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tv   BOS Rules Committee  SFGTV  April 16, 2021 6:00am-8:06am PDT

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>> good morning and welcome to the board of supervisors rule committee monday, april 12th, 2021. i'm the chair of the committee aaron peskin joined by supervisor mandelman and soon
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to be joined by supervisor connie chan. our clerk is mr. victor young. mr. young, do you have any announcements? >> clerk: the board of supervisors legislative chamber and committee room are closed. however, members will be participating in the meeting remotely. committee members will attend the meeting through its video conference and participate in the meeting to the same extent as if they were physically present comments to speak during public comment are available by phone by calling 415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 185. you'll be muted and in
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listening mode only. dial star 3 to be added to the line to speak. best practices are to call from a quiet location. you may e-mail me myself. public comment by e-mail it will be forwarded to the supervisors and included as part of the official file. and i would also like to note that supervisor chan has logged in. >> supervisor peskin: could you read the first item. >> clerk: yes. item one is that the public utilities commission would otherwise be required to
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install without competitive bidding, subject to specified conditions. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. this is primarily sponsored by president walton. i see mr. burch is here. we're joined by manuel from the public utility commission. go ahead, perspectivy. >> good morning chair peskin and the rules committee. i would just like to say a couple of words about this item as we look to revitalize our public housing in district two. this small admin change will allow us to stay on schedule and also it will allow for all greenhouse and 100% energy and gas. and also, like we said we have staff here from the p.u.c. that
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will also answer questions. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, mr. burch. mr. ramirez. good morning. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is manuel ramirez. i'll give you a little bit of a background introduction into this ordinance. consistent with chapter 99.2 in these administrative code. the development agreement generally requires developers to obtain from the p.u.c.. we treat the payments and the cost sharing similar to what pg&e would do. with that in mind, the p.u.c. adopted regulations last amended in 2017 that would require the cost of new electric facilities with developers.
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the they that the infrastructure is built out, the developers are required to pay 100% of the sub structures. meaning the conduits that the facility runs through. all rules and regulations allow for an applicant to do the installation of the electric facility that the p.u.c. would be required to do and then we would reimburse the developers. unfortunately, our rules and regulations while they do allow for the applicants, there is no mechanism for us to directly reimburse the developers. this ordinance sort of closes that gap. the proposed amendments of chapter 99 were waived the city's competitive bidding requirements for construction projects to contract directly with the developers that these
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facilities as new development projects. the ordinance still has protection. specifically, the p.u.c. can only have entities that regard the developer to complete infrastructure for the project and two, include the workforce that requires nondiscrimination and payment of wages. this ordinance has some protections to prevent from oversiting the work. we do a cost estimate and we would compare what it would cost to do the installation versus what it would cost to do the developer. is to keep on their timelines and their schedule. it's sometimes faster for them to go ahead and do the installation and make sure that the schedules for their construction projects are on
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time. i'm happy to answer questions. >> thank you, mr. ramirez. and i was also briefed by mr. scarpula over the weekend and talked to president walton about it before we scheduled it and it appears to be fine by this supervisor. any comments or questions from members? seeing none. is there any public comment on this item -- >> chairman: supervisor chan, i've got to get my chat button fixed. >> supervisor chan: can you
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hear me? >> yes. >> supervisor chan: my question is for in terms of labor and expertise and installation, what likely to be -- what kind of expectations would require. i assume that there are probably not that many people out there with that type of expertise already. is that correct? >> so the work required is with some medium to high voltage electric facilities and there are a lot of contractors that can do that work. our you tilt is required to do that work. to just proceed with that portion of the work. >> supervisor chan: okay. >> chairman: and the cost
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reimbursement is the same in either event. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> supervisor chan: thank you. >> chairman: all right. why don't we step to public comment. >> clerk: members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item so call (415) 655-0001 the meeting id is 1875 our 55557. then press pound and pound again. if you haven't already done so, please press star to speak. please wait until the system and one person in line to speak. >> chairman: first speaker, please. go ahead, speaker.
