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tv   Entertainment Commission  SFGTV  April 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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so folks might be familiar with the 3' gap, there needs to be a 3' barrier opening. i don't think you're going to have to -- my hope is nobody's going to have totary anything down. but you're going to have to make sure if you have a roof that spans 20', there's a passage way. so you might have to be cutting a slot in your roof or something or you might have to reconfigure our depth surfacing. i don't anticipate or hope that anybody will have to tear anything down. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena: what about the lift? although those are easy fixes, the lift from the curb to where it ends. but that'd be structural where
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you'd have to tear down the parklet. obviously but it's easier to modify. >> right. i think in some cases and i don't have the sense of magnitude, things might have to move around a little bit. you might have to move one parking space up next year or create a little more visibility. we do have to make sure any structure is clear of any 6' rail. we have manu ginobiliy trains that from the outer edge of that rail that's in the pavement, in the ground, there's a 6' clear area and
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that's because there's a dynamic. because they impede visibility at the intersections, for example. in terms of the width, the current requirement is and as far as i can tell, most shared spaces out there comply with this is that any structure has to be 1' clear from an active bicycle lane or active travel lane, so we're sorting out some of the images and some of the diagrams and the graphics that we circulate to make that clear. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena: okay i just want when you're going back you're sure of the unintended consequences. i know the process in the state
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and there was changes and is impact especially again for people of color. so i want to make sure. i don't want to hear that if parklets don't comply because, again, in my neighborhood, this would be catastrophic and people would not rebuild. it would be a better. i just want to be very poignant, you have to see it through the lens of my community. >> president laguana: appreciated. so i think that wraps it up for this segment. robin, thank you, again, for presenting. there's a lot here. there's a lot of work. i know you're going to be doing this road show quite a bit with all the various commissions and
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boards and what have you. so thank you for the detailed explanation and all your work and thank monica as well and we look forward to next time and i hope our comments and observations will be helpful and useful in your work going forward >> thank you, president laguana. thank you commissioners. appreciate it. >> president laguana: okay. next item, please. >> director: item number four, board of supervisors file number 210287. this is amending the planning code for temporary closure of a liquor stores on polk street neighborhood commercial district. this is amending the planning code to provide the temporary closures of liquor stores in the polk street neighborhood commercial district as a result of a major capital improvement project is not an abandonment
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use and that relocation of such use to another location on the polk street nvmentd krvmentd dvmentd does not require conditional use permit. commissioners, i'm going to be -- the legislative sponsor is supervisor peskin and his staff was not able to be here tonight but i did think that this was legislation that was important to bring to you. it is just -- it is another item of legislation where we are streamline is meeting the streamlining goals and assisting our small businesses. so a couple important unique factors to know is that liquor stores in the polk street neighborhood commercial districts require a conditional use if they are to open in that
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commercial district. and that also the city does have in its planning code that should be used. if the use is abandoned meaning let's say with this development project, this liquor store had to close down and it took more than 18 months for that development project to get completed and finished and the liquor store wanted to move back in then by the planning code that use would deem abandoned and the liquor store would require to obtain a conditional use to re-open back in its location. so what supervisor peskin is attempting to do is to, one, state that the temporary closures is allowed for up to three years before use is
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considered abandoned so that would give adequate time hopefully for the development project to get completed. and so therefore, if a liquor store that is located in a site that is going through development that if wanted to move back, it would be able to move back into its privilege location without having to go through original conditional use. would be able to move back because use is not considered abandoned. and it also is providing for the liquor store should it want to temporarily relocate, or relocate within three years it then has the ability to do so without going through the conditional use. so i think, you know, we have
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seen and experienced from our end assisting businesses where through the soft story retro fit businesses have been displaced. for many of you commissioners, you were here when supervisor tang created the home sf project to incentivize infield development in our neighborhood commercial districts and so i don't know if whether this is a home sf project but this sounds like it is a development project within a neighborhood commercial project so it is minimizing the difficulties that liquor stores will have to experience should they be originally located in a place that's undergoing development.
