroom for many days as possible.
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>> clerk: susan? >> caller: hi. i want to everyone for the hard work that's being done. educators uesf are excited about in-person instruction. we want to do everything we can to make it a positive and happy experience for students. we want everyone to feel successful. the good news is that uesf has a weekly check-in with labor relations. we still have many questions and they are coming in everyday. answers are sometimes hard to come by or contradictory. we unfortunately, we have seen violations of the in-person memorandum of understanding, which is very producing and undermine the work that was done
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by both parties. i will give couple of examples. we did just find out that middle school students will be going into high school. we didn't hear that from the district. we heard it from members. there's more training that is in the m.o.u. that's required that our members haven't gotten yet so they can do the best for their students. we can file grievances for m.o.u. violations and we will, that's our right and our obligation. but also that's not the solution. that doesn't solve the problems. commissioners we're reaching out with great urgency to tell you that we need your support. we really want to give our students the experiences they deserve. we want to help address the
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trauma they've suffered. this means supporting educators and other school staff so the cushion and concern -- confusion and concerns are kept at a minimum. thank you. >> clerk: hello, chris. >> caller: as an sfusd educator, i'm excited to return to in-person hybrid learning. for this transition to work, the district needs to provide clearer communication to get and keep everyone on the same page. your slides continue to reference students with moderate severe disabilities leaving out students over fifth grade with mild and moderate disabilities who i work with who are included in the plans to return. see slides 9 and 18. many of the families will need help to complete the return paperwork. i can't help with that paperwork or which students received it. please, share that with me. i like clarity about the
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proposed co-located schools. why are most at risk students sent to school sites that are not their home school? this is not equitable. improve your communication, stop the confusing messages. you are harming people with miscommunications. i urge you to make sure all parties are on the same page and have the answers and resources they need to return safely. >> clerk: thank you. brandy? >> caller: i want to say word of thanks to the administration and the district for just being so patient and making sure that we are doing this safely. i saw that in michigan today, the detroit area, 40 schools are closing because of covid outbreaks. i know it's been hard. i know you been under pressure. i think just given the really low numbers we've seen in san
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francisco, looking at that data, you've all been making the right decision, just taking time to be extra careful and making sure we get this right and not opening too hastily. i thank you for that. what you don't hear people calling in who's lives have been saved because of your decision. thank you. >> caller: hello, high name is nathaniel. i like to be back in school five days a week. sometimes it is hard to comprehend new topics and i get stuck on a problem late at night. students are all tired having cameras on. i used to be active.
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my time on zoom and extra time for homework, i get lot less time outside. there's no incentive to go outside. i would love commission to come up with a full five day return for teachers and classrooms and middle and high schools. thank you. >> caller: good evening all. i'm an elementary school teacher in the district. thank you for the school reopening update. i appreciated the update on district student and staff testing. as for the health and safety m.o.u., school staff must be tested prior to students returning. i found today that elementary school got left off the list of testing, staff prior to return through color lab. it's unfortunate and makes me question how this oversight happened. my question is what is the protocol to reopening given
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unexpected delay? if our k2 students need to return week later than planned, will our 3-5 student have to wait week that or would with you come back at the same time? thank you. >> caller: hi, i am a teacher, substitute teacher returning to school next week. i want to say that i was told that the substitute teachers are going to be considered co-teachers. there was nothing said about pay increases. we'll have high expectations. i'm requesting that you consider paying substitute teachers more. another thing gage to be teaching kindergarten. if i am at least 6 feet away s it okay for me to just wear the face shield? there was nothing in the -- nothing said about that. i'm wondering if you guys can consider that because the
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pronunciation of words is really important for younger children. last but not least, give the class of 2021 a field graduation. they deserve it. last year, at least the class of 2020 was able to see their peers in-person for the half year. 2021 class has been robbed. please give them a field graduation at the very least. thank you. >> clerk: autumn? >> caller: i wanted to ask a question to see if it would be possible for all of the schools at which capacity they are rushing -- returning to be published. my child goes to a school that surprise to many that only returning two days a week.
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i'm curious to know how it's happening at other schools and how it's not happening that really include higher group of the population. please exposed data so everybody can see exactly who is going back and at what capacity. >> clerk: hello, aaron? >> caller: i'm a teacher. i called couple of times. i'm hoping someone on the board can ask for staff on an update on the status of the clubs for high school students. i know that came up. there's lot of enthusiasm on the board. the staff was going to look into it. i haven't heard anything. i'm a middle school teacher, i'm also excited.
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just to know that even on the table, all this stuff you guys take so much time to prepare, if it's something on the table, i think there's a willingness. i'm particularly asking about after school extracurricular activity, the idea of giving principals, parameters and opening up sites for certain clubs. finally, an update on any after care will be great too. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you. allison? >> caller: hi, my name is allison. i'm going to pass it over to my daughter who's a freshman. i like to ask for a full five-day return. i want to second the comments these powerpoint do nothing to provide any useful information. we need dates, we need a
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schedule, we need specifics. i'll let my daughter go from here. >> i'm a ninth grader. i have the opportunity, i'm fortunate enough to transfer to another school. i don't want to do that. i'm at the school that i wanted to be at since i was four years old. you are all the reasons why i am not getting back in. i understand the want to do it safely but you don't have a plan and you need a plan. it brought me to tears hearing the story of the student who attempted suicide. there are more students who might do that. you need to do more. your inaction is harming students. you aren't doing enough to help us. my teachers need help and classmates need help. we are struggling. >> clerk: thank you.
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renee? >> caller: hi, there. my son is going to have 12 days of school this year. this is really not something that we should be congratulating ourselves about. this is really unfair. it's a failure. what we found only commissioner lam was actively trying to come up with a reopening plan. april until october 2020. it was remarkable how little work there was from the other board members. commissioner collins was actively undermining the d.p.h. presentation she kept putting guidance and square quotes, professional women got put in square quotes. women who were asking for help for a plan. it is really incredible how little this board is doing while blowing up parents and slamming
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people to set up pods to pick up the shortfall for our kids. my son is going to be 12 days of first grade. we need five full days by fall. >> clerk: thank you. heather? >> caller: i'm a parent of a fifth grader. we're primarily one of the lucky few going back for five days but they are half days. there's no aftercare on site. the learning hub that he's been going to is several miles away from his school site. there's no transportation. i'm a single parent. trying to sort of navigate the choice of remaining in a learning hub and staying online or going back to school for
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full-time as our preference. then potentially having to leave my job early to pick him up and bring him back to work with me. i'm blessed -- i feel blessed we're able to go back five days a week. it's difficult without the after care. i want to make sure we get that full-time in all and with after care solutions. >> clerk: kerry? >> caller: thank you. i'm a parent of two sfusd students who makes difficult decision over the last two weeks to have our fifth grader leave the district and his friends in middle school and enroll in parochial school because of our lack of confidence in this district to get the schools home five days a week. we're desperate to keep our second grader with her second.