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>> clerk: speaker, you have been unmuted, you may begin your public comment. >> all right. i'm going to go ahead and mute the caller and go to the next caller. >> chairman: thank you. >> chairman: and this is for item number one. >> the caller disconnected. i'll go ahead and unmute and circle back to the next caller back again. caller has been unmuted. all right.
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there is no more callers. >> chairman: all right. public comment is closed. supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you supervisor peskin. i believe this is in further answer of long standing city policies to encourage the provision of clean, green municipal power developed in the city. that are being provided by the developers as part of the projects and would like to be added as a cosponsor. >> chairman: all right. and i will take that on the motion. clerk young, a roll call please. >> clerk: on that motion [roll call] the motion passes without
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objection. >> chairman: next item please. >> clerk: next on the agenda is item number two the appointment of james byrne to the police commission april 30th, 2024. >> chairman: thank you, mr. young, colleagues. this is an appointment nomination to the police commission made by mayor breed of james burn who i have had the opportunity to interview and i believe the two of you have had the opportunity to do so as well. i would like to, if there are any opening comments feel free to make them. if not, i'd like to hear from mr. byrne and then follow up with any questions that we may have and then go to public
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comment. seeing no questions or initial comments from the rules committee. mr. byrne. good morning. welcome. the floor is yours for as long as you would like it. >> good morning chair peskin, vice chairmandalman and supervisor chan. thank you for this opportunity and speak to you today. it was a great. the police commission plays an important role in the oversight of the police department. this is an extremely important role in any democracy. supervisors, 2,000 years ago during the roman republic, the question was asked, who guards the guardians. democracies have struggled with this question for over twenty-five years. one of the guards in san
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francisco is the police commission. i the son of irish immigrants. i was born near mcclaren park. i have lived almost my entire life in san francisco. i have seen many changes in the city. polices in the u.s. and in san francisco is undergoing many changes. i want to be part of that change. it inspires me to be part of that change. as a young man while traveling by train with my sister in northern ireland, i was forcibly removed from my seat and detained with a rifle held to me at close point by northern irish police purely because they suspected i was an irish catholic. i was terrified.
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my teenage sister thought i was going to be taken away. i experienced police abuse and bias first-hand and that has never left me. i have seen the benefits as a result of the police reforms in northern ireland. in my immigration law practice represent people from northern ireland, i've studied police reform arising from the patent police report and used it as a part of premise as their defense. that culture changed though not perfect has worked in northern ireland. it will work in san francisco. currently, supervisor walton and others and spearheading a policing plan in the bayview neighborhood. from the meetings i've watched the police commission, this plan appears promising. but it is one thing to listen
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to a presentation at meetings. it is another to go out into the field and get your hands dirty and see what's going on in the bayview, in the tenderloin, and in the mission, but also in the castro, in the sunniside, in the excelsior, in bernal heights and all the wonderful neighborhoods that make up this great city. i intend if i am confirmed to get my hands dirty and to go out into the neighborhoods and see how these plans are implemented. the issue of police accountability is currently being addressed by the police commission. in reaction to the men and women in disciplinary matters. complaints about the timeliness of disclosure of those records.