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so i just wanted to bring that to your attention. it's agendize as a possible item. if you have any particular questions that i can't answer. so, with that, i'll take any questions. >> president laguana: commissioners, do we have any questions? >> it just seems like straight up legislation to me. >> president laguana: that's my reaction as well. this is like ordinary good old city government. let's just gut 'er done. vice president zouzounis. >> vice president zouzounis: thank you. i wanted to know why supervisor peskin hasn't already considered taking this into the planning code at large considering he's made over so
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maybe there's some feedback that we need to understand why we have to keep having one off exemptions for individual businesses that require that whole regulatory licenses that require c.u.s. but i'm with a separate recommendation that the board of supervisors considers, you know the land use policy city wide. >> president laguana: i agree. that's a solid suggestion. commissioners, any comment to that. >> director: we could have
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some discussion, but we do need to make sure there's public comment. >> president laguana: i'm aware. that's why i was polling for reaction and then see if anybody else had anything to say. okay. i don't see anybody else having anything else to say. is there any public comment? >> nobody's currently in the queue for public comment. >> president laguana: seeing none. public comment is closed. vice president zouzounis, would you like to make a motion? >> vice president zouzounis: sure. i'll make a motion to approve the legislation as it is with an additional recommendation to apply this land use policy citywide for regulatory licenses that require c.u.s and need to relocate for issues beyond them.
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>> commissioner: i will second that. i like it. >> director: all right. we have a motion by vice president zouzounis as stated seconded by commissioner adams. i will take a roll call. [roll call] that motion passes 7-0. >> president laguana: all right. next item, please. >> director: next item is item number 5. pregsz. small business commission racial equity special
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committee. this is an update on the racial equity action plan section 7 boards and board. and vice president zouzounis is also the racial equity special committee chair. >> president laguana: wonderful. >> vice president zouzounis: thank you, director. i am really excited about the committee. i think that the in terms of the tools that we use to look at legislation through an equity lens we'll be looking at before the next meeting which is scheduled on the 22nd of
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this month. so as director dick endrizzi mentioned, we convened and full of the mandate outlined by the -- off the racial equity and all the goals that we need to accomplish as a committee and as an office and as a commission and we outlined kind of what are going to be our immediate action but other commission adopted in terms of their how they're going to
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incorporate the goals of the racial equity plan so we're going to be looking at the planning department's resolution, also the board of supervisors' opening statement which we hope to incorporate noting this is land so we are looking at the immediate action items which are action items 7.14, 7.15 and 7.16 which are immediate action items to adopt that statement and looking at what other departments and programs are using in terms of how they track the impact of legislation through legislation equity lens. those are kind of the top line
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next action items for us. and i guess what commissioners on our committee are going to be concentrating on before the next meeting is which organization, which individuals and which kind of items whether they be legislative or issue areas that haven't reached a legislative place yet that will be those are the kind of longer term steps that we're going to be taking. so if i missed anything, please, my fellow commissioners
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on our committee or our director feel free to contribute. >> president laguana: great. no -- do we have any comments commissioners? no comment. sorry. go ahead. >> commissioner: this is a good start. good job miriam. i'm proud of you. >> president laguana: i am as well. i'm really excited for where this takes us and it's going to be a big step forward and i know we've got the right folks working on it so i can't wait to see where we go. >> vice president zouzounis: yeah. i agree. i feel like our commission has actually pushed this. rick even before this office and this kind of mandate on
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legislative analysis existed our goal has been asked the board of supervisors to look at the economic impacts of certain demographic communities and so i'm really excited to actually develop tools for, you know, that can be applied objective to help us with that and so we our director endrizzi is going to follow up with the board of supervisors to see if there's budget legislative analysis to see if there's a certain type of rubric applied to it or there's something that we can kind of work off of that is already being used with other departments or other parts of our city. but we have a good basis looking at this plan as is. >> president laguana: great.