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she is unfortunatelily two day a week hybrid school. she will get 12 to 14 days in-person school. i will not send her to any form of hybrid school in the fall. we love our school staff and community but the loudest voices in leadership from this board and the union have been coming from a place of fear from the beginning instead of a place of courage. that fear has been put the burden on our students to bear the brunt of this pandemic. people are afraid because people with leadership has been making them afraid. >> clerk: hello, marina? >> caller: hi. i have a sixth grader and a
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fourth grader currently in districts that may or may not change depending on what the district does. my kids suffered mentally, emotionally and intellectually that past year. you heard about it. people committing sue side. -- suicide. it's not a surprise to you. we need to be in school five days a week. that should be your first priority as board of education. getting kids and teachers back in the school. the second i think should be a clear assessment of what went wrong with the board and district and the union for over a year? this is not going to be the first or last public health crises. it's all well for you to look at what went wrong and what can be done better for the next crises. thank you.
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>> clerk: it says zoom webinar? >> caller: hi. my name is simon. i'm a parent of an sfusd sixth grader and ninth grader. i want to call out the staff working on feeding our students and arranging for transportation. i was impressed with that presentation and the way it described the staff pivoted to feeding students at home in response to the pandemic. i was impressed by the hard work that gone into planning for return to school. i hope the commissioners can bring that same practical flexible approach to two things. one is to bring all our students back for full-time learning five days a week starting in mid-august. every student. please plan for m.o.u.s to assume that plan students can be back in school so we can avoid the missteps from the cdc.
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please ensure we never have zoom in the room. it is not acceptable. thank you for your time. >> clerk: hello, ms. marshall? >> caller: thank you. good evening commissioners. in our meeting, we had some concerns some of our parents with school reopening and concern was some parents they had not received notification. another concern was that students may be mixed together, middle and high school and different parts of the city. that is a big safety issue for our population. also, the concern was students may some classes with middle and high school may not have a teacher in the classroom. we thank the staff for your hard work but please take these
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concerns into consideration, especially safety when you mix kids from different parts of the city. thank you. >> clerk: hello. i'm not sure if it's all one word. zoe? >> caller: hi. can you hear me? i would hope for -- [indiscernible] -- the cdc data came out and said that there was a spike. that went -- went up 300% the covid rate.
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from 157, to 577 per hundred thousand. i supported that you taking the time to do this right because in these areas that, -- [indiscernible]. only criticism i have, you did not put enough pressure on the mayor and supervisors to fund the upgrades that their schools needed. that is where the blame needs to be. i support you. i'm sure you were trying but your budget doesn't allow for a lot of these upgrades. i don't know if you gotten that funding yet to upgrade. >> clerk: thank you. hello mark? >> caller: i want to say how great that powerpoint presentation was. it cleared up a lot for me. it was useful to learn. how
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great the need for substitute teachers is and free meals is. i want to say that our families is looking forward to the zoom in the room plan. it will give our second grader to build a consistent relationship with wonderful teacher and beautiful classmates. the pandemic is to blame for this hard time. not teachers with preexisting medical conditions, not zoom in the room not even the board. let's work together community. thanks everyone for everyone's hard work and prioritizing equity and in-person plan for next week. >> clerk: hello, ingrid? hello, laura? >> caller: i want top thank everyone for your hard work.
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i know it's not easy. these meetings are long. i've been trying to get information. i'll keep it really short. i'm a first-year teacher. this has been such a wacky year. i'm hoping that in the future we can prioritize teachers getting information. i feel like i'm always the last to hear about things. i'm coming to these meetings after long day of teaching and planning and grading. i'm hoping that as we move forward in-person and into the full -- we really prioritize giving teachers information so we can lead families with more confidence. thank you. >> caller: hi. i want to say thank you to each
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and every commissioner, superintendent to all the staff. you all are working so hard. you all now meet every tuesday, not every other tuesday. you have lot of folks who are giving you suggestions. i want to honor the work that all do tirelessly, $500 a month only. this is not a salary job. you all are volunteers with the stipend. i want to ask in the future, i don't know if this is appropriate time, since we're talking about in-person school learning, i was wondering when are in-person school board meetings will happen again too? if we have in-person school happening in august, are we coining -- going to have in-person school meeting in august. i miss your faces. i'm getting vaccinated. thank you.
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>> clerk: thank you. amanda? >> caller: good evening. my children are in grades 2 and 5. they are returning for two days because our school decided it was easier for the adults to have all grades on the same schedule. our school is not utilizing the library, cafeteria or auditorium as classroom space to accommodate more children and facilitate a five-day schedule. we were told to send our children everyday with chromebooks because it's not safe for children to share books. this is not consistent with public health guidelines nor it part of the m.o.u. many children are returning to school only to be taught remotely by a teacher who is at home with a medical exemption. there's no plan to bring back middle and high school students.
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this board continues to excel at failing. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. tom? >> caller: hi. i'm a teacher in a district. i want to give a big props to too. when we think of school staff. we forget those who do the most. our security, paraprofessionals, secretaries, nurses, so many people. they need love too. coaches, they are doing -- they are stepping in these roles and really helping out. i want to send them love because often we forget about them and think of schools and just teachers. it's not just teachers. i want to thank the principals. i want to thank parents. i know it's hard. i'm a parent too. i know it's not the most in-person days let's try to make the most of it. thank you. >> clerk: thank you.
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sophie? >> caller: hi. thank you. i'm a parent. i want to say thank you to the district, the union and all board members. i voted for all of you. i want to all you to be allowed to complete your term in office as voters elected you to do. thank you dr. matthews for agreeing to stay. i will appreciate everything you done to keep us safe. the reason that our city has had the lowest covid rates is because everything is close out here. my family is grateful for distance learning. my kids are very grateful that they will be able to be vaccinated hopefully later this year. my kids don't feel safe going back in the building until they are vaccinated. thank you so much.