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this is an issue i would like the commission to continue to focus on. another issue that will be before the board is a new crisis response team that the board of supervisors has created to do with crisis situations that may not require or benefit from police presence. in the past, these matters would have been handled by the police. this is a new program, but it's not a program without precedent. a number of years ago, i was representing pro bono a tenant wofs being evicted. the sheriff's office sent a deputy to see where the lady was going to live on the day of the eviction. on the day of the eviction, the sheriff's office brought a social worker to deal with the problem. the social worker had a much
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more appropriate and deescalating response. the crisis response team when fully trained and running full-time will be able to serve a preventive and social work role for the city. change is always hard but it works and it will work. when you're allowed to smoke in restaurants and bars. the owners were viamently opposed to the change. over time, they adapted to the change and i am sure not very many of them want to go back to the way it was. hopefully, these changes, these reforms to the police department will work and they too realize it's for the
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better. our justice system works most of the time for most of us, but it's not perfect and i have fought for the victims who've been left out of that system time and time again. i have dedicated my entire professional career to helping immigrants stay in this country. i understand their fears. i know that a documented immigrant let alone an undocumented immigrant in a criminal court is far less equal than an american citizen. the u.s. citizen is worried about how much time he will be doing. this gives prosecutors tremendous leverage. i have seen the value of our sanctuary city policy. how many times does a miner
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criminal arrest even without conviction lead to deportations and families split asunder. i want to be their voice on the commission. san francisco is a city of immigrants. these people need a voice, i want to be that voice. change sometimes comes slowly. as robert kennedy said in south africa, it is from numerous acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped each time a man stands up for an ideal or improves the lots of others or strikes out against injustice. he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope and crossing each other from a million different
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centers of energy and daring, these ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest wall of oppression and resistance. i have dedicated my entire professional career to being a tiny ripple of hope. thank you, supervisors. >> chairman: thank you, counselor byrne and i'm sure that there are questions from members. let me just start with one very obvious one and this is a sillily question, but it's a question i have to ask which is inso far as this seat requires a retired judge, which you are not or trial experience. it sounds like you have plenty of trial experience, is that
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correct, counselor? >> yes, supervisor. >> chairman: with that. i do have some follow-up questions but let me turn it over to my colleagues. supervisor mandelman, any questions or comments? >> supervisor mandelman: i think supervisor chan was waiving her hand. >> chairman: sorry. supervisor chan. >> supervisor chan: thank you, chair peskin. my question today for mr. byrne is for us, i think you kind of mentioned that about the change of times and what we deem at one point in law enforcement was valid as we make progress and we learned, you know, new ways of thinking and really better understanding of how law enforcement and its system really impact people and we can
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see especially most recently how that impacts communities of color and what i would love to understand, you know, i think which i really agree most recently mayor breed has talked about looking at the law enforcement budget specifically for our san francisco police department budget and to really think about what it means to keep the community safe and i agree with her that to really which now has, that's what we have developed is the crisis response team to really allocate dedicated a team of experts, mental health experts, social worker in response to mental health issues or homeless issues, all those issues that related to wellness and, you know, mental health, all that is currently happening
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on our streets with that too comes ways of instead of having law enforcement on our school sites, we're making sure we have nurses and counselors on our school sites. it's a new direction that we're looking at how to deescalate situations in our community. so i just want to get your take on that specific issue if you can elaborate because that also impacts the way we view police department's budget and how do we allocate resources. >> thank you. i think the crisis response team started late last year and isn't operating 24/7 yet as i'm aware. so i think it's important that that be -- the team be fully
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trained and implemented before looking at the police budget and how to allocate resources correctly. if the police department is doing a lot of that work particularly in the late hour of the evening and during the night. it's important that team be up and running completely before you take that police department out of that situation because the last thing you want is an adequate response so in some ways it may require more money in order to get the crisis response team fully trained and up and running.
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>> chairman: supervisor chan. >> supervisor chan: i think then my followup question will be. so i guess maybe it's almost a yes or no question. so i soon with that, you are supportive of this initiative. you wanted to see it happening and moving it forward and will there be sort of -- what will be your take to kind of help make sure that it does work and that this model does work and move this forward? what will you bring to the table to make that happen should you be confirmed and appointed to the police commission? >> well, as i opened with my remarks, so i like to go out and get my hands dirty.