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awesome. well, that will be fantastic. looking forward to that. seeing no other commissioner comments. why don't we check and see if there's any public comment. >> we currently have no one in queue for public comment. >> president laguana: seeing none. public comment is closed. so seeing no other further commissioner comment. next item, please. >> director: excuse me commissioners i'm on mute. the approval of the march 22nd, 2021, meet minutes. >> commissioner: i move. >> director: we first need to take public comment. >> president laguana: oh, do we have any comment on the
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minutes? >> we have no one in public comment. >> president laguana: seeing none. public comment is closed. >> director: okay. so we have a motion by commissioner dooley to approve the minutes and seconded by president laguana. roll call. [roll call] and that motion passes 7-0. >> president laguana: great. next item, please. >> director: next item is general public comment. this is -- this allows members of the public to comment on matters that are within the
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commission's jurisdiction, but not on today's calendar and suggest new agenda items for the commission's future consideration. this is a discussion item. >> president laguana: okay. are there any members of the public who'd like to make public comment on items not relate today what's been on the agenda so far. >> we have no public comment in queue. >> president laguana: seeing none. public comment is closed. next item please. >> director: item number eight, director's report. this is an update on office of small business, small business assistance center, announcements regarding small business activities. so thank you, commissioners. i do have a few announcements to make. as you are likely aware, the mayor announced and launched a
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$10.9 million grant program for small businesses last week and the grant program is split into two programs, one is the small business store front equity program which will focus on businesses that have been most impacted by the closure, but required by the emergency ordinance have been able to access any other local, state, or federal resources and those serving low income in historically invested programs and the second is the long running businesses that tribute to the culture of san francisco and its corridors. and then also, these applications are actually live now on the office of economic and work force developments
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website. so businesses can access that by going to the section of the website to be able to access those grants. and then, those -- and then there's also the san francisco community investment loan program for $7.3 million. this is a new loan program which will be launched in may and it's aimed at supporting businesses by providing working capital especially to those again who've been left out of the relief program. so i'll make sure that you are updated when that is -- when that loan program is available. in addition, as rick had noted in his presentation for the venue fund, the $3 million for the venue fund has officially
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been allocated now from the general fund and is available once we are able to award those applications. i did want to bring to your attention that the disability access fund which is a fund that is managed out of our office has been used in the past to help subsidize certified access specialists reports in helping businesses with their accessibility requirements. that is currently on pause and i don't have a date of which we're going to be relaunching it. this program was administered by rhia aguanaldo for our emergency command services and
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the nonprofit that we utilize to help pay for the cast inspection, that grant ended during the covid response so we are now having to restart the wheel again in making the determination on who and how we'll be able to allocate payments out of the disability access funds. so if you do come across any businesses that are aware that these cast programs have been subsidized in the past, our intention is to revive this program, but it may take us several months to do so. then, there are three, with the business assistance center, there are three filing deadlines for april thirtyth this year. one of the filing deadlines is
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the business registration fees that have normally been paid back in may of 2020. so that business registration is coming due and then the 2020 annual business tax will be coming due april 30th and then the 2021 first quarterly installment for the business tax will be due. and, a reminder for any business. so we're receiving a relatively high number of inquiries, businesses who know that they will likely qualify for the waivers just one in clarity that they do need to file their -- they need to go in and file to be able to be granted those waivers. so you do talk to any businesses, make sure that they're aware that they do need to file for their business
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registration or their business tax and, again, as amanda freed kind of walked you through two meetings ago, they have it set up where they will ask businesses questions as to whether they qualify for those waivers. so it's a business who would qualify and does not file their business registration or their 2020 business tax in time, then after this filing deadline, they will no longer be qualified. so we need to make sure businesses go on to the portal and file for their business registration and business taxes to exercise their waiver. also, coming up is may which is just it seems like just around the corner. so a reminder and we put this
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in the announcement for last week but it's the annual waiving of the awning and pedestrian lighting fee waiver. so if businesses want to -- it isn't for new awning but it's to refresh existing awnings or to repair any pedestrian lighting that the city waives a permit fee for small businesses that want to take advantage of that. and then small business week is may 3rd through the 7th. did want to highlight that the board of supervisors is still not hosting their honor honora program. a recognition program to recognize small businesses so that will not be taking place