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>> clerk: that concludes public comment on this item. >> president lopez: thank you. any questions or comments from student delegates or commissioners? >> cat, did you want to go first? >> you can go first. >> president lopez: student delegate hines-foster, would like to start? >> sorry, i was eating dinner. i have a few questions. is it testing site only for students who are going back in-person. another question is, can i just do like call and respond. is it just students? is the testing site just
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available for students going in-person is my first question? >> yes. that is correct. >> president lopez: i do encourage more call-in response. we tend to ask more questions in one sitting. this might be helpful. >> my second question is, can we restate the focal populations for middle school and high school students. i think lot of high school students are tuned in now and haven't really been along for the whole process to hear a lot of the focal populations that have been stated in previous meetings. >> our focal population for our secondary students are our newcomer students, students experiencing homelessness and students who are minimally
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engaged. >> thank you. my third question is, is it there going to be a way that we're tracking covid? when i was in elementary school, when headlights -- head lice broke out, parents would get the letter he with someone with head lice. is there going to be something like that for families sending them letters and notifications if anyone test positive for covid? >> i can answer that. yes. we've been sharing that previously. there's a whole department of public health protocol that we follow. it's -- if a staff or student test positive. in the case that a staff or student test positive, they are one of the groups. everybody is contacted and sent
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home to quarantine for ten days. we have a whole system designed to ensure that we are informing families and students immediately. if a student are screen candidate everyday coming in the building and if a student presents with a temperature or fever or yes to any of the question, they will be sent home. if the student at that time, says i tested positive for covid-19, then we would put in protocols to identify when the test was administered and whether or not we need to inform other people in the school. >> my fourth question is, i saw that animation we had earlier for reopening. is there anything -- i know we
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have lot of young learners coming back. is there anything for washing hands? on two commercials, there's like a song you sing while you brush your teeth. do we have anything for that? >> there's a tool kit that's been shared with all staff that they can use to share with students with a lot. cdc created lot of those videos. you're right. there's several different resources around some of those basic safety protocols. we've also shared them with families through the digest. >> another question i have, do we have like a starter pack for like a comprehensive sheet or e-mail for families coming back in-person? i know earlier like on public comment, there was some mention
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that there are sheets that people need to fill out that they are not receiving. is there a way that -- as a high schooler, applying for college, college send you an e-mail and they're like this is the steps you take to register for school. you fill out fafsa. is there a comprehensive sheet or e-mail we can send to people to give them the step by step process all in one place? >> that was in the placement packet. i think what some families commented on, i got some clarification about sense, if a family member does not have an e-mail or parent view account, they received everything by paper. if they did have a parent view account, they received a paper letter that then directed them to go into their parent view account to get all of the other
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information. i think that is causing some confusion for some families. symptom families -- some families got the entire packet in print and some only received the placement letter and everything else was sent electronically. >> okay. just a clarification. on april 26th, just high school specifically, high schoolers who are new coming students, homeless or foster youth or have minimal engagement can come back to school? >> yes. they will be offered in-person. >> my other question is, the vaccination group is spreading april 15th, anyone who's like 16 plus can get vaccinated. because of that, are we going to be able to process -- invite
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students back in to school if they are vaccinated? >> currently, the groups that are coming back are the ones with the focal population. it's not all students. >> i'm saying if students aren't in those populations but they are vaccinated, could we work on getting them in school too? >> yes. right now, with the numbers that we have, we're trying to get these populations that we indicated. we'll be outside those numbers even if they are vaccinated, currently. >> is there anything in place for high risk areas, example like bayview, hunters point and mission.
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suspect there extra protocols in place to protect families who come from those areas? >> the protocols that we have in place are set in place for protection for all students and families. the answer is no. >> also, i think this is probably mentioned before. have we created a partnership with muni? i know we've talked a little bit about transportation but there's nothing really been said about sfusd students and how we can access transportation and stuff like that. >> chief o'keefe is attending meetings with the city. in terms of partnership with
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muni? no. we're working with the city around the current city transportation and they're aware of our need currently but especially in the fall for the need that we're going to have to have increased bus service. >> my other question is, a few people mentioned some public comment. why are we moving students to different schools? some middle schooler going to high school. is there a spacing thing? >> commissioners, as we've stated, we are trying to -- student to return survey that came back in mid-march,
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indicated a confirmed yes, relatively small population of about 500 students that responded were student families that responded by the survey that they were interested in coming back for in-person learning. there has been an acknowledgement, however, these are hard to reach students. we want to make sure we can create enough capacity to accommodate late arrivals. the facility division is building out around 200 classrooms across middle school and high school sites that will allow overwhelmingly -- there are huge sessions -- overwhelmingly for newcomer students to return to their homesites. we've created 200 classrooms. when you think about those 200
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classrooms, 500 kids, it's a low number of lot of classroom volume with few numbers that are confirmed yeses and occupied. we should see a huge surge or students taking understand on that offer on in-person learning. we would like to meet in demand.
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to be able to meet it on that timeline, the best approach that make sense from religious eperspective and trying to prioritize homesite is to have a blend where creating capacity over 200 classrooms with a capacity across 20 sites for right now 500 yeses out of the survey. that's allowing if we get some sort of surge, we're trying to confirm this week what the results of direct outreach have yielded between principals and students. we know it's that kind of relocation strategy is necessary. that's our strategy. our strategy and priority is to put students at homesites. we are also trying to be flexible to prepare for the fact that there may not be capacity. we hope to have this question
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settled literally in the next few days in order to be able to process assignments april 26th. >> thank you. another thing is, just some one question, are we going to have crossing guards this year? just a quick question. >> you mean the san francisco m.t.a. municipal francis agency? >> or any crossing guards? why yes. the crossing guards are through the san francisco municipal
4:44 am
francis agency. we contacted them to deploy crossing guards. the answer is yes.
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>> is there any way we can put in office hours where we have district staff hold like a zoom link with families can get help how to fill out these forms for reopening? >> what a wonderful idea. student and family resource link is available to support families questions they might have about the placement packet including the forms and where to find them. that is the best resource for families to turn to. at this time if their staff cannot help them. all the site leaders have a sample of the packet that
4:46 am
families received. we cleared need to make sure that families who receive them electronically know where to go and parent need to find them. the benefit is that then they're actually easy way for us to reference who's turned in the forms and who hasn't. we are having a townhall 6:30 to 7:30 in -- to help support and
4:47 am
answering families questions. i think we should continue to be in conversation about other ways so support. >> where is the resource link? >> i don't have the number memorized. it's something we started last april. it's several -- it's led by the student family municipal support division with support from several departments as well.