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if i'm allowed to go out on one of the crisis response team's calls to see exactly how they do work and, at the same time, go out with the san francisco police department to see how they deal with the issue so i would have some method of comparison because you don't want to -- for doctors do no harm and so you want the crisis response team to work but you don't want it to have a learning curve. you want to be able to smoothly adapt to the situation as possible. they're going to be learning pains, but fortunately, the police department is there at this time to at least help cover for them until such time as they're fully trained. and i intend to go out and see
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that they are as trained as best that i can determine along with i'm sure other people. i'm sure i won't be alone in this. >> supervisor chan: thank you. so chair peskin, i think this is more of a comment and all i wanted to say is, you know, i've had a conversation with mr. byrne and it was a great conversation and i really learned a lot about his work, working with immigrants and including some of the story, a more personal story that i think he has mentioned in conversations assisting people i think even with this crisis response team. i think we're able to dive deeper about people with mental
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health issues and eviction in need of help and people who are in need of immigration status living in fear. just all that. sorry about that. background noise. and so we're also training a puppy. sorry about that. i also wanted to say um -- i also had a brief conversation with police commission president malia. >> president cohen: really wanting to make sure from our last appointment from mr. larry yee to you now mr. byrne to make sure there is a team of commission and really looking
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at the support our police department making progress and i think that, you know, she really under her leadership, we want to make sure there is support all around to move the agenda forward. so she's also in support of you and i was pleased to hear, i'm ready to look forward to hearing more public comments today, but i'm definitely inclined to support our appointment today. so thank you and again, my apologies for all the noises during this comment and interruption. >> chairman: thank you, supervisor chan. vice chair mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you chair peskin. we had a good conversation. i want to say that i was
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impressed and gratified by mr. byrnes commitment to reform and ensuring that we achieve a police department that's unbiased and hue main and nonabusive and i think in san francisco, particularly in this moment that has to be a threshold necessary set of qualifications for any police commissioner and i think mr. byrnes has shown by his past work, his commitment to justice and the inequitable society in has been amply demonstrated. i wanted to just touch on a few things. you can respond if you want to or can. the first thing i want to say as we consider another nominee to the police commission.
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as i said that a commitment to reform is necessary. in my view for police commissioners in san francisco at this moment. i think what i'm hearing is a desire for an effective as well as compassionate policing and concerns about the efficacy of our criminal justice system more broadly in the city. concerned about property crime rates and home invasions. sometimes at the same home. concerns about a perception if not always the reality of unsafety in the city. and also, the bad experiences that, you know, take on a life of their own as they get repeated through the mill. but having police officers to
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say this city doesn't really care about crime, isn't going to do anything, they're not even going to report it. we can't do anything. in some ways, this is for the police department to address a broader conversation but as a commissioner i would effect you would have a police department that does everything we can to prevent and solve and deter crime. [inaudible] >> if it's a question, i agree with everything you just said, supervisor. >> supervisor mandelman: that is an answer i will accept. thank you, mr. byrnes. my second point goes to the street crisis response team and i am a strong supporter of the
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street crisis support team. i think it's important to remember that as we envision the street crisis response team, we gave this program many different charges. one of them was to provide a level of response to the street they are simply not getting right now from public health. we're very close to being in crisis and they're just not getting the outreach and intervention that they need and the residents in san francisco are wondering what the hell is going on and we're worried about sick people before they intervene before they're just running in traffic and absolutely out of their mind. so partly the street force is out of mental health sf was
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beginning to address that existing vacuum for a service that was simply not being provided. secondly, there was a hope in the height of the george floyd summer that we might be able to divert some calls. the first set of folks on the scene wouldn't necessarily be police officers. and our maximalist hope not funded but aspirationally. out of an overall total number of calls that have come in for police service and over 300,000 calls a year. i want to thank you for your commitment to reenvisioning policing and finding alternatives. but even if the street crisis team is a wild success, it will divert a fraction of the calls for police services that come in and, again, finding other
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alternatives and other creative ways ensuring police response is not the only tool we have in our tool box. i support. but i also think it's important to be aware of the limitations of and set realistic expectations for what alternatives can achieve. and that was a -- another speech that you could acknowledge or just nod. [ laughter ] >> again, i agree with everything you said that particularly given the current climate of anti-asian violence, yeah. almost at least in the asian community, particularly the chinese community it absolutely calls for an increase police presence in order to attempt to
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deter that type of despicable behavior that's going on. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you. and my last point i will make and i think this should be an easy one. the importance of police recruiting that looks like san francisco, a police force that looks like and is part of and integrated into the communities that are being policed. and i think that we could achieve, we could go a long way to breaking down some of the barriers between police and community and we do make that leap as we recruit and train and retain excellent police officers who have received the highest quality of training and come from diverse backgrounds. one of the biggest challenges
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right now i think is, you know, restoring the belief that this is actually profession that is valued and for which we are grateful when folks in particular people of color and queer people sign up to go into the even harder than being a police commissioner job being a police officer and so that is another little statement that is as a police commissioner, you know, part of your job will be ensuring that we are able to attract and retain these high quality excellent diverse officers. >> absolutely. i mean, obviously, for the police to be part of the community, it would be nice if they could afford to live in the community and just as schoolteachers are facing the housing crisis so police officers are and many of them
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are living farther and farther away from the city. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you, mr. byrne. i will be supporting your nomination. >> thank you, supervisor. >> chairman: thank you, supervisor mandelman. mr. byrne, a couple of questions. one of which i raised when we spoke and the other one related to liquor form 700. but i first wanted to start with the issue of tasers and where you fall on that public policy matter? >> at this time, i agree with the policy. i think both the police commission and the board of supervisors that the san francisco police should not be armed with tasers.