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again this year, but we should be back to normal this year and then the chamber of commerce is hosting small business week through various webinars, panels, and i know that several commissioners are involved with that. i will let you through your business report and talk about that in small business week. details are being finalized and once we have those calendared items finalized, i will make sure that you receive them. and then, you're likely aware, but just to make sure that all businesses and anyone who's listening. last week, o.e.w.d. along with the department of public health conducted a webinar to inform businesses, once we move into
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the yellow tier of what this would mean in terms of increased business activity for them. we had hoped to be moving in to the yellow tier this week, but because there's been a slight trend in increasing cases, we are -- the city's on a pause for moving in to that yellow tier to be able to get a better assessment. i suggest exactly, you know, get a better assessment as to what this trend means both on the short term and the long term. and then, legislatively, new legislation is that is supervisor chan introduced anchoring business industry that has been assigned to our office. so i will be getting a legislative review out to you
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this week to give you an assessment on what the implication of what this means for our office and supervisor ronen, i mentioned this last time but we were not able to hear it has introduced legislation to waive any unpaid fines or fees in regards to the graffiti abatement and so during the -- during while the shelter-in-place is still in place as a declaration of emergency and this was a direct result of the resolution that the commission had the legislation is a direct result of the resolution that the commission had forwarded over, adopted and forwarded over to the board of supervisors. so that moved out of committee last week and will be heard at the board of supervisors this
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week. and then just to make sure that you're prepared, there's been an update to the legislation small recovery act. don't wait for my legislative review to begin to read it. i did send you last week, a good overview. i'll resend that again, but you just might want to start taking time now between now and next meeting to begin to review the legislation. and we will also be hearing the creating neighborhood anchoring business legislation at next commission meeting which is on april 26th. so, with that, that concludes my remarks and happy to take
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questions. >> president laguana: commissioners, do we have any questions? apologies. we do not. we do have a phone call, though. so seeing no questions. do we have any public comment? >> we have no public comment. >> president laguana: public comment is closed. i assume there are no comments. so we will move on to the next item. >> director: item number nine, excuse me while i find my place holder. item number nine is commissioner discussions and new business. this is a discussion item for commissioners to provide any reports and/or bring up a
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specific item. >> president laguana: great. commissioner dooley. >> commissioner dooley: yes. i wanted to report that i took cynthia huie's suggestion about visiting our neighborhood corridors and i met with her and had a lovely tour of her neighborhood which was really interesting. got to see what the folks there were doing compared to where my neighborhood and i would really like to continue to visit or go on a tour with any other commissioners who would be interested in hosting me because i think it was a very good thing and i learned a lot from it. >> president laguana: i love this report. that's great. vice president zouzounis.
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>> vice president zouzounis: thank you i wanted to mention something that is really concerning that's happening in our retailer community that holds snap food stamp licenses. and i'm still trying to get to the root of it, but there seems to be a trend of relocation of food stamp licenses for different reasons. some have to do with pandemic related issues so payment violations to maintain their license or some have been kind of arbitrary declarations that the usda body is deemed a restaurant and they're really hasn't been a kind of streamline way to help small
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businesses. this is really concerning in a time where food access is so important in our neighborhoods, so, yeah, i'm just stating that that i have reached out to the department of public health asking who their liaison to cal fresh or whatnot is and if they can help support. i've also reached out to the healthy retail program to see if they can support and also the speaker pelosi's had to take some of this on as case work since it is a federal agency, but i'm very skeptical of how this agency is operating during the pandemic and i feel like this needs to be taken up as a policy inquiry somehow. so that's just an issue we've been dealing with in the
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retailer end of things. >> president laguana: well, let's stay on it, vice president zouzounis, and perhaps we can talk about that at our next meeting with director dick endrizzi. is there anything else? okay. commissioner -- one more thing. >> vice president zouzounis: well, the cal recycle issue is something that we've brought up also in this commission and hopefully director dick endrizzi and i will be giving updates soon, but they are in the process of starting that pilot program which will be a mobile recycling van that will go throughout the city and will alleviate that mandate that's put on groceries right now to have mandatory collections of cans and bottles and pay out the crv value out of pocket.