4:48 am
>> we can track everything that's been responded to by using this ticketing system. >> commissioner collins played a number earlier. do people actually answer the phone? >> that's a different number. the one that commissioner collins played is a number that is soon going to be resource -- student resource has taken over lot of the work -- lot of the duties that we had through the other line. there's another line that we have been in negotiations with that is also hotline or a safety
4:49 am
line. it does have people to answer the phone during certain hours. the safe student line will have live people answering the phone. >> my last question is safety task force for asian students.
4:50 am
i know lot of high schoolers would volunteer time. >> president lopez: thank you. student delegate heinz fost or. i don't know if student delegate kathya corea.
4:51 am
i know all schools that can't be open will be open by april 26th is my birthday present. that's when i turn 18. i'll be holding on to that. also, i can't say this, as you heard today, i'm sure every other day, because of this pandemic, students of all ages and all populations are struggling. i hope that the full return come as soon as possible because so many students are losing hope
4:52 am
>> at another thing is, lot of high school students haven't been centered around this. lot of this information has been centered around younger learners. i think it will be really resourceful and impactful if we do high school return to in-person.
4:53 am
>> i feel like there's no information for high schoolers. >> i feel like we shouldn't to do that too. men and kat promoted it ourselves, sharing what we got. i feel like that should be done by our staff and not student delegates. >> president lopez: thank you student delegates. i see a number of commissioners. i apologize i have not tracked who raised their hand first. we'll start with commissioner alexander and then commissioner moliga. >> commissioner alexander: big thank you to the staff. this is a difficult moment. two and a half months ago we
4:54 am
were at the worst moment of the pandemic in san francisco. i want to appreciate the staff for navigating that complexity following the public health guidelines and making this happen. i know the public perception gets really hard. that change is happening i want to understand and staff is doing great job to respond to that.
4:55 am
i think we can do middle and high school. in particular one grade before may 15th. i want to emphasize again, let's make it happen. now that we're rolling on this, let's make more happen for middle and high school between april 26th and may 15th. >> we have been working hard to get the secondary groups, focal population. that's has been the last two weeks all the policy team. actually many outside policy team just trying make sure that will happen in the right way. we had started those conversations. those conversations will continue. we hear loud and clear the goal is to do at least one grade level back at the secondary level.
4:56 am
i don't think it hasn't been heard. we are going down that path. had to swerve little bit. we hear that loud and clear. >> commissioner moliga: thank you, president lopez. to second the comment that commissioner alexander made around the clubs. i appreciate the update on the secondary group that superintendent mentioned. if you guys hear noise in the background, my family is having dinner. thank you to the staff. thank you to the public for being super patient. thank you to union partners and students, parents and families. i'm really excited about bringing kids back next week.
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i encourage everyone to work together. for me everything matters. voices matters and advocacy, policy, board members. everything matters. everything is happening at the same time. i did have couple of things i wanted to bring up. the fist is around the testing it site. you said -- the area that i was thinking about that i don't think touched on this is treasure island. it seems like, especially for our treasure island folks, they
4:58 am
might have to be doing lot of traveling. i'm pretty sure you thought about that. i want to get your feedback on that. >> that's a good question. i don't know if you have any input. i know we were limited in terms how many locations we can run. i can take it back to the color team in terms of thinking about what it would take to add an additional location. >> we tried to map out closest to the school sites that are opening to the students returning. we can access the site. once you have the initial test, every school is having testing days. all the other tests happen at the school site. >> appreciate that. other question was around current staffing in the schools.
4:59 am
curious to know who will be on campus. >> we have sent ton of letters out to staff and school to support the students coming back. that includes support staff and counselors. >> commissioner moliga: okay. you're saying social workers and counselors will be on campus? >> no. i want to get a second opinion. yes, that is correct. >> commissioner moliga: my other thing was around communication piece. i encourage us to over communicate. i'm hearing we have a lot of calls. we're doing e-mails, text
5:00 am
messages. from my experience, i know some of the families that's not how they communicate. i would encourage us to really partner with our community partners or c.b.o.s to help with the communication piece. it was brought up in public comment earlier. some folks will need hand holding through this entire process. they will need to explain it over and over. i think we need to be prepared. we need to be prepared for worse case scenarios. i would ask folks to be plan around that. the other part for me too, the reason i would on campus, some of the kids coming to school --
5:01 am
i'm curious to know what the parent engagement will be like in terms of staff working with parents getting their kids back on campus. at the same time, from my experience, working with schools specifically out in the southeast, some of these kids are coming to school on their own.
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>> i want top include a test site on treasure island that was open to all students and families. they have that currently every tuesday from 9:00 to 2:00.
5:03 am
that will be another resource for treasure island residents to be able to get covid-19 testing. >> vice president collins: the request for high school city open and clubs. i didn't know about -- i want to say, thank you for all the work that's gone into this. also specifically to staff who decided to do on lot of logistics and have families. i've been in lot of meetings with you all and seen kids crawling around while you're doing this coordination work. i want to say thank you for that. getting back to the high school,
5:04 am
it sounds like -- what i was hearing when we were discussing high school last time, we would be trying to open up every single middle and high school even if it was that focal population, which is moderate and severe students with disabilities, newcomers and then students that are disconnected from learning. i'm wondering is that not going to happen or are we going to be opening classrooms? i want to confirm. >> almost all sites will be open. there are one or two sites where actually the academy has a classroom where there are no
5:05 am
windows. where there's student population. we are anticipating relocating that classroom. there are one or two sites where there is literally one classroom with under five kids that have r.c.p. now. stand up time as well as the effort and needed to open up the whole cafeteria. serve just a hand full of kids. we are trying to be efficient. there's hand full of sites. otherwise, all other middle schools and high schools will have classrooms at their homesites to start those populations.