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recently, california law has changed. let me go back. the key issue is that tasers have been lethal. it's crazy to believe that tasers don't kill people. tasers do kill people maybe not as much as bullets but they're still a lethal force and one of the changes to california law recently is the police officer's use of force on when deadly force is authorized. prior to about three years ago, a police officer a felony person could use deadly force. but the california legislature has basically put a totality of the circumstances and reasonable tests now for the
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use of deadly force and it was interesting in preparing for the hearing that a comment was on the california police officer's association website, the comment about the change and particularly to the point in light of the new staff, officers are going to need new training. and so i believe at this time, we need to see the effect of the california state legislatures change which does not give -- creates a reasonable test and the totality test. not some 19th century wild west test that was the previously law in the state of california. >> chairman: thank you, counselor byrne. let me just move to a question i have on your form 700s.
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it sounds like you've taken on a little bit of tenant law at least on a pro bono basis. on your form 700s, there is a long list of construction and engineering companies and building companies and i was wondering is that a different practice of law or is that immigration law and why those appear on the form 700s? >> thank you for the question. they appear because there's i would almost say a dyer need for engineers particularly with all the new construction that's going on in the bay area and a huge part of my practice is getting work visas and green cards for these engineers and construction companies all over
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the bay area and other parts of the united states and so but i'm not related to anything with property development or getting building permits. it's solely to get their necessary workers in to the united states. >> understood and well explained and appreciated. if there are no other questions or comments from committee members, why don't we open this up to public comment, mr. young. >> clerk: yes. members of the public wish to provide public comment should call (415) 655-0001. the meeting id is 187 545 5557. then press pound and pound again. if you haven't already done so, please press star to speak.
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and you may begin your comment. we currently have seventeen callers with four people in line to speak. >> chairman: first speaker, please. >> good morning. this is marlene tran, a long time activist in visitation valley and a cause i taught for 37 years both adults and immigrant children in san francisco. i want to thank the mayor for nominating mr. byrne. immigrants need all the help they can get. i support mr. james byrne for the police commission and he will be a good candidate because i am so and really be involved with our residents so
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that he has a really good picture of what it's all about. so i hope the commissioners or rather the supervisors will let him be our next police commissioner. thank you. >> chairman: thank you, ms. tran. next speaker, please. >> so board of supervisors, when you read the first agenda item, we could not participate with our public comment. therefore, the agenda item has to be revisited. >> chairman: thank you. >> -- agenda item number 2, i do participate in all of the police commission meetings and there is a lot of politics going on at that police commission meeting. one of the main persons who is
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creating a lot of confusion at all the police commission meetings is the chair. she has the habit of making comments, often when people speak on public comment and some of the commentors are very astute. i've known them for a long time. in my humble opinion, this police commission, the way it operates has to be completely revamped. now you have this commission, he may say what he wants to say, but i don't think he lives in a time that is relevant and knows what really is going on ground zero. bayview is not what it used to be many years ago. with all the shootings and killings, we need somebody who really knows the difference between gangs and
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[inaudible] and we really need a person who knows about the community response network and we just can't have somebody coming z
6:48 am
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. >> chairman: next speaker please. >> super, this is clay. >> chairman: operations if you can get the next speaker. >> chairman peskin and supervisors, i've been a san francisco business owner for 30 years. jim has guided us and advised
6:51 am
us on the legal issues to employ irish workers. jim showed and demonstrated care for the whole person, not just our employees. he followed up and asked questions during their time with us asking how they were, how their experience was in san francisco. i've experienced jim's integrity and empathy first-hand. so i am here to strongly support his nomination. thank you. >> chairman: thank you, mr. dougin. next speaker, please. >> good morning. i am a local of san francisco. i've also grown up in san francisco and i've known jim almost my entire life and he's a great man. he would be a fantastic addition to the police commission. he's got great morals.