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and the department environment is looking for space. it could private or public of sorts so putting that out there for the small business community if you have an adjacent lot this could be a a potential opportunity for you. >> president laguana: great. cool call-out: commissioner huie. >> commissioner huie: thank you, commissioner dooley, for coming out. it was a beautiful outing for me. i haven't been out and about as much as i really hoped for and that was really nice. thank you so much for reaching out and for making time to come out. so one piece i wanted to think
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about was that our neighborhood on the clint street merchant association is $50 million avenue green light which was a grant that was administered i think there are going to be many more who receive it and so i was able to kind of -- i'm definitely in the process of trying to figure out how we're going to spend that funding and i've gotten to speak to other neighborhoods and how they're going to be spending it and one of the things i would encourage everybody to get involved with your merchants association and see where they're at if they're going to be getting this $50,000 or not. it's a really nice chunk of money and i would also say that
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this has actually been a really good kind of point for us to reconvene because we couldn't put it out there to all of our merchants. and, in having those listening sessions and those talks. and i think you know, rather than we can only spend it on these three things and the association's and instead of saying, no, we're not going to do that, it's like, yes, we can do that in these times and as more organizations and more funding sources become revealed to us, we can start to get some
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of these neighborhood projects done. so i would just encourage neighborhoods to really think about what types of things could really help increase community, increase foot traffic for many people, support their sole propriortors think about how as a neighborhood you would accuse additional funding and enhance things like safe and reduce crime. that was the real gift from this particular grant during this period of time. the other piece i know and i'm sure you want me to talk about is also the survey and so i just wanted to report back on the process so far of the survey results and how we're analyzing it.
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so for the past couple of weeks, what we've been doing is we actually got about 36 pages of qualitative data meaning people actually left very extensive comments as part of their survey answers and so the professor and i are research assistant adam all of these comments have been quadrupley read and we went into things that are great action items. things that are super valid comments that we haven't heard before. you know, people who felt that they have been neglected. we got amazing quotes. and so we're compiling all this information to get a nice understanding of the full scope and professor childry is also
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on track to be able to deliver a larger kind of analysis at the end of this month. which is so important to be able to pair with the quantitative things like the charts and graphs and things like that. so she's bringing to light a lot of interesting things and as we've been reviewing the data, things that stood out so far are things that are, number one, so far it seems like many people are experiencing real issues of safety and having streets that feel unsafe and unclean and i think that's something that we've addressed in the past and we need to probably continue to look at that.
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and really talk about how that's impacting our small business communities and our neighborhood corridors. the other piece is that many business owners feel unjustly like targeted and burdened by all the closures. i mean, they feel like they've really taken the brunt of the burden of the shutdowns and i totally, i mean, when you start to read all of these, i really do see like how do you expect somebody to function for a year without revenue. i mean, i think that's real, we say it, but somehow that just doesn't, there's no paycheck. like i don't know how else to put that, but there is no paycheck coming in the mail for somebody who owns a small
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business and has a shutdown and when you read what they're saying. it's truly heart breaking for many businesses to still pay bills. so certain things that could of happened. being able to resolve the rent situation earlier would of helped even now. i think we're still in this discussion right now. for us to resolve this situation would be a huge burden off our shoulders. and i think what else is there.