5:06 am
should there be unanticipated surge, should we create another classroom that different sites can take advantage of. >> vice president collins: i will express my interest. i'm just one commissioner, i'll be interested to hear from other commissioners. what i was hearing from commissioners was this idea of being able to open up at one school site, it becomes a way for us to open up the whole school. i understand you're dealing with these tensions of resources and staffing and logistics. for me, i was thinking, if we can get one classroom. i think i heard commissioner alexander say this, if we get one classroom open, then we have newcomers, it becomes a window for us. that's when teachers come in and
5:07 am
say, i'll be willing to do a club just once a week even. students are the most needy will be included in the focal populations. we know that kids that are not connected to learning, we're inviting them back. what we're hearing, i'm feeling it as a high school parent, high school students, some of them are doing okay. not as well but okay with distance learning. they want to see their friends. they want to be connected. just get them out the house. get dressed, get out the house. don't just wake up and roll on to zoom. having the space for kids to have some place to go even if it's just once a week, something outside just being in the house is really needed right now.
5:08 am
especially if we're opening up just one site, one space in the school, maybe there's face in the courtyard, or in the field. these open spaces where -- i know there's teachers that miss seeing their students. this is just me making a plea. it feels like we have to open up all of our schools and it is maybe in some cases, it may not make sense logisticically. for me, that's the mechanism for opening up all schools. they believe site leaders can think about, they can let their staff know, we have the courtyard open for five days a week. maybe we can alternate who uses it once a week and teenagers can get out the house and they can start to reintegrate into the schools. it makes it easier, for us
5:09 am
planning wise to make sure we're opening. we're all committed. i'm hearing this from all commissioners. we're all committed to opening five full days in the staff. i'm making that plea. i don't think distance learn is working for some kids. it's not the best. it's just a mess. i'm respectful of staff when they say it's too much. at a minimum, i really want them to be able to come. other issue is, for high school, i know there's this idea of potentially having high school graduation, it's a city wide effort and it includes private school and independent schools. if we have somebody and folks
5:10 am
working on that with supervisors, i think our high school students really deserve, especially seniors, deserve to hear what we're planning. i think parents from all grade level, i would love to support those efforts to give kids a good graduation from a really hard year. i'm making a request to staff and maybe to the president. if we can schedule, have somebody come and talk about what our plans are for high school graduation in ways not just to hear about when it's all planned but maybe community members we can help. we can donate and volunteer to make that happen. finally, i have one request for staff as far as communication. this is a quick question. sometimes we push out staff and we say we sent this out. sometimes it doesn't get to the parents. i know this because i was
5:11 am
part-time volunteer parent volunteer at the school and part-time staff. in the office i worked we would send out things and sometimes i wouldn't get them as a parent. i'm just wondering if staff can tell me how are we checking when we're sending stuff out that is getting received? do we have any mechanism for that? >> for the u.s. postal service, only mechanism we would have if it was returned to us, the address wasn't correct. which certainly happens. i think the other -- in terms of e-mails, though, we can actually check to see whether or not the e-mail was open or if it's in parent view. >> vice president collins: they clicked on it or opened it up in parent view? >> i know there are analytics
5:12 am
>> vice president collins: i don't know if you call principals say are you hearing from parents who saying they haven't received things. even if it's just a sample. it's just a really good way of checking. we send stuff out and sometimes there's a problem along the way. i think that's sometimes things get messed up and hard for us to know, especially when we're pushing out centrally or to know how they are received.
5:13 am
i think those are things i constantly do, reach out to people and say did you get there, how is it doing. that let's me know if i need to do more research. i do want to say thank you. i love videos and the little cat with the mask, i wish i can get my cat to wear a mask. with the evideos all the different languages.
5:14 am
i guess i want to ask, are there ways for us to publicize that more or wherever we go, i would love it if every board meeting we had a slide that just showed that information. we always had it. maybe while we're waiting to get on, we do have a meetings. we always balk it and just to have that visual, just constant reminder there's a space where families can go to get information. i don't know how to use this e-mail and use parent view, i'll call. i know that's a heavy lift. it is a big resource. thank you for that. again, thank you to all the
5:15 am
staff, thank you to families that are supporting at the site level. also, let us know as board members and family and community how to support schools as we return to school f there's any way we can help. i know there's a lot of families that want to support our efforts. >> president lopez: thank you. commissioner lam? >> commissioner lam: thank you. lots of questions. i have lots of feelings. i think you all know how impassion i feel about returning our students back to in-person learning after being in distance learning and navigating this pandemic for a year. i want to acknowledge and share that i feel and hear the pain, the fear, frustration, the heart
5:16 am
break. i want to thank our student delegates for holding it down and also expressing the student experience. also the light and hope that we have as we move forward and as we stay focused as a school district on holding our students and children at the center. i want to express that excitement. we are six days away from returning our first -- our students back to in-person learning. i wanted to open that up. i want to thank our staff that's been working tirelessly and our educators that have been really riessing -- rising to this occasion of the pandemic. thank you all. with that, i want to take knowledge, reiterate my support
5:17 am
around recognition. i will start with the focal population and recognizing it that our staff has been the last many weeks and months focusing on how are we doing our planning, logistics, getting our surveys back, the analysis of seeing our focal population and then, another commissioner that has been also very focused on. let do it in a way that we're focused on our focal population and now our next phase. thank you dr. matthews for acknowledging the opportunity looking at how we could, i hope return full secondary grade. i wanted to acknowledge that.
5:18 am
also in support continuing to explore how we can have our secondary students come back to on campus for activities like clubs. i want thank student delegate hines-foster. thank you for raising how do we support our students, in particular aapi students who expressed and families expressed hesitation. we're not only seeing it here locally, we're seeing it on a national level including new york city around the real fear and violence that are being experienced by our aapi community would love to partner
5:19 am
with you student delegate hines-foster looking at how to lift up those needs and really how to address them for our students and families as they are returning both from pre-k to 12th grade and secondary. i want to also extend my support. i love the discussion about how do we bring in our high school students into this discussion on what the return will look like for our focal population. just getting the information out to students. i was really excited as a parent today, also to receive notice about the vaccination for 16 and up starting on april 15th. that came from our school nurse. i'm really happy to hear we're getting that information out to our students and their families. if there's potential partnering
5:20 am
up like a high school, townhall with staff i would love to be engaged to one we're doing tomorrow in language. i did have a question. you had mentioned about right now, our 290, i believe, staff that will be needed in order to meet our staffing criteria. could you walk us through little bit about, in the coming weeks what that potential shortage looks like as we do bring our students back.