6:52 am
he's from san francisco. and he's helped my family out as well. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker. go ahead, speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. i am a licensed attorney, i am a member of the executive committee of the immigrant rights commission. i'm here speaking in my personal capacity. i also support the appointment of mr. byrne to the police
6:53 am
commission. because of his commitment to the police commission and i do have a voice that has the experience that mr. byrne has with the immigrant community will serve the commission well. thank you for your time. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker please >> hi. i met the jim byrne through my paper work for immigration to this country. i found him to be a very understandable person. my community knows him very well. so he's a very rounded person and i definitely support him for the commission position.
6:54 am
thank you. >> chairman: thank you. >> good morning supervisors. can you hear me? >> yes. >> good morning. good morning supervisors. this is arcella. i am a professor where the majority of my students are immigrants. i'm an immigrant myself. of course, of other religions and i'm calling in support of mr. jim byrne to be appointed to the police commission. i met mr. byrne and i asked questions and i'm very satisfied. he understand the trials and tribulations of the immigrant community and, myself, my community. that's what it passed for
6:55 am
decades. they have police. they have been caught in turn. many of you know in the news, his answers were very satisfying and i hope he gets appointed to the commission, the police commission and my community looks forward to working with him. thank you very much for listening. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning ladies and gentlemen, supervisors. my name is robert wong. i'm a member of the chinese consolidated benevolent here in the chinatown of san francisco. mr. james byrne has a long history as an immigrant attorney that has protected some of our most vulnerable
6:56 am
populations in our san francisco communities. when immigrants come to our city and when they need help, we should help them as they have helped us now and in the past. james byrne is an excellent choice for the police commission. he is also an attorney and i definitely support him for the position of police commissioner for the great city of san francisco. thank you for giving me time to speak. thank you again. >> chairman: thank you, mr. wong. next speaker please. >> hi supervisors. i'm here to call in support for james byrne as well. his background resinated they came from a country that was stooped. many of the reasons for this country is the develop of
6:57 am
distrust because of james byrne's experience, i do believe he could be an advocate and a bridge to the individuals and the immigrant community as they navigate the criminal justice system for the first time and having talked with supervisor mandelman i'm confident he's going to take a wholistic approach for really understanding what it means for police reform. there's a lot of lead bullets but a lot of -- the wholistic approach is going to require everything from police reform to increase diversity on the police staff and solving all these issues. i'm confident from hearing the call today and all the questions and his background and as a lawyer for immigrants will increase trust and safety.
6:58 am
thank you. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker. good morning, supervisors. my name is mark and i'm a filipino immigrant. i work at st. agnes church and that's where i've met jim and his wife. in the fall of 2019, i was helping an immigrant family i met in el paso, texas, who had just crossed the border seeking asylum. i asked jim if he could help them. since then, jim has been helping the family throughout their asylum proceedings as i have been accompanying them.
6:59 am
i think that the san francisco police commission would benefit greatly from integrity and kindness. thank you so much for your consideration. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker please. >> hi, good morning supervisors. my name is carla torres. i'm a san francisco native and also a child of immigrants and personally know jim through his help of my father: it was an awful experience watching him get handcuffed and jim providing my family with this trust and the legal immigration system and he just provided us with this trust and we confided in him, he's gave us all of his support and i think that during his work with immigrant communities and other marginalized communities, he has a really good input and
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truly knows the effects of the long lasting effects that this has on the community and i think that because of his work he does have the experience and and knowledge that would benefit the police commission. thank you >> thank you for your testimony. next speaker. >> hi. i am the president of the [inaudible] women's club and part of the general federation of the women's club in the nation. i was by promoting diversity and civic engagement and culture in the bay area. and i met with mr. jim recently
7:01 am
and by reading about especially coming from, you know, immigration and also knowing more about diversity and community and law. it's very important. i do support him 100% and i do believe our community needs to be more united in our diversity. thank you very much. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker. >> clerk: that may have been our last speaker for public comment on this item. i am waiting for confirmation.