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older business owners have a very tough time i think weathering the challenges of the virus itself and being safe and wanting to stay safe, but still having to run their businesses. full proprietors where very much. these are take-aways that we already knew but to be able to see them, quantify them, qualify them have been really impactful for me personally and i really can't wait to share more of it. hopefully we'll be able to make some more time and have the professor really spend some time during a meeting to share her thoughts and, yeah. so those are probably the basic things right now and i'm happy to take questions if you have
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them. >> president laguana: commissioner huie, do we have an e.t.a. for delivery of the survey results? >> commissioner huie: end of this month. >> president laguana: . great. so roughly in about two weeks. >> commissioner huie: yes. >> president laguana: great. director dick endrizzi, can we make a mental note to set aside some time. i believe the next hearing is on the 26th? is that correct? >> director: if it's at the end of the month, we do have the save our small business or the small business recovery act and the neighborhood anchoring businesses. if it will be ready by the 26th, great. otherwise, we can do the first meeting in may. >> commissioner huie: is that on the 10th? >> president laguana: usually it's the second monday.
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>> commissioner huie: okay. just so i have something. >> director: yeah. may 10th. >> commissioner huie: oak great thank you. >> president laguana: commissioner huie, if you want to coordinate with meoff line on that, let's that is an intense meeting on the 26th with a lot of stuff so i appreciate the director pointing out the number of items on that agenda. we'll figure it out. and if 26th is the time it has to be. won't be the first long meeting we've had. commissioner adams. >> commissioner adams: yeah. i just want to report the castro perch has also seen a grant to help pay for our giant 70' rainbow flag at cast trudeau and market which we all agree. that brings people into our
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neighborhood. we are very grateful and thankful to avenue green light and the counsel of district merchants for that grant. >> president laguana: great. director dick endrizzi. >> director: yes. thank you. through the president, i do have one question for the commission and based upon the survey and the timing of the release of the p.p.p., my understanding -- you know, the p.p.p. is being extended out through the end of may so does the commission want to either ask -- i can report to the mayor's office taking in to consideration or we can do a resolution that the extension of the commercial eviction moratorium may be needed for a
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short period of time between the timing of the p.p.p. coming in and the potential of businesses being able to receive that and dealing with the offset of the rent that's due. so something just to think about and then also happy to talk to both the president and the vice president in more detail about it in our commission meeting. but just to think about the timing of that and receiving the federal funds. >> president laguana: great. i see vice president zouzounis again. >> vice president zouzounis: yes. i'm sorry. our director had asked me to give some quick updates on federal stuff, so if that's of interest, i'll do that really quick. >> president laguana: please. >> vice president zouzounis: so the idle lone economic injury disaster loan is extended until december 3rd,
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2021. payments are deferred for 18 months from the date of your note. those who were looking for idle loan increases, you will be receiving an e-mail directly from the office of disaster assistance with directions on how to seek that increase. the same goes for the economic injury disaster loan advance so the idle targeted grant. you will receive an e-mail from the s.b.a. directly, so there's not really a proactive way to seek that. the as the entertainment folks know, shuttered operator's grant portal crashed and it is still under maintenance. the s.b.a. is going to give folks a heads up before they open it so it's not just going to open without you knowing
4:52 pm
re-open. as director mentioned, p.p.p. is extended until may 31st, 2021, with an additional 30 days of s.b.a. will review and we do have a restaurant revitalization plan. there's going to be a pilot phase that starts on april 19th for a week for priority groups and april 26th it will be open for all but please wait until you hear that official announcement tomorrow and a launch of a landing page for the restaurant revitalization fund. >> president laguana: all
4:53 pm
right. awesome. so i have two things i want to mention first and foremost is everybody that owns a business, are you thinking about the employee retention tax credit? is that on your radar at all? so for this tax year 2021 it is up to 5,$000 per employee if your business suffered a significant decline in assets, you can get up to 5,$000 per employee. if you've got ten employees that's like $50,000 the government will be cutting you a check for. that's substantial if you only have 10 employees. and of course if you have 100 employees, then it's going to