5:21 am
>> in total just to cover our colleague who request candidate medical accommodations. we approved 290 of them. i'll talk more about that in a minute. in terms of filling that gap. we have 124 of our substitutes who said they wanted to do in-person work. we're looking to hire another 90. we do have a contract tonight for the board. which will allow us to bring in external substitutes that we're contracting to try to close that gap. we're also prepared to deploy central staff to help fill those classrooms and classify folks to help to do other duties. we're hoping between all four of those strategies that we will be able to cover that gap. i think what is little bit
5:22 am
harder to know and we're not going to know it until it happens absences that are routine. we don't know what that will look like. we never opened schools in the middle of a pandemic. we're going to keep our eye on that number next week. we're going to continue to try to increase the number of our current substitutes. we're willing to do in-person work that includes hiring more of them. we'll continue to deploy centralized staff and look at external options if we need to as well. which is not something we want to do. but at the end of the day, this is about making sure our students are served when they go back to school. >> commissioner lam: thank you. i'm glad to hear, daniel, i
5:23 am
think it become imperative that we're able to report the realtime what that staffing needs are and so that our families and school staff, administrators, our educators are aware of what is happening at the site. shifting gears from staffing to facilities in particular for elementary. from couple of public comments, i wanted to ask don if you can follow-up about the variants maybe at the elementary sites. for example, i heard public comment about fourth and fifth graders perhaps not being able to be able to scale or going to different sites. just add more layering for some of those considerations can --
5:24 am
[indiscernible]. >> there circumstances this we have huge interest and number of students who want to return. most cases we're able to get our students back to their home school. there are few instances where students might need to go to a host site in fourth and fifth grade. schools are still finalizing their schedules. i'll be able to confirm which schools they are. >> commissioner lam: thank you.
5:25 am
i think overall, the communication piece will be really imperative. we have to wrap ourselves around one another and putting our arms around our students and families. that's really part of my conclusion. i wanted to recognize that as much as we are putting allers and heart work in this. it will be bumpy. know that this district, this board of ed is focused on ensuring that health and safety that we are going to move forward and doing the best job possible. we will improve when we hear
5:26 am
that things can be better. i want to thank all of our parent advisory committees that have been engaged. i know they've been behind the scenes in working with district staff, getting that feedback consistent conversation discussions. how do we this planning and do.right and how we continue to improve. i wanted to recognize for example, the townhall and appreciate raising up those questions that continue to get raised.
5:27 am
>> president lopez: thank you. i am appreciative. i've been saying this consistently and i encourage commissioners all on this call to help change the rhetoric around there not being option to return to mill school and high school. this is happening this month. it's not only undermines all staff work but it also erases thousands of students who have children returning this spring. i continue to remind everyone, this is setting the ground work for us for all students in the safest way. i encourage all of us to share that understanding as much as possible. with that, we'll wrap up this item and i do want to excuse our student delegates. you are free to go.
5:28 am
>> i think we plan to stay until the renaming. >> i personally have to go. >> okay. i'm going to log off too. sorry. >> thank you so much. sorry for the confusion. thank you everyone. i hope you all have a good night. >> thanks everyone. >> president lopez: have a good night. move on to section f, consent calendar. i need a motion and second on the consent calendar? >> so moved. >> second. >> president lopez: any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> no, president lopez. >> president lopez: any items removed for first reading by the board?
5:29 am
seeing none. any item severed by the board or superintendent for discussion for tonight. >> i wanted to pull item 14. i don't know if you saw my hand raised in the zoom. >> president lopez: sorry, i did not. item 14? >> contract first amendment between sfusd and zoom. >> president lopez: we'll do roll call vote on the consent calendar and then we'll have a discussion on item 14. [roll call vote]
5:30 am
thank you, six ayes. >> president lopez: section g discussion and vote on consent calendar resolution severed for separate consideration. that's item 14. do i need a motion and a second? >> clerk: no, it was included in the first -- when you first moved the agenda. >> president lopez: can we get an explanation before? commissioner boggess, would you like to begin? >> commissioner boggess: i want clarity on the item and why it's brought back up again?
5:31 am
>> deputy superintendent lee? >> good evening. i will defer to legal in terms that's coming up again tonight. >> do you want to explain the administrative error in the term of the contract? i think that's what commissioner boggess is asking? >> yes. there was an administrative error in the term of the contract that needed to be corrected. that's what's being presented to the board tonight.
5:32 am
>> commissioner boggess, did you have further questions? >> commissioner boggess: i did not have further questions. >> president lopez: any other commissioners have questions? roll call vote. [roll call vote] >> pardon me, did you ask for public comment on this item? >> president lopez: i'm really sorry. i forgot. >> clerk: the entire consent calendar or the item pulled? >> president lopez: i'm sorry. thank you for catching that. >> clerk: please raise your hand if you care to speak to the items on the consent calendar
5:33 am
this evening. >> it's on number 14. >> clerk: it's the entire. it's correct. i know that vote has occurred but it's the entire. >> okay, thank you. >> if there are speakers on the entire consent calendar, we'll hear public comment and revote. >> clerk: any item on the consent calendar please raise your hand. seeing two president lopez? >> president lopez: two minutes each. >> clerk: thank you. hello, greg? >> caller: thank you, commissioners i'm sorry, item 14 was a bit of surprise to me. i don't understand what the administrative error was here. it's lost-in a sea of things. i would appreciate if this board with explain what the administrative error is before voting on it. thank you. >> clerk: thank you.
5:34 am
jesse? >> caller: good evening, this is jesse miller. ivy street -- i was unclear if the consent item 14 was pulled? if that's so, i have no putter comment. if it wasn't pulled, i think the explanation from district staff is being correct. that contract presentation contains multiple changes that were not presented to the full board on february 23rd when that award was approved. i sent a letter actual the board members yesterday, e-mail. it was delivered this morning describing specific change in paragraph 41 of the contract. the r.f.p. for that transportation contract states that the terms are
5:35 am
nonnegotiable. that applies to the district and board and the winning bidder. thank you. >> clerk: that concludes public comment. >> president lopez: thank you. sorry everyone for the confusion. it appears that public comment was on this item. i don't think we need to vote again. are there any other questions or comments from commissioners to hear from staff before we vote? >> i would say, if ms. o'keefe can explain the error little bit more.
5:36 am
[indiscernible] >> i apologize commissioners. the administrative error is described in board doc. what's before the commissioners tonight on the agenda, describes the administrative error that was a typo that needed to be corrected and has been corrected. that is the only adjustment made to a contract approved by the board at an earlier meeting.