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>> chair, sorry. i might be the last speaker. >> clerk: yes. thank you. >> thank you. >> chairman: is that, annie. go ahead. >> sorry. i wasn't sure i was on the line. good morning, supervisors. i'm here. this is annie chung from [inaudible] for the elderly and i'm also here to support jim's nomination to the police commission. sf pathway to citizenship and we have helped probably over now 10,000l.p.r. residents to become legal residents and we do this with a large number of volunteers who will spend a
7:03 am
whole i really appreciate pro bono attorneys like mr. byrne who is willing to spend a lot of time fighting for the immigrants who are usually stripped of their rights and eager to do everything they can and then get citizenship. so with jim's background as an advocate for the voiceless and the most vulnerable, people, mostly minorities who face deportation, really, those are the darkest hours and you can imagine the fear that our community has particularly has nowadays with the anti-asian hate crimes. so we're looking forward to a police commissioner who would listen, who understands the fears of the immigrants and who would really roller their sleeves and come down to the community to work with us so we could provide public safety and
7:04 am
some reforms for community police work for us. so i'm here to urge the rules committee to support jim's nomination and hopefully we will see commissioner jim byrne working alongside us. >> are there any other members of the public for public comment on this item number two? >> clerk: i believe that concludes public comment at this time. >> chairman: okay. public comment is closed. before we hear any final comments from committee members, let me join the comments of my colleagues by thanking mr. byrne for his willingness to serve. it is no small task and he seems to be absolutely up for
7:05 am
the job and i would like to acknowledge mayor breed for making a good nomination that i think is going to be universally embraced. with that, are there any comments or questions. seeing none. why don't i first make a motion to amend the subject. motion by removing the word "rejecting" in line three in the title and removing the word "rejects" in the move clause at line 13. on that motion, mr. clerk, roll call please. >> clerk: before that motion, i'm getting a comment from our tech support that there is one more comment. is that correct? >> chairman: i'm happy to re-open public comment. >> clerk: i'm just reading
7:06 am
messages from them i believe. that completes public comment. the person calling in had already spoken. >> chairman: public comment is twice closed and a motion has been made on that motion. a role call please. >> clerk: yes. on that motion [roll call] the motion passes without rejection. >> chairman: and why don't i make a motion to motion to send it to the full board of supervisors on that moegsz. >> clerk: on that motion [roll call]
7:07 am
the motion passes out objection. >> chairman: thank you, mr. byrne. we will see you at the full board of supervisors this week. and supervisor mandelman will you make a motion to rescind the vote on item number one. >> supervisor mandelman: so moved. >> clerk: the motion to rescind. [roll call] the motion to rescind passes out objection. >> chairman: okay. let's re-open item number one up to public comment. >> clerk: yes. members -- if you have not already done so please press star 3 to be added to the queue
7:08 am
to speak. for those on hold, please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. can we have the first caller for public comment on item number one. >> so supervisors, during this pandemic, it's very difficult for us to participate in this virtual meetings and it makes it all the more convoluted than that deprived to speak on the topic. it's a really convoluted subject. where the citizens, the constituents, the taxpayers of the pay view nor has that been
7:09 am
a meaningful meeting. now, we do understand that we have an issue that people want to use natural gas and at the same time, they want to talk about climate change and completion of the ozone level. but the city hasn't been very clear of this and a planning department and others have been pushing for new development to have others in the restaurant run by electric city. we haven't had a hearing on this recently. we had one a long time ago. so some of us are interested in subjects like this because we
7:10 am
deem ourselves environmentalists. we don't deem ourselves as jail birds or those who favor criminality. it's happening in our city right now with some heads of departments charged. and it starts with development. >> clerk: your time has elapsed. >> chairman: are there any other speakers for item number one. >> clerk: i believe that was the last speaker for item number one. >> chairman: okay. public comment is closed. vice chair mandelman would you like to make a remotion. >> chairman: on that motion roll call, mr. young. >> clerk: yes. on that motion
7:11 am
[roll call] . the motion passes without objection. >> chairman: and we are adjourned.