4:54 pm
be $500,000 right so that's a lot of money. but even more interesting is in the bets for 2020, for 2021, the amount was increased to $7,000 per quarter. so up to $28,000 per employee. so if you have ten employees, it's 280,$000. and, if you have 100 employees, it's $2.8 million these are just absolutely mind boggling large numbers and i -- i know going through the same survey data that commissioner huie mentioned, i think it was only 2% or 3% had done the work to obtain an e.r.t.c.. it's kind of complicated and sort of not the kind of thing
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you can do on your own. you have to have your payroll processor, your accountant do it. there's no way i could have done it. and i'm still working on it because you have to prepare a lot of data, but it seems like time well spent and i -- the thought has occurred to me that we need to do a much better job of getting the word out to our small business community because this is just money on the table. it's just sitting there. the government will cut a check for this and in some cases, those checks will be bigger than what people are getting for ppp and so i think many people didn't apply. i did not apply because originally the rule was if you had p.p.p., you could not apply for the e.r.t.c., but now you can. now you can have -- you just can't use -- you can't count
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payroll that was part of ppp towards the r.t.c. so this is like serious money and i think we need to get the word out to our small business community because i think this could make a really big difference for a lot of people in terms of, you know, how much money they got. stay alive, i mean, that's an important thing. and then, last thing and then we're just about out of here. but this is a big thing i think some of you have heard me allude to or mention that i had something cooking that i was excited about. well, we're going to be launching this thing this wednesday. it's a very fun upbeat,
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positive project. it's called small business 30-day challenge. for 30 days and you get by just shopping and dining at small businesses. can you take the challenge. so we're going to -- we had some beautiful artwork that was done by a beautiful artist. a nice cool logo. the mayor's going to try to do a press conference wednesday. i save this for the end because i don't want to spoil the big surprise for the public and whatnot. it's going to be a nice press. heather knight's doing a nice column and the mayor did an interview on her podcast today that will come out that morning, wednesday morning and i think, you know, the thought process here and just f.y.i., like the idea came from our
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former colleague commissioner manny coudiel who just mentioned it in passing to me and i was like that's a really good idea. i like that one. so we've got twitter and facebook are helping with promoting it, hashtag smallbiz challenge and the idea is just get people thinking about, you know, we make all these purchases throughout the day, do you have to do it on the other side do you have to go to whole foods? is this something you can get from your local grocer or local retailer. and it's an interesting exercise. so throughout the month of may, the challenge month is may, by the way, 30-day challenge and there's thirty-one days in may. you get one free day where you
4:59 pm
can shop at all the small businesses you want. cool program, very fun and i think it will get a lot of good positive press and i couldn't talk about it sooner because you know embargoes and they didn't want to spoil it and that kind of stuff. it will be really fun. so if any of you are interested in coming to the press conference on wednesday, it will be at manny's at 11:45 a.m. i'd be delighted to see you there. and that's it. just a fun, you know, something nice for once. so i don't see any other commissioners here so i will check for public comment. >> we have no public comment. >> president laguana: all right. public comment is closed.
5:00 pm
next item, please. >> director: sfgov tv can you please show the office of small business slide. >> president laguana: we will end with a reminder that the small commission is the official public forum to voice your opinions and issues that affect small businesses in san francisco. and that the office of small business is the best place to get answers about doing business in san francisco during the local emergency. if you need assistance for small business matters, continue to reach out to the office of small business. >> director: item number 10 is adjournment. this is an action item. do we have a motion to adjourn. >> commissioner: motion to adjourn. >> director: mr. adams motioned. seconded by president laguana. roll call. excuse me. [roll call]
5:01 pm
that motion passes 7-0. the meeting is adjourned at 7:34 p.m. >> commissioner: thanks everyone. >> good night.
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