5:37 am
>> mr. miller is correct. we did attach a form of contract to the r.f.p. it is our expectation that the successful bidder would execute that form of contract. there wasn't administrative error that altered the term of the previous contract that this board approved. we brought this to your attention and explained that we'll be bringing it back this meeting to correct that. the contract on the agenda tonight has the correct terms that matches that was publicized in the r.f.p. and it is legal and appropriate for the board to now ratify this agreement. >> president lopez: thank you for that additional information
5:38 am
and ms. o'keefe for driving safely. i hope you get home soon. with that, we'll do a roll call on consent calendar item 14. [roll call vote] that's five ayes. >> president lopez: thank you. section h, proposals for actions. item 1 public hearing, renewal petitions for five keys charter school, adult school and independence high school. i now open the hearing. superintendent matthews, report
5:39 am
on the renewal petition. >> thank you president lopez. this evening presenting will be our director of policy and planning charter schools >> will will read a summary of the staff report and recommendation. on january 11, 2021, five keys submitted renewal petitions for five keys charter schools, five keys adult school and five keys independent high school to the district. five keys submitted a request to add additional local sites to five keys adults and independence. under the education code, the request to add sites had to be deemed a material revision which must be reviewed separately from the renewal.
5:40 am
the board of education as required by law, held the initial public hearing of the five keys renewals and material revision on march 9, 2021. in the hearing, five keys withdrew its request for the material vision and waived its right to a public hearing. as a result, staff reviewed all three charter renewal petitions under the renewal criteria of the education code. staff reviewed the academic performance data provided in the petition and the information reported on the california school dashboard and system of support website. the recommendation is staff recommends that the board of education approves the five keys charter school, five keys adult school and five keys independence high school charter for five years, july 1, 2021 to june 30, 2026.
5:41 am
data indicate that five keys charter, adult and five keys independence charter schools meet the standards for renewals. the board may grant renewal under california education code, 476072b. charter schools shall believe granted for a term of five years. that is the staff presentation of the recommendation. >> president lopez: thank you. at this time, i invite the petitioners to make any presentation they have regarding the petition. >> thank you. i'm steve goode. i'm the executive director of five keys. i been so for the last 13 years. i'm going to be very brief and hand it over to three colleagues. i want to say thank you for the commissioners and board of education supporting five keys
5:42 am
for the last 18 years now. we've granted over 3000 high school diplomas to individuals that have been incarcerated or dropped out of high school. there have been times during the past few years, we served as many as one third of the jail population. i will hand it over to the sheriff who is a board member >> good evening everyone. as all know, we've been partnering with five keys for a long time. without five keys our office and other departments lose our only option to getting incustody.
5:43 am
education and access to educational opportunities are very challenging within systems such as ours. they are part of larger social distance issue. schools, staff and teacher and curriculum provide opportunity for measurable growth and success that foster empowerment within our population. i don't want to go into too much detail. we have other people that provides perspective. five keys and their continued success aren't just talked about, but they are be about it. they have been able not just provide the educational pathways. once people are out of our custody and care, they've been able to give jobs. they employ a number of ex-offenders in their systems. if they are not beyond our county -- [indiscernible]-five
5:44 am
keys partnership is found on the charter. i want to make sure that our continued support for this will be maintained because we want to make sure we keep everybody safe in all communities inside and outside the jails. i thank you for the opportunity. >> thank you, sheriff. >> hi, everybody good evening commissioners and student delegates if they're still here. i have had the good fortune to work in criminal justice 32 years sheriff's department. it's important we get some historical context that is jermaine to the renewal request under then sheriff michael hennessy. we very committed to provide vibrant response to programs and notable ones -- stop the violence program, restorative
5:45 am
practices, substance abuse. all these programs have been created with a lot of heart and passion. painfully education. local education agencies would come and go. whenever there was a budget cut, the jail program without commentary was the first to go. sheriff hennessy and i got together so we can really have education that's the fabric of incarceration. with unanimous support of the then board of education, we became our observe chart -- own charter school. in essence, we became our own school because -- we didn't want to give up.
5:46 am
our eye was on providing comprehensive programs to communities that have been painfully forgotten and ignored. without five keys they would not have the education. renewing our charter is in front of you. this is quintessential, social justice initiative to provide dignified comprehensive education to people who have been painfully forgotten.
5:47 am
with that, i like to -- i believe we have another colleague we're proud to have as a colleague and friend. sheila hill. >> good afternoon everyone. good evening. my name is sheila hill. i am five keys. i'm 53 years old. i want to tell you a story about me. i was introduced to five keys when i was 47 years old. i live in sunnyvale area. at 47 years old, i did not know how to read. i was introduced to five keys. she told me that five keys was coming to my neighborhood. i went there. i thought it was to be like all the other schools that i went as
5:48 am
an adult that wasn't going to help me. i met a wonderful teacher by the name of josh. he immediately learned that i did not know how to read. he sat me down and took the time and taught me how to read. i was really nervous at first. he took his time with me. i learned how to read. i got my high school diploma at the age of 48. not a ged but my high school diploma. i had a graduation on the sixth floor. my children came, my grandchildren came. it was wonderful. at the age of 48 years old i think was graduation was january. into february 5th, i gained employment with five keys. i've been working with them ever since. they created a position for me,
5:49 am
which was wonderful. i became the first ambassador of five keys and then from ambassador, i became supervisor and now i'm in training to become a.d., which is assistant director. i am five keys. without five keys, i don't know where i will be. i was out there doing what i have to do to feed my kids. i'm not ashamed what i had to do. i was out there. i hate to say it, i was selling drugs, i was prostituting. now i'm making really good money. i'm feeding my kids, i take care of my grandkids. i'm five keys. i'm begging you, please, remember five keys. without it, i wouldn't be here. i'm pretty sure that's mivic
5:50 am
-- that'smany more like me comid me. >> thank you sheila and sheriff. celia is one -- she is one of our top managers. you can see her with 200 guests at the homeless shelter. she's what we hope to -- what our mission is. with that, we'll head it back to you. thank you so much. >> president lopez: thank you all so much for your presentation an for your words. before we hear from commissioners i like to open it up to public comment. >> clerk: please raise your hand if you care to speak to the five
5:51 am
keys presentation we just heard. [indiscernible] lopez let do two minutes. >> clerk: thank you. michelle? >> caller: hi, i'm the chair of the charter school oversight committee. i sent you an e-mail. i wanted to share a few comments on behalf of the committee tonight. the committee was formed in 2018 as part of a resolution for oversight of charter schools and districts. one of our jobs is to review and investigations complaints about sfusd charter schools. i want to acknowledge part of
5:52 am
that role. mr. davis and staff are investigating a complaint. we have been following the process and we'll let you know when it's complete. we appreciate the time and all the questions that we asked to make sure students are being well served. we'll appreciate the important work they are doing with the community. oversight committee members were assigned to participate in a site visit with the sfusd committee. we haven't been able to do that. we are looking forward to participate in a virtual visit.