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>> >>[music] >> i came in with her impression of what i thought it was good >> what i knew about auditing with the irs spears i actually knew nothing about auditing >> in my mind it was purely financial. with people that audited the pain no one wants to deal with it >> now i see a lot of time explaining auditing is not just about taxes. >> oftentimes most students believe that auditing is only financial whereas when they come into a government environment we do much more than financial audits. we do operational audits that were looking at the operations of the department for economy and efficiency and effectiveness. >> when i hire an intern some of the things that i am looking for first of all is is this
7:39 am
individual agile and flexible because i am our environment is so fast-paced and where are switching from project to project depending on what's going on in the government at any given time. >> primarily i didn't with audits on utilities management across city departments. >> citywide this ods management audit was also been assisting with housing authority audit program >> the homelessness audit >> the it functions >> [inaudible] >> were starting any water on the department of public housing environment allows >> i also assist with the [inaudible] program. >> then additionally i really enjoyed having staff who have some critical thinking skills. because i believe the basis of auditing is not do you know how to audit, but to have critical thinking skills [inaudible] >> [inaudible] even though
7:40 am
i've only been here for short time our quick in-depth analysis and research >> analytical skills there's a lot of taking enlargement of information a compacting it a very concise report because we've a big focus on [inaudible] if you're transmitting this information to the audience you need him to be able to understand it. >> so i work with the sparrow program primarily. broadway stan abused [inaudible] they prepare me for full-time employment because i knew i could not to challenge myself in order to be an auditor. >> at the [inaudible] we are a content feedback and communication and they pointed out areas where i need to grow. >> one of the things i like about working at [inaudible] is that they actually give you quite a bit of autonomy i feel like kevin sage trusted me.
7:41 am
>> the environment really [inaudible] to everyone feeling super collaborative and wanting to get to know one another. which i think at the end of the date is a better work environment and gives you a better workflow. >> i believe that a really is a great experience because it provides an opportunity to have a better understanding of how government works. >> i think what i've learned so far is that every audit is unique everyday. different learning opportunities. >> the recordation we make in on its i can honestly go home at the end of the day and zack and treated [inaudible] in a better way. >> even of not familiar with what auditing is you should deftly find out. it's been really really awesome he was it turns out there's a whole world of auditing that i cannot open file oriented performance and [inaudible] and that's an exciting. audit is a lot broader than i ever knew before. >> - >> shop & dine in the 49
7:42 am
promotes local businesses and challenges resident to do their showing up and dining within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so where will you shop & dine in the 49 san francisco owes must of the charm to the unique characterization of each corridor has a distinction permanent our neighbors are the economic engine of the city. >> if we could a afford the lot by these we'll not to have the kind of store in the future the kids will eat from some restaurants chinatown has phobia one of the best the most unique neighborhood shopping areas of san francisco.
7:43 am
>> chinatown is one of the oldest chinatown in the state we need to be able allergies the people and that's the reason chinatown is showing more of the people will the traditional thepg. >> north beach is i know one of the last little italian community. >> one of the last neighborhood that hadn't changed a whole lot and san francisco community so strong and the sense of partnership with businesses as well and i just love north beach community old school italian comfort and love that is what italians are all about we need people to come here and
7:44 am
shop here so we can keep this going not only us but, of course, everything else in the community i think local businesses the small ones and coffee shops are unique in their own way that is the characteristic of the neighborhood i peace officer prefer it is local character you have to support them. >> really notice the port this community we really need to kind of really shop locally and support the communityly live in it is more economic for people to survive here. >> i came down to treasure island to look for a we've got a long ways to go. ring i just got married and
7:45 am
didn't want something on line i've met artists and local business owners they need money to go out and shop this is important to short them i think you get better things. >> definitely supporting the local community always good is it interesting to find things i never knew existed or see that that way. >> i think that is really great that san francisco seize the vails of small business and creates the shop & dine in the 49 to support businesses make people all the residents and visitors realize had cool things are made and produced in san
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>> president walton: good afternoon welcome to the april 13, 2021 regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. please call the roll, madam clerk? [roll call]