5:53 am
i sent you a link to the information from our charter oversight committee page. i sent you information and questions that we asked how they're taking care of students with i.e.p.s and support they provide to students. >> clerk: julian? >> caller: good evening board president lopez, superintendent matthews and commissioners. i'm speaking for the uesf staff
5:54 am
member. sfusd staff had concerns about the oversight of five keys charter schools i want to talk about the oversight done by uesf. five keys has agreed to creation education of vital committees. board of directors of five keys set aside $1 million to support five keys uesf members. watchin.
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>> you're watching coping with covid-19 with chris manners. today's special guest is julie kirschbaum. >> hi. i'm chris manners. you're watching coping with covid-19. today, i'm speaking with the executive director of the sfmta. thank you and welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> can we begin by talking about the services that have been suspended and there have been changes to the services that are still running? >> absolutely. we've had to make really
7:52 am
significant changes to our services in response to covid-19. initially going down to as few as 17 routes. these are routes that people use to get to work or the hospital, grocery stores, really to make the most essential trips that are needed throughout this process. we've been fortunate over the last, say, five or six weeks, that our staffing levels have gotten better, and as we've increased our cleaning capacity, that we've been able to add some community services back. we've added a shuttle on pacific avenue, which is helping seniors get to grocery stores in chinatown. we've added a community inline bus in ingleside, and we've been adding more service to our core network. our corridors like mission
7:53 am
street, potrero near s.f. general, and really needing increasingly more and more service in order to prevent spacing and -- keep spacing and prevent crowding on the bus. >> thank you. what measures have you been taking to prevent passengers on the bus? >> your safety has been our top priority and is guiding everything that we do. the most critical thing that we're doing is the mask requirement, where we're requiring people, if you're going to ride muni, to do it safely, protecting yourself and others from germs. we've also implemented back door boarding, so except for our customers with disabilities that will need the support of the front door, the ramp, or the leader, we're asking customers to enter from the
7:54 am
back to give extra spacing to our operators. we've provided operators with all of the protective equipment that they need to do the job safely, including gloves and masks, and we're really fortunately that our bus -- fortunate that our buses are equipped with a plexi glass door that creates an operating space for our operators. and some of services like the cable car historic trolleys we don't have that same protection, we suspended early on in this process. we want our operators to have the physical separation that they need to stay safe on the road. >> absolutely. so how have you been managing physical distancing on public transportation? what happens if a bus gets full? >> great question. we have reduced the number of people that we consider a bus
7:55 am
to be crowded, so heading into this, we might have had 70 or 80 people on the bus. now, it's closer to 20. we also are monitoring our passenger loads. both our operators are monitoring them as well as we're monitoring them remotely from our transportation management center. if the bus does get too crowded, the operators have a drop-off only sign, and they stop picking passengers up until enough exit the vehicle. it might be a little bit inconvenient if you're waiting for a bus and it doesn't stop to pick you up, but there's another one coming behind it so we can make sure that you have social distancing throughout this process. >> what other ways have you been letting passengers and residents know about these changes and new policies? >> we've been using all methods
7:56 am
to keep customers informed about all of these changes. we've put up almost 2,000 signs and posters at our bus stops in multiple languages, letting people know when routes have been eliminated, when hours have changed, when service has changed. we've also been putting it up through social media and neighborhood groups, and also really relying on the media and press to notify customers about changing. we want the public to know what to expect in this really unique and unusual time to make things as convenient as possible. >> quite right, yes. other than the operators themselves, i know you have a very large support staff. have you made changes at your muni facilities, as well. >> sfmta has 29 facilities, and enhancing safety at those
7:57 am
facilities has really been a team effort. we have an amazing custodial crew that's been doing deep cleanings. we were able to take staff that had been cleaning the subway stations and dedicate them to our facilities. we have also seen staff at every level jump in and help with daily cleanings in places like common areas, desks, tools. everyone is pitching in to wipe stuff down, which makes a big difference. we are proud of the fact that we haven't had any clusters of staff who have had the virus or really any examples of staff catching it from each other, and we feel it's because of the steps that we're taking to keep people safe at work. we're also taking ideas from
7:58 am
everywhere in the organization. that includes safety briefings, rather than doing them in a small room, doing them outside, in a parking lot. in order to get to job sites, staff had previously taken three or four people in a city truck. now, we're taking them in a bus so they can actually space out during the trip to the site. >> oh, that's great stuff. when we look at the transportation system as a whole, what additional steps have been taken to encourage people to consider alternative forms of transit. >> we have been looking at it as a system in part because the bus system is doing less than it has in the past because we have fewer routes and because we have fewer people riding. one example is our e.t.c.
7:59 am
program, which is a taxi-based program that seniors and people with disabilities can sign up for and use a taxi for essential trips at a highly discounted rate. we're also looking at a transit system that people can get out walking or biking. >> how are we planning on next steps as restrictions ease and we move into phase two and eventually phases three and four? >> i think probably our biggest thing that we're getting ready for right now is the start of school in august, and make sure that we're ready, not only to accommodate all of the general activities, like going to restaurants and recreation, but also getting kids to school safely. we're also looking at what are other cities doing around the
8:00 am
world that we can learn from, and that's where we are forming our work, as well. we are really fortunate that we had an opportunity to skype with taipei, a city that's had a lot of success addressing the virus. the mayor actually joined the skype call, and one of the things that they shared with us, their biggest success has come with 100% compliance masks on mass transit. in other cases, monitoring for temperatures and really making sure that people were riding, that they were riding healthy, so we're trying to model and apply those best practices to our system and learn as much as we can through this process. >> well, that's fantastic information. i really appreciate you coming on the show, miss kirschbaum. thank you for the time